2022 Race for LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva

LA Dem’s endorse Luna over Villanueva, while Supes vote 4 to 1 to ask county voters to give the board authority to remove the sheriff

Alex and Co 2022 via https://alexvillanueva.org
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

This past Tuesday, July 12, was not the greatest of days for Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

First, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors passed a motion giving the go-ahead for a special election in November to ask county voters to grant the board the authority to remove the county’s sheriff with a four fifths vote if they deem it necessary, “for cause…

The concept of a county board of supervisors having the power to fire an elected sheriff has already been tested in San Bernardino County, where the SB board acquired similar powers to remove their sheriff.  Sheriff Gary Penrod, challenged the board’s new power, but got firmly shot down by California’s Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In other words, if the LA County voters think the change in the county charter is called for, the change will almost certainly stick, legally.

The motion, authored by Supervisors Holly Mitchell and Hilda Solis, passed 4/1, with Supervisor Kathryn Barger the only no vote, although even Barger seemed torn.

Later on Tuesday, Villanueva’s day did not improve when the Los Angeles County Democratic Party voted by a wide margin to endorse former Long Beach Chief of Police, Robert Luna to replace the incumbent sheriff when the two face each other in the November runoff.

Villanueva election swag via Re-elect Sheriff Alex Villanueva

This is a large turnaround from 2018 when Villanueva’s dark horse run to replace then-sheriff Jim McDonnell was greatly aided by the fact that Villanueva courted and won the support of  most of the county’s  democratic voter organizations, a smart strategy that was among the keys to his success.

“For cause”

Of course, if Luna wins this coming November, Tuesday’s motion will be a non-issue for Alex Villanueva. But, if voters give the sitting sheriff a second term, while county voters also give the supervisors the power to remove a sitting sheriff “for cause,” Villanueva—who has characterized the motion as an anti-democratic overreach—likely has reason for concern.

The term “for cause,” as defined in Tuesday’s newly-passed motion, is “a violation of any law related to the performance of their duties as sheriff;  flagrant or repeated neglect of duties; a misappropriation of public funds or property; willful falsification of a relevant official statement or document; or obstruction of any investigation into the conduct of the Sheriff by the Inspector General, Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission, or any government agency with jurisdiction to conduct such an investigation.

The latter item in particular about the sheriff engaging in “obstruction” of investigations into the sheriff’s conduct by any of the county’s oversight entities, could be quite problematic for Sheriff Villanueva.

As recently as Friday, July 1, 2022, Villanueva and his undersheriff, Tim Murakami, declined to show up at a special hearing called by the department’s Civilian Oversight Commission (COC), one of a series of hearings that are part of the COC’s probe into the department’s deputy gang problem that, despite his contention otherwise, Villanueva has aggressively chosen to ignore.

Yet, although the sheriff and his second in command were served with legal subpoenas by the COC, which has subpoena power, instead of showing up, Villanueva sent a message through his attorney that he could not comply with the subpoena to testify under oath  because he “fears for his safety” at the hearing, which was being held on the Loyola Law School campus. He was fearful specifically, he said, because he’d been informed that some of the community members attending previous COC hearings had worn t-shirts adorned with the message: “F— the sheriff.”

Murakami, who was also subpoenaed, sent a similar message saying he could not attend because the stress of testifying at the hearing would endanger his health. The undersheriff enhanced his claim of health vulnerability by sending the oversight commission a photo of himself in a t-shirt adorned with what is reportedly the symbol of a deputy clique known as the Spartans that is located at the department’s Century station (although WLA has yet to be able to positively confirm the Spartan reference). 

Undersheriff Murakami avoiding stress, via COC

In addition to blowing off legal subpoenas, when it comes to oversight Villanueva has repeatedly targeted  oversight officials and other perceived political adversaries, with what appear to be specious criminal investigations that never seem to result in actual charges. 

When it comes to Inspector General Max Huntsman, in addition to opening a criminal investigation on the board-appointed former prosecutor, Villanueva has taken to repeatedly characterizing the IG as a “holocaust denier.”

Then early this spring, after the LA Times reported the cover up of a now notorious case involving a sheriff’s deputy who knelt for an extended period of time on the neck and head of a handcuffed man who was in jail awaiting trial, causing the man to be injured, the sheriff began retaliating against whistleblowers seemingly in order to distract attention from his own actions in allegedly attempting to keep the alarming-looking video of the incident out of public view.

Obstruction and the Bandito factor

In the last few months it has also come to light that the sheriff appears to have also deliberately obstructed a 2018 criminal investigation involving  four sheriff’s deputies assigned to the department’s East LA Station, who violently assaulted another group of ELA deputies whom the first group reportedly disliked.  Furthermore, the assaults by the first four were aggressive enough that two of those on the receiving end were badly enough injured that they had to be hospitalized.

For those unfamiliar with what has now become known as the Kennedy Hall incident, the case was—and still is— important for a number of reasons.

For one thing, when four deputies assigned to a particular LASD station decide to violently assault another group of deputies from the same station, it suggests that something problematic was going on at that station, as evidenced by the assault that precipitated the fall of 2018 criminal investigation. 

It has now been well-established that the four men who did the assaulting were considered to be  “shot callers” of the deputy gang known as the Banditos.  The brawl, which took place at an off-duty party at a local rentable event venue called Kennedy Hall, consisted of the Bandito group physically attacking four other station deputies who, according to a large and detailed civil rights lawsuit, failed to go along with the Banditos often illegal actions.

Banditos logo courtesy of attorney Vincent Miller

In other words, much or all of the motive or motives for the assault likely had to do with the Bandito culture, which had taken root to an unhealthy degree at the East LA station.

Yet, as we also now know, Sgt. Jefferson Chow, a 26-year veteran of the LASD, who was the lead investigator on the Kennedy Hall case for the department’s Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau, or ICIB, was severely limited in his ability to do the thorough investigation Chow believed was needed due to a directive from then-newly elected Sheriff Villanueva, that Chow could do no questioning or probing whatsoever having to do with  the subculture group in the East LA. station.  Namely the Banditos.  

(For more on Chow’s sworn account of his experiences with the Kennedy Hall investigation, including his investigator’s log, see this WLA story.)

After Chow’s deposition became public, former LASD Chief Matthew Burson described in his own sworn declaration that he had been instructed by Sheriff Villanueva—reportedly via the intermediary of Villanueva’s then new chief of staff, Lawrence Del Mese—to tell Sgt. Chow to close his eyes to the issue of deputy cliques. 

A few weeks later at the July 1, 2022, at the third Civilian Oversight Commission special hearing on deputy gangs (that the sheriff and the undersheriff did not feel safe attending), Burson elaborated on the issue. 

According to Burson, when Villanueva gave the order via his new chief of staff, Lawrence Del Mese, that would effectively derail the investigation into the Bandito assault, the new sheriff had been sworn into office four days before.  

(Del Mese, also testified under oath at the July 1 hearing, but appeared to have severe memory problems for much of his testimony.)

There’s still more to the Kennedy Hall story, but the bottom line is this: according to those directly involved, one of Villanueva’s first acts as sheriff—which was evidently in the works even prior to his being sworn in on December 3, 2018—was to obstruct a criminal investigation that pointed beyond itself to a deputy gang culture embedded in the department.

Interestingly, one of the new sheriff’s other very first acts—also begun before he was officially sworn in—was to attempt, with a spectacular lack of success, to rehire former deputy Caren “Carl” Mandoyan who was fired by Villanueva’s predecessor, then-Sheriff Jim McDonnell, for allegations of domestic abuse, stalking, spying on his ex-girlfriend, herself a deputy, and provably lying about his actions to internal affairs investigators. 

In addition to the above, Mandoyan threatened his ex with career harm, claiming that, as a member of the deputy gang The Grim Reapers with friends in high positions, he easily could make good on the threat.

Grim Reapers challenge coin courtesy of courtesy of 50 Years of Deputy Gangs in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, a Report by the Center for Juvenile Law & Policy LMU Loyola Law School.

The Grim Reapers, as it happens, is the deputy clique that Villanueva’s former chief of staff, Larry Del Mese, had joined in his earlier years, reportedly rising to become a shot caller of the group, according to various department sources. “He was known as ‘the gatekeeper,’ said Lt. Eric Strong, who ran for sheriff against Villanueva this past June, coming in 3rd behind Robert Luna. “You had to get past him to be invited to join.”

(At the July 1, 2022, COC hearing on deputy gangs Del Mese admitted to Grim Reaper membership, but said he had removed his tattoo, and remembered little else about his membership except, when pressed, he recalled that his Grim Reaper ankle tattoo was numbered 22, meaning he was the 22nd person to be inked into group membership.)

“It’s gonna be real funny when you fuckin’ see just how much influence I have,” Mandoyan said to his ex in the recording that she managed to make of the phone conversation.

Screen shot of video of Carl Mandoyan allegedly attempting to break into ex-girlfriend’s home

Villanueva did not give up on his quest for what turned out to be the illegal rehiring of Mandoyan, which the board of supervisors and a long list of local justice advocacy groups opposed, until, on September 28, 2020, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff ruled in a 17-page decision that the sheriff’s very fiscally costly attempt to reinstate the former deputy, was unlawful. 

It was, of course, the Los Angeles County taxpayers who paid the bill for both sides of this legal fight.

Checks and balances

So do the LA County Supervisors really need the power to fire an elected sheriff?  In November, we’ll find out what the county’s voting taxpayers have to say.

In any case, the majority of the long list of community members who commented virtually on the matter during Tuesday’s board meeting, strongly favored the motion’s passage.

“Checks and balances are the pillars of a strong and functioning democracy,” said Sam Lewis, the Executive Director of the Anti Recidivism Coalition (ARC), a support and advocacy network that works with formerly incarcerated youth and adults. 

“No government official should have the kind of unchecked power that is claimed by this sheriff,” said Lewis, who is also a member of the county’s Probation Oversight Commission.

“Establishing checks and balances is long overdue.  So let the people speak.  Please put this motion on the ballot.  Let us determine if this is what we want.”

Photo at top of Sheriff Alex Villanueva and other LASD members, via https://alexvillanueva.org


  • I believe the logo on Murakami’s tank top is that of Marvel Comic character, “The Punisher.” I also believe the logo is being worn in support of law enforcement officers killed and injured during the civil unrest of 2020.

  • Villanueva threw it all away before he was even sworn in. Bumbling, inept, amateurish and inferior are all synonyms that understate Villanueva’s character.

    Very well-told Celeste.

  • So ridiculous. If the LA County Board of Supervisors were “so concerned” about a fellow dully elected LA County Official not abiding by his official duties and really cared public outcry, why wasn’t the same zeal and fervor shown to oust the current LA County DA George Gascon? If there is a “nuclear option” to get rid of a “rogue elected” LA County Official why hasn’t this been mentioned with respect to ousting the current LA County DA? I think all the outcry’s from the public, lawsuits filed by DA staff and not one, but two launched recall efforts by the voters of LA County is a loud and clear vote of no confidence and warrant the “nuclear option” to have been invoked! Instead the LA County BOS just site back and do nothing as the DA’s runs a mock and refuses to enforce California Laws. What’s up with that?

    Oh, yeah this is nothing but a personal grudge between the LA County BOS and dully elected Sheriff Alex Villanueva. Hopefully in November when the make up of the US congress flips there will be an investigation into the corrupt LA County BOS and CA state political machine. Shameful!

  • Well, this article pretty much summarizes the Spectacular Failure of the one infamously known as Sheriff Alejandro Villanueva. This latest motion and effort by the Board is 100% the fault of Alex, Sweatpee, and his cast of executive skippers clown car.

    The amount of tax payers money wasted to date by him, and what’s to come long after he leaves, is mind boggling. And Alex could care less as none of it comes out of his pockets. The fact that ALADS’ & PPOA’s Boards would double down on stupid by endorsing this sure loser with valuable membership funded PAC monies should make all active members with half a brain want to storm their HQ and demand refunds. You guys have to realize by now that the 80% endorsement of Luna over Allie by the LA Dem’s Party is the final nail in the proverbial coffin.

    At least we all know that Alex, Sweatpee and his cast of executive clowns will all be kicked out of office following the election results in November. The swearing in of a new, intelligent and professional sheriff, in early December will be the start of ending the single term of the most disastrous sheriff in the long and storied history of the LASD.

    The only question now is, what will the current self absorbed narcissist do to sabotage and ruin within the LASD on his way out? Alejandro’s and Sweatpee’s spiteful ways are well known and documented, and I can assure you they will do whatever they can to leave the LASD looking worse than a Section-8 Residence following a justified criminal tenant eviction.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • I’m no fan of the 4/5ths socialist LACo Board of Supervisors and their politics and the policies cranked out, so many times bordering on absurd. However, it’s clear the 3 1/2 year AV Clown show has taken LASD further into the depths of the dark side with all of the scandals and foul-ups created by our megalomaniac sheriff and his water boys and girls mentioned in Celeste’s article. He has demoralized thousands of dedicated career oriented LASD employees who must struggle to do their jobs each day under the conditions created by Villanueva as well as alienating and losing the support of millions of county residents. I don’t agree with the motion passed which was discussed in the article, but I sure understand the motive.

  • I guess no one is concerned at the Amount of power the BOS has! If that’s not corruption at its finest what is.

    A government entity with no checks and balances is insane.

  • Villanueva’s goose is cooked. He is done and will be gone in November. ALADS and PPOA should use their money to fight the initiative that will give the BOS the authority to remove the Sheriff. Luna will win and over time will display greater independence fro the BOS. In our words, work to protect the office of the Sheriff not this Sheriff.

  • @Peter G., you only have your Insane Clown Sheriff & his Posse to blame for the BOS’ efforts on this motion. Stop your whining.

  • 3 words for ALADS > SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
    ALADS has no limitations on money, thanks to every deputy and ALADS has no limitations on excuses thanks to the ALADS Board of Directors.
    The Kool-aid at ALADS Board Meetings is one helluva concoction, incredible!

  • Can we have a look at the list of clowns Villanojuevos sent to PPOA?
    I’m sure it’s the typical clown posse of 5’2” Banditos and overhyped “gunslingers” who couldn’t work anywhere but a station where being able to write anything remotely close to English was second to fist bumps and head nods.

  • If HOST is only budgeted for four deputies, as AV’s hypeman says every moment he gets, but they have 22, how are they being funded as patrol stations run short staffed?

    It’s clear HOST is being used as protection for the sheriff and as political pawns. We saw the LT hype man campaigning with him while off duty. Giving the same canned speech he gives at those repetitive town halls. I think he was at the election party too.

    It’s clear they focus on areas who have their own police and have possible AV campaign donors with deep pockets. If their work lasts, great! Because it benefits the whole county. But has anyone tracked those they’ve allegedly helped? Like months in? Seems like they just get moved over a few blocks or into the neighborhoods like in Venice. Meanwhile HOST deputies have holidays and weekends off while patrol gets dogged out because the boss refused to play nice with the board. He never even tried. The new uniforms were cool at the beginning but now we are tired and miss our families. Burnout in this field is deadly.

    AV will you cover me if I nod off driving home from EM/AM double?

    PS word on the yard is the majority of ALADS and PPOA don’t even live in LA County

  • @We Are Tired,

    You just highlighted the Villanueva smoke and mirrors campaign strategy. Speaking of his desperate LASD on-duty campaign Town Halls, did you see the pathetic attendance at his much hyped and promoted community session a couple of days ago at West Ranch high school in Santa Clarita? Yes, Santa Clarita, the 3rd largest city in L.A. County by population and the most law enforcement supportive suburbs in the area. That Santa Clarita where Alejandro could only muster up about 20 attendees to come out and listen to his whining B.S. and zero solutions leadership. I checked for media coverage and could only find one obscure online radio platform that gave him the time of day.

    Turn out the light Allie and Bibi. Y’all are toast. Start packing those bags as the Fat Lady is warming up for her November concert.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • AV, we are F$&@ TIRED. Your CCW, HOST, and secret squirrel team is all political. I thought you were great with the uniforms. The truth is, you SUCK as a sheriff and don’t care about us. I’m being drafted on my days off, and my partner just went to courts because he never saw his family while working patrol. You lost a good dude in patrol! You do everything on the backs of us line deputies. Stop blaming the BOS, I don’t blame them for not giving you extra money, you will just piss it away on another secret squirrel team.

    I am a Los Angeles county voter- you lost my vote. The only vote I give you is a vote of NO CONFIDENCE!

  • @anonymous you have no clue. Read a book. Then come back to me. You think that kind of power ends with Alex. Nope, that’s just the cusp. You can go ahead and be a sheep. I’ll keep my voice

  • Just like his CCW unit, and all his other pet projects (Town Hall coordinators- Aka Campaign team), all unfunded and ripped from patrol and other specialized units. Patrol has been bastardized and those left behind picking up the slack at an exhausting pace. But hey, he said you will look good in cowboy hats. AV is all smoke and mirrors and selling snake oil.

  • @ We are Tired
    Exactly, the majority of Deputies do NOT reside in Los Angeles County and are clueless to the ineptness of ALADS.

  • https://www.hometownstation.com/santa-clarita-news/community-news/villanueva-talks-homelessness-crime-during-santa-clarita-town-hall-425237

    When a photo tells it all. Special Note: to Alex’s campaign propaganda squad at SIB, try not to pick a 500+ seat high school auditorium for any future Alex campaign roadshows as his anemic and sporadic traveling supporters are feeling desolate and lonely. I think there might have been more patrol deps pulled from the field as seat fillers than actual potential Alex voters in that cavernous theater. Too Sweet!

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • Adios Alex & Sweatpee:

    A noteworthy A.V. quote from your link

    “I’m doing something important that most elected politicians would rather eat their livers than do, which is take questions live and unscripted” in a public forum.

    Has A.V. found a way to turn things around by appearing in public forums and answering unscripted questions?

    Where is Luna?

    One of the reasons McDonnell lost the election is because he refused to debate A.V. in a public forum.

    Is Luna about to suffer the same fate?

    The election is less than four months away, and it looks like A.V. has figured out how to turn things around.

  • @Rakkasan-

    McDonnell losing had nothing to do with the lack of a public debate (you have no proof for your assertion that it did, I have none for mine that it didn’t).

    AV got lucky with the timing of the whole “ICE out of jails” that resonated with the electorate, but mostly it was a feeling of disenchantment with LE in general at that time and the endorsement of the Democratic Party for AV.

    This time around, they are endorsing Luna. AV couldn’t get more than a third of the vote in the primary. On top of that laughable showing, the primary political force in LA politics just endorsed his opponent. He is done, you can stick all the forks in him. A debate or not will have zero impact on AV’s political career, which in short order will be nothing but an odd footnote in LA history. A painful one that was blessedly brief. He can go home and lick his wounds and play the victim’s “woe is me, nobody likes me everybody hates me” greatest hits on an infinite loop, the same attitude that defined his career.

  • Really Rak? You can’t possibly believe that?

    Let me break it down for you. Alex won in 2018 due to a perfect storm of much broader political events.

    1. First of all, McDonnell did debate Alex in a ABC7 hosted event. Probably the most watched debate of that race in which most non biased observers noted that Sheriff McDonnell won handily and showcased the rookie empty suit that Alex was, and has proven to be, only worse! Here you go in case you forgot or missed it: (LA Sheriff McDonnell debates November opponent Villanueva in downtown – YouTube )
    2. Alex fooled the LA County Democratic Party into endorsing him with support and fundraising.
    3. The Trump Effect in LA County – Alex successfully lied to the under-informed voters and painted McDonnell as a Trump Supporter, including dirty & underhanded political campaign mailers with Jimmy McD and Trump side by side.
    4. Alex played the, “protect criminal illegal immigrants” from ICE cooperative jail handovers for deportation, activists anger with the LA Dem Party and voters
    5. 2018 was the first year that the Dems in CA employed the new “Ballot Harvesting” strategy. Don’t forget, McDonell had a significant lead on election night. It took several weeks for all of the “harvested ballots” to come in at the 11th hour and the surprise historical upset to be realized. Sounds like the 1st true “Steal.”

    So to answer your questions and concerns:

    ~The LA Dem Party will absolutely control this 2022 race, just as they did in 2018. However, this time the LA Dems have kicked Alex and Sweatpee out of the car and ran over them both with the “80% Endorsement Support Bus” for Sheriff Elect Luna.
    ~The ICE in the jails card has been played out.
    ~The Trump Effect is a non-issue this go around.
    ~The barely 30% primary tally by incumbent Villanueva is the lowest percentage result in modern LA County election history. Or to clarify another way, 70% of the LA County Primary voters chose anyone but Alejandro.

    And like the photo showed at this Santa Clarita law enforcement friendly and supportive venue, Alex Villanada has got……….Nada left, except an embarrassing and shameful landslide loss and LASD HQ eviction come Nov/Dec 2022.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • @Rakkasan

    This election ends 1 of 3 ways.

    Luna Elected. Villanueva removed from office.

    Villanueva re-elected and removed from office by new BOS motion.

    Villanueva re-elected and removed from office on state or federal charges of obstruction of justice in the Enzo Escalante/ civil rights violations investigation.

    No matter the outcome of the November election, Villanueva will never be sheriff again.

  • RE-Mutual Assured Destruction’s comment.
    I don’t think you studied much history because if you did you would know that is the silhouette of a Spartan helmet.  And I know you never read Comic Books because you would know that “The Punisher” logo is a silhouette of a skull.
    But then could Mutual Assured Destruction be Murakami pushing fake news?

  • Oh boy, the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor has endorsed Sheriff Elect Luna…….. What an embarrassing catastrophe for ol Sheriff Potato Head. All the meetings, the ridiculous promises made and broken, only to have over 800,000 people turn their backs on an imbecile of a sheriff? Sad, sad and embarrassing. I can just hear the boot lickers now, “No, no boss, it don’t matter! You’re good, everyone loves you, really and for reals, you’re going to win in November boss!” Sad.

  • Go Alex

    Thank goodness. So happy All the whistleblowers are retiring. Draining the swamp just like we needed to.

    Can’t wait to see who else

  • @alejandro 2.0 u must be delusional.



    And the rest of the cast of characters!.


  • @Truth Be Told, I’m sure you’ll dismiss me as the old retired guy with no skin in the game or irrelevant. Frankly, I don’t care.

    I get so tired of your cowardice and smack talking about ALADS, and others. The current BOD has better things to do than call you out, and since the Recall Gascon campaign is in a holding pattern, I suddenly find myself with some free time. I’m not smart enough to simply ignore you.

    What have you ever done to try and help deputies. I’m guessing nothing!

    My understanding is the ALADS BOD acted on behalf of the wishes of those who chose to participate in the endorsement vote.

    This was much different than the last Sheriff election, as the members are supporting the incumbent Sheriff this time.

    You talk about Kool-aide drinking at ALADS board meetings. When was the last time you attended an actual board meeting, if ever?

    You refer to them as inept! Take a look in the mirror.

    People like you are exactly what this department does not need, a complainer who is too much of a coward to come out of the shadows and state your beef in person and try affect some change. Or, at least have a mature discussion.

    Go ahead and talk more smack, dismiss me, or whatever makes you feel better. The fact is you know I’m right, and you have to wonder if those who know you also no I’m right about you!

  • LASD is better off with McDonald over this widely despised milquetoast carpet bagger. Luna will be nothing more than a welcome mat for the five members of the BOS. He already demonstrated his weak and inept leadership in LB during the 2020 unrest; and the fact that his own department wants him gone should be telling enough.

    AV is a mess but he’s OUR mess. At least he has the balls to throw it back at imbedded lib politicians in LA County. The problem is he is not politically savvy enough to work with a board who is over 2/3 against him. Ditch the silly cowboy hats and whenever that polo shirt represents. It’s highlighting his nerd side. Put on a traditional Class A or wear a suit like Block. Rather pathetic to see him at town hall meetings alongside captains who look great in uniform and even don the ties yet he doesn’t hold himself to that same standard.

    Sheriff head-connected-to-shoulders needs to learn the art of compromise and make some kind of nice with the BOS. Every preceding sheriff going back to Pitchess understood this. Now, if the BOS’ vote holds up in court, he will find himself and future sheriffs completely imasculated thanks to his stubborness.


  • Round and round we go. What are Villanueva and Murakami so afraid of?

    Being exposed of course, is the correct answer. The dimwits know they’ll be caught red-handed by their poorly spun lies.


    Lies, Lies, and more Lies.

    – “In the spirit of cooperation, the sheriff looks forward to working in good faith with members of the COC and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors concerning any future COC subpoena compelling his personal appearance.”

    See links below:



    Nonetheless, I’m sure they’re counting down their dwindling days of power and corruption, and as I believe “Adios Alex & Sweatpee” queried, What maniacal, diabolical, and spiteful plan are they hatching to make LASD unsalvageable?

    Villanueva’s chance win in 2018 reminds me of the show where the lottery ruined someone’s life. Moral of the story is, if you don’t earn it the old-fashioned way (AV and Murakami’s case), you’re gonna squander it. Shame. Hopefully the Greeks have it right and this Phoenix will rise from the ashes of the worst 4 years in the history of this department, only to be stronger.

    One can only hope

  • Be Real

    Your first link quotes the Sheriff as saying

    “Every single seat at the county and city level is dominated by woke individuals. There is no other point of view, no other single perspective allowed.”

    Time now to go to the dictionary & see exactly what “woke” means:


    New Oxford American Dictionary. That’s the dictionary in most Apple computers.

  • @Eldon-

    “AV is a mess but he’s OUR mess. ” You appear to imply with this statement that the worst of our Department (and I think AV has shown that he is right up there in competition for that designation) is necessarily better than an outsider. We will see in November, but I don’t believe the electorate agrees with you even a little bit. The last time our Department had a leader as out-of-touch with reality as we do currently, LA County voters were more than happy to vote in an outsider.

    The typical voter does not care in the slightest if line deputies support the sheriff. The union’s endorsement has never meant a thing, which we will see play out again in November if initial numbers are any indication. AV and his enablers who have cheered his every egotistical, short-sighted and contemptuous decision will have no one to blame but themselves for his upcoming humiliation. The enablers, most of whom hold rank far above what their capabilities and experience would support, will laugh all the way to LACERA, they “got theirs.” And if none of them tried to mold or direct AV to be anything more than a petulant child holding a position laughably above his pay grade, well, at least they got paid (and will continue to do so for many years to come).

    AV will return to retirement, and rather than take a single second to reflect on whether all of his combativeness was necessary, whether his lack of transparency and refusal for one second to cooperate with oversight was in the best interest of the Department, and the public at large, will instead talk to anyone who will listen (he’ll find that list so much shorter after November) about how everyone was against him from day one.

    Your statement that he needs to compromise, while both correct and well-intentioned, is laughable. AV sees himself as some sort of maverick, flailing away at windmills, and has never demonstrated for the briefest instant that compromise is something he is any more capable of than self-reflection. It’s those qualities that prevented him from making it past lieutenant, and were responsible for his miserable failure as a sheriff.

    November can’t come soon enough.

  • @ Be Real & @Really?

    I wish there was a like button for your comments as you both nailed it 100%

    Mucho Gracias Mi Compadres

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • @Adios. Back at ya. You’re a very witty lad.


    “… It appears you are making yourselves the judge, jury and executioner for the office of the sheriff, nullifying the will of the voters. This illegal motion seeks to undermine the role of the sheriff and render the office subordinate to the Board of Supervisors. On its face, your proposed ordinance language is not a proper reading of the law and will be challenged on these multiple grounds.”

    “Nullifying the will of the voters” the sniveling and sad excuse for a Sheriff argues.

    I love how AV can’t take his own medicine…

    I mean, does defying a subpoena issued by the COC (subpoena power resoundingly granted to the COC by the same voters via Measure R) count as nullifying the will of the voters??

    Again, GTFOH

  • Alex’s costly incompetence is in the news again! So how much will this cost the LA County Taxpayers?


    LA Times: “Inmates faced ‘terrifying’ strip search at gunpoint in L.A. jail, lawsuit says”

    Gotta love these excerpts:

    [The allegations come from a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of at least 100 inmates who, their attorneys say, endured intrusive and unconstitutional searches during a lockdown at the downtown Los Angeles jail in September last year.

    News reports from that day said the lockdown was triggered by a report of a man with a gun inside the facility. It’s unclear whether a weapon was ever found.]

    And this typical response from Mr. Transparency:

    [The Sheriff’s Department declined to comment on the allegations or explain what prompted the lockdown.]

    Not even Baghdad Bob Satterfield could attempt to spin this one.

    Maybe this was another Lillienfeld drop?

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

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