2022 Race for LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva

4th LASD whistleblower talks, & what she & her documents have to say contradicts Sheriff Villanueva’s account of his actions re: the head-kneeling deputy cover-up

LASD Captain Angela Walton
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

As of Wednesday, May 11, a fourth whistleblower from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has come forward to file a civil rights claim that disputes major parts of the story Sheriff Alex Villanueva has repeatedly told regarding the cover up of the now notorious case involving a deputy who knelt for an extended period of time on the neck and head of a handcuffed man who was in jail awaiting trial.

The claim, filed by attorney Alan Romero for LASD Captain Angela Walton, not only describes her knowledge and experience of events surrounding the handling of the case of Deputy Douglass Johnson kneeling on the neck and head of Enzo Escalante, Walton also has a string of emails and other documented communication that backs up her statements, many of which directly contradict those of the sheriff.

Here’s the deal.

It was on August 16, 2021, when Captain Angela Walton first learned of the existence of a video of a deputy under her command leaning on the head and neck of inmate Enzo Escalante, a use of force incident that occurred on March 10, 2021.

Walton didn’t learn of the matter until last August 16, as that was Walton’s first day on the job after being transferred to Court Services Division, which meant that Deputy Douglass was under her command.

Prior to the transfer to Court Services, Captain Walton had been the commanding officer of LA County’s trouble-haunted women’s jail, Century Regional Detention Center or CRDF, where she had been praised for cleaning up some of the jail’s chronic problems, and installing new programs, according to WitnessLA’s previous reporting on the Lynwood-located facility.

In fact, in 2021 she won the Innovator’s Award from the American Jail Association for her innovative COVID protections at Century Regional Detention Facility.

In August 2021, one of her first day tasks at her new Court Services position, was reportedly to sit down with her operations lieutenant to review all “open and outstanding cases.” One of those cases was the case of Deputy Johnson and Enzo Escalante.

No one had flagged the use-of-force incident as important, according to Walton, so although she was made aware of the case in passing, she didn’t actually see the video of the incident on that first day in the new job.

All that changed on October 28, 2021, when, according to Walton’s complaint, Sgt. Ben Grubb, who was at the time an LASD Internal Affairs Bureau investigator, contacted Walton’s unit and said that the IAB was ready to interview subject Deputy Johnson, about the head/neck kneeling incident and the accompanying video.

At this point, there was no discussion of referring the case to Internal Criminal Investigation Bureau—or ICIB—the department’s bureau that covers potential criminal wrong-doing as opposed to simply actions that violated department policy.

Yet, because they were about to interview the deputy, IAB Sgt. Grubb sent a message asking Walton to review the video of the incident prior to IAB’s upcoming questioning of Deputy Johnson.

And so it was that, on October 28, 2021, Captain Walton finally saw the video that, according to earlier whistleblowers, former Assistant Sheriff Robin Limon, and former Chief LaJuana Haselrig, Sheriff Villanueva had already watched approximately seven months earlier, on or about March 15, 2021, in the company of Limon, Undersheriff Tim Murakami, and the sheriff’s assistant, Lt. Tony Blanchard.

Upon actually seeing the video, according to Walton’s new filing, she realized right away that the case “reflected excessive force and/or unreasonable force and misconduct by Deputy Johnson.”

Walton was also concerned that the two other deputies who were also right next to Johnson during the incident—”bonus deputies,” as they are technically known—did not properly intervene.

Walton contacted ICIB Captain Jason Schreiner right away “about her concerns with the kneeling video,” and the actions it showed.

On the same date in late October, Walton also contacted Commander Allen Castellanos, then the head of Court Services Division, West Bureau, and “shared her concerns about the kneeling video” with Castellanos.

Castellanos told Walton, that he believe that the video and the case was already at ICIB, the criminal division.

Castellanos was wrong. The case was not at ICIB.

Fast forward nearly two weeks to November 10, 2021, when at 7:15 a.m., Commander Castellanos emailed Chief LuJuana Haselrig in order to obtain her consent to officially make the criminal referral to ICIB.

By 9:36 a.m, on that same day Chief Haselrig emailed Castellanos back to approve the transfer of the investigation to ICIB.

At 9:44 a.m., Castellanos emailed Walton (cc-ing other relevant people) instructing her to relieve Deputy Johnson of duty. However, according to protocol, she was to consult with ICIB prior to doing so, which was a multi-step process.

Things tend to not move with lightening speed in any bureaucracy heavy law enforcement agency such as the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, even when the people involved are, in good faith, attempting to expedite things.

Thus, according to the new claim, it was not until December 7, 2021 at 2:45 p.m., that Walton was actually able to drive to the San Fernando Courthouse and personally relieved Deputy Johnson of duty.

Sheriff Villanueva would later claim that it was he who personally directed the relief of Deputy Johnson of duty on November 18, 2021. However, Walton reportedly memorialized the actual act by sending an email to her acting chief, namely Luana Haselrig, and the ICIB Captain on December 7, 2021.

Who’re you going to believe, me or your lying eyes & e-mails?

Cropped photo of LASD email obtained by WLA, which is one of many that supports Captain Walton’s account, and disputes that of the sheriff

So to review: According to the new claim, along with multiple WLA sources who have seen the relevant emails and other documents, Captain Walton was the person who made original contact with ICIB about the head-kneeling case, referred Deputy Johnson criminally to ICIB, and later relieved him of duty.

[WitnessLA has also obtained copies of some of the critical emails.]

Logically, this would mean that any after-the-fact claims by Sheriff Villanueva that he was the person who first undertook these steps, are…well…false.

As readers may remember, slightly more than a year after Villanueva reportedly saw the video on March 25, 2022, (according to eyewitness Robin Limon, and others with knowledge of the situation) the LA Times released a story on the head kneeling incident together with a portion of the video of Deputy Johnson’s use-of-force actions 

After the LAT story came out, Villanueva called a press conference during which he vehemently denied the suggestion that he had participated in a cover-up of the head-kneeling incident.

According to the sheriff, he didn’t see the video at all until November 18 of 2021, approximately eight months after the incident with Escalante and deputy Johnson occurred on March 10, 2021, and eight months after March 15, 2021, the day that Haselrig reportedly gave the video to Limon, who watched that same video with the sheriff, his undersheriff, and his assistant.

By Villanueva’s account, however, after he did finally learn of the matter in November 2021, he called for a criminal probe of the use-of-force incident, and right away ordered the head-kneeling Deputy Johnson to be relieved from duty—both actions that are directly disputed by Walton’s claim, along with string of emails, other documentation, plus other department sources with knowledge of the sequence of events, who have talked to WLA.

Nevertheless, the sheriff continues to stick to his story, and subsequently demoted two members of his command staff for their supposed part in the cover-up, namely former Chief LaJuana Haselrig, and former Assistant Sheriff Robin Limon, who have also filed complaints.  

The retaliation game

As it turns out, according to today’s claim, Haselrig and Limon were not the only women officers whom the sheriff tried to pressure into lying in his behalf when it came to the case of the head and neck-kneeling deputy.

On April 11, 2022, while Walton was off on an unscheduled leave, she received a phone call from Commander Joseph Williams, who was serving as Acting Chief of Court Services Division after the (forced) retirement of Chief Haselrig.

According to Walton, Commander Williams explained to her that “the Sheriff’s Office wanted a timeline of the Escalante use-of-force investigation.”

Walton explained to Commander Williams that she had viewed Sheriff Villanueva’s public statements on the case, and that these public statements were “inconsistent with the truth of the matter.”

In particular, Sheriff Villanueva’s statement that Deputy Johnson had been immediately relieved of duty by the sheriff in November, simply did not happen, she told the commander.

At that point, Williams reportedly again asked Walton for “a timeline of these events.”

In response, Walton reportedly reiterated that a truthful and accurate timeline would not track with Sheriff Villanueva’s public timeline, which was not at all accurate.

Later that same day, Williams reportedly called Walton a second time and told her to “disregard the request for a timeline.”

Then, Walton said, he asked her one more time about her actions regarding the case.

“Are you sure that the sheriff’s office did not call you and tell you to relieve him [of duty]?”

Walton repeated that the sheriff never told her to relieve Deputy Johnson of duty, but even if she had been so ordered, Deputy Johnson was on unscheduled leave on the date that the sheriff claimed he had personally relieved the deputy of duty, “making this claim factually impossible,” according to department regulations.

Besides, she had all the documentation to prove what had occurred.

One week later, on April 18, 2022, Sheriff Villanueva removed Walton from her unit assignment, which constitutes a demotion, although she keeps the same rank.

Williams was the person who gave her the news.

According to the claim, her removal from her assignment was “in retaliation for her protected whistleblowing activities, including, but not limited to, refusing to participate in Sheriff Villanueva’s fraudulent kneeling video timeline.”

She was reportedly given no reason for the demotion. 

Post script update

On May 1, a document purporting to be an interdepartmental memo from LASD Commander John Satterfield to Undersheriff Tim Mirakami, was pedaled to various news outlets.

The memo (which you can read here), describes a purported forensic level investigation into the actions by the sheriff and others that ultimately resulted in the investigation by ICIB of the infamous head-kneeling incident.

The point of the strangely clumsy memo is evidently to prove Sheriff Villanueva’s account of his actions, and dispute those of other, regarding the case.

KFI appears the only significant news outlet that took the bait.

After the memo’s release, some of WLA’s sources suggested that it was to aid with the creation of the May 1 memo that, on April 11, 2022, LASD Commander Williams reportedly asked Captain Walton to change her provable account of the events surrounding the referral of the head-kneeling deputy case to ICIB, to a false narrative that matched that of the sheriff.

When she refused, punishment came swiftly.

5-10-2022, Angela Walton – … by Celeste Fremon

PPS: If you’ve not already done so, please read today’s exceptionally well-reported story by the LA Times’ Alene Tchekmedyian about the undue influence that Vivian Villanueva—the wife os Sheriff Alex Villanueva—has on the day-to-day workings and policies of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.


  • Alejandro what’s next? Your campaign is circling the drain.

    Addios alejandro


  • Truth, I had to go and move her stuff out of her office in One day. Not knowing this was retaliation. Please support the Truth.

  • This is another story to fuel the smear campaign against Sheriff Villanueva. Celeste, who do you really work for?
    Sheriff Villanueva has made giant strides in addressing the homeless issues throughout the county. Contrary to LA City and County Board officials.
    Sheriff Villanueva has been proactive in addressing the spike in crime issues. Unfortunately, he’s only one official that has no backup from other county and city officials.
    I don’t agree with 100% of what the Sheriff has done, but he has demonstrated better leadership than any other sheriff in the last 20 years.
    The LA County People would be foolish to not re-elect Sheriff Villanueva. The other candidates are BOS/Soros Pawns and puppets ready to take that salary and woke orders from an inept BOS.
    Re-Elect Sheriff Alex Villanueva!

  • Racism, sexism and retaliation in law enforcement is alive and well. Glad she told the truth.

  • Potato Cowboy would like everyone to know all the whistle blowers are politically motivated. Potato Cowboy, Sweat Pee, Creepy Carl and all the homies in ELA will continue to represent the finest LASD has to offer.

  • Wait! What? Emails? I thought AV’s ‘Chief of Staff’ just leaked out a complete and very thorough 30+ page FACTUAL “investigation” with heavily redacted pages included to give the impression that it contained super highly sensitive documents to support his complete vindication of his immediate Jefe.

    Are you telling me John ‘Baghdad Bob’ Satterfield missed these important timeline emails in his drooling haste to position himself to someday “skip right on up and over” to replace Sleepy Magoorakami?

    Be careful Baghdad B as Mr. Bigglesworth Burcher won’t hesitate to capitalize on your oversight as he has a direct hotline to (Car-1A) Aunt Viv and she is in a very, very, very bad mood right now after today’s L.A. Times subscriber only exposé.

    Another one to add to the “You Can’t make this $#!T Up” files.

    Please Santa! Where are you? 😉

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • C’mon Chief Williams, you should’ve known a woman with high integrity like Capt. Walton wasn’t going to let you pressure her into drinking your loyalty kook-aid even if you told her it was grape flavored.

    Nice stunt, AV accused of racism, so he responds by promoting a black guy to get rid of the haters. Doesn’t work AV the black community is on to

    @ Adios Alex & Sweetpea, yes how irresponsible of Little Johnny, the only thing thicker than his eyebrows at this point is this plot, because it keeps thickening. The Wishbone leg Sheriff, Undersheriff Sleepy Panda and everyone working for Hogwarts up on the 8th floor need to bounce.

    @SIB, what weak representation of a Captain you have there too, just another example of just keeping AV happy and you’ll promote.

    Hey, has anyone seen Elizabeth Espinoza in all this or did she bounce too

  • Sheriff Villanueva you had it coming sooner or later buddy. Payback is bitch. Karma all the way. You screwed so many life’s so many families to protect your own. My family was one of them. You ruined them in every way possible just so your rat deputies didn’t get in trouble. Knew your tricks since day one, always a crook and always a thief in every aspect of the word. Looser you will pay for all the wrong doing.

  • @stop the madness

    And you have no filed lawsuits? Low blow digging up alleged dirt.

  • I love reading these lawsuits, especially when it has Chief EV name behind it all. Can’t wait until June when this it is all over. Sheriff Villanueva will be Sheriff Villanueva for another 4 years, through 2026. Hopefully this political drama will subside so progress can be made. This stuff is comical!But really, we need to get back to police work. Hopefully Gascon gets recalled too. He needs to go!

  • I guess you be sharing a cell with that other high class sheriff that’s in prison already from the Los Angeles county sheriff department now you guys can hold hands and look each other in the face and say with a smile boy did we f****** up hahaha

  • What a train wreck! lie and deny…and these are the folks who get paid the big bucks to make decisions at the expense of LA COUNTY taxpayers. I remember when the buck stopped at the Chief level.

    Alex why did you promote incompetence over experience? How convenient to misinterpret the Rosas decision…what a sham Cpt. Sanchez you should be demoted too for playing ignorant or aiding and abetting.

    It’s has never been about what you know it’s about who you know… Rank skippers, fast trackers, while the little guy gets the blame. I feel sorry for the bonus deputies and the other deputies in the video. Johnson should have been ROD’d since the Kobe incident. For those of you who want the promotions you may go to prison one day or lose your pension over the incompetence of those below or above you. Everyone involved needs to lawyer up and enjoy the ride. Walton CYA’d

  • Hey El Jojo have you ever considered that the reason no one else in LA politics supports him is bc he’s constantly breaking the law bc he’s a fucking idiot?

  • How about having an ALADS attorney try to talk you out of showing up to your Skelly hearing! So it was no surprise the Acting Chief Blasnek had a “failed to respond” letter sent.

    How about an ALADS attorney setting up your I.A interview with “Maxwell” under the command of “Woolum” at the East Los Angeles Courthouse without first running it by you.

    Them “anonymous “ calls for service for the sake of a justified clean up??

    Team work folks! Captains (Pico, ELA), I.A investigators, I.C.I.B investigator’s and more than likely E.L.A alumnus present at “Fort Apache” back office to make sure all horse shit was lined up. From my viewing, the supps should be plenty…

  • I have a question alejandro? What does your unit audit and accountability actually do for the dept?

    Please enlighten me

    Addios Alejandro


    Lying Blanchard

    Sleepy Tim

  • So many opportunist out here! So all this happened last year correct? Am I reading this information clearly, 2021? Now we are in May of 2022 and the truth seekers are coming out, seems odd. If justice and integrity is what they wanted why didn’t all these whistleblowers come right out with it then? They saw it, they understood that what was happening was wrong, but nothing.

    Fast forward to election year and now everyone got something to say. They were all promoted above their abilities and gladly took those pay bumps from Alex.

    I’m sure if it’s truth and justice they won’t ask for monetary compensation, that’s the only way we’ll know the truth. Otherwise it will just be seems as an attempted political hack job.

    Alex will win. These “truth seekers” will get paid plus their retirement and ride off into the sunset. I’m sure the bleeding hearts don’t care that their settlements will throw the county budget out the window. SMH

    Oh well. Society, the country , and policing has been circling the drain. Let’s see how it all ends

  • Yes PG, once lying Alejandro realized his illicit cover-up attempts from March 2021 were going to be exposed, he turned it into spin-master overdrive in late 2021 and then started retaliating against the fallguys (girls) in order to save his own lying ass. Except, these once loyal underlings didn’t appreciate being run over by the VILLANueva Short Bus and I’m sure you know the time tested phrase: “Hell Hath No Fury As A Woman Scorned”

    So congratulations Allie & Bibi! Mother Karma is just getting started with her daily and weekly B!+@# Slaps on your goofy looking, bowlegged, cowboy hat wearing @$$ along with Sweatpee too.

    The sweet part about this timing is absolutely delicious and it couldn’t happen to a more miserable looking and evil couple.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee.

  • @ Peter Griffin, did you read any of the lawsuits , it is apparent the highest authority was the sole influence in this whole debacle. In many instances the Sheriff has been caught in lies.

    Look at the timelines supported by documentation, use Angela Walton for example. At the time of this occurrence, she was still the Unit Commander over CRDF. She WALKED IN to an ethical mess, and what did she do? She BLEW THE WHISTLE. Everything happens for a reason. They tried fucking with Her by moving her away from her assignment, giving her freeway therapy, and boom! What’s done in the dark comes to light. Thennnnnnnn they realize “oh fuck she’s not going to lie for us.” and attempts at making her change her timeline. Yet, like any person who’s experienced misconduct and harassment before, she documented things… you can’t argue the facts.

    Sorry Alex, you’re going to have to OJ walk with a box in your hand from the 8th floor. I really do hope GASCON does a big F*#% you to the Sheriff and has the Public Corruption unit look into all of this. Since Alex seems to always have a “third party investigating” what’s happening.

    His political and professional career is over, he’s gunna have to rub back to his Gnome Wife and cry

  • This is a total smear campaign and probably being pushed by the Board of Supervisors. Each person that has come forward, has an agenda.
    The inmate punched a deputy, the inmate was not injured and it was not a violation of policy at the time.


  • @adios, peter G and sharedfiles….you guys craack me up! Very amusing. Im with you.

    Its gonna turn into a big payday for the whistleblowers bcz they had no choice but to save their own hides. Yhea Walton walked right into a landmine and blew it up too. They all need to put in their walking papers and get out while they can. LaJuana was the only one with some common sense along with Porowski and retired. Is this really about the pay day or not getting federally indicted?
    Its sickening to know that when a deputy is in trouble the executives do nothing to help them but here you have these assholes dropping dimes and rolling on each other and getting counsel to defend their incompetence. The fall guy was supposed to be the female brass. The truth is that the brass at court services west was responsible. The Chief didn’t handle business accordingly. This could have been explained to the media and DA s office. So yes Gascon is gonna have a field day! Interesting how the MPP only applies to certain folks. Double standards…hypocrites.

  • Here we go again. More executives whining about this and whining about that. Guess what, no one cares. What people care about is crime in their neighborhood, homeless urinating in their yards and neighborhoods looking like 3rd world countries.

    Don’t worry though, copernicus and I will be working overlaps tonight, pulling steel and keeping you safe.

  • I hope and pray that AV and misses AV both get what they have coming to them. I give all the whistleblowers they’re kudos for stepping up and doing the right thing. It’s time to get rid of all the bad apples within law enforcement. LAPD is just as bad. They have a dozen or more different gangs within that department and they are thriving daily. It’s a crying shame the law has turned in to what they are today just simply bad and criminals. The truth shall prevail. Bad people get tangled up in the lies and they can’t remember their lies and that turns into more lies. Remember my always being truthful you never have to remember a lie.

  • Alex, I have some hard learned advice for you.

    You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
    Know when to fold ’em
    Know when to walk away
    And know when to run

    Enough said.

  • After watching the video and reading the lawsuits, I concluded, that even if all these people suing Alex Villanueva, claiming he covered up the investigation is true, they are f****d anyhow. Any deputy fresh from the academy should know that the use of force depicted in the video, calls for an automatic IAB roll out at minimum, but an ICIB notification at that time would have been the appropriate action. Why is it that the Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain did not do so? Why did they wait for the Sheriff to tell them what to do? They should read the policies of the sheriff’s department; Satterfield mentioned this already. Limon, Haselrig, Vera, and all under the rank of Sheriff Villanueva, you are guilty of gross negligence and incompetence, now this is entirely your fault. This type of situation only happens because as always, the Sheriff Department is full of high-ranking deputies who have no clue what they are doing. They wanted to wait for the Sheriff to come back from Virginia to tell them what to do, it is embarrassing. I am glad you all fools retired from the sheriff’s department.

  • @Me and I-
    “This type of situation only happens because as always, the Sheriff Department is full of high-ranking deputies who have no clue what they are doing.”

    Yep. There’s a reason the military doesn’t allow a lieutenant to get promoted straight to the rank of colonel or general, as AV is so fond of doing (he mentions cronyism of prior administrations with a straight face, the irony). The reason the military never does this is there is crucial experience that needs to be gained at each rank, preferably under the mentorship of someone who has held that rank for years. This instills judgment and experience and avoids the chaos that results from promoting people several ranks at a time, giving them pay and prestige without the requisite learning and lessons in how to handle the responsibilities of each new rank. It is no coincidence two such individuals are major players in this debacle.

    Who does AV have to blame for this mess? He truly is reaping what he has sown.

  • Have any of these people ever been in a fight? Have any of them tried to over power a resisting suspect? All of these people are pretty presumptive that the actions of the deputies were not only out of policy but against the law. They need to read about due process. As for racism in this incident. Yeah. Right.

  • @Me & I,

    Everything you laid out would be 100% true under a previous and professionally run administration that adhered to policy, procedures and accountability. But this is previously retired lieutenant, now miserably playing sheriff, Alejandro VILLANueva’s administration.

    Just as @Payback is a.. explained, Alex is now reaping the effects of Ms. Karma. You might have forgotten his narcissistic “Leadership” exercise stunt that he pulled when he first lied his way into office.

    You remember when he “disbarred” all of his executive staff and basically threatened any management and executive that he would “put a case of them” if they didn’t back the deputies for their “discretions of the mind” offenses. Well, this whole illegal coverup clusterF#@K can be 100% directly traced back to that idiotic Vendido VILLANueva moment.

    Time to hold Allie and Bibi accountable for their entire term of illicit, and some might allege, criminal actions and degradation of our once respected LASD.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • How is this a cover up. Was IA or ICIB notified? Yes.

    Sheriff not wanting media to politicize this video and incident is not a cover up. The proper entities were aware of the situation, whether or not they did their job thats on them. If the sheriff came to them and said burn all the paperwork and discard the video, basically disappear this incident, then you got something.

    If this was a “coverup” I imagine it would be federal, which has nothing to do with Gascon.

    I’m by no means 1000 percent behind Alex, but at this point he’s the lesser of to evils. Vera and company want to pander to the BOS that’s Bullshit.

    And whoever is worried about the Vintage LA IG page is just showing your true colors. Whether he was weak sauce or not.

  • Is it just me but I’m noticing candidate signs being removed by Alejandro’s people. I take it as a sign of desperation.

    Adios Alejandro

    Lying Blanchard
    Sleepy Timmy


  • @Alejandro’s adventures

    Yes, it’s just you. Nobody cares about candidate signs. Get a life. Better yet, go 10-8, make a hook and earn your pay.

  • The commander (former driver for Lee Baca) has been in MANY controversial shootings. Just ask the LADA. Were they cleared? I think so. But many were very concerning. I hear their are alot of other concerning issues that should be vera-fied. How long has he been a LA County resident? Does he still live in Chino? [WLA edit.] I’m sure LA County residents and community leaders are eager to know. Running for office when you have an agenda in mind (instead of being an invested longtime LA County resident) will not sit well with voters. Heck, I wonder how often he is in Chino (San Bernardino County).

    All this info should be Vera-fied.



  • Ghetto softie stop acting like your a hard charger. What’s makes you think I do your type of work? You four legged mutt.

    Adios Alejandro

    Lying Blanchard
    Creepy Carl


  • What needs to be verified is the NON-Factual memo Dr. Satterfield authored. What a joke!

    People rant about Alejandro caring and taking care of the troops….. The Department tragically lost a sergeant a few days ago. He didn’t even bother to accompany his family for support, let alone care to have SIB properly announce it to Department personnel.

    Wake up, people, he doesn’t give a hoot if it doesn’t benefit his campaign. Deputy Albanese was added to the memorial wall this week, it sure would have been nice to have The Sheriff present to honor Deputy Albanese’s commitment and dedication and show his family a little respect and support.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  • @cantwait

    I’m pretty sure Vera Jr. went to Chino High School. That’s weird I thought you can only go to Public School within your school district based off your address.

  • @ W Ranch

    Ever stop think about the reason why SIB did not put out the sergeants passing. Maybe cause there is a lot of administrative clarification needs to be ironed out before any notification, which can be used negatively or positively as a legal document later, can be published.

    I knew him personally and would have loved to have seen that, but I also want his family taken care of with no issues from the county.

  • Alejandro, Ghetto Slayer, Anonymous and all you other whining babies, stop complaining and just put in a honest days work. I just woke up, was 10-8 all night, booked 3 bodies and 6 burners. Take a lesson from solid guys like Ghetto Softie and earn you paycheck for once. I’ll be on the grinder at 6am Monday if any of wish to discuss further. [WLA edit.]

  • I never agreed with AV on everything. But he’s taken the right stance on numerous issues re: the rise in crime, the idiot Gascon, homeless, and calling out the repugnant BOS. I disagreed with his stance on immigration, the whole Mandoyan thing, and often shook my head at his catapulting inexperienced personnel to executive positions in the name of diversity, reward, perceived loyalty, or some other BS.

    Walton is a professional victim who in the past lost a suit against the Dept. for harassment or discrimination. Some weak crap like that.. There were incidents of immature unprofessionalism that led to her transfer in the first place.

    Haselrig has a reputation of being a predator of women. Yet she continued to rise. Back in the the day she was known as Disasterig.

    Don’t know much about Limon, but from all accounts, she was simply clueless, lacked any real leadership experience, and was in over her head.

    This reporter should investigate these so called whistleblowers. Other than making the sheriff look bad for promoting them, their credibility would likely turn to crap.

    Always new it would bite AV in the ass. Nevertheless this a BS witch hunt preceding an election. These “whistleblowers” all had it good, they got caught slipping, and now they’re drowning in their liberal tears. Had their feelings hurt. They want revenge, and to destroy the Dept in the process.

    The incident in question is stupid. BFD. I would rather had the sheriff come out and say “so what!” This is nothing. A murder suspect punched a deputy and was taken down. The involved deputies could have handle it better. It was dealt with. The suspect wasn’t injured and this was nothing in comparison to George Floyd. No further comment.

  • Not sure about it but what I do know and all of you know is this is round two or three with Angela. Chasing the lawsuit dollar again and everyone knows it. This deputy is a scapegoat. That incident was so exaggerated it’s pathetic. Walton is hands down one of the biggest racist on the Department. She hates white people and isn’t very fond of cops in general. She’s proven that! . She’s done stuff that any white employee would have been fired and sued for. That’s a fact. Her credibility is zero. She wants to sue for more tax payers money and cash out.

  • @W Ranch,

    You nailed it with calling out Alex “The Fraud” VILLANueva and his fake caring about anything or anyone but himself. He was too busy tweeting about his “Small Minded” personality traits
    ( https://mobile.twitter.com/LACoSheriff/status/1524444688110956545 )
    than to bother to take the time to recognize our beloved Sergeant who tragically passed while participating in the Police Unity Tour bike ride. F#@%ing Shameful!

    In fact, Mr. Narcissist made sure to post another political stunt recap video clip to reminisce on his scooter and Crocodile Dundee hat wearing drive-by tour in Venice Beach. Campaign fundraising was much more important to him than paying any kind of tribute to an active duty sergeant who was sacrificing his time, sweat, and ultimately his life, to ride to remember those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice in our profession. https://mobile.twitter.com/LASDHQ/status/1524539643407978497

    The VILLANueva’s are puke worthy!

  • Celeste, I see you are up to your old tricks. My post was edited and I didn’t violate any of your “rules”. The extreme left truly does not want free speech in America, unless you agree with THEIR narrative. Who would have thought the leftists would become the tyrants, when all they used to do is complain about “the man”

  • @ Copernicus solid, 10-8, grinder what a geek! Sounds like that’s all you have going on in your life loser.
    I bet your your the same type of dork that holds up walls at a nightclub wearing skinny jeans and vans. Hoping the opposite sex ask you for a dance smh.

    Adios Alejandro
    Lying Blanchard
    Sleepy Tim


  • @You All Know

    I am a sworn white female on the Department. You are wrong about Angela. I’ve known her since I was on training and she was one of the only females who helped me and never treated me differently because I was a trainee, white, or female. Now many years have passed and a few more ranks, Angela has continued to be my cheerleader, regardless of my race.

    That is a fact!!! When you call someone a racist, you better have proof.

  • Editor’s note:

    Dear “Copernicus,”

    I edited one part of one line from your post. In the future if you feel you have been wrongly edited, feel free to tell me via email, so that we may sort things out. And if I’ve made a mistake I’ll happily correct it.

    Most publications simply solve the problem by eliminating comments altogether. I’d prefer not to do that again because I think the give-and-take in comments section can be very valuable.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


  • Hey Coppernickel, grow a pair and stop whining.
    Your refuse to acknowledge Pandora’s Box II is ever so telling as history repeats itself.
    Another thing, don’t screw it up for the other commentors with your B.S.

  • Per “Copernicus”

    “Celeste, I see you are up to your old tricks. My post was edited and I didn’t violate any of your “rules”. The extreme left truly does not want free speech in America, unless you agree with THEIR narrative. Who would have thought the leftists would become the tyrants, when all they used to do is complain about “the man”

    ☝That my friends is a hard charger post! GTFO!
    Go play with your zip ties on the grinder kid!!! u must be a big bad bandito or an associate!!

    And respond to with your true name u cry baby!

  • @alejandros adventures

    That’s rich, calling other people geeks and dorks as you cry like a sally about yards signs and radios car not having that new car smell. You and Antonio are truly pathetic. You two are so worried about bashing the sheriff and praying your pick (whoever that is) gets elected So you can finally get that bump. Line deps are laughing at you. Get to work, go 10-8, hook a criminal for once, just once, and I’m not talking about a 12500. Got to go, working overlaps and gonna go steel hunting !

  • “Per ghetto softness”

    “That’s rich, calling other people geeks and dorks as you cry like a sally about yards signs and radios car not having that new car smell. You and Antonio are truly pathetic. You two are so worried about bashing the sheriff and praying your pick (whoever that is) gets elected So you can finally get that bump. Line deps are laughing at you. Get to work, go 10-8, hook a criminal for once, just once, and I’m not talking about a 12500. Got to go, working overlaps and gonna go steel hunting !”

    ☝Hard charged folks!! Eeewww scary!!! Go hop scotch on the grinder with your partner “copernicus” And whatever poser wants to join u and play with your zip ties kids!!! Give each other a hug and stop crying!! U babies

    Respond with your real name if you got a pair chulas!! Al Rato…

  • A steadfast rule at Firestone Station “Don’t leave a message on the board without adding your name”. To those of you who are honorable enough to post your name with your comment, thank you. Boyd Zumwalt, it doesn’t surprise me to see you list your name, you were always a stand-up guy and great cop !!!
    As for Alex, no one has more of a reason to dislike him than me. But, after reading all the material I can on this, I wish him Good Luck. If it is true, that he was trying to protect a deputy I am impressed. As a former force instructor, officer survival expert and court recognized expert on force, a knee on the neck does not constitute excessive force. Please don’t use Floyd as your barometer for force. That conviction was a sacrifice to the anti-police woke mob.
    For all the command staff turning on their leader??? This is shit I just don’t understand? I saw more loyalty in my day, you can say it was good or bad, for me, I liked it. Sometimes in LE we make huge mistakes promoting individual base on race or gender. I think Alex may have promoted individuals that were questionable and it is hurting him now. Bottom Line, I am glad I am retired and out of the politics, it is a killer !

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I find it ironic when an old old old retired “legend in his own mind” shows up to post his newfound loving endorsement for another idiot. And while doing so, questions the Idiot’s judgement in promoting certain females to executive positions?

    Wasn’t FPK Station “retired” some 30 years ago? I guess some old folks can’t never stop talking about their old glory days. I assume that old FPK message board was discarded in some old trash heap many years ago. I only wonder if the old ass “legend in his own mind” wrote the names Kathy J. and Jill B. on that famed FPK board as we all know the domestic beat downs they suffered at his old ass hands, many many moons ago.

    Some old sleeping dogs should remain asleep.

  • When is the guy running for sheriff going to tell about being a tattooed Century Regulator Deputy Gang member? Maybe it’s the same dude who lied about being a Commander before being promoted to Chief? He’s already sold his soul to AV about Mandoyan. It won’t do any good to get rid of your TT, too many people have seen it and know about it! The TRUTH never changes!

  • Anonymous – Bravo.

    Mr. Burns, if you defend this Sheriff’s actions after reading the documents posted here and elsewhere and think the Floyd conviction was just a sacrifice to those that are anti-police you have a problem analyzing facts. Good cops are honest and there are many on LASD. The Sheriff has the obligation to set that tone and walk the walk. The only positive in your post is you are retired.

  • I agree anonymous. Those days are long gone and most who worked FPK would have been terminated if they operated so in today’s climate. So, the “knee on the neck doesn’t constitute excessive force” sounds like a lifelong old school deputy’s short minded take. The cause of Floyd’s death was attributed to cardiac arrest and asphyxiation due to neck compression; which reads and looks like excessive force when coupled with a cop who ignored pleas the unresisting suspect couldn’t breathe. Yeah, no sacrifice to the mob here.

    Secondly, using that force as a comparison of this Johnsons force is valid, as the inmate stated he couldn’t breathe and there was bruising on the neck. The saving grace was the deputy relented when the inmate stated he couldn’t breathe.

    Im surprised an old school hard charger is impressed with a dork like Villainueva who backs deputies to the hilt (trying to make friends like little man Tanaka) at the expense of their career. Im surprised this comment was made even though as a former union leader, he mentions nothing about the deputies who could have gotten their jobs back had it not been for AV blowing his load on Mandoyan.

    Shortsighted, outdated, and very suspect.

  • @Roy,

    You stated in your comment above: “But, after reading all the material I can on this, I wish him Good Luck. If it is true, that he was trying to protect a deputy I am impressed.”

    I didn’t realize you were so easily “impressed” by total bulls#!t. You must have been reading Allie’s simpleton Facebook cheerleader’s comments who believe this is all about a bad boy inmate assaulting a deputy and receiving his just deserts.

    You might want to try reading “everything” a little more carefully, and I’m not talking about Baghdad Bob Satterfield’s laughable disinformation and deflection CYA my boss for promotion memo. All Alex cared about was his political image and was terrified of the timing of this incident and video hitting the news cycle during the Chauvin trial. It’s that simple!

    If he cared about the deputy so much, why did he proudly proclaim that he “immediately relieved the offending deputy of duty” and will be presenting a fileable criminal case to none other than D.A. Gascon for prosecution once his coverup attempts were being revealed?

    Come on now Old Man, you can’t be that easily fooled, can you?

    Adios Alex & Bibi

  • Lol trying too be relevant in the year 2022 you have too give him credit for trying. Funny stuff.

    Adios Alejandro


    Lying Blanchard

    Sleepy Tim


  • I was gonna reply regarding the Floyd comment, and decided against it. Every time a cop tries to defend that debacle I wince. Reminds me of a retired “expert” who tried on a radio show to defend that Florida school cop not engaging the active shooter. Some things simply can’t be defended, and those that try just make us all look bad. Glad to see some voices of reason here.

  • I’m getting all these comments jumbled up in my head so help me out here. Are we meeting tomorrow on the grinder at 6am to talk about all the steel we pulled on overlap shift last night or is that next week? Also, should I bring a bulletin board and write the names of people who claim 12500 cites as arrest stats?

    You people kill me. You bring that kind of mouth breathing nonsense to a serious discussion–on a hostile website no less. I was “pulling steel” 25 years ago and let me tell you something: Nobody cares. And nobody cares about your exploits either. And before you label me a “AV keyboard warrior” like the last time I called you out, you’re way off. In fact, I think this is one of the best lines I’ve seen in the comment section here:

    “…and I’m not talking about Baghdad Bob Satterfield’s laughable disinformation and deflection CYA my boss for promotion memo.”

    Much respect to Roy Burns. The man had a great career. Nice to see him chime in. Here’s a guy who could probably blow up all our stats; and whether you agree with him or not, at least he kept it on topic.

  • Smells like Creepy C is posting again…. Creepy Ceeeee, Creepy Ceeeee???? Your comments are so you brah…. keep creeping on the vulnerable, you know, your old playbook…. Creepy C is the best.

  • Now this is a new low, pretending to be holier than thou when you don’t give a F about people when we have seen you unleash your vindictive wrath on those that don’t share your opinion when we’ve seen you affect peoples careers and livelihood affecting their family. Stand by, the truth comes out to light and God doesn’t play when you use his name in vain.
    Copernicus and Ghetto Softie. Aka Creepy Carl and low life Javier get a life.


  • @ Roy
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you the main reason why Alex Villanueva co founded LASPA?
    Did you not blow a gasket when Alex questioned the financial books when you were on ALADS Board of Directors.
    I’m surprised at you Roy, you have lost reality with your ‘use of force’ rhetoric. Sorry but I can’t roll with you on this call.
    Enjoy LACERA and buy Ron Hernandez lunch while you humor each other with ALADS & FPK war stories. 🙂

  • “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” Lol.

    @ Way Back When, do you need a hug?

  • Speaking of staying on topic, let’s talk facts.
    The increasing incidents under the watch of Villanueva are in the norm but no so normal with the exposure.
    We would need a court stenographer to list the deeds and have it read back more than once.
    The kicker is the lies, deception and denial by Alex himself with the cronyism, nepotism & homeboy-ism being off the charts.
    Pretty slick ad campaign with Alex in the church sanctuary.. You have to admit, the demographics with the spanish/latino name recognition will put Alex in for the next term.
    Those Los Angeles County demographics outside of law enforcement and clear vision have no clue of the wrecking ball and damage to the deeds and damage to LASD within.

  • Ghetto Slayer, just when you thought he couldn’t stoop any lower. He’ll do anything for money and power. The ad reminds me of Jim Bakker, the evangelist. We all know how that ended.

  • “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. ” Gospel of Matthew

    Hey, fast forward 2000 years and I think that becomes “And when you pray, do not pray on Youtube…” to, you know, win an election in which you’re so desperate that you make a campaign ad where you… I just can’t. What a freakin’ embarrassment this clown is.

  • And the 2022 Razzie award goes too Sheriff Villanueva! Good lord! That video sucks!

    Adios Alejandro


    Creepy Carl

    Lying Blanchard

    Sleepy Tim


  • Amigaso@ A’s adventures, you know deep inside Alex is a good man. As for me I know so. He knows to forgive and yes the video is powerful.

  • @ Roy Burns
    Loyalty if any, should always be to the organization.
    Many instances to cite but one closer to home would be Paul Tanaka, Leroy Baca and
    their “LOYAL” underlings who went to prison.

    To thine own self be true…

  • @Pass the popcorn,

    As for joining Alex ‘The Heretic’ Villanueva in Club Fed, my predictions are as follows:

    1. Sleeping Samurai Timmy Magoorakami
    2. Baghdad Bob Satterfield
    3. Ronald McDonald Lillienfeild
    4. Mr. Bigglesworth Burcher
    5. Batman Bagman Batanero
    6. Creepy C. Mandoyan
    7. Jalapeño Javie Gonzales
    8. Deaf, Dumb & Blind Blanchard

    And a few additional silhouette characters to be named later during the indictment release:
    9. TBA
    10. TBA
    11. TBA

    Just as interesting is the list of names of those who will be lining up to testify against the above named future convicts?

    And the bonus question is, who will be sharing Casa Villanueva with The Troll once intake day arrives?

    Adios Allie

  • @ Anonymous bingo!

    The list will be bigger by the end of the I predict.

    Adios Alejandro


    Creepy Carl

    Sleepy Tim

    Lying Blanchard

    And more coming soon!


  • I agree also that the Feds are watching & waiting, which mirrors LASD Pandora’s Box I.
    The largest Sheriff’s Department in the nation always gave the largest scandals, totally embarrassing.

  • The former Undersheriff Waldie’s (who sure had his own shortcomings!) son is suing the department/county over not being promoted to Captain all the while talking sh** about others? Good Lord! That young man has many a skeletons in his closet!

  • Awe. I see you’re back Anthony (Brady). And worried it seems, as you’ve heard he’s going to speak the truth tomorrow about YOUR shortcomings. You made your bed. Now get nice and cozy as he tucks you in, with documentation.

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