2022 Race for LA County Sheriff Election 2022

VOTE! And, while you wait for election results, watch for a new story on K-9 Spike

I VOTED! via WitnessLA
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

Yep. It’s finally arrived. Today is voting day. 

This means, among other things, that Los Angeles County voters will decide today if the nation’s largest sheriff’s department will have a new leader. 

Or will Alex Villanueva, the agency’s extremely controversial sheriff, remain at the helm?

As the question hovers over Los Angeles County,  during recent weeks and days Villanueva appears to have continued to work against himself, engaging in one unwise action after another. 

Last Friday afternoon, for example, Sheriff Villanueva sent out a text to the members of the department’s main deputies union, the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, or ALADS.

(The department’s supervisors have their own union in the Professional Peace Officers Association or PPOA.)

The text included a video of the sheriff (see below), in which he pleaded with the deputies who work under his command to donate money to his campaign, never mind that hectoring department members to donate cash to support the campaign of the guy with the power to affect—for good or ill—each department member’s future, is generally considered unethical at best.

The gambit is also unpleasantly reminiscent of the pay-to-play schemes of former LASD undersheriff Paul Tanaka and former sheriff Lee Baca, both of whom eventually went to federal prison for other forms of LASD-related wrongdoing.

Another among the recent array of troubling actions attributable to Sheriff Villanueva and his administration, has to do with one of the department’s K-9 dogs, a Labrador Retriever named Spike, who died approximately two years ago in the back of his handler’s department-owned Chevy Tahoe, under unclear circumstances. 

It is traditional when a law enforcement K-9 dies for their death to be announced and for the dog to be honored. But that didn’t happen with Spike.

His death was never publicly acknowledged. Nor was it properly investigated according to department sources with whom we have spoken.

Two years after the fact, the news of K-9 Spike’s death finally became public knowledge due to its inclusion in a whistleblower lawsuit filed late last month by LASD Lieutenant Joseph Garrido, and civil rights attorney Vincent Miller.

(Since then, Spike’s death has also spawned its own Justice4Spike Instagram page.)

Now, WitnessLA has probed more deeply into the issue, and we’ve uncovered additional facts and facets of the story of Spike’s death, which in turn have raised troubling questions about the department’s description of what occurred.

Soon, we’ll have that story about LASD K-9 Spike and why his death matters.

In the meantime, as you wait and watch for further news of election outcomes, local and beyond… be sure to watch this space for more news of K-9 Spike.

Update: Expect the story of K-9 Spike soon. See you then!


  • Alex, four years ago I and very few people were around you and really thought you had a chance. You did it, and then you changed. You surrounded yourself with people from the Tanaka regime which you despised. you were warned repeatedly not to do so, but you did. You thought and continue to think you are the smartest guy in the room. Your Not. You had a chance to do really great things, and in your own words “you screwed the pooch” Now it is time for you to Vamanose. Unfortunately LASD will get a new Sheriff that is going to be a punching bag to the BOS. All thanks to your ego.

  • Was spike a member of one the LASD gangs. We all know with any death the first thing to investigate his the victim’s gang affiliation.

  • @fx I don’t gang bang. Banditos didn’t even pour a beer for this dead homie. Why? Where you from ese? Century? Compton? Oh you mad. Don’t be mad fool.


    Go to Justice4Spike on Instagram.

  • Addios


    Sweat pea

    Sleepy Tim

    Lying Blanchard

    Creepy Carl

    Creepy guy from Instagram

    And many many more!

    P.s. there’s others but I’ll make it known in a few weeks to come stay tuned!

  • Alex, when you have your going away party at Cities, will you have a section reserved for your ELA Banditos? Like you did at your swearing in? You set the tone from day one as divisive poser of a leader. I truly hope those LASD personnel who have lawsuits against you continue with litigation after you are voted out tonight. Don’t worry, Deedrick can find you housing in one of Hilda Solis’s container cities for the homeless after you are left cashless from the payouts. The difference between you and Luna, Luna can work with both foe and friend to get the job done, like a true leader. Nothing is accomplished by going against and alienating everyone who does not go along with your narcissistic ideals. Diplomacy works at all levels. You have allowed LASD to run amuck at all levels, but order is now coming to the house and LASD will again be a professional and respected organization. Those who are against this, well then, bye bye, or continue crying because papa won’t let you watch TV after 9pm. Ridiculous how many kids we have who think they know what a leader is just because Alex is a recalcitrant.

  • People who have been around and worked for Alex, know he’s a disappointment. He is, as many have said, “the smartest guy in the room”. He’s in love with himself. SweetPea played a big part in his demise. He has been described as a small town vendor, who got thrust into running “Amazon”. This man has been an embarrassment. He is small minded, petty, a pervert, a nimkumpoop. When he loses tonight, he’ll blame everyone but himself. But what I love and know to be true, he’ll be EMBARRASSED. [WLA edit.]

  • To the worst LA Sheriff in history. The first step is done. You won’t make it to December and you will be indicted for all the horrible things you have done.

    So long sucka!

  • If there is a change lets hope the Dept gets behind the new staff and work to reduce the mandatory OT in Patrol many of the troops are at wits end no time off never see there kids or family.
    At least we hopefully will see 6 Deps who are the sheriff’s security team back in patrol, Pitches, Block, Baca only had ! who is afraid of the big bad wolf!

  • Sheriff Luna we need a deep cleaning not only at Hoj but Sherman Block Building as well. Snakes, perverts, losers, psychopaths are being hidden there.. ask and you shall receive…

    Adios Alejandro and your band of clowns!!!

    P.S. Has anyone seen Sleepy Tim anywhere?

  • Many Angeleno’s may not agree upon County Measure A, which overwhelming passed.
    It was the only way to enact an avenue of checks and balances to deal with a rogue Sheriff.

    I’ll bet the farm that no Sheriff moving forward will ever conduct business or lack thereof such as Villanueva.
    The truth always comes out in the end with multi million lawsuits to prove it.

    Additionally it was a relief to see that ALADS learned that an endorsement for Villanueva did not need to have a 1.3 million dollars attached to it.

  • @Wannabe Bandido you better show up before Judge Elaine Lu on December 12th if not she is going to cuff your A** . And your bowlegged A** better explain to her why you ignored three subpoenas. Make sure you finish your sentence when you address the Judge.

  • Another one bites the dust. A long string of crappy Sheriffs. Baca, Scott (yes, he nothing!), Buckles and this latest fool. Thank God for the line personnel who do their jobs day after day. I greatly fear LASD is about to have another loser in Luna (careful of what you wish for folks). I hear he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer (of course the LASD just suffered through the smartest guy in the room and that didn’t work out too well) and I also hear that the troops at LBPD very much disliked him (I know this isn’t a popularity contest, but that might say something about his leadership skills).

    I hope Sheriff Luna is smart enough to realize how much he does not know about the LASD (as Buckles came to realize) and will enlist advise and follow suggestions from former LASD personnel who do not have an iron in the fire other than what is best for the LASD. IF he will listen to wise suggestions, work hard to put together a management team that is competent, experienced, and loyal to not only the Sheriff, but to the LASD, then he will have a chance of turning the ship around. But he has a big job to do. Among the rubble left behind by AV, there are competent people who can help rebuild the organization. These weren’t the skippers and ass lickers who Sweet Pea and AV had to Christmas dinner, but people who were promoted because they deserved it. And there are plenty of folks who did not get promoted and are sitting, waiting for a chance to show what they can do. Sheriff Luna, just needs good people around him who are not swayed by anything but good work and experience when they choose who is going to lead the organization for the next 4 years.

    Despite what I have said, I wish Sheriff Luna best wishes. Listen to the right people, pick right, be wise.

  • Hear on the street a couple of hrs ago , Mc Donald to be Under Sheriff remember they were buds at Long Beach and it will give Mc Donald to continue where he left off and get even withV’s people.

  • Here is another fun fact:
    Gascon is opening up a real investigation, (not a FAKE one concocted up by Mark Lillienfeld) to investigate Villanueva after deputies were asked to donate to the VILLAN’s campaign.

  • @ Alejandro’s Ok Pat, he is done give it a rest, your inside info is not all that. Your just a disgruntled Captain now go enjoy retirement.

  • Hey Alex,

    Regarding Gascon’s announcement that YOU and YOUR Campaign are currently under investigation I thought I’d take this opportunity to pass along one of those dreaded insider TIPS for you.

    I heard that the D.A.’s investigators plan to serve search warrants on your house, your office, your campaign headquarters and your private business gym. They intend to seize all of your cell phones, iPads, computers, external hard drives, your personal clown car bucket, and your most cherished DVD collection of the 1 Term, oops, I mean 1 (One) and only season of the long cancelled, and failed, made-for-TV series called: Deputy

    Hopefully, they’ll catch you and Sweat Pee early so they can escort the two of you out the front door, barefoot, bowlegged and wearing nothing but your trusty Venice Beach Crocodile Dundee Outback Hat.

    Dear sweet lady Karma, oh how I love thee!

    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,

    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,
and the few remaining Skippers,

    and Bigglesworth Burcher,

    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,

    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team

    And so many more trying to slither away into the shadows

  • So let me edumicate this wannabe “Bandido”. There is nothing legally we can do left,” he claimed about Deputy Gangs in the Department. “We can’t line up people, strip them down and fire people with tattoos, as some people have literally suggested”.
    So let me ask you this what was LT Howard Fuchs (Narcotics LT) doing at your election night party. Was he going to drink heavy seeing his buddy loose (and his career go down the drain, then beat his wife up in a drunken faze after the party. Or is it Department policy to have someone who had to be relieved of DUTY twice, once after the wife beating and, then the SECOND time after the DA filed charges.. REALLY??? Oh wait, you have always selectively picked the Laws you like, just like you and your County wanna be Celebrity selectively pick versus from the Bible.
    Clean-up is coming starting December.

  • Since this article is about honoring the memory of spike lets get one thing clear:
    Hey “Driftwood” you should have done more when spike died in the hot car. You know it and we all know it. Do not abstain from that responsibility.

  • Alexandro, your boys didn’t make it to your party Tuesday night, very odd. You promote them and they don’t even stand by you. In fact Luna’s party had more department support according to Cholita and Wedo who conducted your stakeout operation. Apparently the Feds have talked to a certain veterinarian and two females you decided to take a hit for you. More stuff waiting to explode. Good luck Flecha derecha!

  • When is enough enough for some of you ?
    You can can take the high road, show some Class and move on or you can go this route.
    I’m hoping for dignity and respect but doesn’t look possible with some of you.

  • LASD has been spanked, humiliated and forced to be humble due to past practices from within beginning with Baca.
    I hope McDonnell does come back to assist Luna as karma has a strange way of reappearing, instead I know Jim still has a smile on his face. 🙂

    Waiting to see the butt kissers & boot lickers when the new LASD Administration is set up.

  • Hey Alejandro start packing your boxes latest results you are down 200,000 votes.
    welcome Sheriff Luna..

  • Alex,
    Karma is a bitch! You ended up being massive the worst Sheriff ever!

    I was hoping you wouldn’t maintain your lying and racist ways, but you will never change. Don’t blame your loss on being Hispanic. You were rejected because you thought you could do whatever you wanted and could do so while breaking rules and laws that are meant to prevent leadership like yours.

    May the indictments begin! Say hello to LeRoy when you get to your new home

  • @ Thumper, your gravy train is coming to an end. The Baffon will be packing his bags in the next week or so. However, his bowlegged A** still has to show up before Judge Elaine Lu on December 12th.
    Karma is a B***H and he and sweetpea deserve what they got. Now go cry on sweet pea’s shoulder Creepy.
    They have destroyed too many people and propped up perps like you.

  • There are so many bruised egos on both sides, the Sheriff’s Department will be a terrible place to work for years. The new staff will be looking for payback and the outgoing regime will be looking to undermine the incoming group. Makes for a toxic department.

  • @Thumper
    I will take the high road because that is what I do. But for the last four years I’ve watched AV tear this department apart by his racism, retaliation, and incompetence. Many of us feel like we have been in prison for 4 years and we are finally set free. So yes, we are going to celebrate. I sure wish AV took the high road and showed some class during his 4 years.

  • Once again, the sheen on the badge has been tarnished and the department has taken another punch to the gut. It has been said that “power is an aphrodisiac.” Apparently, this was the case with Villanueva.

    As “SEE YA” so eloquently stated, “Alex, four years ago I and very few people were around you and really thought you had a chance. You did it, and then you changed. You surrounded yourself with people from the Tanaka regime which you despised. you were warned repeatedly not to do so, but you did.”

    Again, the department, its personnel and the residents of L.A. County are the sole recipients of these narcissistic, egotistical, selfish, power hungry individuals who were supposed to lead this great organization to much greater heights. Instead, they led this organization to another new low.

    Further, as we are looking for new leadership to lead this great organization, I cannot omit the most obvious, of the man that has been allegedly leading in the polls to become Sheriff:

    1.) The BOS is backing him (why)
    2.) His record with LBPD with the rank & file was abysmal
    3.) His promotion record for minorities (i.e., Blacks) was egregiously pathetic
    4.) His lack luster debate performance

    As a CEO (i.e. Sheriff), this man did not have a plan, not even an outline, as to what he would do to implement change within the department, nor did he state that he would have a plan if elected as Sheriff. He did state that he would get rid of the “Banditos,” and work with our “partners” and “look into new ways of policing.” He even contradicted himself when he stated about getting rid of stats and find new ways of tracking crime. However, on the next breath, he states that we need to look at the stats. Huh?

    The man did not address nor provide an inkling as to any areas of possible improvement (i.e., reduce overtime, jail issues, equipment failures etc.).

    The other glaring concern is how McD happens to be with the possible next Sheriff during the election night / day photo op. During the initial debate Matt Rodriguez had stated that Luna was McDonnel 2.0 Well it appears that McD is behind the scenes and will possibly be the next Under Sheriff who I believe will be telling the new Sheriff what to do.

    During McD’s tenure as Sheriff, he basically wielded a heavy hand with the rank & file personnel. One of which was to terminate Deputies and “let them fight to get their jobs back.” Further, his fiscal management decisions were idiotic (i.e., silver belt buckles & keepers to brass), this was done to give line personnel “a more command presence.” Furthermore, by-passing the procurement process so that he could purchase and be chauffeured in an SUV rather than a sedan because, “he needed more room.” word was that McD wanted to show up Chief Beck. In addition, wanting to spend taxpayer money on revamping the LASD logo “A Tradition of Service.”

    McD was passed up twice for Chief at LAPD. Why?

    Once again, we will see how this turns out. Will the grass be greener on the other side? Or will we be subjected to more weeds?

    The first 90 days will be a good barometer to indicate the direction of the department.

  • McDonnell shattered egos, while Villanueva shattered lives and careers. The record speaks for itself. Let that sink in……

  • Time for certain people to pick up and pack their “pants’ and get demoted or be transferred for being selfish and incompetent. ICIB will have changes soon. Time to get fitted for a new pair of bigger class A’s.

  • Alex is the only one to blame here. He set the tone from day one, and has led the Department down a road of disappointment. The voting public whom we serve has spoken. All sworn need to be reminded, we are public servants and have take an oath to serve the public honorably. This is not the Wild West anymore, we grow and adapt to changes in society and perform the law and order functions that we have been entrusted to carry out in a professional and just manner. A noble profession it still is, but one man can and did tarnish the badge we all proudly wear. I for one loved Jim McDonnell. He held us accountable, brought a professionalism to the table, set boundaries, set decorum, and brought order to 21st century policing. Much needed from a ship sailing haplessly in the ocean. I was never scared of losing my job, because I performed my job with honorably. Those who hated Jim, well, we know how you operated. Luna will succeed because there are enough honorable LASD left around who will make sure of that. Alex, enjoy your Lieutenant pension.

  • Here’s my question….do you think Luna will bring McDonnell back? How embarrassing for McDonnell to serve as the Sheriff to come back in a position lower than his previous rank. Look, most people on the department are already dreading Luna because they have seen first hand what an outsider will do to the department. Now Luna brings McDonnell back with him? I’ve been talking with a whole facility of deputies who are saying if that happens, almost the entire facility will be lateralling to other agencies. Alex was a horrible Sheriff that really dug the department into a hole…but a Luna and McDonnell combo with be the concrete poured into that hole.

  • The latest elections report shows Alex & Sweatpee going down in flames!

    For all of the good people they screwed over, for the long term damage done to the LASD, for the millions paid out for all of their corrupt actions, I’d like to dedicate this song to them both:


    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,

    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,
and the few remaining Skippers,

    and Bigglesworth Burcher,

    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,

    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team

    And so many more trying to slither away into the shadows

  • See ya 33YQue!!! What a great day, Alex is done! His shenanigans are epic. Sweetpea no longer “approving” promotions/moves. Creepy Cee no longer taking calls, promising things. It’s a beautiful day. God willing, pretty birds everywhere will sing today. Adios and vaya con dios, cara de papa!!!!!

  • Yes, it is true. Alex received his promotion to Sergeant by making a “deal” with Baca and Tanaka. He promised to shut down LASPA in return for promoting.

    Too bad I made sure that didn’t happen. I asked if it included me promoting as well. Of course Alex is and was all about Alex.

    Needless to say, Alex promoted, I kept LASPA going despite it meant the end of my career.

    When ALADS sued LASPA and I for disclosing the FBI was investigating them. In the subsequent lawsuit, Alex lied under oath on the stand as easy as one breathes.

    I only hope that LASD can recover from the failure of leadership since Block died. Yes, I was the Deputy providing security at Block’s hospital room on the night he died. What a shit show of idiots that were County Supervisors and a group of Command Staff.

  • @ Buddy Behrens boo hoo! Nobody cares what you say. The lasd will survive will you or without you . Go ahead and leave since you more likely you will never contribute to the Dept except belly aching and collecting your checks on the 15th and 30th. The Lasd now and the people who came before will never let this organization sink low as it has under this fraud Alejandro ever again period.




    Lying Blanchard

    Sleepy Tim

    Creepy Carl

    Creepy guy from Instagram


  • Hey Scott,
    Not much has changed with ALADS.
    Year’s back their 75% attendance rule being full of holes was exposed and then forced to change.
    Anyone can run for office now, but very very few want to.
    A long story behind that including the demise of shady “DICK” Shinee who also was exposed and sent away. Now there is more than one legal option, a little better than having Dick only

    Thank you for confounding LASPA giving smart deputies an option to choose.

  • Scott McKenzie, don’t know what kind of shit show you were referring to (assuming it was the night Block died), BUT the BOS and the Command Staff knew damn well where the Dept was headed with Baca as Sheriff. That night led to a shit show of 24 years for the LASD and I see no end in sight.

  • According to sources close to me (pretty birds and and HOJ bee’s), soon to be Sheriff Luna plans to bring Creepy Cee back to work, Day 1! Hahaha, just kidding, what kind of idiot would do that!?! I mean seriously, what kind of moron would do this?!? (Too soon?)

  • @Happy@LASPA, actually a whole lot has changed and the fact that almost any deputy can now run for the board, but chooses not to, is a sign of success not failure. When deputies are fed up they come after you. Like we did.

    We were not FORCED to change the 75% rule.

    In 2016 when we changed a lot of things and WE CHOSE to make it easier for deputies to challenge and takeover their union, through elections.

    Our thought process was, and still is, if the Directors are doing a great job the deputies will not feel the need to overthrow their union.

    Not everyone agrees how unions conduct their business, but we made sure to keep in mind “if we can’t explain it we shouldn’t do it.”

    Spin it how you want, but those are the facts.

    The Janus decision left the door wide open for deputies to leave in droves, like LASPA claimed they would and yet the vast majority chose to stay.

    This is not the same ole ALADS, you just chose not to admit it.

  • @HOJ Cee’s U,
    I heard sweet pea made a call to Luna letting him know that re-hiring Creepy C must be the first thing on his agenda Day 1. Hahahahaa Adios Amigaso!! And Cholita and Aja America
    So Long sucker!!!!!!!
    And to Satterfield
    and a big FU to Lying Blanchard
    And Bigglesworth Burcher (you will put to the pastures with your off the boar friend )

  • @Anonymous,
    I too, agree with you stating the qualities of Jim McDonnell. He set standards to a spoiled LASD who lacked discipline while ignoring standards.
    The cry babies whine about brass buckles which topped any credible conversation through tears.
    The road will not be easy but the rewards will be well worth it. Good luck to Sheriff Luna as a change for LASD is decades past due.

  • Where’s CC??? Word on the yard is he’s been creep’en around again. Sitt’en low, riding high. [WLA edit.] Ahhhh, Creeps being creeps.

  • Confirmed Rumor is that a deep cleansing of Professional Standards, Custody, Special Operations and COPS Bureau are in the works. Pay/Play and department family members being issued overnight CCW scandals are upon us. No more pig skin throwing for some.
    Good luck boot licker’s!

  • @Uncle Rico everywhere needs a deep cleaning! Start with Monterey Park hint hint.



    And all his clowns and supporters. Lmao Lmfao ROFL

    Good riddence

  • @Thumper, Luna is Toast and all the other strays that Alex was feeding the last 4 years.

    Bye bye, or wear your black eye until you leave.

    P.S. It’s been a pleasure exposing your disinformation campaign. I’ll take no high road with what you’ve done to the community, the Department, and the badge, as you lined your pockets.

    Shameful and Disgusting.

  • Funny how Alex just promoted 3 Executive Aides and 1 Campaign fundraiser organizer to the rank of Captain. I feel sorry for those 4 who will wear this jacket for the rest of their careers. Pay to play fellas, can’t hide from it. Pray you make it off probation once you come up on item in about 2 years. Meanwhile, don’t screw up, or it’s back on the line you go.

  • @ Natalie Garcia, you must return your County Car ( the one you have used last 4 Yrs to Campaign for the VILLAN) and, return back to Custody, or else you’re FIRED!!!

  • @HOJ Cee’s U,
    I heard sweet pea made a call to Luna letting him know that re-hiring Creepy C must be the first thing on his agenda Day 1. Hahahahaa Adios Amigaso!! And Cholita and Aja America
    So Long sucker!!!!!!!
    And to Satterfield
    and a big FU to Lying Blanchard
    And Bigglesworth Burcher (you will put to the pastures with your off the boat friend)

  • Editor’s note:

    Hey, everyone, the comments section appears to be going off the rails of late, which has caused me to hit the TRASH button more often than I would like. So, please don’t accuse people of things using real names when they are not public figures, and/or have not been in the news.

    Criticism is fine. Slander is not. (Plus the latter endangers WLA.)

    Please don’t use offensive sexual language. (And attempting to do so by using the first letters of each of the words that make up the expressions in question is not okay either.)

    Please don’t make statements about people’s personal or sexual lives.

    And, if you’re cheering on this or that political outcome, please do it with a little more grace.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


  • @ Anonymous-

    If it’s true that AV is making lame duck promotions on his way out the door, it is just one more insight into the man’s flawed character and why he should never have been sheriff in the first place.

    McDonnell made no such promotions during the transition period, and for good reason. The voters elected AV four years ago, and would reasonably expect that he should be able to pick his management team while running the Department. Similarly, Luna should be able to fill captain vacancies as he is now the “sheriff elect” for all intents and purposes, any current vacancies can continue to be filled by actings until his arrival next month. But this is a final f-you by AV on his way out. Hopefully he doesn’t attempt any executive promotions.

    It will be interesting, and I hope Celeste or the LA Times checks the public campaign donation records, to see if any of these last-minute promotees contributed to AV’s campaign. If so, besides the obvious payback of the timing of the promotions, any more qualified candidates who didn’t contribute and were passed over will have viable pay-to-play lawsuits, one would imagine.

    Another reason why you didn’t see McDonnell putting out a cringe video begging for donations from his employees – the inherent conflict involved would make such a move not only unethical, but a clear invite for lawsuits, similar to a supervisor sleeping with a subordinate and then promoting them over a more qualified subordinate. If any of these recent promotees are found to have contributed, particularly if it’s the $1500 max (that AV specifically mentioned in his video) then, as you stated, they’ll wear that jacket for the rest of their career.


    That was the most hilarious and satisfying “Press Conference” of Alex’s entire “1” and ONLY, failing term in office. The child sheriff of LA County sounded like a little whining child throughout, and barely made it to the end. Luckily for him, Sweatpee came out to prop him up, just as he was breaking down into full on tears, providing a laughable image for the entire audience of witnesses.

    Adios Alex, Adios Sweatpee, Adios Magoorakami, Adios Javier, Baghdad Bob Satterfield, Bigglesworth, and the rest of the sad clowns of the VILLANueva Clown Car Administration.

    P.S.: Alex, thanks for providing the new Twitter handle for your new unofficial unemployed comedy show Twitter feed. The funniest part is someone stole the Former Failed Sheriff’s letter “L” right from under his nose. I was literally ROFLMAO when he publicly announced his dismay at that cyber mugging incident.

    Ya Can’t Make That Shit Up!!

    Alex & Sweatpee, YOU’RE FIRED!

  • That press conference makes me think…. Sheriff Villanueva came in on Day 1 talking about Creepy Cee. His last presser? Creepy Cee. Welp, how did it work out Alex? Now you’re both out of a job. Maybe Mr V can hook you up at a weed shop too? Ha, your crocodile tears smelled like fast food, beat it 33!

  • Oh man, it was fun watching the bow-legged potato head, cowboy hat wearing buffoon get kicked in the N**S by the smart electorate of LA County.
    Your presser this afternoon was a symbol of your self- loathing. You have always played victim with those crocodile tears. You wanted to make it all about you full of vanities (BOS and Hollywood), delusions and LIES. I did not see Del Real or Robles come with tissue paper. Opps my bad they are waiting their trial dates and singing to the Feds. And, what the hell was the wanna be County Celebrity doing at HOJ with the dos. Really !!!!! Sweet Pea you and Creepy are no longer welcome @ HOJ.
    So please do not visit Bureaus. NOBODY wants to see you whine and play victim.
    Admit it you Effed you. Take responsibility that you will go down as the WORST SHERIFF of LA County!!!
    But who am I kiddin. You are the smartest man in the room!
    Oh by the way, God will not come and change the vote tally for you. He has left you a long time ago. You have gutted our once Proud Department with your pay to play schemes and, ran it worse than the Tijuana PD. You have destroyed lives and, tarnished the Departments image for years to come.
    It will take Sheriff Luna a good year to cleanse the Department of your F***ups and incompetence.

  • That press conference today was better than any comedy In the history of man. I actually felt bad for the dog. The fact that Vindictive Viv actually went up to the podium to console blabbering bowlegs just shows the level of arrogance they both share. We all know she thinks she is co-sheriff with Alejandro but to actually go up there and whisper her BS into his ear through his slobber & snot was pathetic. Enjoy your last few days of county employees kissing your rear ends, jokes with bars & stars on their collars calling you “Ma’am” and you striking fear in all those clowns with your one eyed death stare. Back to reality for you both. No more reviewing banded lists, no more chauffeur service, no more calling ELA station and barking at the LETs, no more roaming HOJJ like Queen Torta, no more young stupid deps calling you “Mom”, it’s all over and not soon enough. We know your favorite saying is “Karma is a bitch.” She sure is and she always comes full circle. Don’t leave sad, just leave.

  • The CEO froze promotions a few days too late. The snake Alex was able to fire off a Lieutenant and Captain intent to promote and was able to place some pay to play idiots on those lists. Well, at least A. Blanchard, Y. O’Brien, and L. Rodriguez won’t make the rank of commander. All three should be placed on performance mentoring once Luna takes office. Hey Blanchard, when are you going to take your seat at Personnel Administration? The LASD website states you are the captain of Personnel. I hope the CEO doesn’t let you transfer to the AOT position your daddy Alex created just for you. Don’t worry, Sheriff Elect Luna will clean that up for you. Since you have done no line time as a Lieutenant and minimal line time as a sergeant, I think you may need to spend some time in some jail facility to learn how to manage something more than being Burcher’s bag holder.

  • @Anonymous-

    “The CEO froze promotions a few days too late.”

    God, that level of incompetence is annoying. Like, who couldn’t foresee a lame-duck AV handing out promotions to his cronies like candy? I guess this was the CEO’s first rodeo.

  • Is Bandito Batman going to be unemployed? I’m going to miss the little butt kissing elf.

    C.A García will be given a desk job at CRDF, she won’t be able to physically perform the job duty and retirement will be in her near future.

    Ben Seno, don’t try to hide. You and Lynda Johnson (Cerritos campaign queen) should resign and leave those positions to folks who will honorably serve the Dept and the public. Enough with the pay to play!

    Has anyone seen Elizabeth Espinoza?

  • @Alejandro…I’m not belly aching. I’m just wondering what the future will hold if Luna brings back McDonnell. I know you don’t care with that cush spot behind a desk. You’re not on the line. You’re probably one of the many brass that brags about the good ol days but are swift to write a deputy up for some control hold. With how much hate you write on this site, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are one of the first ones lined up to kiss the ring of the incoming Sheriff. Do is a favor and don’t get any of your lipstick on the ring. There may be many more behind you wanting to kiss it.

  • Hey E. Bille, you can stop wearing that ridiculous cowboy hat in all your photo ops, your papa lost the election, no need to impress him anymore.

  • @Curious-

    I never worked closely with Parra, but had the opportunity to observe him when he worked as a chief.

    The man has zero patience for fools, and defines “no-nonsense.” If you have a unit where the new guy needs to be touchy-feely and coddle Gen z’ers to get the mission done, he’s the last you would call. If you have a sinking ship and you want someone who will go in. bark orders and get the leaks plugged, then assign follow-up crews with rotating damage assessment reports, all while caring absolutely nothing for people skills, then he is your guy. He expects everyone to be on time, with all assigned worked completed and double checked, and ready to ask for more when just told to cancel an RDO for a last minute project. He has no patience for hand holding or even having to repeat himself. If it doesn’t work out for him at LASD he could probably slide right into Musk’s management team at Twitter.

    Some people have a management style that makes folks they’ve worked with in the past try to find their way back to work with them again. That is NOT Parra. But he will get the job done, under budget, and on time.

  • Curious:

    ABC7 news is reporting that Eric Parra is one of three people on Sheriff -elect Luna’s transition team; full particulars can be Googled

    Sheriff-elect Luna’s transition team.

    Interestingly, Eric Parra is a licensed lawyer, having passed the California BAR Exam, which is considered one of the most difficult BAR Exams in the whole country.

  • @Rakkasan

    The only Scuttlebutt is that you might make Cpt under this new Sheriff finally …… we all will be watching to see how much a** mouthing you can do .

    Hows your wife that you left homeless ? For a Deputy you work with more than half your age .

  • Everything thats been said about Parra is true regarding his productivity and management style. However, he is an egotistical jerk that will work someone to death but if they don’t continually stroke his ego he will use and abuse them and throw throw them to the wolves. as soon as he can. That and he has alway been known as a “Player” just like his pal Hellmold.

  • Postmortem: AV had an atrocious start…from the bloodletting of all the previous executives to his systematic dismissal of his closest–and wisest–advisors. I was at the meeting where he called in all sworn members above the rank of sergeant. It was condescending, and an utter waste of time. We were made to watch a 25 year-old motivational video by Lou Holtz as if we were a room full of academy recruits. And, he infamously made us all remove our rank insignia for some crackpot social experiment. About the only good to come of that meeting was the up-and-coming ring kissers made themselves known within the first 15 minutes we were there.

    As for the Mandoyan affair, I could care less then or now. Had AV not pissed off the BOS from jump street, Carl may have slid back into the ranks. The overarching issue here was AV’s inability to get along with the Board in the first place. If a sitting sheriff can’t get along with pro-law enforcement Kathryn Barger, there’s an issue. Every sheriff before him had to learn to work with the BOS and most of those sheriffs were Republicans. There’s a level of statesmanship that goes with the office and AV never possessed it. That caustic relationship had a trickle down effect with the likes of an overly aggressive COC and OIG being emboldened to continuously breathe down his neck. Throughout his career, AV’s reputation was that of a complainer, a squeaky wheel, an outcast and a perpetual victim. He brought that mentality to the Office of the Sheriff which he will now be vacating because of it.

    His obsession/fascination/love affair with East LA Station was another huge contributor to his downfall. This love affair was never mutual before he became Sheriff. He got tied at the hip to the Banditos who never socially accepted him prior to his election. It was a transparently pathetic display akin to a nerd returning to his old high school to finally get in with the jocks. The things I’ve heard and read about his wife are not flattering either but family is off limits in my view and I will reserve comment. She had no business being at that presser, however.

    One of his policies which never got much publicity or comments around here was that of recruitment. He wanted the Department to “resemble the communities we serve” (or words to that effect) and to that end, only hired people living within them. In principle it makes sense but how many extremely qualified candidates were left on the cutting room floor because they were from Orange County or…gasp…White? And what about all the ex-military we used to recruit? We had 120-day employees whose sole mission was to recruit outgoing Marines at Camp Pendleton. Those folks brought a national flavor to our ranks and made us MORE diverse. Instead, our academy classes are comprised of 75% Hispanics with shaved heads.

    His words were never consistent with his actions when it came to promotions. There were two sets of rules: Ones for the people in his orbit and ones for the rest of us. I watched many a supervisor get turned away from coveted assignments due to a lack of patrol time while others promoted and remained at these very assignments. At least Tanaka was a little more discreet about his pay to play antics.

    Alex had some good points though. Deputy morale for most of his term was pretty high. Allowing us to be trained on the PIT maneuver was a seminal policy change that was long overdue. Whether his homeless camp clean-ups were nothing more than political theater is a matter of debate but they did garner good press and accolades from affected residents. He was 100% on point with regard to the Gascon recall effort and helped get the message out. He had a national reputation as a “tough on crime” sheriff which was also good for morale (I doubt his successor will ever have the same reputation).

    Overall, Alex Villanueva is leaving behind a path of destruction but not one which can’t be repaired in pretty short order. Luna will be a welcome mat for the BOS but at least we’ll be in their good graces again. This will go a long way toward recruitment and bolstering our ranks.

    After these last four years, I think we all have to ask ourselves one very difficult question:

    Was Jim McDonnell really so bad?

  • @ Eldon-

    I was at that same meeting, and my read on the insignia removal was a bit different than yours – it was a giant F-you to what AV perceived to be the personification of the Department that had denied him his rightful place in its upper echelons. AV was THRILLED to have won that election (in what to me was one of the clearest real life examples of a blind squirrel finding a nut) and that shot across the bow was his opening salvo on his revenge tour.

    I won’t rehash my past observations on the man’s flaws, other than to say they are serious and numerous. I am looking forward to the Department once again being run by a professional, and am hoping that Luna fits that bill. Parra would be low on my list of past executives to guide him in the many choices he will need to make in the coming months, but I remain hopeful. At the very least the promotion process should return to having some connection to merit, rather than if you knew the sheriff or his wife back in the day, or someone who has their ear.

    As a deputy, I would have preferred AV over McDonnell, simply because as a deputy I just wanted to do my job and feel that management had my back. As an older head, who has experienced the difficulty of certain supervisory decisions, I realize that, with apologies to Tarentino, AV and McDonnell aren’t in the same league, they’re not even playing the same sport.

    I will always be convinced that McDonnell was a good man, doing a tough job the best he could, a man of many gifts who conducted himself with class and dignity. I’ve known people who argue that point, but I find the loud complainers on sites like this not to be representative of the people I’ve discussed the man with, in general the in-person accounts seem much more favorable. I found people who did this job honorably and with high standards to have very little real complaints about the man. Just my personal experience, I’m sure someone who got more days than they felt they should or knew someone who did will scream loudly to the contrary.

    AV was not a good man, I truly believe he had a fragile ego married to a massive vindictive streak that caused him to turn this Department into his personal payback playground, the good of the community was never the slightest part of any decision he made. Not since Tanaka’s ignominious departure have I felt such relief on behalf of the Department when the election results came in.

  • @ Eldon, agree on most everything you had to say. With Sheriff Elect Luna I believe the healing process will begin.
    Jimmy was a good man. The voters just got conned on the ICE/ TRUMP scare by the VILLAN and, Jim did not campaign and seek votes. End of the day it’s a political/ elected position (6 yr term for Luna). When the new Administration/ Command staff comes in discipline and, accountability will be at the forefront. ELA will be cleaned up, along with Professional Standards/ IAB and Personnel.
    Ring Kissers will all be gone. Biggles Burcher will be at Londons Restaurant regurgitating his last 4 years of A** M*N*H**G, Lyin Blanchard will be on Depression watch, and Tim will be forced to go on a diet (overworked heart muscles) after all the lying he’s done for the VILLAN.

  • @ Eldon Hoke
    You nailed it and the answer to your last sentence is no. Jim McDonnell was not bad at all.
    Karma is twofold.

  • Recipe for Alejandro’s stuffed turkey

    – one pinch of arrogance

    – one cup of vindictiveness

    – one dozen of yes men & woman

    – one cup of delusions of grander

    – one ounce of his creepiness Carl

    – one teaspoon of creepy guy from Instagram

    Adios Alejandro

    But most importantly Happy Thanksgiving to all the men and woman Sworn & Civilian who make up the LASD .

  • I truly feel like everyone that says Jim was a good guy were people at the rank of Sergeant or higher during his tenure. I never met a single deputy that would say Jim was a good sheriff. The only people that say that are the 3 stripers up to brass.

  • @Buddy-

    Jim was a fairly strict disciplinarian, I’d say one of the toughest. Those sorts of sheriffs or chiefs are rarely popular with line personnel. It was the nature of his job that he interacted on a personal level with supervisors more often than deputies. I found the vast majority of people I spoke to that spent any time with him to be impressed with him, both as a man and a sheriff. Just because most of those people were supervisors didn’t diminish the validity of their opinion.

  • Luna wasted no time pandering to the BOS by showing up to their meeting donning a mask. That move right there signaled weakness and a lack of leadership. He’s already lost the confidence of half the line staff with that pathetic display of spinelessness. Enjoy your mandatory vaccines and worthless paper masks in the workplace. He’ll be wearing a Che Guevara apron while serving vegan wraps and lattes at Barbara Ferrer’s next presser. I’ll take AV’s whining and lying over this welcome mat.

  • Hey Eldon,

    Glad to hear you’re willing to take in AV and his lifelike Troll. Like some of the 5150 & meth addicted homeless vagrants around LA, it’s nice to hear some outspoken supporters such as yourself are willing to help clean up LA County’s streets by taking in the recently evicted riffraff named Alex.

    Adios to you both

  • Adios,

    “Outspoken supporter” supporter of AV? You must have missed my comments five or six posts up where I spent a fair amount of time spit roasting him. I call ’em as I see ’em and both Alex AND Luna are highly flawed. Luna has come off as a quivering yes-man since the debates. The only thing he’s done right so far is to fix the stars on his collar after AV turned that uniform into something Muammar Gaddafi would have been proud of.

  • Thanks Rak for that link. I must have missed that ABC7 interview.

    Sheriff Luna sure doesn’t appear to be a “quivering yes-man” to me, as some detractors would like you to believe and buy into the losing Alex strategy of smack talking the new guy instead of honestly observing and evaluating one’s leadership abilities. So far, I truly appreciate the thoughtful and intellectual sounding sheriff over the previous Lying and Corrupt Idiot that was soundly and overwhelmingly thrown out of office by the voters.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • @ Eldon,
    Let’s take a walk down memory lane. The year was 2018 in the Christmas Month of the Birth of the Lord, one Alejandro VILLANueva had just barely scrapped by then Sheriff Jim McDonnell by a hair thin margin. One of King Villanueva’s first royal decrees after his anointment at ELAC (hooted and hawed by the rambunctious BANDIDOS) was to re-hire his royal helper the Creepy CM. The County celebrity had ordered it all the way from the Royal courtyard which was protected by none other than SEB. Then the VILLANous king decided to call all his men to the royal courtyard and humiliated them and, told them there was only one smart man in the room and it was the VILLAN himself.

    Now lets fast forward to the current year of 2022. Sheriff Luna gets elected by the PEOPLE OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY by over 1.4 million people, thus kicking the VILLAN in the N**S by over 400,000 votes. The PEOPLE wanted the VILLAN out and thus kicked him to the curb. The PEOPLE expect Sheriff Luna to change the Department. They expect him to respect and, work with the BOS. Line level Deputies may not like a lot of the changes, but the ultimate SHOT CALLERS are the PEOPLE of LA COUNTY. So what if Luna wears a mask, so what if he has a good working relationship with the BOS. Ultimately those actions will lead to the BOS to open up the County purse and that’s what will really benefit deputies.
    BTW where is the pill addicted Biggles oh wait he is counting cars @ Fleet. Tell him he is being a BAD kitty by staring at women from the chest up.

  • @Eldon Hoke. First: I’ll admit I trolled to look for current commentary.

    Second: question, can you qualify your statement “He’s already lost the confidence of half the line staff with that pathetic display of spinelessness.”

    That’s a lot of people! Did you take a poll?

    I still speak to a lot of Deputies, because I live in LASD jurisdiction. Most could care less, at least currently. They’re in a let’s wait and see mode.

  • @Wendy
    Admittedly, Luna’s election was more legitimate than Villanueva’s. AV ballot harvested his way into office and took advantage of a lackluster campaign by McDonnell.

    In answer to your question: of course I didn’t conduct a department-wide poll. Let’s employ some logic here: Most of your personnel are politically right of center and recognize virtue signaling when they see it (like being the only one in a political debate to wear a mask or wearing one to his first BOS meeting). Speaking of that first debate, watch for yourself as Luna votes “yes” on mandatory vaccines and was the ONLY candidate who would not support ALADS and POPA in their opposition of an initiative allowing an outside entity to discipline department members rather than the sheriff himself. Go to the 59:30 mark and watch the pandering on full display. https://vimeo.com/664944096

    Luna has never taken a strong stand about George Gascon except to utter nicey-feely terms like “collaboration.” How does one “collaborate” with a DA who shits all over victims and spends more time and effort prosecuting cops than actual hardened criminals? I am no Alex fan as my previous posts should tell you, but at least he had the balls to speak the truth about Gascon.

    Candidate Luna did not impress me and he made a strong case for those who call him a puppet. When and if I see some courage and leadership out of him, he’ll get his due accolades from me. It’s early yet so we’ll give the man chance. On the other hand, Alex had some good ideas, took some initiative and could have been destined for greatness–only to be brought down by his own pettiness, ego, and unchecked malfeasance. He’s yesterday’s news until the subpoenas start rolling in.

    As I said before, at least the BOS will open the purse strings for Luna. I just hope that translates into relief for overworked line personnel and not to fund some BOS sponsored social cause or to grease an unvetted non-profit.

  • @Rak,
    Listen to the last minute plus RE: Recruits & Investigation: ” We are working with other agencies and the investigation is ongoing”. Do you remember Lieutenant Bowlegs words? Ol Alejandro was never a detective, nor did he spend a lot of time on patrol. Difference between a man who thinks and has command level experience.

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