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Is Sheriff’s search of homes of Supervisor Sheila Kuehl & oversight commissioner Patti Giggans part of a pattern? Report says yes.

Sheila outside house after search
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

At approximately 7 a.m. Wednesday morning, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at the home of LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl with a warrant to search her house.

According to Kuehl, the warrant didn’t detail the reason for the search. She characterized actions as part of a bogus investigation.

“There is no investigation going on that would support this warrant,” she told a reporter as she stood barefoot outside her home.

Concurrent with the search of Kuehl’s house, deputies reportedly also searched the home of Patti Giggans, who is a member of the LASD’s Civilian Oversight Commission.

Giggans and Kuehl are friends, and the search of the supervisors house is reportedly related to an investigation having to do with Giggans.

Los Angeles Times reporter Alene Tchekmedyian was at the scene of the search of Kuehl’s house, and broke the news of the searches of both Keuhl’s and Giggans homes.

Later this morning, the sheriff’s department issued a short statement on the matter, which began as follows:

“Today, detectives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Public Corruption Unit served search warrants at multiple locations in connection with an ongoing public corruption investigation.”

The locations listed included homes Kuehl, Giggans, plus the headquarters of the nonprofit Peace Over Violence, and LA Metro’s headquarters.

Peace Over Violence is the non-profit of which COC Commissioner Giggans is the longtime executive director.

According to a statement from the Sheriff’s Department, the LASD is investigating whether Giggans had improperly obtained the contract Peace Over Violence has with LA Metro, plus funding, from Kuehl.

The department said in a statement it’s unable to comment further on the searches because “[t]his remains an active investigation.”

Icing oversight

 Last July WitnessLA reported on Villanueva’s pattern of launching criminal investigations of those whom he sees as personal opponents, and the chilling effect those actions— which, thus far, never seem to result in actual charges—have had on any kind of oversight of the nation’s largest sheriff’s department.

Things got to the point, that in July 2021, Loyola law professor and present COC Chair,  Sean Kennedy, compiled a ten-page report on what appears to be a deliberate pattern.

The report describes how Sheriff Villanueva, with the help certain members of his administration, continues to target oversight officials and  other “perceived political adversaries,”  with what seem to be specious criminal investigations that, thus far, never result in actual charges.

(You can read Kennedy’s 2021 report for yourself here: LASD Investigations of Oversight Officials.)

Last year, in response to Commissioner Kennedy’s report, Villanueva seemed to re-illustrate the point in a fury-laced letter sent by the sheriff to Kennedy and the COC, which contained its own veiled threats.

(WitnessLA obtained the sheriff’s 2021 letter, which you can read here.)

The July 2021 letter from Villanueva, which was also signed by LASD Undersheriff, Tim Murakami, accused Kennedy of slander, and of “skirting numerous rules of conduct prohibited by the [California] bar.”

(WitnessLA will have an interesting update on Sheriff Villanueva and the the topic of slander later today.)

The 2021 Villanueva/Murakami letter followed-up by stating that Kennedy had gotten most of the information for his report from sources that have “no  basis in fact” other than being “published on the internet.”  To expand on this point, the sheriff’s letter name checked the LA Times, WitnessLA, LAist, La Opinión, ABC 7, and a few others.

Peace over Violence

Wednesday morning’s search of the headquarters of Peace Over Violence is not the first such action aimed at the non-profit led by Commissioner Giggans.

In February 2021, LASD officials told the press that the sheriff’s department had executed search warrants on LA Metro and Peace over Violence.

The searches were described last year as being part of a “criminal investigation” regarding contractual services that Peace over Violence provided to subway riders who been harassed or assaulted during transit.   (Peace over Violence is, according to its mission statement, “dedicated to building healthy relationships, family, and communities free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence.”)

A month after the apparent launch of the investigation of Peace over Violence, another “weaponized “investigation occurred in early March of 2021, in the form of a probe by the sheriff’s department into the “social media accounts and online presence,” of Esther Lim, who was formerly the ACLU’s court-sanctioned jails’ monitor.

The well-respected Lim now holds the post of justice deputy for Supervisor Hilda Solis, and the sheriff has purportedly disagreed with some of Lim’s social media postings of the past, well prior to her assumption of her post with Solis.

Things probably were not helped by the fact that Solis has repeatedly pushed hard for a comprehensive investigation of the LASD’s deputy gangs.

The board-requested investigation of deputy gangs by the COC and the LA County Office of the Inspector General has been repeatedly and aggressively obstructed by Sheriff Villanueva.

More soon. So watch this space

Photo above of Supervisor Sheila Kuehl leaving her home during the search courtesy of J. Sanborn


  • WOW! Mark Ridley Thomas, now Sheila Kuehl? Maybe Sheriff Villanueva wasn’t blowing hot air when he called out the BOS and their shenanigans? Who polices the LA County governing body or do they believe they are above the law?

    Did anyone hear reference to the warrant operation being a joint effort between the Feds and Sheriff’s depart. If so this will deep six any attempts to paint this as a retaliatory fishing expedition initiated by Sheriff Villanueva no matter who much the media and BOS try to assert. I’m prone to believe this was a Federal operation due to the fact local judges are part of the corruption local and state political machine that protect itself and would be disinclined to approve such warrant.

    Did any find it troubling that Supervisor Kuehl made reference to being tipped off to the warrant being executed yesterday my members of Max Huntsman’s office and County Council. On national TV!

  • A glitzy raid on someone from the BOS who has been a vocal opponent of the sheriff, carried out less than 2 months before the election? This will not sort out before the election, and will not spin well for him, regardless of the ultimate outcome. He would have been wise to pass this off to the state DOJ and attorney general.

  • I’m blown away how “That’s Pat” goes on live TV and admits to being tipped off about the search warrant at her house by none other than Max Huntsman and the County Counsel. Criminal charges must be brought against whom ever tipped her off. She/Her/They/Them/It/Unk is a BUFFOON!

  • @Hmmm….

    Here’s the reference from the LASD official statement, “…The investigation has been shared with a federal agency and they continue to monitor.”

    This is rich. Translation – briefed FBI who want no part.

    Monitoring who? Alex? Betcha.

  • @ HMMM

    Yeah, I heard her dime out Max Huntsman tipping her off about the search. Now will there be any repercussions for him. Probably not. That alone should show the citizens of LA County how much unchecked power these people have. To be honest, I always knew the BOS were shady and corrupt, what government position isn’t? But the moment they voted to have the power to remove AN ELECTED OFFICIAL who was voted in BY THE PEOPLE, that’s when they went to far. Whether you support the Sheriff or not, people need to understand this is an attack against their right to vote.

  • “Judge Craig Richman, who approved the warrant, has a decades-long relationship with Mark Lillienfeld, a lead investigator for the department’s public corruption unit”.

    It summarizes everything.

  • It’s about time that little Marxist troll is held accountable. She has never done a day of honest work in her life and has lived off the public trough for decades. Maybe old Hilda “The Red” Solis will be next. God willing!

  • Having just red the warrant and letter from the LA County Undersheriff Murakami, there appears to be enough “there there” to support the allegations against Supervisor Kuehl and her friend for allegedly violating multiple state and federal laws. If the CA State Attorney General Bonita tries to ignore it, his hand has been forced by the the fact alleged violation of federal laws are asserted. Let’s see if he will launch a fair nod balanced investigation on one of his own? To believe any politician is not above the temptations of corruption is naive.

    This is the very reason why the BOS should not control or appoint the Sheriff or District Attorney since it throws the concept of separation of powers out the window and makes them untouchable. It’s not a coincidence that all the recent criminal indictments of LA City Council members and former BOS Supervisor Thomas were the result of federal multi-year investigations and law enforcement efforts. Clearly the local and state criminal justice system ignored these instances of corruption or malfeasance requiring outside federal law enforcement intervention.

  • In the picture it looks like Sheila Kuehl & the lady behind her have their hands handcuffed behind them while being escorted across the street.

    If so, A.V. is sure being chickenshit.

  • I just love the censorship that goes occurs on this website. Reminds me of Castro’s Cuba. I shouldn’t be surprised though, I’m sure Celeste is wearing a Che Guevara shirt as we speak.

  • They should look at Hilda Solis. Somehow, her San Gabriel Valley district has a very “high,” (no pun intendid) “concentrated,” (second no pun intendid) amount of illegal marijuana dispensaries……. Why are there so many of these in lower middle class Latino communities…… I dont see this many in the Beverly Hills area or in other affluent areas of Los Angeles county

  • Wow, a full court meaningless press by AV’s trolls and very soon to be retirees.

    Sorry folks, this is orchestrated. Who on AV’s team leaked the warrant service? That’s the real question here.

    Mere political distraction for the drowning amd desperate Villanueva.

    It’s over. Luna will be our next Sheriff.

  • @ Rakkasan-

    “In the picture it looks like Sheila Kuehl & the lady behind her have their hands handcuffed behind them while being escorted across the street.

    If so, A.V. is sure being chickenshit.”

    Agreed. But A.V. can enjoy this in his sad little mind for a brief moment, the ladies will be using that picture, as well as their tearful recitation of the trauma/indignity they endured, at the civil trial. Will certainly be relevant during the punitive phase.

  • @ HMMM

    If you believe in the theory of “where there is smoke, there is fire” how about a lot of smoke and possibly a raging fire coming when Del Real and Mrs Sheriffs’ girl Robles start singing to the Feds.

  • Good morning Celeste,

    I am almost positive you know the reason for the search at Kuehl’s & Giggans homes? I am just curious as to why you did not mention this in your article??

    Nonetheless, a search warrant was executed at other locations such as, L.A. Hall of Justice, MTA, Peace over Violence Hq.

    The reason for the “searches” is attributable to an open end contract from MTA for approximately $500m, which was for a “sexual harassment” hotline, which could be used by patrons on the MTA system.

    This contract never went up for bid, as would be standard practice for open ended contracts. Instead, the contract was awarded to Ms. Giggans, who is a major supporter of Ms. Kuehl. Now, if there were no improprieties, then it is a moot issue. However, the optics are not good. Since Ms. Kuehl sits on the MTA board and the BOS, she is aware of how the bidding process works and for her to completely bypass this process is questionable.

    In regards to the “hotline” which was to be funded by this $500m, this is where things became a little slim shady. Evidently, according to an MTA security specialist, whistleblower, the alleged incoming calls to this “hotline” were averaging approximately $8000.00 per call. How can this be? Well, it appears that only a few, legitimate calls were for sexual harassment issues, while the rest of the calls were for wrong number dialed, hang up(s) etc. Apparently, the people who were managing this “hotline” were counting every call as a legitimate call for service, when in fact they were not.

    So in essence, this is how this whole investigation got started. Oh, by the way, the former CEO, Phil Washington, was exposed by Ch. 9 news investigative reporter David Goldstein, for wanting to install / upgrade the MTA gym / spa for a whopping $200k, when only $50k was allocated.

    Further, Mr. Alex Wiggins was also named in the search warrant. He was responsible for MTA security as well as law enforcement for MTA.

    Whether the Sheriff deliberately initiated the investigation or not to save his re-election bid is of no concern to me. What I am concerned about is the back door deals that have gone on and continue to go on. I give the Sheriff credit for bringing this to the surface.

    P.S. Kind of a coincidence how Ms. Kuehl decided not to run for re-election and how she was adamantly trying to get rid of the Sheriff. I wonder why that is?

  • @LaCountyVoter, less than two months to the election, a refusal to file charges by LA CO DA , a nice photo op for the Sheriff to frame his “law and order” platform , where do you think this investigation will go? The AG declined to monitor. This investigation will go nowhere. Well it will if you think about it, AV will gone.

  • Well folks, we just witnessed the Coward of the County Alex “Arredondo” VILLANueva’s last gasp Hail Mary October Surprise play, as his internal campaign polls and strategist have informed the bowlegged, cowboy hat wearing, Illiterate One, that he will be embarrassingly kicked out of his office in a historic election landslide loss.

    Even the so-called “leaking” of this staged “search” warrant so that numerous members of the media could be pre-staged to capture the conga line entry team arrival, the knock & notice, and the very dramatic “Perp Walk” of Supv. Kuehl out to the street so Alex could have his vindictive trophy photos for his campaign social media posts, make it very clear that Alex knows he is toast and has nothing to lose. (Gee, I wonder if this post will come back to haunt the Illiterate One when he is later sued as a private citizen? ) What an Idiot!

    Anyone with half a brain knows that this so-called criminal investigation has been tainted from the start simply because of the histories of most of the handpicked personnel assigned to Alex’s secret political hit squad. I can tell you all with certainty, absolutely no, none, nadda, zero, prosecutorial entities at the county, state or federal level will touch this “filing packet” with a ten foot pole.

    Narcissistic Alex is now going into full “scorched earth” mode on his way out as he delivers his F@#K YOU to everyone in his little victimized Bully Boy Pea Brain that he perceives to have done him wrong. He could care less about the potential permanent damage that he is, and will have done, to the once professional reputation, ethics and integrity of the LASD, and all of the personnel left behind.

    Alex is all about Alex! Always has been, and always will be. For those who are still idiotically cheering him on, you are all fools, as you cant see the challenged forest for the trees that Alejandro the Great has set ablaze.

    Meanwhile, more civil lawsuits will be filed, more millions of taxpayer monies will be handed out, all because and due to the most inept and damaging LA County Sheriff in history.

    So one to be elected in Grand & Historic Landslide fashion, Sheriff Robert Luna, will surely have his hands full to right the sinking and damage LASD ship, but alas, we will no longer be taking on water and sinking after Alex pushes the drowning LASD women and children aside as he leaps onto the last life boat and floats out into the sunset.

    Fortunately, I’ve been made aware that there’s a Federal “Fast Boat” team just waiting on the horizon and “monitoring” the Team Alex movements as they will be ready to scoop & pluck him, and them, one by one from their seemingly calm seas just before they think they are about to smilingly say, Land Ho!

    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,
    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,
    and the few remaining Skippers,
    and Bigglesworth Burcher,
    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,
    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team
    And so many more trying to slither away into the shadows

  • WOW! This will not be over any time soon. Going back to the 1940’s Hoover era tactics. If the powers that be did this to President Trump at a larger scale a BOS is a small fish in cesspool of L.A. County by comparison. This screams vendetta. Who will be next?

    Lawsuits and more legal scandals to come and more careers will be ruined. I am sure the FBI/DOJ are laughing their asses off…Political assassinations left and right

    I wonder why Limon and Haselrig weren’t complaining when they skipped their way up the ranks. The Devil came to collect…you sold your soul and for what? Didn’t Gascon say ” When you wrestle with a Pig, you are bound to get Muddy? Well ain’t that the truth! VOTE FOR LUNA

    The 15th & 30th…that’s all folks

  • I’ve always believed that @HMMM…. Is the Sheriff himself commenting too many key words used often by the Sheriff in the posts.

  • Say his name! Ron Hernandez, former ALADS
    Spearhead ( so glad he’s gone) who vouched for ALEX the first time.
    Ron’s close ties to ALADS, influenced the current ALADS Board of Directors to follow-up with with equal amount of moolah and fake votes, the second time.

    Yet morale is at an all time high especially knowing that Alex smashed all records set (for firing deputies but not the Banditos) by former Sheriff Jim McDonnell.

    You can’t make this up, even with the best script writers. SMH & LMAO simultaneously. 🙂

  • In a related matter for those do quick to believe Sheriff Villanueva somehow fabricated the whole pay to play scheme with Supervisor Kuehl.

    LOS ANGELES – The former dean of the University of Southern California’s school of social work has agreed to plead guilty to a federal charge that she bribed longtime politician Mark Ridley-Thomas by funneling $100,000 he provided from his campaign account through USC to a nonprofit operated by his son to obtain a lucrative county contract, the Justice Department announced today.

    The dean flip flopped from her assertion they she was innocent. If she pleads guilty to bribing the former Supervisor Thomas who continues to claim he’s innocent….we all no whose delusional, high on power and lying.

    Just because the media picks it’s favorite don’t believe everything you see, read and hear.

  • Statement from the DA’s Office:

    In this case, because we did not review the warrant beforehand, we do not intend to defend it if challenged in court.

    Magooorakami & Villanda

    Bola de pendejos

  • @Hmmm…

    Are you trying to connect the MRT and Kuehl cases in some fashion? You’re going to need to be more specific as to how they’re related.

    And AV has lost any benefit of the doubt in what appears to be a retaliation investigation, just google his ridiculous “investigations” against Huntsman and LA Times reporter Tchekmedyian. That one made national news. AV has tried to avoid the appearance of a conflict in the Kuehl case by stating Murakami is overseeing the investigation (I hope he’s up to the stress of answering questions about the case) as if that somehow eliminates the conflict, when Murakami reports to one person only… the guy who got his feelings hurt when Kuehl suggested he resign.

    Any investigation of Kuehl or a CoC member has to be conducted by the DA’s public integrity unit. Or the state. Or the feds. AV’s response of “they weren’t doing it so I did” isn’t going to cut it in civil court, where he will be subject to intense depositions and discovery about this debacle. And his statements better be in line with Murakami’s (assuming he can handle the stress of being deposed of course) and all the other depos conducted, because if he’s found to have retaliated against his political opponents there is no chance in hell any damages against him will be picked up by the county.

    I’m particularly interested in the testimony about why an 81 year old woman who wasn’t under arrest, who was having her house searched for a non-violent fraud investigation, was marched out of her house in handcuffs. That order came from someone, not the line deputies at the scene, that’s for sure. The retaliation case kinda makes itself.

  • @HMMM…

    What’s your point? You keep defending and digging up old facts for other unrelated cases. So MRT is guilty so Kuehl must be guilty? By your own analysis one corrupt supervisor equals two corrupt supervisors? By the same logic one corrupt Sheriff equals two corrupt sheriffs and prison should follow also. Your logic is a desperate attempt to continue your weak grasp. How do you sleep of night?

  • LA Times: [Sheriff’s narcotics lieutenant charged with domestic battery]

    Hey Alex, ya should have listened to your A/S lieutenant. You know, the one you skipped promoted all the way up to assistant sheriff. A/S Robin Limon told you not to reinstate Fuchs until the ongoing investigation by BHPD had been thoroughly completed and the D/A made a final decision. Now that they filed charges, Domestic Violence charges at that, which prohibit possessing a firearm, you’ll have to immediately Relieve Lt. Howie Of Duty, once again. Sounds like you Fuchs Up the first time! So far, Vivian ability to judge character flaws as been UNSATISFACTORY. Time to place her back on the Dopey TR Program.

    Might I suggest you get Mrs. Fuchs some domestic violence victim counseling. I heard of a local non-profit that specializes in assisting women victims of violence. They are called ‘Peace Over Violence.’ Maybe you can return their computer servers so they can continue to support and treat these victimized ladies.


    So the Real Judge, that was already assigned to rule of the Sheriff’s actions in this case, has ORDERED the LASD to CEASE their examination of the computers seized pursuant the very questionable search warrant issued and authorized by VILLANueva’s & Lillienfeld’s personal friend judge.

    Sounds like some contemptuous behavior going on in the so-called LASD’s secret Public Corruption Unit. But no worries Alex, you recused yourself. Magoorakami said so from his HOJ Basement Bunker filmed video.

    No worries, once you are all sitting in cells in a few months, Lillienfeld can still sneak in to deliver you some McDonalds value meals. Unless of course, he is sitting in an adjacent cell.

    Watch the gates, gates will be closing.

    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,
    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,
    and the few remaining Skippers,
    and Bigglesworth Burcher,
    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,
    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team
    And so many more trying to slither away into the shadows

  • @Stll laughing. I especially like your last line: “you can’t make this up,” and yet you did.

    The only people who are laughing are those who have a clue as to my opinion on this election, and they’re laughing at how clueless you are!

    What took you so long to come out of hiding (pun intended) after the last time I addressed your BS?

    I will agree with one thing you said, you’re glad I’m gone, well so am I.

    The beautiful part is I get to stay home (if I want) and get paid to respond to cowards like you, just for the entertainment.

    You really need to get over your obsession with me.

    People tell me not to respond to you cowardly idiots who can’t even use your own name(s), but I like letting you dummies know I read your ridiculous comments.

    I guess I’m actually the one who’s laughing.

  • @ Anon. Alex will most likely use A/S Francisco to help get Fuchs back to work ASAP like she did a few months ago…. Birds of a feather flock together. Anyone else in Fuchs situation would be sitting at home ROD, but a lot will be uncovered soon. Fuchs domestic violence has similarities to Mandoyans. A/S Chase, you have been quiet, but we see you and your circle is not loyal to you.

  • Oh stop Lorena Rodriguez. I’m not going to call you captain because you don’t deserve the title. Did you do your watch commander time? nope! Oh yeah, you’re friends with the Villains.

    As for Lillianfeld and Max Fernandez…seriously those 2 on the public corruption unit. They are corrupt.

    Please Soon to Be Sheriff Luna- please rescue us. Get rid of Lorena and rid of this ridiculous public corruption unit.

    Luna for Sheriff
    Alex for Prison

  • BOS is FOS and corrupt, happy there shedding light on them finally. They think there federal judges untouchable. MRT request the Baca wing

  • @ Ron Hernandez 🙂
    Not so much about you Ron Hernandez, but the hard-core stakeholders and their “blame everything” on McDonnell narrative in which you were unabashedly and vocally proud of.

    My previous post was 100% true as everyone knows that it’s true. You’re a liar if you deny it as you side step, back slide, cha cha and tap dance around it.
    You can possibly fool those who don’t know but not those that do.

    I won’t take up any more space on WLA with your name but you should already know that your exposure is priceless as you will be forever linked to Villanueva, regardless of your denial and reluctance of saying that you erred, to put it nicely.

    Don’t flatter yourself thinking that ANYONE is obsessed with you especially your past actions
    & connection to Villanueva.
    How did the majority of deputies benefit from your decision?
    Never mind, they didn’t with the exception of the Bandito’s. Remember Ron, EXPOSURE!

  • Maybe there’s a disconnect or a lack of understanding. ALADS board used results from a member vote to support AV when he challenged MCDonnell. If I remember correctly, the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of AV. Going along with the overwhelming majority of membership is a no brainer and Ron should not be held responsible.

  • Ballots dispersed by ALADS and turned in have always been low and not indicative of the majority of deputies. No pass for Ron.

  • “The overwhelming majority of ALADS members” for any vote has never happened according to the percentage
    Proof of this is every election for ALADS Board of Directors each year. Another known fact is that every deputy on the department is not a ALADS member or voting member.
    AV knew this which worked to his advantage which is the main reason why he co-founded LASPA. Alex definitely knew all the angles, he just needed the backing.

  • Little Lyin Alex’s campaign is running on fumes. If anyone has any doubts, just take a look at his campaign endorsements page. I’m even hearing now, after his latest search warrants stunt is blowing up in his face, several who offered their endorsement previously are now rescinding and demanding that the Lying Loser remove their names from his weak endorsement page listing:

    Now, compare and contrast Lyin Alex’s anemic list with that of the soon to be “New Sheriff In Town” Robert Luna. There is absolutely NO CONTEST!
    Luna’s Endorsements Page:

    Alex’s embarrassing, humiliating, and historic landslide lost coming soon in November is pretty much a done deal. Not even Retired Ron can defend, help or save Lyin Loser Alex.

    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,
    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,
    and the few remaining Skippers,
    and Bigglesworth Burcher,
    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,
    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team
    And so many more trying to slither away into the shadows

  • Wait! What? Wait one second. I thought Alejandro and HOST Lt. Dedrick claimed, over and over again, that they fixed the homeless problems in Venice, when no one else could do so. In fact, I just watched Alex do a Live Facebook Show on the Venice Boardwalk, with his 20 member armed security team staged and positioned at all 4 corners, to highlight how safe it is now that he has successfully solved the Venice homeless problem.

    So how could this happen?

    Suspect Sought in Homeless Shooting in Venice
    Westside Current Sep 15, 2022 Updated Sep 15, 2022

    I bet Sheila Kuehl, Mike Bonin and the rest of the anti-Alex industrial complex had something to do with this. They probably all conspired to have this shooting occur right before the mail-in ballots arrive simply to undermine Alex & Lt. Dedrick’s choreographed road show and his floundering re-election chances.

    This is just terrible for poor Alex.

  • Hey Howdy doody Fuchs, it’s easy to blame the system for your misdeeds. Not my pants right? Although you stated you have been married 32 years and claim your wife is not a victim is typical of a man with questionable behavior issues and a man who can’t control his anger when Alcohol is involved. Just ask how that worked out for Mrs. Simpson, the juice would side with you on this one, but the law will not. As for me, if the DA did not have the full story without video evidence, or had to take a second look at the case, good for them, OJ help you out on that one. Have AV pay your attorney fees buddy, he is a causal factor. This case was a completely handled with cover up paint, especially when A/S Holly (the internal reviewer of this case) is a personal friend of the Howdy doody and the Sheriff’s wife is also a personal friend of the Fuchs who weighed in on the incident by vouching for the Fuchs (unbelievable that BiBi is running the Dept, and all you fools at LASD cannot see this for yourselves). And AV blaming everyone else for the actions of Howdy doody and his puppet Executives is typical of him. Why not hold him accountable for his actions ? AV should have listened to A/S Limon.

    On topic: Embarrassing that the White House is now involved in the METRO search warrant debacle, way to make LASD a joke on the National and Federal level AV.

    Come transition time, the 8th floor at HOJ and Twin Towers will receive numerous “your services are no longer needed” notifications. Don’t worry champs, Luna will be more classy and professional than AV was.

  • Alex always has been a lying piece of crap

    He strung out his LASPA founders and has no problem lying under oath as he did when ALADS sued LASPA

    He had no problem blaming McKenzie for his own lies

    Time for Alex to go to federal prison for his ongoing crap

  • Alex lied under oath when LASPA was sued by ALADS and he strung out McKenzie to take the blame

    Did he use this to weasel his way back to ALADS for his million dollar support

  • Definitely agreed by all, that Alex duped ALADS & LASPA.
    Moving forward, all unions that represent sworn personnel of LASD (ALADS, LASPA & PPOA) should learn to use due diligence when backing candidates for Sheriff.

  • @Robert B (Junior?), decisions have to be made based on information gathered. That’s what’s supposed to happen in leadership roles.

    I know you are relying on people’s forgetfulness and would like to ignore the climate at the time, but the general consensus of the membership was they didn’t want their union to support the incumbent. Done! No endorsement in the primary.

    The incumbent didn’t win outright. One challenger survived.

    It’s that simple.

    Had the other challenger survived, the endorsement would have been different.

    You know, but you don’t want to admit it. Your memory is short. You proved that to me.

    If you and your cowardly friends want to continually bash me, have at it. Depending on your deflection and BS, I may or may not come on here to dispute. We’ll see.

    I may be retired, but I still care about our dept and the Deputies.

    When you bash ALADS you are doing a disservice to the majority of your line partners who are in fact STILL members.

    ALADS (the BOD and support staff) does great work (non-political) on a daily basis that deals with wages, hours, work conditions and protecting the rights of the Deputies.

    A lot of you need to get over yourselves and your hurt feelings and be glad there are a few deputies that actually want to look out for your best interests, while you cry in the shadows.

    My understanding is the current BOD just attempted to hold their annual re-election.

    No one challenged them (again), so they don’t have to have an election.

    Does that sound like Deputies are unhappy with ALADS?

    In anticipation of your anticipated rebuttal, any Deputy had the opportunity to come and take me out in the 5 years I was President, and I always welcomed the challenge.

    Where were you?

  • Ron Hernandez > Re: ALADS

    No one was challenged on the BOD, for several reasons.
    The majority of deputies, don’t know or don’t care about matters within ALADS which speaks for itself.
    That being said, the board of directors do whatever, which is understandable due to lack of involvement & concerns from deputies.
    You as well as others never knew the inside operations within ALADS until being a ever present representative at monthly meetings.

    Many current deputies are former ALADS members for valid reasons which included
    Alex Villanueva.
    Long story short, refresh your memory by viewing Scott Mckenzie’s post just above yours. Scott (LASPA Cofounder) knows ALEX & ALADS very well. Those in the know, knows.

    Let your post be the last concerning ALADS, that at is all.

  • I would love to know what groveling Alex had to do to get ALADS endorsement in the last election

    Yes, it sounds like ALADS and PPOA haven’t learned anything since Alex, Matt and myself founded LASPA

    I specifically wrote the LASPA bylaws to make any endorsements in any election up to the full membership paid for by the candidate. Of course they are all too cheap to pay for something they can trade the corrupt unions for.

    Personally, I believe Alex is a lying racist and used to blame EVERYTHING on being a Latino.

    I thought Tanaka set the bar pretty high for corruption and ruining careers and lives. Alex has taken things to a whole new level and I can only imagine what the DOJ knows

    From my experience, I wouldn’t trust Alex to run the drive through at Jack In The Box .. he would find a way to screw up 2 tacos for cents!

  • @All Too Familiar, once again, using your name could possibly add some credibility to your statement, or is it the lack of credibility that concerns you.

    I like your closing “dismissive statement. Clearly you don’t know me very well.

    More important of note is the fact that the Janus decision gave deputies a choice, and the majority wisely choose to stay with ALADS.

    How do I know, one might ask! Because the union knows how many Deputies there are and the amount of dues paying members. Simple math!

    The other guys always claim they took many ALADS members, but the reality is many of their members are dual members, including one of their Directors. And, please don’t say he’s a member so that he can monitor ALADS activity(s), because he never came to any meetings or events while I was there. To each their own and I’m happy he sees the value.

    I’m confused as to your point about me not knowing the inner workings until I got involved. The little bit of info you left out was the fact that immediately prior to 2016 the then BOD/ALADS was not as welcoming.

    It took an act of congress to view the books and to attend enough meetings to run for the BOD.

    Since then, to view the books, all you have to do is call and make an appointment and to run for the BOD all you have to be is a member in good standing. Your welcome, literally!

    That being said, I’m going to stick with my belief that the majority of Deputies are satisfied with ALADS.

    You can continue to spin it how you’d like, in that dark room with, your blacked out windows, with only the dim glow of your computer screen, but it would be nice to have a conversation where the validity of one’s information can be challenged, as opposed to dismissed.

    If I, little Ronald (as one of these goof balls likes to call me) can do it anyone can.

  • Pink EE awarded himself a no bid security contract when he sat around Handy’s all day behind the counter eating Butterfingers and Zingers. All his trainees knew was the intersection of Compton and Butler. He really blew a gasket when he found out SK also awarded himself privileges to his wife, Melissa. During this time, Pink EE was going around the county collecting certain signs/ symbols of accomplishments. SK flipped the story on him and made him a patched-in member of the Nightswappers.

    Of course, all this action didn’t go noticed for Ratviles, who quickly started asking questions and back door politicking all the way from Amar Rd / Valinda. He rolled code 3 in his Juke to get the truth from the horses mouth. He was too late, Pink EE was moved to a coveted team were he proceeded to drop the ball on a good case. He kept his pay but is washing cars at the STARS center.

  • @ Scott Mckenzie

    As you already know, Alex Villanueva & ALADS has not changed.
    I concur with you that Alex has surpassed Tanaka, with ALADS singing the same song with a diffrent drowning voice.

  • Much respect to & for Scott Mckenzie and Matt Rodriguez who remained solid in their commitment to form a transparent union in LASPA.

  • By now everyone should have heard that a 2nd judge ruled the warrants were lawful and they were obtained without bias/favoritism. You should also know that the AG was asked by LASD to pick up this investigation 8 times. On this last occasion LASD asked the AG to only to pick up the investigation into Huntsman tipping off the warrant. Instead the AG took it all. If you look at the campaign contributions between Patricia Giggans attorney’s wife and the AG’s wife you might see why? If you keep looking you’ll find campaign ties to Holly Mitchell, Mark Ridley Thomas, Sheila Kuehl and Phil Washington. All of this is publicly accessible. No conspiracy here. Just facts Luna supporters don’t want to acknowledge. You Luna suppporters keep it up. He wins the BOS will continue with their shenanigans. By the way, you retirees know is fighting to keep the BOS from controlling LACERA? The BOS gets control, see how fast they run it into the ground. A lot of us will still be alive to be victimized by that. You think Luna will stand up for you?

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