#GangstersWithBadges LASD's Deputy Gang Problem

Members of Deputy “Gang” Reportedly Put Other LA County Sheriff’s Deputies in Hospital After Off-Duty Brawl

LASD, Banditos, courtesy of attorney Greg Smith
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

In the wee hours of last Thursday night, September 27—or technically September 28, as it was well past midnight—-a large party was drawing to a close at Kennedy Hall, a rentable performance and event venue on South Atlantic Blvd in East LA, when a violent brawl broke out between off-duty members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, some of whom were members of a notorious deputy clique.

The party had been organized by some young department deputies who were working at sheriffs East Los Angeles station. The excuse for the party was to celebrate the end of the training for one or more of the deputies.

However, sometime between 2 a.m., and 4 a.m., a few of the younger deputies were starting to clean up the hall, when members of a deputy clique at the East LA Station known as the Banditos began bullying a young deputy.

“These guys are the OG deputies,” a source at the station told WLA, the guys at the station who are the self-proclaimed “shot callers.”

According to several sources, these “OG deputies,” all of whom reportedly identify as Banditos, had in the recent past told this young deputy “to do something,” which the deputy evidently did not do—or did not do to their satisfaction.

Thus, as the party wound down, the so-called OG’s—the Banditos—allegedly told the young deputy he was no longer wanted at the station, that he needed to “roll it up.”

This meant, according to LASD sources, that he should ask for a transfer to somewhere else in the department, “like to another station,” explained a source. In short, the deputy was told he needed to leave East LA Station. Period.

Then to make the point, one of the Banditos reportedly pushed the young deputy, who then fell into a second Banditos member, deputy Rafael Munoz.

At this point, still another department member, Deputy Oscar Escobedo—who was not part of the Banditos clique—reportedly came over and tried to calm things down.

Escobedo was told to leave.

“You’re not one of us,” one of the Banditos reportedly said to Escobedo, or words to that effect.

Unwilling to abandon the deputy who was being bullied, Escobedo reportedly remained present.

It is then that everything reportedly went south.

A group of the Banditos department members allegedly jumped Escobedo.  Just then, another deputy named rushed over to try to break up the fight, at which point he was reportedly also attacked.

Suddenly the fight turned into a gang brawl.

One of the deputies who attempted to stop the fight was reportedly put in a carotid artery hold by a Banditos member, who slammed him to the floor or wall.

At least two of the non-Bandito deputies who tried to stop things—Escobedo and Art Hernandez—were reportedly hurt seriously enough to be taken to County USC Hospital by ambulance, and we are told that two others required treatment.

We understand that some or all of the fight was caught on at least one video that is in the possession of the sheriff’s department, and there may be more videos that were taken on personal cell phones.

The Bandito problem

This is not the first time that members of the East LA deputy clique have been a source of high profile problems for the LASD. But the clique members have recently become more aggressive again, sources say.

In 2014, Guadalupe Lopez, then a ten year veteran of the force, described in a civil lawsuit filed by attorney Greg Smith, how members of the Banditos, “sexually harassed, threatened and demanded sex from her” as part of “training” when she was transferred to the department’s East LA station in 2011. According to the lawsuit, when Lopez declined the personal advances, harassment, hazing and other forms of retaliation resulted. This allegedly included being run off the road by another deputy, being slammed hard into a wall while she held a loaded shotgun, and having dead rat placed under her car after she reported objectionable behavior by the group.

Lopez’ lawsuit was ultimately settled with LA County for $1,500,000.

According to the same 2014 lawsuit, at that time around 80 deputies associated with the Banditos, whose full members reportedly sport numbered tattoos of a skeleton with a sombrero, bullet sash, and pistol.

Four years later, the deputy gang is reportedly still a problem, as illustrated by last week’s brawl, say department sources—-both working and retired.

Deputies Rafael Munoz, Gregory Rodriguez, and David Silvario, all of the East LA Station, all considered to be Banditos members, were reportedly relieved of duty for their parts in the fight, as was Sergeant Mike Hernandez, who works at Men’s Central Jail but who allegedly still identifies as a Bandito.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department isn’t saying a lot about the matter at the moment.

“An off-duty incident occurred on Friday, September 28, 2018, that involved Department personnel,” department spokesperson Nicole Nishida confirmed for us. “Once the Department became aware of the incident on Friday we immediately initiated an internal investigation, which is on-going.”

More soon.


  • ELA is a cancer. Trainees still required to dress in parking lot and not allowed to eat. We sent Captain Wolak at the time anonymous requests for help and he refused. Nothing changed and he got promoted.

  • Off-Training parties. Something always goes south. Hookers, DUI,s, crashes, fights, valdalism, nothing new here. It is all unacceptable that’s why smart supervisors never attend for more that an hour and only early on. At this point, don’t show up to the party. Everyone of us had an off training party. You finally felt accepted. A tradition that won’t go away. The fights. Unacceptable. Everybody else always wants to fight deputies, senior deputies should show some restraint not act like OG gangsters. No different than the biker culture and prospect members.

    Fire them. Let’s see how they like working at Home Depot. No place for conduct like this in today’s world.

  • We told McDonnell about this issue years ago and still nothing got done other than covering the logos. This is what happens when you only worry about stickers and belt Buckles. He has no clue what goes on in this department. He still thinks he’s at LAPD. He needs to go and F**ck PPOA for endorsing him. All they did is split this department up even more. LASD is imploding right now and someone has to stop the bleeding. We need change in leadership in the worst way. Celeste, consider this as an outcry from deputies for your assistance. Keep exposing McDonnell!!! The public needs to know what’s behind that custom 150k office door of his.

  • As if the actions of the brass (i.e. Baca, Tanaka, Stonich, Waldie, et al) don’t bring shame and embarrassment to the Department, these punks – just like the 3000 Boys and others – put an explanation point on it.

    I’ve heard about ELA’s problems for years and if I hear of them – an old retired fart – where the hell has McDonnell been? There are only two options in my mind. He either doesn’t care or he is incapable of doing the job. Either way he’s a total failure. (And I don’t think Alex V. would be much, if any, of an improvement.)

    I am so sick of the lack of the lack effective leadership and of the immature people who obviously populate the Department ruining it for those who go to work every day, just trying to do their jobs.

    What the Department needs is a good dose of Fleet’s Phospho-Soda and start all over again – top to bottom.

  • Bunch of levas who grew up in the varrio but were too weak to get jumped in, instead they pin a badge, transfer to ELA, grow out the stache y sass el mero chingon de Los Angeles.

  • What’s funny about wolak is he and Eddie Rivero were roommates during their custody days. Did they share their relationship with Mcbuckles or was he kept in the dark? Wolak also had heavy discipline while working custody as a deputy but Rivero found a way to get around that too. SMH

  • Just Say’n……you have no clue about the so called “3000 boys.” I like how you get your information from KTLA…..do some research before you start running your mouth. In fact you probably have never talked with deputies who worked CJ at the time….keep getting ur stuff frm fake news

  • You got it….LASD. Known for division just as much as they’re known for a “Tradition of Service”. Why do you think there are two deputy unions, LASPA & ALADS. Give me one Law Enforcement Agency with just one quarter of drama as LASD and I’ll mail you one hundred dollars. The only ones to make good of this will be the union Attorneys.

  • McDonnell, like the pope, will say this was a horrible situation and do NOTHING! This has only gotten worse since “Fresh Eyes” took over. Too Bad that the FBI only got Baca and Tanaka. Ask Stonich and Waldie if they got tattoos!!
    Ok, what is going to be done!!

  • @UM….what is the problem with station tattoos…i dont agree with the mentality this is our station bro!! Or your not welcomed at our station bro….but i dont mind station tattoos…most of the deps with them are hard working deps….having some pride for the sta is not a bad thing. The station tattoo is never going to go away older deps will move on and fade out frm the sta…newer deps will come up with a new tattoo

  • What do tattoos have to do with this? I have plenty of tattoos that don’t cause me to act a fool. Just saying. This is personality/behavior issue. I am not condoning whatsoever, but tattoos really don’t have anything to do with this problem.

    Also, name me another agency as big as ours that doesn’t have drama. Witness LA doesn’t cover dirty doctors that’s sell prescription medications illegally and so on. they hold just as much responsibility as law enforcement. I haven’t seen very many articles on here about our education system, which clearly with all these teacher/students relationships I see the in the news there’s prob a lot we don’t see. Teachers are suppose to mold young minds! What else let me see. Priest! Smh.

    We are quick to bring out the pitch forks and light the torches when it’s cops.

    These guys are dummies no doubt about that. They get what they get.

  • It’s not a tattoo issue it’s a maturity issue… grow the fuck up and act like a real man. Be professional on and off duty. All that hard work will go to shit otherwise. WTF handle your liquor fellas!!!

  • The 2 deputies who got jumped defending their partner deserve a medal of valor, but instead they will be black balled county wide. A lousy IA investigation later, the thug deputy Banditos will be 10-8 in no time. They might even make it on the next promotion list. It’s the county way.

  • @Roll up shut the fuck up! You are probably a lazy fuck and that’s why nobody likes you… everyone else has to handle your calls… lazy

  • This is what happens when a department is as divided as this one is. Ya got 3 unions instead of one, ya got cliques at every unit and at the EAST LA STATION ya got so much division and hate that they send their own partners to the hospital over a dispute in the sand box. And where is the president of ALADS on this, President Ron Hernandez? You have no problem getting vocal by publicly badgering deputies who dare to disagree with you. Divisive! You have no problem appearing when its popular, like when a deputy is shot, but when we need unified, when things get ugly, you go into hiding. Did you visit these deputies in the hospital too? NO! Pathetic leadership. Where is Alex Villanueva on this? Isnt he an EAST LA ALUMNI? NO LEADERSHIP! Or is he scared to take on his own peeps. Sad, sad, sad how neither of you wants to praise the deputies who intervened to stop these thugs parading as cops. Oh but if you were critical of this,,, That might piss off the “O.G. Bandidos now wouldnt it and you both need their political support. This department is a joke. It’s an embarrassment. News flash, theres no reform, rebuild, restore comming when you are afraid of “Bandotos”..

  • It’s pretty sad, silly and embarrassing that an “off-training” has to degenerate into this. The “OG’s”, you would hope, would want to set a better example of what it’s like to be an honorable, professional police officer. This view that “one group” owns pieces of an inanimate, tax payer funded object such as a station is ridiculous.

    Just as with anything, all those “OG’s” will have their days, move on and be forgotten until another group comes in to replace them. The cycle of life and work goes on.

    Man, get a life and stop with this petty, immature and childish “gang like” thug crap. If you want to act like a “gangster” give up the badge and gun and have at it.

  • Well I think it’s No Surprise when a McDonnell cheerleader finally showed up on these pages to bash Hernandez and Villanueva, yet couldn’t find anything to say about the guy who is actually in charge. I wonder why?

    Maybe you can share for us all about the “sea of change,” or the “tremendous progress we’ve achieved” according to your hero. Is this the progress you had in mind? Two 998’s in less than a week, three deputies shot, and an off training party the next week with not a supervisor in sight. Not even a hard w/c on the desk that night.

    Calling Captain Perez, where are you? Still looking for the MIA sheriff, no doubt. Easy to find, just look up the next red carpet or ribbon cutting, he’ll show up early, guaranteed!

  • Witness LA is a forum for scandal, lies, and known for only getting the story “half right.” Please do some real investigative work Witness LA and maybe some day you’ll be on the LA Times level.

    As far as the LASD incident, it’s a damn shame that a bunch of grown men who probably don’t have anything going for themselves but the job conduct themselves in that manner. ELA has had 3 recent officer involved shooting incidents were deputies were wounded. But yet these pathetic “OG” deputies want to discipline a younger officer themselves?? GTFOOH and grow up. Hope the department is sued.

  • Code1m doctors, teachers, clergy dont get shot at as a condition of employment. And they don’t risk their lives to save each other. The also don’t work a job where confrontation is a daily expectation. They don’t write tickets or raid your house either. Nor can they arrest you. That’s why the pitchforks come out for cops because a lot of people don’t like us. . As for tattoos, I agree 100. Plenty of cops without tattoos get into trouble. But this kind of thuggery IN LIGHT OF the above and supposed brotherhood among cops, this only looks to the public like we are a bunch of posers and proof in their eyes that cops are gangsters with badges. No matter how you slice it, to know this kind of violence occurs among a supposed brotherhood is news.

  • Fed up We already know what McDonnell will do. He’s just gonna fire everyone. He’s no leader at all. Nor even worth mentioning. Why don’t u look past defending this and call it like it is. No leaders here. ZERO.

  • @Big surprise: you nailed it, from the little man with the big mouth, Ron Hernandez (not Tanaka) to not-so legendary ELA Alumni. You painted a perfect picture of dysfunction in the ALADS and LASD. Once again the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has exposed themselves as unpredictable and over rated.

  • Ridiculousness, right on the $$$. But it is clear from many of the comments just how immature many on the Department are. Doubly so that they would voice it in public.

  • Interesting comments, all. I for one, would like to know: What was the “young Deputy” told to do that he failed and was being told to roll himself up? Was the “young Deputy” one of those celebrating completion of training, a previously trained patrol deputy, or not off training yet?

    With a series of administrations which fail to take any action to “clean up” the department, I can’t condemn a group of senior Deputies who, for all w know, might just be trying to clean up that small part of a conflicted department of which they have some influence.

  • LASD has always been known for that thug mentality. That’s is mostly what they hire out there. I’ve seen some Of this first hand myself and I knew immediately they were thugs. The way they walk, the way they talk, the tatted up bodies, how they treat others who have less time on the job. The problem is obviously with supervision that turns a blind eye and is afraid of confrontation. Bunch of damn over paid thugs. Do something to clean up the bad image of your department and if cops in general. Giving us all a bad name. And grow the hell up already.

  • It is a known and stated fact by deputies and gangsters alike that Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is the largest and most ruthless gang in Los Angeles County.

  • @Big surprise and No surprise. I’m not at all SURPRISED at you two. Still sour about YOUR failures.

    This isn’t about me or ALADS, but since you mentioned support try talking to the deputies involved and ask them if they are happy with our support. I have!

    Keyboard tough guys who hide behind screen names! You gotta love them, if for no other reason than the entertainment value.

  • @Ron Hernandez. I don’t think supporting these is what they were alluding too there Ron, but glad to hear your doing something. I believe their reference was to the division in the Department. Your the leader of the deputies union, one would think you’d be more in touch with them.

    But let me guess you went out and sent a ballot, only 20 people responded so it’s all ok you tried, your decision is best! What a joke.

    By the way bad ass prez where is my raise?

  • OG Deps have been schooling younger Deps from the beginning. If these lil snitch rooks can’t hamdle a little badgering and constructive criticism, they are in the wrong line of work. Prayers to those affected. And to the rats, well, enjoy the new jacket. Now it’s time to roll up those sleeves, show the ink, chew a lil tobacco, and go 10-8

  • I retired 26 yrs ago. Worked FPK, LNX, NWK, and PICO so I’ve paid my dues to any
    Deputy Club now or past. I don’t know any of you guys but respect you re your asssignments. I also understand the shit you’re putting up with. It was predictable
    when those who couldn’t handle the field started promoting. They in turn began to
    drag their kind up through the ranks. Now you have the top end who know little to
    nothing about police work. Considering the time span, there will be some who have
    their shit together. If you must drain the swamp, figure out a way to save the Dept.
    and yourself. Zoomer 65 – 92.

  • Retired Lieutenant for 15 years. As a new Lieutenant assigned to custody I immediately recognized the “clique” deputies who tried to “shot call” and manipulate the transgressions of all the deputies. It became evident very fast that my job was to keep as many deputies as possible out of trouble and I had to bring together the sergeants to do their jobs. Young deputies think they’re in some type of college fraternity where in they have their “frat” parties. Fortunately, most deputies were good guys and were smart enough to stay away from the idiot deputies. All deputies have to realize they can go to prison for their stupidity. In todays anti police mentality, most big departments cannot hire enough personnel. If this continues, the country is looking at anarchy on the streets. This condition will only be worse with rogue “clique’s” of gangster type of deputies. These will be the same ones who will take bribes and commit other on the job crimes. God bless the good deputies and don’t be afraid to report the idiots who will bring down good law enforcement.

  • @Real talk, actually, real talk is in person, like adults! Stop in anytime, OR I’ll come to you.

    Warning: nowhere to hide, in person!

  • @Ron Hernandez : Spoken like a true ELA deputy! I Like the lightweight threat. No ones hiding here. I’ve already shared my thoughts with you in person. You spoke Like a true politician! Your going places.

    Like I said where’s our raise, the one that you said was so great and fought hard for? ***heres your pat on the back*** for doing your job!

  • A tattoo duznt mean anything. I have lots of tattoos, some of which I got in prison (level 3 yard). I still perform my duties with utmost respect to the public when im writing 12500 tickets and doing 180’s for abandoned cars in alleys. I treat every kid fairly at the YAL when im handing out volleyballs to them. I am also besties with Deputy Pink Lee. He is part of numerous Deputy gangs and is most proud of his “Angry Owl” Deputy clique. He for one epitomises hard work, unbiased community policing and is always calm, cool and collected even though he is a validated “hood hopper”.

  • This is disgusting. Allow IAB/ICIB to do their fair and impartial investigation. Then those found to be directly involved in this 415-G, fire their ass. Then roll-up any supervisor and/or managers who had been coddling and protecting this clique starting from their Chief on down.

    McDonnell just gave Villanueva a huge campaign gift.

  • So what happens when a “bandito” pulls over someone on a traffic stop and doesn’t go along with the program? Do they beat him senseless? Plant dope on them? You tell me. Anything’s possible right? Since they beat their own partners into unconsciousness. Fire them all. First order of business, reassign Captain Christopher Perez ASAP. He’s just as bad. Can’t control his station, isn’t monitoring the work place like a supervisor should, and is worthless. Send him to court services. Second order of business, reassign every LT at ELA. Third, consider reassigning every sgt at ELA. Fourth, roll up every “OG” in DB, working radio cars, TOs, and the rest.

    Funny, A certain candidate for Sheriff made an appearance at the off training party in question I was told. He’s just as bad. Villanueva pushes his Latino liberal agenda quite frequently and then we find out he too is a ELA supporter. Let’s see how that turns out for him.

    I thought when WITNESS LA exposed the LASD and ran Baca out, we’d get new sheriff that was going to prevent this type of stuff from happening.

    This is Quiet Cannon 2.0.

  • @Real Talk, I never worked ELA, do your homework. Do you really think people buy the “I told you to your face” and for some reason you can’t use your real name here.

    If asking you to talk in person is a threat, then you have bigger issues.

    @Tattooed Bad Boy, you are pathetic. Someone sticking up for themselves in a situation they did not create is considered snitching? Thank God the vast majority of deputies aren’t like you. You’re just another keyboard warrior, and I cringe thinking you may actually be on the department, but I’m holding on to hope, that you are not.

    Have at it!

    This is truly embarrassing for our department.

  • @Be your own man… you probably hand tickets to grandmas… square.. you have something against freedom of expression (tattoos). Don’t generalize because I could generalize on you.. let’s see you probably buy wranglers because Levi jeans are to expensive and you probably pride yourself in a petty theft “caper”… or you just work behind the scenes like in dispatch or something and you walk with a limp because you are fat!

    you don’t know shit about LASD. As a whole we have a better work ethic than almost all of the departments that borders (especially LAPD) ours.

    Tha fuck outta here

  • Tattooed Bad Boy got bullied as a kid. Now has thug mentality and likes to think of himself as a ghetto gunslinger. STFU

  • I would be embarrassed and ashamed to work for a department like yours. It’s not a secret the vast majority of your deputies are crooked as fk! And nah, tickets aren’t my thing but I am sure you write plenty of parking tickets out that way. Pathetic ass department

  • This is not an ELA problem, many of the stations have cliques and because of where they patrol, these deputies think they are the shit. Aside from assault being a criminal manner, why do we even want these wannabe gangsters on the government payroll and teat. I think part of the outrage from the fellow deputies/LOE is that these officers have Spanish surnames, but this is a stench in other stations, too. I say fire them, and fire any deputy who thinks he is a gangster. If they feed on their own, I can only imagine how they treat the kid with the saggy pants.

    By the way, how about Officer Van Dyke. Can folks agree, as many stated before about other people convicted, that he is a scumbag. Now, a convicted scumbag. The pendulum is swinging the other way, boys. Is Major Kong and his ilk fidden say anything?

  • Hahahaha, well said Ron…some comments are pretty interesting, it is okay to vent, from time to time…I wonder why McBuckles has not come out to make a statements or a press conference? He has said he restored the shine to the badge, it seems to me it needs further shinning. Could it be he has been picking on the wrong people under his false pretense of justice and reform? I wonder….

  • Amen to that, that I agree with you sir, 100 %, the cowards at the top, afraid to stand up to an attorney and McBuckles, should roll themselves up, and retire, do all a favor….

  • Therein the problem, IAB and ICIB, they are not fair nor impartial, some are as crooked as they come, only interested in the stat and the brownie point…especially if they are told to get a deputy or two…

  • For once I agree with you CF, “If they feed on their own, I can only imagine how they treat the kid with the saggy pants.” It is pretty concerning, and scary to say the least….

  • Real10-8 if you’re that badass post your name. WEAK just like every other gangster disguised as a deputy. What’s up bro, you hiding behind your clique.

  • Roll up, don’t waste your time, no tough guy will post their name here, even if you have nothing to hide, don’t post your name here, McBuckles and his attorney will make a case against you…and his chiefs will oblige…

  • So true, I could care less about a gun and a badge, those were not the reasons I joined the crooked LASO….call it stupidity…..

  • Rivero and Woalak are your picture perfect pathetic, spineless, want to retire rich, current POS top brass….they could care less about justice and doing the right thing….

  • McBuckles is just a politician, he was never a street cop, he was a ladder climber period, so it is a mute point…

  • Agree, inmates told me that long, long time ago, I thought they were crazy, I now know they were right….

  • Ron, I salute you for placing yourself up to abuse, you are good on my book, keep defending the oppressed, the one who has been wrong, and you will always be good…

  • Convicted Felon Policeman Van Dyke is a pathetic liar as the jury saw through him like a TSA XRay Scanner. What’s more pathetic is those that tried to cover for him, thus their trial next month. Nothing new for Chicago with its murder rate. For those who rant and rave about BLM, they’re useless until they also address Black on Black crime.

  • *PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT* several of the commenters on this site passing themselves off as individuals is actually A single troll. This troll has been on this site for a long time. I’m just letting people know so you don’t take this troll seriously. The troll pretends to be several different people, often contradicting its-self. The troll is well known to witness la and its relationship with witness la is not verified but highly suspicious.

    So if you see some outreagous comment designed to simply get a reaction, it’s almost certainly our troll. I know I’m kind of doing witness la’s job here, but as I said, it’s kind of a suspicious circumstance.

  • Just hoes to show you can take the deputy out of East LA but in some cases you can’t take East LA out of the deputy!

    Send them to a real BOOT CAMP South to San Diego MCRD and serve there for four years first I guarantee things will change for the Dept.

  • In too many cases you can take the boys out of E-LA but in too many cases you can’t take E-LA out

    of the boys! Send them South to San Diego MCRD for four years to a real BOOT camp I guarantee they

    will come back with a much better mind set. Reason I know that is because I myself came out of the

    inner Cities New York and Chicago and had a like problem. In only (8) eight weeks I left with a much

    better understanding how mature and a gentleman and still be able to kick ass on the street when

    necessary 20yrs with the Corps 25 yrs with the Law does wonders for Immature mind sets!

    Many of us already know how all this got started. An article in the LAT documented the “devil” tattoo and the criminal and outlandish behavior from the Fujiyama Inn or more racily known as the Jap Shack located near ELA. But, once again nobody wanted to do anything seriously about the gang. Later, it had to be a federal judge (Gray) who called out the next gang, the Vikings, who committed more crimes and Sheriff Bock was convinced by executives that the Vikings were a baseball team. This was of course after the death of a man who got in an argument over the use of a baseball field. Again no body does anything positive about it. The LAT interviewed several Viking thugs who were more that happy to provide information on the Viking gang. How hilarious it was to hear gang members always rat on each other. Another example; a Viking jerk was taken into custody and held at IRC. He threatened to blow up the federal court house and wanted to infect everyone with HIV. And there’s no problem with gangs and tattoos? I spoke to this bozo (again I apologize to bozo) and he got convicted and ended up right where he deserved.
    Now, we have gangs at every station and violating the law, at every turn, is ignored and where supervisors run from the gang members. This last horror could have caused the murder of two deputies and it looks like they will recover. There is currently an empty cell next to former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka in the Federal Penitentiary in Colorado for those who support the gangs in LE. Your leader (300 boys) sits where you will sit soon.
    What these criminals in uniform are not telling you was that every deputy gang required that each prospective member commit an act of violence against the communities that they serve. For example; having a fly around your Caveman Tattoo. Once again documented in articles by the press.
    Ask yourself when your are old and maybe more mature;what will I say to my grandchild when she asks “Grandpa I read in school that that your tattoo meant you were a racist bigoted cop and framed innocent people into jail-why did you do that?” Plainly, for those of you with little intellect-is your Oath of Office to your Country and Community or to your mindless criminal bozos? Again, I’m sorry for the insult to bozo.
    I used to tell Tanaka to take off that stupid moronic Viking tattoo all the time. When he would go jogging with me he would try to cover the tattoo or run on my left side so I wouldn’t make any comment. Paul lost his freedom, cannot see his family or play with his son, can’t freely see his family or any true friend. Paul is monitored at all times and can never go anywhere for the sake of his safety. Inmates spit in his food and all correspondence is read before he gets it. All privacy was taken and is caged for most hours of the day and night. And yes this is what gangster thugs get when convicted.

    Your choice.

  • Who was the Lynwood guy who threatened to blow up the federal court and infect everyone with hiv? I don’t remember hearing that one

  • “Just as with anything, all those “OG’s” will have their days, move on and be forgotten until another group comes in to replace them. The cycle of life and work goes on.”

    Wow! Excellent statement “Ridiculousness!” Might be a good time for ELA deputies to take a deep breath and look at the big picture. LASD deputies come and go at every unit of assignment — when all is said and done and that retirement “finish line” becomes visible, a few concepts emerge as most important:

    PRIDE in your accomplishments — bringing HONOR upon your Department, even if you didn’t agree with some of it’s leaders — celebrating the unforgettable FRIENDSHIPS which are forged in the fire of law enforcement — and remembering you are a member of a team which, without a lot of thanks, successfully protects millions of people 24/7, 365 days of the year.

    Take it from an old retired bastard who made many mistakes in the course of a 33 year LASD career — keep the priorities straight boys! Law enforcement is a tough, complicated, demanding job. Stay focused on the right things, remember how important you are to public safety, and remember how important it is to folks in our communities that you function like full grown, mature men.

    *** I’m happy to post my name — no more worlds to conquer, no more games to play.

  • Um:

    If your post were an essay in English 1A (Freshman Composition) at, say, UC–Berkeley or L.A. Trade-Tech (my own personal Alma Maters) it would probably get a C+ or so in construction (spelling, punctuation, etc.) & an A+ in substance.

  • Personally I favor Army jump school: two weeks of ground training (learning how to make a parachute landing without breaking a bone) & the third & final week going up in a C-130 & making five parachute jumps.

    Any Army officer who aspires to an Army career has to do it; good requirement for an LASD Deputy.

  • I have been in several situations where deputies were called on the carpet for not performing their jobs at the department/stations standards or simply kissing stuff off. I don’t have a problem with doing that, but there is no reason to seriously attack a fellow deputy in the manner the two deputies were attacked. The people involved should be fired and prosecuted. What was the sergeant thinking getting involved in the beating.

  • I have been in several situations where deputies were called on the carpet for not performing their jobs at the department/stations standards or simply kissing stuff off. I don’t have a problem with doing that, but there is no reason to seriously attack a fellow deputy in the manner the two deputies were attacked. The people involved should be fired and prosecuted. What was the sergeant thinking getting involved in the beating.

  • Totally embarrassing but good to have exposure pointing to past practices within LASD. Everything is o.k. until the story is out in the open and elections loom around the corner. Who needs to see the “Brady List” when this bullshit among deputies is actually an “up close and personal” view of their behavior. Another reason why many deputies forgo patrol to stay in custody and courts.

  • Having flashbacks of a Special Enforcement Bureau function years ago where one deputy broke the jaw of another. Ironically both of them were S.E.B. deputies in which one was ultimately fired after charges were filed. Alcohol, image, bravado and women (some) has taken down more men than all wars combined.

  • Doesn’t LASD get tired of making the feds clean up their shit? Whether it be the FBI, federal judges, etc. it always seems as if the federal gov’t is babysitting this agency.

  • ELA is staffed by Mexican gang members masquerading as deputy Sheriffs.

    The guys that got the beat down should have shot those effers in the FACE

  • These idiots make us all look bad. And it’s not only ELA. It’s everywhere…having pride for your station is one thing, but taking it to this level is plain stupid. Especially after 3 ELA deps got shot a few weeks ago..embarrassing.

  • Remember in the 90″s when the predominant race of Century Station Deputies was caucasian. Baca made it known that he wanted more “Black & Brown” Deputies in order to get a balance and even temperament to service the surrounding communities. Don’t know how well changing the racial makeup of ELA Station to Caucasian, Blacks and Asians would work. Many deputies work in communities which has similar cultures.

  • Lotta folks flapping their gums. Probably nerds that were never offered ink. The FB Page is hilarious. Piety popped off about his time at ELA. How would he know the climate. He was too busy on his knees on admin row.

  • It seems the adults have finally taken over the thread.

    BTW, Cognistator, I think the C+ is a tad generous.

  • Who gives a crap just a bunch of guys just had to much alcohol… bottom line it wasn’t any better when you old retired folks were on. I thought retirement was not looking back. Let these Deputies sort out their own problems and stop Monday morning quarterbacking

  • Hey Killer of Chickens. You must be a libtard where people aren’t allowed to their opinions. You have the option of not being here if you don’t like what is being said.

  • This latest incident does not help recruitment for LASD. I was told by a reliable ELA Station source and others that the rogue deputies involved are total Assholes and the involved Sgt Mike Hernandez is a gangster imitating a Cop. We’ll see ehat happens…….

  • Relax there buddy…. I’m entitled to my opinion… obviously you have a problem with it

  • And my political affiliation has nothing to do with the facts of this case… you are obviously an admin guy, always jumping to conclusions

  • @Factoid. I don’t know all the circumstances nor do I condone this behavior, but I call BS on your source. I know one of these guys personally. I do not work ELA. The guy I know is a smart and stand up deputy. There will always be personality conflicts. You don’t like being talked to a certain way or told a certain thing. Like I said I don’t know all the circumstances and I won’t judge till I do. DS I got you!

  • Let’s face it. Everyone on the dept knows ELA is and has been a joke. How else would you get the name East L Lazy. Grow a big mustache and use monikers on L-tac instead of your call sings. I heard the seven dwarfs set up a containment the other night, guess the Sgt and Lt were ok with it.

  • I heard some of these low lives are getting their jobs back as sherrif’s after assulting officer guadalupe. How can lasd let tgis happen?

  • ELA was always immune from the so called cliques. The red devil and caveman tattoos were more indicative of station pride than some sinister gang culture. Being an ELA deputy was being part of a family. Not to say we didn’t have our disagreements…..but those were usually handled one on one or in the boxing ring. The veteran guys could be counted on to school the youngsters and keep them from doing stupid shit. I guess times have changed.

  • These loco millennial youngsters know nada about “one on one” and heaven forbid the “boxing ring”.

  • Any supervisor who comes within a 1/4 Mile of an ELA Off Training Party is just completely void of any common sense. Period

  • My source worked ELA and personally knows those involved. I only stated of what I was told. I have no dog in that fiasco.

  • With any luck, all of these wanna be gangster POS’s will get FIRED, and create a ton of overtime.

    They can all go to work at car washes, and the various tire shops along Alameda……..

  • those supervisors aren’t doing their jobs because they’re helping with the party. They should ALL be transferred, along with all the mustache boys, and bring in people not afraid to hold everyone accountable. Oh wait, alads and ppoa will get their attorneys and complain. They’re no help toward improvement.

  • Factoid, I heard the same thing about the deputies involved. Like to check people, but are the last ones to say anything. They dont practice what they preach. Also heard there is an admin female sgt who helps clean their mess. Who knows what dirt they may find if they conduct a thorough investigation.

  • “Cliques, gangs, brotherhood’s, hunting clubs, coffee clatch” or whatever you want to call it, can all boil down to the same foul, bullying behavior when it’s members think they are not only superior to the members of the community they choose to serve and those within their own department.

    Who would think a bunch of White deputies would form a group called the Vikings and Hispsnics would form one called the Banditos? Is this inate in all cultures, to form groups that exclude others not like them? I guess the Sheriff’s Department is truely representative of the society and communities it serves on many, many low levels.

  • When the bad apples are called out, those who come fourth with information are ostracized.

    Remember Pandora’s Box?

  • You’re right, Ostracized by bitches. But this isn’t for deputies to fix, it’s a supervisorial matter. Deputies need not say a word, the sergeants know who the mustache boys are. The dept just needs to send them to another assignment, a mustache ectomy if you will. I’m sure ELA has a bunch of great men and women who want to do their jobs and intimidate the mustache boys. Scalpel please!!!

  • Every station at every rank has some kind of clique. Your right traviesos this problem should be handled by the top. You need experienced supervision to deal with these kind of problems.

  • Even the 3000 boys at Men’s Central Jail had a Lieutenant who overlooked their bullshit and was a part of their clique.

  • And there it is;
    Sheriff, U/S, A/S, Chief, let’s start moving the mustache boys and get new supervisors in there. Invite alads and ppoa to be part of the solution. They also respresent the GOOD men and women of the dept.

    For all the trash talking it’s about time we all team up. These idiots are taking people down with them and we all have an obligation to protect each other’s back. Deputies are tired. Step up and get in front of our personnel.

  • Based upon the number of comments including the stupid ones, it only proves that there IS a major problem. It would be interesting to hear what the incumbent and the candidate has to say about this.

  • Since you brought up the candidate into this Mr Citizen, I would like to exercise my right and throw an opinion out there. He was assigned to ELA so I’m sure he’s very aware of the problems, but he’ll blame everyone else even thought he has all the answers today. He was also assigned to the women’s jail as a lieutenant when the Captain was moved for chasing female employees. He didn’t step up and stop a thing. But you’re right, I’m on the edge of my seat like yourself.

  • Traviesos, I hope you don’t work DB. The “candidate” was last assigned to ELA over two decades ago, I’m sure he’s totally aware of the current problem and players. Totally. If you say the captain at the women’s jail was moved for chasing female employees, that probably means the candidate did his job. Perhaps you have more knowledge of what authority lieutenants have over captain transfers and IA investigations than I do, who knows?

  • Yes 2 decades ago, but he just retired. He knows and nobody was transferred because of anything he did or didn’t do.

  • Bravo – Sheriff McDonnell is too busy with his PR campaign and not paying attention to what is going on in his department. The level of denial or outright apathy for the safety of his own deputies is apparent by his lack of insight into the “gangs” that are clearly attempting run the department.

  • No wonder there are so many hit pieces on Law Enforcement right now. Just read this whole comment section objectively and you will notice how egotistical, arrogant and pompous we all are..

    What a joke..

  • Well said. We are both Alumni of ELA, from the 90’s, and even though we had tattoos, we were there to help each other, watch each others backs, have a good time and make the best out of the tough situations we found ourselves in at times. Many of us are now retired yet we still get together to share the camaraderie we developed at LASD. Groups like the Bandidos are an embarrassment to those of us that also once called ELA our home.

  • “What these criminals in uniform are not telling you was that every deputy gang required that each prospective member commit an act of violence against the communities that they serve. For example; having a fly around your Caveman Tattoo. Once again documented in articles by the press.”
    Completely false. Thee was no such requirement to do violence on anyone. Some Cavemen had flies, that represented that they had been involved in a shooting, but that had nothing to do with any “requirement” to be a Caveman.
    You werent there, you dont know what you are talking about.

  • Waaahh. Put a sandwich or protein shake in your war bag. Eat when no one is looking. This is nothing new, suck it up.

  • Guys..these off training parties have ruined far more lives than the gangsters they are supposed to be chasing. ALADS and PPOA should not spend a penny to defend anyone involved in this fracas. The department should offer each of them a 5 day suspension and an immediate transfer. Take it or leave it. Otherwise, the process they face will be far worse.

  • Dude, make up your mind. You say the captain was moved, and now you say nobody was transferred because of anything he did or didn’t do. So how and why did the captain get transferred? Sounds like you have an axe to grind, that’s all.

  • Axel- I attended many ELA off training parties. Given all the beautiful women who used to attend, I can’t understand why these guys were still at the venue instead of continuing the festivities with the some of them. The guys who left with a babe on their arm are the smart ones. Times have changed.

  • Start looking at the Leadership at ELA STA. From CPT on down. The only reason McDonnell hasn’t said anything is because the CPT is his boy. Lets see what he does about this one. Surely he will get promoted to Commander soon.

    Subcultures within a subculture, cliques, gangs, whatever you want to call them. ELA is notorious for it Male Latino Deputies and their Machismo.

    It is my opinion that the deputies who perpetrated the assault should be terminated and prosecuted to the full letter of the law. Join Tanaka. Start cleaning house from Captain on down and start handing terminations, demotions, and suspensions.

    Good luck with IA and ICIB they are about worthless (corrupt). This calls for an independent review.
    The brass refuses to fix the issues. They want to keep it that way because of Tradition. Tradition keeps things in place never changing. ELA Bandidos my ass…a bunch of knuckle dragging Neanderthals.

  • Axel I was at Firestone when you were. If you remember correctly all you needed was the word of a T.O. and you were gone. Thats why it worked. I saw some great guys get rolled up but took it and moved on and were great cops at other places. The fact that no one can be rolled up is what’s killing us. Piety. always had fun working with you

  • You must have a GED because the whole tattoo thing is so stupid. You know as well as I do that Deputies are not hard working. They take naps at 3 am and roll 2 deep in a car if they want that good hook. This deputy job is over rated and there are people who work a lot harder and get paid a lot less than deputies. It’s a clique- a gang mentality- your either in or out. The tattoo is a stamp of approval regardless of your morals and work ethic. I have worked with plenty of slaps and ELOS has plenty of them with tattoos.

  • I do not know you 10-8 but I agree with the whole maturity thing. But was does alcohol do to people? It brings out the best or the worst right…But mainly the worst. The underlying issues is the bad behavior, machismo, power and control over younger deps who are supposedly paying their dues. ELA DEPS operate like a gang but with a badge and gun. You don’t think there is a major problem? the whole tattoo is the tip of the iceberg.

  • The Captain has been fast tracked his whole career ask anyone on the department who knows him. McDonnell’s boy. Have you ever heard of McDonnell supporting anyone in a Deputy involved shooting? He did the ELA boys. Ummmm… As long as you have the executives on top who were ELA deps back in the day…nothing is going to change at that Station. I suppose a 459 0r a 211 are extraordinary at ELA…someone please give me the patch….415dep

  • Are you freaking serious…I knew a dude who had no cajones and got rolled up out of ELA and rightfully so. But this incident takes it to a whole new level. The Dept. gave pansy deps the option to stay in custody for ever and now courts. As some are not made to handle the pressure of patrol. The Kid had options to roll it up and go back as he clearly didn’t fit into the ELA way. It’s a daum shame but nothing new for a bunch of Neanderthals at that STA. They could have buried him in calls to make him leave…that’s the way they do it now if you are not liked or just leave you hanging. slow roll. DOG EAT DOG. That’s the way it is. I like him or I don’t like…that’s the key word. LIKE amongst the brass too. This department is all fucked up and immature people running it. LIKE the secret handshake.

  • I hope you are retired. There it is…a typical Neanderthal comment. Deputies have been ratting on each other for the longest time. That aint nothing new.

    Hazing at one point had an intended purpose and there were reasons…learning lessons. Why do you think it’s a big problem now?

    Because idiots like yourself took it too far. Case in point, ELA off training party. Total moron.

  • Wouldn’t that be nice…As one commentator said…believing in Unicorns is far better than believing that this Dept. is going to do anything to the brass. LT and UP. They will soon get promotions. Watch. Accountability is non existent. A true man will man up and accept responsibility for the actions of their subordinates and do what must be done. Let them fight for their jobs at civil service hearings. The dept. is not going to hold anyone accountable except the deputies involved.

  • You know as well as I do that nothing is going to change. CPT Biagini tried and look…he never got Commander. But I bet that Chris Perez will. That’s McDonnells boy people. Read previous articles giving the CPT accolades when he was a LT in Compton along with his crony Johnson now a commander. You see, no accountability…maybe they will hide him at North facility or the Ranch as they do all the fuck ups in upper management. Why not demote them back to LT’s? they do SGT’s like that all the time.

  • Oh yes they did…Seen a few of them getting the cush jobs because their buddys are now LT’s or Captains offering them the position for taking one for the TEAM. I am glad she sued and got her pay. Hopefully she took the money for law school and becomes a prosecutor for dirty COPS.

  • If they felt he wasn’t cutting it, they should have documented his deficiencies. Obviously they were too stupid to do that, so they simply told him to leave. Who knows why, but if you as a tenured deputy doesn’t command respect, its probably because you are lazy, incompetent or both. You shouldn’t have to ask for respect, respect is earned.

  • Yep…but the department allows the shit to happen. IA/ICIB are nothing than a group of detectives trying to cover up the departments mistakes. They are not equitable or just in their findings. They sweep majority of shit under the rug, until it leaks into the media.

  • Try using that motto “si se puede” when working the fields up state. Maybe you should put that stupid Una patada en los pantalones on the back of your ass. Second to none. If that were the case…since you are so bitchen, why has crime increased in ELOS foo!!

    You need an education but your probably the problem and not the solution. How much money did you jack from the trainees how much did you tax them to support your habit?

    You should be at a civil service hearing if you are still employed. Shame on you if you are retired. Your probably wearing a brocha and pretending to be a gangster a homie. Go be a bitch for the EME.

  • Bitch, go grab the Judge a cup of chanate and shut your pie hole lame ass puto. You probably got run out of the station. You’re probably some gordito that didn’t fit.

  • Just add this most recent East LA incident to the long list of other troubling but not surprising manifestations of the “them and us” syndrome within LASD. When I read some of the comments rationalizing some of behavior as coming from “hard-working” deputies checking inferior lazy ones, it reminds me of Paul Tanaka’s “working the gray” statements. It’s bullshit! The individuals in the latest fiasco at the East LA off training party are just typical of the thugs and bullies who somehow think they are better than everyone else. They’re all behaving like schoolyard bullies, now with mustaches and ink instead.

  • US VS. THEM. The Them are the clean COPS who do not play the stupid games or do the dirty. Reward= Tatoos to represent the clique/gang. Majority rule in the LASD depending what unit your are working in.
    As far as I am concerned you where part of the problem and not the solution. If you jogged next to Paul then why didn’t you say something on your runs? your as bad as he was if not worse for not saying anything at all. Shame on you

  • The sergeant was probably drunk too. Yep they need to be disciplined and some fired. COPS and alcohol do not mix. The career is not worth a drunk night out. Boys will be Boys- none the wiser until shit hits the fan. Do you think they will be loyal to each other then? Let’s see how this plays out

  • It’s called corruption and politicians running scarred. Afraid to do their jobs. LASD executives line their own pockets all the way up the chain for that big fat paycheck at the end called retirement. It’s a sham. Tanka regime still runs this department. Until those people retire then you will see real change. Big Brother FBI needs to monitor the LASD so does the ACLU. It’s the sergeants and lieutenants that try and cover for the captain as they are all trying to get that promotion up the chain. You saw it 1st hand with Pandora’s box…can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  • What if it was you getting his ass kicked by fellow deputies? you would be crying like a little B. You were probably on the Depo of Deputy Lopez along with all the other scumbags who are now SGTS and lieutenants who turned the blind eye as she was getting hazed. Chicken killer you have your ethics and morals twisted. I hope you are not a deputy.

  • Ya and speaking of shit. I heard a dude from 2000 went down to 3 and laid an “upper decker” in their head. It was so bad even Jack Sparrow refused to clean it up. A real lack of disrespect.

  • When I was in custody Old Jizzlobber Used to play half life and make me do all of his row walks. He said it was a way to “earn my ink”. He had the nerve to complain about Cryz while he was out jogging for 6 hours doing “the qualifier”. If old jizzlobber paid half as much attention to doing his job on the floor as he did killing Al Gonzalez with a crossbow and flame throwers, Chupacabra might still be around.

  • I have always detested working with these types of deputies. Ignorant, uneducated, tyrants, tatted up like the MS-13. Are they keeping the jail full at ELA? or beating up on each other for another STAT?
    This is a systemic issue with leadership and accountability and sweeping shit under the rug. Well let’s see how Big Jim and his cronies handle this one. I am sure the Captain will get a promotion out of it.

  • This is truly pathetic how some of our brethren, as well as the department, have deteriorrated as a whole. I remember the OTP’s @ East Los were about having a great time with some pisto and heinas. The OTP’s @ East Los were the best and everyone looked forward to them! Any squabbles were settled in the driveway, y ya estuvo. The dept. needs a serious revamping and it needs to start at the top. Someone who is not scared to take on the BS, slackers, (Mngmt, & line personnel), whiners, wannabes, climbers and slugs, while supporting the real troops! Que pinche verguenza

  • I can’t remember when I have seen so many responses to an article. This is halarious. So xxxxing sad that we have to fight our own. These parties used to be fun 25+ years ago before CHP decided to arrest as many deps as possible and deps chose to be idiots at these parties. Hookers, fights, etc.

    The reason nothing changes is look at the org chart. Handful of captains worth a shit the rest leg humpers with no brains. Goes up from there. Then they claim medical so they get a great tax free pension. Check it, the U.S. *aldie got a medical retirement at 300 grand a year. Must have got hurt lifting free drinks.

  • Gentlemen, this thread, you gentlemen, just made the case for everything people, the BLM, the ACLU, etc have been saying about the fine officers in law enforcement. Many of you acknowledge what piece of crap some of these deputies are, that they should fired, at minimum, and possibly criminally prosecuted. Many of you acknowledge that this is not unique to the ELA Sheriff station or even the LASD. Many acknowledge that you know about the behavior and that management is aware of it. And, there is so much squealing on here about fellow officers and about the leadership at the stations and/or department, one would think we were in a Farmer John’s warehouse. Everything many of you denied in previous posts, you acknowledge.

    What may be worse is how some on this thread think they are gangsters and think they are on the street. I can only imagine that many of these wannabe gangsters couldn’t hack it back in the hood and were probably punked out by some cholos back in junior high or high school and now is their time to play gangsters. This is where my tax money is going? How pathetic.

  • I’m sure I did more years in patrol as a deputy than you. I never mentioned lea on this site. so your wrong. unlike me you won’t give your name and everyone knows it

  • The simple and well established conclusion is that (1) the lasd has And will always be a corrupt organization; (2) when you combine a unconfident executive branch ( which happens to be those that promoted within the organization) and then add a culturally defective , morally bankrupt , unintelligent (wide ranging ethical folks) and self serving social paths with guns – the historic presentation can be reasonably and unacceptably comprehended!

    The classes that are not affected by this group of urban terrorist ( not all cops are in the gray) don’t really give a damn, whereas their class is not affected!

  • From what I see from my time viewing WLA is that the comments here has to be the highest ever. The incident with ELA deputies is not new there or anywhere else, however the exposure is like never before.

  • We will always run EAST LA station, those that do not want to be like us “Banditos” will continue to bully and force those out that don’t want to be thugs with us. We got the Pink Hand aka: Patty aka: The Red Queen looking out for us. With her in our corner, Chris Perez ain’t gonna do nada. That vato listens to her. She’s been protecting us and running this station forevers. Big Listo out. PS: Sling emmmmmm

  • I changed in the parking lot. Nothing wrong with that, it was my choice. I ate, just didn’t have a sit down dinner in front of my TO, because I was buried in paperwork. That’s the way it is… it’s called police work. Why anonymous? Walk in there and let the Captain know straight up.. entitled Deps believe everything should be handed to them, you have to work for it. Nuff said…

  • Wonder what a list of names for sergeants and lieutenants looks like at this wonderful station. Keep going with the great recruiting program for every place BUT LASD.

  • We won’t even start a conversation about the “Regulators” who were basically rogue deputies from Century Station who did what they wanted to do with reckless abandonment. The Regulators began where the Vikings ended.

  • It would be interesting to hear Sheriff McDonnell’s and candidate Villanueva’s take on this internal stigma within LASD. Even more so from Villanueva who is an ELA Station Alumni. It’s going to take someone who is fearless to address this subculture of cowardly bullies. The entire County of Los Angeles is watching and waiting.

  • Not the Sheriff’s Department I grew up with. It is no wonder that we are bleeding great deputies to other agencies. Unit pride is one thing, but this kind of behavior is quite the other. I won’t be the one to say that everyone gets along and that are no issues. There are always going to be disagreements with other members of the department. That being said, we are the only ones who can control this. Cliques, in-crowd groups, and people who think they are better than anyone else. C’mon folks, the guy or gal you are stepping on is the same partner who will move heaven and earth to get to you when your behind is in trouble. This was the department that everyone wanted to apply and stay with for the rest of their career. What happened? Stay safe out there!

  • I remember a party not too long ago where some crap talking took place in a restroom and one dude ripped off anothers dudes shirt pocket. Sick dis respect. His cigars fell on the bathroom floor. Luckily Elmer jumped in and saved his life. What really bothers me though, is when yer peeing at the urinal your supposed to keep your eyes straight ahead and dont talk to the guy next to you. I thought that was common knowledge? weirdos

  • An “outcry from deputies for your assistance”? Are you kidding me? I just got word that after reading that, ChuckyMo is thinking about coming out of retirement, Putting on his class B,s adorned with Senior stripes and serving up a can of act right. But first, “I need your trays kid”.

  • A gun and a badge wasnt the reason you joined? Thats odd. Then maybe was is for the free Starbucks, half pop at in n out and all the butterfingers you can eat at Eddies?

  • Ya you tell em. Back in my day we would hang em high and lets the buzzards peck their eyes out.

  • This has gotten too far. I remember pushing a Valinda car with Ratviles and all he would talk about was ink and the tof’s. He even had me hating Shakey Jake and Scooter. Poor kid sank on the stand in front of some Og’s once and left the station. Last I heard was he went to court services as a bailiff.

  • Enjoy thinking you’re a bada$$ working that OG station. Get with it, Holmes. You’re a dying breed. Traditions of the old days will just get you fired. But keep doing you, I’m happy to work the OT to fill your spot when you’re relieved of duty.

  • Oh my god I’m embarrassed for you right now. Seriously? That’s your name? “Tattooed bad boy?” You sounds like a douche. How many divorces you got under your belt now? Go to courts, the field don’t need jack-wagons like you.

  • Typical LASD non-sense, the best thing were good is at is screwing up a good thing. Watch, they will ban off training parties, or at least have no alcohol, end the parties by 8pm then conduct FST’s on everyone before and after. Should have learned fro CJ’s famous Christmas 415ft.

  • Heard they get treated like shit and inhumane. Even in front of the public with suspects or victims present

    Who would want to go there. SHERIFF has to do something about that station and it’s ways. Feel sorry for those being there

  • I have worked for captains who tried to ban off-training parties. Like most things, out of the patrol area and personal invite only. Not a dam thing they can do about it. People just need to grow up. Alcohol in some people just changes them into an instant A/H.

    Someday someone will get charged with an assault on a peace officer, then fired and possibly jailed. Laugh now but I see it coming.

    I recall a story where an off duty deputy assaulted an on-duty deputy inside the station over, a girl, and that whole thing blew up. With IA and ICIB running wild, and the Sheriff’s legal advisor, stand by.

  • C:
    You now see how bad the situation is and LAPD and many other agencies are just as bad or worse. So, what do we do? Supervision is a small part of the problem but each individual is responsible for their personal and professional development.

    Many of the posted comments have become violent and threatening. I know you don’t want any violence to come from anything that was posted. Use your own rules and remove the comments as you see fit.

    I am thankful that the two deputies (reportedly) going to be OK? I hope this was true.

  • Straight Grade F on research there Um, but then that wouldn’t help your fictional poetic license.

    Like the deputy quoted in the article said, Jim Collet was an alright, pretty middle of the road, dude. Worked the Hall with him; decent deputy.

    Some medical and life issues forced him into retirement early and then he deep ended. He definitely lost his mind and went bonkers. And yes (I heard from good sources) he got very pissed off when arrested and spit at deputies, said he had HIV, wouldn’t move on his own power, and had to be physically picked up, etc. At that time he had been away from the department for two years, apparently stewing in his life issues and going further down the rabbit hole in his mind. This had nothing to do with his time at Lynwood.


    But this recent ELA incident is pathetic behavior. And most of us damn well know who shouldn’t have to much alcohol at these things and we should be self-policing and cutting them off. No different then the people that shouldn’t drive and should be shuttled to the bunk room, more often than not by the area EM crews.

  • Just a bunch of lame ass Ghetto deputies Who didn’t have an identity growing up. Looks like they’ll be working at “King Taco” pretty soon. “Roll it up” homies… how he tables have turned.

  • USA1 – Well said. I could not agree with you more. Independent of the fact that they should be behaving like adults just on principle, astounding that some folks don’t think they can be fired or go to jail. So many Deputies work so hard to do their best under trying conditions. They deserve better…

  • Editor’s Note:

    Dear “Um”

    Thank you for the heads up. The comment section has again gone off the rails.

    Dear everyone else,

    Clean it up, and dial back the toxic hostility or I’m going to both delete and block people.

    I have neither the time nor the inclination to police adults.

    As any regular commenter is aware, it is usually a small group of people who, behind the mask of anonymity, come here to engage in rock throwing, viciousness, and worse.

    So here’s the deal: Behave like adults or I’ll delete and block you.

    If you have any questions about that borderline, feel free to email me personally.

    Otherwise, I trust you’re each smart enough to figure it out.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


  • My take on this – Yup. I agree. If this went down as shared here, these guys (and others like them) need to be cut loose. And those that cover for them need to be immediately behind them. Deputies in these cliques are about their little crew – not the team as a whole. I’m not referring to a tattoo, or healthy station camaraderie here, I’m talking about those that threaten, attempt to intimidate or harm other Deputies. They can’t be trusted; typically manipulative liars and a problem waiting to happen. Hoping against hope that the brass sends a strong message on this one but like others, not holding my breath.

  • Like every other business, people are pulled from society and 10% of the people are idiots. This goes for lawyers,doctors,teachers, journalists etc. you get what the community gives you. LASD is no different, along with all law enforcement.

  • Please get rid of Jimmy…. off training parties are always a risk to attend. Bring back Ralph Martin to run this ship and get us back in track

  • If anyone was forgoing patrol because they were afraid of deputy gangs, fire them as they are cowards and do not qualify for this job.

  • Back in the day of the Vikings, the brass encouraged us as Sgts to attend off training parties. They were hoping we would keep the peace. This issue is not new.

  • White Deputies did not form the total of the Vikings. It was multiracial. They didn’t care if you were white, only that you were will.

  • Off trying parties have always been off training parties. On the rare occasion shit happens. 25 years ago or today. It just takes someone with balls and common sense to change the complexion of a situation and not let the booze and testosterone overwhelm everything.

  • Everything said here has been said before. There is only one reason for these incidents and that is supervision.

  • Apparently one of the guys Involve on that east la incident was one of villanuevas trainees so you can kiss goodbye to that investigation.

  • First hint that these bads are going to be trouble is when they can’t even spell. The word is BANDIDOS, Spanish for bandits. Maybe it’s true that you can’t give a Mexican-American a job with responsibility and importance because they’ll screw it up? These guys sure are trying.

    The Sheriff has been in one bad situation after another. When I joined the county I inherited as part of my job picking up the pieces after an assistant department head at Twin Towers and a vendor’s rep were scamming the county right from Twin Towers (both went to prison). That was way back in 1997. Keystone Cops, anyone?

  • You should encourage these assholes to incriminate themselves, Celeste, not silence them. For chrissakes, you write an article trying to expose the scumbags, they crawl out from their cheese eating holes, and you want to shut them up? Sounds self defeating to me.


  • Thank you, listening to all the BS and no one taking any of this seriously. Military and police family here. Do you all want law enforcement to continue to go down the tubes. Crooked Gang cops are not good. Don’t just freaking transfer people that is what they do to pedo priests. Take back the badge, your freaking honor. It is not about stupid tats, but if you have one that is part of cop gang, cause you are part of one, then all the good deeps need to rise up. Get these pieces of ish out. PLEASE stop hiring thugs.

  • I don’t know you sir or your rank on the dep, but please sir, do what you can to help end the corruption in the LASD. Even if a tiny bit. Doesn’t sound like a little fight at a party for someone they wanted gone. Sounds like a gang jumping someone they didn’t like. This is not a clique it is a gang in the freakin LASD! You got crap happening in Compton too? You can’t let them corrupt more deps.

  • This has been a problem for the last 40 years. There was a deputy gang at the Firestone Station kalled the vikings. They were made up of kaukasians and kaukasian passing hispaniks. To gain entry into this gang, you had to either beat and Afrikan-Murikan up badly or kill one of us. Once you were accepted by the gang, you got that Minnesota Viking maskot on your right leg. For years Sheriff Block said they didn’t exist, until they got busted in a L.A. Weekly article. The LASD klosed the station and dispearsed the deputies, but that didn’t root it out the problem. The department needs to step up their background investigation and their psych testing game up and root these people out

  • The difference is having respect for the people you serve…the last person you want disrespect is a respected member of the streets. Do your job, treat others the way you want to be treated and “God willing” go home to your family at the end of your shift.

  • Now, thats how its done, son. Rub their noses in the lifestyle they can no longer afford because of their stupidity…Do your job, do it well, get paid and go home to your family.

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