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A new lawsuit brought by an eyewitness whistleblower shoots giant holes in Villanueva’s story about the incident of the head-kneeling deputy—plus lots more in the way of alleged corruption by LA County’s sheriff

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

This morning, attorney Vincent Miller released the second complaint in a series of civil rights lawsuits brought by a string of department whistleblowers who allege they were retaliated against by Sheriff Alex Villanueva when they declined to go along with Villanueva’s self-serving and false descriptions of his actions regarding the now notorious case of Deputy Douglass Johnson, who knelt for more than three minutes on the head of jail inmate Enzo.

Each of these complaints brings with a raft of new details that directly contradict the elaborate story that the sheriff has been telling.

On Monday of this week, Miller filed a complaint in behalf of LASD Commander Allen Castellano that alleged, among other things, that Sheriff Villanueva blocked and stalled the investigation into the excessive use of force by Deputy Johnson to “avoid bad publicity for his re-election campaign.”

Yet, the plaintiff in today’s civil rights lawsuit is former LASD Assistant Sheriff Robin Limon who, according to the new lawsuit, has been retaliated against “because she has personal knowledge” of Villanueva covering up the highly problematic use of force incident by Deputy Johnson.

Robin Limon (center) 2019, courtesy of LASD Facebook

By “personal knowledge,” she means that, to quote Lin-Manuel Miranda, she was “in the room where it happened.”

Limon is an eyewitness. And what she saw goes far beyond the issue of the head-kneeling deputy.

We’ll get to her other personal knowledge in a minute. But first it’s important to know that, according to the complaint, Limon was the person who brought the DVD video of the head-kneeling incident to Villanueva’s office, “on or about March 15, 2021,” and then, together with Undersheriff Tim Murakami, and the sheriff’s aide, Anthony Blanchard, “watched the video with him.”

(It should be noted that at the sheriff’s recent journalist-threatening press conference, both Murakami and Blanchard each issued a phumphering pair of non-denial denials about whether or not they’d seen the video during those first days after the use of force incident.)

After viewing the video, according to today’s filing, Villanueva told Murakami, Blanchard, and Limon that “we” (LASD) “do not need bad media at this time,” and that he, the sheriff, would “handle the matter,” reportedly leading Limon to believe that the sheriff would do the right thing and “follow proper protocol.”

However, by handling the matter, Limon explains that she later learned that Villanueva actually meant he would proceed to “obstruct justice and direct a cover up of the incident.”

Specifically, according to Limon, Villanueva blocked an ICIB investigation and also blocked the filing of assault charges against the inmate, Escalante, even though proper procedure reportedly required the filing against Escalante—who slugged (or attempted to slug) the deputy on video—to take place quickly.

“Villanueva knew that if assault charges were filed against the inmate, his defense attorney would have gotten access to the video and the public could see it,” according to the complaint.

(WLA’s informants explained this same avoidance technique earlier.)

To once again remind readers of the timeline, March 15, 2021—which is the day that Limon states that the sheriff saw the disturbing video—is five days after the incident took place.

It was also seven days after attorneys began interviewing potential jurors for the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, causing the sheriff and other department members to worry about the “optics” of the three-minute plus neck and head kneeling, which was a painful echo of the brutal actions that led to Floyds violent death.

And the date when Limon reportedly watched the video with the sheriff was eight months and three days before November 18, 2021, which is the day that Villanueva would later claim—and still continues to claim falsely—that he first saw the video and knew of the incident.

Yet, according to Limon—along with others with whom WLA has spoken who have yet to come forward publicly, but who also reportedly have personal knowledge of the timeline—shortly after seeing the video the sheriff blocked a criminal investigation by the department into the problematic head-kneeling incident.

Then, months later, Villanueva began lying about the timeline of his knowledge, once the public learned about the incident and the disturbing video courtesy of the March 25, 2022 LA Times story on the matter written and reported by LAT journalist Alene Tchekmedyian.

Tchekmedyian is of course, the journalist whom sheriff recently threatened with a criminal investigation, a threat that he then retracted after his apparent attempts at press intimidation made national news.

A trove of knowledge of other alarming actions

However, Limon’s personal knowledge of the sheriff’s false narrative regarding the head-kneeling incident, turns out to be only one out of a trove of descriptions of alleged wrongdoing by the sheriff that Limon lays out in detail in the new complaint.

Among the other actions she describes are the following.

According to the complaint, in early July 2021, the sheriff “insisted on promoting a sergeant” to some sort of highly coveted position, despite there being no such position “to promote him into at that time.”

Limon said she told the sheriff she considered the promotion “improper.” The sheriff went ahead and promoted the sergeant anyway.

But the issue didn’t end there.

Approximately two months later, “while the employee was on a probationary period for his promotion,” he was arrested by the Beverly Hills Police Department on a domestic violence charge against his wife, “in public, while drinking alcohol with his firearm on him.”

The following week, Limon states she again “raised concerns” about the man, especially in view of the domestic violence arrest, but the sheriff was “dismissive,” and said his wife, Vivian Villanueva, “talked to the employee’s wife and it was now ‘a big nothing.'”

Nevertheless, due to the arrest, the man theoretically had stay home while the LASD investigated the matter. But the sheriff reportedly wanted to bring him back on duty anyway.

Limon states in the complaint that she told Villanueva that she thought it was improper to bring the employee back until the Internal Affairs investigation on the man actions and alleged policy violations was completed. In response, the sheriff reportedly told Limon to bring the sergeant back to work anyway, stating, “I am ordering you!”

Alleged stalking and harassment

Another alarming set of circumstances Limon describes has to do with the sheriff’s naming then Captain John Burcher as his new Chief of Staff.

Burcher, said Limon, had been “lurking around” the sheriff’s office and not tending to his actually work at his assignment. Yet, despite warnings, Villanueva assigned Burcher in the critical position of Chief of Staff.

Among the problems attached to Burcher that gave her misgivings, according to Limon, were the following:

On June 18, 2020, after Andres Guadardo was killed in a tragic and extremely controversial shooting by an LASD deputy, Burcher “began improperly posting on social media that the shooting was rightful.”

In his social media post, states Limon, Burcher included “several disparaging and expletive filled remarks, despite the investigation not being completed.”

But, wait, there’s more.

Another reasons that Limon worried about Burcher’s rise on the departmental ladder was that when he was captain at the LASD’s Transit Services Bureau, he reportedly attempted to “cover up” an incident of a deputy allegedly stalking a resident.

The story, according to Limon, began when the deputy in question was cruising in his patrol car and spotted a woman who interested him driving her car and “ran her license plate to find her address.”

Limon tells how the deputy then attempted—unsuccessfully— to to “pick up” on the woman. When rebuffed, the deputy then reportedly tried to “pick up” on the woman’s mother.

“Burcher tried to minimize the deputy’s discipline without an investigation,” said Limon.

When again, Limon urged the Sheriff “to put a hold on Burcher’s promotion,” the sheriff continued with the promotion to Commander.

Fast forward to the present when, according to Limon, although Burcher is assigned to the LASD’s Community Partnerships Bureau, Burcher actually is working “full-time on the sheriff’s re-election campaign, while illegally being paid by the County.”

But that’s not all.

According to Limon, on March 21, 2022, two female employees who work and report directly to the sheriff, reported to Sheriff Villanueva they were subjected to harassment and multiple repeated violations of the Policy of Equality by Burcher.

The Sheriff reportedly did nothing in response.

When Limon approached Undersheriff Murakami about the women’s allegations, Murakami told Limon that Burcher had been “admonished to stay away from the alleged victims.”

Burcher did not stay away from the victims, according to Limon.

Furthermore, despite the various allegations, Burcher has since been named by Villanueva as the Special Projects Commander reporting directly to Murakami. And he continues, according to today’s complaint, to openly work on the Sheriff’s re-election campaign during hours, when he is supposed to be working for LASD.

“The Sheriff ignored Complainant’s concerns this conduct was illegal.”

There is a lot more to the story of former Assistant Sheriff Robin Limon and her allegations, which she reportedly backs up with emails, texts, and other documents.

Plus, there are additional legal complaints coming from people who have direct knowledge of wrongdoing.

So watch this space

PS: Here’s the Limon complaint below

And you can find the Castellano complaint here.

Robin Limon Claim Final, 4/… by Celeste Fremon


  • Anyone who knows Robin Limon, Eli Vera, and Alan Castellanos knows that all three of them are honest, honorable individuals. All three have dedicated their lives to law enforcement and the LA County Sheriff’s Department. It’s way beyond the point where the Villanueva apologists can shrug these revelations off and claim the allegations are somehow part of some grand conspiracy to take down the sheriff.

    It has been clear to many over the past 3-plus years that this sheriff is a thin-skinned, petty, tyrannical bully who delights in squabbling with anyone who dares to hold an opinion that is not in lock-step with his (or his wife’s). He has finally painted himself into a corner from which there is no exit.

    This upcoming election will sort things out once and for all as it relates to Villanueva. I’m fairly confident that the voters of LA County will not be fooled a second time by this loose-cannon of a sheriff. His penchant for falsehoods, overblown statements and plain old arrogance have finally run their course. Just think back over the past couple of years and the multitude of half-witted, damaging scenarios he has been involved in. It’s mind blowing that some folks still hold onto the slim hope that he will somehow correct course and actually start being a true law enforcement professional. That ship has long since sailed.

    The clock is ticking, and the tenure of Alex Villanueva is thankfully drawing to a close. It will take years for the new sheriff to undo the damage that has been done by this nincompoop.

    Let’s get past June 7th and then let the true healing begin.

  • Read the law suit, nice to see that Robin not only did the right thing, but she has been standing up to our vindictive Sheriff. Alex I supported you from way back and you let us all down. You’re now a proven liar (what many of us already knew) and an absolute disgrace.

  • I wonder if Alejandro’s crack braintrust of Skippers are in their bunker right now trying to figure out how to talk and deflect their way out of this perfect trap they fell into. Another one to add to the (you can’t make this $#!T up) files.

    I told that Allie was overheard on an emergent call to Bibi crying and begging her for advice on what to do now. He smartly broke out his burner phone for that call. Oops, is the home line tapped?

    I’m sure the next plan being hatched by the PhD Campaign Clown Firm of Satterfield, Burcher, Gonzales and Villanueva are putting their combined single digit IQ’s together which includes retrieving Alex’s Short Bus keys and a wheelchair. My informant told me they plan to wait about 5 minutes or so for Magoorakami to fall asleep, again, and then have Lt. Blanchard, oops ACTING Captain Blanchard load sleeping Timmy into the wheelchair to be pushed in front of the Alex driven bus at the next press conference. The only twist is Former A/Capt Blanchard wasn’t told that the bus will be coming from behind to run them both over with one single pass.

    FBI?? Hello! Federal Civil Rights Obstruction of Justice charges are screaming for y’all down here. The address of this call is: 211 W. Temple Street, 8th Floor, Los Angeles, CA

    The paper shredders are burning up. The hard drives and data bases are being erased as we read. And thus, Pandora’s Box Part 2 is now being written. For all of the underlings still reading (that includes Asst Sheriff’s all the way down the proverbial ladder to include pro-staff and line level personnel, please don’t make the fatal mistake of carrying out some stupid obstruction of justice orders that are currently being born out of pure panic and desperation.

    Hey ALADS, care to update that endorsement you just made? I hope you didn’t give away those membership paid campaign donation checks to Sweatpee already.

    If only Alex’s illegal home helipad had been completed. That would have made for a sweet video of the FBI’s helicopter landing there for the warrant service.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • but seriously though…what is the difference between this site and the [WLA edit] lasd [WLA edit] can cover their faces and real names and spew how they really feel lol

  • Editor’s note:

    You’ll find the Robin Limon complaint at the end of the post above. (I just added it. )

    I’ll also add the Castellano complaint in a minute. Both are well written, and make for interesting reading.


  • @Celeste Thank you. Based on the allegations made by Robin Limon the Sheriff should be relieved of duty. If not by voters come next month then by the Board in collaboration with FBI.

    To piggy back on one of your articles a couple months ago where you asked has the Department gone back to corruption, nepotism and rigged promotions.

    The answer is YES.

    What happened to the sergeant who filed that complaint? Alex made her the subject of an internal affairs investigation and accused her of discrimination.

  • This is a juicy story . This will be as good/bad as the Paul Tanaka scandal. Im aiting for Villanueva to come after Celeste next, she better be wearing a wire and record all contact with LASD deputies.

    Who will the FBI be using as an informant?

  • Celeste can you ask Alex if he will be holding another news conference? BAH-hahahaha!

  • Villian-occhio, your nose is longer than the stick you held at your press conference of lies.

    Blanchard- was it a proud moment when you got those shiny Hush Bars???

  • Robin Limon Complaint; Line 13;

    13. Complainant adamantly disagreed with the promotion of a notorious Lieutenant to the rank of Captain. Complainant advised the Sheriff that this employee had not met the requirements to apply for Captain and the application process had already been closed. In addition, there were allegations of fraud against this employee. Yet, the Sheriff improperly instructed staff to reopen the application period for the captain position again so she could apply. She was subsequently placed as an Acting Captain. This employee later would become the subject of an administrative investigation for numerous issues including violating laws under FEHA and for being involved in a lieutenant promotional exam cheating scandal. The Sheriff has indicated he plans to eventually promote her to an Assistant Sheriff position.

    Notorious Lieutenant = aka Yvonne

  • The Sheriff stated that it is “His Department!” and “He and Vivian” (his wife, who is not employed by the department) will select people as they see fit because Vivian “is a very good judge of character.”

    Straight comedy right there !!! Vindictive Villanueva a good judge of character !?!? When your two mediocre “careers” on LASD were based around the both of you being victims at every turn and everybody was conspiring against you both, you are now on the verge of being taken down by exactly the web you spun for all those years. When you can’t cut the mustard, pack your own lunch and beyond insecure about your inner fortitude, you both grasped for any bit of the victim card as a smoke bomb to get you thru and onto the next assignment. Now you are both high & mighty running LASD into the ground. The fall should not sting that bad because you both never bled tan & green like the rest of us. It was never in your soul or in your DNA.

    “It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.”

    Don’t leave a light on. Leave your keys on the mantle.

  • Blanchard you are a coward you might be able to redeem yourself just a little by coming forward and telling the truth

  • Notorious Lieutenant!!!!! Promoted to Personnel Captain and was slated for Assistant Sheriff?!!!!!
    What is the Sheriff smoking!!!! Bibi you will allow Alex to be alone with the Notorious Lieutenant?!!!
    I guess you don’t mind the public display of affection between them, only you are blind.

  • UnderSheriff Timothy Murakami:
    “Uh, the claim in, in March is, is false, Um, I didn’t know where they got it from but it’s not true.”
    Spoken like a true Word Player!!!! Anyone who’s ever worked cases knows, “this dude ain’t right”. Nah brah, we ain’t playing word games, scrabble, or Wheel of Fortune. Timothy is lying. He’s doing his best, God bless his chubby soul, to do Alex right. But NO, he’s lying. He’s God fearing, he don’t wanna go to prison (I mean come on, you see his waistline lately?), poor guy, DON’T lie to the Feds Timothy, and Tony for that matter. You both know cameras exist at HOJ, civilian wits, and time stamped DVD’s exist, right? Damn shame it’s come to this. Damn.

  • Spot on A/S Robin, and thank you for fighting. AV looking a little shabby lately. Captain S. Ruiz, Major Crimes Bureau and ELA Alum, loyal to AV. Ruiz, Remember what happened to poor former MCB Captain Tom Carey during Pandoras Box #1. I’ll remind you, Federal Prison. Good luck, you are complicate. Who else will join the cast of characters for Pandoras Box #2? Would it be Professional Standards and Training Division Chief E. Alvarez, ELA Alumni and AV campaign donor bagman (look for him in the background in every campaign fundraiser photo). Or can it be former Audit and Accountability Bureau Captain and now Professional Standards and Training Division Commander R. Moore (AV transition team member). Both control oversight of IAB and ICIB cases, must be nice to have your boys in the right place huh AV. The only intelligent one is newly transferred to PSTD Commander J. Wolak (don’t let these guys leave you holding the bag Commander Jason, they need a fall guy when the DOJ is done). There is a reason why Chief M. Burson and Chief K. Porowski (former AV transition team member, but got smart) jumped ship. Or could it be newly promoted Commander C. Kovac (AV transition team member) overseeing data systems bureau (Don’t delete or manipulate data commander, the DOJ won’t like it). Only time will tell.

  • @Conquistador

    Let me buy you a beer!!!! you are so on point.

    Never bled tan and green!!! It’s time to take our department back from these incompetent clowns

  • @Ghetto Slayer

    A few beers will definitely taste good when BiBi & Bow-legs get a taste of their own medicine. Funny how on swear-in day as they gazed into each other’s eyes with those cat ate the canary smirks thinking how they just pulled one over on everyone. With his hand on the good book, right arm raised and the “hit list” in his rear pocket. What a glorious time it must have been as they set out on their countywide departmental reckoning tour. I hope BiBi still has that red pen she uses on the promotional & transfer lists when her well trained subservient bow-legged man brings them home for her review. She can add the final two names to that hit list. Cheers Brother

  • Uh oh….looks like people are finding out about Villanueva’s good friend Lt. Howie Fuchs being arrested for spousal assault….and how if you’re liked or connected with Villanueva, the rules and Department policies don’t apply to you. I was afraid of this! Looks like the cat is out of the bag! Limon tried warning you Alex.

    For those still trying to add 2+2 and put it all together….A simple search of the public site LA County Jail Inmate Information will show you that there are two standards for discipline within the sheriff’s department. One for Villanueva’s buddies and the standard policies and discipline for everyone else!

    Lt. Howard Fuchs, Booking #6091630
    Arrested on 09/17/2021 by the Beverly Hills Police Department for spousal assault.

    Proof positive you too can drunkenly assault your wife on video, while armed, drive a county vehicle while highly intoxicated, and be as beligerant as you want with responding officers…all while on promotional probation. Must be NICE to not have to ever be held accountable to rules, laws and policies!

    Gee…I hope nobody gets a hold of the evidence video or the Beverly Hills PD officers BWC footage. That would be bad!

    I’d love to see the tap dance and wooden stick pointing at the white board on that news conference!

  • Disgraaced retired A/S Limon has displayed her true colors. She is as corrupt as they come. Sad day for LASD.

  • Blanchard tell the truth, before more of the Angels come out and verify you’re lying. Alex isn’t Bosley and can’t control his women. See he was never liked by anyone at any unit. He was the guy no one wanted to work with. Save yourself, protect your family and restore the department. When the feds come knocking it will be too late.

  • Hey Howie, it sounds like you will soon have plenty of extra time on you hands. I hear there is a pet rescue pilot program at SVB that is looking for volunteers to respond to incients where a traumatic incident has occurred. You can keep the therapy dog at home and schedule a play date with Simon. Have fun scooping up poop!

  • Notorious Lieutenant, I hope you like wearing orange jumpsuits your days of targeting personnel and violating laws are over. Alex and Bibi can’t save you from this one and cover up all the lawsuits and taxpayers money you have wasted because of your reckless behavior, you will have to do more then steal from the kids funds for your lunch, all your actions have a paper trail let’s see if you are dancing with a drink in your hand and arm in the air when they come for you. You missed a camera when you put in a work order to have your office checked for cameras.
    You are a reckless human being with no soul. Maybe you will find a higher power when you are alone in your jail cell eating boloney sandwiches. Shame on you!!!!

  • @facts
    That’s funny you don’t know the facts, she is not retired she chose to not take Alex’s generous offer to run to Lacera within the hour or get demoted, she chose to stay and stand up for the truth.

  • @Conquistador

    And who better to receive the doctored promotional list without asking questions than the Notorious Lieutenant. I hope all those that received illegal promotions know that they can be fired for accepting a promotion they were not qualified for, last time I checked that is considered a theft of public funds and as guilty as the person granting the promotion. Not all the ones that BiBi promoted actually took a promotional exam, you know who you are and so does DOJ. Run to Lacera while you still can.

  • Many of us saw this coming when Villanueva took office and effectively decapitated the Department by getting rid of his entire command staff. Hundreds of years of historic knowledge was lost to satisfy his “Restore, Rebuild, REVENGE” theme. He then promoted people TO the ranks, not THROUGH the ranks based not on experience, competence or education, but loyalty. Most had NO idea what they were doing. This legacy of incompetent people in command positions will last for MANY years and I seriously doubt the Department can recover from it. I NOT a fan of either the LA Times or the Board of Supervisors, but I’m cheering them on and hoping they can bring Villanueva down.

    As for Burcher, even with Limon’s revelations, the public has NO idea what illegal activity he’s been up to, particularly off duty.

    I USED to proudly tell people I worked for the LASD for over 30 years…..not anymore.

  • @Facts “Disgraced retired A/S Limon.” Did I miss that story or is that a label you are giving her, now?

  • @PLM Prince: You are spot on regarding Fuchs. I am sure a PRA request is in the works for some of that BWC footage. I am wondering if this is why AV placed newly promoted commander (JM, an AV supported ELA Alumni) and commander MH (Bibbi friend and confidant) at Detective Division. Maybe to watch over Fuchs and put out fires, hmm. Funny how the Detective Division Chief just jumped on the “out on leave” gravy train. Can’t make this $@&! up.

  • Hey Alex,

    Where’s your “truth to power” retort on this latest claim from your highest of personally selected & trusted executives? You have always comeback with some B.S. strongly worded press release, social media live event, or the best yet, a staged press conference with bogus charts and graphs at the hallowed Hall of Justice media room with Sleepy Tim Magoorakami standing closely to your exposed backside.

    But last night, as all of the local news crews followed and pressed you for a statement, all we saw was your pathetic deer in the headlights, solemn and lost looking, grim faced, no comment responses, as you frantically looked for the elevator escape route. Those bow legs failed you as you tried to outrun those mean, soul piercing, lights and cameras.

    This new, internal executive whistleblower claim/lawsuit, has exposed much more than the “Knee on the Neck” obstruction of justice illegal coverup. Assistant Sheriff Limon laid out much more VILLANueva acts of corruption that many whispered about over the past 3 years, only now we have verified names, dates locations and incidences. The merciful end to the failed and destructive VILLANueva Clown Show is near. Allie & Bibi, enjoy your Just Desserts.

    Que the Perp Walk!

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • Riddle me this…. If a person knows about a crime, but fails to properly report it in a timely manner (say, to the D.A., Feds or State Attorney General) and they are in a position of power (say, Assistant Sheriff), wouldn’t that person be culpable too? I mean c’mon, the A/S knew about it long ago and didn’t act on it until she was demoted.


    Stay tuned.

  • Wow. As the world turns. All this drama is just like a soap opera. Why don’t you computer warriors get out of your office and go 10-8!! Take some bad guys to jail (for once) and stop worrying about all the politics.

  • @Copernicus we are 10-8 driving a junker radio car whose dashboard looks like Christmas lights because we can’t get cars and working doubles while the Sheriff’s friends in his office running his campaign are driving brand new cars and making 300K a year to attend food drives and drive Mom around to scout the new set of bootlickers that will buy her expensive gifts and tell her she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. So I would say it’s more than just politics. The line is getting starved while everyone on top is getting phat and enjoying all the resources. Shame on You!!!!

  • @Copernicus ok mr. cowboy ghetto gun slinger [WLA edit]. I know your type.

    @WTH so you aren’t disputing that Alex lied, you just bashing Limon because she told? Everything on complaint appears to of happened within the last year. She must of been in a terrible position.

    I have no respect for anyone who supports Alex, Bibi, his useless executive advisors and all the ELA thugs.

  • @Copernicus….with all due respect. Let the oppressed and disgruntled vent their frustrations, as this is a validation of what we all suspected through whispers.

    This is our day, of reckoning..

    And according to Limon’s claim, they are more than likely those who have put in the work 10-8, but were retaliated against over crooked AV, Viv’s and Muradummi’s insecurities.

    Or maybe they just saw it all. Time to correct the inequities wrought by bad cops.


  • If Limon’s complaint is accurate, Villanueva needs to resign immediately. There’s nothing in the many, many descriptions about his level of integrity that suggests that he will do so – but he should. The community and the many hard working, dedicated staff on LASD deserve far better than this man, the inappropriate involvement of his wife and the unqualified people he’s promoted.

  • It sure is quiet in the VILLANueva social media sphere today. Hey Alex, what’s up? Did you tell most of your keyboard warrior cheerleaders to stand down or did they all say, “I Got Nuthin” after reading Limon’s claim which blew your reporter attacking press conference stunt to smithereens? Even the private page anonymous FaceBookers went dark on ya.

    And now you are suddenly canceling many of your upcoming scheduled community events? Why? Are you afraid Alene and her fellow reporter friends might be looking forward to catching you on video trying to duck and weave easy & direct questions?

    A little birdie told me that many city managers and council persons are already planning on how to avoid you at next month’s CA Contract Cities seminar in Indian Wells, as none, not a one, wants to be caught dead in a photo near you. I guess now you’ll have a good excuse to convince Sweatpee to stay home to avoid the embarrassment. But wait, will she let you go alone knowing that the “notorious captain” (the one that doesn’t have a station command or a contract city) will be there in her suite for three days? I’m sure she will be busy in her room the entire time practicing on her “special projects” personal, oops, I mean ‘personnel’ hiring presentation. Don’t worry Bibi, you would still have to approve her future promotions so she would never #$%@ you over behind your back. Besides, I have solid intel that Allie can’t hardly even look at her after staring in your loving eyes for the past couple of decades. Maybe you can assign Cmdr ‘Bigglesworth’ Burcher to keep a leering eye(s) on her, you know, just in case. ALADS better keep a solid overwatch presence on their nightly “Hospitality Suite” as photos of those following drinks and games funded by the overworked, OT Maxed, CARPing line swine would be easy to explain.

    Well, good luck keeping those pesky reporters at bay now that your lyin ways have been proven, not only locally, but now on a national level. I’m sure they won’t bother you at your ELA Cinco De Mayo appearance on Sunday, May 1st b/t 1000 -1500 hrs at Maywood Riverfront Park (5000 Slauson Ave, Maywood CA).

    And I also doubt they will be following you around in Indian Wells, May 12-15th because I’m sure in your current budgetary challenged year, there’s absolutely no way over half of the Department’s command staff could possibly be justified being at this golfing, dinning and drinking 3-Day junket. But heck, as Robin recounted in her claim: ‘You are the F’ing Sheriff and you and Bibi can do whatever the #$%& you want!’

    Also, no worries watching ‘The Barn’ as Sleepy Tim and his trusty Lillienfeld crew will keep the lid on and the barn doors monitored, oops, I meant shut! I mean, there’s absolutely one thing you can also count on when you make a super secret investigative political hit squad. They would never spill the beans on their work, and would never, ever, never, ever, ever, have any FBI bargaining insurance info on their most trustworthy and loyal Boss Jefe, like you! Wink, wink…. Enjoy your last year’s of festivities.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • @ghetto slayer. What are you on?? You’re fourth booster?! Get over yourself and go to work. Stop complaining and go 10-15 with some steel. Then come talk to me.

  • @Ghetto Slayer
    What a lame….by your statement of “junker radio cars and we are getting starved. ” I know you don’t work in the ghetto because ghetto cops wouldn’t complain about a radio car. Your made cause copernicus is spot on. Stop crying and get back to work.

  • “Well, considering that the person was not … there was no serious injuries, it was something that needed to be investigated properly, but not something that is earth-shattering news.”

  • I believe Limons claims 100%. However, I’m not sure how I feel about Limon’s character, overall. She clearly had no problem with AV ruining the careers of many due to his hate and vengeance against those whom he perceived had wronged him. She had no problem watching the ship sail, til it looked like she, herself would need a life boat.

    Where was she when it was clear the Captain’s application process was re-opened specifically to allow the notorious lieutenant (YO) the opportunity to apply once she became eligible? Eventually the DUI suspected, car crashing notorious lieutenant promoted within a few weeks of applying as planned. Of course experience and knowledge was optional. Instead of learning about her new gig, the climber used it to her advantage and gave out test questions like skittles. Let’s not single out YO though. More than 70% of bow-bow’s (AV) promotions and skippages have not met requirements, has questionable character, are unqualified, and some just aren’t very smart. It’s comical to watch them walk around with their lil bars and stars like they somehow earned them.

    Where was Limon when AV openly retaliated against ANYONE who had an opinion opposite of his?

    What has Limon said or did about the Department paying the 2 grammatically challenged female (one being an allegded God-daughter) deputies over 100k in overtime a year? Just to make sure old bow legs doesn’t trip and to send out 5th grade quality emails on his behalf.

    What did Limon say or do when AV failed to investigate or discipline Murakami for calling a Black female Lieutenant a racial slur?

    Since your spilling the beans Limon, care to tell us why ex-ELA Deputy G is hiding out at the Mounted Enforcement Detail…hmm.

    And speaking of ELA. the latest captain promotion HAD to be rigged, just had to be. I’m going out on a limb and say “the fix was in.”

    The new ELA captain move isnt surprising though, AV surrounds himself with Commanders, Chiefs, and above who are like scared little puppies around him. It’s sickening to watch. In fact every last one of them are just as culpable for his actions as he is. Grown men scared of that lil czar who won’t say a word.

    Kudos to you Limon, for FINALLY saying something, but you don’t get off that easy. In my book, you’re just as complicit as Bow legged AV, frumpy VV, dumpy Murakami, and the rest of them clowns.

  • For all those jumping for joy at this political election year hit piece, please explain the “there there” regarding this whole situation? An “alleged” murderer is in a court lockup and punches a deputy. While trying to control the “alleged murder” a deputy unintentionally places his knee on the head of the “alleged murder”. The “alleged” murder doesn’t die and an internal investigation takes place. I’m sure incidents happen lile this all the time in jails, police stations and court lock ups. Don’t these departments conduct internal investigation’s which for the most part remain internal unless there is something that rises to the occasion of going external? Why is this such a big deal besides the Los Angeles political cabal hates Sheriff Villanueva as well as alot of his own department members it would seem.

    Looking from the outside, the sheriff is the only one concerned about crime in LA County and his boots on the grounds approach to handle the homeless problem sure made life more liveable in Venice. All the years of hand wringing, empty promises and billions of wasted dollars has gotten nowhere. Sheriff Villanueva may not be perfect but he’s the only one actually trying to do what’s best for the citizens of Los Angeles.

  • @ Ron Hernandez – Without bashing or taunting you, what are your thoughts now about you/ALADS vetting and padding the pockets of Villanueva’s election several years ago.
    It appears that the current Board is drinking the leftover Kool-aid while reading a wish list that has never happened and never will.
    So much for the largest Sheriff’s Union in America and the majority of deputies who have no clue of how their dues are being wasted.

  • @Truth Be Told, we did what we had to do based on the feedback I/we were getting from our members.
    They did not want us to support McDonnell, the incumbent. It appears to me the current board is acting on the information they received from the members who bothered to voice their opinion. This time those who spoke supported the incumbent, which was different than the last time. What you unfairly call drinking the “leftover Kool-aid I call doing their fiduciary duty. People always make the comment about “how their dues are spent.” For the record the vast majority of dues are spent on the legal plan and member representation. While I was there, almost 5 years, we constantly invited people to come and look at the books. I am aware of one person who came down and looked at them, because he was running for the board. He quickly lost interest when he saw how well organized the budget was and saw there was nothing alarming. I can’t speak for previous budgets, because I was alarmed when I looked at the books. In case you haven’t notice, every association/union worth anything, has a PAC and PIC fund. You can’t use that money for anything other than to endorse candidtaes for office or support or fight issues/legislative bills. Unfortunately neither the PAC or PIC come with a crystal ball. The most disappointing part is that few want to be directors, few want to voice their opinions, but many want to complain about those who are doing that job. You know, kind of the way you/we often feel about the communites we serve!

  • @Copernicous
    Where should I come talk to you? Do you even remember how to go 10-15. I know your game when you have nothing intelligent to say or can’t handle the truth the first thing you do is insult and deflect. Weak!!!

  • All this drama for this incident is hilarious. In the end, the employee was investigated admin & criminally. This ain’t Pandora’s Box 2, this is Comedy Central. As much as some may not want to hear it, Alex Villanueva will be the Sheriff of Los Angeles County for another four years. As far as this mess, I hope all the players are exposed. You can’t make this stuff up!

    What is it, about 37 or 38 more days? Going to be fun!


  • @Skeptical

    Cleaning up the homeless is a political strategy and it doesn’t excuse all the careers and lives AV has ruined.
    AV keeps blaming others for the crime rise but what is he doing to actually strategize and mitigate crime? Nothing just whining and making sure he does his photo ops and takes the promotional list home so BiBi can promote his notorious Lieutenants, captains.
    I actually feel sorry for BiBi, was the notorious Lieutenant the one with AV in Palm Springs when he had to get picked up by air 5 and found with compromising company that was not BiBi.

  • @Ghetto Softie

    We ghetto cops don’t complain about a beat up car because every dent is a badge of honor but we do like to have cars that don’t die in the middle of a pursuit. I would like to hear what Copernicus is spot on about

  • The Kool-aid at ALADS is concentrated.
    Even when slapped with reality, excuses abound in abundance while denying defeat and taking the hit for their loss.
    While being a former ALADS member and PPOA member, I must admit that PPOA has always “called it” as we currently see.
    We all know that the majority of ALADS members usually are politically unaware and actually clueless as previously stated. I
    highly doubt that most deputies wanted to replace McDonnell based upon Ron Hernandez narrative.
    Not much has changed even with the riddance of “Tricky Dick” Shinee or the typical robotic votes
    of ALADS Board Members.
    Opinions don’t matter as the truth has exposed all of the players with time being the referee.

  • This Opinion piece pretty much nails it:

    “Los Angeles County voters chose this sheriff in 2018 in part because they were seduced into backing a supposedly liberal Democrat over the Republican incumbent. He has now swung far to the right to appeal to voters who might somehow believe he is the answer to the crime and homelessness that grew on his watch. But regardless of changing politics or ideology, the constant is Villanueva’s paranoia and misuse of his authority. He is a stain on self-government — one that voters have in their power to wash away.”

  • So much corruption from Villanueva. Hiring a field deputy who has not shown up to one day of work and who supervisor Hahn had asked her to resign because of financial discrepancies and favoring certain donors and awarding contracts. Villanueva endorsed her to run for Cerritos city council one of our contract cities amid many reported allegations of dark money donations and now she is endorsing him on his campaign. He hires people like her for her political contacts while they do nothing for LASD, we are underfunded because of Villanueva’s shady dealings and misuse of tax payers funds for his own personal gain

  • Man it’s getting JOO-SAY in here haha. Everyone in here, proves a valid point, that AV has had time to focus on his revenge agenda. Instead of worrying about the things that will help bring LASD forward. There are people, to date who are being disciplined and fired for “ Obedience to Laws, Regulations and Orders” ; “Bringing Undue Embarrasment” to the LASD, and yet when it is the conduct of executive level management staff, these things are overlooked. It’s so hypocritical. Deputies are at home, relieved of duty, some justifiably and others for executing judgment in trivial situations and see no hope on the horizon, yet this type of conduct are the steering wheel of all the decisions pertaining to them. It’s sad.

    There’s so much more to pay attention apart of the “ it’s my time to look out for my homies since I’m in the good hands of the Sheriff.” Just look at all the homie hook-ups going on. Someone want to say how Valerie Silguero got to promote to Commander and work in the same division as her BFF Laura Lecrivain? They pounce around HOJ like school girls or terrorizing the careers of their subordinates like they’re in the movie mean girls!

    Or what about the LASD Token Duo for the Central Patrol Division Auntie April and Kerry Carter, opening admins on people they don’t like as well.

    – side note: I’m saddened at the behavior of those two, they really need to watch who they keep company with because they’re just as involved as the Notorious Lieutenant when it comes to cheating scandals. Riddle me this, how did a certain Sergeant, for the purposes of this we will call him “ Tricky Ricky”. Know to go on vacation during LT’s exam, and upon his return was able to take the exam but called DOZENS of people and asked what material was on the test so he could subsequently defy the odds and pass the exam. Then he calls everywhere and parades around staring “ I got hooked up, I got hooked up, and I know I’m going to promote because Kerry is going to hook me up before he retires.”

    This, this right here is the problem and the environment AV HAS MADE. It’s no longer about qualifications, it’s about survival

    Tanaka 2.0 know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see FOX, ABC, KCAL and all the channels interview former administrations and ask them their take on this. That would really tick Alex off.

    p.s. Hey Alex, if it’s really about qualifications, how about you tell PATROL TRAINED SERGEANTS who are stuck in custody WANTING to be in the field, how Manny Navarro promoted to Sergeant and stayed in the Sheriff’s Office as your driver? and I quote “patrol stations are 70% staffed” yet you took your drivers patrol budgeted item from the station he was supposed to promote and go to, and retained it for your personal use.” From what I hear, he never saw a day at CEN yet he’s assigned there on books….

    Back to Public service we go…

  • “Copernicus” you may have your computer warriors all mixed up.

    There are some self admitted CROOKed E.L.A detectives who type their bullshit reports and then blame it on computer glitches. And presumably testify as “Gang Experts” at times.

    And they also like showing up for calls for service where Category 3 use of force was used. My suggestion would be for the Department to upgrade their computers. Because it’s not a good look , especially when you have supervisors showing up to court with a paper log to justify the CROOKed detectives arrival!

  • Unfortunately, AV says he takes care of the deputies, but in reality, is he? A newly promoted lieutenant has gone around MCJ since his arrival telling everyone how tight he is with AV and Bibbi and offers to get us whatever we need. Claims all he has to do is make a phone call. He also sends out campaign info while on duty. He is taking credit for putting a town hall meeting together with Gil Carillo where Carillo addressed the deputies for the low morale currently in place and AV showed up. Now the same lieutenant “Sonic” is getting rewarded by getting a cush spot! Every other supervisor gets denied leaving the line before doing one year when “they don’t check the box” by the 8th floor at HOJ. What happened to fairness and merit? Plenty of lawsuits coming down the pipe!

  • @Truth Be Told, I’m trying to keep it civil, but I guess it’s pointless, because you’re going to lob your BS as if it’s credible.

    Maybe you are the most credible person to comment on Witness LA, but I highly doubt it since you too feel the need to be anonymous all the while trying to act like your in the know and people should trust your opinion.

    I’ll bet you’re one who never gets involved or only voices an opinion when it’s safe,

    Pick a screen name closer to your character.

    “Truth Be Told” sounds like you’re trying to hard to be credible!

    I can guarantee you I had way more conversations about what Deputies wanted than you did. It was part of my duties.

    The comment referencing not much has changed at ALADS shows how clueless you truly are.

    Your own happiness, or lack there of, is not an accurate gauge.

  • Everyone hates me because I am beautiful. I worked really hard for my promotions just ask Allie Boo Boo. He’s just waiting for IAB to clear my name then all you haters better show some respect!

  • Tonio Ramirez and Ghetto Slayer must be radio car partners. Driving around all shift…..not taking bad guys to jail…..and complaining about all their woes because the have to work. Just slip on a banana peel and go out IOD already. The LASD will be better for it. Meanwhile, I’ll go 10-8 with “ghetto softie” and pull some heat.

  • After reading Lemon’s complaint, no doubt Tanaka 2.0 is alive and well. Sickening, but agree with Helipad Javier 100%. Too little too late. The queen of the Skippers talks a good story but has been on El tren de la salsa since dia uno.

    That’s the issue here with all the LASD brass – as it was under Tanaka 1.0. Afraid to speak their minds and to say “NO” when they were told to do something unethical or illegal.

    You may recall in the Pandora’s box case there was an IRC Deputy who was told to change the booking information of the inmate Baca/Tanaka were trying to hide from the feds. Knowing that in doing so, she was violating policy, she refused. Dispite the being told by the brass telling her to change the information that the order came directly from U/S Tanaka, she told them she would not do so without written orders signed by Tanaka himself. That caused a change of tactics by the brass who then brow-beat a civilian employee to do their bidding.

    Imagine if all of those about this Deputy had refused to do Tanaka’s bidding, knowing the order was improper and out of policy. Imagine if they had told him, “No, not without your direct written order.” Maybe, just maybe, that inmate would never would have been “hidden” from the feds and those who stood tall might have saved Tanaka and Baca from themselves and saved their poor subordinates who followed their orders right in to Federal Prison.

    So, good for Robin Limon, just a little late. The question is: Is it too late to save Allie and BiBi (and perhaps others) from themselves?

  • @ghetto slayer
    What a poser. Now I know you don’t work in the ghetto, because you’re talking about being a pursuit. Guys and gals that are actually out there pursuits don’t come on a website and talk about it. Loser!

    Copernicus don’t waste your time with this weak sauce, He’s too busy getting his face booster for Covid and wearing his mask

  • I bet Creepy Carl is trying to jump ship onto someone else’s campaign. Just like how he did when he was all for Bob Lindsey, talking mad smack of Alex. Then as soon as Bob didn’t make it, immediately jumped on Alex’s campaign praising him as the mosiah.

    Wua Carl?

  • The truly funny thing about all of this is how much Alex cried and cried about Baca and Tanaka just to find out he is EXACTLY like them.

  • “Copernicus”

    “ Stop complaining and go 10-15 with some steel”

    Really???? Such a hard charger!!

  • Self proclaimed Big bad “Copernicus”

    When u post your true identity kid then talk to me!

  • @Long Gone

    You are exactly on point. Corruption is facilitated by complicit Department members out of self interest.

    The Department is plagued by cowards. Department members who have the moral fortitude, and courage to do right are quickly black balled by weak followers.

    If you don’t have the courage to stand alone and do right then don’t get in the way and black ball those who do.

  • Blah blah blah… the Pot calling the kettle black! Not so pretty when you get demoted back to a LT when there were many deserving commanders and chiefs more suitable for the position. Whos Crying now? [WLA edit] Castellanos fast tracked all the way to commander and got stuck. It truly astonishes me how Bornman and Hernandez have the gull to say what upstanding folks they are. Really? You eating crow now Ron? Again this fast tracking friends associates car partners is nothing new folks. Alex just puts it in your face . KARMA IS A…!! All politicians lie & deny to include rank and file to save their own hide.

  • I wonder how many IP addresses are being documented for follow-up?

    These comments are interesting.

  • @copernicus

    Don’t waste your time with Antonio Ramirez or ghetto slayer. They drive around whining like little Sally’s. Keep up the good work copernicus, see you on the booking line. Something they know nothing about, to busy crying how coveted needs to take into consideration all their 12500 hooks.

  • Antonio, I’ll be on the grinder at STARs Monday at 6am, if you want to discuss in person. Better pack your lunch.

  • @B42Long, I’m not even sure how to respond. I couldn’t find where I posted calling anyone upstanding, but since you asked me if I’m eating crow I though I’d at least acknowledge your comment.

    I’m as confused as when you posted your displeasure for ALADS over a decision PPOA made.

  • @Ghetto Softie

    It’s amazing how you can’t handle the truth and have nothing intelligent to say so your best defense is to bully and point out what are clearly your flaws not mine. Do better

  • Anybody know what happened to Acting Chief Blasnek? He was Acting Chief at my Skelly hearing and I know he was promoted to Commander by Villanueva in 2019.

  • Copernicus I wouldn’t be bragging about being on the grinder @0600. We allready know your a tiny weenie.




  • Why are people talking about grinders, 12500 arrests, “booking steel”, and dilapidated radio cars in here? You’re bringing down the conversation: a conversation about some pretty serious turmoil going on at the highest levels of the department. So, do us all a favor and take your police-boy dick measuring contest over to Instagram or whatever lame social media platform you people live on. The adults are trying to talk here.

  • So you’re saying Paul has a chance to come back? Asking for a friend….

  • @Eldon Hoke

    AV keyboard warriors trying to distract everyone else from the real issues as usual. The radio car shortage is real more than normal, fleet is in bad shape thanks to AV along with a long laundry list of things we have lost due to his incompetence. While AV and friends get go drive all nice brand new cars.

  • Question, I read Robin’s claim. Who the heck is the lieutenant who was put on needs improvement and was then transferred to an acting captain position and is now a commander? I can think of a lot of folks who may fit that description.

  • Hey Alex,

    Since you tell your SIB Army to post all kinds of meaningless B.S on the Department’s social media sites, why don’t you do something truly meaningful and RIGHT for once in your life? Today is Gianna Bryant’s Birthday. You know who she is, right? You know the young beautiful soul who your “knee on the neck” scandal deputy who was also involved in the gruesome mangled human remains Kobe Bryant helicopter crash photo sharing scandal that you also got caught trying to hide? Yes, that beautiful young lady. Well, her mother who is grieving that unimaginable loss posted a Birthday Tribute to Gianna today. Why don’t you take the time out of your busy day of dodging reporters and have your staff post something heartfelt and genuine to Vanessa on behalf of Gianna?

    I know she’s not one of BiBi’s ELA community homegirls where you will go out of your way to make personal appearances with half of the LASD’s resources driving-by and delivering donated gifts, all on video of course for social media brownie points, complete with helicopter flyovers, but I’m sure you could take this opportunity to try to finally do right by Vanessa with such a small gesture, especially after you did her wrong by lying to her face during the worst time in her life.

    I’m sure Sweatpee would approve. Wouldn’t she?

    Let’s see if you have any heart at all in that corrupt household of yours.

    Happy Heavenly Birthday Gianna:

  • The damage is still being done at LASD with the stakeholders in shock & denial. Truly amazing!

  • Why don’t you whiners just let it go? The polls n votes will tell d truth, if d majority re-elects him, then it’s done deal, live with it or run against him, too much drama, why don’t u I’d yourselves n not hide behind pseudonyms, show some cajones!!

  • I just saw pictures of personnel attending the California State Capitol. The cowboy hats look cheesy and uniformed personnel look ridiculous!

  • The only reason Ms Lemon came forward is that she is involved in the shady dealings and wants immunity. AV hires and fires people quicker than DJT. I wouldn’t trust one of the rogues gallery of candidates running. Especially Vera, Mr Regulator himself. No more LASD Gangs Eliazer. Ms Britta can talk a good recipe. Give her ingredients and a kitchen, she’ll ALWAYS spoil the soup. Incompetent! Luna, LBPD hated him, why not LASD. Ole Rhambo wants to be the boss. Lead by example right! He was deep in the PT scandal and went turncoat to save himself. I think there’s an old photo on the net with him throwing up a gang sign, in uniform! Cmon Cecil, Beanie Boy taught you better. Then we have Matt R. AV’s twin brother. They had a falling out, now Mattimus want to return to the Coliseum and deal with the horrible proxy Ruler AV Betus Malis Maximus and his queen From the East Side BiBi from the block. He’ll be a carbon copy of AV and is looking for revenge. Grab some popcorn. Gonna be fun.

  • “JDIC Box Full” thank you

    I was just curious considering I was present at my Skelly hearing with Acting Chief Blasnek, Commander Wolak, Ara HATAMIan and the scribe Sgt. Briseño . I received an amended response letter after the first one read that I failed to respond. So important to read the correspondence, especially if your there for well over an hour. Thx again

  • I was disappointed that on 8-23-19 at approximately 1:20 pm Chief Chase walked passed my housing row “7034” and didn’t say hello. He may have been a newly appointed Chief at the time.

    The current Captain at my housing facility (CJ7034) Captain Wolak (Hermano of Region 3 Commander Wolak, overseeing Pico Station among others) along with Lieutenant Reed and two others at least stopped by to say hello on that Thursday August 8, 2019.

  • Word is one of Charlie’s angels is going too drop a bomb on allejandro this week.. I got my nachos ready for this one..



  • Charlie had 3 angels. Alex has a harem. How many women scorned are going to come out of the wood work? At least 1 more.

  • @ Alejandro’s excellent adventures, the Sheriff was taking pictures with everyone at the event. Hell he would have taken one even with you … in the photo you would be all smiles all while shanking him a minute later.
    You are a scorpion just like your boy Eli V. Now get your lazy A** back to work.

  • Ghetto Slayer didn’t show up for the meeting on the grinder. I knew it. Would you at least stop complaining about not being able to drive around in a new car? If you do decide to meet up, besides packing your lunch, bring some zip ties, I’m all out.

  • @ ESCH if you think the 1st amendment applies to everyone then you are sadly mistaken. If these words don’t ring a bell…FWY therapy, midnight transfers, or taken off a promotion list or being passed over on Band 1 or 2 then you should consider yourself fortunate. Yes these things happen its called retaliation for speaking the truth or standing up for yourself. Pen names are used for a reason! Like Big Dumb. Open your eyes.

  • @ B42Long
    Yes pen names are used for a reason. The few who have no skin in the game with real name is understandable. On the other hand you have the few who use their real name for self recognition. You have checked two of them and they know who they are.

  • @Anonymous, actually, using a real name adds some credibility, or lack there of, to a statement depending on your experience(s).

    I get the fact some people may want to come on here, drop a bomb, and hope someone looks into it WITHOUT fear of retaliation.

    The cowardice comes in when you attack another person, and you know who they are, while you hide behind a pen name.

    I don’t know if you were talking about me in the comment “for self recognition,” actually I’m not entirely sure what that means.

    But, for the record, I’ve been posting, using my real name, for several years, even when I had skin in the game.

    At my training station we had a little thing we used to do. Long before cell phones or the internet. I guess it was a blog that was ahead of it’s time.

    Since we didn’t always agree and everyone is on different shifts, you could write your gripe and call someone out on the briefing chalk board.

    The catch, YOU BETTER SIGN YOUR NAME TO IT or the entire station would call you out.

    It wasnt perfect, but it actually worked pretty well. Way better than he said, she said rumors, with an unknown origin.

    But then again, that was back when telling lies or acting like a tough guy got you knocked on your ass. I miss those days!

  • So tell us Ronald since you found it important to share memories from your “training station” days, did YOU ever knock any FPK or CEN acting tough guys on their ass (your words)? Please, do tell? The truth please as I can’t remember any. Not a one!

  • Well said Ron. Same losers who talk crap, probably same idiots who cried everyone picked on them. Just say’en…. I was an ALADS member for over 20 years before I got promoted and went to POPPA. ALADS is better now, way better. I keep reading these losers who cry and bemoan Ron and his legacy, YOU’RE a LOSER idiot. You keep talking about the good ol days, STFU. I’ve said it before, don’t respond to these moronic folk (probably the same one or two people) Ron, you’re above them, you’re record speaks for itself. And no, Ron doesn’t know me. I’m sure the weenies, losers, anonymous cowards will cry, “You’re a Ron friend, You’re paid for, You’re a sell out, You’re ….” No, No, No, I’m recently retired idiot, ALADS is way better today, thanks to its current board, and yes, Ron too. Again, Ron, don’t waste your time responding to these anonymous keyboard warriors talking crap.

  • @Ron Hernandez, I’m not sure why you even respond to someone who hides behind a bs screen name. Why even bother? You and I have found ourselves on different sides of more than one issue in the but we’ve always managed to maintain a level of respect and professionalism…. How I long for those days.

  • Ron Hernandez ,

    Key phrase “When I had skin in the game”. Ron, you no longer have skin in the game. Why are you posting on this silly platform? Time to let it go! You’re irrelevant. Quit embarrassing yourself. You’re retired. Go play golf, or go to the movies or something.

  • @ Mike Bornman,
    Truly you saw and still see the ineptness of LASD’s current executive administration.
    Don’t shoot the messenger, even with a BS screen name.
    You had the guts to call out many issues (regardless of your rank) within LASD, which is the least that can be said concerning your tenure.
    Other than this post, I believe in letting sleeping dogs alone as well as non relevant deputies with their war stories.

  • @RDTO and Mike Borman, you are both right about the fact that I shouldn’t respond, and thanks for the back up. Sometimes I just can’t help myself.

    @Adios, you could use some reading comprehension courses, and if you know anything about my time at FPK you would have at least acknowledged the blackboard practice.

    @Time, as long as I’m irritating you I’ll enjoy chiming in.

    Besides I don’t golf or like going to the movies.

    I’m more of a social media troll kind of guy!

  • @Ronald,

    Thanks for the reading comprehension clarification. So I take it from your duck & weave answer/non-answer, that your written comment of: “But then again, that was back when telling lies or acting like a tough guy got you knocked on your ass. I miss those days!” was just you reminiscing on the actions of others who actually handled their business. Pretty much par for the course your entire patrol station career at FPK/CEN/ALD as spectator #1.

    You can carry on and handle the crime scene log.

    P.s.: Thanks for the Allie & Bibi mess you left on the LASD living room carpet. Bad Dog!

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • Another example of nepotism. [WLA Edit] is caught having an on-duty affair with [WLA edit] and get moved to work Employee Support Services and no discipline.

  • “Anonymous” tell me he didn’t send cute on duty selfies of himself in his Business attire, wearing his OSS jacket or simply wearing his gloves at the station gym to protect his flawless delicate hands.

    Careful with them pics buddy! They might end up in a family stack of pictures from Sam’s Club

  • Et all. Pen name or pen de plume whatever… i am speaking from experience. When I retire i will move on and put this behind me. And I seriously doubt I will be on WLA. In hindsight McDonnell would have served the LASD better than AV. All the aforementioned players are running scared because the truth is they all were part of this cover up until it blew up in their faces. Castellanos probably got tired of the indecisiveness of The Chief and AS. Dan Dyer. Now he is an upstanding guy! Too bad his name got caught up in this fiasco. Thats what you get when you promote LTs with no command experience. So I hope that this turns into another Pandoras Box and heads start to roll. Who will be the Tom Cary? Maricela Long and the rest of those idiots. I bet you’re bleeding Tan & Green now.

  • Editor’s note:

    Dear @Anonymous,

    Please don’t use the real names of people plus their personal stories, as they are not public figures. Next time I’ll just delete your comment.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


  • Love AV. Promoted me. Now I sit behind a desk, sleeves up, ink showin, chewing my favorite tobacco product. Don’t like it, take it up with my jefe. AV has my endorsement.

  • TT Bad Boy

    Ghetto Slayer, Anonymous , and the guy using his real name have never needed them. On another note, am I the only vato on the thread that thinks Celeste is holding up nicely??? Looking firme. Hola

  • @ GHOST17, who’s the “Tattooed Century Regulator” that Mike Bornman is suppoorting? Just use initials if you’re concerned with Celeste censoring you. I’m curious as to just how clueless you may be.

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