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New LASD Whistleblower tells of the sheriff’s budget manipulations, rigged promotions, & an alarming array of other forms of corruption

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

A new whistleblower lawsuit against the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in general, and Sheriff Alex Villanueva specifically, was filed Tuesday morning in behalf of Sergeant Vanessa Chow.

It begins like this:

“Routine retaliation against whistleblowers did not start in LASD with the current sheriff, Alex Villanueva. Former sheriff Lee Baca and former undersheriff Paul Tanaka both served prison terms. But Villanueva has picked up the torch and has taken retaliation against whistleblowers to a whole other level.

“Sheriff Villanueva has held himself out as above the law and immune to accountability, with leadership operating with the lack of transparency and audacity of a third world dictatorship and evading any oversight.”

Chow, like a list of recent whistleblowers, is bringing the lawsuit because of the retaliation she has experienced simply, it appears, for having done her job correctly and professionally.

According to Tuesday’s 54-page complaint, written by civil rights attorney Vincent Miller,  the retaliation took a variety of forms, including allegedly having Chow’s test score altered downward when she took the lieutenant’s exam at the urging of one of her superiors in the department. 

The alleged sabotage was reportedly done by a Villanueva accolite, Captain Yvonne O’Brien, who is also known to be quite close to the sheriff’s wife, Vivian Villanueva. O’Brien’s reported involvement with the alleged rigging of departmental promotions based on favoritism and/or retaliation, is an issue WLA has written about before.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva and wife Vivian Villanueva, courtesy of

According to WitnessLA’s sources, Chow is considered to be intelligent, professional, ethical, with expertise in handling complex tasks.

Sergeant Vanessa Chow is married to Sergeant Jefferson Chow, another department member who, by doing his job, has also become the focus of retaliation by the sheriff.

As readers may remember, it was Jefferson Chow, a 26-year veteran of the LA County Sheriff’s Department, who was the lead investigator for the department’s Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau, or ICIB, on the notorious Kennedy Hall case. This was a violent incident that involved three admitted shot callers for the deputy clique known as the Banditos, which operates out of the East LA Station.

We’ll get to more details of the reported retaliation against Vanessa Chow in a minute.  

But, first it helps to know that in October 2018, a few weeks before the November election that would result in Alex Villanueva defeating incumbent sheriff Jim McDonnell, Sergeant Vanessa Chow was selected by then Sheriff Jim McDonnell to be the sheriff ‘s liaison to the Board of Supervisors, a career path that she was given to believe would allow her to be “mentored and groomed for promotion and to advance in the ranks of the LASD.”

But with the arrival of the new sheriff who defeated the incumbent McDonnell in a surprise victory, mentoring, promotions and advancement turned out not to be in the cards for Sgt. Chow, according to the new civil rights filing, despite the quality of her work.

Although Villanueva didn’t select Vanessa Chow for the board liaison position, once he became the sheriff, it was reportedly part of Chow’s job was to regularly interact with the new sheriff and his inner circle, as well as with the members of the LA County Board of Supervisors, their respective staffs, and the County CEO’s office. 

The result, according to today’s legal filing, is that Sergeant Chow was witness to a variety of “acts of corruption by the sheriff,” as well as an impressive amount of incompetence at the top rungs of the nation’s largest sheriff department.

Budgetary bullying

Chow’s problems with the new sheriff began when she was approached by someone in the LASD’s “budget department,” who asked her to deliver some budget related paperwork to the sheriff. 

The sheriff wasn’t in his office, so Chow spoke instead to then-Chief of Staff Larry Del Mese, explaining that she’d been asked to deliver the department’s annual budget request to the county CEO and the board of supervisors.  

The paperwork was also to include a list of the LASD’s budget priorities.  

She needed a “wish list,” is the way Chow described the matter to Del Mese

Chow explained to the chief of staff that the paperwork she was delivering was in fact a condensed version of a far more comprehensive budget binder that had evidently been delivered to the sheriff months earlier for him to study and review, then make recommendations. 

Villanueva was still new to the job.  Furthermore, prior to being elected, he had never climbed higher on the LASD the food chain than the position of lieutenant, so he was presumably unfamiliar with dealing with the department’s approximately $3.5 billion budget, which obviously contained a great many complexities.

According to Chow, Del Mese pointed to a thick and dust-covered item in corner of his bookcase, which was the full budget the sheriff had been sent months before and, as Del Mese suggested, never read. 

“The Sheriff and I do not know a f*** about budgets,” he reportedly told her.

Therefore, he said, one of the department’s civilian budget people should meet with-then CEO Sachi Hamai about all this budget business.

According to Chow, she attempted to explain to Del Mese that, traditionally, the sheriff is the one who meets directly with the CEO “in order to defend the department’s need for a healthy budget.”  

They could do mock meetings to prep the Sheriff, if that would help, she told the chief of staff.

Del Mese told Chow that the Sheriff couldn’t meet with the CEO because he was “doing a TV or radio interview and didn’t have time.’

Why the sheriff could meet with the CEO some other time when he wasn’t giving interviews was not clear.

Not dealing with the budget, and the avoidance of interacting with members of the Board of Supervisors, was to become a problematic pattern. 

Much later, according to Chow, when the sheriff “saw that he was not getting his budget priorities met,” rather than belatedly meeting with the CEO, and the board, the sheriff instead resorted to a series of public threats.

For instance, during the period of the 2020 COVID budget cuts, Undersheriff Tim Murakami told Chow that Villanueva would be holding a press conference to announce he was going to be closing patrol stations and discontinuing critical programs due to the budget slashing by the Board of Supervisors, which in fact was affecting nearly all the county’s agencies, not just the LASD.

According to Chow, Murakami went on to describe how the sheriff and his inner circle had been brainstorming to decide what stations and programs that Villanueva would “pretend they would close.”

The idea was to threaten to discontinue programs that the Supes cared about “in order to strong arm them into increasing the budget.”

On the faux closure list was  the Marina Del Rey station, Youth Programs, Special Victims, and the department’s Parks Bureau, among others, according to Chow.

As WitnessLA has previously reported, the sheriff did exactly what Chow described. In late July 2020, the sheriff  put out a statement describing an array of cuts that he said the supervisors were making to programs, cuts that neither the board nor the CEO had, in fact, threatened to make at all.

Then, two days later still, on June 29, 2020, the morning of the board’s budget meeting, Villanueva held another press conference, at which he upped the emotional ante.

Within an hour of the press conference, Sgt. Chow, who was still the liaison to the Supes, received a call from the justice deputy of then board Chair Supervisor Kathryn Barger. The justice deputy requested a meeting with the LASD’s budget people in order to go over the department’s budget numbers and most critical needs. 

Chow informed then chief of staff, John Burcher, of the request.  Burcher told her to discuss it with the sheriff. 

In Tuesday’s filing, Chow describes walking into an executive conference room where she saw Sheriff Villanueva, Assistant Sheriff Steven Gross, and others. In addition, Undersheriff Murakami was in attendance via speaker phone. 

According to Chow, Steven Gross, who was sitting to the left of the Sheriff, said that the supervisors needed to call the sheriff “begging him not to close any stations” because Villanueva was going to “sit back and wait for the Supervisors to call him and throw themselves at the Sheriff’s feet and beg.”

Chow describes having witnessed as each member of the board reached out to the sheriff multiple times, inviting him to events in their districts. Yet, each time the Sheriff would resist, as he continued to bash the board and its individual members on social media. 

To Sgt. Chow he opined that the board “could go F*** themselves,” for not endorsing him.

(Villanueva also expressed various versions of this same theme to WitnessLA. “They hate me because I defeated their golden boy,” he said repeatedly, both in relation to the supervisors, and the LA Times.)

As it would turn out, the weird theater in which Villanueva and company engaged around the issue of the department’s budget, and other interactions with the LA County Board of Supervisors, was to be followed by activities that, according to Chow, were far more corrupt.

Rigging test scores 

Villanueva ran for sheriff on the promise to root out “cronyism and corruption,” and to move people up to leadership who were “dedicated, educated, extremely bright, and experienced,” rather than using favoritism as the main metric.

Yet, according to an earlier civil rights lawsuit filed in January of  this year, favoritism and rigged promotions appeared to be back in operation in a Villanueva-led department, and those who failed to cooperate faced vicious retaliation, which reportedly included having baseless internal affairs investigations opened on anyone who blew the whistle on wrongdoing.  

(In contrast, IAB investigations are reportedly made to vanish for those in the sheriff’s favor, according to multiple sources.)

 In her January lawsuit, Sergeant Rosa Gonzalez reported such rigged promotions, along with favoritism not backed by merit, plus retaliation against anyone who failed to cooperate. 

According to Chow, and also WLA’s sources, the people at center of this alleged system of rigged promotions were Captain Yvonne O’Brien and Lieutenant Carmen Arballo.

At the same time that favorites of Villanueva and/or his wife, were getting promotions whether their tests warranted them or not, Chow describes how a variety of actions could trigger retaliation, such as her refusal to fire her “perfectly qualified assistant,” who is identified in the complaint only by her initials, “K.C.”   According to Chow, the orders for the firing of K.C. came from the sheriff’s wife, Vivian Villanueva and her friend, the alleged score-rigging Captain Yvonne O’Brien, 

The reason for firing  K.C., according to the lawsuit, was solely due to the fact that Chow’s assistant was said to be supporting one of Sheriff Villanueva’s then competitors in last June’s primary election.

When Chow didn’t want to engage in what the complaint describes as unwarranted retaliation against an assistant whose work she valued, the retaliation rockets were, all at once, trained on Chow herself.

This retaliation, according to the complaint, came in the form of an alleged manipulation of Chow’s exam results after her operations lieutenant submitted Chow’s name for promotion.

According to Chow’s lawsuit, she was not promoted, specifically because her score on the 2021 Lieutenant Promotional Exam was “manually manipulated downward by O’Brien” with the approval of the sheriff’s wife. 

Unsure what else to do, Chow reported the various exam cheating issues, and the lowering of her score, both to Undersheriff Murakami.

Chow also told Murakami that there were allegations that the sheriff was overheard talking to a particular sergeant (with the initials, A.H), who asked the sheriff for a promotion to lieutenant, which Sheriff Villanueva allegedly promised. The sergeant was promoted to lieutenant shortly after, although she was reportedly was not on the “eligible list” to be promoted, which Chow verified with a certified copy of that list, which she showed the undersheriff.

Chow reports that Murakami told her he would launch an investigation regarding O’Brien and the Lieutenant exam scores, and reverse Chow’s score if her allegations were founded.

However, no investigation ever occurred. “And it later became clear that Murakami knew that O’Brien and Arballo had committed fraud with the exam and LASD did nothing about it.”

Chow spoke about the issue with Carl Mandoyan, who according to the lawsuit, remained one the sheriff’s closest advisors, even after Mandoyan was forced to give up his official LASD job by court order. He asked her if she would file any complaints regarding the incidents surrounding the removal of her assistant, K.C. and about O’Brien tampering with the her lieutenant’s Exam score.

The advisor, who happened to be the now infamous Carl Mandoyan, also asked Chow if she had emails to back up her allegations.

Chow reported that she did have such proof. Then, shortly after her conversation, Chow the found herself blocked from access to her work emails. 

It was not the only time that elements of her work environment, including her personal belongings, were tampered with.

In September of 2019 she noticed that things started disappearing from her desk, things like framed pictures. Another time, her computer wouldn’t boot up, and she saw that her cords were cut. Also, according to the new complaint, when Chow was working on a project that had turned controversial, her locked file cabinet was breeched, and critical files taken.

Manipulating the Kennedy Hall/Bandito investigation

As time went on, Sergeant Chow began to have her loyalty questioned not just because of her own efforts at remaining ethical. She also had her fidelity to the sheriff doubted in relation to her husband, Sgt. Jefferson Chow, who had been assigned as the investigator into the violent assault that occured at the post-training party held at Kennedy Hall in East Los Angeles.

The topic of the investigation heated up to the point that on several occasions during the period from December 2018 to January 2019, Chow was approached by close advisers to the sheriff who expressed concerns over whether her husband should be allowed to remain as the main investigator on the case. 

This expression of “concern” occurred around the same time that Vanessa Chow was informed that Sheriff Villanueva had met with the leaders of the Banditos gang in December 2018, shortly after he was sworn in, while those same men were being investigated by her husband.

Some time later, Carl Mandoyan, who was, at the time, the sheriff’s driver, confided to Chow that Villanueva had assured the gang’s leaders—the so-called “shot callers” involved in the brawl—that he would make sure a “weak case” went to the DA’s office. Villanueva also reportedly informed the gang leaders that he would need to terminate them eventually through the IAB investigation “because there was just too much bad publicity”

Yet, according to Mandoya, Villanueva also told the shot callers that he would ensure a weak case also built in Internal Affairs, “so they would get their jobs back through the civil service appeal process.”

Witness tampering

The Bandito issue and Sheriff Villanueva’s involvement with the matter, has continued to plague the lives of Vanessa and Jefferson Chow.

On August 18 and 19, 2022, Sheriff Villanueva and some of his close associates tried to dissuade Jefferson Chow from testifying at the Civilian Oversight Commission’s most recent hearing on deputy gangs.

Jefferson Chow, a hard worker who sources say preferred to keep a low profile, had not volunteered to testify, but had been served with a subpoena by the COC.

According to Vanessa Chow, prior to the day he was to testify, the sheriff repeatedly tried to get her husband to accept representation from one of Carl Mandoyan’s attorneys, who could aid Chow in not complying with the subpoena.

When Mr. Chow declined the representation by Mandoyan’s attorney, and also declined to be contempt of the subpoena, Villanueva persisted.

The next day, Friday, August 19, 2022, the day of the COC’s hearing, and 18 minutes before Mr. Chow was scheduled to testify under oath, Villanueva reportedly made another attempted at stopping Chow from appearing. This time the sheriff’s surrogate was Chris Kusayanagi, the lieutenant aide to Undersheriff Murakam1. Kusayanagi reportedly called Mr. Chow from Murakami’s office, intending to tell him that the sheriff had given an order for him to not testify.

Chow did not pick up the phone. But, later, after his testimony, he returned Lt. Kusayanagi’s call.

Unaware that Chow had already spoken in front of the COC, and that his testimony had been broadcast for anyone who cared to watch, Kusayanagi told Jefferson Chow falsely that the department’s two main labor unions, ALADS and PPOA, supported Mr. Chow putting himself in contempt of the subpoena and not appearing for the COC.

Then Kusayanagi delivered his main message to Chow, namely that Villaneuva ordered him to not testify, clearly not realizing that the message was too late.

That same Friday, after Mr. Chow left Loyola Law School, where the COC hearing had taken place, he noticed that he was being tailed by some undercover surveillance units on the drive home.

When Jefferson Chow got to his house where his wife was waiting to discuss the day’s experience, according to her new lawsuit, a lone surveillance unit with tinted windows pulled up in front of their home.

The car idled in front of the Chows’ home in the manner that suggested a waiting predator. Finally, Vanessa walked outside with a video camera to record the incident, at which point the surveillance unit vanished.

“The Sheriff and his wife, Vivian, run LASD like their own personal fiefdom and business by placing individuals whom they consider as allies in key positions within the department, despite these individuals’ lack of qualifications and ethics,” the new lawsuit states.  At the same time, Alex and Vivian Villanueva “weed out individuals with integrity, without regard for their accomplishments or contributions.”

Thus it would seem.

And so it is that Sgt. Vanessa Chow has reportedly developed severe medical conditions, including temporary lower body paralysis, due to the ongoing stress of her employment conditions. At present, she is unable to go to work.

Filed Complaint by LASD Sgt… by Celeste Fremon


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    Check again. I put in some links and embedded the full complaint at the end of the story. All appears to work at my end. Fingers crossed that it works at your end.


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    After nearly 4 years of watching and experiencing this “Train Wreck” Villanueva Administration, it is pleasing to see him implode. Unfortunately, at the expense of our once professional and ethical organizational reputation.

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  • I admit I did not do an in-depth line by line read of the lawsuit Chow vs COLA but did a skim of the 54 pages. In my experience, there are two types of people who ascend within the higher ranks of any organization. Those who keep their head down, take on various positions and responsibilities to build their skills, network, make contacts, build alliances, do the organizations bidding whatever it may be and sell a portion of their soul to the regime in power in the hopes for advancement. The other type of person quickly realizes the cliques, politics and corruption at the top and runs away as fast as their feet will take them. In any case, it’s always a gamble you will have a seat when the music stops playing and the winds of change suddenly deflate your sails. The old saying, “it’s time for you to find a new home” comes to mind. I’m sure there is some objective truth, subjective personal truth and inescapable realities in this lawsuit whenever you have people, eagos, diverse personalties, money and power involved.

    In my opinion, nothing “new, shocking or surprising” even considering I did not do a line by line read of this lawsuit but rather boiler plate attorney “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks”. Lawsuits naming people in power, the COLA are nothing new and will endure for perpetuity to keep members of the legal profession gainfully employed and wealthy. These lawsuits just help to bolster any anti-Sheriff Villanueva sentiments which clearly run high based on the content of this site and those who post to it.

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  • Be it noted paragraph #8 in the Introduction to Sgt. Vanessa Chow’s complaint:

    “Vivian Villanueva is an Associate of the deputy gang, the Banditos, and has acted as the gang’s protector during Alex Villanueva’s reign as Sheriff.”

    The link to the full text of Sgt. Chow’s complaint can be found in red lettering at the end of the story.

    Lights have been turned on.

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  • Line 59. Mandoyan told Plaintiff that Vivian said that she did not like to drive herself anywhere, not even to the grocery store and said that people would recognize her everywhere and that she doesn’t need to drive herself because she is a celebrity.

    Line 90. The Lieutenant’s Exam as headed by O’Brien was scheduled in July 2021. Before the date of the exam, Villanueva’s top advisor, Mandoyan, told Plaintiff to call Vivian Villanueva, ask her to lunch, buy her a nice expensive gift, and pretend that Plaintiff wants career advice from Vivian. Mandoyan told Plaintiff she needed to do this to get promoted, and this is how others did it.

    Line 70. Delreal and Robles filed a sex harassment complaint against Burcher, taking issue with him staring at his female subordinates and co-workers’ breasts. Burcher received no discipline and told Robles that he does not have to listen to a “child killer.”

    108. Plaintiff told Murakami that there were allegations that the Sheriff was overheard talking to a Sergeant, initials, A.H, who asked the Sheriff for a promotion to Lieutenant. Sheriff Villanueva promised A.H a promotion and she was promoted to Lieutenant shortly after. Plaintiff reported to Murakami that A.H was not on the eligible list to be promoted to Lieutenant. Plaintiff presented Murakami a certified copy of the list from Personnel where it reflected that A.H was not on the eligible list. Murakami admitted O’Brien had facilitated the promotion of A.H.

    Show some respect and honor her with full name and title, Lieutenant Araceli Hernandez.

    I can keep going. Who would of thought Carl would be the least of Alex worries.


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  • The Department’s official response to Vanessa Chow’s lawsuit –

    “ The complaint was strategically designed to drum up publicity for numerous other failing lawsuits, while also assisting the county in attempting to influence the outcome of the upcoming election, 15 frivolous lawsuits have been filed against the department, all which have the common thread of a lack of accountability for poor performance by the plaintiffs, the department further contends, adding, We look forward to vigorously challenging these lawsuits in court.”

    GTHFOH! All the plaintiffs have conspired with the Board of Supervisors to rig the election. All the plaintiffs have poor performance.

    Sheriff Bandito YOU gave loyalist who can’t speak proper English promotions to coveted assignments. You promoted Yvonne and bird brain Carmen to head Personnel, for goodness sake you promoted Foo! You promoted Araceli to lieutenant PICO patrol, You breaking bread with Banditos, you gave La Bibi keys to the Department but you allege all the plaintiffs have poor performance. What’s the standard? COME ON!

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  • So, the Department’s response to Chow’s lawsuit as quoted above is interesting.

    “The complaint was strategically designed to drum up publicity for numerous other failing lawsuits, while also assisting the county in attempting to influence the outcome of the upcoming election, 15 frivolous lawsuits have been filed against the department, all which have the common thread of a lack of accountability for poor performance by the plaintiffs”.

    Whatever happened to not commenting about pending litigation? That same article shows the County taking the usual “no comment” line, but here, the Department, presumably at AV’s direction (and if some SIB staffer took it upon themselves to comment on pending litigation without approval, well, shame on ’em… but this response has AV written all over it) basically slanders the plaintiffs of these collective lawsuits. I mean, if the Department can prove it spoke the truth that plaintiff’s were “poor performers” then it’s all good. The problem for the Department is, the vast majority of these plaintiffs are executives who almost certainly have a string of “outstanding” evals, and their very rank (most if not all placed there by AV) speaks to them being the opposite of poor performers. Hell, even Chow, although “only” a sergeant, was in one of the most high profile positions on the Department and presumably was there because she earned it and performed well.

    Soooooo…. what does the Department’s slanderous statements about “poor performance” do, exactly? It allows these plaintiffs to amend their complaints to add additional actions. And…if the Department is throwing this rhetoric out there without consulting County Counsel (because if they had done so, they would have been told no way, no how, start making public negative comments about these plaintiffs) then the discovery process about exactly who made these statements is going to be intense and specific. And finally, if that individual(s) is/are identified, and the jury decides the statements were defamatory and damaging (“I couldn’t sleep at night, all my friends knew I was suing the Department, my name was in the papers, and then…to add insult to the injury the Department had already done to me, they slandered me and said I was ONLY suing because I was a poor performer… the stress that caused me…not to mention damaged my professional reputation and chances at getting a job as the chief of police at ___ agency [don’t forget most of these plaintiffs are captains or higher]) well – slander is one of those things a jury might decide punitive damages are necessary and hey, why would the BoS pick up the tab for those damages when the folks making the statements were doing so outside of consultation with County Counsel? Hell, they accused the county itself of being in league with those very plaintiffs! No, we (BoS) think this defendant should handle paying those damages themselves…

    Things could get very interesting. Hey Department, got any other statements about any other plaintiffs you want to throw out for public consumption? Might want to just check with County Counsel real quick first though…

  • You know who is lurking in the shadows and praying no one mentions her name, Chief Lecrevein. She is killing careers and pushing knives on some good folks backs, kissing BIbi’s ring any chance she gets. Heck Chief Lecrevein was even seen kissing O’Brien’s a$$ who was only a Lieutenant in an effort to look good in front of potato cowboy who O’Brien claims to have “personal” access to. Luna transition team take note of the real snakes, don’t be fooled.

  • @Still Laughing, your obsession with me is unhealthy, as is your nervous laughter. You should speak to someone about that, other than the Witness LA crowd.

    I suspect my “big mouth” must have contradicted your BS, in person, so now you want to throw rocks at me while hiding in the bushes.

    Keep tossing those rocks. I’ve nothing to hide.

    Have fun tough guy!

  • @ SOS: Many Deps get caught up in the poor judgement or retaliatory mindset of their partner (s). I am sure he did his days off and has moved on…

    The breaking of policies, performance to standards “the catch all”. Having a patrol partner in the car is a 2-edged sword. But the double standards and hypocrisy is at an all-time high at the LASD and apparently the Justice system too.

    Vanessa Chow has balls of steel for standing up to the Sheriff. That alone should earn her an outstanding eval and Captain bars. I hope that she wins. I really don’t care about the skippers they got what they deserved. Too bad for LA COUNTY taxpayers, you’re going to suck up the costs of every lawsuit because you voted that clown into office. VOTE FOR LUNA VOTE FOR LUNA

  • And people going to prison to cover up Villanueva’s corruption has started. Who else is next, you know what you did for Villanueva, he is about to throw you under the bus and run you over twice.

  • This is crazy. How many of you have forgotten what it is you stand for? You’re adding credence to already diminishing level of respect for our profession. Maybe the department has hired so many of the wrong people in the name of fairness that there is no hope but to bring in the feds and start over. There are a number of heroes turning over in their graves. If you are not fighting against corruption, YOU ARE CORRUPT!

  • I have to agree with you “say their name” how she got there is unbelievable. Also something hot is brewing out of the Sheriffs Office, should be in the Times tomorrow.


    Cut and paste that into your browser.

    Apparently, Carrie Robles and Gisel Del Real were relieved of duty regarding bribes taken for CCWs. (If you know, please confirm)

    The LASD public corruption unit (AV secret police) served the warrant. Does anyone else find this comical???? Nice try AV, we know you had them take bribes for you. I had a friend attend a fundraiser, he was told to attend with his CCW application to give to Alex. Then when he went for his meeting with Gisel, she asked him to donate to AV’s campaign.

    I hope someone looks at when AV received donations, who donated, and if/when they received their CCW.

    So Alex, are you throwing these women under the bus or did you make deal with them? I’m sure you gave them a heads up of the warrant coming their way. AV, you belong in jail!

    Robert Luna, December can’t come soon enough,

    Luna for Sheriff!!!

  • @Historical LEO

    “Hired so many wrong people in the name of fairness…”

    What does that mean, just curious?

    Since the beginning of time there has always been corrupt or bad apples in any group or association. Why is it that we think it would be different now? You can use any algorithm you want, evaluation, test, etc., you would still not be able to stop humans from making mistakes. Luna is gonna come in and in time you will see him so similar. Surround himself with his team and do things to his liking.

    I think society in its totality is collapsing. Generations past are all rolling over in the graves with what they are witnessing today, if you believe in that!

  • One of the sad ironies about this is the fact that even after AV is voted out of office this November, these very credible lawsuits will still be hanging over the Department’s head. The turmoil will continue even after Villanueva is gone. Soon-to-be Sheriff Luna will have his hands full for a while as the lawsuits navigate their way through the system. I hope and pray that he fills the executive ranks with competent, knowledgeable, honest people.

  • Word on the tier is that two female deps really close to AV hit the Relived Of Duty train. Something to do with the CCW unit according to Nixle that went out yesterday by SIB. Anyone have intel on this next saga of corruption? Pay to play comes into mind as a guess.

  • @anonymous
    Sounds to me like AV is trying to cover up his corruption again by throwing these two females under the bus. What happened to AV’s promise to Gisel ‘s husband to take care of Gisel while he is in prison. Carrie found she is adopted and Mom and Dad don’t have any use for her anymore and sending her back to foster care aka Prison to save their own corrupt a$$$
    I hope those close to Gisel and Carrie advice them to tell the truth against Villanueva, start singing Charlie’s Angels, Bosley has turned off his phone. Ring ring, no answer. You are on your own. Who is next? I’ve seen Villanueva put a fake case on people, you think he is your Hommie and won’t do that to you?? Time to start talking or you’re be riding that bus straight to prison. Buh bye

  • Line 90 of the lawsuit is the funniest crap I have read in a long time. Actual clowns invited BiBi to lunch, bought her expensive gifts and asked her for career advice in an attempt to promote. Asking her for career advice?!?! Did they ask her how many T/O’s she had at Pico before her midnight transfer to CER where she eventually got signed off? And how are those T/O’s from Pico doing? I wonder how their careers are going because they had the insurmountable job of teaching her to be a patrol deputy. We all know vindictive BiBi keeps hit-lists but that PRV T/O list is near & dear to her useless heart. The funniest part of all, she ends up at AOT with two stripes on her XXXL class A.

  • There is no one for Luna to pick from that can be considered reliable for the executive ranks. We don’t want or need retired folk back and trying to decipher who if the current executive regime is legit and not tainted is another job in itself.

  • Ironic that another Long Beach Copper will come to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to lead and assist in turning the tide.
    Luna won’t need the endorsement of the two fickle Sheriff Unions who are banking literally on the hometown (not so) favorite,Villanueva.

    The P.R. Company is going all out from illegally filming Villanueva for a commercial in the Catholic Church to walking with school children crossing the street and otherwise, wearing that silly looking straw cowboy hat.

    How do you say election time without telling me?

    Underneath all of that comes scandals & cover-up for coffee conversation and bathroom breaks. I’m glad I was there during the Pitchess & Block era, now so glad to be with LACERA.

    Good luck to Luna as many look forward to having him as the next Sheriff of Los Angeles County.

  • The allegations of retaliation and intimidation presented in the latest whistle-blower lawsuit sound familiar to those having worked in key assignments during the Baca/Waldie/Tanaka era, practice which AV is apparently emulating. LASD under AV’s lead has produced as many or more troubling scandals than Baca’s and I too hope for change in November. Not particularly familiar with Robert Luna however, it’s difficult to predict his potential success in routing out insidious AV acolytes. Time will tell.

  • Reform (Ethics are a thing of the Past),
    Rebuild (Weaponize IAB and ICIB, and create a SIB Propaganda Machine),
    Restore (ELA Bandito Power)

  • And the scandals keep on coming . . .

    A KABC7 report provides the identity of the two relieved of duty deputies (Del Rio and Robles) involved in the “fraud scheme” — (for irregularities in processing and issuing CCW permits, NFD). Unfortunately for the sheriff, Deputy Carrie Robles has very close ties to his wife Vivian. Robles has been coddled by AV and Vivian with cush duties since returning to work after gaining notoriety as the radio car driver deputy who ran a red, striking and killing 2 boys and injuring their mother in 2017. The County paid out $22 million to the family.

    Clearly this is a tragedy for all involved, including Robles. But this is yet another example of AV believing his unorthodox, some say illegal and corrupt ways, are ok. He never acknowledges mistakes and just doesn’t get it.

  • Say it ain’t so?

    Vanessa Chow lawsuit beginning at 69-

    69. Plaintiff was also alarmed about Villanueva also stealing public monies to pay deputies Gisel Delreal and Carrie Robles to do personal work for Villanueva. Villanueva had and has these two deputies working for his campaign while they are being paid not just full-time by LASD but also overtime pay. In 2020 alone, Delreal earned a total of $91,719 in overtime pay, and a total of $282,382 in salary and benefits. Villanueva has gotten Delreal paid for on paper being in the narcotics unit with a K-9 and a bonus for care and grooming for the dog, even though she has never worked in narcotics and never was assigned a dog or took care of one. Plaintiff reported the theft of public monies to Villanueva top aide Mandoyan, but it was to no avail, as Delreal continues to be paid illegally. The common joke around LASD is that Delreal gets paid a lot of money just to wipe Villanueva’s microphones at press conferences.

    70. As for Robles, she is notorious for decapitating two small children in front of their mother and causing the County $17 million in settlement. Neutral investigator, LAPD, found Robles to be reckless. And LAPD would have terminated for her conduct. But Villanueva obstructed an IAB investigation into Robles and she did not receive a single day off in discipline. Witnesses observe walking around LASD without remorse for killing the children and was spotted driving Vivian Villanueva around, in a take home company car issued to Robles.

    71. Mandoyan warned Plaintiff that she better listen to Robles because she has been empowered by Vivian Villanueva. Robles would indeed try to boss Plaintiff around, but Plaintiff did her best to avoid her. Villanueva’s inner circle is dysfunctional. Delreal and Robles filed a sex harassment complaint against Burcher, taking issue with him staring at his female
    subordinates and co-workers’ breasts. Burcher received no discipline and told Robles that he does not have to listen to a “child killer.”

    72. While Villanueva pays employees millions from government monies to work personally for him, he complains about a lack of funding for LASD.

  • Not surprised Del Real and Robles. I just hope that Gascon and/or the Feds are watching and take this case away from AV’s Public Integrity Police (Aka dirty cop Mark Lillienfeld). Mark, you were once a great investigator and have been tainted by your relationship with PT and now AV. The case wasn’t going to go away jacka&$. Please don’t eliminate or destroy evidence in this case. Let the chips fall where they may and do the right thing, no one believes AV was unaware of the CCW proceeds (pay to get your CCW) and campaign donors throwing in a little extra to be a FOS and wow! CCW application straight to the top of the pile. Fu&@ Alex and all his minions. I’m sure Alex will throw someone else under the bus on this case. Tim, grow some b$&@s for God sake and do your job, don’t just drive to work, sit there, nap, go home and repeat for 3 plus years. You are complicit and hope your 30 grand kids don’t have to see you from behind glass during your golden years (which is now buddy).

  • @ Anonymous….the rumor is that the two female Deps. were allegedly funneling the money from the CCW’s to Villanueva’s campaign. Merely speculative at this point. However, if in fact this allegation turns out to be true, there is no doubt that the BOS will relieve Villanueva.

    If this scenario does play out like this, I would speculate that the BOS will put McD at the helm of the department, until the elections in November, thus guaranteeing a certain victory for Luna.

    Nonetheless, I am hearing that the Feds are also investigating this alleged CCW scam. If in fact they are, the Feds usually go after the low level hanging fruit, (threaten with jail time unless a deal can be made), in order to get to the ripe fruit at the top of the tree. I would presume that both of these female Deps will have a “come to Jesus” moment with the Feds.

    Regardless of the outcome of this investigation, these two female Deps were assigned & working on the CCW project which was under the direct responsibility & oversight of Villanueva. Further, the ABC 7 news commentator even stated, “have close ties to Villanueva…” This CCW project was / is part of Villanueva’s initial campaign promise.

    Nevertheless, the department and its proud members have once again, been subjected to another scandalous incident under Villanueva’s watch. Kind of reminds me of East L.A.’s motto, “siempre una patada en los pantalones.”

  • Those of you in the Dept. know only the best and brightest are selected to work in the Sheriff’s office.
    If that’s true and these two are examples of that, it’s scary to think about what the rest of the deputies are like.

    Whatever you do, DON’T look up the amount of overtime these two ladies “earned” recently (not including their take home cars) in ONE year. The number $91,000.00 comes to mind for one. And THIS at at time when Villanueva was telling the public and the BOS the Department had NO money.

    Of course this isn’t taking into account the 22 million the county paid in lawsuits for two boys who were killed in a 2017 accident involving Robles-Placentia.

    Stay tuned to find out what shenanigans these two of LASD’s finest were involved in with Caps Armory in Monterey Park (owned by a major Villanueva supporter) and CCWs.

    It’s sad to see the LASD actually looking like Tijuana PD. Thanks Alex.

  • @LA County Voter,

    That’s impossible as CCW fees are only payable by cashiers check or money order to LASD.

    It’s the required training course and subsequent fees for said course that is in question, hence why Caps was subject to a search.

    Del Real, Robles direct applicants to Caps for training, Caps charges higher costs for training than normal, Villanueva gets a kickback. Applicants may not be familiar with the process and aren’t required to use an provider specified by LASD. Notice the link to approved providers was removed from LASD website. This list included at least 6, and as many as 12-15 range masters to choose from if I recall.

    The fundraiser dinner held in August by Caps acted as a cover for the campaign money laundering scheme. Also, it gives Villanueva enough plausible deniability as to the source of the large donations from Caps/Roy, and Villanueva can also blame Javier for the “funny money” since it’s campaign money.

    It’s truly stupid to even consider this scheme as DOJ is involved/to be notified of EVERY CCW transaction.

    In the wise words of Rhambo, “DONT FUCK WITH THE FEDS.”

  • Someone seems fearful he’ll be perjuring himself.

    Will Judge Michelle Williams compel him to testify at the next COC hearing, pray tell?

    I’m dying to see him resort to the same tactics with EVERYONE watching LIVE.

    Regardless of his responses, he will be toast.

    That court hearing is in 3 days time.

    Tickety Tock,

    Hickory, dickory, dock Alex.

  • @Be Real,

    I too was looking forward to that Sept 7th Contempt Hearing but unfortunately it has been pushed back again into October.

    Oh well, I guess we’ll have to just continue to bring focus and attention to Alejandro’s current CCW corruption and diversion tactics. At least this one has some real criminal culpability leading back to El Jefe and his entire inner circle. So much so, that his secret team that he “recuses” himself from is rumored to be in full out “Obstruction of Justice” mode. Anyone remember “Pandora’s Box” from a few years ago?

    Not only am I looking forward to the 70-80% landslide victory for Newly Elected Sheriff Luna in November, but I am welcoming the coming honeymoon windfall that Luna will be enjoying for the LASD, while at the same time, we’ll be watching the FED Machine rolling in and making hooks at Casa Villanueva as well as the residences of the “former” inner circle sycophants who played along “simply following orders” while they personally enriched themselves with unearned LACERA ill-gottened gains.

    Hey all (including ALADS & PPOA), how’s that current internal MORALE sentiment polling? Well at least we know one thing for sure, it will definitely be on the rise come the highly anticipated Sheriff Luna’s swearing in date in December.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee,
    & Magoorakami, & Bigglesworth Burcher, and Baghdad Bob Satterfield, and so many others.

  • Any words Ronald Hernandez, be it remorse, regrets or repentance?
    ALADS was heavily involved in the financial & cheering section of setting Villanueva up.

    Whether you respond or not, know that you made a bad choice based upon your lack of due diligence to get the true pulse from the majority of deputies.

    Your meetings and insider pow wows on Cupania Circle were limited to very few deputies percentage wise, yet financially hitting the majority of deputies through dues as your acts are duly noted.

    Your present predecessor at ALADS is staying the course as a loyalist without missing a beat or spending a dollar which is so easy not coming out of their own pockets.

    Enough said as damage is done……

  • So is the rumor true? Did CEN deputies have to do a door knock in their RD at some woman’s house because the Sheriff’s phone was pinning at that location?

  • @Anonymous. Your comments are duely noted, and just as quickly discarded, as I would any opinion stated by one who is hiding, or Monday morning QBing!

    You know, the same way YOU/WE feel about someone judging how police work is done, but won’t do it themselves.

  • When it rains it pours! First a drunk SEB deputy crashes his take home black & white SUV and ditches his SWAT equipment, then some search warrants are served allegedly because Alejandro’s Illegal CCW Political Fundraising Program was about to be exposed, and now I’m hearing of a wild Labor Day weekend at the Compton Courthouse deputy’s locker room. Sounds like it’s a good thing the local Footlocker Shoe Store around the corner has a working burglary alarm or that deputy’s stolen gun might not have ever been seen again, like the Kobe Bryant crash site pictures.

    So exactly how many rounds were fired from that stolen M&P by that suspect? Inquiring minds want to know but for some odd reason, Alex and crew didn’t send out any Nixles or Press Releases on this one like they did on the other previously mentioned F’Ups. Maybe they turned off all of the SIB phones and computers to honor the FLEX Alert energy saving requests.

    Maybe Alex was looking for Robin Limon to handle the press like the time he pulled a cowardly disappearing act when the Lancaster deputy faked his own sniping incident. Robin must have NoACK since Allie tried to demote her.

    What’s next?

  • @anonymous. Thank God for the Janus decision. Deps no longer have to fund that scumbag organization unless they want or are conned into doing so….

  • I remember back when I worked the county area of Cerritos (region 2), the Nightswappers begged me to go to one of their parties. When I refused, they threatened me with sending me to EM’s crime car. SK was the ring leader at the time and ran the scheduling office with an iron stub of a finger. When they found out I wasn’t married they backed off.

  • # Anonymizedeez,
    The con job and pressure to join ALADS starts in the Sheriff’s Academy.
    Millions gained with millions lost, concerning ALADS.

    LASPA is not allowed to do the same, imagine that or not.

  • @Anonymous, I’m betting many find it ironic that I once held a position, that I took seriously, traveled around the county having conversations with deputies, on and off duty, about their interests and from those conversations coupled with my own experience as a deputy, I made decisions always with the approval of the ALADS BOD and our Rep Corp.

    Yet, you want to try and come on this blog, while hiding in the shadows, and try to convince the few who bother to read these comments that some how YOU are more informed!

    You don’t even have the guts to openly speak for yourself, let alone try to be a spokesman for the thousands of deputies who simply want to do their job and rely on ALADS to look out for their best interests, which is wages, hours and work conditions.

    Unfortunately, the politics is a necessary side distraction of which ANY succesful union must participate.

    You’re just booty hurt because you couldn’t convince anyone to do things your way.

    Maybe if you’d quit hiding someone might actually take you seriously!

    @Anonymizdeez, and yet with the Janus decision the vast majority of deputies still understand the value of ALADS and have remained members.

    Personally, I was ok with the Janus decision because I knew it was going to make ALADS leadership earn the deputies membership.

  • @ Ron
    ALADS BOD & Rep Corp backed your play for the down payment on Alex? Wow!
    Definitely a conspiracy resulting in epic failure with a narrative that you’re sticking to. How did that turn out? Never mind.
    I think this is your last thread to comment or respond, enjoy your retirement.

  • As one of the thousands of Deputies in LASD, the actions and lack of action by Sheriff Alex has not been in our best interest.

    ALADS second endorsement of Villanueva is suspect and highly questionable. Definitely not a good look for the honest hardworking Deputies who make up the nation’s largest Sheriff’s Union.

    Unfortunately however thankfully, WLA is the only outlet that will listen to the internal dysfunction of LASD and Association Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff (ALADS) and those affected by it.

    Deputies lives matter internally and externally.

  • @Be Real,

    What? The Charlatan Sheriff of LA County caught lying again? Say It Ain’t So! Thanks for that article link as it adds context to the panicked and failing Villanueva campaign. All Alex has left in his circus bag of tricks is to try to dip back into that Venice Beach publicity stunt well that’s all dried up this time around.

    Enjoy your Farewell Tour Alejandro. Trolling full time is in your immediate future.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • @be real

    Thanks for sharing that article the best quote was the following regarding the sheriff taking credit for Venice and housing homeless

    The sheriff is delusional,” he said. “Villanueva huffed and puffed a lot for the cameras, but he didn’t house a single person.

  • LA TIMES: ‘Barbaric’ L.A. County jail conditions alleged as ACLU seeks federal intervention

    Well, here we go again. Add another to the long, long, long, list of Alex VILLANueva’s mismanagement failures. I mean, how F’d up can this Idiot of a so-called sheriff be?

    He is costing the LA County taxpayers millions and millions and crap like this will be continue to cost millions long after his inept bowlegged @$$ is history.

    Thanks Ron! Morale has never been better.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • AV, that BS statement you put out today was expected, it’s your M/O. “Walled off from the investigation.” Ya right, we believe you. What a joke! Everyone knows Del Real and Robles were considered part of your executive team. Just look at all past video footage of your town halls (aka Campaign rally’s) or any other footage when they are in uniform, they are both wearing Executive Office ribbons on their uniforms. Luna will be our next Sheriff.

  • Hey, Captain Blanchard, when will you be vacating the Sheriffs Office and going to Personnel where the org chart shows you command? Don’t screw up or the boss will send out a department wide email stating you were assigned to SIB over a year ago! Pathetic! This is another personnel scam!!!

  • @ Anonymous

    Hmm, I wonder who signed Del Real and Robles’ overtime slips when they attended the town hall meetings (campaign rally’s)???

  • Although Blanchard shows on the Department web page as assigned to Personnel, he will never step foot in Personnel, it’s too difficult of a job for his tenure and experience. It was done to fool the County CEO. AV wants to create a Captain position at AOT and needs CEO approval to do so. He’s hiding Blanchard in Personnel on paper and will reward Blanchard by creating a Captain position at AOT and slide him in. I am sure there is more qualified candidates for AOT than Blanchard (Mr. Promote and remain 3 times with no line time).

  • This is the video to accompany the Santa Monica Daily Press article. One is from the Clown’s propaganda machine (

    It’s important to note, it’s missing 6 minutes. The first 6 minutes is here, which clearly demonstrates why the 6 minutes is missing.

    The resident’s voice who was trimmed is clearly one of the majority of Venice voters who chose Luna in the primary.

    I love how obvious it is when the limp imitating Deedrick tries to insert himself to control the damage, and fails.

    Bonus points for those who can identify the boot lickers in the first few minutes of footage. Truly embarrassing.

    Go Luna

  • I laugh how Patrol Sworn and retired sworn (those that can’t just retire and enjoy life and still have their head up AV’s ass) actually think AV is doing a swell job. You complained about Jim and now you are worried about Luna. AV fires sworn like he changes his underwear to make himself look like the reformer to all oversight entities. If you all knew how much effort (none) our Executives actually give to read an entire Administrative Case to decide the fate of your careers, you would be disgusted. No one gives a rats ass about you. The top 5 and kiss ass executives are waiting for the train to derail to cash out into the sunset while those honorable remaining are left to pick up the pieces and bring uniformity back to the Organization. His actions have left this Department with over 1000 sworn vacancies, Fleet unable to purchase radio cars, TSB down 40 buses, Jails in a mess, patrol working 120 hours of OT a month, CARPing off the hook, your backup and relief working in LAPD’s Jurisdiction and beach patrol in other PD’s RD’s all on the Departments dime, while you are getting slammed and can’t take a day off , and undeserved promotions to all AV friends who most don’t even meet his promotion criteria. I guess AV is a good dude in your minds because you can wear whatever uniform pleases you (I think Tijuana PD looks more uniform than LASD), and he talks shi@ to the BOS. Okay then, good luck to that. There is a reason why all 7 sheriff candidates just endorsed Luna. Professionalism to this organization will be restored and LASD will be respected once again once the AV and BIBi Clown Show leaves town.

  • @Anonymous (09/10/22 @ 8:06pm): YOU nailed it 100%

    It’s both sad and concerning how many blind and idiotic Alex @$$ Kissers we have amongst our personnel.

    I’m so happy to see that the VILLANueva end is near and he will be embarrassingly wiped out in the final November election results. I see an “Anyone but Alex” 70%+ historic loss coming. That will be so SWEET and Deserved by the Illiterate One and his adoring Sweatpee.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • @ DS, Negative. Luna will surround himself with a team who cares about re-building the foundation of LASD. The ring kissers will be left out at the door or sent into exile.
    Gone will be the entire command staff.

  • So much for the stakeholders, past and present who thought McDonnell was the problem when in fact, he was not.

    Luna leading LASD is pretty much karma as I laugh at the shenanigans of the Cowboy and his cronies who are making appointments with Lacera.

  • I just want it all to be over! Luna will come in and a new group of misfits will come in. Just like with the Baca, Scott, & McD regimes.

    Ass kissers will be ass kissers no matter how many times the ASS changes. Who is left to bring in. The people with enough to tenure to be command staff will either retire or say I want nothing to do with that.

    McD didn’t change the command staff when he came over, I suspect Luna will not either.

    Regardless, policing continues to die a slow death. The death of a million paper cuts and not all caused by Alex.

    Oh well. Just watching my countdown ticker.

  • @DeputySheriff your 100% correct! These snakes will be slithering around once Sheriff Luna takes office. They will do whatever it takes to reinvent themselves too be in the Sheriffs command staff.
    Examples: braces, boob jobs, eye lash extensions butt lifts etc etc. For the men new Flat-tops high and tight, heavily starched class A’s , shiny shoes , the latest Tattoos depicting their love for the dept and MAGA. Rotfl you can’t make this stuff up.




    Sleepy Tim

    Lying Blanchard

    Creepy Carl


  • Well, I’m sure we can expect a press conference by AV at any moment, complete with blown up photographs of Kuehl, and the CoC member and… hey! Anyone know what Max Huntsman and Alene Tchekmedyian were doing when this suspicious contract was signed?

  • @Really

    Alene is only an investigative reporter for one thing. Truly changing things and ridding the county of corruption is not her cup of tea.

    Side note: not really investigative if sources are just leaking information on the regular and for their own gain!

  • Rotfl Alex your dear Leader just threw in the white towel. That’s it he’s done! and there’s nothing you can do about it!. Now he will put more blame on others besides himself. Lmao this Sheriff and his cohorts are as predictable as my next bowel movement. If this was a Movie it would get a 5% on Rotten Tomato’s..



  • @Glass House-

    My reference to Alene was not to say that she missed this “corruption” story. This story, like all of AV’s vindictive investigations (against how many political opponents now? I’m waiting for the announcement against Luna any day) is going nowhere. I was merely referencing the news conference where AV stated that Huntsman and Alene were suspects in “information theft” or stealing a force report or whatever the hell he was alleging (later walked back) with actual blown up photographs of those “suspects.” Was joking that it wouldn’t surprise me if AV tried to imply they had something to do with this latest made-up crime, hence my reference to them needing an alibi.

    I obviously missed the mark since I had to explain it, was funny in my head.

  • In response to the above, Blanchard is bribed by promotions and will soon be called upon to testify. He will have to chose to lie or tell the truth. We are all watching.

    Luna will need a new executive team and likely make a slow transition. He will likely bring back some respected retirees. It will take him years to clean up this mess and the CEO and BOS will understand.

    The biggest problem I see is the gap between Luna winning the election by a landslide and when he actually takes office. In that 30 day window AV will be uncontrollable and we may never learn of all the damage he does during those 30 days.

    And for the foreseeable future, AV will still be in the press because he will be subpoenaed for years to come and it will be entertaining to watch him fight the subpoenas or his testimony. For one, I’m looking forward seeing him found in contempt of court.

    Lastly, Murakami will also be subpoenaed but will provide a doctor’s note and laugh all the way to the bank with the LACERA check that all of us are providing him.

  • So much to talk about! This department was once amazing and now its one embarrassing joke after another! Thank you Baca, Tanaka, AV and all of their idiotic followers! This department does not promote LEADERS, because the idiots in power are afraid of you. The people in charge of the department only promote stupid morons and people who will follow their orders blindly and not question the integrity of the Sheriff. The Sheriff is just a person like the rest of us, why is he treated so differently. Why do you think AV has fired so many high ranking people on his executive staff??? Wake up people, if you question AV or his wife Miss Piggy, he comes after you.

    AV runs this department with fear and the threat of retaliation, just like 5150 Baca and Dicktator Tanaka! I was NEVER impressed by either of them, especially Tanaka and his control issues! Nobody could take a shit on this department without Tanakas knowledge. Especially people like Jim Ritenour, Tom Carey, Steven Levins, James Hellmold, Merrill Ladenheim and a long list of others! Where are all those power hungry clowns now? Federal prisoners! If you speak up and questions those people running the department, you are done. I am telling you, a monkey could run this department better than AV. LASD is just one more thing a Democrat touched that turned to a warm pile

    AV and Sweetpea are an example of corruption at its finest and anyone with an ounce of common sense can see it. Vivian thinks she is a celebrity? LoL! Now that is a complete joke! This department is full of a lot of great hard working deputies, but it has its fair share of deputies who have never done anything worth speaking about. Vivian is one of useless deputies, who was not elected, but is now calling the shots along with her husband.

    Yvonne Obrien or Captain Obrien as she has been undeservingly titled, was nothing but a punch board for the male deputies, especially her favorites at SEB. Yvonne broke so many hearts on the department, including at least two husbands, she was nicknamed the “black widow.” I think everyone can figure out that analogy. Your trash caught up with little miss tramp.

    Talking about campaign fraud for AV and his useless wife Sweatpea, are Sergeants permitted to raise money for the Sheriff’s campaign while on duty. For more information ask Sergeant Omar Luevano, a Sergeant at West Hollywood Station who worked East LA Station with
    AV and his sweatpea.

    Sergeant Luevano is using his on duty time including overtime to shake hands and raise money for AV’s campaign. He is also using the station volunteers to help connect him with the financially well off around the station. More Corruption!

    This all started under Captain Edward Ramirez, who was promoted to commander by AV. You shouldn’t be surprised! The corrupt c a 3ampaign fundraising continues under the corrupt command of “weho” William Moulder who was connected to AV through his great friend Assistant Sheriff Steven Gross.

    Interesting enough since LA City Councilman Gil Sedillo has been in the news for being a big mouthed racist POS, guess who he is related to on LASD, you guessed it Commander Edward Ramirez. Best friends and brother in laws.

    Celeste why doesn’t someone run with that story. Isn’t the old saying, birds of a feather???

    Interestling enough, there is no mention in Vanessa Chows lawsuit, that her husband Sergeant Jefferson Chow is a member of the Century REGULATORS, but he was at ICIB investigating BANDITOS? Something smells really rotten if you ask me! Sounds like a conflict of interest if you ask me.

    How many more Banditos, Regulators, Reapers etc have promoted to high ranking positions on the department and now they are just hiding out hoping nobody identifies them and screws with their promotions. Integrity my ass!

    Haselrig is no angel, someone should ask her about her girlfriend at WHD who was a trainee while she was a Lieutenant. [WLA edit.]

  • @LASD Disappointed

    Yocum? Is that you? If so you forgot to mention the allegations against you from women on the department.

  • @HOJ Crime Watcher

    One of the very few still working on this ass backwards department who is willing to tell the truth. It appears my truthful post ruffled a few feathers LoL! There are plenty of others who would love to come forward and expose the bullshit that goes on this department, but they are afraid of executive retaliation! I haven’t even hit 25 years on department and the amount of politics, dishonestly, corruption
    and ass kissing I’ve seen is absolutely incredible. If these idiots spent as much time doing their jobs as they did playing politics and kissing executive ass, they might be decent cops!

    There is so much more to talk about, names to expose and feathers to ruffle. Where do we start is the question???

    Now that AV and his ridiculous wife have been voted out of their position of power and retaliation, hopefully more people will come forward and blow the whistle on his mismanagement of the department. There are tons of department members who would love to know why AV was willing to risk his position as sheriff by defending lying creepy Mandoyan! Obviously he thought he was untouchable, which wasnt true! That situation was handled ass backwards, but AV again refused to listen to common sense. This moron believed his way was the only to run the department and he refused to listen to the people he put into executive positions. If you disagreed with him, he would demote you or transfer you to assignment where you couldn’t speak out against him. Imagine if this clown had been open to listening to some of his executives or even management suggestions from selected line staff.

    We never thought it could get worse than Corrupt Baca and Tanaka or LAPD McD and then came AV and his shot calling wife. Standby because here comes Luna and his circus of friends Gason, Soros and the Board of Supervisors.

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