2022 Race for LA County Sheriff

A look at the six main challengers for the office of Los Angeles County Sheriff

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

Now that most Los Angeles County residents have received their ballots for the June primary election, it is time to address one of the most significant races in the state of California, namely the contest to see who will lead the LA County Sheriff’s Department for the next four years.

Will the present sheriff, Alex Villanueva, be given the go-ahead by voters for a second term?

Or will the person who is arguably the most controversial law enforcement leader in the nation be ousted by one of his challengers?

If Villanueva does turn out to be limited to a single term, first he will almost certainly face a runoff in November.

But against whom?

To better consider that question, here’s a look at the pros and cons of the top six who wish to replace Sheriff Villanueva.

In no particular order they are:

Robert Luna

Earlier this month, the LA Times surprised a lot of LASD watchers by endorsing former Long Beach Chief of Police Robert Luna. Luna has a solid background in law enforcement, in particular at the Long Beach Police Department, where he climbed the promotional ladder from patrol officer to chief, rank by rank, in order to lead the department for seven years.

Now he wants to lead the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

So is Robert Luna the best person to heal and reform the nation’s third largest local law enforcement agency?

Well, the LA Daily News seems to think so since, as of Monday afternoon, May 16, the Daily News seconded the LA Times’ opinion by announcing its own endorsement of Luna.

“Enough of the nonsense,” the Daily News editorial board wrote. Then, when referring to some of the present sheriff’s recent actions, the DN board pointed to what they described as Villanueva’s “incoherent thuggishness.”

Okay, so let’s look further into what kind of alternative former LBPD chief Luna would provide.

Long Beach is a big and complicated city, the seventh largest in the state, but it cannot compare in complexity to Los Angeles County, where the LASD—among other things— oversees the nation’s largest jail system, and provides policing for nearly half of LA County’s 88 cities, in addition to protecting and serving the county’s sprawling array of unincorporated communities. It also supplies security for the the county’s Superior Court system, polices county parks, and provides the search and rescue teams that will helicopter you and your loved ones off a mountain top or out of a ravine, if you need it.

Of course, none of this means that an outsider can’t successfully lead the the multi-faceted department, at least in theory.

Before Alex Villanueva, we had Sheriff Jim McDonnell, an extremely bright and experienced law enforcement leader who also came to the LASD from Long Beach PD. And prior to LBPD, McDonnell spent decades in the Los Angeles Police Department, rising to be one of the three Assistant Chiefs of the agency under Bill Bratton.

After Bratton, McDonnell was on the final shortlist for chief, although in the end the nod went to Charlie Beck.

When he came to the LASD, however, McDonnell walked into a poisonous culture that was created by the unholy combination of Lee Baca and his shadow sheriff, Paul Tanaka.

In many ways, McDonnell was the needed and capable breath of fresh air when he came into office, and most department members initially welcomed him. Yet, according to many department watchers, McDonnell made the mistake of not immediately surrounding himself with a command staff that was able and willing to show him the huge and gaping bear traps in his path.

And that failure cost him.

In contrast, when eastern cop Bill Bratton took over the Los Angeles Police Department, post Rampart scandal, he surrounded himself with the best and the brightest of those who wanted his job as chief (including McDonnell), and encouraged them to disagree with him when they thought him wrong. He was secure enough to do so, and the LAPD benefited.

If Luna wins, he will walk into a situation that is every bit as swamp-ridden and alligator-filled as that which McDonnell faced.

So, is he up to it?

It’s encouraging that Luna has such endorsers as superstar Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, and justice-savvy Congressman Tony Cardenas, plus a long list of community leaders and policy makers in the city he served as chief.

And, during his time at LBPD he supported such innovative programs as a Long Beach initiative called the Justice Lab, which aims to divert people away from lockup and into community programs, education, and wraparound services.

Yet, Luna positions himself as more crime fighter than reformer, which is fine up to a point. But there are areas during his tenure as LBPD Chief, which suggest Luna may not have always managed to rein in his troops when they needed reining.

For instance, as Frank Stolz at LAist pointed out, after the 2020 death of George Floyd brought renewed attention to the use of the problematic carotid restraint, Luna banned the use of the strategy, but he did so later than many other police departments. And, according to the Long Beach Post, in the three years prior, between 2016 and 2019, the LBPD used the hold to subdue people more often than any other large police agency in the state.

Also, on the topic of the difficulty of cleansing toxicity from a department’s culture, a February 2022 report by SPECTRUM reporter Kate Cagle describes an alleged ongoing instance of extravagant racism under Luna, which calls for more questions and more answers.

So, is this the person best suited to handle the LA Sheriff’s Department’s deputy gang problem, and other daunting challenges, while gaining the respect of the rank and file, and repairing the disastrously torn relationships with LA’s communities?

He presents himself as skilled in building relationships with the various constituencies he served in Long Beach, and wants to do the same in the larger arena of LA County.

However, in order to be the sheriff LA County needs, we’d like to see Robert Luna map a firm and detailed path for change at the LASD, which includes what kind of people he would place on his command staff to help him.

On his campaign site, he lists priorities, but they are not detailed.

And his presentation at the candidates’ debate sponsored by the two LASD employee unions (which we urge you to watch) did not really light up the room.

But in other interviews he’s been stronger.

” Unlike the current Sheriff, I will be transparent with all community partners, especially the Civilian Oversight Commission,” Luna says on his campaign site. “We will listen to all thoughts and concerns from the community and work with them to create necessary reforms. That is what I have done as the Chief of Police in Long Beach, and that is why I have the support and confidence of the community of Long Beach. It is my duty as a public servant to respond to the public respectfully, reliably, and truthfully.”

If he is elected, and can accomplish those clear and simple goals, it would be a great relief.

Eric Strong

If Robert Luna is does not have a detailed platform that lays out the changes he would make, Eric Strong does.

LA County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Eric Strong is the son of a cop, married to another cop who is a member of the LASD. After serving as a Marine, he began his nearly-30 year career in law enforcement, which began as he followed his father into the Compton PD, then moved over to the LA County Sheriff’s Department when the Compton force was disbanded.

Contrasting with his years in law enforcement, Strong tells of his personal experience as a victim of crime, has family members who have been incarcerated and killed by law enforcement, and describes his own had negative interactions with police, which he says he believes gives him the perspective to lead the LASD “at this critical time.”

The statement is given some credibility by the fact that, along with Cecil Rhambo, he has the most detailed and persuasive reform platform.

For example, he had this to say when WitnessLA asked him what he would do to address the problem of deputy gangs, a goal that is a prominent part of his “priorities.”

“We have to stop beating around the bush,” Strong said. “We have to stop acting like they’re a social club, or a softball to team.”

One of the things the LASD needs to do, he said, “is make it so that deputy sheriffs who come forward about misconduct they’ve witnessed, are not the ones that are ostracized,” but rather are the ones who are “recognized and praised for doing the right thing.”

He was equally thoughtful about the issue of innovative community policing, and improving the LASD’s relationship with its contract cities, and more.

There is, however, one problem in electing Eric Strong as the next LA County Sheriff. Strong is a lieutenant.

He has worked in a lot of areas of the department, and served as an acting captain. But he hasn’t climbed higher than lieutenant on the LASD ladder.

So does that matter? Well, yes and no. It depends on whether or not he gets the right help.

As one experienced LASD source said of Strong, he “has command presence,” but not command experience. Yet, if he’s wise, said the source, he may be able to fix that lack by surrounding himself by the right people, and telling us how he plans to do so.C

Cecil Rhambo

If we are looking for the strongest CVs among the candidates, that prize goes to former Assistant Sheriff Cecil Rhambo. When he retired from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, he was an Assistant Sheriff. This mean that, save for the sheriff and the undersheriff, Rhambo was at the top of the LASD ladder.

Plus he has had genuine breadth of experience within the department, working as the captain of the Compton patrol station, after the city voted to disband its own police department. During his three years in this role, crime came down, and community involvement seemed to rise.

He also developed the LASD’s Community Oriented Policing Bureau.

After the LASD, the former Assistant Sheriff was hired as the Assistant City Manager for the City of Carson, then City Manager of the City of Compton.

At the moment, Rhambo is the Chief of the LAX Police.

He also has an impressive list of supporters, and a detailed reformist platform that appears to be well thought out. Plus, his depth of experience suggests he has a realistic grasp on the campaign promises he is making.

And yet…and yet…

The glaring problem with Rhambo, is the fact that his closet is loaded with skeletons. And a great many of those skeletons are named Paul Tanaka, the notorious undersheriff of the LA Sheriff’s Department, whose pay-for-play, with-me-or-against me, work-in-the-gray ethic was ruinous for the majority of hardworking, decent, and courageous deputies who came to the LASD to protect and to serve. Tanaka was eventually tried and convicted in federal court, and sentenced to five years in federal prison.

But when Paul was at the height of his powers, Cecil Rhambo was his right hand guy.

Yet, if in other critical ways Rhambo is the right person for the job now, should we eliminate him?

That’s the critical question.

People can change. And we are a culture that rightly values redemption.

But to truly change, one generally needs to admit to one’s mistakes. And, as far as we know, Chief Rhambo hasn’t done that. At least he hasn’t done so publicly.

Plus when he references the Baca/Tanaka years at all, he paints himself in a positive light, pointing out that he testified against Baca at the former sheriff’s federal trial.

“I spoke truth to power,” he says of that period.

Yep. But it isn’t that simple. He also was also reportedly teetering on the edge of being indicted himself thus, when he was called to testify in front of a grand jury, he wisely told the truth—which later led to his in-court testimony against Baca that, in turn, reportedly helped to sway the jury in their decision to convict the former sheriff.

On the other hand he did, in fact, tell Lee Baca not to “f*ck with the FBI,” when Baca was busy doing exactly that. So, yes, Rhambo did at times engage in truth-telling to power, although “power” stubbornly failed to listen.

One more thing. Out of his very lengthy and impressive list of endorsers—easily the largest of any one of the challengers—there are a number of well-respected justice advocates and high profile civil rights attorneys, who watched in real time how Rhambo enforced many of Paul Tanaka’s malignant directives. In other words, they are clear-eyed about Rhambo’s past.

Yet, they are supporting him anyway.

Eli Vera

Former LASD chief Eli Vera has recently retired from the department and became a whistleblower. His retirement also came after Sheriff Alex Villanueva punitively dropped Vera’s rank to from chief to commander once Villanueva learned that Vera was going to run for sheriff against him.

Vera is experienced as a law enforcement leader, and very well-liked in many quarters, less liked in others. Like Strong, he is married to a member of the LASD, a sergeant who is also now retired.

Eli Vera has an interesting background. He was born to Cuban mom, who fled the Castro regime to come to Los Angeles, where she raised Vera as a single mother. After graduating high school at 17-years-old, Vera enlisted in the Marines and served as a Presidential Honor Guard. Four years later, at 21, he joined the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, where he remained for 34 years.

After doing his requisite time in the county’s jail system, Vera worked primarily in the most crime-challenged stations in the department’s Central Division.

Three decades later, while he is not a firebrand reformer, he positions himself convincingly as an enlightened law-and-order leader, ready to take command should he be elected.

 “My 33 years of service have taught me that we can’t arrest our way out of the conditions that allow for violent crime,” he says on his website. “Preventing crime is the only way forward for public safety today and sustained public safety tomorrow.”

The main criticism of Eli Vera has to do with the fact that, in order to advance in the department, he has often aligned himself closely with whomever is in power, namely Lee Baca, Paul Tanaka, and eventually Alex Villanueva.

At the behest of Villanueva, Vera became a significant part of the ill-fated, fiscally costly, and seemingly never-ending attempts to rehire former deputy Carl Mandoyan. (If by some chance you aren’t familiar with the Mandoyan saga, you can catch up here.)

Yet, at the same time, WitnessLA has talked to a list of department members, both men and woman—from whom Vera had nothing to gain—who have described the ways in which the former chief gave them good advice and encouragement when they most needed it, while also admitting to some of his own early mistakes—all good qualities in a leader.

Eli Vera has a reasonable list of endorsements, the most significant of which is the endorsement bestowed on April 13, by the Professional Peace Officers Association or PPOA, which is the union that represents those who work at a supervisor level in the LASD. The PPOA endorsement is important mainly because it likely brings with it a noteworthy pot of money.

And while we’re on the topic, at the moment, Vera, Rhambo, and Luna, reportedly have pulled in the the most cash of the challengers, which they will need should any one of them make it into the runoff with the sheriff.

Britta Steinbrenner

Britta Steinbrenner is intelligent, experienced, and reportedly respected by those who work around her. And it would be extremely refreshing to have a woman running the department.

A 35-year veteran of the department, when she retired earlier this year to run of sheriff, she was the captain of the County Services Bureau. Her responsibilities were to oversee a 450 person staff who provide building security and law enforcement services for six county hospitals, 85 libraries and 320 county buildings…and more, including the oversight of a $140 million budget. 

She was smart, articulate, and likable at the January candidates forum put on by PPOA and the deputies union, ALADS. Yet, despite her rank, her experience does not have breadth, she is reluctant to criticize the sitting sheriff, and she has not gathered anywhere near the level of support that Luna, Rhambo, Vera, and Strong have acquired.

(By the way, the forum, a recording of which you can find here, is very much worth your time to watch if you’d like to see the candidates and the sheriff all together.)

Matt Rodriguez

Last but not least is Matt Rodriguez, who held the rank of captain when he retired from the LASD after 25 years with the department.

(For the record, there are also two other candidates who filed to run, but they have done little more than get themselves on the ballot. They are LA County Parole Agent April Saucedo Hood, and LASD Sgt. Karla Carranza.)

Rodriguez, who is far and away the most politically conservative of the above group of candidates, comes from a family of LASD veterans, with a father and brother who both served for over 30 years in the department.

But, like Steinbrenner, although he has plenty of relevant experience, including other supervisory positions in law enforcement outside of his time at the LASD, Rodriquez has not gathered anything close to the needed supporters to potentially go farther in this exceptionally important race.

So here’s the deal.

None of the four top challengers are perfect. Few of us are.

Yet, they are all talented, and they all make a good case for what they can bring to a department sorely in need of a strong, sane, capable leader.

All this brings us back to the present boss of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Alex Villanueva, who reportedly has far more cash in hand than any of those who want his job.

Although, post LA Times endorsement, Luna’s $$ total has been rising. For example, on May 13, a PAC supporting Luna received a donation of 500,000 from the Katzenberg Family Trust.

And, presumably using a bit of his cash, on Monday of this week Villanueva put out his newest campaign video, which showed him walking slowly down the aisle of a dimly lit Catholic church. Eventually he stops, kneels, and prays.

“Lord, give me the strength to protect the public from violent crime … give me the humility and patience to not let the naysayers discourage our brave women and men from serving with honor,” Villanueva says in the ad.

Images of stained-glass windows, religious statues and pews are shown amid the background noise of police sirens.

According to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the sheriff filmed the video inside Saint Alphonsus Catholic Church on Atlantic Blvd. in East Los Angeles, and did so without seeking or receiving the required permission to do so from the Archdiocese, which they would not have given as it would violate their non-profit status.

On Friday 5/20/2022, the ad vanished, reportedly" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> due to objections from the Archdiocese.

In any case, please vote.


  • Sheriff Villanueva’s latest ad is disturbing on a dark insidious deeper level. He is no ordinary sinner.

    How do we discern between an evil heart and an ordinary sinner?

    1. Evil hearts are experts at creating confusion and contention.
    They twist the facts, mislead, lie, avoid taking responsibility, deny reality, make up stories, and withhold information.

    2. Evil hearts are experts at fooling others with their smooth speech and flattering words.
    But if you look at the fruit of their lives or the follow through of their words, you will find no real evidence of godly growth or change. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

    3. Evil hearts crave and demand control, and their highest authority is their own self-reference.
    They reject feedback, real accountability, and make up their own rules to live by. They use Scripture to their own advantage but ignore and reject passages that might require self-correction and repentance.

    4. Evil hearts play on the sympathies of good-willed people, often trumping the grace card.
    They demand mercy but give none themselves. They demand warmth, forgiveness, and intimacy from those they have harmed with no empathy for the pain they have caused and no real intention of making amends or working hard to rebuild broken trust.

    5. Evil hearts have no conscience, no remorse.
    They do not struggle against sin or evil—they delight in it—all the while masquerading as someone of noble character.


  • @Esqiure,

    You nailed Alejandro VILLANueva’s damaged psyche, flawed character and hypocrisy filled inner being perfectly! His latest blasphemous campaign video reeks of sadistic desperation.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • Was that woman in sexy clothing skating out in front of the church? Keep God out of your desperate confused ways. Be careful, Getting on your knees to pray for strength may come across as a desperate measure during desperate times!

  • Wow. NOT ONCE before this did Villanueva ever say finding homes for homeless was a religious calling. Instead he only spoke of all the politics surrounding the matter. Its disturbing to see a religious video portray a dishonest, divisive public figure painting himself as a deeply religious man. How dare he behave the way he has including the immoral coverup of scandals, and then “ask god” for help with his campaign talking points. Sickness.

  • To think that at one point I thought he had good intentions. I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    He is sinister. He preys on the ignorance of the community. He is using the facade of religion to get votes and it’s disgusting. He reached a new low.

    The only thing Sheriff Villanueva is inspiring is to passionately crusade against him.

  • That ad is genius. He’s pandering to the Hispanic vote by use of the Catholic church. He’ll probably go to hell for it but it will get him another four years.

  • Yes AMEN! Adios Alejandro!


    Lying Blanchard

    Sleepy Timmy

    Creepy Carl


  • Mr. Villanueva’s conduct is akin to that of a cult leader! I’ve often wondered who exactly are these people who fall into the trap of someone with obvious corruption and evil doings. I need look no further than the comments section here.

    Mr. Villanueva has admitted to his party affiliation, yet his followers berate the “woke” left….Mr Villanuevas own party.

    Mr. Villanueva has his followers cheering on his “standing up to the BOS, ” yet what has the the department gained from these tactics?

    Mr. Villanueva has misappropriated Department funds for senseless projects and his made up, positions. Why does his Custody Assistant need a county car? Yet. employees are made to work with/in dilapidated work spaces.

    Mr. Villanueva has made it obvious and clear that ELA station is the “preferred” station in his petsonal effort to finally gain acceptance he so desired to be a part of.

    Mr. Villanueva”s homeless project stint, meeting with MLK Jr’s son, promoting an African American, unceremoniously at a press conference, while 3 or 4 others African Americans stood by flanking him, are all VERY obvious campaign stunts. Let’s be clear, Mr. Villanueva does NOT care for African Americans, not even the ones he promote for quotas.

    Mr Villanueva promotes “friends” like an elementary school kick ball captain, nevermind their actual experience. Looking at your, notorious Lieutenant!

    Like an extreme cult leader, Mr. Villanueva trapped, perceived well meaning individuals into loyal followers who, ignore his bizarre antics and habitua lies.

    Make it make sense!

  • When is EV going to discuss the actual amount of shootings he’s been involved? Let’s hear about the 16 year old? Lets talk about his affiliation with the Century Regulators? You can run and ignore it but too many people KNOW the TRUTH! How can one as sheriff rid the department of deputy gangs when you are one yourself?

  • Cecil should be disclosing his two shootings where he shot two of our his U/C deputies on his team? A separate shoot where he allegedly shot another deputy? What about the Bishop’s daughter? Movie coming out soon! Who was a 3000 Boys gangster? Oh yeah was that Rhambo….

  • AV, rumor has it your Puppet TM is hitting all the east county station areas looking for political donors in exchange for a CCW? Is this how it’s done now?

  • Cecil Rhambo did not set up COPS Bureau as he claims. After the original COPS Bureau was disbanded due to funding cuts, it was built back up slowly as Operations Bureau. That was done by Captain Kenny Johnson, Operation Lieutenants Tim Cornell and Dave Halm, Sergeants Mike Thatcher and Bob Tubbs. It was done as Operations Bureau and later became the new COPS Bureau. The offices were at BC where SEB is now. Captain Johnson retired and Cecil was put there by guess who, Paul Tanaka after all the heavy lifting was done. If memory serves, that would have been circa 2003?

    Once again the connection of Cecil to Tanaka is clear. That was when Tanaka used COPS as his secret police and Rhambo was all in with him. Cornell later went to be Hutchens aide and Halm went to Walnut as the Operations Lieutenant. Rhambo is very good at swooping in and taking the credit for things. He usually then has to be transferred out because he messes it up once he arrives.

    And yes, Cecil has the record for shooting the most co-workers in the line of duty. At least one as a result of getting scared, panicking and throwing rounds indiscriminately down range.

  • @Ghost17-

    “Is this how it’s done now?” Well, even a quick look at 2018 AV campaign donations shows major contributions by interesting names like Mandoyan, Burcher, Leyva, Del Mese. And don’t forget the numerous line employees at Tams making restaurant worker wages donating $1500 each. Nothing new under the sun.

  • If we are getting in the weeds, let’s discuss the female Hispanic AV put in prison. You know the one, from Pico? While he was a Lt. Saint Villanueva apparently got involved with a young woman who apparently took it to a really different level. No doubt, she had problems. She went to prison for stalking AV (unknown what her actual conviction charges were), trying to get him in trouble. She’s been released since 2019, but I bet she has her version of the story. AV going to Church? Yea, ok, the Priestess better be a looker….. Disgusting, just vile. Shame on this man, shame on him.

  • What an embarrassment, he continues to make mistakes and embarrass himself publicly which shows incompetence or he simply doesn’t care and thinks he owns all of LA County you might as well leave your front door unlocked so he can come in and sit in your living room and drink your coffee and watch your tv next time he is in your neighborhood and he gets tired of standing outside during a press conference. I mean why not it’s his County right? What a Tyrant.

    Here is the statement given by the Archdiocese regarding the filming of the latest campaign ad.

    “The video was filmed without the appropriate approvals of the Archdiocese. Archdiocesan policy prohibits any filming of ads on archdiocesan property for candidates running for office. The Archdiocese, which includes our parishes, schools and ministries, does not endorse or participate in political candidates’ campaign activity.”

  • Sheriff Villanueva latest campaign video looks like he is running for Sheriff of Gotham city in the new Batman movie. Lord please give Villanueva the strength to save Gotham city

  • Well, well, well, Say It Ain’t So, again!

    FOXLA: “Archdiocese of Los Angeles says it never gave Villanueva permission to shoot campaign ad at church”

    Alex “The Heretic” VILLANueva just got caught trespassing again. First it was on the Gas Co. property near his house to try to build an illegal helipad. This time it’s in a Catholic Church and he’s being called out by the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

    Another scandal for Baghdad Bob Satterfield to attempt to explain away. I heard Satterfield’s first draft press release was to claim Alex & Sweatpee personally obtained filming permission from an unnamed Flying Nun. But this time he was overruled by big dog campaign strategist Javier “Gansta” Gonzales who emphatically said, No! We need to go bigger this time.

    They are now going with Alex getting explicit permission from the Main Hombre himself. No, not the Pope, but none other than God himself spoke to Alex via a burning tumbleweed at yesterday’s brushfire below the Griffith Park Observatory. So any “cease and desist” orders issued by the L.A. Archdiocese is to be ignored and deemed null and void by Alex’s higher power issued authority. And this time, there’s no pesky whistleblower videos, emails or text messages to worry about.

    OK, Alene at the L.A. Times. Let’s see how you challenge this sacrilegious scandal.

  • HEY “TRUTH” or Carl or whoever your are. Eli Vera has publicly talked about the 16 year old. In fact, it inspired him to foster and adopt an at risk youth. The “16 year old” pointed a rifle from a position of cover along the freeway during a stand off. There was no choice and it bothered EV very much that this kid was so troubled. Also, EV is NOT inked. He worked at Century so does that mean all deputies at Century are Regulators? Seems like you should change your moniker from Truth to Ignorant. If you wanna know more facts, ask the people who know him.

  • Who’s advising this Shit show again?

    “All parties to the act are subjects of the investigation”

    “Unauthorized use”

    “We do not need bad media at this time”

    ☝Sound familiar

    Villanueva should immediately summon the media to the Hall of Justice downtown for an update!!

  • @Antonio Ramirez

    Who’s advising him is what I also would like to know.
    I mean he is very smart and I don’t think he would be listening to Javier because if he was smart he would have done his homework and found out that Javier actually got fired from Gascon and Bernie’s Campaign for being a misogynist.

  • Rhambo and Luna are the only two candidates that are willing and capable to change the culture of the current Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.
    I must admit that crafty commercial in the church eith Alex is an eye opener, with no holds barred.

  • Just heard there is a petition to re-call PPOA President Tab Rhodes from the PPOA Board. I also heard it is gaining alot of steam with over 500 signatures thus far. I guess PPOA members are pissed..Can anyone confirm?

    Saw it on Instagram.

  • Asking4afriend, errr…. Creepy Ceee…. No brah, no. Ask Juvie Javier to give u his next take…. Javie should be selling iPhone chargers instead of running a two bit campaign for Alex….Please Javier, Creepy Cee, Mrs V (and tag alongs), what else you got? Everyone knows the LCMC stories….. creepy…. Creepy Alex and Creepy Cee are two in the same…. both love the shizzle…. u know, in the dizzle…. and when they see the fizzle? Shizzle!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ Asking:
    The heat is on. I’ve seen and signed one each, a set of 6 books. I know there are several sets in circulation.

  • Villanueva’s latest video is a strange mixture of The Da Vince Code and the Exorcist. It’s relatively Byzantine in its production, with the dim lighting and flatter-than-a-pancake monologue, it’s hard to see exactly what message he’s trying to send. If I didn’t know it dropped from his campaign, I would have sworn it was the product of a parody site.

    But moving on, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Luna would be a positive change for the department. He appears to be a nice enough guy, but his obvious ignorance regarding even the basics of custody operations is frightening. Celeste has also pointed out other negative factors about his current tenure with LBPD. I say no thanks.

    As much as I like and admire Britta and Eric, I don’t think they have the breadth of experience and expertise necessary to roll their sleeves up and begin making the necessary changes on day 1. As AV has proven time and again, this is NOT an assignment where on the job training is a good thing.

    Out of the three remaining top tier candidates (Matt, Cecil and Vera) Cecil’s skeletons are bound to surface at any moment. He’s got a couple of doozies out there that are sure to derail his campaign if/when they come to light. Just not what we need at this point in our history.

    Out of the final two challengers, I am drawn to Vera and his campaign. Like some of the others, I have known him for decades. Frankly, I have not always seen eye to eye with him and have had a couple of negative experiences with him over the years. But I have never questioned his love of the Sheriff’s Department, nor have I questioned his integrity, experience, moral compass or willingness to do the hard work to get the job done.

    I know this is a contentious topic and that each of the candidates rightfully have their strong supporters. I can only speak for myself on this issue and know there are many points of view on each of the candidates. I see this article by WLA as an opportunity to voice my opinion on this very important issue, so here it is: my vote and support are going to Eli Vera.

    I have always bled tan and green and always will. I absolutely love the LASD and only want what is best for the department. True, I’m retired, but it doesn’t mean that we retirees no longer have skin in the game. I dedicated my entire adult life to the department and will always stand for what is best for it and everyone working for it; past, present and future.

  • Ok, just confirmed. The re-call petition for PPOA Tab Rhodes is 100% true. The PPOA delegates meeting is a hoot. I guess they are closer to 700 signatures now.

    Has a PPOA President ever been recalled? Wow!!!

  • Creeepppy Carl ianf all of his creepyness……. Your campaign is circling the drain!

    Adios Alejandro
    Creepy Carl
    Sleepy Timmy
    Lying Blanchard


  • @ Mike Bornman

    “love of the Sheriff’s Department, nor questioned his integrity, experience, moral compass or willingness to do the hard work to get the job done.”

    I agree Eli Vera bleeds tan and green, he’s a stand up guy and he has my vote.

    Potato cowboy wishes he commanded the respect Eli commands among the troops. He actually did real police work.

    @ PacoSpeaksTruth, you ain’t lying! Bah-hahah

  • @asking4afriend

    Who do I contact to add signatures to that recall petition? I can drum up at least 30 signatures myself.

  • PPOA recall ? That’s as useless as a roll of county issued toilet paper.

    Adios Alejandro


    Creepy Carl

    Sleepy Tim

    Lying Blanchard


  • Hey Alex/Juvie Gonzo/Creepy C, I got the inside info on a few more places for your next infomercial:

    -Western Wall, Jerusalem
    -Great Mosque of Mecca, Saudi Arabia
    -Shrine of Baháʼu’lláh, Acre, Israel
    -Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
    -Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi, India

    You guys good? I asked the local janitors in the areas, they said “all good!” Alex may need an XXXL for some of the religious garb, but between Juvie and Creepy C, I’m pretty sure they can find him something to wear? Anywho, Saint Alex will look holy as hell….

  • @ Eldon

    Books are spread throughout the county. Most have already been spread through patrol. Custody, Court Services and TST will soon follow. If you’re at a patrol station, ask around. I’m certain someone may know someone who will put you in position to sign.

    The PPOA numbers

  • Creepy Cee….? U there? U know someone named Amber? Ahhhhh, im digging……… I’m getting close brah.

  • @Mike Bornman,

    I agree with you on some points and definitely disagree with you on others. But that’s one of the things that makes America and blog posts great!

    I agree that Britta and Eric lack the experience to run the LASD, but anyone would be better than Alex at this point. As for the viable candidates, Luna and Rhambo, Luna may have the political backing to make an upset, but yes, he would need a strong trustworthy and seasoned executive team to guide him with internal management of the LASD. Cecil Rhambo is hands down the most qualified to lead the LASD back to greatness, which is why I’ve noticed those who fear his run have nothing but unsubstantiated and very vague rumors to float ever since he first announced many months ago, yet nothing has come out except a 30+ year old deputy gathering photo which he addressed head on and openly from the beginning. So basically, Villanueva, Vera and Rodriguez have nothing of substance to truly challenge Cecil’s qualifications or candidacy, or we would have seen something of substance by now.

    So finally, your glowing endorsement of Eli Vera is questionable if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, as I don’t dislike Eli, I just don’t see him as Saint Vera as you are trying to paint when you stated: “But I have never questioned his love of the Sheriff’s Department, nor have I questioned his integrity, experience, moral compass or willingness to do the hard work to get the job done.” Really??

    You forget how many lawsuits he filed against the LASD when he was bounced out of Lennox by interim Sheriff John Scott due to performance management and maturity concerns. What about the leaks of embarrassing information he was alleged to have orchestrated while he commanded Comm & Fleet Mgmt Bureau under former Sheriff McDonell? What about the fact the Villanueva rewarded Eli with a promotion from captain to chief for those efforts and Eli gleefully crafted and signed his named to a lengthy and glowing internal document to Alex recommending the reinstatement of none other than Carl Mandoyan as a demonstration of his loyalty to Alex, over personal integrity?

    You can’t have it both ways. As long as you give Eli what he wants, he’s your best friend. This is why that promise of Chiefdom that Eli gave to PPOA President Tab Rhodes for their endorsement over the vote of the membership is leading a recall effort.

    So it appears that Eli is just a taller, slightly smarter, more handsome version of Alex as their internal integrity flaws, LASD lawsuit filings when their feelings are hurt, nepotism and focused vengeance against anyone who slights them, is scary.

    Like you said, you just shared your opinion, I just felt it necessary to fill in some glaring omissions.

    I also want the best for the LASD’s future which is why I will NOT be voting for Alex nor Eli.

  • @Campaigntruth. Well said Vera was Baca’s driver and is part of the problem. I’m happy to hear their is a recall effort of the PPOA President and others. Should be a healthy purge for the union. As for LASD, I hope for the best.

    Adios Ely V!!

    …and adios status quo! 🙂

  • @Campaign Truth.

    Very well put. Unfortunately in politics it is often the attention-grabbing, manipulative sort who beguile the electorate.

  • Keep the comments coming I still have popcorn left. Bunch of leaky faucets on here m, best entertainment!

  • @campaign Truth: by “filling in glaring omissions”, I assume you also mean the fact that Cecil considers himself to be the “wingman” (his words) and best friend of Paul Tanaka? Who wants that connection back with the department? Who wants him taking advice and following instructions from him? I sure don’t, and wouldn’t even take that chance. I guess we will get it all sorted out on June 7th.

  • I agree on Vera’s assessment. I’ve heard from insiders that have said the same. He will ride the coat tails of whoever’s in charge. Always has!

  • Alex is the lesser of all evils for me. Say what you may, I don’t want a regime change. The amount of executives with tenure and knowledge needed is dwindling, that’s not entirely Alex’s fault, it’s Father Time.

    The department is getting younger and younger. I wonder whose jockeying to be part of Vera executive staff and any of the other candidates.

    Most importantly Alex is fighting the BOS and the mandate. I understand there needs to be civility, but when has that ever helped the department. The sheriffs of before didn’t have this board or these politics.

    I don’t remember getting a raise that I said wow we got what we deserved. So your telling Vera and company would. I doubt that. They all have skeletons in closet.

  • Is Deputy District attorney Jon Hatami still see eye to eye with Alex? Don’t see them pictured together much lately. Jon talks about ethical behavior but his wifey sure doesn’t follow ethical rules when writing follow up supplemental reports. Any thank you for your assistance promotion? Too many conflicts of interest!!!

  • Peter Griffin, errrrr Creepy Cee or Juvie, please keep talking. Alex has skeletons too…. He and the Mrs know.

  • Hey Alex check into your boy, unless you already know….

    “We need a DA who is competent, caring, has integrity, will follow the law, ethical, collaborative, responsible & believes in public safety, reasonable reforms & justice for everyone”

    ☝Per Jon Hatami

    Justice for everyone? Your Detective wifey knows all about collaboration . What detective sits on a bench hugging alleged victims in court? You preach a bunch of horse shit!!!

  • @Mike Bornman,

    So no defense offered regarding Eli’s past and recent actions?

    A) Vera vs. LASD Lawsuits
    B) Immoral & soul selling Mandoyan reinstatement recommendation authored and signed memos
    C) Eli’s offer to Tab Rhodes of a promotion to chief for a PPOA endorsement and PAC funds

    With your previous lengthy and detailed posting, I expected a much more substantive retort or defense of your favorite candidate other than a simple, ‘Cecil use to be buddies with Tall Paul.’ If that’s an automatic disqualifier, then I guess the same simple standard would equally apply to Alex and Eli being best buds when they took over? Except now we have factual documentation on the record, of Eli carrying out Alex’s morally corrupt requests.

  • @Campaign Truth, re: your post dated 05/19/22…. you state how Mr. Vera is not your choice. However, you wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Rhambo. It is rather interesting that when Mr. Rhambo began his campaigning, he put out an endorsement of BLM and I am not referencing Blue Lives Matter.

    Maybe you can shed some light on my dilemma. How can a person who has worked in law enforcement and wants to be the Sheriff of L.A. County, endorse a Marxist, Socialist radical organization such as BLM? Further, if I recall correctly, doesn’t this organization condone and support defunding law enforcement? Basically, to do away with law enforcement?

    Now, I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed and I am not a gambling man, suffice to say that if I were, could it be that Mr. Rhambo is running on identity politics? I saw a couple of TV interviews where he touted himself as being Black & Korean. Further, wasn’t he part of the Baca-Tanaka debacle / corruption and was knee deep in it? Furthermore, doesn’t Mr. Rhambo have some, as the cliche goes, “skeletons in his closet?” Moreover, I understand that his current line personnel (LAX police officers) and the union does not support him. I am curious as to why that is so?

    In my opinion, and I reiterate, my opinion, It is appalling that you and other members of the LASD would be ecstatic, to have a person as Sheriff of L.A. County whose moral compass has been and is compromised.

    Someone allowed me to see a video, of a debate between the candidates for Sheriff and I must say, not one of them has what it takes to become Sheriff. Just because a person may have “experience” does not necessarily qualify him / her for the position. Let me ask you a question. What have any of these so called LASD “experienced” candidates done during their tenure in the department? In my opinion, these LASD candidates, may be looking to add the title of Sheriff to their resumes and look to continue with the “good ‘ol boy.” business as usual practices.

    This is why the LASD is in the condition it is in. The department regurgitates personnel and yet is willing to let this tainted individual (as well as others), come back as so called “leaders.” As long as this type of delusional mentality continues, LASD will never be able to restore faith, trust and confidence in the community, as well as with department personnel.

  • EV offered PPOA President TR a Chief position if elected Sheriff? If true, WTH is going on! This is WRONG!!! Now wonder PPOA steered the endorsement towards EV, even though the membership overwhelmingly chose Villanueva.

    Sad state of affairs for PPOA and the LASD. I can’t wait to see the RECALL petition signatures. I hear they are abundant.

  • “Local law enforcement and local elected officials need to be very transparent about what types of information they’re collecting and how they’re sharing it with the federal government,”

    I came across a very interesting case study. A bit off topic but accidentally noticed then Sgt. Tab Rhodes as I read it. I was wondering how is the use of “COPLINK” monitored so that its use is not abused? I’m way out of my league when it comes to technology but with the ease of entering emails, phone numbers etc I can understand some concerns with data sharing.


  • A PPOA recall is as useless as a roll of county issued toilet paper!

    Adios Alejandro


    Creepy Carl

    Sleepy Tim

    Lying Blanchard


  • Funny how all of a sudden the PPOA membership are uniting for a recall of certain board members, but were absent or did not give a &@$? when the survey was sent out. And for those who complain that they did not receive the survey notice, the responsibility is on you to keep your email updated with your union, not the other way around. Similar to how you complain about those in elected offices, but the complainer never bothers to vote when it comes down to election time. Since you did not bother to vote, and only a fraction did, your union voted for you since you didn’t give a Sh$T then. You will thank your union once AV is indicted. And all you Regulators/CEN weak as@&s who are going against your own to obtain recall signatures, and everyone knows who you are, it’s no secret, you have just showed everyone that you CEN tradition is all BS.

  • @annonymous:

    All the PPOA elections practically have the same turn out. I’m sure the last board election had almost the same returns. Does this mean the board members elected shouldn’t be in that position because “only a fraction of the members” voted? C’mon man… That is a weak excuse. PPOA and its President should have done the right thing. Because they didn’t do the right thing, the entire (or almost the entire) membership is pissed. If you want a great turn out for any election, just piss off the people you represent. It happens in every local, state and federal election. Democracy at its finest.

    Adios PPOA President Tab Rhodes and other inept PPOA board members. You shouldn’t be elected leaders of the union and need to be voted out.

    RECALL will be historic and great success!

  • EV holding up the “yes” paddle to firing unvaccinated employees said it all. Hearing EV changed his mind only days after PPOA members voted against him in a survey showed he’s a true politician who blows like a wind sock.

    If PPOA members wanted him, they would have voted for him. If ALADS members wanted him, they would have voted for him.

    The difference between PPOA and ALADS is not the members. We voted the same. The difference is the PPOA Board went all self-serving and the ALADS Board endorsed the candidate their members wanted.

  • @ Anonymous

    Alejandro being indicted is a very real possibility people. Then what? Ugh we didn’t know! Ugh nobody told us! Ugh how can this be? Ugh no more cowboy hats?
    Wake up estupidos! Do your homework and stop drinking the kool-aid.

    Adios Alejandro


    Creepy Carl

    Sleepy Tim

    Lying Blanchard

    Baghdad Bob


  • @LA County Voter,

    Well, based on your weak commentary, it looks like Matt Rodriguez is your man. Good luck with that!

    I’m going with Luna or Rhambo as the only two candidates who could actually pull off a win and then be able to restore the professional standing and funding for a healthy LASD.

    See you at the polls.

  • Rhambo is a sellout who received a vote of no confidence from his own agency. Luna is a milquetoast carpetbagger who rolled over and played dead during the 2020 riots. The BOS will love him for all the wrong reasons. Notice he was the only one on the debate stage wearing a mask which, oddly enough, he only donned for half of it. Virtue signaling, pandering and groveling at the feet of his leftist overlords are not the traits of a true leader.

  • @ Campaign Truth, you nailed it. Qualifications mean everything.

    @ Eldon Hoke, your feelings doesn’t have anything to do with facts.

    @ Century Regulators, Keep doing what you’re doing, piling up evidence on yourself for eventual indictments and station roll ups.

  • @Campaign Truth….Obviously, you did not read the entire commentary and or your comprehension skills may be a bit lacking.

    Do you recall me making this statement, “Someone allowed me to see a video, of a debate between the candidates for Sheriff and I must say, not one of them has what it takes to become Sheriff.”

  • “The ordinance passed Tuesday along a 4-1 vote, with Supervisor Kathryn Barger as the only “no” vote”

    “The proposed revision of the county code on today’s agenda is a targeted overreach by members of this board to undermine the authority of one person, an elected department head whose actions are not inline the board’s wishes,” Tab Rhodes, president of the Professional Police Officers Association, told supervisors Tuesday, according to KABC-TV.


    ☝Scroll all the way down and heck out the Cc/ to

  • @L.A. County Voter YOUR lack of reading comprehension abilities are as obvious as your attempt to smear a political opponent with nothing but a “skeletons in the closet” allegation.

    If there were any merits to corruption allegations from Tanaka’s scandal, we’d have heard about it. How did Rhambo manage to land a city of Carson management spot & the Los Angeles International Airport chief of law enforcement spot with such a poor record as you suggest?

    Now, I think candidates for that position would have been vetted for corruption by local and federal authorities (Transportation Security Administration). Nice try at fear mongering.

    Your antics reek of someone who is desperate to besmirch a highly qualified candidate. Getting a little worried with the runner up?

  • @LA County Voter….. ahhhh, I get it now. So you are basically a Villanueva fan as in your eyes, no one else has what it takes to become Sheriff. Well, that explains why you are choosing to throw mud at the most viable candidates.

    Again, see you at the polls.

  • “He’s opposed to outfitting deputies with body cameras right now, arguing that the estimated $55 million annual price tag is too costly at a time when the department needs another 3,000 deputies. Villanueva says he would consider deploying body cams once he addresses the staffing shortage”

    “With regard to the push to place a measure on the November ballot that would give the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission subpoena power, Villanueva says that would be “inappropriate.” But he adds, “I want to give the civilian oversight commission access to every single document, database, anything they need to do to oversee what the department’s doing on an aggregate basis,” a reference to its oversight of “all of our activities collectively.” He notes “legal constraints about what information can be shared” about individual deputies, such as California’s Peace Officer Bill of Rights.

    Villanueva would give Inspector General Max Huntsman subpoena power, so he can “dig down into the weeds on individual cases.”


  • @ Be Real….since you appear to have some intimate knowledge of Rhambo, why don’t you enlighten me as to how he was able to secure the positions you stated.

    Fear mongering? I don’t think so. Further, if you read my comment, I posed a question, “Furthermore, doesn’t Mr. Rhambo have some, as the cliche goes, “skeletons in his closet?” If he does not have any “skeletons in his closet” then by all means share that with myself and the other readers..

    Frankly, I am not getting worried of the runner up and I am not besmirching a highly qualified candidate. I am merely stating an opinion. Remember, an opinion.

    I believe I even addressed the issue of “experience” when I commented, “Just because a person may have “experience” does not necessarily qualify him / her for the position.” The glaring example that comes to my mind right now is the old man who is occupying the WH. Wasn’t he a “highly qualified candidate?”

    Obviously, your candidate of choice is Rhambo and that is your decision. However, in my opinion, I do not believe he would be the best person for the department. He had his tour of duty and did not really accomplish anything of significance while in office. If I am wrong, please enlighten me.

    We’ll see what happens after the election.

  • @Campaign Truth….to answer your A Ha moment. I am not a fan of Villanueva nor is he my choice. Once again, I stated this in my opinion. Further, if you were to reread my comment I stated, “and I must say, not one of them has what it takes to become Sheriff.” Key words there are NOT ONE.

    Am I really throwing mud at the most viable candidates? I think that if you really do an objective assessment of the candidates, you may have epiphany.

    Remember, everyone has an opinion. Just because that opinion does not align with yours, does not make that opinion less significant than yours. Your initial statement is reminiscent of the current situation with the media and conservative opinions.

    We’ll see what happens after the election.

  • Villanueva mentions “TSB” deputies involved in todays shooting in ELA along with CHP. A clear view of metro tracks from news cast.

    “ California Highway Patrol officers were fired on during the traffic stop, the sheriff’s department said. The officers and sheriff’s transit deputies returned fire, wounding one man, according to the sheriff’s department”

    Villanueva was invited to attend the commission’s meeting today regarding Deputy gangs, but he did not appear

    Villanueva announces “safe travel plan”


    The timing was miraculous. Jumped on the opportunity real quick to get some look at what I’m doing time. You should work on them encampments /RV’s under that overpass and local parking lots first Alex. You get into them weeds and handle it.

  • “The term “deputy gang” has become a racist dog whistle, a fact-free straw man argument designed for political purposes and financial gain. If anyone has real evidence of misconduct, please share it so the LASD can take appropriate lawful action”

    ☝Alejandro, gather all of the paper logs for “Bandito” OSS detective Noel Lopez (Moniker of CROOK) and head over to the Civilian Oversight Commission hearing on “deputy gangs,” and get into the weeds.

  • “I was the first and only sheriff in fifty years to take positive action, including firing, disciplining, and transferring employees found responsible for misconduct”

    ☝ “Evidence presentation concluded today in Concepcion Garcia v. LA County, one of the first deputy gang civil suits brought by @LASDHQ personnel to go to trial. Deputy Garcia was sexually harassed & assaulted by her training officer, David Silverio, AKA Silver of the Banditos.

  • Can anyone explain how PPOA ended up endorsing Eli? If the membership overwhelmingly supported Alex AND the endorsement committee voted to stay neutral, how and why would the PPOA board decide to endorse Eli? It doesn’t make sense. Something sounds off. I heard rumors the PPOA prez has some “arrangement” with Eli should Eli get elected. Promotion? Any truth to that? I am not surprised a recall effort is underway. I thought the fact PPOA prez hired his uncle as their lobbyist was a sign of corruption and nepotism. What is going on at PPOA? Is it just the PPOA prez or is the whole board corrupt?

  • Can anyone explain how PPOA ended up endorsing Eli? If the membership overwhelmingly supported Alex AND the endorsement committee voted to stay neutral, how and why would the PPOA board decide to endorse Eli? It doesn’t make sense. Something sounds off. I heard rumors the PPOA prez has some “arrangement” with Eli should Eli get elected. Promotion? Any truth to that? I am not surprised a recall effort is underway. I thought the fact PPOA prez hired his uncle as their lobbyist was a sign of corruption and nepotism. What is going on at PPOA? Is it just the PPOA prez or is the whole board corrupt?

  • As much as I hate to say it, yes, the PPOA board appears to be corrupt. The board is led by the PPOA president, who uses his influence to mislead the the board. Many of the board members are LET’s, criminalist, CA’s and security officers. These board members have no clue the cliff the PPOA president has made them jump off of. I signed the petition today and I can’t wait to get him ousted.

    WTH happened to PPOA?

  • @Deeply Concerned

    I was told only 18% of the PPOA membership submitted the survey… how is that overwhelmingly? And sign of corruption and nepotism … it sounds similar to Villanueva hiring his son as a Deputy Sheriff although he was dishonorably discharged from the military. Pathetic!!!

    I could care less about what is going on at PPOA, as long as they make progress with the contract. Let’s focus on what really matters and affects the entire membership, not just the 18%.

  • Mr Antonio Ramirez seems to have a lot news intel on the LASD department. Since his drunken spreed of beating his mother, he sure has a lot of time on his hands. Stop worrying about others and worry about yourself Mr Antonio. And please don’t call me onto the grinder since you can’t go there in the first place. No wonder your ex wife left you, woman beater.

  • @W Ranch- If only 18% of the membership submitted the survey (overwhelmingly for Villanueva) than why did PPOA endorse any candidate? Probably because of a back door deal or some other corrupt agreement.

    Yes, they should focus on a raise, but they can’t even do that (no matter what Sheriff is in office).

    Unfortunately, PPOA funds (in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – PPOA members money) will be used for a candidate (EV) who they do not support. Not only is is it a waste of money, its a straight “dis” to the PPOA membership. The PPOA President and the entire board need to be recalled and replaced.

    Sad state of affairs for a weak and corrupt union.

  • @W
    I’m not sure what percentage of PPOA members responded to the endorsement survey. However, I do know it was close to 600 members. Of those who did respond, 64% voted for AV and 12% voted for EV. Don’t believe the hype about members voting numerous times. Those votes were not factored in the final tally. Once the survey numbers returned in AV’s favor, The PPOA board assembled a committee to make a recommendation on who to endorse. The committee recommended staying out of the election.

    After member money was wasted on hiring a company to handle the survey, and member time was wasted working on the committee, the board decided to do their own thing and endorse EV. EV is the same candidate who held up the “Yes” paddle saying he would fire unvaccinated employees.

    The PPOA board has now doubled down and voted to give $250K of membership money to a PAC supporting EV.

    They could have used the 250K of membership money to hire a contract negotiations firm to negotiate a well deserved raise for members?

    There is a commander and two lieutenants on the PPOA board. All three are in a position to promote without an actual test if the Sheriff so decides. It is looking as if they gambled member money hoping EV is elected so they’ll get their promotions.

    Just like hood hopping EV was in Tall Paul’s car until it crashed, he tried jumping in with McBuckles immediately after he was elected. McBuckles told him to pound sand. Once AV made it to the runoff in the last election, EV jumped in with him. Once AV threw EV out of his car, EV decided to run. If EV doesn’t make it beyond the primary, he’ll try jumping in with someone who does.

  • “Rakkasan”

    Sgt. Jefferson Chow’s log is interesting. I wonder if his partner Sgt. James Eggers was also told questions about the Banditos or other similar groups in the department didn’t need to be part of his investigation?

  • @W Ranch An 18% return is not unusual for any election or survey. SO should we disregard all surveys and votes of the membership? Tab got only 160 votes to be elected out of 1800. Does that mean he should not have been elected president? Of course not. He came in third out of four for three vacancies. It doesn’t matter how many people voted. I think saying “only 18% voted” is a copout it is just an excuse people use when a vote doesn’t go their way. Don’t forget the endorsement committee’s position that was also disregarded by the board. You either have a process or you don’t. If you are going to go against the membership who took the time to vote and you are going to go against the endorsement committee decision, then why bother asking them at all?

    I agree with you about the contract. Let’s see if PPOA negotiates a decent contract (at least keeping up with the 7.9% inflation in CA). That’s a hefty raise, but anything less means we lost money.

  • @Antonio Ramirez, you sure seem to know a lot but East L A shenanigans why didn’t you whistleblow, instead in here stirring the pot lol.

    Keep the info coming, I canceled my Netflix subscription this is to entertaining.

    Oh and @w ranch I highly doubt Tab gonna come thru on contract.

  • My POPA contact info is all up to date and unchanged yet I never received any ballot or questionnaire about sheriff’s candidates. I guess Tab made my mind up for me. Bounce this idiot.

  • “Peter Griffin”

    Them few coward ELA crew blew their own whistle. And their unsteady handed boss running the shit show stirred the pot. In ELA it’s common knowledge!!

  • Hey Tab! Stop the noise! Stop the noise!!

    Be Bold!!! Have Courage!!!

    I don’t care what the union membership says!!! lol

  • Everyone knows Alex is a womanizer… YES, he is. He’s a pervert, a weirdo, a Creepy C type…. the Mrs knows this. So many of us women feel his creepiness… Its embarrassing, Mrs V, you know his history, you know Ma’am. Why are you protecting him? It sickens me!

  • Saw the Commission Report Testimony. Sure would have been more entertaining/enlightening if Jr. was taken Voir Dire on tattoos and groups with them, since he has one, or nepotism on the department, or off duty incidents involving Beach City PD’s and the carrying of a gun while being passed out drunk without carrying ID or Sergeants being DUI while on duty in a radio car. Oh well, maybe next time or later when the Commission needs “expert” testimony on such matters or “my boss is a real meanie who takes a lot of time off and I don’t know what to do unless he tells me. I can’t handle my business on my own.” What a clown show that was!!!!

  • “Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
    As the Sheriff of the County of Los Angeles, it is important to me to be involved within the community to make a difference. Newsletter link:”

    “George, for Memorial Day we honor service members who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.
    We don’t say “happy” Memorial Day. You are the elected DA of LA. You should know better. This is important to many of us. Fix your tweet!”

    Per Jonathan Hatami☝

    Alex your boy Jon is gonna check you. You should fix your tweet or whatever lad handles your social media.

  • Antonio Ramirez

    Good point!!

    Memorial Day commemorates those who didn’t live through their military experience–they didn’t come back; Veterans’ Day commemorates those who did.

  • Here is something you Cecil Rhambo fans can look into. Just information only, this man is currently involved in a tremendous amount of controversy at LA Airport Police. He recently took a leave of absence for at least three reasons: He wanted more time to focus on this election instead of seeking out endorsements while on duty; he is facing a possibly vote of no confidence; and he is facing multiple complaints regarding unethical decisions he has made. In regard to the latter, he recently selected Tarek Azmy as an acting lieutenant, effective February 14th. The concerning issue with this is that Tarek Azmy was an officer who used to be a sergeant, until he was demoted in lieu of termination approximately two years ago. Though he was not eligible to test for this acting lieutenant position, Chief Rhambo allowed him to do so, because Tarek is his adjutant. Therefore, once the testing was complete, Tarek Azmy was reverted back to the position of sergeant, effective January 16th, then selected as the acting lieutenant less than one month later. There have been grievances filed in relation to this controversial and unethical selection. Please take a moment to objectively research this factual information to confirm for yourselves. It only takes a phone call, email, or text to an LAX officer or supervisor. It may even benefit you to contact Sergeant Cooper regarding this controversial selection of Azmy, since Sergeant Cooper was one of the candidates in the process. Or reach out to Marshall McClain, the LA Airport Peace Officers Association President, to confirm as to why they endorsed Villanueva instead of their very own Chief Rhambo. The sad truth is their Association is hoping to unload their “baggage” to LASD, so they can move on from that dumpster fire.

  • Hmmm. Maybe Rhambo is gonna help out his old pal Waldie Sr. by stepping outta that gig after he loses the election and let Sr.’s “whistleblowing” son leave LASO and try to take his place at the airport.
    Jr’s. B.S. lies and delusional testimonies will be revealed and make it hard for him to stay.

  • Hey Alejandro not been sleeping well these few weeks? Been looking very tired and bloated lately. Hmm looks like your own town has been turning on you the last few days.

    Adios Alejandro


    Sleepy Tim

    Lying Blanchard


  • House of Cards? Really?

    Thanks for the link; most revelatory.

    Loosening unpopular Deputies’ lug-nuts?

    That can get multiple people killed on the road.

    And they’re letting THAT pass?

  • Two Words:
    Cee Mandoyan ….
    Yea, Sheriff Potato tried to rehire this alleged Domestic Violence perp.
    Fat Boy loves dem girls, yea, he and Creepy Cee are weirdo’s! I saw the both of em at the Top Gun II showing the other day. Both wearing matching leather jackets, size XXXL, [WLA edit]…….

  • @ fly on the wall Let me guess at the matinee showing? Cheap skates!




    Creepy Carl

    Lying Blanchard


  • @ fly on the wall, your sources are as good as the one’s from the Chief @ Uvalde PD. A whole lotta nothin!!!

  • PPOA, what did you do? You endorsed Baca’s driver and wasted our money!

    Have courage!!! lol

    Adios to Baca’s Driver

    Adios Tab-atha

    Adios corrupt Board….

  • @Rak, goes back to funding & numerous tactical failures on part of UPD. Look forward and imagine the train wreck if EV ever leads the Dept.

  • @LACo1,

    Uh hello, the LASD train has already been wrecked! So basically anyone would be better at getting a new LASD train back on the tracks than the current circus clowns of Allie & Bibi.

  • I don’t get why so many people are all about Rhambo. He’s a Lynwood Viking. Just Google “Lynwood Vikings” and you’ll see him pictured with a bunch of other people, including Paul Tanaka, throwing up their gang sign. Rambo is the only one in uniform in the picture. During that interview, to prove he’s not associated with any gang, he took off his shirt. But did he show his ankles or legs?

  • Buddy, that’s Fake news. Cecil trained and worked at Carson Station. No station tattoo on his legs/ankles. He used to be a Conservative Republican, but now he’s WOKE!!! Don’t vote for him. He’s a Chameleon!

  • Vote for creepy Carl !!!

    P.s Alejandro your spies are weak! Lmao




    Creepy Carl

    Lying Blanchard

    4 days left!

  • 4 days left!!

    Sheriff Villanueva is gonna prove his STRONG support!!

    Baca’s Driver is gonna FAIL!!!! lol….hahahaha!!!!

    PPOA…. Have courage!!! lol….hahahaa!!!!

    Martes es superior!

  • Every deputy according to ALADS wants to keep Villanueva, based upon ALADS endorsement.
    Brace yourselves for more drama & theatrics as more deputies leave or lateral from LASD.

  • 3 days left and the nightmare ends!


    Alejandro Bibi

    Creepy Carl

    Lying Blanchard

    Butt-Boys kool aid drinkers


  • Do the Villanueva strong supporters generate anonymous urn# for elderly abuse reports?

    Anonymous caller: (according to Deputy Navarette) stated son constantly accusing his mother of hiding cameras in the vacuum cleaner. All this horse shit followed by social worker follow ups. LMAO

    Who was slinging the calls?


  • Just saw the Villanueva press conference/rally in Olvera Street. It was great seeing the 3 protestors being out voiced by dozens of support Villanueva crowd. All of them were chanting “Villanueva, Villanueva, Villanueva.” So cool! Even though the Sheriff cut the event short, the protestors were heard saying,

    “Damn, that dude has alot of support!” LMFAO!!!

    Classic Good vs Evil situation. June 6, 2022, will tell the story.

    Viva Villanueva!

  • @ 2day was a good day. Stop trying too salvage a pathetic occurrence that took place at Olivera street today.


    Creepy Carl

    Sleepy Tim

    Lying Blanchard


    P.s maybe he should have just ordered some taquitos and split..

  • @SuperTuesday

    I can’t wait to turn on the news, and see Alex indicted on multiple charges. I’m counting down the days. Hahahaha

  • “Today, the
    released a statement claiming that
    was ok with the lightweight sentencing in this brutal Venice hit and run. We were never consulted as we were not the Investigating agency.
    Investigators would never be ok with this sentencing #VictimsMatter”

    Villanueva twitter☝

    Alejandro meant to say victims matter sometimes



  • @ Adios…. LMFAO!!!

    ] guess we’ll know on Tuesday. See you on this blog Wednesday morning!

    Adios….y adelante Alejandro Villanueva, el Alguacil de Los Angeles..

    Si se puede!

  • Can’t wait for this to be over. Villanueva remains sheriff and there is no indictments.

    Same people on here cheering against him were riding his coat tails last election. Bunch of leeches.

    Let them lateral too I don’t care. What really changes nothing. More OT there’s been OT. Plus retirements sucks for anyone joining law enforcement these days no matter the agency.

    I don’t want sorry ass Vera the leech winning. I most definitely don’t want woke ass Cecil. Steinbrenner is joke and a half go ask the the rest of County services about her. Rodriguez always looks like he’s at a bar. And Luna is just plain soft.

  • Noticed during all of this, the accusations of racism must be true from Haselrig. Matt Burson dipped, and Auntie April & Bucktooth Kerry are strangely non-existent, why? Guess if they shut up they have better chances of moving around too… same with the disastrous Myron Johnson who “shockingly” didn’t do his job as a Sergeant back at Lennox. If I was a black employee, I’d be ashamed to associate with with any of them, well unless you want to blend in with the BPOA like Tricky Ricky the coat tail rider. Both April & Kerry failed miserably to address deputy gangs while in command in Central Patrol Division stations, why? Because their silence would get them promoted. Spoke to a Sgt friend who worked training at CEN, he said Kerry was full aware of the regulators/Spartans running the station and he turned a blind eye. Even the notorious ELA Godfather Eric Valdez was running things at CEN on early mornings with his ELA pal and all CEN deps knew to respect him. The bs is never ending…. They all need to be indicted

  • Stop deflecting your days are numbered. Hell wouldn’t that be funny if two candidates get more votes that Alejandro? That would be hilarious.




    Creepy Carl

    Sleepy Tim

    Lying Blanchard


    P.s. #anybodybutVillianueva

  • All you clowns will be eating crow on Wednesday morning. Alex is going to win and win by gaining 53 % of the vote.
    @ adventure I called it in 2018 and I’m going to call it again. Now that will be hilarious 🙂

  • Relax. [WLA edit] don’t get your county g-string in a bunch! This time is different..




    Sleepy Tim

    Creepy Carl

    Lying Blanchard


  • Editor’s note:

    Dear “Alejandro’s excellent adventure,”

    Please use language that you would feel comfortable using in front of your mother, daughter, and/or granddaughter, or the like, in their respective homes. Otherwise I’ll need to block you.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


  • Hey LaCo1-

    “Alex is going to win and win by gaining 53 % of the vote. @ adventure I called it in 2018 and I’m going to call it again.”

    Uh, don’t quit your day job to go into political handicapping. Or fortune telling. Or…

    Say, think he can pull off another miracle, this time without the fraudulently obtained Democratic Party endorsement in LA? Hahahahaha…

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