2022 Race for LA County Sheriff

LA County Sheriff Villanueva is headed for runoff, with former LB Chief Robert Luna his likely opponent

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

Now that Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder has released its first round of counting just after 2 a.m. on Wednesday, June 8, it appears certain that LA’s controversial sheriff, Alex Villanueva, will wind up in a November runoff. And his opponent in that runoff will likely be Robert Luna, the former Chief of the Long Beach Police.

Luna is only one of the eight challengers who hoped to deprive Villanueva of a second term. Nevertheless, at the moment, he has pulled away from the rest of the pack, presuming the lead stays.

LA County’s ballot counting process is a long one, so the next major voting update will be this Friday, June 10. And even after all ballots are counted, the results won’t be certified until July 7.

Meanwhile, Luna’s present strong second place may be due, at least in part, to Luna’s endorsements by the LA Times and the Daily News, which likely influenced those voters who wanted to cast their ballots for someone other than Villanueva, but weren’t quite sure exactly which someone out of the challengers they should choose.

In any case, Sheriff Villanueva’s percentage of the present vote tally hovers at 34.4 percent with Luna at around 24.5 percent.

Next in line after Luna is LASD Lt. Eric strong with 12.5 percent. In fourth place is former Assistant Sheriff, now LAX Police Chief Cecil Rhambo with approximately 7.5 percent.

The bottom line is this: although things will change as the counting continues, for the moment approximately 65 percent of the LA County voters who showed up to the polls on Tuesday, voted for someone else other than Alex Villanueva to be their next sheriff.

More as we know it.


  • Vera got less votes then Britta…. “the Gun slinger”

    Pathetic. No one on the LASD respects him anymore. He’ll now support Luna to save face. lol………

    Gotta love spineless cops who are FRAUDS..


  • When Luna becomes Sheriff of Los Angeles County in November, I pray that he brings his own staff to prevent being sabotaged by back stabbers in LASD.

  • It will be an interesting campaign going forward. Not sure if the Sheriffs Department can take another outsider from Long Beach? The last one was a disaster.

    In other election outcomes news. The casting out of soon to be “Progressive Reformer” DA Chesa Boudin in San Francisco is far bigger news and has greater implications on criminal justice in the state of California, Los Angeles County and the country. His recall by ultra liberal San Francisco voters with clear buyers remorse is a referendum on the Soros backed whole ‘reimaginning of the criminal justice system” failed social experiment.

  • @Interesting….. Very well said.

    Vera lost a lot of support internally when he supported the vax mandate at the debate. Cutting a backroom deal with POPA (or at least the appearance of it) was another dagger in his campaign. Speaking of which, now that Tab lost his juice card, it’s time to go full bore on his recall. Anyone have any idea how many signatures are now on the recall petition?

  • So PPOA gave Vera $250k of members dues money!! Did they really think he had a shot or was it a payoff of sorts? No public polling, disregarded the members wishes, disregarded their own endorsement committee recommendations, gave a ton of money and God knows what else (PPOA refused to release their board meeting minutes)! Oh, and Tab used to work for Vera and desparately wanted a promotion. hmmmm. PPOA is out of control! Can’t wait to see what they do next. Endorse Gascon??

  • @Eldon Hoke Any idea how I can sign the recall petition? Frankly, the entire PPOA board needs to be recalled. I realize Tab is the leader, but they could have stopped him. I lost confidence in Tab when he hired his liberal uncle as PPOAs lobbyist and paid him double what the past lobbyist was getting. Nepotism at its worst. I heard he was setting up his post LASD career to go work for his uncle. This dude’s corrupt! Where do I go to sign the petition?

  • @ Holy Cow: ALADS is worse than PPOA, who has lost their integrity and millions more, unbeknownst to the majority of deputies.
    Does Alex still have the helicopter pad, near his house? Who paid for it?

    Obviously Alex is ALADS guy with karma as king for the Cofounder of LASPA

    Villanueva has not been good on his promises as he has allowed more deputies to be fired than McDonnell did. The heavens have lined up for Chief Luna to clean up LASD. Good luck to him.

  • Hey Vera, {WLA edit], Time to enjoy your retirement. Cecil you’re a has been too. Once you aligned yourself with Maxine “Aunt Esther” Watters you were toast. Her constituents might like her but nobody else does. She’s a corrupt race baiting HACK!! Now you can go back to being Korean As for Luna, he doesn’t have a chance either. The last LB Chief was the reason why Sheriff Villanueva was elected. Nobody likes a back door Sheriff. Except the LA Times and The BOS. That should tell you something. To the Men and Women of the LASO, keep your heads up, do your job and let the chips fall where they fall. Like him or not, Sheriff Villanueva isn’t perfect but he’s got balls. Support your Sheriff, he supports you !

  • This may be common knowledge, however word around the campfire is that between the BOS, McD, some contract city folks and possibly, once again possibly GS (rhymes with moros), was / is behind the election of the moon.

    My understanding is that the ballot counting stopped before 9:00 PM? I know this tactic has been employed recently during previous voting operations.

    I have seen previous county / city elections determined by 10:00 PM. So, this just seems to be a little suspicious / odd.

    I am not backing any particular candidate. However, if this election has been usurped, I do have a strenuous objection with that.

  • No they will endorse Luna to end the train wreck caused by Sheriff Potato Head.

    Adios Alejandro


    Creepy Carl

    Sleepy Tim

    Lying Blanchard


    P.S. Cities nightclub Is the best you can do for a election party? So predictable…ROTFL

  • It is rather interesting that WLA was rather expedient in putting out an article about the potential winner of the race for L.A. County Sheriff. Further, I did happen to detect a little bias in the article. Mind you, I am not endorsing, nor expecting a particular candidate to win.

    Mr. Luna was endorsed by the L.A. Times and the Daily News. I do not know of any other major endorsements, so that seems odd that there may have possibly not been any other major endorsements, which I am aware of. Further, it is interesting how these two newspapers may have allegedly swayed voters to vote for Luna when he was a no name candidate and did not fare well during the initial debate between all of the candidates?

    What did strike me as peculiar while reading the article was this paragraph, “LA County’s ballot counting process is a long one, so the next major voting update will be this Friday, June 10. And even after all ballots are counted, the results won’t be certified until July 7.”

    Why was this never an issue before in L.A. County elections?

    As I stated previously, I am not endorsing nor expecting a particular candidate to win, however something tells me that there may have been some malfeasance somewhere along the line.

  • @ Alejandro’s Excellent Adventure’s, didn’t you know Cities Restaurant offers “Quality Dining in the Heart of East Los Angeles”??? Along with Banditos STILL in the neighborhood (wait, didn’t he “clean house”?), what else could a guy with one foot out the door hope for?

  • Sheriff Potato Head got 35% of the vote.
    Everyone else got 65% of the vote.
    Lot of people don’t want the Potato Head.
    Bye bye Potato Head!
    You too Creepy Cee.

  • @bowlegged Baffon Basher your name almost made me spit out my coffee right now!!!! The freaks really do come out at night! I wonder what was the menu for last nights suare?



    Creepy Carl


    Sleepy Tim

    Lying Blanchard



  • @Stop-

    “As for Luna, he doesn’t have a chance either.” Well, the problem with your “logic” is that those votes in the 64% were not “yes” votes for individual candidates, but “no” votes for AV. The vast majority of them will repeat their “no” votes in the general, and there’s no reason to think the greater number of voters in that election are more favorably inclined toward this train wreck of a sheriff. Solis as an incumbent got what, 73% of the vote? The average LA County voter sees AV as unable to play nice in the sandbox with anyone other than Fox News, and that’s not exactly the look he should be going for in LA County.

    If AV had any common sense he would go grovel before the Democratic Party in LA hat in hand, but we all know what the chances of this egomaniac doing that is – which will be our saving grace. Not that they’d take him seriously at this point – the whole bleeding heart liberal thing worked for him once, they’re not gonna be fooled twice. AV’s hard right pivot to find new supporters also is a failing strategy.

    From everything the LA Times wrote about Luna, he should win the Democratic endorsement in a walk, and then it’s all over for AV, he can return to obscurity with a much heftier pension and knowing that he inflicted carnage on the Department that he hated so much for treating him so miserably. Luna and whoever he chooses for his command staff can try to pick up the pieces. They’re gonna need a lotta help.

  • @L.A. County Voter

    The election tally date seems odd? What are you getting at? Voter fraud? I find it awful strange you’ve been conveniently throwing your two cents in about every candidate except Villanueva.

    For example,

    “In my opinion, these LASD candidates, may be looking to add the title of Sheriff to their resumes and look to continue with the “good ‘ol boy.” business as usual practices.”

    Let me repeat (in case you inexplicably missed it), I am in no way aligned with Alex Villanueva, and although I am an LA County Voter, I do not endorse or expect any candidate to win. What does that even mean? So why are you even here posting?

    And now it’s suspicious tallying? Sure sounds like something straight from AV’s delusional mouth.

    Bro, The Corrupt Villanueva Train is officially derailed. It’s not getting back on the tracks. In fact, it’s going to be scrapped because the Dept needs nothing from that hunk of junk to rebuild what he tarnished. Worst Sheriff EVER. Embarrassing.

    You’re tactics are very transparent. Ironic, because Villainueva is quite the opposite. So long AV. You won’t be missed!

  • Is it just me or does Luna shake his head way too much when he is speaking. It’s distracting and quite frankly gives a vibe of nervousness. Luna has Luna has zero clue on the ins and outs of the department. McD at least was LAPD so he understood how big the department could be. Luna is a whole different story. I don’t want no woke democrat or puppet. He’s already shown his true colors. Pro Vaccine, Pro BOS, and word from REAL Long Beach guys is you don’t want him as your sheriff.

    I can see Vera itching to jump on some coattails and endorsing him to be undersheriff lol. What a joke.

    Who would be his command staff, no one would respect him. They would be groupies of course, waiting in line to kiss the ring.

    Oh well…..

  • What I find disheartening about the aftermath of this race is what I see going on nationally as well. It’s not necessarily who won/lost, but the sheer acrimony and petty belligerence being displayed by some people, including a number represented in these comments. The race is over.

    This Friday will show definitively who the actual contestants will be come November, but it’s pretty clear at this point who they will be. Why do some folks feel the need to bash everyone and everything involved? Reading some of these comments make me feel like I either stepped into an episode the Twilight Zone or a classroom filled with snotty, belligerent 4th graders.

    Some folks need to take a step back and remember that this is all about the future of the greatest law enforcement agency on the planet. It’s about coming together in our efforts to ensure the department is the best it can be. There are thousands of hard working, dedicated people working in the LASD. We need to honor and support them, regardless of who ultimately gets elected to lead.

  • @Peter Griffin,

    I know it’s scary for you and some of the other “dwindling” Alex cheerleaders to see your bowlegged, cowboy hat wearing, potato head leader being humbled by the electorate, but it will be okay come November. All you have to do is learn and practice how to say, Adios Alex! With a hardy “L-TAC” like ELA Bandito accent.

    Now, the ones who should be nervous and planning their post Alex & Sweatpee LASD future are all of the current Alex promoted Skippers who sold their souls to the illiterate wannabe cowboy and showered the drunk looking Sweatpee with gifts of margaritas and a few too many lunches. Pack those boxes boys and girls and watch out for those dangerous office chairs. And can someone please wake up Magoorakami?

    Let’s say it all in unison…….

    ADIOS ALEX & SWEATPEE! Ay Caramba!

  • Alejandro should proceed with caution. His attorneys may find that he is quickly decompensating . The last thing he needs is his attorneys conferring with a shitty clinical social worker , who could potentially associate his behavior with mental illness and to Dept 95 you go.

    Cuidado Alejandro


  • Luna is a smart man who has come through the ranks in Long Beach Police Department. He will succeed and he would be wise to add a few vetted retired LASD to assist.

    Gangsters who wear our badge including Vikings, 3000 boys, Regulators, Bandito’s & Executioners, etc. would be smart to “roll it up” before the NEW Sheriff comes into town.

  • @adios Alex & sweet pea

    One, you must have me confused. I don’t cheerlead. I’m merely picking the better of crappy options. Kind of like Trump V Clinton. I didn’t like either one but the lesser of two evils was Trump.

    I’m sure your perfect and know all. Wait why don’t you run?

    I honestly could care less who wins. I’d prefer things stay the same but in the end f it. I’ll show up the next day and the only thing different will be the pictures and signatures on whose the boss.

    I’m willing to Bet you nothing changes lol. Only exception would be the vaccine issue.

  • @Mike Bornman

    Wishful thinking. I can’t count on one hand executives on the department that have that ideology.

    I’ve seen first hand the new generation of staff coming in. Trust me when I tell you the future is bleak. The bar has fallen so low you’d be surprised.

  • What happened to our silver haired DAA in his run n one has made any mention of the election results on him where are you Witness LA regarding your favorite son!!!!!

  • All you haters and whiners do is complain. You weren’t happy with Baca/Tanaka. You weren’t happy with McDonald, and you’re not happy with Villanueva.

    Is there anybody you would support as Sheriff?

    Anybody currently in the chain of command?

    All you do is bitch and complain. I bet the majority of you are the ones kissing everybody’s ass to get noticed,/promoted , however you are so unqualified and nothing but an ass kisser.

    If you’re out there doing your job, and not worrying about your next assignment promotion or schedule, it really doesn’t matter who your Sheriff is.

    Do your job and quit sniveling.

  • @Serious Question

    Well I’ll say this that’s not true. I’ve known plenty of hard working bubbas and ladies that have been passed up by ass kissers, know somebodies, or legacies.

    It’s the way of the world.

  • @LASD Reservist

    First , hahahahahahaha.

    Secondly, stick to your full time job. Is that working on Luna’s campaign?

    Lastly, my intel from friends at Long Beach contradicts everything you just said. So who is to believe?

    PS: What is it with people thinking pulling old timers is the best. Plenty of old timers mucking it up right now.

    I wanna see young blood that actually has a vested interest in the Department. That just doesn’t have the ability to retire or leave. What’s wrong with that. Is there no smart young guns?

  • @Serious question let me guess you are most likely a desk Jockey who sits being a desk wagging your index finger at your subordinates thinking your some type of CEO in the real world correct? Gtfoh!




    Sleepy Tim

    Lying Blanchard

    Creeeeeeepppyyyyyy Carl


  • Mike Bornman thank you for actually providing your real name and bringing substance to the conversation. Mike is the only rational person on this platform.

  • @Holy Cow–I’ve been out of the game for awhile but last I heard, recall petitions were floating around various units within the department. If that $250,000 figure is true, there needs to be hell to pay. I don’t blame Vera one bit though. The man was just trying to win an election. Tab on the other hand, used our dues and went against membership’s wishes in some cheap ploy to get a promotion. In some circles, that’s called embezzlement but I’m sure there’s some POPA bylaw that permits this sort of thing. Once we fire Tab, we need to have something in writing to prevent this from ever happening again. Send that goof to the cornfields.

  • @ Be Real…..I do believe I stated it was odd. In reading these posts, one individual (Joe Friday), posted that the counting stopped at 9:00 P.M. If in fact that is true, as well as when the determination would be made, doesn’t that strike you as odd? This reminds me of a previous general election. But, that is just me.

    In regards to a statement, I made, “I do not endorse or expect any candidate to win.” and your questions, “what does that even mean? So why are you even here posting? As a L.A. County voter I am entitled to my opinion, just as you are.

    I never stated, “suspicious tallying.” This was an assumption on your part. I stated, “What did strike me as peculiar while reading the article was this paragraph, “LA County’s ballot counting process is a long one…” As an L.A. County voter, I need to gather as much information as possible about any candidate I am looking to vote for and I get some of that information from WLA. Although, some of the information may be biased. Nonetheless, I vet out what is legitimate and what is not. Aside from the comments being posted (which are humorous at times), I get the feeling of how the rank & file feel about their Sheriff and or candidates. Which in turn, I can surmise a hypothesis on what direction I should vote.

    As you so eloquently stated, “Bro, The Corrupt Villanueva Train is officially derailed. It’s not getting back on the tracks. In fact, it’s going to be scrapped because the Dept needs nothing from that hunk of junk to rebuild what he tarnished. Worst Sheriff EVER. Embarrassing.”

    Based on what I have read, heard and seen about Mr. Villanueva and some of the other candidates, led me to make this statement, “Let me repeat (in case you inexplicably missed it), I am in no way aligned with Alex Villanueva, and although I am an LA County Voter, I do not endorse or expect any candidate to win.” Basically, I have no faith, trust and or desire to vote for any of the candidates. I will tell you why “Bro.” Neither of the candidates, including Villanueva, have proposed a solid, feasible business plan on how to address the internal & external maladies which continue to plague the L.A.S.D. It is obvious that some, if not all of the candidates were looking to become the next Sheriff for personal gain while at the expense of the rank and file and the department. I may be wrong, however that is my opinion.

    So in essence, “my tactics” which you call into question are not in support of Mr. Villanueva. I explained my position to you, although I did not need to, however I thought it would be important for me to enlighten you and your cynical behavior.

  • @L.A. County Voter. No it doesn’t strike me as odd. The conspiracy theorists strike me as odd. Those same theorists will dismiss today’s headline, ‘Jan. 6 attack the ‘culmination of an attempted coup,’ chairman says,’ and associated facts due to the blindfold of their political beliefs.

    Indeed you are entitled to an opinion. Speaking of odd, it’s interesting you don’t seem to have inserted your opinion here regarding Villanueva, although there have been numerous investigative reports, numerous allegations of corruption from high level executives, and blatant attacks on whistleblowers and the freedom of the press during his tenure.

    A wise man once told me, “there is no worse decision than no decision at all.” After all your research, including your review of these untested posts/rants to ascertain how the rank and file feel, and yet you still have not come to any conclusion? Or as you would say, “surmise a hypothesis.” Real eloquent there.

    A real solid business plan? I’m not sure you’re going to see a business proposal from a politician. Maybe you missed this article: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-06-01/lopez-column-sheriff-villanueva-rivals.

    It appears Luna has an outline. Hopefully that may assist you in determining whether or not you vote.

    And lastly, yes. My cynical attitude toward your post is based on my experience and this just not adding up. But hey bro or dudette, either you are a clandestine Villanueva supporter, or some odd individual who loves to stir it up without having the conviction to state your opinion/conclusions.

    Be Real. Be You. Because Everyone Else Is Taken.

  • @ Real…I suppose you did not read between the lines thoroughly. Nonetheless, I did state, “Basically, I have no faith, trust and or desire to vote for any of the candidates.” I will break it down for you, since you are adamant about my alleged support for Mr. Villanueva. I have lost faith in his ability to lead. Which means what? I do not vote for him. For that matter any other candidate. As I stated previously, “I have no faith, trust and or desire….. ”

    Just because I do not specifically state anything derogatory about Mr. Villanueva, does not mean I am a clandestine supporter. Further, I am aware of his unethical decision making process. When you play Poker, do you display a Poker face when you have a royal flush? Or do you keep it on the low?

    Based on your statement, “A real solid business plan? I’m not sure you’re going to see a business proposal from a politician.” Therein lies the problem. Running an organization such as the LASD with no business plan? So, the organization is / was being operated by the seat of the pants? Any true leader, would develop some sort of business plan on where the organization needs to be taken and how it will be done.

    We’ll see how things turn out. In the meantime, Dude, you need to chill out. You are a good candidate for high blood pressure, not unless you have it already.

  • PPOA Endorsement
    Villanueva has refused to work with PPOA for 3 1/2 years because they did not endorse him in 2018. AV needed to let it go!
    Villanueva publicly resisted vaccine mandates but enforced mask mandates and employees registering their vaccine status. Registering allowed the County to fire unvaccinated employees. Villanueva served those employees up.
    Villanueva continues to ignore meet and confer requests regarding vaccine mandates which are in violation of the contract as requested by PPOA for over a year. PPOA was trying to protect its members. AV ignored their efforts.
    Villanueva stated in his candidate interview with PPOA, I don’t need you.
    Villanueva stated in the same interview, get onboard with my fight against the BOS. (The people who make decisions on the LASD budget and employee raises).

    Currently PPOA members are hoping for big increases from the BOS while supporting the Sheriff’s unnecessary war with the BOS. The accusation against the PPOA President, that he stood to benefit from the endorsement is absurd. It’s the same accusation Villanueva made against the PPOA President in 2018. PPOA continues to focus on its members. Villanueva is focused on himself.

    Villanueva will lose on November. All of his shortcomings will be amplified by the LA Times and Luna’s will be ignored. Villanueva has only one person to blame, himself.

  • @seeking the truth I tried warning those PPOA nicumpoops who are full themselves who think somehow getting signatures will remove someone from office. Like I stated it’s as useless as a roll of county issued toilet paper.




    Sleepy Tim

    Creepy Carl

    Lying Blanchard


    P.s. start ordering your moving boxes soon. Your going too need them.,,

  • PPOA will have no choice but to endorse Villanueva. If not, the membership will over throw the board through the bylaws. As it is, there is a recall petition being signed by all, if not, most Sgt and Lt’s. LASD cannot afford to have Luna at the helm. I am not an AV fan, and will probably never will be. But, Luna’s corrupt, Sorros backed campaign will be a disaster for LA County residents and employees.

    Remember McBuckles? All the members sure do!

    If PPOA decides “no: endorsement, they are in the clink with Luna. PPOA, take acting for the members! Like it, or not, it’s time to get behind Villanueva.

  • Does former Chief of Staff and Vera and quasi campaign manager, Larry Delmese, have a tattoo?

    Anyone know?

  • I wonder who the Law Office Of Adam L Marangell A Professional Corporation in Monterey Park, CA supports in this fiasco!


  • “How To Have Trauma-Informed Conversations With Survivors”

    “Adam Marangell
    May 29, 2022 at 5:48 pm
    Great article. Thanks for posting this”

    ☝Hey Adam enlighten us with why you’re thankful for this posting!


  • @Bleed Tan and Green, I know the Katzenberg trust (Dreamworks) donated to a Luna PAC, but don’t see anything about Soros giving any money to the Luna campaign? I know his group gave $$$ for an “Anyone but Villanueva” PAC. Can you direct us to a link for the Soros funding? Thanks

  • @Mike Bornman.

    Thank you Sir,

    for calling out the propaganda the Villanueva cult perpetually regurgitates in their smear campaign.

    Let’s see the Soros rumor proven. I guarantee it’s nothing but filthy lies to ensure the resilience and personal gain of the groupie herd.

  • Just as Suspected. Not one keyboard warrior has a recommendation for Sheriff. Just goes to show you that you’re all just antagonists. Go away. You’ll never be happy. I’m voting for Alex.

  • Who’s Adam voting for?

    “Mr. Marangell still maintains strong ties to
    the police world and in April 2006 was
    appointed as General Counsel for the Los
    Angeles Sheriff’s Professional Association


  • @Serious Question

    Are you serious?

    Go Luna. Alex is toast, for multiple reasons.

    Even the voters he was trying court with his rhetoric, can see plainly the individual he is. Everyone’s over his divisiveness, petty squabbles with anyone who has a different opinion and his retaliatory actions. No one wants a Napoleanic sheriff.


    Luna will reset it all and begin the cleanup of a good Department VIllanueva has left in ruins.

  • @Be Real-

    Thanks for that link. It’s very interesting to see voters articulate objections to AV that I hear voiced by Department members frequently. Both the letter you linked and the following one make for a damning indictment if they are believed to have come from typical LA County voters. A quote from the first is interesting:

    “The litany cited in the article has nothing to do with “rightward shift”: ad hominem attacks against elected officials, cover-ups, favoritism, disregard of public oversight, lashing out against reporters and critical columnists, grandstanding and departmental secrecy.”

    This is clearly from a voter who has been paying attention. Department members get wrapped up in evaluating AV from a perspective of “how has he affected me/my career”, which is perfectly natural. Many of us, and many of the folks voicing their opinions on these pages, appear to evaluate him almost entirely on that basis (although you’ll never hear anyone admit to that).

    The quote above reflects a litany of sins which have in common an unchecked oversized ego, coupled with emotional immaturity. AV is incapable of self-reflection, of learning from his mistakes (which is truly a shame, as his opportunity for education if he could do so would be vast). He lashes out, childlike, at anyone who challenges him in any way. This may work against Department members, and Tanaka had nothing on AV when it comes to vindictiveness, but it doesn’t work at all against peer politicians, reporters, and oversight bodies. All he has done with these public squabbles is appear to be the petty individual that he is, and it has completely alienated voters. Because of who he is, AV is incapable of turning this around, and November will clearly show that. He truly is his own worst enemy.

  • Robert Luna does not support the recall of George Gascon. No thank you!

    Enough said.

    Anyone but Gascon and Luna!!!

  • Typical of Alex and his cheerleaders to try to divert attention and blame elsewhere. When your whole time in office has been an epic failure, full of scandals, and nothing innovative to point to, all Alex and his koolaid drinkers can do is deflect and point to the failing D.A. Gascon in the desperate hope that voters will forget how F’d up the formerly retired mediocre lieutenant truly is.

    Newsflash, both Gascon AND Villanueva are total failures and need to be kicked out of office.

    At least we now know that Luna is the man to lead the LASD back to greatness, following Vendido Villanueva’s and Sweatpee’s mismanagement of the LASd and their embarrassingly weak showing at the Primary.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • @Truth Be Told- I don’t think it’s that Luna doesn’t want to recall Gascon, I think it’s more of not his place to say. Alex made sure he was the first one to sign the recall. He puts it out there every chance he can. Now let’s say Alex wins in November and Gascon does not get recalled…well Alex just put every si gle one of his deputies in the crosshairs of Gascon. He will get back at Alex by prosecuting as many deputies as he can. This is why I always says LASD doesn’t hire smart people…all the deputies are rooting for Alex because of his public voice against Gascon not knowing that because of Alex, he just jeopardized every single one of them.

    Deputies are like lemmings….when the first one runs off a cliff all the others join enthusiastically

  • @Buddy.

    You’re spot on.

    Deputies unfortunately don’t see the big picture. Villanueva sees them as pawns, because they understandably can’t see, in that they aren’t exposed to the intricacies of politics. These deputies are busting their cans all day and have no thirst to hear about bureaucracy. Villanueva knows this and uses disinformation to his advantage.

    For those who do care to learn, rather than be force fed, its important to know Villanueva wasn’t anti-Gascon until Gascon shot down Villanueva’s request to join forces with the DA’s public integrity division. The DA declined, stating they have far more expertise. It appears Villanueva was overstepping, as usual, his authority in an effort to weaponize the DA to destroy his rivals.

    Deputies don’t realize that the deputy who took the Kobe photos and was later publicly revealed to have kneeled on an inmates neck last year, was served up by Villanueva to the same DA this April. Villanueva announced he would seek criminal charges, all because he panicked as its an election year. The force looked bad, but didn’t appeare to be criminal.

    Regardless, Villanueva threw some meat to the mob. At the expense of Deputy Johnson. I’m sure any one of them is vulnerable to the same chess game Villanueva is playing to obtain votes.




  • All the suck a$@$$ have been really quiet lately. Walking around the Hall with somber faces and no sense of direction. You jumped on the train, and it just wrecked. You can’t hide and claim ignorance in November. On the positive side, you will be laughing all the way to the bank, can’t hate on that I guess.

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