2022 Race for LA County Sheriff

With next round of votes counted, LA County Sheriff’s Race remains largely the same

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

The next round of vote counting for Tuesday’s primary election was released by the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder shortly after 3:15 p.m. on Friday, June 10. When it comes to the race for LA County Sheriff it appears that the battle to see who will lead the nation’s largest sheriff’s department remains about the same:

Incumbent Alex Villanueva still is headed for November runoff with Robert Luna, the former Chief of the Long Beach Police.

As you can see from the screen shot below, the sitting sheriff has slightly over 33 percent of the vote, with Luna a bit under 26 percent.

The remaining approximately 41 percent is spread between the other seven challengers. Thus, as of now, around 67 percent of those LA County voters who marked their ballots in the June 7 primary race chose some else other than the controversial Villanueva.

Yet, Tuesday’s primary election in general drew a low voter turnout. So those numbers will like change when the various candidates in the various runoffs throughout LA County and the State of California have more time and more money to make their pitch to those who go to the polls.

More as we know it.

Note: Photo at top is of a note reportedly placed on the windshield of an LA County resident.


  • The majority of his supporters or who he panders to are the rank and file staff but news flash- he and his staff work for the population. How many deputies or ALADS members even live in Los Angeles?

    The last ditch clean-up and crime crack down theatrics did nothing but highlight he hasn’t been doing the job for the last three years or it wouldn’t have got that bad.

    Doctor Villanueva, the City of LA got downtown cleared of homeless before the arrival of the president with not a single press conference or speech from the homeless hype man. Looks great too. Imagine that…

    Looking forward to how he will spin the news that he’s no longer wanted. He will likely be a victim some how, claim the election was stolen OR the “woke” voters of LA County don’t know what’s good for them.

    God bless the democratic process.

  • Praying Sheriff Villanueva continues as Sheriff. He is honesty, caring, has integrity, no nonsense type of leadership and understands his people. We love you Sheriff. You have my vote!!!

  • @Aldela Barbosa,
    I work for the Department in an executive capacity. Villanueva is not a good guy. He is evil, vindictive, and only cares about himself. Do you really think he cares about homelessness- nope, it’s all smoke and mirrors to get votes and money. All his top executives are gone and all say the same thing- he is incompetent! Anthony Blanchard will have to testify- what is it going to be Anthony- prison like Baca and Tanaka? Or will you actually have the integrity to do the right thing?

    You think AV has a good marriage to his wife- nope, there is a reason she keeps him on a short leash. Talk to all the young female deputies at CRDF, he used to wipe off lint off their uniforms in inappropriate locations……. There are other things but I will have some class and not expose everything…… maybe I will in November………

  • Congratulations Robert Luna as you are firmly on your way to kicking one-termer illiterate Alex out of the Hall of Justice and back to his miserable retired “Sweatpee” life.

    The “Anyone But Alex” vote movement is STRONG and a humiliating loss is in the cards for Allie and Bibi come November. Even cocky Javier was humbled by the results.

    Holly Cow! Not even Batman Batenero and Bigglesworth Burson have a clue on what to do.

    Hey Alex, did you see the winning percentage that your offensive self titled “La Malinche” THE Honorable Supv. Hilda Solis won by? Now that’s called a MANdate! You better hit her up for some bowlegged BigBoy pants to go with your tattered and dusty cowboy hat.

    And can someone please wake up Mr. Magoorakami?

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • From the commenter who indicates they work in the “executive ranks” don’t assume this gives off a sense of credibility and “gold standard” sense of integrity and upstanding character. Most members in the executive ranks of LASD and any organization are placed in the positions based on who you know, pledged loyalty to the organizational club of elites and willingness….no eagerness….to put aside the interest of the many in allegiance to their own needs and those of the elite ranks. Case in point, the sycophants under McDonnell and Baca who were 100% team “fill-in-the-blank” while they were being taken care of, but quickly jumped off the carousel when the music stopped playing their song. The current Sheriff, though not perfect (who is?) was only promoted to lieutenant, he has a far better handle on the reality of keeping his troops (worker-bees) motivated and doing what’s in the best interest of the law abiding citizens of LA County. DA Gascon, the LA County BOS and other political elites seem to have surely lost site of this important fact. Could you imagine if the Sheriff ran his Department like the BOS wanted him too? Last I remember, none of them have ever been employed in any form of boots-on the ground law enforcement capacity?

    Regarding the hopes the far left progressives are putting into formerong Beach Police Chief Luna. He’s used to taking orders from his political masters like all chiefs of police. The Sheriff of LA County is elected and needs to have the ability to “reimagine the criminal justice system” and be given the freedom and latitude to run his Department as he envisions just as the DA does who was also elected by the people.

  • @Interesting-

    “Case in point, the sycophants under McDonnell and Baca who were 100% team “fill-in-the-blank” while they were being taken care of, but quickly jumped off the carousel when the music stopped playing their song.”

    It’s funny to me that you cast stones at the two prior sheriffs when the current one is sooooo much guiltier of promoting based on cronyism – ok, maybe Baca could give AV a run for his money in that department, primarily by way of deferring to Tanaka rather than actual sin on his part, but AV leaves McD in the dust when it comes to promoting based on campaign contributions and/or old friends, especially if you factor in most of McD’s promotees were at least arguable qualified for promotion. Considering AV’s habit of promoting execs who do not have either the experience, education, or expertise for their assignments, it’s not even close. And when you refer to “jumped…when the music stopped playing their song” uh…say…. have you been following the news about the Department lately? Might want to take a look at the stack of lawsuits filed against AV personally by his handpicked execs before beating that drum much louder. If you’re trying to support AV with your accusations your reasoning is laughable.

  • @ Alejandro’s Excellent Adventure’s

    LOL but will the band continue to play?

    @ Interesting…..

    You’re suggesting Dr. Villanueva knows what’s best for the population and should not have to answer to the BOS? The board are also elected by the people. Most of BOS members took their office by a landslide and continue to be elected, Hilda Solis is a prime example. They too are trusted to work in the best interest of the people. The Sheriff should not be completely sovereign. He should be working WITH the BOS to reach common ground. #diplomacy.

  • @Employee,
    That’s rich. Another “executive” on here lamenting about their boss. It’s executives like you and others on this board as to the reason the department has endured the stupid embarrassment of the Baca era and now what has morphed into it’s current state. The majority of you stand (have stood) around with your “Emperor’s new clothes” mentality circle jerking for the next promotion, doing nothing but nodding approvingly and fail to lead on any level, while the line swine take the brunt of the hits. Spare us your “inside info” and do your job and lead, that is unless of course you’re one of the many who have no business in being in charge….

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