Sheriff Alex Villanueva

Has the LA County Sheriff’s Department gone back to rigged promotions, along with other forms of favoritism & corruption? A new lawsuit says YES.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva and Undersheriff Tim Murakami, via Fred Mariscal
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

More than a decade ago, during the corruption-riddled past of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department,  WitnessLA wrote a great deal about how the LASD’s notorious former undersheriff, Paul Tanaka had a pay-to-play promotional system.

It worked like this:

Those who were unquestionably loyal to those at the top of the department—which mostly meant Mr. Tanaka, who was known at the time as the shadow sheriff, and sometimes then-sheriff Lee Baca—moved up through the ranks faster, statistically speaking, than non-loyalists.

In other words, climbing the promotional ladder inside the nation’s largest sheriff’s department was, in too many cases, driven by favoritism rather than merit.

Yet, to make this unscrupulous system work, Tanaka needed others to participate with the various promotional schemes.  In some cases, this reportedly meant allowing a list of answers to the questions on the tests one had to take to move up the ladder to the position of sergeant or lieutenant, to be passed out to a chosen few, who then engaged in private study sessions..

And in other cases, those in a position to do so, were asked to change the scores a candidate for sergeant or lieutenant received when interviewed for the promotion.

Yet, if the commanding officer in a position to facilitate unearned promotions declined to play ball with the cheating construct, as was true in one well known case, retaliation ensured, including against a family member who also worked in the department.

Yet, that was, of course, years ago.  Since then, Paul Tanaka and some of his hench persons were federally indicted and went to prison.

Furthermore, the present head of the department, Sheriff Alex Villanueva, ran on the promise to root out “cronyism and corruption,” and to move people up to leadership who were “dedicated, educated, extremely bright, and experienced,” rather than using favoritism as the main metric.

Yet, according to a new civil rights lawsuit filed on Wednesday, January 25, by civil rights attorney Vincent Miller in behalf of an LA County Sheriff’s deputy named Rosa Gonzalez, favoritism and rigged promotions appear to be back in operation in the department, and those who fail to cooperate again face vicious retaliation.

Here’s the deal.

In the summer of 2021, Sergeant Rosa Gonzalez, a department veteran, was assigned as Operations Sergeant at the LASD’s Personnel Administration Bureau—or PAB).

The PAB is responsible for all hiring, promotions, and personnel movement at the LASD. So, it is understandably considered important that those within the PAB be capable and scrupulously honest, although in the LASD’s bad old days, that had demonstrably not been the case.

Fast forward to late July, early August, 2021, when another sergeant working at the PAB, allegedly confided in Gonzalez that, with the assistance of the division’s acting head, Acting Captain Yvonne O’Brien, the sergeant, was committing fraud by getting paid for working in the bureau, while in fact this sergeant, whose name was Arballo, had been falsifying her timecard. Specifically, she stated that she was at work on multiple days, while in truth it appears she was in Arizona, preparing for the lieutenant’s exam—and reportedly was doing so with a bunch of outside help.

Arballo, who reportedly seemed to need someone in whom to confide about her actions,  and so admitted to Gonzalez that she cheated on the exam using test questions and answers that Captain O’Brien had slipped to her, and reportedly also to around 20 others, ahead of the test. 

According to Gonzalez, Arballo’s timecard indeed showed that she worked on July 26, July 27, August 2, and August 3, 2021, although she was not actually at work at all. 

Furthermore, according to the civil right complaint filed Wednesday,  O’Brien and Sheriff Villanueva approved of the timecard fraud and cheating on the Lieutenant’s exam. 

And just so we’re clear, such cheating is not just a violation of LASD policies, said Attorney Vincent Miller, it is also a criminal act of fraud.

Yet, cheating on the test was not the only unethical and illegal activity allegedly going in in the LASD PAB during the summer of 2021, activities that Gonzales was implicitly and, eventually, explicitly, asked to go along with according to the complaint.

Finally, in October 2021, Rosa Gonzalez became a department whistleblower by filing a grievance detailing the string of illegal actions she reportedly witnessed or of which she had knowledge.

According to the new lawsuit, retaliation against Rosa Gonzalez swiftly followed.

There is, however, much more to this tale of whistleblowing and vengeance in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

We’ll be back with additional details.

So….watch this space

*Correction and update made at 4:47 pm, 1/26/2022


  • Anything to take down a Sheriff who is trying to hold criminals accountable.

    Can’t have that can we Celeste?

  • Yeah lets all believe the lady with lawsuit history against the department… Another reach headed for another fail.

  • Sadly, this sheriff and his 2nd are by far one of the worst by ignoring merit and experience. They make up their own criteria and change the promotional requirements. How can anyone play the game if they don’t know the rules ? And yes it is very true, the sheriff’s wife has a tremendous input on who gets promoted and who doesn’t. Her friends with much less experience advanced while others were bypassed. The department is losing members daily due to this unfair practice.

  • I never found the promotional testing process to be hard. A little sweat equity in studying usually guaranteed a good score. The sense of entitlement to cheat on an exam or pay to play is disturbing.

  • J. Bardon:

    Click on “HOME” top tool-bar of the link you cited & see whatcha get.

    Most illuminating.


  • J.B.

    Evidently “.J. Bardon’s” link was taken down; thanks for reproducing the link I was alluding to.

    Eye opening.

  • Editor’s note:

    Dear J.B.

    I took down your first comment, not because of its content, but because you impersonated someone else. Now I’m about to take down your second comment as, after I deleted the first, you simply retreated to using the initials of the person whom you were impersonating earlier.

    Find your own nom de guerre, please.

    You’re on your second strike.

    Fair warning.


  • Rakkasan, This is the link that got moderated. All of the talk about Villanueva has had 4 years to turn into credible allegations. Now the lawsuits come,, Karma since Villanueva filed several as a deputy and he claimed the same stuff about pay to play. He swore his suits were legit back then so I guess the shoe is on the other foot now.

  • “Let me get this straight! Allegedly Arballo had the answers to the test, cheated and only made band 3 and was not promoted? Alrighty then! Meanwhile Gonzalez has already sued the department, gaining millions! If at first you succeed DO IT AGAIN. Non of this information has even been verified or sourced. Just click bait material. Gonzalez has had conflict, issues and concerns at every unit she’s been assigned so we should definitely consider the source!”

  • 5more2go:

    Thanks for taking the trouble to reproduce that link; really, truly eye-opening information in it.


  • You forgot to mention that Tanaka destroyed so many carrers. If he didn’t like you, your career was destroyed and you were out.

    I know because I was a target of Tanaka. I founded LASPA and I was the only one who wouldn’t be blackmailed to close up LASPA and move on

    Alex quickly folded and was promoted as a reward for getting out of LASPA

  • Hundreds expected to leave in March/April. Including executives. Wonder why? Why give any effort when it’s meaningless; the ring kissers are happy for being good servants, while the truly competent are passed over. Can’t believe people see what they want to see. Human nature I imagine. As long as they get theirs.

    The followers will say Gonzalez is an individual who files lawsuits.. she filed one, and won….so tell me, in the minds of those chosen to render an impartial verdict, who is telling the truth?

  • To Anonymous #2

    Why is your whole comment in quotes?
    What proof do you have that Gonzalez has had issues at every unit. O’Brien on the other hand has a long list of lawsuits and POE at every assignment. Arballo was rolled up from the Sheriff’s office. You admit Gonzalez won a lawsuit therefore making her a credible witness in the eyes of the court and furthermore the Sheriff himself credited her lawsuit in a press conference. Do you even know what verified and sourced means?
    Oh wait you don’t because you need a college degree to know and you clearly don’t have one.

  • Steelers Girl and Ram Girl were running Personnel Administration Bureau? I’m done. Cut Ms. Gonzalez a check.

  • Anonymous- Links provided fascinating info. Thank you.

    If half of what Gonzalez alleges in the Complaint is true, some folks need to be terminated. The articles on the second link and the recording of the Sheriff’s spouse is also really troubling. This is like a dog at the controls of a plane. No one can explain how he got there – but everyone knows it’s going to end badly.

  • Yvonne O’Brien has a history of policy of equality violations and was named as a defendant in multiple retaliation lawsuits. Given her history and lack of qualifications she should of never been placed as the Captain of PAB.

    Yvonne O’Brien was in an acting lieutenant position when Gonzalez filed her grievance. In other words Yvonne O’Brien should of been transferred out of her acting captain role and placed under investigation.

    Instead what did Sheriff Bandito do?

    He promoted Yvonne O’Brien to a hard captain position.


  • Isn’t it funny that all of this comes out now? O’Brien? Arballo? Vivian. All three of who worked at Personnel/ Training Bureau together…

    What’s funny is, Arballo was booted out of the Sheriff’s Office cause she wasn’t going along with the BS Del Mese, Roel Garcia and Villanueva were spitting out. She worked close to home, now Villanueva is set out to destroy her. As for O’Brien, she has all of these allegations and at the time was just an ACTING Captain, go figure, so she keeps her bars and just gets booted somewhere else.

    Another homie hookup, just look at Office of the Sheriff and headquarters. He moves Satterfield and hooks up Rodriguez/Martinez

  • Actions of self-interest by unethical ring kissers isn’t the only reason corruption is thriving in the Sheriff’s Department. The Department has fostered a culture of corruption in which good people are silenced or feel forced to make wrong choices.
    Despite the Department’s core values, high moral standard, implemented policies of equality, anti- retaliation, anti-deputy gangs, management actions inhibit the courage needed to raise ethical concerns. Once people sense the risk of failure, they go into “loss prevention” mode, fearing the loss of job, status, or assignment. Specifically, when you have a Sheriff who promotes men and woman with a history of unethical behavior. A Sheriff who surrounds himself with Bandito thugs and allows his wife to diminish the integrity of the Office of the Sheriff.
    Good people fear speaking up because the Sheriff has fostered this environment.

  • The truth is this: The Sheriff is a nice person, goofy, socially awkward, and a tad bit creepy, but generally good. Mrs Sheriff is mean, vindictive, and insecure. Creepy C, he’s the glue that keeps all this crap together. That’s it, nothing more.

  • The shortcomings of this current administration are well documented. It is truly sad that the department has fallen to this depth. It will be interesting to see how the upcoming election pans out.

  • @ Everyoneknows, Sheriff is a cowboy hat wearing buffon and creepy Carl running the department?

  • I think I was a fool to expect the Sheriff’s campaign consultant Javier to focus on highlighting “accomplishments” that would make Villanueva the most suitable candidate, instead Javier has made it a point to insult other politicians and reporters by using profanity and threats, posting documents clearly obtained from an inside source to bash other Sheriff candidates. He continuously claims Latino hate and racism while engaging in the same or worse behavior against other races not Latino. I expected more professionalism. I get that sometimes you have to be aggressive to win the race but using profanity and engaging in name calling and bullying is childish and an insult to Law Enforcement since essentially you are representing Law Enforcement. A perfect example assuming that he is the same Javier that posted an earlier comment to allude that there is more to the story in an attempt to discredit Ms. Gonzalez which completely dismisses the harm caused to a victim of retaliation or any crime for that matter. There is no victim compassion and yet you want to run a Sheriff campaign on #victimsmatter
    If cleaning up Venice was for the community why was Javier in Venice with the team of deputies controlling the photo ops and camera angles.
    All I see is hypocrisy and a self serving rhetoric all around.

  • I’m happy to see the pendulum has swung from a pro AV stance on this board to an anti AV stance. Just like McDonnell, he has chosen to listen to the wrong advisors, from the get go (Mandoyan, Kobe, IAB coverups at ELA and CPT). Only recently he has been sacrificing personnel to discipline because its election year and OIG and DOJ is on his back. I initially had faith this man would right the ship, due to this position being foreign to him, but was completely floored when good people continued to pay the price of a stalled, or even worse, a terminated career. This is worse than Tanaka. And people on the Dept are seeing so, based on it hitting home…seeing friends and family members becoming victims of cronyism and nepotism. This man, as one stated, has made success a moving target to his benefit. And if these allegations are true, it demonstrates an even worse and desperate attempt to hold others back by cheating; to ensure the less qualified are pushed in front of the deserving folks who hoped for fairness. An outright example of how absolute power corrupts absolutely. It really makes sense though, he is not fit to lead.

  • John Stuart Mill, during a 1867 inaugural speech at the University of St. Andrews stated: “Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.”

  • Seems everyone has the same position, The AV train is derailed! People align themselves to their Benefit like Carter and Tardy with the intentions of doing Deputies in the field a disservice. Hey Alex, remember you said you don’t retaliate , this must have been a total joke show. Aren’t you covering up the Haselrig investigation too? How are you being fair? Didn’t The Sheriff’s driver promote and STAYED in the Sheriff’s office? Yet you’re making everyone else with experience go to the line??… do as I say I guess…

  • Rakkasan:

    Yes, In a society where corruption is common, few dare to speak out against it on their own. It is my understanding Sergeant Rosa Gonzalez wasn’t vying for a promotion, neither did she file a grievance after facing discipline as many do, for this I commend her. More people with courage are needed.

    You can’t change a culture of corruption when just about everyone in it is complicit.

    Elections are coming but who?

  • Esquire:

    “More people with courage are needed.”

    That, basically, is what Sheriff’s candidate Eric Strong said up above in the link that leads off this discussion.

    A campaign issue that gets talked about in the upcoming election debates & forums?

    That would be great.

  • @ Scott Mckenzie, Kudos to you for founding LASPA with Alex Villanueva as Cofounder.

    Funny how ALADS flipped the script for their 1.3 million to back Alex in his election.
    Ring kissers and butt kissers, all the same. It appears to be the norm for notoriety.

    LASPA definitely was the best option for deputies who didn’t agree with the political shenanigans associated with ALADS

  • Keep it real folks… this BS on the Dept is nothing new. It’s all about who you know. Folks getting promoted that can barely speak English I call it the Nigerian Scam.. Newly promoted Sergeants getting Admin jobs without ever working the line or writing force packets..soon to be LTs in 2 yrs. If you were an explorer a DI or any other special gig you won’t work the line. Compliments of the Sheriff buddy system. This is nothing new at all. How about Court Services division Black Chief and all her LTs are Black. Talk about racism and double standards. Nothing is fair in life and neither on the Dept. It will never change and I feel sorry for everyone who drank the koolaid of believing you had a fair shot. from the Lennox reapers century regulators Compton executioners and ELA banditos don’t you know they all hold executive positions are in all the special units. Major crimes ICIB Homicide and so on. Cliques Gangs whatever u want to call it it boils down to who you know not what you know. 61 employee #s promoting to SGT and soon LTs. What can you really say to the Deputies who have years of experience over you? And you wonder why the system is broken and corrupt blind leading the blind

  • The only thing Obrien and Arballo earned from this department was while they were on their knees. This department is full of black and brown racism, corruption, hypocrisy and the same “good old boys club.” The only thing that changed about the “good old boys club” is all the players are now mexican. There are plenty of other Captains, Commanders and Chiefs on this department who have done NOTHING to earn their positions except get on the knees and kiss Vivian’s ring and Alex’ ass.

    I had hoped Alex was going to change this department for the better, how wrong I was. Alex was more worried about supporting that clown Mandoyan, removing the rank of his executives, changing our uniforms, wearing rainbow patches, super bowl badges and cowboy hats. This department has become a come a complete embarrassment! It is to bad more people don’t stand up and point out the corruption and drain the swamp.

    Vera and Rhambo were nothing but members of the Baca and Tanaka dictatorship and they will further ruin this department.

    Any truth to the rumors about the intoxicated Commander at the WHD Christmas Party. Lots of r

  • Rakkasan: we could never compare the Armed Services to a quasi so called paramilitary law enforcement agency. Uniform rank structure greeting formalities that’s as paramilitary as it gets. The promotion process in the LASD is a Sham. I’m pointing out these issues bcz it’s nothing new. Same game different players. When I saw good hardworking deputies men and women get passed over for ESL/Slap male deputies substandard performance and got promoted to SGTs out of band 3 that was it for me. It’s just a job and nothing more. Don’t drink the koolaid! Villanueva is a disgrace so are Rhambo Vera Steinbrenner Rodriguez power hungry SOBs talk out both sides of their neck and continue to hook up their buddies.

  • To: LASD Disappointed #1, I’m glad I am not the only one who sees it for what it is. The minute he promoted all his LT buddies to Assistant Sheriff, Chiefs, Commanders and Captains, was the indicator that experience didn’t matter. That move was unprecedented. Politicians lining their pockets.

    Now…the Personnel scandal is not shocking, and the lawsuits will keep coming. Any of the competitors running for Sheriff will promote their own race and homies…nothing is equitable unless you sue the Department and maybe get that promotion or sweet assignment. So for Rosa at least she had the cajones to stand up to the corruption but with a nice pay out…lets see how this one turns out.

  • @ LASD Disappointed #1
    Per your 2nd paragraph, Don’t forget the enablers who put him there at a cost, specifically Ronald McDonald and ALADS.

  • Antonio Ramirez:

    If somebody like April Saucedo Hood–I would really like to hear more from her in the upcoming debates & public forums–or Eric Strong win the upcoming election just–OMG!!!–two months hence that will be a sight to behold.

  • I am utterly confused (sarcasm) the Undersheriff’s new aide did not work patrol as a supervisor nor do they have a degree but will most likely be Captain very soon. Everyone else has to meet these two requirements to get promoted. What a joke.

  • @Anonymous#2 (aka Yvonne and Carmen) that comment was the best your combined brain power can come up with GTFAH with that bullshit!

  • It’s hilarious how libs can call people names, accuse people of anything (yes, from a racist to a Nazi) and it’s accepted. Well, I’m a Conservative. And yes, I’m a Deputy Sheriff. First, there are no Deputy gangs you morons. Yes, you idiots, there are no gangs. Are there tattoo’s? Yes. So f’en what!? Should they exist in today’s climate? No. Those days are over. The Fact Checkers, the Woke, the softies of today are in charge apparently. End it. The tattoo days, the camaraderie, it’s over. End it. But do so NOT because they are gangs or illegal activity is occurring, but because times have changed. Morons now are acting like truth tellers. So end it. Let’s not give these idiots ammo for free. Celeste, please don’t censor my comment, I’m not cussing, Im not disparaging anyone in particular, I’m just speaking the truth as I see it. Hard working Deputies can be rewarded in other ways, a tattoo is not the way anymore. It’s very late 70’s anyways. Nobody should be ashamed of their work product, only ashamed of the idiots who proclaim to lead them.

  • Lyne Deputee:

    You say “First, there are no Deputy gangs, you morons” but if you Google “LASD gangs” you get this

    In fact, Google “LASD—-“; fill in the blank space with your own word choice & it’s amazing what can be dredged up.

    It probably should be mentioned that the Wikipedia article mentions the Kolts Commission; full particulars on that Commission can be also Googled. It was headed by James G. Kolts, who was the trial judge in this case

  • I had an extra marital affair with [editor’s cut] who is now shifting from place to place all over the dept. There should be more of this and along with spotty promotions. Lets keep the corruption alive in the LASD! Please dont delete my comment Celeste, im only being honest.

  • “None of the past incidents were filed as cases, so no opportunity to investigate or cross examine in front of a jury- It’s like having a conviction despite being denied fundamental right to jury trial”


  • Editor’s note:

    Dear Armando Cuevas, you used someone’s real name in your comment, which I edited. Do it again and you’ll be blocked permanently. Fair warning.


  • @ Rakkasan
    A segment of deputies within LASD are liars, cheaters and killers. Slowly and surely, they are being exposed. Villanueva’s days are numbered as he feigns ignorance of deputies who mirror gang members.
    No different from tactics of disgraced former undersherrif Paul Tanaka. Tanaka was feared while Villanueva is undeniably clueless.

    Surely the Sheriff’s Union ALADS will dump a load of cash to keep the foolish rhetoric going much to the dismay of many members who disagree.
    The very same Board of Supervisors who are against Villanueva were also backed by ALADS prior to their positions.

    Is anyone surprised that informatio on a tip line to LASD was leaked, pertaining to Deputy Gonzales at Compton Sheriff’s Station. The same scenario mirrors “Pandora’s Box” scandal at LASD.

    History always repeats itself……

  • B42Long and LASD Veteran

    Imagine a department where you could call a spade a spade and you didn’t have to worry about retaliation or a department where the jobs and promotions were given out fairly to the person who earned it through hard work, dedication and experience. But the truth is, the department has always been full of corruption, rigged promotions, pay to play, and the good jobs/assignments being given to those who were connected. How many times have you laughed when you saw a person with zero experience get a great job or promotion and all you do is scratch your head. This type of practice has gone on for years, but especially during the years of the Leroy and Paul clown show. Sadly the department has not changed. Vivian and Alex claimed they would be different and then the power went to their heads and all they do is promote the wrong people, mostly Hispanic and take care of their friends.

    Look around the department and take a look at all the idiots who have been put in leadership roles or been given a job they never earned with hard work and experience. I will never stop laughing at the politics and ass kissing that goes on. People are absolutely shameless.

    Imagine two female captains who were once deputies, still currently in command of a station, who were afraid to go 10-8 alone and never made one quality arrest on their own, but now they talk the talk about all their war stories and wanting to be 10-8 with their deputies. Is anyone surprise? This is a great example of zero leadership and the useless people they put in charge.

    When is someone going to step up and give everyone the details about the commader who had a few too many at the station Christmas party and started fondling males and females. Assuming this rumor is true, which undoubtedly it is, wheres the complaints or the accountability of those in leadership roles who would expect so much more from their deputies.

    Sadly to say folks, the department is broken and it will never be fixed under this Sheriff because he is too busy changing our patches and putting deputies in cowboy hats. Don’t worry, nothing will change under Rhambo or Vera, they are nothing more than arrogant Baca and Tanka boys who will take the department backwards.

  • Retire Deputy Sheriff and LASD Disappointed:

    The department is full of liars and people in denial. If more people stood up for what’s right, change would be possible, but there are too many people trying to play politics and get promoted.

    There was a time where department about taking bad guys to jail, but then came Leroy who started hiring the worst people out of the worst areas and now we are paying for it. The department is now full of lazy millennials who out number the hard working cops!

    Great example, a deputy currently under felony investigation and ROD who brags about growing up as a little thug gangster out of Willowbrook and getting hired on the department without much of a background check. He has bragged to people about taking the Sheriff’s Department test when he was high on marijuana, and you wonder why he feels untouchable? Perfect example of weak leadership on this department.

  • Kathy:

    Sometimes a simple Google search will do the trick.


    Darren Hager, LASD

    That’s a good one to look up.

  • Wow, Sheriff Villanueva demotes his Assistant Sheriff? What an idiot. She probably has info to discredit him. Typical move, blame blame blame. Cry Cry Cry? Maybe creepy C can save him? Or Vovos can raise more money? Or Mrs Sheriff can scream scream scream? Probably just scream racism, that’s the safe route.

  • Well – J.B is a horrible person. He has lied under oath to get people fired and he is the biggest a** kisser there ever was. [WLA edit.] Always riding coattails of number 1 Reaper tattoo legacy.

    Hmmmm Maybe that is why certain people do not get promoted : cronyism and nepotism.

  • Editor’s note:

    “Stryker,” I edited your comment as you can see, as it was un-postable as it was. It’s still skating close to the edge even with my editing, so be a bit more careful in the future, or I’ll be forced to delete.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


  • @McBuck, it looks like you are sour and angry the gravy train ended for you. All those years on the gravy train. Now since the Sheriff has levelled the playing field a bit ” oh my ” your world is collapsing, and depression is sinking in.

  • I bet Creepy Carl working overtime to save his cash cow now and Mrs ELA calling all her homegirls to put in work.

  • Rakkasan:

    I am interested in Yvonne O’ Brian and her past issues. I think it’s very interesting that she was able to advance her career knowing that she has a few lawsuits and POE. It’s a little baffling to me.

  • Kathy;

    Her name is mentioned in this story; evidently the correct spelling is “O’Brien’ not “O’Brian”.

    I believe further LASD advancement after multiple lawsuits requires an Internal Affairs investigation, which are seldom made public.

    However, if such an investigation occurred it would appear that the findings were positive for Yvonne O’Brien.

  • @Laco1
    Explain to me how the Sheriff has leveled the playing field? Promoting the same loyalist many ranks over when some of those couldn’t even stay out of trouble long enough to put in an honest days work. Please! Get real. Shady past rifled with discipline to show you will be a team player in the corruption and bootlicking are the new requirements for promotion. Oh and didn’t the Sheriff retire when he was about to be served a suspension letter then buried his own discipline case and even put a case on Max Huntsman for it. What a hero!!! There is your idol!!!

  • It doesn’t look like Yvonne O’Brien has a care in the world or worried about these allegations against her, why would she when she has Villanueva and Bibi bailing her out of trouble. [WLA edit]

    Great job Sheriff Villanueva I can see you’ve raised the standards for promotion like you claim in your campaign platform!

  • Ghetto Slayer well said, the playing field is not level and never will be. Especially with AV promoting Hispanics, woman and enough black deputies to keep people off his back. AV and his wife are a clown show along with their boy Creepy Carl. Are you wearing your AV cowboy hat? Embarrassing

  • Ghetto Slayer well said, the playing field is not level and never will be. Especially with AV promoting Hispanics, all of Vivians friends and giving out the test answers to those they deem to be deserving. AV and his wife are a clown show along with their boy Creepy Carl. Embarrassing

  • Ghetto Slayer well said, the playing field is not level and never will be. Especially with AV promoting Hispanics and all Vivians girlfriends. He doesn’t care about putting the best person in the job, that has been very obvious from the beginning.

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