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LA Grand jury continues its probe into the troubling incident of the neck-kneeling sheriff’s deputy & its cover-up

Deputy Douglass Johnson kneeling on neck of Enzo Escalante
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

On August 4, according to Sheriff Alex Villanueva, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department got a subpoena, or multiple subpoenas, asking for the LASD to turn over records pertaining to the case of Deputy Douglass Johnson, who knelt for more than three minutes on the head and neck of jail resident Enzo Escalante, when Escalante was handcuffed and no longer resisting.

According to WitnessLA’s sources, in recent days, a list of whistleblowers plus other members of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department—working and retired— also received subpoenas to testify before an investigative grand jury which is probing the issue of the head-kneeling deputy cover-up scandal.

The grand jury began hearing testimony on Thursday.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday of this week one of those whistleblowers, former Assistant Chief Robin Limon, filed a new and disturbing civil rights claim, which describes in detail much of the sequence of events that the grand jury is reportedly exploring.  

The 49-page legal filing, written by Limon’s attorney, Vincent Miller, is a handy document to have right now, as it walks the reader step-by-step through the alleged cover-up of the Deputy Johnson/Enzo Escalante case. 

The new grand jury investigation began holding hearings the day after the first day of Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit about the unauthorized post-death photos taken of her husband, basketball icon Kobe Bryant, after he and their talented basket-ball-playing daughter, along with the seven others, died in a devastating helicopter crash in January 2020. 

In a case of painful symmetry, Deputy Johnson was one of the sheriff’s deputies who took the terrible photos and reportedly showed them to friends and acquaintances, as if they were vacation snapshots.  

The coincidental proximity of the Bryant trial is also a reminder of the fact that Sheriff Villanueva reportedly never disciplined Johnson for his invasive photo-taking, but instead merely asked him to delete the evidence from his cell phone.  He was not relieved of duty, not sanctioned. Nor did he receive any kind of retraining.

And so it was that in March 2021, fifteen months after taking the invasive Bryant crash photos, Johnson engaged in the unnecessary and dangerous use of force on Enzo Escalante, the cover-up of which a Los Angeles grand jury is now investigating.

Whistleblowers testify

According to WLA’s sources, witnesses began testifying on Thursday regarding the head-kneeling-deputy case, and its alleged cover-up, with testimony set to continue next week. 

Many of the whistleblower/witnesses have, like Limon, already filed their own civil rights lawsuits describing how they were retaliated against by Sheriff Villanueva when they declined to go along with the sheriff’s self-serving accounts of why the press and public had never heard about the neck kneeling by Deputy Johnson until somebody slipped the LA Times a copy of  the surveillance video of the incident (which you can see it  here in case you’ve somehow missed it). 

It was only after the video was leaked to Times, and reporter Alene Tchekmedyian released her story about the incident, that Villanueva called a press conference during which he vehemently denied the suggestion that he had participated in a cover-up of the head-kneeling incident.

According to the sheriff, he didn’t see the video of Johnson’s actions at all until November of 2021, approximately eight months after the encounter between Escalante and Deputy Johnson occurred.

Villanueva also said that, when he did finally learn of the matter in November 2021, he called for a criminal probe immediately, and ordered Deputy Johnson to be relieved from duty. 

In fact, none of the above was true. After the video was leaked to the LA Times. Villanueva demoted two members of his command staff—namely the two upper level women, Limon and then Chief LaJuana Haselrig—without any investigation, without any evidence whatsoever for their supposed part in the cover-up that he had initiated months before, and plenty of evidence to the contrary.

 After the LAT story, Limon, who was at the time an Assistant Sheriff, was reportedly told she must retire immediately, or be demoted 4 ranks.

Limon left. Then she filed a whistleblower lawsuit.

As did Haselrig.

In the room where it happened

The big problem with the sheriff’s account of what he knew and when he knew it, according to the detailed accounts of Limon and several other whistleblowers who have filed their own civil lawsuits, is that Villanueva’s account was provably untrue.

Contrary to the sheriff’s version of events, Villanueva was reportedly given a copy of the head-and-neck-kneeling surveillance video in mid-March 2021—in other words, within days of when it occurred.  It was then that the sheriff reportedly watched the video in the company of multiple department higher-ups, including then Assistant Sheriff Limon, Undersheriff Tim Murakami, and Sheriff Villanueva’s then aide, Lt. Anthony Blanchard.

Limon, Blanchard, and Murakami have, of course, been subpoenaed to testify in front of  the grand jury.

We have a pretty good idea of what Limon might be likely to say in her testimony, because we can read her account in her new civil rights complaint. 

Murakami and Blanchard are a different matter. 

Some months ago, Murakami and Blanchard were asked at a press conference if they saw the damning video a few days after the use-of-force incident occurred, as people who like Limon and others have said was the case.  

Murakami said no, when asked the question on camera.  But, when Blanchard was asked the same question, he looked as if he’d like to dematerialize as he phumphered out a not terribly convincing non-denial denial.

(To see denials by Murakami and Blanchard go to minute: 28:28.)

(It was at that same press conference that the sheriff announced he was investigating LA Times journalist, Alene Tchekmedyian.)

So, what will Blanchard say under oath?  And what will Murakami say?   If Sheriff Villanueva is lying about the sequence of events, and was the architect of the cover-up from the beginning onward, will they take a bullet for the boss and perjure themselves?  

Sources told us that someone close to Blanchard, to whom he reportedly confides, was also on the subpoena list.  If so, what kind of information does that person have? 

Robin Limon’s new and alarming whistleblower filing

Since observers are not allowed in a grand jury hearing, Limon’s detailed account of the alleged Johnson/Escalente cover-up makes for interesting reading.

The story starts on March 10, 2021, when Enzo Escalante, who was in jail waiting to go to trial on a number of charges, including murder, when— as he was being moved down a hallway in the San Fernando Courthouse—he was pushed against or guided to a wall by Deputy Douglas Johnson. In reaction to the shove, Escalante assaulted Deputy Johnson.

Johnson and other deputies immediately took Escalante to the ground, then quickly subdued and handcuffed him at which point Escalente stopped struggling and became visibly compliant.

“That should have been the end of the incident,” said Limon in her complaint.  Instead, for approximately three minutes after Escalante was visibly passive, “Johnson held his knee onto Escalante’s neck and restricted his breathing.”  

As the minutes went by, the actions captured by the video of the incident became a painful echo of the actions of Derek Chauvin which resulted in the death of George Floyd. 

Escalante didn’t die, but according to several department members who initially saw the video, he was injured.

Limon’s lawsuit further tells how, on the same day that the use-of-force incident occurred,  Captain Robert Jones at the department’s West Bureau saw the video and was alarmed. He called Commander Allen Castellano, who then alerted  his own supervisor, then Chief LaJuana Haselrig, who also viewed the video.

According to Limon, it was then that Castellano and Haselrig asked her to view the distressing video.  After doing so, she reportedly agreed that Deputy Johnson’s actions had been “excessive and dangerous.”

The three also noted that the deputy’s actions not only looked “wrongful and dangerous,” they bore a discomforting “similarity” to the deadly actions of Derek Chauvin.

Limon agreed with Haselrig and Castellano that Villanueva “should be shown the video promptly.”

After viewing the video, according to Limon, Villanueva told her, Murakami, and Blanchard, that “we” (the LASD) “do not need bad media at this time.”

Villanueva then reportedly told Limon he would “handle the matter,” she said, leading her to believe that the Sheriff would follow proper protocol, and that the case would be moved right away toward a criminal investigation.

In her new filing, Limon also states that she reported back to Castellano and Haselrig that she showed the video to the Sheriff.

However, by “handling the matter,” said Limon, it turned out “Villanueva really meant that he would proceed to obstruct justice and direct a cover up of the incident.”

Castellano, Haselrig, Jones, and others,  with direct knowledge of various parts of the alleged cover-up, such as LASD Captain Angela Walton, have all reportedly been subpoenaed.

Catellano, Haselrig, and Walton have each brought their own civil rights lawsuits. And, as WLA reported earlier, Walton is not only able to describe her direct experience with the events surrounding the handling of the case of Deputy Johnson kneeling on Enzo Escalante’s neck, Walton also has a string of emails and other documented communication that backs up her statements, many of which directly contradict those of the sheriff.

Enzo Escalante’s lawsuit

An additional piece of the puzzle may be found in the federal lawsuit that Enzo Escalente has recently filed, with civil rights attorneys Justin Sterling and Erin Darling representing him.

“The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is supposed to protect the pre-trial detainees it keeps in its custody,” write Sterling and Darling, at the opening of Escalante’s federal complaint.

“It is also supposed to ensure that its deputies are properly trained to avoid violating the law, and properly punished when they do.”

But in the case of Deputy Johnson, that was not what occurred.

“Deputy Johnson was not punished for taking and sharing photos of Mr. Bryant’s remains,” said Sterling. “Nor did Deputy Johnson receive any additional training. Instead, Deputy Johnson was reassigned from patrol duties to lock-up duties. In the vacuum of any discipline or training, Deputy Johnson was permitted to carry on his duties in a lawless and inadequately supervised fashion.”

According to Escalante’s complaint, the abuse didn’t end there.  Instead, when Escalante got new legal representation, jail personnel began retaliating, Sterling told WitnessLA.  

Escalante was prevented from being visited by family members, Sterling said, and his calls to his legal counsel have repeatedly been derailed, as are his visits by counsel.

More as we know it.

Post script:

It’s important to note that Limon’s lengthy new complaint covers a lot more than the case that the grand jury is investigating.

There are expanded accounts of the sheriff assigning LASD employees to work nearly full time on his re-election campaign, along other alarming stories of extravagant cronyism that has allegedly repeatedly ignored blatant wrongdoing on the part of loyalists, and a wide variety of other disquieting accounts of corruption.

But these are stories to explore on another day.


  • This nearly 4 year nightmare shipwreck of Alex’s administration is finally coming to a dramatic snowballing and warranted criminal collapse. I wonder how many of Alex’s current lemmings are willing to take that perjury bullet for their illiterate and corrupt Jefe?

    Watch the gates, the gates are closing.

    Nice due diligence and investment Ronald!

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • With allegations as noted above, where are the individuals and groups that support Villanueva?

    Does any of them have a pair to say that they erred or at least admit that they were bamboozled.

    Facts always back up the truth while lies are backed up with more lies and a cover up.

  • @Antonio, you need to find a new hobby.

    But, in the meantime you should tell the powers that be everything you know about me.

    I’m sure they’ll jump right on that subpoena with your wealth of knowledge.

  • The million dollar question is:
    Only time will tell, but I can’t imagine Blanchard lying for anyone, UNDER OATH. Just don’t believe it.

  • The price of your love is not a price we are willing to pay King Alex. Stop raking in campaign money for a dead race. Let the department heal from your tyrannically chaotic leadership. Drop out and spend more time with your dog. It’ll likely be the only real friend you’ll have left.

  • It has been said, “The one thing man can learn from history – is that man never learns from history.” (unknown)

    Having said that, there is a finite number of Los Angeles based criminal defense lawyers with the skill and trial experience necessary to defend charges involving public corruption in Federal Court (Central District). Any LASD personnel facing potential criminal liability needs to move quickly to retain the best legal representation their money can buy before the “best” have all been retained.

    This is not going to end well. To paraphrase the warning on side view mirrors of cars: “Danger is closer than you think.”

  • Every executive on the 8th floor knows you watched the video Alex. No one believes you didn’t watch the video. You are a proven liar, unaccountable for your actions and disgusting human being. Those loyal to Alex, and you know who you are, the list is being compiled and we will say good riddance to you come November. For those who have remained steadfast, dedicated and loyal to the Department, and have not sold your soul and morales to the corrupt regime, be patient, we will need you as part of Luna’s team to begin the healing process and rebuild this great Department. This Sh$t show is almost over. Alex, your ELA cool kids, the ones that hated you when you were at ELA, will not give you the time of day once you are out of office. Gonna be sad for you, foo.

  • @ WWBB,
    Hopefully ALADS & PPOA will take heed to your post. LASD is past due for new & genuine leadership.

  • The stakeholders of the Villanueva regime will forevermore be associated with the biggest political fiasco in LASD History.

    Villanueva’s antics from Day 1 were self serving and debilitating beginning with illegally hiring a previously fired deputy,Carl Mandoyan.

    Next came the dressing down of LASD management to & thru the denial of written communication concerning use of force to ignoring subpoenas.

    Not to mention failure to discipline loose cannons at ELA Station and deputies sharing accident scene photos of Kobe Bryant & others who were tragically killed

    Going further is only rehashing his troublesome tenure. Change must come and not soon enough.

  • The villanueva buggy is driving on rotors as we speak!



  • LA Times: “Shifting stories, sudden amnesia mark Kobe Bryant crash photos trial testimony”

    Rule #1 in civil trials: Don’t piss off or blatantly lie to the jury!

    Get your taxpayer checkbooks out folks as this case is going to cost us a fortune. Alex’s shifty cover-up actions, lead to shifty stories, sudden amnesia, and just outright lies. Everyone knows exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news of Kobe being killed in this devastating helicopter crash.

    We can share “war stories” in great detail from decades ago, remember in vivid detail interactions on The Grinder, pursuits, use of force, shootings, meeting hot chicks during normal field contacts, and even our favorite “Pop Spots,” but suddenly these guys can’t remember their actions from a once in a lifetime and visually tragic, global newsworthy event.

    Yeah, don’t worry guys, the jury truly believes you and Alex will have your backs once he takes the stand and tries to pass blame as usual while desperately attempting to duck & dodge a large and much deserved punitive damages award verdict.

    A little side note: Funny how every subpoenaed deputy were seen wearing nearly full-faced masks yesterday as they arrived and left the courthouse. Reminiscent of a Cartel trial. Viva VILLANueva!

    Come to Jesus moments will do that I guess?

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • @Adios Alex & Sweatpee

    Another exceptional post.

    83 DAYS, 12 HOURS, 55 MINUTES and Kablooey; when Alex is crowned the former Sheriff who was infamous for his dim-witted and embarrasing Tonya Harding-esque implosion.

    Alex, you’re hair looks really grey. Will you have any left then? I’m gonna wager it’ll be patchy like “woogie’s” hair and complexion in Something About Mary.

  • That fire captain alone torpedoed the County’s defense. The deputies’ apparent short term memory lapses and deflections are bad enough, but the weak acting job this fire captain put on would definitely piss off a jury as Adios pointed out. I’m surprised Captain PTSD’s lawyers didn’t put him on a walker, give him a neck brace and dress him in wrinkled, oversized clothes. The LA County Fire Department has actually taken a little heat off LASD for a change but the performance of both agencies here is still abominable.

  • LASD on the witness stand guarantees a win for the Plaintiff with LAFD backing up the guarantee.
    The largest Sheriff’s Department in the nation is looking like fools on the witness stand and to the civilized world. Unfrigginbelievable!


    The Professionalism, Integrity, and Reputation of our entire Department has been completely flushed down the toilet and into the sewer by Charlatan Sheriff Alex Villanueva and his minions who were willing to sell their souls to Allie and Bibi for personal gain.

    So sad to see what has become of our once great organization. Nice job Ron!

    Viva LASD! Viva Villanueva!

  • @Retired LASO

    Not sure how long you have been retired, but LASD’s performance on the witness stand has taken a nose dive for the past 10-15 years. The reasons are many. For one, listen to L-TAC traffic sometime. What before sounded like professional, military-grade tactical transmissions now sounds like a White Fence jump in. This is what testifies in court now.

    Also, in this new Prop 47 world, deputies are rarely testifying in preliminary hearings since everything is a misdemeanor, is plead out, or never gets filed in the first place. It’s to the point now that the sergeants and lieutenants who approved the arrests have probably never testified in court either. How could they be expected to grill a trainee over a felony arrest when they themselves have no idea what it’s like to be cross examined?

    Between the watered down laws, internal and external culture rot, and members being placed in leadership roles miles above their skillsets in the name of diversity or cronyism, you will continue to see embarrassing second rate performances in the courtroom.

  • This quote is written at the end of every Commander Satterfield email.

    “Do what Is Right and Just, No Matter What the Personal Cost”. Colonel Donald G. Cool, USMC (ret), Medal of Honor Recipient.

    Satterfield, you have no honor and are a disgrace to LASD. Please take this quote down as you offend those who actually perform this job honorably. You and Alex can take your PHD’s and pat each other in the back. You are both narcissistic fools. Thank you LA Times for exposing the fraud executives.

  • @Antonio Ramirez. TY.

    Another link from the Twitter feed.

    Within the article is audio of the Sheriff and Valdez near the bottom answering an unexpected question from the LA Times.

    My lord Alex, how dumb and guilty could you and Jorge sound?

    It’s pretty hilarious at how they sound like kindergarten children. Did you do that little Alex? Um, um…Jorge, did I?

  • “Be Real” I know unsteady hands and his knee Living minions better than they know themselves! Thx

  • @ Rakkasan
    E-5’s in USMC Infantry Units are Platoon Sgt’s and not squad leaders.
    A Doctorate Degree does not ensure integrity and unfortunately every Marine does not automatically take heed to being Semper Fidelis

  • Semper Fi

    Platoon Sergeants in the USMC are E-6s; squad leaders are E-5s; and fire-team leaders are E-4s.

  • @ Rak,
    Correct, only when fully staffed in actual combat or engagement.
    The info you presented can be googled, however I was a squad leader as a E4 in the Vietnam Era fully knowing textbook staffing and actual staffing in combat.

  • Semper Fi

    Right, things are always different in combat.

    I was an E-4 (Infantry fire team leader) in the 101st Airborne Division 1957-60–yeah, I’m that old– back when the 101st was a 100% parachute division & I got my Army jump wings from the 101st’s jump school. Specifically, I was in the 187th Infantry–it can be Googled if you never heard of it before. It fought as an independent Airborne Regimental Combat Team in the Korean War & when the 101st was reactivated in 1956 from a WWII deactivation the 187th was its core unit.

    The 187th got the nickname “RAKKASAN””–Japanese for parachute–when it did occupation duty in Japan after WWII.

  • Pin EE has been using this tactic for a little over two decades with not one incident. Poor slap tried to apprehend the Gaga dog-napper but the punk kid was too slick for him. I guess all those Butterfingers at the local Handy’s did little to sharpen his craft. Either way, he kept his bonus pay serving subpoenas for the. BRTF guys.

  • Yea, but Pink EE was walking on thin ice after he was caught working a flex 20 (not including 16 hours at ELA court).

  • Word on the yard is a high-ranking executive filed another whistleblower/retaliation claim against AV this week.

  • Weaponizing ICIB and IA is appalling. Hopefully the DOJ will look at this during their Grand Jury proceedings. When we get a new Sheriff, it’ll come out. People will have to answer for their MISdeeds.

  • What a terrible week for Alejandro and Sweatpee. First, Sweatpee looses her phone and demands a warrant, hoping no one sees her text messages. Then the boss’s pick and buddy for Captain at the island gets RODed for being naughty. Followed by the hefty sum of 31 million being awarded to the Bryant family after the jury heard the B.S. during his testimony.

    Better luck next week, hopefully Satterfield will write the warrant and get you phone back for you Sweatpee.

  • @ Coyote: The payout was $16 million but that’s nothing for her. I am glad she won.

    “Only God knows, huh Alex?”. You are a spineless liar and a coward, and an embarrassment to Law Enforcement. With your stupid cowboy hat to boot…you’re Cesar Chavez Now? that man did his job why can’t you? I can’t wait to vote you out and ask every person that I know to vote for LUNA.

    Nationally the LASD is the laughing stalk of law enforcement. There is no pride in saying I work for the LASD.

    The LASD is a cesspool of corruption, sexism, favoritism, retaliation, discrimination, cliques and the list goes on. I’m going to Vince Miller too. All these lawsuits boil down to the lack of accountability, transparency, and incompetence. If the Department ran like a corporate entity a lot of folks would be terminated.

    The only things that’s important is the 15th and the 30th and getting your pension.

  • @b42long if this was a corporation it would have filed for bankruptcy not too long after the ribbon cutting ceremony.



    Sleepy Tim


    Lying Blanchard

    Creepy Carl


  • Editor’s note:

    Dear “Rakkasan,”

    I edited your comment and took out your first link going to a site called “When Lawmen Lie,” because my system didn’t like the site from a digital safety perspective.” It’s probably fine. But I’m erring on the side of caution.

    I did however replace it with the story that comes up first if one Googles “Darren Hagar, LASD,” as you suggested.

    At WLA we’re still haunted by that case.

    Have a good evening.


  • @ all:

    I will vote for Luna and vote for the BOSS to have the authority to remove the Sheriff. The writing was on the wall when he promoted all the Grim Reapers to Captains, Commanders and Chiefs to include his Academy, Pico and ELA cronies to the top. Not to mention Grim Reaper prospect ” creepy carl”. We all saw how that unraveled.

    How about all the folks he screwed over from Band 2 to promote Band 4 one year later, and currently. #60 61 62 numbers…what you going to say to the men and women who paid their dues while you were still in elementary school, living at home? Or the ones who could barely speak English? You deserve No Respect. Who needs US citizenship to be a COP in L.A. anyways?

    Globalization: The 3rd world County of Los Angeles, The land of the Walking Dead… Do move to Texas or Florida no matter what the billboards say. And Vote for LUNA. Support the BOSS. They have all the money that makes the County turn round and round. Don’t forget folks…the 15th and 30th.

    California will never be a Red State.

  • On this topic, how about the SEB Deputy and his DUI T/C while driving his County vehicle. Solicited a ride away from the scene from his wife and/or Deputy SEB partner. Wonder what kind of cover story was in the mix before they realized witnesses and on scene personnel foiled the plans. Time will tell. Reminds us all of the PRV OSS Detective T/C (2016 maybe) where an all out search of the detective revealed a hard night of drinking and partying with the female type in the PRV OSS trailer. The incident and cover up took down the OSS Sgt (participant in the happy hour training session). Then others involved skated responsibility like then Commander Rivero, Lt. M. Rodriguez and Lt. A. Meyer. Funny how Rodriguez and Meyer are now Captains promoted by AV to coveted jobs. Was good to be in the car then and now I guess. November can’t come soon enough to drain this cesspool.

  • @Antonio Ramirez.

    I know this Dept is going to shit, but Carlos is a good man I worked with him a brief moment. He is a very knowledgeable and hard working deputy. He stood up for what is right when I was being fucked with at an assignment for doing the right thing. Let’s hope he gets the help he needs as he is a good brother in our line of work.

  • @Antonio Rameriz

    Question, why did you mention Brian W Shreves!! Was he part of the Hager case?

  • I’m not one to recommend criminal attorneys. but this little guy caught my attention by accident inside the courtroom in the SCV. He walked around in court, kicking up his feet as if he was inside his home. So I figure he must work as a public defender/ district attorney or simply just had some juice in Dept 3. Me and little Jeffrey coincidentally crossed paths on the the intersection towards the Hall Of Justice for my Skelly hearing.

  • Don’t forget to check out Jeffries local expertise. And I was not represented by Jeffrey. I used what would be best described as a group of hybrid attorneys with the mindset of public defender/district attorney. But on paper it was a public defender. Good luck

  • @ Be Real…The endless stories about Deputy Brothers and Sisters getting in trouble, crashing take home cars is nothing new. Freeway therapy and a midnight transfers solved those problems about 25 yrs ago. Especially if you were in a Special unit. OSS, Major Crimes, Narco were notorious for doing these shenanigans back in the day and not too long ago past.

    You would think that Deps in today’s climate would have the common sense to call for an UBER/LYFT. Blood test will tell. SUSP/CIRCS.

    The Department has already gone to SH**. The issues are the violations of policy and CVC codes. A call to the Watch Commander/Self reporting, may have been useful. Being a good dude, hard worker and standup guy has nothing to do with it. Fight or Flight.

  • “Anonymous” I don’t know much of the “Hager” case other than what I read based on some past post. He just came to mind as he worked as the field Sgt 60S some years back.

  • B42Long

    I think his poor decision has nothing to do with the Dept rotting every day. That’s why I wrote what I wrote. No need to tear down an individual who has nothing to do with the Clown, his posse, and all the spineless leaches.

  • Bad force and pics of dead celebrities you say? They’ve got nothing on O’lamo Dumbdana (the least intelligent of the bunch). This guy rode Pink EE’s coattails as long as he could. Even gave himself the nickname “Double Burner Boomie” though Pink EE put him on all of his capers. Once Pink EE kicked him to the curb, it was all down hill. He was caught videotaping Larry giving tug jobs with his feet inside his tent. When Larry found out, he squashed a lawsuit by getting him his job back at Eddie’s. He once lost a grappling match with Chicken on Compton and Harris…can’t say it was bad force, but it was definitely weak force. He disappeared shortly after. It’s been years since he’s resurfaced…hopefully he doesn’t!

  • @ Be Real: I hear you loud and clear. Agreed with the Dept rotting away and nothing to do with his decision making. Alot of Deputies are good and upstanding people. If it was someone else, I am sure he wouldn’t have been arrested. I hear you tho.

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