2022 Race for LA County Sheriff

A third lawsuit brought by LASD whistleblower shoots more giant holes in the sheriff’s tale of his actions re: the head-kneeling deputy, & also describes career-wrecking retaliation, plus racism coming from the top

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

New LASD eyewitness Luana Haselrig speaks

Attorney Vincent Miller has just released the third in a series of civil rights lawsuits brought by whistleblowers who describe their personal knowledge of the cover-up by Sheriff Alex Villanueva regarding the now notorious case of Deputy Douglass Johnson.

Johnson, if readers will remember, is the deputy who knelt for more than three minutes on the neck and head of a jail inmate named Enzo Escalante.

In addition, all of the three whistleblowers tell how they were on the receiving end of career-wrecking retaliations by the sheriff when they declined to go along with Villanueva’s self-serving and provably false descriptions of when he first became aware of the alarming video showing Deputy Johnson’s kneeling on the handcuffed Escalante’s neck, and whether or not he initiated a cover-up to keep knowledge of the video from the press and the public.

Each of these complaints brings with it a raft of new details that directly contradict the elaborate story that the sheriff has been telling.

Early last week, attorney Miller filed a complaint on behalf of LASD Commander Allen Castellano who alleged, among other things, that Sheriff Villanueva blocked and stalled the investigation into the Deputy Johnson/Escalante incident to “avoid bad publicity for his re-election campaign.”

Next came the civil rights complaint of former LASD Assistant Sheriff Robin Limon who told how she had been retaliated against “because she has personal knowledge” of the fact that five days after the use of the potentially lethal use force incident by Deputy Johnson, Villanueva had seen the video of Johnson’s actions.

Now, today, May 4, there is a brand new lawsuit, this one brought by former LASD Chief LaJuana Haselrig who was the department executive who gave the video of the troubling head and neck kneeling by the deputy to Limon with the understanding that then Assistant Sheriff Limon would take the recording to the sheriff, who was to watch the video in question right away.  

And indeed, according to Limon, she and the sheriff watched the video together with Undersheriff Tim Murakami, and the sheriff’s aide, Anthony Blanchard. 

(It should be noted that at last week’s journalist-threatening press conference, both Murakami and Blanchard each issued a phumphering pair of semi-non-denial denials about whether or not they’d seen the video during those first days after the use-of-force incident.)

Also that day, according to Haselrig, Limon confirmed to her that she had watched the video with Villanueva and company, and that the sheriff  agreed the force looked bad and that he would “handle it,” which Haselrig and Limon interpreted to mean that he would take responsibility for the investigation and the required referral to LASD’s Internal Criminal Investigation Bureau, ICIB.

Instead, according to Haselrig and Limon, Villanueva blocked an ICIB investigation against Deputy Johnson, and also blocked the filing of assault charges against the inmate, Escalante, even though proper procedure reportedly required such a filing against Escalante—who slugged (or attempted to slug) Johnson on video—to take place quickly.

“Villanueva knew that if assault charges were filed against the inmate, his defense attorney would have gotten access to the video and the public could see it,” Limon said in her complaint.

Video panic and false scapegoats

Slightly more than a year after Villanueva saw the video, on March 25, 2022, the LA Times released a story on the head kneeling incident together with a portion of the video of Deputy Johnson’s use-of-force actions 

After the LAT story came out, Villanueva called a press conference during which he vehemently denied the suggestion that he had participated in a cover-up of the head-kneeling incident.

According to the sheriff, he didn’t see the video at all until November 18 of 2021, approximately eight months after the incident with Escalante and deputy Johnson occurred on March 10, 2021, and eight months after March 15, 2021, the day that Haselrig reportedly gave the video to Limon, who watched that same video with the sheriff, his undersheriff, and his assistant.

By Villanueva’s account, however, when he did finally learn of the matter in November 2021, he called for a criminal probe of the use-of-force incident, and ordered the head-kneeling deputy to be relieved from duty—both actions that a string of emails and other department sources with direct knowledge all dispute.

Then, evidently thinking this would add weight to his story, the sheriff demoted two members of his command staff for their supposed part in the cover-up.

The members of his command staff whom he blamed for the cover-up, and subsequently threatened with multi-rank demotions, were Chief LaJuana Haselrig, and Assistant Sheriff Robin Limon.  

To put it another way,  “in an effort to make the frame up of his staff look plausible,” states the Haselrig complaint, Villanueva forced out two of the highest ranking women in his administration, Haselrig and Limon.  

The method the sheriff reportedly used was simple.  According to Haselrig’s Villanueva ordered each of the two to pick between two “poisonous options,” by the end of the business on March 29, 2022.  They must either retire or be demoted drastically.

Limon was to be demoted four ranks, back to lieutenant.  Haselrig, who had been with the department for 33 years, agreed to retire, after learning about the poison pill choice when she was at home on medical leave.  It seems that, against department policy, Undersheriff Tim Murakami came to her house and delivered the news.

The timeline, true and false

To once again remind readers of the timeline behind these events, March 15, 2021—which is the day that Limon describes seeing the disturbing video with the sheriff—is five days after the use-of-force incident took place on March 10. 

As luck would have it, the sheriff saw the video seven days after attorneys began interviewing potential jurors for the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, reportedly causing the Villanueva to worry about the “optics” of the three-minute plus neck and head kneeling, which was an alarming echo of the brutal actions that led to Floyds death.

March 15, 2021, the date when Haselrig gave the video to Limon, who then reportedly watched the video with the sheriff, was eight months and three days before November 18, 2021, which is the day that Villanueva would later claim—and still continues to claim—that he first saw the video and knew of the incident. 

Yet, according to Haselrig and Limon—along with others with whom WLA has spoken who have yet to come forward publicly, but who also reportedly have personal knowledge of the timeline—shortly after seeing the video the sheriff blocked a criminal investigation by the department into the bad optics head-kneeling incident.

Villanueva began lying about the timeline of his knowledge in late March 2022, once the public learned about the incident and the disturbing video courtesy of the March 25, 2022 LA Times story, written and reported by LAT journalist Alene Tchekmedyian.

Tchekmedyian is of course, the journalist whom the sheriff recently threatened with a criminal investigation, a threat that he then retracted after his apparent attempts at press intimidation made national news.

“Racial resentments”

Another troubling part of former Luana Haselrig’s civil rights filing is her description of alleged statements by Sheriff Villanueva that suggest an antipathy toward Black department members for supposedly holding him back in his career. 

For example, in her complaint, Haselrig describes an incident when she expressed to Villanueva that she “hoped there would be fairness and opportunity for qualified African Americans to promote in the department.”

According to Haselrig,  Villanueva told her that “we have enough of you,” meaning enough Black LASD members in management, “indicating a bias against African Americans seeking earned promotions.”

In other sections of the complaint, Haselrig describes the sheriff’s repeated threat of how he planned to “get back” at this or that department whistleblower, or someone else who pointed to his wrongdoing.

The complaint also notes that Villanueva “regularly uses a certain political tactic against whistleblowers,” as he reportedly did with Haselrig, Limon, and Castillano, and others.

“When the whistle is blown,” states the complaint, “he immediately denies the allegations and moves to cover up the misconduct. In addition, Villanueva ‘flips the script’ on the whistleblowers and accuses them of the exact wrongdoing they are reporting on. Villanueva then initiates rigged Internal Affairs Bureau (“IAB”) investigations against the whistleblowers and/or announces he has a launched a (fake) criminal investigation into them and denies earned promotions and gives unfair demotions to the whistleblowers.” 

More one this and related topics so….watch this space.

In the meantime, here’s the link to the Haselrig civil rights filing, and below is the filing itself.

Former LASD Chief LaJuana Haselrig Civil Rights complaint filed May 4, 2022 by Celeste Fremon on Scribd

Haselrig Claim Attachment 2… by Celeste Fremon


  • “Lawyers for the county maintained that Lopez failed to fully explore her internal remedies within the sheriff’s department before filing the first complaint, that the lawsuit lacked merit and that the county took immediate corrective action”

    ☝Horse shit!

  • Dear Annon,

    What are you saying was removed by Scribd? I’m not seeing it on my end regarding either of the two LASD-related lawsuits that I’ve both embedded and to which I’ve recently linked. Is anyone else having the problem? If so, please post a link to what you’re seeing.

    Thanks in advance.


  • The cover-up is worse than the crime, except maybe for the crime of the inmate undergoing trial for murder punching, out of the blue, a Deputy in the face multiple times and the Sheriff “blocked the filing of charges against the inmate” so the public wouldn’t learn of the incident.

    The ROT is that force ceases when resistance ceases, and I fault Deputy Johnson not one whit for exceeding that limit by three minutes, after having been punched in the face by an accused murderer, nor do I think that the general public would care much.

    But what about ALADS?

    What does it think about the Sheriff blocking charges against an accused murderer who had punched a Deputy in the face multiple times?

  • Your link to Scribd does not open the document. All it shows is “this document has been removed from Scribd”

  • Any one but Villanueva! Play menie menie miney moe if you have to.

    Everyone has a circle of influence. Send him to run offs.

    As for me #Vera4Sheriff

  • It has been said that “The one thing man can learn from history, is that man never learns from history.” For those who have paid close attention to the “history” of the LASD, the epilogue of this is story is so very apparent.

  • So, here’s the problem with the Limon and Haselrig lawsuits. Shortly after AV won his election by snookering the Democratic party into endorsing him (since withdrawn by said party, who has asked the sheriff to resign – just one of the many entities the embattled sheriff with the martyr complex claims is out to get him) AV called the Department brass together, everyone from the rank of lieutenant on up, and had them remove their collar insignia. They were required to not wear it for about a week, the beginning of AV’s revenge tour and his opening “F you” to the Department and its supervisors, his payback to the big ol’ meanies who had kept him from promoting to captain. He harbored so much rage for this that he said that some of the upcoming chief vacancies (following his wholesale firing of most of the execs, more payback) would come from the lower ranks.

    He lived up to his word. Limon went straight from lieutenant to chief, and a short time later to assistant sheriff. Haselrig stopped at the rank of captain for a cup of coffee before being promoted straight to chief. It is not likely either of these ladies would have seen a promotion had McDonnell gotten another percentage point of the vote, and they certainly wouldn’t have leapfrogged 3-4 ranks in a single year. A quick perusal of Transparent California shows that Haselrig was a lieutenant in 2017 making 163k, and 4 years later as a chief was making 293k. Multiply that over a 25 year retirement and AV plucking her out from obscurity means an increase to her retirement income of 3 million dollars. Limon comes out even better at 4 million.

    Now, I’m sure these ladies feel aggrieved at AV’s treatment of them. I would imagine AV feels fairly aggrieved himself – how ungrateful are these two, that they won’t shut up and soldier and take the hit for his attempted coverup? Castellano he can understand – his career was going nowhere under AV – but how could these two stab him in the back when he basically handed them millions of dollars for promotions that never would have occurred but for AV’s pettiness and spite?

    So now, after this bonanza of wealth that will be coming, their way, these two are looking for an additional payout from the County. Again, they feel they’ve been done wrong, and this is how we make things right when someone has been done wrong, but how much should they really receive, given the figures above?

    AV has already cost the county a bundle not only in lawsuits like the CEO and Bryant and various employees who have sued for wrongfully denied promotions, but in the millions of dollars spent on the lawsuit by the BoS to keep his campaign driver from being wrongfully reinstated (remember that quote from AV about the BoS wasting taxpayer money on that litigation? Is that guy a deputy again? No? So the millions of dollars was wasted for AV trying to reward a political crony? Did we ever get an apology from AV on that one, given his ironic remark about the Board wasting money on the lawsuit?)

    But I digress. I wonder how much money all of AV’s unnecessary litigation is going to set the Department back? And how much of that money is going to go to these plaintiffs, and maybe more to come, who should really just be thanking their lucky stars and counting their money, that the Democratic Party decided to get involved in a non-partisan election cuz… well… a Democratic office holder is automatically the best office holder, right?

    If these cases end up in trial – instead of the County’s usual practice of settling everything – I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing AV answer questions under oath. We’ll watch as AV buries himself one shovel full of dirt at a time. Even more interesting will be seeing the BoS vote on whether to cover any award against AV for punitive damages. THAT will be an interesting day.

  • Politics is about punishing your enemies and rewarding your friends. Clearly witness la has chosen the Sheriff as an enemy and is carrying on a campaign of smear and innuendo. If some no name Deputy gets in the way, well that’s just too bad, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

    Now if a good friend like Mark Ridley Thomas gets caught red handed, well that doesn’t interest witness la at all. What? Mark who?

  • More executives crying as they make 300k a year. How bout the fact that haselrig sees the video and as chief can’t make a decision, or limon for that matter. So they run to the sheriff and show him the video. What do we need them for them if they are too scared to make a decision.

    Maybe they should link up with ghetto slayer and cry about radio cars not smelling like a new car. Get to work, pull some steel and stop crying.

  • Funny how Chief Haselrig details how AV has made questionable remarks referencing African Americans. And then promoted a black male to Chief during a press conference on the same day the claim is made. Guilty conscience there AV, looking for another token to counter all the claims against you? Even brought the new Chief’s wife to pin him. You are pathetic AV, disrespectful! Behind the scenes, the Top 5, minus 1 (HF), are viewed as a joke in the organization.

  • @gj the gold reserve

    Love the typical gaslighting from AV featuring MRT. Look over there everybody.

    These attempts are pathetic, especially since MRT and AV are on the same level.

    Heck, AV and MRT might be cellys, so AV should start warming up to the idea of equality.

  • @REALLY…spoken like a true champ! I like you already. Yes Millions at the County’s taxpayers expense. If this was such an issue, why didnt they come forward sooner rather than later? It means I dont want to go to prison or lose my pension. CYA
    The hypocrisy is revolting and its a disgrace. The truth is that the Brass has always promoted their friends and lined their pockets for big pensions. What a sht show! The LASD needs to be gutted inside out!

  • Hey new Chief JW, glad you got your hush money, I mean promotion. Walton was just kidding, AV was not taking chances though and needs you on his side. We all know how you Bureau boys go with the wind. Tucker is right there with you, as is Corbett and Chase. Laughing straight to the bank. I hope you can still get your morning workouts at the Bureau though. Anyways, your old boss Jimbo says hi, and is fairly disappointed with you.

  • So for all the haters out there. As Alex said ” could you imagine if the public gets a hold of this”. Again think about the timing at the time… there were violent protests on the streets/ the verdict was read on GF death, business were ran shackled, County/ City units were burned down and, there was wide spread looting. I bet Alex did not want LA to burn down and did not want a repeat to the summer of violent protests because an idiot wasn’t thinking straight after being assaulted by a murder suspect.

    So yes, I believe in Alex’s method to his madness. Could it have been handled differently … definitely. But… it is easy to play Monday morning quarterback.

  • Lajuana has the-nerve to speak about racism when majority of her Lts were black in court services. Nothing against my black brothers n Sisters just keeping it real. Who was being a racist??? AV was? Pot calling the kettle black…no pundt intended! .

  • Ultimately, when this saga is done, the loser will be Blanchard, the captain with no experience, no home, and no spine. But, hopefully, he has a Plan B since he won’t be able to retreat comfortably when Villanueva gets removed from office. After that, he will be known as Captain Patsy.

    I don’t know Hasselrig, she seemed to be liked by many, including Villanueva. He always appeared happy around her. But he seems to surround himself with people he feels are less than equal to him, his ego won’t allow him otherwise. I’ve worked with both, Limon and Castellano and kept a professional relationship with them, they were always professional and treated deputies fair.

    I was a Villanueva supporter; heck, I voted for him because I believed he would bring positive changes to our Department. He had a great plan. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that way anymore, and neither do most of my partners. He has proven that he will say and make choices that will benefit him, not the Department. He has confirmed that nothing we do is based on merit, and although he says one thing, he doesn’t follow through. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, although I knew that he would have no experience and a big learning curve as a sheriff as a retired lieutenant.

    The LASD badge is looking dull. The men and women of LASD deserve better leadership.

  • @ B42LONG,
    Your summation of the millions of wasted tax money is spot on. Again you’re correct about the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department being gutted from the inside out.
    The Sheriff’s Union ALADS is not too far behind with the majority of incoming dues spent on legal plans.
    The payment to lawyers are mainly spent on “out of control” deputies who we read about weekly. Google today’s news about Deputy who assaulted female in Chatsworth.
    Truly the Feds should monitor LASD until they get their act together as embarrassing acts continue to plague a once credible department.

  • Robin and Lajuana… As a woman who recently retired and left because of AV’s lack of leadership. Yes, I wish you would have come forward sooner. But, I appreciate that you’re willing to fight the fight.

    Thank you to you both.

  • I love all these retirees and executives coming out cause they want change or the department needs leadership. Most of the executives captain and above have over 25 years on. Knock knock where were you guys and gals then?

    I love Vera not wanting to effect change to the department. He’s been riding the coattails of whoever’s in charge for some time now. Let’s not forget he a Region 2 lover! I’m sure we won’t see any nepotism once he’s in. He’s the change.

    Limon and Haselrig were promoted above their capabilities, so Alex has to live with that.

    Let’s face it policing is headed down hill and has been. Make the best of what you got and hopefully make it to the end!

    As for me Villanueva supports deputies, has their backing, he’s protecting the unvaxed, and is the only one standing up to the corrupt BOS.

  • @LaCo1
    I disagree with you I understand protecting the optics but it doesn’t merit a cover up, undue discipline to those that wouldn’t go along with it and he is continuing his narrative of lies to the media even this morning I watched him on the news denying. It has tarnished the badge. When I walk up to a call and have to hear comments like “oh look here comes the corrupt Sheriff’s’ Villanueva has not helped us at all, all he does is care about his political narrative it was never about public safety, he didn’t protect us from the very things he claims held his career down.

  • @Factsmatter Even if unbelievably he fools the voters again, he will be carted away by the Feds two years into his tenure and leave us with a board appointed Sheriff to fill his remaining two years. What a self-centered narcissist who suffers from the Dunning-Kruger effect! SMH.


  • @Be Real…. “carted away by the Feds?” For what?? This is a political issue that has been taken way out of context. This is not Pandora’s Box. This is ‘Jack in the Box,’ served with a soup sandwich. But, if it makes you feel better, believe what you want. This Sheriff is one of the most popular in recent history, and his name recognition is solidified. Don’t hate me for telling it like it is. Facts matter… early June will tell the story.

  • @Factsmatter. Well, maybe the obstruction of justice charge by intentionally not initiating a criminal investigation on the inmate nor deputy out of fear it would be reviewed by a district attorney. I personally wouldn’t classify that as hating on AV. And AV’s tenure can definitely be classified as a soup sandwich. God awful slurring Sheriff representing this Dept is cringe worthy. It’s just a shame he is agreeably popular, by those who are clueless and believe his propaganda. We shall see.

  • @Factsmatter – for your reference:
    Obstruction of Justice

    18 U.S.C. § 1503 defines “obstruction of justice” as an act that “corruptly or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication, influences, obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice.”

    I guarantee the 3 witnesses corroborating eachothers accounts, with I’m sure digital documentation, will support said charge.

    His admitted history of his handling of the Kobe incident (although not illegal at the time, but related to disciplinary matters) amongst other instances (Mandoyan, helipad, attacking whistleblowers and denial of gang like behavior by certain deps, failing to discipline his U/S for founded POE violations, etc..) point to a pattern of misconduct. Now, he has done something criminal (that we know about).

    But, like you said, we shall see.

  • From what was provided in the media, there was an administrative investigation and video was submitted as evidence of the incident. I’m sure all parties were interviewed and they gave their statements. The two Chiefs (Vera & Hasilrig), the A/S (Limon) and the Commander should have known better. Shame on them for not making sure it was submitted properly (of course this depends if their version of the story is true or not). They are part of the crime (if a crime even occurred), they are not “whistleblowers.” I guess these people were inept. I can’t believe they were actually high-ranking executives on the LASD.

    Politics is crazy!

  • @Factsmatter-For having that name, you sure got your facts all messed up. I can’t wait for Alex to win reelection…then get indicted 2 months in. Then the BOS will appoint whoever they want. Maybe they’ll bring back good ol McDonnell. Then the rest of us can sit back and watch the LASD tears flow down to the river and out to sea.

  • Be Real,

    I agree. Alex and Vivian have so much CORRUPT Shit in their closet(S). Lets don’t forget about 18 U.S.C. Section 1910 – RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS regarding Deputy Gangs, San Fernando Court incident, Kobe Bryant destruction of evidence, cover-up of Internal Administrative Investigations, as well as Internal Criminal Investigations!

  • @ Real, I believe AV has put the collective interest of the Department above all in the making that decision. He has honored his commitments to the troops unlike Jimbo who hung us all dry.
    @Slayer, you say you hear comments like “oh look here comes the corrupt Sheriff’s’ Villanueva has not helped us at all, all he does is care about his political narrative it was never about public safety, he didn’t protect us from the very things he claims held his career down”. For years we have heard about this. Remember Ol Leroy and his boys, how about Tall Paul and then a quick coffee break with Scott. We all hear what we want to hear but for me it’s all white noise which I deflect and understand that as line Deputies it’s all about doing God’s work. However, I still believe AV is doing the best he can given the circumstances and everyone trying to knee cap him. I also hear it on the streets … the people really like the man. Remember Jimbo spent most of his time at the BOS having tea with Hilda rather than putting the Department and the communities first.

  • The mail-in ballots have arrived. Hallelujah! I am so happy to vote the formerly retired lieutenant who has fail miserably as sheriff, back into retirement. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to sentence Allie back to full-time misery with his beloved Sweatpee.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • @FactsMatter

    You know what I can’t believe? We have people who can’t speak proper English assigned to the office of the Sheriff.

    Potato Cowboy surrounds himself with morons. Morons who have nothing to offer other than to boost his ego.

    It’s a sad day when the sitting Sheriff has a “fool” endorsement video.


  • @LaCo1. It’s a shame you see it that way. ELA sure learned the hard way when many were served up to the OIG and served with days of as the election year drew close. I hear a work slowdown ensued. But did they blame AV? No, they blamed the Captain, who as everyone knows recommends the discipline, but it’s ultimately coming from the top.

    Hopefully you, or many more to come if he wins, don’t see it late like Deputy Johnson. AV held up to his commitments alright, to the far extreme of McDonnell. Any good manager knows, you gotta nip it in the bud for your employees own growth and benefit. Their career. Whether it be a PLE, a simple conversation, and sometimes unfortunately punitive discipline, those conversations speak to the young and naive machismo we all have at the beginning of our careers serving the Lord. If you fail to do that, then you are failing your people. If you have children, you’ll understand that concept.

    But AV was never a good manager. Shit, ge sued to get the spot. Kinda like lying to become Sheriff (dems sure are pissed).

    The guy is a failure. Except for BWC’s.

    If you want to be led by a vindictive, self-centered, lying, slurring, bowl legged, insecure narcissist, then I sure as hell ain’t gonna make any sense to ya.

  • Mail-in ballots are in!! Alex Villanueva will win another four years.

    Adios los que lloran! 🙂

  • @rakkasan

    Robert Luna looked confused during the debates. He is weak sauce and if the la times is picking him, then for sure he is [WLA edit].

  • Stop it! Luna doesn’t have a chance let alone the cash rumor has it he has very little…



    Happy Mother’s Day!


  • @Factsmatter. Read the comments of the opinion endorsement link you sent. Your boy wokemafia is only digging himself deeper. Gotta love his loyalty to Villanueva. Passion. I love it, even on the losing side.

  • After you’ve read those juicy comments, I should let you all know I hear a new claim is coming!!! That’s the way this cookie crumbles.

  • “Two of the four plum spots on the sheriff’s executive projects team, which organizes the sheriff’s appearances at town halls and community events, belong to employees with controversial track records who are friends with the sheriff’s wife. Their rise into the sheriff’s inner circle has triggered concerns within the department about staffing decisions under Sheriff Villanueva and his wife’s influence over them.”

    One of the women, Carrie Robles, had Villanueva as a training instructor in 2017 when she was moving to a patrol assignment after working the county jails, according to state and sheriff’s records and interviews.

    Later that year, Robles, while still a trainee, ran a red light on her way to an emergency call, crashed her patrol car and careened onto a sidewalk in Boyle Heights. She killed two brothers, aged seven and nine, and severely injured their mother. In 2019, the county agreed to pay the woman $17.5 million to avoid a trial in a lawsuit over the crash, one of the largest legal payouts that year. The county settled with their father for $5 million in 2020. A third case is still pending.

    Robles was found to be at fault, but prosecutors declined to file charges, saying in a memo that there was insufficient evidence to prove she committed vehicular manslaughter.

    It was the type of error that could derail or seriously hinder a new deputy’s career. But a year after the deadly crash, Robles, dressed in her department uniform, stood alongside Sheriff Villanueva and his wife on the day he was sworn in as sheriff.
    “Truly humbling experience today I pinned our new Sheriff @alex4sheriff and my mom @vivan_bibi_villanueva_ with our station pin,” Robles wrote on Facebook to caption a photo of her with the couple.

    Robles has donated to dog rescue fundraisers organized by Villanueva and posted birthday greetings to her on Facebook. In one, she thanked the sheriff’s wife for having taken her “under your wings since day 1″ and proposed they go out to celebrate.
    “I’ll be the DD ha!” Robles wrote, using the acronym for designated driver.

    As of February, more than four years after the crash, Robles had not yet faced possible discipline, according to a source. Under Villanueva, the decision was made to put off the department’s internal investigation into the incident until multiple lawsuits over it played out, the source said. It is unclear when, or if, that investigation was or will be completed.
    Robles did not respond to requests for comment.

  • Editor’s Note:

    Dear “Temple and Broadway,”

    Sadly I can’t republish today’s excellent LAT story. It’s a copywright issue. I linked to it at the bottom of the newest post about the 4th Whistleblower, but I think it may be hidden behind a paywall, which is un-fun for those who don’t subscribe.

    But I agree that it’s a definite #MustRead.


  • I wonder if Carrie Robles Plascencia wrote a supplemental report for her role on July 29,2019!! The alleged big bad Bandito Crook showed up!! Allegedly……

  • Celeste is not covering the recent evidence and is biased in her love for Eli and her ignoring the real instestigation into internal Sabatoge. Another woke wealthy White person telling us what think. Ask Eli about his shootings. Ask Matt about his relationship to Tanaka.

  • The commander (former driver for Lee Baca) has been in MANY controversial shootings. Just ask the LADA. Were they cleared? I think so. But many were very concerning. I hear their are alot of other concerning issues that should be vera-fied. How long has he been a LA County resident? Does he still live in Chino? What is the rumor in regards to his wife’s gun being stolen in the city of Chino? I’m sure LA County residents and community leaders are eager to know. Running for office when you have an agenda in mind (instead of being an invested longtime LA County resident) will not sit well with voters. Heck, I wonder how often he is in Chino (San Bernardino County).

    All this info should be Vera-fied.



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