LASD Sexual Harassment

Jury Says No to Sexual Harassment in LASD Walton/Fennell Trial – UPDATED

In the 10-day sexual harassment trial regarding the case brought by Lt. Angela Walton
of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department against Cmdr. Joseph Fennell, also of the LASD, after a comparatively short deliberation, on Tuesday morning the jury found—in a vote of 9-3—that there had been no sexual harassment. (Unlike in a criminal trial, the jury does not have to reach a unanimous verdict.)

In an interview following the trial, the three female jurors who voted that Walton had been sexually harassed said that the nine who voted against the harassment charge spoke mostly about certain allegations by the plaintiff’s attorney along with witnesses brought by plaintiff Fennell, having to do with some of Walton’s behavior that the jurors felt was not rejecting of Fennell, and also the accusation that Walton had dressed provocatively at work.

Nohemi Gutierrez Ferguson, Fennell’s attorney, put a strong focus on what she contended was Walton’s style of dressing during her tenure in the LASD’s personnel unit when she was working on a recruitment team and represented the department at events and in photos on billboards, that she had worn tight skirts and form-fitted tops. (Walton and another witness from personnel disputed this claim and said she dressed “professionally.”)

“She dressed to impress,” said Ferguson in closing arguments.

Ferguson also criticized Walton’s more conservative style of dress in the courtroom. (Think Michelle Obama in cardigan sweaters and JCrew skirts.) “Has she ever worn her hair down [during the trial]?” the attorney asked. “She’s manipulating you.”

(Ferguson was also the attorney representing the County of Los Angeles, which was a co-defendant in the trial.)


Lt. Walton, her witnesses, and her attorney told a very different story.

According to Jamon Hicks, Walton’s attorney, soon after she met Cmdr. Fennell, he told Walton that she needed a mentor on the department and said he’d like to fill that role.

In certain ways Fennell seemed to do just that, inviting her into various social situations where she could network and, in the Spring of 2008, requesting that Walton work under him at the department’s Personnel Administration Bureau (PAB), which was considered to be a plum assignment. Walton went to work in personnel and ended up being one of the faces used on recruiting posters. (The other face above belongs to former undersheriff Paul Tanaka’s wife.)

However, according to Walton’s attorney, Fennell—who was and still is married— also repeatedly expressed an intense interest in Walton sexually, allegedly sending her raunchy texts and emails (“You got something I seriously want”), while also making suggestive remarks ranging from “You know what I want,” and “You seriously owe me,” to the most colorful of the bunch… “I would f*** the dog sh** out of you.”

(Fennell admitted in court to sending one of the raunchy messages, but denied sending or saying any of the rest.)


In 2006, according to Walton, Fennell’s attentions ramped up at a party during a multi-day law enforcement event held yearly in Las Vegas when Fennell allegedly leaned over in a public setting and licked Walton’s stomach, which she says she found humiliating.

A female LAPD detective who is a friend of Walton’s and who had been her companion on the night in question, testified that she’d seen the incident and that Walton was very upset about it.

On Fennell’s side of the witness equation, LASD Chief Roberta Abner and LASD Chief Buddy Goldman testified and said they too had been at the party and never saw any such stomach licking.

Walton’s boyfriend at the time of the alleged Vegas incident, said that she’d confided to him about her distress, but that she asked him not to interfere, suggesting it would make things worse.

Days later, according to Walton’s official complaint, Fennell apologized for his actions.

Two years later still, according to Walton, when she went to work for PAB, it was a mixed blessing. She enjoyed the work but, Walton contends, Fennell continued to make overtures toward her. She described multiple situations in which Fennell would arrange a meeting outside of work time to discuss recruitment plans, and then at some point would turn the conversation in a sexual direction.

According to both Walton and Fennell, the most dramatic encounter took place at the Bonaventure Hotel where they were to have had dinner and discuss a recruiting report that was upcoming. When she arrived, however, Fennell was not at the rooftop restaurant but in a hotel room and allegedly told her to come up.

Unwisely she did. Walton said that Fennell assaulted her in the room. Fennell said that, to the contrary, in the room it was she who behaved in a highly sexually provocative way toward him. He admitted to a certain amount of body kissing and/or fondling.

Both sides agreed that the two did not have sex that night or any other night.

Walton said that she never encouraged Fennell’s advances in any way, and that, while he had been helpful to her, she was afraid of him.


Fennell’s attorney, Nohemi Ferguson, contends that although Fennell considered having an “adulterous” affair with Walton, it was she who chased him and pushed for a sexual relationship and, according to Fennell, engaged in phone sex with him on more than one occasion.

(Walton, for her part, brought in several witnesses who said she had a policy of never dating married men, and had no romantic interest in Fennell whatsoever.)

Both sides talked about why Walton didn’t file a complaint with the department back in 2006 or 2008.

Jamon Hicks, Walton’s attorney, said Walton felt sure that a complaint against Fennell would be career suicide, so she just kept trying to deal with the situation the best she could.

Walton also said that Fennell frequently bragged about his political power within the department, that he was “politically dialed in” with then Sheriff Baca (whose driver he had been) and with former undersheriff Paul Tanaka. She said Fennell talked about how he got back at people who crossed him, which she took as a warning.

According to Walton, matters came to a head after she repeatedly declined Fennell’s advances over time and, in November 2011, according to Walton, he saw to it that she was transferred 70-plus miles away from her home to the Pitchess Detention Center jail complex in Castaic, at a time that her father was dying of cancer, and she pleaded with Fennell to help get her closer to home. He gave me “Freeway therapy,” she said.

Fennell said that he had nothing at all to do with her transfer, that it was only when Walton pressed him to leave his wife to become a “department power couple” with her, and he refused, that she retaliated by filing the lawsuit.

Ferguson, Fennell’s attorney, said that the power that Walton claimed Fennell had to help or harm people’s careers was completely fictional, that the sheriff’s department is governed by the rules of civil service, that Fennell couldn’t have superseded those hard and fast rules even if he’d wanted to.

Instead, said Ferguson, Walton filed suit against Fennell for the cash. “She has expensive taste and does what she has to do to get the money.”


According to the three jurors who voted that Fennell had sexually harassed Walton, the nine opposing jurors who did not believe Walton had been sexually harassed by Fennell, were reportedly very influenced by the fact that Walton had gone to Fennell’s hotel room in the Bonaventure, and thought it indicated that she was looking for a sexual relationship and lying about the harassment.

The three who believed Walton’s account over Fennell’s said they instead saw a woman trying to juggle the need to placate her powerful boss while also discouraging his advances.

The three also described how the nine who voted that Walton had not been harassed were particularly swayed by the testimony of high ranking department members like Abner and Goldman and Paul Tanaka who testified for the defense.

The majority felt there could be no logical reason that such highly-placed department members would lie for Fennell, said the three, so concluded early on that it was Walton who must be lying instead.


  • Inviting a coworker to a hotel room having already indicated you had a sexual interest in to discuss work is stupid. Having business meetings with employees at hotels in the first place is really suspicious! Fennell dodge a bullet with the help of a former Baca insider, Abner and a former Tanaka bully Goldman.

  • Seriourly???? The jurors felt that 3 highly placed department heads wouldn’t lie???? How could the jurors come to that conclusion With all the publicity surrounding Pandora’s Box????? I truly believe the jury pool in Los Angeles doesn’t live in the real world!!!! This is the reason that some of those deputies were afraid to come forward. NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE THEM!!!! Their careers would be over. THEY WERE AFRAID TO SAY NO!!! For all you that bashed Sexton for following commands and pumping your chest that you are so brave and you would have said NO!!!!!!! I say to YOU, ” you have never worked at LASD, you mop floors at LASD or you are one of the lying, cheating no good department heads that WOULDNT tell the truth or stand up for your comrades!!!! It will be interesting to see what will become of Walton’s career!

  • This is why McDonnell needs to clear the decks. The same old Baca/Tanaka liars’ crew has closed ranks to protect Lasd. Business as usual, unsophisticated jurors impressed by titles who can’t fathom how misogynistic and corrupt this culture is. Shame on this leadership. It has no shame. The real whores of Babylon are still in the Baca’s boudoir. The stench is atrocious. Ladies beware, nothing to wear…move along before the metrosexuals get you. There’s nothing like the unbridled libidio of an executive.

  • Abner and Goldman would not lie, their whole career is a lie? What a dumb jury. Now that Fennel has admmitted to illicit texts, phone calls and kissing and fondling a subordinate employee, what is going to happen. He has violated department policy, what will be his punishment? I know I am waiting with baited breath to find out. Let us see what Sheriff Scott will do.

  • I think all staff meetings and station/bureau training days should be held at the Bonaventure rooftop bar too!

  • Abner, the self-appointed champion for women’s rights inside of LASD? Ha, she has been on a self-serving path since her cozy relationship with a major executive resulted in doors opening that NEVER would have happened without his help. This lawsuit/allegations is filled with pitfalls and poor judgement on both sides. But I have no faith in executives testifying for Joey when (disclaimer) IF, I say again, IF Walton’s claims are true regarding this Las Vegas incident. The simple reason is by affirming they witnessed Joey’s actions would place them in harms way for failure to report. So the easy way out? “I didn’t see it.” So the question is, “I didn’t see it” or “It didn’t happen?” If the answer was, “I didn’t see it,” well, that’s a cop-out with the subliminal intent of, “I saw it, I’m going to deny it, you prove otherwise.”

    Sheriff Scott could have really provided a working platform of reform to Sheriff McDonnell. He did not. Minimal force out retirements occurred, MINIMAL. The bulk of the Tanaka regime remains and thrives. Nothing has changed, nothing will until the house is cleaned. McDonnell, your first 90 days will be a blueprint of wonderful success and reform, or it will be a blueprint of absolute failure.

  • P.S. @ 10-33, “Lady Tanaka,” LOLOLOL Now that is funny, good one. That is a spot on assessment. That title fits like a glove. LOLOLOL

  • No termination or demotion! For some what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and others… publicly licking an employee in which you have a sexual interest, off duty, at a social event…is not a serious transgression under Baca!

  • I don’t know what is more hilarious, the defense position that executives cannot lie because there are policies that forbid it or nine jurors who believe it.

  • Chief Abner is one of the biggest liars around…she is still trying to cover up Arco Narco II. The cat was out of the bag on that though when Sgt. Bonnie Bryant got convicted for theft and people have known for years of illegal activity in the bureau. Plus, her husband retired out of Narcotics Bureau and still a reserve too. And this CHIEF gets on the stand and lies….sounds like when I saw Tanaka testify at least twice in Federal Court and he wasn’t good at telling the truth either.

    What a joke…..Hurry McDonnell and save the department.

  • The life changing question is what will McDonnell do? Re: “Dirty laundry and Old Baggage”

    5 weeks left until we find out if he “has a pair” Only time will tell.

  • Just the things Fennell did admit to are atrocious and I’m sure there’s much more he didn’t admit to. We are supposed to look to these types of characters for leadership and direction? They sit as judge and jury on others discipline cases and grievances. Whether she was culpable or not Fennell and so many others are despicable and disgusting and should no way be in management positions. I know lots are waiting for McDonnell to be the savior but I think they should sink the entire management boat and start from scratch.

  • Slow ur roll: So much for your conspiracy theories……and your beloved IAB. You have lost all credibility……Go back to your cubicle and look for your next subject “to put a case on”.

    InterestedParty Says:
    April 27th, 2013 at 4:17 pm
    I too was assigned to IAB, and 11-Boy, with all due respect to your #63 post, I must state my different experience with Executive interference in two very noteworthy cases of mine. One case involved a sworn supervisor assigned to 4th floor SHQ. A day or two after I was assigned the case, my captain informed me a directive came down commanding that several people I identified as witnesses for pending interviews would NOT be interviewed — that the subject would be my only interview and he was going to sit without representation and admit the allegations. I was also told my captain would replace my regular partner who would typically be sitting with me on the interview, and all questions to be asked, had to be pre-approved by my captain. In that same case, I advised this same IAB captain another higher ranked sworn employee needed to be named a subject – I was again told, “Cmdr. —- said you only have one interview.” The subject received minimal discipline and transferred directly to another coveted assignment. In the second case a few years later, during the first of multiple meetings with my captain and OIR regarding this case which involved multiple subjects, when I stated a particular sworn manager needed to be added and interviewed as a subject, I was told, “The Sheriff loves the guy, so no, that’s not going to happen.” Both cases were high-profile, high media interest cases and yes, there was interference and intimidation from above. Both of these cases occurred during the Baca Years. One might suggest, “Grow a pair, and tell your captain you’re not handling the case,” or do something heroic so the Sheriff and his princes know who’s in charge. The reality? Lee Baca and Paul Tanaka were then, and are now, in charge and they call the shots. Loyalty over merit promotions and loyalty over integrity actions equal the mess the Department is in.

  • Somewhere in the middle lies the truth. Fennell just had a better attorney. Joey should count his blessing and retire. He along with a majority of the execs who have been around to long. Barrantes, Rogers, Mcsweeny, Fender, Abner, Asmus, Lopez, to name a few. Please hang it up and get on. You’ve gotten yours. Move on! What in God’s name are you all waiting for? Time to retire. Do yourselves and the Department a favor. Get on with life, start a new chapter. Get a hobby. Work on your home lives. Whatever it is you need to do to make peace with yourselves and your families, please do.

  • So glad that this site is monitored by the Los Angeles times along with other Police Agencies and anyone with access to the Web.

    It definitely shows how sharp and professional that LASD is…….Charming.

  • McDonnell should consider a total realignment Of all the A/S. Yes, Terri needs to go back to the industry she understands instead of trying to turn our county jails into a State prison system. Rothans, Rogers, and Barrantes are hopelessly focused on personal self-serving agendas without a focus toward the organization and our communities. They talk a good game, but one just has to look at what they actually do and don’t do. Then you have GOLDMAN, HELLMOLD, LABERGE, LOPEZ, and MAXWELL how are they allowed to be the shot callers? Do Scott and Tyler only see what they want to see because they are trying to push their agendas from 10 years ago. Don’t forget to evaluate Ornealas and Vera. Let’s not forget who these people were and are because a zebra doesn’t change its stripes.

  • It occurs to me that after so many years of grossly incompetent individuals elevated to positions of authority throughout the department, the line staff have been running the department on auto pilot for a long time.

    Translation: McDonnell could conceivably dismiss the entire command staff and the day to day operations of the department would not be affected. Important point to consider when he decides how much change he wants to affect with the “catastrophic failure of leadership” crowd.

    Listen to the executives today and they will still argue that they earned their positions, and will defend the status quo with their last gasps of air. Time for a whole new paradigm, are you up for it McDonnell? The world will be watching…

  • Forget the he said/she said back and forth. They both admitted that the meeting in the hotel room took place.
    That being the case, here’s what WE KNOW. This is not in dispute.

    There’s a Commander on the LASD who is arrogant enough and stupid enough to set up a meeting in a hotel room, on department time, with the subordinate those text msgs. were sent to.

    Bye bye. This person has committed egregious policy violations, not to mention this person obviously doesn’t posess the critical decision making skills of a supervisor on the dept.

    There’s a Lieutenant on the LASD who is allegedly experiencing unwanted sexual advances that is stupid enough to voluntarily go (alone) to the hotel room of the person who is making the unwanted sexual advances.

    Demotion to deputy. This person has also committed policy violations (POE mandated reporting of sexual harassment). This person also lacks the critical decision making skills of a supervisor on the dept.

    These are supervisors. These are “leaders” on the LASD. How utterly embarrassing. They have BOTH disgraced themselves and the LASD.
    They should BOTH be ashamed of themselves.

  • @ oh well………your comments are 100% correct. They did what they did and that part is done. However…..what should happen “after the fact” would only happen in a “perfect world”.

    FYI Just because they are supervisors doesn’t make them leaders.

  • I would have more respect for the Tanaka boot lickers if they simply said “we were bamboozled” or “I changed my mind about him” or “I was wrong” rather than continue to defend or deny their allegiance to his ring of terror. The jury thinks Goldman wouldn’t lie to cover for those in the car with little man T? What a joke. He was ALL Tanaka…wonder if Goldman still attends Tanaka’s annual fishing trip?

  • @oh well

    Stop making so much sense!! We all know that brass over in LASD are more focused on their next promotion and blowjob rather than trying to figure out how to repair the damage that has been done to the department. The irony of all this is that during the time that Fennell was doing this he was actually the one that deputies had to appeal to during their civil liberty hearings. Imagine the nerve of that guy lecturing deputies on department policy and ethics when he’s flirting with his subordinate and cheating on his wife.

  • Were not people fired in the past for “Bringing dishonor upon the Department”? Start applying this policy.

  • Lt. Walton had no case. She messed up by going to a hotel room with her boss. What do up think was on Fennell’s mind when he invited the attractive Ms. Walton to his hotel room:::ahhh bible studies???

  • @#4 sos,
    Cut the bullshit.
    There’s also nothing like a hottie not saying no to those dept. executives and stringing those execs. along, making them think they’ve got a shot at hitting it. Lots of favors come along when that exec. has one thing on his mind. The hottie has him right where she wants him.
    Then one day the exec. realizes he isn’t going to get any (or any more), and the favors stop. Now it’s sexual harassment.
    There’s always the “I was afraid”, “It would’ve been career suicide”, etc. excuses for why she brings a beef a long time down the line.
    Let’s cut the bullshit and quit worrying about offending anybody’s oh so delicate sensibilities and call this what it has EVERY appearance of being.
    A woman that put up with him chasing her for what she had to gain by it. When he quit chasing, or got pissed off, or for whatever reason it ended, now she wants the county to show her the money.
    BULLSHIT!!!! She’s just as much to blame in the VERY OBVIOUS quid pro quo game that was going on.
    Whether Goldman or Abner or anybody else lied about what they did or didn’t see has no bearing on what was obviously going on.
    IF what Walton alleges about the stomach licking in a public setting was true and she didn’t file a beef right then and there, well then, Houston we have a problem.
    Then the second engine on the Starship Bigbucks went out when she willingly went to his hotel room alone.
    She can give plenty of reasons why she did that, but she can’t give a GOOD one.

    They were both wrong. They are both to blame.
    He should be gone.
    She should be embarrassed. But of course she won’t because there’s plenty of naive gullible people to believe she was an innocent victim in the game.

    What a crock of shit.

  • Oh well, I agree with your straight up assessment of this case. I think there is enough to indicate Walton went along for the ride, hoping she would get a ride in the car. I truly don’t think she wanted anything to do with jumping Joey’s bones, but was willing to take advantage of being close to him. I think at some point, she got tired of Joey acting like a dog in heat and his mindset that she was going to be his bitch. I truly don’t believe she wanted any part of that and his arrogance overrode his brain and Joey thought “No meant yes.” And I agree, when she went up to that hotel room, it was an invitation for a disaster. It does NOT excuse what he is reported to have done, but it was clear what his intentions were and Walton absolutely should have known better.

    The reported Las Vegas incident was not a cool thing. Her transfer to PDC appears to be clearly retaliatory. All that aside, it seems there is an abundance of cause to deal severely with one of these parties and I’m talking about coming down like a ton of bricks. According to the WLA story, there was enough admitted to in testimony to unhinge one of them. So the question is simple, is there a double standard for individuals of rank? Is someone being protected post-Tanaka and if so, by whom? I don’t have access to all the transcripts of POE/IAB/Depositions/Court Testimony and that of all the witnesses. But if there is something that rises to a “Founded,” they should be dealt with, harshly. That is what investigations are for, to seek the truth. Hopefully there will be an administrative investigation and let the chips fall where they may.

  • @Oh Well, he should be GONE… I hope the next woman he messes with nails his ass ASAP… women need to stop being afraid of this B.S. and hopefully Walton’s courage to come forward will encourage other women to come forward. I agree that the B.S. needs to be cut because the reality is that women who work for the LASD get harrassed on a regular basis and they know they better not say anything about it or their careers are over and anyone who does not believe that has their heads in the sand or is otherwise part of the problem. If Fennell had one thing on his mind I cannot imagine what Walton and other women had to put up with on a daily basis. Like he said, “this is Baskin Robins and she is no longer the flavor of the month” so who is the new flavor? How is he harrassing her? Will she have the courage to stand up to him? He is a bully and coward he needs to be fired with no pension. Can you imagine the years of abuse that this man has gotten away with? This is B.S.

  • @oh Well

    Nice one. It always baffles me when I see the little female Diva deputies walking around with their big fake knockers with a tightly fitted class A uniform trying to fit in and “be one of the boys”. Every time I see those kinds of female deps I know they are trouble. They prance around leading chest first wherever they go looking for attention. Those female deps are a walking POE, STAND CLEAR!!!

  • @ Both eyes open

    As much as I hate to admit it, you and I both know stars and bars come with perks. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the brass decide to throw some grunt deputies (aka not related to anyone of importance) to the wolves. They would do this in order to re-direct the attention away from Fennell and Walton and on to the next “hot topic” within LASD.

  • @Double Standard…..interesting that you focus on the trouble that the “Diva” could cause, but no focus on the problmen the men who choose to take advantage of the female deputy who has no power can cause. It is the job of an officer to be clear headed at all times and if a high ranking officer is not smart enough not to fall prey to the behaviors of a “Diva”, then they do not need to be in that posistion. Citizens rely on the common sense of those in power and if common sense does not prevail then that indiviaul has got to go as the lack of good judgment and common sense is a danger to society.


    As a leader in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, I commit myself to honorably perform my duties with respect for the dignity of all people, integrity to do right and fight wrongs, wisdom to apply common sense and fairness in all I do and courage to stand against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and bigotry in all its forms.

  • Walton in an idiot. Anyone that has worked around her know she’s been shaken it for years lookin for a career boost. Female Deputies want to be treated “equal”, want the same jobs as the fellas, and want to be one one of the guys. When the Female Dep realizes she doesn’t have the ability to do the same jobs as the fellas, here comes the booty shake. Special treatment for attractive females on this Dept has been goin on for years. Case in point, a retired female Dep T.M. Good looking gal, got every job she wanted by flirting and shaking it. Another idiot.

  • Sherman got his, Pitchess got his, Waldie got his (and then some)and too many others to count. Unfounded! Promote them both and move on. Boomer!

  • @ drronda..The list of which Fennel is on is long. It does not start or end with him. Where do we start?

  • @Fact Based, 30 days for a Commander and NOT a demotion? Wow, what a gift. I would sure like to know who the members of the POE Case Review Committee were. Because it was an POE, it would not have been presented to the regular U/S and two U/S Case Review for adjudication. It should have gone to the POE attorneys and their retired Commander overseer. Perhaps someone can shed some light on this caper and how it was resolved.

    But then, perhaps O’l Joey had a couple of folders of information he threw on the table and said, “I have plenty more where those came from.”

  • Any female working in a male dominated job surrounded by many men, will always shake their “money maker” and “glance taker”. Every man will not take the bait, but most will……….that’s life.

  • What’s the timeline on those 30 days? was Mr. T still around? or were his minions still watering down IA investigations? If they dinged him for sexual harassment, how come it didn’t come out during trial? Or was the discipline suppressed by statute? Or did they ding him for “obedience to laws and regulations–embarrassing the department”? What really happened? Did Abner and Mannis just plain roll over? And if there was already an IA, why do another? Something ain’t right….

  • DDRONDA, you actually cited the Core Values of a disgraced and hopefully soon to be indicted former sheriff for what purpose? You made a good point on how brass should be expected to behave, but please spare us the poor victim routine, as we all know very well how the Bouman consent decree has allowed females to vault into just about any spot they want with no experience. Yes, a few will do the honorable thing and push that radio car, but most take the bait and find that coveted assignment with about a week beyond patrol training, walking over many a deputy trying in vain for years to land that job. The tide is slowly turning, however these folks are still floating around with zero experience, occupying important positions that require far more than what they bring to the table.

  • @ Gimme a break….if the women are idiots then what are the men? If you are in charge you must be capable of making sound judgements and not fall prey these so called “booty shaking” women. If you are incapable of keeping your self protected from these women then you are incapable of being in a posistion of authority. If these men would fall prey to women in the department then what is going on when they are interacting with the public?

  • As a civilian it is really scary where this conversation is going. The use of search terms as “booty shaking” and women using their “moeny maker” is a testament to the attitudes towards women which exists in the department. This department is already in a great deal of trouble for not taking responsiblity for the actions of corrupt officers. Who will stand up for what is right? This situation is beyond Fennell and Walton. It is part of a larger issues of mysogony that exist in the department – the good men and women of this department will have to stand up and speak out against this behavior to begin to make change.

  • Abner and Mannis have much to pay forr.. The problems within the Sheriff’s Department resulted from a failure of leadership, and this actively includes both of them. They adhered to the corrupt practices and cover-ups of Baca and Tanaka. Shame on both of them!!!

  • @LATBG: I would tend to agree with you, were it not for the fact many of our male partners are also leap frogging over more experienced people, because of who they know and/or whom they choose to align themselves. Our department is full of unqualified people trying to do jobs way above their experience level and that is why our reputation is tarnished! The days of “work hard and you will go far” are long gone! I believe we are actually at a point where the knowledgeable experienced hard workers are actually feared by the Execs/Supervisors and inexperienced, because they worry that those with the experience will make them look bad and/or challenge them on their BS.

  • @47 “Huh” …very well put regarding the Execs/Supervisors being fearful of those with knowledge experience. The majority of my supervisors were very good/outstanding, except for a couple in the past 5 to 6 years. I would say maybe perfect timing regarding promotion (pay for play).

  • @ddronda…..As crude as some things sound, I’m just “keeping it real”.

    @LATBG……..You’re right about “leaps & bounds” in promoting females due to the “Bouman Decision” however if the “Good Ol’ Boys” would have given Sue, her just due, things may have been different.

    A lot of the males sergeants also fall into the category of “Cronyism” when it comes to promotion. Once again, Let’s “keep it real”.

  • Huh! good points, the beneficiaries of the Consent Decree have been overtaken by the ass-kissers and boot lickers from both genders. The funny part is when these unqualified individuals flash their way through the ranks, they never spend enough time at one job or rank to showcase their incompetence for all to see. When the truth is painfully obvious, they are “invited” to the next coveted job.

    Had the Department used performance as a measure for promotions, based on the last 3-4 years, demotions would have been in order all around. Then to add insult to injury, these unqualified supervisors, managers, and execs assume that rank bestows knowledge. We can only hope McDonnell restores order to the universe and ends this farce.

  • @Huh: ” I believe we are actually at a point where the knowledgeable experienced hard workers are actually feared by the Execs/Supervisors…”

    I totaly agree with your accessment. The overly ranked, unqualified, peter-out stand out like a sore thumb in their meetings to have meetings. It is a source of great frustration for many of us who are working hard for all the right reasons. It will all come to a head VERY soon.

  • @drronda,
    It’s “scary” to you when cops call it like they see it? It’s “scary” that cops forego the PC bullshit that women are ALWAYS innocent victims where sexual harassment beefs are concerned? It’s “scary” to you when cops point out the obvious?
    Your PC spin and your incessant need to be a women’s advocate isn’t going to sell on this blog. The overwhelming majority of people who comment here think for themselves and go where the facts take them.
    It’s obvious what Walton was doing. When you downplay her role in the situation you lose credibility with the participants on this blog.
    You might as well save yourself the aggravation of trying to get cops who comment here to buy your tired, worn out and most importantly, completely unrealistic take on the Walton/Fennell situation.
    Cops deal with reality. Not only do we recognize reality, we aren’t afraid to point it out to those like you who are either too naive to recognize it or are simply in denial. That you don’t accept it because you have chosen to have a myopic view of the world is not our problem.

    Here’s the reality of the situation.[WLA EDIT: This is just too much.]

  • Boomer. unless you have personal knowledge of someone’s infidelity, put your wagging tongue back in your pie hole. Two of these men are dead and their families deserve a bit of respect……OK .


    The tone of the Walton/Fennell lawsuit discussion has begun to go off the rails.

    Please dial back your rhetoric. If you write something about women here (or men, for that matter) that you wouldn’t feel comfortable having your daughter or mother read, it probably doesn’t belong.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


  • @Oh Well, Freedom of speech allows you to, “call it as you see it” and it also allows me to respectfully disagree with statements and opinions that differ from my own. The opinion of the “overwhelming majority” of individuals on this blog are of no consequence to me with regard to my opinion on any subject matter – to that end I am not trying to “sell” anyone on my point of view, only expressing my opinion. I do not share your reality on this particular subject matter, as my reality is different (but not necessarily wrong). I, like you, am not afraid to point out my reality even if my reality differs from everyone on this blog.

    I feel no aggravation in sharing my opinions on this subject so no worries about me attempting to get “cops to buy your tired, worn out and most importantly, completely unrealistic take on the Walton/Fennell situation.” But thank you for your concern about my wellbeing.

    Kind Regards,

    Ronda L. Hampton

  • You are not the first or last to put “Oh Well” in his place. His rhetoric is typical.

    By identifying yourself speaks volume…..”Oh Well” has the mouth to say “his piece” but never “The Guts” to reveal his identity.

    You have truly ” taken him to task” I’m sure his response will be somewhat garbled due to his foot in his mouth.

    The only pair on “Oh Well” is above his chin and beneath his nose. Great Move!

  • There are and continue to be executives who use the positions to groom their next sexual conquest. The power and control they have make them much more attractive than they would otherwise be. Somehow I doubt if Commander Fennel was a deputy, the two would have hooked up.

    It appears Ms. Walton may have been a willing victim at some point but the power and control always rested with Fennel.

    Baca, Tanaka and their posse’s did not live by the rules that govern the rest of us mortals. What happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas for the posse as it’s members circled the wagons to protect themselves and one of their own, Fennel.

  • Blog Checker,
    It’s mighty easy for somebody who isn’t employed by the LASD to reveal their identity on this blog. They are out of reach of the execs. or retaliation. There is no risk involved. If the barometer of “having a pair” where this blog is concerned is revealing one’s true identity, then I’m one of a quite extensive list of people without a pair lol.
    Cut the bullshit.
    It doesn’t take courage or “a pair” for Ms. Hampton to identify herself. There is no risk involved.
    For those of us on the LASD to reveal our identity and subject ourselves to the retaliation that could result is not a wise decision. In fact, not wise is an understatement. It would be plain old stupid for us to subject ourselves to that risk.
    It would be as stupid as me going alone to the hotel room of a person who was sexually harassing me and had told me :”I would f#%^ the dog s#%^ out of you”.

    I’m not THAT stupid.
    Apparently some people believe Ms. Walton is THAT stupid.
    I don’t.
    So if I’m the bad guy in your world view for believing Ms. Walton is NOT a big enough moron to subject herself to extremely unnecessary risk, I can live with that.
    In my opinion, for one to consider Ms. Walton an “innocent victim” in this case, one would have to have a very low opinion of Ms. Walton’s mental capacity and her ability to assess risk.
    I think Ms. Walton is smarter than that. She passed the lieutenant’s written test and the oral interview.

  • Number 33, GIVE ME A BREAK!!! this department could care less about those core values. Where are you from, another planet? Alot of these sergeants lieutenants captains don’t understand at all what those values are or what they mean. Even other employees are mistreated and disrespected and lied on and accused unjustly from their own people in the department. Lowly little professional staff puts up with a lot of abuse from sworn of all levels. And for those of you who think Mcdonnall is your savior wise up. Same ol crap just differyent Sheriff. You obviously think when someone puts on the badge, takes an oath that they’re going to become upright and honest,,,, please give me a break. You’re dealing with human beings they are human beings first, they’re dishonest they lie they’re shady they chase after women and women chase after the men and this department is full of that. Are you kidding? And we all know of civilian females in this dept who love to dress the part, flirt, chase after the sworn at these parties, and Sheriff Department functions,foff training parties, Baker to Vegas weekend, you name it!

  • It is most unfortunate that the conversation has moved this far off topic. As far as courage goes, my willingness to disclose who I am has nothing to do with courage or stupidity. I have never attempted to hide who I am or what I stand for despite the ramifications and it would be naive for anyone to think that there are no consequences for sworn or civilian to speak out against the LASD – I just choose to deal with those ramifications and let the chips fall with they may.

    I did not know Lt. Walton or Commander Fennell prior to showing up to the court proceedings. My intention was to understand what happened and form my own opinion about the situation leading to the inappropriate conduct. The bottom line in this situation, as far as I am concerned, is that Commander Fennell attempted to use his power in an effort to gain sexual favors and when that did not happen he retaliated against Lt. Walton. I do not believe that someone who abuses power in this way should be a commander and I have great concern that he has and will engage in such behavior again.

    Just as many on this page are uncomfortable disclosing who they are (for good reason), so was Lt. Walton fearful of coming forward and speaking out against the commander. The culture of silence needs to be changed and we all should be allowed to speak our minds openly without fear of retaliation.

  • @drronda…….The culture of which you witnessed in the trial was only the TIP of the iceberg.

    That culture is part of TRADITION oozing in the Sheriff’s Department. It’s so embedded that it appears NORMAL.

    Also….the “Code of Silence” goes without saying.

  • Drronda and Oh Well, there is a measure of agreement between the two of you, believe it or not. Drronda, what caught many people’s attention was your reference to the “Core Values,” which is nothing short of a sick joke within the Sheriff’s Department. I’m glad you took the time to sit in on the trial, but realize commenting on internal department culture is not for the naïve.

  • LATBG…..naive I am not (you have no idea). The fact that there are those who do not adhere to the Core Values and that they are generally seen as “Sick Joke” within the department is unfortunate. As long as the Core Values exist as guidelines on how the department is supposed to function, I will hold every member of the department accountable to them. That they are seen as a “Sick Joke” does not negate that fact that these values are what those who work for the department signed up for. Those in law enforcement are responsible to ensure that the community follow the rules of society or suffer the consequences. The rules and laws of society are, most often, not arbitrary and neither are the Core Values. Maybe when they are not seen as a “Sick Joke” they will be followed and the department will not continue to be in the mess that it is in. These Core Values are what the public see’s on the back of business cards as well as on the LASD website therefor it is what the public should expect to be adhered to when interacting with LE. The Core Values are not just about internal department culture, these values dictate how officers interact with the public and if the values are a joke then it is no wonder that there are countless lawsuits against the department. I realize that it is easier to consider me naive than it is to stand up adhere to a set of principles and values that, in short, require respect for others.

  • What is wrong with the Core Values?

    As a leader in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, I commit myself to honorably perform my duties with respect for the dignity of all people, integrity to do right and fight wrongs, wisdom to apply common sense and fairness in all I do and courage to stand against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and bigotry in all its forms.

  • Didn’t the Core Values get re-written soon after Sheriff Scott took office? I guess they got an update for the 21st century. You cannot instill core values into someone who has no value system to begin with. In that people on the department come from diverse backgrounds, races, cultures, communities and socio-economic bases its a toss up what they value. People will always interpret and apply or ignore the core Values in a way that best serves their interest.

  • drronda,
    We are in agreement re: Gooden. He has no business being a Commander on the dept.
    As far as the core values are concerned, you seem to be completely in the dark about why commenters here refer to them as a “sick joke”.

    It’s like Jimmy Swaggart getting caught drunk in the whorehouse.

    When the “leaders” of an orginization trumpet time and time again those core values, make them their mantra whenever the cameras are around, use them to keep the naive media types who are only concerned with political correctness in their corner, and then violate them on an every day basis it becomes a sick joke.
    Lee Baca and his manipulation of the progressive LA media was a sick joke for 14+ years. He told them just what they wanted to hear, and those precious core values was a big part of it. He then went about his business violating them on a daily basis without getting called on it by the media.
    It was indeed a sick joke among department members who knew what Baca was all about.

    We refer to the core values as a sick joke not because we don’t believe they should be adhered to, it’s because the guy who came up with them used them as a tool simply to keep the media off his back while flagrantly violating them on a routine basis.
    And he got away with it for a long long time.
    Cops see reality for what it is. We aren’t among the naive who have a misperception that reality is the way we wish it was, or the way we think it should be.

  • Those are no longer our Core Values. The Core Values were revised at the direction of John Scott. Here is a link to the revised version.

    The problem with the original Core Values, I believe, is mostly because of who presented them, and not so much the message. There was not a whole lot of buy in and were seen by many as hypocritical because the leadership didn’t, or still doesn’t, practice what they preach.

  • @GoMCDonnell…Thank you for the information. I actually find the new statement of Core Values as simialar to the old but much more broad and comprehensive.

    “With integrity, compassion, and courage, we serve our communities—protecting life and property, being diligent and professional in our acts and deeds, holding ourselves and each other accountable for our actions at all times, while respecting the dignity and rights of all.”

  • drronda,
    One other thing. You don’t instill those core values in a person or organization by putting them on the back of your business card or making academy recruits recite them. You instill those core values in the people under you by example. You live them consistently and demand that those who work for you, while on duty for the sheriff’s dept., consistently adhere to them.
    It’s about being good, not just looking good. It’s about putting your priority on substance over form.

  • I know Lee Baca well and I will refrain from stating my opinion of him. I am also fortunate enough to know men and women of the LASD who are not tainted by leaders that do not adhere to a set of values and ethics that are a part of being a good human being. I believe that good leaders breed good attitudes; however, being a good human being is one’s choice regardless of leadership. We are all faced with choices each day about how we will live our lives and carry out our duties regardless of our occupaitonal choice, at the end of the day we must take responsibilty for our own behavior. I believe the new core values state this obvious fact very clearly.

  • Come on deputy … You play with the big boys …. Act like a big girl….. Flirt and be flirted too….

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