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When George Gascón Finally Announced He Would Challenge Jackie Lacey for LA District Attorney, He Triggered the Most Watched DA’s Race in the Nation

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

At around 10 a.m. on Monday morning, George Gascón announced that he had officially thrown his hat into the ring to become Los Angeles County’s next district attorney, thus jump-starting what is already considered by many to be the most-watched DA race in the nation, as Gascon tries to unseat Jackie Lacey.

In the course of his press conference, which was notably held across the street from LA’s massive Twin Towers/Men’s Central Jail complex, 65-year-old Gascón, who recently retired from his position as San Francisco’s District Attorney, drew a series of bright lines delineating what kind of contest he intends this to be.

“The Los Angeles District attorney has lost its ability to distinguish the dangerous from the nuisance,” Gascón told the assembled reporters. “We treat our jails like mental hospitals, choosing to lock away problems rather than adopt proven solutions that work.

“The good news,” he told those assembled, “is there is a better way. A safer, more humane, more effective, and far less expensive criminal justice system.”

During Monday’s seven-plus minute presentation to the press – surrounded by his wife, and two grown daughters, one holding a surprisingly cooperative infant grandchild – Gascón took a hard swing at Jackie Lacey’s tough on crime reputation.

Without actually mentioning Lacey’s name, Gascón pronounced “tough on crime” talk the “easy” route.  Plus, he said, it is an approach designed to grab headlines. “The media loves it!” he said.

“But what they don’t tell you is that two-thirds of the time the system fails, leaving in its track broken families, broken communities, and the victims who aren’t any better for it. And what they also fail to tell you is that talking tough has broken the bank … taking money away from creating sustainable communities, from investments in public education, affordable housing, and infrastructure.”

Although there are two other people who have also declared their candidacy, Richard Ceballos, 57, a former defense lawyer who now prosecutes organized crime cases, and Joseph Iniguez, 33, who is a schoolteacher turned prosecutor, thus far the heat is understandably gravitating to the contest between Lacey and Gascón

After all, Jackie Lacey is the first woman, and first African-American, to serve as LA District Attorney since the nation’s largest DA’s office was created in 1850.

Gascón, on the other hand, began his life in Cuba, where he watched human rights trashed with frightening regularity.  Then, in 1967, at age 13, he fled with his parents from Cuba to Miami, and a week later, on to South Los Angeles, where he after struggling to adapt, he eventually dropped out of high school, then joined the army, after that, joined the Los Angeles Police Department, where he spent 27 years, while managing to acquire a college degree and a law degree, somewhere in between.

Gascón left the LAPD in 2006 to become the Chief of Police in Mesa, Arizona, then in 2009, went to San Francisco to head its police department, before lateralling over to become San Francisco’s first Latino District Attorney, where he pioneered a list of justice reforms that earned him national prominence among progressives.

Lacey, on the other hand, begins the race with a hefty list of establishment heavyweights backing her, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Congressman Adam Schiff, Congressman Ted Lieu, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and four out of the five members of the LA County Board Supervisors, among others. (Of the supervisors, Mark Ridley-Thomas is reportedly the hold-out.)

Lacey has backed various reforms, most notably diversion for LA’s non-violent mentally ill lawbreakers. She also was part of LA County’s push to stop criminalizing sex-trafficked youth, and instead, go after the traffickers, plus she favors banning private prisons.  And Lacey was involved in a new joint effort with the City Attorney’s office, and LAPD Chief, Michel Moore, to eliminate old warrants and fines for minor infractions that ensnare low-income and homeless people in the criminal justice system.

Yet, Lacey, who is 62, came into office as the protege of former DA Steve Cooley who, while popular and personable, was a resolutely tough-on-crime DA, who opposed such issues as the ACLU’s habit of filing lawsuits in an effort to stop the alarming level of abuse of inmates in the county’s jails (although Cooley did support the reform of the 3-strikes law).

Lacey, who often appears far more reform-minded personally than her former boss, oversees an office that, according to an ACLU report released in June, generates more death sentences than any DA’s shop in the country, and has a reputation for going far out of its way not to prosecute police officers or deputies, even in the case in which LAPD Chief Charlie Beck believed criminal charges were called for. And when members of law enforcement are charged, such as former LA County Sheriff’s deputy Giancarlo Scotti, the result has notably been a startlingly defendant-friendly plea deal.

Then there are glaring missteps — such as the failure to charge political donor, Ed Buck, who distributed recklessly large doses of methamphetamine to vulnerable gay men he invited to his house for sex,  resulting in the death of two of them — that have caused some DA-watchers to wonder if Lacey, who is personally quite well-liked, is really running her own office.

Nevertheless, Lacey, already has the support of a long list of law enforcement organizations and unions, the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL), which is the LAPD union, the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), the Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association (PPOA), which is the union for the LASD supervisors, and the Association of Probation Supervisors of Los Angeles County — among others.

Gascon, of course, has been a police officer for far longer than he’s been a liberal prosecutor.

“I’m deeply proud of my work in San Francisco for the past 10 years,” he said on Monday. “I’m also very proud of the nearly three decades that I worked in public safety in LA. And the work that we did to restore community trust after the Rampart scandal.”

Gascón the Cop

Although some LA County voters, if they know George Gascón’s name at all yet, know him solely for the position he held for the past eight years, namely his job as the District Attorney of San Francisco.

As SF’s DA, Gascón positioned himself right away as a reformer with such programs and actions as his co-authoring of Prop. 47, his push for the creation of a first-of-its-kind collaborative court diversionary program for “transition-age youth” between the ages of 18 and 25, and the use of open-source software aimed at removing implicit racial bias from charging decisions. And, this June, he became the first DA’s office in California to open up prosecutorial data and metrics to the public.

He was also the nation’s first prosecutor to call for the end to money bail.

Yet, according to Gascón, his perspective on justice reform was in many ways shaped by the nearly 30 years he spent in law enforcement, prior to being tapped by then San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom to take over as SF DA, when then DA, Kamala Harris was elected to serve as the state’s Attorney General, then getting elected on his own twice after that.

We’ll look more deeply into Gascon’s history as a cop—and as a DA — as the race goes on, but here are a few bullet points.

The last position Gascón held in the Los Angeles Police Department, which made him 2nd in command of the department under Bill Bratton, was the post of Assistant Chief in charge of the department’s operations, which meant he oversaw the majority of the LAPD’s then approximately 9300 sworn officers, working in its four regional “bureaus,” Central Bureau, West Bureau, Valley Bureau, and South Bureau.

During his time as Assistant Chief, Bratton gave 2nd-in-command Gascón credit for the drop in violent crime that followed.

“He is a crime fighter. He thrives on it. In some respects, he’s my Patton,” Bratton said to Richard Winton of the LA Times about Gascón, referring to World War II Gen. George S. Patton.

Yet, in the years immediately prior to Bratton’s arrival, Gascón was the head of the LAPD’s Training Division during the period when the department was still shell-shocked and reeling from the Rampart scandal.  While at Training, he worked to find a “dynamic” way to weave an innovative form of ethics discussions through the fabric of police training, “so we understand why we should be protectors of civil rights, not the violators of civil rights,” he said at the time.

When Bratton was nearing the end of his first five-year term, and it looked like he’d be staying on for a full second term (although that turned out not to be the case), the city of Mesa, Arizona tapped Gascón to be the chief of their troubled department.

Gascón accepted the job, thinking he’d like the challenge of reforming the police department in a city of 439,000, which the local press, along with many worried city officials, depicted as “defined by a culture of corruption.”

In accepting one challenge, he wound up also facing a far different one, in the form of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who figured he would teach the Cuban-born LA guy a lesson or two by challenging the new chief’s authority with middle-of-the-night crime sweeps within the Mesa city limits, that were actually questionably legal immigration sweeps. The challenge failed.

Ray Stern of the Phoenix New Times describes how Gascón famously stared Arpaoio down, metaphorically speaking. The result: Arpaio blinked.

“I saw firsthand the number of constitutional violations that were being committed by Joe almost on a daily basis,” Gascón told WitnessLA when we interviewed him a few years ago.

Interestingly, during Gascón’s tenure in Mesa, both violent crime and property crime went down substantially in the city. But, during that same time, in the unincorporated area of Maricopa County,  were policed by Joe Arpaio’s sheriff’s department, crime went up.

Coming home

Gascón assured the gathering on Monday, that energetic justice reform and public safety are not at odds.

“For more than three decades I’ve dedicated my career to making sure that all communities receive equal justice under the law—while keeping neighborhoods safe,”

Gascón also talked about his desire to “heal the rift between law enforcement and many of the communities it serves, making it safer for our communities – and also for our police officers.”

He wanted to “bring reform to my home town,” Gascón said finally.

It should be noted that both of the other two challengers, Richard Ceballos, Joseph Iniguez, also position themselves as strong reformers


  • “We treat our jails like mental hospitals, choosing to lock away problems rather than adopt proven solutions that work. The good news, is there is a better way. A safer, more humane, more effective, and far less expensive criminal justice system.”

    I’m curious to know WHAT that better way IS and WHERE, exactly, it’s working. Is it San Francisco where he’s done such a wonderful job with the mentally ill? (see poop map link below):


    Or Meza, Arizona where HE says he left before being fired for a trip to Washington that was paid for by an (illegal) immigrant rights group? Really? Chief of police and he couldn’t pay for a plane ticket and hotel?


  • This will be an interesting race to see how far to the left challengers are willing to go to attract voters. It all sounds great on paper until one of Gascon’s Prop 47 “justice involved” transients pops a tent in front of your home. He’s going to own that one.

  • Looks like the liberal establishment is firmly behind Lacy. Gascon’s only hope would be to play up the Hispanic angle, although he looks more like a white conquistador type Hispanic than a Hispanic Hispanic, so how interested will they be in turning out for him? Which way will the west side white liberal vote go? Celeste surly fits into this category but she seems to be more than a little infatuated. I’m not sure if the rest of the west side is as interested into making L.A. into San Francisco.

  • Typical, left-wing, radical, progressive politician. Gascón is pandering to the masses, he’s a carpetbagger. One needs to only look at the absolute failure of San Francisco where the misery index is off the charts. And he wants to bring his failed agenda to Los Angeles? Oh boy, this will be a real test on how brain dead Los Angeles County voters really are. How’s Gascón’s Prop 47 working for Los Angeles? Just look at the sidewalks.

  • In fairness to Gascon, he is not responsible for all of San Francisco’s ills any more than our large agencies are responsible for all the problems in LA County. San Francisco has been a mess for years and years. His tenure in Mesa was interesting (see Apostle’s link) but I give him props for standing up to Arpaio in the manner he did and the troops supported him. Gascon is an immigrant from Cuba and appears to feel very strongly about immigration. You have to wonder as the LA Co. DA how that might play out.

  • Gentlemen-

    I believe some of you promised to leave the state if this happened, or if he won. Although it will not be a cake walk as Lacey is the incumbent and has the establishment support, I think Gascon and my more progressive friends, will send Lacy out to pasture. And, for those of you whining about the homeless and blaming it on Gascon, please. California has a housing problem. We have more people that want to leave in California, especially in the bay area and LA, than we have housing. Its that simple. Notice how in between the coast you don’t have problem to the same degree. Even the homeless would rather stay in sunny California than in some god forsaken trailer park on the side of some hill or swamp. But, once some of you leave, there will be more room. Let’s see how weight your union still has.

  • cf – With all due respect, homelessness is absolutely not that simple. It is related to one or more problems such as mental health, finance, substance abuse, etc. Please drive through skid row in Downtown Los Angeles. There are not a bunch of successful folks there that just can’t find an apartment to rent…A lot of help is needed for many of those folks, in addition to a better approach to the entire issue.

  • That gives me an idea. All of you libs should stop by Grand Central Market for a bite to eat. Do it late in the afternoon. When the sun is about to go down and all the stores are rolling down their security gates and the shop keepers are running for the hills, walk east on 5th Street. Within the next few blocks, you will see plenty of hand-to-hand drug transactions, be harangued by several transients – I mean residentially challenged – and if you are lucky enough to make it as far as Central Avenue, you can hobnob with a bunch of your constituents – you know, “justice involved” people.

    If you had the guts to do this, it’s pretty likely you were robbed at least once, or maybe worse. But hey, it’s OK because you libs already wiped out a shitload of these fine individuals’ bench warrants. They didn’t need to go to jail; they just needed a chance to get themselves off the streets and into housing at taxpayer expense. They’ll jump right back into the work pool, be productive citizens, and even get back on track with their endeavors to cure cancer.

    Gascon will swoop right in and improve our quality of life in LA County. I just know it.

  • Hey cf who do you think is blocking the construction of new homes in the L.A. and San Francisco areas? Your progressive buddies like it the way it is, high prices and keeping out as many of the “unwashed masses” as possible. They love a guy like Gascon because he spews the empty progressive nonsense that makes them feel good about themselves (as long as nothing is done to really change the status quo). Gascón appeals to more of a rich white progressive kinda crowd, plays great in San Francisco, but how it will play in L.A. remains to be seen.

  • This should be especially interesting for you “rose colored glasses wearers”, perputual head in the sand, can’t see the forest for the the tree types.


    Just another facet to the California dystopian reality we live in. Facts are facts and reality is hard for some to own up to.

    It’s amazing how the Southern California liberal cohort would turn on DA Lacey, a hometown leader, and put their backing behind a Northern California far left liberal? Didn’t they learn their lesson with the resulting carnage left by “Terri Big Red McDonald”?

    I don’t think the residents of LA County would want a DA who doesn’t believe in enforcing the law, protecting victims and instead focused on ensuring criminals, aka “justice involved individuals” are not held accountable in anyway for their crimes, aka “perceptional disagreement with respect to right and wrong”.

  • Dose of Reality, stop it! Just frigging stop it!!!!

    Left wingers live in a world of utopia, where Peter Pan waves a magic want and wonderful things happen. Shitbirds like yourself poop on their parade.

    Shame on you.

  • Maj Kong, my west side liberal friends (white progressives) are some of the most racist folks I know. When I call you or others out on this site, I am in no way saying you are the only racists in town. Many of my liberal friends talk a good talk and give a pretty penny, but rare is the one that ventures east of La Brea to slum it with the natives. And, the ones that do, the hipsters and millennials, think they are living a great cultural experience by being around brown people and taco trucks, but they are really acting more like Tarzan and engage in a patronizing way. And, as we saw recently in Venice, the white uber progressives, they will bring out their racist fangs if you try to move some poor or black people into their neighborhood in the form of homeless or low-income housing, of course using their graduate degrees in English it does not sound “racist” when they explain why they are against it. But, its not merely my “progressive buddies,” as you call them, that are blocking home building, its the mostly white home owners, liberal or otherwise. They love their equity and fear poor people or people of a different color with take it away. Again, a bit scary, but we agree on something else. Nevertheless, Gascon is the lesser of two evils for me.

    Take a Breath, you are correct, it is certainly not that simple, but the lack of housing has exacerbated the problem over the last three decades. Folks on the street have a whole host of issues, housing is one of them. Add to that if you are not crazy when you become homeless, you no doubt will have some metal issues after being homeless for a while and you get a population that needs a lot more than housing.

  • Cf: your bias and hate is showing again. Now what do you have against African American intelligent females who earned her way to the top of the DA office ?

  • Yes Gascon was fired and sent packing. Mesa never looked back. And tell us Jorge ( are you going to change your real name?) why is George Soros is paying for your lies? We’re just getting started Jorge.
    The only female, the only African American to hold the top spot and the neo-progs want her gone?
    Cf: are you really that racist and sexist to suggest that the da had anything to do with housing or homelessness ? Come back to earth and get off Uranus.

  • C: what we call in our profession is “ in lieu of” fired or resigned. The term “ in lieu of” is the same as being fired. Not being in the profession you would not be privy to this esoteric knowledge. BTW: Why did Gascon change his first name from Jorge to George ? I’ll call him Jorge like the other FAKE Hispanic Beto. lol.

  • Why CF, I almost choked and fainted reading your post as I agreed with a great deal of it and see you did not resort to your usual juvenile insults. Your admission that there are good and bad booth on the liberal and conservative side is something all thinking, pragmatic and intelligent people know.

    Broad sweeping generalizations about a people, group, country, race, religion, profession, political party is never a good thing. Imperfect human beings are prone to do this, but as the higher thinking animal we are, we should consider ourselves a continuous work in progress with a goal of combatting these biasis and being better people.

  • Actually, Gascon was never fired from Mesa. As far as him being a FAKE immigrant, he is as REAL as they get. He was born in Cuba and Spanish is his first language. In fact, he speaks Spanish more than he does English. Um, the Hispanic population would laugh at your notion that he is FAKE. Sit down and talk with him, he is the real deal when it comes being a Hispanic immigrant with good intent. Simple.

    As far as your opinions go about him, they are duly noted. But, he will be our next L.A. County District Attorney. Just look at the money and grass roots organizations that back him. The tide will change with many other big politicos who will switch sides as the February rolls around. Watch and see how Gascon’s support grows and defeats the incumbent.

    It will be a fact very soon….and very cool to see.

  • Many people have added or changed their name to benefit in whatever means necessary to get over. Assimilation can be a good thing as one must relate to others before you get their attention, ponder that for a moment.

  • If it were just that simple for all members of society to reinvent themselves and go from “Jorge” to “George” and be accepted into the club. DA Lacey is clearly a female of African American decent and wears her“colors” and identity everyday of here life. She has not been afforded the “ease” with which some members of society can “reinvent and recast themselves” into something and join the “club”.

    One should be judged by their actions, deeds, merits and content of their character and not by the color of their skin, pedigree or name.

  • So Gascon is a white, privileged Cuban descendent of the ruling class Spaniards that colonized, exploited, raped, subjugated and “conquered” the native people of the islands of the Caribbean along with the native people of North, Central and South America? Did his family leave when Comrade Castro cast out Presidente Batist and his ruling class rich cronies? If that’s the “immigrant story” you want to sell to the voting public, all I can say is wow!

    The states population has drastically changed over the last thirty years and yesterday’s minority’s is actually today’s majority in this state. The “minority card” needs to be put at the back of the deck as it’s being way overplayed by many these days.

  • New Era:

    A couple of points:

    1. “…A Hispanic immigrant with good intent.”



    2. “Gascon was never fired from Mesa.”

    A quibble.

    According to the headlines in the links he THOUGHT he was going to be fired, and he got THAT from the vibes he was receiving from the people he was reporting to–his immediate superiors.

    Personally, I think that after he loses to Lacey he’ll run for AV’s position when THAT election comes up, and THAT’s the election he’ll win.


  • The reason I say that is that AV keeps shooting himself in the foot & is thus becoming easy pickings. The most recent example, occurring just a few days ago, can be Googled: ACLU lawsuit against LASD over reports.

    By the time the election rolls around AV won’t have any feet left.

  • More developments on the first shot to the foot just happened yesterday & can now be Googled:

    Federal Judge tosses Mandoyan lawsuit.

    Lotsa stuff to think about here.

  • Mr. Gascon wants to be the next DA of Los Angeles. Well I am sure with his vast experience and progressive approach to his duties, coupled with the support of that destroyer of conventional wisdom and values (Soros), Mr. Gascon may have a chance.

    I do not know much about this man’s accomplishments or the destruction which was left in its wake. However, one thing I can say with certainty is this, his co-authoring of Prop. 47 looked marvelous on the surface. However, in reality, Prop. 47 has been a nightmare to law enforcement, the victims and the taxpayers. If you believe I am incorrect with the aforementioned statement, talk to any cop, any shop owner who has been the victim of shoplifting.

    In my opinion, anyone who believes that circumventing the rule of law, while painting a much prettier picture of the end result, is FOS and has his/her head inundated up their cornholio.

    In regards to Mr. Gascon referring to being called Jorge rather that George, I would presume that his original given name was Jorge (since he is Latino), and preferred to be called George when he was dealing with the white establishment. Maybe being called Jorge may have had some negative connotations? Nonetheless, he will fall back on Jorge to pander to the Latino voters.

    If you recall Tony Villar or should I say Antonio Villaraigosa changed his first name from Tony to Antonio, while blending his last name with his ex-wife’s last name (Villar + Raigosa). Why did he do this? Once again, to pander to the Latino’s.

    Nonetheless, until the people of the County of L.A. and the state of California finally realize that the progressives (DemonRats), social policies are a hindrance and a detriment to this state and its residents, we will continue to suffer.

  • AV’s story will be told, and unfortunately for you, it won’t help the political establishment you cheer for or Gascon. The CEO has rejected all efforts by Sheriff Villanueva to hire more personnel to accommodate SB 1421, and even rejected his request for redaction software as well. The Board of Supervisors wants $3.9 billion in law enforcement service but is only willing to pay $3.4 billion, leaving the balance a guessing game of who pays for what. Sachi Hamai warned the BOS under McBuckles that the fiscal year would end in a $101.8 million dollar hole, but it didn’t matter because they liked their favorite sheriff on a leash.

    Now I’m learning that the department concealed exculpatory evidence from Mandoyan’s attorney during the civil service proceedings, so perhaps Cognistator you can explain why that was either legal or necessary on such a slam dunk case. A treasure trove of emails was also uncovered that showed the case was not a termination case until your darling Diana Teran decided to make it one, evidence be damned. Probably the worst thing is that the “victim” made false allegations against not one but THREE deputies, and she was using the complaint process to improve her social status. Ouch. Maybe that’s why she deleted 18 minutes of video from the porch? Perhaps you should know more about the case before you claim someone shot themselves in the foot.

    Cognistator, the truth will catch up soon enough. Trying to exploit fake #Metoo outrage with a false allegation will eventually be uncovered. #DontPokeTheBear

  • Ed Buck was mething up “vulnerable gay men” in his apartment. The dudes were prostitutes. What made them so “vulnerable?” Ten year old girls on social media are vulnerable; not adult aged meth addicts who want to get freaky with a left wing political donor. I’ll give Celeste this much; at least she called out Buck for the scum he is.

    Giancarlo Scotti should be doing as much time as Buck; life. Cops who cross the line like he did should get double the average sentence.

    Back to lefty spin and their new aged PC verbiage. Justice Involved??? You mean convicts, parolees, crooks and career criminals? Is that what you mean? It’s the left’s complete disconnect with reality that’s causing society to circle the drain. Here’s the harsh truth: There’s a segment of society who cannot handle the freedoms this country affords no matter how much rehabilitation or social advantages you give them. These people need to be removed from society so the rest of us civilized human beings can work in peace and send a third of our earnings to the government. Of course, that’s assuming I don’t get sent to a re-education camp for using a plastic straw or calling a criminal a “criminal.”

    I notice this article also takes a swipe at Three Strikes. Right before AB109, and Props 47 & 57, we were seeing some of the most dramatic decreases in violent crimes in decades. The number of murders–not the murder rate but actual murder numbers–was the lowest since the late 1960s. This was thanks to good, common sense, law and order Republican leadership from the 1980s who gifted us with Three Strikes. The benefits of the Three Strikes laws were finally being realized until the left intervened. Emptying prisons and pissing money away on trains was more important to the left than public safety. Why? Because 95% of the “justice involved” they crusade for are the foundation of their political base.

    In just a few short years, this state is now virtually unlivable. I have to walk over bums, their feces and dirty needles and endure the stench of urine just to get to LA City Hall. We don’t have a housing crisis either. We have lawlessness and have allowed every drug addict to snort all the meth they want–and steal to pay for it because stealing is legal too. They wouldn’t be homeless if we had more prisons, but you’d need laws with teeth again.

    Name one major city in the United States run by libs that isn’t a toilet. New York? Los Angeles? Chicago? San Francisco?

    Back on point, we have a left leaning, female African American DA who’s actually doing her job but who is being vilified by the outer fringes of her own party. The left will not stop until every law in this state has been rescinded, the penal code eliminated, and more importantly, a total removal of anything remotely resembling a penal or jail system. And they’ll eat their own to do it. Just ask Jackie Lacey.

    Oh, and I have a question pertaining to yet another of their new and beloved PC terms: “People of Color.” Answer me this: is white a color?

  • Cog:
    New Era is Jorge. You are going to lose Jorge and changing your name isn’t going to help. You’re a George(what a coincidence) Soros lackey and it shows! You’re going down!

  • CF. It’s not the sun keeping them in liberal bastions along the coastline. It’s the false promises people like you have been offering them for decades.

    What you don’t realize, is that it’s you and your party’s agendas that’s fucking them over.

    You say it’s a housing issue. You’re absolutely right. And only the “well off” can afford housing in liberal bastions because YOUR TAX AND REGULATION POLICIES MAKE IT UNAFFORDABLE TO LIVE THERE!!!!

    What aren’t you understanding ????? Knock the chip off your shoulder and research some simple economics. YOU AND YOUR PARTY ARE THE PROBLEM.

  • @Eldon Hoke – If there’s a sharper critique of America’s failed education system here is one.
    Given the dumbing – down of the American educational system in the past fifty years, graduating from high school now means you can draw air in and out of your lungs. Schools are long on feelings and short on critical thinking, to say nothing of civics, economics , or reading comprehension. It’s not a point of pride any longer. The weakness, vagaries, and generally terrible nature of our alleged education system is a longer topic for another time.

    But here is one for crime in lower socio-economic neighborhood’s. Economic anxiety and stagnation are 2 of the ostensible drivers of crime in these blocks. Manufacturing which has been a primary source of work specially in black and Latino neighborhoods has left the Country and moved to lower wage countries like China and Mexico. I know it may be impervious to reason with some folks but the reality is when parent’s work 2 jobs to barely feed their kids and keep the lights on- their kids are left to the mercy of the streets which especially in poor neighborhoods is very rough and then it’s a downward spiral of crime and drugs.

    They become defined by an obsession ( crime or drugs ) as their sole remedy for those offences imposed on them by a rotating cast of villains and evildoers. In the process they become easy marks for every flavor of lunacy and gimcrack appeals to their worst instincts.

  • @ Jacked – I bet you are a big fan of people who sit in trailers all day watching reality television whilst shoveling down corn syrup- and soy- based sweet Walmart brand bacon – chesse snax into their maws about how the other America is the Only Real America. As a corner of political anthropology, it’s fascinating, but its’s been repurposed as an excuse for Trumpism, including it’s most hateful pathologies.

    I bet your fan base get to scream about welfare queens and then sit idly shoveling down Oxycontin like candy while waiting for their EBT cards to recharge and their disability checks to hit.

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