Alex Villanueva

It’s Official: Los Angeles County Has a New Sheriff! And Alex Villanueva is Already Readying His Team to Take Over the LASD!

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

Alex Villanueva  will be sworn in as the 33rd Sheriff of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on Monday, December 3, 2018, at noon, at East Los Angeles College in Monterey Park.

At 5:08 this Monday evening Sheriff Jim McDonnell put out his official statement conceding that, with all the votes finally counted, and with  Villanueva 125,878 votes ahead, the historic race is finally over.

“Today, I contacted Alex Villanueva to offer my best wishes for his administration as the 33rd elected Sheriff of Los Angeles County,” McDonnell wrote. ” We are in the process of arranging an orderly transition and a series of briefings to assist the new administration and it is my hope that the Sheriff-elect will come to his new position with an open-mind.”

McDonnell also talked about the honor and the gravity of the responsibility “like no other”  of serving as the elected leader of the largest sheriff’s department, and the second largest law enforcement agency in the nation.

The outgoing sheriff will presumably say more about his own tenure and Villanueva’s still to come at the 10:30 a.m. press conference McDonnell will hold on Tuesday morning.

The new team

With Monday’s history making victory in mind, Villanueva has been working with the main people on his new team for weeks now, some of whom hav reportedly been released of their previous duties so they could begin readying the new LASD administration.

In fact, att 9.a.m. Monday, many who will be part of Villanueva’s team met to talk about priorities.

Among those reportedly on the new leadership team are Tim Murakami, who is at the moment the captain of the department’s Industry station,  Lt. LaJuana Haselrig, retired LASD commander Robert Olmsted, and retired commander Ray Leyva (although an approval is needed to bring Leyva back from a form of medical retirement).

Leyva will reportedly be the second in command of the department as the undersheriff. Murakami is reported to be Villanueva’s choice for assistant sheriff over patrol. Olmsted will reportedly step in as assistant sheriff leading the LASD’s custody division. Haselrig is also reportedly slated for a top position.

Among the new policies that Villanueva reportedly wants to institute is the plan to demonstrate increased transparency by  having a monthly open house for the media, where any and all questions can be asked, a policy that former Sheriff Sherman Block was known for, but that former Sheriff Lee Baca shut down.

According to one source, there is also a strong possibility that Villanueva would like to open up certain high profile cases that were not resolved, such as the death of Mitrice Richardson.

And there is….. much, much more still to come.


  • Congratulations Alex, as a old ELA partner Kudos for the Ray Leyva pick, an awesome guy that would suit up and roll out as 20L and backed me up as I had to be one man unit on 21/E because of then OT restrictions. After I left ELA in 1991 the guy that I felt was liked and respected was Lt/Capt Henry Romero, another good guy. Again Congrats. Please take care of the “Troops”.

  • Not many comments from the “Right” since mid-terms and I’m guessing even fewer with the new Sheriff.

  • Haslrig? Really? Your kidding. Such a great team and then you poison it. She has no leadership or management skills beyond “I’m the lieutenant you must obey.”

  • He would have been. However, he decided to take the “low road” after the election. He should have acted a little more mature and humble.

  • Sad Day! Was not a fan of McDonnell but we bring back a group that helped ruin the Department under Lee Baca. The Lt. mentioned has been under several investigations for sexual harassment and moved because of those claims. Leyva is an angry guy who never did anything fir anyone except himself! Not a good start.

  • Olmstead is about himself. When he began to tattle, he was retired. Did not say a thing when he thought his position was on the line. Rat! Plus he’s a home wrecker.

  • It’s amazing that so many folks that hated Villanueva are now kissing his backside. It’s disgusting. Pinche Lambiones

  • Personally, I don’t see the Sheriff’s position so much as a”right” or “left” issue. More like will the department be competently led, and will the Sheriff act in an ethical manor. I don’t know the new Sheriff, so I’m happy to leave the comments to those that do.

  • So far so good! I too believe Bob Lindsey would be a good addition. Bob Olmsted stood up long before he retired and Baca/ Tanaka refused to clean up the corruption, remember? But, the best choice is Ray Leyva by far. Typical of the vague insults with no substance. I’ve known all these choices and they are far above the Baca, Stonich, Waldie and Tanaka of our dreaded past. We’ll have to wait and see!

  • Bob Lindsey is certainly not a member of the “Tanaka Klan.” He is very much the antithesis of any such klan. Just look at how Bob’s son suffered at the hands of Tanaka’s people.

    Bob would be a tremendous asset to the new administration.

    I’m quite cautious about Alex’s ability to fill the office, but looking at these staff choices, I am optimistic. He has chosen some good folks.

  • Sorry, Gotta strongly disagree. Olmstead is a courageous “stand up” kinda guy. I only met with him once during my time on the department, and that was to resolve a dispute between two of our subordinates. He really impressed me during that meeting.

    He was a key player in bringing the corrupt activities of Tanaka’s “Fedayeen” to light in his testimony to the Citizen’s Commission on Jail Violence and in the subsequent criminal trials.

    I’m sure that he found himself in very troubling positions, and he reacted quite honorably. We need that in the executive offices of the department.

  • I believe Custody Division is where most of the house cleaning needs to take place. The CDC head was just as worthless as his predeccessor, ambivalent to line staff, aloof and was clearly there to just earn a paycheck.

    Hopefully Custody Division will have a leader that balances the need to keep up with the reforms put in place with having leadership that cares about it’s line personnel. Going back to a single facility captain and getting rid of the individual facility commander position all together would be a good start. They have to much say in the day-to-day operations of the facility. Let the captain run their facility.

  • The next steppin stone is for sure the ridding of La Berge and his goons. Hence the jokers at Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau, Alex needs to step up and clean the whole HQ house out. Nicole Nishida should go. [WLA Edit], Darrin Harris the biggest suck up I’ve seen in my near 30 yr career. He’s a joke, Anthony Rotella who screwed up all our youth foundation money. [WLA Edit.}! We’re glad your here so pay attention bro.

    Editor’s note: Please cut the personal slams or next time I’ll just delete the comment. Make all the professional slams you like. But lay off the personal. Thank you.

  • Ain’t that the truth! You’ll see them next week, especially those midnight hour endorsers. Alex already knows who they are > individuals & organizations.

  • …so filling the ranks with questionable recruits and reserves that Tanaka wanted wasn’t doing his bidding? Backing Tanaka for Sheriff? Strong arming donations for T-Man?

    Nope. Not buying it.

  • Alex, you ran a finger pointing campaign geared to make the Sheriff out as a Trump supporter. You openly bashed our President during your campaign. Law Enforcement has no room for liberal bleeding hearts. I’m sorry, as a younger Deputy Sheriff, myself and many others plan to lateral elsewhere. I can’t respect a Sheriff or Chief who chose to utilize lawsuits to move forward instead of merit.blime you, I served. Did you sue the military for a commission? In speaking to tenured Deputies, outside of ELA Station, your Department backing declines. In asking about this Olmstead character, he sounds like an old fool looking for revenge. No thank you Sheriff, myself and many newer employees are out. Thanks LASD for the POST.

  • Backing Tanaka for Sheriff? Lindsey certainly did not do that. You must be thinking of someone else. He was one of the only executives that stood up to Tanaka and said “no.” That is why Lindsey’s son was tarketed later on.

  • Editor’s note:

    Dear Hobart,

    I belatedly saw the comment above, and edited it. Anything else of that nature, will be deleted. Thank you for flagging the comment. It has no place here.


  • Hey Young Guns maybe it’s time to up your SERQUEL ( anti- psychotic medicine ) another 100mg!
    What planet are you from? I heard imperial county sheriffs dept is hiring laterals….Good life cl in your future endeavors….

  • Yeah I don’t trust Alex either looks like he is trying extremely hard to be accepted at ela. Worked with him for several years, very lazy hardly took people to jail. His stats were a joke!! This fool only made 200 arrest during his 30 career! I have 18 years on, with 1900 arrest,’ shame on him. Run his stats.

  • A lateral move to Imperial County Sheriff Department will put them that much closer to the wall trump wants to build.

    The Mexicanos are smart, they’ll sell options to gain passage by actually
    using the wall, be it tunnel, portable bridge or by scaling & rappelling with night vision goggles.

  • The cleansing has finally begun. Yesterday eight Chiefs were told to retire or demote. They all chose to retire. What a great day for LASD. I think I might just go get a bag of popcorn and sit ouside HOJ and watch as they all begin leaving the building. Rumor has it that LACERA is sending in a team today to help them quickly retire. Again, what a great day for LASD. Now, lets hope there are some Commanders (talking to you Jimmy) that get the hint real quick, and go jump in that LACERA line. Oh and take Jason with you.

  • Could you please leave today? I served a lot longer and harder than you. You were never happy about anything. And when you go you’ll take your venom with you. Sad really.

  • Retiring as a Chief is nothing to be ashamed as they will be laughing all the way to the bank. Don’t expect miracles from Alex as Sheriff. Ater getting anesthesia and surgery takes place, the healing process is the most daunting and time consuming. Best of luck to Jim McDonnell and the same to Alex Villanueva.

  • The big question is what will the donors want for funding Villanueva.
    L.A. Times reports that the biggest donor was the deputies union ALADS who actually gave 1.32 million to a candidate who started another union called LASPA. There has to be more to it. Big donors will quickly turn to the Judas factor when then don’t go their way.

  • Not Again: Why would LACERA send a “Team” to the HOJ when we’re still 4 months out from March 31st??? LACERA doesn’t send teams ANYWHERE just to facilitate people filing their papers.

    Fake News

  • Lol. No you don’t. Ladies and Gents, I present to you the self proclaimed department hooking and booking badass! Unless you hook as much as him, and believe me he’ll let you know, he’ll be sure to address how lazy you are. Not to your face mind you. Just to his bunch of other wannabe station badasses. 18 years! Let me stand clear. LOL.

  • The leaving chiefs could really upset the apple cart. All go IOD and freeze up the positions.
    With regards to Lacera sending a team. Agree BS. First off chiefs don’t do anything. They send their minions to gather paperwork and complete forms. Sure they sign. Reality, they will take their county car to Lacera, spend a few hours, done for the day never to return. Go to their doctor and file a claim for IOD, STRESS. They really are pathetic. Cant wait for some to go, very unfortunate they get to keep their overpaid salary during retirement, but hell, Karma is really a bitch.

    Watching from the sidelines happy to be retired. Unfortunate so many had their careers ruined by these pathetic people.

  • Jim McDonnell was only a minute distraction from the core of LASD’s exposed ineptness. It didn’t start with McDonnell and it won’t end with Villanueva. Attempting to be buddy buddy with the rank and file union only exacerbates the investigations of dirty deputies. If you think all of LASD’s problems are over, think again.

  • Yes…and that is why Sheriff-elect Villaneuva is off to a good start by starting the cleanse from the top down versus the bottom up. The head of an organization and their executive ranks set the tone, example, playing field rules and standard which the employees follow and work under. If those folks are morally bankrupt, biased and tarnished they lose all respect of the organizations members. LASD will never be perfect, show me a law enforcement organization that is…FBI…laugh.

    The now former Sheriff applied a double standard with respect to the standard he held his executives to regarding disciplinary matters and was quick to relieve of duty and fire low level staff for policy violations. At least these chiefs are able to retire. Most should have been gone already anyway.

    Good riddance and a good start at letting the staff know it is a new day.

  • Get outta town you dumb millennial. Go work in Hazzard County, Georgia where you belong. I’m sure you’ll be the perfect addition to Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane’s posse.

  • Sheriff Villanueva congrats on the election.The personnel at Norwalk Station are pleading for your help with our station commander Capt Tatreau.This man is an AH and he can care less about the station morale or pride.He refuses to do anything.The Norwalk City Counsel all dislike him because of his arrogance.Please do not be a McDonnel clone.You promised to improve station morale.Move this man somewhere else and send us someone who cares about the station and the personnel.

  • Oh and btw, warrants (cleaning up other peoples work), 14601’s, cite outs and calls dont’ count. So I’m sure your over inflated numbers drop significantly…

  • You all are a bunch of sore losers. No one is owed ANYTHING, if you didnt get the promotion… work harder, stand on the side lines, and be humble for Christ’s sake! Not everyone will get picked, and no one here wants to take responsibility for your test scores!! You all are a bunch of friggin cry babies. This man is doing EXACTLY what you all are complaining of being victims of…. Bringing in all “his buddies” meanwhile, all the wealth of knowledge and source experts that have kept us out of conservatorship are sent packing. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrite crybabies in here….
    The door swings both ways my friends, and when it comes back your way, you’ll still find a way to be the victim – again… PATHETIC.

  • Spoken like a true bought and paid for yes man/woman.

    Let’s not give too much credit to the fleeing command staff and their supposed wealth of knowledge and subject matter expertise. No healthy organization crumbles when a normal leadership change takes place. LASD survived after Sheriff Block died, the Baca/Tanaka debacale and will go on after the loss by Sheriff McDonnel.

    Any executuve replacements will have a steep learning curve, but this is what smart, intelligent, qualified and open minded leaders are trained to do. There are sldo plenty of under utilized talent within the organization, and good leaders will let the cream rise to the top versus scrapping the bottom of the trough.

    I agree, test, score well and have the experience and morale character to be a leader on the Department. Promotions should not be simply based on, “time on”, stations worked and “who you know”.

  • Just read this:

    “Numerous Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials, including high-ranking executives at the level of chief and above, will be removed from their jobs once Sheriff-elect Alex Villanueva is sworn in Monday, his spokesman said.
    Those being relieved of duty include the undersheriff, the four assistant sheriffs, eight chiefs,”

    My guess, today is the last day they will show up.

    13 new executive spots, WHO will it be. We know some names, lets fill in the blanks. Olmsted, Leyva. Can the lieutenant be appointed to one of these executive positions without first being a captain?

    Glad to see some get excused from the table, but that’s a lot of cuts at once. Something will slip through the cracks that was being worked on. Lots of knowledge just got sent out the door. Looking like a revenge killing.

    Happy to be watching from the side.

  • Awesome, finally no more McBuckles…good days for the LASD are ahead….the reign of terror under the McBuckles/Terán regime is over…who could have thought justice was going to be so swift and quick on those two individuals….

  • Just read L.A. Times article about everyone getting the boot. As a former LASD employee, I have stayed out of these debates since leaving my Department which was my family and my home. But this comment by CAROL LIN, the strategic Communications Director, threw me for a loop. Anybody who worked at HQ knows she was personally responsible for internal as well as external communications in which she miserably failed. Her signature move was to stab executives in the back and bad mouth everyone who she disliked or dared to disagree with her. Many blame Diana for the Sheriff’s failings, but truth be told CAROL LIN was the mastermind behind most failures of this corrupt regime. Ask any executive and they will tell you Carol (AKA The Red Queen) was by the Sheriff’s side on every major decision, and she saw to it that her agenda would always be followed or else. Whether Jim McDonnell knew it or not, he lost all internal support because of her, and he failed externally because she never properly communicated or allowed others to communicate to our public. Now, she is the only employee who was fired and yet is being taken care of with a new job at the CEO’s office. This is about as bad as it can get. Good look to our new Sheriff! It should be easy to shine after what our Department has suffered over the last four years.

  • Tatreau, Roosevelt Johnson, James Thornton, Curtis Jensen, Patrick Valdez, Robert Lewis and Alan Castellanos should all be rolled up…they are all part of the problem under P.O.S Mcbuckles

  • Not revenge, but if you have “real, irrefutable, first hand knowledge” that someone is a terrible leader, of bad character and should not be in the position they managed to slither into, is it not your duty to correct the wrong?

    Let’s not forgot when acting Sheriff Scott was loaned from Orange County and briefly took the helm, he also de-motted and shuffled many at the executive ranks.

    LASD, adapted, recovered and survived.

  • Get your facts straight before saying fake news. Lacera did come to the hall today to process everybody. It was the respectful thing to do. Remember some people have families.

  • Politics, Politics, and more politics…The men and women replacing the Undersheriff and Assistant Sheriff’s have big boots to fill. Are they qualified…as far as I am concerned, nothing ever prepares you for a leadership role other than “trial by Fire”. Let’s hope he is fair and unbiased because ultimately that’s what employees deserve. I hope he moves us forward and not backwards. The executives will retire very comfortably so I don’t feel one bit sorry for them. They made their beds.
    Who are the Chiefs that got axed? anyone know?

  • Undersheriff Jacques LaBerge (No. 2 in command at LASD)

    Assistant Sheriff Kelly Harrington (head of custody operations)

    Assistant Sheriff Jill Serrano (head of administrative and technology operations)

    Assistant Sheriff Bob Denham (head of patrol operations)

    Assistant Sheriff Eddie Rivero (head of countywide operations)

    Chief Warren Asmus (chief of staff to Sheriff Jim McDonnell)

    Carol Lin (director of strategic communications to McDonnell)

    Gymeka Williams (director of community outreach to McDonnell)

    Secretary Martha Reyes (executive secretary to McDonnell)

    Division Chiefs

    John Stedman (head of special operations division, oversees emergency operations, Aero bureau, Metrolink security, transit services bureau and more)

    Stephen Johnson (head of detective division)

    Eric Parra (head of East Patrol Division—stations in San Gabriel Valley)

    Kelly Fraser (head of South Patrol Division—stations in Southern LA County, including Lakewood, Catalina Island, Lomita, and Cerritos)

    Joseph Gooden (head of Central Patrol Division—stations in Central LA County)

    Christy Guyovich (head of Custody Division Specialized Programs)

    Jody Sharp (head of Custody Division General Population)

  • Brothers and Sisters….At the end of the day…..Alex “IS” Tan and Green….He understands the culture and sub-culture within our Department……Allowing an “Outsider” manage our beloved Department was the Departments (US) wrong doing. Everyone take a deep breath take a few steps back and look at the bigger picture. These last four years had to happen. We needed to eat the big piece of “Humble Pie”. We can now put these last four years behind us. We have a chance at a NEW beginning. Keeping one eye on the past (traditions) and one eye on the future (adapting to an evolving style of policing). Yes you will NEVER make 9000 sworn happy. As observered in the hundreds of posts. But having someone within OUR ranks OUR sub culture will WIN my loyalty any day of the week. Will ALEX make mistakes absolutely…Will ALEX promote the wrong people absolutely. That’s why WE chose this profession. With this profession comes ADVERSITY ADVERSITY ADVERSITY. I know it sounds cliche. ADVERSITY defines US without it we wouldn’t be the TAN and GREEN we are today!!! The Largest Sheriff’s Department in the free world. I am proud to be apart of it. As should you!!!!

  • Dear Sheriff Villanueva,

    If you really want to cleanse the LASD, and mean what you say,….get rid of Commander, I mean Assistant Sheriff, I mean Chief James Hellmold. He is one of the biggest cancers and Tanaka soldiers left on the department.

    Why is he still around? He is the most spineless, kiss a%$ on the LASD, and everyone…and I mean EVERYONE knows this.

    Seriously, if you want 100% credibility, get rid of him!

  • Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see all these crooked, spineless, selfserving deputies at the executive level, walking out of the HOJ with their sh**t in carton boxes. They got the boot in the back end as cowards deserve, well done Sheriff Villanueva. Now they know how hundreds of low ranking deputies felt during their reign of terror….

  • The juvenilistic comments regarding outgoing
    & incoming executive level management in LASO is a living example of their current dysfunction. LASO is also the laughingstock of law enforcement nationwide and it didn’t start 4 years ago. The speculation and verbal tantrums in this thread is comical to say the least. Countdown to the 1st complaint of Villanueva beginning next week has begun.

  • Wow. I’m so thankful enough of us are still around, concerned, and CARE & LOVE our beloved LASO (LASD). I have trouble calling these Gen X, Millennium, stat “running” hires true deps. There’s always been the “it was harder when I came on”, “I walked 10 miles through the snow to get to work, and shivered as I was naked changing across the street in a super market parking lot, outta my trunk” shiz.

    Then these foolio’s, knowing EVERYTHING, but(t) their Penal Code, Source Book, Vehicle Code, B&P, ANY codified Code, don’t even think about knowing the Dept’s. policies. But(t) they sure know how to supervise their supervisors. “I ran his/her stats, he/she is a POS.” “I’ve hooked more in my first six months, then they have in their entire career.”

    They have never heard of a red book (force), they have NO IDEA of how to put a #2 pencil on a piece of paper, they don’t know when that “stat machine” was created, RE: those of us that came on in the 80’s/early 90’s, what, they think the Dept. went back and added our data from years past. And like someone else commented, I approved a TON of their STAT builders (as they WERE SO stat CONSCIOUS) 14601, warrants, etc, Complete ridiculous.

    And then there’s the two that topped the charts for me: Find a cluck (homeless, addict, in the neighborhood) and have them place a gun from the gangsters hide spot so they can recover it and claim a gun stat. Lets not bother trying to take a body with it, just get it and place it somewhere so I can recover it, and use a GUN stat. I had to, not pinch myself, I had to straight have a partner Bit$% Slap me. You work an informant for a gun, and don’t line a body up with it (WTF).

    And #2. I run someone in the neighborhood for a minor traffic warrant, go to their house and threaten the F#$% outta them, telling them they need to give “me” something or else they go to jail. The citizen called the station, requested the watch commander, and said they had a deputy they have never seen before outside their house threatening to break down their door. I had them hand the deputy the phone through the window (true f#$%ing story). I prayed there was more to it, but(t) nope. It’s our current civically uneducated generation (SAD!) in our society nationwide, and we have had to hire them (I guess).

    Our PC, Complete OPEN boarders, #1 welfare State, and if our new Governor has his way, HEALTH care for ALL in the WORLD (all illegal immigrants too, I did it in San Francisco), just get into our state and I’ll take care of all your needs with ALL the TAX DOLLARS I can rob from our citizens; So why would I expect the deputies were hiring to be ANYWHERE near competent. OH well.?.?.?.?.?

    I hope, PRAY, something gets turned around.

  • It’s unfortunate for the former staff like Kerry Carter & friends who put their heart/soul into McD’s shadows. Looking at his press conference, he blamed his failed re-election on proper communication. Wait?! That’s Carol Lin?. She was the one who was responsible for conveying your message. She used SHB to control content and etc. Seems like McD should’ve kept Miriam Krinsky around. Everyone comments on Alex making exec shake-up but don’t forget McD did the same thing before he got there.. he had Big Poppa Scott move chess pieces before he took office. They need to disband SHB too. Let Alex team take it over and run it

  • Wow. I remember reading this comment, and in NO WAY could believe Villanueva could be considering someone like this for ANYTHING, because Villanueva SHOULD KNOW.

    “How do you explain an Assistant Sheriff with a Reaper Tatoo who was the shot caller of Tatoos at Lennox?”

    Only one name came to mind; Larry Delmease, Reaper shot caller, Tanaka loyalist extraordinaire, Alondra Park drinking on duty “shots fired” director, send an ink desiring pooh-butt in uniform deputy to buy liquor on duty for him and all his disciples, sycophantic, the orchestra leader of much despise for YEARS.

    Well word is he’s not an Assistant Sheriff (YET), he’s slated for CHIEF OF STAFF for the new Sheriff????? WTF!@!@! I guess so he can selfishly BURN and POINT out all the Tanaka “koolaide recipe” knowledgeable peeps??? That’s the only thing that make sense for Villanueva to sign a pack with this devil and straight mafia kept your enimies closer than your friends????

    And then there’s word Vera & Co, (his wife) are also in the new car. He’s going to be a chief also? When Larry was at Lennox running the show, Eli was at Century running that show (I’m guessing he would/should have a Century XXI Regulator Tat on that ankle???) and (questionably) shooting at everything that moved (lucky to still have a job as a deputy at the time).

    They both were so deep in Tanaka’s car, they walked in the backdoor to his office, after they went through the Ramona Patio with coins in the single digits, high-five-ing all the peeps jealous of their backdoor Tanaka privileges (aka “at THE EAR” I do dirty work for the boss aka “I work for Paul Tanaka, fuck the Sheriff).

    This whole Villanueva thing just took a step off into the abyss for me….

    Oh well, it was a nice idea thinking Villanueva would clean house, aka rid the swamp of Tanaka’s people like he campaigned. Well, he got my (and my peoples) vote(s) once. SUCKS…..

  • Bobblehead Helmold. Remember him looking like a human bobblehead when Baca gave a press conference at the Block Building.

  • You’re correct. Alex claims he is going to rid the LASD of felon Tanaka loyalists for a good reason. We all know why this is important to his success. Yet three people pegged for promotion/retention fit the bill. Eli Vera does have the station tattoo and was on the Tanaka train. Larry similarly has a station tattoo and rode the rail with Tall Paul. Hellmold on the other hand is a stand up guy. But you cant dismiss the fact that he ran Tanaka’s campaign for Gardena Mayor and shook many down for donations in exchange for promotions. He is the best and most competent Cheif by far, but how do you retain someone that was Tanaka’s bag man and ruined careers for those who refused to pay up? Alex, keep your promises, trust your instincts and you’ll be a great Sheriff. But most of all just do the right thing.

  • 100% correct. Haserlig Is another head scratcher. She’s lucky to be employed. But I guess he checks off three politically correct boxes with that pick. I heard a few other regulators are slated for executive positions. More of the same from Alex. New sheriff same song.

  • Alex, these inked executives you are promoting COULD backfire on your rebuild. Reconsider! Ask them, are you inked! Will be bad press later. PS, Delmese is about him, wrong man for the job.

  • I realize each regime changes the players, but such a drastic change? I equate it to a new captain coming to a station, firing all the admin staff, FTO’s, and DB personnel, just to put in new folks without learning of their strengths and/or weaknesses.

    Those that get the huge pay raise thanks to Alex, enjoy while you can. Know that if he does not put the shine back on the badge or department, he will only be a one term sheriff as well. ALL EYES are watching, eagerly waiting for your choices for executive positions.

    Tattooed thugs from the ghetto stations is not what the department needs. Focus on good choices, lots of moves in the future, commanders, captains, lieutenants, sergeants, and professional staff. Stand-by for the multi page JDIC for personnel moves. Which Division will be the dumping ground for personnel he can’t fire (commanders and captains)?

    So much for a smooth transition. I would think HOJ is a ghost town on the executive floor. Somebody should give Alex some baby powder so his ass won’t get chapped from all the ass kissing that will be coming over the next several weeks/months.

    With regards to BLEACHERS, yep 3 boxes checked. Problem is, she couldn’t find her way out of a one sided box. I guess now she can say, do it because I’m an assistant sheriff.

  • I guess we can just remove McDonnell said and insert “Villanueva said”.

    Los Angeles Times: By Maya Lau, May 1, 2017

    Two L.A. sheriff’s officials promoted to high ranks despite histories of serious discipline

    “Something that happened 20, 25 years ago, or longer, we give that appropriate weight in determining, OK, the person did what they did or made a mistake on this date. What have they done since, from a standpoint of redemption? Have they been a model employee since that time?” McDonnell said.

    And he hasn’t even been sworn in yet. The press needs to vet his picks and PRESS him on these ones that are counter to his campaign promises to the public to rid the house of the pay to play Tanaka people, that he SO CLEARLY and publicly said McDonnell had failed at and that if elected he would do.

    Maybe Celeste can help him out and provide the Friends of Paul Tanaka lists. Apparently he can’t find them and is having trouble remembering his 30 years of department history.

    And the kicker, these people not only would call him a “punk” if they were around their members only club(s) “Good Dudes”, Reapers, Regulators, Ramona Patio, etc, etc, etc…; those of us with our eyes open, KNOW they had to have said it already. Goes something like this: On the patio, “Hey, hear that punk Villanueva is suing the department again?” Response, “Ya, what a punk/zero/ pick your insult.”

    REALLY didn’t see this one coming from him. Can’t wait for that TRANSPARENT Block style news briefings. Celeste, PLEASE get us some answers.

  • @Trying to Make Sense.
    Your posting made me gasp! What in the hell is Alex V. thinking? This is pure political suicide. Surrounding himself with the same Tanaka crew is flat out stupid. Who in the hell is he listening to? The Tanaka clowns like Vera and Delmease are as scandalous as they come. All they are going to do is sponsor their their Coin Club as “solid people,” and the next thing you know, “The Car” that chauffeured Paul Tanaka around for years is back in-service, overhauled, packed with the same jokers only with a new paint job. Where is Leyva in all of this? And POE Haserlig, that defies any logic. This sounds like a total nightmare and Alex is not even sworn in yet. Is there an Undersheriff that Alex is NOT listening to? Gasp!!!!

  • There has always been a double standard. If they know you and like you, you are viewed differently. If they don’t know you or don’t like you, you are screwed. Dont believe it changes. I never saw it change and I started with Pitchess.

  • You speak as if the promotion system is not rigged. It is. You work doesn’t matter. Its whether or not you are liked.



  • So much for the hefty endorsement donation from ALADS. Regulator Ron Hernandez will handily give another excuse to justify any and everything, ask him and he’ll definitely tell you.

  • Really the only thing that can change the complexion of the Department is the promotion system. Sgts used to be the only real competitive rank out there and that has changed. It must be redesigned so it works only on merit. It has to be a blind process for the most part to keep the brass from picking favorites and denying promotion to those who are unliked or unknown. When I left there was a separate list for females that we agreed to to stop them from taking females from the bottom of the coed list to reach quotas. Race nor gender should not be considered. If you got it, you rise to the top. Good luck.

  • Lot of.cats who were never invited to the park to drink beers? Jesus. Put out ur list of who should be promoted then. Sounds like some might have first hand knowledge of misconduct that occurred over 2 decades ago by some who are going to be in high positions. Did u report this “misconduct?” If not, why? If you didn’t then you have zero credibility in denouncing these other employees. The nerve of a guy to have gotten a station tattoo decades ago and actually drank beers in a park after work with his buddies. The horror!


  • I would sue guys, not cool to promote his friends , I hate that favoritism stuff, promoting sgt’s and Lt’s to higher ranks its not cool. we all have to work hard and do lots of studying to pass these exams. He just awarded all his buddies now they get to retire comfortably.

  • he was !! I saw a list that show Alex v’s name were it shows he contributed money to tanaka’s campaign.

  • Just goes to show that whining-ass cry-babies wearing a star on their chest would find a complaint even if they had a billion dollar winning lotto ticket.

  • So what is going to happen to the EBI lady? Dalton I believe is her name. She is buddy buddy with McB (Cronyism). Seems that her protectors are gone. Chief Fender retired last year and McB lost. This lady messed with a lot of people’s careers. Hope Karma gets her.

  • Reading this has caused me to go from hopeful to fearful for the Department and it’s people. This sounds like going from the frying pan to the fire. And I had hoped that AV would finally end the Baca/Tanaka/McGoo nightmare.

  • Coveted testing 10-22. No more dual track. There will be no Custody sgt if you want to do custody career you will be a highest rank of bonus only. Dep must do 4 years on line no specialized teams, new sgt and Lt will go back to custody for minimal 3years and will do 2 years on the line at fast stations, DB and other specialized spots will be based on status and how hard you work, TO’s and DB will stay at stations and station will have control on who get spots, all past investigations will be look at again, all IA will have a of 90 days completion, all promotions and transfers are on hold and will be re-evaluated.

    Sheriff villanueva new policy

  • A deputy: TOO FUNNY. Wish we could throw up video clips with these posts. That was hilarious…. I can just imagine it on a loop in slow mo.

  • Speculation and hearsay can only scare misinformed people. The new administration will only sink or swim, either way the water is full of piranhas.

  • @ Gasp: I think someone should check Tall Paul’s visitor sheet. We can see who Vera & Delmease took with them to ask Paul if it was Ok to use the car til he gets out. Maybe that way we will know who else Villanueva is going to have on his team. We would probably go from Gasp to full arrest.

  • Hellmold survives again. Ironically he blocked Alex’s promotion with Baca several times. Lt to A/S is a very dumb choice. She does not even do a Lt job competently. This is a very poor choice and will be a disaster.
    Just watched an interview with Alex where he says tattoos like LAPD rampart’s aces and eights dead mans hand is problematic. Yet, his Chief of Staff has a Reaper tattoo. LA Times just ordered extra ink. And the new Chief of IA is a Viking. You can’t make this shut up. Way to reform the department Alex.

  • I’m sure the house cleaning will come around for all these ridiculous programs in custodyand I can’t wait! Certain directors and brass making obscene amounts of $$$$ for pushing bs down the line staffs throats! Enough is enough!

  • Really, sergeants and lieutenants to custody for 3 years then a fast station for 2. Who goes to the other stations, seasoned supervisors only. He doesn’t have the first clue on how personnel moves are done. Custody won’t have enough 3 year spots for supervisors with the attrition rate. So what happens to all the supervisors who promoted on the custody only list. Are they patrol qualified now or do they stay in custody until retirement with no hope of promotion. Is a custody only sergeant now not qualified to take the lieutenants test?

    So now Alex is a ghetto cop and everybody else is a POS. I don’t think Baca, Tanaka, McBuckles, and now Alex were much of a cop. Why do they all think that surrounded themselves with the likes of SEB, COPS, GET, and the FAST stations make them bitchin.

    IA’s 90 day completion? Would love to see the department accomplish this. Unfortunately
    the executives use the one year tool to punish some when they can’t prove the case. I am sure Alex will do the same.

    Who determines how hard you work. Oh thats right, lets go back to the being part of the in crowd. If your not bitchin, you get nothing.

    I must say, if this stuff is true, and your pics are those previously mentioned, good F***ing luck. The Unions are going to have a field day with you.

  • A lot of people forget or don’t know Chief Benedict is a Tanaka guy. He’s a coin holder and used to get drinks and food for the Tanaka patio peeps. He flies under the radar because he commands North Patrol Division, the step child division. He should go too, but it appears as if the Tanaka people are staying.

  • Seems like Tanaka is running a LASD from federal prison. It’s unfortunate that personnel actually thought Alex was coming in with reforms when in actuality he’s coming in and moving the Department backwards.

    McD wasn’t doing a bang up job either but this already seems like a shit show.

    Are Olmstead and Leyva suppose to be voices of reason for this retired lieutenant? Do they have laryngitis?

  • I disagree with one name on that list Leibrich. Pat Valdez is a great Captain and backed the Deputies that work hard. You must have been one that didn’t. I would run through a wall for him.

  • Factoid, maybe so. But IMHO Alex is already behind the curve coming in, having not had any command experience. And running LASPA don’t qualify. If he is filling top spots with the likes described (BTW, I did not see any command experience attributed to any of these people to offset any negatives they may possess) and also promoting a LT to a command spot, this is not going to make the job any easier. Don’t forget the troops are watching and he need’s them to back his play. IF he gets himself in dutch with them by promoting coin holders and other non-deserves he will lose them – just like McGoo did. Top that all off with the idea that for a guy who said he was going to do away with cronyism, his rumored moves stinks of it.

  • Just read the first paragraph of @Sidelines post. He’s been there, done that. Sidelines is the voice of EXPERIENCE speaking. As grand as some of ideas floating around are, there are a LOT of issues that stand in the way. But his and my point is, AV doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. That is because he hasn’t got a clue about how things work at the executive level. Adding to these woes is that it appears that many of the cronies he’s bringing along for the ride don’t either. I would hope that the few hold-overs (I am all for showing the door to the Tanakaites), Leyva and Olmsted can hold the thing together until Alex and others can learn the ABC’s of LASD management. In the meantime, stand-by for a rough ride.

  • Celeste if you look close enough you will find the questionable decisions made by some of the new appointees. Check their back grounds. One had 8 shootings. Another was involved in several sexual misconduct complaints in which she was transferred more than once. Another LT. was transferred at the request of the WEHO city council because he would camp out at the gay clubs and pick up on the patrons.

    Bringing back retreads that were a part of the organizations demise under BACA (Olmsted) is not the answer. They never spoke up to save their positions and power.

    Lots of camellions that changed their coats to endorse a person but never the organization.

    Glad to see the shake up, but a few more should have gone. Do away with coveted testing.

    I am skeptical that this will end well with the names mentioned.

  • Alex, if by any chance you or someone in your executive team read Witness LA, please look into the comments department members are sharing. Hellmold, Vera, Gutierrez, Delmese, Ault, and Benedict have always been Tanaka’s puppets. Do your due diligence and research what the folks are alerting you to. All of the above are shady. The only reason they are still employed is because their subordinates are afraid to come forward and out them due to fear of retaliation.
    Hellmold is a joke and has no morals or ethics. Just ask his love child’s mother. Vera is all muscles and no brain. He was Tanakas but boy. Gutierrez is a dear in headlights…. lights on nobody home. She is as crooked as crooked Hilary. She went from Lt. to Chief in less than 5 years. Social Promotion. Delmese is a gangsta with tattoos. Ault is self servant and will not hesitate to ruin careers. Benedict wonders how he got promoted.

  • Be patient and wait to see what happens. Lining their pockets and more FWY therapy to come. For all of you who have not crossed paths with the aforementioned above then stand by. They will make your career suffer.

  • I sure hope Mr McQuaid isn’t making comments like this. He’s probably hating the fact he’ll be a Lt soon. I sure hope people being demoted or bounced saved their RD maps. Oh, and it’s hilarious reading all the “advice” being handed out. Precious.

  • That is called politics. It happens every time the only ones that remain are the rank and file and SGT’s and some LT’s. Everyone else gets shuffled around or axed. Career stopper for many. You just saw what he did and he promoted the ones who apparently have been screwed over by the ones he just got rid of. I believe in KARMA what goes around comes around all EYES are watching.

  • This week left a lot of heads spinning. Can’t wait to see how whacked things get after the gun slinger Villanaka gets sworn in.

    The Emperor’s New Clothes.

  • I cannot believe this. Alex, I have no clue who you are listening to, but you are fucking up by the numbers, and you haven’t even pulled into the parking lot. If Leyva is guiding you to pick these people, fire him. If he is telling you not to do this and you aren’t listening, you are committing political suicide and sooner or later, your best people are going to jump ship. What are you thinking. Just wait until the media, the BOS and ACLU get a hold of you. The Feds are going to watch you with a microscope. Was this your plan all along? Is this the best you could do? What did you owe the folks. And then there is the public. Oh man, who is advising you?

  • You should win a Nobel Prize for this kaka Mani nonsense your spewing out. Adversity really! So just keep your head low and get screwed over by all of the Region 2 folks. You sound rather brainwashed and have no idea about the many people that have been screwed over by the very people he is promoting. Retirees really…going backwards VILLANAKA fooled everyone.

  • Been reading these threads and it is very amusing.. Some folks are so bitter and their attacks on individuals seems relentless. There is so much misinformation being spouted as truth. Lots of opinions and thats fine. Everybody hoping for the worst instead of hoping for the best. I’m assuming everyone on this comment board worked or has someone they know that worked LASD. Just crazy.

  • Yep. Promoted the ones that appeared to get screwed by McD et al. which also translates to remained loyal to the patio/car/tanaka crew.
    Those A/S and Chiefs that were on the Tanaka train but repented, jumped off and became a chameleon for McD have been axed.

    Alex fooled many and hopped in the car for a ride with the “cool kids”.


    Hi everyone,

    While participating in this very interesting discussion, please stay away from straight up slander because if you skate too close, I will be forced to delete your comment. Criticism is fine but not accusations of wrongdoing that you can’t possible prove in this context. You know the difference.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi celeste you might want to research the sheriff’s new command staff names Majority of the guys here are saying the truth. Do your research when not busy . This is crazy. Have great day.

  • It sounds like Villanueva is making EXACTLY the same errors as Lee Baca. Lee would not listen to those who had his best interest at heart. Lee always thought he was the smartest person in the room. The very people who were giving him billshit, self-serving advice were the people who were advancing. Sounds like Alex is going to prove the same people he just fired, correct. And that is, Alex doesn’t have a clue how to run LASD. So, he selects homies who are blowing smoke up his ass to advance “their” agenda. Tanaka must be proud. I was there, Alex. I saw it all, Baca would not listen and where did he end up? Hell, you haven’t even taken the oath yet. You haven’t seen the last of McDonnell, trust me.

  • villanaka fooled you guys el cucui is coming. I knew this was going to happen that’s why I didn’t vote for him he was never a Democrat hes always been a Republican I did my research My wife works at the Hall of records in Norwalk I can’t believe no one did research on this. I wish you guys luck I’ll be retiring next week.

    1654 HAST DARRYL NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA 100 0 0

  • Celeste is right. So many of you are slandering people and being disrespectful. It’s funny how everyvody accuses people of being Tanaka’s puppets. Remember he was the undersheriff and everybody worked unde him. Most of you sound bitter or jealous. Some people do get promoted because they work hard and care about the department no matter who sits in the Sheriff’s chair. Be respectful and comment if you want but make sure you know the facts.

  • “The appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority, without proper regard to their qualifications.” Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, didn’t this guy say he was running on a platform that would end this practice? And then he appoints a Lt to the position of Assistant Sheriff? And there are other such moves as well!

    Folks, what we have here is a failure to communicate (his true intentions).

  • All of you need to stop airing your dirty laundry… it’s a new day …. Get back to Work!

    Time to make LASD great again!

  • Guys, read what has been written here. People who only care about what is good for the LASD are concerned that there are mistakes being made here. Think about the impact of your picks on the organization. There is no need to bring in questionable people who are going to bring baggage or have a lack of qualifications. If necessary, let some spots remain unfilled in the interim until you feel you have the right individual(s) to fill the roll (you could make just two patrol divisions for instance to save having to name a Chief). Bring in a trusted retiree to fill a spot to add some experience until you have someone groomed. Groom up and comers who have no personal or Tanaka baggage. To rush these people in to place is a big mistake. You’ve got time to get it right. The first steps are big and not easily undone, if you step in it. For the good of the folks who work for you; they deserve great leadership after 20 years of crap leadership.

  • Next on Alex’s list….Captain shake up. First heads to roll are Carter and Tardy. We all knew he’d make REG II happy first right. So predictable.

  • I don’t think this comment is funny,you’re blatanlty making fun of her name fue to her being a black woman. Really? I’m a black woman and I don’t find this funny at all.

  • Hey Lt’s I heard you have to bring your resume next week to a mandatory meeting @ STARS May the best resume win! Lmao I’ll be sure too get my kettle corn ready for the show!!! Lmao !!!

  • Nice one line jab. You must mean go to be promoted. Captain there is solid. He’s earned things the right way.

  • I guess the haters here would rather go back to having their procedural rights violated by McDonnell and his henchmen. Or maybe these people commenting ARE mcdonnells henchmen. Did you notice that none of the new executives have a reputation of promoting on the backs of subordinates? Ya gotta ask yourself what motivates people to slander others. Most of this stuff is a big lie or conflated with other incidents. Sad.

  • I would hope to God the new Sheriff isnt going to base his decisions on what anonymous posters on Witness LA say. That in and of itself would be grounds for a recall. So quit asking him to read ur posts. Put out a list of who should be running things if u know who the qualified ones are, or sit back and give the guy a chance. He was smart enough and had the balls to run against someone nobody thought had a chance to lose. And that guy’s claim to fame was changing buckles and going after deputies. He hasn’t even been sworn in yet. I hope he reestablished a culture that made this one of the the best departments in the country

  • Story Time, I have not seen anyone pining for McDonnell and returning to anything. In fact, folks have been saying “don’t do what McDonnell did and have/keep Tanaka’s people around.” And there have been numerous posts just saying that he should be wise in who he selects as his executives. Dismissing the old brass and bringing in new brass is AV’s first actual act as Sheriff and ironically these may be the most important decisions of his entire tenure. I believe this was McDonnell’s undoing. He chose the wrong people, both sworn and civilian, and it cost him dearly. I for one hope Alex does not do the same.

  • Alex, I know you read WitLa like its a Bible. Please stop and think about who was around you from day one. Who were the people you originally called to say you were running for Sheriff. Who are the ones that have not started sucking up to you. Now ask yourself who jumped from the Lindsey Train to all of a sudden be on team Alex, and what do they stand to get out of all this. Your true friends only want you to succeed. We were your loyal supporters and it is us you can trust. We all want you to succeed We want LASD to succeed.

  • @ Just Say’n & @ Not Again:

    You two are “Spot On” It’s actually comical because Alex is a wise man. This thread is pretty long with jokes and suggestions but I’m almost positive that Alex is laughing also, just because.

  • @Not Again, Bingo! It is widely known exactly who you are talking about. Those dudes have absolutely no shame, it’s all about them. What in the world is AV thinking. So much talent available to him, active and retired, and he selects these clowns? They must be pinching themselves because they can’t believe they pulled it off. Leyva must be beside himself. Leg humpers of the highest order, all Tanaka affiliates. Dude, you must be overwhelmed.

  • And if you reinstate that guy back I’m sure those girls will file a lawsuit. Not cool what he did ,that’s why mcbucks terminated him. The media would love this story. Don’t play with this AV.

  • Solid golfer. Dues paid to Tanaka (check the list). Great golf partner for Baca/Waldie/Tanaka foursome.

    Worked with him and know many other people who worked his other assignments. Ok pleasant guy, nice in front of you. Straight do as little as possible, long lunch, yes man.

    And the golf stuff, no joke, he played great golf with/for them.

  • @ Fred T: Too funny. I wonder if Larry is running off to Tanaka’s laser removal specialists and getting it removed. Even though I never did hear any good source if Tall Paul ever went through having any of his art removed. He just told Baca he came to later regret getting it.

    Dang that could be a lot of tats though: Did he get something at Carson? He got the Viking at Lynwood as a sergeant, line supervisor (ridiculous). He always claimed Lennox the rest of his career like he was born there. But he was just a lieutenant there, but he was a straight deputy 6, so I’m sure Larry gave him a Reaper (as he was the leader with the sacred stencil and list of highly approved artists only capable of gracing a worthy good dude with it). There was the fight when EM good dudes started their own numbered other tat because Larry wouldn’t hand any out to anyone but PM good dudes (who allowed them to be puppetted by his manipulative genius – like buy him alcohol on duty for Alondra Park). Hey Tanaka never worked PM’s Larry, what the…. Then the MCJ guys must have given Mr. Tanaka every tat there was: 3000 boys, 2000 boys, ODR boyZ, Broom Closet Guys, etc…. DANG, T must be straight Yakuza sleeved up & down both those tiny, skinny, hairless legs. Could a Public Records Act Release maybe get us his Gang Tat pictures file???? Just for the sheer act of pointless curiosity of this junior high school can’t make this shit up wonderment.

  • @Story time: Hey BRO! I’m sure your a GOOD DUDE. Haters? Naw, were not haters. Were just long term observant line workers. No were not McDonnell henchmen. No, we don’t want to go back to McDonnell and his two tier executive and line swine discipline system; and don’t do anything because McDonnell will fire you to build his I’m changing things statistics, so just let that crook hit you, throw his bodily fluids at you, and then ask him to please stop doing that policies.

    We wanted Olmsted, but got McDonnell. He showed us what we hoped he wouldn’t, he was/is a straight political LAPD to the core player. Rose thought the ranks there, gaining no real street experience/knowledge. I guess the MacArthur Park riot debacle spelled that out clearly, but we had no choice, we got him.

    Then he showed us the clown he chose to be. Two years to select a team, really. He was on the Blue Ribbon Jail Commissions Panel. He knew who ALL the Pay-to-play players were. He saw all of Baca and Tanaka’s boys and girls in the audience everytime they testified. He was the Boards pick to follow Baca. He didn’t have the stones to run against Baca, WEAK. Then Baca had to retire (resign in disgrace), so he did as the BOS wanted. Then he doesn’t remove the corrupt persons in the leadership positions they were placed by Tanaka. REALLY. Then he promotes many of them. WTF! Then he’s not smart enough to debate Villanueva. Weak and dumb. But he perfected our “Tactical Package” (his words) and gave us uniform changes we shouldn’t have spent money on, only in a way a non experienced, never learned how to truly work the streets, buffoon could. Destroyed morale, and couldn’t convince a qualified worker at the unemployment office to swap meager benefits to come work for him for $75 grand a year. Then did his very best “chicken little” at 30,000 feet, the sky is falling, I don’t know what to do, I’ve done EVERYTHING someone can. Egotistical CLOWN.

    Now we got Villanueva. We were happy with what he campaigned on. He knows who the corrupt Tanaka instilled persons are (we ALL do, and the lists spell it out with an exclamation point).

    Now we find out Levya is here on a 120 day contract, then what? At least Olmsted has committed to two years. BUTT then everything gets straight batshit crazy. HIGHLY questionable past careered Tattooed Tanaka loyalists everywhere. The DAY/AGE of the LIEUTENANT. We’ve lost count how many lieutenants are being bounced around like Wham-O Super Bouncy Balls all over the Headquarters walls into Assistant Sheriff and Chief positions.

    Now were waiting to see the next set of Lieutenant Wham-O Super Bouncy Balls Villanueva is gonna throw and fill Captain positions with. Hell, maybe he will break out his set of ACME Sergeant & Deputy Super Duper Bouncy balls for that LEADERSHIP decision.

    Naw, where just perplexed line workers who thought things couldn’t get worse. BUTT were concerned that’s where things are going.

  • Fred. Are u still sad you got passed up. Grow the F up buddy. Bitching and crying on here only solidified the fact that you are a weak individual. And I’m sure Larry doesn’t give a F about the slander. Give some real critics that would fix problems on the Dept. Be a real Deputy aka A LEADER and be part of the solution and not the problem.

  • C:
    Just a month ago these comments were nearly identical but with different names. More than half of the OUTGOING brass has tats and was loyal to Baca/Tanaka. These are facts and facts don’t change. True, I don’t care for some of the selections Sheriff Elect Villanueva has made either. But, none of us get that choice.

    Ok, you don’t like the choices-you didn’t like the choices before with McD. SO PLEASE NAME THE PEOPLE YOU WOULD WANT??

    Baca (includes Stonich, Waldie) and McD treated Alex like dirt and went not only after him but also his family. Alex fights backs and nobody thought he had a chance. Many of you LAUGHED at Alex as a candidate and as a human being. The remarks of ridicule were beyond cruel.

    Sheriff Scott really screwed up when he made creepy lawyers(Constitutional lawyers my a$$) employees. Sadly, these lying snakes calling themselves lawyers, had way too much sway with Baca, Scott and McD. All discipline should rest with the sheriff or he or she should resign. You don’t abdicate this responsibility to jerk lawyers. The sad irony was; had Teran applied her own punishment to her own behavior she would have been arrested tried and convicted long ago. Deputies were treated like criminal defendants with lesser rights. The investigations were mission driven and not fact driven.

    Wholesale change maybe good, maybe bad? Daryl Gates(LAPD) transferred and fired whole stations all the time. Hollywood comes to mind. Years ago Block got rid of nearly everybody at Narco. The people Block kept ended up biting Block on the butt. Sheriff Elect Villanueva, if these guys don’t perform don’t wait fire them!

    If you don’t like what is going on then at the next election you sacrifice all, with no name recognition, no money and hit the pavement. American politics is a full head butting sport. Not for the faint of heart.

    Again, I don’t like some of the selections. But, I didn’t sacrifice and fight and win the biggest upset since the 2016 US Presidency.

    Once Baca came in, and his henchmen, there was no end to the corruption and double standard. But, how did we get here? Ask Block and his refusal to appoint Bob Edmonds as sheriff. It’s been downhill ever since. I liked Block but he couldn’t let go of the old sin of HUBRIS.

    Last, we did this to ourselves by not doing our jobs all up and down the ranks. Look at what happened to LAPD when they didn’t change. Does anyone recall Rodney King and the aftermath? And who runs LAPD now? Can you say BLM? And now we have to change!

  • I’m sorry LASD, you will be the laughing stock for the next year or so. Prediction: won’t last 2 years. DA/ DOJ/FBI/BOS/Contract Citys/Liability Trust Fund committee, please pay special attention. What you have done is undermined your supervision and empowered the lower levels to operate without impunity, exactly the way they want to operate. We know you were at the ELA off training party Alex, we know your former trainee was one of the main culprits who is ROD’d, let’s see what you do. You have lost the respect of all those who love this Honorable profession.

  • A lot people on here condemning Alex. Lol. He hasn’t even been sworn in yet! Can we at least wait and see what happens, instead of finger pointing.

    A lot of the “newbies” “Millenial generation” and “ol timers” chiming in here. All those coveted promoted peeps worried. A lot of the people think that being logged on counts alone as working shaking in their boots. A lot of entitled peeps on here giving their piece, but last I checked the only person that chose to challenge McD was Alex. Anyone can run why wasn’t the list full of all these anonymous names on here bashing him.

    I am not Region 2 for those of you that ask, but I do believe in our old traditions. Some of which weren’t criminal, cronyism, or bad. It was the stuff that gave us shine and luster. That’s is the root of most of our problems. I agree not all was good and not all was fair, but from what I saw people that needed to work gangs did, people that needed to be DB were, people that needed to do Narco did, and so on. I was taught to not talk, keeps yours eyes up, chin down, and let your work ethic speak for itself and no one can stop you.

    Enough with the tattoos already. That ship has come and done. We all know he true number of people tatted on this Dept. who cares. Like I said above it shouldn’t matter unless you let it. I for one have spoke to him and his words were commendable. Words I’ve been longing to hear from a leader.

    I didn’t donate nor was I part of his campaign. But I did vote for him cause I could. Let’s give him a fair chance like we’ve given countless others and just cause we have too.

    Good luck and god bless.

    Be safe!

  • This must be villanaka talking smack. Anybody can get elected by being dishonest. You’ll be a one termer sheriff too.

  • This train will only go as far as Bob Olmstead allows. Bob came on board as a recognized no-nonsense reformer and critic of the Baca-Tanaka tyranny. Bob’s selection as Asst. Sheriff over Custody added instant legitimacy to AV’s reform agenda. However, if that agenda gets influenced and corrupted by AV’s chief of staff and others of questionable character to the degree that it pursues pay-back, loyalty appointments, and juvenile policies to route supervisors through Region II stations (as if that is the fire that molds people into good supervisors) then Bob is going to have to decide if he wants his integrity to be forever tarnished as a result of his association with potentially bad decisions. Bob’s integrity and reputation will either be enhanced by what he is able to accomplish toward real reform, or he will discover that he has just been used as a cloak to provide cover for the new administration while personal agendas are accomplished and scores are settled, only to be sullied and thrown from the train like soiled coat when he is no longer useful.

    So long as Bob stays, he provides legitimacy. If Bob hops off due to failed integrity of the new administration, then his departure becomes a background mention at the beginning of every Maya Lau, L.A. Times article to come for the next 4 years.

    Keep your eyes on the Bob.

  • Say what his trainee??? I’ll be sending that info to maya lau. jackie Lacey would love this info too. I also heard he called IA and told them to drop that investigation.

  • Fred T- Good to see that you haven’t changed since you took names of the bad kids in the 5th grade. Wow!!
    How about seeing if the info is true? Nahhh, you enjoy writing down names on the chalkboard, right??

  • Treadstone- Your gravy train is gone and now you wanna cry and stomp your little feet

    Speak for yourself, you sure as heck don’t speak for all of those in this honorable profession….

  • The biggest thing that is gonna cause Olmsted to “hop off” is his potential inability to understand all the oversight, decrees and relationships formed with critics since he has been gone the last 8 years. That will be cause for his failure, not the baggage being carried by AV’s strange picks. Stringham too, really???!

  • Fast station are just that FAST STATIONs. Which means, for you haters that think it’s the same thing, you get much more experience in a shorter amount of time. I know it’s hard to understand because you can’t seem to find ganagsters with guns that often or you can’t properly handle a dynamic situation. Guess what, it’s lack of training and experience. Stop crying.

  • Fred. You are a huge cry baby! You should stop. Lazy POS, you probably have more comment stats than any other legit accomplishments.

  • Bob, good point. He and, to a lessor extent, Ray are what I am hoping they will be the ballast that helps right the LASD ship. I watched the LA Taco video and liked really what Alex had to say but didn’t I hear him say something in there about who he would promote NOT being those who were shot callers, Trainee harassers and those who sold their souls to the devil (Tanaka). It will be a major disappointment if he does not follow threw with that commitment – especially when so many inside the LASD are hoping for an end of “leaders” who have no business being in those positions.

  • Buddy of mine works IA. He/she said on Friday that the new Regime called and ordered 23 case files to be busted. Yes all from the Central stations. Was told they would be handled at station level by new Captains. Also stated that some of these were very serious cases and a few definite terminations If founded.
    Well, looks like ALADS investment is paying off early

  • Okay, “Anthony Brown” (aka Larry D.). It ain’t cool suggesting that Bob is incapacitated enough where he can’t “understand all the oversight, decrees and relationships with critics…the last 8 years.” Bob’s no fool. He’ll spot sparks of corruption before they becomes a fire.

  • I heard rumors about this but don’t think the new Sheriff will have the power to totally get rid of the Dual Track system. Due to the many lawsuits and court rulings, I think his hands will be tied if he tries to abolish it wholesale. The Sheriff probably can “modify it” in ways he feels will benefit “the needs of the Department” though.

    The Dual Track created avenues for promotion but is still a work in progress. Just my opinion, the custody environment is just not the best environment to learn how to be a “cop” or where true Department leaders will be developed. Everyone knows, that in patrol is where most folks developed their report writing skills, and actual understanding and application of the law.

  • Not sure Bro. Ask around at Trap. I’m sure somebody at your Unit will know who she is….
    Maybe they’ll be happy that you run to the LA Times when your not happy with the Department….

  • Alex, I can only imagine you have folks trying to give you the best advice possible, but you’re not listening. I have it on good account the media is about to hand you your ass. You best make some serious personnel changes before it’s too late. There are a number of EPC positions you are “considering” that you better think twice about. Otherwise, they are going to take you down, Mark my words. Listen to those who are trying to help you. Reach out to those you trust before it is too late.

  • Ok tough guy, with all due respect outside of death and serious calls including those of assistance, chasing the radio aka patrol is overrated. A true leader in the making will not limit his knowledge to patrol only. There’s more hiding out, no ack’s and kiss offs in patrol more than all remaining assignments in LASD. Sell your bullshit to someone who doesn’t know any better.

  • Respectfully, I worked a very fast station and also worked custody as a supervisor for 4 years. In addition, I know individuals at PGU, who would like to educate custody personnel as to how it can all tie together…not a bad thing, but communication is both custody and patrol..,however, reports are better learned and written in patrol where you are educated by the daily court testimony you provide and crossed by the PD’s. There is so much to appreciate from this process. Custody is much different, period. If dual track persists, the supervisors in custody need to be experienced enough to identify and square away those who wish to do an assignment that might not be as glamorous, but for the benefit of the dept and the community. One team, different responsibilities. It would s fun though, hunting the evil one. It’s what I signed up for.

  • This is a forum for all the department executives and their aides who were affected by last weeks house cleaning. We get it. You’re mad. Your aides lost the juice card. All this sudden concern for the department is simply phony. The rest of the department is having a party and this just kills you, doesn’t it. If you want the best for the LASD, leave in peace.

  • Ole Lennox, you probably never even worked there. If you did, day shift counter deputy doesn’t count. Dont be mad because you didn’t have the sack to take back guys to jail in the middle of the night. But hey, I bet you can fill out a mean 180.

  • @Really, it is not a tough guy thing. It is reality. I worked Custody as a Lt and Captain. Both times I had to rely on my folks who had been to patrol to provide a dose of reality to those who I would term permanent staff. They knew what was important, they knew what wasn’t. They knew reports and report writing inside and out. They knew evidence handling. They knew force reporting (although Custody has that in spades now). And they knew the ways of the Department beyond the walls of the facility.

    I think the Department has done itself a disservice by bifurcating it’s workforce and especially it’s supervisors and middle managers with this system. Supervisors need to have a wide level of experience and Department-wide perspective when supervising inside the jail. I’ve seen it’s necessity and experienced it’s value.

    I really don’t think it is any different for the line personnel. I had many Deputies worked for me who had worked patrol and came back to Custody for various reasons. They were like a ray of light in helping the rest of the staff, many of who had been in their positions for years. That is simply because of the different kinds of experiences and training they were exposed to during their time in patrol. You just can’t get that in the jail. Some may not like hearing that, but it is fact.

    While I’m on the subject, I’ve always had a question I might have if I were in the “Custody Track”. What will happen if I want to become a Captain? Am I destined to only work in Custody? Then Commander the same? Eventually, will there only be an opportunity to promote if there is an opening in Custody Division(s)? If I do go elsewhere, I will be an outsider who everyone knows I don’t know a thing except Custody issues. On the other hand if they bring in executives from outside Custody, they will not know anything about Custody. Gee, things don’t look too rosy.

    But I digress. Sorry. I just think the whole idea is/was idiotic and sucks. I am glad Baca and McGoo are long gone and maybe these issues can be resolved.

  • After reading through these posts, it’s evident there’s some sour grapes from those that were passed up or looked over for promotions. Not even subtle with your mud slinging. I’m sure Alex doesn’t read this interdepartmental blog nor would he care what’s being said here. I sure as hell don’t. Just skim over it during my morning coffee and shake my head and wonder how can people be so miserable and unhappy. Good bless you all. Kindness to your humankind goes a long way. Stress, anger and disdain is toxic and unhealthy.

  • So let me get this straight.

    You could be a documented officer safety hazard, inept at report writing, all on patrol training. Get rolled up from patrol training and go back to custody. And now you can promote to a custody sergeant where you are supposed to be reviewing tactics and criminal reports?
    $$ck outta here!

  • I can’t wait till tomorrow. It’s like Christmas eve. Santa Alex is coming to town. The good will receive gifts. And the bad will receive pink slips.

  • A convenient interpretation of the posts, Mellowman. I read through the posts and what comes through is not so much “sour grapes”, bitterness or self-interest, but concern for the Department. Same concern occurred 4 years ago. Sure Jim’s people are emotional and maybe lashing out. But a distinction must be made. Many of us, maybe most of us, are pleased Alex won. Jim’s arrogance, mismanagement, condescension, and inability to lead the LASD effectively needed to be dealt with. However, Alex, an intelligent guy, billed himself as a reform Sheriff on a certain set of principles. And merely replacing one group of scoundrels in the chain of command with another group of compromised people is not reform, at least not the kind the Department needs. So, apparently Alex is going to burn a lot of political capital defending some of his new people, while losing the ethical high ground needed for genuine reform. (I don’t for the life of me see how Lindsey’s team took over Alex’s squad after the primary – see Not Again comment above.) Anyway, well-meaning AV apologists like you do Alex no favors by blame-shifting and confusing bitterness with concern for the Department. If people are policy, then AV’s new policy direction could travel into some dark corridors. Echoes of “work the gray, and work it hard” are getting louder.

  • Is it true he’s about to promote a Viking, Regulator and Grim Reaper along with the Queen of POE? WTH???

  • A lot people on here condemning Alex. Lol. He hasn’t even been sworn in yet! Can we at least wait and see what happens, instead of finger pointing.

    A lot of the “newbies” “Millenial generation” and “ol timers” chiming in here. All those coveted promoted peeps worried. A lot of the people think that being logged on counts alone as working shaking in their boots. A lot of entitled peeps on here giving their piece, but last I checked the only person that chose to challenge McD was Alex. Anyone can run why wasn’t the list full of all these anonymous names on here bashing him.

    I am not Region 2 for those of you that ask, but I do believe in our old traditions. Some of which weren’t criminal, cronyism, or bad. It was the stuff that gave us shine and luster. That’s is the root of most of our problems. I agree not all was good and not all was fair, but from what I saw people that needed to work gangs did, people that needed to be DB were, people that needed to do Narco did, and so on. I was taught to not talk, keeps yours eyes up, chin down, and let your work ethic speak for itself and no one can stop you.

    Enough with the tattoos already. That ship has come and done. We all know he true number of people tatted on this Dept. who cares. Like I said above it shouldn’t matter unless you let it. I for one have spoke to him and his words were commendable. Words I’ve been longing to hear from a leader.

    I didn’t donate nor was I part of his campaign. But I did vote for him cause I could. Let’s give him a fair chance like we’ve given countless others and just cause we have too.

    Good luck and god bless.

    Be safe!

  • Remember when Baca was elected and the people were in the celebratory crowd that night?

    Tommorow you can view who’s who in the zoo including those who expect favors, especially the big donors.
    The next 4 years in LASD will be like none ever and I guarantee it. Many will be happy and some will be disappointed as time will surely tell.
    Will all be forgiven, will there be retribution, will ALADS come clean, will LASPA still exist, will tan and green coxist once again without cliques?
    Many unanswered question that will be addressed with the nation’s spotlight on LASD. The clock starts in 5hours and 36 minutes.

  • She’ll be your huckleberry with a star on her collar, kicking your ass and laughing when you holler. Haaaaaaaaaa!

  • Many puzzling appointments. However, Not the new A/S of patrol, Tim Murakami. Worked with him years ago and he hasn’t changed over the years. Smart, level headed guy with common sense. Hopefully AV will listen to him.

  • Congratulations to newly promoted Assistant Sheriff Tim Murakami, undoubtedly a ‘Stand-up guy.’

  • Best of luck Alex today and in the future with our LASD. Make all your decisions based on what is good for the LASD and the people it serves. That includes building a great leadership team who can be trusted by both you and the thousands of employees who so badly need solid leadership. Listen to the advice of your most trusted and experienced staff. You’ve got a lot to learn. No knock on you, but your most experienced advisors have an entirely different perspective than you. There are other ways to look at every issue. Don’t allow the Union to run the Department or you will fail. They do not care about the LASD, their proprieties are elsewhere. And don’t let the LA Times run you out of office. They want a McDonnell on steroids.

    You have a unique opportunity to bring the LASD back to where it was 20 years ago. But let’s face it, there are new standards today. You will have to walk a fine line to get us where we need to be – the proactive law enforcement agency we once were with an unmatched esprit de corps. Yet an agency that very much is reflective of the standards of law and doing things the right way. A fine line, but with solid leaders at the top and throughout the organization, it can be done.

    Just take it one step at a time. Build that executive team with this in mind and then start to rebuild the organization.

    God’s speed.

  • Question, didn’t AV say he would NOT have promoted the two captains to commander that had previous discipline issues? If so, and LH is the queen of POE violations, how can he in his right mind(?) think she is okay to promote from LT to AS?

    This is great to watch. Eager to see the new org chart get posted and the intent to promote list begin to be generated. Still unsure if this boat will float or sink.

  • @Just Say’n, at the risk of getting involved with some of these far out and disrespectful posts, I’d like to ask you to please explain and qualify your statement. Is this in reference to ALADS or the other unions?

    “Don’t allow the union to run the department or you will fail. They do not care about the LASD, their priorities are elswhere.”

    Your post is very intuitive and well stated, but if that statement is in reference to ALADS, then I would simply ask you to please qualify that opinion with some facts.

    I may get bombed on just for showing up on this post, but I’m a deputy, I can take it!

  • @Ron I don’t know you but I perceive you as a stand-up guy. I guess we disagree on this one. Unions by their very nature are for their members benefit. Alex needs needs to be concerned about the LASD, which also includes ALADS members. I think you would agree that the union and the LASD’s interests are not always aligned. Many times the unions want things that are not in the best interests of the organization. They may want people to retain their jobs when they should be fired. They may fight for schedules that are good for the employees but do not provide the best efficiency for getting the job done. Rightfully, the union does not concern itself with efficiency, they care about the employee’s desires. Two different things.

    And of course, there is the elephant in the room – police tactics and policies. Sometimes Alex will have to make policies that he has to make because he HAS to make them – not because he wants to make them. You name it – pursuit, force, force reporting, coveted testing (not a police tactic but it is totally absurd and I couldn’t help myself because there are a lot of similar admin things), and a million other things. The union will fight him over all that stuff (much of that Alex – and I – will personally agree with, but must, in the best interests of the LASD go in another direction). My point was, he can’t let them dictate or unduly influence what he HAS to do. I’ve sat across from the union when they are going through the most ridiculous arguments about what would benefit their member(s) when everyone in the room knows the union’s point being made is NOT in the best interest of the LASD. I suspect you have been in those rooms as well.

    But Alex has to draw the line now that he is Sheriff because the union has their priorities and, as Sheriff, his priorities must be different.

    I say all of this as a charter member of ALADS, having signed up in on the trunk of a radio car in a station parking lot on an EM shift many many moons ago. I have not been happy with what ALADS evolved in to, but it has served a purpose for those who have been in trouble in years gone by. You have your job to do and Ales has his.

  • @Ron. Sorry I reread you post asking if this was specifically about ALADS. I didn’t answer that correctly. But I guess my answer was ALADS specific because I had them in mind when I made my first post – and obviously in my reply. It actually applies to all unions, but I wrote my original post thinking about ALADS specifically because they were the ones who endorsed him and gave him a big hunk of money for his campaign. I think they rightfully, or wrongly will expect a certain amount of bang for their buck. I also know they will not be shy about pushing for what they want.

    But, bottom line, it is more about a conflict of interests between the unionS and The Sheriff. It does not matter if it were ALADS, PPOA or SEIU.

  • Ron Hernandez:

    Not bombs, just facts.

    ALADS history has all the facts whether you acknowledge them or not.

  • The Sheriff mentioned several unions at his swearing in thanking them, but he didn’t mention PPOA. Can anyone here answer that? Thanks

  • Agreed @ Just Say’n: Your point is vividly valid as I concur with you. The dues of membership has allowed political posturing to overshadow the true needs of ALADS membership. No bones to pick since retirement but ALADS has definitely gone in a different direction.

  • @PPOA why would the new Sheriff acknowledge PPOA when their union president called him a drive thru window employee? I also Remember the same union president and his twits were saying afscme was anti law enforcement union?

  • Let’s see what happens with the alleged IA cases getting busted. That should make a good story for Witness LA or the Times. What will be really interesting is if (when) Carl Mandoyan gets his job back. He was fired and lost his case in civil service. Civil service overturns everything, but not his firing. He’s been hanging around AV, seen in different news camera shots and been driving AV around.

  • Hahahahahaha!!!!! Look at all these crybabies!!! “Lack of Discipline Will Lead to Chaos”…. keyboard warrior. The likes of you on this thread are disgusting and vile. Why don’t you get back to work and earn your paycheck?

  • Instead of being a follower, be a leader and take responsibility for your actions. Learn to make a decision. It’s time for Deputy Sheriff’s to take back control of their calls and stop asking their Sam unit what to do. Take pride in your job.

    Just my opinion.
    I’m not crying.

  • Was the current ALADS board involved in any decision having to do with James Sexton?

    Are you going to blame Sheriff Villanueva for any decisions made by the last regime(s)?

    I hope not!

  • @Happy at LASPA, and unfortunately in the history of LASD, we’ve had some deputies who took part in crimes.

    Should I blame you for their behaviour?

  • What a joke. At today’s swearing in he makes a point to protect “immigrants” give me a freaking break. What about making a point to protect the citizens here legally. LASD will continue to to be a ineffective law enforcement agency.

  • Awesome advice…it can be done where we are proactive, but also following the US constitution mandates…,McDonnell gave us a taste of what it is to have our constitutional rights violated, let’s not do it to others…don’t worry about the stat…

  • If you are going to be throwing rocks at Carl, have courage and valor give him a call, tell him how you feel…

  • Do you not agree with having a “Truth and Reconciliations” to rectify past wrongful terminations or do you have personal animosity towards Carl? Trying to wrap my head around your comment. Thanks in advance, awaiting your reply.

  • @ Citizen – Your judgement on LASD being ineffective is so bogus. You obviously have no clue. Why don’t you do some research before making such ridiculous statements. Regardless of leadership there are many stations/deputies that work everyday and are extremely effective in all facets of law enforcement.

  • @Code 1M. You are correct. There are many hard working Deps in Dept. Was disappointed to hear new sheriff make a statement about protecting immigrants. With all the crime and violence occurring, he talks about protecting people who are violating the law and he will protect them. Not a good start.

  • You can still arrest if a crime has been committed whether that person is a United States Citizen, an immigrant or illegal immigrant. The Sheriff is not enforcing immigration laws. In other words you can’t ask a persons immigration status or hold them based solely on immigration status. Only thing that is going to change is that ICE and 287 (g) will not be at the IRC release line. That’s it! Don’t be an ignoramus. Immigration matters are for the FEDS.

  • Glad to see Asmus gone. He would do anything to get promoted. Including stabbing you in the back. Told me that there were two teams on L.A.S.D the A TEAM AND THE B TEAM. if you were on the B team you were screwed. All along I believed that we were all on the SAME TEAM. GEORGE MARTINEZ L.A.S.D. 1983-2011

  • Call and order your PPOA drop card. Here are the numbers below.

    (323) 261-3010 Main
    (800) 747-PPOA Toll Free

    Office Hours:
    Monday through Friday
    8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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