Sheriff Alex Villanueva

WitnessLA on Spectrum News Tuesday A.M. Talking About Newly Sworn In Sheriff Alex Villanueva

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

As you may or may not know, Spectrum Networks, the hyper-local cable news operation of Charter Communications, launched a much-praised Southern California news operation last month.

I’ll be on their morning news show on Tuesday at around 8 a.m. discussing what we know and don’t know about Los Angeles County’s brand new sheriff, Alex Villanueva.

Soon after, WitnessLA will publish our own coverage of Monday’s energetic and intriguing swearing in ceremony, plus a rundown of the concerns and the hopes that have been swirling around the launch of Sheriff Villanueva’s newly-birthed term as sheriff.

So watch this space.


  • Celeste – I do hope that the media will get to know Alex Villanueva before predicting his failure and being over critical before he has even taken office. So much about the race for sheriff this term was biased in favor of McDonnell and many in the media I spoke to were not present for debates and straight out stated it was a waste of time to interview Alex Villanueva as essentially McDonnell was a shoe in. Of course there has been more interest after the primary but even that was biased. The Los Angeles Times, who sued McDonnell for lack of transparency, turned around and supported him. Behind the scenes, many of us ordinary citizens who were at the business end his lack of transparency needed McDonnell out of office as it was clear his efforts were only focused on presenting a pretty picture when all along his house continued to be dirty. Change is necessary and I hope Villanueva cleans house.

  • Good luck with that, looks like he has east la wearing their 10-30 pins again . He’s wearing it too! Welcome back clicks. Look in to that celeste.
    (Boot and helmet pin) look in to it.

  • Just because- that’s topic is dead already. I could argue all day on stations pins. I hope you never wear any jersey, college sweater, hat with logo, or any brand name for that matter.

    Pin is workplace and accomplishment pride period!

    He trained and worked there. Let him show that pride. It’s called Esprit De Corps

  • We should put the safety of the public first, do our jobs and stop worrying about who is working where, what uniforms we’ll be wearing, who was promoted and who was sent packing.

  • Very good points. However, those who lost will be bitter regardless. I will post again that the Never Villanuevas will carry their hate unto death. If your name was Hillary C or Jim McD we have elections and there can be only one winner.

    Good Luck Alex

  • Don’t hate on pride and hard working deputies. You really are a hater, but no worries you may benefit from a sheriff that is one of us.

  • Exactly…. media portrayed a landslide of support of McDonnell. Voters spoke otherwise.
    McD was an outsider that did fastrack organization reforms, yet still met resistance. Villanueva and team, all the best.

  • Hey Bandwagon please laugh at high school loser/poser bandido. He got off training at East Los and finally found a family to accept himt. He never made the football team, all the girls laughed at him and ignored him until he hot a badge a gun and a pension. Now he’s got the entire East Los Corrupt family behing him so he really feels like he’s apart of something. Its hilariously f’n pathetic. Jus laugh at him and move on…

  • And real tough guys ARE NOT on political/social blog’s trying to act hard and show muscle. They’re pretty good at letting their presence and there reputation do the talking…go back to ur east los family spook.

  • And you are? East Los!!!!!! Finally a Sheriff acknowledging the Fort. Hey South La, Cen, Toma Putos!!!

  • @Bandido#1: Go back to Bev/Mar with rest of your fat lazy inked brothers! only thing you guys do well, is talk shit and call cups! Have you started a collection for the fellas yet?? They’ll need it for the legal fees and boxing lessons so they don’t have to sucker punch! MAKE EAST LOS GREAT AGAIN! VIVA VILLANUEVA!

  • (@Bandidos#1, Civil Service Commission, and County Supervisors–here is one argument you might consider)

    Alex’s push toward meritocracy and the end of patronage corruption within the LASD obviously makes good sense and is empirically supported by this handy study from UC Berkeley’s Guo Xu. A similar, smaller scale study might be performed of the LASD covering the last 20 years—though costs would need to be defined differently. Alex himself and other talented people were casualties of the LASD patronage system. So was the public. What professor Xu doesn’t account for is bi-directional patronage (the nature of the study didn’t permit it), where, say, well-organized deputies at a particular patrol station or custody floor, can capture management functions and prerogatives. A patronage distortion and cost can exist in the upward direction too, unnecessarily weakening line supervision and station management. Good leadership and equilibrium prevents the distortion and is the key to the successful organization serving the public. Seems Alex would prefer the equilibrium model, but time will tell. Xu’s piece is worth a quick read, especially since it gives a nod to the historical functions of civil service.

    The Costs of Patronage: Evidence from the British Empire
    Guo Xu
    VOL. 108, NO. 11, NOVEMBER 2018
    (pp. 3170-98)

    Abstract: I combine newly digitized personnel and public finance data from the British colonial administration for the period 1854-1966 to study how patronage affects the promotion and incentives of governors. Governors are more likely to be promoted to higher salaried colonies when connected to their superior during the period of patronage. Once allocated, they provide more tax exemptions, raise less revenue, and invest less. The promotion and performance gaps disappear after the abolition of patronage appointments. Patronage therefore distorts the allocation of public sector positions and reduces the incentives of favored bureaucrats to perform.

  • Just because your a loser! Get a life nothing wrong with a little station morale. Now step aside and let the line (worker bees)get back too work. Idiot!

  • Isn’t this the story of most, if not all federal, state, local, public, private and mom and pop agencies. Those in power promote and favor those who they like, are related to, have common interests with or share other common bond with at the expense of the talented or truly qualified.

    Nepotism, cronyism, favoritism, racism, sexism and whatever other “isms” are all alive, active and well and not going anywhere.

    Human Nature….

  • Deputies will soon be allowed to join PPOA. Don’t like your union join PPOA. We offer insurance, notary services, immediate sr-22 filing, haircuts, water, immigration services , USPS, Fed-ex, copies & fax, water, we make keys, amusement park tickets, give small business advice, free pop corn and kool aid while you wait. We’re a one stop shop.

  • This dude is a division chief who just got demoted to Lieutenant, I love Alex Villanueva now destroying the sharks eating the little fish….Now you crooked executives, taste a little of what hundred of little deputies felt under the reign of terror created by the McBuckles/Terán regime….the demoted executives should take a constitutional class along with Terán, son they don’t violate it again for political reasons…

  • So did anyone else attending the meeting today feel that our new Sheriff may not have thought his game plan completely through. Who is advising him? Oscar Meyer?

  • @ services do you know if they offer tattoo removal ? I have some hideous tatts on my arms that I totally regret! You know peer pressure from your fellow co workers. I wanted to fit like the rest of them but now that I’m getting older and wiser ugh! P. S. Do you offer palm readings????

  • Not sure if this is true regarding PPOA, but if it is you are a PATHETIC UNION! You need to provide and look out for your union members. They keep you in business. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  • Excuse me why I pour another drink. Attended the most surreal meeting I have ever had in my career. The emperor said we had no brass. All ordered to take off rank as he said there is one Sheriff and your all deputies.

    He gave guidelines if you want to make Captain. This from a guy who was about to make a Lt into an A/S until Bob and Ray throttled him this weekend.

    No one still knows who thier Chiefs are.

    He even called out a well respected Commander a few times asking him when he is retiring. There goes an age discrimination suit.

    He was telling people they have to demote to gain his guidelines to promote by working Custody or a WC spot etc. AV, if it is not from DHR on the bulletin it doesn’t disqualify. Of course you could keep those requirements secret and judge on that but you aren’t that smart.

    Afterwords I heard many many people talking litigation and lawsuits. For every Million paid out that will be 6 less deps on the street. My god he will bankrupt the Department.

    Bob and Ray, you have street Cred. But the longer you go along with this insane management you will lose all your reputation.

  • Haha. Those moron Banditos don’t understand. He will just get mad and try to fight u. Many good dudes over there. But the ones commenting up there hide their true person to get places, but they always mess up at some point. Morons, like the CJ party, ELA party/fight, will always end up the same. That’s why those dudes cry and talk shit. Really Banditos. U idiots still can’t see having a mascot like that is bad. Hey world, my mascot is hitler a Mexican version. Lol. Changing it to PENDEJO would be more accurate.

  • Who are you? Pins were never 10-30 until the outsider entered my house. Does the military have insignias for individual units. Of course it does. The Boot and Helmet represent something that was earned at a price that you cannot comprehend.

  • But that’s only because no one ever mans/women’s up. People feel entitled, when they truly are not. It’s true. There is only 1 Sheriff. That should resinate in your mind. Bring you down from your cloud. Everyone else is a deputy, so stop fucking everyone over. The truth hurts. I’ve seen fake ass law suits on this dept. That’s not going to stop. But for once someone is going to run a merit based promotional system. People that don’t deserve shit are always the ones that cry the loudest. The humble people of the world just keep their heads down and keep working.

  • @ all is lost! Stfu and stop acting like a labor law attorney! You wouldn’t even survive a year in law school if your life depended on it! You wouldn’t know the difference between a tort or a tortilla if your life depended on it! And no you cannot earn a law degree online in cyberspace… so keep getting thoes bs diplomas in supervisory management , baffoonery supervisory school! Guess what All thoes peon degrees are useless in the real world!

  • Meanwhile back at the Ranch, the little people who push your paper, are sitting ducks without any foundation..
    It’s ok, loss of confidence and trust are going to hurt most where everyone is ignoring…
    Pay attention, because we are.

  • He told us not to wear our rank and basickly humiliated us all day today. This is hostile work environment. Many of us plan to file a lawsuit. Don’t even feel like going to work anymore.

  • It brings me great pleasure and happiness to hear that the new Sheriff did that. What did you expect a hug? A party? Or a thank you because you are “doing the lords work”?. Sorry only Medical Doctors do the LORDS work. Some of you have lost focus and have become self -serving individuals acting for your own benefit and at the expense of deputies. Not all, but most you and you know who you are. All of a sudden the tables have turned and it’s time for the fire to be lit under your A$$ (Karma). Most of you are Self-righteous A/H’s displaying that holier-than-thou attitude. There is a new Sheriff in town and it seems that he is trying to make you see that you don’t have to burn your personnel in order to get that promotion. McBuckles led by fear and intimidation and you dupes followed in his footsteps.

  • Nothing trumps a choice. For many, PPOA is more diplomatic and transparent than ALADS. Even though PPOA did not endorse Villanueva in which he’ll never forget, also know that Alex will never forget ALADS’s cloak of deceit and failure to allow members to know where, who and how finances were being dispersed. That was over 20 years ago and alas nothing has changed.

  • I do not agree with all the comments and pity cries from some of these folks. You should absolutely do your time on patrol before you start climbing. After all, we are Policemen and patrol is the fundamental duty of an agency. I remember seeing people stamp their ghetto ticket and begin climbing the ladder while the rest of us stayed in the trenches for years because we wanted to. It would really get under Ratviles’ skin.

  • OMG not a boot and helmet, the humanity. While she is at it she should look into other menacing logos such as the Marine Corps emblem or even better the US Army seal. After all it contains scary things such as a musket, bayonet, cannon, cannonballs, mortar, and mortar bombs. Oh my sounds like its a clique that glorifies violence!! You my freind are a panty waste and definately got stuffed in a trash can in grade school.

  • @Sexy me ….Relax you punk, you rat, you bum, you mooch! Sue sue sue sue get back to your EBI nonsense.

  • Bandito #1 #2 # 3 Real ELA “Cavemen” would meet at the ER, parking lot between the station and SEB or sometimes Belvedere park for “sodas”. Our gathering’s were at Kennedy or Tequilas, with no fights between deputies. I guess times have changed. If you are legit act your age, you only wish you could really work patrol!

  • You should look into getting beyond someone who takes names, when the teacher isn’t looking…..

  • I was in that meeting today and had to hold back my tears of joy. Finally someone with a military mind that understands true leadership and compassion for the workabees. I have to admit, I underestimated AV. After today, he in my eyes is the only Sheriff (I’ve worked for 3) GETS IT! Keep moving along with your plan Alex and you will have the support from those of us that have paid our dues doing the right thing. The only ones I heard complaining were the well known suck asses who jumped from under the desk to behind the desk their entire career and fucked over deputies on their way to the top. The only stats they have is the stats of deputy write ups and punishments. Keep talking shit and my next post will be listing of the names of those bitching, complaining and crying all day long. The list of course won’t surprise anyone. Good job AV, you made me a believer today and I will pull my retirement just to help you bring the shine back on the star.

  • @BORN AGAIN: You’ve worked only for 3 sheriffs (including AV?) and are talking about pulling your retirement? Some of us in the room have worked for 5 (including interim Scott and now AV), dude!

  • Haha Airforce lol that’s not military bro. Weak ass foo shut up with that. His time and service don’t count in my book.

  • @ Born Again ….Please disclose those names. I want to confirm what most of us already know. Thank You

  • Brother the guy was airforce not even a real one. Not a warrior so don’t give me that. A war a ranger and no need to brag about it.

  • He came in like a dictator today. He demeaned and humiliated good people. He didn’t have to do it this way. It’s all about revenge. So he wants everyvody to prove their worthiness to him?? So he is the one that failed the lieutenant’s test four times! He brings back people who have been gone for years. He is promoting people and skipping ranks. But to strip these people of bars and stars that they worked hard for and were proud to wear was disgusting. He looks like a bully and when the cities hear they are not being included just watch out. This could have been done so differently. This is a revenge act.

  • Very enlightening discussions but reality will eventually have to set in. We want Alex to succeed but he is handing everyone opportunities to sue, because he set a standard in public that cant be followed. When one of his besties gets promoted without touching all the bases he told us today, everyone else has open game to sue. Again, just like Baca and McDonnell, Alex doesn’t have anyone teaching him the important aspects of Sheriff. Unfortunately if nobody steps up he will fail. The Federal Court will be back for failure to follow the agreed upon consent decree. The Grand Jury will go after him for changing the DEPARTMENT’S agreement. And social groups, cities and citizens will bombard the Board of Supervisors for a fix that will be impossible to correct. Someone please step up and tell Alex not only how to lead but how our bureaucracy works.

  • Dude, just retire already. Maybe it’s time. The truth hurts and sometimes a little difficult to absorb. It’s ok you can buy a Dodge Charger with your own money they’re always on sale. However, make sure you get the 3.5 liter because the Hemi 5.7 liter does use a lot of gas, and you know the saying “County gas is the best gas”. Yes you can also buy some aftermarket police package to make you feel like you haven’t lost it or that power you think you have in your pathetic little mind. Geeez get a life you poser.

  • I see all the legal experts are jumping on board the AV bashing bandwagon. They may want to reread the MOU and Title VII, and let us all know what protected category is the display of metal on your collar. Maybe the bootlickers with little law enforcement experience can lobby to become a new protected class?

    I’d say the tide is turning the other way towards merit, not cronyism. The only “loss” people can identify is the loss of privilege, nothing more.

  • @CONCERNED: You reminded me of what my mentors taught me after each promotion: take it slow, take time to learn and get to know your people and who the players are. It is not happening here. Nevertheless, I’m more concerned about Sheriff AV’s plans to change policies and procedures that have been tried and true and survived legal challenges. Has he even consulted with county counsel on any of his plans? Then there are the contract cities which believe it or not, and whether we like it or not, have a lot of influence on how our Department as a whole will provide L/E services to them. If they don’t like the changes, they will undoubtedly bail out of our contracts to co-op with other PDs or venture out on their own, then what… loss of personnel positions.. loss of revenue…?! For the time being, the contract cities will undoubtedly continue to receive top notch services by our station personnel, but I venture the unincorporated areas will suffer because of the benefits that illegal immigrants will reap from the reigns coming loose (as per his support for the sanctuary city law) regarding enforcement of 14601’s and 12500’s and our Department’s tow/storage policies and cite-outs, etc., and not to mention the street vendors which comes with the territory. I, took exert that today’s stripping of the ranks was degrading and humiliating. I must compare it to the shaving of the hair off the military recruits and stripping them of all their personal belongings to remove all identities, life accomplishments. This is the ritual that Marxist, socialist, and dictators do to exert their authority, frankly. We all are grown men and women, with children and grandchildren, and so it was uncalled for, and very unnecessary. I realize the Sheriff has some axes to grind from the past, and they are understandable, but what I saw today was alarmingly akin to someone with so much potential morphing into that which he hated.

  • I don’t count Scott as a Sheriff tough guy. I can only guess who you are, but with this blog being coward friendly, it can be any one of the chief’s aids that were bitching. Your days are numbered and let’s see how you deal with wearing a gun belt finally. This is great.

  • Esssoooo.. bandito #1 straight menso… already starting shit with other stations.. dude needs to stfu and realize we are all one team.. we all wear the tan and green.. AV knows what he needs to do and will get it done!!

  • Alex, if you’re reading this, we the majority agree and respect your vision and plan. We the majority who have paid our dues will be good soldiers and execute your plan of action. The whinny bitches on this thread only represent about 25-30 donkies who are in cush admin spots and predominantly aides on the 8th floor. Rid these clowns and roll em up to patrol. If you don’t they will be a cancer and will leak information to their former bosses. It shouldn’t be hard to roll them up since hardly any of them did any time in a radio car. Drain the swamp Alex. Don’t leave any of the old corrupt regime behind. They need to be back wearing Sam brown and a vest. Trust me on this one. These clowns were already talking about pushing back.

  • It doesn’t matter what your mou says !! You just can’t treat people that way, or discriminate people base on color age or gender. Read your California labor laws crazy. I heard he told several commanders to retire because they are to old to perform their duties, so yes we have a case sir. Oh yeah and no I’m not a deputy sheriff. We have a few other things , but can’t really Talk about this case .

  • There is nothing menacing about a boot and helmet that represented the lack of Deputy Sheriffs’ during a very chaotic time during the East La Riots. It was a very tumultuous time in our history during the Chicano movement. On a personal note I am also Chicano. This represents the sacrafice that was made my my fellow Deputies to protect our community at all costs. This is what it means to persevere and protect the community which we serve. Those of us that chose to work at this”The oldest Station in our Department” understand the commitment and sacrafice that we made. But we also acknowledge the sacrafices that are made daily by our brothers and sisters throught our beloved Department. You made reference to scary logos and embles but what is scary is not knowing if you will return home at the end of your shift. Something you apparently know nothing about. May God Bless you and keep you well.

  • You must be one of those who like to bully little people, and know you feel bullied and crying the loudest, classic…

  • Amen born again, I would work with you any time of the day….god bless you…be a leader and tell your peers to man up….

  • AV is the sheriff you are a deputy, you are not getting fired just placed in the right spot, so why are you crying? What about all the little deputies you fabricated cases against to get your rank? They are not getting paid…

  • Wow, you are to upset, come on you are getting paid, there is no loss of anything…,pain and suffering is not enough lol

  • Roll them up Alex, get all the rats out of the Hall of Justice and send the pest control to make sure they are gone. All little deputies support you and are extremely happy about the sanitation operation you have undertaken…you are really the little people hero when it was most needed….

  • I concur with the above comments roll these pos up! But I would even go lower too the Sgt level. You have a lot of weiners in that group also who take advantage of their subordinates while they sit behind the desk all shift polishing the seats! Total waste of skin…

  • @ what the….. doing the math.

    Block 1982-1998
    Baca 1998 1 2014
    McDonnell 2014 -2018
    Scott (Faux)

    Let’s just say “Bornagain”started in 1982. Three sheriffs ago until now. Wouldn’t that be approximately 35 years of service ?

    Do we need to explain simple math like we would a child. That’s the problem with you people. You guys need to retire. There’s life after the LASD. There is no reason for you to stay. We don’t want your negative influence. Go fishing, help with the grandkids, just leave and enjoy life we’re not on this earth forever.

  • I wasn’t there yesterday but from what I have heard, AV made the case that you have to work in Patrol and Custody for a certain number of years to gain “legitimacy” and a well rounded base for future promotion(s). Also sounds like he asked people to take a step back if they have not earned their promotion or can’t handle it because they aren’t ready.
    This is the fifth Sheriff I have worked for and the first who seems to be messaging, in mixed company, about pushing up through the ranks and earning each step of the way. I mean for a guy bringing back two retired commanders, who have been gone for years and making them U/S and A/S as well as having one Captain jump to A/S and two Captains jump to Chief is rich…do as I say, not as I do seems to be the example put forth.

  • This is childish… grow up… we are all tan and green. I do believe in station pride but this type of behavior is unnecessary. Grow up.

  • Burrito#1. Tell me more about your great leader on AM shift. I think you call him the “godfather” or “grandfather”. I can’t tell if u have to kiss his ring or his ass. If it’s the guy Im thinking about…..he was always on the patch, yet never had anyone in his backseat. Once in awhile you youngsters need to get out of the car and chase somebody…..

  • There is NO lawsuit if the employee’s pay is not reduced. The Sheriff can order a Commander to work 162B on earlies if he wants to. The Commander would have ABSOLUTELY NO recourse.

    A reduction of pay is the only thing that would give that Commander a grievance case.

    Word is, the Sheriff is going to put some Lts and above in their “experience appropriate” positions while keeping their current pay grade. I think it’s Fucking awesome!!

    Moving forward, he’s laying a blueprint for promotion. Again, Fucking awesome!!! What a concept. Experience based promotions!!

  • well it’s also consider harassment ………. the sheriff needs to learn California law. This is crazy coming from a guy who couldn’t pass his Lt test, took him 4 times to passed and yes the guy who only had 200 stats during his entire career, what does that tell you????? do your research guys. How can he implement leadership when he didn’t have any at all. He’s also claiming military background lolol what background he was Airforce! which consist of playing video games all day ………..

    sue him asap, you guys have a case trust me especially the age discrimination part . ( hostile work environment)

  • @uggs It may not be the management style you want, but he IS right. There is one sheriff. If you’re not him, you are a deputy, albeit with some rank.

    For the past 4 long years we have heard a word thrown about and used as an excuse to justify destroying lives and ruining careers. It was used as a punch line as the unworthy rose to positions they achieved on the backs of the hard-working men and women that form the backbone of this department. That word is how being applied to us all, and it will be embraced by those who are truly worthy while it will be balked at by those who know they are lacking. ACCOUNTABILITY.

    This whining and bellyaching about the new boss being mean and hurting the feelings of the weaklings who also wear brass adornments is embarrassing to those of us who understand what it truly means to be a leader. This talk of lawsuits and complaining to DHR is beneath us. Those who are complaining the loudest are the same ones who sat by quietly so long as it wasn’t happening to them. The shoe is now on the other foot.

    I can confidently look myself in the mirror with the knowledge I have worked for and earned the respect of those I have been privileged to lead. I have never taken part in railroading a deputy. I have held those below me to the same standard I hold for myself. Throughout my time on the department, I have never thought I had a “right” to lead. I have always thought it was a privilege to serve and to look out for my subordinates.

    I have learned my lessons along the way and have tried to never lose sight of the fact my badge reads “deputy sheriff” first and foremost regardless of what is engraved under it.

    Never mind the whiners. They are the reason this was a necessary move.

  • Uggs:

    “So he is the one that failed the Lieutenant’s test four times.”

    My information is that he passed it four times but didn’t get promoted, which is one reason why he’s so pissed off.”

  • 284:

    “Who couldn’t pass his Lt test, took him 4 times….’

    He passed all four times but didn’t get promoted, which is why he’s so pissed off.

  • “Brother the guy was airfare not even a real one.”

    He served in a Troop Carrier squadron and as an ex-Army paratrooper (187th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division; the 187th can be Googled if you don’t know who they are) I know full well what USAF Troop Carrier units do.



  • WOW! So devoid of reality, not even remotely believable. No one station or facility stands above others or can stand alone no matter how much huffing, puffing and flexing is done to try and make it so. If one station or facility badass, just as the state of California floated secession, present a proposal to the citizens of the community you serve and BOS to become your own independent badass PD. That way, you can separate off from the thousands of “lesser than cops” that patrol the “cotton candy lined” easy streets of the south land.

  • Are you dumb or just deliberately being obtuse? Executive appointments are different than promotions. There is no need to promote only from the next lower rank for those positions. They serve at the will of the Sheriff. He could make his mom A/S if he wanted to. Did you really expect that he wouldn’t simply select who he wanted?? If you have a problem with that, I suggest you run against him in 4 years. I, for one, think he’s off to a strong start. I am excited for what it will bring our department. It is a much-needed and welcome change.

  • Apparently I am annoyingly slow to you but I know this….all that talking he supposedly did about doing a number of years and having time to gain experiences to learn the next step, be it a promotion to an Executive position (Capt and Commander included) or an appointment to Chief or above means a lot less to all as a result of his moves. There is a lot to learn for everyone. Hopefully, the baptism by fire works out okay. We need it to.

  • I heard Elvis is still alive, but that doesn’t make it true. You really need to educate yourself on what constitutes discrimination and adverse employment actions.

  • Holy cow, what a bunch of morons. You finally get to brag about your station (ELA) but you fail to realize that you sound like uneducated, insecure pre-teens trying to fit into the cool crowd. No other station can compare to ELA? You know, you’re right, no other station issues cool moustaches when you get off training. Grow up children. Regardless of who our boss is, shouldn’t we just worry about hard work and personal responsibility?

  • East Los East Los and what ese, the sheriff gots our back and what jotos. Century Compton Carson Norwalk Lennox valen madre and ill say it to your cara anytime jotos culeros.

  • You’re right you can’t compare no other station to ours culera or culero. East Los East Los and what eyy.

  • I have a question, where were these critics before AV became sheriff, where were they when MCD was terminating deputies left and right with made Up charges, were they commenting on that no, or how deputies were losing their jobs, wives, homes, and put through hell by they department. Did the department ever say we are sorry, no. So I ask why now, why do you come out when Sheriff Villanueva. Is doing what he promised he was going to do during his campaign. So they dont have bars on their collars, did they lose anything, mo. Paycheck still coming. Same pay and everything. They still have their spots, so what’s the problem? Or was it ok because the last name was McDonnell and this new sheriff is villaneva, please explain it to me, no deputy or supervisor has lost their job. What is the problem.

  • @ Bandido 3. Ya callate pendejo estupido ignorante. You sound like a fool when you speak like a gangster. Second thought I’m sure you are a Deputy Gangster (Cholo) that slipped through the cracks. You are pathetic and it embarrassing that you work for the LASD. Loser!

  • Cut that out villanaka we know this is you talking. It’s harassment you big dummy you don’t want these folks because they are old and you feel like they can’t do the job anymore.

  • Alex, I know you read these crazy posts, so this one is for you. I’ve gleaned from what I read here, that you have said you are not going to consult the Contract Cities on the appointment of their station Captains. If not true, disregard this. If true, you might want to reconsider. First, I disagreed with the notion of ever letting the cities have a say in this regard. As an area Commander I have been involved in this process and sat in on interviews of potential station commanders by the local city managers. Occasionally, they would ask me my opinion. Sometimes not. Seldom, in my judgement, did they pick the right person. We, the LASD, know these individuals much better than any city manager can glean from a 30 minute interview and a review of a resume. It is a ridiculous process and far from what is best for all concerned. BUT, they have come to expect that privilege. To take that away at this time is not in the best interests of the LASD in the long run. We NEED a strong network of Contract Cities. And the last thing the LASD, and you, need is for the cities to start looking around for alternatives. Let that one sit until you feel very comfortable with broaching the subject with the cities at a future date, if ever. Just make sure that potential candidates are 100% can’t misses. Unfortunately, from my experiences, that has not always been the case, especially when executive cronies and favorites have been inserted in to the process.

  • So,
    Need college degree to apply
    Max out with two stripes at custody without patrol experience
    Custody Sergeants must go to patrol to keep stripes
    3000 new patrol deps
    New force policy coming
    So I hear…sure there is more.

  • My take on this:

    “Need college degree to apply.”

    The college degree is the Associate’s, which is the degree awarded by the Community Colleges.

    This requirement is doable because, by State law, there must be access to a Community College in every High school District in the State, so that even in the most remote parts of the State there’ll be access to a nearby Community College.

    I remember traveling through Quincy some time ago.

    Quincy is a small town ‘way up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, reachable only by winding, mountainous two-lane state highway.

    The biggest, most modern building in the town is the Community College–Feather River College.

  • A few people spoke about the moment he had you pull your rank off your collars. The ones who had nothing to worry about, laughed a bit, shrugged it off and went with the flow and understood the meaning. Some of you who like to hide behind the brass on your collars straight bitched up and looked panicked. My guess is you did the latter…

  • Yet I bet you were the first in line after you were demeaned & humiliated to shake his hand and say “Congrats Sir”…… it

  • Cognistator:

    Copy that!
    Do-able for anyone who really wants to get in this field. I was told Associates degree minimum but others said BA/BS.

  • Military service especially Marine Corps and Army beats out required degrees for many starting out in the law enforcement. To move up the ranks in administration positions with a degree is another story which would apply once you’re in.

  • My take on this:

    For the L.A. area the BA/BS requirement is probably doable because, off the top of my head, I can think of four CSU campuses within about thirty miles of downtown L.A. In the CSU system a student can just take a few units at a time towards the Baccalaureate whereas in the U.C. system a student must carry a full load–twelve units.

    Our new Sheriff, let us not forget, has a Master’s from CSU-Northridge.

  • Good luck with that as an LASD requirement. The pay scale will have to be much more than what it currently is along with perks. Most people who get degrees will not put up with the known shenanigans in LASD. After LASD is cleaned up a bit more with incentives and clear promotional guidelines for having degrees, then recruitment will see an upward movement.

  • This is what I found, not CSU-Northridge

    “earning an Associate of Arts, a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Public Administration, and culminating with a Doctor of Public Administration from the University of La Verne in 2005.”

    Didn’t Baca have fancy degrees from USC, etc? A degree does not impress me, although spending years correcting deputy reports, education couldn’t hurt.

    Having a degree and writing reports as a young deputy, the sergeant always said we had to dummy up the reports with simple language and words so the attorneys and jurors would be able to understand them.

  • Side Lines:

    Alex Villanueva’s educational trajectory:

    1. Associate’s degree, Community College in San Bernardino
    2. Baccalaureate: State University of New York
    3. Master’s: CSU-Northridge
    4. Doctorate: University of La Verne

    Only the Doctorate came from the University of La Verne.

  • Editor’s Note:

    Dear “EL APACHE LOCO,”

    I deleted both of your comments because they include serious accusations against someone you refer to by name, and that is not permitted in this forum.

    Thank you for understanding.


  • You’re exactly the reason pins and logos become unwarranted. Probably the most you’ve ever done on your careeer is run your mouth!

  • Your sentence structure in your post is written just like your 3rd grade level 49s. You are an embarrassment.

  • @All is Lost….Evidently, you are 390 already, based on your spelling (i.e., why s/b while, thier s/b their).

  • Hey Banditos, has your sheriff taken care of your punk leaders who like to jump trainees? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, trying to come across as tough guys and eses…Viva La Raza…bunch of PUNKS!!!

  • Call and order your PPOA drop card. Here are the numbers below.

    (323) 261-3010 Main
    (800) 747-PPOA Toll Free

    Office Hours:
    Monday through Friday
    8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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