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WitnessLA on KPFK’s Deadline LA Talking About the LA County Sheriff’s Department, Subpoena Power & Indicting Paul Tanaka…(& Also on KCRW’s Press Play)


On Memorial Day I was on KPFK’s Deadline LA with hosts, Barbara Osborn and Howard Blume, discussing issues concerning the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, including the significance of the recent indictments of former undersheriff Paul Tanaka and former LASD captain Tom Carey. We also talked about the proposed civilian oversight commission for the LASD and whether or not that commission should have subpoena power.

Last, we touched on the recent report showing crime in California has gone down not up since realignment began in October 2011.

Here’s a link to the podcast. (Scroll down through the archives until you see DEADLINE LA and you’ll find it.)


On the day that the indictments were unsealed charging Tanaka and Carey with obstruction of justice, I was on KCRW’s Press Play, where I discussed with host Madeleine Brand the significance of the indictment, and whether or not these new charges meant that there was a possibility that former sheriff Lee Baca—who, for a host of reasons, has been believed by many to be essentially unindictable—might now be in the U.S. Attorney’s sights for future charges.

We thought you might enjoy listening to the conversation.

Here’s the link.


  • In LA we know crimes going up Celeste, in my mini-LA it is and everyone knows it. Try to make good guys out of badd guys all you want but turn into the news any night and watch another pursuit with another parolee or probationer at the wheel of a GTA. These are people you believe always deserve another chance, when they run some kid over I’m sure I won’t be reading about it hear or listening about how tragic it was on KCRW.

  • @Surefire: You are very opinionated on several issues and I concur with some of them. Some of your opinions would be held in a higher light, if solutions were offered.

    Your disdain for the left appears to be your catch all for everything wrong in our Nation. I’m very curious of your thoughts on viable implementation to right what is wrong and to meet the left at some point shy of extermination.

    Dropping “Little Boy” on leftists would take out democracy in America. Your thoughts…….

  • Factoid; It’s funny when somebody from the left asks for solutions. You folks NEVER have them. When the right offers solutions, you call us bigots, racists, The 1%, insensitive etc etc…. The bottom line is that you want to treat criminals better than victims, you want to increase welfare and every other form of social assistance. The question you never have the answer for is how to fund your desires. Social programs with no incentive to actually work creates dependence and crime. You are the problem. Solution; Make jail and prison hell with true consequences. They have no rights. Create a time limit for social assistance so generations of the “dole” aren’t possible.

  • Ownership made solid points but my thought when I went into this line of work in the 70’s was that when you put bad guys in jail less crime takes place everywhere. I lived that my entire career and expected the people who worked for me to understand that. That’s now how people like Celeste looks at the crime problem and crime is going back up because in this state we’ve taken away some of the tools we had in place to actually incarcerate people. The celebrates when less people are in jail, I get pissed off when my kid or one of his partners tells me people are getting cited out for what were and should still be felonies. The incentive for people to actually get help for drug issues has been dismantled by the left here so you can thank these people for taking that hammer away from the justice system and expecting that society and families will pick up the financial and emotional cost. It didn’t happen in the 80’s with the mental health crisis and it’s no different now with the dopers. For proof of that look at our homeless and jails, it isn’t the left taking the crazies because you can’t force them to accept it. It’s a joke same as our immigration enforcement which is non-existent. All the money we spend with our worthless leftist politicians inviting people here so we can pay to feed, house, incarcerate, educate and take care of them medically that could be better spent on problems actual citizens face but nope, not to the left and they have a movement to let them vote. To fix things Factoid, how about just a common sense approach to laws that make sense and everything in the post above me. The left us destroying this country day by day and it’s a very sad situation.

  • One more thing, how is it possible that the contolling offense for an AB109er can be 187? That has happened and the law certainly isn’t supposed to allow that. That’s another thing about the left that drives me nuts, they act as if property crimes aren’t even a crime, like they just don’t count. Look on any rap sheet on any prison thug doing time for ADW, 211 or better and you’ll see somewhere back on his RAPS 484, 594 or when he was younger 11377 and everyone knows it. Now the left just says, ignore it, no big deal just build up their “self esteem” and they’ll do better. In fact Celeste has a self esteem story on the page today but I don’t know, self esteem isn’t deserved it’s earned in my book by acting in a certain manner and carrying yourself in a certain way. You certainly don’t build up some thug, you show him/her what happens to those who act out wrongly as compared to correctly and give him the chance to modify behavior unless it’s so bad they need to be locked up forever. Many on the left think, sadly, those types don’t exist even at a young age, I grew up with one and know better. Even he’d tell you that.

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