WitnessLA Finalist for Southern California Journalism Award

We are delighted to announced that WitnessLA’s Taylor Walker and Celeste Fremon
are finalists for the LA Press Club’s 58th Southern California Journalism Awards. We were nominated in the category of Website, News Organization Exclusive to the Internet.

The nomination was, quite honestly, a surprise.

Our fellow finalists are both excellent news sites run by organizations that are far larger—and better funded—than our little-engine-that-could news site. But we are honored to be in the finals, and in their company.

The awards will be announced on Sunday, June 26, 2016.


  • Congratulations, Celeste. The honest, ethical and dedicated members (past and present) owe you a debt that honestly, cannot be repaid. Paul Tanaka and all of his boot lickers and henchmen, curse WLA each day, shitting bricks each morning they open your site, fearful you have exposed them and their kind with yet another LASD scandal. Keep doing it!

  • I will second that. Matter of fact, I believe when the comments get a little hot, the Department assigns an imposter to try and change the dialog on the Web site. Keep up the good work Celeste….a couple more Chiefs need to be exposed and sent to pasture!

  • Great job kicking over rocks that needed kicking over. You’ve been a good girl and Santa will not be the only one rewarding you for all your good deeds this year!

  • Man, did I just “wake up” and see that Celeste was recognized by her peers and commenters alike?!?

    It’s tough to take ownership of maturity and show respect to an advisarial position.

    Let the good times roll as they say.

  • Congratulations Celeste and to your liberating Witness LA website! You have been the only means by which much of the corruption at the highest levels of the LASD, has been exposed. For so many years, illegal and corrupt actions have been perpetrated on the employees of LASD, and onto the citizens of Los Angeles county for every employee and every case that they “buried”.

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to seeing the rampant LASD corruption exposed. Well done!

  • The thing is, and it wasn’t necessarily intended, WLA has morphed into a sounding board for cool headed law enforcement. And, and(!), she also gives space to total cranks.

    I doubt that this was the original premise for WLA, but holy moly, has she came through for all of us.

    (Love ya, Rosedog 🙂 )

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