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Uneven Justice

Durham County D.A. Mike Nifong and Cardinal Roger Mahony

Oh God, why is it so much easier to defrock a sinful lawyer than a man of the cloth, dirtied by decades of deceit and immoral conduct? We beseech you to grant Steve Cooley the strength and wisdom to do something about it. Amen.


  • I don’t know anything about this issue, but normally liberals compare people to Hitler; but, maybe that’s only if the people being compared are conservative.

  • Woody, it’s hard to find an organization that is more conservative than the Roman Catholic Church. And, it’s hard to find an organization that has buied as many sexual improprieties as the Roman Catholic Church. The Republicans would have to clone Mark Foley to a power of a hundred to come close. Of course, being the good competitors that they are, the Evangelical arm of the Protestants have worked very hard to keep up.

  • LotS, homosexuality and child molestation are not conservative values. In fact, it is usually the liberals who close their eyes to such abuse, unless it is politically expedient. Democrats and atheists, usually one and the same, have had their share of such scandals, and Democratic Rep. Gerry Studds even received a standing ovation by the Democrats on the floor of Congress when he admitted to a physical homosexual relationship with a seventeen year old boy! Liberal media covers up such abuse. I don’t see conservatives defending NAMBLA or falsely claiming that male child molestation and murder by homosexuals has nothing to do with homosexuality.

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