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Trump Targets Sanctuary Cities (and California)

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed two executive orders. The first seeks to deny federal funding to sanctuary cities. The second order calls for “the immediate construction of a physical wall on the southern border,” and seeks to bolster the ranks of border patrol and the federal immigration officers who handle deportations.

Los Angeles leaders have vowed to fight back.

In sanctuary cities and counties like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Alameda, Oakland, and Riverside (and hundreds more, nationally), undocumented immigrants are not arrested and detained solely for violating federal immigration laws.

The executive order states that “it is the policy of the executive branch to ensure that jurisdictions that fail to comply with applicable Federal law do not receive Federal funds, except as mandated by law.”

After Trump’s election and initial promises to defund sanctuary cities, a number of officials in California cities and others around the nation reclassified their cities as sanctuary cities or reaffirmed their existing status.

The city of Los Angeles was expected to receive more than $500 million this fiscal year from the US Department of Justice for port security, homeland security, and combatting homelessness, among other important purposes.

This year, Oakland received $130 million in funding from the federal government for things like law enforcement, seismic retrofitting, and subsidized school lunches, according to the San Jose Mercury News. And the federal government is responsible for just under one-sixth of Santa Clara County’s $6.2 billion budget.

California’s budget for fiscal year 2017-2018 includes $105 billion in funding from the federal government.

The pair of orders also gives law enforcement officers the power to act as immigration officers. “It is the policy of the executive branch to empower State and local law enforcement agencies across the country to perform the functions of an immigration officer in the interior of the United States to the maximum extent permitted by law,” one of the orders reads.

“We regularly cooperate with immigration authorities — particularly in cases that involve serious crimes — and always comply with constitutional detainer requests,” Mayor Garcetti said. “What we don’t do is ask local police officers to enforce federal immigration laws — and that’s an official LAPD policy that has been enforced for nearly 40 years.”

Garcetti referred to Special Order 40, a 1979 mandate implemented by then-LAPD Chief Daryl Gates and the LA City Council, which prevents police from questioning people with the sole intention of determining their immigration status.

On Wednesday, Garcetti told reporters that city officials would move forward with a legal challenge if the president withholds the funding. Garcetti pointed to the 10th Amendment, which deals with the powers of the federal government versus the powers of individual states.

“Telling cities they must deny public safety, education and health care services to children and families living within their jurisdiction will not make us more secure, it will mean fewer crimes reported and more families living in fear,” US Senator (and former CA Attorney General) Kamala Harris said in response to Trump’s executive orders.

While many jurisdictions intend to defy Trump’s actions against sanctuary cities, Fresno Mayor Lee Brand has announced his city will not risk a loss of federal funding to protect undocumented immigrants. “I’m not going to make Fresno a sanctuary city because I don’t want to make Fresno ineligible from receiving potentially millions of dollars in infrastructure and other types of projects,” Brand told the Fresno Bee.


In his State of the State speech on Tuesday, California Governor Jerry Brown promised to “defend everybody—every man, woman and child—who has come here for a better life and has contributed to the well-being of our state.”

Before delivering his address, Governor Brown swore in CA’s new Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, who has also vowed to defy Trump’s efforts to conduct mass-deportations. (Becerra’s swearing in is about seven and a half minutes into the above video.)

The title of Brown’s speech, which the governor wrote himself, and deviated from occasionally, was “California Is Not Turning Back, Not Now, Not Ever.” (Read it here.)

“This morning it is hard for me to keep my thoughts just on California,” Brown said. “The recent election and inauguration of a new president have shown deep divisions across America. While no one knows what the new leaders will actually do, there are signs that are disturbing.”

The governor pointed out that 27% of the state’s residents—nearly 11 million people—were born in another country, and CA’s immigrants “are an integral part of who we are and what we’ve become” and “have helped create the wealth and dynamism of this state from the very beginning.”

Brown acknowledged that federal law and Washington have the final say on immigration policy. “But as a state we can and have had a role to play,” Brown said. “California has enacted several protective measures for the undocumented: the Trust Act, lawful driver’s licenses, basic employment rights and non-discriminatory access to higher education.”

The governor also vowed to do everything he can to protect the state’s health care system, and to continue working to combat climate change.

“When California does well, America does well. And when California hurts, America hurts,” Brown said.

One day after Brown delivered his annual State of the State address, President Trump aimed his sights on California, specifically, along with New York, announcing a voting fraud investigation via Twitter.

Trump has said multiple times that he believes he lost the popular vote in the election because between 3 million and 5 million undocumented immigrants voted for Hillary Clinton.

“I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time),” Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

The LA Times’ Cathleen Decker has more on the potential problems California may face from a president who feels slighted by the state.


Newsweek has a not-to-be-missed longread on the growing battle between California and Donald Trump, who is stepping up to fight for CA, and what’s at stake. Newsweek’s Alexander Nazaryan interviews CA Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom—who is running for Governor in 2018—about the resistance in California and important immigration lessons from the state’s own history.

“We’ve been here before,” Newsom said. “We’ve not only survived, we’ve thrived.”

Newsom points back to the 90s, when Republicans had far more influence in California, and then-Governor Pete Wilson used “the exact kind of xenophobia, the exact kind of nativism, the exact kind of fear of the other” which, Newsom says, “just didn’t work out as well as they had promoted.”

Wilson’s failed Proposition 187, which intended to make undocumented immigrants ineligible for public benefits, as well as the tough-on-crime Three Strikes law—a major contributor to the state’s prison overcrowding crisis—and other so-called reforms, are now viewed as outdated and harmful.

What California experienced in the 90s with Wilson, “the rest of the country is about to experience,” says Newsom.

(Nazaryan covers quite a bit of ground in his longread, so be sure to click over at Newsweek to read and watch the rest.)


  • There is no reason for Pres. T. to concern himself with which candidate got the most votes in total. The USA doesn’t elect candidates to the presidency based on a national popular vote count.
    If the Pres. feels popular vote is the best way to choose our President, then he can focus his energies on reforming the Electoral College system

  • Trump’s “teeny weeny” feelings were hate. He sentence closer is “I won”……with that being said, he continues to cry while attempting to massage his bruised ego. The bottom line is….who cares.

  • Doesn’t it bother u that all your presidents since JFK weren’t ‘elected’ but were PLACED in by the Elite through voter fraud? Seriously?
    Voting is where u get YOUR voice heard. It’s not a menial thing.. it’s VERY important..unless u don’t care.
    The election in 2016 changed the normal voting to ‘genuine.’
    To say there wasn’t voter fraud is ridiculous. In Podesta’s emails.. it states they would be ‘reprogramming’ the voting machines..not to mention that voter fraud was found as far back as the 2004 election. A programmer stood in front of a judge and ‘explained’ how they could be changed. People all over American in 2016 were taking pictures with their phone to ‘show’ how when they were voting was switching to Democrat. Dead were voting, duplicate votes were cast in separate states. To say it’s ‘nothing’ is lame.
    The Electoral bull$hit can come later.. It IS SERIOUS..
    The corrupt are losing their power now.. Thank God!
    Some people have lived with the LIES they’ve been told since the cradle for too long.
    It’s time to wake up!

    Hillary Clinton’s election fraud finally exposed. California stolen from Bernie Sanders!

  • Please do not be fooled by the liberal leaders of this City, County and State. They can pump their chest all they want; when the mayor’s ride sinks in a pothole (yes we get a lot of federal money for roads) he may change his tune!

  • My goodness, Mygoodness. I’m fine with the federal government not sending California any money for being a sanctuary city, so long as the federal government not take any money from California. The truth is that California and the rest of the blue states send more to the federal treasury than we get back. We are subsidizing all of the yokels in Trump country. If it was not for us, some of those trailers would not be double wide trailers and some of those trucks would not be double cabs. The holy rollers outside Planned Parenthood would have to get real jobs. I would rather live in California with potholes, but without ICE, than in Trump country with dirt roads and overweight redneck Sheriffs. Let them keep the money, they need it.

  • Granted that California has their issues and righteously so……However, California is the first state to benefit from national perks and the last State to feel the effect during a slump. Many states look to Cali as a model state.

  • CF,
    Wow. You managed to get in yokels, trailers, trucks, holy rollers and redneck cops in your post.
    If it weren’t for so many people like you, espousing your utter disdain for those redneck truck driving bible thumpers in middle America, Trump wouldn’t of been elected. They stayed home by the tens of millions in 2008 and 2012.
    Congratulations to you and your coastal elitist friends on galvanizing them and motivating them to show up at the polls.
    The RNC couldn’t figure out how to motivate them to show up at the polls, but you guys pulled it off. We have you to thank for Trump.
    Nice job.

  • What is a sanctuary city. Can someone explain that to me. Law abiding citizens legal or illegal WILL NOT

  • CF: You are obviously an angry, prejudice, stereotyping in-box thinker. Your rant is without fiscal evidence, and is full of typical liberal rhetoric lacking evidence; yet giving only theory. Look up grants for the last 2 years alone. Your opinion may sway…

  • Mygoodness, surely you jest. Are you living in an alternative facts universe? Did you do your research from the same journals as Doggyanne Conway and our great yellow commander in chief, from the Journal of Pull Shit Out of Your Ass and the Study of Bullshit. You are entitled to your opinion (such as white bed sheets make nice hoods and gowns or that mexicans and muslims are bad -that’s an opinion) but not your facts (There were no 3 million incidents of voter fraud, there were not more people at Big Yellow’s inauguration than at Obama’s 2008 inuguraton, and 1+1 does not equal 3 – these are not facts no matter how many times you repeat)
    Take a look at any of these:

  • CF nobody cares, you keep crying your liberal tears we’ll keep winning elections. March, block streets, airports and piss off more people, we love it.

  • CF: Please explain where u get your voter fraud stats. Bottom line is we have no way to know what the real numbers are…the only way to prevent voter fraud would be to require proof of “citizenship” during the registration process. By the way can you pick up my sheets and pillow cases from the dry cleaners……

  • Oh, Sure Fire, I don’t expect you to understand. I do not cry, either liberal or redneck tears. I’m actually am fairly optimistic. The writing is on the wall, my white brother. Your glory days, to which you wish to return, are a thing of the past. I’m sure you miss the days when most people looked like you and spoke like you, and the “coloreds,” “spics,” and “fags,” knew their place. You are no longer in Kansas, Dorothy. Trump may be a step back, but, so long as he does not use nukes, we’ll get through it and then, we, once again, continue forward. And, do you really think I care whether I piss off a yokel in hills of Kentucky or the enclaves of the OC, or, on this site, more likely a redneck pig, as in officer porkchop. And to Bandwagon, please. There is no evidence of voter fraud and if there was I’m sure some clown on Fox would have uncovered it. There is no evidence Leprechauns do not exist, but I am not looking out for little Irish guys. Contrary to what you hear on Fox, the fact that they are on the box of Lucky Charms cereal is not proof. This alternative facts universe you subscribe to is not real. Is that really how you run your life. Stop vaccinating your kids and wait for the second coming of the lord, which, I hate to tell you, is Mexican. I have yet to see a white guy named Jesus. And, in another time and place I probably would have been cleaning your sheets and pillow cases. But, alas, some hard work and a lot of luck have allowed me to be more likely to piss on your sheets than to wash them.

  • Hooray for Attorney Sally Q. Yates. Reminds me of the female employee who said “No” to Tanaka and his idiots in the Pandora Box Scandal. As for Sean Spicer…..Nothing worse than a “Grown Ass” yes man. Once again, the same scenario as Tanaka’s bullshit, with the exception of it being on a National level.

  • Sally Yates was fired by Trump today, no doubt for refusing to bow down. Eerily reminiscent of the “Saturday Night Massacre” with the Watergate Scandal during the Nixon Administration. Much good it did Nixon as he left office as a disgraced man.

  • CF: My angry little brother. Keep drinking the liberal kool-aid they feed you in our educational institutions. Good job on my sheets…..keep up the good work!

  • Bandwagon,
    Give CF a break. He’s having trouble coping after his world has been rocked. He needs to vent. After all, you would have trouble grasping it too if you thought Trump was the devil himself, and then upon further reflection you realized your party couldn’t (or wouldn’t) nominate a candidate that could beat him.
    As for Deja Vu, as far as those “Grown ass” yes men, I know it must be excruciating for you seeing all of Obama’s appointees being shown the door. That’s how it works. Maybe if there wasn’t so many “Grown ass” yes men in the Democrat Party they wouldn’t of rigged the primary so Hillary would be handed the nomination. Yes oh yes sweetheart, it took “Grown ass” yes men (and ladies) to pull that off and keep it under wraps.
    Speaking of “Grown ass” yes men, is there a bigger one than Bernie? After it’s proven that the DNC worked in concert with Hillary’s campaign to cheat against him, he sticks his tail between his legs and gets on the Hillary bandwagon. You can’t be a bigger yes man punk ass bitch than that.
    It’s a world rocker all the way around for the Trump haters. And yet they themselves know deep down that their beloved, dysfunctional, crooked Democrat Party is the entity they have to thank for Trump being the president. But, alas, you can bet your sweet ass they’ll walk in the voting booth and vote a straight Democratic ticket for the rest of their lives.
    And Deja Vu wants to speak on “Grown ass” yes men. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

  • When Trump’s nominee for the SCOTUS gets shoved up the Democrats ass, we can stand by for a real circus. Once again, the Democrats will only have themselves to blame for the suppository. It was Harry Reid who got the rules changed when he introduced what’s commonly referred to as the “Nuclear Option” which only requires a simple majority for nominees to be confirmed.
    See, the thing about changing the rules is, you need to consider the reality that the other side might be in charge next time.
    See, the thing about making it a habit to spit in people’s faces is, you need to consider the reality that the wind direction might change.

  • No commentary or reasoning can excuse the recklessness of Donald Trump. The entire Divided States of America is being ridiculed by a big mouth, who is out of his league in Washington DC. Even his own party cringe behind closed doors. So sad.

  • I suspect Bandwagon and Oh Well are brothers of the same ilk, united under one hood. Gentlemen, I am not angry. Embarrassed is more like it; that this country elected a TV Realty Star with thin skin and narcissistic personality disorder. And, concerned that Putin is getting ready to lube his ass and Trump thinks its because Putin really likes him. The man is out of his league. He should stick to telling lil John what he did wrong on the Apprentice. If we were going to elect a Republican I would rather it be someone in the mold of Eisenhower, Goldwater or even Nixon, men who, whether you agreed with or not, accomplished something and made something of themselves. Hell, I would have voted Nixon over Hillary any day. We have a vain piece of shit who was born on third base and thinks he hit a home run, and who is pandering to high holly rollers that are hard up about saving some fetus, believe the earth is flat and have this kooky idea that the lord is coming and will lift them from this earth. The last part I think it impossible because I have seen how heavy most of those yokels at the Trump rallies were. It seemed like a Honey Boo Boo convention.

    As I mentioned, its part of progress, you take two steps forward, and one back, the march is always forward. And, this too shall pass. This is your last stand, Custer. As much as you would like to go back to the America where you did not have to worry that a colored was going to go into your little girl, its not going to happen. There is a good chance your little girl may bring a black man for dinner, especially if she done go to them fancy schools for learning that are also called college or university. And, you’re not going back to good ‘ole days where you did not have to worry about some guy from some country you can’t even pronounce taking your job. The Indians are here, as are the Bangladeshis, Arabs, Chinese, and some from places you did not learn in your home school, Christian college, or where you got your grade school education. Listen, Johnny, it’s over. Those days ain’t coming back no matter how many times you and your uncle Bufford, your cousin Jefferson, and your brother Beauregard don the white robes. Contrary to what you’ve heard at them fancy black tie trailer parties, the South will NOT rise again. If it does, we’ll march on it like Sherman did, take it all the way to sea. Enjoy the next 4 years, as I will.

  • CF,
    You should be embarrassed. Your girl spent how much money compared to Trump? Your girl had the media and Hollywood campaigning for her, and she still couldn’t get it done? That is indeed embarrassing.
    No matter how you slice it, when you tell everybody what a clown and embarrassment Trump is, it’s a screaming indictment of your team that you couldn’t beat him.
    Talk all the smack you want. You’re right, uh huh, whatever you say pal. But you lost. Your team sucks worse.

  • CF:. Obviously, our liberal educational system failed you. Otherwise you would know the KKK was began by the Democratic Party doing reconstruction (after the civil war). By the way…I don’t see much difference between a narcisistic former Community Organizer and a narcissistic TV star….Except he’s accomplished more in two weeks than Omama did in eight years. Can u come to our next meeting….We are hurting for entertainment…..

  • Oh, Bandwagon, can you really be that ignorant. The Democratic party of today is not the Democratic party of yesteryear. Around the 60s, and it was done by the early 70s, all the redneck democrats become republicans. LBJ’s passage of the Civil Rights Act was the nail in the proverbial coffin. At one time, almost the entire southern population was registered Democrat. Now, its the opposite. Do you think they moved away? I do not blame you, as I see you get your education from the master professors on Fox, like the learned O’Riley, Beck and the rest of the Fox contingency. Do you really believe there is no global warming because it’s cooler today than yesterday?

    And, contrary to your comment, I think you do see a difference, one is black and one is white, and that is what gets to you and the other Trumpites. I think white folk voted with their middle figure. I understand. They see the world passing them buy, people looking different and sounding different then them, and now they even see images of white folk in trailers strung out on meth (white man’s crack). Then, one day you wake up and there is a black man running the country, black and brown people telling the police to f%& off, and people of color who have more than they know they ever will. I understand why they are upset.

    And, finally, the rest of the world sees a difference. I di not vote for Obama, but you are a fool if you really think there is no difference. If you can’t see it, let me tell you. One did not have a father and went to Harvard, the other had a father worth about $400,000,000 when he died. One can use polysyllabic words (big words to you) and the other speaks, literally, at a grade school level, one can discuss policy, the other thinks policy is what you get when you buy insurance.

    Listen, Billy Bob, the good ‘ole days ain’t coming back. And, I would like to come to your meetings, but I did not see a Klan meet up group in L.A. Take care.

  • Bandwagon,
    Get it straight hoss, like CF said, the south ain’t fixin’ to rise again! No madder how tuff it is fer yer meth-addled kinfolk in the trailer parks down yonder to deal with.
    Their ain’t no need for CF to fret bout’ them redneck sister breedin yokels down yonder. Like he said, them thar redneck yokels have dun been goin red fer a long time now.
    Coarse now, it’s what them book larned’ folks like CF call swing states that rosed up and dun give Trump the nod. States that went for Obama in 08 and 12 that dun went red this time. You know, those Yankees up north in MI, OH, PA, WI and IA. Them thar Yankees up north are who CF needs to worry about. Speekin of them thar Yankees, how you reckon they done went and voted fer Trump this time? I ain’t had enuff book larnin’ to cipher in my noggin why them thar states plumb full of Yankees that voted fer Obama the last too times done went and voted fer a Republkkken this hear time.
    Caint be they’s racist, cause they done went fer Obama twice. Ain’t that a doozie of rittle to try to figger?
    CF, y’all has got lots of book larnin’ frum our instatooshins of hire edumacation. Y’all id’ be a daisy if y’all could splain that un’ to me.

  • I wonder if it was because lots and lots and lots of those really smart Yankee folk up north in those swing states didn’t bother to take time out from their MENSA meetings to go and vote for Hillary. Could be they didn’t give a shit about the election this time. Not enough to show up in the numbers they did for Obama anyway.
    Boy howdy, would you look at that? It ain’t a conundrum for a stupid fuck like me after all.
    It’s really pretty simple CF. The answer is, was and will always be OBVIOUS to a genius like yourself. You know damn good and well why Trump is POTUS.
    All of your posturing, verbal histrionics and old, tired, worn out insults doesn’t change it.
    Your team put up the worst candidate since Walter Mondale.

  • CF: If u can’t beat them, join them!…think I will head south this weekend and sneak across the border. ….then I’m going to wave the American Flag and demand free healthcare…free education……and a driver’s license….after a couple of weeks…I will then demand they grant me citizenship….wish me luck little brother.

  • No CF, back 2 years ago, lived in the Humboldt Park area on Whipple dummy. Lived on Elston as well, went to Yates. Yeah, shame what it’s turned into from what it was back in the old days but people like you just screw things up. Now bars on every window and signs saying “We Call Police” all over the place. Thanks. Cousins that are left did move to the burbs, your pals gave them no choice you racist little bug.

  • Oh Well, that was actually fairly funny. As I read your post I could almost hear the banjo and fiddle in the background, while Pa’ and Ma’, or brother and sister since my country brethren seem to like having one branch family trees, stomped their bare feet on the porch.

    And, my ignorant blog brethren Bandwagon, what do you speak of? You already got the free land. As you may have learned in grade school, or from the History Channel, you are standing in what once was Mexican territory stolen by Polk (a US President). The Mexicans are merely coming back home. Be careful, because first they clean your house and before you know it they be all over the neighborhood. Their kids may up dating your little girl.

    And, Sure Fire, you really underestimate me. What do you mean “people like” me “screw things up?” I actually have people like you renting from me. I know it may hard to believe, and even harder to accept, but this son of wetbacks has actually done OK- a few college degree and a few rental properties. Nothing to brag about, but I actually have white tenants. Seems to me like your kind actually wants to live in my neighborhood.

    In any event, gentlemen, seriously, I have to get back to work. I wish I could drop in at the local Winchell’s Donuts or Krispy Kreme, and write a few posts, as you are able to do, but, unfortunately, I do not have one of those nice security guard jobs with the city where I can ride in a black and white patrol car munching on donuts while looking for the next negro to harass. I am against such welfare.

    Remember, this is White Supremacy’s last gasp, so enjoy it while you can. It has been a pleasure.

  • CF: Didn’t they teach you about “manifest destiny” in school. We stole Texas and California fair and square….much like the Spaniards did to the indigenous people Native Indians) of Mexico who are still being discriminated today. If I remember my history correctly. …..a little genocide occurred in the founding of present day Mexico…..come by Winchells….I will buy you a cup of coffee and teach you about the history of Mexico they don’t teach you in our liberal educational institutions. …..

  • Bandwagon,
    No need to try to educate CF. He knows what he knows. He knows we whipped Mexico’s ass and took CA and the southwest from his ancestors. He isn’t over it, and he never will be. You see Bandwagon, he thinks WE think like he does, that’s why he assumes we’re racist xenophobes and want “The south to rise again”. That’s how he would think if he were white (Oh shit, he is part “White” but I digress).
    The fact that his ancestors stole Mexico from Indios doesn’t interest him, because it doesn’t fit his agenda. Yet he’ll speak right up about the evil Anglo European stealing the rest of North America from the American Indians (That’s what Russell Means called himself, an American Indian. So that’s good enough for me).
    The ironic thing in his argument, the thing that sticks in his craw, is that his “race” isn’t even a race. It’s a culture. The three races, according to Human Anthropology, are Mongoloid, Negroid and Caucasoid.
    Spaniards are Caucasoid. The Indios in Mexico the Spaniards conquered and eventually bred with are Mogoloid.
    CF, the “son of wetbacks” is just another part Caucasoid dude who wants to jump on the “My people are victims of your ancestors” bandwagon (Pun intended). He isn’t going to think about the fact that part of his bloodline isn’t exactly innocent of genocide and conquering those of another race to gain power and land. That wouldn’t allow him to play the victim role. That would take away his reason to be angry. He don’t like white folks, and he needs a reason to justify it to himself. So he knows what he knows. He doesn’t want to hear any of the rest.

  • Oh Well: Again, you hit the nail on the head….I think my last statement was the coupe de grace. He has no answer and his bigotry has been exposed for what it is……..”liberal think”. He is now commenting on the DA officer allegedly roughed up by Lakewood deputies. Keep up the good work, your comments are always enlightening and your sarcasm reflects a intellectual mind!

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