#GangstersWithBadges Alex Villanueva LASD's Deputy Gang Problem

The Executioners: Does a Violent Deputy Gang Rule LA County’s Compton Station?

Executioners insignia reportedly at a member's desk, courtesy of Attorney Alan Romero
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

In a new legal claim, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy describes how the Compton Sheriff’s Station has, in the last few years, been permeated by “a violent deputy gang” called the Executioners.

The gang is reported to be an evolution of the 3000 Boys, one of the deputy cliques that was active more than a decade ago in LA’s decrepit and dungeon-like Men’s Central Jail. Members of the 3000 Boys were involved in, among other things, the now infamous December 9, 2010 deputy brawl at the Quiet Cannon restaurant.

Shortly after the Quiet Cannon,  several 3000 Boys who had finished with their required time working in the department’s custody division, reportedly packed up the bad ass ethic they had created — with the support of former LASD undersheriff Paul Tanka, before he was convicted of a couple of federal crimes — and imported it to Compton.

A group of 3000 Boys, the deputy clique that has evolved into the Executioners/WLA

According to the claim, the Executioners operate at the Compton station –CPT, for short — “with impunity,” its members using violence, threats, and retaliation against other deputies, supervisors, and “members of the public” in order to strengthen the profile of the organization, and its influence at the station

(Note: The historic but problem-plagued Compton Police Department was disbanded in Sept. 2000.  Then, the day after the shutdown, the Compton City Council  contracted with the LA County Sheriffs Department to provide law enforcement for the city, which it has done ever since.)

The recent ten-page Claim for Damages, which you can read in its entirety here , was  filed in behalf of LA County Sheriff’s deputy Austreberto “Art” Gonzalez, who was reportedly retaliated against when he became a whistleblower in early February 2020, after a well-known Executioner named Eugene Contraras threatened, then allegedly assaulted another non-Executioner deputy when they were both on duty.

The assaulted deputy, Thomas Banuelos, texted Art Gonzalez on February 8, telling him of the alleged attack by Contraras.

In the legal filing, Gonzalez states he knew Contraras to be an inked member of the Executioners, and had   recently witnessed his “extremely aggressive,  bullying behavior,” with others.  So when Banuelos, who like Gonzalez (and Contraras), was a training officer at the Compton station, told him of the violent incident, he took his colleague’s account very seriously.  

As has been much discussed in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the days since the death of George Floyd,  in law enforcement organizations, a deputy or a police officer is required to report wrongdoing on the part of another deputy or officer.  So, with this principle in mind, Gonzalez made an anonymous call to the LASD’s Internal Affairs Bureau, and reported the assault on Banuelos.

Keypad outside station, courtesy of attorney Alan Romero

“ART IS A RAT” graffiti

However, according to the legal filing within two days of his call, Gonzalez learned that “inked members of the Executioners” already knew of the call, and knew that Gonzalez was the person who made it.

Soon graffiti began showing up around the station in areas where no one could fail to see it.  The graffiti read:  ART IS A RAT.

Once it was clear that IAB had not kept the call confidential and, what is more, his voice had been identified, Gonzalez began to fear retaliation would now be directed at him, and took a week off, hoping things would settle down.

Things did not settle down.

“I think the scariest thing,” said Gonzalez’ lawyer, Alan Romero,  “is that he did what he was supposed to do.  He called the authorities, and they betrayed him. They turned him right over to the gang.  It’s a whistleblower’s worst nightmare.”

And,” Romero continued, now he has a very real apprehension of violence, because the other deputy got beat up.”

According to Vincent Miller, the attorney on the Banditos brawl lawsuit, Gonzalez’ fears are likely not helped by the fact that he is close to someone at the East LA station who has reportedly been assaulted twice by members of that deputy clique,

Furthermore, as the new legal filing points out, Gonzalez’ situation also cannot help but call “the integrity of the IAB’s entire anonymous reporting program into question.”

Celebrating shootings

Outside the station, nearly all the CPT deputies who have been in involved in high profile shootings and out of policy beatings in recent years have, been “inked” members of the Executioners,” according to Gonzalez’ claim.

Executioner’s tattoo

“Inking,” of course, refers to the matching tattoo that indicates membership in the organization.”

The Executioners’ tattoo consists of a skull in a helmet holding a flaming AK-47.

Deputies involved in fatal shootings outside CPT, are likely to be inked, according to the Gonzalez filing. And sometimes, when a shooting occurs,  the Executioners having “inking parties, to commemorate the shooting and the induction of the new member or members, according to the claim.

Other  sources, both in an out of the department, have confirmed to WLA the existence of such celebratory parties, which are reportedly generally not disclosed to others outside the Executioners’ trusted circle.

For example, there was reportedly a party celebrating after Executioner members and supporters were part of a lengthy and messy vehicle chase and shootout on July 3, 2019, with the occupants of an SUV owned by the rapper YG, which resulted in the shooting of an innocent bystander, 65-year-old Ricky Starks.

Of the approximately 100 patrol deputies at CPT, the claim estimates that 20 are inked members, with another 20 or so, considered “prospects” or close associates of the deputy clique

Whether or not all deputies involved in fatal shootings in Compton in the last few years, are Executioners, a number of those involved in high profile fatal shootings, and other violent incidents, appear to be connected to the deputy gang.

In June, when TMZ obtained a video showing three Compton deputies beating and kneeing handcuffed, one of our sources was able to identify all three by name as Executioners.

Then there is the case of the death of Andrés Guardado, the 18-year-old young man who was shot five times in the back by Compton Deputy Miguel Vega, at 6 p.m. June 18, near the 400 block of West Redondo Beach Boulevard.

According to WLA’s sources, Deputy Vega’s training officer was the above mentioned Executioner Eugene Contraras, whose alleged assault against another deputy turned Art Gonzalez into a whistleblower.

Vega’s partner, Compton Deputy Chris Hernandez, was also at the scene of the shooting of Andrés Guardado but did not open fire.  And, thus far, there is no mention of Hernandez being associated with the Executioners.

Another high profile Executioner-involved case was the 2016 shooting of Donta Taylor, which resulted in a $7 million payout over a wrongful death lawsuit, after two Compton sheriff’s deputies killed Taylor in 2016, claiming he pointed a gun at one of them. No gun was ever found.

During a deposition taken in the course of the lawsuit, Deputy Samuel Aldama, one of the two deputies involved, described the tattoo on his calf, which featured a skull in a helmet bearing the letters “CPT” for Compton, along with a rifle, encircled by flames.

The Los Angeles Times’ Maya Lau reported that Aldama said he got the tattoo in June 2016, about two months before he was involved in the fatal shooting of Taylor.

Yet, although, the Times reported that Aldama said he was one of group of 20 deputies who got to have the tattoo for “’working hard’ by making arrests and answering calls,” he reportedly denied being part of any kind of club.

There was no mention of the tattoo being the insignia of a gang called the Executioners, or that the group was the unseen power controlling significant parts of the Compton station’s day to day life.  Or that they reportedly decline to take members who are Black men.

Work slowdowns and other threats and favors

The Executioners were founded by a former 2000 Boy named Andy Toone, who has since moved on elsewhere in the department.

After Toone, the inked Executioner named Jaime Juarez reportedly rose to become the group’s shot caller.  Juarez was helped to some degree in his rise by the fact that he was the scheduling deputy, which meant he controlled the scheduling for most of the station’s sworn personnel.

This reportedly allowed him to pair deputies newly assigned to Compton with inked gang members, if the new deputy showed promise as a future Executioner.

Interestingly, Juarez was part of a reform effort by former Sheriff Jim McDonnell who reassigned a list of deputies who had each been involved in multiple on-duty shootings, to new assignments behind a desk.  Juarez was one of those on the reassignment list.  But he reportedly made the best of being desk bound, by converting his scheduling position into one of the most powerful jobs in the station.

Deputy Gonzalez, whose practice it was to mostly try to ignore the Executioners, as he was not interested in becoming one of them, first ran afoul of the deputy clique in 2016 when he approached Juarez to find a way to get his schedule changed  in such a way that he could temporaily provide medical care for his severely diabetic daughter, on the dates previously ordered by the court, during his divorce.

Instead, according to the claim, Juarez  put Gonzalez on the early morning shift, in order to accommodate an Executioner, in what was reportedly part of an ongoing pattern of allowing those in or sympathetic to the gang receive preferential scheduling over everyone else.

When Gonzalez tried to work out some other reasonable accommodation, Juarez reportedly refuse to help, and told him to use use his PTO — personal time off — which meant taking 6-8 weeks completely off work, in order to satisfy the court order.

While that scheduling problem was a temporary personal issue, in his filing, Deputy Gonzales describes a sheriff’s station that is often paralyzed by threats of retaliation by Executioners members and “associates,” whenever the the gang’s dictates are not followed.

The Executioners, for example, were able to threaten and carry out “work slowdowns” in which gang members and those who wished to gain or keep favor with the gang, would “cease some or all of their law enforcement duties,” in order to retaliate toward higher-ups who failed to do what they wanted.

They reportedly did exactly that in 2019, when interim station captain, Lt. Larry Waldie,  declined to let Juarez dictate who Waldie could appoint to a particular position in the station, which the gang wanted to fill with one of its own.

The resulting work slowdown, called by Juarez in demonstration of his power, was dramatic and reportedly drove up crime in the community, and caused those farther up the departmental food chain wonder what the acting captain was doing wrong.

(Lt. Waldie, who is the son of Larry Waldie Sr, a former undersheriff of the department, prior to Paul Tanaka, has subsequently filed his own lawsuit. But that’s another story.)

In this same way, the Executioners, led by Juarez, were also capable of shoving the arrest statistics the other way, as they reportedly did in the late summer and early fall of 2017,  pushing arrest stats up 300 percent in a month, and then several weeks later,  pushing the numbers still farther, by reportedly setting quotas for deputy, which resulted in arresting people for misdemeanors so trivial that, according to the filing, and our other sources, “would previously not have resulted in an arrest” or, in other cases, in a citation at all.  These juked-up arrest stats reportedly gained the gratitude of certain higher-ups, who later might be called on to return the favor.

And, while Juarez was theoretically disciplined for the work slowdown, he is presently at Compton station and appears to be as powerful as ever.

“One of the most important things this makes clear,” said attorney Vincent Miller, referring to the Executioners, “is that the Banditos are not an outlier in the department.”

Photo at top courtesy of attorney Alan Romero

Post Script

ABC 7’s Lisa Bartley and Miriam Hernandez have done an interesting follow-up story on the Executioners.  So tune in.


  • This is actually a simple fix, but requires courage at the top (so…we’ll have to wait for another Sheriff).

    There will ALWAYS be deputy/officer cliques at patrol stations in rough areas. When you combine high-crime areas with young, aggressive personalities who have a siege mentality (rightfully so, nowadays), you WILL have these groups.

    I worked at such a station and new these people (different names, same people). They were MOSTLY hard working cops who made arrests and did a good job, but, of course, there were the boot lickers and insecure idiots who were desperate to be accepted.

    The fix is NOT to ban tattoos or station logos (it’s impossible and only makes them more sought after). You deal with this by holding supervisors accountable…..period. But that emphasis MUST start with the SHERIFF. Cops are incredibly creative and resourceful and if they know the executives, from the Sheriff down want something done they’ll find a way to do it. The station captain SHOULD be held accountable, but is often too close to the problem, so it really has to be an effort by commanders, chiefs, assistant sheriffs and the undersheriff who all take their cue from….the Sheriff.

    EVERYONE knows who the shot-callers are at these stations. The immediate fix is for some key transfers to other stations to send a message. The long term fix is to consider regular assignment rotations within the station or limit length-of- stay at problem stations so no one gets too comfortable and has time to establish their fiefdom. All training officers should be vetted by the patrol division chiefs before they’re assigned to certain stations.

    None of this will ever happen under Villanueva, so taxpayers will continue to foot the bill in the form of lawsuits and settlements.

  • What I dont understand is how a guy (Whorez) AKA “fruit bat” can use “violence and threats” against anybody when he looks like a dehydrated, wilted eight year old boy? He weighs 95 pounds for God sakes.

  • A couple of things:

    1. A.V is a graduate of the Army’s Officer Candidate School (National Guard version) so he should know how to control this kind of behavior; the behavior of soldiers in an Infantry unit up on the front lines of, say, WWII or Korea is a lot worse than deputy behavior at Compton station, and Army officers are trained right off-the-bat to control it.

    Maybe he was asleep during classroom instruction?

    2. Google “LASD corruption” & right off-the-bat you’ll find the story of an LASD Deputy who reported corrupt behavior to Internal Affairs & was told, by Internal Affairs, that he would probably lose his job if he persisted in his complaint.

    3. Trace out the fate of Deputy Curtis William Malone in this link


    He was driven out of the LASD & died up in Lompoc well before his time. The guest book maintained by the local newspaper for condolences was filled with vituperative comments by LASD personnel & had to be shut down

    Why did Curtis Malone do it?

    “I didn’t want to lose my humanity” he says in the link.

  • As I’m reading the article, show me where it says he used “violence and threats”? You are good to talk non sense.

  • We all know the media, always talking non sense. They have To sell a story.
    I’m not in law enforcement, but my mother is, everyone in law enforcement should know media always hypes a story. I highly doubt non of this is happening.

  • Idk, another attorney suing the department for millions paints the picture that Compton station is being run by a bunch of “Father” Greg Boyle Homeboy industry rejects. Anything is possible I guess, but I think I’ll wait for a little due process before making up my mind. I don’t see too many believable disinterested parties weighing in on this one yet.

    But here’s one for the defund the police crowd (looking at you Witness la). What’s up with worrying about cops staging a “work slow down”? Isn’t that what the narrative is calling for? Isn’t that the objective? Seems like that’s exactly what you guys are demanding. Seeing how the problem with justice involved communities is supposed to be over-policing, how can a work slowdown cause higher rates of crime?

  • Please remember that sometimes these “whistleblowers” are complete scumbags. Most of them are delusional lying pieces of crap.

  • How is this story even credible? Seems like a good bedtime story about those evil 3000 Boys running amuck in Compton. If you even new the real history, you would know about a certain fella named “JDub” from the lowly “2000 Club.” In custody he would do anything to get accepted, which included defacating on toilet seats (not in them), hoarding courtline burritos and even went so far as driving a deputy out of the department (he’s currently collecting carts at Costco and handing out beef jerky samples, pre Rona). JDub went to Compton and quickly rose to power due to his nefarious tactics and shrewd behavior. Dubbing himself one of the “3 Kings” he was the last true shot caller until he left for greener pastures!

  • Deputies that become friends and station tattoos are one thing but engaging in violent and threatening behavior toward the public and each other and essentially running the station is quite another. The Department is out of stations to send them all to and once transferred, they just bring their toxic BS someplace else. Mgmt will claim they don’t have enough proof to do anything and in some instances, they probably don’t b/c people understandably fear talking. These incidents need to be investigated by an outside agency and some people need to be fired and/or prosecuted. I hate to sound harsh and will again state as usual that these guys are the exception, not the norm – but it’s past time to clean house.

  • Well thats mistake #1 for u ma’am. You are believing the news article you are reading and at no point I made reference too. I advise you to park your Subaru, take off your Birkenstocks and kick back and read the entire complaint, left to right, page by page, then get back to me. Celeste was kind enough to provide you a link.

  • An AK47? Really?
    Come on CPT you’re better than that. Picking imagery for a tattoo and you go with some cheap commie AK!
    Disappointed but not surprised.

  • @ LOL, obviously you’re not a military veteran and your knowledge is laughable while LMAO!
    Regardless of the AK47 origins, it is one of the most durable and effective pieces of weaponry known to man and worldwide Amed Forces.

  • If it is true, it would be sad. If deputies engaged in this behavior given the proven stupidity of the 2000 and 3000 boy debacle at MCJ, they deserve to be fired. This clearly did not develop over night. It appears to have started under McDonnell. Which clearly indicates just how ineffectual he and his senior management team were. Again if it is true hopefully AV steps up. These situations occur due to poor leadership. Any Sgt or Lt, intimidated by a deputy clique needs to hand over their star. The only way to deal with bullies is that stand up. Hopefully this is proven to be false. If it is true some folks need to be fired. I worked Compton. Good people live their. They deserve our best efforts.

  • Do you know why that is?
    Because it is easy and cheap to reproduce. An actual Russian AK47 is vastly superior to the third rate knockoffs made in China, Romania, Ethiopia.
    Your point tries to come off strong but in your attempt to attack my knowledge of military firearms, you failed on both fronts.
    The AK is a symbolic weapon of communism, Marxism, socialism, and pretty much any anti-Western movement for the past 50-60 years.
    My point junior, was that a bunch of macho hombres from CPT would have been better served going without the AK47 because of it’s noted anti-West/American symbolism.
    But given the makeup of Compton Station perhaps it was a choice they are familiar with.
    Appreciate the history of firearms lesson but you and AV can reminisce about your Air Force hardcore days elsewhere.

  • Cmon guys really? If you really want too act like a gang member join the local CV13 or T flats gang, oh wait your from the burbs…geeks

  • Sorry but this is on the LASD. To allow those immature “2000 Boys” to go anywhere but the unemployment office was frigging stupid. Should have canned them for stupidity from the get-go. Then to allow them to metastasize at a place like Compton is even more foolish. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is interested in watching what the fuck is going on. If they were not able to throw those idiots out when they were assigned to Custody (these are the same crybabies who whined to Tanaka when Capt Clark tried to do something about their behavior by making shift changes), then they should have been red flagged and tracked.

    Too busy with brass buckles and fighting with the BOS to pay attention to their own shop. 20 damn years of neglect.

  • I walked into a party with some partners once, was gloving up, gang party/noise complaint, first guy who sees me says “What’s up OG *****. Always with the gloves, but I get it.” We had a history but an understanding.
    Had a Public Dickfender call me a “rogue cop” once in open court and the judge made him apologize to me. That was sweet. So much about this is silly bullshit meant to intimidate cops putting in the real work. Oh, my tats are all about family, religion and heritage, just saying.
    Celeste and her ilk are watching the countries law enforcement be attacked daily and not saying a word, nothing. Wisconsin cops just pulled out of protecting Dems due to restrictions put on them. Good, let them fend for themselves.
    We are headed for a massive upheaval soon from the silent Right if Biden wins and they continue their lawlessness, and then the Left will see what it’s like to be on the receiving end of some truly organized legal retribution. Trust me, it’s coming.

  • I tried to start a pill call tattoo when I was the infirmary deputy but it never caught on.

    I’m still trying to wrap my mind around a jail tattoo. A 22 year old custody deputy has no department or life experience. The tattoo thing is rooted in military comaraderie of elite units or dudes who weathered combat together: not a group of punk custody deputies that pat themselves on the back for slapping down some 120 pound paisa who’s in on a traffic warrant.

    I saw jail cliques like this 30 years ago but they never had the gall to create a tattoo. I can tell you this: a good portion of the heavies and cool crowd guys back then rarely amounted to anything in patrol. It was the quiet ones who kept their head down, stayed in shaped, picked the brains of supervisors who had actual life and patrol wisdom to pass along that went onto patrol and achieved great things. A lot of those jail cool crowd kids came back after two years’ patrol time and became two stripe seniors.

    Deputy sheriffs working places like Compton, Lennox, and Century are some of the finest out there. Many of them will tell you that being involved in a shooting doesn’t necessarily earn you respect. There’s several that have notches in their belts (so to speak) who garner little to no admiration from their coworkers. Some folks are popular and some ain’t.

    Meanwhile, this article is suggesting that deputies are LOOKING to get into shootings in order to be accepted by some tatted out clique. If that kind of crap is actually going on in TODAY’S climate, then we’re in deep shit. Most deputies I know would like to AVOID* a shooting at all costs. (apologies for the all caps but there’s no underline or italic feature here).

    Probably the more troubling part of this article is the apparent leak from either IAB itself, or whomever took the first call. It’s inexcusable that the whistle blower’s actions and identity were on the lips of his coworkers within 48 hours (if this article or even the lawsuit itself is to be believed). And we still don’t know the context of this “assault.” If it’s a just couple guys settling their work differences off campus, then our whistle blower may have jumped the gun but honestly, there’s not enough facts here to even begin speculating.

    Someone here already laid the blame at the feet of supervision or higher. That maybe so, and the best remedy would be supervisors who have respect and credibility. I hate to say it, but the best candidate would be a supervisor who actually has their little executioner tattoo but perhaps secretly regrets it. A guy like that can win over hearts and minds, and steer these youngins away from the rocks. A savvy unit commander would be able to smoke one of these guys out and recruit him as a supervisor. It would be unorthodox and a bit unsavory, but if it keeps the lawsuits and Witness LA at bay, we’ll all be a lot better off.

  • Hey ese, if you get tired of Los Executioneros you can always lateral to our clika! El Jefe y La BiBi gots our back.

  • Isn’t Deputy Auseberto “nobody calls me Art” Gonzalez the same guy who sexually harassed a D.A. Under McDonald then got into a domestic violence where his wife called the cops and he barricaded himself and refused to talk to law enforcement?

    This guy all of a sudden is a whistleblower, then quickly files a law suit? Seems like another fat, lazy deputy trying to con the system.

  • Mayday!!! 20 months ago the great LASD ship led by Captain Villanueva struck an iceberg and has been taking on water. The ship is now listing and will soon be at the bottom of the ocean. Snorkels, masks and swim fins needed to view the artifacts. Look closely and you may see the ghosts of all the newly promoted supervisors who will not be paid for their promotions. The policy requires their positions are not only vacant, but fully funded. The BOS said the positions are not funded so good luck. Don’t look to Captain Villanueva as he will be testing the disability system in the California courts when he goes IOD for his knee and stress. Oops. Sorry to let the cat out of the bag Alejandro. Sorry to see Social Justice terrorists released his home address. Now the real Sheriff Vivian must always be on alert, not cool. That’s what happens when your a pompous, arrogant, incompetent, you fill in the rest. Clearly in over his head. Defiance is all he has left. Hope ALADS has other ideas for their next 2 million dollars because Ole McDonnell is lurking!!!! Applications for qualified candidates for Sheriff quietly being accepted!!! Lastly, insulting women publicly won’t help him suddenly become a successful Sheriff. Pathetic.

  • It’s also the same Gonzalez that was relieved for 3 years over a rape allegation. The same Gonzalez that used to “politic” with his buddy Deputy Ricky Eguia at the gas pumps. I wonder who gave him the history lesson????

  • Totally agree…..Sounds like somebody at CPT did not make the Sgt’s list….LOLOLO…

  • Isnt this the same “Nobody calls me Art” that was relieved of duty for an alleged rape? Isnt this the same guy that everyone stays away from because everybody at the station knows he is a creepy pervert who pulls over females to hook up with them? Isnt this the same guy who recently received yet another complaint (in a long list) from a female motorist who stated that he made her get out of the car so he could check her out? Isnt this the same guy who was lying in wait for a D/A to get off work and pull her over (under the color of authority) too hook up with her?? This guy has been ostracized at the station because everyone at the station knows he is dirty and nobody wants to get caught up with him! Celeste please use your informants to look into these scandals!!

  • It pretty simple, the AK47 is the preferred weapon of choice for gangsters.
    The macho hombres at CPT Station know this, thus the tattoos indicating such. I’d like to add that all gangsters are bullies and cowards, with or without a badge.

  • C: As per yur rules no hate filled remarks. Making fun of or attacking the sheriff’s wife is way out of bounds.

  • @Um, give it a break. Viv, Bibi, Sweet Pea, etc…. is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the LASD. She proudly gets on VARIOUS social media platforms with her little Chica Squad making posts and attacking anyone who criticizes the Circle Star Clown. She also loves to weigh in on prompting “innocent” Q&A’s with Lil Allie during his daily Facebook live and Instagram broadcasts.

    SweetPea doesn’t get to make hit & run drive byes and then slither back into the shadows like the snakes they are.

    Don’t make have the screenshots of her social media posting start to get out. They are easily available.

  • @Lifeboat,

    Perfectly summarized!

    Hey Ron H., how’s that “long term” investment paying off so far? I’m hearing many many members are starting to scratch their heads and wonder out loud, “WTF is happening here?” They love the cool, wear whatever you want non-uniform edict, but this CARPing, TORA displacement and looming budget cuts is straight bull$#!+. WTF over? The only direction from Ron and ALADS is an email saying call your supervisor(s)? What do you want us to call them? Is that the Plan Man? You call that a strategy? Jezzzzus, we have been left below deck while the Clown Sheriff, Ron H. and the Skippers are all reserving and readying their lifeboats for bailing off the ruined and sinking USS-LASD.

  • Dude, there is no fix. All of you need to face the fact that LASD is broken and corrupt beyond repair. No one who is either for or against the sheriff can change that. There are probably good deputies out there. But its all lost because of your bad behavior and judgment.

  • “Seems like another fat, lazy deputy trying to con the system” says Jake from state farm. U/S Timmy will be donning his what does he call them oh ya “his slippas” when he goes IOD with Alejandro !!

  • Celeste, the answer to your question in your headline is NO. Perhaps on your follow up article you could explore the fact that Austreberto stalked a poor female DA and even pulled her over while on duty when there was no VC violation. So he could talk to her. Kind of makes one question ones motive and truthfulness. Also, since you briefly touched upon him in your article, explore the fact that Waldie Jr also has a cpt station tattoo and was the one who coined the term executioner.

  • @ LOL,
    Yes, I do have experience specifically working on a Federal Task Force, arresting gangsters and confiscating their firearms.

  • It’s not easy for Ronald Hernandez to transition from Station Dick to “getting his sea legs” on the sinking ship USS- LASD.
    Ron, let it go and retire as you hold the record for “Biggest Spender” of ALADS funding.

  • “Clown show,” you can’t read email blasts, ONCE IN A WHILE or EVERY OTHER ONE to keep track of what’s going on.

    Or, you can keep up this M.O. of criticizing while hiding.

    Have those “many, many” members give me/us a call so we can fill them in on what we’re doing, if they’re too busy to read our communications.

    “Reserving and readying their life boats for bailing….”? Really?

    I’m 59, coming up on 36 years, and I’M STILL HERE CALL!

    Call me stupid, big mouth, short, fat, something that I can’t argue with, but please don’t try to claim I leave my partners hanging!

  • Is Waldie’s tattoo associated with a criminal work slowdown? Is it associated with taxing deputies to pay for a fired Deputy Orrego? Is it associated with punking other deputies to the point it becomes physical? Thought not.

  • @Full Picture- Ok, so let’s say he did do this thing to the DA. Was there ever a complaint filed against him? If so, I’m sure he would’ve been fired especially if this happened when McDonnell was Sheriff.

    It’s a dead give away that everyone talking bad about this guy on here is obviously an executioner trying to bring this guy down with them. That’s fine, let them. The only difference is when and if this guy loses his job with some of the other executioners….he will have a lot more money in the bank than they will.

  • McQueen, don’t forget the fact that the DA who this whistleblower harassed in now a JUDGE. Her dad is a very well know prominent attorney. Can’t wait for that to come out in. I remember when Pink EE and his brother where running amuck in Bellflower. They would park outside of The Flux bar and pull over patrons all night. For some reason not one citation was ever issued by those two nuckleheads. I wonder why?

  • @Ronald,

    Interesting response. Let’s see; I didn’t call you stupid, big mouth, short, fat or any other derogatory name. Where did that come from? Am I missing something here? Is that some Freudian slippage seeping out?

    What I did ask is, how is that million dollar +plus investment in getting the incompetent Alex elected to Sheriff working out for the ALADS membership or the LASD as a whole?

    I didn’t even say you left your partners hanging. You probably need to work on your reading comprehension or maybe take another look at my post above like a competent and seasoned investigator.

    Now, maybe leading the ALADS membership into a ditch? I might go there based on what we have seen over the past 18+ months. Definitely haven’t witnessed anything positive coming from the HQ’s of the HOJ or ALADS as of late.

    But please feel free to set me and all of the other naysayers straight with some factual street knowledge on all of the great accomplishments by ALADS under your new emperor.

  • “Celeste, the answer to your question is NO.”

    On the claim form itself it says

    Presenting a false claim is a Felony. 72 PC.

    The link to the claim is in the story.

  • My reading comprehension is just fine, yours could use a little work.

    I will not have this conversation here, while you try to posture for a few. Feel free to call me, although I know you won’t, because your only goal is to put on a show, as if in the know.

    I do not speak for the Sheriff. I speak for the members of ALADS.

    ALADS has not lost sight of the fact that deputies have a choice ( maybe you forgot about Janus).

    You’re just bitter because you missed your opportunity to truly do something for the deputies, but it wasn’t in your personality.

    Call it what you want, but the fact will always remain that the members were not happy with our previous Sheriff and ALADS responded accordingly.

    As far as being a seasoned investigator, YOU write like you talk. Maybe you should have someone write for you.

  • Re: CPT Executioners
    Funny how momma boys turn into cowboys when assigned to certain inner city stations.

  • Come on Ronald, you are the freakin president of ALADS. You can do better than a, “I know you are but what am I,” response. Was the question I asked about the results of your investment decision and ALADS accomplishments, as a union or jointly with the department over the past 18 months, too difficult for you to provide? Heck, we would even accept bullet point accomplishments for all to peruse and applaud.

    Instead, we get the usual ‘call me if you want to discuss because I’m not playing on this site,’ except when I want to come on here to protect my good name from some perceived anonymous attacks. Forget what the rest of the membership and the LASD personnel as a whole would like to hear.

    As an influential “Union President,” how about telling us about your efforts to work behind the scenes to garner support from some of the LA County Supervisors. How about telling us about your efforts to garner support from other influential LA County major unions leadership? How about telling us of your efforts to garner legislative support up in Sacramento? Tell us something! So far, the email blast of how hard you pushed back and won major TORA concession from Alex and the Skippers just doesn’t sound too compelling or reassuring. Big dues are being collected monthly.

    Oh, and how about floating an LASD Leadership Confidence Poll right now to truly gauge what the membership currently thinks about the Sheriff and his highly visible and active team of Skippers?

    That’s the least we should expect from the highly influential ALADS President such as yourself.

    Patiently and respectfully awaiting your informative response on behalf of the silent LASD majority.

  • I just read the claim. Sounds like a lot of sour grapes and details that don’t make sense. Scheduling Deputy doesn’t like a guy and puts him in a car with his girlfriend??? Yeah, right.
    Anybody believing the Captain, whom I know, did anything alleged here, should seek out anyone else who knows him and ask them if he would do anything that has been alleged. No way. No how. He’s a great leader with a lot more smarts than this BS – falsehoods.

  • @”AV Clown Show,” I’ll bite on your request, because it’s good for ALADS.

    Let’s start with the current predicaments.

    ALADS is leading the charge against the BOS, by opposing the recent motion for a ballot measure to cut more funding. Most likely court bound.

    ALADS rallied the support of County Unions, because it has the potential to affect all of us.

    During this declaration of financial crisis, did you get your raise? Have you lost anything from our contract? Did that magically happen? No, that was us communicatiing with the BOS.

    We are approximately 13 to 0 against the dept on labor issues.

    We are currently deeply involved in no less than 20 bills, in Sacramento, taking shots at LE. We have been instrumental in getting all the LE lobbyists on the same page and working collaboratively.

    We fought the Brady issue and 1421 when many would not.

    We have been willing to fight anything that could adversely affect deputies or LE.

    We were instrumental amending the use of force Bill.

    We have made ourselves more available to deputies in dealing with working conditions than I’ve ever seen as a 35 year member of ALADS.

    We survived the Janus decision, when people like yourself claimed, people would leave by the thousands.

    We have approximately 7800 members. Do the math!

    Our biggest FAILURE is NOT tooting our own horn.

    But, the hard working deputies aren’t about tooting their own horn. Feel free to ask one.

    By the way, of course I’m going to defend myself.

    Why wouldn’t I defend against misleading comments.

    Part of the problem is you ask questions differently than I do.

    Question for you, were deputies happier with the last regime?

    Even you know the answer to that question, unless you choose to lie, as to the real answer.


    Dear “Steve McQueen,”

    There’s a great deal of gossip going on here in this thread, and I’m letting a lot of it pass. But your last comment pushed the boundaries so it’s not going up. Too much stuff involving families.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

    Stay safe everyone.


  • Funny to see all the groups Villanueva snuggled in bed with during his campaign calling for his ouster. He was doomed from the start after talking money from social warriors and ALADS. Talk about competing and conflicting interests. This is what happens when you have two borderline competent department members who sued their way into the training bureau decide they are qualified to run the department. The wife couldn’t even stand on her own two feet at Cerritos yet alone make policy decisions. And now Sweet Pea calls into his podcasts to try and co tell the narrative. What a pathetic pair. The next 22 months can’t come fast enough. I can’t wait to see them both slither away. The sad part is the great men and women of LASD has to suffer under this train wreck. Ron Hernandez. Are you paying attention. The membership will be calling for someone new!!! Any suggestions????

  • Mrs Sheriff is going to be organizing a virtual “Bitch Fest” party on her social media platforms with her Chica Squad consisting of RH, CS, NG, and Mrs Timmy. The primary agenda of the “Fest” will be to” pray” I mean regurgitate for the Devils wrath ( that’s God and Devil talk for those of you who use going to Church as some sort of a morality check), and attack anyone who criticizes Allie the Villan.

  • Ronald, I’ll give you credit for coming back and taking another bite at the apple and sharing your accomplishments with the audience. However, I need to question, and in some cases, outright challenge some of your “victories” or current efforts.

    1) Leading the charge against the BOS? I guess asking the membership to call the BOS is an effort, but not educating the membership on what to say is pretty useless IMHO.

    2) “Court Bound” regarding the ballot motion? As you should, but I hope this will not be another waste of millions in failed court challenges like your failed efforts with the “Brady 300 List” that you lost all the way up to the CA Supremes.

    3) Rallied support of other unions? Are they anonymous or Are they too embarrassingly small to list? I agree they should all be concerned so I’ll give you a “thumbs up” on this one for now.

    4) You saved the contract from the financial crisis axe? Can you list how many other LA County union contracts were chopped up or suffered cuts by the BOS or the CEO? I hadn’t heard of any so I’m not sure how much credit you should be claiming at this point?

    5) You fought the Brady List and 1421 when others wouldn’t? Why would others not do the same? Could it be that they knew it be a costly losing battle or a failed strategy? On both fronts!

    6) Not sure about your touting of 7800 members and the math equation as some kind of success? All I know is that number is shrinking so I guess the answer to that point is: a) subtraction; b) declining; c) reducing; d) dwindling; e) all of the above A: E

    Noting that in your “Thirty Five Years” you have never seen ALADS be so responsive and available to the membership. Maybe so, maybe not. You’ve only been the ALADS president for about a 1/4 of that time, sooooooo……. Ok I guess?

    Good thing you don’t toot that horn too much at the moment as I would suggest you work on how to legitimately toot it with some real and substantial successes.

    I noticed you tried to side step the suggestion of conducting a current day LASD Leadership Assessment Poll by using one of Alex’s favorite diversions. The ole, “but McDonnell was a mean man” talking point. That dude had his 4 years and is long gone. This is 100% Alex’s ship that he is sinking. Other than the very small percentage of deputies that always seem to get into trouble, the vast majority of deputies have very little use for your services. So why not ask them what they think of their current predicament and confidence in the sage leadership of the Current Sheriff?

    Again, I’ll give you props for responding, just come back a little harder with some substance.

  • WOW!!!

    This is the same organization that unseated Sheriff Arpaio over in Arizona.

    A.V. is in deep doo-doo now.

  • T&B,

    Now that’s an interesting development.

    As they say in auto racing, “Gentlemen, start your engines!” I wonder if Allie will broadcast live With Bibi on Facebook during this party?

  • @Task Force

    No you haven’t. A warrant is not the same as a street arrest. Can’t compare it. More than likely you have two maybe three gun arrests. Lame

  • I’ve heard a couple people with that tattoo have gotten physical in the past but they got beat up which is ok because at least they handled the issue. Either way this is stupid and seems like there are a bunch of internet warriors on this website. At the end all of this is regarding a “bullied” deputy trying to get paid. Seems like he had some intel passed on to him but it’s clear who passed on the information based on the formal court document.

  • @Clown Show

    What’s interesting about this development is what Rakk pointed out.

    Unite11 was instrumental in removing Arapio from office in Arizona.

    Unite11 will be instrumental in getting LT Villanueva primaried in 2022.

    1st Sheriff to unseat an incumbent in over 100 years, 1st Sheriff to be primaried in a re-election campaign.

  • The only thing Villanueva managed at Training was the purchase of Toilet paper. He knows it.

  • Here we go again! From bad to worst…the whole LASD is a clique. This should come as no surprise other than perfect timing from the deputy. What’s another 10 million? Arcos is sitting pretty at training bureau and that cost the tax payers 8 million. Hows that for you! Sobering thoughts…look at the Org chart reapers bandidos executioners all up in those ranks. And you think something is gonna change…pleeeaasse. corruption and favortism at its finest. Nothing new though just different Car.

  • And, the listed SS LASD keeps taking on more water. Captain John McBride was instrumental working with Leu Tenant Allie to promote reapers, bandidos, executioners & loyal campaign bag men all up in those ranks. Allie brought him in to make all his personnel moves ( well Mandoyan & Allie Jr).
    How’s that cush corner office McBride. Is Allie calling you every couple of hours>

  • @”AV Clown Show,” what you’ve just showed anyone who is reading this is:

    1/ Nothing I say is going to make you happy, because your hell bent on TRYING to make ALADS or me look like a failure.

    2/ You are too scared to be in a battle (court or otherwise) if it looks like you might lose.

    So, which is it do you want us to fight or do you want us to collect members dues and do nothing?

    I like the added comment to try and get you some “street cred,” as if you’re in the know, “all I know is the number is shrinking.” Really?

    Actually the number is growing. Up over 8K the last time I asked for a report. 7800 has generally been the average with attrition.

    My point to you was that you and others said THOUSANDS would leave!

    I’m not sure what to say about your statement “the vast majority of deputies have very little use for your services.”

    Do you have full coverage car insurance? Do you plan to get into a wreck?

    People ask why I waste my time arguing with someone like you.

    My answer, because it’s funny to me. No matter how much YOU posture and take shots, the fact remains you’re hiding and I’m not!

  • Ronald Ronald Ronald, you really need to get over your self inflated lil bad boy ego with that overused “I’m not hiding behind an anonymous screen name” bit. Even the dumbest amongst us know why many can NOT freely post under their true identity under the watchful and vindictive eyes of Villanueva and his clique of social media monitors and snitches. You know, the same guy that you assisted into this office.

    Regarding the car insurance analogy, tell us how many members have you assisted after they have been retaliated against for speak out about Alejandro, Bibi or any of the jolly band of Skippers? Many know that YOU can NOT be trusted to defend them against your best bud, Alex the Clown Sheriff. And many see you exactly in the same narcissistic and cronyism light.

    As for what we would want from ALADS? All we want is for YOU to be smarter, wiser, more intelligent, in how you make decision as the previous ones highlighted above have been a total waste, and in the case of supporting Alex Villanueva, the most costly failed decision in the HISTORY of the LASD. But I guess in the Ronald MacDonald analytical cerebrum of President Hernandez, it’s all worth it as long as I look like a punch drunk fighter.


    Thank you Ronald for responding as it has been both informative and insightful for many.

  • @”AV Clown show,” your response speak volumes.

    If you truly wanted to talk you would simply call. Might help you get up to speed on a few things.

    Thanks for the banter. See you at the next “drive by” attempt.

  • @ Ron Hernandez, just an FYI

    Please insert another two million of ALADS money in next years Sheriff’s election, and it would be a delight if you put it in support of Alejandro. Well how about three million. Oh wait do not forget to send the scary ” TRUMP” is coming to get all the Latino’s card in the mail too. Can’t wait.

  • Class 225? There are only 3 of us left, and you aren’t one of them.

    Go enjoy your retirement.

    I must have missed the Presidential training class that said your supposed to hoard the money instead of spending it to facilitate change.

  • “And you think something is gonna change….”

    Lookit T & B’s link up above; the organization that unseated Sheriff Arpaio over in Arizona is now calling for AV’s RESIGNATION, and lookit the supporting organizations: the ACLU & a whole- bunch of others, not just the Union.

    All calling for AV’s RESIGNATION.


    They’re not going to be happy–the demonstrations aren’t going to quiet down–until THAT is achieved.

  • Well, what else can we expect from a clown, like yourself! One day(and soon) you’ll be wearing handcuffs! It was once said in a movie “The time for honoring yourself is coming to an end.”


    Please click onto the link for the letter being delivered to AV in T & B’s link up above and take note of this important fact: a signatory to that letter is the

    Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

  • To Ron Hernandez,
    For the good of all deputies and to salvage what’s left of ALADS reputation here’s a suggestion.

    Your life vest is retirement, throw it on and get the hell out.

  • Ron Hernandez (ALADS):
    These topics often go off in a ditch with no resolution. However, on a more serious note, it’s way past time to elect new members to the BOS. It will cost a few bucks but it’s a win-win for ALADS. Even if the ALADS candidate should lose it will send a signal to the BOS. Form a officer/deputy co-op throughout the state. We all see what is gong to happen to the police should it continue to vote socialist. Gascon will end ALADS as you know it today! Second, it’s time to work with the BOS and the Sheriff to resolve the cliques, once and for all. Yes, Waldie has a tat and so does his father. Sooner or later the courts will step in(or another civil case) that will force your hand. Just trying to be helpful.

  • @Um, I hate to tell you but you are totally clueless in this arena. ALADS is small change when you compare them against the much larger county unions representing much larger County employee memberships. The BOS is firmly in bed with them and the LACDP, except for maybe Supv. Barger, who is the lone supporter of the LASD on the Board despite Alex’s attempts to dis her every chance the Idiot gets.

    ALADS does not have the “Juice” nor the “Duckets” to influence or bounce an incumbent Supervisor. The days of law enforcement union power and clout in LA County are long gone my friend.

    The fact that lil Ronald came back to announce that you two “are on the same page” should be cause for concern for every ALADS member who wondered if President Ron is any brighter than the formerly retired lieutenant who is now miserably playing sheriff.

  • @Um,

    Isn’t that the same lame threat that Alejandro and Bibi tried to throw out at the BOS & the CEO? Care to share your fantasy C Line:?

    You do know what a C Line is, don’t you?

  • Like they say “Do not bite the hand that feeds you” well unless you are someone named “Alejandro the wise one”.
    Um: I would advice ALADS to save their members money, and not do something ill-advised. But again, the BOS still sign our checks like Sup Hahn reminded Alejandro.

  • The last time I checked out the window there was a “news vehicle” outside HOJ. I wonder which “media” organization it belonged to.

  • Here’s a few fun facts (election results)

    MRT (2016) 100% of the vote – ran unopposed. He’s termed out but Herb Wesson is the apparent replacement and he is worse. Ask LAPD.
    Solis (2018) 100% of the vote – ran unopposed
    Kuehl(2018) 74% of the vote
    Hahn (2020) 76% of the vote
    Barger (2020) 58% of the vote

    Good luck on removing anyone from the BOS. I would suggest a Plan B.

  • @AB-Well guess what buddy, Thatcher did it. He was willing to do anything for McDonnell just so he can get that bump to Commander. And he did.

  • @UM-Did you forget already that the last election, ALADS endorsed Hahn and Barger! Why? Because Hahn and Barger have family members in law enforcement. Yeah…that’s a good enough reason to endorse them SMH

  • Villanueva promoted him. Not McDonnell. You must be one of those facts don’t matter guys.

  • @AB, Thatcher was at Compton a whole of 3 weeks when AV promoted him. He ran the station under McDonnell. Let’s be honest here.

  • So Villanueva so admired McDonnell’s step and fetch guy he promoted him? Really? That’s kind of funny that you would throw that out.

  • I don’t know any of the players here and I’m obviously skeptical of any articles on this site so I went to the complaint itself. I was following along and really starting to feel bad for this Gonzalez kid. That is, until I got to the part where he had the nerve to put in for overtime after being held over ONE HOUR on a Memorial Detail.

    Are. You. F-ing. Kidding. Me!!!?????

    The lawsuit needs to be tossed out on this punk move alone. Is he going to ask for overtime after attending a cop’s funeral next? I don’t know the supervisor(s) who denied his OT request but he/they need to be commended. This glimpse into his character sums up this whole farce up to me.

  • AD, You should know very well.. Thatcher was promoted to Commander by Villanueva by way of Eli V and Del Mese. Mrs Sheriff even signed off on it.

  • Eldon, can you get a glimpse into Mandoyans character. You seem like you have some uncanny ability to read characters. A glimpse into Mandoyan’s character would speed up his process to make him a Deputy, before Villanueva is kicked to the curb by the people of LA County.

  • I’m so tired of all this bullshit. If there’s one thing we know. The George Floyd incident has sparked a “#metoo,” phenomenon. We are all victims, there is no such things as responsibility, and I deserve more, whatever that is.

    I’m a first born Mexican-American. Raised speaking Spanish, my first language in fact. I made plenty of bad decisions in my life and I will own up and accept them. It wasn’t my teachers fault, or my counselors, or the cops. I knew got damn well what I was doing and most people do. I matured and learned. The only person to blame is yourself. I made it. I love this country and I love to serve.

    This piece of work in this lawsuit is clearly the opposite. Always looking out for himself, for the next handout. His life is personal, but don’t fucken complain when work or other things in life don’t “gel,” with the results of your decisions.

    Just go to work, put in work, and shut the hell up. I’m so sick of the Public, shit im sick of my own partners airing out laundry in lawsuits like this. Freaking weak. ALADS is a joke oh well like weak ass Ron says. Show up, vote, or call. He knows no one wants that booger eater position, but still he’s right.

    Villanueva is a joke and clearly an arrogant prick, but that nerd ran for sheriff and won! I voted for his dumb ass. So I gotta live with it. He’s better than McDonnell. So it what it is. I. Sucking it up and grinding forward cause that’s what my immigrant grandfather showed/taught me!

    I support all thin blue line. I also support those that shut and go to work. I support anyone that loves this country and Is willing to die for it!

  • I have no doubt the FBI is all over this. When they get done, they are going to have a number of scalps to hang, of several ranks. Some fools never learn.

  • There’s nothing here and a shit ton to prove. FBI ain’t clean themselves they won’t prey to hard. Just burn some peeps for show. Just like the last time. Paul and Leroy were already done anyways.

  • I am still wondering what that “news van” was doing outside HOJ this afternoon. Remember seeing a similar one about 8 years ago. Just curious !

  • Sorry AB. Just doesnt fit your narrative does it? He ran the station and allowed it to fester is the point. How he got promoted, by Eli’s influence is correct. The two are separate. I get it he’s your buddy, but you need to look at the facts.

  • Problem with this post is sounds like a few of you may have not worked custody or the streets in the last 10. 2000/3000 is the start for some. As I have said before many individuals come into LE for many different reasons, well after that academy and your assignment is MCJ, surely if you made for the job or not You will be tested, 2000/3000 ain’t made for the weak, but for some of the weak it becomes a stronghold and might make you famous.

    I Been through the trenches and seen the dust, Ive see deputies falling before they themselves got caught up in trying to be accepted. Sad situation, but not all LASD was accepted in the GanG, B4 The Gang accepted them.

    This shit exist across the county and at most stations, but it will always be what it is until someone steps in and stops the BS.

  • So very many are unaware of the “behind the scenes”. No one really cares until their pockets are checked.

    The BOS, every one of them had the backing of ALADS prior to their appointment, mind you that their seats are sealed.

    ALADS has no juice to unseed any supervisor but they do have the money to try courtesy of 8000 plus members.

    Years ago ALADS put up a member to run against and unseat Supervisor Yvonne B.Burke, long story short, it failed miserably.

    ALADS and LASD is in dire of sensible and mature leadership. Not it is not an insult, just the truth in eyes of many.

    With this being the 50th Anniversary of ALADS, there is not much to celebrate.

    I wish the Deputies and District Attorney Investigators well as they awake and smell the coffee.

  • @damn…tell us how you really feel. I admire your honesty but the AV clown show has it right. The man is a buffoon.

    If he can support Mandoyan what does that tell you about Villanaka’s character. The department is the way it is because he doesn’t know what the fuck he is doing.. that simple. And to boot, he pissed of the BOS and pretty much bitch slapped Hilda Solis into the Aztec Empire.

    The CPT drama is nothing new…the Deputy will lose the lawsuit. Just like the Deps at ELA lost theirs. Good luck in changing that culture in the Dept. Ignorance begets Ignorance at the cost of the taxpayers money.

    For every bad apple there are 10 good ones. But what to do you do when the bushel is all bad? who you gonna call… Celeste Fremon

    Did you know that there are hundreds of inked deps running around in the department that are affiliated with the reapers, executioners, trojans and who knows what else…they enjoy being part of the club. The deputy who filled the complaint is looking to get the money and maybe some payback but at the end this too shall pass…NEXT

    We all suffer at the cost of idiots like those sub groups and COPs who make bad judgment calls based on racism,greed, power, and hurt Egos.


  • Many of you are not thinking about this clearly. Often the RIGHT answer is the counterintuitive one. If ALADS wants to oust any of the Board Members, they should publicly ENDORSE them.

    I don’t think many of you realize how much cops are reviled nowadays. Unions themselves, aren’t particularly well thought of. It would be the “kiss of death” for any of their campaigns in this increasingly liberal county to have a police union get behind them.

  • @Ronald, I didn’t think self proclaimed “Regulators” scare so easily? You might have to cover your ink.

    When I look back over our brief back and forth comments above, I guess having one’s bullshit exposed can be a bit scary for those who’s position and power depend on it. Sorry to rain on your magic carpet ride. I kept expecting the 1000’s of happy ALADS members to come to your defense during your struggles, but I guess they are too busy trying to figure out their TORA & CARPing assignments. Or they are waiting for that LASD Leadership Assessment Poll from you so they can update all on their true MORALE.

    Maybe you need to find yourself your own Mr. Bigglesworth who can serve as a comfort cat. Enjoy the remainder of your closing window. At least it’s been a mighty sweet ride for you.

  • Another Bandito associate is on ALADS Board of Directors which isn’t hard to figure out.

  • @AV Clown Show. The inaccuracy of your first paragraph speaks volumes about what you don’t know.

    You base that on what? The fact I worked at Century for 12 years.

    When we start losing members by the thousands, like you claimed we would, people might listen to your opinion.

    In the meantime we’ll keep working at doing the best for our members and you can sit in the office with your BFF and talk smack about what YOU were unable to accomplish.

  • Dear President of ALADS, Ronald Hernandez,

    On behalf of the silent majority of ALADS members, please advise if we will be receiving a 2020 ALADS Members Morale Assessment Survey within the coming weeks. Preferably sometime within the month of August 2020 as it is important for all to be able to assess the current status and confidence levels on the leadership of the LASD in order to determine if we should stay the course or seek new direction during this most critical time in our profession.

    Respectfully awaiting your response to this very important matter which affects all personnel of the LASD.

  • Damn, “Villanueva is a joke and clearly an arrogant prick” you are absolutely right on this point. Which arrogant prick would pick a fight in the middle of a Pandemic, and go to war with the BOS, while running a massive deficit for the Department, with a shortfall projected at about two BILLION dollars. Do you know the County will no longer be contributing to deferred comp for non-represented employees. Which joker would do this… I know of one. His name is Alejandro Villan.
    Which clown promotes hundreds of sergeants and lieutenants during this COVID-19 lockdown period, in an obvious effort to create additional line deputy vacancies to justify more overtime. And, the BOS rightly froze this approval of those recently announced promotions. Which joker would do this… I know of one. His name is Alejandro Villan.
    Which clown has caused irreparable damage behind the scenes with his corrupt attempts to reinstate the due-processed confirmed, terminated Deputy Mandoyan for lying, and the damage caused to the LASD professional reputation by such actions? I know of one. His name is Alejandro Villan. Not to forget Deputy ER and her take home County car. Which Clown….

    I support all thin blue line. I also understand that leaders must be mentally sound, and are grounded with humility and resolve. Oh wait

  • What do Abe Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Jack Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Jackie Lacy, Lee Baca, Donald Trump and Alex Villanueva all have in common?

    None of them were supposed to win!

  • Read “anonymous’s” post down below; the lawsuit mentioned in his link giving ELA Deputies a legal victory is dated a couple of weeks ago. The lawsuit is still very much on the burner.

  • Good luck with that!
    I’m very curious if the VP of ALADS can deviate from the typical R.H. bullshit and take over the reigns.

    While there have been some positive changes at ALADS, forced and otherwise, something different has to be done.

    And yes, you are correct in addressing the evident “silent majority” of ALADS, many of whom don’t care or know much about their union other than Magic Mountain or Universal Studios.

    And for Ron, who lives on social media, your response is not needed, so do not take a bite.

  • Dear AV CLOWN Show (infasis on CLOWN),

    We sent approximately six email blast, starting March 3rd, giving details on how to get a form, and we also passed them out to Unit Reps and Field Reps for dissemination.

    We even extended the deadline for return (which has now expired), due to the pandemic lock down.

    I have personally met people at the office to give them a form(s), and others have delivered when requested.

    We no longer mail them out, because the lack of participation in returning forms was deemed to be a waste of money for postage.

    I can’t make you read our email blasts or follow instructions, but I feel compelled to plead with you to stop with the posts, because your bafoonery is embarrassing.

    Right about now you and your BFF are saying, “pfft, he doesn’t know us, so who cares!”

    Au contraire mon frère! I use the “mon frère” part loosely.


    Ron H.

  • Filing a charge for prosecution and a lawsuit are two completely different things. I get it now, you thought they were, but one is criminal and one is civil.

  • You or your ghostwriter should utilize spell checking prior to your retorts with EMPHASIS on “spell check”. Don’t embarrass ALADS!


    George H.

  • @Ronald,

    I believe the correct spelling would be “emphasis” and please feel free to “emphasize” my chosen screen name as it is meant to “emphasize” the current state of the LASD top leadership.

    So what you are saying, finally, after side stepping and deflecting for two days, is that there is no real attempt to truly gauge what the membership thinks about the state of the LASD under your best friend, Alejandro’s leadership? You could have just said so the first time as this is not a surprise to anyone.

    Thank you for routine WLA check ins and willingness to engage. Based on the feedback that I have received since yesterday, it’s was very informative for many.

    BTW, I don’t comprendre Francais, but I do speakie pequeno Spanie.

    Adios Villanueva!

  • @AV Clown Show, my bad I should have checked my spelling.

    That being said, if that is the best you and your BFF can come up with then I guess were done with the back and forth.

    Too bad we have to have these conversations here, since everyone knows you’ll never step into the ALADS building again!

  • @ 10 -8

    When you get enough bonafide hooks under your belt, you might have the opportunity to work a Task Force, Regional or Federal.

    The kicker is that you don’t have to be a Federal LEO to work a Federal Task Force.

    You kids born in the 90’s kill me.

  • So the “moral is up under LT Villanueva” is all a lie.

    “A lot of times when you have subcultures or so called cliques within any organization, it always points to a lack of moral.”

    LT Alex Villanueva, PPOA debate July 23rd, 2018 at 29:30 minute mark.


  • @Temple,

    Great historical reminder you found there And right on point. One of the best parts of that debate is at the (32 min mark). Lt. Alex looked so proudly smug after launching his prepared zinger and then the look on his face after the Intelligent One smacked him back down, in quick witted ad lib fashion, with Idiot Alex’s own words. The look on Lil Allie’s face during the subsequent audience applause was priceless.

    Adios Alex

  • AV Clown:

    Your link is the letter “UNITE HERE Local 11” delivered to A.V. the other day. It is important to note

    1. The signatories to the letter. Among them are the ACLU & CLUE. We already know who the ACLU is but who is CLUE? CLUE is an acronym for “Clergy & Laity for Economic Justice” & its website can be Googled. It is a deeply religious organization. When, we must wonder, has the ACLU & a religious organization EVER been on the same page on an issue?

    2. The issue. Over in Arizona “UNITE HERE Local 11” unseated Sheriff Arpaio because his Deputies were turning suspected illegal immigrants over to ICE for deportation. Here, the issue is exacerbation of long-standing LASD corruption. That means corruption is being made Worse.

    “UNITE HERE Local 11” was successful in Arizona, as we know; here…?


    I wonder who the replacement Sheriff might be?

  • George H.

    The quote of the day:

    The failed one year President telling me not to “embarrass ALADS.”

    Do you really expect people to believe that you just happened to stumble across my spelling error deep into this thread.

    Then within the same hour of your post, “AV Clown Show” posts a similar comment.

    Your attempt to deflect, from what I have been insinuating in my responses, has just been proven.

    Can’t remember seeing you on here “George H,” at least not using your real name.

    Like I have said previously, you write the way you talk.

    Condescending, insulting and tough, when you have an audience.

  • “ALADS Member,” come on, you knew I would respond! If for no other reason than to let you know I read your post.

    You may think it’s an insult to me to insinuate our VP could do a better job. That’s not insulting! I have allot of respect for our VP and maybe he can and will do a better job.

    Come down and demand the Board make that decision. I’m not afraid of someone doing a better job.

    Contrary to the belief of my haters, this isn’t about me or power, this is about ALADS, and I want to see ALADS continue to make progress.

    I do have a question though, what is my “typical bullshit?”

    Arguing with people on social media because they talk smack and get pissed when I pop up and check them?

    The fact that I do spend allot of time on social media?

    Back in my single days when we would constantly bump into each other at bars and night clubs, a friend asked me, “don’t you ever stay home? I see you everywhere.” My response, “well if you see me everywhere you must be there too.”

    Apply that to pointing out that I “live on social media.” If you know this, you must be there too.

    I guess my downfall is that I use my real name and I speak not just watch, and I’m sure some don’t like that.

  • @Anon. You may be right. If he/she is, does it make them wrong? Sounds like you’re the type that can’t bear someone taking a stand to nefarious activity. Do you/Did you work there too? I guarantee, alot more will come out of the wood work now once this thing is truly investigated by someone other than the types that released the audio to the ‘wolves’. Maybe the FBI’s investigation can guarantee them anonymity. Oh FBI, come out come out whereever you are!!

  • Denial and lack of action (punishment or otherwise) concerning corrupt deputies within LASD will ultimately lead to a new Sheriff.

  • @LAC Taxpayer,

    You succinctly summarized the Alex Villanueva administration and his career philosophy.


  • Same madness with different names.

    Villanueva and his LASD followers can never point or give the finger at Baca, Tanaka or McDonnell.

    Ron Hernandez and his few ALADS followers can’t point the finger at former ALADS President Floyd Hayhurst. I wonder who’s laughing now…

  • Dear Ron Hernandez,

    The time has come for ALADS to start identifying candidates for the Sheriff Election 2022. It’s obvious the current experiment didn’t work out. The rumors on the street is that Jim McDonnell is going to come back with a vengeance, most likely with support of a few of the BOS who despise the current Sheriff.

    There are several members within the organization who may be contemplating a run, and several retirees who we know for sure are going to run. There are even a few retirees who have moved on to other agencies in executive positions. Some of those names have been previously posted, but definitely not all of them.

    As the president of ALADS are you willing and ready to admit the investment in the Sheriff was a bad one? Deputies are suffering at every turn. He recently posted a video of all of his great accomplishments. I’ll reserve comment and let people judge for themselves. Let’s get on with the endorsement process early to ensure McDonnell doesn’t gain traction. It doesn’t have to be a “Anybody but McDonnell “scenario like last time. There are qualified people whose incompetent badgering wives won’t call the shots from home. December opens the starting gates for candidates to open up campaigns. I hope you’re open to admitting that the current sheriff is done. The department cannot endure another painful four years. The members deserve better!!! I look forward to your response and those of anyone else who cares to chime in. Stay safe!!!!

  • @Eldon Hoke- Gonzales didn’t ask for overtime when he would go on duty to Willow Inn Motel with all the ladies he pulled over. Hope they pull video.

  • To Brian Moriguchi,
    Shout out to you and your board during your tenure at PPOA as you chose not to endorse Villanueva.

    Call it premonition or crapshoot, your board got it right based upon the current climate in LASD.

    With no animosity toward Alex and I applaud his underdog win, but his actions concerning the B.O.S., Mandoyan, Executioners, Bandito’s and battlefield promotion to his cronies are waay too much.

  • The whole station tattoo thing isn’t the problem. Station comraderie and morale are important if channeled into positive efforts.

    The idea of “executioners” is ridiculous. Doesn’t take a crystal ball to have seen this coming after the 2/3000 girls rolled out to patrol.

    This over the top, wanna be hard, macho nonsense is all modeled after a long line of insecure LASD deputies. Look no further than recently, and comically, prompted Commander BL infamous for his 26 inch waist and ridiculous attempts at asserting command during tactical incidents. The same reason he uses his authority to berate subordinates, belittle those who refuse to cower and recognize his incompetence, and befriends anyone with any real patrol experience…is the same set of insecurities and over compensation that drives a harmless tattoo into a station of douchebags and wanna be cool deputies.
    Remember when the lasd used to be a valued and respected agency?
    These clowns have buried any remnants of those days.
    I guess you need a big scary tattoo when the tallest deputy wearing it is 5’6”

  • I like thousands of Los Angeles County residents, am just flabbergasted to see the current crap pile at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, led by Sheriff Alejandro the idiot. My twelve year old granddaughter can make better decisions than the current occupant at Hall Of Justice. The daily shitstorm keeps on coming.
    I for one was assured by some of the idiots closest associates stating his “reformer” priorities. Boy did us the residents of Los Angeles County get one. We got a mumbling, fumbling, Bandido, executioner, hire my convict friends, run the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to the ground Madoff.
    Currently, as a taxpayer and I would support a Sheriff who comes in and cleans house. Yes that means if you break the law, or conduct your business outside of your training, or Departmental policies “you are fired”. It happens all the time in the private industry. We as taxpayers have paid enough in lawsuits pertaining to the shenanigan’s of bad Deputies. For all the good hard working men and women at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department I am sorry you guys have a moron for a leader. He has utterly failed you as your leader, and he has failed us as residents. We all deserve better than Sheriff ” Alejandro the villan”.
    # Fire Sheriff Villanueva.

  • McDonnell coming back with a vengeance. He had no name recognition after 4 yrs as Sheriff. The SJW types will not support him. Let’s state to obvious, the racial demographics are against him. Even if 2 or 3 BOS, like him, he has to raise money and run. AV has spent the last two years investigating his administration. Dirt will come out! I am confident AV will be taken to a run off but I am not sure anyone can beat him. You may hate him but his engagement with the public is unprecedented. He has name recognition and the core functions of the Department are working just fine. Cities and the public are happy with their deputies. The majority still believe in Law and Order. Amazingly AV has begun to shift to be a strong voice for Law Enforcement and victims. He seems to be the only local politician talking about the true victims. This will resonate with voters.

  • @Seeking the Truth,
    Here is the $3 million question:
    Will ALADS endorse Alex Villanueva for a second term and where will POPA lay their money?

  • Seeking the truth:
    I will ask AGAIN. If the Sheriff has dirt on McDonnell’s administration where is it? Two years? Here is a little inside info for you. The “investigators” assigned to these inquiries ran for the hills when they saw the “cases” Sheriff Villanueva was trying to put on the former administration, the OIG and the BOS. Who was going to file these supposed cases anyway? Jackie Lacey? Not likely. The FBI? I think they are busy investigating the current administration. BTW, McDonnell isn’t coming back but there are several highly qualified insiders and outsiders considering a run who check all the demographic/ideological boxes. Oh, and check the “engagement with the public”. His town halls, facebook videos and SIB propaganda draw a very small audience and his social media presence only results in him getting roasted constantly. If it wasn’t for the Co-Sheriff’s minions on Instagram there would be zero positive comments. He had an opportunity to do great things for the Department and the deputies but he failed. Arrogance and political stupidity will be his legacy.

  • Too early for ALADS to say or choose as they lick their wounds and go back into the laboratory.

  • @Sheriff 2022-McDonnell isn’t coming back as Sheriff. But I have been hearing that the BOS want him to take over Sachi’s position after she retires.

  • LT Villanueva, that doctorate in public administration appears to be rather worthless.

    Stop lying to the public and maybe, just maybe you won’t be seen as a dishonest sheriff that can’t be trusted. Who are we kidding, you personally lost public trust in December 2018.

    The public isn’t stupid like you believe they are. They know if you’re willing to cover up and delete evidence from Kobe’s accident, they believe you’re willing to cover up anything, including a party that is a PR nightmare for the department.

    “Are you here for the LASD party?” That answer was affirmative by 3 attendees. An employee/owner has confirmed the party was set up by an LASD deputy/employee.



  • To whoever or whom ever decided to pretend to be me and post a response to Ron nice try if I’m going to respond to something I’m going to leave my full name. I only know about this because somebody sent it to me I do not read Witness LA nor do I want to. If I have something to say I will reach out to Mr Hernandez. I have zero involvement with ALADS and since I am only a couple months away from retirement really don’t care what happens in California anymore as I will be leaving the state. Enjoy.

  • Ron,

    I like you choose to use my real name and responding to things. So just so we can set the record straight here we go. Number one I don’t read Witness LA I don’t go on Witness LA I don’t care what anybody says on Witness LA. I only know about this because a friend of mine sent me a screenshot of it today Monday, August 3 at about 5 o’clock in the afternoon. If I have something to say to you or anyone out down at ALADS I know how to pick up the phone make a phone call send an email whatever I’m not going to do it on this website. Considering that 99% of the people on here use fake and or anonymous names or pretend to be someone else I’m a little surprised that you took the bait thinking that this was me. Since I am only a few short months away from retirement and leaving the state of California I really don’t care what happens anymore in California , Los Angeles County or anywhere in the state. Should you feel the need to reach out please don’t do so here as like I said I don’t go on here you can have Derek give me a call if you’d like and I’ll be happy to tell him the same thing Or you can reach out to me for the short time I have left Pico station. I only felt the need to respond in order to set the record straight if somebody wants to post something on here use your real name not your fake name so you can talk trash.

  • Guess what bro, U could careless about deps, If you are a representative of the public of LaCo then this dept is screwed(Yea I live in OC and love the deps there cause the public supports them). Regardless of who is sheriff, what feel good programs are implemented, nothing and I repeat nothing LASD does will be good enough for you and the people of LaCo. It seems you relish in deriding the dept.

    The only thing that will apease you is no LE, no incarceration, and every bloody social promotion/assistance program on the books. The only problem with this is that somebody has to PAY for it and that will be you my friend, good riddance!.

    Lastly, for all you posters that are constantly blaming and ridiculing the sheriff, I have a hard time believing you are committed LASD employees. How about knocking off the derogatory BS and come up with some viable solutions…Yea, bunch of whiny county employees….

  • T&B – Hit the nail on the head and btw, that video you posted above from the PPOA gathering was priceless.

  • Personally, I think that was just a party organized by a group of Deputies without the knowledge or sanction of LASD itself; we’ve all been to those.

    More problematic is the idea emanating from the “Unite Here Local 11” campaign against Alex Villanueva that A.V. is the “Most corrupt sheriff in the United States”:


    Paragraph #9

  • @ Anonymous Deputy – according to you, he will have alot more money in the bank. Is he going to share it with you since you are his friend???? I doubt it!

  • Since you are seeking the truth, I would like to provide you with some “TRUTH”. As Villanueva’s support among Latino voters who helped elect him a Sheriff has cratered, Villanueva has increasingly painted an image of “high Deputy moral” at a time when the Department faces a reckoning on void of leadership, decision making and accountability. Is Villanueva really arguing that he only can provide “law and order” needed to keep people safe.

    Since his swearing in, Villanueva’s impulse driven exploits have been on full display for all to witness. The decision that will ultimately seal his fate is his mind boggling blind loyalty to Creepy Carl. If Villanueva had not spent those millions of dollars trying to get creepy Carl reinstated, and then fighting numerous losing cases in court ( yes the County paid both sides).
    Then in the middle of a Pandemic, while at war with the BOS, while running a massive deficit for the Department, with a projected $ 2 Billion dollar budget shortfall by the end of next year, with the County no longer contributing to deferred comp for non-represented employees, he sneaks in dozens of promotions without the BOS noticing? He has dug himself into a hole, and only knows how to keep digging.
    Did you know that significant increase in contract services costs to the Contract Cities that have ballooned under Villanueva’s leadership as Sheriff?

    Lastly, there is no significant Latino population who thinks of him as some savior. There is no resonation in him.. on the contrary they see him as a liar, someone who keeps fumbling BS to the people of LA County. Well they may need darker shades to avoid the burn. Even the Service Employees union who CANVASSED for him want him to RESIGN. Allie has no one to blame but himself, Mrs Sheriff and the rest of his whispering minions.

  • @George,

    I’m sure Ronald will post an apology to you, being the stand up guy that he claims to be. Just like when Alejandro makes a mistake and quickly owns up to it. Birds of a feather.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  • @not in the car,

    The only “viable solution” to save the LASD is to remove Alex Villanueva and his entire Clown Show. Only then will the ship be saved and salvaged.


  • Interesting that Ron took the bait like a cheesey rat while the real G.H. pulled a Mark Furhman with “I don’t read WLA”…. really George?

    So much for the united front at ALADS.

  • The simple solution is body camera’s that cannot be muted or turned off. If the officer has two incidents where the camera was intentionally covered, they get the boot.

  • Well, the powerful liberal “Progressive” crazies that gave us Alejandro Villanueva for Sheriff are now looking to take out Jackie Lacey and give us the wonderful George Gascon as LA County D.A., thereby effectively and permanently destroying the criminal justice and public safety systems in LA County.

    These charges and this announcement at this time are 100% designed to take out Jackie come Nov 2020. This should have been handled as an “Office Hearing” but of course the SJW’s who push for diversion and other alternatives to prosecution would never have that for this planned and staged harassment & stalking incident.

    POLITICO: Becerra charges Los Angeles DA’s husband for pulling gun on Black Lives Matter protesters


  • Look no further than the Progressive enablers and funding machines beginning with ALADS.
    Now there is indirect back stabbing within the same political circle to no ones surprise, what a mess.

  • Political dirty tricks.

    Not a peep from the Attorney-General when the Feds sent something like twenty-two LASD personnel to the Big Joint, but he’s involved in something like this–a mob showing up on somebody’s porch?

    Melina Abdullah is a powerful lady; lookit what she did just a few days ago


    The Sundial is the student newspaper for Cal State–Northridge.


    Melina Abdullah is the one calling A.V. “the most corrupt Sheriff in the nation.”

    See the link in my post up above.

  • No seriousness attached to Melina Abdullah until she separates herself from the funders and string pullers who have no interest in the actual lives of Blacks in America, only to push their agenda.

  • Ahhhhh one bloody deputy out of what,7000, and ur that hung up on whether he stays employed by the county????..Hell, I have no idea who the guy is except for all the press that he has garnered. That one statement says alot, get a friggin life.

    If and it is a big if, you are representative of the line personnel at LASD then yes the dept is in for a brutal realignment….

  • Dear “Shed Light,”

    In the last two of your comments you make slanderous and detailed accusations against someone whom you name, but offer no proof of your allegations. I have no idea if these are righteous claims or not. Yet, since you are doing this anonymously, you risk nothing. You’re simply hiding behind a wall throwing firebombs. And that’s not permitted here. Hence I’ve trashed those two comments, and will continue to do so with anything similar.

    Thank you in advance for understanding.


  • Does anyone really care if every deputy associated with a tattoo clique is overnight transferred to court services or custody? Most deputies would probably welcome these idiots who got punked for their lunch money their entire lives who hide behind some ink on their ankle get rolled up. Anyone who works in law enforcement and would label themselves an executioner has got to be a complete idiot. They’re real tough guys when drinking g bud light at the river. Get them one on one in a fight and they cry like little babies. Villanueva and his wife’s inability to control or address them is another sign of his ineptness. Perhaps because the ELA deps show a little love by driving by the mother in laws house often that he won’t touch them. Surely he’s not trying to paint himself as a real patrol deputy at ELA. They put him on a bicycle in the projects because he literally was a danger to himself and others.

  • Not in the car, you know you are in the car.”I have no idea who the guy is except for all the press that he has garnered”. Google “Rasputin”. He is Villanueva’s and Mrs. Sheriff’s “Rasputin”. The Clown Show is absolutely right. You know you can’t defend the worst Sheriff ever.
    Here is some food for thought.

  • There is no fix. The police department needs to be defunded. Police are working for carrels and anyone with pockets deep enough to buy them a hellcat. If you want someone assassinated simply hire the police. Almost all unsolved murderers are committed by police officers. The cover up is all the way up to the federal level and politicians cover for them too. Look up all the politicians that have been murdered. Nearly every politician that has been murdered has been killed by a someone in law enforcement.

  • @ Juan, I think Anonymous Deputy needs to enjoy that 120 day contract and County Car .. Courtesy of AV

  • Oh Ooooo, Alex, we have another very unhappy customer. https://abc7.com/compton-leaders-demand-investigation-into-rogue-deputies/6354321/

    Of course Incompetent Alex uses his new standard go to response when he tries to duck a controversial issue under his watch. I know you all thought I was going to say “Blame Jim McDonnell” again, but no, he can’t do that with this one. So his next go to strategy is to send out a written press release stating that he has opened an internal investigation to determine the facts. Just like the Kobe Bryant picture and destruction of evidence incident, or the Banditos internal and external activities, or the Compton behind the dumpster videoed use of force beating, or the Hollywood area daytime videoed drive-by pepperball and stunbag shooting of black teenagers, or the Bigglesworth Burcher on-duty or off-duty Chief of Staff profane social media postings, or the….. well, you get the point.

    Of course we will never hear the results of all of these internal investigations by the most overworked bureau on the department (IAB). Maybe that’s why they leaked the confidential whistle blower info to the Compton Station “Shotcallers.” That’s called “Case Management” in the era of Alejandro VILLANueva.

    I’m hearing many contract cities are exploring exit strategies from the AV Clown Show led LASD. It’s only the beginning of the crumbling HOJ 8th Floor.


  • @AVCS. You are correct. The only impartial investigation, in the eyes of the good deputies at Compton station and the community they serve, will come from the FBI. Why is it the Sheriff’s office sent two “special investigators’ to Compton to investigate the anonymous call, and not go the normal route? And the call is leaked? It reeks of a coverup. I’m surprised the FBI isn’t investigating the top itself, as a public corruption case, like Tanaka.

  • @Clown Show

    “I’m hearing many contract cities are exploring exit strategies from the AV Clown Show led LASD.”

    100% Fact. Aside from now Compton, and previously mentioned multiple cities of LH station discussing exit strategies, forming their own PD’s, or regional PD’s, McDonnell has consulted with multiple, including predominately latino cities for the very same thing. Photos have circulated of meetings held by city leaders with McDonnell. Imagine how LT Villanueva and Ms 1st Sgt feel that McDonnell is being asked by these cities to divest from LASD when they beat McDonnell in the 2018 election.

    Costs for these cities have sky rocketed under LT Villanueva because of the increased liability of his decisions. The many cities of LH station are additionally disturbed by LT Villanueva’s ignorance to work together with them and only communicate with an admitted “activist” on station issues.

  • @ The AV clown show- you love trashing the sheriff, hope you are not employed by LASD dept. If you are and your that unhappy With his decision making and how he is guiding this dept, you can resign Or lateral no one is holding you back.

  • Test for today

    Q. Did Villanueva not learn from Tanaka

    A. Apparently not as LASD history repeats itself.

  • Juan Carlos:

    Thanks for that link; very informative.

    If the Claim is denied by Los Angeles County then it goes to court & won’t stop until it reaches either or both the State & U.S. Supreme Courts for an ultimate decision.

    What will be decided in this judicial process is what is taken from this story, and I quote

    “Austreberto Gonzalez’s claim…alleges…the Executioners clique…essentially runs the Compton Sheriff’s station.”

    That is what the court, if the matter goes THAT far, will be looking at.

    An interesting case to keep an eye on.


  • As is reported in the link provided by Juan Carlos (in response to “Not in the car”) up above this claim is a precursor to adjudication in the courts, meaning that if the County denies the claim Judge & Jury will hear the matter.

    That’ll REALLY be interesting.

  • John Doe, you seem like a loyal minion of Villanueva. So instead of criticizing Clown Show; can you defend any of the decisions/ fumbles/missteps, or disasters created by Villanueva.
    Clown Show has it right.!!!

  • Clown Show, correct me if I’m wrong; but it about that time of the year when the BOS does an annual evaluation of Department heads, and that includes the Sheriff since the BOS sign the checks. I wonder how that went.

  • Celeste
    I see you like one sided stories. Your work is dominated by passing on stories someone els has put together. I mean why would you follow up on leads people give you. That would be called real investigative journalism. I see you have no time for that. This guy Gonzalez is able to slander people but your ok with that.
    Anything. that goes against the Sheriff Department I guess is ok with you. Keep up the good work with your one sided stories.

  • Dear Whistleblower,
    You say you are intimidated by the supposedly “Really Bad” patrol deputies. We’re you ever intimidated by Eguia, Waldie, or Guzman.

  • Nonsense.
    It’s extremely cost prohibitive to start up your own department at the municipal level. This is a routine contract cities use as a tactic for contract negotiations.
    They can yell and scream all they want but the fact remains, it’s cheaper to go tan and green. Especially in this ridiculous LA County situation where leaders are actively trying to defund the police. Can you imagine the uproar if a city decided to take on the full weight of an entire department?
    I suspect LA County Sheriff will pick up more contracts as cities continue to suffer from Covid revenue loss and political pressure to remove enforcement from the streets.

  • @Nope. I suggest you do your homework. The City of Commerce is bailing out of contract cities. They have done requests for proposals and a couple cities submitted. Councilmember John Soria, former LET on the dept. from ELA just left LASD for a 6 figure job in Montebello in transportation, without transportation experience. The city manager Rene Bobadilla is former Commerce where he got a temporary soft landing after being bounced from Pico Rivera. He now makes a quarter of a million dollars a year, see Los Cerritos News article. The residents of Montebello rioted over the Soria selection. Now Soria will recuse himself from the vote, and poof, Commerce’s $8 million contract goes to Montebello. Shortly after, Commerce will bounce their Transportation Director and Soria will get hired for $200k a year, now that he’s experienced of course. See how that works bro? Open your eyes and see the real deal. LASD is a laughing matter these days and the city managers are fed up. commerce just happens to be on the corrupt side. No worries. The newspapers and authorities are watching and waiting for this pay to play. Villanueva knows it’s coming too. Forgot to mention, Soria was under an IAB case for releasing false info about ELA’s performance which led to the request for proposals. Grease my hand and I’ll grease yours. More contracts? No way pal.

  • Hard to read that wall of text but I think I figured out what you were saying.
    So, in essence corrupt Commerce is corrupt?
    A dirty contract is being proposed and everyone knows it?

    So, again, it’s simple math. The LASD contract structure is pretty much the standard law enforcement contract model nation wide. The resources included in the cost per item makes it a pretty good deal. The liability cost as part of the structured contract is also not a huge cost when you factor out how much a single bad shooting will cost a municipality. Divided by several contracts, that cost is split and somewhat reasonable given the massive payouts being dealt out.

    Montebello can promise whatever they want. The reality of the situation is another thing. City managers are always looking to other ideas for law enforcement and, yes, they get bids and proposals because…that’s what their job is. To find the best economical level of law enforcement. Commerce may leave but if it’s as shady as you describe then you’re destroying your own argument because it’s not a cost benefit rather a scandalous arrangement. Reason doesn’t play well with scandal.

    As municipalities continue to look for ways to squeeze out of the LE overhead costs, pensions, work comp, overtime, lawsuits, they will shift more so to a contract model.

    So, in closing, your scenario may be likely but is not based on cost. Sounds like the same shenanigans that closed down Cudahy and Maywood. Does that sound like a solid financial plan to you? Something that can withstand the test of time?
    Your words, “No way Pal.”
    Do the math “bro.”
    Money speaks.

  • Nope presents a more compelling argument in a far more cogent fashion. This para especially:

    “As municipalities continue to look for ways to squeeze out of the LE overhead costs, pensions, work comp, overtime, lawsuits, they will shift more so to a contract model.”

    This is undoubtedly true. Municipalities are beyond wary of future judgments, as are their reinsurers. Having COLA absorb the hits is massive advantage of using contract LE.

    Good debate though.

  • @Nope. I’m not really debating here. I’ve known the contract model for many years and know it’s a good deal. But you forgot to state the obvious. With front page news like the “Executioners” and a weak Sheriff who can’t handle the problem, why wouldn’t everyone want to contract with LASD?? Cmon bro. We’re no longer providing top shelf service with quality leadership. Instead of the CLEB spin, let’s face facts. LASD is the second option. No city likes to give up control of their chief, officers, etc. Perhaps you ignored the cries of the city managers at Contract Cities about carping, transparency, etc. Ask Malibu how happy they were with the fire emergency response. Ask Compton how happy they are at the moment. How’d the Kobe pictures turn out? Please admit Villanueva isn’t the best salesman for new contracts. Commerce is just corrupt so when they go they go. On that front you’ll say Bandito Breaker was right!!!

  • @John Doe,

    If I follow your advice and resign, lateral or just plain leave, the LASD will still be totally F#@Ked Up under your Clown Sheriff. However, if I can hang on and continue to highlight the fumbling, bumbling, mumbling incompetence of the narcissistic Clown Sheriff in the hopes that he is either recalled, resigns or is escorted out of the HOJ in the custody of the FBI before he loses in the 2022 election, then all of us loyal LASD personnel will be 100% better off (well maybe except the current crop of unqualified Skippers).

    So, I see this as my LASD patriotic duty to Carry On and Keep Calm, while keeping the social spotlight on the AV Clown Show.


  • @JC, I’m not sure about that but if it includes elected officials, that should be a public document. Now THAT would be some fun reading.

  • @Adma, Nope & LASPA,

    I can 100% guarantee that “several” contract cities (not just Commerce and Compton) are exploring various options and ways to bail from the Villanueva led LASD. Yes, going it alone as an independent agency is cost prohibitive. But these are much smarter folks than Alejandro the Clown and his Clown Show Skippers. They have many creative ways to make their financially viable escape from Alex’s sinking ship.


  • Arguably, the collaboration between the contact cities of Compton, Commerce and other like-minded Cities can create a model of LE resource sharing program. I think McDonnell is working on something like this. The program can combine LE command structures into a single, shared administrative unit in order to take advantage of fiscal and operational efficiencies.

    As post-covid budget deficits in contract cities are projected to be in the millions for multiple years, positions shared can be one Chief, who leads either a 2 or 3 contract Cities. This multi-city agreement can create policies to solve: governance, cost allocation, integrated dispatching, visibility and community identity on uniforms and apparatus, attendance at City Council and staff meetings; office hours and contract termination provisions. The strategy provides immediate financial relief to cities and permit Compton, Commerce and another like-minded Cities running away from the Villanueva run train wreck at LASD to maintain their own police departments with local control. Thereby, eliminating the services of LASD to 2 or 3 contract cities. By taking advantage of economies of scale, these cities can implement operational changes to reduced costs and maximized resources, while providing quality services to their respective communities. The resulting savings will offset cuts to other city departments.
    Adios Villanueva

  • Nope, “It’s extremely cost prohibitive to start up your own department at the municipal level”
    when Villanueva can solve the Budget F*&*@ up at LASD we can talk about costs at contract Cities. Cities can’t run fast enough. They are tired of the train-wreck at the helm of LASD.

  • Again, exploring alternative policing options is much different than actually doing it. I’d be willing to bet most cities conduct feasibility studies on this topic every few years. Now it’s different because political pressure is mounting to spend less.

    My guess, cities are “exploring” other options as contract leverage. In short, how do we get the same coverage we have now but pay less to show we are “defunding.”

    They can be mad at the sheriff, so what?

    Before commenting again take a look at the LASD contract rates and what those rates include per item. Then factor that out to fill an actual municipal PD. Make sure to include equipment, logistics, pay/benefits, work comp, insurance, overtime, support staff, command staff, maintenance…

    Then come back with an actual working argument that doesn’t start with, “They hate the sheriff.”

  • You mean like Santa Fe Springs? That was a huge monetary loss and a slap in the face. At the time, everybody had the same attitude. The exact arguments were made as to why they wouldn’t leave. But guess what, to everyone’s surprise they left. And they haven’t looked back.

    I think the city of Commerce is very similar to Santa Fe Springs. Big industrial city, small nighttime population and a medium size police department right next door. I guess we will see.

  • Never argued Commerce wouldn’t go. However, if it’s as shady as you laid out then it’s not a decision based on financial responsibility. At worst it’s a corruption probe in the making and common sense/money don’t really play in that scenario.
    I won’t argue that the service provided by the LASD is not what is used to be. You’re on point there. Leadership struggles, yes.
    Poor management, yes.

    My main argument is the assumption of costs associated with building a municipal department from the ground up.

    The idea of cities banding together to create a department has merit but you still face the potential of one chief answering to many mayors/councils/etc. That’s a lot of headaches especially considering the politics at play in small cities.
    Doable? Yes
    Is it smart at this stage? Maybe not.

    The embarrassment of AV to not effectively manage the ELA and, now, CPT problems will cost him no doubt. How much is still up in the air.

    You say forget the CLEB spin but you can’t downplay it can you? Money still holds value and in this Covid ravaged, well…Democrat Covid ravaged, economy..money is not coming in. The loss of tax dollars is going to be staggering. Cities will be cinching their belts not loosening them.

    The other difficult task is filling the ranks of a new department. It’s hard enough finding good quality people in a well paying, decent pension agency. Look at what the early 2000 hiring period has brought LASD. Now go find people willing to work for a new agency…what will salary and benefits consist of? Will it be enough to pull good people into those roles and assume a job that is at the top of the chopping block lately?
    Who will train them? If I’m LASD I don’t let them into my academy.
    I don’t offer any form of support at all except what’s mandated by law.
    If I’m the county, any city that pulls up Sheriff services, I’m pulling up fire services as a consequence. I’ll admit I don’t know the details of fire services to cities but I’d make them pay, literally.
    Have a large event and need support? Nope, open your bank book.

    That’s my play. You want to leave, then you’re cut off. See you in a few years when you are asking for a new contract.

  • @Nope. Here’s a working argument for you. LASD and the geniuses at CLEB lost 65% of the $135 million Metro contract for transit policing. Oops you forgot to mention that little fact. Put that in your pipe bro!!! How’s that work out for your line item forensics “only game in town scenario?”

  • Also under investigation for a drunken brawl / Marijuana fest at Palm Springs during a City of Commerce function

  • @Bandito- lmao

    “Bro” you are so ignorant but you’re probably a lifetime line guy with no marketable skills to do anything but hit buttons on an MDC.

    Here’s a better question for you…
    How does Metro like the system they have now?
    How about LAPD?

    That contract was drawn up by a used car salesman at LAPD and let’s not count out the back room politics there, do your own research if you’re capable.

    Offering to run a contract based on overtime with no items is an unsustainable program. What happens when you can’t fill the overtime? Like in an emergency…oh wait, that just happened and metro had below minimum coverage and they still may.

    Look, keep cherry picking the outliers and pretending you’re actually providing a winning, no better, a defensible position.

    As I originally stated and it went over your head, unscrupulous deals aside, the lasd contract model is hard to beat to provide a fiscally sound/staffed law enforcement presence.

    Give me numbers to prove it’s cheaper to go elsewhere and get a sustainable model. You can’t.

    My argument will never hold up to awful back room, shady political decisions like metro. In fairness, I don’t think the department really cares that they lost that horrific contract anyway. That may have been a win win as they unloaded a catastrophic politically charged contract and managed to fill vacancies at other units.

    There comes a point when a department needs to contract in order to expand. You can’t keep sending blood to new organs and let the others die off. Sometimes you cut off an appendage, feed the remaining, then start again.

    This is all way beyond your capacity to understand anyway but I tried. Do us all a favor and don’t shoot anyone in the back anytime soon ok.

  • You just can’t beat ‘total cost absorption’, aka the subsidized policing model offered at an agency as large as the LASO. Opting to contract elsewhere may provide more leverage to a city, however I don’t believe it’s possible during an economic downturn such as this. Commerce already reached into its rainy day fund and took out half. I don’t blame any one of these cities for exploring an escape plan due to AV’s consummate lying, failure, and resulting distrust and liability.


  • @Anon- that’s my point.

    Good ol Bandido can’t comprehend it is all.

    Service quality differs from station to station and deputy to deputy.
    AV is a clown but a knowledgeable deputy who gives a damn will provide a high level of service despite all that.

  • Let us be clear here bro…..I never knew who this guy was till all of the press around him and the sheriff. Honestly, I still could care less because the dept has bigger battles to contend with(budget, staffing, and the likes). I am a 20 year line dep who works patrol, nothing more,nothing less but I will say this my knowledge base goes WAY beyond yours with regard to command staff. No, I am not in the car but maybe I once was. Ok detective Juan Carlos get to work.

  • Amen brother, If he is that unhappy just retire,resign, or lateral. Nobody and I mean nobody is forcing us to work at LASD…Sheesh!

  • Test for today
    Q. Who ran Lee Baca’s campaign for sheriff?
    If you can answer this correctly then I will listen to your advice and counsel. If not then you really have no business commenting one way or another..Alleged Retired LASD

  • @Nope. Hilarious LASD contract defectors are outliers. You think the little gift bag you hand out at contract cities is going to keep them. Soon you’ll fill all of your vacancies with voided contracts. At least you admitted Villanueva is what he is. Agree to agree!!! Out. Gotta go hook a frank!!!

  • ” I will say this my knowledge base goes WAY beyond yours with regard to command staff” ok there … were you part of the “transition team” who put the command staff together with Villanueva and Mrs Sheriff.
    Ok A/S

  • Is it true that a commander is part of the Vikings gang with the racist OGCF tattoo? What message is management sending? Im sure BLM and the ACLU would like to know this. Pictures are priceless.

    You can’t make this stuff up. What is happening to LASD?

  • The solution for AV is to walk away from the contract with Compton, the liability is too great. Let Compton solve their own problems with whom they think is better. Most Contract Cities want the Sheriff’s Department & have a constructive relationship. By cancelling the contract you can redistribute the existing staff to satisfy vacancy & organizational needs. To do otherwise is to have US Justice enjoin LASD & appoint a special Master. While AV is showing a set, temporary shutdown ELA Station & police the area from an adjacent station. It’s time for AV to show leadership for the sake of the majority of hard working ethical deputies, otherwise others will intervene. As a hint, PJP rolled up SEB as a result of actions at Isla Vista & saved deputies from indictments. Unfair to some but brilliant for the greater good. Honestly I’m skeptical that AV has the necessary insight, he after all likes to think he’s the “deputies Sheriff”. He’s not one of the Boyz, he owes them much more maturity & leadership! The failure of McDonnell is no longer a rack he can hang his hat on!

  • Regarding contract cities leaving….The reality is it is very costly to leave and start a new agency and right now is not a good time. The unhappy cities are just better off endorsing a Sheriff’s candidate who will return the LASD to the Department it once was (or better). It would take at least a couple years to make a transition, so might as well wait until the current Sheriff and leadership is replaced, which appears very likely to happen!

  • Nothing is happening and the department shouldn’t care what BLM thinks. 90% of the department, probably more, are solid hard working deputies. Stop pissing into the wind. The department is fine. Politics will always be politics. If you keep playing into them, youll see where we end up.

  • I also concur 100% with you also.

    Unfortunately things will get worse before it gets better as the younger and future LASD Deputies/Administration will pay for it.

  • I concur as well, but the only thing I’ll add is. Today’s deputies and administration has had to pay for missteps from the past for a long time now. Today’s deputy has to work smarter and harder with more restraints then past have. You should be giving them “atta boys,” and motivating them. The future isn’t bleak. It’s bright, tough but still bright.

    I praise today’s generation. Don’t let politics into your heart. Keep working hard and don’t listen to any of the BS

  • I think, in the case of Compton where they’re proving not to being your partner, take initiative & keep business you can handle. My goodness the Feds have you in their cross hairs, you need to move. To do otherwise is to have your backside handed to you! The LASD brand, although scorched as of late, doesn’t need the Compton contract to be what is defining its image. Compton gets to bad mouth you, saves money & costs you more than you get. In business you cut your losses rather than let them take you down.

  • You’re right, the deputies are & will adapt to the new realities. As is said, it’s not the challenge itself but how you choose to deal with it. The rub is a leader who seems like a deer in the headlights, frozen in place, defensive & letting others define the fine men & women of LASD.

  • That man doesn’t define me! His bafoonery only defines him. I agree things could be better, but have they ever been perfect, hell no. This department has been plagued, as had any corporation, company, business, or department.

    That just means we as leaders have to protect these young deputies and mold them correctly. Guide them and show them what’s right. Since my days in he Corps. Brass has always been jacked. I think it’s a human default for those who aren’t born leaders or never had it. Then there’s those guys that we’d run onto a beach with. It is what it is.

    Villanueva is Villanueva. One day a new generation will run the show and he will be a forethought

  • So let me get this straight. Identify a sub-group of deputies who have tattooed themselves with a violent caricature, who have been identified as violent by a whistleblower, and you want to run away from the contract because your client is disturbed by these revelations? You must be joking!! How about transferring all of their asses out of there at midnight and deliver a quality service with solid leadership. I know, impossible under Villanueva and Vivian’s leadership, but that’s how a true qualified leader would handle it. Clean the shop and start fixing things!!! Running away doesn’t work for me!!!

  • One hundred percent. That’s right it is impossible under the current regime. According to the claim, the actor was undermined by his immediate supervision. Why is that one may imagine? Were they supporting insubordination on their own? Or were they acting on behalf of someone in the top 5? I hear someone up there has ties to certain personnel there. Not hard to imagine this going all the way to the top.

  • The LASD and their union need to be defunded. The police union function is to suck every penny from the city budget and protect it’s bad cops.

    The union is like a leech just sucking the life out of a city. The union only support politicians who accept campaign money in exchange for more money for the police. The police unions are worse than the unions run by Jimmy Hoffa and the mafia.

  • @ Banditos breaker- you think you know a lot. How about you do your research in regards to this “whistleblower”. Once you do your research you will find out what a piece of work he is. Enough said!

  • @John Doe. Wait! There’s two documented whistleblowers now, and according the article above, two more to add to that-who don’t wanna be identified as of yet it seems!! Sounds like the ‘piece of work’ argument doesn’t have a leg to stand on. I don’t know about you, but separate from the claimants alleged issues, there’s obviously a problem here. Why else would the call be leaked??? That alone solidified his claims, and worse, illustrates the conspiracy in play even from outside the deputy group, to shut him up. Seems you are trying to do the same. Care to explain your argument he’s a piece of work, therefore this never happened?

  • You believe the media too much. Anyone will tell you what kind of deputies the “whistleblowers” are. Of course media is not going to cover that what they have done because it won’t fit there narrative. Hmmm ”whistleblower “ would go to willow motel on duty to do his 1030 shenanigans. He was proud of that telling everyone.

  • @Fx, welcome to Government 101. That’s the way ALL government unions work. Have you you ever heard of SEIU? That massive union of government employees supports only politicians who back their employees and their (usual left-wing) causes. This circle jerk is the (rightfully) reason FDR opposed lifting the previous ban on government unionization back in the 30’s.

    You are right, but your transparent hate for cops keeps you from seeing reality for what it is – government unionization is a suckers game and the taxpayers are the suckers.

  • “So let me get this straight.”

    Nope, you ain’t got it straight.

    The concern is that this “sub-group” is not only controlling Compton Station but has infiltrated Internal Affairs to the over-all detriment of LASD.

    Ditto over at ELA.

    And that’s not all: Google “LASD Corruption” for more–lots more.

    Something to run away from.

    At top speed.

  • John Doe, yes yes… you are trying to sow doubt here, looking for some way to discredit him, and save face. I think Bandido Breaker has a point here. Why not clean house, or is command just not capable of it.

  • Willow Motel. Hilarious. While he was allegedly doing these nefarious things on duty and bragging about it, you said nothing. Now that he has snitched you’re off, you wanna cry foul. Well here’s one for you. Have you ever heard of the RICO Act? Look it up. Cause when the Feds come and serve your ass you should at least be slightly educated on the matter. Especially when ALADS votes not to represent you because participating in a gang and organized crime are not in the “course and scope” of your duties!!! Watch the gates. Gates are Closing!

  • @bandito breaker LMFAO! I’m sorry is that your friend that I’m offending? You are probably like him, another deputy that wants to sue the county for being a lazy piece of work. Like I stated before if you were that unhappy in a place why not leave? Not my place to throw his dirty laundry out there. Maybe you should do a lil work up on him., since you like believing the media!

  • @Bandito Breaker – Thanks giving my long work day a good laugh. RICO act that’s hilarious. Yeah maybe cause those guys have self-respect and would never go report it. “Snitched you’re off,” also another good laugh. This tells me everything about who you are. Smh.

    You should be wary of someone that come bringing truths. How does the saying go, “if you point one finger, there’s three pointing back.” You can’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. No one is perfect, neither you or I.

  • @Bandito Breaker. You’re spot on. The Feds will snatch the lowest hanging fruit and build their case. Sadly, this is not the first or last time law enforcement betrays their oath to the community (Remember Rafael Perez & Co. of LAPD and the Arco Narco scandal of LASD). These guys are probably too young to be influenced by these scandals. Arrogant I imagine, until they are paraded and carted off in cuffs before their coworkers eyes.

    I wonder who the first deputy to take a lenient sentence will be!? They should proactively seek out the Feds so that they can sweeten the deal before their crimey does. I bet you the guys below never realized there really is no honor among thieves.


  • Bandito Breaker,
    Be advised that even within the realm of “course and scope” according to ALADS, representation depends on who you are and how they feel about you. Why do you think LASPA was started?

    Many members of ALADS have been turned down because of personal feelings, LASD Pandora’s Box is a
    perfect and true example with James Sexton.

    It would interesting to see how far ALADS would go to protect Villanueva when he is possibly called into the matters of Bandito’s and Executioners.

    Of course Ron Hernandez will have a different story…

  • Amazing how Arco Narco’s “Sgt Sobel was the leading “Bad Ass” and then turned on his team, what a loser!

  • “sue the county for being a lazy piece of work” Miss Jane Doe some would say the same about Allie

  • @JohnDoe. I’m actually LMFAO at your writings. Picture this: whilst at the river with the boys the shot caller makes up a stupid rule that when deps are in a 998 hit shooting they get to put blood drops dripping from their al-47 tattoo. Ooh. Ohh my leader, that is the shit bro. A bad ass idea. The sheep all chant in unison. What a good dude our leader is since he has the number 1 ink. Man, a real hard ass from Santa Clarita Valley!!! Meanwhile, his partner is working a deal with investigators. Trust me little fella, if Lee Baca and Paul Tanaka can sit in prison I’m confident they’ll have no problem with the snot noses who think they are bad asses. Do your homework bro. You know how many turned states evidence in Pandora’s Box? Ever wonder why Cecil Rambo is a chief of police now?? Most don’t know he was Tanaka’s right hand man. I saw them go on runs for lunch followed by afternoon cigars. These new guys have no idea what coming. Their little clique will find out soon enough. The Compton city leaders aren’t having it and neither should Sheriff Vivian and Undersheriff Alex. Ohh, I’m sorry. Did I strike a nerve????

  • @bandito actually you didn’t , I continue to lmfao.. you think I you are sooo knowledgeable. You are probably another low key “whistleblower” ..

  • And let us not forget the Captain at Carson Station at the time, B A. It seems she entered the witness protection program after being taped saying some pretty bad things, that were potentially illegal. Shortly after that information was made public, along with certain relationships, she all but disappeared. She was also very close to the Little Tyrant. They went to Gardena High School together.

    Most will roll at some point, some just sooner than others.

  • To all of those that actually believe the “Whistleblower” about all the alleged activities that are going on and how intimated he was by his peers. That’s sounds pretty on paper and sure makes a hell of a story. In his lawsuit he claim a supervisor set up arrest quotas for him. Funny he mentions that I’m sure his arrest rate shows otherwise. Come on now……It must have been hard to arrest anyone while starring at the pumps all day………

  • @Anonymous. Speaking of tools you must be one of those River tough boys drinking bud light while toting your ar-15 around the campfire. When presented with the facts and number of years you’ll spend behind bars i’m confident you’ll sing like a canary. Guys like you always do!! Tough guys once back up arrives!! Punked your while life for lunch money!!! We both know it!!!!!

  • B.A. is not/no longer in the Witness Protection Program if your assumption is true.
    She is alive, well and enjoying a Captain’s retirement with yearly COLA enhancements.

  • Editor’s Note:

    Dear “Not in the Car” and “Anonymous,”

    “Not in the Car,” you keep trying to bring someone’s daughter into the discussion as part of some kind of mud-slinging accusation. “Anonymous,” you made a comment libelously accusing someone of rape. And both of you do all this lobbing of mud balls from behind the wall of anonymity.

    Not cool.

    Last warning.


  • @Anonymous, first off, you do realize we have an entire new Board of Directors, right.

    Why tell a 20 year old story and try and apply it to today.

    I challenge you to find one member who was not provided representation, by this BOD, for personal reasons.

    If you’re going to go down the ALADS HATER path at least tell a failed representation story that you can actually blame on the current Board of Directors.

    And, fyi, the Sheriff is not an ALADS member. We have no duty to protect/represent him, contrary to what you would like people to believe.

    People like you are the reason I feel the need to monitor this page.

    We (LE) all get irritated when people make false accusations against us for a personal agenda/vendetta. Many of you ALADS HATERS or no better than them.

    Pretty pathetic!

  • U Celeste allowed the mentioning of the Deputy Gonzales “diabetic daughter” in the post/article(paragraph 39). All I did was question his credibility. So now you are censoring me because I am questioning his integrity due to serious allegations regarding a DA..U are trying to make him out as a family man trying to take care of his daughter and I am presenting another side of this individual based on information shared here.

    Can you authenticate all of your information? NO!…So now u are goin to delete a complete comment based on some false assumption about alleged bias?

    In closing, as I stated earlier, u really are a small town LA hit job journalist in LA. A true professional would allow unbiased,thorough, and factually correct information.

    I have presented my views with honesty and beliefs based on 20 plus years of service. I know deputies better than you ever will. What sad is u have created a blog of complainers and malcontents for which , unfortunately, I became part of for a short time.

    Last post so please block me and I hope to god u get the full “de-funding” experience or maybe ur a NIMBY living behind some wall somewhere. Pathetic!

  • Editor’s Note:

    Dear “Not In the Car,”

    I owe you an apology for one thing. I misunderstood your reference to Deputy Gonzales’ daughter since in your comment, you mentioned her in the same sentence as an accusation of Gonzales“harassing” a female DA.

    I didn’t realize you were talking about her being diabetic, which is an element of the lawsuit, as we reported.

    My mistake.


  • Actually, these 20 or so tatted morons at Compton (I’ll bet there are somewhat less) actually present Senior Allow with an opportunity to do something for his badly tattered (I’ll accept accolades for the pun) image.

    If, stay with me for a moment you skeptics who watched him fumble the Banditos, the Kobe photos, the gun shop closings/openings/closings (are they open?), the who’s in charge @ the EOC,the Truth Commission (or whatever that kangaroo court was called – wonder if Justice Murikami has called the court to order recently or was it cut due to budget restraints?). This little group of mommy’s boys who had to band together at CJ because of the big bad world they worked in and could not exist as individuals, thus taking their childish act to Compton, have become a big story. IF, I say if Allie were to clean house at Compton – NOW, no dithering, strike like he is decisive. Really clean house, I am talking supervisors and brass if they have not tried to reign these fools in.

    Ok, fillet knives out. But please be kind.

  • LOL….you make allegations like if you’ve worked a rough neighborhood. You must have hard times working Marina, enjoying sunsets, and long walks on the beach. I can tell you’ve never been invited to get a cup or chow…….

  • A lot has happened since LASO absorbed the Compton police department. Sadly the LASO is a much worse organization. Noted now mainly for making LASO lottery millionaires.

    Nothing should stop the city of Compton from operating their own police department again.

  • Hey “bro” did you ever go 10-8, or you are one of those fools that like to talk shit while sitting behind the desk???? Working behind the desk is guaranteed you will never get in a 998, so please shut your mouth. lol

  • First of all Sexton and Pandora’s Box is not 20 years old, so much to your weak deflection.

    The ALADS Board changes often (with question) even before the election. Many of us know the REAL reason why the last V.P. of ALADS left.

    The majority of stakeholders being deputies will never get the truth from you concerning the inner workings at ALADS.

    As far as your monitoring is concerned, keep your eye on ALADS financial blockbuster Superior Court BC540789 which continues to cost us stakeholders with your hands in the middle.

    The unfortunate part of that is when membership is fully apprised the millions spent & lost, you’ll be long gone.

  • Exactly!
    Lt. Thompson was all deserving of prison and rightfully so which includes his past criminal activity which caught up with him.

  • @John Doe-Ok so let’s say this guy is a “piece of work.” What does his work ethic have to do with this lawsuit? I’m guessing that all the people at this station that have been picked on by these little boys will have no problem telling their personal experiences. Especially if it gets them all transferred out.

  • Ron will never fess up to his involvement in that case and yes, he’ll be long gone when the final curtain is pulled.

  • To be apart of any Law Enforcement Agency for starters in my opinion, absolutely no tattoos get em removed even if it says I love my dog or what ever, and be in shape. I’m sick of seeing fat cops who couldn’t punch their way out of a wet paper bag! And do better psychological and background checks. That’s how to get publics respect back. God Bless. All gangs suck. The power of one is not to be doubted.

  • @Shad 49, the suspense is killing me.

    Why don’t you tell us all, about my involvement in that case.

    I have to come to these posts to learn about the things “I’ve done!”

  • Blame Captain McBride, the captain of LASD Personnel. He has lowered the standards to hire deputies for the last two years. He is doing anything he can to get promoted, even throwing his own unit under the bus. He needs to be held accountable for his lack of leadership. The 3000 boys issues will be nothing compared to whats he has let get through backgrounds. Morale is at an all time low in his unit, but his Napolean complex gets the best of him.

  • @Paul, good think you’re opinion doesn’t matter on hiring standards. Your probably that guy that was always scared when he saw a tattooed person. Tattoos are part of normal society, everyone has them.

    I agree on the fat part, but the standard is set by Human Resources. Most agencies don’t maintain a physical standard. I always thought it should be like the Marines. You must perform a Physical Test, should you fail or perform poorly it effects your promotions.

    Lifetime fitness is key.

  • @Tax Collector-I dont have any tattoos. Whenever I saw a tattooed guy, I always thought what a loser trying to get attention.

  • Hmmmnnnn….

    So much for AV’s campaign promise of higher hiring standards (Associate degrees for incoming Deputies, etc.) but take heart: at least LASD is not YET on multiple lists of

    Felony Friendly employers, Los Angeles, Calif.,

    that can be


  • @anonymous deputy, your an idiot. But good to know your thought process. What about my mothers, her sisters (my aunts), and I all getting tattoos to commemorate my grandfather. Yeah crying for attention. Smh.

  • @Tax Collector, what do you think about the ink on some of the guys at CPT. Just Wondering!!!. Personally, I think as Deputies it’s not just about leading by the power of our example, but the example of our power.

  • Who Was controlling the ICIB in Feb 2014, who was unit commander? Did ICIB still have the same Investigators that were under Tanaka’s control.

  • @9 Adam, I agree with the latter in your statement. That’s why tattoos is a forethought. I’m no going inspect every deputy, no matter where they work, and judge them on tattoos.

    What are you putting out at work? Are you a peer leader? Do you step up and handle many tasks that people don’t even realize? Do you fundraiser for deputies (injured, sick, or whatever reason), do you step during critical incidents? Are you the calm during chaos?

    Who cares about tattoos? I don’t, personally! That’s not what makes any deputy in my experience! I’m sure that’s the case 99% of the time.

    There’s bad apples with and without tattoos.

  • @tax collector. The only idiot here is you. Taking what Gonzalez who is also an idiot puts forth as the truth. Failure to do your homework on your sources is a down fall on your behalf. How does the saying go, “it’s the blind leading the blind.”

  • @DA 1, I’m confused I do t support Gonzalez or his suit whatsoever. I don’t believe tattooed deputies are bad! I don’t believe art’s lawsuit as truth. Never did.

    I refer to my previous post for my thoughts.

  • @celeste have you read the last article on the whistleblower? He admitted he was relieved of duty for a “sexual misconduct “. Do your homework and look what kind of “hero” he is

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