LA County Inspector General uses CA’s new deputy gang laws to start identifying LASD’s gangsters with badges— meanwhile county counsel lawyers attack whistleblowers

Community members speak out about deputy gangs forum, via WitnessLA
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

Los Angeles County Inspector General Max Huntsman has quietly sent out 35 letters to 35 different LA County Sheriff’s deputies.  

The letters, which are dated Friday, May 12, direct each of the deputy recipients to schedule an interview with the IG’s office within the next fourteen days. The interview will pertain to one or the other of the LASD’s two most notorious deputy gangs, namely the Executioners and the Banditos.

In the letter, which WitnessLA obtained Tuesday morning, the deputies are each told to bring with them a photograph of any tattoos on their left or right leg “from the area of the ankle to the knee.”

The point of the photos is to see if any of the selected 35 department members have deputy gang-related tattoos, which are generally inked on the outside of one’s lower leg, a bit above the ankle, as in the Executioners’ tattoo in the photo below.

Executioner’s tattoo

The primary purpose of the interviews, according to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), is to jump start the compilation of an accurate list of the LASD deputies who are members of deputy gangs, in particular some of the best known of the deputy cliques, such as the Banditos and the Executioners, which operate out of the East LA Station, and the Compton station, respectively.

At their interviews, the deputies will also be asked a list of other questions such as:

Who else have you seen the tattoo on?

Who else has told you they are/were in the group?

Have you ever been told about other deputies who might be in or have been in the group? If so, which deputies? Who told you this?

Do you have any reason to think any other deputies might be or have been in the group? Which deputies and why?

Have you seen any tattoos with symbols or images like those in Exhibit 1 If so, describe the tattoo and circumstances in which you saw it.

Is there anyone who you have heard said to be a member of the Banditos or Executioners who you have reason to think does not have a tattoo depicted in Exhibit 1? If so, please explain.

And there are more questions of that nature.

So why now?  

Banditos logo courtesy of attorney Vincent Miller

The reason that Huntsman and his office have launched this new initiative now, not earlier, is reportedly due to the fact that, until fairly recently they have not had a clear authority to engage in this kind of investigation. 

But on January 1, 2022, things changed because on that date two bills that had passed through the state legislature in 2021, went live. 

The bills—SB 2 and AB 958—state that sheriff’s deputies who are found to be part of a law enforcement gang can have their peace officer certification revoked, and they can also be disqualified from future employment as a peace officer. 

In addition, law enforcement agencies are required by the new laws to create and maintain a policy that prohibits law enforcement gangs, and which also makes participation in such a deputy gang grounds for termination. 

Furthermore, if  deputies are terminated on such grounds, in the hope of preventing those deputies from quietly moving on to another police agency, based on the new statutes, an officer or deputy’s original agency is required to disclose the termination of any peace officer for participating in a law enforcement gang to any other agency that is conducting a pre-employment background check of that officer or deputy. 

In the past, under various other sheriffs, the LASD did little or nothing to identify which members of the LA County Sheriff’s Department were inked deputy gang members. 

The new deputy gang laws, however, has given California’s various inspectors general enhanced authority to collect evidence on such issues. 

Now, the LA County OIG is “using that authority to complete the investigations by directing deputies to show their tattoos and tell us who else has them,” said Huntsman in a written statement texted this morning to WitnessLA.

According to Huntsman, the deputies summoned will be permitted to assert their fifth amendment rights if they believe the requested  information will incriminate them. When and if deputies do take the fifth, however, the Inspector General will, said Huntsman, “consult with the DA and sheriff before compelling any statements.”

But it is our understanding that, if necessary, the IG may very well be able to compel statements.

And, just in case those receiving the letters are unclear on the laws pertaining to the matters at hand, the letter lays things out:

Pursuant to Penal Code section 13670(b), each law enforcement agency in California must prohibit membership in law enforcement gangs.

Pursuant to Penal Code section 13510.8(b)(7), participation in a law enforcement gang is grounds for decertification of a peace officer.

Pursuant to Penal Code section 13670(b), a law enforcement agency must cooperate in an inspector general’s investigation into law enforcement gang participation. 

Pursuant to PenalCode section 13510.8(b)(8), failure to cooperate in an investigation into police misconduct is grounds for decertification of a peace officer.

The Office of Inspector General is investigating law enforcement gang participation and police misconduct at the Sheriff’s Department pursuant to Penal Code section 13670(b). Your cooperation is being sought because we believe you may have information regarding one of two groups that may be law enforcement gangs, commonly referred to as the Banditos and the Executioners….

The explanation goes on from there

Executioners, Banditos, and County Council lawyers

Interestingly, the jump start of the IG’s new initiative to gather a “complete and accurate list” of the LASD’s deputy gang members comes as several of the whistleblower/retaliation lawsuits that involve deputy gangs are moving toward trial. 

First up is a lawsuit brought by Lt. Larry Waldie who, for much of 2018 and 2019, was the acting captain of the Compton Station, which is the home base for the Executioners

At trial, which began jury selection on Tuesday morning, Waldie and his attorney will tell the jury that, when Waldie was acting captain, he declined to let the Executioners run the LASD’s Compton station, which the group was allegedly attempting to do.  In response, the deputy clique’s main shot caller reportedly retaliated by instituting a work slowdown, and other forms of manipulation.  

When Waldie continued to resist and eventually became a whistleblower, his lawsuit alleges  he was subsequently retaliated against by former Sheriff Alex Villanueva, and Villanueva’s then undersheriff Tim Murakami.

(Waldie was also one of those who testified at the LASD Civilian Oversight Commission’s live hearings on deputy gangs.  This, according to his lawsuit, also produced retaliation.)

At the same time,  two other well-known civil rights cases, both pertaining to the deputy gang known as the Banditos, are moving toward either settlements or court trials. 

The largest of the two lawsuits was filed in 2019 on behalf of eight department members and describes a reign of terror by members of the Banditos, the now-infamous deputy clique based out of the department’s East Los Angeles Station.

According to the lawsuit, the retaliation that resulted for those who ran afoul of the Banditos consisted of escalating harassment, ranging from verbal taunts or keying someone’s car, and the like, to putting deputies in physical danger by failing to provide support on potentially perilous work call outs,  several instances of which the complaint details.

One of the worst of these episodes reportedly occurred on September 19, 2018, and resulted in two deputies from the East LA station being shot while on duty (albeit, fortunately, not fatally), “because of the intentional failure of the Banditos to provide back up,” states the complaint.

The lawsuit also describes incidents of physical assault, most dramatically the assaults that occurred in wee hours on September 28, 2018, when a violent brawl broke out at Kennedy Hall, a rentable event venue, where those who worked at the East LA station, were holding an “end-of-training” after-hours party.

(WLA readers are already familiar with many of the lawsuit’s allegations since we broke the story about the Kennedy Hall assaults, and have written additionally about the expanding allegations as the lawsuit was developing.)

Most recently, according to civil rights attorney Vincent Miller, the retaliation continues, but now it is coming from the attorneys hired by Los Angeles County Counsel who, he says, have been intimidating and threatening witnesses. and also making false statements about the plaintiffs as part of a recent attempt to persuade the judge who will preside over the jury trials to drop both cases.

(It didn’t work.  The judge declined to drop the cases.)

Part of the problem, said Loyola Law professor Sean Kennedy, who is also the chair of the COC,  “is that in these kinds of cases having to do with misconduct by the LASD, the county hires attorneys who are  pugilistic and aggressive.”  

From their perspective they’re representing their clients, Kennedy told WLA, “but It’s a scorched earth strategy.  It doesn’t seem to matter who’s harmed.  It’s a strategy of accusing everyone of having corrupt motives.” 

It was one thing when Sheriff Alex Villanueva was in office, added Kennedy. “But now that we have Sheriff Luna these actions are hard to explain.  This is a different sheriff who has stated that he understands the harm done by deputy gangs, and wants to root them out.”

Attorney Vincent Miller put it another way.  

“As long as the county keeps handling the litigation in this dishonest manner, they will keep giving ammunition to inked deputies, and their defenders at LASD, who claim there are only allegations about the deputy gangs, and no evidence.”

All the above brings us back to IG Huntsman’s 35 letters.

Race, gender, and a Brady list

One of the elements covered in the new laws—and in the 35 deputy letters—is the fact the deputy gangs generally exclude Black department members and female department members.  And since being a member of a deputy gang is, by definition, related to one’s job, discrimination against other department members because of their race or gender, is yet one more way that being a member of a deputy gang is against the law. 

Furthermore, if one lands on the Inspector General’s list of deputy gang members, that same list will reportedly be available as Brady information, and thereby discoverable by prosecutors and defense attorneys.

So, if the Inspector General and his office is able to create  a truly comprehensive list of the department’s deputy gang members, is it possible that this 50-year-old tradition of deputy gangs will begin to seem a less-than-desirable tradition to continue to uphold?

We are told that is the hope.


  • Witness La- keeping records of street gang members ( cal gang database) is racist and unconstitutional. Going after anyone in law enforcement based on similar tattoos, innuendo, hearsay ,and rumor is a civil rights triumph.
    Make no mistake, there is no argument to be made here, she’d like to see you in prison but she’ll settle for your unemployment (for now).

  • “…Is it possible that this 50-year old tradition of deputy gangs….”
    In 1968 William Curtis Malone, a Firestone trainee, was driven out of the LASD by “the Fellas” for turning in his training officer for 187pc–Murder. The training officer, Robert E. Shaffer, had & shot & killed a burglar “in fear of his life.” The LASD property clerk doing an inventory of the dead burglar’s property ran the serial number on the burglar’s gun & it came back to Shaffer.
    Shaffer shot & killed three burglars “in fear of his life” in the space of one year but was prosecuted for only one killing.
    His roommate likewise shot & killed three burglars in one year but with no repercussions. He went into the D.E.A. & led the Donald P. Scott raid.
    So, in the space of one year, the two Deputies shot & killed six burglars, but only one murder prosecution.
    Details on all of this can be Googled:
    1. William Curtis Malone obituary.
    2. Robert E. Shaffer, LASD.
    3. Donald P. Scott. Be sure to view the You-Tube video, which must be Googled separately. He was a multi-millionaire
    who lived out in the Ventura County boondocks near the L.A. County line with no neighbors. A D.E.A. raiding party, composed mostly of LASD Deputies, came pounding on his door in the dead-of-night & his wife answered the door. He was upstairs standing at the top of the stairs with pistol in hand & was shot dead by the raiding party “in fear for their lives.”
    A subsequent search of the property yielded no contraband whatsoever.
    Donald P. Scott was innocent of any wrongdoing.

  • Ain’t that a hoot. Probably most of these fools involved in these “gangs” (exactly what is a gang anyway?), were hired while Undersheriff Larry Waldie Sr. had lowered the hiring standards back in the day – one of the many scandals while Baca/Stonich/Waldie/Tanaka were running the LASD on the rocks and is still high and dry today.

  • @Sad to see how far it has gone

    I wouldn’t blame it on low hiring standards many of those fellas are college grads.

  • Celeste, will you please ask Sheriff Luna to define the difference between a “Station” tattoo and a “Deputy Gang” tattoo? Can you also ask Sheriff Luna if “Station” tattoos are offered to everyone assigned to a station having a “Station” tattoo?

  • I just hope these Deps have a list of excellent attorneys too be assigned too and not a rookie attorney smh…….don’t get me started.

  • Seems to be an over reach to me. By utilizing those sections with the “Banditos” and “Executioners” the IG is essentially labeling them “Deputy Gangs.” So one has to be declared a gang before those laws can be enforced. Last I checked there are only allegations that there are deputy gangs, but no actual legal basis for declaring or legally labeling them a deputy gang. If they are declared a gang then everyone with knowledge should plead the 5th. Literally all your knowledge is incriminating by that standard.

    But wait the slope gets slippery. If they deem them as deputy gangs. Then everyone on the Dept who had or reasonably should have had knowledge of those “gangs” is just as guilty for allowing the “misconduct” to continue and failing to report those “gangs.” Those that did not have knowledge probably should have and failed to do their job good enough to see the “gang” and are also guilty. I mean, if there is any gang in the dept then everyone is guilty for allowing it and for their inaction.

    I predict a lot of good people losing their jobs. LASD will get worse. Ultimately the public will end up suffering the most. And at some point there will be a massive settlement after a lawsuit moves up the court system from this overreach. Classic 2+2=5. Say something loud and long enough, it becomes the truth no matter what.

    The truth is, the biggest problem is incompetence and all the hatred, it’s a cancer. Stupid people do stupid things. The common theme is stupidity not a tattoo or organized criminal behavior. No one will ever address the root cause and nothing will get better. OIG will ruin good peoples lives, Cause some suicides, assist in eroding public trust, and the good people will be victimized at a higher rate.

    It’s unfair to judge an extremely difficult profession the way it is judged. So long as LE is done by humans, these problems will never go away. The harder the job is made, the harder it’s going to be to fill with qualified people. It will be eroded because it’s only worth it if you have no other options in making money.

    But every side of this is doing the “right thing” from their perspective. And those that can help will stay quiet because there is not trust when things are politically motivated. Max will retire as a hero once he burns some people, but the test of time will not share that same opinion.

    Excuse my typos, I know many of you think having typos are the worst possible thing in the world but my editor was tired.

  • The sad part from all of this is that more negative, undue attention has been shone on L.A.S.D. While also affecting the lives & livelihoods of other Deps who were targeted by these alleged “gang members.” I also believe that the recent additions of SB 2 & AB 958, were the direct result of the aforementioned shenanigans.

    I do not condone the activities (if true), of what some of these alleged “gang members” were involved in. If it turns out that these allegations are substantiated, then these Deps should reap what they sowed.

    I guess resolving any squabbles “in the back” no longer exist? So much for keeping it “Low Profile.”

  • @Mr. Irrelevant and LA County Voter, well said!

    The hypocrisy of all who continue to use the word “gang,” as if it has been proven, is sickening and scary at the same time. After all, isn’t this what the justice warriors all scream about, labels and assumptions.

    I don’t live in a bubble and some alleged behavior sounds troubling, but if any of us tried to go down this road with this kind of flimsy finger pointing we’d be laughed out, if not thrown out of court and most likely sued.

    I continue to ask a question that gets ignored!

    Question: Why should a report put together by Sean Kennedy, who clearly has an agenda, and is based off of regurgitated news stories, hold more weight than a Nationally respected research group like the Rand Corporation.

    Answer: Because Sean Kennedy uses the label “gang” and Rand used “cliques and subcultures.”

    Experience and reputation be damned!

  • How about we settle on “organized criminal enterprise”? That seems like a reasonable compromise.

  • There is no such thing. If you want to go after a deputy for misconduct, go ahead. But don’t blame the tattoo. Word on the street is Luna has one from his old department. Or it might be gone. OIG and department upper echelon should be more focused on fixing the crime caused by their liberal buddy Gascon instead of worrying about “deputy gangs.” Bunch of clowns.

  • That’s not the only thing these cops did to get initiated they had to kill somebody of their own race. What about all the raids where the money found was never put into evidence. All the fake cases they put on innocent people because they were in the way.

  • Gangs = an organized group of criminals.

    clique = a small group of people, with shared interests or other features in common, who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them.

    subculture = an ethnic, regional, economic, or social group exhibiting characteristic patterns of behavior sufficient to distinguish it from others within an embracing culture or society

    Alex, I will take “cliques & subcultures for $500

  • While the Rand report and the Loyola Law School report used different nomenclature, both studies reached the same fundamental conclusion: the LASD leadership’s continuous failure to address secretive, exclusive groups that sometimes engage in gang-like behavior has harmed the Department and, more importantly, the communities the Department is supposed to serve. The Loyola Law School report has over 200 footnotes that document the sources that my students and I used, which include prior county commissions, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, the U.S. Department of Justice, five years of deputy-involved shooting data for L.A. County, the federal criminal trial of former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, and myriad books and law reviews in addition to press accounts. The footnotes allow the reader to independently evaluate our study of deputy gangs in the LASD.

  • @Ron Hernandez, Gang is used because it is codified in the LAW. Quit sounding like the former sheriff. Let’s weed out those that meet the legal criteria and clean up the LASD. Legislature created the law. You and ALADS have put your head in the sand for far too long. Glad the obstinate “woke” former sheriff raised the ire of the electorate to aid in the uncovering of this stain on the LASD.

  • This situation is absolutely ridiculous! It appears that almost everyone in the department knows someone with a tattoo, so does that mean they will all face reprimand as well? What about the department members who are part of this secretive organization but have deliberately chosen not to get tattoos to avoid suspicion? Additionally, what about the department members whose fathers were involved in initiating the gang within the department, particularly in Lennox? Hmmmm These connections raise serious questions.

    Furthermore, let’s take a step back and analyze why certain individuals in the department have been able to rapidly advance their careers. There seems to be a hidden system at play here. It appears that those without tattoos will continue to hold their positions and remain part of the entrenched “good old boys club.” This deeply ingrained culture runs much deeper than initially perceived.

  • This is how you know this is nothing more than a political hit job. COC couldn’t stop the “investigation” into deputy gangs once Luna was elected because then the purpose of COC investigation would be obvious. COC and Mr Kennedy will further demonstrate this is a political hit job by ignoring Ms April Tardy’s gang tattoo. Sheriff Luna won’t compel Ms Tardy to appear, COC and Sean Kennedy won’t push back on why she isn’t appearing. So there’s deputy gangs on the line that need to be disbanded but it’s okay for an alleged deputy gang member to be 2nd in command because she said she isn’t a gang member in spite of her tattoo.


    Line Deputies who are compelled to appear before the COC, recite the verbatim;

    “It Just Means Where I Worked and My Dedication to the Department, to the Station Where I Worked and to the Community that I Served.” April Tardy- March 2023

  • @Sean Kennedy

    “the LASD leadership’s continuous failure to address secretive, exclusive groups that sometimes engage in gang-like behavior has harmed the Department and, more importantly, the communities the Department is supposed to serve.”

    Can you define “gang-like behavior?” Further, do we have unequivocal, empirical data that substantiates, beyond a reasonable doubt, that there are actually “gang members” in the LASD? Or, does the LASD have individuals who became a member of a subgroup or clique? As defined by the Rand Corp.

    How did the term “gang member” come into existence within the LASD? Was it perpetrated by the families who were allegedly victimized by the LASD? Did the CoC & the rest of the people involved in this study “jump on the bandwagon” and go with the same terminology? Or was it the CoC and the OIG that decided to add some flavor to the investigation by making some outlandish, fantastical claims that LASD has “gang members” in its ranks? By employing this strategy/narrative, the uninformed would have their attention heightened. One of the “smoking gun” aspects of evidence which has been brought to the forefront, has been a tattoo of a menacing, looking skull, which has glowing eyes. Well, I presume that all those individuals (male & female), throughout our society, who have had a menacing looking skull tattoo emblazoned on their bodies, would make them suspect as well.

    If we really want to delve into this further, would not ALL of law enforcement be considered a gang? They all wear the same clothing (uniforms), they are all involved in the same activities, everything they do is for the benefit, direction and promotion of the organization? I would say that the various branches of the military are also subject to the same criteria. Being a little facetious, but I think you get my point.

    Keep in mind, I am neither defending nor condoning the actions of any of these rogue, cliquish individuals. However, when the term (“gang member”),was applied to a select subgroup of individuals, without any real evidence of being a “gang member,” it left an indelible stain on the rest of the organization and those individuals who were not affiliated and or involved in any of the nefarious activities that have been alleged.

  • How the term “gang member” came to be used as factual when referring to LASD Deputies is an example of opinion laundering commonly used by media and political players. It begins with a story that aligns with their bias, something they know must be true ,e.g. white cops are racist and up to no good ( or white adjacent , doesn’t matter the white thing has morphed into whoever they don’t like at the moment)

    The initial reporting of these stories is usually the least biased. The question is presented with some presentation of both sides. After this the allegations are treated as proven fact, and viola! Deputy gangs are just something everyone knows exist.

    The media does this all the time once you realize it you’ll see it everywhere.

  • Since California law explicitly defines “law enforcement gang,” we should use the definition set forth in Penal Code section 13670:

    (2) “Law enforcement gang” means a group of peace officers within a law enforcement agency who may identify themselves by a name and may be associated with an identifying symbol, including, but not limited to, matching tattoos, and who engage in a pattern of on-duty behavior that intentionally violates the law or fundamental principles of professional policing, including, but not limited to, excluding, harassing, or discriminating against any individual based on a protected category under federal or state antidiscrimination laws, engaging in or promoting conduct that violates the rights of other employees or members of the public, violating agency policy, the persistent practice of unlawful detention or use of excessive force in circumstances where it is known to be unjustified, falsifying police reports, fabricating or destroying evidence, targeting persons for enforcement based solely on protected characteristics of those persons, theft, unauthorized use of alcohol or drugs on duty, unlawful or unauthorized protection of other members from disciplinary actions, and retaliation against other officers who threaten or interfere with the activities of the group.”

  • Sean, correlation is not causation. That misconduct occurs at the same station where deputies associate, hang out together, and even get tattoos doesn’t mean that one was caused by the other. I’m sure the vast majority of tattooed deputies are successful law enforcement officers.

    However it is a salacious story and a lot of people stand to gain by riding it for all its worth. So I’m sure they’re just getting started with the nonsense.

  • Gj, If what you are stating is true, then why are “associates” of gang members (seen together hanging out with gang members) charged in most cases. Do you really think Deputies assigned to the East Los Angeles Station (yes, the ones who were very close to former Sheriff Alex Villanueva and his wife) are somehow “successful law enforcement officers. Is their success paired with how often they harassing Black residents or the number of times they boast of hunting Latinos or the one’s who drive around wearing polos with “Fort Apache” insignia or on their personal vehicles depicting the infamous East Los Angeles Fort Apache Station aka East Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station.

    I do understand why ALADS sued. They did so because once precedent is set ,every Deputy will be held responsible. You know too well these Deputies were not doing as you may like to call it ” Gods Work”.
    At the end of the day they are employed by the County of Los Angeles, and their employer expects them to abide by State Law. You believe in the Law right? Oh wait those Laws don’t matter once you have your Peace Officer Certification. Furthermore, these Deputies were not held accountable. On the contrary they were protected by the upper Command personnel at LASD at the behest of the previous Sheriff and his underlings. The Station Captains, and Lieutenants were spineless and were scared of the Sergeants who ran rough shod at the station. If they were leashed the Sheriff’s Department would not have the scrutiny it has today. Quit playing victim and hold yourself accountable. If these Deputies do not like what is expected of them, they are free to quit. California is an ” At Will State”. They will definitely not be missed by the County and its residents. On the contrary the County will save millions of dollars in the years to come because these deputy gang members will screw up and they will be costly. They are rotten apples and are not there to ” Protect and Serve”.

  • 9N i can’t help in sorting out your imagined reality, I’m sure it’s very real to you , perhaps some professional help? Good luck

  • @ Sean Kennedy post of May 23, 2023.

    Thank you for the exhaustive, definition & clarification of the term “law enforcement gang.” The beginning of the definition sounds eerily close to Penal Code section 186.22.

    However, I find it rather peculiar that the entire definition of “law enforcement gang” basically, encompasses the entire narrative that is being utilized by yourself, the OIG & CoC against Deputy personnel, who are alleged “gang members.” Hmmm.

    My next question. How did this definition come into being? I would presume that the majority, if not all of the input had to have come from yourself, the OIG & CoC? Forgive me if I am being a tad presumptuous, but it just seems a little to coincidental how everything that is being investigated, is succinctly encapsulated within this definition.

  • Welp, sucks for Edmundo Torrez here at CEN. Seems like his days of being the big homie are over. I know Rita Soto & Oscar Flores will jump for joy when he loses his job for being a bandito. No more flirting with the pretty girls at the station for you!

  • I’m curious as to why PPOA has taken a backseat to both ALADS and LASPA regarding the fight with OIG and the COC. I realize it’s a conflict having our union President’s husband working as a Commander at PSTD. After all, he weighs in on discipline she should be fighting. Or maybe it has to do with believing she should be a Captain, Is she playing nice with Luna so she’ll catch a promotion?

  • Looks like is a big shakeup in the works. Ed Torres is probably going to go in some corner. Give it 3 weeks.

  • @ Where’s Bob?

    I was unaware that the Union President fights for jobs. Isn’t that the job of a labor rep or attorney? I’ve never seen a Union President
    appear at at grievance or IAB interview.

    And who cares if she wants to further her career. Why are you hating?

  • @Seeet.
    I applaud persons wanting to further their career. A pay raise and retirement bump is great. We all work to earn a living.
    However, association/union leaders should not sacrifice fighting the Department like a honey badger in order to further their career. The best person for that job is someone who is satisfied where they are in their career, and have no promotional aspirations. They have no desire other than making the association/union stronger, while doing their best protecting the employment of every member.

  • @seet

    I care if she’s doing on the back of people she represents. I also care if she leverages her position at ppoa to help an agenda! What has she done that’s so amazing she’s deserving of another promotion or president position. Is she a standout? Applies to her commander husband too. I don’t believe on coincidences

  • Speaking of PPOA, big news from respected veteran LASD Sgt. Tony Romo. Good for him for blowing the whistle about the corruption at PPOA. How long will it take before someone (union President and public figure Nancy Escobedo or one of her or former PPOA President. Tab Rhodes’ sycophants) cries foul about Romo airing the union’s sordid laundry? Romo should be lauded as a hero for sharing the news with his fellow PPOA members. It took a lot of courage and intestinal fortitude to come forward. Nancy Escobedo is not remotely qualified to be the PPOA president and her only true aspiration is promoting to captain. Additionally, Nancy Escobedo sent an email to PPOA members about Sergeant Romo’s “allegations” but NEVER denied any of them. That’s pretty telling.

    How can Nancy Escobedo remain as president of PPOA, while her husband, Commander Sergio Escobedo is in the direct chain of command for IAB. ICIB and Advocacy as the Commander of Professional Standards Div.? Commander Escobedo also sits on the Department’s Executive Review Force Committee (EFRC) and weighs in on discipline for department members represented by PPOA. Isn’t that just a wee bit of a conflict of interest? I say it’s time for Nancy Escobedo to step down as PPOA President.

    Maybe Escobedo’s rise to PPOA President and her husbands promotion to commander and subsequent assignment at Professional Standards Div was all part of the plan.

  • Watch the COC hearings on YouTube what is the name of the other gang at Compton and are there any know members of that gang ? Hhhhmmmmmm

  • I have a simple suggestion Decertify this union once and for all. Seriously people put your heads together and get it started! It was almost done a few years ago.

  • Please elaborate on the former traveling hockey dad Romo’s whistleblowing! I hate to see former Pico alumni feuding…

  • Editor’s note:

    Dear “Treadstone” and “Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are,”

    Come Out, you are quite right. Such personal attacks are against the rules. I was busy and not reading the comments carefully, thus mistakenly put Treadstone’s comment through. I’ve since deleted both of your comments which featured personal attacks. Thank you for the flag, Come Out.

    Treadstone, a gentle, one-time warning, leave personal issues out of future comments or you’ll find yourself blocked.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Have a good weekend.


  • Risk management is an important position to be held by yet another Brady List’er, Captain Shawnee Hinchman

  • @Sean Kennedy “While the Rand report and the Loyola Law School report used different nomenclature, both studies reached the same fundamental conclusion: the LASD leadership’s continuous failure to address secretive, exclusive groups that sometimes engage in gang-like behavior.”

    Yes, and the nomenclature you’ve chosen, without proof, is very offensive to those who may have a station tatoo. Particularly those who have never been accused of any bad behavior.

    You know about me, because I told you and many reporters, but you reported it as if you “discovered” it.

    We’ve had no conversations since, because I don’t fit your agenda, and I’m good with that, but don’t act like your report is proof positive.

    @John K. I realize the “head in sand comment” is meant to point a finger at ALADS and I and try to lay blame, save for the fact the organizations role is wages, hours and work conditions!

    ALADS is not an investigative body, except when providing service to members.

    The Associations/Unions role is to protect the rights of it’s members, but I’m sure you know that.

    What is most interesting is how you guys want to hang your hat on a new law and apply it to alleged behavior (not yet proven) to tarnish the ENTIRE department for the past 50 years.

    You guys would be in big trouble if they ever make embellishment illegal!

    What you are trying to do is the equivalent of finding some bad apples, put them in a basket with thousands of good apples and declare the whole basket spoiled.

  • SEAN KENNEDY what is the names of both gangs at Compton and which one of your witnesses were members of either gang.

  • @ Ron

    Factually spoiled fruit ruins the bunch and those spoiled apples are already in the bunch…

  • First & foremost, there are no gangs per se, just factions, cliques and clowns mirroring gangsters within LASD.
    The conversations concerning this issue is very broad but relevant.

    Former ALADS Presidents have no dogs in this fight nor a fight, period. So let’s not get started with ALADS blinders or PPOA’s latest exposure.

    Also interesting that Alex Villanueva wanted to curry favor with the East Los Bandito’s and did nothing to properly handle that scandal.

  • Ron Hernandez, Per your statement “What you are trying to do is the equivalent of finding some bad apples, put them in a basket with thousands of good apples and declare the whole basket spoiled”.
    So why are the thousands of good apples not calling out the rotten apples. Why do they sit silent and defend the rotten apples. Let me go go far and say the former Sheriff Alex Villanueva put the rotten apples on a pedestal and wanted to be one of them. You know it. You used to sit at BOS meetings gleefully listening to your el jefe.

    This keeps getting funny. Wonder who will be in Court next showing their tatoo.

  • @9N
    I just read the yahoo article you linked and watched the COC video on YouTube from May of 2022 , waldie jr is a admitted gladiator but is suing because the other gang was mean to him and he wasn’t promoted wow sheriff Luna if your paying attention, waldie jr has publicly admitted multiple times to being a gladiator, the word hypocrisy comes to mind.

  • Ron Hernandez is the only retiree wanting to be relevant.
    Ron did nothing with the bad apples when he was in, except giving Alex Villanueva 1.3 million for him tumultuous term as Sheriff.

  • 9N, you are assuming a lot when you say the good guys don’t call out the bad guys.

    Don’t put the blame on good deputies. All they can do is recommend that a trainee not be allowed to get off training or pass through the academy. It’s up to administrators to make the final decision.

    Don’t mistake supporting due process for supporting bad behavior.

    I encouraged the last three Sheriff’s to get deputies opinions all things related to their job, including their partners and co-workers. It fell on deaf ears, because what do deputies no about running a department! Right?

    Fyi: When I sat in the audience it was rarely with the failed AV in attendance, but always to support the deputies and address the BOS who would take shots at AV, and hit deputies in the process.

    If you do some research you’ll learn that my fighting the vindictiveness of the BOS wasn’t to support AV. It was to try and fend off long term damage to our department.

  • Gladiator crying about executioners being mean to him oh and I deserve another promotion hypocrisy at its finest

  • So sad that Police (any law enforcement agency) have to be policed. Much respect to every Police Chief or Sheriff who has a pair to expose and get rid of dirty personnel.

    Note to LASD, the County of Los Angeles is bigger and has more power than the Sheriff’s Department.

    That was proven in real time beginning in 2013 when Agent Leah Marx and the FBI had the last & loudest laugh sending LASD Deputies to prison

  • So did anyone watch this crazy rambling clown. He is behaving just like a low-life from the maravia projects he patrolled @ ELA. Alejandro you have no respect for yourself nor the office of the Sheriff. You are a charro monta perro.
    @ Sheriff Luna & Office of the Sheriff ( JS ) you guys better wake up and keep a close eye on all the Captains and Commanders ( the guys & gals who asked the former want to be County Celebrity for career advise …wink wink I want a promotion). These guys and gals ( yes I’m talking about some gals ) who are constantly undermining the current Sheriff. The feed every bit of information from command meetings right to Bandido Headquaters @ HH.


  • Reporters are tweeting that Waldie lost his lawsuit. He was asking for 26 million dollars!!!

  • “ While this particular case has concluded, deputy gangs remain a reality in the Sheriff’s Department,” the county’s statement said. “Both the Office of Inspector General and the Civilian Oversight Commission have active investigations into deputy gangs that are intended to help eradicate them, and we look forward to their findings.”

  • @ Wendy Byrde

    hit the nail on the head… SIB staff is a great place to look, them being the manager of information and all… from captain to deputies. Notice social media has largely died since Luna took over…

  • The LASD has always been corrupt and the cliques so called gangs at the fast stations have always been around.

    Sheriff Luna needs to clean house at Cpt and Chief levels if he wants to change the Dept. The man has cajones. And Im glad I voted for him. The Unions are worthless! Way to go Tony for speaking up…but its too late. U should retire.

    All of those regulators reapers executioners and so on are in coveted positions special units and also wearing the bars & stars. Larry Del Meses old man was the #1 Reaper and he followed suit until he was held to answer … of course after he retired. Not what you know but who you know.

    LASD needs to be gutted inside out!

    Waldie Jr. is power hungry and a freaking idiot. [WLA edit.] It will cost L.A County TAX PAYERS millions if he wins and I hope he looses. Several inked idiots going to court. Buffoonery ! Great exposure tho. April Tardy is a puppet. And she only favors her own race. She needs to go too! Excuses excuses and more excuses for failed leadership.

    These are the results people. Transfers and hiding problem Deputies does not solve the problems. Fire them and let them fight back via civil service if they want their jobs.

    So Im down with defund the LASD because time and again my hard earned tax dollars wasted on Neanderthal Deputy Sheriffs incompetence and cowardly brass failed leadership. They don’t deserve a freaking dime! Give the contract cities to other Agencies like they did the Metro.

  • @ wendy byrde. You mean Lecravain…Yhea they are both Villanaka cronies and he sure lined their pockets with those promotions huh? I have zero respect for the female Deps that didnt pay their dues in the field and I mean hooking and booking solo and the men too! Desk jockeys. Getting fast tracked up the chain. Yhea We know who they are! Thats why the Dept is broken and blind leading the blind. Let me put on a fake white smile some cosmo surgeries and perky T&A and I might even get a promotion.

  • Hot off the press Larry Waldie Jr. is the loser we all knew he was. 12-0 jury verdict for the defendant (LA County). Hopefully Waldie Jr. will be forced to pay the associated county attorneys fees for this bogus lawsuit and will watch his phat buyout check go down the drain.

    Wasn’t Jr. one of Sean Kennedy’s star witnesses?

    This should be a lesson to the others who lied to try and make a buck by filing bogus lawsuits. Hopefully Lying AS Robin Limon, Lying Cmdr Bill Jaeger and Lying Lt. Joseph Garrido will learn from this, fold up their tents and just go away. It never pays to lie, and it’s worse to try and profit off the department who fed your families for years because you didn’t get your way.


  • Re:Waldie verdict. [WLA edit.] When Villanueva moved those 12 Chiefs down the road, Waldie Sr. lost all (except Hellmold) those who would do favors for him too, especially that former Central Patrol Division Chief (Gooden) who is a whiner too! That blow hard did a fine job leading by example- Not!!!

  • @ WB
    The only two retired LASD people who can never leave their former career as evident by ” pop up” conversations eith unwanted advice are Alex Villanueva & Ron Hernandez.

  • Did the Gladiator really think a judge/juror would believe his gang was benevolent (station tattoo dodge) and the other gang was nefarious and mean to him therefore he should get 26 million ? And he was an actor so he is ENTITLED to a promotion , Who was the Gladiator taking advice from ? Actors are often promoted but your not ENTITLED to a promotion .

  • So sad to see that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is the “head-shaking” laughing stock of California law enforcement.

    There is much validity concerning reform wanted by the public when they see the ineptness within the ranks of some law enforcement agencies, specifically the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

  • @SEAN KENNEDY your Gladiator lost his civil case are you going to turn him into the SB2 squad or whatever it is your doing with deputy gangs?

  • Villanueva favored the “bad apples” ( don’t forget Bibi’s involvement) to gain power he thought he had. His weekly Facebook diatribes ( now his radio show) and the “Luna is Corrupt” video are his trumpian ways to deflect from his own incompetence. The ACLU jail video that just came out under AV’s leadership will become a BOS attack. Well, in this case it was Luna is Corrupt. He is a sad adult who who was bullied as a child now he bullies others.

    @Ron Hernandez, you held a leadership position but we all know how you had to play nice.

  • @Notta snitch, You are absolutely right. The head bobbling Rodriguez needs to be rolled outta there. Sh has Bibi on speed dial.
    On another note, Waldie never got promoted because Captains and rest of command was hand picked by Eli and reapers Larry and Creep M. Although Mike Thatcher was promoted by McDonnell he was moved to run CPT by none other than Eli. This all happened with Villanueva’s blessings. All he knew was he wanted to exact revenge on all the folks who kept him down. This was his opportunity to promote his trouble makers. Yes we have a long history of shooting ourselves int he foot. The Villan did more damage to the Department than Viking Paul.

  • @ John,
    Re: R.H. He not only played nice, he paid nice as well.
    It’s a dead horse with a lingering stench.

  • Wendy- Thatcher promoted outta Compton as the Capt there with Vera’s push. Villanueva promoted him to Commander. That’s when things started going south for Waldie as the the A/Capt.

  • Why a picture why not check them when they come in the union can be there too! The picture can be of another person. You don’t think the sheriff deputy would lie? Abd show a picture of someone else’s leg?

  • @John and Tomas, still trying to paint a picture of me being corrupt?

    You guys are funny.

    Quit beating around the bush.

    Spit it out!

    And, man up and use your full names so people can weigh your remarks as credible or sour grapes.

    I have no juice, so what are you afraid of?

  • According to a message put out by PPOA the oversight committee has stopped interviewing any officer regarding the GANGS TT comes from letters sent to the commission from POPA .
    Going to get real interest fast and will look to go to the courts.

  • Here we go again. Former Potato head Sheriff Alejandro advertising himself as Sheriff with unform with his circle of stars and all the theatrics. The County of Los Angeles has ONLY ONE elected Sheriff at a given time to serve its people.
    CRN talk show ..this man is breaking County Policy by wearing the Sheriff’s uniform. Alejandro is not a County Employee. He is just a confused human being. He may be depressed since he lost elections and was kicked to the curb by all his henchmen.

  • Huntsman sat in during testimony at Waldie trial- in fact word is that he sat next to the LA times reporter covering the case. Sure hope to see the publishing of court transcripts (maybe here on Witness LA?) of the trial by some entity.
    I’m guessing we could all then see the false narrative (during real sworn testimony) put forth by Waldie Jr. and others about these so called deputy “gangs” and the influence they do not have after all- that’s gotta be why the unanimous verdict went against him.
    Jury didn’t believe it!!

  • @Anonymous
    I also think the hypocrisy of waldie jr , here he is a member of a deputy gang (gladiators) which is illegal right SEAN KENNEDY ? But wants everyone to believe his gang is just “The Station Tattoo” somehow not a gang , incredible arrogance,,,,,,,,,wonder where he learned that from hhhmmmmm

  • PPOA board members, please respond back this is not true: A civilian employee at my unit, who is a member of SEIU, allegedly overheard a board member say PPOA gifted $15K to a retiring PPOA employee. If true, why would member’s dues money be used to gift a retired PPOA employee? Furthermore, don’t full-time PPOA employees have a matched 401K? Is this something the PPOA board voted for? Was this a full-time employee?

    Irresponsible was $5K of membership money to fund a going away dinner. Atrocious is $15k of membership money gifted to a former full-time paid PPOA employee who is retiring.

  • Villanueva is a fraud! Plain and simple. The ship was already sunk and he took it deeper into the abyss. He screwed alot of good people over while making himself out to be a savior for the Latino Deputies, especially ELA. Just look at the promotion lists and the favoritism.

    ALADS , PPOA were all in the proverbial bed which is nothing new. Tony had the cajones to speak up but way too late. I’m sure if he would have said anything sooner he would be stuck on the EM shift watch Sgt. With thu/fri Rdos.

    I read an article about Aero bureau and the Cpt expressed being in utter shock about a gang in the bureau. Well if you have been around long enough you all know that its CAS dominated. And the Capt is CAS alumni. So is it really that shocking? Give me a freaking break Capt.

    Look at the LT promotion list and look at the inked SGTS that just got the bump! Hmmmm makes you wonder what “eradicate” deputy gangs really means when they keep promoting the players.

    Same ol shit different day in the LASD. Goodluck Sheriff Luna. You need to clean house and give the walking papers to some of your Chiefs before they ruin your Utopian dreams and cost you more lawsuits. You know how the world turns in law enforcement.

    Its starting to sound like a bunch of lip service to me. It will take at least 10 yrs or more to restore the shine to the LASD badge that was so severely tarnished and damaged by arrogance, incompetence and ignorance from LASD Brass.

    As the saying goes… Shit rolls down hill and the lowly Deputy pays the price.

    Whats next Mr. Sean Kennedy?

  • @Exterminatory Behavior

    If true, this would be another example of the failed leadership of the incompetent and corrupt Nancy Escobedo. I cannot fathom the PPOA board gifting member dues monies to a retiring employee walking out the door.

  • What is the reason that the promotion lists have been frozen from Detective, Sgt, Lt.??? why is the dept keeping everyone in the dark?

  • @EATING POPCORN Looking forward to the LT transfer list coming out soon let’s see where the inked guys go

  • @Eating Popcorn, the ineptness in both ALADS & PPOA continues.
    What can you really expect when ALADS current President have never ever won an election to be a Board Member. Amazing what inside connections can do.
    Bravo to Tony at PPOA for having a “real pair”.

  • @EATING POPCORN Some these “Leaders” getting promoted to LT, haven’t even been to patrol. They were simply some Chiefs errand boy and magically they are about to be promoted. What happened to the days of paying your dues as a patrol Deputy, FTO/DB, SGT, etc etc….

  • @ 10-9 and Ram cast: standing buy eating popcorn for now but with #55 numbers getting promoted to LT is straight bullshit.

    For the OG Sgts on that list…they are the only ones who truly deserve the bar. Gallegos Alexander and a few others… now thats experience! They should be Cpts or Cmndrs.

    Young Deps dont drink the koolaid about working hard. Its all bullshit!

    Go take the test until you pass. Band 3 and Band 4 is the new standard….pathetic.

    Glad I’m gone.

  • @ Region II Sgt. Once the Dept eliminated the regions the promotional process also changed sometime in 2011 on forward. Then comes Villanueva and it was a free for all.

    It’s a slap in the face to those with more expertise and tenure that got passed over for the ass kissers with high numbers who most likely were never TOs Detectives or made arrests.

    I know this is not new… folks got fast tracked to TO Detective then promoted to SGT AND LT in the early 2000’s, its just ridiculous now.

    That work ethic you talk about is lost and will never return partner. Its about how fast you can climb the ladder, passing the exam Band 3 or 4. Thats it.

    Hooking n booking is old news.

  • @ Eating popcorn- you are on point. Look at all the errand boys & gals moving up now. A perfect example is Skeen. He was McDonnell’s errand boy and now he is making all the calls. A little birdie told me he is the one making the calls.
    You are right under Villanueva it was a free for all. Folks got fast tracked and now you have clowns as Chiefs. To the young Deps – you do not have to hook n book. Do your time and leave. Do not try to be cowboys it will get you no where especially under Luna. He will throw you guys under the bus, and just to make Solis happy he will back the bus up over y’all. You guys don’t even know what’s coming the pipeline.

  • @Eating Popcorn: I’m not knocking Gallegos, but she tested for Sergeant early in her patrol career. Fresh off training, prior to completing a year in patrol. She was never an FTO. Without that “seat time,” her value as a supervisor or bottom line manager is limited. That’s just the way the Department promoted back then. A product of Bowman. Last I checked she was a Scheduling & Training Sergeant. The minimum qualification for that job should be having been an FTO for at least a year.

  • The “insiders” comments about LASD proves that many are unqualified and overrated.

  • The corruption at PPOA continues. I guess we’re to believe the recent election was a fair one. Roel Garcia was never interested in the union and now that Nancy needs protection and a board she can manipulate, voila. Garcia was never a delegate and had a mediocre career at best. Cmdr Thrall has been a delegate and was infinitely more qualified.

    Let’s connect some dots:

    Nancy Escobedo and Roel Garcia worked together at IRC. This is Nancy’s way of surrounding herself with yes men. Same as Nancy hiring her best buddies husband Dave Lajevic to be a PPOA Labor Rep. The same Dave Lajevic who is vacation buds with Nancy’s husband Sergio Escobedo (the commander atop IAB and ICIB). No conflicts whatsoever. Nothing to see here. Wake the hell up PPOA members. This so called union is a joke and doing all SWORN members a huge disservice. Nancy only cares about a promotion.

    Nancy you are not a leader and not qualified. Step down now and do the right thing. How DARE you authorize $15K in member dues for an outgoing employee.
    Nancy, you will forever be known as the worst President of PPOA and likely responsible for its demise. Shame on you.

  • A $15,000 retirement gift of membership dues is absurd. I’d like to know why? There are members who could use that money to defend their careers. If the employee deserved the money, why not give that employee a raise while they’re still employed, earning while working for the members? If the former employee had a medical condition or a family tragedy, I’d be good with giving the money to them. Other than that, no way!

  • All you AV loyalists attacking PPOA sound like your savior Alex V. Every Wednesday morning on Instagram, bunch of crybabies. PPOA stay strong and keep AV loyalists out, AV wants your money when he tries to run again in a few years.

  • Alads no difference.with Pippin never winning an election but now is President which is unprecedented.
    Pippin is not the only one on the board who was gifted a position.
    The members of ALADS can only blame themselves for sleeping and not paying attention.

  • @ wheres Bob. Bowman was necessary and as a result the women who took the exam passed.

    On the other hand, a-lot of the women who got promotions under Bowman sat on Sgt and Lt ranks for over a decade. I am certain it was not by choice. Who wants to be stuck at 1 rank an entire career after promoting to Sgt?

    Some of those women are Cpt Cmndrs Chiefs and haven’t reached the magic retirement number 55.

    I support Deputies who want to climb the success ladder , however in my humble opinion you can not do that without 15 to 18 yrs of experience in custody and patrol as a Deputy and Sgt. Before being considered for LT.

    Fast forward, tenure and common sense is gone. And its about WHO YOU KNOW and Passing the exam under Luna.

    Villanueva passed over Deputies on Band 1 Band 2 and turned around 2 yrs later and promoted Band 3/4 to Sgts. He did the same on LT exam. Anyone would agree that it was wrong. Especially when those Deps had 18+ yrs of experience.

    No doubt there are other forces at play when it comes to promotions but the reality its a broken system.

  • @come out. The proof is in the puddin’. If you didnt know. Roel Garcia is a Reaper and Villanueva promoted him bcz he was right hand to Chief of staff Del mese Reaper #1 before and during all the shit hit the fan with creepy Carl and Alicia Ault. Thats one of the reasons SEETOO sued for her CPT bars.

    The man has a Napoleon’s complex. And you better be very careful when crossing paths with him. If Jimmy Rios is still Chief of IA ICIB then start looking there for answers. Pancho & Lefty Reaper n Bandido.

    So who is the puppet master? Not Nancy shes is the puppet. Wake up people open your eyes.

    The Reapers, April Tardy and Skeen are running the Dept now and the unions are just happy collecting the dues…spending the monies at will.

    Side note:

    My tattoo means: Where I worked, my dedication to the department, to the station where I worked and the community that I served”. Talk about saving her own ass and flipping the script. And we are all idiots right??

  • Documentcloud.org are current filings and complaints re: LASD Employees. Its Public information.

    And you wonder why these people are still employed by the LASD/County. At the end it boils down to a jury or big buck settlements.

  • I hope Sheriff Luna is carefully screening the promotions and transfers , if he isn’t , he will be embarrassed

  • @ Eating popcorn, the root cause of the problem is Civil Service. 85% of Captains and Commanders promoted by the VILLAN & want to be County Celebrity aka former Mrs Sheriff are unqualified. They got their jobs by seeking “career advise” aka I need a promotion …right Bigglesworth Burcher. Where is Baghdad Bob oops Satterfield & Blanchard. Hey Satterfield are you getting another PhD on the County dime?
    Strap into your seat belts. The Sheriff can’t do much with these misfits. If he moves them they will throw tantrums and want to sue the County for being “Victims”.

  • Comments about no patrol work, non FTO, and no experience????
    Look at Century’s Training Scheduling Sergeant.
    No experience, lazy, non FTO, spent have his patrol time IOD.
    But my daddy G.Z. still makes phone calls and gets me good assignments.

  • @Ram Cast, I hope Sheriff Luna is very careful as to what he says around the Reapers, and the rest of the lowlife band 3/4 leaches promoted by the VILLAN. They will definitely embarrass him. Like they say the Zebra does not loose it’s stripes.

  • Dear Sheriff Luna FYI MANY people on the department know who is inked and who isn’t , because they like to walk into the station with flip flops to show everyone , now they aren’t ! so think about the example you will set for the young deputies if you promote /transfer the inked guys to specialized units

  • @Wendy Byrde we ll see next week when the LT promotion/transfer list comes out , stay tuned!

  • @ Stops, I have observed the same type of behavioural changes. Interesting to see some inked up Sergeants and LT’s are wearing black socks to cover up their ink ? Hmmmmm!!! I wonder why ???? Before Luna was Sheriff they used to flash their ink, and now some of these Regulators are wearing black socks and that too the crew socks to cover up their ink.

    On another note Sheriff Luna, you might want to be very careful who you put @ ELA as Captain # 2. If you really want to clean up ELA don’t put Captain Deans drinking buddy and BFF from OSS as the second Captain at ELA. Do you want those them homie’s to really F***K up ELA even more then it is right now ?
    Talk about Brandon Dean… wasn’t he demoted from LT to Sergeant because of his screw up at CPT. Then the VILLAN gave him his bar back while he was at South LA. And who was the Captain at South LA wait for it…..drum roll……………. April Tardy. Sheriff Luna you might want to ask your U/S about Deans Background.

  • 90% of those who are “Inked” couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Cowards I say, Cowards!

    How do I know? because I’ve witnessed them with & without another inkling, thus the name, Gangs. Sounds very familiar of “real” gang members.

    We won’t get into the record backstabbing at LASD.

  • Sheriff L., don’t wait too long before making changes to your Chief and Assistant Sheriff ranks. AV loyalists need some weeding out. They have already hurt your promotional process and selections. The last outsider waited two years before making changes and it cost him the support of the troops and his bid for another term.

  • Rumor has it the Banditos are out fundraising selling Girl Scout cookies for their comrades. I will take two dozen packages of Samoas kids… !!

  • LT transfer list went live, some things never change in the LASD. LTs with no patrol experience are rewarded for being lazy and errand boys, certain demographics are given good assignments, etc etc….

    Doesn’t matter who is the Sheriff, it always more of the same. Different clowns same circus is accurate. Can not wait for the “Sergeants” list…now

  • Which Lt. Transfer is the lamest of them all just give initials we can figure out the rest . Lol

  • Did the PPOA board ever respond to Exterminatory Behavior’s question about them gifting $15,000 of membership money to a retiring employee? Nancy Escobedo and the rest of the PPOA board, are you out there?

  • @ Anonymous

    Your last message is so telling. You were likely an executive aide under McDonnell and failed to achieve your coveted promotion to captain which has eluded you for some time. Former Sheriff Villanueva banished you and now he is living rent free in your head even though he has been gone for 7 months. So laughable.

    McDonnell never had the support of the “troops.” You however truly supported his and Diana Teran’s malicious efforts and it got you nowhere, because we all know station DB Lt. was not your dream job. Keep licking your pathetic wounds. The Disney song from Frozen comes to mind, “Let it Go!” Sing it, it may be cathartic for you.

    @Where’s Bob

    Nancy Escobedo and her crooked PPOA cronies on the Board are reeling over the latest bombshell of the inappropriate spending of $15K of members dues. They’re likely in hiding and trying to strategize how to save the wayward vessel from imploding. Word is the going away gift was voted on in a closed session, which is a violation of the Brown Act. Personnel matters are handled privately in closed sessions to protect members and or employees. This was done in closed session for nefarious reasons. Allocating $15K to a retired or retiring employee may have been criminal, but it was definitely immoral. It should be cause for Mrs. Quiet Leadership’s ousting. PPOA is surely finished with this type of reckless behavior. They can be the union of civilians. Sworn members won’t tolerate this bs. It’s just a matter of time. The ONLY person to blame is little Nancy E.

    Nancy, keep on taking pictures with the liberal BOS and see how far that gets you. WEAK!!!

  • Anyone know who won the PPOA election a few weeks ago? Word is, a guy who ran twice also lost the election twice…pathetic.

    is that true?

    If so, who was it?

    Please tell.

  • Will the PPOA board answer the fifteen thousand dollar question, or will they remain in permanent obscurity regarding this matter? Will it take an email to All Lieutenants and All Sergeants to get an answer? Is Nancy on the Lam? Where’s Wayne?

  • Wow!
    The onslaught of hate & discontent is remarkable. However, I truly understand and do not blame the sentiment that is being displayed. This is the result of constantly “kicking the can down the road,” as well as “placing the boot” on the back of the necks of the line personnel who genuinely want to come to work and do a good job. However, this cannot be achieved because the line personnel are constantly being lied to, manipulated, set up and not being supported and not having all the necessary tools to fulfill their tasks. If this isn’t bad enough, they are being led by incompetent, lackadaisical, spineless, self-serving supervisors/managers. Further, the systems currently in place have not been revamped in such a long time that the promotion process is rigged. Coveted positions are doled out to “buddies, rather than Deps who are in the field “hooking & booking.” Furthermore, personnel from the top down are not being held accountable in an equitable manner.

    The L.A.S.D. ship has been operating without a rudder for some time and has gone off course. A new captain can steer this vessel back to its glorious course. However, some painful yet positive changes will definitely need to be charted. The million-dollar question is, do the folks of L.A.S.D. want a serious change?

  • Celeste,

    Any particular reason that my post (L.A. County Voter), dated June 27, 2023 at approximately 1700 Hrs. was not posted?

    There was nothing slanderous, racist and or derogatory about the post. I can understand if I was maligning a particular individual, of which I was not.

    Is this how we are going to operate? Denying people’s 1st Amendment’s rights because the content may hurt someone’s feelings? Or it does not coincide with a particular individual’s personal viewpoints / political affiliation?

    Thank You

  • Editor’s Note:

    Dear “LA County Voter,”

    My sincere apologies. I was away from work much of yesterday and didn’t see your comment. If it ever happens again feel free to email me. (celeste@witnessla.com.) In any case, it’s up now.

    For the record, the First Amendment only prevents governmental restrictions on speech. It does not prevent restrictions on speech imposed by private individuals, businesses, or publications unrelated to the government.

    In any case, we value your comments.


  • It appears that PPOA and ALADS are now on the same page.
    Secret meetings, misuse of funds, Executive Directors who are afraid to guide honestly and truthfully in fear of losing their position
    Clueless membership who are pretty much asleep to financial dealing within their organizations as the list goes on.

    Executives Directors- Derick (ALADS) & Wayne (PPOA) What’s going on?

  • @Anonymous. I’m going to chime in simply because I feel like it, and the ALADS directors don’t have time for your BS.

    How do you expect to influence when you can’t muster up the guts to use your name and post facts.

    You make insinuations to try and lead people to believe their dues are ether being embezzled or misused.

    All members can request to see the books.

    I’m the only dummy that comes on here and argues with you “anonymous” knuckleheads because it’s one of many character flaws of which I am cursed.

    I don’t like to let people try and get away with BS, which is one of the main reasons I became a cop.

    The membership should be offended that you think they are as gullible as the people who treat “social media” as their Bible.

    I have an idea of who you are, but definitely know who you support.

    I’m glad I never had to work with you, because I was raised/trained to confront issues head on not lob dud grenades while hiding in the bushes.

    Before you waste your time summoning your “anonymous” back up, remember one thing. Your insults mean nothing.

    However, if you have true dirt, post it or confront it.

    “Man-up!” Put on that Sam Brown and go 10-8 if you think can handle it. I’m guessing you’ll hit the UTH button.

  • Lmao rotfl lol!!! Hey Ronald your going have an anuryism arguing with a fake account hahah.. enjoy your retirement and wait in line like the rest of us at the grocery store…

    Peace out!


  • @Deez-Nutz, that’s impressive how quick Celeste approved this and how quickly you tried to offend me.

    Almost as impressive as you quickly coming up with yet another screen name to hide behind.

    I have an idea. Let’s write each other into our Will(s) and see who drops dead first. Of course I’ll ultimately be the loser on that deal when someone finally discovers you dead in your Mom’s basement, and all you leave me is your outdated laptop!

  • Editor’s note:

    Ron, I haven’t a clue. Which comment are you talking about? As nearly as I can tell, none of the recent Anonymous posts match the info on your other recent posts (ie: email, IP, et al). Happy to help. But I’m not sure now to do so.

    Happy nearly 4th of July, in any case.


  • @ Ron Hernandez,
    Yes, you are correct to admit to your character flaw which is your mouth. Not only is it a flaw, and your curse, it is your legacy.
    I could go on, but who actually cares? Best thing ever, no flip flopping decisions from you ever again, which affected membership which wasted money in more ways than one.

  • @Anonymous, I’m sorry did I hurt your feelings at some point by not kissing your butt.

    Can you please point out where I flip flopped or are you just going to continue try and mislead with no facts.

    While your at it, tell us all where “I” wasted money.

    And no, you can’t go “on and on!” That’s what weak people with no substance say to try and convince people, and themselves.

    Legacy, lol!

  • And the wheels on the bus goes round and round… maybe one day the Unions will do their jobs instead of the lip service fed to its members. Ask Tony Romo why he left.

    The minute I got those magazines in the mail they went straight to the garbage can. I opted to never vote for anyone.

    I never got involved with ALADS picnics nor PPOA because the union failed me when I needed them the most. I hated having to pay thousand of dollars over the years on Union dues…bunch of money grabbers. You’re better off learning labor laws on your own and getting your own attorney.

    Can you remind me why ALADS OR PPOA are needed? Yhea that’s right… to spend your dues at their will.

  • Well folks the end is here! The end to proactive law enforcement and public safety. The new LASD commander in chief is a puppet and literally came across Bidenish yesterday. Key points: the force was disturbing, but we have to look at it objectively, lol how so you already said you found it disturbing. Secondly, he kept describing an altercation or dispute over theft, that’s called Estes 211/robbery. SMH and lastly get the whole thing wrapped up for the politicos agenda in 45 days. Lmao

    This guy is something else! Who the hell is gonna do anything now? Bare minimum was already plaguing our department now it will be worse. Everyone just vying for the best hideout and Cush spot!


  • @Eating Popcorn. Reminder, after all you did ask for one.

    So you throw the magazines into the trash, that update you on what you’re union is doing. Brilliant!

    You don’t vote, but yet your unhappy with whose in charge. Brilliant.

    I can’t speak for POPA, but I can tell you that you can call ALADS anytime and request a detailed reviewe of the books, if you’re a member.

    Dumping ALADS, learning the labor laws and hiring your own attorney is more continued brilliance.

    I’m sure you realize the average fight for a discipline case is 25k, from the get go.

    Care to post the year ALADS left you hanging?

    I’ll start. They left me hanging in 2013.

    I got on the BOD in 2015 and was elected President in 2016.

    My mentality at the time was to actively engage something that I didnt believe was working to it’s full potential.

    I guess I’m not as brilliant as you! I could have saved thousands of dollars.

  • Is it not time for all of us to move on to something else! there are so many other issues that are effecting the Dept., lack of promotions Lt to Station Dets, also no movement within the Dept! lack of patrol officers, CARP can’t go on for ever, Deps are burned out, SEB down to 5 officers!!!!!!

  • @Ron… you weren’t the president or whatever position you held with ALADS. Since you mentioned the books are open how much monies did the union make off of Deputy and Sgt personnel?

    Where did your brilliance get US? Yhea that’s what I thought…smh

  • SEB down to 5 officers what are you talking about @Albert-
    How do you think they still respond to calls 24/7 if they had 5 DEPUTIES left Albert???? 5 “OFFICERS” is all I needed to know you’re just saying anything to stir up drama

  • Et all


    Something to chomp on. My point regarding the unions back door deals and corruption Ron tell us how did POS Pippin make President?

    And for shits n giggles Ron… go smoke a stogie sip on some Hennesy and go listen to “watching the wheels” John Lennon. I think you might like it.

    Please enlighten all paying members the “ how to for dummies” on the Janus decision since you are the all knowing all seeing ALADS maharaja.

  • Pippen has “NEVER” “EVER” been elected for “ANY” position at ALADS by the membership voting process.
    That in of itself is another reason to dismiss any rhetoric by you know who.

    Ron Hernandez continues to dig a hole, even as a retiree, reminiscent if someone who can never let go. Gee whiz! 🙂

  • @Popcorn. A ten year old article from some obscure, radical blog? Can you and some others here take your ALADS pissing match somewhere else? The obsession with a retired ALADS president is tiresome, played out and always off topic. Ron, I get that you want to defend yourself, but all you’re doing is encouraging more non-topical comments. Maybe you guys should your spew your venom at issues like this deputy “gang” farce and do something constructive here.

  • @Eldon Hoke. Thank you for attempting to bring us back to topic.

    In all fairness, I’ve tried speaking on the deputy “gang topic,” here and to the media. When you don’t say what they want to hear your interviews get little airtime.

    Sean Kennedy and Max Huntsman don’t want to hear what I have to say because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

    I’d be glad to have this discussion anytime and anywhere else. Maybe we could do it “unknown comic” style so these cowards will show up.

    As I’m sure you know I will always defend myself when I become aware of these cowards talking sh!+.

    @Eating Popcorn. “Et All? Quit trying to sound inteligent. You are anything but!

    Regarding your linked article.

    Are you ware that we are the ones who changed the bylaws so that any voting member in good standing can run against any director. Yes, we got rid of the 75% rule.

    Our opinion at the time was if directors are doing a good job they shouldn’t be worried about people running against them.

    We wanted to force all directors to do better.

    Are you aware that we/I initially backed Macias/Nance, but they went off the rails immediately.

    Per the bylaws, once they went off the rails, we had one immediate opportunity to show Macias was not qualified to be a director, let alone president.

    I plead with Nance to get out of the way or risk being collateral damage. He chose to listen to a rogue attorney that resulted in them getting counter sued.

    How did Pippin become President? He was initially appointed to the board into a vacancy prompted by a Sgt promotion. When he was up for re-election no one ran against him.

    Upon my retirement and Wheeler being chosen president, by the board, they chose Pippin to be VP.

    Again, another BOD election and no one ran against them.

    Wheeler then retired and the Board chose Pippin to be the new President.

    They had another election this past November and NO ONE ran against them.

    Hmm! How did our idea of making ALADS better work out?

    Glad you asked about Janus.

    That decision made it so employees/deputies CAN’T be forced to be a member of the association/union, especially if they are unhappy.

    Out of approximately 7000 deputies (give or take) less than 250 (give or take) have chosen NOT to be part of their association.

    Did I dumb that down enough for YOU?

    Are you and @Still Laughing really deputies?

    I hope you guys aren’t arresting people and writing reports with this kind of substance.

    @Eldon Hoke. My apologies, but unfortunately I know many people read these posts, but not many comment.

    I want deputies to make decisions based on the truth not misleading information.

  • @ Eldon Hoke
    You are correct in addressing one of ALADS pissing contests. Nothing new there, which cost the membership much money with very few of them aware of it, many years ago.

    I’ll sum it up, there’s Ron’s story, obviously and then there’s the truth which is noted, addressed and documented.

    Gang-like targeting on Macias was obvious as two other Board Members, George Hofstetter and Floyd Hayhurst were also with unqualified but remained, per court documents. It’s all over as no one actually cares.

    One story from one mouth with others involved is only suspect at best.
    Ron, get a life outside of being “that guy” but you won’t because you always have to be heard with the last word.

  • Will the real lil Ronald Hernandez please stand up! Ronnie Boy GFyour self you nobody. What u have to say is horse Shit anyway Ronnie !

  • @Factoid. If you know the facts then how come you don’t know that GH and FH were outside the window of opportunity to address their attendance records, per the bylaws.

    Macias had recently been re-elected and therfore was the only attendance records that could be addressed.

    I once had a friend who told me, “dude, I see you everywhere! Don’t you stay home?”

    My response, “well if YOU see me everywhere, I’m not the only one who doesn’t stay home!”

    @Antonio Ramirez. Happy hours got you all froggy……again.

  • @Ron Hernandez, the “agenda”of Sean Kennedy and Max Hunstsman? Does that make you feel better? You and your cronies put your head in the sand and backed forces to keep deputy subgroups in the shadows. Until now. For added measure, a state law defines a law enforcement gang. Keep protecting your legacy and ALADS will continue to cycle leadership and promote its interest.

    Thank God the decades of corruption has been brought to light. And thanks to the corrupt Villaconueva and defacto sheriff Bibby Villaconueva) voters got a glimpse to Department’s dysfunctions. Alex thought he was smart, but is “chirping” from the back of room from his East LA days came back to haunt him.

    Your legacy is what it is. We all know better.

  • No need for you to chime in again, Eldon Hoke as
    you were not a part of ALADS to wade through Ron’s bullshit.

    It’s good to air out for Pete’s sake, before Ron takes it all. Ron, you not only drank the Kool-aid but froze some of it for future conversation.

    Ron, you get salty with Celeste (WLA) then you whine about a glitch with a comment without your signature on one of your weak-ass retorts.

    Your layers are slowly but surely peeling off, hope your undies are clean.

  • @Eldon Hoke. Thanks. Let’s bring it back to point.

    It will be interesting to see what comes from the OIG claims.

    They will never accomplish anything if they continue their extreme two faced approach and ignore what the more credible research organization reported.

    It’s hypocritical to label a deputy as a supposed “gang member” on the word of the disgruntled, while supporting a system that requires numerous facts and evidence to prove a suspect’s membership of a street gang.

    It is also counterproductive to walk into any investigation of a body of people, with minimal evidence, and claim your going to clean it all up because you believe a lot of them are dirty.

    Investigations 101: don’t show your hand if it is weak and don’t sensationalize your case, unless of course you’re only looking for “Headlines!”

  • Much controversy and waay too many excuses for the unaddressed issues within LASD concerning the gang mentality. Walk like a duck, quack like a duck…..

    Instead of fighting the OIG, why not correct the issues and work with him. LASD’s Pandora’s Box started out exactly like this and ended up horribly.

  • So ironic that some deputies literally emulate gang members and yet upper management feigns ignorance and does nothing about it.
    Granted that tattoos doesn’t mean that you’re in a gang, however those who are in gangs are usually tattooed

    Safe to say that Police (LEO’S) cannot police themselves giving credence and justification why law enforcement are hated by many of the public.

    Something to truly think about before skirting around this problematic issue.
    A honorable profession is becoming a harbor for gangsters wearing a badge.

  • @All Too Familiar. I tend to agree re unaddressed issues, but when the leadership is not held accountable it sometimes allows underlings to make bad decisions.

    As far as cooperation with the OIG.

    I believe an open mind would have resulted in more cooperation and discussion.

    When you walk in and proclaim to everyone that there are “deputy gangs” you are left to try and prove it on your own.

    “Gang like” behavior is a far cry from proclaiming one is a “gang” member.

    Don’t get me wrong, both are bad/troubling, but the former indicates it can possibly be curbed and/or weeded out, where as the latter condemns the entire organization as participating in the behavior and/or knowingly allowing it.

    Jumping to conclusions doesn’t work in a law enforcement investigation. Why would it work on this investigation?

    My two cents!

  • What about this Bozo! Derek Hsieh “ALADS” Any commentary on this fella. Please share!

  • @ A.R.
    Derek is a Carpet Bagger from Alaska Police Department recruited by ALADS after the failed attempt by Floyd Hayhurst to secure position of Executive Director.
    That fiasco in of itself set ALADS on another course after much jostling and juggling with various characters on the ALADS Board of Directors which includes ALADS current president.
    Executive Director Hsieh just goes along with the program as another highly paid employee by ALADS

  • @D.S. There are some initials from the past.

    Yes, I understand the play on the initials, as most won’t.

    I’d challenge you to sign your full name to add some credible substance, but that would open up a whole can of worms.

    I’m trying to bring it back to the “deputy gang” topic, but Antonio likes to post while he’s at “happy hour.”

  • More power to the IG to dismantle the gangster deputies.

    Villanueva did not have the balls to handle them but actually acquiesced. I query and laughed at every “inside” group that backed Villanueva with votes and donations. What did that get you?

    Funny how one administration (McDonnell) was non tolerant and yet Villanueva did tolerate it by doing NOTHING to dismantle it.

    Lets not get on the tattoo subject which are worn by many deputies but NOT the standard for criminal behavior.

  • @Artie Shaw Thank God Villanueva is gone. As far as I am concerned, if you are not doing your job within the Spirit or Letter of the law and Department policies you should be held accountable at any level when it is discovered that you were criminally or civilly responsible.

    The blowback and shit that Villanueva left behind is astonishing. The good thing is that LUNA has the BOS’s support, and he is cooperating with Huntsman.

    Tattoos and double standards: Well didn’t the Undersheriff come clean with it:

    “I wanted him to know (LUNA) that I did have a station tattoo and how I got the tattoo and what it meant to me … It just means where I worked and my dedication to the department, to the station where I worked and to the community that I served.”

    I voted for Sheriff Luna and I hope he sticks around for another term. Maybe he can truly “rebuild, reform, and restore” the once illustrious shine to the LASD name and badge.

  • Sheriff Milquetoast isn’t going to restore anything to its “once illustrious shine.” He’s a compliant media puppet who acts on command anytime the BOS snaps their fingers. Alex was an over-sensitive buffoon of the highest order but at least he was his own man.

    Oops, I think the use of the word “man” is pejorative these days.

    For those of you who are retired, we were recently treated to a workplace log-on screen emblazoned with a rainbow-colored message educating users on the proper usage of gender pronouns. It’s good to know our deputies have a firm grasp of the “Ze/Zir” pronouns (you’ll have to look those up) but are incapable of testifying effectively in court because most of their supervisors have never seen the inside of a courtroom themselves. It’s also refreshing to know that if we have any questions, there’s a newly created internal LGBTQ email address to interface with in case we Ze’d when we should have Zirred.

    Priorities and stuff.

  • Thanks D.S so he’s a carpet bagger like Ron! Probably drives a lifted truck. Them little boys are funny! Always trying to find ways to make up some inches! Ronnie Boy. Every hour of my life is happy hour kid!

  • I see ALADS attorney Billy Hadden also continues to go with the ALADS program!!! Nice!!

  • Hey lil Ronnie Boy! What’s your take Acting Chief Blasnek? “Acting” . It happy hour kid!!!

  • Antonio Ramirez

    One of the two Deputies who shot & killed Andres Guardado is pleading guilty to committing an on-duty Federal Felony two months before he killed Guardado. The two homicide detectives assigned to investigate the Guardado shooting pled the Fifth, let us not forget, rather than testify at the Guardado inquest. Maybe Sheriff Luna can tell the good folks who elected him why? Or will that remain a dark secret?

  • @Antonio Ramirez, under the the advice of my attorney……just kidding!

    I just wanted you to know I read your comments, so that you could sleep tonight believing you offended me.

  • @ Ron Hernandez,
    Under the advice of your ALADS Attorney, he forgot to tell you that hearsay is not admissible in court after you swore to tell the truth.

    After being something, unlike yourself, I had to actually see it for myself and I did.

    Only kids and gossiping housewives do that. Your testimony is on court transcript and record with your bullshit.

    RIP Judge Chavez- BC540789

  • @Public Record. You sound like a suspect who wants everyone to believe the Cops lied, and yet they’re still in jail.

    Since you were never much of a Cop, let me explain it.

    You got slammed by facts! You lost. Pay up!

  • Very telling for a station level detective who was “OUTED” with no rebuttal in court or anywhere else.
    Obviously it’s in the vaults of Los Angeles County for verification. Just stating facts Ron, you were one of ALADS biggest wind puffers then & now, lol. 🙂

  • @Still Laughing. Comical how you throw “station level detective” at me as if it’s an insult.

    Tell everyone about your stellar career.

    Quit making insinuations and expect people to do their own research. Spill it already.


    People who read our banter only read it for the entertainment.

    Go ahead school everyone with facts.

    And, quit flip flopping your screen. You’re making me dizzy.

  • Rakkasan ! Everybody knows why! It’s no secret…

    Let’s see how they play it out!

  • @Rakkasan, the public will only get snippets of what actually happens.

    Look at the former leadership of Villeneuva, lying & denying of LASD personnel under his watch, which includes himself.

    Unless you’re an insider, you’ll (public) never get answers minus a trial or whistle blower.

  • Insider

    “The public will only get snippets of what actually happens”.

    No matter, it looks like, who the Sheriff is.

    Thanks for your input.

    Be safe.

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