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Sheriff’s Candidates Trade Barbs Over Deputy Cliques….& The LA Times Endorses McDonnell

On Wednesday, the LA Times endorsed Jim McDonnell for LA County Sheriff.
. You’ll find the endorsement at the end of this post, so just scroll down if you can’t stand to wait.


About halfway through Monday night’s candidate’s debate featuring five of the seven men who hope to be elected Los Angeles County Sheriff on June 3 (or at least make it into the runoff) the discussion ramped up several notches in response to a question about what each man would do about the department’s notorious deputy cliques.

Jim Hellmold, Jim McDonnell, Bob Olmsted, Todd Rogers and Lou Vince were the five in attendance at the debate, which was organized by one of the LASD unions, the Professional Peace Officer’s Association or PPOA.

Pat Gomez did not attend the event for reasons that were not clear. But the most conspicuous absence was that of former undersheriff Paul Tanaka who said he had a scheduling conflict—although some PPOA members suggested that Tanaka might have simply chosen to skip this particular panel because he deduced that many of the event’s questions would not be friendly.

Indeed, what turned out to be the night’s most provocative question was the one about deputy cliques, which could arguably be seen as directed, at least in part, at the absent Tanaka.

It went as follows:

There has been a long history of accusations of deputy gangs and tattoo cliques within the Sheriff’s Department. The Lynwood Vikings were labeled by a judge to be a white supremacist gang that preyed on minorities, primarily blacks in the City of Lynwood, and more recently the 2000 and 3000 Boys at Men’s Central Jail were deputies accused of excessive force against inmates and even against each other. There are many other examples that have garnered negative attention in the media including the Jump Out Boys from the Sheriff’s elite gang unit, the Banditos from ELA station and the Regulators from Century station. What are your thoughts about these alleged deputy gangs and cliques? If elected Sheriff, will you put a stop to them? If so, how?

Retired LASD commander Bob Olmsted was up first. “They are not ‘alleged,‘” he said grimly. We’ve had them in the past and it’s intolerable.” With that, Olmsted held up a photo of a group of “3000 Boys,” one of the two deputy cliques that had reportedly caused problems at Men’s Central Jail. Each of the deputies in the photo was flashing a three-fingered sign.

As to whether the cliques deserved to be referred to as deputy “gangs,” Olmsted said. “When you have deputies that throw gang signs, call themselves ‘OGs,’ have [matching] tattoos, beat up other deputies…what would you call ’em?”

If elected, Olmsted said he would deal with the cliques harshly, and that members could be fired.

“As sheriff I will not promote anybody who has a racist tattoo on his ankle,” he said. “To me that’s totally unacceptable.”


Todd Rogers (who, along with Hellmold, is one of two working assistant sheriffs in the race) also came down hard on deputy cliques. Like Olmsted, he said he did not view the groups as benign. “These cliques are divisive by their very nature,” he said, noting that some had suggested that the LASD’s clique tattoos were not any different than the military tattoos that men serving together often acquire.

“But if you’re in the military,” Rogers said, “anybody can get a tattoo, you don’t have to be sponsored, they don’t have numbers attached to ’em.” [The tattoos of the Vikings, the Regulators and those of some of the other LASD cliques are sequentially numbered.] “They aren’t inclusive of one group, and exclusive of the rest of the deputies because they’re not ‘made’ people.'”

What Rogers thought was “really reprehensible,” he said, “is when our supervisors and our executives buy into that and perpetuate it by letting these people be promoted. We have a person commanding a station right now who has Viking tattoo, and a person running for sheriff who has a Viking tattoo on his ankle and refuses to renounce that.”

The candidate with the Viking tattoo is, of course, Paul Tanaka, who at other debates has admitted to the thing, which he acquired in the late 1980s. But he dismissed it as harmless and of no special importance.

LAPD detective Lou Vince, the next in line, was terse and to the point. “Deputy gangs and cliques are the opposite of what professional law enforcement should be,” he said.


When the question came to Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell, he was crisp and unequivocal. “Looking at gangs…” he said. “We absolutely have them. The 2000 Boys, the 3000 Boys, the Regulators, the Jump Out Boys, the Bandidos, the Vikings…. That’s not professional law enforcement. It’s either high school, or it’s gangs. Or it’s somewhere in between.

The LASD is the only identity that any of us should have. We should be focused on how we raise the professionalism and the image of the organization. We have core values. But do we mirror them? By having cliques and gang behavior, if we tolerate them, we don’t.

“The whole idea of having to ‘earn your ink’ by being brutal to an inmate within the custody environment,” That’s criminal behavior,” McDonnell said.

“I look at the subculture that’s created by tolerating this behavior…and it’s unacceptable. It leads to poor morale, and deviant behavior. There’s one organization and that’s the LASD. If we’re professionals, let’s act like professionals, and hold ourselves and each other to the highest standard…”


Jim Hellmold, the other LASD assistant sheriff running, was the only one on the stage who did not portray the deputy cliques as harmful.

In fact, Hellmold dismissed the notion that special tattoos or cliques were important at all.

“I’m not going to tell you old wives tales about being offered a tattoo,” he said, in a slap at Rogers who, at some point in the discussion mentioned that, as a young deputy, he’d been asked to join the infamous Regulators by a more senior deputy and, when he declined, the would-be sponsor refused to have anything more to do with him.

“We’ve made our sheriff’s department look like a bunch of gangsters and thugs to the general public,” Hellmold said, seeming curiously to imply that the fault is in the portrayal of the cliques, not in the cliques themselves.

“To me it’s about the conduct,” said Hellmold. “And I have zero tolerance for misconduct.” He explained that he knew deputies who had been shot in the line of duty “who have a tattoo. And I’ve fired deputies who did not have a tattoo.” Hellmold did stipulate that if deputies had tattoos they should not be visible. (For the record, even the worst of the LASD deputy clique tattoos are generally worn on the ankle and like areas, that not visible in work clothing.)

Later in the discussion, Hellmold switched gears, turned to McDonnell, and began making rapidfire references to the LAPD’s bad old days in the late 1990’s when the Rampart division’s gang unit was revealed to be running amok and had its own ominous-looking tattoos.

The LAPD had a group called “Shootin’ Newton,” he said. “But that didn’t meant they were all killers.”

McDonnell, whose demeanor had mostly been genial toward his fellow candidates, began to look steely. “‘Shootin’ Newton’ is not a gang,” he said. “It’s a station nickname, and it’s not professional.

Well, had McDonnell ever worn a Shootin’ Newton t-shirt?

Another laser stare look. “No. I didn’t and I never would have.”

There were more questions about what McDonnell had personally done to get rid of the LAPDs tattoo-wearing Rampart clique.

In fact, the LAPD went so far as to disband all the department’s gang units, which were known as CRASH (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums.) And, likely, more relevantly, McDonnell had been second in command under Bill Bratton when Bratton was rebooting the LAPD in order to rid it of its corrosive culture, which included the arrogant, dice-shaving, non-Constitutional policing that the Rampart CRASH elements represented.

At still another point the conversation, Rogers signaled to the moderator that he wanted to reply to Hellmold as well. He had not been talking about old wives tales, he said. “I’m talking about deputies who were ostracized when they go to the command post by the shot callers at those stations.

Olmsted broke in again and held up a photo of the Jump Out Boys tattoo which features a skull and the so-called dead man’s hand, Aces and eights, which is similar to the Rampart CRASH tattoo.). “That’s the corporate culture that we’re talking about. And it’s not acceptable,” he said. “When the public sees us with these kind of tattoos it’s unacceptable.”

And so it went. There were other lively moments in the night. But it was this segment that provided the best theater and possibly some of the best insight.


The LA Times editorial board has endorsed Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell for Los Angeles County Sheriff. But the board’s endorsement is not just an explanation of why the board members believe that McDonnell is the right man for the moment, it is also a commentary on the state of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, and how the latter necessitates the selection of the former.

Here are two clips from the heart of the endorsement essay. But be sure to read the whole thing. It is too important to merely skim.

The pivotal question before voters is whether they believe the department is emerging from a chaotic but limited period in which professional standards broke down, and that with Sheriff Lee Baca’s departure and the continuing implementation of reforms urged by a citizens commission, it is now well on its way to recovery; or if instead it is continuing on a decades-long path that promotes cliques, secrecy and abuse, and needs a sweeping and dramatic change in culture.

If it’s the former situation, as some of the candidates argue, all that is needed is the right candidate from the right departmental faction to complete a sweep of troublemakers and commit to better management of the jails, and all will be well.

But if the department’s problems are not that recent or simple — and the evidence is overwhelming that they are not — what is needed is a candidate with the law enforcement credentials, the integrity, the backbone and the skills to march the deputies, their leaders and their culture through a rigorous and soul-searching reinvention, all while raising performance standards and recommitting the department to transparency and humane and constitutional treatment of suspects, inmates and the public at large.

That latter standard is the bar a candidate should meet. The one who comes closest is Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell. The Times strongly recommends a vote for McDonnell for sheriff.

Is McDonnell as good as his reputation? Does he have the will, as well as the command presence, to confront and prevail over what is sure to be resistance from entrenched elements in the Sheriff’s Department?

The Times’ editorial page is convinced. His tenure as Long Beach police chief has been short but impressive. Before that, he was a highly regarded second in command to the Los Angeles police chief, and although he was not the most publicly visible or vocal leader of the Los Angeles Police Department during the era of Rampart reforms, his leadership during that time was unmistakable to those who closely follow the LAPD. His quick mind and thoughtful analysis were apparent as he sat on the county’s Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence that cut to the heart of problems in the Sheriff’s Department and recommended decisive corrective action.


Credit retired Cmdr. Robert Olmsted for his role in calling out abuse in the jails, but he is not the leader the department needs. Todd Rogers, especially, deserves notice for his commitment to community policing, and the integrity and professionalism he brings are badly needed in the department. But like other candidates, he need not hold the top spot to be part of the solution.

A note about candidate and former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka: His name comes up in virtually every report or interview about command breakdown and jail violence in the last five years of Baca’s tenure. His attempts to explain some of his stunning directives — for example, his admonition to deputies to work in the “gray area” of the law and his later explanation that he meant they should use their discretion — are laughable. He is exactly the wrong person to lead the Sheriff’s Department forward.

The right person is Jim McDonnell

EDITOR’S NOTE: Tomorrow we’ll catch up on the non-LASD news.


  • I agree with all those who endorse McDonnell….However it would be great to pick Olmsted and Rogers directly under McDonnell.That would be ideal. Jim, if you are reading this……..definitely consider these two. I hope the deal is sealed on June 3rd.

  • It definitely looks like McDonnell is going to be the next Sheriff. I’m not a McDonnell supporter but I can’t overlook the obvious. Deputies are not going to get the next sheriff elected. The voters are. And if you talk to voters outside of the department, most are voting for McDonnell. He might even get the majority in June.

  • I have been hearing the same thing and considering McDonnell was on the CCJV for the MCJ capers. After appearing at the debate Monday night, McDonnell just might take it. I was hoping someone from LASD would; but if McDonnell wins he should take Olmsted or Rogers as his second in command.

  • Ya think the reason Patrick Gomez didn’t show up is that he was removed from the presidency of that union about 10 years ago for financial irregularities and for basically seeing the union as his own personal cash register? The guy is nuttier than a squirrel, and that’s a bit unfair to squirrels.

    Second to None

  • The political establishment desperately wants McDonnell to be the next sheriff, and not because he’s the only one who can do the job. It’s about neutralizing and minimizing the power of a very influential office that requires a willing participant – good ol’ fresh eyes McDonnell. He continues to claim he has no allegiances within the department, but by extension he has no allegiance TO the department. He will break up the LASD in a heartbeat if the Board of Sups as much as snaps their fingers.

    Rogers remains part of the cancerous problem, no matter how much he professes he’s “clean,” reality is something different. Every debate he has to claim that he heard no evil, saw no evil, and spoke no evil. Hard to believe with 29 years on the job, most of it spent leg-humping at headquarters or hiding out in Carson at four different ranks.

    I’ll stick to Olmsted and let’s see what happens in June.

  • The problem isn’t deputy cliques with tattoos. They weren’t the problem 30 years ago and they aren’t the problem today. No more than a Navy Seal with a tattoo, an 82nd or 101 Airborne with a tattoo, a Ranger with a tattoo, a USMC Scout/Sniper with a tattoo or an USAF Pararescue with a tattoo. The problem is bad leadership. Bad leadership results in bad behavior, by those both with and without tattoos. Strong leadership results in good behavior, by those both with and without tattoos.
    Tattoo or not, people WILL exhibit whatever behavior they think they can get away with.
    Then a lot of cops, especially young ones, don’t know where to draw the lines.
    There has always been cliques in LE, and there always will be.
    Just like the military.

  • I’m surprised the LAT didn’t support Olmsted. Didn’t he contact them to tell his story. After watching the LBPD (McDonnell) video of their OIS, it looks real bad. Shouldn’t McDonnell hold a press conference to explain why his officers killed an unarmed man going down a flight of stairs? The LAT hasn’t covered the story at all. I guess journalism is dead. Shame on the LA Times in so many ways.

  • McDonnell is a poser LAPD runner-up, nothing more. He thinks the red carpet was laid out for him by the fat cats so he can play it safe. Won’t be this way in the runoff. He’ll be back east eating clam chowder come November. Sad to say Rogers is doing his dirty work for him, but then again we all knew about that deal. I can’t wait until June 4th to see the whiners staring at empty palms wondering how their money got snatched. Boomer.

  • It’s time for everyone to do some soul searching. Baca and Tanaka are responsible for the mess we and all of LASD are in. The Kool Aid drinkers, the coin holders and the cigar smokers, the preverbal blood of this fine organization is on your hands. You folks and you folks alone ran LASD into the ground. I don’t want to hear the R-2 spin, I don’t want to hear “Paul takes care of his people,” because you folks were used and you went right along with the game for all the wrong reasons. The Feds ARE going to finish all of this, mark my words. I am still putting my money on Olmsted. If he can make it to the runoff, I really think there is a good opportunity for him to beat McDonnell. Folks had better figure it out, real quick. You PT Boyz, your day of reckoning is right around the corner one way or the other, stand-by.

  • Ithacaboomer, by whiners you mean Tanaka supporters wondering how their money got snatched??? Swallow Jim McDonnell as our next sheriff, not by my choice or yours, but by the voters and possibly the same media that got Obama elected.

    #7 Oh Well, I partially agree with you. The problem is bad leadership. Unfortunately the cliques that made the newspapers recently (Regulators, 3000 boys ex…) suffered from poor leadership. They promoted working backwards, working the gray, and ostracizing those not inked. Some of the regulator leadership was very charismatic but poor cops. The young looked up to them, believing their BS, and were led astray. The older respected deps said these “Shot callers” we’re good at running a command post and talking shit on others, not much else.

  • Why are so many people afraid of change?. How many of you still have that old Ford Pinto or that AMC Pacer? How many of you still think about silly Sally from 1st grade? Enough of the R2 war stories in peace time. You only impress 5th graders who want to become cops. Baca & Tanaka never thought that they would go out the way that they did. Hayhurst never thought he would leave ALADS without becoming an Executive Director. Bottom line is that nothing or no one lasts forever. So Baca you take the Ford Pinto, Tanaka & Hayhurst can flip one of Tanaka’s coin for the AMC Pacer. Better yet….since Floyd made promises to Paul, you two can car pool and all three of you go east. Change is here! Welcome it, embrace it and allow it to run its course. R2 guys, guess what? Those 5th graders who heard your bitchin war stories, will replace you in 10 years and they will have their own war stories. Moral of this post……EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE.

  • These so called leaders running fromSheriff have done nothing to help lead LASD through this crisis. In their egotistical attempts to become Sheriff they have continually slandered each other along with past and present LASD command staff. They have told 30 year old war stories, held up 30 year old pictures, and generally run our Department’s reputation into the ground in their attempts to sit in the Sheriff’s seat. None of you have shown any real leadership as a future Sheriff and based on their continual snipes at each other, could give a darn about the Personnel on LASD that just want to do their jobs everyday. I believe each of the candidates are good people, but being an AH to each other is apparently contagious. Just read what the Witness LA person said above regarding the exchanges between the candidates. It is sickening….. People who don’t like law enforcement are enjoying watching “Leaders” talk smack about each other and Sheriff Baca. What are you people doing? Can any of you put LASD first in a debate for a change? And don’t say that is what your doing because YOUR NOT….you all have benefited in some way by Sheriff Baca and Tanaka…especially Rogers and Hellmond who rocketed to the top of the organization without before you learned any of your ranks…you both even skipped being a Chief on our Department…what a joke….neither if you spent any real time working anywhere for long before making Captain…. I mean, Hellmond use to work a radio car with Tanaka two years ago as the Captain of Century, when Tanaka had to CARP in patrol……Rogers use to do projects etc for. Tanaka…that’s how he promoted time and time again, all the time only working at Carson…..again with Tanaka’s support….Olmstead also had Tanaka’s support over and over again each time he promoted…they were all “in the car”….I mean. Geez…HELLMOND DROVE THE CAR….literally for Sheriff Baca…again with Tanaka’s support….now…they all turn on each other with no regard for the hard working Deputies/ CA’s etc on the Department…

    And then there is Olmstead who was a COMMANDER and IN CHARGE of CJ during the time it was running LIKE CRAP….And DID nothing……For those of you that don’t know the LASD way, a Commander needs NO APPROVAL to OPEN Administrative Investigations on personnel…OLMSTEAD could have launched many investigations and should have…Now he is a WHISLE BLOWER…,what a joke….Everyone on LASD knows it….Non-LASD need to wake up and know the truth….during the time Olmstead was IN CHARGE..his ASSISTANT Sheriff Wasn’t Tanaka…it was Marv Cavanaugh….why hasn’t his name been mentioned by any of the candidates during their debates…..maybe it’s because each of them will be retiring or at least demoted if Tanaka is elected.. Cavanaugh was IN CHARGE OF CUSTODY DIVISION…The responsibility for Custody’s issues lay at his feet…..and these candidates know it….all of them even McDonald….so why are they so quiet about Cavanaugh?

    Most of us on LASD can’t wait for this election to be over….it’s a shame that these Executives and McDonald lforgot to put LASD first over their own blind ambitions….

  • The fact that Tanaka didn’t have the balls to show up to this debate shows his lack of character. He’s an immature, arrogant man who refuses to accept responsibility for the demise of a good law enforcement agency. Hellmold continues to bring up LAPD/Rampart instead of sticking with the issues. Its an old trick if you don’t have the qualifications or leadership attack attack your opponents. Olmstead would work well with McDonnell as a team with McDonnell leading. Tanaka people continue to post and divert from his role with Baca. Its not working and backfiring. People are tired of negative campaigns. Wendy Greuel lost because of her negative campaigning and having millions.

  • Cowboy: Good post and no matter who you are, change is coming very soon. Federal Trial in less than two weeks, I hope everyone is ready for the fire storm coming our way.

  • One historic point that I did not see mentioned…. Neither McDonnell, Rogers nor Hellmold were in this game when Baca was still in office. So, let me understand: you all have a passionate commitment to fix the LASD, but that commitment was subordinate to upsetting Leroy?

    And virtually all the media outlets made it sound that while the incumbent, Leroy was pretty much a shoe-in (name recognition, incumbent advantage, huge campaign coffer,etc.

    One point that needs to be given to Olmsted is that he had the courage to stand up (publicly) against the Goliath Leroy. Even if Olmsted is not successful, his efforts could be likened to a batter that bunts and is thrown out at first base, so another runner can advance and score a run for the TEAM.

    Based on his courage, Olmsted is certainly the most deserving; but in the end, as long as the next sheriff is not Paul Tanaka, the citizens and Department members will do just fine.

  • Hey Boomer,
    What could a guy who’s running for sheriff have to do that’s more important than going to a debate that’s sponsored by one of the unions that represents LASD members? Why would your man, who is considered to be a top contender, miss that debate?
    Could it be that if he can’t give his canned answer to a friendly audience ” Look at my track record over the last 33 years. I’ve never condoned or tolerated misconduct”, he isn’t willing to take part?
    Could it be for the same reason that he won’t ever go on KFI’s John n Ken Show again?
    Could it be that he didn’t want to answer the questions about the Pandora’s Box clusterf#%k?

    Or did he simply have something more important to do? A “scheduling conflict”, and it was more important to him to be somewhere else than to appear at a debate sponsored by an LASD union?
    Of course, if I was proclaiming myself as the man to be the one to lead the LASD in the future, there wouldn’t be ANYTHING more important than showing up at a debate sponsored by any union that represents a significant amount of LASD members.

    In short, was it that he had better things to do, or was it that he was afraid to attend?
    It’s one or the other. There’s no third answer.
    If he wasn’t afraid, if he had better things to do, that sounds a whole lot like the previous leader of the LASD. He had his priorities severely screwed up too. It was more important to him to be the sheriff to the world than the sheriff of the LASD. We all saw how that worked out for him.

  • Tanaka’s campaign called to sat Tanaka’s conflict was due to his attendance at an Asian Choir event. Really? As stated, he knew the questions he was to be asked were questions he could not answer with his rhetoric of “I’ve never been……….” because he knew many in the audience were his victims.

    But what I found to be quite interesting was Lou Vince asking Hellmold if it were true he has a hotel room exclusively reserved for himself and other LASD executives at the Luxe Hotel in downtown LA. Hellmold’s response was barely audible and a guilty admission by body language of “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Vince later stated the room is alleged to be used by JH and others for on-duty and off-duty excursions. Watch the debate video.

  • Investigative Mind: Speaking of fire storms. ….look at story in Los Angeles Times talking about Alads paying legal fees.For the record. Los Angeles Times reporter did not steal anything. It was given to them. Concerning files, word on the yard is that Dick Shinee computers were hacked with deputies information last year and he never notified the proper authorities or Alads. Damage control, front and center! Here’s the test. Will Shinee tell Alads or will deputies info also go to the L.A. Times. Time will tell. No stone should be left unturned concerning protecting deputies who put their life on the line., not the headlines. Just the facts ma’am.

  • I completely agree we all owe Bob Olmsted a huge debt of gratitude for stepping up against Baca and drawing attention to this race. Perhaps Baca wouldn’t have resigned had he not. But I think that’s a different matter than who of the current pack is the right pick for sheriff. I think Bob would do some great things, at least for the first 90 days, but I’m not sure what the plan is after that. I don’t see the future; I see the past … just a better past than the recent past. My guess is McDonnell becomes sheriff, whether in June or November, and taps Rogers as undersheriff. Not because of some secret deal, but because Rogers has shown through the debates a good mastery of department details and a generally mature and respectful approach, relative to Hellmold, who throws around a lot of loose language and is taking shots at everyone. I think Olmsted goes back to retirement with our thanks; Gomez goes back to retirement without it, and I’m not sure what the future holds for Hellmold, who seems he’s risen about as high as he will. Tanaka … I don’t know … but hopefully there’s an orange jumpsuit in his future.

  • My understanding regarding Mr. Cavanaugh was the Sheriff went to him and asked him to take one for the team with regards to the MCJ debacle. Marv said no, you put Tanaka in control, he has been running the show over MCJ so he needs to stand up and own up. The Sheriff said no you need to take one for the team. Marv expressed his opinion on the topic and left the fourth floor. He called the Sheriff the next day and told him he retired, the county car and equipment were at Walnut or San Dimas station for someone to pick up. So in this scenario even the Chief of Custody didn’t feel like he was in charge. Of course this is an opinion of the events. Wonder if the Feds ever asked Mr Cavanaugh who was in charge of MCJ?

  • I just got done reading Capt. Merrill Ladenheim’s obligatory homage to his political patron, Paul Tanaka, and I am “awe-struck” as well, but for entirely different reasons.

    Merrill, you have embarrassed yourself and the Department beyond belief, and proof positive that a clean sweep is necessary to rid the department of Kool-Aid drinkers such as yourself:

    “It was really no surprise to anyone that had worked with or around him that he justifiably promoted to the top of the organization. It was inspiring to see, as hard work, staying the course, refusing the temptation of mediocrity, and caring prolifically about your community, your profession, the people you work with, and your family, paid off. A good man succeeded, and as much of Los Angeles County would soon discover, his success was actually theirs.”

    This statement alone should force the next sheriff (who won’t be Tanaka) to demand your resignation for cause. Not only do you fail to see the obvious, but you will clearly be an impediment to reforming the department.

  • Re: SAD DAYS FOR LASD’s comment — “For those of you that don’t know the LASD way, a Commander needs NO APPROVAL to OPEN Administrative Investigations on personnel…OLMSTEAD could have launched many investigations and should have.” So sad SAD DAYS doesn’t have access to an LASD Manual of Policy and Procedures — Chiefs and above are empowered to open an administrative investigation, not commanders or captains or lieutenants or sergeants. Just wanted to clear that up for SAD DAYS.

  • There is no time to waste fixing the LASD. McDonnell needs to win in June. We can’t risk a Tanaka McDonnell runoff. Then shortly there after they indict Tanaka. And Rogers and others rid the organization of the cancers, including at least three Chiefs plus the newest A/Chief who donated to Tanaka and was also his aide! Isn’t anyone pointing out these loyal people to Sheriff Scott?

    So 2015 starts with a clean slate…

  • Thank You interested party for clearing this up.

    Left at the Ball: very true that Cavanaugh dropped off his car/gear/etc at Walnut and good for him he REFUSED to take the fall for Tanaka. Those who were there at Walnut gave me the circs…..we knew it was going to get worse for the department from there. I believe soon after, Tanaka was finessed from SHB.

    While at the debate Monday night, the room was completely silent when Lou Vince asked Hellmold that question regarding a hotel room. It was a very uncomfortable sight to see and something I will NEVER forget.

  • Let’s hope that LASD regain and retain the honor and respectable reputation that it had previously. Not to say it was without some craziness, however it was on a smaller scale and kept in check. Any cop can can have an arsenal of 10-22 baggage, but it takes a cop’s cop to take the time to correctly accomplish the mission. Let’s not forget that Peter J.Pitchess came in as an outsider and he turned LASD into a highly rated and known department across the nation.

  • The only two (2) candidates who should move forward are: McDonnell and Olmsted. The rest of you are wasting your time.

    Vince: lacking manager experience.
    Gomez: No merit.
    Hellmond: Same as Baca, we don’t want a repeat.
    Rogers: You don’t have a pair. First stand up like a man and tell the truth about the wrongs of Baca/Tanaka.
    Tanaka: You will be going to federal prison soon.

  • @OhWell- If you have questions about certain candidate’s calendars I’d suggest you contact them personally or their campaign managers. But I’m confident you won’t make the call because you know a can of whoop ass will be handed to you. As for the debate, I really don’t know, but perhaps Code 77 had something to do with it (look it up in your radio code book). In Region II you’re taught to avoid those. Boom!

  • #30, you talk a lot of crap about RR2. Bro, you must work in community relation desk out there. I have pushed a Blk/Wht in Compton for years. I don’t brag about it. Top Dogs are Silent Warriors…

  • Truth, I agree with you, a runoff between Olmsted and McDonnell would be in the best interest of both voters and the department, a win-win. Anything short of that will be a McDonnell victory, lop-sided.

    Nancy Drew, there is no quick fix with a McDonnell administration. He has no plan and will start just trying to figure out what’s going on. His first mistake, and yours, would be to include Rogers in his administration. Rogers IS one of the cancers, a professional Silent Sam who looked the other way at every rank, including his current one. Just witness the sergeant’s test cheating scandal, and the upcoming boondoggle of moving the Academy back to BC, where it was abandoned 30 years ago for many reasons that haven’t changed, and now with a $30 million dollar price tag.

    Boomer, you have a hilarious way of describing cowardice!

  • Gee Boomer,
    You must be the only guy in R2 who handles every call like it’s a Code 77 because you have obviously become an expert at ducking, dodging, zig zagging and looking for cover and concealment.
    But you can’t hide from the truth and in this case you can’t out dodge it.
    What is there for your man to be ambushed with? Who has the ammo to do that? Why do they have that ammo?
    Yeah. If there’s something for your man to be ambushed about, that means there’s something he’ would have to answer up for that doesn’t make him look too good.
    If he could say “No” and give an even plausible explanation as to why the answer was no, he could snatch the ammo from the suspect trying to ambush him.
    But he couldn’t do that.
    He was susceptible to the ambush only because he wouldn’t be able to get cover, concealment or dodge the questions.

    Not really too good of effort on your part either. Too many breakfast burritos on those T-shots where you show all the Day slugs how it’s done?
    But you were entertaining in your sarcasm yet again. I give you credit for that. Once again you tried to come off like Bob Bitchin.
    You do realize we’re laughing at you, not with you, right?

    Buck Savage has nothing on you pal.
    You da man. Anybody who doesn’t believe it just has to ask you.

  • @Ithacaboomer: I knew if we let you talk long enough you would make statements that would show your true colors! Code 77, “In Region II you’re taught to avoid those.” Really, I was trained in R2. And, I’m sorry you were trained to be a coward, but actually Code 77 was designed to make you aware of the possible ambush. Which meant we went in anyway, but a little bit more prepared.

    But, it all makes sense now. Both you and PT, all these years, have avoided the possible ambush and made someone else handle it, for fear of taking a fall. COWARDS!

  • To all the dedicated Deputies who put on the uniform everyday knowing this crap will soon end Thank You for your courage. Unfortunately, these debates had to bring out the worse in a dept that for too long needed to stop the abuse and corruption. For Hellmold to state that bringing up this negative is insulting as he was part of the problem along with so many. In the meantime Deputies hold your heads high and know change and justice is coming. Today there is a story of the first of 2 deputies indicted. This will send a strong message that the crap that happened under BACA will never be tolerated again.

  • TRUTH Says:
    May 2nd, 2014 at 1:00 am
    #30, you talk a lot of crap about RR2. Bro, you must work in community relation desk out there. I have pushed a Blk/Wht in Compton for years. I don’t brag about it. Top Dogs are Silent Warriors…

    Whatever 2 year patrol wonder……

  • Just an observation – this entire blog has turned into one great big wienie roast. Back-stabbin’, lip smackin’ wienie roast. No matter how all this turns out, I can’t wait for June vote.

  • There still are clicks: there will always be clicks and the acting Sheriff needs to check the patrol stations especially one in particular in the South Patrol. The captain is verry corrupt. He allows professional staff to be harassed and mistreated by his Sgts and and his deputies. That captain is vindictive. Please Sheriff Scott, help!

  • Yes, I agree with “Truth” Rogers does not have a pair at all!! He is a total looser and was a “yes man” for tanaka. Yes, Rogers did get all his promotions while sitting at Carson.
    LASD would get the same like we had with Baca if Rogers was elected. Olmstead would do great!

  • Interesting Party…you are completely wrong…it just shows you have no real knowledge of LASD.

  • @IntheKnow, could you please provide some specifics of who the captain is you are referring to and what is he doing? I will make sure the Sheriff gets the message, no strings attached. Please, no spin, just facts.

    We are 30 days away from the election, the top two candidates will advance to the General Election to be held in November. It is quite interesting to read most of the comments listed on the WLA site. We owe a great deal of gratitude to Celeste and Matt for their past and ongoing investigative reporting on the internal corruption of LASD’s management. Without WLA, we would have no media outlet to vent, debate and educate each other to the happenings within our beloved department. And regardless of who you support for Sheriff, I will say what needs to be said, LASD past, present and future owes Bob Olmsted big time for exposing the absolute corruption and dysfunction of the entire Baca and Tanaka regime. This was a long time coming, it NEVER should have happened, but it was AND STILL IS a culture of corruption that was methodically developed, nurtured, tolerated and tactically deployed into the very fabric of our command and management staff. This is not about the line personnel, frankly, it is about the people “running” LASD. I am as frustrated as anyone with the foot dragging of the Feds, but, its the Feds. Yet I have faith, when their final chapter is read, what they are investigating will be shocking to all.

    Think about all the scandals, Pay for Play; You want a coveted position or promotion, you donate to Tanaka’s Gardena campaign (Hellmold collected money at “events” for him at the door,) you take your children and wear your uniform and walk and knock in Gardena and you’re in the car. Yes, a member of this organization actually wore his uniform and took his kids door-to-door, campaigning for Tanaka a few years ago and what do you know, he was promoted. Cigar Club, promotional tests given to friends and donors in advance, compromised IAB/ICIB investigations, Pandora’s Box, Narco scandals, LAX scandals, cliques and tattoos, the list just doesn’t end. And then there is the way people have been treated, supervisors and managers have been marginalized and absolute punks (of all ranks) roam the hallways proclaiming they are “in the car.” There has been some change since John Scott came on board, but in reality, not the type of change LASD really needs.

    There is only one candidate who has laid it out in writing and in the videos I have been able to see of a couple debates. Only one candidate has said publicly and to me, privately, what he is going to do on day-one to “start” to reform LASD. That plan is to virtually replace ALL Chief’s and Assistant Sheriff’s when he walk into SHQ on his first day. The Command Staff is the problem, it has always been the problem (along with Baca and Tanaka) and IT STILL IS THE PROBLEM. How refreshing, a leader who calls it for what it is, the Executives of LASD are the metastasized cancer and it has to be removed and he has laid it right out. I am talking about Bob Olmsted. He went to the FBI because the Executives of this organization turned their back on YOU. The Executive Command Staff were and still are, interested ONLY in their survival and political opportunities for promotion. They are the ones who carried the water for Tanaka and they are the ones to this very day, he still calls. How do you think Ernie Chavez, with his tattoo and background, became a Captain at Century Station? Hellmold and Rogers convinced John Scott that Chavez was the most qualified candidate to promote. The cancer cells are still in place and until they are removed, LASD will never change and you folks on the line, will continue to suffer. As always, I offer you fact and a balanced opinion, not spin. Support someone who has the courage do fix this problem, not a political hack or the political establishment selection because he will do as they say. My vote is for Olmsted, you make your own choice, but be honest with yourself. Which candidate has YOUR interest and which candidate(s) are only interested in themselves? I’m soon for LACERA, I’ve made my rank, I’ve done my best for those who I work with, but most of you folks have a ways to go, help restore the integrity and honor LASD once had.

  • If the Captain of Century Station isn’t doing a good job, it will become evident very quickly. If he is doing a good job, you’ll never hear about it. That’s the way that place works. Searchlight’s opinion doesn’t count, my opinion doesn’t count and Celeste’s opinion doesn’t count. The opinions of the troops that work under him is the only thing that counts. If he is a strong, ethical leader the troops will follow his lead and do a good job for him. The morale will be good. If not, problems will materialize very quickly.
    Searchlight, unless you can tell us of some factual problems occurring at Century ( Not the everyday problems that happen at every station ) that reflect poor leadership, you’re off base. Is having a tattoo on your ankle is automatic grounds for condemnation in your opinion? If so, you better be ready to condemn a whole lot of people, past and present, that have done an outstanding job for the LASD.

    I’ll say it again people. Tattoos are NOT the problem. Cliques are NOT the problem.


    Searchlight, I’ll stand by for you to tell me, specifically, what is in Ernie Chavez’ background that should be preclude him from being the captain at Century. If you can’t, other than him having a tattoo on his ankle and being part of a clique, your condemnation of him is nothing more than sour grapes,

  • Searchlight, thanks for such a well written comment and yes Bob Olmsted would be a fine Sheriff. Your comments warrant thought because they conclude that there is only one constructive conclusion, Bob Olmsted is the only acceptable candidate. I would like to get you to think about the possibility (likely) that your hope may not happen. I know you said that you have gotten your rank & are headed to retirement. Rather than folding your tent, continue offer suggestions for change as you have re: the wholesale change of the Command staff & not acquiescing to “a political hack or political establishment”. There is truth in your statements but not absolute truth. The “political establishment” is a major & powerful stake holder. To imply that Chief McDonnell is a “political hack” cheapens your position. Is every Command officer unfit? Are there other models short of scorched earth that could be effective? Look at Orange County Sheriff’s Department, lead into an ethical abyss by Sheriff Corona. The redirection of the OCSD has taken near five years and involved almost the complete change of command ranks. It was a measured & systematic change.
    If you have time read an article by LA Times columnist Patt Morrison titled How Not to Choose a Hero & watch the movie Citizen Ruth. The point is that the battle of the polar opposites often mask the real victims.

  • Searchlight, thank you for your well written thoughts on the LASD and I agree with you on Olmstead. I want to add my two cents regarding the tattoes and the cliques, yes, at LASD they do matter. We are not talking about tattoes that military personnel acquire or that the so many in the general public acquire. Everyone, but everyone on the department knows what the history and meaning of clique tattoes mean. These particular tattoe are not to be dismissed, because they are a significant indicator of the mindset and behaviour of a certain group of deputies throughout the history of the department. THEY ARE NOT JUST TATTOES!

  • The Past et. al., To clarify, I did not mean to imply nor did I say Jim McDonnell is a “political hack.” I know Jim on a professional basis and I have a great deal of respect for him. But JM IS the “establishment candidate” I was referring to. A little inside politics, shortly after the CCJV final report was issued, the BOS knew Baca was in deep trouble, politically and with the FBI. (No reason to rehash, it has been discussed at length here). Some of the BOS really went into a panic because they feared a Constitutional Crisis was about to be laid at their feet; they feared if Baca was suddenly arrested by the FBI or resigned, they, the BOS, would be obligated by law, to appoint an Interim Sheriff and then hold a special election. A couple of the supervisors were out of state at the time, but if memory serves me correct, this was on a Friday evening or perhaps over the weekend. The BOS conducted a lengthly conference call and discussed the issue at hand. There was nothing they could do until Baca stepped down or was arrested, so this simply went away. But, there was a search for a replacement underway in the sense that I’m sure names were kicked around. Where Jim came into play, that is unknown, but he was clearly Don Knabe’s choice. One way or another, the opportunity fell into his lap. He became the “establishment candidate” because within a matter of a couple of weeks, every single political endorsement came to him, “the machine” was in play, the King Makers were at work, without exception. I have a problem with that, it’s dysfunctional Washington DC in my back yard. I’m not condemning Jim at all for that, any of the 6 other candidates would sell their soul for those kinds of endorsements, they are pure gold. Take nothing more out of this conversation than what I just said. My opinion does not cheapen my opinion, it is just my opinion.

    As far as my “political hack” comment, I stand by that. When a candidate changes his political affiliation from Declined to State to Democrat just ONE DAY prior to Baca’s resignation and then professes to the world, “I am the ONLY progressive candidate, I am the only Democrat on this stage, I am proud to represent MY PARTY, I changed my party affiliation because the Democrat Party represents my values,” I don’t know what you call it, but in my books, that is a political hack and again, I stand by that statement. That is pure and unadulterated pandering of the worst kind. For the record, Lou Vince is truly a life long Democrat and he makes no bones about it. I don’t attend these debates but I am told Lou has called out Hellmold for his party switch and pandering and excuses were given. Olmsted has been a life long Republican but changed his party affiliation to Declined to State, according to him, ONLY to remove the “politics” out of the race by stating, “I don’t want to be a Republican Sheriff nor a Democrat Sheriff. I just want to be the Sheriff of Los Angeles County.” OK, I respect that position.

    Regards to the ink, I don’t want to get into a tit for tat conversation, but let me say this. “Ink” does not bother me. I don’t have any ink, never desired any, not even a US Marine ink, just nothing that I ever wanted to do. The new folks who think looking like the circus side-show “Incredible Tattoo Man,” is cool, rock on. But you better not have one drop exposed while wearing that Class A uniform or I’m going to call you on it. Most station ink is irrelevant, but unless you have been living under a rock or you are simply in denial, there are some folks who have ink that does represent everything I am against. Waste your breath on someone else, because I’m not buying it. There are some folks who have ink and that ink specifically represents something evil. The ink Chavez sports is not, in my opinion, an attitude I support. He doesn’t work for me, but I think moving away of the Tanaka empire means we are very selective about who we promote. Tell me, “Boss, look, it’s gone, that is not who I am, I was young and dumb but now I’m all grown up.” I have no problem with that. There are also 4 letters associated with that specific ink that is very bothersome, those four letters are the sign of a very sick individual, but I will let someone else make that point. IF Chavez has or ever had those four letters, than I welcome him an opportunity to defend those four letters and what they mean in front of his station, all of them. Enough said.

    It’s the symbolism and what it truly represents, that is the problem with “some ink.” And along with the symbolism comes an attitude with those who wear it, don’t deny it. Anti-management, anti-supervision, anti-this/that, I don’t play that game. Just take a look at the Cigar Club, you know, the one Tanaka says never existed, The Patio, you know, the one he says was never a club and anyone could have used it at any time, take a look at those who proclaimed “I’m in the car,” and the “attitude” that went along with it. THAT is what comes along with certain types of “ink” and I resent it and all it represents.

    We, as LASD either make a clean break from the Baca/Tanaka regime and start fresh and rebuild better than before, or we go back to the same old shit.

  • l.A. Times is the newspaper equivalent of a cancer patient with no medical insurance. A pile of unpaid medical bills and still needing to come up with money to pay for today’s chemo session.
    How can the Times realistically not endorse Jim McDonnel for Sheriff?
    Its bad enough the L.A. council and Mayor wants the Times to refuse the 5% of adspace revenue regularly paid by Don Sterling,
    should the Times also cut its own throat to not endorse McDonnell andrisk the ire of Ric Caruso and Galpin Ford. The Times can’t afford to lose even 1/16 page adbuy from anyone with cash during this terminal illness of its business solvency.

  • @Oh Well… Thank you for that last response. I work for Captain Chavez and he is doing an amazing job. The community loves him as do the deputies. Station moral is high n things are running smooth. For one to say he has a tattoo so he shouldnt be a captain is just flat out ridiculous! Ive never meet Captain Chavez prior to being assigned to this station and I am 100% happy with the job he is doing and the way he leads!

  • I wonder why nobody has a problem with anybody with the other stations ink. It’s never even mentioned. If the guy you love to hate had a LNX tattoo, would you guys would be condemning everybody with that tattoo?
    How many stations have cliques that their members sport tattoos?
    But because of Hatter’s decision/statements and your disdain of Tanaka, you pick the oh so easy low laying fruit. It’s so easy for you to make blanket condemnations because of those two factors. I wonder how many of Hatter’s other decisions/statements you agreed with. I wonder just how many of you are fans of Judge Hatter. Yeah right. Except for that one. And you’ve only become passionate about that since Tanaka has held so much power.
    I doubt you’d be talking about Captain Chavez’ the way you are if Tanaka sported a LKD or NWK or LNX tattoo.
    I’ll refrain from making blanket condemnations. I find it intellectually lazy. More often than not it’s emotionally driven. The most important reason I avoid it is because it a l w a y s infers that we should punish people merely for their existence in a group, clique, gang or whatever you choose to call it.
    Excuse me. I’ll wait to see some evidence of wrongdoing or unethical behavior before I condemn somebody.

    I wouldn’t want a gangster in jail simply because he belongs to a gang.
    Once we go down that road, the constitution and our whole system is out the window.

    An absolute moron can be a cop in North Korea or Moscow. It’s easy to be a cop there. Get my drift?

  • Searchlight, 4 fear of more retaliation I cannot tell you who the corrupt capt is. Corruption is still going on and is tolerated and is allowd by that captain with his sergeants and Lts. after viewing the video of Omestead I’m considering anonymously calling the FBI on this particular station.

  • @Searchlight- I’ve tried to allow you to earn my “trust” but you continually disappoint. Please clarify how many of the candidates “flip-flopped” before their announcements. My research indicates Hellmold, McDonnell, Rogers, and your boy Olmstead all “flip-flopped” parties. All were done for strategic purposes. Rogers “flip-flopped” and then tried to “flip” back to his original party but his campaign manager warned him not to because he’d look foolish. I would marvel at seeing him Flip, Flop, and Flip back in once continuous motion. You may wonder why he wanted to flip back? Answer- Because he realized by abandoning his Republican Party he cut himself out of PAC money and Republican donations. So the ones that tried to be slick and “refused to state” learned after the fact they screwed themselves (amateur politicians) and inept managers. They didn’t do their homework and realized later the vast majority of voters in the primary are conservative republicans. Yes, even in California that rings true. Only one candidate played it right on this one by sticking to his Republican Party. And if you heard the radio commercial you heard them tout his “conservative” beliefs many times over. Stupid? I think not. So Mr. Searchlight, please get your facts straight before you regurgitate nonsense all over this page like you’ve done recently. I’m seriously trying to be more patient with your kind by allowing you to earn my trust one at a time. And please don’t hate me because I value my liberties and those of my brothers. I’m still pretty pissed off about the deputy indictments. I believe we should do whatever it takes to preserve deputy freedom and in my world that doesn’t happen by dropping dimes. Boomer!

  • I am a registered Republican in LA County. I will not for Paul Tanaka. He used his influence to manipulate the promotional process for donors and he left 7 Department members Hung out to dry by the Feds. I just received my ballot in the mail. My vote can still be swayed to other candidates. Anyone want to make their case!

  • I am not talking about the Century Captain, there are other stations in South Patrol

  • Ithacaboomer, “preserve deputy freedom,” and “dropping dimes,” really? Wow, you are out there! I can see how you fit quite well in the Tanaka t-shirt crowd. Your boy Paul played it so right his party refused to endorse him, even when he was the only declared GOP candidate in the race – hilarious. In fact, he lost the endorsement vote with 64% of delegates voting against their only “candidate.”

    Olmsted never flipped parties, he removed party affiliation from consideration, knowing full-well he wasn’t going to pursue a GOP endorsement. He has firmly stated on record that party affiliation should not be part of the debate or how the sheriff should operate – look where it got us with Baca. McDonnell shares similar beliefs. Hellmold, like an idiot, switched from Independent to Dem the day before Baca quit and shamelessly tried to sell himself as a lifelong Dem. Too bad for him, the LA county DEM party didn’t buy it.

    Boomer, you should do your homework first before spouting off about primary elections and who shows up at the polls. Hint: in LA County, it’s overwhelmingly DEM registration AND voter turnout, regardless of primary or general election.

    And speaking of preserving deputy freedom, has your hero Paul Tanaka held his press conference where he accepts full responsibility for Pandora’s Box and demand the freedom of those indicted who WERE FOLLOWING HIS ORDERS?

    The best your boy can do is be a spoiler in a low information, low voter turnout in June. If he squeaks into the runoff, he will lose by a landslide of epic proportions. It will be fun to watch.

  • Boomer, I really appreciate you allowing me to work hard to “earn your trust.” My posts are from a much different perspective than you, I don’t have an emotional attachment other than what is the best for LASD. I do support Olmsted, but that is my personal opinion, I’m not ramming it down anyone’s throat. I just simply provide facts as they are, and I don’t engage in spin. My opinions are mine and mine alone, but I do share some of them with you. As LATBG just stated, and it is worth repeating, Tanaka, the ONLY Republican candidate on the ballot, HE DID NOT RECEIVE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY’S ENDORSEMENT.

    In fact, the party leadership called Tanaka and told him to “stay home” during their caucus vote a few weeks ago because their leadership knew there was a serious movement afoot to take the endorsement away from him. Sure enough, come the day of the entire Republican Party Endorsement Committee from throughout Los Angeles County to vote, Tanaka, the one and ONLY Republican candidate for Sheriff, was thrown on the table and then under the bus. 64 (SIXTY FOUR) percent of the delegates “voted” NOT to endorse Tanaka for Sheriff. They cited on the floor the results of the Jail Commission’s final report and quoted their findings of Paul Tanaka’s involvement in the problems at MCJ and they could not and would not endorse him. That is fact, not spin. (The Dems did not endorse Hellmold and the Repubs did not endorse Tanaka, think about it).

    While we are at it and since you want to call me out and “my boy” Olmsted, let me drop this bombshell on you. Now before I go further, I received this information via a phone call to Olmsted himself. I don’t speak with him all that often, but I wanted to get my “facts” straight before I made a comment. Olmsted personally told me that a couple of days before the endorsement vote on Tanaka, he received a phone call from within the LA County Republican Party’s Endorsement Committee. They researched their party’s rules and discovered even though Olmsted changed his affiliation from Republican to Declined to State, they COULD actually endorse him simply because he was not a Democrat. Olmsted was asked if he would like to appear before the caucus and make a speech about his campaign and ask for their endorsement. THE VOTES WERE THERE! Ok, here is the shocker, Olmsted declined the invitation. He stated his reason for changing from life long Republican to Declined to State, was to simply take the politics out of the Office of the Sheriff. He felt it would be hypocritical for him to campaign against the dirty politics inside of LASD and the dirty politics of the Office of the Sheriff and then turn around and seek a political endorsement from a political party.

    Now in my books, I call that integrity, that is gold in my books. The dirty politics around SHQ and elsewhere is beyond the pale. I keep it out of my command and it would be nice to see it removed from LASD. Olmsted has earned my respect, but that is my opinion and my opinion alone. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I do agree with enough to know what and who is and has, the best interest of LASD. Boomer, I hope this helps you and you respect my opinion. You don’t have to agree with it, but I’m not throwing down spin for the sake of being a provocateur. This is my department as much as it is yours, I’ve just invested a little more time in it than you have and I see things from a different level, literally. I’m on Megaflex, so I’m now done flexing.

  • What is a matter with “Searchlight?” I have never seen longer posts from anyone. I won’t even attempt to read them. Get a hobby or a life, geeeez.

  • @OhNo.. Been discussed, would seem like a weak attempt to kill a threat.
    I do believe Olmstead made a HUGE mistake appearing with Nalbanian, and I don’t by the “forgot to vet the interview.”

    Most of us would agree that one interview created a pause for many of us who otherwise saw an outstanding candidate. Whether that pause creates enough doubt to have any impact on the overall vote, I don’t know.
    But I do know that attempts to slam the candidate by the others and them only having this error on the table makes them look a more desperate than qualified.
    And no I am not an Olmstead supporter or any other candidates lackey, just pausing to make a comment on what I think.

  • “Intheknow”: Please stop what you are doing and take a breathalyzer test. Or at the very least, stop drinking…
    Thank You

  • @Searchlight: How many times do you need to be exposed as a fraud? Now you’re getting serious and clinical.

    In past posts you have declared that you must be at least a chief because you have rambled, “Can’t wait to laugh it up at EPC” and “I will mention it to Sheriff Scott at the next EPC.” Now, in post # 48 you stated, “Regards to the ink, I don’t want to get into a tit for tat conversation, but let me say this. “Ink” does not bother me. I don’t have any ink, never desired any, not even a US Marine ink, just nothing that I ever wanted to do.”

    You are claiming to be a Marine, yet none of our executives, chiefs and above have served. That makes you a liar. You need to refresh yourself on the Stolen Valor Act.

    Time Discovers the Truth.

  • Lefty – You are missing the point dude. Why is Olmstead on video talking about influencing US actions in Syria if elected Sheriff? He is either way out there, or he is easily bought off by his money man. Either option is not good for an L.A. Sheriff.

  • @LATBG- Time to go to school. First I’ll provide your quote below, then I’ll direct you to a story in the LA Times dated April 30, 2014, which references a study I believe you should research. So please, I implore you to stop flapping your lips without first knowing what you’re talking about. I’m expending way too much energy correcting you. My fans would rather read my insight then lesson plans between you and I.

    “Boomer, you should do your homework first before spouting off about primary elections and who shows up at the polls. Hint: in LA County, it’s overwhelmingly DEM registration AND voter turnout, regardless of primary or general election”

    Now for today’s lesson (Taken from the L.A. Times) “The study also highlighted the contrast between primary and general electorates and the increased influence of first-round voters in shaping the general election ballot. Primary electorates are generally older, more conservative, more Republican and less likely to be Latino or Asian American than those who turn out for general elections.”

    @Searchlight- I’m sure Olmstead declined the endorsement the same way he didn’t properly vet out the Nalbanian endorsement. You’ve lost all credibility my friend. Veritatem got it right! Boomer!

  • Boomer, now for your lesson. When you want to quote an article, please include the link for starters. That allows the reader to verify for themselves your point, which you never seem to have. Then make sure you understand the context of the article before you make wild assumptions. The primary electorate needs to be specified, and much to your dismay, LA county is the largest and one of the most DEM leaning counties in the country. It will never favor a GOP candidate.

    Conservative tendencies in primaries are noted, and it has to do with an older voter turnout who vote consistently. Los Angeles, in your feeble mind, is going to convert into a GOP stronghold that will give Tanaka the win? Put down whatever you are smoking…

  • @Ithacaboomer: “My fans would rather read my insight” Seriously, well I guess two (including yourself) does count as plural, “fans.” I’m just glad the majority of our younger Deputies who I’ve met, and read these blogs think your a joke. You do have name recognition amongst the troops, as does PT, but I’m glad everyone is seeing you guys for who you are. Empty suit/uniform!

    You and PT are living in parallel worlds. You both have all the “loyal friends” your ever going to have and you’ll both have “no friends” when he doesn’t get elected!

  • I have never claimed to be a Chief and if you look at my statement, I never claimed to be in the Marines. I was simply using that example, purposely, to say I have no military tattoos. I do stand firmly on my DD214. You obviously have never attended an EPC meeting because if you did, you would see frequently there are different ranks in that room. There are individuals who represent an EPC member when he/she is unavailable. All I do on this site, is to occasionally offer a balanced approach and respond to some of the outlandish statements. I keep my opinions as opinions. Go play “gotcha” with someone else. Sorry your wasted your time developing a matrix and attempted to determine which Chief was a Marine and then jumped to a foolish conclusion.

  • Olmsted must have been working on his plan for Syria while he was the captain and commander of CJ. His attention was on being the world’s Sheriff instead of cleaning up his own back yard. What other countries besides Syria is he going to fix as Sheriff.

  • @LATBG- Thank you for teaching me blog etiquette. As for the study cited I did read it. I do appreciate you concurring with me by stating, “conservative tendencies are noted.” Now please don’t get upset because your candidate made a tactical error by abandoning his party the same way he did his subordinates. I was simply making a point that one candidate chose not to jump ship. As for my takeaway, I’ll stick to the findings of the study, “lower turnout may produce an older and whiter electorate than would otherwise be the case, affecting the choice of candidates advancing to the fall contest. And even though lower-turnout primaries do not seem to consistently benefit one party or the other compared to higher-turnout primaries, the lower turnout in primaries as a whole does produce a fairly consistent Republican tilt.” Make whatever ass-umptions you want about L.A. County (in California) but I’m confident voters will follow suit. @Huh, Don’t hate Boomer, just hate the Boom! I’m sure if the truth be known you’re riding leg(s) unsuccessfully trying to become someone. Enough said! Boomer


    Handicapper is correct. According to all the public records we acquired, Todd Rogers did not donate to any of Mr. Tanaka’s campaigns. And that’s what our chart indicates, if one reads carefully.

  • Boomer, I find it quite sad your Quixotic support of Tanaka while leveling the charge of abandoning troops on Olmsted. For the record, which you like to ignore, Pandora’s box involved your boy abandoned his troops and they got indicted after following his explicit orders. As a matter of fact, they are on record having done so, and face federal prosecution this month.

    The vast majority of department members despise those who ride legs for career advancement, precisely the crowd Tanaka has surrounded himself with. He does it for narcissistic reasons, they do it out of a desperate need for validation, to “be in the car” with power and that next rung on the ladder.

    Your kind is easy to spot.

  • I was wondering about the pay for play re: Rogers. I also did not see any listed donation next to his name, along with others on the list.

  • Tattoo? If your a young deputy/employee in the LASD are you thinking when you get a station/club tattoo that you will stay at that station till you retire. Many transfers happen through a career will your body be covered in different club symbols. I think the only CLUB tattoo of choice would have been the Lasd Star 😉 I think people who get tattoos don’t think down the long road of life!

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