LASD Trauma Youth at Risk

Sheriff Candidate Updates, Resolution to Minimize Kids’ Exposure to Trauma, CA Supreme Court Sez Names of Officers Involved in Shootings Are Public Record


When Lee Baca resigned as LA County Sheriff, he announced his support of either Assistant Sheriff James Hellmold or Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers to take command of the department.

Since that announcement, however, Baca has shifted away from Rogers, who has made it clear in interviews and debates that he is not afraid to criticize the former sheriff and the condition he left the department in. Baca now supports outsider Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell, if Hellmold doesn’t win.

LA Weekly’s Gene Maddaus takes a refreshingly balanced look at the Baca-Hellmold connection and its implications. Here’s a clip:

Though he is generally cast as an “insider” in the race, Rogers has been vocal in criticizing a culture of cronyism in the department. Among other things, Rogers has accused Baca of giving out concealed weapons permits to his wealthy friends.

At a recent candidates’ forum, Rogers said that when Baca promoted him to assistant sheriff in 2013, “there was a giant bowl of Kool-Aid in the office and people were drinking from that. I took that Kool-Aid and dumped it out.”

Baca now considers Rogers to be a “back-stabber,” according to the source. In fact, Rogers is no longer even Baca’s second choice to be sheriff. If Hellmold does not win, Baca prefers James McDonnell, the Long Beach police chief.

This is not news to Rogers. In an interview, Rogers says it was “common knowledge” among those involved in the race that Baca is supporting Hellmold behind the scenes. Rogers says his own supporters have called him to say that Baca encouraged them to back Hellmold.

Rogers also says he remains “flabbergasted” that Baca ever publicly supported him, in light of how critical Rogers had been of Baca’s management of the department.

Although Hellmold has said he will continue many of Baca’s programs and policies, and still regularly speaks with the former sheriff, he maintains that he is not receiving any help from Baca or his former supporters. (We at WLA would like to know a little more about Hellmold-donor Ryan Kavanaugh, a former big-time supporter of Baca’s Sheriff’s Youth Foundation.)

In a separate interview, Hellmold says that he still talks to Baca regularly, but that Baca has done nothing – even behind the scenes – to back his campaign.

Told of Rogers’ statements, Hellmold says “It’s all in his head.”

Hellmold has raised $439,000, more than double what Rogers has raised.

“Everyone was shocked that within a month we raised $100,000,” Hellmold says. “Not one penny came from any of Baca’s previous supporters.”


The LA Times’ Cindy Chang has a new profile of Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell. Here’s a clip:

As the only serious contender without roots in the department, McDonnell has attracted high-profile endorsements and a substantial war chest from those who believe that change can best come from outside. A McDonnell victory would be historic: For a century, L.A. County voters have chosen a sheriff from inside the department.

McDonnell’s opponents in the Tuesday primary, who include two assistant sheriffs and a retired undersheriff, argue that only someone steeped in the department’s unique mix of jail management and street-level policing can turn the place around.

“He’s a very respected law enforcement professional…. To me it’s not about whether he has the knowledge or capability, but it’s the internal knowledge within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department,” said Assistant Sheriff James Hellmold, a candidate with 25 years in the department.

McDonnell, 54, deflects those criticisms by promising to appoint top aides from within. He cites his service on the Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence, which issued influential recommendations on how to fix the nation’s largest county jail system.

“I bring a fresh perspective from the outside. I’m not encumbered by internal alliances,” McDonnell said. “I didn’t grow up with people in the organization. I don’t owe anybody anything.”


In Long Beach, McDonnell leads a force diminished by budget cuts to just over 800 sworn officers. He has been criticized for a rise in officer-involved shootings, as well as the 2013 beating of an unarmed man. Last month, Long Beach officers fatally shot a 36-year-old man who was allegedly armed only with a wooden stick as he fled down a set of stairs. The man’s family has filed a $10-million claim against the city.

…McDonnell said the department is always trying to improve.

“We’re looking for red flags: training issues, equipment issues, tactical issues,” McDonnell said. “Are there things we need to do with the individual officer, with the unit or department-wide training?”


California Assemblymembers have introduced a promising new resolution urging the state to find evidence-based solutions to minimize kids’ exposure to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress.

The resolution calls for preventative health care and mental health interventions to counteract trauma exposure and help kids have better outcomes and fewer encounters with the justice system. The resolution is co-authored by Assemblymembers Raul Bocanegra (D-Los Angeles), Rob Bonta, (D-Alameda), Bradford, Joan Buchanan (D-San Ramon), and Ian Calderon (D-City of Industry), and co-sponsored by the Center for Youth Wellness, Children Now and Californians for Safety and Justice.

Here are some clips from the announcement:

“Far too often, the impact of trauma in our children’s lives goes unnoticed and unaddressed,” said Asm. Bocanegra. “ACR 155 emphasizes our commitment to ensuring that all kids have a chance to thrive. It is more effective and less costly to positively influence the architecture of a child’s developing brain than to attempt to correct poor learning, health and behavior later on.”

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are traumatic experiences, such as abuse, neglect and household dysfunction, which can result in toxic stress and have a profound effect on a child’s developing brain and body. Research shows that exposure to childhood trauma is surprisingly common; a study of over 17,000 Californians found that two-thirds reported at least one adverse childhood experience, while 20 percent of participants reported three or more ACEs.

“Every parent, pediatrician and policymaker should be familiar with the words ‘toxic stress’ and ‘adverse childhood experiences,” said Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, founder and CEO of the Center for Youth Wellness. “The data around ACEs and their impact on children’s long-term health exposes the scope of the problem and the opportunity we have to heal. By identifying effective solutions and interventions to prevent ACEs and heal toxic stress, we can make kids healthier and build stronger families and communities.”

Exposure to adverse experiences is linked to increased risk for lifelong health and behavior problems. For example, research shows that an individual with four or more ACEs is more likely to have a stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer and diabetes. A person with four or more ACEs is also likely to experience depression, be more suicidal, or be an alcoholic.

“Trauma in its many forms can profoundly affect children’s healthy social, emotional and physical development, and their ability to learn and thrive,” said Ted Lempert, president of Children Now. “California must ensure that every child has access to evidence-based preventive and intervention programs to reduce the impacts of ACEs on individuals and inflated costs to our health care and public health systems.”


“Addressing the impact of trauma on children is not just a response to violence but also a step toward preventing future trauma,” said Lenore Anderson, executive director of Californians for Safety and Justice. “The right interventions can help a vulnerable child avoid future exposures to violence that could otherwise have devastating effects on their ability to stay in school, stay healthy and stay out of trouble.”


In 2010 the city of Long Beach released the names of police officers involved in shooting incidents to the LA Times. The Long Beach Police Officers Association sued the city, arguing that the information would endanger officers.

On Thursday, the California Supreme Court ruled 6-1 that law enforcement agencies have to disclose the names of officers involved in shootings (per the Public Records Act), unless the department could establish that such an action would threaten the officers’ lives.

The Long Beach Press-Telegram’s Greg Yee has the story. Here’s a clip:

In a 6-1 decision, the Supreme Court rejected the arguments of the Long Beach police union, concluding there is a presumption that the public has a right to know the identities of officers involved in shooting incidents. While the justices indicated there may be circumstances that would permit keeping the information secret, particularly if an officer’s safety might be jeopardized, departments do not have a sweeping right to withhold the officers’ identities in the aftermath of shootings.

“We reject that blanket rule,” Justice Joyce Kennard, who retired this spring with the case pending, wrote for the majority.

Long Beach Police Officers Association officials said in a statement it was “unfortunate that the majority of the Court does not recognize the safety concerns created for officers and their families involved in critical incidents when their names are released publicly.”

Union officials went on to say the organization “respectfully disagree(s) with the Court’s majority opinion that the public’s interest in this information outweighs the safety of the involved officers and their families. Police officers and other public safety personnel already face a wide range of risks. It is unfair and unconscionable that we should add the safety of their families and homes to that list as well.”

Justice Ming Chin was the lone dissent, siding with the Long Beach police union, which was joined by some other law enforcement groups in the case. Chin argued that the information is exempt from public records laws because it threatens police rights to privacy.

Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell, who is running for Los Angeles County sheriff, said in a statement Thursday that he is committed to “transparency, openness and public access in regard to the work of law enforcement. Indeed, it is my view that too often law enforcement treats the vast majority of what it does as a secret and dissuades public involvement, when in fact very little need be kept confidential and the engagement of our community should be embraced and welcomed.”

However he said the privacy needs of officers and their families needs to be balanced with this.

“I look forward to the direction from our City Attorney in regard to the implementation of this decision,” McDonnell said.


  • It is a well known fact that Baca has been running around desperately trying to strong arm his wealthy reserves into donating to Hellmold’s campaign. Slimy as usual, the “crime fighter” is trying to play coy with both Baca and Tanaka supporters. He couldn’t have raised money for a cup of coffee without Baca’s efforts, so another bold-faced lie from the “crime fighter” who spent the majority of his career on early morning shift? Somehow the math doesn’t add up…

  • Rumor has it, IAB is all over CRDF right now. I wouldn’t stop there, I would march right on over to the 8th floor, thats where it all starts.

  • Yup, that’s good old McDonald – taking both sides of the argument. He’s going to be a great sheriff.

  • Chief McDonnell has no plan to fulfill the CPRA request for identity of LBPD OIS.
    Future LASD Sheriff McDonnell has no plan to fulfill the standing CPRA requests which the courts ruled over Lee Baca.
    When it comes to the California Superior Court, Appeals Court and Supreme Court rulings which affirm the request for identities of OIS — Lee Baca and Jim McDonnell remain above the law.

  • Patch, what is the deal with the suits and CRDF, can you give us some insight please. All units stand-by, “You’re on the patch.”

  • Rogers showed his colors the day Baca stepped down by showing up late to the announcement and wearing a suit rather than a uniform. As soon as the cameras panned away from Baca he grabbed the first one and announced his candidacy in a very amateurish fashion. Then his famous quote about no matter how many indictments he’d still be standing. I loved when he boasted how people have been asking him to run for Sheriff for years. And how he was the first to hook at Carson on New Year’s even as an executive. Now he’s got press out of Cerritos talking of him threatening to kill someone and LA weekly calling him a backstabber. For a 20-year politician it’s amazing how he couldn’t run a campaign to save his life, and how nobody is willing to donate money to him. It’s a testament of getting the type of support you give. His self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic ways have finally caught up with him. He didn’t drink Baca’s Kool Aid. Can someone please explain how you can drink and lick boots at the same time? There’s only one reason he never ran against Baca, because Baca would have squashed him like a bug. The same way McDonnell, Tanaka, Hellmold, and Olmstead are squashing him. And to think this man will be the next undersheriff should McDonnell unfortunately be elected. That is truly a sad statement. Well, at least you all know now what he’s all about. And now you know why he was an “outsider” on his own Department. Tanaka had his number years ago. There’s one thing I know for sure, he’d never be allowed in the radio car of trust. Boomer!

  • @#10
    Right. And he hasn’t taken a dime from any Baca donors. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that he’s the only progressive democrat in the race.
    You hacks are beyond hilarious!

  • OIR and review boards on the Federal level have exposed the “Uncontrolled Cowboy” mentality of LASD particularly in Compton and Lancaster. Exposure of these ” Good ol’ Boys” cost the County of Los Angeles millions & millions of dollars. After next Tuesday, conversations about Hellmold and Rogers will drop considerably. If Tanaka makes the first round (run off) then I guarantee you that this will be his 1st & last round. If McDonnell doesn’t take it Tuesday, then he surely will in November.

    ( P.S. to Floyd Hayhurst @ Alads,….we know this is your last chance to “Shanghai” the association of endorsement and money to Paul. Don’t be foolish and make a bigger Ass of you self and ALADS. YOU ARE BEING CLOSELY WATCHED)

  • Folks, the PPOA ballots are in, read them and weep:

    McDonnell 507
    Olmsted 450
    Hellmold 184
    Rogers 170
    Tanaka 54
    Vince 9

    There will be two players left come Wednesday morning, Jim McDonnell and odds are Bob Olmsted. Tanaka received 54 write in ballots, apparently not enough department members cared to give him any more. What is very telling is that this tally of the top two is almost identical to the tally of Block/Baca in the 1998 primary.

    The Tanaka campaign has pinned their hopes on voter ignorance, but the avalanche of bad news makes it harder and harder to recruit dumb voters. You got to hand it to the Tanaka t-shirt clan, they keep trying! Name recognition works great when it’s positive.

  • Nobody else will admit the raw low-down about the primary election campaign for Sheriff.
    Jim McDonnell’s campaign manager wants to get him elected. But not on Tuesday June 3.
    Shalman and Shimpock and Skelton all want the race for Sheriff to continue until November.
    Can you guess the reason why?
    Mo’money, mo’ money, mo’ money.

  • If you have not received the results of the PPOA membership vote, the numbers below are the certified final results. There are a couple of ways to look at this because of the number of candidates. Of the 1,374 votes casted, 507 members voted for McDonnell, but, 867 members did NOT vote for him. Secondly, Olmsted comes in as a statistical dead heat with McDonnell in the big picture, but never the less, a very close second place.

    What is breathtaking and frankly, embarrassing, yet NO surprise to me (at least) is Hellmold and Rogers at the absolute statistical bottom of the barrel. In my opinion, the PPOA membership just sent a message to those two that is loud and clear, your bullshit platitudes and smoke screens might sound good at a speech on the campaign trail, but to those of us who work around you and know exactly who you guys are and what you are really all about, we “call “bullshit” on you. I don’t agree with Boomer too often but normally get a good chuckle at his rhetoric. #9 is a head shot from 1500 meters. That is exactly what Rogers is all about. I would lump Hellmold in the same car, the same mold, the same manipulative and self-serving DNA as Rogers. If it were not for Baca, Hellmold could not raise enough money to buy a two for one bean and cheese burrito from King Taco.

    I got a chain email today that said the McDonnell vote can be interpreted that the PPOA membership are pissed off at all of the executive corruption and bullshit leadership (using that term very loosely) of LASD under the Baca/Tanaka/Scott regimes to the point they will “consider” McDonnell as a last ditch effort to reform LASD, even at the hands of the unthinkable, an LAPD outsider. BUT…….. Olmsted’s very close second place is a very big vote of confidence to him by the same membership voters. I think statistically speaking, if the same voters were give two choices, an overwhelming number of the 867 non-McDonnell votes would go to Olmsted and make him the hands-down winner. That is based on the science of polling, not some far out theory. So Olmsted has a lot of work to do with everyone, but I think people just need to be open minded. It all comes to a head on Tuesday.

    As for Tanaka, those numbers speak for themselves, loud and clear. Even though his name was a write-in option, those numbers were counted. I know this is only a PPOA poll, but I think it speaks for what people really think about him. Should be of no surprise.

    Earlier this month, PPOA members had the opportunity to provide our board of directors with their recommendations about who should be our next sheriff. We received 1,374 responses from active and retired PPOA members from the Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney’s Office and the Coroner’s Office. Below are the results:

    Jim McDonnell – 507

    Bob Olmsted – 450

    Jim Hellmold – 184

    Todd Rogers – 170

    Paul Tanaka – 54

    Lou Vince – 9

    Read it and weep.

  • @ “Read it and Weep”: At least Hellmold and Rogers are ahead of the other one who is a subject of F.B.I. Investigation.

    The next three days shall be very interesting.

  • @LATBG, not sure what planet you are one, but Olmsted will not receive more than 2% of the total vote. The PPOA poll means absolutely nothing at all. It tells what the members think and nothing more. You are right about one thing. Jim McDonnell will be one of the choices and unfortunately Hellmold or Tanaka will be the other. With that said, Olmsted is a better choice than either of those two but reality is it’s not going to happen.

  • Paul Tanaka got 54 write in ballots even with him NOT on the ballot. Wow! I guess Paul Tanaka is stronger than we think. Imagine if the members actually had him as a choice. He would have won by a landslide!

  • @LATBG- Once you retire in ten months as promised you can try a career in delusional comedy. Your “Odds are” Olmstead will be in the runoff made my weekend. Congratulations on the whistleblower finishing second in a meaningless survey. Now, back to school: Before you break out your celebratory pink champagne let me educate you on a few things about primary elections in L.A. County. Just a tad under 5 million people are registered. Over the last ten years on average 20 percent voted in primary elections. Approximately 40 percent of them vote by mail, which means just under half have already voted. So before you toast to the K-9 Sheriff I’d wait until the million plus residents are heard. I wouldn’t get too excited about what the thousand members of the “me too” union have to say, especially since nearly half of them don’t lay their head in L.A. County at night. Sorry to burst your champagne bubble but there will be no caviar dreams!! Boomer!

  • #18, rather and point out the obvious, perhaps you should do some research on past sheriff elections and name ANYONE who has ever polled 2% of the total vote.

    I’ll make it easy for you:

  • @LATBG: Call off the election, Bob Olmstead has it locked up. I can’t wait for your spin on June 4.

  • I will get a job bagging groceries at Whole Foods if Boob Olmsted is elected. Ain’t gonna happen.

  • Wow. Haven’t been on in ages. Saw Tanakas
    Donor list tonight.
    How does the Chief of Gardena give Tanaka
    1500.00. I guess pay to play is alive and well in
    Gardena along with the POA donation to the man
    Who votes on their contract. His unethical
    Character continues. Interesting also that law firms hired by LASD also donated. Another conflict
    As Tanaka is named in a lot of the suits. Board
    Should immediately terminate any contract
    Law firm donating to Tanaka. Huge conflict
    Of interest. Hellmold flat out lying about Baca’s
    Donors. Prediction Tuesday. Mc Donnell. Tanaka in
    Runoff. Hellmold third. Todd fourth then olmstead
    Vince and Gomez

  • Does anyone think the PPOA results reflect LA County voters? I think McDonnell will get the majority tuesday. Just ask likely voters that have no connection to the department.

  • @”Boomer, Veritatem and Dulce”: you are the worst this Dept has to offer and you continue to prove that over and over again. Your bold statements, while hiding behind an anonymous screen name, are embarrassing because you know as well as I do that no one will ever be able to call you on your BS, because of the anonymous screen name.

    Well, I for one have tired of this anonymity game! I would like to make myself accountable for any statements I have made on this posts and if any of you are as strong as you act, I would hope you would also.

    So this is what I propose, after the election, we give Celeste our true identities and let her vet that info. Once she is comfortable I give her permission to post my true identity. Will you (or anyone else on these blogs) do the same. I will only reveal my true identity, if you reveal yours, because we all know how people like to “back stab” anonymously also.

    @Celeste: please don’t take this wrong. This is not for a confrontation. This is merely so those of us with true knowledge of the Department can view each others statements from the perspective of who is truly making them, as compared to their reputation!

    Anyone who is retired and not using their true name, shame on you!

  • The donors list for Tanaka is interesting. I know many of them and are good deputies.
    I can’t judge them, however I don’t get the connection. I can only see that “promises have been made” What about the “other” good deputies…….since they can’t ride in the car because they did not donate, where does that leave them? Just my thoughts.

  • @Frank, I don’t have any doubt McDonnell will get the first bite at the apple, probably come in somewhere +- 34% of the overall vote. What is a grind on me, is the guy has never offered one, single, solitary solution to any of our problems. It has always been something along the lines of “we need to look, we’re gonna look, at this and that.” That is not leadership in my books, that is just playing it safe, tell the folks what they want to hear. But tactically, I’m sure he is just riding the wave that we are so jacked up only an outsider can fix this mess and it might as well be him. That just doesn’t cut it in my world. And I will also concede that the PPOA results released 4 days prior to the election, will not even get an honorable mention in the news world. But for what it is worth, I think it really means a great deal to us inside the eye of the storm. I think PPOA really did us all a disservice to wait until Friday night to release these numbers, I think that is wrong. They have been sitting on these numbers for over a week.

    I cannot predict the outcome, it would be a travesty beyond words if Tanaka “buys” his way into a runoff. The man has damaged us in ways yet to be told. Hellmold is so pathetic, he couldn’t lead my dog to squat. He is as hypocritical as they come, and one would think having his daddy Baca as his political bus driver, would be the kiss of death. Rogers, Boomer, I will give you credit again for your humorous truth, for this limp noodle to rush out when Baca announced his retirement and proclaim to the car wash trusty that he was “announcing” his candidacy for Sheriff is about as sleazy as it comes. I have no love for Baca, but Rogers just strikes me of some chump opportunist out for himself, not for us. For me, I will give Olmsted the benefit of the doubt over McDonnell, but he is going to have to really build his case to the people, Will be glad when this is all over. As Joe Bozo Biden once said, “I’m tired of being tired.”

  • Here’s something to think about when certain people try to claim ignorance, when Tanaka and “pay to play” are a topic.

    I will give his campaign credit for being great at raising money, but it rubs me the wrong way when you add up the dollars and note that over $90,000 has been collected from Deputies and their immediate family, many of whom have benefited through promotions and/or their dream job! That’s not even counting the numerous sworn personnel who have masked their donations through their businesses and/or friends.

    Many were in fact “decent Cops,” but I will forever be suspicious of their motives to support a man who is allowing several Deputies to take the fall for the “Brown Incident” when we all know he was a key player! If he truly believed they did nothing wrong then he would have, from the beginning, admitted to coordinating that incident.

    It doesn’t make you a “stand up guy” if you claim not have been involved in an incident, until “after,” it appears the case against deputies involved is dwindling! But, then he’s pretty proud of the fact that he was not part of the lawsuit where many of his fellow “Vikings” were named. I see a pattern here!

  • Huh! 27, I’m for tossing anonymity after the election. What about you boomer???

  • The Tanaka donor list includes Bernice Abram. What else does anyone need to know?

  • Boomer,
    Get it all out of your system about Rogers. Get it out now. After McDonnell is elected, if he does appoint Rogers undersheriff, you’ll be in the same boat the people who weren’t Tanaka supporters were in for a few years. You’ll have to keep your mouth shut or suffer dire career consequences.
    Isn’t it funny how shit happens?
    You guys that made it known that they weren’t to be fucked with because they were in Paul’s car will not be in the car any longer. Rogers will see to it that Tanaka’s supporters get kicked to the curb. LACERA will look like a Tanaka fundraiser after the election.
    You guys had the hook up for a while. You guys had a good run. Now the party is coming to an end. You should be grateful for the good times and come to grips with the reality that nothing lasts forever.
    Not even the awesome ride in Paul’s car.

  • In thinking about the Baca/Tanaka Pandora’s Box caper I’m reminded of my little granddaughter’s question “did they get those guys yet?”. What guys I asked, ” the guys that killed Jesus”. My response, “nah, it’s a Federal case, but they’re working on it!”.

  • Since Dulce, Boomer, and Veritatem are too busy measuring curtains for Tanaka, I figure I’d provide some background info for people that appreciate real data. For the record, 1998 Sheriff primary:

    SHERMAN BLOCK 431,591 36.12
    LEE BACA 387,361 32.42
    W A “BILL” BAKER 237,090 19.84
    PATRICK L GOMEZ 138,730 11.61

    Hints of a secret poll conducted this week show McDonnell slightly ahead of a tight race between Olmsted and Tanaka. Online tracking shows Olmsted trending upward and Tanaka downward, too close to call at this point.

    The money that every candidate has raised has not resulted in greater name recognition, it’s just too small of an effort in the second largest media market in the US. What has benefited McDonnell, Olmsted, and Tanaka is earned media from press coverage. Sorry Rogers and Hellmold fans, you boys are mere stains on Baca’s trousers and nary a blip on the radar.

    The question to be decided on Tuesday is how well Tanaka’s ignorance-based campaign is going to play out. He has twice as many hits online of people searching his history on LASDABUSE.COM than to his website – ouch! Olmsted remains the only hope of retaining LASD led by tan and green.

    The only role Tanaka cheerleaders can play is to be the spoiler and guarantee McDonnell’s win. This crowd has demonstrated through the years they don’t give a shit about the organization and its reputation. It has always been what can Paul do for me? You know who you are, and your listed prominently in Hang your heads in shame, because we know who you are as well.

  • @LATBG- Good point, but where’s the poll? As much as I hate to admit it, Tanaka will likely get twice as many votes as Olmsted. He got friggin’ got signs up throughout my neighborhood. Frustrating.

  • How long as it been since anybody has heard from Steve Whitmore? Larry Waldie? How long has it been since those of us on the LASD have had to see Lee Baca giving one of his space cadet speeches and been embarrassed that our leader was so far out there you couldn’t find him with a Thomas Guide and a GPS?
    At least we aren’t embarrassed about that anymore.

  • @Jim Hitchcock: Sir, I remember you and it does not surprise me that you called out Dulce. I’m betting non of the “kool-aid 3” (Dulce, Veritatem or Boomer) reveal themselves.

  • @LATBG- Thank you for regurgitating information we all remember from 1998. While were at it let’s talk about the Dodgers in 1988. BTW- They’re 7.5 games out right of first place right now which is strikingly familiar to your candidate. I got to hand it to you, you’re going to continue your kart wheels, high kicks, and pom pom shaking all the way to the end. You literally crack me up with your “hints of a secret poll” and “online tracking” comments. I pray you retire your screen name on June 4 and find a more noble drum to beat. @FrankMurphy and @Huh, hats off to you for wanting to come out of the closet, that’s awesome. As for me, I apologize for not being able to meet up for a glass of chardonnay, but on June 4th I’ll be busy on the 4th floor writing Department policy, promoting folks, shuttling punks and clowns, or continuing to spread the truth on WLA until early November. Besides, I only drink Jack and Coke when I’m not puffing on a Cuban cigar. I will be busy turning our Department back into a kick ass Region 2 style agency. So after Tuesday please go away, and let it be known that the only whistle heard will be the sound of my radio car of “trust” whizzing past you to the top! Boomer!

  • Its nice to dream boomer, is tanaka gonna give you your money back when he looses?

  • @Huh #27…I can sense the desperation in your tone. The stress of judgement day seems more than you can handle. Go ahead and reveal your “true identity.” The truth is, nobody gives two “SH” words who you are. Good luck, Go Boob!

  • I think Tanaka will most likely make the run-off with McDonnell. But the ride is over in November. The media will blast Tanaka non-stop between now and November. The media will make sure the uninformed voters get informed. You will start hearing on Wednesday non-stop how Tanaka is the subject of an FBI investigation. They will actively campaign against Tanaka. They will actively campaign for McDonnell. The media in this country have become activists.
    Boomer, get it all done between now and November.
    The uber liberal LA media isn’t about to let Tanaka get elected.

  • Good thing I made that bet! Looks to me like Dulce and Boomer have given a deflective explanation for why they don’t have the guts to reveal themselves.

    Cowards to the end. @ Jim Hitchcock, I guess R2 isn’t what it use to be!

  • Was Hellmold on taxpayer time campaigning on KFI live today? I never noticied before his name on the P.T. contributor list until recently. At least Rogers wasn’t on it.

  • @Kool-Aid Allergy- You’re like Horseshack on Welcome Back Kotter with your hand in the air yelling ooh ooh I wanna be heard! Well hear this, 10-37 with your identity so I can dispatch you to Mira Loma north tower EM’s. Those days are coming back!!! Boomer

  • Dissin’ the Dodgers in May and June is as foolish as declaring victory for your evil tyrant after a primary election. There’s still 120 games left in the season (fool) and 5 months left in the campaign. The split votes among a large field of candidates will be consolidated and the anti-Tanaka vote will be united and HUGE. That’s when additional campaign money will generate the HIT pieces on the Dear Leader, like a samarai sword chopping through soggy sushi. The answers to promotional tests can only generate so much money.

    I think Bob Olmsted’s strategy of spending campaign money in the general election instead of the primary may be a BIG mistake. Has anybody seen or heard one of his ADS?? Anywhere?

    Even the Tanaka groupies acknowledge that No. 2 in blue will be in the run-off so either way Tanaka will be gone tomorrow or in November.

    Don’t count Bob O out!! I never thought I would see the evil twins (BANAKA) out of the Department without the FBI taking them away in handcuffs.

    In the immortal words of Jack Buck on that fateful day in 1988 and Bob Miller yesterday in Chicago……………………………”I don’t believe what I just saw, I don’t believe what I just saw!!!!”

  • Boomer,
    Perhaps bragging about your ability to promote, “shuttle” or “dispatch” people you disagree with on this blog to less desirable jobs isn’t the best idea you’ve had lately. If you’re telling the truth about having the power to do so, then dimeing yourself off that you’re willing to do so over a person’s support ( or non support ) of a candidate could lead to a precarious situation for you and the LASD re: civil suit.
    As street smart as you are I’m surprised you would be so lackadaisical re: tactics and lay yourself out like that. How long did you spend in the radio car of trust doing the Lord’s work on PM’s and EM’s in the ghetto before you took a 9-5 admin job with your A schedule?
    It’s hard to imagine how such a seasoned, mature, well rounded deputy as yourself would put himself in such a position over bragging rights on a blog.
    Come on man. You’re better and smarter than that. Right?
    Just trying to help you out and watch your six. Even the best and brightest get caught up emotionally every now and then and let their emotions override their brain.

  • CrackerJack, I’ve already received two Olmsted slate mailers, and that is where the pros put their campaign dollars, along with the ballot statement. Bob is focused on the primary, not the general. I think only McDonnell is doing that, foregoing the ballot statement in the primary to save cash for the runoff.

  • @Boomer: Why don’t you quit posturing and actually step up. Like Huh!, I too am willing to reveal my identity to Celeste, if you will.

    And, like an idiot, did you just admit that PT and his supporters retaliate, by claiming your going to send me to Mira Loma. Way to go Mister “Radio car of trust!”

    If the PT camp had any real brains they would silence you themselves, but that has always been the problem, you all try to rule your “little circles” like tyrants and can’t handle when people aren’t afraid of you!

    And, I still get a pay check after you “dispatch me” to Mira Loma, right? It’s all good!

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