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MS-13….The Armed and Dangerous “Children” of War


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More than any other street gang in America,
MS-13 has been portrayed by both the FBI the media as the most dangerous gang in the world.

While that specific characterization is mostly overblown hyperbole,
there is no doubt that the international street gang known as Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13 has a complicated history that makes it different than any of the other Hispanic gangs that have sprung up in the last 60 years on the streets of Los Angeles. Its difference is grounded in the fact that most of its first members were refugees who had recently escaped the horrors of the civil war in El Salvador.

I mention the subject of MS-13 because,
this coming Friday night, an award-winning and powerful feature-length documentary called Hijos de la Guerra will be showing at 9 pm at the Latino Film festival.

The film explores the history of Mara Salvatrucha
in the US and Central America, and the sociological reasons for its proliferation. The filmmakers got remarkable access to their subjects, both here and in Central America, and the result is a fascinating piece of film making.

So if you have any interest
in the subject of gangs and gang violence, or simply in sociology, I recommend that you attend the screening. (Hey, I’ll definitely be there.)

Here’s the information:

Hijos de la Guerra
9:15 p.m.
Friday, October 12
Arclight Cinemas
6360 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA



Be sure to read the LA Times editorial titled “The Human Cost of Secrecy. This is a disturbing case that deserves far more attention. Here’s a ‘graph from their essay:

With no explanation, the Supreme Court has denied a day in court to a German citizen of Lebanese descent who says he was kidnapped by the CIA and imprisoned and tortured, all because he was mistaken for a terrorist with a similar name. The justices on Tuesday refused to review a decision by a federal appeals court that Khaled El-Masri couldn’t sue former CIA Director George J. Tenet for damages because a trial might reveal “state secrets.”

And here’s a link to the Constitution Project’s summary of the El-Masri case, including a link to the amicus brief they filed in El-Masri’s behalf.

Secrets and lies, lies and secrets.


  • I still vividly remember the words “National Security” being used during Watergate and Iran-ContraGate. Then there was the bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War which was another “state secret”. More recently we learned about the “state secret” CIA’s ‘Black Site’ Prisons. The words “National Security” and “State Secret” are now synonymous with sneaky Republican Cover-Up.

  • A True Patriot and defender of the Constitution writes
    Yeah, all those sneaky Republican cover-ups to protect our nation and win our wars.

    Yes Woody that was a hell of a victory in Vietnam.

    I am so glad the Republicans protected me from the communist world power of Nicaragua. Woody you are so right, let’s say the hell with the constitution of the United States and any legislation passed by Congress such as the Boland Amendment. The republicans will defend us despite the constitution and congress, who the hell needs that stupid stuff getting in the way of a war.

    Could you image if what would happen to our country and safety if there were an “Axis of evil” communist country 100 miles off the coast of Florida.

  • LA Res, the military won the war in SE Asia. The Democrats threw it away when they refused any more funding for the South and allowed the communists to take over the entire country. Now, they’re trying it again in Iraq. During Vietnam, you were more concerned about attacking Nixon than you were killing our enemies who crossed over borders to swing around and attack our soldiers. Blame Kennedy on Cuba. If Nixon in 1961 had become president, stolen by the Democrats in Illinois and Texas, Cuba and Vietnam would have been completely different stories than what we got from an incompetent, playboy, Harvard club, image over substance president.

    Now, back to the main topic of Celeste’s.

  • Ok who went to see Hijos de Guerra i was pist because i drove all the way from Wilmington and when i got there the tickets were sold out and the house was full i was disapointed i guess alot of people wanted to see it prob all mid city since ms 13 has alot of juice there dunno but i wasted gas and had to road rage it it to get there no luck so whats the inside scoop?? was it good?? where else are they going to show it????

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