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LA Sheriff Villanueva Defends Reinstatement of Deputy Accused Of Domestic Violence, But LA Supes Not At All Pleased

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

On the morning of Tuesday, January 29, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva made a surprise visit to the weekly board of supervisors meeting to defend his recent decision to reinstate a deputy named Caren Carl Mandoyan, who was discharged in 2015 from the LASD for allegations of domestic abuse, stalking, and spying on his ex-girlfriend, who was at the time, also a deputy working at the department.

Villanueva’s appearance was precipitated by a motion sponsored by Supervisors Kathryn Barger and Sheila Kuehl having to do with the rehiring of Mandoyan, which has been, according to the motion, “the subject of serious debate and concern” because of the way Villanueva seemed to unilaterally decide to reinstate the allegedly abusive deputy, without any easily discernible process.

It didn’t help that, earlier in the month, the sheriff told the LASD’s Civilian Oversight Commission (COC)  that, among the reasons he felt the charges against Mandoyan were suspect,  was the fact that female deputy involved waited a year before reporting her ex’s alleged actions, then resigned from the department before testifying at his 2017 civil service hearings—never mind that victims of domestic abuse often delay reporting assaults—if they report the attacks at all—because of the fear and shame they experience.

(According to a civil lawsuit filed by Mandoyan against the department and his ex in August 2018,  she did in fact testify at Mandoyan’s civil service hearing, but we’ll get to that in a minute.)

A quickie back story

In case you’ve somehow missed the basics of the Mandoyan reinstatement, according to the LA Times, which originally broke the story, the alleged victim stated in an application for a temporary restraining order that Mandoyan grabbed her by the back of her neck and pushed her face down into a couch, then ripped off her jeans and continued to squeeze her neck “for as long as 30 seconds.”

She further alleged that when she escaped and tried to lock herself in a bathroom, Mandoyan kicked in the door and broke it, according to the Times’ Maya Lau.

Then, after the incident,  Mandoyan allegedly spied on his ex, attempted to break into her house several times, listened in on conversations with friends, threatened her, and so on.

Why Mandoyan was chosen to be first on the list of those who are hoping to have their cases reconsidered is still unclear.  However, the former deputy was one of those most visible on the stage during the sheriff’s swearing in ceremony, and was reportedly a prominent presence in the new sheriff’s campaign, and during the post-election transition period.

He was also credited with helping to get the deputies union, the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS), to give Villanueva their endorsement, which also carried with it a healthy pot of cash, although Villanueva has since disputed that perception.

“There are grave concerns over how this particular matter has been handled and the message it sends to all of the men and women in law enforcement, as well as victims of domestic violence and the public at large,” Barger and Kuehl stated in their motion.

With these “grave concerns” in mind, the motion took the unusual step of directing the county’s chief executive officer to send “a 5-signature letter” to the sheriff that, among other things, requested his reconsideration of the rehiring and a response to the board’s concerns.

“The deputy’s discharge was based on documented evidence and the grounds for termination were upheld by the Civil Service Commission,” wrote Barger and Kuehl. They then cited the recent COC hearing, where the sheriff, they wrote, “revealed that his actions were based on his own personal doubts about the accuser’s credibility and time lapses between the alleged crimes and the report made.”

The motion also directed county counsel to provide a report within two weeks, “on the procedures to be undertaken” when there is this sort of conflict between the Supes and the sheriff.

Enter the sheriff

When the sheriff showed up at the board meeting just before the motion was to come up for a vote, although there had been no official request for him to be present, the supervisors took the opportunity to begin the Mandoyan conversation with Villanueva right away.

“Every employee of LA County is an employee of this board,” Kuehl told Villanueva, after thanking him for coming, “And it is not the case that any department head, including the sheriff, though you’re independently elected—can simply do anything they want after there’s been a finding by the civil service commission that uphold a termination.”

Any other department, according to Kuehl “would have to go court” in order to have such a firing overturned. “So I really want us to be able to clarify that because none of us is so independent that we can do anything we damn well please.”

Villanueva responded by telling board that the department he inherited had “undermined the entire integrity of the civil service system” and had financially “incentivized” civil services hearing officers to rule “in favor of the county.”

The sheriff said that he intended to correct the mess that he implied his predecessor had left him with his soon-to-be-formed Truth and Reconciliation commission, which would review the cases of potentially wrongly terminated deputies.

Moving forward, his administration would not…”make it up as we go along, because it’s politically expedient to have a high body count to show off to the press and say, ‘look what a reformer I am.'”

Kuehl was not persuaded.

“It’s pretty standard when people are accused of doing something that others don’t approve of, that they try to deflect the blame on to others. And you’re deflecting the blame to the civil service commission. It may seem like the right move to you,” she said.  But perhaps he didn’t know about an 18-month study the board had ordered on the civil service commission.

What they discovered from the study, she said, was that in a “very, very high percentage of cases” the commission found for the employees.

“So your claim that they may have been weighted against the deputies, I have my doubts about it in terms of what I know about that report, and about the history of that board.”

When Barger took over the questioning, she too said that she’d been bothered by the fact that Villanueva had so easily reversed a termination that civil service had confirmed.

“For them to uphold” the Mandoyan case “5 to 0 caused me pause because that’s very unusual,” she said, “especially when it comes to a firing. Usually with a firing they tend to look at it and say, ‘That’s too harsh,’ and move it to a 30-day or 15-day suspension.”

A look behind the legal curtain

Barger also asked Villanueva if the deputy who had been reinstated would be willing to “waive his right to privacy” and release his personnel records, “given that he believes the facts [of his case] do not set for the legitimate grounds for termination.”

The sheriff said that the deputy would indeed waive his right to privacy, and that the board could review the full records in a closed session.

(Editor’s update: On Wednesday morning at a press conference, Villanueva admitted that Mandoyan would not, in fact, be waving his rights after all, and his files would not be made available—even to the supervisors—even in closed session.)

“When you understand the totality of this, you will have an entirely different perspective. I promise you that,” Villanueva told the board.

Kuehl smiled. “I look forward to it,” she replied dryly.

A few minutes later, the motion was passed unanimously.

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, who was out sick thus not present,* sent out a statement after the board meeting had finished.

“I was deeply troubled when I first learned about the Sheriff’s unilateral decision to rehire a deputy who had been fired for alleged domestic violence, a termination upheld by the Civil Service Commission,” he wrote.  “My concerns were further amplified when I heard the Sheriff’s testimony before the Board of Supervisors.”

Contrary to what the sheriff  implied, Ridley-Thomas continued,  he did “not believe that County Counsel approved the Sheriff’s actions. His extraordinary personnel decision sends the wrong message to both victims and other deputies.”

Post Script

According to Carl Mandoyan’s civil complaint, he was relived of duty on July 10, 2015, and terminated on September 14, 2016.

Mandoyan and his attorney wrote in the complaint that his termination was upheld by civil service, because of the recording of a phone call without his “consent or knowledge” by his ex, which was “improperly provided” to the civil service hearing officer…”by her supervisors.”

The recording of the allegedly illegal phone call, a video that supposedly shows Mandoyan climbing uninvited through his ex’s window,  and other related items, would have presumably been in the package that was to have been sent to the supervisors.  But, as mentioned in the update above, they will no longer be provided, as Mandoyan has now elected to keep his file secret.**

Sheriff Villanueva has yet to announce the names of those who will act as his constitutional policing advisors, whom he said will also head up his Truth and Reconciliation commission.

But one of the names that is reportedly being prominently floated is that of Michael Goldfeder—who is also Carl Mandoyan’s attorney.

*WitnessLA originally failed to explain that Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas was home sick on Tuesday, and thus didn’t comment until his emailed statement, which he provided after the meeting.

**This story was last updated at 10:25 a.m. on Wednesday, January 30.

The photo at the top is courtesy of the LA County Board of Supervisors. 


  • Board of supervisors has some nerve questioning his ethics when MRT uses county’s money to build an illegal addition to his garage and not to forget his crooked ass son at USC

  • C:
    There are far too many questions left unanswered to make any kind of accurate evaluation. Too many generalities and little facts about statements made. I.E. Kruel said that Civil Service more often sides with the employee? Is that true and where’s the factual number or percentage? Mandoyan gave up his privacy rights and we will all know soon enough what happened. However, you watch the BOS staff start leaking some facts and a lot of innuendo on this case, which is against the law.

    NOTE: Baca and Block also kept deputies that had questionable incidents.

    Did the female Dep go to the Doctor for her injuries? Are there any pictures? Physical evidence, like the torn jeans? All deputies are required(or subject to termination)to participate in an IAB. So, why did she resign rather than give her statement? And showing up later at Civil Service is a far cry from giving a statement to IAB. At Civil Service there’s no pressure or leverage to be truthful. Yes, you take an oath to be truthful but when was the last time anyone was prosecuted for lying at Civil Service? After the alleged break in did she continue to have a relationship with Mandoyan? Did she tell anyone, at the time, about the DV?

    I have worked DB and IA. I am empathetic to the plight of victims feeling shame and guilt over any decision involving DV. But, when you go after someones livelihood we have Due Process. I am not saying she was untruthful but any embellishment certainly hurts her story and doesn’t her behavior after the incident cause uncertainty? Her story would have been advanced had the DA filed a case. Shouldn’t the bar be high for termination? Regardless of your shame no one can make a criminal accusation and just walk away. But, she did report the DV but her timing is just bad, isn’t it? Civil Service voted 5 to zip for upholding the termination. What convinced the commissioners for their vote for termination? From other reports neither party was present at the hearing?

    Mandoyan gave up his rights and that is not the act of a guilty person. But, maybe it is? And soon everyone will know what was alleged and said. Ms. Kruel will ensure the proper leaks to the press at an advantageous political time. How ironic that Bob Lindsey also ran on a platform of reinstatement of problem deputies and didn’t Mandoyan also work for Lindsey? Apparently, Ms. Kruel believes she has inside information re the IA file. Isn’t the file protected by law? How would Ms. Kruel know?

    Sheriff AV has read the file and I’m sure he received advice on how to proceed. Why would Sheriff AV risk everything (political and personal) for a case that was a slam dunk? Someone is going to end up with a lot of political egg on their face.

    ps. Nothing to do with the case but another question. Isn’t Ms Barger related to the infamous Sonny Barger, past president of the Hells Angels?

  • I went thru civil service and it’s a joke. Hearing officer went in my favor and shady commissioners voted against me 3-2. Appealed and following time lost again 3-2 with votes being reversed yes and no’s. Lol you go in my favor 6 months prior then reverse your vote and vice versa. Needs a huge overhaul. Why even employ hearing officers if you make your own decision

  • The more things change the more they stay the same. Pay 4 play, “friend of sheriff” list…still there. Cronyism is almost like a plague. This toxic organization needs to be gutted from the inside, bottom, and out.

  • A lot of good deputies lost their jobs under McDonnell. Carl is not one of them.
    It’s worth noting that Carl Mandoyan and Alex’s Chief of Staff, Larry the Viking, Larry the Shot caller, Tanaka fan boy, are good friends.
    I wonder how much influence Larry had in bringing Carl Mandoyan back.
    Alex, have you noticed how Larry promotes “self-regulation? What other bad ideas has Larry brought to the table? Has he told you the one about putting an industry insider on the board that regulates that industry?
    …like appointing an executive of Comcast as Chairman of the FCC.
    Good times.

  • This is what the people wanted! The left got their “Democrat” Sheriff and he’s living up to the corruption of this great state! Well done!

  • I would be careful with your statements. Those former chiefs have copies of all the bad apples in the department. I hope Av don’t manipulate the file. As far as civil service I believe in their decision. They’ve taken care of other deputies in the past. I got my job back even though mcbucks didn’t want me back. Oh yeah Av you should have waited for the reconciliation panel so you’re full of crap . Also the reconciliation decision should be handled by the board of supervisors and civil service not our corrupted department.

  • I voted for Villanueva and was very excited to have one of our own at the helm. Unfortunately, as bad as McDonnell was, and let there be no question he was bad, Villanueva is worse. I just did not comprehend how much his inexperience contributed to an inability to make basic decisions. From day one, the sheriff started digging a hole and he is still digging. I admit I made a mistake voting for Villanueva. I can only pray that the Board of Supervisors can come up with a plan to remove him before the damage becomes irreparable.

  • @ Um,
    Leave it alone with weak excuses. Did the victim have “Due Process”?, evidently not, with a slap in her face.

  • Cmon Alex baby, how could you be so stupid and reinstate this creepy Deputy. You had many more cases you could have re-examined. Why don’t you let mama make it all better like the old days. Fire this Creepy Carl person. Let’s see that money shot darlin.

  • LA County will get what they voted for. McDonnell was an idiot but Villanueva might be worst.
    Should have voted for Lindsey.

  • When you take a group of very questionable inked-up Tanaka worshippers (literally) who were low level managers, then catapult them to Command Staff positions, what do you expect? Their strong arm tactics, threats, retaliation is all so reminiscent of the horrible days of PT. And these folks are “advising and guiding” the Sheriff? Is he clueless or simply grooming them for even higher positions. This Mandoyan caper is being so mishandled, even if new evidence justifies the reinstatement, it’s all being mishandled. What is Mr. Leyva doing, isn’t he the U/S? Something is not right and now the honeymoon is over.

  • I have seen that Civil Service is more friendly to Deputies than the Department. AV stated that he was gonna quit pay to play and all that goes with it. Public records show that Carl Mandoyan, Peter Mandoyan, Marine Mandoyan, and Austin Mandoyan all gave each 1500.00 to AV campaign. 6000.00 is a significant percentage of all of his campaign funds. So what has changed from PT days. All of you AV supporters please tell me how you can defend this? Is it a flat fee now to get your job back?

    If Mandoyan was fired unjustly, why didn’t he appeal to Superior Court which is the next step. My guess is ALADS wouldn’t foot the bill because they knew it was a loser.

    Look up his donors at

  • Wow, unfortunately I have to agree with you. Anybody that watched him in front of the Board yesterday could see how inexperienced he really is. I disliked Buckles as much as anybody, but did not expect this. He has two shot callers that are both just as over their heads. If the Sheriff does not slow his roll and bring in some staff that knows what they are doing. The Board won’t have to step in. DOJ will.

  • The sheriff just said that mandoyan won’t be signing a waiver to give his file out lol there!! i wonder why.

  • Witness la loves to minimize everything from child abuse to murder but as far as ex girlfriends year old accusations of domestic violence goes, your guilty until proven innocent (and even then you’re probably guilty anyways, especially if you’re a cop, evidence be damned.)

    The LA establishment is not happy with the new Sheriff, their guy lost and they are looking to nail Villanueva. Does anyone really believe the board hasn’t looked the other way ignoring the shenanigans of political insiders that are much worse than this case?

  • common. Larry “the reaper” and king Eli love Mandoyan. Couple that with the fact that Carl donated money and helped with campaign. Pay to play is alive and well. Alex “the reformer”,,,,,oh wait didn’t last sheriff say he was reformer.

    And don’t get it twisted. Carl didn’t file a lawsuit. He filed a writ to have upper court look at lower court decision. He dropped writ when Villanueva won. If he was truly done dirty, and had a lawsuit per se, why not leave the lawsuit in play and get it handled. And then you make him your driver. What a bafoon

  • Probably wise to take a step back and wait for more information to come forward. I suspect that the County Board was flexing given the tension that is between them and the Sheriff. We have to allow the Sheriff the time to make the changes that he said he would do, heck, how long has he been in? This is not a lifetime appointment, if he does not live up to his promises, he can be voted out. I voted for him, as did many of my partners. Most of us were big on Bob Lindsey, but that campaign was not successful. I like what he is doing, NOT crazy with all of his left-leaning groups that supported him in his campaign, but, it is what it is. What was the alternative? 4 more years of the previous Sheriff? 8? 12?

  • AV should have waited on this one, although it might be 100 percent reasonable. It’s just the perception of what it could be. As it’s been said on this board, there are a lot of other deputies suffering ROD with far less in their jackets. Start bringing more folks back and this will all go away.

  • So, Mandoyan is not agreeing to release the investigation to the BOS after all. I’m sure we all saw that coming.

    And the person AV put in charge of reviewing the Mandoyan case — Steve Gross — is rewarded by being promoted to Division Chief. Gross sold his soul.

    The only people blindly defending the Sheriff hope to get something in exchange: reinstatements or promotions. Sad day for the once-great LASD.

  • Be advised that the left-leaning groups supported him because Villanueva is on the left, duh! People like you are so fickle when they can’t gave it both ways as in despising the left but overlooking the left Sheriff.
    I know Alex and I personally like Alex but the move that he made was very questionable and troubling and with that, no fingers can be pointed at previous administrations.
    I hope that this is the first, last and biggest mistake that Alex makes as Sheriff. Even the most staunchest of supporters know that what he did was out of order and setting a precedent for many of his moves to be highly scrutinized.

  • The media event this morning between 9 and 10 was hilarious, especially the part with the A/S over Custody being unable to validate the stats AV was showing off. Sounds like Bob may be regretting selling his sole. Maybe ROD Commanders Elier and Dan will become whistle blowers! Maybe Bob will have had enough of this and the three of them will do the right thing before AV destroys the department. And the Undersheriff too, he too sold his sole. Can’t wait for the Org Chart to be posted so all can see all the malcontents and misfits running this organization. And it will really be telling if we ever get access to their discipline history! Bob O and Ray L were just bitter, but now they are becoming co-conspirators and will some day pay the price!

  • So much anger and bitterness on display! It’s easy to tell the old guard and political establishment doesn’t like change, too bad. Villanueva has balls and is sticking to his campaign promises. He is NOT a politician that says one thing and does the opposite.

  • The whole thing reeks, all around. Sounds like Villanueva is bumbling it like our president. I’m not sure I follow his argument about this officer being wronged. The LAPD and LASD arrest people for less, and people get fired for even less than that. The thought that this officer should not get fired until and unless he is found criminally guilty is ludicrous. At McDonalds you can get fired if you drop a burger and at WalMart if you do not greet someone. I have to give him credit, however, if he can climb through windows. That alone can get you shot by some officer in some parts of the city. Whatever you think of AV, he screwed this one up.

    I must, however, agree with the first post. The hypocrisy of the Mr. Ridley-Thomas. Mr. Ridley Thomas was cut with his had in the cookie jar with that “home office/playroom” addition to his house on the county dime. A lower level employee would have been charged with embezzlement. He son is harassing women, quits before they ask him to leave the legislature, and lands on a cushy job thanks to daddy’s misuse of campaign funds. That brother needs to shut up and shit down and start by cleaning his house first, both his with the garage and little Sebastian and the LA County Board of Supervisors.

    It reeks all around.

  • An inappropriate and naive move on the part of the Sheriff (and I didn’t support the last one either). Certainly could have changed but while I was still working, the Civil Service Commission was very employee oriented; if an agency was not extremely thorough, the level of discipline imposed was often reduced.

    Re Mandoyan, one incident is bad enough but stalking and spying to go with it? Setting politics and who backs who aside, if Mandoyan engaged in this behavior, he is not fit to wear the badge of an LA County Deputy Sheriff. Given his affiliations at the top and his significant involvement in the AV campaign (including his fund raising), this whole deal reeks to high Heaven.

    In terms of the alleged victim/former Deputy not reporting her allegations against Mandoyan for a year, that’s not all that unusual. A recent case is in the news involving Detective Ysabel Villegas with LAPD is a good example. Appears that after trying to end an affair with a colleague, that she was victimized for a long time before things escalated to the point that she finally got the department involved. Fortunately, she gathered a significant amount of evidence.

    If AV has any sense, he’ll walk back on this one and have some independent experts take a close look at this case before bringing this guy back. A troubling start…The many great Deputies on this agency and those that truly deserve reinstatement deserve better.

  • ALADS is moonwalking backwards on this one. Chalk up two points for Carl by duping ALADS into giving mucho dinero of membership dues to back Alex.

    Sleeping deputies have no gripes.

  • The Villanueva/Mandoyan matter reminds of an old joke: guy to gal, I’ll give you a $1,000 if you’ll have sex with me, this is met with instant indignation, how about $10,000, same rejection, we’ll then how about a $ million, response, are you kidding for that yes. Guys response, now that we know what you are, let’s talk price!

  • He is NOT a politician that says one thing and does the opposite.”

    Stop it! You’re killing me! I’ve got to pick myself up from the floor on that one.

    Let’s take a quick look at the evidence. On the one hand, we have a sheriff who, when running his campaign, delighted in throwing around the word “cronyism.” The previous administration was guilty of “cronyism.” This new sheriff was going to put a stop to “cronyism”. Merit based promotions, that would be the order of the day.

    So, “All is Lost” directed us to campaign donation records, and a close look reveals some interesting info.
    It’s not just Mr. Mandoyan who benefitted from generous campaign donations. I mean, given the financial value of a deputy sheriff’s salary and benefits, he certainly did benefit quite a bit. Hell, the back pay award alone must have been worth what, 150 grand or so? That campaign donation is looking like a pretty fine investment.
    Some other folks are going to see a pretty sweet return for their donations as well.

    Starting with the #2 on the Department, who was apparently sharp enough to donate early and often, for $1500 in both 2017 and 2018. He gets brought back from retirement (a disability pension, according to transparent California) to go from a position of Commander (his last position) to jump three ranks. THREE! Don’t know what the pay difference there is, but I would guess his next transparent California entry is going to look a good deal better than his last one. If this was a pay to play promotion, he really got his money’s worth for his donation.

    Next, the chief of staff. He only donated $1000, but that was apparently good enough to get him not only a promotion, but he got to skip a rank as well. Two rank promotion to bump up a 30+ year pension for the bargain price of $1000. He had turned in his retirement papers before Villanueva won the primary. That caused him to re-evaluate and make a smart call. Papers pulled, a timely campaign donation, and his salary and eventual pension takes a huge jump.

    A close look also shows one of the recently promoted captains, a member of the transition team no less, was also a donor.

    Speaking of the transition team, apparently the sheriff’s well-known dislike for unnecessarily relieving employees of duty (let’s bring these folks back to work!) doesn’t apply if you piss off his transition team.

    We still haven’t heard a reasonable explanation from the sheriff as to why Mandoyan got to skip to the front of the line, rather than wait his turn with the rest of the folks for the “truth and reconciliation” committee to review his case. Hey, is that committee even formed yet? As of this date, we know of precisely one employee who has been reinstated, whose case was such a miscarriage of justice, that it had to be overturned as one of the sheriff’s first orders of business. And it’s the guy who wrangled thousands of dollars into the sherriff’s campaign coffers.

    He doesn’t say one thing and do the opposite? Good one. I could use another laugh, got any more?

  • I’m blown away. In reading the post of CF I am in agreement 100% (as it relates to the local comments and if I interpret the syntax correctly). This thing stinks, no way around it. There is no way to put a positive spin on it, given all the various elements. Sheriff AV can try to talk his way out of it, which he failed at miserably at the BOS. Mandoyan (the word Deputy, when associated with his name gets stuck in my throat) was fired for good reason, should have stayed fired, and EVERYONE knows it. Simple as that. AV looks like a fool trying to say otherwise.

    Poor Ray Leyva, I’d bet he tried to derail that train but it probably had left the station long before he even knew it was on the tracks.

    You can shout “No more cronyism!!!” from the highest mountain, but when you are surrounded by an army of your cronies, it is pretty hard to be taken seriously.

    Oh yeah, CF. Kudos for calling out Ridley-Thomas, one of the biggest political crooks this side of Florence Colorado.

  • And you know this how? So answer up! Come on! Weird to suggest that the entire board of ALADS was influenced by Mandoyan to give up a million bucks for a guy that got fired for DV? Oh please! BTW: The question mark goes inside the quotation. I know you missed that day in school. Just having fun at your expense.

  • Where did you get that info about Mandoyan? Just asking not asking for a fight. It helps when we have facts.

  • I’m not standing up for AV. But, wasn’t McDonnell also corrupt? These posts are sad and ironic. same post with different names. I ask; do you feel that the case should be reopened?

  • But, didn’t Lindsey have the same platform about reinstating deputies? And Mandoyan worked for Lindsey too.

  • I totally agree with you. I was in the room when Baca demanded that every Captain and above donate 1,000.00 to his campaign. We owed him? Stonich and Waldie were present .

  • Um: This morning at his press conference, the Sheriff announced that Mandoyan has decided not to waive confidentiality….it was also reported in the LA Times article published after the press conference. Truth is, everyone watching the Sheriff at the BOS yesterday knew he was making it up as he went and Mandoyan would never agree.

  • Wow, you guys are quite the riot. Weren’t you the same ones beating up Villanueva when he correctly identified the pay to play scam under Banaka? So now YOUR ox is getting gored, and all of a sudden you don’t like the results. SMH. Now please explain to me exactly who the sheriff is supposed to pick to join his inner circle, his enemies who did NOT support him? ROFLMAO.

    While you’re at it, try adding all the promotions to date and tell me how many donated to the campaign. There’s dozens more coming, and the scary part is no one had to kiss the ring to get them. It’s a brave new world, adapt or retire, you’ll do just fine.

  • I’m sure almost all in high places donated, but via straw donors this time, as they knew from Tanaka days we would be looking.

  • I would love to know the count and names of ALADS Board members who fell for the okey dokey. Still figuring out the 1.3 million.

  • Had to have a fox news nationalist involve political side’s. Lol pathetic agency, parhetic ppl, and they wonder why they struggle to meet hiring number’s.

  • How long has he been Sheriff and already we are hanging him up. Let’s agree to disagree on the Caro rehire. I personally could side either way, so let’s take that away. What are the other real issues with the Sheriff. The pool of person(s) to select from is very thin. He was bound to pick someone he had ties too. Wouldn’t anyone else. He was also bound to pick someone from the Baca/Tanaka generation, like i said the pool is thin. Don’t start with the oh there’s a bunch good people that weren’t chosen or the ones he did choose don’t deserve it. Let’s give this guy some time and see what happens. Besides caro being rehired there hasn’t been any big changes. I’m sure everyone on here is jockeying for someone or a group of people. Even if your a constituent you are jockeying for your ideals or expectation of service. The department is not robotic and is fluid just like all of reality. Is there no such thing as being a moderate. Listening to all sides and making a rationale and common sense decision. The BOS are just as dirty as anyone else, civilian or sworn. Not an honest soul in politics. This website and all its writers are jockeying for a idea. Whatever that goal or idea is, their Articles lean that way. I will keep on keeping on. All we can do is wait and see……

  • It’s old news LASD would place more value on the word of a male deputy over that of a female deputy. “Bros before hoes,” as the saying goes. Maybe she should have been a campaign contributor too!

  • You guys talk tough but hide behind a screen name. If you feel so strong about anything or anyone, be man or a woman and address it to that individual rather than ranting about shit no one cares about. You guys are incredible. I understand the last administration would have chopped your heads off if they found out who you were, but this administration won’t.

    Someone also had the nerve to comment about AV’s wife? That’s as low as you can get. Have some civility folks. Also, I never thought I’d see the day that LASD would produce so many snitches and deputies parading and celebrating the demise or pain of one of our own.

    I’m not looking for a fight or a debate. All I ask is please know that this behavior and vile, hurtful and destructive comments hurt people, our partners, people that have feelings. Just please be cognizant and if you don’t have nothing good to say, please don’t. Throw Celeste a curve ball and speak positively for once. No, I’m not soft, weak or a flower child, I have a heart, I fear the lord and firmly believe in karma.

    God Bless each and every one of you. Please don’t kick those that are already down.

    Additionally, AV’s success is our success. So far I’m loving everything he’s doing and has done. He’s proven that he cares about us and continues to fight the fight, even if the old administration is still fighting him. Let’s make his job easier and watch his six as he has constantly shown that he’s watching ours.

  • Thanks for the post Carl. Shouldn’t you be getting the First Lady a black and white to drive around. I respected you at one time but can’t tolerate brown noses.

  • “Unbelievably True” you’re in denial, it didn’t happen.

    I only responded to dispute your attempt to act like your in the know, not to create more conversation, here.

    If you have any questions feel free to come down to the office and ask.

  • Wow, what a mess this is going to be. Carl is an embarrassment to all the good men and women that serve the County of Los Angeles with a high standard of integrity. Thanks a lot Alex, way to clean house.

  • @Sour Grapes
    “You guys talk tough but hide behind a screen name.”
    So is sour grapes your real name or are you hiding behind a screen name? Hypocrite. Aren’t you the same person who said Mandoyan should be carried on deputies shoulders and never touch the ground. What a poser

  • I’m honored to be working for AV. He’s stepping up for the deputies and standing his ground. Carl was re-hired based on facts of the case. The DA didn’t file. The allegations were proven false by several investigative units. So why do people keep hating on him. Move on. We can not character assassinate or demonize deputies over allegations, assumptions or something we read in the news paper. If that were the case than more than half the department would be terminated. AV is investigating the FACTS. He is not letting bitter command staff, media or the BOS sway his actions. The previous Sheriffs bent over backwards to please them and terminated so many good deputies before the investigations were even finished just so they could look good. Destroyed so many families. AV has had multiple meeetings with the line personnel and he’s giving the power back to them. We will finally be able to do our jobs. I can’t believe how the custody line personnel were getting beaten and battered day in and day out and nobody would step up for them. We were lucky that we did not suffer a greater loss in there. These kids were afraid to do their jobs for fear of losing their careers. Thank you AV for helping them. Continue doing the right thing and bring back good deputies based on facts of their cases. Prove everyone wrong. I hope you show everyone just how corrupt the department was. Certain people hiding evidence to get certain convictions or fire certain deputies. The truth will be revealed in do time. I for sure know that there is audio of an ICIB investigator cutting a deal with a department family member to help his son get off clean on an investigation. Nepotism at its finest. Please play that at the next BOS so they can see how corrupt the department was. Show them the proof Sir and shut all these people up. Continue to stand for what is right.

  • Deputy sheriffs should always be a cut above. I feel bad for Carl getting fired but he should not have done what he did. Reports indicate he was making threats and stalking the “victim”. Conduct unacceptable for a deputy sheriff.

    If AV wants his reconciliation team, he should have implemented it and let them handle the review. He simply looks like a fool performing the same tricks the last bunch of fools did by bring Carl back. Not sure what rock he has been under but the “ME TOO” movement is rolling and why AV would make statements like she waited too long to report is ridiculous.

    AV has made the LA Times front page for two articles. Good job. Neither positive.

    Of course the bloggers on this site will never get ALL that pertains to this case simple leaves us wondering:

    Did the allegations of what Carl did really happen?
    Did AV give him his job/career back because he was wrongfully accused?
    or, because he helped him get the sheriff spot?
    Was the victim a complete liar?
    Does the evidence really exist anymore or was it destroyed?
    Finally, if there is any truth to these allegations, is that conduct the public wants for a deputy sheriff?
    Lets see what happens for the next victim who makes allegations.

  • What was that about yesterday with Olmsted?

    He stood there and vapor locked and said nothing to support AV. Even McDonnell’s old henchmen backed his corrupt ways everything from press conferences to lying under oath.

    AV, from yesterday’s antics, I wouldn’t trust Bob for a second. Being a former investigator and counter inteligigence officer in the military, that right there is a true indication of a double agent. Just keep your eye on him.

  • @Honored Good Post

    AV get to the files, there’s a lot of corruption going on in some of those terminations. Lots of Political and Racially driven terminations. If Mondoyan was the start, keep the train Rollen.

    A deputy back per week, it doesn’t take long to see through BS. After the deputy gets back interview him and if there looks like it was a corrupt investigation. Fire, Sue n Incarcerate those involved for lying, perjury and obstruction of justice.

  • @Don King

    I’m not big on laying one of ours out online, but I have to admit, that’s one funny post. 🙂

    You get a pass on that one. Ha!

  • Editor’s Note:

    No more personal comments. I’ve deleted most, and will delete more if I see them. (And if I’ve missed anything, I would be grateful if someone would flag it for me.)

    I don’t intend to get in the way of a lively discussion.

    But anyone who persists with personal attacks, will find themselves blocked. You know the difference.

    Fair warning.


  • No Don King, there is much evidence, all I ask from you is to be patient, and hold your rocks in hand, in time things will be there for you to see…there were a lot of crooked ICIB guys doing dirty tricks to screw a deputy….stand by…

  • “”””Reports indicate he was making threats and stalking the “victim”. Conduct unacceptable for a deputy sheriff”””” Who is reporting and who was the writer of such reports??? There are plenty of reports about Bush orchestrating 9-11, and many reports that we are surrounded by aliens from other planets, as well as many reports that the landing on the moon was fake…

  • Celeste, then in that case you should remove all the personal attacks on Carl. Everything that’s been circulating are inueendoes and speculations.

    Unless someone has anything of substance that’s civil in nature and warrants a litterate dialogue those other posts should be removed.

    From all my previous posts Celeste, I have been suggesting you to redact ones that attack individuals directly ; I also appreciate you following through with the deletions.

    My post regarding Olmsted was not meant to personally attack him. It was my personal observation on how he handled the press conference by AV.

    Olmsted has been a long time information provider to you and the other publications and it’s almost evident you are trying to protect him. What’s good for one should be good for the other.

    I still don’t approve of what he did and AV needs to be cautious of him. Serious red flags in my eyes.

    Best and thank you for all you do!

  • Editor’s Note:

    Dear Sour Grapes,

    You have a point. Your comment on Bob Olmsted was job related, thus well within bounds. My delete finger got overactive because of the intro referring to the previous comments. Your comment has since been restored with a slight edit of the first sentence. Take a look.

    As for Carl Mandoyan, that’s a trickier issue as allegations regarding his personal behavior are now part of an ongoing news story, due to his reinstatement and the conflicting information still surrounding that reinstatement. However, if there’s a comment I’ve let through that you think has gone too far, please let me know.

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment.


  • That sounds fair and thank you once again for your logical reasoning and your moderation of this blog.

    There are numerous personal attacks on Carl that are warrentless considering the “speculatory” and “fruitless” allegations against him.

    I’m fine with comments that address the discussion at hand but personal attacks and name calling of anyone is warrantless and uncalled for and turns this blog into a childish rant for those that have axes to grind or just want to demean an individual just because of personal vendetas.

    I’ve always respected your publications regardless of your views, however I’ve never been a fan of those who take unnecessary digs and shots at people with derogatory words without thinking how it may hurt them or their loved ones.

    These kinds of annonymous attacks should never be allowed towards anyone. I’ve been very consistent with my requests in the past for redaction of these types of posts regardless of who the individual might be.

    Thank you once again Celeste.

    Your politeness monitor, Sour Grapes.

  • Hey genius, did you think the Times would ever print a positive story about Villanueva after he dethroned their guy? Should all deputies be fired over allegations that were not proven just to make the “MeToo” crowd happy? Let that one sink in.

  • @ Sour Grapes,
    Your opinion of Olmsted is based upon you not knowing much about him. If you don’t know Bob, you don’t know Jack.
    Olmsted called out discrepancies during the
    Baca/Tanaka reign and he was totally ignored.

    Your loyalty to Mandoyan casts much light on your bias and your lack of administrative infrastructure.
    As far as Bob remaining mute as Alex was dressed down, Bob was smart not to respond to a dumb decision by Alex.

    Personally you talk tough on this blog then you cry to Celeste when you’re checked by others. My advice to use is stop acting like a………..!

  • Mandoyan had two female cases against him for stalking, that’s why he won’t give up his file. In addition it talks about him being part of the tattoo organization. It’s all good the board has this under control.

  • @ Here’s One

    For beginners, I never talk tough on this blog. I’m actually completely against it along with people taking cheap shots at others. I will bring it out to light if anyone is being berated and/or demeaned publicly. There’s absolutely no need for that kind of behavior from adults. I’ve probably done the same and would do the same if anyone attacked you brother.

    My comments on Olmsted are my own observations. I know Bob personally and have had a pretty descent and cordial relationship. I have my own differences with him, but that’s something I’ve addressed with him in person and would never air his dirty laundry publicly nor would I allow or expect others to do.

    AV obviously trusted in him to bring him out of retirement and appoint him as A/S overseeing custody. To walk on stage and act oblivious to what was being asked, not only made himself look innept but also made AV look bad.

    What he should have done was better prepare himself, or just prepare himself with the custody related force matters and provided an intelligent answer and showed support for his boss at the same time.

    His 30 seconds of fame made it obvious that he’s completely out of touch and has no concept or idea as to what is in front of him. Not a good sign when your boss knows more than you do with matters realted to division.

    I could go on more on this issue, but I’ll leave it at that.

  • He’s on the Brady list too. Had to leave one station because the Filing DA wouldn’t file any of his cases due to ethical issues. Lazy and a bully, but he has money and connections to the same Armenian organization that backed Baca.

  • Thanks for the information which makes it look even worse than what we already know. Not a good fit nor look for ALEX or the LASD. Surprisingly Alex appears to be in favor or not releasing names of dirty deputies. The upcoming months will expose more things, I’m sure.

  • Bob is the A/S over custody so he certainly must have validated those stats before letting his Sheriff present them! If not, he sold his sole and destroyed his reputation.

  • A few broad observations. So, the Los Angeles political and media establishments continue to be threatened by an intelligent, underdog, new county-wide elected Sheriff whose original sin is working to keep his campaign promises of over-turning the insidious anti-labor corruption prominent during the McDonnell-Teran administration. Mind you (as others have noted), these were the same chummy establishment political and media interests who repeatedly endorsed and protected Baca and McDonnell, whose well-known corruption has been chronicled in detail at this website and was different only by degrees along the legal mid-line. And the remarkable edginess, far beyond mere journalistic bias, in LA Times’ Maya Lau’s reporting on Alex Villanueva and the hollow, sophomoric, gloves-are-off, emotional screed by LA Times’ board of editors this morning prompted me to get off the retirement bench and start fighting again. Alex Villanueva is now and is likely going to continue to be a fine sheriff, though right now that reality is being intentionally obscured because he is being mobbed in classic reactionary fashion (mobbing seems to be a favorite pastime of some diehards and interests). Undeniably, the establishment reactionaries are working hard to paint Alex as a regressive: ‘Sheriff Villanueva’s vision for LASD is as dangerous and backward as we feared,’ the LA Times trumpeted today. Bullshit. C.S. Lewis, who did not easily suffer fools, once said the fastest way to move forward is to go back and correct some fundamental errors. For the LA Times and their cherub Jim McDonnell, going back to correct those errors necessarily means retreating from constitutional policing and custody administration. That conclusion is just bad thinking. No one I have seen has produced any evidence that re-establishing a proper range of deputy use-of-force discretion and authority within custody facilities or in patrol/detectives is in any way going to result in the wanton illegal use of force of yesteryear. There is no Tanaka at the LASD undermining proper supervision of line deputies. Fortunately, there is no Teran to do the same thing. Thanks to Alex the Tanaka-Teran polarity is dead. (The key data question is not whether the numerical use of force rises or falls within complex policing environments over time. Rather, the question is whether the unlawful use of force within any given environment or unit rises or falls, and what leadership and training issues need correcting. McDonnell never seemed to understand this difference.) The criticism that the Times and other critics of Alex’s have launched would ordinarily be funny were it not so serious a fallacy. They offer the public a straw man argument, then march a parade of horribles past our viewing while failing to understand that Villanueva appears to be drawing an effective equilibrium from within constitutional policing. Not Baca-Tanaka (extremist). Not McDonnell-Teran (extremist). But a valid and legitimate constitutional model of police authority. This is what the people of Los Angeles County elected him to do; he told them what he was going to do and now he is doing it. (Then there is the matter of the Board of Supervisors. I would count it a joy to waylay their layered attack against the new sheriff, perhaps down the road.) People can argue over the particulars and personnel, etc., and arguments are good things to have, especially when they are rational and civil. But on the whole (say .80), a fine start to a promising term of sheriff. Because these things come up– in terms of disclosure and all of that, I contributed to Bob Lindsey’s campaign.

  • @Charlie Unit. Back in the day, as your patrol sergeant, I would have thrown your report back across the desk and asked you if you ever heard of paragraphs. Write it again!

  • I’m wondering who Alex assigned to write all this BS positive statements about his abilities, etc. It comes across as very fake. The press is doing a good job at reporting the obvious. Alex has his head in the sand.

  • I just finished watching the 50 minute Sheriff Villanueva press conference video. AV is definitely comfortable behind the podium and pointing to statistical graphs and charts to illustrate his take on issues. Unfortunately, his, and in particular, Chief Steve Gross’s presentation on the review of the Carl Mandoyan Admin case and his subsequent rehiring, was extremely vague and weak. AV may have shot himself in the foot by trying to slide this superficial of a presentation on this very important case into the public forum and inadvertently generating tons more questions and scrutiny.

  • How was it vague? It’s so obvious that the bitter left behinds, fired chiefs, booted out aides and the former Mcbuckles administration is still lingering around and trying to be relevant.

    Go away and let AV do his job. You and your infamous depleated leader are done and gone. No one takes you bozos seriouslyzz. Now you guys lost the little bit of credibility you had left. There’s nothing AV could do that you coat tail riders, leg humpers and boot likers would ever approve. AV could drop the crime rate down to zero and you yahoos would still spew your hate.

    Everything about his press conference was informative and factual that exposed all of the lies and manipulations that the old administration sold to the public. Mcbuckles was too concerned about having control and power while turning a blind eye to you self serving vultures as you moved your chess pieces looking for your next promotion.

    I just hope AV doesn’t allow the same to occur with the cast of characters he promoted. Majority of them have the potential of doing so if gone unchecked. Unfortunately, this department has bred this type of DNA over the past 20 years and so.

    AV, keep on trucking my friend. The Department loves everything you’re doing and I personally can’t wait to see more of what you have up your sleeve. I’m retiring this year but will be watching from the sidelines knowing my loved ones in the department will be treated fairly and will have an opportunity to excell based on their merit and hard work. God speed my friend. These idiots will ultimately disappear in their own misery.

  • I’m wondering who are the people determined to malign the new guy and why. The press, specifically the Times, has an enormous ax to grind because Villanueva ousted their favorite son. The Times, like the Board of Sups, believe all cops are inherently evil and the more who are fired the better off society will be. McDonnell was their love child, who coupled with Teran, did exactly what they wanted, which is to fire everyone in sight.

    If Alex has his head in the sand, please ask any line staff member today if they would rather go back to McDonnell.

  • Sgt. Bilko:

    Exactly right!!!

    “Charlie Unit” began his post with the sentence “A few broad observations.”

    Each observation should have its own paragraph, with a separate concluding paragraph.

  • The accountability of the Sheriff is more so to the population of Los Angeles County than any group. Deputies are a fickle group with internal division unlike any other law enforcement agency, especially within management and the department as a whole. Villanueva is a good guy with good intentions and promises but the Mondayan caper was literally from “WTF” territory. Hopefully he’ll do better as time progresses.

  • Buddy of mine understood it to be 2 Commanders and 1 Chief…Chief got job back. Heard it had to do with under reporting force and assaults on staff in custody.

  • Sheriff directed commanders to change stats for press conference. They refused and were ROD. Shame on their Chief and A/S for not backing their men. They are the worse kind of supervisors, all about them. SMH

  • I’ve heard under the McBuckles regime, many of the top level executives were more than eager and willing to throw deputies under the proverbial bus during force reviews. These executives would co-sign whatever AClU, DOJ and internal Department monitors said when it came to saying how low level LASD staff did something wrong during use of force incidents. Instead of waiting until all the facts were in and invedtigations were complete, hasty conclusions were drawn and opion substituted for facts based on limited infirmation.

    Nice to know those with bars and stars, support and are going to bat for you….LOL. Yeah..right.

    Sheriff AV has already taken steps to adress this by unseating McBuckles and removing some of the offending command staff.

  • A properly trained patrol deputy and investigator should always seek the truth. All of us should do our part to fact check everything the Sheriff (no matter who is in office) and his executive staff say. “Going away” and “letting AV do his job” is the path that gave us Baca and Tanaka which led to the destruction of numerous careers and the reputation of the Department. I share the concern over the “cast of characters” recently promoted. Many were very closely connected with Baca and Tanaka including drivers and donors. The Department’s recent ugly history of loyalty to a person rather than loyalty to the organization cannot be repeated.

    As to the recent press conference, comments the Sheriff made about Custody were quickly contradicted by the federal monitor over Custody, the OIG, and even the Assistant Sheriff over Custody would not publicly support some of the Sheriff’s statements. Nearly simultaneously, two long term, well regarded Custody experts, now both Commanders, are ROD supposedly for bad data collection/reporting? Only a few weeks ago, one of them was trusted to represent the Sheriff at a BOS meeting regarding jail operations and ICE. It would be nice to know the facts behind that move although I understand the privacy associated with an internal investigation. Time will tell, I suppose.

    Also, speaking for “the Department” in that they love everything the Sheriff is doing is inaccurate as there are as many different opinions out there. Travel around the Department a bit, as I have the good fortune to do regularly. Many love what he is doing, many don’t and some don’t care either way. Just as it has always been with every Sheriff. Two things to keep in mind:

    “There are lies, damned lies and statistics” – Benjamin Disraeli
    “Trust but Verify” – Ronald Reagan

  • Let me help you here, since facts matter. Those who have a vested interest in defending the failed status quo are unhappy with the sheriff outing the truth, that includes OIG, the monitors, and McDonnell holdovers. Please explain how a 100% increase in significant uses of force, a 200% increase in inmate assaults on staff, and a 31% increase in inmates assaulting each other is somehow supposed to not matter? Oh wait, never mind, the monitors are happy inmate complaints are being processed in a timely fashion, I get it!

  • One Division Director (Chief) was fired (at-will employee) and immediately re-hired by LA Co. Internal Services Dept (ISD). Two custody commanders were ROD because they wouldn’t or couldn’t provide force stats AV wanted for his press conference.

    AV’s administration began a nosedive even before he took office. What he and Leyva jokingly referred to as “Red Tuesday,” (when AV fired most of his top execs) was a huge mistake. Two of them, Jill Serrano and Carol Lin were quickly (as in THE SAME DAY) picked up by CEO. Say and think what you will about Lin and Serrano, they both know where the bodies are buried and Serrano knows the LASD budget VERY well. As most of you know, but apparently AV forgot, the CEO and BOS control the budget for LASD. So you have to wonder WHY these incompetent, corrupt (as AV put it) execs would be picked up by other county agencies….on the SAME day they were fired.

    First, maybe they weren’t incompetent OR corrupt. Second, and this is key…Jill Serrano (who once Tweeted that the way she was fired was “brutal”) is now in charge of the Sheriff’s budget at CEO….you know, the one who’ll oversee and advise the BOS on how much money the Sheriff gets.

    Here are some examples of AV’s bad judgement and mistakes that make it clear he’s not fit to run this Department:

    Mass firings of top execs….by email. I didn’t care for some of them, but were they ALL incompetent and corrupt? Were ANY?
    Alienating his middle and upper management by taking their rank insignia (like putting recruits back in suits), telling them they’d have to “earn” them back, accusing them of “stepping on people” to get promoted and having them complete resumes from memory under penalty of being charged with PERJURY if anything was wrong.
    Bringing back people he shouldn’t have (until he could PROVE they were wrongly fired) and making stupid, ill-informed statements about women victims of abuse before a mostly female BOS.
    Not being able to explain, after being asked by a reporter multiple times, why Mandoyan was the first case he looked at
    Bringing back people who were off IOD (injured on duty), but who miraculously healed and are able to work again (after getting a call from AV)
    Promoting people (sometimes several ranks) who were questionable, at best, at their FORMER rank
    Promoting a guy to chief who was demoted for cheating and lying during a Baker to Vegas race
    Promoting people who donated generously to his campaign (apparently a Captain position costs $1,900 nowadays)
    Taking large campaign donations from numerous cooks/cashiers/kitchen-prep workers, all of whom were employed by Tam’s/Blvd Burgers
    Taking a campaign donation from a Marijuana shop (still against Federal law, last time I checked)
    Alienating and insulting the BOS with comments like “they’re grandstanding” and “they’re politicians” during his press conference
    Saying, at last week’s press conference, that firing’s under McDonnell were most mostly Latinos and women, suggesting that race and gender somehow played a part.
    Claiming to NOT be a politician after framing his campaign as a Democrat up against a Trump-supporting Republican incumbent
    Alienating Latino voters who, besides his surname, voted for him because of his promise of remove ICE from the Jails…a flim-flam the media is already wise to
    Alienating both the OIG and the COC by saying he’ll bring back flashlights and force standards that have cost taxpayers multi-millions of dollars in lawsuits and are partly the reason we’re currently under three separate consent decrees
    With the Dept’s budget millions of dollars in the red, making the costly decision to move his offices BACK to Monterey Park from HOJ
    Moving the Academy from the still-new Biscailuz Center BACK to the run-down Whittier facility with no field or track.
    Abandoning the Mira Loma facility because inmate’s families would have to drive too far, although LOTS of them come from Lancaster/Palmdale.

    I wish I had kept AV’s (shocking) official Dept. memo to Department execs he posted on his campaign site. The rambling manifesto outlined his grievances over not getting promoted (despite being a Latino with a PhD). It was an insight into his thinking and judgement, but it was also a warning of what would happen if he was elected. It was removed before the election.

  • Let’s not give ataboys, high fives and pats on the back just yet. Change the stats in what way? To under-report incidents of inmate violence/attacks on staff or “factually report” the number of incidents.

    We really need to know this before jumping ahead and condeming or praising anyone.

    To you as well with great post being valid, unbiased and true. BTW, I don’t get why so many want to excuse or bypass the obvious blunders, enough of the cronyism and homeboyism. Let’s get down to business with service to the citizens of Los Angeles County.

  • Is it rumor or fact that Alex is moving Sheriff Headquarters back to Monterey Park and moving Training Academy back to Whittier?

    Please say it ain’t so.

  • It is certainly not my role to defend the Sheriff. He has a team that can do that. But I continue to be troubled by some of the shrill, mimsy kinds of arguments thrown about in his direction. There are a number of bandersnatches trying to kill this administration in its crib, before it can walk and get its sea legs. That doesn’t sit right with me.

    For example, LASD Apostle has passionately strung together a shotgun set of accusations apparently meant to deliver an appearance of malfeasance, or to be fair, express grave concern. I admire his or her passion. Let’s disaggregate them and see if they are indeed the hard nails that hold together the edifice of AV mismanagement or corruption they are meant to portray. Tedious, but necessary. If this post is too long a read, don’t read the bloody thing! Kindly pound sand.

    1. “One Division Director (Chief) was fired (at-will employee) and immediately re-hired by LA Co. Internal Services Dept (ISD).” [Without evidence, the writer seems to infer the firing was wrong or indicative of mismanagement due to ISD re-hiring of fired employee. First, such an act is well within the discretion of a new sheriff, and one would be disappointed if a transformational sheriff were to keep a cadre of former executives from a previous sheriff whose administrative performance the people of Los Angles rejected. Second, it is not unusual for intercounty transfers to occur for all sorts of reasons.]

    2. “Two custody commanders were ROD because they wouldn’t or couldn’t provide force stats AV wanted for his press conference.” [Writer infers Sheriff Villanueva’s request for a particular set of use-of-force data may have been unreasonable somehow—but does not say why—and led to relieving two custody commanders. If the data Villanueva requested was lawful, relevant, and within his discretion and duty to maintain—e.g., his three dimensions of the problem concept—then employee resistance or incompetence at the commander level would classify as a proper reason for ROD.]

    “AV’s administration began a nosedive even before he took office.”

    3. “What he and Leyva jokingly referred to as “Red Tuesday,” (when AV fired most of his top execs) was a huge mistake.” [Before getting to the alleged ‘mistake,’ the writer fails to concede a simple reality: Alex Villanueva won the election; the people of Los Angles wanted Alex Villanueva to lead the Los Angles County Sheriff’s Department; the people of Los Angeles outright rejected Mr. McDonnell as sheriff. Consider the tone of some of the criticism directed against AV. I am beginning to wonder an uncomfortable thought about whether some of the reactionary rhetoric is originating from elitism, that Alex Villanueva (though quite intelligent) doesn’t quite mesh with LA’s ‘In Crowd’, that he is perceived as a populist, a man of the people, a deputy’s sheriff, not belonging to the Club. It is clear to me that Villanueva scares elite interests. I’ve seen this phenomenon in other contexts, with other people. The reaction by the BOS is in part driven by their fear over Alex’s lack of fearing them. Same with the Times. There is a sociology to it. We’ll have more to say about this in the future.]

    4. “Two of them, Jill Serrano and Carol Lin were quickly (as in THE SAME DAY) picked up by CEO. Say and think what you will about Lin and Serrano, they both know where the bodies are buried and Serrano knows the LASD budget VERY well.” [Well, so Serrano and Lin knew the budget well. What is relevant is what did they do, if anything, to help bring about resolving the LASD deficit? And even were they to have made heroic efforts at deficit reduction, it remains true that a new sheriff has the discretion to replace key administrators and staff. Sheriff Villanueva said he wants to operate a responsible budget. It seems fair and reasonable to choose whomever he believes is qualified to achieve his policy goals on behalf of the people of Los Angeles County.]

    5. “As most of you know, but apparently AV forgot, the CEO and BOS control the budget for LASD. So you have to wonder WHY these incompetent, corrupt (as AV put it) execs would be picked up by other county agencies….on the SAME day they were fired.” [The writer here is simply being unfair. He starts with two names and then conflates them with ‘execs’ (a minor slip up). There may be different circumstances surrounding these decisions. There could be many reasons that satisfy the writer’s wonderment. In briefly looking over the last 5-6 decades of the sheriff’s department, there has not been a transformative sheriff like Alex Villanueva, objectively speaking (I’m carrying no water here). But the writer is working hard to have readers believe that something is wrong, and he might as well as say, ‘where there is smoke, there is fire.’ Yet I see more fog than smoke, and I have a history of fighting fires.]

    6. “First, maybe they weren’t incompetent OR corrupt. Second, and this is key…Jill Serrano (who once Tweeted that the way she was fired was “brutal”) is now in charge of the Sheriff’s budget at CEO….you know, the one who’ll oversee and advise the BOS on how much money the Sheriff gets.” [First, let’s say they weren’t—the sheriff still had the discretion to make the personnel changes. Second, the writer does not see his or her own error. On the one hand, the writer casts Serrano as a person of virtue wrongly fired. Then, the writer implies that the person of virtue now in charge of the sheriff’s budget might fail the people of Los Angeles by exacting pollical and administrative retribution and payback against the LASD? LASD Apostle has lifted his or her skirt and shown the legs of his argument—and they aren’t pretty. I measure a guess that Ms. Serranno, if she is indeed morally and intellectually virtuous, will conduct herself as a professional in her present position.]

    “Here are some examples of AV’s bad judgement and mistakes that make it clear he’s not fit to run this Department:”

    7. Mass firings of top execs….by email. I didn’t care for some of them, but were they ALL incompetent and corrupt? Were ANY? [The writer is beginning to recycle. Again, a new sheriff coming into office is entitled to bring in (promote) a new set of leaders and managers. Email and letter are acceptable forms of communication. Should he have considered a fax, telephone call, smoke signal, tom-tom, radio or television announcement? LASD Apostle, I appreciate what you are saying about professional courtesy, but come on. That cuts both ways. Villanueva won the election.]

    8. “Alienating his middle and upper management by taking their rank insignia (like putting recruits back in suits), telling them they’d have to “earn” them back, accusing them of “stepping on people” to get promoted and having them complete resumes from memory under penalty of being charged with PERJURY if anything was wrong.” [This one is a little more difficult. Look, these kinds of matters are subject to dispute. I understand what you are saying, but there seemed to be a reasonable purpose for the exercise. Transformative leaders will occasionally do unorthodox things. As long as the unorthodoxy does not interfere with the constitutional mission of the organization, they can be quite motivating over a span of time. They are often the stuff of legend (I have some stories). The question is whether the exercise sought to achieve a deeper purpose. It might be too soon to declare alienation.]

    9. “Bringing back people he shouldn’t have (until he could PROVE they were wrongly fired) and making stupid, ill-informed statements about women victims of abuse before a mostly female BOS. Not being able to explain, after being asked by a reporter multiple times, why Mandoyan was the first case he looked at[.]” [I’ve seen sheriff’s and chief’s of police exercise similar discretion. Much more about the BOS could be said but will keep powder dry for now.]

    10. “Bringing back people who were off IOD (injured on duty), but who miraculously healed and are able to work again (after getting a call from AV) Promoting people (sometimes several ranks) who were questionable, at best, at their FORMER rank Promoting a guy to chief who was demoted for cheating and lying during a Baker to Vegas race Promoting people who donated generously to his campaign (apparently a Captain position costs $1,900 nowadays)” [The writer is bum-rushing us here. If the new sheriff can somehow reduce deputy IOD costs, this will help the LASD, County, and potentially state budgets, and it improves LASD’s deputy deployment. Second, the sheriff was elected to exercise his discretion in promoting executives. If they fail or underperform, then continue to make an argument and a consensus will build, just as it did against Mr. McDonnell. But you are probably premature. If you think you can prove a quid-pro-quo then take a shot. But the way local elections in California work, candidates who are elected to office should not discriminate against people who contributed to their campaign, particularly if they are prima facie qualified to hold positions. Remember, the word ‘cronyism’ means ‘the appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority, (start italics) without proper regard to their qualifications’ Oxford-American.]

    11. “Taking large campaign donations from numerous cooks/cashiers/kitchen-prep workers, all of whom were employed by Tam’s/Blvd Burgers. Taking a campaign donation from a Marijuana shop (still against Federal law, last time I checked)” [File a complaint with the CA Fair Political Practices Commission:

    12. “Alienating and insulting the BOS with comments like “they’re grandstanding” and “they’re politicians” during his press conference” [Let me be frank: politics isn’t for pussies. What Alex said was not ten zip codes close of being ‘insulting.’ Besides, in the free society, no one has the right not to be offended. It is pretty clear that the BOS is trying to kneecap the new sheriff. I will not reveal the fundamental error the BOS is making, but I’ll simply say that they have misread the new sheriff. They’ll fall into a kind of gambler’s fallacy.]

    13. “Saying, at last week’s press conference, that firing’s under McDonnell were most mostly Latinos and women, suggesting that race and gender somehow played a part Claiming to NOT be a politician after framing his campaign as a Democrat up against a Trump-supporting Republican incumbent Alienating Latino voters who, besides his surname, voted for him because of his promise of remove ICE from the Jails…a flim-flam the media is already wise to” [You seem to be trying to make a case of duplicity; that the new sheriff is a con man. Yet, once we slow down and consider the claims, your evidence doesn’t seem to do the work that you may think it does. However, you’ve given the retired McDonnell crew something to watch out for and discuss during their morning coffee clutches in Long Beach and elsewhere. I do heartily grant that language should be as accurate and representative of reality as possible.]

    14. “Alienating both the OIG and the COC by saying he’ll bring back flashlights and force standards that have cost taxpayers multi-millions of dollars in lawsuits and are partly the reason we’re currently under three separate consent decrees” [Now wait just a minute. I hear the fallacy bell ringing. The use of force standards did not cause (italics) the loss of million-dollar judgements and settlements. It was the agency of people in the unlawful use of force—the violation of those very standards—that precipitated the judgements and settlements, at least the 7 or 8 I have read. (I have already addressed this issue above.) If we are honest, the existence consent decrees are as much political instruments as they are legal ones, owing their origination during the George H.W. Bush administration.]

    15. “With the Dept’s budget millions of dollars in the red, making the costly decision to move his offices BACK to Monterey Park from HOJ. Moving the Academy from the still-new Biscailuz Center BACK to the run-down Whittier facility with no field or track. Abandoning the Mira Loma facility because inmate’s families would have to drive too far, although LOTS of them come from Lancaster/Palmdale.” [I admire the writer’s concern for the budget deficit. I get it. He sees these decisions as errors in judgement. The writer is disappointed his candidate did not win. However, the writer might have a fair audience were s/he to re-package the concerns in a different, more charitable style, and get them to one of their ombudsman.]

    I won’t be doing this again. I gave McDonnell about a year before determining that he was operating in way contrary to the idea of constitutional policing and the administration of justice. Can people give Villanueva some courtesy here? If not, then at least make the f’ing corruption arguments coherent and substantive, and not wink-and-nod inferential. I politely disagree with Retired LASD. If one is going to make the strong claim that someone is “not fit to run this Department,” make sure you’ve got the goods otherwise you are just making noise and weakening your own cause.

  • LASD Apostle, sounds like you’re an angry and bitter person who harbors a lifelong grudge against Villanueva. I would suggest professional help. Why on earth would the sheriff keep the at will employees from the previous administration? You know, the ones who ran the place into the ground? It seems like your entire list of “victims” are the same people who endorsed and supported McDonnell, and will never support our current sheriff even if he finds the cure for cancer.

    The fact that Villanueva knows exactly what he’s doing unnerves people like you and the board, who prefer their sheriff’s subordinate and compliant to their political whims. McD was their lapdog,
    Sheriff V never will be and they know it.

  • There seems to be a lot of well detailed suggestions on the way the department is being ran as we speak. I’d love to hear what solutions you’d suggest that would help turn the shit around. I know there’s a lot of current and former execs on this thread, rather than constantly focusing on the issues, please suggest an alternative solutions that would move this department forward in a positive light. I’m sure that it’s what we all would ultimately want.

  • Fed UP, bitter? Not at all. I love this Dept and feel VERY lucky to have had the career I’ve had. I’ve met AV a few times and actually like him and REALLY wanted him to do well, mainly because I wanted the LASD to return to being one of the best agencies in the country after several nightmare years. I don’t know about you, but it’s not fun when you tell people you’re a deputy and they start asking questions about the latest controversy or scandal in the Department. It’s tough enough saying you’re a cop nowadays with the way the media has portrayed us.

    Angry? Yes…increasingly…and you should be too, because AV is making decisions that will directly affect the reputation of the Department. In his early moves, AV has shown a vindictiveness that reminds me of past administrations and that’s troubling. Going to war with the BOS and the Media (“never pick a fight with people who buy their ink by the barrel”) is a horrible idea for a new Sheriff….let alone our Department.

    Besides firing at-will employees (which we’ll agree to disagree on) is there anything else in my (partial) list you feel isn’t true or accurate?

  • Sure have a lot of fluff! AV ran an effective campaign and you lost. That’s American politics! No one was forced to vote and I suggest that at the next election that you run!

  • Those who continue with feeble attempts to cover for Mondayan along the latest acts by Villanueva aren’t helping at all. Alex is educationally smart however running the nation’s largest Sheriff’s Department is no easy feat especially without experience or background in management over the rank of Lieutenant.

    Several commentators on this blog continue to make excuses for inadequacies while “swearing on a stack of bibles” that former Sheriff McDonnell is the root cause for LASD’s shortcomings. The blame game towards Tanaka & Baca has an expiration date as crybabies don’t want to let go of that nipple.

    Comments by “LASD Apostle” has an accurate description/assessment, minus the hate or butt kissing which is ever so evident by aforementioned comments.

  • Has anyone noticed how Villanueva says the most outlandish things with no facts to support his claims? Then in order to try to sell his position, he creates statistics that purportedly support his claims? Only, they don’t.

    @Facts Matter – You nailed it.

    @Fed Up – Those who have a vested interest in defending whatever ludicrous thing that comes out of the Sheriff’s mouth are unhappy when reasonable people who care about the Department and have nothing personal to gain (like a promotion or reinstatement) express their concerns about what they see going on.

  • Um,
    I may not have been clear. My apologies. I was bracketing my own comments against the litany of those provided by LASD Apostle. I do realize that it was not a particularly effective way to argue against his/her position, and for giving the new sheriff a chance. It was likely futile. As I say, I won’t be doing that again. While I am addressing you, I might as well point out that you are are one of the sharpest tools in the drawer on these topics–nearly always identifying the essential question at issue. Fine analysis.

  • Add firing those lying ass attorneys that work for the county to the list. It’s bad enough supervisors lie on deps to get them fired, but even worse the lying ass attorneys back the departments lies.

    AV if your listening, check into those BS attorneys.


  • Just saw on the news that an employee at City Hall has contracted typhus from fleas on rats that are coming into City Hall due to the homeless encampments around the building. They are talking about tearing out all of the carpeting in City Hall. The Hall of Justice is right across the street from City Hall. The homeless hang out around the Hall of Justice as well. To me, this is a good reason to move back to our former headquarters in Monterey Park!

  • For a moment I regressed back to college with this long dissertation re: Previous and Current establishment…Chief of Staff, LT Sheriff Aid, IA Capt. Lennox- Reapers all 3 of ’em

    Lennox is running the show and they are lining up all of their Sgt’s, Lt’s, Capt, Commanders and Chiefs to continue the tradition. REGION II. For those of you on this post you already see the writing on the wall. Lennox will run the department again. Cronyism at its finest. Lets see what the ORG CHART will look like. You will see that my assertion is correct.

    Lookout for Freeway therapy.

  • @Curious, you’re quite correct in asking for a forward look & suggestions. I’ll put some thought to that & respond. Not being currently engaged in the day to day operations I can only speculate. My gut tells me that Sheriff Villenueva is so busy posturing, almost to the point of pandering to real or imagined grievances that you have to wonder as to vision. Also, having no skin in the game but lots of command & executive experience, it only allows only so much relevance. It’s easy to critique outside the battle. My initial reaction to Sheriff Villanueva is that we’re looking at the receipant of the failed leadership of McDonnell & not the inherent qualities of Villanueva. I would ask for Celeste to create a separate discussion so as to have very skilled past staff offer suggestions for positive change.

  • The academy should have never been moved from STARS. That was a political favor for Knabe. There is not enough room at the BC Academy. The more recruits you can train the better. In the near future local police agencies will be giving signing bonuses for laterals and new officers. The department better figure something out.

  • If this deputy had not worked on Sheriff AV’s campaign and had not been so visible in doing it, and if he had not gone to bat with the union to get AV a huge campaign donation, then AV would have more standing. However, it looks like something our current abominable president would do.

  • The crime was reported immediately to local law enforcement. Villanueva is bending the truth. The restraining order was filed after Mandoyan would not stop contacting the victim. Mandoyan allegedly had threatened the victim and her family. The victim was never hesitant to testify she repeatedly reported to hearings over and over only to be sent away due to repeated delays. Keep in mind the victim had to drive 150 mile round trip.

  • You dont know what you are talking about. Carl is caught on video breaking in the crime was not false. The DA does not file on many crimes . Stop re-victimizing.

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