LA Deputies Kill 29-Year-Old Dijon Kizzee After Stopping Him for a “Code Violation” on His Bicycle

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

On Monday afternoon, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a Black man after initiating what some are calling a “pretextual” bicycle stop for an alleged “vehicle code violation.”

At around 3:15 p.m. on Monday, in the vicinity of West 109th Place and Budlong Avenue in South LA, LASD deputies saw a man on a bike, and chose to stop him for “riding a bicycle in an unlawful manner.” (The LASD spokesperson could not identify the code in question.)

According to the sheriff’s department, the man, identified as 29-year-old Dijon Kizzee by Black Lives Matter organizers, got off his bike and ran from the officers as they attempted to stop him. Kizzee was reportedly carrying a bundle of clothing with him as he fled.

According to the sheriff’s department’s account of the shooting, the deputies caught up with the man several blocks away, and as they closed in, Kizzee punched one of the officers and dropped what he had been carrying. Officers say they saw a semi-automatic handgun lying on the ground among the clothing items.

That’s reportedly when the deputies opened fire on Kizzee, allegedly shooting him multiple times (in the back, according civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is representing the Kizzee family), despite the fact that Kizzee had dropped the gun he had been carrying, and thus was, at that moment, unarmed.

A couple of hours after the fatal shooting, the LASD issued a statement saying that a man had been “struck by gunfire.”

Later, at 7:13 p.m. on Tuesday evening, the department issued an updated statement saying that Kizzee “made a motion toward the firearm,” before he was shot.

A cellphone video of the moments directly after the shooting shows deputies handcuffing Kizzee, as the man taking the cell phone video yells, “He’s dead already. How you gonna handcuff a dead man?”

The sheriff’s department reportedly left Kizzee’s body on the ground late into the night, which disturbed neighborhood residents and protesters. After 11:00 p.m. protesters were Tweeting that Kizzee’s body was still on the street, 8 hours later.

According to the sheriff’s department, the deputies “have been removed from the field pending review of the incident.”

So far, the only video available is footage captured by a civilian witness. Although the first round of LASD stations are due to get body cams in October, the LASD is still years behind other large police agencies in equipping patrol officers with body cameras, due in part to foot-dragging on the part of the previous sheriff.

Monday’s shooting sent dozens of community members out into the streets to protest another Black man’s death at the hands of law enforcement. The group gathered at the scene of the shooting. Later demonstrators arrived outside of the LASD’s South LA Station. At around midnight, police declared the protest an unlawful assembly, and told protesters “escalations [would] be used” and that they would start making arrests if the group didn’t disperse on its own.

As it happens, the department had been in the news again, regarding another shooting.  The day before the fatal shooting of Kizzee in South LA, Spectrum News 1’s Kate Cagle published video of the sworn testimony of Deputy Art Gonzalez, in which the LASD whistleblower identifies the deputy who shot Andres Guardado as a prospect seeking admission into the Compton Station’s tattooed deputy gang, the Executioners.

Gonzalez also accused the Executioners of cooking arrest statistics and justifying uses of force by falsely claiming that the people they had encountered were armed.

(Here’s WLA’s previous reporting on the Executioners and Gonzalez’s legal claim against the department.)

Update: This story was updated at 2:41 p.m., and 9:30 p.m., Sept. 1, 2020

Image: Dijon Kizzee, via Facebook.


  • I think what the headline meant to say is the deputies shot the suspect after he punched one Of them in the face and was armed with a semi automatic pistol. Minor details!!!!

  • Hey Taylor, were you and or your Pomeranian there during the shooting? Because you’re writing this with quite a few conclusions. E.g. how do you know the bicycle stop was “Pretextual”? How do you know what the deputies were thinking, did you talk to them? How do you know that the gun had been dropped prior to the shooting?

    Obviously witness takes its role a black lives matter cheerleaders very seriously, but it also uses the word “news” in describing itself. If your going to write this crap, why not just post BLM’s twitter feed instead. No doubt they’re going to be a whole lot more that comes out that witness la will simply ignore.

  • Looks like a Hoover Crip gang tat on his left bicep. Deputies stop a gang member for a minor traffic violation but he is armed. He fights deputies and a shooting occurs. He’s probably not going to church choir practice. He’s probably not going to the Sheriff’s Station to turn in that gun. No, he was probably using that gun to terrorize his neighborhood. Does the community want armed gang members off the street? I am reimagining an escalation of shootings in LA as part of the new criminal justice reform.

  • He dropped a gun accidentally, so now he’s unarmed. I think not! Unarmed means he never had a weapon, now was a weapon ever found. Are deputies considered unarmed because their gun is holstered and not in their hands? A gun readily accessible means your armed.

    I sure there will murals and statues raised in his honor. Role model for all Young African American men.

    Why did he even have a gun to begin with?

  • @rakkasan
    Really……..Maybe you should put the uniform on and do the job that many brave men and women do everyday. I’m sure you would rather have this man running around with a gun in your neighborhood huh. You’re pathetic. Clearly a gangster with a gun. But citizens in today’s society seem to think that’s ok. Someone will say that he found Jesus and that he was turning his life around……etc

  • Wow! They shot him for a BICYCLE CODE VIOLATION!? Oh…wait….there was more to it? Punched a deputy in the face, you say? Gun, you say?

    I’m sure Dijon (really?) was pre-med and a good person.

    It’s such a strange thing, this hate the sheep have for the sheep dogs when they kill wolves.

  • This will turn out to be another “hands up, don’t shoot” lie. If these purported “witnesses” give formal statements, they will be discredited by the forensics. These people will say anything to screw with the police.

  • Seeking the truth,

    My friend, the community is comprised of gang members – past, present, or sympathizers. So, yes, they want armed gang members on the streets.

    I’m exaggerating. The ones you saw on the video stream last night, especially the ones hanging to the rear, are the active gang members from the area. The whites up front pretending to have a vested interest in what happened are their paid, useful idiots, AKA antifa.

  • Everyone knows it is illegal to carry a firearm in the US. Really in trouble apparently if you accidentally frop one.

  • 17 year old with an assault rifle somehow walks right past the police after killing two and is now considered a hero. This suspect with a gun is a “thug/criminal” in the streets and deserves to be shot an absurd amount of times in the back. Seems like a fair and just society. Law and Order!!!!

  • The gun wasn’t ‘readily’ accessible if he was shot while running away from the gun he dropped…

  • The author does not say that the stop was pretextual. The author wrote ” what some are calling a “pretextual” bicycle stop…” . Therefore, the author is only reporting what has been said.
    She also writes, “Officers say they saw a semi-automatic handgun lying on the ground among the clothing items.” Presumably, these are the clothes that were dropped before they opened fire. If that is the case, it is what the police are reporting and she is simply relaying that information. Reporting that the gun was dropped prior to the shooting may therefore simply be factual.

  • Could be, but since when are Deputies judge, jury and executioner? If it fact it is confirmed that he dropped the gun prior to being shot, we have an ugly situation here. At the very least, terrible training.

  • So he wasn’t stopped for a bicycle violation of the California Vehicle Code, he was stopped for “a Hoover Crip gang tat on his left bicep.”

    Betcha the Police Report doesn’t say that.

  • He’d dropped the handgun, meaning he was no longer a threat to their lives. Not to mention he was shot in the back as running away, your name is pretty accurate though, stick to your little circle jerk I guess ‍♀️

  • Why would police shoot and run? Shoot 20 times? Leave the body? This whole story stinks! I dont believe this half ass story coming from the LAPD

  • Police are trash. Especially the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, which is known to have gangs within the Department. @DA1, how do you know he was a gangster? I suppose, since he’s Black and male, that’s enough for you.

  • Isn’t there some law or another about it being illegal to carry a concealed firearm in public? Most CCW owners use a holster. Well if he neglected to carry his licensed concealed firearm in a holster, and was guilty of an oversight by mistakingly carry his legally registered firearm concealed, in this era of Covid 19 and non arrests, he would have been given a ticket and told to go to court months down the road. I’m not sure? Can WLA do a little investigative research and GTS, it’s out there I’m sure. It makes you believe WLA and it’s journalist cherry pick the information they report to justify/support their one-sided idealogy. This is not what fair and balanced investigative journalism is but more like ideogical opinion piece party line propaganda. This style of defense reporting, if you can call it that, should be left to the Defense Attorneys and not alleged “investigative journalist”.

  • He never attempted to shoot anyone and the gun was already on the ground. No reason to shoot him 20+ times. We continue to ruin our own country by protecting heavily fascist and racial bias policies. This is why we are collapsing and why I cannot feel sorry for my own people. Good riddance. At this point, we deserve it.

  • Ahh for all you jail house lawyers pretextual stops are legal. Confer with the US Supreme Court if your opinion differs. As long as a legal issue has occurred it makes no difference what is in the mind of the officer. Now the shooting of an unarmed suspect is another matter all together unless a threat was perceived by the officers. ie: a previously armed suspect who may have additional weapons on his person. I wonder if he had submitted to the officers authority and not fought or ran what the outcome would be. Wonder why all these commentators constantly support the criminal element instead of law enforcement. Hits too close to home I guess.

  • I think what we don’t take into account here is the law of the jungle vs the laws of a civilized society. In a civilized society we support law enforcement and generally view law breakers in a bad light. In the jungle it is the law of survival. Where the ends justify the means. Case in point a person is shot and killed in front of numerous witnesses in south central for example. Yet when the police arrive no one saw a thing. In a civil society numerous witnesses would come forward and identify the perp. In the jungle you end up dead if u exercise your civil responsibility. So the bottom line is ?

  • Roberto, look at the last line of the story, it says updated on today’s date at 2:41 pm. A couple hours after my comment. The original story didn’t contain the “what some are calling” phrase (which is really just typical reporter’s weasel words anyways) it also didn’t claim the gun dropping stuff was from the department’s account. So I was responding to the original version of the story.

    Witness la pulls this lazy biased crap all the time. When they get caught sometimes they correct it, but it won’t stop them from doing it again. Glad I can help.

  • Nice to see the twitter trained police experts weighing in. Their confidence is inversely proportional to their experience level. They even cuss, which shows how much they really mean it.

  • There are these clauses im the Constitution which represent due process. You have heard of them. Officers are not judge, jury and executioner. What country do you think you live in. We do not allow vigilantes to take these matters in their own hands and these officers should be dealt with accordingly. This is the United States of America where there are laws that even police are sworn to uphold. And if they operate outside the law which causes loss of life, they should be held accountable. If thats too tough they should find another job. Its a hard job and not everyone can do it, but they aren’t allowed to take shortcuts. In war times we still had rules, otherwise we were held accountable, so this is no different.

  • Hey, he was stopped for a “vehicle code violation” that they still aren’t able to identify, so he was stopped for nothing. Besides, if he had a gun, the gun was already on the ground. Why does the police act like the judge, jury and executioner? Aren’t all people entitled to a fair trial? He was unarmed, and he was shot around 20 times. That’s cold blooded murder.

  • Angel: You must be speaking if that black separatist hate group BLM Racism comes in all colors!. By the way my learned friend the KKK was started by the Democratic Party an historical fact. I would venture to say your current political party.

  • @Rakkasan….although I am not a gambling man, I am willing to bet that Mr. “Kizzie” was riding his bicycle in the wrong lane (i.e., riding northbound in the southbound lanes). I say this, because of previous experience.

  • @ConcernedCitizen….first of all, that 17 year old kid turned himself into the police. However, they (police), told him to continue walking. Secondly, if you watched the video clips, he was running away from his attackers and when he tripped and fell and was being assaulted, with kicks, skateboard and a man with a gun, he feared for his life and proceeded to defend himself. Nevertheless, that kid, Kyle Rittenhouse was standing up for a just cause (protection of property/life) from a bunch of misguided, idiotic, ignorant anarchists, hell bent on destroying property and lives. Kyle sent a message that many of us feel & believe whihc is why many of us stand behind and support him.

    Mr. Kizzie did not comply with the Deputies requests, rather he decided to runaway (as usual). Mr. Kizzie assaulted a Deputy and was in possession of a semi-auto gun. However, you seem to have some insight into Mr. Kizzie’s status as a “thug/criminal?” Care to elaborate on that?

  • I wonder why truck loads of officers drove past Kyle Rittenhouse after witnesses are screaming,”That kid right there just shot several people!”?While Kyle is armed with a weapon which was illegal in that state, had shot several people, and was walking toward the police (not running away). In fact they let him leave and drive back home.
    I wonder why groups of white folks armed with assault weapons block a federal building ( constitutionally illegal protest here) get in the officers’ faces (without masks) scream and threaten them and no officer does anything, much less shoot?
    I wonder why?

  • @Blackangel….Racist amerikkka? White devils?

    Well you know the old saying, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

  • Don’t kid yourself.

    None of these “I hate America” people will ever leave. Despite the false grievances they claim, they know there is nowhere else that will let them play victim and collect free, unearned money.

  • @Pat rolman

    For the record, it was/is illegal for the 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse to have a firearm, period.

    I see that the common statement is “fearing for their life” in which many scared-asses use for justification to shoot and kill someone.

    Please, don’t make excuses for Rittenhouse or exhibit biasesness as it takes away any credibility from your comment.

  • Have YOU ever been pulled over for a bicycle code violation?!?! This is systemic racism at it’s worst! There’s NO reason for this man to be dead. Yet, in other news, a white boy strolls past police in the middle of the street after murdering people – takes several days to arrest him.

  • For all you people who can’t see past your racism or stupidity, I’ll ask you this: have YOU ever been pulled over for a bicycle code violation?!?! I have never! And I’d be pretty EFFIN upset at police if I was pulled over for a bicycle code violation! This is systemic racism at it’s worst! They never said he was bothering anyone or doing anything wrong. The police targeted this guy because he was black. There’s NO reason for this man to be dead. Yet, in other news, a white boy strolls past police in the middle of the street while carrying an assault rifle, after murdering people and people are telling the police that he just did so – takes several days to arrest him. Open your eyes people. Start treating other humans as you would want to be treated! It’s a simple ask!

  • Pat Rolman:

    Could be, but as was noted elsewhere in this forum he was wearing a “Hoover Crip gang tat on his left bicep”– that’s the bicep that faces out to the traffic lanes–and both of us already know about the Hoover Crips. Stopping one, for whatever reason, is good proactive policing as a sure-fire Felony is certain to be found.

  • Homey assaulted the POlice, ran away, dropped his strap, and……want to bet he bent over to pick it up??? Unless you got video showing otherwise the deputies did what we call in the business, an “outstanding” job. No more terrorizing the community from this dude. Here’s a recommendation. Don’t join gangs, don’t assault the police, don’t run from cops, don’t carry guns. Follow those recommendation and I’m confident you’ll be ok. Oh yeah, and stay in school!!!

  • Did they check the Sheriff Deputies for any gang tattoos ?
    Why does the Sheriff Gang call themselves the ” Executioners ” ……. hmmmm

  • @FX. That applies to deputies too. Question is does Sheriff Villanueva have the courage to do anything about it? And are you going to vote for him again because he’s a soft on crime liberal progressive Latino?

  • “don’t carry guns” does this count for white militia men who walk around with AR15’s strapped to them in public.

  • I’m going to point something out, but just this alone isn’t justification. Is it just a coincidence that everyone of these incidents the suspect is glorified, but almost always is committing a crime or has committed or has a record.

    George Floyd (Under the influence & record)
    Blake (disobey a police officer, poss of knife, & record)
    Guardado (possession of firearm)
    Kizzee ( possession of firearm)

    They say they are being hunted that’s correct. Law enforcement is looking to take these non productive citizens and lock them up. Criminals need to be arrested. That’s just a fact. Why is Kizzee anywhere or possessing a firearm. Is that not a problem in liberal ca?

    Show me the innocent kid, contributes to society, doing well in school, being gunned down by Leo. It’s not happening or should I say it is but by their own ethnicity

  • Once again I have tried(without success) to convey to neo-progs(haters of America) to wait and see what facts come out before judgement. But no, we just love to hate! Now in the Chauvin case the Minneapolis PD has a training video that clearly shows that controlling a suspect with a knee was approved. This was especially developed for those with “excited delirium.” Now, the question remains how much force of the knee was used? If you were trained to restrain a suspect and you used that training incorrectly then you have a situation of improper Supervision, Training, Assignment and Retention under the Doctrine of Proximate Cause. You don’t have a murder case. It will be interesting if this latest training video is in fact authentic. The judge may need to dismiss the case and the AG will need to refile-if he dares!

    Re this case; the deputies had the authority to detain the suspect. The riding of the bike is just another vehicle like being in a car. The shooting was not caused because the suspect was riding a bike-that’s ridiculous. Please recall that years ago (Lynwood Station) one of he best deputies that ever wore a uniform was murdered by a bicyclist. The deputy was writing a report and the coward rode up from behind and murdered the deputy. YES, ARMED SUSPECT ON A BIKE IS VERY DANGEROUS!

  • @Stephen I’m pretty sure these deputies were playing that role. However while trying to legally detain someone, which is their job, they were faced with a split second decision forced by the suspect.

    What about these actions is someone acting like a vigilante? Shouldn’t the first question be why did this suspect gave a gun? Followed by why did he run? Lastly, why didn’t he just comply initially?

    He would have had his day in court to prove or disprove the charges, according to the Law. Maybe he didn’t want to be responsible and face what he had coming.

    Meanwhile in the rest of la county no one else was hunted, shot, or killed by deputies. Imagine that!

  • Joy: I guess you conventionally forgot about those BLM thugs in Atlanta armed with assault weapons that killed a child because his parents drove down the wrong street into a crowd of BLM protesters. Typical liberal!!

  • John: You are right. He was just a bicyclist minding his own business on his way to do his laundry when that gun fell out. Probably weren’t his pants or gun. You are also right. Damn cops using the law pretextual stop (legal in the US) to stop a gangster with a gun. I’m going to go way out on a limb here and say he was probably a documented gangster with an arrest record. Your attitude is what’s wrong with the inner city keeping honest law abiding blacks afraid to go out at night. Keep up the good work victimizing your own culture!

  • Hahahahaha all the flaming libs on here suddenly defending the second amendment!
    You guys are awesome.
    You want legal rifles taken away from law abiding citizens.
    But a Hoover gangster with a handgun, what’s wrong with that?!
    The Biden Harris circus is legit.

  • Eldon Hoke,

    Are you saying Black lives don’t really matter?

    Maybe they only matter when they are killed by (white) police officers.

    Amazing, 46 shot and 10 dead and not a word – but the protest here is about a member of a criminal street gang, a Hoover, running the streets with a gun.

    Think about it. And if you have a witty retort, think more, because Black people are killing Black people at an alarming rate, and you don’t care.

  • Jonathon F. I have been pulled over for legally riding in the right lane down a city street. I was told to ride on the bike lane (which was full of potholes and roots). I was ticked but treated the officer with respect and complied.

    I guess that is too difficult for some to do.

    Instead they run …. why? Why would an innocent person drop the bike and run. Why would an innocent person punch a olive officer? Why would an innocent person be hiding a weapon in a state where it is illegal to carry?

    Not saying he deserved to be shot, but none of us know the whole story. I have no idea what it is like to be in this situation either as an officer of the law or as someone running from the law.

    Yet you asked about being stopped on my bike. Yes. It happens. It has happened to many of my friends too.

  • For those whining about the fact that the man was riding a bicycle, there are laws pertaining to the riding of bikes on public streets and yes, if you violate them in front of a police officer, you are subject to being stopped – regardless of color. And while that has perhaps not happened to any of you, it does indeed happen. Many gang crimes over the years have been committed by people on bicycles. People living in L.A . gang infested areas know that.

    This isn’t about being a Republican or a Democrat. It’s about a set of facts and whether or not this shooting was justified. The facts as reported are troubling. But they are not yet complete. I don’t know all the facts and neither do any of you – let the investigation be completed and then decide. Unless each of you would like to be tried and convicted in the media without all the facts known about your conduct, the rush to judgement/lynch mob mentality needs to stop.

  • Oh, and most of you need to crack open a penal code and vehicle code. They are the result of living in a progressive democrat state. Cops don’t make laws they enforce the ones put on the books by your Dems.

  • Once the “life threatening” confrontation which comprised of a struggle between the Deputies and Kizzee with Kizzee running away, was gone, the deputies pride was shaken along with embarrassment because they failed to restrain him.

    Multiple shots to the back after the deputies lost the struggle says a lot about training and physical conditioning.

    Granted that Hillary Clinton didn’t help by stating the black males are “Super Predators” which apparently scares some white police officers.

    Law enforcement is definitely needed but shooting suspects in the back once “life in danger” threat is over appears to be what deputies specialize in and does much more harm than good.

    Without quarterbacking, physical conditioning
    along with communication via radio to other units for backup is the way to go.

  • @Protect & Serve

    Once again taking what the media puts out as the truth. I guess you are right the media never lies……….you are an idiot if you believe that. Really killing others to get a tattoo??????? Huh, what world do you live in? If you have not done your homework you shouldn’t speak on about his topic. Have you considered the source? Of course not it’s easier to just repeat what someone else said…..why would you want to do some thinking of your own.

  • @ OP-ED 2.0
    You couldn’t have said it better. There are a lot of morons on this thread who believe in a wallet inspector who walks the streets amongst us…
    When was someone in church, attending class, at work, helping an elderly lady cross the street, or playing with his kids shot by the police.

    Why you might ask yourself? Because they are not acting like idiots, running around in the streets terrorizing their community while in possession of a gun. BLM who are you kidding. Look at the real facts. Blacks kill other blacks at a higher rate than any other race but no one cares to see or speak about those facts. Why? Because it’s ok when blacks kill other blacks. Their life’s only matter when police are involved. BLM is a fucken joke.

  • @InPlainView is the first to call 911 and scream for help when the savages show up to his door to rape him and his family. Hurry white cops hurry HELP!!!!

  • @ CJ
    Unfortunately son, you are beguiled with stereotypes and based upon your screen name, you have been in that circle way too long.

  • That dropped on the ground and was not in the suspect’s hand or pointed at the officer. And did not necessitate them shooting him over 20 times AFTER tazing him!!!!! Also minor details right?!

  • @In plain view….so the possession of an AR-15 by Kyle was illegal. I never stated it wasn’t. Further, I am not making excuses for Kyle nor exhibiting bias. Just merely pointing out the obvious.

    If Kyle or anybody else was being threatened with great bodily harm and or death, what term would you suggest, that would not have such a “scared ass” connotation?

  • @Jonathan Furman….Racism? Stupidity? I’ve been stopped for a bicycle code violation (i.e., a “Fixie” bike with no brakes). You have to remember these vehicle code / bicycle code laws were enacted for a reason. To protect the citizens that share the road with other vehicles / pedestrians.

    Provide me with some empirical data, coupled with Histograms as to how this traffic stop was systemic racism? Further, if the neighborhood consists of approximately 60% – 70% of African Americans, chances are the police will make contact with an African American citizen, whether it be positive or negative. Furthermore, why didn’t Mr. Kizzie just follow the instructions being given to him? Why did he run? Why did he assault the Dep.? Why did he have a semi-auto gun in his possession? Could it be that the racist society you so eloquently mention, may have given Mr. Kizzie the gun, so that the corrupt, bad, racist, ignorant police can stop him?

    @Jonathan Furmon your problem is that you are drinking the Lame Street Media and BLM Kool Aid by the pitcher? Further, your view has been tainted and compromised and are seeing the landscape in a black vs white mentality.

    As far as, that “white boy” strolling past police officers after murdering people shows your apathy and your intelligence of what really transpired. I presume being chased by multiple assailants and being assaulted with a skateboard, a gun, while also being kicked in the head is no reason to defend himself?

    I will use your words, “open your eyes….”

  • @Ana Quadros….no it does not. This is because those “white militia men” live in states that allow open carry.

    Interesting tidbit of information, those states that allow open carry have a low crime rate.

  • OP-Ed 2.0

    OTOH there is this

    An LASD Deputy shot & killed a burglar with a gun in “fear of his life.”

    The problem: the burglar’s gun belonged to the Deputy who shot him.

    The Deputy went to State Prison for murder, and after his release told this story

    Another problem: the Deputy & his roommate shot & killed a total of six burglars in the course of one year in “fear of their lives.”

    All six of these shootings are recounted, more or less, in the second link.

    But only one murder was charged–after six shootings.

    Moreover, the roommate went into the DEA & led the Donald P. Scott raid. Full particulars can be Googled so I won’t go into them here except to say that Donald P. Scott was a white dude, a multi-millionaire living out in the Ventura County boondocks close to the L.A. County line (the DEA raiding party was composed mostly of LASD Deputies), and he was absolutely innocent of wrongdoing–no drugs were found on his property, and he was killed in his own home by the DEA raiding party.

    The six shootings in my second link, it should be noted, occurred in the same neighborhood as the Guardado & Kizzee shootings.

    What happens in the ghetto doesn’t stay in the ghetto.

    Donald P.Scott.

  • Do you call shooting an unarmed person in the back 20+ times, brave! Look up the definition in the dictionary, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t describe a scenario like this.
    The term ‘brave’ is overused in the police force, as these days they are more a bunch of cowboys in the wild west, on a hunting trip! To Serve and Protect should only be applied to white people.
    How come they didn’t gun down the white 17 year old waving a rifle around around after killing two people innocently protesting, and shooting off the arm of another?

  • He didn’t have a gun. His hands were raised. He was BACKING towards the cops. How else could he get all those shots in his back?

  • Text book demonstration of training and team work.
    Don’t want another Guardado situation where one deputy neutralizes the suspect and his partner deputy with holds fire – that opens the door to doubters and second-guessers. It also places the one deputy who fired at the suspect in jeopardy of possible future prosecution/conviction.
    In the case of Kizzee, there is unity of purpose and action by deputies.
    When a deputy initiates fire, the purpose is to neutralize the suspect. It also is the cue to partner deputy to open fire in support of the decision.
    Continue fire until empty to assure suspect has been neutralized, we aren’t trying to save the County 2 dollars and fifty cents on the cost of ammunition.
    Unity of purpose, unity of action.
    No doubts, no second-guessing.
    Minimized risk of future prosecution/conviction. Nearly impossible to prove which deputy initiated fire or prove who fired the fatal shot in the sequence.

  • I don’t live or work in the community where this OIS took place. Its been more than ten years since regularly going to visit a friend who lived there. My opinion here is based solely on the few details provided in the report.
    If its correct that deceased suspect was left in the spot where he dropped for extended hours of time – that probably intends to communicate a strong message by the Sheriff station.
    It says we don’t shy away from or disavow this action, we own it.
    If the community felt this was an unfair, unwarranted, unprovoked OIS action – then the deceased should be removed quickly so anger and resentment is not catalyzed by the sight because it could lead to a riot.
    But there was no riot. It took hours before a contingent of protesters could be summoned to gather at the nearby Sheriff station.
    The silent majority of residents in this community are not opposed to how this incident was handled.
    District Attorney Lacy will not oppose how it was handled.
    And she will tally overwhelming support of community residents who register and cast their votes.

  • Look at Fat Rolman- the “kid?” When its white, its alright. He is a kid with a semiautomatic rifle shooting people. Ask your fat self, what if you had seen a black kid with a semi-automatic rifle walking towards you? You would shit in your pants and call SWAT. Then you would shoot a dozen times, with a round or two hitting him. And, he was “protecting” property and life? Please. If it were a black kid, you shoot and then figure out what you can dig up to support your actions. If its a white kid, you address him by name, give him water or take him to burger king, he is a kid and not a little racist future cop.

    Bandwagon, you are not a cop using a pretextual stop to catch a gangster with a gun. You are a racist cop stopping black folks and once in a while you get lucky. You are supposed to have some reasonable suspicion, being black does not give you reason to stop anyone. If you stop white folks at the same rate, you’ll find some guns, some meth, and a few other things, but you don’t. And, as if you care for anyone in the inner city. And you wonder why people don’t like bacon.

  • This ass clown Greg.
    Criminal profiling bro. You don’t know how to do it because you can barely function.
    Deputies prefer Grey Poupon so Dijon had to go.

  • White folks aren’t committing violence at the same rates as Blacks and apparently are smarter at hiding their weapons than Blacks aren’t they CF? You’re not fooling anyone you gutless bitch, never have.
    Why is it none of you people never question why so many of your Brothers are constantly running around with guns in public? It’s obvious you could care less that you don’t care that they’re killing off each other, WLA obviously doesn’t, never speaks about it at all, but you cop hater pussies, it’s all about the big bad po-po.
    Bunch of posers acting like you care when all your after is a pay day, nothing more, you care nothing about any of them, not one.
    STFU with your weak ass bull shit. It means nothing to any of us.

  • Armed with a handgun, running from the police, assault the police, drop your gun, make a movement to retrieve your gun, shot and killed by police. No further questions.

  • @Greg-to make Madame Kong Happy….I see you came back with another pseudonym to try and disguise yourself, since Maj. Kong called you out previously, for being a whimpy, lame ass.

    Remember what I mentioned to you last time? Anytime, anywhere.

  • Greg: Yep. You are right. We are all just a bunch of racists cops afraid of the the black man. My jail house lawyer a pretextual stop is reasonable cause. Go back to law school. Must be difficult carrying that big chip on ur shoulder the last couple hundred years. Time to get rid of the chains !

  • Greg: By the way. We don’t have too many blacks in my neighborhood going around slaughtering other blacks. It pretty much happens in the inner city. FYI

  • @Rakassan 1972 you really had to dig that one up. I don’t sit here and think Leo is perfect, but I do wish there would be more reason and logic. Please cite me something in the last 30 years.

    Guardado and Kizzee both had guns on them. Is there no problem with that?

  • Your car gets busted into at 3AM?–It was probably a guy on a bike.

    Your garage got broken into at 3AM?–It was probably a guy on a bike.

    Your $2,500 mountain bike is gone but replaced with a rusted out Huffy?–It was probably a guy on a bike.

    A bike rider who’s known as a gangster by other gangsters?–Is probably riding armed.

    Said armed gangster fails to follow commands by LE and instead chooses to fight?–He’s probably getting shot.

    If I’m out riding my bike at 3Am, my white ass is getting stopped. Maybe not at 4PM, but definitely at 3AM. Law enforcement has to adapt to its environment. If there was a white gang–known to be armed–operating in my neighborhood, young adult males would be getting stopped 20 fold because the community would demand it. My money is a good majority of the hard working folks who live on or around Budlong cheered when Dijon was taken out. You’ll never hear their voices because of the fear they have for the gang they’re force to live with. A lot of people became cops to help and defend these folks who’ve been terrorized by these assholes all their lives.

  • Imagine this….He served two prison terms after being arrested multiple times in LA And Kern Counties. His prior arrests included evading police and possession of firearms. Apparently he didn’t learn anything from his earlier tours. But he was turning his life around. Yeah. Ok Antifa.

  • I pull over White boys on bikes all the fucking time you witless mother fucker, just stfu. Have even taken guns off some, mostly dope and knives. Give it a rest Spanky.

  • Ha Ha, I’ll out condition you and anyone else here any day of the week, stfu Little Guy. I love this shit with all the trash talking about fat cops, sure, some guys need a little more gym time, some a lot, but there are tons of Beasts in Blue. Thing is, lots have to hold up when in a fight type of situation because all you pussies start screaming brutality. My place, our brass backs us 100%, thankfully, long as we’re doing what needed to be done in the correct manner. Understand there are a lot of big bad guys on the streets as well but our guys and girls plan to go home at night and fuck all you who try to stop that.

  • Eldon Hoke,

    Right on. As my TO taught me, a man riding a piece of shit bike in the hood, day or night, is a crook – every friggin time.

  • You’d be wise to remember the lengths will go to in our willingness to make it home at night, or like me, in the morning because the hunting for clown fucks like you is better at night puss.

  • The only people worse than the attorney is the media. The la times with their bs headlines. Never roll out to the scene. They should have to pay abc for plagiarizing their story. Then there is that racist bigot crump whose feet USA Today Probably washed. This was a thug carrying a gun that was chased caught tried to arm himself and was shot. Of course none of those plagiarizing reporters never get the story except from the news internet and from the family’s attorney. Bag of trash never did anything for his community. How many black people murdered in Chicago this weekend? You reporters are too racist to report that. And too scared.

  • Seems strange when a gunman shoots people at Waffle House and is bought down by a citizen, that citizen becomes a hero. Now take a 17 year old thug that shoots someone and shoots the citizens that try to take him down and he was defending himself. No this 17 yr old is a true and a murderer.

  • I haven’t been pulled over on a bike but I know two white men who did get pulled over on separate occasions. They stood at attention and complied with the officers by answering their questions and not running like punk sissy boys. Guess what? They are happily breathing today. If someone is going to run from the police they are MESSED UP. They are emotionally unstable people with something to hide. Stop the black excuses, lies, and hypocrisy.

  • Had a gun on me with three extra clips in nyc illegally years ago it wasn’t cause I was a gangster..for defense not offense. You assume he was a gangster..What if gang members came along and picked on him since he lives in that environment and were retaliating indiscriminately..for a shooting he didn’t do or being in the wrong neighborhood. They the cops got no calls on him..
    Assholes had nothing else to do but f…k with someone on a bicycle..go find a murderer or something the hard shit that they’re scared of…but you with your concerned citizen, guilty til proven innocent, your paranoid isolated brain says “let him roam around with a gun” his mind “let him live because he got some protection” …Ok he got scared and reacted with a “fight or flight” situation..he never aimed the gun at them nor had his hand on it..he didn’t want to go to jail..but why disrespect the dead cuffed body for 8 hours. where was medical attention and confirmation..why leave his body there 8 hours..
    (yeah have a good look at it)
    rub it in to the communities eyes’..could be you next. But concerned one, 20 times? Went down like a a d-o-g!
    One cop shoots, they all shoot. There’s not only one element of society w the right to bear arms to protect oneself, we don’t all care about paper and legality as far as a firearm ..We are on the verge of near anarchy w white and black militia like in Louisville Kentucky these last days. This is the sh..t that leads to that…google that up ..I’m glad someone filmed that..2 cops got shot, but their partner widened the “us and them” for that community and then chased they’re upset and hurt ass away from the precinct when they couldn’t contain their feelings about it..That turns to resentment then frustrated anger…STOP KILLING US! Bad time in the USA to be shooting black people..Black folks are tired of it..and I’m not black….
    Buy your cops their body cameras so they don’t take 8hrs to put together and widen an already lie. He was unarmed not armed when 20 bullets entered his back..if that was my son I’d be grinding my teeth at night trying to get sleep despite deep resentment toward the power structure called Police..he was running away not toward him..the guy when he got shot and murdered for a bicycle infraction that they couldn’t find was unarmed. About the shot cops whoever it was…it upset a midget pretty good! I feel the cops brought that upon themselves..and another shooting the day before.

  • I did put on a uniform and do the job, D.C. Public housing in ’92 when D.C. was the murder capitol of America. A revolver, a stick, no radio, no vest, no back up because we were ‘special police’ ( special like special ed ) working under contract with the city and sometimes HUD. ( armed guards are illegal in DC so we had to be sworn in ).
    For the uninitiated, not everybody with a burner is gangster. Some people are just trying to protect themselves.
    California cops are trigger happy in general and love to point guns at people without provocation. Just watch “Cops”. LASD has a gang that has been exposed, the “Executioners”.
    If this man was gang affiliated that might be a motive for the ambush of the two deputies at the metro station 6.2 miles away? Strange that nobody has stepped up for that reward, that has gang affiliated written all over it. A lone wolf would have been dimed out by now in most places for that kind of reward money.
    Made a motion towards the gun? Sounds legit, on which planet I’m not quite sure but look for LASD to settle this case out of court. Pretty sure they don’t want this one going to trial.
    I would be most gratified to be proven wrong.

  • Kizzee, a felon in possession of a firearm…..
    A gun he stole from a break in a couple years ago.
    Had a restraining order against him….
    AGAIN, not a good guy, a felon who did not want to comply with the police.
    Another sad story where parenting broke down and a felon was raised, and later ended up dying instead of complying.

  • Los Angeles County , direction of travel (CVC 21650) Bicyclists must travel on the right side of the roadway in direction of traffic.

  • Other than the two deputies, who witnessed the actual shooting? If he went for the gun, should the deputies wait to see if he picks it up and aims. And should the deputies yell, please please don’t shoot? Sorry for the sarcasm, but split seconds count. Could be two deputies dead and suspect in the wind. Why would Dijon Kizzee run?

  • As a Marine Corps Veteran and Police officer I see this shooting as gross negligence and definitely not a clean shoot, anyone that knows ANYTHING about 5.56/.223 ammunition knows that it is a high velocity bullet and will easily go through a body at close quarters unless it hits bone and even if it hits bone and fragments it is still able to bounce around and come out with such force to injure others. With that being said even if this shot hit his subject clean there is still a good chance that due to his proximity to the subject and the bullets velocity that it would continue on through and find its way to another target behind the subject before coming to a halt, which means it’s extremely easy/highly probable for it to penitrate a thin department store drywall built for a dressing room even with his bullet hitting and passing through his target. So just imagine this same ammunition that is capable of doing that completely missing his subject entirely and having a free for all right into the concrete then through a thin dressing room drywall. This is just blatant reckless stupidity by this uneducated officer who is allowed to be issued and use such a weapon at his discretion when he (and more than likely most of the police force) have no reason to pick up and handle said weapon without clearly knowing when and how to use a rifle with high velocity ammunition in close quarters when there are vulnerable bystanders in proximity of your target. With so many other officers there who were not carrying a weapon using high velocity ammunition this should have been a complete last resort but instead we have another trigger happy füćkïnģ moron who was rushing to the subject while being told to SLOW DOWN just to use his weapon. He has absolutely no reason he should be issued such a weapon when he obviously lacks the education/weapons safety of the capabilities of said ammunition with this rifle. Fücķ the thin blue line, I’ll cross it any day and speak up when it comes to stupid śhït like this that never needs to happen and is easily avoidable. My heart goes out to Valentina’s family and especially her mother who had to be there and hold her daughter in her arms while she bled out and passed away due to this doüchebäg Barney.

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