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LA County Supervisors Vote to Explore how they can remove Sheriff Villanueva — should they think it necessary

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

On Tuesday afternoon, November 10, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors passed a motion with a three/two vote, which triggers an investigation into the question of how the board could best go about removing an elected sheriff — should the board wish to take such a drastic action.

The motion, authored by Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Sheila Kuehl, asks County Counsel, Inspector General Max Huntsman, and Acting Chief Executive Officer Fesia Davenport, along with several other relevant stakeholders, to come back in 30 days with “options for removing or impeaching the Los Angeles County Sheriff.”

(Before its passage, the motion was amended to have the report back delivered in January, rather than December, which means that new Supervisor-elect Holly Mitchell will have taken her place on the soon-to-be five-woman elected body.)

The requested report, according to the motion, should include “any necessary changes to the county charter or county code” to make such a removal possible.

“The Sheriff’s recent actions have made it clear that reform efforts undertaken to restore public trust and confidence in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will continue to be undermined despite current public scrutiny demanding that the Sheriff do otherwise,” reads the motion’s text.

The motion — the genesis of which WitnessLA wrote about at length late last month —  also asks for a report back on what it would take to amend the California Constitution along with the LA County Charter in order to make the head law enforcement officer of LA County an appointed position, such as a police chief, rather than an elected one.

Supervisor Janice Hahn who, along with Supervisor Kathryn Barger, voted against the motion, nevertheless did not hold back her criticism of Sheriff Alex Villanueva, when she explained her stance before the vote was taken.

“This sheriff feels accountable to no one,” Hahn said. Nevertheless, she wasn’t sure if the board needed to be the ones to remove a problem sheriff, she said, since the voters already have the power to remove an elected official, if they believe it necessary. (Think former Governor Gray Davis.)

Voter recall or board action

Yet, while Hahn did not think it was the board’s job to “remove an elected official.” she reiterated that LA County voters can remove a sheriff through the recall process, adding that that the people who spoke passionately in favor of the motion during the public comment period, “would have a very strong case” if they chose to “bring a recall to the voters.”

Hahn sounded as if she was making a suggestion.

Supervisor Hilda Solis, who voted for the motion, was unequivocal in her view that the board needed to explore the matter themselves.

“Despite two oversight bodies, the sheriff continues to thwart any attempt at oversight,” Solis said.  “So what we’re dealing with is a sheriff with a tremendous amount of power and no accountability.”

Hence her yes vote.

Solis has been repeatedly critical of Villanueva’s handling of the issue of deputy gangs,  among other issues, in part because her East Los Angeles constituents have reportedly continued to complain in detail to her office about the behavior of certain deputies at the East LA sheriff’s station, home of the Banditos.

Solis was also among the supervisors against whom Villanueva has delivered personal attacks, as he did in July of this year.

“Are you trying to earn the title of a La Malinche?” he said of Solis on a live broadcast.  “Is that what it is?”

(La Malinche refers to a controversial figure in Mexican history who became the slave, interpreter, and possible concubine of Hernán Cortés. In short, Villanueva’s use of the term was not at all friendly.) 

After the meeting, Co-author Kuehl, like Solis, pointed in a written statement to Villanueva’s now notorious refusal to cooperate at all with the Civilian Oversight Commission and Inspector General Max Huntsman, defying both polite requests for information and subpoenas.

“He has incurred tens of millions of dollars in settlement costs in excessive force litigation, re-employed deputies who were lawfully terminated, and aggressively resisted the county’s attempt to balance the department’s budget which is running unprecedented deficits.”

True community safety, she said, “means having a sheriff’s department that operates within the law, within budget, and works collaboratively with local officials and the public to build and maintain community trust.”

The accountability factor

When Ridley-Thomas spoke about the motion during the meeting, he noted that close to 600 people had sent in comments supporting the motion.

After the meeting, he again explained why he felt Tuesday’s motion was critical, citing recent scandals over fatal deputy shootings, secret societies, the rehiring of previously fired deputies, and a department budget in turmoil.

“Under the current sheriff, hard-fought law enforcement reforms are being undone, eroding public trust,” he said. “It is painfully obvious that we need mechanisms to hold the sheriff accountable and we are willing to consider executive, legislative, and judicial authority to restore order.”

Justice reform activist Mark-Anthony Clayton-Johnson, Founder of Frontline Wellness Network, who was among those who spoke during the public comment section, also put out a post meeting statement.

“The community shouldn’t have to wait four years to get rid of a sheriff who has actively undermined reforms that Black and Brown communities have won,” Clayton-Johnson said.  “We should explore every means of holding the sheriff accountable, including rethinking whether the sheriff should be appointed.”

Sheriff Villanueva himself spoke briefly on the motion during the board meeting, where he was notably less confrontational than he has been in the recent past.

Then, at the end of the day, Villanueva put out a second statement via Instagram, in which he said he has “extended an olive branch” to the board, with whom he wanted to cooperate in dealing with the county’s many pressing problems.

“As President-elect Joe Biden said the other day,” Villanueva concluded “Let’s stop demonizing each other and work to find common ground.”

Okay, then.


  • Lil Allie is being publicly humbled by Ms. Big Boy Pants and La Malinche herself. MRT is also kicking him in his jewels on the way out. No wonder Alex is finally trying to offer an olive branch. Except, no one is buying his fake ass gesture. Alejandro and Sweat Pea stepped over the line one too many times and The soon to be Five Queens are making sure Mr. Bowlegs hobbles out after one miserable and failed term.


  • The establishment that runs L.A. county doesn’t think the largely Hispanic population is capable of choosing a Sheriff on its own.

    Witness la appears to agree with this. So much for “our democracy”.

    The future appears to be more socially liberal (catering to the upper classes vanity issues), elitist , and authoritarian.

  • As if this Board deal isn’t bad enough, the Los Angeles Democratic Party voted last night, and a majority voted to ask Villanueva to step down. It may mean nothing at the moment, but you can guarantee going forward he won’t be getting any cash or support from that group. They put out an all-call for qualified Democrats to run for Sheriff. The real question is where is ALADS in all of this? Are they standing by their product or trading up for a newer more efficient model? Ron? It was actually kind of sad to witness the event. Villanueva looked helpless and was nearly in tears as he plead his case to the recently empowered democrats. I’m afraid it was too little too late. I wonder if Villanueva regrets mocking Mark Ridley Thomas now? That man literally scorched, fried, tarred and feathered The Sheriff on his way out. A little humility and diplomacy on behalf of Villanueva probably would have served him better. Oh well, next up?? McD is warming up. After the $3 million dollar loss to Gascon, I hope ALADS has at least that amount to shut down the McDonnell machine! Save the dues Ron, in return you’ll save the Department.

  • Amazing! The elected BOS that is accountable to no one believes it can set a national precedent and change how the elected position of county sheriff works! Is this not the clearest of a body being high on power, tyranny, legislative overreach and abuse if power? Is the how the Democratic party plans on governing moving forward? What’s even crazier is if Democrats do not have a Republican to prey upon they are quick to eat their own. Their way or no way it serms?

    If Mcbuckles makes a return I can guarantee not only will morale for LASD employees once again return to the dumps but there will continue to be mass retirements, exodus and a repeat of the past leading to the Department being short on personnel and overtime reigning supreme. The BOS will have a hard time explaining to a contract city’s leaders why it’s not receiving the total package of services they’re paying for. The BOS and other cities should take heed that the “adults in the house” can only fight for so long, play the blame game, threaten each other and bicker before the children rebel and don’t care. Respect is lost all around. The Mcbuckles style of rule by intimidation, unreasonable discipline and scare tactics will go a long way to ensure personnel shut down and do absolutely nithing. Recruitment is already difficult in this political landscape. LAPD Chief Moore just got a reality check in terms of the vote of no confidence by his police force. I guarantee these members know the true source of their discontent and place blame on the mayor and city council as well.

    I’m eager to see how this “reimagined” stuff plays out.

  • “Let’s stop demonizing each other.” is like the bank robber trying to the money back to the tellers once the cops show up and have the bank surrounded. Hey, smartest guy in the room, you can’t undo what you have done over the past two years (has it ONLY been two years???). YOU in your arrogant ways have brought this all on yourself and you are going to pay the price.

    The only problem here is that you are going to (screw)-up a system of selecting a Sheriff that has worked more or less well – at least until Baca arrived on the scene – for a long time. Putting an end to having an independent Sheriff who is accountable to the people and not to a bunch of politicians is the end game here and we have a guy to thank who couldn’t get promoted to Sergeant or Lieutenant without unjustifiably pulling out the race card.

    Let’s face it, AV was properly tagged throughout his career as someone who was difficult to deal with. He thought he knew it all and everyone else (and I mean everyone) was……well……just wrong. When he rode the race card in to the position of Sheriff, he carried the same trait in to office. The problem now was that he wasn’t being an ass hole among fellow workers – who shunned him like he was an earlier carrier of Covid-19 – he was now showcasing his arrogant assholeness in the public square, and it didn’t play well.

    As Doctor Phil would ask; How did that work out for you Alex? It took two years and Alex now sees that it isn’t working out very well, hence his “olive branch” whining. Maybe he should have listened to Leyva and Olmsted in the early days and tempered his actions. Maybe he shouldn’t have gone in to that bank and screamed “This is a fucking stick-up and I’m in CHARGE!” Yep, a LOT of water has gone under the bridge after that. And all of that water has been polluted. Polluted by the know-it-all arrogance that is so endemic to our far-from-beloved AV.

    Well now, what is he to do now? Use his fall-back and file another civil suit claiming racial bias – hell it’s worked before. Not a snow ball’s chance. Tough it out and get thrown out (remembering the vote on subpoena power for the Oversight Committee and the likelihood a vote to oust him would probably go the same way)? Not an appealing prospect (nor legacy).

    Or he could do the LASD a favor and simply step down (after all, he’s been playing up that limp, maybe he’s can beg off with a sacroiliitis). That would allow the board to appoint their desired candidate (as distasteful as it is to this poster) and, hopefully, kill the momentum toward changing existing laws pertaining to the independence of the Sheriff’s Department and the Sheriff being elected by the voters. To do less will result in laws being changed and the Sheriff being a perpetually appointed position and thus under the control of a group of politicians whose agenda is far from fundamental law enforcement.

    Perhaps in stepping down AV could finally do something for the LASD and not for himself.

  • @Circle-First of all…MRT shouldn’t be casting any stones at anyone. I’ve mentioned to Celeste to look into a development group that has been building “luxury style apartments” all over MRT RD. If you look closely, you will find on those documents a certain BOS, or should I say ex BOS moniker. It’s the same moniker he uses to check into hotels, deposit his dirty money and put on multiple contracts to build in his RD. Of course with his cut of the project. But no.. Celeste didnt reply or look into it. After all, she claims to be a journalist but all she does is copy and paste stories from other actual journalists websites.

  • Record show that ALADS led the charge in giving 1.3 million to Lacy’s campaign.
    Money talks but only if you have enough of it to get the job done.

  • I had to look up La Malinche. I know WLA referenced it but I am not all that trusting. All I can say is AV deserves to be voted out of office because he is unfit. The comment to Solis demonstrates a lack of emotional intelligence. At his age it’s unlikely he will learn how to filter himself. As we have recently experienced incumbents are not as secure as they once were. Vote him out in two years.

  • Looks like Community College Bureau will be dismantled at the end of the year. According to PPOA, the colleges don’t want armed law enforcement on the campus. I wonder if they will want armed law enforcement on campus after the mass shooting starts? I don’t blame this one completely on AV, but I am sure his ineptness was a contributing factor.
    Los Angeles is not far behind Portland. At this rate, with the new DA and no armed police on campus, we just might catch up. And pass them with these looney, liberal decisions.

  • LT Villanueva’s first public acknowledgement that he will seek re-election.

    2022 won’t be a campaign against challengers, but special interest groups.

    Unite Here Local 11, primarily Hispanic. Already opposed LT Villanueva. ME inquest in Guardado case will only solidify opposition to re-election.

    BLM. What else needs to be said about their campaign efforts in the recent DA race. Successfully ousted a black female DA for a “white” Latino DA that they trust as much as Lacey.

    LA Democratic parties. Recent vote of LA Democratic Party didn’t meet the quorum for the resolution. But, 74-60 was a majority of members voting. Coupled with other Democratic Party groups across LA County, the majority of who want LT Villanueva out of office now. Expect Democratic Party voters will be voting for LT Villanueva’s challenger who better fits the mold of a progressive candidate, akin to Gascón.

    LT Villanueva’s inner circle who have already come up with a “battle plan” against the BOS trying to oust him will be unsuccessful in succeeding against these special interest groups in 2022.

    LT Villanueva will be primaried in June 2022 if a run off in November 2022 is needed.

  • Good Ole Allie doubling down on stupid. He also acknowledges that LA County voters are prone to voting for slick advertised measures without truly knowing what they are voting for and the damaging ramifications of such vote.

    Uh yeah…… Lieutenant Alejandro Villanueva is the poster child of of a candidate who utilized slick and outright false advertising of who he was and is, to fool and trick Democratic Party voters into voting him into office. You can bet 100% they will be sure to vote him and Sweat Pea right out of the Office of the Sheriff in 2022.

    Enjoy that chewy T-Bone.


  • @ Temple and Broadway,

    Just because Villanueva’s inner circle received questionable battlefield promotions (without battles) gives zero credence to any battle plan.
    Call of Duty does not count.

    Additionally Ron will be gone and ALADS should be smarter and cautious next time. Name recognition and homeboyism doesn’t cut it next election.

  • STOPs trying to stir the pot. The only ones deserving of their promotional pay are Allie, Timeteo, and the rest of the Skippers. All others need to just be glad that Alejandro is letting them wear their stripes and butter bars.

    Now, get back to working on those historic morale levels.

  • “For all the swagger and confidence, I wonder if all along we were watching the most insecure man in history unravel before our eyes.”


    No bueno!!! A move likely due to the shitty handling of the attempt to keep the unfortunate “DUI” that took a young life quiet. The fucking transparency from this “Answer directly to me” fella directing the shit show is worth as much as the circle of stars on his collar!! waiting on some updates regarding Lucio amd Rubio!! that should be interesting!!

  • The belligerent Leu Tenant was back at it on social media nervously moving the camera, and spouting his grievances like he has done throughout his career. The “I am the victim” Leu Tenant is living in a fantasy world with his transparency BS. And, of course, once again it was the BOS thing – he is being treated in aa way no other Sheriff had ever been treated. The “DUI” will be another Carl Mandoyan type saga where the credibility of LASD will be dragged down deeper.

  • BOS implements a curfew. LT Villanueva, “Dead on Arrival.” Won’t be enforcing the curfew.

    “At this time no law enforcement input or assistance has been requested, but we continue to remain committed to public safety and are here to assist the community,” the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department tweeted in response to the tightening of restrictions.

    Days later, Governor Newsom implements a curfew. LT Villanueva, “we will enforce.”

    What changed between Tuesday to Thursday in LA County?

    LT Villanueva, Sweet Pea, and the rest of the inept gang of skippers. The mixed message within a matter of days based on no verifiable change other than the messenger is why there is zero respect across county departments for LT Villanueva. An example of his childish tantrums that has no place in law enforcement. The biggest, unwarranted ego in LA County that only rivals Governor Newsom in the state.

  • @STOPS, you can relax. Everyone will get paid after AV is sent home permanently to eat T-Bone steaks with his boss. MRT is cooking up a special order for him and has promised to deliver June 2022.

  • The board freezing the pay/promotions to spite the Sheriff is going to cost them a lot of money and they know it , but are so bent on sticking it to the Sheriff they don’t care. Bad financial decision is my point . The board has access to lawyers , all of their lawyers would tell them this is going to cost them a lot of money . The board is acting just as childish as anyone.

  • Stops, the BOS made it very clear to Villanueva about Promotions. He wanted to stick it to them. Unfortunately the end result is what you see. Villanueva screwed you, not the BOS. But of course, he will mumble otherwise. You know better than that. The guy has been a walking, talking disaster for the Department the minute he put those circle of stars on.

  • Every labor attorney I’ve talk to said the board is wasting money out of spite , these “actors” will get paid and then some , depending on the settlement.

  • Villanueva just lost in court to the COC. Where can I get tickets to the next public scorching of Mr Know It All at the hands of Sir Maximilian Huntsman? How many millions of taxpayers dollars did that cost? Ego-driven leaders always fail!

  • Stops, I hope you are not calling the same attorneys who guide Mandoyan and Villanueva. If so you know the result.

  • Stops, El Bandido has yet to win a case in Court. The BOS won every one of the legal proceeding brought before the Courts. I think he is like 0 – 12.

  • @Stops, they will get paid in the end. But I can guarantee it will ultimately all come out of the LASD budget, which will have to result in cuts elsewhere in the department. All because Allie and Sweatpea thought they knew better than the CEO when they were informed that no new promotions or hires could be made without CEO approval due to the COVID caused fiscal emergency.

    You can take that to the bank!

  • I agree with that, what’s going to happen in March ? No filling behind the mass retirements? Hundreds of actors ? I don’t know ,what do you think?

  • Retirements? Hundreds of retirement you say? But I thought “Morale” was at historically high levels under Lieutenant Alejandro VILLANueva’s leadership that no one would even think of retiring now. In fact, aren’t they all hopping back on “One Leg” as Allie promised? I mean, I’m sure IOD’s have probably fallen to historic lows this year.

    Anyone care to verify?

  • @stops. There won’t be vacancies. Remember, the department is losing deputy positions at record speed. TSB contract gone under Anda and McD. Villanueva will lose community colleges, parks, and courts are looking to bail. Contract cities are doing studies all over the place to figure out to get away from LASD. Why ALADS isn’t going nuts over this guy is mind boggling. Talk about going down with the ship. Ron, please understand all of AV’s BS posturing is taking place on the backs of deputies. There won’t be vacancies because there won’t be positions. Sad but true!

  • The is no refund to Ron or rebuttal from Ron on behalf ALADS 1.3 Million campaign dollars to vet Villanueva. Incredible!

  • @circlejerk wow you summed it up , sad, I guess I see the vacancies and actors we have now and thought they would be filled but maybe not very sad

  • @Stops. If I were sitting on one of those so-called acting assignments I’d be blowing up my union’s phone demanding a class action lawsuit against both the BOS and Villanueva. Watch them scramble to get you paid then. Has anybody ever stopped to wonder why all of these “unprecedented” actions are being taken against LASD now? Oh,, I’m sorry it’s a political witch-hunt. AV is the victim. I forgot.

  • The lawsuit is in the works Re: these actors I know that , that’s what I mean , the BOS knows this nonsense is going to cost them big . The long they wait the more it will cost them in the end.

  • So, wait, the collective bargaining unit for Deputies contributes a large sum to displace a Sheriff who was, by all reasoned accounts, and judging from my own experience, anti-line Dep, and that is somehow being twisted into an error? Alex Villanueva is the best Sheriff for the line and the public in recent memory; in more than recent memory. Any contribution to his nascent campaign is money well spent, as are any future donations.

  • @Adam Marangell

    I completely agree with your assertion, you have to take into account and consider the source of these few characters who do nothing but find flaws in what the Sheriff does.

    Yes, thank God for ALADS and Ron if he had much to do with supporting AV for getting rid of the most hated and despised wannabe Sheriff our department ever had.

    These FEW individuals, are current and former employees/executives who were either given the boot or pushed aside to go back and pay their dues. I’m sure there’s obvious reasons why they’ve been relegated, which is exactly why they’re constantly hating on the guy and want nothing more for him to fail all because of their own personal and selfish reasons. Nothing these guys say sways our opinion. I’m sure as Ron reads these posts, he too understands what they’re trying to do. Them trying sway Ron and ALADS away from AV will never work, because ALADS will most always follow the desires of their membership. Ron should shove it in their faces and put up double the amount behind AV in 2022. If they don’t, the demise of LASD will be the same as the DA’s office is now experiencing.

  • Hey Adam how do you think this situation where people are not getting paid for the job they are doing will play out? Are there never going to be anymore promotions for the rest of the Sheriff’s term?

  • @InTheKnow- Nice post JB. When’s AV bringing you back to the big leagues? Maybe this will get you there. Blind loyalty is all it takes. Take notice that I didn’t mention the regular mouthpiece, CM, as he’s the Pete Rose of law enforcement.

  • I don’t know who JB or CM are, but your response goes back to what I’ve said earlier. Should anyone have a difference of opinion contrary what you say or believe, your immediate defense is to call people names and try to belittle them. Typical ANTIFA mentality by using bully tactics to censor anyone with a difference of opinion. Not going to work with me @circle et all.

  • Jim McDonnell had to go. Only three candidates stepped to take him on. Lindsey, Villanueva and some LAPD Officer I can not recall. Villanueva has not proven to be completely up to the task but he is still better than McDonnell. Hopefully he improves and is challenged by stronger candidates in two years. Perhaps some of you keyboard warriors are up to the task.

    There are a few things that I would like to point out. Villanueva did not waffle during the riots like police chiefs in other jurisdictions. He supported deputies protecting life and property. He has also stood by deputies involved in shootings. Some of these shootings appear to be justified, yet the media, politicians and the SJW crowd have already prejudged the deputies.

    I am hopeful of change in two years. Until then I will continue to support Villanueva. For all his faults, he has moved to the middle on most issue while the BOS has moved to the extreme left.

    I fear LA will turn into a larger version of San Francisco with this Board.

  • @Stops. It’s a lot harder to hold deputies accountable than it is to look the other way. I’d never advocate burning a deputy, but giving them all a pass when violating policy or the law isn’t healthy for the organization. Venessa Bryant will show you what I mean. I suppose $1.3 million will buy some serious blinders. Problem for AV is the progressives who put him in office don’t support that activity. If you’ve ever surfed you’d know being caught in the middle is never fun. It’s similar to being caught in a crossfire.

  • “I am hopeful of change in two years”. I think we need change today. With another two years the damage to the Department will be irreparable.

  • I don’t know anything about this Bryant person , but I don’t think the Sheriff is looking the other way on anything. The BOS hates him mostly because he doesn’t bow to them or the OIG like mcbuckles did . I know he’s not perfect, neither am I, I still support him

  • @STOPS. Sorry, but if you’re at the crash site of Kobe Bryant and you take a picture of dead children and adults at a gruesome crime scene and decide that you want to share them in some sick way to impress a girl at a bar then you have no business in LASD. Zero. It was a literal slap in the face to Villanueva. Shows they have no respect for him. And then he begged them to delete the photos in exchange for a kiss on their butts. That’s not leadership and those deputies have no business donning tan and green. Most mature deputies would agree. Venessa Bryant will get down to the bottom of it, drag Villanueva through the mud, and get millions while doing it. Not his finest moment.

  • Stops, so what you are saying is “none of this” is Villanueva’s fault. He is just the victim.
    Let me go through all these Villanueva “victim” possibilities:
    1) Letting go of entire experienced brass who could have navigated him through the landmines he steps on.. on a weekly basis.
    2) Hiring Carl Mandoyan.
    3) Spending 3.8 Million of tax payer money to defend Mandoyan’ re-hiring. (dragging the reputation of LASD in the process).
    4) Moving Deputy ER who was responsible for the death of 2 young boys in ELA into the Sheriff’s office, and giving her a take home County car. This was A/S Bibi’s directive.
    5) Mismanagement of County Budget.
    6) Not disciplining Deputies who shared graphic pictures of Kobe Bryant’s crash site.
    7) Trying to re-hire Mandoyan through the back door.
    8) Re-hiring an investigator ( the one whom was banned from entering County Jails) all for digging up dirt on McDonnel, Teran and his executives. (Nothing to show yet)
    9) Protecting the heinous activities at ELA and CPT ( I’m talking about Bandidos and Executioners).
    10) Currently in a cat and mouse game with County Coroner Lucas.
    11) Currently personally involved with the DUI situation in Torrance.

    Stops do you need more!!!

  • @Stops, sure the taking of the photos at the Bryant crash scene was not the Sheriff’s fault, but the amateurish way he handled the aftermath sure as hell was. First they tried to cover the whole thing up by remaining mum on the fact that pictures were taken and shown to some skank in a Norwalk bar. At the same time the “brain trust” was cutting a deal with the nitwits who were involved by telling them they could skate by surrendering their phones so the photos could be deleted (in some circles they might call this destruction of evidence) – all in the hope it would it would blow over and go away with no one being the wiser.

    Unfortunately, the whistle-blower wasn’t going to let it go away and let the cat out of the bag and went to the press to asked the Captain at Information Bureau about the complaint. His response? “I haven’t seen one?” Just a little white lie perhaps – maybe he did not physically see the complaint (as Captain where the complaint was filed) but he sure as hell had heard about it.

    Lets not forget Sheriff Transparency had promised Mrs. Bryant that the crash site would be handled with the utmost respect. Yet when he starts playing cover the LASD’s ass, he never gave it a thought to call Mrs. Bryant and tell her there had been an issue with unauthorized photos and it was being handled. Nope, full on bunker mode took place for about a week while the story became a NATIONAL story and a NATIONAL embarrassment for the LASD – both the photo taking and the sloppy attempt at sweeping it under the rug.

    Stops, you may be too young to have been around when there was a Sheriff running the Department with some mental acuity in these things – after all it has been over 20 years – but imagine what Sherman Block might have done in this situation: Once the complaint was filed he might have (as did AV) tracked down the culprits and told them their phones and the photos were being seized as part of an internal investigation. He would have had the culprits write supplemental reports detailing their activities at the scene of the crash including any photo taking and to have them submit any photos taken as part of their report (all of which would be submitted to the agency ultimately responsible for the crash investigation). He would have contacted the families of the victims and informed them of the transgression and informed that there was an internal investigation being conducted. And THEN he would have notified the press of the incident, what had been done to that point and concluded the release with the fact an internal investigation – including the possible failure of proper supervision on-scene – was ongoing.

    There was no way to hide the fact of what happened – nor should there be. AND there is no way the knuckleheads involved should be given a pass.

    AV screwed this up, just like he’s screwed up a lot of other things. I like a few things AV has done internally (no, not his skipper crap), but when it comes to having any sense of how to run the public/political aspect of the LASD he’s Mr. Mc Goo being led around by an even blinder Mrs. McGoo.

  • None of this is LT Villanueva’s fault, just ask him.

    1) All Baca/Tanaka “foot soldiers” who were compromised. Had to be ROD
    2) Predecessor didn’t afford Mandoyan Due Process.
    3) See 2
    4) Predecessor and DA to blame. No criminal charges filed, eligible dep who can be promoted.
    5) Inherited from predecessors administration.
    6) Dept policy allowed for pics to be taken, predecessors fault for not changing policy that covered non criminal, crash sites.
    7) See 2
    8) Banned under predecessors admin, not “mine.”
    9) These are “cliques.” Protected by the 1st Amend. No gangs in the dept.
    10) “He started it” by breaking a security hold.
    11) LASD not responsible for decisions of Torrance PD.

  • Ok guys like I said he’s not perfect, and has made some mistakes , but I have seen a “sea change” like that idiot mcbuckles liked to say , in how policy violations are handled when it involves deputies trying to catch a bad guy. Everything Sheriff Villanueva said during his campaign was true. We were walking on eggshells afraid to do our jobs, because of mcbuckles tyrannical regime, dinging hard working deputies doing the right thing. Sadly now we have a tyrannical BOS and new D A who are coming after us.

  • Those people at the top who the Sheriff got rid of who would have supposedly helped him avoid land mines , none of them were interested in helping him , they would have undermined him. They are same people I was talking about who went after deputies for using foul language on the patch after catching a murder suspect . I could list a ton of incidents were deputies did great police work and received discipline for it from mcbuckles regime.

  • Sheriff Villanueva is not one to take advice or listen to experienced, tenured executives. This includes those he dumped and those he kept. He is his own man. He makes his own mistakes.

    Most of those who were dumped earned an early exit. Few stood up to the over zealous disciplinary hawks. Many paid to play under Baca and sold their souls for a promotion under McDonnell. They need to go!

    Sheriff Villanueva, lately, seems to have changed his tone towards the Board of Supervisors. To little to late for the Board but maybe not for the voters.

    He knows his audience. He will play to the voters. He said he will run again. Let’s see who steps up to challenge him. Homelessness, increase in crime, riots supported by political leaders and crippling Covid19 shut downs. The Board May be more hated by the voters than the Sheriff.

  • That’s a pretty bold statement that they would have undermined him. How the hell do you know that would have happened? Give me a break. Most of those he kicked to the curb were professionals who spent the majority of their adult lives working the department. They would have served him well (professionally) in order to take care of the department members and reputation. AV could have laid down the law and rules for the treatment of deputies.
    Seems to me AV’s insecurities and lack of knowledge about being a leader caused him to do the purge. Proof is in the pudding. Look at him now- little expertise or professionals, with experience and credibility as Executives. Had he been a leader, he would have been able to confidently and firmly guided those fired Executives on how to treat Department members. Ridiculous!

  • Seeking the truth good post I agree with you , I’m on the line in patrol I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t support the Sheriff , yes we recognize he may have made some mistakes , but to have support when doing the right thing has been a welcome change. Patrol folks don’t scatter and hide anymore when we here the Sheriff is coming by like we did with McDonnell

  • Stops, going back to your issue with pay for recently promoted LT’s… I take it you were Band 3 ( this group had 80), and many were Timmy’s/ sweet peas favs.
    Seeking, yes looks like Villanueva pissed in those big boy pants after the Supervisors had enough of his shenanigan’s.
    # One Term Sheriff

  • “Can’t be the prosecutor and public defender at the same time” All this depends on who you are, know and what you want to keep a lid on.

  • Stops, all is well and good with the way the line personnel feel about doing their job after working under the previous administration, but what AV has done has built a house of cards. Yeah, it stands today, but it is shaky at best. IF he had played his cards right (a rather clever pun), he could have been a Sheriff who supported the troops while learning to co-exist with the external forces which try to influence the policies and practices of HIS department.

    But, as pointed out many times elsewhere, AV doesn’t know how to co-exist and has a LONG history of an inability to play well with others. His dogmatic ways and personality has brought a unprecedented whirlwind of criticism upon him and the LASD. Right now AV’s house of cards still stands. You can enjoy the benefits of him “having your back” but it is not going to last, not to look any further down the road is like an ostrich who sticks it’s head in a hole thinking that if they can’t see it, it ain’t happening. Take a look at who the new DA is for LA County – a hint of the future. There will be a change at the Sheriff’s Department in two years as well – if not sooner. And the change most likely isn’t going to be to Stop’s liking – it could be Buckles or worse.

    AV had golden opportunity (for himself and the LASD) but he blew it simply because………..he is him.

  • Auner from Pico to Captain at “OSS” seems to fit the trend of promoting for loyalty. The same old bullshit of I removed the Captain and terminated/disciplined bla bla bla…You don’t remove, you promote.. Alejandro should think about those he promotes before he gives interviews and states he removed the problem.

    Any updates on Lucio and Rubio? No transparency on the Villanueva promoted folks.

  • You have to laugh at the Alejandro Villanueva supporters who have nothing else to defend the Fool in Charge with, except the old tired “McDonnell was too tough on us” rally cry. Funny how myself and just about everyone else I work with NEVER experienced the fear or sting of discipline for bonehead actions under the prior administration. Maybe that’s why that whine and cry never resonated?

    Let’s see now, McDonnell has been gone for 2 years now. TWO YEARS!! That means Allie and BiBi along with Mr. Magoorakami and the invisible Skippers have been in charge for TWO YEARS now and what has that remarkable team of LASD executives done for the Department in making improvements internally, or positive programs and services for the communities we serve?

    Nothing, Nadda, Zilch! (Those last two were for the AV Ricans and the Polish)

    So go ahead and keep defending the formerly retired lieutenant who is miserably failing the Department while playing sheriff, with blaming McDonnell, who is long gone and not coming back, while trying to deflect attention from The Idiot’s slow and egotistically blind destruction of a once great and respected organization.

    I hear LACERA is gearing up for a record setting retirement season to accommodate for these historic morale levels under Allie, BiBi and the Skippers leadership.


  • So Allie and his sweet pea are out there posting pictures of themselves with Justin Turner of the Dodgers. Just an FYI Bandido # 1 Allie has NEVER ever volunteered in the community. Just doing this for a Photo Op.

  • @Stops, LT Villanueva’s goal is to destroy LASD. He can not retaliate against Baca/Tanaka for hindering his career advancement that still affects him today, so he’s only left with retaliating against the dept. Sadly, he can not differentiate that it’s the dept, deputies, and employees that will suffer long after he’s gone.

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

  • “I used to read the quarterly discipline report under mcbuckles….”

    Aside from Deputy Michael Courtial, whose story is told in my post up above, what percentage of these reports involved unfair discipline?


  • Oh several , out of policy foot pursuits out of policy vehicle pursuits excessive force unreported force ETC as you recall the reports were very brief, unless you had knowledge of the case you wouldn’t know what the real story was. When you researched the circs behind most of these types of cases you will find the deps we’re trying to catch a bad with no ill intentions. Remember over 5 days off the deps couldn’t move on , I believe mcbuckles regime used this tactic to keep some deps from moving on in their career because they didn’t like the dep for whatever reason

  • @Stops: “I don’t see very well” No kidding! Time for you to put down that glass of Kool-Aid, take off those AV branded rose colored sunglasses, and take a second look at the comments in this thread that highlight your Savior’s failures and destruction since he “Harvested” the Office of the Sheriff.

  • “…Unless you had knowledge of the case you wouldn’t know what the real story was.””

    Just like Deputy Michael Courtial up above.

    Thanks for the clarifications.

  • @Stops, interesting sentence you used when discussing the Quarterly Disciplinary Report – “When you researched the circs behind most of these types of cases you will find the deps we’re trying to catch a bad (guy) with no ill intentions.”

    I understand the sentiment but there are rules that apply, even when trying to catch a bad guy. If someone violates these rules, they are subject to discipline (or worse!) and they know it.

    To overlook violations of policies, procedures and even laws, would undermine our (law enforcement’s) credibility and be just what our critics accuse us of – unprofessional, undisciplined, dishonest, thugs.

    So yes people get disciplined for violating policy during our endeavours to capture law violators, but it is necessary for the benefit of us all. Tough love is sometimes…..tough.

  • @AVClownShow. Please leave the Polish Puerto Rican out of it. He’s smart. Just like Fredo was smart!

  • LT Villanueva was forecasting his administration before he was even sworn in.

    “He’s a good person, but surround himself with bad advice. And that made him less effective than he could’ve been walking in. And had he been effective, I wouldn’t be here today.”

    When LT Villanueva criticizes others, the criticisms also apply to him. He is unable to see that because he’s too narcissistic and self absorbed. It also doesn’t help when he surrounds himself with “bad advice” and only wanting advice that reaffirms his own beliefs, and poor choices. No one can challenge the smartest man in the room. Challenging the smartest man in the room is a guaranteed ROD.

  • @T&B,

    That was a great reminder of “D-Day” for the Department. It’s been all Downhill since December of 2018 when the self proclaimed “Progressive Democrat” ran on a Divisive & Deceptive Anti-ICE racial platform and harvested the office of the LASD.


  • Publius , the prior regime had us on the line walking on eggshells, now deputies know that if they are out there trying to do the right thing and catch bad guys they aren’t going to be micro managed to death like the last regime did. With FAIR bail schedules , mcbuckles and many other former LAPD idiots who go on to lead other agencies have a very simple playbook . Hand out as much discipline as possible so the people who put them in power think they are doing a good job .

  • Uh ohhhhh, A little birdie just advised that there is all kinds of scurrying going on and around on the 8th Floor of HOJ today as the Skippers are in full damage control press release craftsmanship mode. Something to do with this little dilemma:

    Hummmm, let me guess, Allie & BiBi will ultimately weigh in and claim this is all just part of a coordinated “Witch Hunt” to make him look unethical and incompetent.

    Problem with that tired and worn out excuse is this latest incident, under Alex’s watch by the way, is just one more to add to an already long list of examples of his unethical incompetence.

  • @Av Clown Show,

    “full damage control”

    Get a life loser. Do you even know what a coroner’s inquest is for….it is only to determine the manner and mode of death. Which in the case you references has already been determined. Homicide by gunshot. So what’s the reasons for the inquest then. Because the board of supervisors wants to play politics and waste money. Group man. I know you don’t like this sheriff but your constant cheerleading for him to fail is pathetic. Go back to riding your motor and cutting tickets GH.

  • You are a funny guy…or gal? Again, I don’t know who this mysterious GH is but I’ve never worked a motor. But knock yourself out with that erroneous guess. Falls right in line with the rest of the AV Advisors.

    Oh yeah, when investigators are invoking the 5th in this type of inquest, then you can best believe there is something to worry about.

  • The better link, though, is to go to & read the story there, as the LA. Times owns KTLA & you’ll get the same info without having to pay four bucks; be sure to click on all the links in the KTLA story.

    Four LASD Deputies invoking the fifth, incurring the two investigating Deputies?

    Don’t look good.

    Also, scuttlebutt says that the lawyer for the shooting Deputy is publicly saying that the Deputy–get this!!!–“is out of the country.”

  • @Clown Show,

    That’s because this will be a case Gascón files.

    Gascón is also going to file on the deputies in the Twyman shooting.

  • WOW!!!

    Deputy Miguel Vega, who fired the shots that killed Guardado, is out of the country
    with AV’s approval?


  • Clown Show, this directive came from VILLAN ueva, just like the Deputy involved DUI @ Torrance. The Leu tenant’s outrageous, blustering, and posturing is why the public has disdain for LASD.
    Wait till the Feds come in after January 20th. a wise man once said “Don’t Fuck with the Feds”.

  • @Rak. Is he with Villanueva’s relatives in Poland or Puerto Rico? If AV keeps up his new definition of “transparency” then he can expect to be filed on in Federal Court too. Ask Stacy Koon how many times he struck Rodney. Watch the gates, gates are closing.

  • Interesting and very odd that the two Investigators are invoking their 5th amendment.

    The “cover up” is worse than the crime…

  • Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory, an island that is forty miles wide & ninety miles long, and the east end contains a U.S National Park (a rainforest) that is truly worth a visit.

    Being there would not constitute being “out of the country.”

    Other possibilities?

  • The KTLA story is now down–out of sight.

    So much for the notion that “A vigilant press is a bulwark for Democracy.”

    No vigilance here.


    What appears in the MSM can be usually Googled

    KTLA: Guardado inquest.

  • Truly gives the appearance of Tanaka era B.S., with a valid reason for the public to be suspicious of Law Enforcement. Definitely not a good look.

  • This inquest is highly unusual and seems more political than purposeful. The Sheriff’s Dept turned over all necessary sealed documents to assist the process. Compelling deputies to testify in this highly politicized process is unnecessary to complete the inquest. It only opens them up for attack.

    Speaking of attacks. The deputy who actually shot Guardado is out of the Country. Let’s see. He was doxxed. People demonstrated in front of his house for days. They disrupted his neighborhood and appeared to engage in threatening behavior towards him and his loved ones. He is not under arrest. He seems to be protecting his family.

    Deputies protecting themselves from unreasonable criminal prosecutions or from being doxxed, is common sense. Would any of the commenters really take a risk given today’s environment.

  • I can understand the reasoning behind ensuring the welfare of one’s family. However, it is hard to comprehend Mexico being a safer place, if it is in fact where he is. Unless of course, he is in Cancun or some other paradise that seems to insulate the tourist crowd.

  • Word is he’s staying with the Villanowskis in a small village in Poland. Taking advice from the locals on how to help AV put the Department back together. Like any good tweaker, AV was good at taking it apart. Now that it doesn’t run, he’s at a complete loss all alone on a road to nowhere.

  • Seeking, “Deputies protecting themselves from unreasonable criminal prosecutions or from being doxxed”.. this was Villanueva’s making, repeatedly sacrificing the reputation of the Department to fill his ego. His calculation to challenge County Coroner Lucas had little to do with the investigation, and everything to do with being the smartest guy in the room.
    And, now this cluster F**K of ludicrousy of pleading the fifth. Guys think about it, when was the last time detectives pleaded the fifth. Think OJ, and the case was a done deal from there.
    No wonder the skippers were running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

  • I concur. Something in the state of Denmark smells rotten. According to the Mercury News, which reported updates on the first day of the inquest, Guardado may have been executed.

    “But Dr. Kevin Young, a deputy medical examiner with the county coroner’s office who performed the autopsy on Guardado, testified that it was possible Guardado was on his knees when he was struck by the first of five gunshots to his back, noting the downward trajectory.

    That statement contradicted the statement released by Vega’s attorney that said Vega was walking forward to place handcuffs on Guardado as the suspect was on his stomach when Guardado reached for the handgun, prompting Vega to open fire.

    The other four gunshot wounds had an “upward” trajectory, indicating Guardado was either leaning forward or lying on the ground when those shots were fired, Dr. Young said.”

    Makes one wonder if the allegation is true that Compton deps ‘chasing ink’ will go to any length to join the clique.

  • @Circlejerk,

    That was a perfect Alejandro VILLANueva word picture of his time in office.


  • @Houston , Your Making a lot of assumptions based on your desire to find criminal behavior on the part of the deps. Jumping to conclusions

  • I’m sure Dream Team Attorney Extraordinaire Adam Marangell Esq. has it all figured out after he tried stalling his client’s interview with Homicide Bureau for several weeks. Since everyone can just try following that sage legal advice by pleading the 5th, there’s nothing to see here folks. Especially from Mexico! Let’s just move along now.

  • Stops, I recollect you stating you have vision problems. I think you suffer from the divine miracle of amnesia.

  • “The two investigators are invoking their 5th amendment” rights, they both say, on “advice of counsel.”

    What counsel?

    The County Counsel advises the LASD & other County Departments.

    If not the County Counsel, then who & why?

    Something indeed smells rotten in Denmark.

  • What a spectacle within the LASPA connection, Villanueva, Adam Marangell and two actual “Executioners”.

    This latest fiasco by LASPA makes ALADS look like Boy Scouts. Gee whiz!

  • @ Stops. I get it, no one has the facts except homicide. Truly. I admit I’m Monday morning quarterbacking off public info. However, I believe I have a right to an opinion that the shooting looks suspicious for a number of reasons. Just as you have a right to say the opposite. Let’s go down what has been presented so far. The deputies chase a guy for brandishing a firearm/or seen in his waistband. Suspect gives up, and follows commands to turn around, kneel, drop the gun, and prone out on the ground (tactical disadvantage) next to a gun. Deputy then throws all safety out the window and decides to approach said suspect with his partner trailing behind him, throwing training and common sense out the window. Suspect then has a change of heart and reaches for the gun with his back feet from a trained gun? Mind you, the deputy’s partner is still no where to be seen (didnt see nothing he says) as he runs down a 50 foot or so driveway w a straight line of sight. Deputy shoots him 5 times with the first shot coming in at a downward trajectory. Witnesses said the suspect was kneeling when shot. Deputy refuses to give a statement the night of the incident. Coroner investigator says the lead detective tells him suspect was reaching for the waistband when shot. I get that he hasnt interviewed the deps yet, and got a preliminary shooting statement more than likely from OSS or a supervisor. That statement was more than likely given to the supervisor and is usually a spontaneous statement to the first supervisor. Medical examiner says it is possible he was kneeling when shot through the heart. Suspect had no drugs in his system, and no record. My gut is saying this kid had no reason to grab for a gun the deputy had him prone out next to and one that he tactically had no chance of reaching. I admit, I could be wrong and I truly hope the deputy didnt throw it all away. It isnt adding up. Do you care to pick that apart and give me an honest opinion?

  • @Houston I don’t really care to pick that apart I’m too tired , I will say many suspects throughout time have acted in ways we’ll never understand , watch the Arizona video from years ago suspect at the door with 5 guns pointed at him and he still decides to raise his handgun from his waist an got a round off (which hit one of the cops) of course they lit him up . This suspect was also sober as a judge so what does that mean, It means I’ll wait till the investigation is over before I cast dispersions . But hey I like we are not cussing at each other !! Or talking trash!

  • @ Houston,
    You nailed it, plain and simple. Yes, speculation abounds with anyone not there, however no homicide detective is worth his salt without unbiased facts.

  • And yet, that’s exactly what we do everyday on the job. We “Speculate,” “Theorize,” “Hypothesize,” or offer “Suppositions” every single day when we investigate reports or crimes that we did not personally witness. We base our conclusions on experience, logic, common sense and available facts.

    LASPA Attorney Adam Marangell’s account stinks on this one.

  • We have all been present and/or involved in incidents and later you hear people who weren’t there putting out bad info . I learned early on not to embarrass myself by assuming what occurred only to be completely wrong. Usually the people spreading B/O info have something against a person involved or have some sort of axe to grind.

  • Or they are just pointing out the obvious to those who prefer to wear blinders or look the other way and pretend that there is nothing to see here.

    Move along now…..

  • In my humble opinion, the Supervisor’s attempt at finding ways to remove the sheriff amount to nothing more than political theater. Unfortunately, their actions also point to how dysfunctional the current administration of the LASD has become. It hasn’t even been three full years, and we’ve already seen a plethora of ignorant moves/decisions/actions made by the current sheriff. It seems like there’s been one self-inflicted wound after another suffered by the sheriff, seemingly on a weekly basis. The department has been bailing water since day one; all as a result of a sheriff who simply won’t listen to the advice of others. His hubrus will be his undoing. Frankly, it seems pretty clear at this point that that if nothing dramatic happens, this administration will not survive a vote in the 2022 election.

  • @Rakkasan there is nothing gascon can do to the Sheriff. Indict some poor deputies trying catch criminals ? Yeah he can do that , Would that make you happy?

  • No , I just don’t revel in the thought of deputies getting indicted as you seem to, as far as bringing up the name of these deputy groups that’s a non story.

  • Stops, your eyesight weakness is leading you to brain weakness. You are fanning flames of falsehoods/ misinformation about bad conduct/ tactics to new heights. This puts all good Deputies in a negative position. You know very well about military discipline. If any of these Deputies from CPT were in the military, UCMJ discipline would have been swift through a courts martial, them thrown in the hole for violating the code.

  • Villanueva 2022 mirrors Trump 2020 as we all know how the ending goes.
    They both have brash cockiness in common for their downfall.

  • @really mcbuckles let us all know on day 1 he wasn’t interested in our opinion he was going full LAPD on us ……..see how that turned out

  • @MikeBornmann, I sense a re-emergence from the ashes of the Tanaka machine. Please put your name in the hat and take on the incompetents currently running the show. Would be priceless to see you debate Villanueva in 2022.

  • OOOOOPS!!!

    My mistake–now it’s only a buck to find out what’s going on from the L.A. Times.

    For eight weeks.

    Freedom of the Press.

  • The hidden pieces are beginning to paint the whole picture with ignored bad apples ruining the whole orchid.

  • “…With ignored bad apples ruining the whole orchid.”

    Watch what happens the next time a U.S. Naval vessel runs aground.

    The ship’s captain will get relieved of command, even though he was sound asleep in his bunk at 2 AM four decks away from the helm when the mishap occurred.

    Doesn’t matter.

    He’s responsible for the training & performance of the sailors under his command.

    That’s the way things are done in the U.S. military.

    That needs to be done in U.S. Law Enforcement, too.

    Leaders need to be accountable for what the troops do.

  • A person detained in the back seat during an attempt to make contact with an individual on a bicycle brings to mind “Dijon Kizee”

  • “Sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Dean said Monday evening that two deputies from the South Los Angeles station were driving on Budlong Avenue at 3:15 p.m. when they spotted a man riding his bicycle in violation of vehicle codes. Dean said he didn’t know which vehicle codes the man allegedly broke.

    When the deputies attempted to contact the man, he dropped the bicycle and ran north on Budlong for one block with deputies in pursuit, Dean said. In the 1200 block of West 109th Place, deputies again tried to make contact with the man, and he punched one of them in the face, Dean said.”

  • A person detained in the back seat of a police vehicle can be a witness against you as well. And given the fact that being in pursuit of a potential subject of some known wrong doing while detaining somebody inside your patrol car is a clear violation of POLICY. You wouldnt want to take into custody a person who’s observation could come back and haunt you! not a good look!!

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