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LA County Sheriff’s Sergeant Accused of “Unlawful” Campaign of Harassment Against Justice Advocate & Film Producer Scott Budnick

Budnick and ARC at California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison/via CDCR
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

On Sunday, December 15, civil rights attorney Ron Kaye sent a letter to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva informing him of what Kaye described as “unlawful conduct” on the part of an LA County Sheriff’s sergeant who, among other things, Kaye wrote, violated “federal constitutional law.”

The sergeant whom Kaye named in the letter, which was also sent to the LA County Board of Supervisors, and LA District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, is an LASD homicide investigator named Richard Biddle.

Biddle has reportedly launched a criminal investigation into actions by Scott Budnick, a well-known film producer turned justice advocate, plus two highly-respected defense attorneys, Blair Berk and Michael Cavalluzzi.

According to the LA Times, in a May 8 public report authored by Biddle, the sergeant initiated a criminal investigation alleging that the three variously criminally tampered with a witness’s actions, conspired to obstruct justice, destroyed or concealed evidence, and engaged in various other potentially criminal and unethical actions.

Scott Budnick, election night, 2014, via WLA

Kaye, who is representing Budnick and the attorneys, wrote in his letter to Villanueva that because of his clients’ “successful advocacy” for a young man charged with a serious crime, Biddle “has made numerous false allegations, without any legal basis,” and has “abused the legal process” to obtain a warrant to access Budnick and company’s “confidential documents and private communications” that, according to Kaye, was only one component of Sergeant Biddle’s “campaign of harassment.”

At the letter’s end, Kaye expressed his office’s “sincere hope” that the department Sheriff Villanueva leads will open an Internal Affairs investigation into Sergeant Biddle’s “misconduct,” and will also “restrain” him from continuing to engage in any additional “unconstitutional behavior.”

On the other hand, many of those who’ve known Biddle for years say he’s a straight shooter who cares deeply about every case he approaches.

So what exactly is going on?

A devastating murder

The crime that began this story is terrible and tragic.

Downey Police Officer Ricardo Galvez, via Downey Police

In November 2015, Downey Police Officer Ricardo Galvez, 29, a Marine who was well-liked in the department, and whose two sisters and a brother also worked for Downey police, was shot and killed in the course of a botched robbery.  At the time, Galvez was off duty and in plain clothes, sitting in his BMW, having just finished a K-9 training.

After the shooting, police arrested two young men, 18 and 21, plus a 16-year-old boy for the crime, much of which was caught on various surveillance videos.

The 16-year-old was named Abel Diaz, and was originally set to be tried as an adult for the murder. Although he had no direct part in the shooting, and reportedly was not in possession of a weapon, under what was at the time the felony murder rule, Diaz could be convicted of the killing of Officer Galvez, just as if he planned the act and pulled the trigger.

When Diaz was waiting for his case to make its way through the adult justice system, he was housed at Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall in Sylmar where well-known film producer-turned-justice-advocate, Budnick, taught a once-a-week writing class.

Before his advocacy, Budnick was best known as the executive producer of the funny, raunchy, and stratospherically-grossing Hangover trilogy.  The three movies mostly made money for other people, not Budnick himself, but they put him irrevocably on the Hollywood map.

Yet, as his interest in justice issues deepened, for around half a decade Budnick quit his Hollywood career altogether to spend nearly all of his waking hours as one of the state’s most effective prison and juvenile justice reform activists.

Civil Rights attorney Ron Kaye

Among other things, Budnick founded the Anti-Recidivism Coalition — ARC — a nonprofit dedicated to helping men and women transition out of lock-up to a successful life outside. He helped get better college programs into some of the state’s prisons. He was named a Champion of Change by the Obama administration. Jerry Brown named him the volunteer of the year in 2012.  And he was appointed to the state’s powerful Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) in 2013, where he is now the co-chair. Recently, Budnick has waded back into filmmaking by creating a new production entity under the banner One Community. Its first project is the Warner Bros. film Just Mercy, based on the work of civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson.

Yet, through it all, Budnick kept teaching every Saturday at Barry J, as the Sylmar juvenile hall is known, through the nonprofit “InsideOutWriters.” There and elsewhere he made a habit of mentoring young people he felt had demonstrated particular promise, but whom the justice system seemed determined to throw away.

(WitnessLA wrote about such a case here.)

Abel Diaz was one of those kids. Thus, when Diaz’s first attorney from the alternate public defender’s office reportedly failed to show up for several court dates, Budnick recommended a couple of well-known and highly respected defense lawyers who offered to take his case pro-bono.

In most people’s world, such help with an attorney is known as a referral. Yet, this appears to be one of the actions that have become a part of Sergeant Biddle’s investigation of Budnick.

With the new attorneys, the Los Angeles D.A.’s office more fully analyzed Diaz’s case and offered him a deal. In December 2018, Diaz pleaded guilty to one count each of murder, robbery, and attempted robbery, and admitted in detail to his part in the botched robbery that resulted in Officer Galvez’s murder. In return, he was sent to California’s Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) for his sentence and kept out of adult court, where he could have received a life term in adult prison.

Instead, Diaz will be eligible for release when he’s 25.

According to Kaye’s letter, Diaz reportedly has used his time well, becoming the first young person in the history of LA County Probation* to get both his high school diploma while locked up, but also an Associate of Arts college degree.

Yet, not everyone viewed his sentence as a good or just outcome.

Secret moves and “unfettered” access

Along with his letter to the sheriff, Kaye attached two motions recently filed by attorneys Alan Jackson, who is Budnick’s criminal defense lawyer, hired in response to Biddle’s filing of a criminal investigation, and Alan Eisner, who represents Diaz’s brother, having to do with another part of the labyrinthine weave of actions that are reportedly part of Biddle’s investigation.

In early July Biddle delivered a new report, in which he accused Budnick and the two attorneys of  “dissuasion” of a witness, conspiracy to destroy or conceal evidence, conspiracy to provide false testimony, and more.

Jackson’s motion requested the court to unseal the underlying documents Biddle has used to file for several very broad search warrants designed to delve into the work and lives of Budnick and Diaz’s two attorneys, Blair Berk and Michael Cavalluzzi.

In the text of the motions, Jackson and Eisner list their own allegations about Biddle’s actions.

For example, one of the motions describes how on June 25, 2019, without notifying Abel Diaz’s attorneys, Sergeant Biddle and his partner, Sergeant Howard Cooper, personally removed Diaz from his placement at the DJJ facility and transported him to LA County’s Men’s Central Jail, where he was placed in solitary confinement.

Much later, Diaz’s attorneys were told that the young man’s secret transfer was for the purpose of testifying as a prosecution witness in the trial of his former adult co-defendants — never mind that, as the attorneys would find out, the trial was not at all ready to proceed.

Both Jackson and Eisner described the decision to secretly transfer Diaz to adult jail as “particularly concerning” because Diaz and his family members had reportedly received “credible threats” from members of 18th Street gang. This meant, Jackson wrote, that if Diaz were to be released unprotected into the jail’s general population, his life would be at risk because, due to statements he originally made to the police, he was labeled a snitch.

(After bringing the situation to the attention of a judge, attorneys Berk and Cavalluzzi were able to get Diaz placed back at DJJ.)

The motions also detail how on April 3, a search warrant granted to Biddle allowed the sergeant to order Google, Inc. to produce all records associated with Budnick’s Google account “with no limitation as to time or scope.”  According to the motion, the warrant gave the sergeant “unfettered access to all of Mr. Budnick’s emails and correspondences,” a record of every physical place he visited while carrying an electronic device, all of his internet search histories, all documents he created, every photograph he took, every email from the date his account was created, his Google wallet information, and all passwords associated with the account.

One of the odder of Biddle’s accusations was against the two attorneys alleging that they committed “witness intimidation” by advising their own client regarding whether he had a continuing Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, should he have to testify in another trial.

The examples of actions and allegations by Sergeant Biddle go on from there.

“Sergeant Biddle’s personal vendetta against juvenile justice advocate Scott Budnick and attorneys representing Diaz has spun out of control,” wrote Jackson. “As retribution for seeking and procuring a fair and just outcome for Diaz, Sergeant Biddle has self-authored baseless reports and affidavits accusing those associated with Diaz of unethical and criminal conduct.”

This conduct, he said, is a “ham-handed attempt to send a very clear and unambiguous message: ‘Defend those that Sergeant Biddle deems prosecution-worthy and the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department will come after you.'”

Yet, while an array of defense attorneys who’ve reviewed the paperwork told us they found Biddle’s conduct “disturbing,” and other terms to that effect, Deputy District Attorney Michael Blake, who was the DDA who prosecuted Diaz’s case, told the LA Times he did not believe Biddle’s actions were retaliatory.

Instead, Blake described Biddle and his partner, Sergeant Cooper, as having performed “impeccably and with extreme professionalism.”

Not surprisingly, Ron Kaye disagreed with this characterization.

“Scott Budnick has committed his life to reducing crime, reducing recidivism, and has a track record that is extremely effective,” Kaye told WLA. His work has been lauded by two governors, Kaye said, meaning former Governor Jerry Brown and Governor Gavin Newsom.

Now, this sergeant who didn’t like the outcome of a case “is portraying him as a criminal who is acting in a surreptitious way against the good of our county.”

What Biddle is doing, said Kaye, “risks having a chilling effect” not just on Budnick’s efforts,” but on the efforts of others who are working to create a better society.”

In response to our request for the LA County Sheriff’s Department’s position on Sergeant Biddle’s actions, and on the letter from Ron Kaye, the LASD gave WitnessLA the following statement from Sheriff Villanueva:

“There were two search warrants sought for probable cause which were approved by a judge,” Villanueva wrote. “The information obtained is being reviewed as part of the ongoing legal process.”

Post Script

We have yet to see what material Biddle gave the judge in order to get his search warrants as, until now, those documents have been either sealed or unavailable

Yet we just learned that the Budnick, et al, search warrant filings have been unsealed — or are about to be unsealed. When they become available, we’ll let you know.

So….stay tuned.

Top photo courtesy of CDCR.

*Editor’s Note: Abel Diaz got his high school diploma and his AA degree while still under the care of Los Angeles County Probation, not the Department of Juvenile  Justice. (Correction made on Dec. 18, 2019, 10:30 a.m.)


  • On the words of nasty Nancy Pelosi “No one is above the law!” Although it was Lincoln who coined the phrase. And lawyers are no different from being investigated than anyone else. And that includes me. Maybe we can ask the FBI to investigate and see if these lawyers are Russian? Nothing to see here!

  • Strange how history repeats itself at LASD. It reminds me of how then Under Sheriff Paul Tanaka who was a mentor to some in Villanueva’s command staff did a shake down of the female FBI agent.

    I would not put it past detectives at LASD to cross that line under Villanueva’s command.

  • For fuck’s sake, Celeste. Forget that Ricardo Galvez was a cop and a Marine who fought in Apghanistan, he was a young man who was doing GOOD in society. These pieces of shit KNEW what they were doing, KNEW they might have to shoot their victim and, in fact, SHOT Ricardo Galvez in the face, killing him. And Dias WAS armed:

    “Diaz was armed at the time of the robbery but did not shoot Galvez, investigators say.”

    I’m gonna BET Sgt. Biddle didn’t do ANYTHING wrong and that white-guilt ridden, IDIOT Budnick and his scumbag attorneys DID in fact screw up, thinking the ends (freeing the murderer Diaz) justified the means (whatever was presented to a JUDGE, who signed off on the warrant).

    As usual, you talk about the amazing accomplishments of the monster, Diaz (after the murder), and completely ignore what victim Ricardo Galvez COULD have accomplished had he not been brutally murdered. Was he in line to promote? Had he just started a family? Was he working on an advanced degree? Did he work for the community at his church? As a cop, what were his acts of kindness? What loving family members and friends were left behind and how did this devastate them?

    You live in a strange world, Celeste. One where the sheep defend, cheer and support the WOLVES who prey upon them, while the sheep dogs are scrutinized, reviled and attacked at every opportunity…BY THE SHEEP. And, as for the sheep who’ve been killed….well, they’re just…inconsequential.

  • Celeste, you are continuing a downward spiral. Is it just my imagination or did you edit your own article and inserted the word “reportedly” after the fact while describing Budnick’s complaint? I read it yesterday and you had the complaint as factual while the reported crime as merely alleged, hmmm.

    While you were busy gushing over Budnick’s accomplishments and thereby declaring him believable, you somehow forgot to consider Sergeant Richard Biddle’s lifelong dedication to pursuing justice for crime victims and upholding the rule of law. That would include legally obtaining and serving search warrants during the course of his work. And don’t get me started on the ethicality of lawyers, are you kidding? Just ask the two attorneys for Suge Knight who were arrested for a variety of charges related to trying to get their client off the hook by any means

    Shame on you Celeste.

  • “This director is commited to reducing crime.” Yet the only movies he is most known for idolize people commiting crimes.

  • There isn’t a more principled and hard working cop than Biddle anywhere in this country.
    Celeste, I look forward to you looking into Biddle’s amazing work over the years (maybe you should have done of that before you put this out) and exposing Budnick as the criminal he is when the warrants are unsealed and the evidence known. That should make for a real story. This crap here is nothing but cheap soap opera drama. Two Governors (losers both of them) lauded his work. Hmmm. That should tell us something.
    Here is a thought- what a movie script this may be. Hollywood Community, liberal writers and liberal politicians prop up and support one of their own as a hero who turns out to be a fraud and a selfish criminal who abuses people’s trust vs. a good cop who is not believed by many
    but is right to expose all that is wrong here- the real hero.
    I won’t be holding my breath for Celeste to put the outcome of this into print- I’m sure it ain’t going to go the way she, or those she hangs out with, hoped it would.

  • Celeste, before you got your shorts in a bunch, you should have reflected on the fact that EVERYTHING Sergeant Biddle has been doing is with a judge’s approval – as pointed out by the LASD. Further, the lawyers for Mr Dudley Doooright and his lawyers have their own avenue of redress through this same judge.

    Let’s not jump the gun here and make a mountain out of a Ukrainian mole hill.

  • Yes history does repeat itself as this is reminescient somewhat of Pandora’s Box.
    Very interesting about the Google tracking episode which is scary and questionable along with the movement of Diaz to the county jail.

    Alan Jackson’s tenacity will get to the nitty gritty real fast as the plot and shenanigans are exposed.

  • Ms. Fremon. I would like to point out one error in your article. Mr. Diaz received his AA Degree through a collaboration with Los Angeles Mission College set up and administered by Education Services within the Los Angeles County Probation Department. This was done prior to his transfer to DJJ.

  • I have worked with both of these detectives for over thirty years. If I had a family member that was assaulted or murdered, these two would be at the top of the list of detectives I would have faith in solving the crime and bringing the monster to justice. These detectives have a work ethic and integrity that is beyond reproach. They found a legal way to get as much information as they could regarding a crime and I salute them for that. Keep up the great police work 132G.

  • It is amazing what Celeste just described and added a quoted “Defend those that Sergeant Biddle or any (sheriff’s deputy with juice) deems prosecution-worthy and the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department will come after you.” Celeste, during the former sheriff Jim McDonnell’s, many told you the sheriff’s department aided by the DA’s office and supported by the BOS, were doing just that to several sheriff’s deputies for political gain, because screwing a deputy, even by manufacturing a case was a worthy, and a noble cause. Sheriff McDonnell said, he was sending a message, that corruption was not going to be tolerated, right?

    It amazes me now, that Alex Villanueva is the sheriff and all of a sudden you are interested in writing about alleged misconduct by higher-ups in the sheriff’s department, however, you were not interested when McDonnell was the sheriff, because he was doing to his own deputies what you describe sergeant Biddle is doing to your buddies, and then it was okay. It is amazing when all of a sudden the tables are turned on us, we change our tune and our perspective.

    Based on my personal life and experience I have no doubt this Budnick guy and his attorneys are being harassed and retaliated by the sheriff’s department, the district attorney’s office and the judge who fail to read the search warrants, (by the way judges never read search warrants, they just sign).

    Now you have to give sergeant Biddle a break, in his heart of hearts, he thinks that manufacturing a case against your buddies is a noble cause, or do you think it is done maliciously?

    Think about this, your buddy Obama’s Department of Justice, and the FBI under his direction, manufactured a criminal case against then-candidate Trump, just because they felt it was their duty to defend us from a monster. The federal OIG, jus told us they manufactured fake search warrants, using a false dossier written by the democrats, to interfere with the election. They now say Obama did not know, AG Loreta Lynch did not know, and even the FBI director did not know, I am sure the judge who signed the warrants did not know either, so who knew?

    The problem is this, that many of us pick sides, and it is okay to manufacture cases in some instances, and it is not when is us, or our friends. Celeste, what is happening to your buddies, what happened to many hard-working Sheriff’s deputies under the Diana Teran/McDonnell regime, and what is happening to Donald Trump should not happen in this country.

    I hope Alex Villanueva does the right thing and does a total impartial investigation regarding the allegations. And if so true, even errors or slopiness, as the crooked FBI director Comey said, should not be permitted, when the government is trying to deprive a person of life and property, no matter how noble the cause is, the investigation should be without reproach.

    By the way, just so you know your buddies, the County politicians are doing the same as we speak to their sheriff, Alex Villanueva.

  • Witness la, again advocating for a Hollywood script writer and his hobby,(or perhaps future lucrative script idea.) perhaps all of this will become the “feel good” movie of 2022 or whatever. Witness la doesn’t care about victims and inconvenient facts when they’re cheerleading the latest in juvenile justice fads, Witness la has been involved in quit a lot of mischief in this regard.

  • This seems unusually one sided to me. There is key information missing from this article – the basis for Sgt. Biddle’s actions. It seems unlikely that a highly lauded, veteran detective is going to suddenly lose his mind and go after the attorneys of an already convicted felon in this manner. A shame this was published without that information.

    Re Budnick: “There and elsewhere he made a habit of mentoring young people he felt had demonstrated particular promise, but whom the justice system seemed determined to throw away.”

    What horse manure.

    The system doesn’t make personal choices for people – they do. If you chose to break the law and murder someone in the process, YOU have chosen to throw your life away. It is not the fault of the police or the court system. It’s your fault – period.

  • Bastard- that’s probably the most ridiculous assumption I have seen in awhile but then I guess we have to look at your diatribe and give you a break.
    You don’t know Biddle. He doesn’t do things solely by what’s in his heart of hearts. He does things the responsible and right way. I’m guessing that’s not how you guide your decisions.
    Biddle is a professional investigator who is guided by the facts of a case. He doesn’t manufacture shit.

    I’m also guessing maybe that’s why you are jaded to think such a way- you are not professional or honest (not manufactured) by nature.

  • You are right, Anthony Brown, I don’t know your buddy sergeant Biddle, but I know a few other crooked sergeants. I am guessing you must be a democrat. You believe that manufacturing a case, by lying to the courts, by depriving people the right to be safe in their person, houses and effects against unreasonable searches, the right to have an attorney present during questioning, the right to remain silent against self-incrimination, the right to speedy trial and to confront your accusers, the right to due process and the equal protection of the law, is all good.

    That is how crooked FBI director Comey feels, that he is the most hones director there is and that the FBI, are professional investigators, who are guided by the facts of a case, they don’t manufacture shit.

    So, if the FBI is willing to manufacture a case against the US president, do you think the sheriff’s department can manufacture a case against this guy Budnick?

    The federal OIG feels otherwise, and I hope FBI Comey and his buddies, all eventually go to federal prison…

  • Bastard, just because you claim to know some “crooked” sergeants, doesn’t prove anything about Sgt. Biddle. Of course you know that, your comments are in bad faith, just a way to slip in stupid hysterical nonsense. Reminds me of another commenter we use to have in this comment section. Her name was cf, do you know her?

  • Yeah, I know her or him…you are right, I don’t know sergeant Biddle, he may be the best since the apple pie, but there is plenty of public evidence out there to suggest there are plenty of crooked cops willing to manufacture cases to advance their agenda, there are more than we are willing to accept.

    Are you a democrat who thinks Trump is a criminal? You must be out there trying to impeach him for a manufactured, highly exaggerated crime….

  • I totally agree with you on this one Mag Kong, WitnessLA cherry picks who they want to advocate justice for, not all people are worth of equal justice….

  • Of course you know cf, why not stick with your old name? Did you give it up a little too much under your last name? Your bad faith arguments identify you no matter what you call yourself.

  • Who gives a shit where or when Diaz graduated. He’s a piece of shit and doesn’t deserve to live in society. That’s why we have jails, for assholes like Diaz. May he rot in hell.

  • Okay, Maj, Kong, as you wish…have a merry Christmas…I am sure you are now happy, that your buddies, the crooked democrats impeached Trump for fabricated crimes, and exaggerations, just the same way crooked cops act…

  • Lady Apostle, surely you jest. As if you care about the victims. If he were anything other than a cop, he would probably have been your victim. In fact, you probably think he got his job through affirmative action, so stop bitching. The victims you proclaim to care for, you could care less for. If they were still alive, you probably would be harassing them as some other ‘no good’ hood rat. Your crocodile tears are obvious. And, of course you will bet the cop was right. Have you ever thought otherwise. You probably think the little cadet seduced the officer. Everything you asked Celeste about the victim, why not ask yourself when the next Ezel Ford is shot. BTW, you and your ilk are the wolves to many a community. Hypocrite.

    Keep dreaming, please stop your school girl gushing. You want to consider the cop’s “lifelong dedication to pursuing justice for crime victims and upholding the rule of law?” Please. Open up his file and let us see what an upstanding county employee he is. Now, if he were pursuing justice and not getting paid, I would be impressed. This Budnick guy at least is doing this without pay. The cop you speak of is a county employee; he is paid to uphold justice. He better be doing his job, he gets paid well for it. He is not doing anyone any favors. You well know cops engage in that harassing behavior. Celeste had a piece not too long ago about a family they were harassing. The difference is this guy has money and connections and Sgt may have to answer.

    Two bits, your statement is worth just that. Of course it was with a judge’s approval. But, let us be honest, it was given based on someone’s, if not his, declaration. And, let us be honest, the judge usually rubber stamps it. Let us see the declaration and then you can speak.

  • Madame Kong, you are getting paranoid. You see me everywhere now. Let Bastard speak for himself. And, of course the fact that Sgt X is crooked does not mean Sgt Y is. Given that we pay their salary, none of them should be crooked. I explained this to you in the past, but I guess the sense you ignore me. Nevertheless, that is the standard you and your ilk use. That is why you see criminals every time you see black and brown kids.

    And, of course this site has its biases. Celeste posts what she wants, it’s her site. You don’t see me bitching and whining when she does not post my stuff because she thinks I may hurt your feelings or when anthropomorphize certain mud-dwelling mammals. She may be as bias as some of west-side liberal friends. I think she still thinks you need to show “two” sides of the argument, even when there aren’t too sides, or she may think to call a spade a spade may be too harsh. She may let your ilks’ racist claims on the site only because they do not use overtly racist language. No matter, I come to the site for the entertainment my glorified security guards friends provide.

    LOL, I care what Diaz does. Its quiet impressive. And, if he goes to hell he may come across some of your ilk.

  • Take A Breath – I totally agree with you. People do choose to break the law and their decisions have consequences just like Villanueva’s campaign driver who assaulted his girlfriend. The guy tried to even break into her apartment. Guess this is different so it’s not the fault of the previous Sheriff to fire him.

  • Just Mercy is out Christmas you should check it out. It could provide some useful insight to what Mr Budnick has embarked on as of lately.

  • Cf why don’t you argue with your alter-ego bastard, it would be like one of those movies where the psycho gets into a screaming argument with a character only he sees. Like in Fight Club or whatever. It might be therapeutic, however I do recommend you have professional help standing by, just in case.

  • Being someone that is system impacted and has had the privilege of EARNING my freedom from incarceration, someone who was once JUST DISCARDED LIKE A PICE OF GARBAGE, AND DEEMED UNREDEEMABLE. Someone who threw my life away at 16 years old. To now being a Man that is changed and working everyday to help others from making the same choice that I did when I was just a child. I am an example of what someone can become no matter the circumstance that I placed myself in. I have paid my dues to society and did my time.

    NO ONE IS UNREDEEMABLE OR WORTHLESS. We are all human beings and deserve to be treated as such. I am not my worst decision, and neither is anyone else that is system impacted and has done their time. Change is possible if given the chance.

    To Mr. Diaz and his sentence. He pled to a deal that sentenced him to do a term that makes him eligible for parole at 25 years of age. He is not free he is going to be incarcerated Until he is 25 years old. He has shown that he can and has changed from the person he was when he committed his crime. So why should he not be free at 25 years old? He is doing his time.

    It is a travesty that Mr. Galvez lost his life and that his family and the community was impacted by the actions of three men. But justice was served. If the DA or the judge did not feel that what Mr. Diaz was getting then they would not have allowed him to be sentenced in such a fashion.

    Everyone deserves a second chance, especially the youth of our communities. To just discard them is wrong. Justice reform, and especially juvenile justice reform is needed not only in this state but across the nation. And I support all those who are fighting for this to happen, and I proudly stand by there sides as we fight this fight together.

  • LASD special victims unit Neil Kimball used manufacture cases to deprive persons from life and personal property (Money$$) with the help of Crooked Judges.

    And where is Kimball now??

    Neil Kimball and the East LA Banditos are just the peak of the Iceberg….

  • Some deputies like to downplay the degenerative and unlawful actS committed by fellow deputies.

    Unbeknownst to the public, there is much division amongst the ranks in LASD, which was prevalent with Baca/Tanaka as now with Villanueva and former Sheriff McDonnell.

    You would have to be here to know exactly what what I’m speaking of, that would include the two competing deputy unions, LASPA & ALADS.

    The public display via the newsroom and what goes on when the light are out are literally day and night, what a farce!

  • Good morning madam Maj Kong as CF would call you…lol. Why don’t you stick to the facts and debate them instead of turning the conversation into disqualification and personal attacks?

    You are similar to a typical crooked democrat politician trying to screw the president, but instead of focusing on the facts, they attack his person or his family. If you worked for the sheriff’s department, you well know, there are some willing to lie, exaggerate and manufacture a case against their own, why wouldn’t they do it against a brown or black kid as CF calls them just for fun and kicks?

    Obama’s administration and Department of Justice were willing to manufacture a case against the opposition presidential candidate, later the president because they hated he was orange and did not speak like them. Then it is safe to assume, that happens frequently, at the lower levels of government to a nobody black or brown kid.

    The fact that Sgt. Biddle is an outstanding person is great, but if this guy Budnick is saying there is something wrong, there must be something wrong. Then again, the crooked democrat politicians feel they are absolutely right when the other 50% believe the crooked democrat politicians are wrong.

  • @shit show by 2 – Nothing I’ve said suggests that this situation differs from any other involving allegations of misconduct. What I hope I said was that this article seemed premature and one sided to me. I’m big on facts and if they indicate there is a problem, then it should be dealt with accordingly – from the President right on down.

  • You should spend as much energy supporting victims of crimes as well, less they cease to exist just they have with the BOS. Decisions have consequences, and the social justice warriors want to create a consequence-free world for the “justice involved.”

  • So this just hit the news
    ****** Off-duty LAPD officer pulls gun during road rage incident in Santa Clarita.

    Thug style — What else is new. This officer needs to be fired. This behavior is not acceptable at all no matter what the circumstances were at the time. I know they will pull the whole ” the officer was afraid for her safety BS”. This is another example of poor judgement and decision making. This behavior is one of thugs and gang bangers not LAPD officers.

  • yes all decisions have consequences, I and many other people have paid our dues to society with our incarceration, yet we are still being mistreated and not treated as citizens even after we have done our time.

    ARC and many other organizations do focus on supporting victims of crimes. all the laws that have been passed are not “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARDS” they offer hope to those who have no hope. They facilitate change in people that are assumed never to change.

    What is the worst thing that you or anyone else has done? think on that… How would you like to have people judge and hold prejudice against you for the rest of your life? how would you be impacted? how would that make you feel?

    Everyday I sit back and reflect on the impact of my crime towards my victims family and to society as a whole. And everyday I do something to change society and speak for those that do not have a voice, and yes this includes the victims and the family of victims. we are all humans and deserve to be treated as such. I and many others have done our time (consequences) treat us like we have. And not like we have the plague and are still unredeemable.

    and what of the cops that victimize citizens and get away with it? do they not deserve to suffer the same consequence as you or I if we did the same thing?


  • I personally know 1000’s of people who have been affected by the work of prisoner advocates. I have seen so many individuals and entities bring hope to the hopeless. I would think these efforts would be applauded. I would think that having all witnessed mass incarceration and over-sentencing of our convicted citizens for decades we would welcome this altruistic addition! After all, these guys who are incarcerated today may be home tomorrow and who do we want to see emerge from these warehouses? In the realm of logic it makes no sense that people devoted to stopping crime would commit one to further the cause… But that’s just me! The objective of going to bat for the less fortunate and taking the time to be upset when humans are discarded sporadically and being moved enough to work on one person at a time, touches at the whole of rehabilitation, alternate life choices, re-entry and and work placement. This care and concern isnt going anywhere!! Justice should never be attached to an ego and mercy is wanted by all! Until everyone gets it… I will continue to support all programs that work for the betterment of humanity.

  • If you truly understand the system, then you know that it is bias. Mr. Diaz is being held accountable for his actions. He has been sentenced, and is now serving his term. This is not now sided, and in fact had be a great example of how our justice system should work.

  • It’s obvious that you don’t understand what how our justice system is supposed to work. If Diaz was a relative of yours you would want mercy. If it were you, you would want mercy. Diaz deserves a chance to demonstrate that he is redeemable. He was a teenager who made a bad decision, but that is not how he should be defined forever. It’s clear that he is redeemable.

  • Good for you if that is the case. The rhetoric coming from the ban all jails crowd doesn’t support your position.

  • As I read all of these comments it is apparent that various perspectives on JUSTICE are being expressed. I would like to offer that the kind of justice a person believes in will be reflected in the RESULTS they desire ‘their justice’ to produce. When a crime is committed and a human being is victimized, even to the extreme result of death, what is the next result we want justice to produce? Ricardo Galvez is deceased, tragically and as a result of crime-injustice, is the best result that justice can produce more loss? If we believe each person has inherent value and that their life is meant to benefit the world, then injustice ENDS that possibility and opportunity- such as in the case with Ricardo Galvez’s death. Therefore, TRUE JUSTICE opens the possibility and provides opportunity for a life to continue and be beneficial. Furthermore, recognizing that squelching life is fundamentally at the core of injustice leads me to conclude that TRUE JUSTICE is something that fosters life and seeks to support every life being beneficial. TRUE JUSTICE is beneficial for ALL, not just for appeasing the anger and ideology of a few or offended parties. TRUE JUSTICE IS FOR ALL. To seek the best out of others, intending for the result to be each life bringing maximum benefit into this world, is TRUE JUSTICE. The gift and potential and benefit of life is not unique to one individual or group of individuals, it is universal to all humanity! So called ‘justice’, that desires to resolve injustice by taking away the gift and potential and benefit of a teenagers life (even one who committed a crime involving tragic results), is only systematically perpetuating injustice under a guise. We need more people in this world to stand for TRUE JUSTICE, seeing the VALUE within every life, and refuse to settle for ANY LIFE to withhold the benefit it possesses for our world. The reality some may have a difficult time believing and accepting, is that Abel Diaz’s life has just as much value as Ricardo Galvez’s. With all the rightful anger and sadness that is due to the mourning of the tragic loss of Ricardo Galvez’s precious life, so we ought to be moved with anger and sadness at possibility that the benefit meant for this world through Able Diaz’s life would be lost as well. This is the heart TRUE JUSTICE. And the spirit of the law, the conduct of law enforcement and the reaction our community would be well served to seek it out.

  • Black Smoke Or Redemption
    The basic by-product of a fire are carbon dioxide and water. You can’t see carbon dioxide but water in the air might make smoke appear lighter in color. The steam produced by a wood fire can turn into a white, pyrocumulus cloud that mixes with black smoke and makes it look gray.

    The “action” or “reaction” the “delayed response”
    At 5 his young uncles thought (which were always incarcerated) I’m going to smoke weed with my nephew and watch him trip…
    Ages 6-9 his godbrother dies because they were racing to the corner store across the street. I see what Joey doesn’t… with light speed I ran into the door announcing to all adults, Joey got hit by a car! Moments later, dapper and numb, no words from anyone except my godmother LoLa. ” I love you, ” she whispers while clutching me to her pearls. Still numb… where’s Joey? Why aren’t we with Joey? Step into the action. Here put this 20/gage shotgun under your mattress and don’t tell your mom. No father guns, drugs, pimps, prostitutes, violence, fear, anger, shame, guilt, disappointment, foster home.
    Ages 10-15 sex, theft, older siblings being molested, isolation, loneliness, poverty stricken, abuse, juvenile hall, probation, peer pressure.
    Ages 16-18 robbed twice at gun point, was shot at “standing still ” the bullet whizzed past my ear. We searched with guns we found life sentences. Redeemable because at 40 plus years I’ve heard and seen more… from the fathers, sons, brother, uncles, and cousins who who stood in the shadow of the concrete. The hopes and dreams. “I can have a dream?”
    After doing Life in prison, I’m thriving, opening public doors for you, your parent(s), husband, wife, son, or daughter. Speaking kind words and full of happiness being of service to others. At a glance or stare I resemble a actor, athlete, father, son, husband. No glass around my feet. The air you need, my lungs could share with you life. Honorably I give this to you when I rush to your aid. Redeemable, because I’m not what I’ve done. ” I am what I do. ”

    Black smoke or redemption, are they not the same?

  • As I write this comment let me begin by extending my deepest condolences to Officer Galvez family. The taking of a life is very serious matter that evokes deep emotions. In this article I was saddened by the fact that those emotions have led to unfounded allegations against Scott Budnick and attorneys. Senate Bill 1437 was created by Legislative intent to hold a person accountable only for their culpability. The Courts in California have found this law to be legal and have decided so in numerous holdings.

    In 1958 Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren articulated that, “That we must draw meaning from the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.” (emphasis added). Having said this Abel Diaz was at a robbery in which officer Galvez lost his life. Diaz was not the shooter nor did he have knowledge that the shooting was going to be effectuated. What is his culpability? Definitely, the robbery, which under California Penal Code carries up to nine years. This does not mean that he should be sentenced to a life term sentence as an adult. Lady Justice requires that the scales be balanced with justice and mercy.

    I understand that the Blue Shield is a brotherhood, but it is also a society that carries great responsibility. Sargent Biddle has not just the responsibility of upholding the law but a duty to do so. In this case pain has clouded his judgement and duty. Scott Budnick is not the enemy, he seeks that men and women redeem themselves. Knowing Scott personally I can say that I have never seen him condone violence or commit any criminal activity.

    Loving people when others do not is what Scott does. Studies have shown that youth brains do not develop until the age of 25. Scott has always brought hope to young people, while requiring that they focus on change. Sending youth to adult prisons does not create pro-social change. The Department of Juvenile Justice soon to be the California Health and Human Services Agency provides more extensive programs to these young men and women than any adult institution. Abel Diaz is not a murderer he is a misguided youth with a brain that has not fully developed, and will benefit from the programs that are offered at DJJ.

    Yes, it is ok for officers to be angry over their loss. Grief is a part of life that occurs in stages but to slander a man and attorneys for caring is an irresponsible use of power. Scott is one of the most responsible advocates of justice. The comments in this article that are denigrating in nature fail to look at the successful youth that have benefited and grown into prosocial human beings as the result of being afforded a second chance.

  • I believe in rehabilitation for this reason. I was incarcerated in 1991 for a crime I did not commit. I was given a sentence of 33 years to life. The first fifteen years of my incarceration I blamed everyone for my misfortunes. I refused to accept responsibility, it was everybody else’s fault but mine. In 2005, while being housed in a level 2 facility I was introduced to self-help therapy, and through those character development groups I realized and came to the conclusion that I had to accept responsibility for my actions. Because of who I was and what I was promoting and what I believed in, a human life was lost. I accepted full responsibility for my actions and began living my life of service. It was no longer about me, but what I can do for others. I was blessed to come home in 2015, and upon my release I continued to live my life of service. If I would have been introduced to these groups early in my incarceration, maybe I wouldn’t have had to do a quarter of a century in prison.

  • Aldo Romero:

    “Abel Diaz was at a robbery in which officer Galvez lost his life.”–you said.

    Both the legal & dictionary definitions of “robbery’ is “taking property through the use of force or fear.”

    What, pray tell, was Diaz’s expectation if the robbery was resisted?

    “What is his culpability?” is your quote.

    Supremely stupid question.

  • Cognistator:

    You have the right to feel the way you do. It is not as you say, “Supremely stupid question.” Having an objective view of circumstances will help you best evaluate your stance. I do not condone robbery, but science shows that a youth’s brain does not develop until the age of 25. You state, “What, pray tell, was Diaz’s expectation if the robbery was resisted?” He had no weapons in his possession, thus it could be inferred not murder. His mind was not fully developed to pre-determine the outcome. My question for you is how do you help our youth be pro social. Scott ask that they get mental health and programs. Restorative Justice requires the changing of old archaic mindsets.

  • All human life is precious—the life of Officer Ricardo Galvez as well as the life of Abel Diaz. To demonize either is a miscarriage of justice. Empathy is not and should not be a crime. Abel Diaz committed a horrific act, that does not make him a horrible person. We as a society have a moral responsibility to give this man the tools that he needs to become a productive member of society.
    I spent over 21 years in prison for taking a life. I was called animal, monster, and at some points, treated like trash. It is easy to call those who are convicted of crimes monsters and pieces of shit—to dehumanize them in a manner that makes throwing them away palatable. I was deemed incorrigible and irredeemable. Thankfully, I was given the tools that I needed to rehabilitate and in late 2018 I was released from prison. Since my release I have been a law-abiding, tax-paying member of society.
    After my release I knew I had a moral responsibility to contribute to society in definitive and meaningful ways in order to make amends for the life that I took. Don’t get me wrong. I know that I can never fully atone for taking a life. But my conscience still compels me to try. And just because someone cannot fully atone for their past decisions does not mean that they should be locked up for the rest of their lives.
    If someone poses a current risk to public safety, they should be separated from society. But once they no longer pose a risk, they should be released. That is the current standard being enforced by the Board of Parole Hearings (BPH).
    I currently work in what is widely considered to be one of American’s most dangerous and notorious prisons. Unfortunately, society has deemed many of the men confined in this prison as incorrigible and irredeemable. I can tell you from firsthand experience that these men are not monsters and they are redeemable. They have made some very bad decisions—without question. But once they are shown the pathway to a better, crime-free life, they gravitate towards it. I have seen drug dealers, gang members, and murderers completely turn their lives around and become upstanding model prisoners who no longer pose a risk to society. The only reason that they are still in prison is to satisfy someone’s vengeance. But vengeance does not reduce crime or the number of people victimized by it. Vengeance does not help heal our communities. Vengeance does not help keep us safe. Empathy does. Is it hard to empathize with someone who has afflicted violence upon another? Most certainly. Does that mean we should not attempt to do so? I firmly believe we should.
    Let’s climb out of our trenches. Let’s honor the life of fallen officer Ricardo Galvez and the life of Abel Diaz. Let us know that Ricardo Galvez protected our society and, once rehabilitated, Abel Diaz will have something meaningful to add to our society.
    May Officer Galvez Rest in Peace.

  • After reading the article Witness LA, I’m inclined to state what I believe to be just and fair. I firmly hold to the principles that govern this country, “..that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” (1776).

    My prayers are with Galvez’s family for their loss, pain, suffering, and continued hardships. As for Abel Diaz and his senseless reckless crime that he committed against Galvez and his family, community, and society as a whole– he got what he deserved: to be incarcerated for what he did.

    However, we have checks and balances in this country that constitute our government (1787), and each of the three branches can limit the powers of the others. The legislative branch is the written law and it introduces laws that we vote on. The executive branch is the power and hand of the government to make sure that laws are carried out in an orderly fashion. The judicial branch is where the judge interprets the laws to make sure justice is served.

    Now if the judge sentenced Abel Diaz according to the letter of the law than, we as citizens need to respect, honor, and uphold his decision that is based on the law that we as a people voted into the law.

    Regarding the homicide investigator named Richard Biddle, I think he is committed to his profession and is grieving for the loss of his friend and being overzealous for his fallen colleague and he is to be commended for his effort,

    Needless to say, the righteous investigator is overstepping his entrusted powers by not allowing the law to stand, ruled by the honorable Judge himself. And as for Scott Budnick who is an advocate for equality, justice, and reform and who is praised by two governors and acknowledged by a former president. Who are we to cast judgement “…You shall know a tree by its fruits,” even the theft on the cross was shown mercy and forgiven by Jesus. Shouldn’t we extend mercy to those that ask for it?

  • Keep Dreaming, a “consequence-free” world? Surely you jest. I think you overdosed on Fox & Friends. Its a stupefied simplification that only you and your ilk can come up with, and the folks at FOX, of course. You would probably say that I want the same, but as you may recall I am the one calling out the pedophiles in uniform, the thieves in uniform, the rapist in uniform, the murderers in uniform, the fraudsters in uniform. No one thinks there should be no consequences, just that the consequences should have some relation to the crime and that you and the cogs that make up the system should not play favorites.


    Did you mean your questions were supremely stupid? If so, I agree. Let me tell you what he was expecting, and I am not a psychic or one of those baptist high holy rollers you watch on TBN. He was not thinking. If he was, he was not thinking anyone would resist. He was not expecting a cop. He was not thinking anyone would get hurt. He was thinking this would be easy money. He certainly wasn’t expecting anyone would be killed, and the last thing he was expecting was that he would be in prison for murder. It was very stupid what Diaz did, as are your questions. Sixteen year-old tend to make very stupid mistakes. There should be consequences, and there were. You may not agree with the judge’s decision, but that is because you only agree when the cops get off. I hope than answers your stupid question.

  • “I was incarcerated in 1991 for a crime I did not commit.”

    If true then you are fully justified in being pissed off & have nothing to apologize for.

  • Sam, Bias runs in all directions. If Mr. Diaz has made good use of his time, that’s a positive thing but that has nothing to do with the focus of this article – it’s a distractor. The real issue is the propriety of this detective’s actions – and without also sharing the basis for same, it’s short sided and to me, unfair.

  • Cf, you trying to read minds again? Well you can’t. You just project your silly neurotic fantasies onto people you don’t know. Whatever kind of question it was, your answer is pathetic.

  • Misquote. Science says the brain develops until the age of 25, when the process is COMPLETED. The brain is developing before birth and all the way to 25, so quite trying to make an excuse for poor decision making.

  • Your myopic worldview only contemplates criminals with badges, and none other. That is a stupefied simplification.

  • Sam: Mr. Diaz got Justice and that’s how it works. No where in the sentencing is it required that Mr. Diaz gets anything. The system worked and he is in the right place. People like Mr. Diaz will have plenty of time to think about his hate filled crimes. Will he “redeem” himself is up to him. Society owed him nothing but a fair trial and he got that. He also has the chance for appeals and he’ll get that too. True, he is not related to me and I am thankful that he is not! You should consider that some, in our society, are no damn good. Charles Manson comes to mind. If Mr. Diaz wants to redeem himself let him step forward and admit his crimes and apologize to the victims friends and family. Then start making restitution. Redeeming and changing doesn’t start by having lawyers work the system. Mr. Diaz is an adult(although a messed up one) and is in charge of these so-called lawyers. Mr. Diaz got mercy as he is still alive. He still breathes and will see another Christmas. NOTE: Mr. Diaz: If you want redemption; cooperate with the investigators and show others that a life of crime and hate is not redemption!

  • Now, Mses Lady Kong and Keep Dreaming, you are wrong, yet again. Madame Kong, thou did not protest when your fellow cops were reading Mr. Diaz’s mind, or when you do it because the brother looks “suspicious.” The difference is I do not have a badge and can’t act on my mind reading.

    Keep Dreaming, I explained it to you and your ilk, but I’m now feeling you guys do not really read my posts or take me seriously. There are criminals with and without badges. The ones without badges have you and everyone else to deal with. They will get prosecuted, get an overworked public defender and an overzealous prosecutor. they will go to prison and not have a Mr. Budnick to advocate for them. Your criminal acts I find more egregious and dangerous to society because you have a badge, because you are an agent of the state, because your badge allows you coerce people to do things they would not do absent a badge, because you are entrusted and paid to protect the very people against whom you commit crimes, because in any criminal case your words carry more weight than that of the prosecuted, and because a society that really cares about its citizens will watch the watchers. I know you will not understand. So, let us move on to the next lively topic that Celeste will soon throw our way.

  • I totally agree with you on this latest post of yours. I have been saying there are some crooked deputies who later manage to become members of the IAB/ICIB squads. They then begin looking down with suspicion on those deputies who actually do the dirty work. Later, someone with a higher rank orders them to do a political hit on a deputy, just because of their race, politics or attitude.

    Some then engage in the manufacturing of cases by violating every single principle of decency and violate the US constitution to accomplish their goal. It is safe to say some, not all deputies, are also willing to frame a black or brown kid, just because they can.

    Let’s not pretend what CF says is totally crazy. Here WitnessLA has published cases of deputies that were framed by the Baca/Tanaka regime, just because they could. There were many more that were framed by the Diana Teran/McDonnell regime as well. Yet, WitnessLA did not publish any of those because she was friends with them. Now, WitnessLA is not friends with Alex Villanueva, they will publish anything that reflects badly on him.

  • now now cf, I think you got triggered, the first comment wasn’t trying to read minds, only making a logical deduction. You on the other hand launched Into a full on mind reading delusion. Obviously I can’t read your mind, but you did lapse into your usual hysterics, even your dual personality made an appearance in an apparent attempt to reenforce your fragile ego. I’m not a mental health professional but I recommend you seek help.

  • Sgt Biddle is a capable and highly respected Homicide Investigator. When accusing people of crimes your integrity will always be questioned. I am sure Sgt Biddle is use to it and is thick skinned. He presented his evidence to a judge for review to receive a warrant. He was successful. Generally the character assaults occur in court but when you accuse a powerful and rich movie director all bets are off.

  • Returned: No one is entitled(by law) or deserves a second chance unless that person accepts responsibility for their actions. If you are genuine then go out and continue to tell others what you have suffered and that you applied meaning to your life. In the greatest country that has ever existed, everyone has chance to succeed or fail. Sadly, too many others fail miserably when they are given a second, third and fourth chances and still screw up. If you want to know why violent crime is down go read Freakonomics by Dubner and Lovett. Unwanted children are not being born and community programs impact violent crime on a small scale v abortion. How strange that a thug like Mr. Diaz gets all this legal and mental health to keep him alive to once again prey on the innocent. But unborn babies ( majority of which are African American) get Capital Punishment and have no rights at all! Does this seem crazy?

  • Viewpoint:
    Then abortion is murder, right? Can’t have it both ways. If ALL life has value then Mr. Diaz’s life has value. The problem is(for Mr. Diaz) he does not value life by his own actions. I will provide you with a working definition of Justice. Put it in your wallet and keep it to remind you.
    Justice is that standard or boundary of right that allows us to render unto every man his just due without distinction.
    Your response is more akin to liberal tripe when you get caught committing another Rape or Murder and then you want your version of justice. Keep trying, as one day you’ll get it.

  • One thing I learned from my decades in law enforcement is that the truth is normally found somewhere in the middle. I’m sure this will all sort out in the end and it will most likely be anti-climatic. This article and the sometimes snarky responses have also pointed out the fact that we seem to have lost any sense of basic human kindness…. and that’s the biggest crime of all.

  • LASD under Villanueva and his lackeys have started spreading vanities, delusions, and lies about crime being down 7% County wide – Arrests are up and Deputy morale sky high – reason being they are not scared to do their jobs. I bet the Bandidos in ELA love the guy. They can even prey on their own Latino recruits.

    Here is the irony -If crime is down how can arrests be up. There can only be 2 answers to this. Either there are more Blacks and Latino’s being framed by LASD deputies, who concoct and frame people of color in lower socio-economic status neighborhoods by working in the gray just like they were under Lee Baca/ Paul Tanaka’s regime at LASD or they are flat out bullshitting to make ( Publicity – hungry ) Villanueva look like some sort of crime fighter and cant get their facts together just like Villanueva did using BS pie charts. His numbers seem more comical than factful.

  • @ getagrip – The world is messy- there are ambiguities. This notion of purity and that you’re never compromised is a fallacy. So I do not trust either Biddle or Budnick. They both look like shitbags.

  • AD: There is no legal or moral term as “restorative justice.” People make up terms to suit their feelings and justify crime. BS!

  • Thanks for the laugh shit show, you made my day! It must kill you to realize crime is actually down across LASD jurisdictions, including a whopping 15% drop in homicides and burglaries. The LASD reports these stats to the US DOJ, just like they have for decades, nothing has changed. Arrests are up 12%, and only the clueless like you can’t fathom the impact of taking bad guys off the streets results in less crimes being committed.

    Two deputies got arraigned for perjury, stripped of their pay, for “working the grey,” as you say, just two weeks ago. And that was the LASD that investigated that, not the DA, so there goes your entire theory. I’m curious, when McNumbnuts was desperately trying to find something positive to report about, did you complain about that?

  • Two down with many more to go, yet with suspect #1 Mandoyan still around, you feign victory. GIVE ME A BREAK!

  • Perhaps you can explain why Skip Miller, famously known as Anthony Pelicano’s attorney, is now losing his mind over the fact McDonnell’s emails have now surfaced showing Mandoyan’s case was not a termination case? Oops.

    Maybe that’s why the BOS hired a shady attorney to make their case. Ultimately the truth comes out.

  • Keep Dreaming – These comical numbers must come from only 2 people [WLA Edit]. You guys should be past the whole McNumbuts thing. Or is it paranoia I hear from you ? Villanueva will be all but forgotten in 3 years.

  • Citation needed (links, Google search words, whatever) needed on all that.

    Or do we just take your word on it?

  • ….I’m agree, just like Biscaluz, Pitches, Block and Baca who managed to stay in office more than 4 years. Incumbancy speaks for itself, when even with all the “spin” and outright lieing the reality for everyday people speaks for itself. If people feel safe in their neighborhoods, feel the person is relatable and like the incumbant he/she will win that’s a simple fact.

    The last incumbant Sheriff lacked in so many areas and I don’t see any proposed “winners” lurking around the corner.

  • I am only one man working to not ban prisons but to reform the corruption of the justice system. When you have those who decide to protect citizens yet victimize them instead and keep getting away with it there is a problem.

  • Firstly how do you know that Mr. Diaz will continue to victimize others? That is an assumption and not fact. I can only speak on myself in regards to what Mr. Scott Budnick has done for me in my life, and what his org. Has done for me. Witb out him and the wonderful people attached to him thousands of returning citizens would have continued the vicious cycle of recidivism.

    And I do speak out almost in a daily basis. My story needs to be heard so closed minded people understand the true impact of the justice system and the corrupt prison system.

  • A quote from the most recent RELAC newsletter: “A proposed ballot measure is being discussed by a coalition of community groups that would allow the Board of Supervisors to remove the sheriff for violations of public trust.”

    RELAC is an acronym for Retired Employees of Los Angeles County, and the quote can be found on P. 13, JAN/Feb 2020 issue.

    Evidently somebody sees a “winner” out there somewhere.

  • Um- Keep Dreaming – Um- sumreality- catching up – I know you use multiple monikers. And no I am not mocking any relatives. I do know there is only one person defending Villanueva and the accuracy of the facts laid – the wisdom and the mechanics being presented to the people of LA County. It’s got to do with credibility and transparency. Again if I were you I think would do the same.

    Villanueva is doing the same things Baca and Paul Tanaka did. I thought he would learn from his predecessors. However, it seems like he has not.

  • Mandoyan is about to be a multi millionaire. Rumor is, former executives are coming forward regarding his case along with additional information that was recently discovered on how he was targeted. It’s real ugly and I’m dying to see how the BOS is going to get out of this one.

  • Do tell what Villanueva is doing besides telling the truth. The fact you can’t handle the truth sounds like a personal problem.

  • A comment made in December from another deputy blog, LASO employee MM.

    “Are you kidding? Where did you get that morale is at an all-time high? It’s at an all-time low. He is incompetent and underqualified. His actions internally and his horrible public speaking echo his incompetence and lack of executive experience. He promotes individuals that skip or have little time in ranks that should be required for a promotion. He stated in meetings that there are specific qualifications to get to LT, Captain and above. However, he doesn’t follow that criteria. He himself lacks that experience! He’s a liar and true hypocrite. Get real. He won the lottery and is a “one-termer!”

  • Keep Dreaming – If you really want to know and you need to be enlightened :
    – Rehiring Mandoyan
    – Hiring his Son
    – Clawing back reforms which held Deputies accountable for falsifying statements.
    – Keeping Troubled Deputies on the force
    – Dumbing down the hiring process just to meet numbers
    – Promoting problem LT’s to Chiefs ( You know who I am talking about )
    – Transferring the Captain at the Academy overnight just because his boy would not want to conform to POST Standards
    – Promoting his Cronies to Captains and AS
    – Fantasizing over Departmental employees over loyalty (Baca,Tanaka or McDonnell) rather than employees being loyal to the County of Los Angeles and its Citizens
    – Spending 3 Million+ on Mandoyan (Yes I heard your BS and sick of it)

    You need more ?

  • “Transferring the Captain at the Academy overnight just because his boy would not want to conform to POST Standards.”

    Can you clarify exactly what happened here?

    Academy accreditation comes from POST, as do all Police Academies throughout the State, so it is improbable that AV would endanger Academy accreditation by not adhering to POST standards.


  • Interesting watching @ shit show & @ KD @ Cognistator go back and forth

    So @ Cognistator why did you only pick one example from @ shit show.
    On a side note did you forget all the times AV and his sole supporter pack in all their tirades when McD was in the chair at the Ivory tower ?

  • Shit show, your beginning to bore me. Here is a rundown on your foray into comedy:
    Mandoyan was NOT a termination case according to McDonnell’s own executives, and now the whole truth is out – the entire case was built around a false accusation and the county decided to spend millions to sue themselves.

    Villanueva’s son applied when MCDONNELL was sheriff, so maybe you can blame him – oh wait you can’t because the standards are set by POST, and he was an eligible candidate.

    You missed the part where McDonnell and Teran illegally created their own Guidelines for discipline outside of the Meet and Confer process. They got busted and lost at ERCOM, forcing the adoption of the previous 2012 rules. Villanueva is actually following the rule of law, so what reforms did he “claw back?”

    Don’t know how you fire “troubled” deputies, maybe you can ask McDonnell since he brought back 14 deputies who should not have been rehired. Villanueva has fired 30 employees in his first year in office, and each one for cause based on STANDARDS and EVIDENCE, something foreign to McDonnell and Teran.

    The hiring process was revamped and consolidated, but the standards are the same since 2006. Not sure if that qualifies as “dumbing down,” but McDonnell standards of taking a year to hire worked great for every other agency but the LASD.

    You have issues with who’s getting promoted, too bad. Elections have consequences, and when you are left with an entire management team who is ethically and performance challenged, change is in order. Are you suggesting the LASD and the community would be better off by continuing to promote the incompetent, corrupt, administration of Mcbuckles? How did that work out for him?

    Captains are now being held accountable for when they fail to carry out the lawful orders and vision of the sheriff. That’s how the cow eats the cabbage, and if you have problems with that, oh well, so sad too bad. BTW, you may want to check your facts and sources, but then again your name is not Shit Show for nothing.

    Not sure about your whole loyalty drivel. Sheriff V has promoted Tanaka, Baca, and McDonnell loyalists, and people who remained neutral their whole career. Did he have other options? Of course not, unless he went outside the LASD.

    You missed the part where the board sued themselves and the sheriff, spending 3+ million in the process. Those are facts, suck on them. Not the sheriff’s problem.

    I got plenty more, but I don’t think your elevator hits the top floor.

  • A.V. even hired back Sgt BatMan and gave him a do nothing job even though he could not pass the required physical.
    One of the most illegal operating department members.
    His actions always cost deputies lots of discipline.

  • So AV hires only the best – 🙂 from AV’s masters of the universe to disgraced, unemployed, and unemployable laughingstock- suffering from a wave of scandals the meat- grinder of his command staff ( Yes look what happed to his first US and his 2 chiefs ). The fundamental issue here is that he is not only unqualified, he has the nerve to create qualifications sergeants and lieutenants must meet to promote, so that his inept friends or friends of friends (Reapers promoted to Captain & ELA Bandido station Captain promoted to Commander ) who have been passed up for not meeting the bar or sitting on their butts their whole career, can be promoted all the way to the top. This will truly drain the county and the Dept because of the lawsuits by people who weren’t promoted (sergeants who scored band 1 only to be told AV doesnt follow a legally binding MOU) or were retaliated against by a vindictive, insecure, inexperienced bonehead. Seems like the insecurities will be washed away if everyone’s career mirrors his.

  • Ya, you really sound like a bitter individual who’s been passed over because of your lack of credentials. I’m sorry your gravy train got one of AV’s “Your services are no longer needed” letters. I’m sorry your 18 months of patrol experience exposed your inept ability to lead. I’m sorry the coattails you rode on got pulled from under your feet. I’m sorry you now have to work and earn a living. I’m sorry whatever was promised to you is no longer valid. And mainly, I’m sorry you chose to pick the path of least resistance in your life and career that now you have to play catch up after all these wasted years. Finally, I’m sorry you picked a career you should have never gotten into. GTFOH and earn your keep. Stop blaming AV for YOUR failures. Coward!

  • Man, AV makes moves, cleans house of all the power hungry, self serving Tanaka empire building heathens who had a whole year to audition and show their worth, they’re now are throwing fits and bitching and complaining about Batman. Don’t forget, your probationary period is a year, BRO!

    Matter of fact, check your manhood and approach Batman in person and address your concerns with him. I doubt that you will.

  • @ New Year @ KD @ Um and all the other 8 monikers you use AV’s sole and lonely mouth piece. The things you do to spew AV’s vomit to gain the faintest notoriety. I noticed you did not answer any of my concerns besides copying and pasting your spasms every time someone criticizes your dear beloved.

    Wasn’t it YOU circling the wagons to protect Mandoyan? Wasn’t it you attacking anyone who called out Mandoyan for his aggressive dating tactics?

    At least tall Paul made the guys work hard and earn it. AV just wants guys to show up for photo ops and they get promoted.

  • @ New Year @ Um @ KD @ sumreality @catching up – You are the same person. I think everone who posts on this forum knows that. AV or your “DEAR LEADER” has not “cleaned house of all the power hungry, self serving Tanaka empire building heathens who had a whole year to audition and show their worth” as you would say. Nobody cares about this garbage theory of House Cleaning done by AV. He is surrounded by paranoia about “boss he is solid and loyal”.

    Currently the Department is run by AV and his Spouse. Lets get that right first. The command staff is there as a pretense and nothing else. Rumor is even Mandoyan plays a role on who gets promoted to command staff. Just like old times you were “IN THE CAR or OUT OF THE CAR”. Just a different list of names. That same dangerous, stupid man theory feeds AV’s constant flow of conspiracy nonsense, uncritical praise, and uninformed opinion.

  • [WLA Edit] so now that everything has been ruled out because of lies and fabrications, i guess firing someone for aggressive dating tactics would justify a termination. Do you realize how stupid and desperate you sound? [WLA Edit] you really need to chill out with your posts. Im starting to think you and Carl had a thing and you got your panties in a bunch all of a sudden.

    In the end, Mandoyan is innocent and has been factually proven with over 800 pages of evidence. The very FEW haters that circle the wagons against him just to weaponize him against AV is failing on a daily basis.

    The saddest part of all this is, you individuals were or are still friends with him and would never have the decency to say anything to him in person. Common character trait of cowards and backstabbers. But then again, you have done this throughout your careers, just with other individuals.

  • LASD is a real life enactment equaling the Wizard of Oz, just a matter of time when more of the characters and acts are exposed.

    Literally and metaphorically, the year 2020 will allow the public and taxpayers to see the inadequacies of local government spending and waste.

  • I think you missed the part where the board of supervisors filed lawsuit against the sheriff and themselves, using taxpayer dollars. Mandoyan is not filing anything with taxpayer money, so get your facts straight. I know you can’t see straight because your e-ticket is over, but you should educate yourself. Wasn’t it Mark Twain who said never argue with a fool, they’ll beat you with experience!

  • Hahahaha… All im hearing is a little whiny child. Carry on moron. You keep showing who you really are. A once a time insider who had an expectation of superiority, then all of a sudden you were exposed and moved. Now you’re upset and want to hide behind an alias stomp your little feet. Remember your one year probationary period.

  • Speaking of questions, ABC news ran a story about the hourly cost of the attorneys involved in the Mandoyan case. It indicated that the County approved hourly rate is $495 (even that seems high to us mere mortals).

    The Sheriff however, retained the Quinn Emanuel firm. The article quotes them as saying that they have their own retainer agreement with Sheriff Villanueva for more than twice the county-approved rate – at $1120 per hour for its lead attorney. The Sheriff claims ignorance re this huge expense. His statement when asked was, “Whatever the attorneys on that side get are the same rate that our ones get”

    I hope after the April trial concludes that the losing side is ordered to pay attorney fees. A message needs to be sent re frivolous lawsuits and the corresponding waste of tax payer money.

  • Good LORD…..Old and Jaded, I though you had misquoted Villanueva (or the article) with, “Whatever the attorneys on that side get are the same rate that our ones get.” But NO….that’s the SHERIFF of Los Angeles County struggling with the English language.

    But then there’s this Spanglish gem, in response to $1120/hour his attorneys are getting:

    “That’s between the attorneys to resolve that, that’s not my control.”

    And this one:

    “We need to have the Board respect their authority and their limitations and then respect my authority as Sheriff.” (Does the Board NOT respect their own authority?)

    This article is damning. The donations from Mandoyan (don’t forget the OTHER $1500 donations from Tam’s Burgers cashiers and fry-cooks and donations from his new, hairless Chief of Staff), the lies, making Mandoyan his FIRST priority on day ONE, the phone transcripts, the advice from County Council, the 3 MILLION spent so far on this farce…it’s astounding.

    I’ll be retiring soon and never thought I’d see the Department I love so much so quickly scuttled by it’s arrogant but incompetent captain.

  • Could’nt retain my thoughts after seeing your post reading about frivolous lawsuits and stupendous costs. Long memory and deja vu be damned!
    The costs are coming from our deputies big pot of individual dues

    ALADS Board Members are still paying on their case that financially backfired against two long gone honorable retired deputies, Superior Court Case BC540789

    Amazing how information is sealed, hoping no one remembers or to ask questions.
    For shits and giggles or a Damn! exclamation, look up the case then add it up.

  • I think you should pay more attention to the sheriff’s monthly press conferences. The board of supervisors frivolously decided to sue the sheriff, not the other way around. They hired the notorious Skip Miller, famous for representing Anthony Pelicano. Then they hired TWO MORE firms, for a total of three law firms now trying to figure out how to screw the sheriff every way possible because his name isn’t Jim McDonnell. Want to know what the hourly rate is for three high priced law firms? The 3 million figure the sheriff offered is probably a rough estimate, and the county generated most of it.

    The losing side in the April trial will be the county taxpayers, who are you kidding? And to think the BOS not ONCE bothered to resolve the dispute informally behind closed doors. Sheriff V made it very clear, he attempted to resolve the matter in close session with your hero BOS, only to find out they had already been working for weeks on a lawsuit against him.

    Bottom line: McDonnell brought back 14 deputies who never should have been rehired, and the board couldn’t care less. Villanueva brings back ONE who was wrongfully terminated and the board is spending millions to defeat the sheriff. This is so obvious Stevie Wonder could see this coming…

  • Love it when B Moronguchi chimes in with his “Im the smartest guy in the room” rhetoric. Brian, it’s clear that you’re still upset you got nothing out of two failed campaigns you got involved in, even though you tried bartering a promotion from all 3 candidates. Then finally, you chose to unilaterally endorse Mcdummy against your active members wishes. After doing so and trying to justify it, you couldn’t help yourself with your arrogance, you decided to single handedly run the IE thinking and actually believing you’re some sort of a political operative. Thennnnn, after all that, you produce amateur ISIS looking endorsement videos and Trump like billboards with Christmas red backgrounds… Lol… If anyone needs to reimburse anyone, it’s you who needs to pay PPOA back for your selfish greed and arrogance. Our 800k of dues money was never meant for you to piss away. You live in a glass house and should never cast stones.

    To the rest of you 5 haters, you might as well use your real names here, since all your other FB posts are identical to what you write here. Then again none of you are known for your intelligence.

  • Keep Dreaming – You sure are good at throwing shit on the wall and check if some of it will stick. The BOS made it very clear to Villanueva not to re-hire any of the Deputies who were fired and went through their due process. But Villanueva challenged them anyway. So yes this was his making and nobody else’s.

    You know you have nothing to defend Villanueva, so you keep regurgitating McDonnell and Teran.Villanueva has no advisors other than his wife. Between the two of them, they have made one horrendous decision after another. When you are the smartest guy in the room, you don’t take, nor do you need anyone else’s advice. If you think this is going to change, you need to get a different moniker. But this show will end in about two and a half years.

    Lets recap Villanueva’s first week in office. He dismissed the Department’s top executives ( because he thought they were loyal to McDonnell and thought they held him back from promoting to a higher rank ) and replaced them with lieutenants and friends and friends (one of them who had to retire .. thanks to a courageous Captain who stood up to Villanueva) of friends and Lenox reapers who recently promoted to Captain, insult and alienate his entire command staff within days of being elected. With power going to his head he immediately began insulting the people who control his money and declare war on them, investigate the very body that provides oversight of his Department, bring back a guy who NOBODY thinks shoulda been brought back. But guess he wanted to return the favor.

  • Apostle – I had the same thought when I read his reply. I don’t know if he’s actually illiterate or if he just gets nervous around the press but it’s not a good look.

    A lot of distortion of the facts on the part of at least one rabid defender of his here. There is nothing frivolous about the County defending their position – they cannot afford the precedent of allowing department heads (elected or not) to ignore county personnel rules. Whether a citizen or a Deputy, facts matter and there is a bigger picture here than the Sheriff. He appears to be providing a lot of ammo for whoever runs against him.

    Enjoy that well earned retirement.

  • Sheriff Villanueva is now harassing chaplains with his jail policies. Can this sheriff sink any lower?

    An email from a chaplain.


    I received a message from one of our chaplains recently that began with “I survived the jail today.” It is a short and sad commentary on the state of affairs in the Los Angeles County Jails. It didn’t used to be this way. It wasn’t that long ago that chaplains had a general sense that we were welcomed and even valued for the ministry we offer with our incarcerated friends. But things have changed since the arrival of Alex Villanueva as the new sheriff. Things are very different now.

    After some years of moving forward in support of more compassionate care for inmates, things have shifted noticeably. More restrictions are being put in place that are limiting how we can engage with our incarcerated friends in a healing and life-giving way. It even feels as though the human connection is being discouraged. For no apparent reason, chaplains are being looked upon with suspicion. Our clear bags that carry materials are now being routinely searched. We are now continually faced with delays and being told we will have to wait … and wait … to do what we have come to do.

    In all of this, it is our incarcerated brothers and sisters who feel it the most. It saddens me that they are not allowed some of the very things that can enrich their spiritual life and make their time in jail more meaningful. Every time we feel diminished or disrespected, I am reminded that our incarcerated brothers and sisters deal with this every day. Through it all, it is God’s grace that saves us, and I need to remember to look for that grace in the midst of the struggle.

    Please pray for us. Things are not easy. We need a stream of constant prayers lifted up to God on behalf of the inmates, chaplains and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, as we continue to strive for justice, peace and respect for the dignity of every human being.

    Brother Paul

  • @ Temple & B – AV is impervious to reason and immune to irony. He is willful, petulant and full of pointless defiance. He has no grace to admit mistakes and learn from them. By now, unless we’ve all been living in an underground bunker it’s safe to conclude that AV as Sheriff is an unprecedented disgrace and laughing stock.

  • To say you guys are pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe the situation. The LASD has come back to life directly because of the changes Sheriff V has made to the organization. Under McBuckles, the department was shrinking by a few hundred every year, and now hiring is up 65%. Hard numbers to argue with, but trolls will be trolls.

    What is sad is that these angry posers could care less about the fate of the organization, it was all about what the department was going to do for them under McIdiot that apparently got interrupted. John Q public couldn’t care less about the inner politics that seems to consume AV haters alive. They want more deputies on the streets working on their behalf, and the department is now delivering. Oh, what’s a hater to do, darn it! I guess they could always recast themselves with a new avatar and pretend…

  • Hahaha… Another mic drop by KD!

    These idiots can’t see two feet in front of them if it doesn’t impact them or their promotion. These are power hungry, self serving, back stabbings vipers. These morons will stab each other in the back if it meant a promotion for them. This is the only place they can come and hide behind an alias and throw stones like real life cowards.

    What’s really pathetic is, none of them will have the balls to say anything in person. On the contrary, they’ll smile, shake AV’s hand and say “good job boss. What can I do to help. You’re doing a great job” I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

  • You’ll be retiring soon? I thought you were already retired douchebag. Good riddance. Don’t let the gates hit you in the ass. Obviously your gravy train ran out and the coattails you rode on for years got pulled out from under your feet. Probably a disgruntled Commander.

  • Ohhhh the horror!!! Oh my goodness!! Alert the media. The Sheriff’s Department is finally running a tight ship. Ohhh, no way, how can this be? GTFOH moron… I hope you realize how lame you sound right about now. You little bit of credibility you had just miserably dwindled away. You went down to notch zero again.

  • @ KD aka New Year and the other 8 monikers you use to spew vomit. You keep bringing up the 14 Deputies McD hired back. Didn’t AV just promote one of those Sergeants to LT, and in 6 months the guy works homicide. Give me a break with your McD hating. Oh wait didn’t AV promote a Captain to Chief – The same Captain who was demoted under Baca for cheating.

    Just like you say “You cant make this stuff up”.

  • I don’t know the folks being thrown under the bus here but it sure seems like the people speaking out defending the Sheriff are behaving in such a way as to give credibility to those who are concerned about his followers/believers and their treatment of others on the Department. Wow!!!

    But if it is true that Sheriff’s wife is on here, could she please ask her husband to see to it that the org chart on is updated (hasn’t been since March) so us retirees can see who is where? Thanks

  • 415 Enigma:

    “So @cognistator why did you only pick one example from @ shit show.”

    Because it shows that The Right Thing is being Done: transferring overnight the Academy commander because because a subordinate’s training methods doesn’t conform to POST Standards. That’s important because the Academy is where minds are molded & it’s important for the LASD to have a supply of correctly molded minds.

    I am sorry that there is not more information on this particular incident.

  • [WLA Edit]

    Just admit it. You are angry, ignorant, venal as hell, probably shouting at the wall using vain words and hammering out at the keyboard hard as possible in anger. Yes this running the day to day operations of the Department is totally over AV’s head. LT’s do not have command or executive and it clearly shows. All that swagger gone – now only filled with paranoia – that inferiority complex which reflects his leadership. Hence all this chaos.

    No Sheriff can rival the sideshow cast of characters who compose AV world. They resemble the casting call for the set of “Real Housewives of Vulgaria”. Team AV is the dross in the Sheriff’s melting pot, combining reapers, Tall Paul’s coin collectors, dead-enders, ass -kissers, and the worst instincts and beliefs scrapped from the darkest corners of our Departments shame closet.

  • Editor’s Note:

    I just now went through and deleted a number of comments and edited others because of the use of real names or barely disguised names. AND these don’t include the comments I’ve already been dropping in the trash because they were so irredeemably hostility-filled.

    Please act like responsible adults.

    (And, since we’re on the topic, just to be clear, “Mother fucker, that’s all you fucktards do,” while not as bad as a lot of things I’ve just deleted, still does not lead to any kind of adult conversation.)

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Happy nearly New Year.


  • 415 Enema, for a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing, ain’t it something when crime goes down, bad guys go to jail, hiring is up, and the community wants more deputies out there? How does he do it?

  • They’ll never accept that or anything good AV does. They’ll keep putting lipstick on the pig just to call it something else. AV could find the cure for cancer tomorrow and solve world hunger and these fucktards will still find something to bitch about. That’s why everyone knows who they are and no one takes them seriously.

  • You know what the best part about your bullshit post is, that a piece of shit like you is not on team AV. That in itself is a major plus for AV. So, he is doing a great job with those he’s assembled around him.

    And when morons such as yourself are bitching and complaining, just validates even more that he’s on the right track and doing the right thing.

    Chew on that for a bit.

  • Temple and Broadway- Good!! I’m glad they are finally doing that! Do you know how many times we saw a certain sister assigned to MCJ reaching her hand through the bars to hand inmates items while she was watching us to make sure we didnt see her pass something off. Something small enough to fit into the palm of her hand. All the times this sister put on catholic services in the chapel by herself only to find out she plays violent movies on the projector for the inmates. Or how about when a few partners and myself snuck into the balcony during these so called services to see which inmates are passing stuff around only to be seen by this certain sister and called out by her as if she was giving the inmates a heads up we were watching them. Oh, let’s not forget this sister allowing inmates to hang out in her office while she isn’t present to make outgoing calls on her office phone and to take whatever they wanted from that office like markers, paperclips even the metal frames from whiteboards that we found a bunch of shanks were made out of.
    So yes, I’m glad they are tightening down on security of EVERYBODY coming into the jails.

  • Similarly,
    // http/info.only – lawsuit- over- two- retired ‘deputies- costs -ALADS millions- of- membership-dues/

  • Somethings to think about your “working definition” of justice…”ALLOWS” implies discretion, which every judge currently has and ought to continue to posses. This implies that the extension of mercy in judgment is a WORKING part of justice. “Right” is indeed a good word, if abortion is wrong, then it too is murder. Furthermore, “we cannot have it both ways”, agreed and noted, this also demonstrates “the standard or boundary” that YOU ascribe to justice makes “right” subjective in your perspective if we leave that to the law to society and decide; the Nazi government had very clear standards and boundaries, sounds like you would agree with their rendering? It is ironic that a relativist like you would be so in favor of condemnation. Then, “without distinction” would require ALL people convicted of the same crime to be punished in the same way, which is NOT the case in our legal system-especially for the white and the wealthy. This version of justice without distinction is also cartoonish if applied in the way you prescribe, very Biblical of you though-as the God of the Bible is said to issue YOU hellfire for YOUR immorality and secret sins without discretion and in the same manner as any other individual. “One day you’ll get it”. Lastly, here’s another definition for you, “UM” is used to indicate hesitation, it is something people usually say when they don’t know what to say or what they’re talking about-I think it fits well.

  • The law is dynamic, which is why African-American people can’t be lynched anymore and slavery is illegal and women can vote and people can drink alcohol and…Get it? Legal terms and concepts are introduced to the law. A concept or word doesn’t have to be a part of the law for it to be valid. That may be hard to understand for someone who speaks often in two letter words; “um…BS”.

  • It is interesting how the topic at hand, “LA County Sheriff’s Sergeant Accused Of “Unlawful” Campaign Of Harassment Against Justice Advocate & Film Producer Scott Budnick,” turns out to be a bashing event of current and former LASD personnel.

    Obviously, there is some real anger, as well as discontent with the way the department is being operated. Further, there is plenty of discord, animosity, distrust and what appears to be pure hate amongst current and retired LASD personnel.

    AV ran for Sheriff and the voters of L.A. County voted him in. He ran his campaign on “Reform, Rebuild and Restore.” Evidently, he has and is doing that. Some may disagree, while others may agree. Nonetheless, AV is doing what he thinks and or believes is what is right for the department. There have been some incidents, that make AV look bad (i.e., Mandoyan). Nonetheless, he is the elected Sheriff. Whatever decisions he makes, egregious or not, he will be the only person that will have to live with the consequences of such decisions / actions. Those decisions will, as tenuous as they may seem, will either help or hinder his re-election. However, this decision will be made by the voters of L.A. County (provided the BOS keeps out of it).

    One underlying theme that has emanated from this article, as well as other LASD articles, is that there is disdain for AV and his agenda. I find this rather amusing, yet frustrating. During the past regimes, the same type of vitriol rhetoric was being spewed about the person who was the Sheriff.

    Did the previous Sheriffs make mistakes? Yes they did. Did AV make mistakes? Yes. Will he make future mistakes? Maybe. However, AV (for whatever reason) decided to do something and that was to run for Sheriff of L.A. County to try and address / resolve some of the BS which was transpiring within the department (i.e., capricious discipline for line personnel). AV may not have “executive” experience, that could be a hindrance and or a blessing. How many past Sheriffs do we know that had “executive” experience, which led to creating a dysfunctional, animosity filled, unmotivated work force? Just as an example, the current POTUS. He may be a buffoon, however he is doing what is necessary for the benefit of the country, while also not taking any manure from the nay sayers.

    Give AV the benefit of the doubt. He is in complete and total control of his actions and decisions. If he fails, he has no one to blame but himself. If he does not get re-elected, then we will know why.

    To those of us who appear to have all the answers to the ills of this department, I would suggest that maybe your expertise, coupled with your “executive” experience and ability to lead an organization, should consider running for Sheriff of L.A. County.

  • Thank you for comments, and for speaking on justice reform.

    Just from reading all these comments, it makes me terribly sad to see how we as humans can be so cruel, I personally know Mr. Diaz, and have known him all his life, he was 16 yrs old when he participated in what turned into a terrible loss of a human being. I can assure you, he never intended for this to happen and he never would of participated if he had known what was going to happen.

    Yes, he made a terrible mistake that night at 16 yrs old, knowing him, I can’t explain why he chose to participate in robbing someone, period! with that said, clearly he wasn’t thinking straight right!

    He isn’t a Monster, he is a good person that made a terrible mistake, he will live with that for the rest of his life, I can also assure that the Abel Diaz family is also very heartbroken over the loss of officer Galvez.

    The family knows heartbreak, they know the heartbreak of losing a son, brother, etc… They
    also have experienced the loss of a loved one from gun violence at just 13 years old, many years ago. They too have been on the other side and choose to forgive those then teenagers for their actions over 20 years ago.

    As “returned Citizen” mentioned, Everyone deserves a second chance, especially the youth of our communities. To just discard them is wrong. Justice reform, and especially juvenile justice reform is needed not only in this state but across the nation. And I support all those who are fighting for this to happen, and I proudly stand by there sides as we fight this fight together.

    Thank you “returned Citizen for your words. May God bless you always.

  • I know it’s been several years since this article was published; however, is this the same Biddle who was the lead investigator on both the 1Oak shooting and the Tams incident involving Suge Knight?

    If so, not only would it be a crazy coincidence, but it would also reiterate that Biddle is anything but a “straight-shooter”…

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