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LA Sheriff Villanueva Abruptly Fires the LASD’s Second-In-Command, Respected Undersheriff Ray Leyva

Ray Leyva, former LASD Undersheriff
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has unexpectedly parted ways with his well-regarded undersheriff, Ray Leyva, who has been the second-in-command at the nation’s largest sheriff’s department since Villanueva selected his command staff in December.

According to the department, Leyva has resigned. But several sources close to the department told WitnessLA that Leyva was asked by the sheriff to tender his resignation on Monday, effective immediately.

He is being replaced by Assistant Sheriff Tim Murakami, who was in charge of the patrol side of the department prior to this move.

Murakami was also one of those named by Villanueva to serve on the panel that could bring back fired deputies.

The addition of Ray Leyva to the department’s very top ranks was reassuring to many LASD watchers both inside and outside the department. While Villanueva ran a very smart campaign and had refreshing ideas, he retired as a lieutenant. This meant that, although he was a supervisor, he had not little or no experience with command.

Thus department watchers and most veteran department members expressed hope that the brand new sheriff, would surround himself with respected and knowledgable people, with robust, and faction-free leadership experience, who would lend strong ballast to his first command staff as Villanueva took over the massive and complex department.

Leyva was one of those who qualified on all counts.

Thus it was a surprise when Leyva, who had supported Villanueva—and had come out retirement at Villanueva’s request—was all at once shoved out the department door.

An unexpected firing

Leyva received the news that he was being fired first thing Friday morning.

“I had a meeting with the sheriff,” he said when he recounted the event to WLA.

“And when I sat down, he said ‘I’ve decided to put a sworn person in your position. Thank you for your service.’”

Leyva asked if the change was effective that day, Friday. Sheriff Villanueva said, it was.

“So I stood up, and said, ‘Well thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me. I wish you the best.’”

Then the sheriff and his now former undersheriff shook hands.

And that was that.

On his way out the door, Leyva also shook hands with Villanueva’s chief of staff, Larry Del Mese, who was one of those present for the firing, and is said to be one of the most influential people in the sheriff’s administration.

The other primary name on the list is Chief Eli Vera who, along with Murakami, was on the panel that participated in the still controversial reinstatement of Deputy Carl Mandoyan.

In fact, it was Vera who authored the panel’s memorandum (which WitnessLA has obtained) describing the group’s analysis of the charges against Mandoyan, whether the evidence supported the charges, and what the appropriate discipline should be as a consequence.

Other factors—and another possible spousal abuse case

Some sources we spoke with suggested that the “sworn” officer issue may have been an excuse to let Leyva go, because the now ex-undersheriff has reportedly, at times, tried to advise the sheriff to redirect or ameliorate some of his more contentious actions—some actions relating to the ongoing Mandoyan drama likely among of them.

One source suggested that it may not have helped that the sheriff is said to be working on rehiring two more former department members, one of whom is reportedly a deputy who was terminated by the department because of alleged spousal abuse.

However, this deputy, reportedly, has yet to go through his civil service review, which means his case could be legally less complicated than those whose terminations have been upheld by the county’s Civil Service Commission.  Yet, outside the department, such a case could cause explosions.

Or there may have been some other bones of contention.

Leyva had been on a medical retirement when he rejoined the department, which meant he was on a different kind of contract, which lasted 120 business days.  But the contract was expected to be renewed if the sheriff had still needed Leyva after the approximately six months of the contract ran out.

Prior to coming out of retirement to serve as the second in command for Villanueva, Leyva had spent more than 40 years in law enforcement. He began as a reserve officer with the Los Angeles Police Department in 1975, then leaving the LAPD to work for the Burbank Police Department in 1976.

In 1981, he transferred to the LASD, which would be his home for the next 32 years, until his 2016 retirement.

Leyva previously ran for sheriff in 2006, and considered running a second time when Baca suddenly retired after federal indictments started rolling in.

He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from California State University, Los Angeles.

Leyva told the LA Times that he was “disappointed,” at the sudden turn of events.  “I wanted good things to happen for the department, and I wanted to be part of that,” he said.

So it seemed.  When we spoke to Ray Leyva at  Sheriff Villanueva’s swearing-in on December 3, he was clearly enthusiastic about joining the new sheriff’s team.

Last updated at 3:51 a.m. Tuesday, March 19.

Photo of Ray Leyva at Dec. 3, 2018, swearing in by WitnessLA

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  • I don’t know the details but it definitely appears to be a move in the wrong direction.

  • This is disturbing. Leyva was highly respected, but both he and other top exec’s have said they were exhausted from trying to get AV to avoid icebergs…only to have him order FULL speed ahead and steer directly at them.

    Robin Limon (former lieutenant, now chief) is rumored to be taking Murakami’s spot as Assistant Sheriff….because…well…because there are NO other qualified executives among the captains, commanders and chiefs. Also, going from Lieutenant to A/S is easy peasy.

  • This headline is quite a bit off, as Leyva was brought on under a 120 day contract to help with the transition. It almost appears as a major rush to judgment, followed by a final paragraph with a wikipedia-esque bio of Leyva. But nevertheless that’s my observation. Look up Maya Lau’s article, she seems to have at least done her research:

  • It is truly a detrimental disaster. The entire organization is heading backwards, like the movie, “Back to The Future.” He is like his predecessor Baca, with some great ideas but the wrong personnel to implement them. Case in point, Truth and Reconciliation Team which is a farce and charade. The team is comprised of out and out liars. They would not know the truth if it hit them in their thick skull, and knocked them on their dumb asses.

  • Really? I am not sure who you are, but what are you referring to about PPOA? PPOA just sent a push notification out to its members that states Ray Leva was fired.

    Celeste, you should reach out to Ray Leyva. I believe Villanueva simply told him that he (Villanueva) decided he wanted a sworn person as Undersheriff, thus implying Leyva could not be the Undersheriff anymore.

  • The headline has been changed from: “LA County Sheriff Abruptly Fires Respected Undersheriff…”. LOL

  • PPOA, KFI, really, Really. If you are good student of body language and reading between the lines, look at the last news conference regarding the Sheriff’s comments/statements and Ray’s facial and body language. Deductive logic is premature. If he wasn’t fired, he truly could not stand/stomach being around an idiot(s). This Department is truly on the verge of imploding. It has eaten itself to the core with abuse of power, cliques, fraternization, cheating, lying, nepotism and an ad nauseam of other verbs and adjectives that could be used. It is truly the beginning of the end.

  • It’s obvious the Sheriff wants yes men/women around. He does not want to hear the truth, hell it started with his first driver, who was truly his only friend a year ago, he was ousted early along with other close supporters. Leyva and Olmsted have both been trying their best to keep him focused, but he refuses to listen. His ego is so big he allowed Tanaka coin holders who were in with Lindsey to come and take over. These two guys would not have given him the time of day a year ago, yet here they are. LASD is a ship on the verge of of capsizing, and he brings in more incompetence to help tip it over. I was hoping like many others to stay around with the hopes of a fair shot at something it’s obvious that wont happen. March of 2020 here I come.

  • Fired, asked to leave, wants a sworn in the position (snicker), his 120 days are up (snicker, snicker); the end result is the same. Out of the frying pan in to the fire for Sheriff Villanueva. The guy (a) can’t get a break or (b) has a (political) death wish.

    Every move he makes seems to be the wrong one. I remember a guy called “Wrong Way Corrigan” from the 30’s. Well, we now have our very own “Wrong Way Villanueva”, who has never seen a move that he can’t make wrong.

    I’d like to play a game or two of chess with him. Someone I can finally beat.

  • Funny you say that. It is the beginning of the end of all the bad stuff you mentioned, all of them championed by previous sheriffs. Great start!

  • You won’t be missed. Due process is finally being honored, deputies are excited to come to work, recruitment is up, we are no longer shrinking, taxpayers are not being fleeced, the community is happy to have a sheriff who cares, all pluses.

    On the downside, your cherished good ol’ boys club is on the run. The department gained a real undersheriff, but the BOS and PPOA lost their double agent, LOL.

  • If he truly resigned and everything was fine, why wasn’t this well respected man, who supported AV during the campaign trail, not given a proper send off. Why did he leave this morning followed by the weakest farewell email I’ve ever seen. Why would he undermine AV instead of guide and direct like he promised he would. Yeah, the fellas are happy and that’s great, but there are other factors that need attention. Remember, if the public turns on the leader they turn on you.

  • Sheriff Alex Villanueva has the support of his deputies and the support of the community. Deputies the type of some regular commentators here never bothered to care about other deputies being railroaded by the previous regime, suddenly they care too much.

    Let the sheriff do what he’s doing, cleaning the mess the previous regime, supported by the political mafia and the LA Times created.

  • Trust me Brian, Ray reached out to her first. That’s the nature of their relationship.

  • Why exactly was he respected? Because he sued Baca and then went out IOD ? The guy was out of his element because suddenly he got a job that required work.

  • AV has community support?? Hahaha. Did you see the parade of organizations at the Board last week (and the time before) denouncing him and his “policies?” But if you are referring to the parade of fired deputies who show up to say he is great….well yeah.

  • As a voter, I voted for ALEX VILLANUEVA! Not Leyva. So to be blunt, if AV let him go, then so be it! I’m concerned about the the bias reporting on the website, the failure of jornalistic integrity is outstanding. Everyone knows witness LA has “sources” on the department and it’s hust so happens to be everyone that still has trouble with a change in management. Former sheriff McDuck has a lot of skeletons in his closet that Villanueva is threatening to expose and I’m all for it.

  • Finally we have a sheriff who holds his command staff to a higher standard. Lead by example and kiss the good old boys network good bye. Leyva supported A.V. for sheriff but the apparent reality was, Leyva couldn’t hang.

  • You mean those paid for hire shills from the “non-profits”? They are laughable. Yea right, Let me here from the 19 year old homeboy just out of county jail how “AV is bad for department”. GTFO. Or the 23 year old ACLU nobody that knows whats best for the county. I, along with many others voted him in to office, to do exactly what he’s doing right now!!

  • Moving Forward,, uh, I mean Bob Olmstead, you can quit any time. you dont need to wait until 2020.

  • Bye Felicia!

    Also, who gives a shit. How is this news worthy?
    Does Celeste write about promotions and lay offs from other agencies? No! Sounds like her number one snitch was sent off packing.

    Leyva should have never been brought back in the first place. He was a lousy cop and even a worse supervisor. He was a self serving, back stabbing snake that only looked out for himself.

    Alllllll of a sudden Brian M aka LASD Apostle has his panties in a bind again. You wasted our dues money on Mcbuckles and are now crying about Leyva? He’s no longer part of our union dude. I wish you’d fight just as hard for us as you do for Ray.

    Hopefully AV learned that bringing retirees back never works. How’d Angel and that POS Tyler work out.

    AV is running his department the way he wants to. If you’re not happy, then run for his seat in 4 years. Oh, wait, Ray already did that and failed miserably.

    We will back AV 100000%. The department has never been this great in over two decades. AV has every department member’s support and backing.

    None of you bozos will have the courage to speak ill of AV in front of us. Keep hiding behind your alises.

    AV is our Sheriff and will be for multiple terms. Outside of the few haters, he’s got the support of the entire county. Choke on that.

  • I’m sure AJ Rotella is happy that Leyva is gone. Now he can continue on with his backstabbing to the Captain, his “friend” and talking shit about the CIO when she’s not around.

    Hey Larry, watch that guy will ya’ I’m sure you’re not aware of all his evil ways, but hey, all you gotta do is pull up the many complaints about your PIO puppets.

  • AV is making all the right moves. People hating are just the people who can’t handle the truth. “No one is more hated that he who speaks the truth” Plato. He’s sticking to his promises and that’s what a real man does. He’s been On for 3 months and taking all this bullshit heat but he’s not breaking. Now that’s my Sheriff! So if you got skeletons be afraid. The BOS. The La Times. All with their hidden agendas. You can see right through them. They didn’t endorse him so they are trying to character assassinated him. It won’t work. In time the truth will surface. Wrongfully terminated deputies will be back and the BOS will be exposed. You’ve already seen the articles on Ridley Thomas and Hanh.

  • Anyone know if McDonnell and company including Big Red have been named in litigation as related to the issuance of grossly inappropriate discipline? I’m referring to the employees that have been subject to clearly excessive discipline corresponding to the blasé “Oh well, they can fight to get their job back at civil service” attitude. Is there applicable labor/employment case law when county management engages in this form of misconduct? Spoke recently with someone at Probation. They report having the same issue now with Big Red there.

    I haven’t seen all the Board hearings but it doesn’t appear from what I have viewed, that the Board has an interest in reviewing the cases where the “progressive discipline” system has allegedly victimized employees. Please jump in if you have more current information.

  • Next thing ya know, Bob Olmsted will be packing his bags. What’s to say that he won’t?

  • I don’t understand some of the buffoonery I am reading on this thread. Majority of sheriff personnel wanted MCD and Teran out. Mission accomplished! Deputy Morale was at an all time low. That’s changing just ask a deputy.

    Lastly, I wonder how many More advocacy groups, D. Teran is going to call to show up and at next BOS meeting??

  • @what a joke. If your talking about all the 415Gs that showed up and the ACLU that’s always there talking the same old crap then we should be very afraid. Lmao. The Chicano/Latino coalition that showed up spoke highly of AV and I’m pretty sure nobody told them to show up. Unlike all those other conspirators the BOS sends emails to so they can show up and support there hidden agendas. If you were a real Deputy you wouldn’t talk crap about wrongfully terminated deputies either. Those guys and girls are just trying to expose the corruption from the past regimes so more power to them. That takes a lot of heart and guts to do. I respect them for that.

  • @Brian Moraguchi
    Brian, all of sudden you want to jump on here and comment. Why don’t you comment on some of the cases PPOA has going against the last administration? You know the one you gave our union dues to. I could name a few friends that have cases but I don’t want to put their business out there. What I do know is YOU and PPOA did nothing to help them. Your weak.

  • Hey Ray, theres still a chance. Maybe you can have your case reviewed by the Truth and Reconcilliation unit.

  • Gentlemen, be careful what you ask for. Ray Leyva was asked to leave and the excuse was he wanted a sworn person in that position. Ray was being undermined from the beginning by Del Messe, Murakami, and Vera. Ray spent all his time trying to save Alex from himself. Alex’s decisions, promotions and the like, were cosigned by his spouse. Bobby Olmsted is hanging by a thread, and this administration is about to implode. Alex didn’t want to be Sheriff because he wanted to make the LASD better, he wanted revenge against those that allegedly wronged him. He was angry about favoritism, cronyism, and then he goes and promotes people that worked on his campaign. How is he better than Pitchess, Block, or even Baca. WE ALL had people that didn’t like us and sometimes for no good reason, you pray to God and you work through it. I never knew who worked on Pitchess or Block’s campaign and the people that worked on Baca’s were mostly captains, commanders and chiefs, because they didn’t have anything to lose, they could retire. I don’t like or dislike Alex or the people he promoted but besides Ray and Bobby, the others aren’t qualified. ALL ADMINISTRATIONS ARE FLAWED, NONE ARE PERFECT, but this administration is incompetent. I believe in trying to salvage deputies careers because I think that is what we’re supposed to do, and I also think the previous administration went overboard firing and relieving personnel of duty, but you come in and get rid of 14 plus chiefs and above without thinking it through and thinking that you were getting rid of all the Baca, Tanaka, McDonnell people. Alex didn’t know those people and they didn’t know Alex and if he thought he was getting rid of all those PEOPLE, he wasn’t. He promoted some of those same people because he DIDN’T KNOW WHO THEY WERE. Hatred and revenge blind your judgement and it causes you to make grave errors in judgement. Lastly, I pray for all of you that are still working because this impacts YOU. Getting rid of Ray was a mistake and I know that Ray was giving him some sage advice. I pray that this train wreck will turn around. God bless all of you.

  • Spot on. She is now destroying our dept and your characterizations are fully accurate. No due process, excessive discipline, weak cases, destroying careers. Sickening. Can you please take her back?!?!

  • “What Joke” It seems you delight yourself knowing deputies were fired as if they deserved it, when you should know many did know deserve being railroaded.

    Yes, Alex Villanueva had real community members supporting him, and yes they were also a lot of special groups, the LGTBQXY, mee too, women’s rights etc, bought and paid for by the BOS, and little Red, Kruel.

    You act as if you are morally superior, people like you usually have a moral deficit. The fact you see fired deputies as if they are less than people, speaks highly of you as human being. You are probably a deputy I would not want to work a radio car with.

  • Love how the PPOA retirees and the fired execs are up in arms about Ray getting axed. The same group of degenerative fucks who voted to endorse mcbuckles.

    I say, if you smart, intelligent and so called experienced individuals want a shot at the title, run for the office and make your own decisions. In the meantime, shut you pie holes.

    You’re not even department members. Just sit back in your rocking chair and stare at your embossed retirement badge and your retirement poster that has your career as court services, short stint in patrol, back to courts, then jumping around from admin spot to admin spot riding coattails and burning everyone on your way up while telling your wife and kids someone else’s war stories.

    Let me guess one other thing, you’re all Anglo-Saxon and just can’t bear the fact that a Latino not only beat your boy but has accomplished something you self proclaimed elites could never have.

    So, sit back in the bleachers and Boooooo all day long because no one gives a shit. You guys are a laughing stock.

  • Hey Mr. Moriguchi, where were you when the previous regime was railroading deputies left and right?

    About a year ago or so then candidate Alex Villanueva was denouncing that Jim McDonnell was illegally firing and prosecuting deputies for his political gain. He promised he would fix the problem , and for that reason gained the support of a lot of people. Now sheriff Villanueva has publicly denounced he same and has been trying to fix the problem, yet he has been blocked and fought at every turn.

    You know Jim McBuckles was railroading deputies, yet you have never made a pronouncement against him, in fact you supported McBuckles re-election.

    The question is why?

  • @SDPO2004 – Suspect that people individually or perhaps via a class action are going to have to sue these people and the County in order to have these situations reviewed and rectified.

  • I found it very suspicious that the LA Times, (Maya) WitnessLA, Moriguchi are saddened because Ray Leyva is not longer on the sheriff’s department. If my suspicion is correct, then it may be true Ray Leyva was a double agent.

    I have seen the sheriff, Alex Villanueva face off the crooked county BOS, who have enlisted special interests groups to speak against the sheriff, but I have never seen any executives, current or retired speak truth to the BOS. There are many current and former executives who know first hand the corruption under the previous regime with respect to personnel matters, yet they stay silent.

    If Ray Leyva did not have the fortitude to stand up and defend the sheriff stance, then god bless him, and good bye.

    I am glad I am not the sheriff, because who knows, I may have already buckled to the political pressure to maintain the status quo, to be liked and approved. But I am glad Alex Villanueva is the sheriff who as of right now, has not buckled to the political pressure pressed upon him by the political swamp.

  • I support the decisions that are made by our Sheriff. He knows what is best for the Department. He doesn’t need direction from the bos, the media/mafia or the former Sheriff. He cannot be manipulated,redirected or controlled despite political attempts by a bias bos.

  • I think you are miixing BOS sends emails with AV sending email asking female deputies to show up a copy of which was forwarded to Kuehl. So there is that. Go watch the video and watch Kuehl share that info with AV followed by her saying lots of gentlemen here to support you I see. Hahaha. Why don’t you follow your fake name and find some honor when you speak.

  • I am simply flabbergasted at the shortsightedness of a majority of comments. It sounds like deputies during their second year of patrol. They think they know everything, but in reality they don’t know shit. Their vision of long term, strategic thinking for LASD is based on what they can see from a radio car. This administration has been the sinking Titanic from the very start. And you know why? Two clowns that are deep inside Tanaka are telling Alex how to pick his nose. This is all going to end in a very ugly manner. And who gets the short end of the stick, again? LASD.

  • @Man Up!, you’re likely a troll but if actually a LASD member, a bigot certainly. Your reference to “ you’re all Anglo-Saxon and just can’t bear the fact that a Latino beat your boy….” ,….”elites” etc, establish your view, only homies allowed. AV’s fellow intellectual, PHD and all, Lee Baca, hit it out of the park, right? Ray Leyva had the temerity to suggest to AV that he was on the wrong road which earned him a disloyalty label. AV appears to be a Hispanic version of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, way full of himself. Man Up!, perhaps you can give me the Spanish word for toady & then you can use that as your handle in the future.

  • That’s Rich, what makes you think people are telling Alex how to do his job? If the sheriff did as you suggest, he would have had to eliminated all the Tanaka “clowns,” the Baca Bootlickers, and the McFoolios trying to earn rank by firing good people. There would be no one left, genius, to run the department. You are going to have to explain how improved morale, increased recruitment and hiring, lowering worker’s comp costs, improved community relations, and inclusive promotional practices are somehow going to sink the ship.

    I realize that for the privileged few, the loss of privilege may be troubling, but don’t lose sleep over it.

  • Actually what offends me are deputies that have been fired for fraternizing with convicts and rightly getting fired for it showing up and saying they were wrongfully terminated. Didn’t know you wanted ride with those guys. Sorry. My bad. Go for it. They got your back.

  • That’s rich, if you are so sure about your comments, post your real name, and then we can debate how much we know, and how many years on patrol you and I did.

    So reveal your name, I’ll reveal mine and we debate our knowledge, training and experience, as well as our personal experiences.

  • You sound like a bitter hater… Didn’t your mom teach you better than that?

    Can’t wait to see what AV has in store next. I’m really excited watching all the former deputy fuckers run for the hills.

    The saga for success continues!

    1,2,3,4 who do we appreciate more… Alex, Alex, Alex!

  • What a joke, I think I know who you are, and if I am right, you are the one who should had been fired for so many false arrests you made.

    It is usually the morally corrupted, who are the first to cast a rock.

  • Hey what a joke, if you are so morally superior, reveal your name, I’ll revral mine, and we debate your issues. Let me know…

  • @ man up: this thread was lively with many feelings and some facts until you brought up the “race card” without any validity.
    You and those who think like you keep a wedge between progress and destruction within LASD. My guess is that you’re a gnome named wanting to be relevant.

  • I am not a hater, far from it. And you will never hear me say one personal attack against Alex. It’s not about that. It’s the stupid things, the short sighted things that are damaging LASD starting with Mandoyan just to name one. The Sheriff really damaged himself and we are going to suffer. Firing Ray was so misguided. Alex is listening to the wrong crowd, history will prove me right.

  • All the racists are at it again. Bunch of angry, disgruntled, red faced old geezers that are pissed their token implant coconut of a Mexican got shown the door. Hahaha… Guess AV got one up on you haters. Keep coming at him and he’ll keep chin checking you cowards. Just admit it, he’s a lot smarter than you self proclaimed geniuses. And to top it off, he’s a Latino. That must really chap your hides. Hahaha..

  • @The Past
    Whaaaaaa, Whaaaaaa, whaaaaaa!

    Cry and complain much?
    Now take your old retired ass and keep stomping your feet, turn beet red and curse your racial slurs like you really mean it.

    This bullshit attacks on AV has to come to an end. We’re going to respond to all your childish bullshit with the truth. You’re all a bunch of self serving, angry, deputy and department hating, bitter old bags.

    Get a life. Go fishing or cow tipping. Anything but post your bullshit here. It’s getting old, pun intended.

  • Block prohibited LASD personnel from participating in his campaigns until the final one when a few of his top brass was involved. He felt there was a conflict of interest. Baca changed that dynamic with the first of the pay-to-play administrations common in the South. Villanueva is following suit – in Spades.

  • The bottom line here is that our new Sheriff is headed off in his own direction and is ensuring that he surrounds himself with people who won’t tell him the truth about what direction he goes. If this continues, department personnel will ultimately resemble a bunch of penguins, all tipping over the cliff because that’s what the leader did. He we learned nothing from the disasters of the past? I guess not.

  • Wow! Now you raise the RACE card!! WTF, you’re an embittered slough who obviously didn’t get far on the department. I seriously doubt that you ever got out of patrol. Or maybe you’re one of those cigar smoking Tanaka-ites that didn’t work out for you.

  • C: The most important fact in this article was that you misspelled Ray’s name twice in the second paragraph.

    Everything else is conjuncture! Your sources don’t know.

  • TOO FUNNY, “UM!” You criticize the misspellings and then misspell “conjecture.”

    On another note, another recent lieutenant will be promoted to chief…Lajuana Haselrig will take over Court Services. Again…there were obviously NO other good choices among all the captains and commanders to move up.

    I’m assuming all people who’ve recently SUPER promoted have fulfilled AV’s requirement of two years as as a W/Cmdr in both patrol and custody.

  • Ray is a coconut. He was the token Mexican planted by Brian, aka LASD Apostle. Brian controlled the strings of Ray and led him to his demise.

    Kinda like everything else Brian gets involved in… The Lindsey campaign, the McDonnell campaign and now the Layva project. All failed miserably. When will the PPOA board figure it out? His next biggest failure will be when he destroys PPOA. It’s already deteriorating as it’s members are moving over to LASPA.

    FTF on Brian.

  • Brian, aka LASD Apostle

    You once again are bitching and complaining you didn’t get your next bump like you tried to 211 Lindsey and Villanueva for.

    Move on little man. You’re not as smart as you think.

    The PPOA board needs to be careful letting you run rogue as you have. The last three projects you involved yourself into, failed miserably and you’re on the brink of destroying the union.

    You got involved with the Lindsey campaign, demanded a promotion, snuck money behind the scenes and failed miserably.

    You got involved with the McDonnell campaign, demanded a promotion, drained the unions 800k dues money and failed miserably.

    You inserted Ray with your so called project of “Operation Coconut Implant” and again failed miserably.

    What’s next? Your members are leaving in droves to LASPA and would be going to ALADS if they took them.

    PPOA in my eyes is in crisis right now. The board needs to pull the eject button on the Apostle ASAP.

  • I’ll start off by saying Sheriff Villanueva is clearly not Donald Trump, but the attacks on the Sheriff remind me of the “resistance” attacks on the President. A hostile Board of Supervisors and a hostile media clearly don’t approve of the voters choice for this Sheriff, and seek to undo this election. This story is a good example, a mundane management change early in the Sheriff’s term is treated with breathless urgency. It even has that “this time he’s gone too far, we’ve got him now” feel that we’ve seen so many times before (directed at Trump). Expect more of the same, they’ll never accept this Sheriff, I hope he wins.

  • AV is the Sheriff and I’m sure he’ll be making even more moves going forward. That’s what he’s entitled to do; it’s his department afterall.

    He went through the pains of running a campaign and made history by overcoming an incumbent who no one thought he could. Now everyone wants to tell him how to do his job? Give him time. Seems like everyone is an expert or bitter and angry because they didn’t get what they thought they were entitled to.

    I know Alex and have worked with him in the past. He’s not your typical, rough around the edges, boisterous, manipulative or conniving guy. He’s always been progmatic, honest and fair. I’ve got no dog in this fight so I don’t want to hear, “oh, Alex cronny. Alex fan”, etc… This is my 31 years of experience speaking.

    Knowing Alex the way I do, I can assure you that nothing he will ever do will be unethical, immoral or illegal. He’s as by the book as they get. Every decision makes will be for the betterment of the department and helping the community and his personell. Alex has always envisioned how the department should and could be ran. Now he has the opportunity to make it a reality. Knowing all this about him, I will support every decision he makes because I know none of it would be with evil intentions or for self promotion and boasting.

    Even decisions involving staffing moves and changes. Alex will and needs to continously evaluate his staff close to him. His staff has to be loyal and committed. Apparently Layva wasn’t, and knowing Ray, I’m not surprised. He’s always and only has been about himself at any expense. Ray got a taste of being the closest thing to a Sheriff and fucked that up to a point he didn’t even last his 120 days. I’m sure more will come out later.

    Alex will need to seriously and cautiously reconsider his picks involving Olmsted, DelMese and Vera.

    Olmsted has a proven history like Ray to run amock if he doesn’t get his way. He’s a horrible judge of character when selecting those around him and goes off the deep end when he makes a mistake, which is more common than not. He’s a detriment to have on hand long term and needs to be on a short leash.

    Now on to DelMese. I’m still stunned and in disbelief he’s made it this far in his career. How was he able to manipulate Alex for a chief of staff position, still bidazzles me. DelMese should have been canned during the Alondra Park incident. He’s had more than nine lives throughout his career. I’m still stunned how Alex would surround himself around one of the most unethical, immoral liars in the department. Alex, DelMese will not just stab you in the back with a knife, he’ll be using s bayonet. If you read this blog, you’ll remember my post when the time comes. DelMese should have never made it past the rank of Sergeant.

    Vera the chameleon manipulator. Who’s camp and car was he not in? He was with Tanaka, then Baca, then back to Tanaka and back to Baca when Paul told him to fuck off. Vera trolls around and uses anyone he can to get what he needs to move ahead. He’s a lot like DelMese, but more vindictive. He’s definitely insecure and knows better than anyone he has no business holding any position higher than a Lieutenant, let alone a Captain.

    Alex, take heed of these three individuals on your team. Ask around and I guarantee the consensus will be unanimous. There are plenty of bright, honest and loyal individuals in the ranks of captain and commander. Stop recycling previous administrations’ failures like Olmsted, DelMese and Vera.

    Good luck to you Alex. I’m sure you will succeed and become one of the best Sheriff’s this department has ever had. I know your potential and believe in you along with everyone else.

    God speed my friend.

  • Man-up…

    Please tell us more about the promotion BM was trying to get from Lindsey and Villanueva. Also, as a PPOA member, I don’t remember authorizing or voting OUR dues money going to the Lindsey for Sheriff campaign.

    Can you please tell us more…. I think an investigation should be done.

  • Editor’s Note:

    Dear “Um,”

    Arrrgghhh. I thought I caught all my weird name typos. Clearly not. Thanks for the heads up.


  • Man Up, yeah the Banditos are where it’s at. Beating up fellow deputies. Once they started dropping the standards to hire morons like yourself, there was no doubt where things would end up.

  • @Prophet

    Ask BM about the money he slid to Lindsey’s campaign. Also ask him how he tried to barter with Lindsey and AV for a promise of a promotion for PPOA’s endorsement. This was plastered all over WitnessLA months ago.

    Apparently mcbuckles did promise him a promotion considering he was desperate and saw AV gaining steam during the campaign.

    BM is all about BM.

  • Calling it!:

    “He’s as by the book as they get.”


    Personally, I think the “Book” is perfectly O.K., and he’ll need that character trait, as the LASD is in for strong public scrutiny

  • A lot of you folks are giving these law enforcement administrators way too much credit, suggesting that if this guy goes or this one stays, the world is going to fall apart. The only administrators who cause real damage are those that view deputy sheriffs as the enemy and BOS folks and other politicians as the ones to be faithful too. Those police administrators can cause serious damage. Otherwise, the sun will continue to rise. If you’ve been fooled (and many here like to brag about how much time they have on) you should know that the majority of law enforcement administrators (let’s say Captain on up) did not achieve their success based on their performance as cops. They leg climbed, burned their peers, and lied or misrepresented their resumes to advance. Just because these these folks told you how great they were does not mean you needed to believe it. For example, can someone please describe McDonnels career in detail. What did he ever do that was so much more bitchen then the current sheriff?

  • Just do what everyone else now a days do to get rid of somebody…alleged that the sexually harassed/assaulted you. It seems allegations alone these days make the accused resign.

  • @Calling it, I’m a little confused by your post, encouraged to hear that you believe AV to be an ethical, by the book manager. On the other hand, you outline how far off he is in staff selection, the majority of key choices deemed, by you, to be very flawed. Do his erroneous choices represent bad luck, lack of options, naivety, bad advice, lack of consultation or are simply products of his lack of command experience? You choose as you seem to know him, I don’t.

  • @no dog… it’s treue! People lie on their resumes to advance themselves. Look at Ryan Vienna, what has that kid done? Nothing. He kissed McD but and because he’s on the San Dimas Council, they reward him by CREATING “Youth Services” give him a take home car where he can come and go as he pleases to do city council stuff. Yet, there are more qualified and more tenured Lieutenants who were overlooked so that he can be endowed by McD and the past staff. So now, what are his chances of promoting?

    We have no room for poor experienced managers, or managers who sold themselves.

  • It’s literally like the dark cloud that was McDonnell has lifted and the sun it is a shinin!

  • You really think that was real? that was ALL staged. Sad that you can’t tell the difference. Yes, he has the support of the community and the BOS can’t stand it… you clearly aren’t paying attention

  • Apostle:
    Argh! Yup that damn spell check let me down again. Thanks for the correction. If I may, didn’t Block promote people that skipped ranks? Yes he did. And didn’t Baca promote Myron, Stonich, Waldie who skipped ranks? PT was a Lieutenant and in four years made Chief? Nothing new here!

    May I ask all those who are complaining about experience and promotions; Between Baca, Myron, Stonich, Waldie and Tanaka, who had nearly 200 years of experience, how did that experience help LASD? One was a pathological liar, another a sexual pervert, one is in prison and the other soon will be in prison. Show of hands, how many believe that Myron, Stonich, Waldie and Tanaka were the most qualified to have their positions? Sorry, but it is the internal and not the external qualifications that make up character.

    Ray served 103 days of his 120 stint. Ray was not fired, that’s just dumb and had nothing to do with sworn. To say that Ray was mistreated by Baca and Scott would be huge understatement! Ray went through Hell!

    Another example; Recall Willie Williams, a past Chief of LAPD? Chief Williams never passed the POST test! C: For anyone to be a PO in California you must pass the POST. So, how did get to be Chief and get a gun? Viola! The City of LA made special resolutions just for him.

    In San Diego County a Lieutenant was promoted to Undersheriff. Nothing out of the ordinary other than a whole lot of jealousy.

  • Exactly! And even deputies showed up to the BOS meeting to support AV, several even spoke about their support and the prior corruption of the Mcd regime

  • UHH, Ray and Bob knew what the sheriff was running on and KNEW what his policies were PRIOR to signing. So I dont think they were saving the sheriff from himself. I think they had an agenda to overthrow him.

  • Such hate.

    If you don’t like Brian drop the union. Oh that’s right, your with ALADS, Brain is with PPOA and that would be sergeants and lieutenants. Study hard youngster.

    AV’s latests bumps in rank (promotions) only confirm he has not idea what to do. Enjoy the ride, you wanted several years of it. I really feel bad for the aides of this new staff. Knowing the new bosses they never did a lick of work in their life, only passing the buck to the lower rank and taking credit. Can’t wait for the new chief to harass somebody again. It’s so much harder to hide them the farther up the ladder they go.

    Got the popcorn standing by. I have not read so much garbage since the Baca/Tanaka crap.

  • Ray Leyva and Bob Olmstead were not trying to save the sheriff from himself, they were trying to overthrown him. The whole time since they were knighted from retirement, everyone made them out to be the smartest kids in the class, superior intellect and integrity. They both came in there cocky thinking they would be the shot callers but their true agenda was discovered by the more street smart generation of cops that Villanueva put in charge. Neither of these guys are smart, nor ethical. Olmstead blamed everyone besides himself for the problems he fostered while captain of MCJ, and Leyva is known for suing Baca and then going out IOD. Had they not become known for hating Baca, they wouldnt be known for anything.

  • Um…’s true. If you do some fact checking you will find out- nothing says “It’s all about Me” more than what BO did. If you are defending him because you like and know him, perhaps you should consider asking him why he made the choice and engaged in the “behavior” he did. Maybe he’ll own it.

  • Side Lines; What made you think I’m not a member of PPOA? Former in my case. Just curious, youngster.

  • As stated before, can someone please confirm if PPOA Union money was given to Lindsey for his Sheriff’s campaign. If so, who authorized it? It surely was not the membership.

    I know PPOA President BM monitors this site. Can he or another board member please answer this question.

  • Confirmed! I believe it was like $50k of your hard worked dues money. And no, the membership never voted on it either.

    Ask BM himself or reply to his alias of LASD Apostle.

    Or have one of his 7 buddies on this thread relay it to him during their Thursday night dinner.

  • Just looked up “Who Eats Whom Worksheet” and aside from Man Up aka El Sapo, who will be the fattest toad in the land, the Rat Snake is the winner because it eats itself. If the Worksheet, like the National Basketball Bracket, is done right, we get to start from scratch, a winner for sure!

  • Ok, there has NOT been an answer to this question. Did PPOA try to derail Sheriff Villanueva’s election by backing Lindsey without membership approval?

    PPOA Prez BM, please advise. Is this true?

    50K donation to Lindsey?????

  • Moronguchi abandoned a whole group of sworn not too long ago. He slso lied through his teeth while doing it. His credibility is zero

  • @Think About It. “by a more street smart generation of cops that Villanueva put in charge.” Are you referring to Del Mese and Vera? A couple of thugs who have humped more legs than my cocker spaniel? So you think today’s “cops” are more street smart than cops of previous generations?

    My recollection is that Olmstead went to Baca on several occasions pleading with him to do something about what Tanaka (on whose leg both Del Mese and Vera were banging away) was allowing to happen in Custody Division. And Leyva got banished to the ranch because he said he would run for sheriff against the same Paul Tanaka (and his attached leg humpers).

    So, while these guys were standing tall against the last LASD cancer your “street smart” brain trust was humping away for all that it was worth. Of course, like any “street smart” thug, they saw the handwriting on the wall and jumped on the next leg that came along – in the meantime they were being banished by McBuckles where they could least exhibit their brilliant “street smart” minds – and jumped on the promising leg of Bob Lindsay. Hump, hump, hump like any neighborhood “street smart” thug would be doing while the humping and the prospects look good. Then came the primary and it was time to jump to another leg and hump for all it was worth – they had some catching up to do. Again like any other “street smart” thug, you nudge other humpers to the side and wormed your way to the top. This time it looked like the real deal and they had nothing to loose, having been banished by McBuckles, whose leg proved to be a bit full with other humpers and being wise to these particular Tanaka-humpers (McBuckles WAS able to use other Tanaka humpers he saw of value, leaving these two at the real bottom of the heap). In the end their “leg” wins a close election and they have humped their way to the top of the leg and before you know it, THEY have been deemed by “Think About It” as the “street smart cops” “Villanueva (has) put in charge.”

    Truly, this is a story that deserves to be made in to a movie. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are made for the rolls. The only thing that remains to be seen is the fight between these two “street smart generation cop” thugs as to who gets Ben to be them.

    And I can’t quite grasp if this is an American tragedy or just a nightmare.

  • It obvious Moriguchi lacks valor, as he as no guts to answer a simple question. Moriguchi knew first hand how McDonnell, the BOS, Teran, the civil service commission were framing deputies into misconduct for their political gain, yet, he and the union executives looked the other way. What did McDonnell promise you to go along?

  • @Movie Fan. Where have you been? You must be kidding if you think the two guys, you obviously don’t like, are the beginning and end to a long list of “street smart” deputies who can smell an administrative rat. The boots on the ground have always been able to smell these guys because until now, they have operated without any repercussions for their misdeeds. Leyva is a career admin guy and had no idea how to behave around those who have been repulsed by his administrative generation. Go ahead and take Vera and Del Mease out of the mix and my statement still stands. MANY people have the sheriff’s ear and this is something he ran on. Good for him for keeping that promise. And spare me the poor Bob Olmstead line. That’s the same shit Tom Angel said, that he couldn’t deal with Tanaka. That is the worse kind of excuse from those in power who could actually DO SOMETHING and didnt. Since you seem to know it all, you DO realize that corruption is reportable to a variety of external sources dont you? The problem is, Poor Bob and Poor Tom didn’t have the balls to put their name on anything official so they burned the bridge as they fled the department. Cowards.

  • @Think About It. I worked with Olmsted at Firestone and he was a damn good cop. You know, Firestone, don’t you? They had a few good “boots on the ground” there and he was one of them. Don’t know about Leyva, I did not know him back in the day. But I do know that they were both promoted early on because they were both sharp guys, not leg humpers, like your two cocker spaniel “street smart” cops. And neither one of them were ever accused of being leg humpers. And for your information, Olmsted went to the FBI and the media when his pleas got rejected by Baca – check his testimony in both Tanaka and Baca’s trials – where he gave testimony against both. Is that “official” enough? Levya committed department suicide by speaking up against the little dictator (while your two street-smart-administrative-rat-smelling-leg-humpers were doggie banging his leg for all it was worth).

    I don’t know why you brought Tom Angel in to this but he worked at SEB (twice) and I worked with him. Great guy and a great cop. Not many who worked around or for him will say otherwise. So your hole is showing it’s ignorance if you want to bad mouth him.

    Besides, if not “dealing with” the little dictator (isn’t he in prison right now?) is a criteria for someone to be a bad person, then there are a shit load of people who departed the department who are, by your definition, indeed bad people. Baca let him get out of control. Simple as that. Dozens of people had trouble “dealing with” the prick because he was the epitome of what you call an “administrative rat.” A bully. Vindictive. Ruthless. And without any scruples (did I mention who was humping his leg all this time?). Dozens upon dozens who could not stomach the guy left when they could. Tom Angel was one of many.

    I do not know your street smart heroes. Don’t care to. I have just been pointing out the fact that you railed against “two cocky guys who thought they were going to be shot callers” when in fact they were overwhelmed by all these “street smart” cops. When in fact the real “shot callers” are nothing but a couple of leg humping thugs who are most likely the biggest ass kissers ever to grace the executive ranks – yes, even they can now be called “administrative rats” by you cool guy “street smart” guys.

    And while I’m at it. The backing they got was from people who thought the might bring some “knowledge” “experience” to the table in AV’s admistration. I guess having the cool guy “street smart” guys calling the shots was really the way to go. Things have been going great so far.

  • And who the hell are these 2 broads just appointed to executive spots. No one knows them. They’ve done nothing.

  • Oh they are know. Both ZERO skills. Simply pains me that they will end with a fat pension for a rank they can’t perform at.

    One went from lieutenant to captain for a couple months, now this. She will simply point to her collar and say, “do it because I’m the chief”.

    The other, well what can I say.

  • BM – Why is it that you NEVER helped ANY Lieutenant VICTIMS of convicted Federal Felons, BACA & TANAKA?

  • BM does not call the shots as one man because PPOA has a Board of Directors but you already know that.

    How about emailing BM if you want answers and let us know via WLA.

  • You two speak like true Neanderthals from the 50’s. Broads, really? I guess it must suck to devote your entire careers to kissing ass and finding out the new sheriff doesn’t value ass kissers. Since neither of you know who they are, then that means you didn’t spend a lot of time on the line doing police work. Ouch.

  • Question: Why has BM been a PPOA board member/President for over a decade? Because he’s that good? or is it because no one is motivated to run against him or others on the PPOA board?

    That needs to change, QUICK!!!

    P.S.- Please answer the question: Did BM and the PPOA board give Lindsey 50,000 for his campaign?

    Yes or no?

  • As for your first question, Tanaka put two of his boys in the 2012/2013 PPOA election who failed and he had ALADS X President F.H. to back his play but was dethroned in 2013 which foiled Tanaka’s plan.
    I also query as to why no one has a pair to run against B.M. Just like Villanueva, BM has won their position “fair & square”

    On the other hand, ALADS current President R.H. is holding and wielding the “tainted” baton from F.H. in a multi million dollar lawsuit in which the majority of ALADS members are unaware of – (BC540789).

    Nothing has changed, only new characters and the increase of dues.

  • That’s Rich i wonder if your comment was directed towards me if it was that’s ok. You were called out Sir but hide behind an alias. I was once told by a much older and wiser Deputy when i worked at Ela that only cowards hide behind smokescreens and operate in the shadows. I respectfully disagree with your opinion Sir. And i am no boot Deputy by any means. Furthermore if you ever want to fact check me or my history within the organization please feel free to ask. Bottom line Sir i respect,admire and support our Sheriff and I’m disappointed you don’t Sir. He is in a difficult position because he is attempting to right the wrongs of the past. I support him 100% and hope you will reconsider. For the record….for all those that love to talk smack…..and as my Lord commands me i love all of you too. I worked ay my beloved Ela for appx 6 yrs and i was not a bandito. I’m only bringing this up due to the recent controversy. But for a matter or record i state my faith commands me and reminds me that judgment is reserved for my Lord. Peace

  • Those two “failed” by NOT overthrowing BM, even though they were elected to the PPOA Board.

  • Looking Back, thank you.

    With the new Sheriff and the improved morale, I hope no one is undermining him. It seems as if PPOA and BM have been working against him.

    Do you have information on the 50,000 given to Lindsey without the membership’s approval? If true, this backdoor mafia style wheeling and dealing by PPOA and BM is abhorrent.

    Please advise.

  • Not positive about the 50 G’s but “the two” that made the PPOA Board back then were Tanaka’s boys which was a no-brainer for a coup of sorts.
    I will say that the board at PPOA are very shrewd when it comes to doling out funds, so again, I can’t verify.

    It would enlighten membership at both PPOA and ALADS to attend their board meetings especially during local elections to see the money trail for endorsements.

  • Who cares if POPA gave 50K. They should be giving something to all candidates who may win. That’s called politics.

  • Hopefully they’re still some executives with institutional knowledge to guide Alex along but that body of water is very shallow with doable on a narrow path.
    Of those who were appointed with question, Del Mese and Vera are definitely expressions of WTF!

    The glory days of LASD as we knew it are distant memories only to return maybe during the generation of our grand or great grandchildren.

  • They failed to give to the candidate who DID win while at the same time pretending to hold a fair, above-the-board process to endorse a candidate. It was all BS, and the 460’s reveal that they did donate $50K to an unknown PAC called Latinos Progresivos, who in turn donated $30K to Lindsey’s campaign during the primary. That pretty much makes Brian Moriguchi a liar, straight up. He should resign in disgrace, as he orchestrated the entire debacle of endorsing the failed incumbent McBuckles knowing full well the damage being inflicted by the LAPD retread. If you call that politics, Brian is guilty of malpractice.

  • LASD Apostle:

    According to Frank Stoltze’s story on AV & Mandoyan (it can be Googled) there’re about 400
    people in the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” pipeline, and Mandoyan was the first.


  • Who cares? We do! Especially when the membership wasn’t even asked. And to top it off he asked for a promotion promise in return? How can you be ok with that?

    An investigation inquiry has been launched with the Attorney Generals Office.

  • Don’t get too excited Apostle, it’s been a one-sided affair to date. Sooner or later that whole file will get released, with a road map on where the department cut corners.

  • @Cognistator & Apostle, in your Sumo match, a couple of questions: the number of 400 firings has been alluded in the 4 year term of Sheriff McDonnell. Is that a confirmed number of deputies that have been terminated or does it included all LASD staff, including those who resigned in lieu? Is it a real number or is it being very loosely used to bolster a particular view. The 400 represents about 1% of the sworn staff per year if accurate. Having had, at one point in my career, to read all Departmental discipline cases, I would have guessed 400 actual terminations would be found over a 10 to 15 year period, not 4. If accurate, 400 terminations indicates either an unprecedented level of corruption or an administration with a hand befitting the World’s Heavyweight Champion. My history doesn’t include having to manage the floatsam from the failed Baca Boyz crew so I could be wrong about the apparent gravity of the numbers but those numbers need to be clearly understood. Also, in reading the obvious union duel, remember that the Baca Boyz played in the union constituency to gain election leverage. Natural but neither honest or transparent. Always keep your eye on the source of money & favors from within & out of the LASD, it will give a clue to how honest & level the administration is or will be.

  • Can someone confirm the $50,ooo donation to the Lindsey campaign without membership approval ?

    Is it true that the Cal Attorney General is investigating PPOA?

  • The Past;

    In answer to your question I have not the slightest idea–I’ve been retired for a good while now, and basically all I know is what I read in the media.

    McDonnell ran on a platform of cleaning up corruption, and it could be that is what he found when he came on board.

    AV is disrupting that ship, and that seems to be putting everybody into a dither.

  • It seems the skeletons that are being unburied by Villanueva are most threatening to the political establishment that cheered on McDonnell while he systematically violated due process of his employees. Nothing unusual, but it sure explains how eager the BOS is to keep McDonnell’s bodies buried.

  • Fed Up:


    Name one skeleton that has been “unburied by Villanueva.”

    Name one employee whose due process has been violated.

  • The County way is to say that deputies lied during internal investigations. That’s they easiest way to get rid of deputies. I can’t attest to it Mandoyan lied in his case, but I know for sure of other deputies who “the investigator and county” said they lied because these individuals could not be terminated no other way.

    So what happens to the Captain, Lieutenant and Sergeant that lied to get these individuals fired.

    Your day is coming.

  • I would name a few, but their day will come and hopefully they take a stand for other deputies wrongfully terminated. You would think that their would be some type of outreach for these deputies, but many have no one once the tan green all turn their backs.

  • @Cognistator, if AV had not been so determined to rehire his driver first, maybe he could have “unburied” some folks who actually had been screwed over during the McBuckles administration via a real “Truth and Reconciliation” commission. But alas, that process (if it was ever really going to exist) has been permanently derailed by AV’s inept handling of the entire thing.

  • 25 Cents, permanently? Seems to me you’re a little giddy about the thought, now why is this? Villanueva has been delivering on campaign promise after campaign promise, and he is not swayed by the Board playing politics. Dozens of employees have been brought back from ROD status while their cases are being heard, chiefs have been empowered to unscrew those whose cases merit an honest outcome, deputies are happy coming to work, and you think the sheriff is inept? LOL.

    Judge Beckloff from CCH wasn’t terribly impressed with the county’s argument that they run the LASD, not the sheriff. If you subscribe to their legal theory, well then that says a lot about you.

  • @Fed Up, giddy over folks who may have been unjustly fired not getting a chance to have their cases heard again? Hardly. Pissed that AV screwed the pooch by inserting his driver’s case in to what may have been a viable program for those people to be heard? Hell yes! Then he lies about the process making matters worse – you can’t deny the e-mail where they were already inquiries about bringing him back before he was even in office.

    I wouldn’t hang my hat on Judge Beckloff either. His own words doomed the case when he said the Department can hire any “eligible” candidate. Mr Mandoyan sure as hell wasn’t on any eligibility list.

    Nope, the whole idea of reviewing the cases in a well thought-out and established manner was great. One that had the backing of the CAO and the BOS’s. But the way it all went down doesn’t give such a process a snowball’s chance in hell of it happening in the future. I am NOT giddy about that!

  • It should be noted that in a March 18 letter the Sheriff’s Civilian Oversight Commission has stated that Sheriff Villanueva has “turned back the clock on reforms.”

    Top-right column

  • I’m reminded of Trump and his strumpets still looking for Obama’s birth certificate. LMAO!

    My point is…….Does it anything matter about Lindsey, now that Alex is the Sheriff? Get a life, pal.

  • 25 Cents More: FINALLY, someone gets it! The Sheriff took advice from some source(s) whose only experience appears to be that of an EM Watch Deputy at Altadena. The whole thing blew up when he decided to “show the Board he was the boss,” behind Mandoyan. Oh, I’m sure his favorite two sycophants were slapping the Sheriff on the back and telling him what a hero he is to ELA station and how “everyone” respects that he “didn’t back down.” Retirement is right around the corner. Can’t wait to watch this from the sidelines.

  • @Cognistator, I keep waiting to hear from the 18 “corrupt” managers he dumped. If I were one of those, I’d be pissed at the way he has described them. One has to wonder if there isn’t some sort of slander suit forthcoming. I’d like to see him prove that all, part, or any were actually “corrupt.” Maybe he wanted to clear the decks -which was his prerogative – but to use the terms he did, was way over the top.

  • @Hit ’em up, did you open up a can of worms! At least Leyva had a modicum of experience. Look around the “command staff” and tell me who in the world has business being where they are. I read the bio/resume of the newest Assistant Sheriff the other day. Four months ago she was a “Service Area Lieutenant” worrying if people were putting their trash cans away. And now she’s an Assistant Sheriff?????? And the rest of the EPC is stocked with similar “rags to riches” stories. Great for the Lifetime Channel, but is this what the largest Sheriff’s Department in the country should have as it’s “brain trust?”

    I thought Villanueva was pledging to the voters that he would do away with cronyism and see that promotions would be “merit based”. Or perhaps I got it all wrong. Please show me the errors in my thinking and then call me Mr. Misunderstood.

  • @Mr. Misunderstood, You called it!

    @ Hit ’em up: You’re on the ropes, so you better get ’em up or bow out as we wait on your reponse.

  • @Misunderstood
    Hit the nail on the head…

    Let me think, of all the chief’s, commanders, captains, and of course lieutenants, these two promotions are the brightest? Looks as though LASD future will be DIM at best. Oh, let me correct myself, all the chiefs are also new wonders.

    Pop corn .25 cents a bag, good seats ready on the sidelines to watch. Only a few more days available in March to pick-up your cost of living raise for April 1st.

  • Side Lines, please explain how all that experience served us well during the Baca/Tanaka years. Or perhaps let us know how that executive experience helped McDonnell reform the Department. In both cases management experience was thrown out the window in favor of self-interest.

    Now Villanueva is demanding line experience and education in order to advance – oh the horrors! The more he succeeds, the bigger the howl from those who benefited from cronyism – music to my ears.

  • I never said it did. I was not a fan of the previous regime and the thought of Baca leaving the department in PT’s hands was nothing less than frightening.

    I find that these days in voting, it is the lessor of the evils. Look at all the folks that ran when Baca said he was out. The public and the department had their fill of the clueless choices. They simply picked McD as the lessor of the evils. Scott and McD both train recks. I had the time and left. As one that did not fall into the chronism of the past, I could have been chief with this guy.

    Now with regards to your “Now Villanueva is demanding line experience and education in order to advance – oh the horrors! The more he succeeds, the bigger the howl from those who benefited from cronyism – music to my ears”

    Spell it out for me. Brings back a DV abuser who did not get filed on but was terminated? Maybe it is one of the new chief’s, that as a lieutenant, got several POE’s and could not find their way out of a paper bag. Maybe a tattoo carrying member of the reapers who was involved in the Alondra Park caper. Maybe the commander busted to captain for baker to vegas now a chief.

    Either way I simply don’t care. The last few years have ruined a department many of us watched our partners fall protecting the public for.

    I read and watch as the ill-informed protect the new Jesus christ of LASD. It just came to me, AV is robin hood. Rob from the qualified given to the unqualified.

    Enjoy the ride. No disrespect intended towards you. I hope you are in a position to effect change for the better. I have watched my beloved department continue on a downward spiral and am not really impressed thus far. When you dip to the level of lieutenant to find qualified upper brass, something wrong.

    That means all your captains and commanders are worthless, wait for it, unless its cronyism.
    Restart the record.

  • Side Lines, I share your grief re the lasd. It has been a disaster for 20years. Thank God for the folks on the line who keep trying to do their best.

  • AMEN for the men and women who continue to do the job of deputy sheriff, custody assistant, security officer, and of course the professional staff who connect the dots.

  • Side Lines brings up a very valid point when he/she mentioned the Commanders and Captains being ignored (insultated) by the new administration. Maybe we should just call them deadenders because that sure as hell looks like that is what they face in the future. Just because they were promoted by previous administrations does not mean many or even the majority did not deserve being where they are. For such a smart guy you would have thought AV would have considered what he would do to the morale of his unit LEADERS. You know, the ones who actually lead the troops on the ground?

    In his haste to surround himself with his pals – who know that all of his ideas are the best ideas – he is ignoring what is good for the health of the organization. But, as someone else pointed out, after 20 years of neglect, it might not matter anyway.

  • Just heard AV told patrol deputies today that received some sort of award that people that work Patrol are important to him and those that work behind a desk don’t matter?? He doesn’t appreciate them. WTF?
    I was injured in the line of duty and rather than take a settlement and retire medically, I stayed on to work an admin spot so someone else could go 10-8. I wouldn’t have mattered or at the very least been appreciated by the Sheriff if I was still on? How about his leaders? Do they feel the same way. I don’t get it!!!

  • The current crop of “leaders” AV inherited spent their careers avoiding police work but were always first in line rubbing elbows. I wouldn’t shed a tear for them, they never paid their dues to begin with. The folks in the trenches appreciate the changes and morale is at an all time high. It’s a new day, deal with it.

  • You are way off from my intended message. Lots of folks work jobs other than Patrol. Detectives, Special Operations, Custody, Courts etc. They too feel as though they matter and are “in the trenches.”
    Seen this in the past. Message thought to be good, a fighter for a Sheriff – or vertically challenged Undersheriff and then, the bottom falls out. If morale is high, it ain’t gone last much longer- you can take that to the bank!!

  • Let’s start with who not to promote. Don’t promote a major campaign donor to be your undersheriff, only to fire him 4 months into your term. Makes you wonder what kind of vetting process was utilized. One of the cheerleaders above said “Leyva should never have been brought back in the first place.” Ok, so what does that say about the judgment of your man AV?
    Maybe don’t promote another campaign donor, jumping him two ranks, to be your chief of staff. Calls into question your impartiality. Speaking of impartiality, maybe don’t make the first (and to this day only) recipient of your civil service reevalutation committee, or whatever you’re calling it, yet another campaign donor, who drove you around, during that same campaign.
    Maybe don’t promote an old friend of yours to chief who was a lieutenant a few months ago, who you shouldn’t even have promoted to captain shortly after you took office, especially considering her POE history. Is she in any way qualified for the rank she’s holding considering that history?
    And then we have the assistant sheriff who was bumped a whopping four ranks in as many months. Odd, isn’t it, how AV talks about people needing to pay their dues, and do their time, and yet he makes promotions that average out to a month per rank?
    There’s a reason every military organization and major law enforcement agency respects the chain of command and promotes in a linear fashion, not hopscotching all around the chain of command at random. And it’s not morale, although that certainly is a major factor. It’s that there are valuable lessons to be learned working each step of the ladder, and that experience can’t be substituted by knowing the top guy back in the day, or contributing to his campaign.
    These promotions look like the work of someone with one heck of a grudge. Someone who sued the Department out of frustration of not only never getting promoted past a certain rank (anti-hispanic bias? really?), and unable to even land an admin spot, leading to his disdain for those positions, evidenced by his statements today. We’ve got a sheriff who is harboring one hell of a grudge for his perceived mistreatment, which we saw on full display with his bloody Monday executive slaughter, and ridiculous “off with your rank insignia” command on Tuesday.
    By the way, nice video posted on the Times today. The story that refuses to die…

  • You have no clue what you are talking about. Fact check your comment. So many of them worked the trenches.

  • Re video just released: It is just plain creepy watching the actions of this guy. Anyone, man or woman, who thinks this type of behavior is acceptable is out of their mind. I simply cannot see how the general public can trust this deputy to be objective handling situations involving domestic disputes, or trust the Sheriff who backs him either. What if it’s your sister, your aunt, your niece, or even your divorced, widowed mother or grandmother is faced with the same situation? Kudos to the x-gf deputy for not drawing her gun on him. This guy is lucky he’s alive and breathing, and he’s a selfish, stubborn jackass for insisting on taking a stance and dragging the whole Department through this embarrassment. Very dark character. You got me scared, dude, watching you on the video. Imagine what the average female citizen would think.

  • Um, the last thing those folks need is a vote of confidence from me. If they ever had a chance for promotion,that would end it! But rest assured there are plenty who are talented, hard working ,have paid their dues at every level, and have not been attached to anyone’s leg – unlike virtually the entire bunch of AV’s hand picked executive staff.

  • Um, I forgot to add probably the most important checkoff to my criteria list of promotables and laughables………..those who have gained the respect of those who have worked for them.

  • Note to myself to teach my grandkids:
    1) Love is letting go, so the person whom you love can find their own love and happiness. To do otherwise is selfish, vindictive, and self-destructive; 2) It takes a bigger person to apologize and walk away; 3) character is to be able to admit you’ve been wrong, then fix it. It’s always possible to rebuild.
    Can someone please slip this note to Mr. M.
    GOD help us to polish the tainted badge.

  • Just Say’n – Could not agree more. Elevating those that are ethical, fair, knowledgeable and have the respect of the troops would have been a good idea. These types of people are the individuals needed to mentor others and move the department out of the quicksand.

    AV shot himself in the foot with how the Mandoyan case was handled and he hasn’t helped himself since. Those that proclaim how ethical he is will have to explain why on earth he immediately had to reinstate this man immediately upon taking office and ahead of others that have waited longer and are out under far less controversial circumstances. The resulting controversy was as predictable as the sun rising. As even his supporters note, his personnel choices have also been iffy.

    Whether he likes it or not, AV’s now in the cesspool of L.A. County politics and he needs some navigation lessons. Hoping that he will seek out and closely listen to those that care about the department (versus him) and that things settle down. And no, not part of the PPOA crew. Just concerned…

  • In a statement Carl’s attorney said that he was trying to regain items in the home. One being his phone. Yet in the Times video he clearly has his phone. Once he gained entry, why didn’t he get his stuff and leave? Instead he pursued her when she was locked in the bathroom. AV wake up the hell up and put the needs of the Dept first, not your personal agenda! You’re headed to recall with the public if you stay on this road. I’d hate to see the others you’re trying to rehire. Not a fan of Jim’s, but think this is one firing he got right.

  • The dumpster fire continues to grow for AV . New LA Times article about Carl and his membership in a certain click. The fact the California Supreme Court allows access to displine records is going to be interesting. The public is not going to be happy with what AV is trying to bring back into the department. Might be time for Alex to return the campaign money from Carl’s family, cut this guy loose, and fall on his sword before they recall him. That’s the smart thing to do for the public to regain trust. This blind loyalty looks like Carl has something on AV . Right now he’s speeding straight a head to being recalled. What was with all the female deputies standing with him at his news conference yesterday while he defended Carl? It was so weird.

  • The video of attempted force entry is disturbing and telling at the same time.

    The wounded ego of a jilted suiter overtook common sense which morphed into an eerie situation. No bueno!

  • Calling people you disagree with idiots, nerds, fucksticks and cry babies? Is that really intelligent and mature? Why don’t you man up, put your anger aside and write with a bit of tact. The message and support of the Sheriff you want to convey would be much better received. Right now you post are hurting him.

  • Man Up – Based on your juvenile tirade, you certainly care a great deal about this blog. To tell people that have expressed legitimate concerns to run for the office themselves is just stupid. You’re not the only person that cares about the LASD. Got that? Speaking of signing your name, where is yours tough guy? Oh that’s right, you are at least smart enough to know that there could be repercussions, so you use an aka like nearly everyone else here. And by the way, no one gives a damn who you support for President or are cuddling with as Sheriff. Grow up. I think my work here is done this morning. Off for some coffee.

  • Note to above post – after reading the last post here, “Seriously?” was my gut reaction, hence the name choice. Not here much and just realized another poster had used this name in a prior post. Apologies. Will choose a different name if I choose to reply to anymore teenage angst.

  • Hey Mr. Up! (I was going to call you “Man” but we’re not on a first name basis) just wanted to let you know how much I agree with your call for people to use their real names on here. Excellent point. Also, quick tip for the next time you call people out for trying to sound intellectual, “homage” is spelled with an h. I realize it’s confusing, since you don’t pronounce it, but that’s the rule. Take care.

  • So says the tough guy with an alias himself. If you want anyone to pay homage (there is an h in it- smart guy) to someone or believe you don’t care about this blog and what is on it, stop reading or at least, stop writing on it.
    Oh yeah…you should probably put down that glass of whatever liquid courage you are drinking at such a late hour and get a life yourself!

  • Speaking of dumpster fires, it looks like the AV haters in their rush to pile on thought they had him cornered. Unbeknownst to the PPOA crowd, the case against Mandoyan has been unraveling like a bad sweater. The truth eventually comes out, and it’s not pretty. It turns out key exculpatory evidence was concealed by the IA investigation (I’m shocked, LOL) and the department’s advocate allowed known perjured testimony to be entered into evidence. I think they never expected a sheriff to do the right thing, and now it’s getting ugly.

    The BOS is at war with the sheriff, county counsel has officially announced their allegiance to the board and are actively working against the wishes of their client, the LASD. So for all you AV haters, you may want to take a deep breath, step back, and see the bigger picture. This case was never about domestic violence, it was a coordinated assault on our duly elected sheriff by the political establishment. Anyone who ever wore tan and green should be embarrassed for siding with the BOS or their lackeys at the LA Slimes.

  • Hey Man! I looked you up on Outlook under last name “Up,” and first name “Man,” as given as “Man Up,” but I couldn’t find you. I was hoping to hook up over a beer to exchange ideas. Are you real?

  • Ooooh, you old guys got me.. Ooohh…. Clowns… Nothing but bitter angry, hateful old grumpy haters. You guys are worst than high school kids bullying another kid online. Fuck each and every one of you haters. All you cowards do is gang up on people because of your hate. It’s obvious who you are. Real fucking childish and pathetic.

    Let’s hear it now again.. “ughhhhh you have an alias too… Whaaaa… The department is in ruins after 3 months with AV… Whaaaa… AV fired our boy Layva…. Whaaaa… Mandoyan is a bad guy…. Whaaaaaat…..AV needs to listen to our boy Bob O because he’s a nice guy… Whaaaaaa… AV should promote Brian M because he’s honest and ethical…. Whaaaa…. Not every deputy is happy, it just can’t be, not possible…. Whaaaa…. I didn’t get what I want and was let go, because of that we must recall…. Whaaaa…..” Pathetic cry babies. GTFOH….

  • Something I have learned while working LASD.

    A great deputy may not be a great sergeant, and a great sergeant may not be a great lieutenant, and so on. There is a reason why people are gradually brought through the ranks, or they should be. It is a learning process, one that requires the understanding of what the troops need/want while at the same time protecting the organization. Policies are the guidelines everybody needs to adhere to.

    Each rank on the department requires different skills, and yes they become more difficult the higher you get. Lucky for me, not to high. The upper brass (chiefs and above) love to create busy work. They love charts, graphs, colored pictures, and very lengthy reports to show how great their division is. Big Red was a perfect example of this.

    You move a lieutenant up to chief and A/S, what skills do they have to work in that capacity when lieutenant was tough enough. Somebody asked earlier, then who would you promote. I have no idea. No org chart available and don’t know where anybody sits at this time, and not my decision.

    The higher you go the more you need to protect what is LASD. With the release of the video staring CM, it make the public look at AV with, WTF were you thinking brining this guy back. LASD does not hire crooks, attempt burglary, DV, really.

    How do you think CM will respond in the field to the next DV incident. Who will he side with, the victim or the suspect. Will he take a report, make an arrest, or blow it off saying she deserved it. Hiring him back does not protect AV or LASD. It’s like firing your gun, once the hammer falls, fate is screaming down the barrel and you can’t change the outcome. CM should have engaged his brain before his emotions.

    AV has many things he should focus on, first off making sure his staff know what they are doing. Most wondering how they got the rank they sit at, moreover, how do I fool the boss and the troops to make them think I know what I am doing.

    Very entertaining reading. Got the best sit in the house on the sidelines.

  • Dear Sidelines, Thank you for providing a clear, objective, educated assessment, void of profanities and chest-thumping exclamations.

  • Side: once again no one has any names for promotion. Lots of complaining doesn’t solve any problems.

  • @Fed Up……Lots Of cases are out there in which exculpatory evidence was with held, supplemental reports went missing, witnesses were cohersed, perjury was committed by investigators up to captains and commanders. The public sees what is played out in the media, apparently AV has some evidence that the public doesn’t see.

    To the public and deputies this video and the suggestion of CM beaing a reaper is appalling. But as far as being fired, if evidence was in fact left out, lies were made doing the case and its proven. He should be allowed another date in court and all the evidence laid out.

    The way AV went about the CM situation could have been played out differently. AV has only brought back CM since becoming Sheriff…….bring back some more people and explain what wrong was done to them and maybe the media will get a bigger picture of the misconduct from the previous regime.

  • I actually have a couple names that are well liked by the troops that have worked their way up but frankly, after reading some of the nonsense posted today (not by you btw), I’m not going to subject these folks to being torn apart by some troll here. If you are inferring that the pool is not huge, I agree. But that said, there are good people – some you have likely worked with or for that might have been better candidates had an approach that was slower and more methodical been used. Hopefully AV’s selections will prove to be of benefit to the agency.

  • Sidelines – Well said and Amen! Bringing in people like Big Red to such a large county agency was a stupid and destructive decision. There are indeed benefits to working up through the ranks. Skipping a rank to reach someone with exceptional or unique skills could be justifiable but as a frequent practice is unwise and demoralizing to others.

    Given the comments I’ve read here today, I would not subject anyone to the inevitable nastiness that would ensue by tossing out a name or two but based on the size of LASD alone, there are w/o question qualified people that work damn hard and deserve a look. They are not chest thumping, glad handing grovelers. They are the people that are solid. They are the people with experience that others go to for advice. They are the people that give a damn about the line Deputies and guiding them properly. They are the people that have worked hard and continue to represent the agency well. They are there – perhaps not active in any of the Sheriff campaigns, or any of the unions, or positioned on the Sheriff’s leg – but they are there. If AV wants them bad enough, he can find them.

  • So, according to @SIDELINES, let’s fire everyone who was previously rehired for domestic violence allegations, DUI’s, 647f’s, etc….mr Einstein spoke again… You’re starting to sound like someone who works for the BOS…

    What’s even funny is you nerds chime in with… “oh, great post sidelines…… @sidelones, you’re the man….. Etc… Stop making it more and more obvious you tards are from the same short bus.

    Can’t wait for new leadership at PPOA.

    Trump is my president and Villanueva is my Sheriff.

  • Sidelines, I don’t think you appreciate the sheer lack of choices available to AV while he tries to reform the department. He’s making an immediate impact, while working to establish some sort of orderly succession planning. If he kept the corrupt execs from the past, he’d waste his time fighting people who don’t like reform. He can work with inexperience, but not with self-serving obstructionists.

  • @The Up Brothers (Fed & Man), it is pretty clear that what little brain power was available in the gene pool went to Fed.

  • The percentage of personnel who have been disciplined or terminated, or resigned in lieu of, is disproportionate to the TOTAL number of personnel in the Sheriff’s Department. I wonder what percent that is. Anyone? I’m referring o the ones who actually violated some sort of penal, health & safety codes, or violated policy regarding general conduct. It’s similar to the 5% of the general population who always generate the most amount of calls for service.
    At the line sups level, 90% of the time the sups have to deal with the 5 -10 % of the problematic personnel, both sworn and civilian.
    Meaning, the 95 or so percent live and work a peaceful , drama free life (plus or minus typical everyday issues that are manageable and still fall within the parameters of the legal system)
    There are those who have received disciplined, myself twice for preventable t/c’s, and we just took the lump because we know we were wrong. If one disagrees, there is the grievance process. I just have a problem with people who are drowning and grab on to their closest buddy, knowing they are placing their buddy’s life and livelihood in jeopardy, in this case, career.
    Fall on your own damn sword. Be the bigger person. Be a man. Man up!

  • @ Um,
    Commentor “Sidelines” is obviously not “active” so why do you ask for his suggestions re; promotions? Regardless, his post spoke volumes.

    The recent psuedo battlefield promotions are unprecedented along with futile “fast tracking” of Mandoyan behind closed doors.

  • Curious: If anyone is going to complain then I ask what is their answer? You don’t like who is getting promoted- Ok then who? A reasonable question. This has happened before and no one said anything, why? Those who skipped ranks were all Male White. Isn’t that true?

  • Those who skipped ranks were not all white males. What’s your angle with that question, when you already knew the answer? Enlighten me.

  • Editor’s Note:

    Dear “Man Up,”

    I just deleted comment number two of yours where you talked smack about a list of people by name, in two case mentioning spouses. This isn’t discussion. It’s straight up mud throwing. Especially when it edges toward slander.
    Please dial it back.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Ok, since you appear to be race/gender baiting with this question, I’ll bite.
    Off the top of my head, the skip rank promotions look something like this:
    Undersheriff – captain in November – 4 ranks – Male Asian
    Asst Sheriff – lieutenant in November – 4 ranks – Female Hispanic
    Chief – lieutenant in November – 3 ranks – Female Black
    Chief – captain in November – 2 ranks – Male White
    Chief – captain in November – 2 ranks – Male Hispanic
    Chief – lieutenant in November – 3 ranks – Male White

    Totals: Male whites 5 ranks
    Non male whites 13 ranks

    Note this does not include the two execs who were brought our of retirement (one fired or quit) who were jumped 3 and 4 ranks (one of whom was a campaign donor), were a male white and male hispanic.

    As you can see, you weren’t even close in your statement. Being this clueless as to the facts, how seriously do you expect to be taken? In response to your repeated calls for people to throw out names, I would have to say, not very seriously at all. As others have said, there is no reason to throw any names out only to have people to take pot shots at them. See Celeste’s comment below where she had to delete someones borderline slander. Also, what you don’t appear to realize, is that by regularly bypassing the other ranks, and making these multi-rank promotions, AV is clearly sending a message to literally dozens of more qualified supervisors that he has no confidence in them. Having skipped over so many ranks himself, he has zero respect, or understanding, of what is gained by working each rank in succession. Others have gone into more detail above as to why this is so important, but suffice it to say, there is a reason the military and every other LE organization (except maybe small sheriff’s offices, where relatives or campaign donors might get this treatment) never does what AV is doing every week.
    He is setting the organization up for failure. To say nothing of the effects to the department from him bringing back his buddy/driver/campaign donor back to work before he even took office.
    His previous statements show that he prides himself on being some sort of maverick. His actions show him to be closer to a rebel without a clue. Which is pretty damn dangerous considering the size of the organization he is attempting to lead.

  • Oh, my bad, I totally forgot that in my earlier post. Chief of Professional Standards, male black, captain in November, chief a couple months later. Wow, the numbers are even worse for your male white theory. It’s even more curious when you consider that the only two male whites who have received this treatment, one was a campaign donor, and the other was the ops lt for one of the sheriff’s inner circle.
    Makes you wonder where AV gets the nerve to throw around that “cronyism” word that he’s so fond of. How many campaign donors did the former sheriff promote exactly? Zero was it? How many campaign donors received special “forget the civil service rules, I say you’re a deputy again” treatment by the former sheriff? Zero?

  • 924:

    273.5 California Penal Code–Corporal Injury to a Spouse.

    Is that what the arrest is for?

    If so, newspaper article links, Google search words, more info?

  • Just: thank you for making my point. Before sheriff AV the majority were make white. Sheriff AV has done the same thing. So why are you complaining?

  • Those who skipped several ranks were male and female as opposed to all white males. If your direct meaning was to mention non- white males in the male-only category then Tim Murakamiwould be one.

  • Celeste, I respect that. My intention was not to defame, although those individuals comment here all the time slandering everyone else. The reason we know this, because their own friends and they themselves brag about it.

    I will power down, but they will be mentioned regularly since they commit the same offenses.

    I know Brian and Ray called you in panic.

    Regardless, thank you for refereeing us overgrown children.

    BTW, don’t believe a word Brian and Ray tell you. They’re clueless and no one speaks to them in the department. Brian is known as an unethical cry baby and Ray still has his same old reputation of a self serving, back stabbing snake. Nothing new with him. Don’t allow them to use you to further their agenda. They already are doing that with Maya Lau. Nothing against Maya, but she’s young and inexperienced. Though I’ve already spoken to her about them as well.

    We’ll be sending you some REAL material going forward. An article on disgraced Ray Layva should never have been reported. The guy is a no one just Brian’s and the BOS’ snitch.

    Thank you.
    Man Up!

  • @Just the false facts,
    If you guys are not happy with AV, then run against him and do it your way. Stop bitching and complaining because I guarantee you he sure as hell doesn’t give a shit what you post here. Just ask Ray.

    It’s obvious you’re a bitter male white commander who will never be promoted under AV. Try this for a change. Roll yourself back to patrol and earn your keep and finally work for a living. Your two years combined in patrol isn’t going to cut it bro.

  • No, she was never arrested. What’s your next beef? Oh, wait, because she’s black… There you go…. Smh in disgust.

  • To be honest, I’m not sure what your point is. You seemed to be race-baiting with your question, or implying that AV was promoting too many male whites. Are you trying to say that AV is promoting women and minorities to make up for past inequalities in the promotion process, and that’s why he’s skipping multiple ranks in his promotions? Do you have some knowledge as to his motivations? Please share, and state your point plainly, because it’s lost on me.
    Frankly, I think promotions should go to the most qualified candidate regardless of race or gender. That typically means experience and education. AV seems to completely lack any respect for experience in rank before promotion. The most fascinating part of that is his own decrees about minimum experience at certain assignments before promotion to sergeant, lieutenant, or captain. Apparently, he thinks the value of experience after lieutenant counts for nothing. Hmmm…what lack in his own history would cause him to undervalue experience at higher ranks?

  • Just The Facts, you seem obsessed with people skipping ranks and the value of management experience. I think AV spoke loud and clearly about what he valued: community service and education. The community heard that same message and that’s why he’s the sheriff. Feel free to challenge him in 2022.

    Historically management experience was reserved only for a mostly white and male crowd, no one else needed to apply. AV said he was going to turn the pyramid upside down, and now the anonymous voices of those who lost undeserved privilege are whining.

    Those who fall short of AV’s criteria are not in a protected class. I suppose they could always lobby Congress to expand Title VII coverage. In the meantime those who never had a chance to compete on a level playing field are experiencing it for the first time. I call that a win.

  • @Fed Up:
    “In the meantime those who never had a chance to compete on a level playing field are experiencing it for the first time.” Wrong assessment.

    What exactly makes you believe AV’s shunning of experienced white males in favor of much lower ranking minorities constitutes a “level playing field”? That, sir, is usually referred to as reverse discrimination – a practice adored by liberals when white males are the victims.

    Having lower ranking personnel suddenly thrust into top-level management will take its toll. Ignoring those with much deeper institutional knowledge so that others can somehow learn on the fly is dangerous. Pretty soon we’ll have AV’s top execs advising him that it’s a good idea to rehire terminated deputies who haven’t exhausted all of their administrative appeal rights first. Oh, wait…

  • @MANUP

    I never said all those misdeeds should never get their job back. AV said he created a Truth and Reconciliation Group to look at all the ill discipline given to folks. That is fine, CM would not have been the first case I would have used to show everybody why the T/R committee was necessary. It simply does not go in his favor as far as public opinion. I don’t know, but I think there may have been fired personnel more worthy of their case review, but then again, they were not holding his badge and telling him what a bitchen guy he was. I personally think everybody makes mistakes and should get a second chance. Somethings just don’t work that way. You can’t work NARCO if you admit you smoke pot during your initial interview with the department.

    My opinion only. The Sheriff needs to protect the organization against law suits. I know its hard to think of, but should an employee be terminated, and its supported by Civil Service, and the boss brings him back,,,well the boss assumes all liability for the employee. Should, CM make a bad call in a DV incident, and it is proven he should have done something different as a deputy sheriff, then the law suit rolls and WitnessLa would have another 200+ comments on what went wrong. If a terminated employee gets his job back as Civil Service gives it to him, the sheriff’s department can say, we gave him the amount of discipline we felt was appropriate, and the blame goes to civil service for over turning the discipline.

    With regards to the top execs, not my call. Those that worked for the department hated it when a new captain came in and changed everything for the sake of change. He/She never took the time to fairly evaluate his employees. Sergeants don’t get to pick their team, nor lieutenants, nor captains. Yes the sheriff can, and he did. I have worked with some of those terminated execs, some I am glad got the axe, some worked dam hard for their position and would continue to do good work if given the chance. Throwing a blanket over all of them and terminating them was a mistake (my opinion) without getting to know their skills and perhaps, prove their loyalty to you, the new boss. (NO I WILL NOT PROVIDE NAMES)

    It would be like taking ALL of ELA and moving everybody to the ends of the earth over their incident. Certainly not fair to the men and women who simply want to do a good job and don’t get involved in the station politics.

    In 30+ years I had never heard of AV, nobody I knew spoke about him, never heard of anything special he did from anybody, I can only imagine his circle of choices is extremely small.

    For those that hate the discipline system for LASD, please research the guidelines for discipline. Captains can give only up to 15 days, more than that and termination is up to the big brass. The facts will either support the allegation or they won’t. I would love to read cases where personnel were framed as previous post would elude to. I am not trying to railroad CM. Anybody looking at the video would say, it sure looked like that guy was trying to get into the door.

  • Dude, before you start throwing slander and names around claiming “The reason we know is because their own friends and they themselves brag about it,” is bullshit. Cheap advice, put your rage and yourself in check because you are way off.

  • I was never an AV fan, and I seriously had my doubts about him being Sheriff. The past four months have been more than a learning curve for him. He made some questionable calls and promotions, especially after the Mandoyan issue. But, after hearing both sides of the story and viewing his (Mandoyans) interview on Fox 11 news, I agree with AV in giving a him another shot. It was the right thing to do.

    With all the chaos that has occurred, I have made a 180 degree turn on my opinion of AV. He is not perfect, and has so much to learn, but I think he’s trying to do the right the ship. Sheriff Villanueva, you have earned my respect. You will make more mistakes as you go, but don’t get discouraged. You are on the right path.

    Sorry I doubted you.

  • @Man Up,

    First things first, I do not read Witness LA (Sorry Celeste), except when someone sends me a link to look at something specific. I am retired and do not care about what is being said.

    However, it was brought to my attention this morning, (someone sent me a screen shot of one of your two comments removed by Celeste) that you made about me and my wife, Kim.

    I am not sure what my wife and I did to you, but you seem to think we make comments here under an alias. I do not comment here nor does my wife, as we could care less what people are saying, but when you attack us, I will call you out!

    I have worked 25 of my 29 years on this department in patrol. I’m not sure a lot of folks that comment here can say that. I have been involved in a lot of things and thank God, I am still alive. I am medically retired, so coming back is not an option for me.

    If you are such a stand-up guy, why don’t you “MAN UP” and identify yourself before you start smearing folks you are “identifying,” who have never commented here or “bragged to friends” about doing so.

    Be the “Man” you say you are and come to me personally to discuss your problems with me, not show how ignorant you are by doing so on “Witness LA.”

    I am man enough to put my real name on this post, are you? Of course not, you are only a keyboard warrior. Again, this is the first time I have ever posted on Witness LA, and I am sure Celeste can confirm that!

    So, “Man Up”, why don’t you be a man and tell me who you are so we can discuss this like real men.


  • “man up,”

    Imagine my surprise, to wake up to a PM from a friend this morning, advising me that you drug me and my husband trough the proverbial mud here on WLA.

    For the record, this is the first time I have ever commented on WLA, hence, why I am not hiding behind an alias. I missed one of your posts defaming me, as Celeste removed it before I saw it (thank you Celeste).

    You seem very intent on naming names, and I don’t have a problem with that, as long as they are correct. I have much more to do in retirement than listen to your bellyaching and slanderous accusations. You accused me and my husband of “bragging” about WLA posts we have made; not sure what you’re smoking.

    I don’t know what I did to piss in your cheerios, but you obviously have a beef with me. Kinda scary that you are probably someone I know…”man up,” grow a set and talk to me one on one. Your comments just show what a bitter, CS, angry individual you are.

    I see you continuously call out others for using an alias, but you keep hidden behind your keyboard when asked the same question. Your handle of “man up,” is obviously what you aspire to do someday.

    If you were a “man” of any kind, you would get your facts and information straight, doubt you will though.

    Get on with your angry little life, but leave me out of it.


  • There’s much to be said about a person explaining his/per points of view with clear, logical, on-point statements, with correct use of grammar and syntax, as compared to someone who continually spew profane words, and remarks laden with venomous, name-pointing, negativity. It says a lot about one with education and class versus one with none. The former projects much character and credibility, the latter plainly has none.

  • Celeste, my husband and I were personally attacked by “man up.” We both replied with our true names, but our responses have not been posted. ???
    This is the first time either of us have commented here… is there something else we have to do, or is slander allowed here?


    Tried to post my comment, but got an “error”….

  • I got a “duplicate ” message when I asked why my comment wasn’t posted… I only sent. It once. Shame that WLA allows defamation, but not defending ourselves.

  • Maybe this whole case should be taken with another look-see. As an outsider (like many of us) and watching his interview, I say run this whole case again with the missing pieces to determine everything which could very well exonerate him.

  • All accused on this page deserve a chance to defend themselves. My husband and I were drug trough the mud by “man up” earlier today. We commented here, for the first time today. Our comments are still awaiting approval. Driving a “short bus” as “man up” accused, but not allowed to comment back? Wow WLA!

  • Dose of reality, here is a dose for you. What makes you think the institutional knowledge of a career boot licker who has worked his/her way to the management ranks is somehow superior to the institutional knowledge of line staff and supervisors who have been doing the hard work their entire career? You don’t even bother concealing your contempt for the line staff, as if there is some magical elixir doted out to those who wear starts and bars on their collars that the line swine is incapable of comprehending.

    It looks like AV diagnosed the problem, and it is a failure of leadership that not only sunk the Baca/Tanaka administration, but condemned the McDonnel/Teran ship as well. Every single captain and above, with very few exceptions, were participants in these massive failures, and succeeded only ensuring their personal success while their subordinates’ careers were ruined. Is that the institutional knowledge you speak so lovingly of? Please explain how this fabulous knowledge will serve to reform the department. You’re right, Villanueva couldn’t care less about hurting the feelings of the good ol’ boys club. He was never a member and owes no allegiance to anyone.

    By the way, the previous administrations already demonstrated that you could take an absolute idiot with no police experience and a GED and elevate them to the position of division chief with no noticeable effect to the entire organization. Putting real cops with real line experience and some education is an improvement, particularly when they have a history of placing other people’s needs ahead of their own. By the way, it’s only a level playing field when everyone has a chance to obtain what is being measured. Last time I checked, everyone had the chance to work the line or go to school. For those who chose not to, too bad.

  • Damn, I feel bad for talking shit about him. He got f*ucked. Maybe AV did know more than everyone else did. If these are the facts then I’m speechless and feel bad for all the shit he took.

    His ex called the cops on the press? Seems like she exercised a common habit.

  • Did you not here the recordings dummy how can you believe that fucker come on he could have called the cops,let’s not be dumb.

  • Editor’s Note:

    Kim and Burton, I’ve been out at an event all evening so had put no comments through. (When you’re a first time commenter, you don’t go through automatically. And sometimes even if you are a regular commenter, the spam assassin gets overactive, and I have to physically put you though. Thus if I’m doing something else, it can take a while.)

    I believe all your comments have gone through now. If there’s a further problem please let me know.


  • What about the recordings? Does she sound afraid? Where’s the threats? Also, she’s baiting him and setting him up. This chick is a liar and her ugly game just caught up with her. She’s destroyed his life. So what you’re saying is he deserved to be fired and dragged through the coals because he argued with his ex? At least I own up to my error in judging the guy and talking a lot of shit about him before. But now I’m embarrassed and feel bad I did. He really and truly got screwed. He should sue the hell out of the BOS. What they and the media did, they need to give him a blank check. Goes to show how people are blinded with hate. At least I’m coming clean. I’d apologize to CM but I’m really embarrassed. Good lesson for me. Guess we’re never old enough to learn.

    AV has now earned my respect even more. What a stand up guy to stick to his guns and defend a guy who was royally wronged. I too was wondering why he would jeopardize so much on one person, but now I see. This link has been going viral and everyone I know feels horribly bad for the guy. I can’t imagine how anyone would recover from something like this. Other than many zeros in a settlement.

  • Chief Haselriig’s ex-girlfriend, Lisa Richardson speaks to Channel 7 on Mandoyan’s behalf.

    Maybe AV can have his Truth and Reconciliation Committee look into the case of the Lennox deputy who was relieved of duty behind Richardson’s allegations against him. Should Richardson be on the Brady List? Now Lisa Richardson is vouching for Mandoyan? I wonder what that Lennox deputy would say about Lisa Richards after being ROD’d on unfounded allegations.

    I wonder what Mandoyan has on AV for him to go through all of this. What a bunch of liars. Del Mese isn’t clean in this either. As a matter of fact, Reaper Del mese is the reason rehiring Reaper Mandoyan was AV’s first order of business. Del Mese knew Mandoyan was harassing the victim at the time this was going on. He knew Mandoyan purchased a Glendale PD “John Balian” style burner phone with cash, and was using that phone to anonymously harass the victim and send texts to the victim’s deputy coworkers wives, with messages that their deputy husbands were having sex with the victim. Ironic when you consider Carl was married and had a family during this ordeal.

    You can see Carl Mandoyan is wearing his lucky Lennox hat in that video where he is fixing the victim’s door with his burglary tools. Hilarious.

    So what does Carl Mandoyan have on AV for him to go through all of this??

  • Hey Sgt. Yakam, Mr. 924, who of the two scorned girls you were dating? The first or the second?

  • ABC says Mandoyan was THRUST into the spotlight?

    Hey Carl, that’s funny. No one forced you to be on stage during the pinning ceremony. No one forced you to lie your way back into a job you deserved to lose. No one forced you to cheat on your wife to be with the victim. These were YOUR choices Carl and it seems the new Sheriff has paid you a very large sum for your shi*tty decisions.
    What’s really going on here?

    Now Carl claims that he is the victim? I can’t stop laughing.
    Carl, remember how you claimed the victim threatened you? She did. She threatened to call the cops if you didn’t leave her alone. You didn’t, so she got a restraining order. Not to say the victim is innocent in all of this. She isn’t/ She played her part. She was naive and lazy, and she made a really bad call getting involved with Carl. Carl dazzled her with his sexy Reaper tattoo and matching hat. But Carl never had a relationship with Lisa Richardson, like Richardson claims on ABC news. Carl is manufacturing evidence after the fact. Haselrig’s ex girlfriend, Lisa Richardson’s story is as fake as her hair.

    Hey, Truth and Reconciliation guy, if you still exist, I hope you’re paying attention to all of this. After all, you were once the sharpest tool in the shed.

    This is just Sad. The new Sheriff has surrounded himself with liars, which is a pretty strong indication that he too, is a liar.

  • It’s not just one woman he had a problem with its two? One got a restraining order and the other accused him of braking in to her place? If his version was the case, he should have sued the County in Superior Court to get his job back in 2016. Hopefully he has learned dating co workers is not a good choice for him.

  • @What a Mess
    Are you seriously buying this horse manure? Do you actually believe woman #2 had a relationship with Carl?
    Seems Carl is running out of ideas so now he is making his own fake news.
    It’s worth mentioning woman #2, is friends with AV and Mandoyan. It’s also worth mentioning, woman #2 is the ex gf of one newly promoted female Lt, Capt now Chief. Also worth mentioning, woman #2 made false allegations and got a deputy ROD back when she was a trainee. It was later determined her allegations were false. She is protected so there was no consequence. Carl claims this evidence re his relationship with woman #2 was lost. I guess since no one is fact checking him, Carl can just keep lying.

  • Well, it seems like this young man got really hosed. Unfortunately I’ve seen it happen more often than I wanted to, to friends close to me.

  • Mandoyan did get hosed. It’s scary to think what false allegations can do to a person. I’m not saying Carl was 100% innocent, but he was definitely screwed. I don’t think anyone should lose their job for something like that. To think that McDonnell fired Carl, but promoted Roosevelt Johnson to Commander after he was found to have lied on a police report in the 1990’s, is CRAZY! McDonnell (AKA- “Reformer”) was a two faced liar who did LA County residents wrong. His camp and BOS are so upset that he lost. lol….

    Glad Sheriff Villanueva has the balls to do the right thing for Department and county residents.

  • Hey Yakam, mr 924, and 925, which of the two girls you were dating? It seems you know a lot….which of the two was your 924?

  • Not at all 925. Im not buying into any of this mess. If Carl’s case was so strong against the Department, I ask why didn’t he sue for wrongful termination in superior court? Lisa Richardson who commented in the KABC interview with Carl sued the Department back in 2012 for age discrimination and harassment. So why did Carl if McDonnell and company were really out to get him? Just asking.

  • Although the Comedy is funny, this blog has a lotta Facebook skip traffic. The blog has informants everywhere as does the Times. I’ve never seen anything like this. Loyalty means nothing I guess. Back to the Comedy.

  • “I ask why didn’t he sue for wrongful termination in superior court?”

    Or just let the Civil Service Commission case play out?

    Adverse Civil Service Commission decisions are appealable all the way up the appellate judicial ladder to both the State & U.S. Supreme Courts–the perfect venue to introduce exculpatory evidence.

    So why wasn’t that done?

  • @Wowzer Try not to be such a sucker!
    You were correct in your comments about McDonnell. He was a POS. He is the reason we are stuck with this new POS. Why is AV willing to throw the entire dept under the bus for this liar, Mandoyan?
    The worst part about Carl isn’t even that he choked the victim when he was drunk, or threw shampoo bottles at her head when he was trying to crawl through her bathroom window at 2AM to retrieve his gun, or that he remotely logged into her video surveillance sys to watch her having sex with someone not Carl, or that he bought a burner phone on the Armenian black market to further harass the victim anonymously. Those aren’t the worse things about Carl. The worst thing about Carl is that he used his Reaper status to try and gain authority and compliance over his dumb girlfriend, the victim. That is what makes Carl one of the biggest A*holes on the department. It’s unfortunate that anyone is dumb enough to think Carl is a victim. The only thing Carl is a victim of is his own stupidity.
    Meanwhile, AV is wasting so much effort in trying to salvage a liar’s career.

  • What are the guidelines for becoming a Lennox Reaper? Are there any females in the club? Is it bros before hoes?

    You gotta be one of the cool kids, dude. They gotta watch you for a while, dude, then they all sit around and jerk each other off to their Lennox war stories, then they take a vote, and you gotta be present to vote.

    Who is the highest ranking Reaper on the department?

  • @What a Mess
    I stand corrected. I see you were only going along with the newest lie told by Carl and Lisa Richardson, that they were in a dating relationship, and used that as a premise to make the bigger point; that Carl never had a case. It’s hilarious watching these liars collude.

  • Apostle, yeah tell me about it. That was back in 1992 and Roosevelt Johnsons discipline was in 1999. Even after being promoted to Commander, he and former U/S colluded and lied about a pursuit in Santa Clarita. It’s crazy how this stuff happens. Jim McDonnell was a farce.

  • Hate to be a downer 925, But it sounds like you got punked by a Reaper. Grow a pair manchild.

  • A little background on Alondra Park. Certain deputies all used to meet at “the Pit” (a large depression on the east edge of the Park that was concealed from street view but NOT from the top of El Camino College’s 2-story parking structure RIGHT next to the Pit). They would have huge bonfires using pallets, park patrols cars in a circle around the edge of the Pit and drink beer.

    This particular night, while Malibu burned, they drank beer that one deputy got from a nearby 7-11 (IN UNIFORM ON VIDEO) for the get-together.

    As the alcohol flowed and the bullets flew, the Chief of Police of El Camino College heard the commotion and saw what was happening in the Pit. Calls were made, supervisors responded and patrol cars started FLYING out of the park. Supervisors collected beer cans, shell casings and responded back to the station to try to identify everyone who was there. There was LOTS of mud on the bottom of the cars and on peoples boots, so sergeants and lieutenants blocked the entrance to the locker room and everyone’s boots and cars were inspected. Several deps had trustees hose down the bottom of their cars to wash off the mud.

    In the end, Captain Jack Sculley promised to NOT fire anyone if EVERYONE came forward and fessed up. To my understanding, everyone did and, true to his word, Sculley made sure no one was fired. Several of those deputies have since promoted to high ranks. It WAS a long time ago….but even then it was very embarrassing.

  • This is the kind of stuff that authors like Mario Puzo would salivate over…. or script writers for a west coast version of The Departed.
    Though I am more concerned that if the dark characters in this real life tragedy don’t concede and find God soon, someone is seriously going to get hurt. Anger is intoxicating and takes over a person’s sensibility. When an angry person is backed into a corner they do crazy things. I pray for this to be over soon for all involved. Too many of our deputies have died in the line of duty doing the right thing and had followed a righteous path. It is very, very heartbreaking to see our sons and daughters put on their uniform and badge with the pride and gleam in their eyes that they should have.

  • As long as AV continues to waste time on the Carl bandwagon, the worse things are going to get for this department. Carl didn’t help his cause, he just opened more questions about his behavior.

  • Does anyone know if Sheriff Villanueva will re-open the investigation where the former Santa Clarita Captain, now Commander, lied about being in pursuit of a DUI suspect?

  • When you say “we,” who are you referring to? In my book AV has a lot of support on the department, and the fact that the Mandoyan case has unraveled seems to unnerve you. Why don’t you run around the department and tell everyone what a POS our new sheriff is? Let me know how that works out for you.

    The Mandoyan case is emblematic of many cases that will be reviewed, and if you truly love the department you shouldn’t waste your time exposing your ugly side.

  • LASD Apostle? More like LASD Nincompoop.
    What a crybaby! Let’s see, you want to bring up incidents from what, 25+ years ago? Your a joke, and asshat, a coward. It’s cliche to keep asking a-holes to put their real names to their comments here so I won’t, but I’ll take solace in assumption you were a weenie in patrol (all 2 years of it), and your a weenie still today. Suck it sideways.

  • Yes she was celeste have maya lau call Vegas pd and ask about lujuana’s arrest for domestic violence a few months ago.

  • For the sake of principle and policy, I would ask the Office of Independent General (OIG) look into this event and evaluate if department members (one being Commander RJ) participated in unethical behavior and/or lied. Hopefully a pattern isn’t discovered re:lying.

    I’m sure the BOS and the public would like to know.

    Whats your status on the 10-29V?

  • 925 – Spot on. This whole deal sounds like two fools that found each other. An alleged physical confrontation over a cell phone 9/14. He broke in or tried to break in not once but twice into the ex’s place; last on 12/27/14. Yet love is in the air again 12/28/14. His explanation for the attempted break-in? Just wanted to get his stuff. Seriously? How stupid can you be? Have a witness with you and call the locals for help. You don’t break in… Six months later he’s allegedly still texting the now ex-girlfriend and allegedly monitoring her being intimate with someone else. And he just has no idea where he went wrong; a total victim. I’d have respected him if he’d owned some of this and had learned from it but he hasn’t. He takes no responsibility for his poor decisions and blames others. It’s all a set up behind these two “scorned” women – one of whom went on t.v. to defend him. There are others that deserve to be brought back; he’s not one of them.

  • This thread has gotten ugly & frankly should be shut down, clearly sh.t show! The simple solution, considering Mandoyan’s status, is to ask him to volunteer for an independent polygraph, the LA Office of the FBI might have one willing to offer a service. The questions would be limited to domestic violence, stalking & forced entry. If Mandoyan is unwilling to voluntarily submit then the Sheriff should back off his questionable reinstatement. If the Sheriff is unwilling to seek a polygraph, how about him taking one directed to his motivation for the reinstatement. No hiding behind the Peace Officer Bill of Rights Alex or the Lady’s Man, MANDOYAN. I saw a news clip of the tryouts for the Rams “Cheer Girls or Persons” today & suspect Mandoyan likely was nearby thinking they were dancing for him. He needs to be careful however, the entire group may decide his Reaper tattoo represents who he really is.

  • Agreed…….there’s far to much going on with this case. Re hear the facts and if so re fire him. There are tons of others home sitting and waiting for policy violations of which should never been fired. A deputy sheriff should not be attempting to break in any location.

    Call the locals and handle it by the books.

  • The Departed? Another wild exaggeration, there are no murders, kilos of drugs or any other form of organized crime…….stop with the exaggerations

  • The past: can we include the other characters in this polygraph? McDonnell, Commander RJ, PPOA BM, and many others who are in question, but not mentioned.

    That would be so cool!!!

  • You guys need to read the Bible. This kind of hate towards one another is a sin. Please stop folks. I’ve been retired for over 8 years now and never seen so much anger and hate towards each other. Please pray for one another and ask for forgiveness. The lord does not like ugly and we all need to be afraid of his wrath.

    I will have everyone in my prayers and ask the lord to take care of and bless us all, his children. The lord would never condon this hatred and you are allowing the devil to control you.

    Dear lord, I pray that you lay your hand on everyone in this group, lay your hand of comfort and protection on us so we can forgive each other as you forgave us. Jesus died on the cross for our sins from before, now and sins we will commit in the future. Lord we will be cognizant of our actions and live by your word father as this is your desire for your children. We will love one another as we love ourselves. Please give us the strength to overcome the devil from entering our minds, hearts and souls.

    I pray to you in the wonderful name of our Jesus christ. Amen.

    God Bless each and every one of you and your families.

  • Perspective:

    If your God loves us so much and knows exactly what was going to happen before it happens, why did he create this shit show in the first place?

    It’s the definition of insanity. Kind of like you being retired for 8 years but still having the time to come on here and preach to us.

  • Wowzer, there are lots of ways to skin a cat. If Mandoyan volunteers for an independent polygraph & is established nonevasive & truthful in his claim of innocence, then you’ll have validity for your wish as it relates to this matter. Absent a plausible way to accept Mandoyan’s not so convincing innocence claim you are left the system known as Civil Service, affording multilevels of formal review. The problem that AV has created, in my view, is his claim of the absolute authority to hire, fire & otherwise make personnel decisions. Clearly he has wide authority but his position seems to dismiss long established legal & Civil Service practices in L A County & frankly that is the standard model statewide. Short of assuming all the responsibilities of the Department of Personnel such as testing, validating hiring practices, compliance with State, Federal & case law the authority AV is claiming is for a patronage system. I think he’s on a fools errand regardless of his claim of a noble intent. My guess is this will not have a good ending with Mandoyan not being a Deputy Sheriff but with a full pocket of money in addition that already received. Maybe you & others can see a more favorable outcome, one that convinces the public that it serves their interest & not just those of a union(s), special interest or politician-née-Sheriff.

  • Damn this article was once about Leyva resigning or being fired. Funny how far it’s gone off the rails.

  • C: This has gone way out of control. Someone may get hurt and it’s not worth it. But, it’s your site

  • This thread is pretty much over and the rants/responses had to be therapeutic for many, I’m sure.

    It’s good to have a site allowing people to exhale minus the personal attacks.

  • I have strayed away from the topic on many occasions as I read through the various post. My bad. I can remember when WitnessLa first showed up around the water cooler with articles about LASD. Monday mornings (whichever day your Monday was) people would say, “Did you read WitnessLa. Where are they getting their information. It’s spot on about Baca and Tanaka.” It only became more intriguing when the execs BLOCKED WitnessLa from all county computers. Its all everybody wanted to talk about, the potential over-throw and fall of the LASD command staff.

    Some post are spot on as if it came from the actual source. Others hate and anger towards others. One thing I can say about this site and social media in general, it has created an avenue for the many past and present employees of LASD who have been frustrated with the command staff and the direction of the department. Many stem from the lack of continuity of the promotional process, other being threatened to hand over cash if they want to succeed in the department. Watching the coin holders think they were invincible and there was no need to answer to their immediate boss, only to PT. Watching the liars and cheats promote through the ranks.

    Many LASD personnel feel frustrated, lied to, past-over, and wrongfully accused. It will be several years to even get close to steering the boat straight with how far off course many feel it has gotten. I continue to pray for the men and women who keep LA County safe and do the lords work, as they say. I hope they continue to help make the department better than they received it. I sense it is at ground zero.

  • Editor’s Note:

    Everyone dial it back or I’m shutting down this thread and, on the way, will block those who write abusive comments.


  • Hot off the rumor mill: Retired Supervisor Mike Antonovich is purported to have negotiated with Supervisor Barger a solution in the Mandoyan matter. Sheriff Villanueva has privately agreed that the reinstatement was hasty & the Board is ok with him being a civilian Sheriff’s Field Deputy at a six figure salary. The medical benefits proved to be a sticking point but was overcome by ALADS agreeing to cover the Cobra costs as part of its continued commitment to the Sheriff’s vision.

  • It depends what qualifies as an “attack”. The truth might seem like an attack to the person telling lies. Mandoyan is the one who chose to go on ABC and give his Jussie Smollet style defense. What a tangled web.
    I have 8 more years. I pray Mandoyan doesn’t show up at our station in one of those Citizens on patrol cars.

  • Interesting. The Sheriff is budgeted four Field Deputy (non sworn) positions and he can select whoever he wants. In the past they’ve been some real idiots including (under Baca) “Bishop” Edward Turner with his ministry and thriving pot business:

    and Michael Yamaki who was getting a LOT of money for doing absolutely nothing.

    Not a bad gig with pay equal to a sergeant or lieutenant, take home car, gas, phone and almost NO accountability. I’ve heard AV has filled one of these positions with someone who’ll raise some eyebrows, but it’s not confirmed.

    The downside is that they’re only around for as long as the Sheriff is around and there are no medical benefits or pension. I can’t see Mandoyan being real happy about this option.

  • What exactly is the Sheriff’s vision that Alads is so committed to?

    AV. why don’t you reach out and fact check the Lennox/SLA deputy who was relived of duty behind Lisa Richardson’s false allegations?
    Lisa Richardson, Mandoyan’s “alleged” other girlfriend, and confirmed Haselrig’s ex-girlfriend went on ABC, in uniform, to back up Mandoyan’s lies and tell some of her own.

    AV, in your Jan 15th interview on ABC, you talked about getting rid of people who have a record of screwing over other people to advance their own careers. Did you just say that to look good? Seems like you are working too hard to protect the bad apples.

  • Celeste, I think it’s a good time to pull the plug on this thread.

    This has passed the point of any logical discussions. I pray for Mandoyan and his family. May God watch over him and protect him with his shield.

    How anyone can attack another with no regard for that individuals family is sickening and sad. And to thing you are either currently sworn or retired.

  • If any of this is true regarding health benefits to non-sworn personnel from ALADS, I would like to hear further from ALADS and the connection if so.

    Maybe Ron Hernandez can chime in on this. He should be able to do so without crazy dialogue. Members have a right to know.

  • @Take a Breath
    Carl didn’t need a witness with him when he showed up at the victim’s house with his burglary tools trying to retrieve his property. Reapers had his back, which Carl makes clear in his threats to the victim.
    And who is the highest Reaper in the land? Guess
    They hung the victim on some minor technicalities, inconsistencies in her statements, and she finally left. She never wanted it to come to this. She was looking to transfer to TSB at some point, just to be on a bus, constantly on the move, so Carl couldn’t just show up at her work place. After Carl got his anonymous burner phone and started blowing up the lives of anyone associated with the victim, she had enough. She reached her limit and got the restraining order. Everything that followed sucked for both of them.
    She wasn’t a good cop. This job wasn’t for her. She made a bad choice getting involved with married Carl. She is in a better place now. Sometimes things work out. But Carl is trash, and so is his chief of staff buddy, LD Carl’s first instinct is to lie, always.
    It’s interesting how Alex is so determined to keep Carl on in some capacity. It reeks. Interesting that Alex’s first pick was Shot-caller Reaper Del Mese too.
    I think we all mis-judged this new Sheriff. Myself included. He is not on the side of good.

    If Carl had owned up to any of this, maybe it would be different, but like I said, his first instinct is to lie. Carl took a situation that involved rejection from one woman, and turned it into 2 woman fighting over him. Carl broadcast this lie on ABC, then added more lies to the stack. It makes him look worse imo, especially for those who know the truth. I can’t believe the SLA Reapers still accept this guy, but then again, not a surprise.
    Blind loyalty rules…until it doesn’t.

  • @”The Past” I would respectfully request that you not bring ALADS into this wild thread, especially with inaccurate information.

    @”ALADS Member” thanks for asking the question, as opposed to an accusation.

    I have to carefully answer this question without crossing any legal lines.

    If the person in question is entitled to any COBRA benefits, per the law, then he would seek those benefits through a third party.

    I am not aware of an ask and it would not be a special deal or agreement as insinuated by “the Past.”

  • @What a Mess
    Please leave your logic at the door.
    Carl was just trying to retrieve his other phone, his burner phone, the one he used to anonymously text anyone associated with the victim. When Carl couldn’t get in with his burglary tools, he tried to break in through the bathroom window. He threw stuff at the victim’s head when she tried to stop him. Classic Reaper tactic.
    Carl should get 2 tattoos. One for bravery, and one for never giving up.

  • Amazingly enough , right behind Mandoyan in all the pictures is Danny, aka Batman.
    He is also seeking re-employment after having to retire in leau of being fired.
    He is also an old ELA Chronie of AV.
    EXCEPT. Batman was one dirty, lying, cop who beat up handcuffed inmates regularly. Even at the end of a long out of county pursuit.
    Assault Under the Color of Authority is his middle name.
    Just a matter of time before he is hired back again by AV

  • Mandoyan’s attorneys obtained a court order subpoena to serve WLA and the internet service provider for “IP addresses and identifying information.” Printouts of defamatory, slanderous and false comments and information posted by online aliases from the last several posts including this one.

    Info from court clerk friend of mine.

    This just got interesting.

  • If true, good for Mike Antonovich. This will allow all involved to move on and the agency to hopefully begin to move forward with a formal approved review process.

  • Translation: the Mandoyan case fell apart, so let’s shift over to slandering another supporter of AV. This is getting boring. Everything you are claiming about Danny is news to everyone, including Danny, LOL.

  • @ Ron, what’s the date? There is so much kaka being thrown why not why not throw in an obvious absurdity. It not even close to being believable but speaks to the unfortunate dog pile AND yes my bad sense of humor! April Fools!

  • @”The Past”: ok if you know me, then you know I have a sense of humor and try to only be serious when necessary. YOU GOT ME! And, I am laughing!

    That being said, I’m hyper sensitive when it appears ALADS is being bad mouthed. I can’t speak for the past, but I can say this current board works hard for it’s members to make decisions that are above board, and yes I now realize you were joking, but some did not, including me.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • Agree. Gather the facts in all these pending cases, have a fair process that includes the proper entities within the County and do the right thing – whether time off or upholding terminations. Regardless of his alleged good intentions, the Sheriff put himself, Mr. Mandoyan and the LASD in a crummy position.

  • “This just got interesting.”

    Truth is a defense; falsity of claims must be proven, and a court of law is probably the absolute best venue for all of this to be occurring.

    Yep, things just got interesting….

  • Boys and Girls, did you note the date of the post by “Feduciary Responsibility”??????

    Could beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he/she threw a blanket on this party as an April Fools joke!

  • Buzz Kill, actually not so subtle but nonetheless an April Fools prank. Our prankster needs to learn to spell, can’t even spell fiduciary. Odds are his tatts are misspelled too!

  • @Feduciary, the word is fiduciary & I guess the word for you to look up while you’re at it, is hamartia. Then ask why AV would tie his tail to the Mandoyan kite. The answer is not so hidden.

  • @Peace Out, Court Case # & Judge? Aside from all the polarized views of Mandoyan, the bigger issue, lost in his torrid sounding behavior, is the rehiring or reinstatement decision. I certainly cannot argue the facts of his firing with any authority but think the Sheriff has overstepped his authority. There is a clear process that was seemingly sidestepped. In a way it feels similar to the current college cheating scandal, back or sidedoor dealing. As to Mandoyan’s reputation, his public interviews combined with released Civil Service files would cause even the most casual listener to flinch. In the novel QB VII, the villain, Dr. Adam Kelno sued for defamation & won. The award by the court was one half-pence, a half a penny, the final establish value of his reputation. It was the path that Dr. Kelno & solicitors chose. I don’t see a winner in the Mandoyan matter, the reputation of Mandoyan, Sheriff Villanueva & most importantly LASD taking a real hit.
    The Antelope Valley case just reported in the LA Times this morning appears to me to be a legally proper decision. There is likely a backstory in this, but other than whether you agree or disagree with the specifics, it’s for the Sheriff to say & defend, clearly inbounds.

  • Late reply…been one a those weeks. Interesting info. Apologies for sounding harsh in my earlier post btw; not my intent to be unkind. I just hate seeing people get themselves into situations destined for negative consequences that are predictable and so easily avoidable. Glad the lady you mentioned is doing well. I give her a lot of credit for acknowledging that the LASD wasn’t for her and moving into something different. Especially with the processing, academy, friends urging you to stay, etc. imagine it was tough in some ways to leave. It will be interesting to read further re the Civil Service Commission proceedings.

  • Let Alex make all the decisions and changes he wants, he is the sheriff. His choices will allow him to succeed or fail. He has three more years to figure things out. Remember, you are only as good as the people that work for you. Anyone can be a figure head. Also, AV can promote anyone he wants just like every other sheriff did. Your in the car or running next to it. He did Leyva a favor and if Bob is next so be it. No matter what happens the department will continue to function with this sheriff or a new one.

  • Didn’t he go IOD before retiring? Now all of a sudden he’s good to come back to work? How about you look into cases where people go IOD for legit reasons and get harassed at work.. yet supervisors getting ready to retire get away with the lie! Instead of wasting your time on here make yourself useful!

  • I’ve known Ray Leyva and worked around him since the nineties. He is well educated, extremely bright and had positions as a supervisor in patrol, manager, and executive in Custody. I was relieved hen he decided to come on board to help AV, because as we all know, a lieutenant on the Sheriff’s Department is at the bottom of the rung when it comes to knowledge, and experience in how to run the department and personnel. I’ve been retired for a while now, but I have not been impressed with AV’s demeanor at the Board of Supervisor’s meetings. He has been antagonistic, rude, and really arrogant. I too saw Ray Leyva’s face and demeanor (stoic), when sitting next to AV, and I can tell you he did not like what he was hearing. I’m glad he is gone, because I don’t think he would put up with AV further. He would not wat to tarnish his reputation. He wanted to get the department back on an even footing, but I don’t think he could put up with AV.

  • Actually, AV is not Anglo, Poland is not an Anglo-Saxon country. He would qualify as Caucasian.

  • Man Up: Ray Leyva is not and was not ever a coconut. Shame on you for bring up this vitriolic and tawdry issue. I hope your not a deputy, we don’t need your kind of ugliness.

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