Did KRXQ Radio Jocks Advocate Verbal Abuse of Transgender Children?


According to Sacramento’s KRXQ radio hosts, Rob Williams and Arnie States
, if you have a child exhibiting transgender tendencies, you should verbally abuse him or her, and if he—god forbid—tries to put on a pair of high heels, then throw one of the heels at the kid, or better yet, whack the little bastard around with your own shoe.

The offending segment aired last week, and KRXQ used to have it archived.. But now the link to the half-hour of child abuse radio has been mysteriously replaced by a harmless ten-second riff about American Idol.

Fortunately, a helpful reader has sent me a transcript of the relevant moments:

ROB WILLIAMS [11:12]: This is a weird person who is demanding attention. And when it’s a child, all it takes is a hug, maybe some tough love or anything in between. When your little boy said, ‘Mommy, I want to walk around in a dress.’ You tell them no cause that’s not what boys do. But that’s not what we’re doing in this culture.

ARNIE STATES [13:27]: If my son, God forbid, if my son put on a pair of high heels,
I would probably hit him with one of my shoes. I would throw a shoe at him. Because you know what? Boys don’t wear high heels. And in my house, they definitely don’t wear high heels.

ROB WILLIAMS [17:45]: Dawn, they are freaks.
They are abnormal. Not because they’re girls trapped in boys bodies but because they have a mental disorder that needs to be somehow gotten out of them. That’s where therapy could help them.

ROB WILLIAMS [18:15]: Or because they were molested
. You know a lot of times these transgenders were molested. And you need to work with them on that. The point is you don’t allow the behavior. You cure the cause!

ARNIE STATES [21:30]: You got a boy saying, ‘I wanna wear dresses.’ I’m going to look at him and go, ‘You know what? You’re a little idiot! You little dumbass! Look, you are a boy! Boys don’t wear dresses.’

ARNIE STATES [29:22]: You know, my favorite part about hearing these stories
about the kids in high school, who the entire high school caters around, lets the boy wear the dress. I look forward to when they go out into society and society beats them down. And they end up in therapy.

Faced with a flood of angry responses, States and Williams have said it was all just a joke—the implication that we should lighten up already.

I profoundly disagree. (As does Andrew Sullivan.)

Although studies are scarce, what research is available indicates the risk of suicide among transgender youth is terrifyingly high.

Yet what is well documented is the high rates of violence against transgender children, teenagers and young adults, much of the violence occurring inside their own homes.

If you are a transgender American, you are 17 times more likely to be murdered than any other of your fellow citizens, the highest rate of any minority group in the nation.

So, no, abusing transgender kids—physically or verbally—is not a joking matter. When we talk about hate speech, this is exactly what we mean.

To direct such a diatribe against our most emotionally vulnerable children is unconscionable.

It deserves the strongest possible censure.


Photo by Jose Luis Villegas, for the Sacramento Bee


  • I hate to admit that I live in Sacramento with these idiots. Thank God my mom let me wear her dresses and make up and didn’t make fun of me. That’s what has made me the woman … oop’s I mean man… well not really, but whatever I am , that’s why I am the way I am. Thanks mom.

  • What is obvious from the dialogue of the Rob and Arnie, it that like most people they would be horrified if their sons were Transgender. “If my son, God forbid, if my son put on a pair of high heels, I would probably hit him with one of my shoes.”

    As a result of their discomfort are making bad jokes about the Transgender condition, which is a normal human thing to do. Like most of us, they would not have a clue what to do with a Transgender child.

    The American Psychiatric Association considered homosexuality a mental illness until 1974. Today it still considers transgender Americans mentally ill. According to the authoritative Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), transgendered people suffer from Gender Identity Disorder.

    Thank god we still have freedom of speech in this country, because if didn’t we would have liberals running around demanding that these DJ’s be prosecuted, imprisoned or “censured” for bad jokes and off hand remarks, like they do in France.

  • Questions Liberals HATE to Answer:

    If Invitro tests determined that an unborn child was Transgender or Homosexual, should as a society, encourage or outlaw abortion of that unborn child?

  • Regardless of your feelings on this confusing issue, it is NEVER okay to advocate violence against children. Making ‘fun’ of the ‘transgender condition’ is NOT a normal thing to do. Just like it’s not normal to make ‘fun’ of minorities or people with learning disabilities or whatever category YOUR children might fall into.

    Boy, I’m so glad everyone here is sooo absolutely comfortable with their gender and sexuality. It speaks volumes to the kind of listeners this stupid radio show has.

    By the way, the hosts SHOULD be censured. What if they came after your kids?

  • If Invitro tests determined that an unborn child was Transgender or Homosexual, should as a society, encourage or outlaw abortion of that unborn child?

    Typically stupid question. How could a fetus be transgender if its genitalia haven’t even formed yet.

  • Celeste, those radio jocks are entertainers, and they have to sound outrageous at times for the audience ratings. In a different forum, they would express their views in a much calmer and rational way. Surely, you have to know that.

    Transgender children will face problems in life. That’s a reality. Parents want to help them avoid related problems by getting them to change.

    From what I have heard, interracial children, despite Obama’s success, often have a hard time being accepted by whatever group with which they want to associate, but parents can’t change them. Parents also can’t change a Downs child, etc. For those people who may face unique problems but have no choice, radio jocks don’t attack.

  • Randy Paul: How could a fetus be transgender if its genitalia haven’t even formed yet.

    Randy is still waiting for his to form.

  • These DJs are scumbags. They are akin to someone joking about locking a kid with Downs Syndrome in the basement so the neighbors don’t see them or making fun of “retards.” Transgender kids have an unusual and challenging condition, but hate and ignorance directed toward them is a measure of how fucked up others are, not them. Defending these shock jocks who advocate child abuse as “like most of us” or joking about their sick, inhuman comments is creepy. Really.

    I don’t know anything about a lot of mental and physical challenges that some kids experience, but God forbid if “most of us” would respond to our own kid having some problems by being abusive, I’m thankful I’m not “like most of us”. Actually I don’t believe this is generically true – I think “most of us” as parents would begin a process – probably difficult initially – of educating ourselves, talking to people who had the same problems, talking to experts who counsel such folks, getting any medical advice if necessary and helping the child move forward. Verbal abuse of children facing physical or psychological difficulties – and rationalizing it with a quote from a diagnostic manual – isn’t something I would want to associate myself with. Anymore than I’d want to associate myself with wife-beating or any other abusive pathology.

    What kind of crass mentality would take this lightly and rush to blame liberals ? Assholes who have the privilege of broadcasting on the radio have been sacked for less, and these creeps should lose their jobs as a result of public protest over their lack of humanity and their witlessness. Their pleading “it’s a joke” is the same crap Woody uses here and elsewhere to justify his putrid racist comments. Transgender kids deserve the same love and best shot by their parents that any child deserves – to understand them and help them succeed in life with whatever hand they’ve been dealt. Not necessarily easy for a parent, but the right and human thing to do. Screw these clowns. They remind me of Woody…precisely the same kind of deformed, petty, self-absorbed personality pretty much incapable of intellectual or moral complexity.

    And Pokey, you can shove your rush to blame “liberals” or “France” up your ass. Now THAT’S a mental disorder…

  • Woody – you’re pretty ill-informed about interracial children, but to the degree they might experience issues it’s because of people like you. The truth is that you’re living proof that in today’s world, bigots experience a lot of insecurities, pressures and a sense of not belonging that creates barriers to their social success. There are an increasing number of families in America – perhaps a majority – who would not invite you to their Thanksgiving if you happened to be their racist, homophobic, wingnut crank Uncle with the big mouth and the rancid jokes.

  • Pokey – the simple answer (the one that “conservatives” hate to hear) is that society shouldn’t “encourage or outlaw” abortion. It should reserve the difficult question of abortion to the individual and her doctor. I want no part of that decision and neither should you.

    Thanks for playing “Straw Man” – too bad you lost.

  • Mr Woodster – One thing France doesn’t lose is thousands of dollars per capita per year on a Rube Goldberg medical insurance system that is the most costly and inefficient in the world.

  • reg, I wouldn’t come to your house for Thanksgiving. Possum, fried chicken, watermelon, and raving, cursing company are not on my list of favorite holiday items. However, I did eat at a black barbeque restaurant last night. Ummmm, ummmm, good.

    I disagree with your comment that interracial children have problems because of people like me. Their identity issues come from both sides. From what I’ve seen in the black community, they often resent those with light skin and anyone who “acts white” – similar to your calling Justice Thomas an Uncle Tom.

    Two days ago I helped two stranded black men and jumped off their car. I didn’t care about their color and they didn’t care about mine.

    – – –

    Answer to the joke: Because he’s black.

  • reg, what does medical care in France have to do with this topic or with anything that Obama proposes? I guess it’s hard to find much to defend about France, seeing how they can’t defend themselves – like you.

  • Next time you’re at a black-owned restaurant, Mr. Woody, be sure to remind them not to serve you possum and to hold the watermelon. It will enhance your experience and give the proprieters a keener insight into the workings of your increasingly fragile mind.

  • “Two days ago I helped two stranded black men and jumped off their car.”

    Uh…hopefully you didn’t land in traffic.

  • An aside – serious readers on this subject just move along.

    Hey, that was a good joke, reg! It’s better than giving a push.

    reg, what’s funny, and I’ve never understood it, but almost every single black person that I meet calls me “Mr. Woody.” Seriously. My family has commented on it, but I’ve never understood it. Since you made reference to that, perhaps you could offer an explanation.

    I eat at that black restaurant somewhat regularly. The first time that I went there with my family, I looked at the menu on the wall and said, “Chitlins and ox tails?! Why, they have everything here!” The black woman next to me started laughing and all of my famiy got mad at me. This Is It!

    Resume normal reading.

  • Here’s a couple of examples of the favorite “black restaurants” in my neighborhood in the “Oakland Ghetto”…

    Of course, there’s always Everett & Jones and Nellies if you want “down home” – i.e. plastic tablecloths.

    Woody’s stereotypes strike again…

    Also there’s this: “…almost every single black person that I meet calls me ‘Mr. Woody.’ Seriously. My family has commented on it, but I’ve never understood it. Since you made reference to that, perhaps you could offer an explanation.”

    They’re very, very old southern black folks and are trying to make you feel comfortable because it’s easier to deal with you that way.
    Behind your back it’s probably “that white asshole.”

  • Randy –
    I meant using an Amniocentesis test, often done for Spina bifida, syndrome down and other genetic disorders. I am assuming that Transgender individuals are born that way and do NOT CHOOSE it.

    Sorry for the confusion of medical terms.

  • reg, seriously, these are not just old people who address me that way. It doesn’t matter, though.

    Behind my back they probably say, “He gives us anything that we want.” It’s like the guy who cut down some limbs for me and then sold them back to me as firewood.

  • “It’s like the guy who cut down some limbs for me and then sold them back to me as firewood.”

    And you brag about having an MA in accounting ?

  • Reg… you are being hypnotized by Celeste’s cat. ((((You are getting sleepy))).

  • “It’s like the guy who cut down some limbs for me and then sold them back to me as firewood.”

    You were doing fine Woodrow, until the firewood yarn. Seems like fuzzy math don’t it?

  • “I guess it’s hard to find much to defend about France, seeing how they can’t defend themselves – like you Reg.”

    Woody, the Americans took their own good time to join us fighting Hitler, but when they did, between us we rescued the useless French! And are they grateful? Don’t be silly.

  • My son likes to wear his mother’s clothes. My solution is to get him into wrestling. Teach him to kick ass. Hopefully that will work. So far, no luck. He still wants to wear dreses. In fact, he said all he likes about the wrestling is the tights. Ugggh.

  • Never wore a dress. But I did wear pig tails in my CDC days. Take it day by day. I’ve been trying to get over my prejudices of black people ever since, but it’s not easy.

  • A la verga. I’d have no problem with my son dressing like a woman. As long as he’s not dressing Mexican or Chicano. That would really break my heart. I brought him up in this great country to appreciate it and to dress like the status quo. I caught him wearing a Dodger hat and a neatly creased white t shirt once, and it was right to counseling. You have to address these things from the start. My son will NOT look, act, or think like a Chicano. Never. I want my son to be like Ronald Reagan. Exactly like him.

  • Just to clarify…I paid the guy to cut and haul off the limbs, and he came back about three months later with a cord of firewood which included split logs that looked suspiciously like the wood from the same pear tree. I saw it as a win-win situation. Anyway, the guy helping him was nice and really, really needed money, so I did it as much for that reason.

    Now, let’s get back to tonight’s television. You have a choice of a PBS fundraiser with Peter, Paul, and Mary singing hate America songs or the NBA playoff series between the Lakers and Magic. I know what I’ll be watching.

    Okay, I’m going 10-7.

  • I’m sorry to come back so soon, but these two articles seemed pertinent to the discussion.

    Cross-dresser on trial for hospital incident

    When University Hospital nurses walked into the patient’s intensive care room Feb. 17, they saw the wounded man was visibly shaken – and wearing lip gloss. He became even more shaken when he learned the female phlebotomist who had just kissed and groped his exposed penis was really a man.

    That phlebotomist, Chad Thrasher, also known as Chadea Thrasher, is on trial charged with sexually touching the patient. Thrasher, 24, lives as a female and appeared in court wearing women’s clothes, jewelry and hairstyle.

    How typical.


    The Raelians Target Las Vegas for a UFOland

    The Raelian Movement is announcing plans to build a UFOland in Las Vegas where visitors can attend a Happiness Academy and see a full-size replica of a UFO.

    “The museum will display all the evidence we’ve gathered for the past 35 years that shows we were indeed created by scientists — highly advanced human beings from another planet,” said Ricky Roehr, leader of the North American Raelian Movement.

    Maybe the cross-dressers that the aliens created came from a machine with the wires reversed.

  • “Just to clarify…I paid the guy to cut and haul off…”

    You can put your rabbit in the oven Woody, but you can’t call it a biscuit.

  • Seriously, Woody, what did you mean by “Many in our family studied Latin and Roman history. We don’t want to repeat the internal problems, such as bread and circuses, that brought down the Roman Empire.”

    who is “our family”??

    are you part of some cult or something?

    who is “we”?

  • “The Raelians Target Las Vegas for a UFOland”

    UFOs can be seen by draining two fifths, then use them as binoculars. I am encouraged of your pursuit of this theme Woody. Booze is the answer. Does anyone remember the question?

  • Virginia, you are starting to get on my nerves. Too many question here! Booze may not be the answer Virginia, but it helps you to forget your questions. In any case booze still heals damit!

  • Dawn Rossi did her best to stand up to the other two hosts, just FYI.

    As for in vitro tests, there doesn’t have to be a ‘gene’ for something to be innate. In any event, such tests should be banned before they’re even invented.

  • Oh damn, I didn’t realize my son Rob Thomas was the first comment up here. It figures, I catch him looking up transgender web sites all the time.

  • Woody, I know this is a question you don’t want to answer, but since YOU brought it up, I think it is fair to ask for an answer:

    What did you mean by this comment: “Many in our family studied Latin and Roman history. We don’t want to repeat the internal problems, such as bread and circuses, that brought down the Roman Empire.”

    who is “our family”??

  • Family

    Pronunciation: ?fam-l?, ?fa-m?-
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English familie, from Latin familia household
    Date: 15th century

    The basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children.

    Glad to oblige.

  • Nope, not good enough.

    Who studies History? who doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the Roman Empire?

    is someone planning something here?

  • Virginia vs. Woody…
    We’re witnessing a clash of titans today ladies and gentlemen. Two bloody champions facing each other across a shattered battlefield. Who will give up first?

  • No, my dear Virginia, I do not wish to take sides here. As a matter of fact, examine Woody’s posture! He’s sagging like a rhino taking a fatal bullet! Your pin point questioning has brought down the man and his credibility. Go in peace my lovely maiden… chaste & pure.

  • Woody, why do you keep avoiding my question?

    My question is:

    What did you mean by this comment you left on my blog under a Marcus Aurelius quote post (one of my favorites!): “Many in our family studied Latin and Roman history. We don’t want to repeat the internal problems, such as bread and circuses, that brought down the Roman Empire.”

    who is “our family”??

    I really want to know

  • Perhaps Woody’s referring to phony pols who promise “tax cuts” as the solution to every problem and FOX News which promotes this nonsense.

  • Virginia: who is “our family”?? I really want to know

    Lesson from The Princess Bride

    Inigo Montoya: Who are you?
    Man in Black: No one of consequence.
    Inigo Montoya: I must know…
    Man in Black: Get used to disappointment.

  • Bread and Circuses:

    As America and the world enter the 21st century, it is necessary to evaluate the direction that the United States has taken when dealing with foreign and domestic policy. This work focuses on the rising inequality within American class structure and proposes that this rise is due to America’s focus on foreign policy rather than on domestic issues. When evaluating this occurrence, the historical analogy of the late Roman Republic is a fitting mold to discuss the relationship between foreign expansion and domestic breakdown. Specifically, the comparison between the loss of the peasant farmer in Rome in waning years of the Republic and the loss of the American middle class in the past decade is discussed and evaluated. The analogy evaluates both the late Republic, from the end of the Punic Wars to the rise of Augustus, and the America “empire,” from World War II to the present on a general time scale and focusing on similar instances and occurrences. Both cultures are then compared and contrasted in terms of economic structure to gain a perspective of the class structure in each world. Contingent upon these sections, the rising inequality in America is discussed in terms of foreign policy and the analogy from the ancient world is completed, including discussions of economic and military similarities.

  • Back on Topic:

    Anger as school tells children aged five about gay issues…to the sound of Elton John

    Pupils as young as five were left ‘confused and worried’ after a school assembly to explain homosexuality.
    Teachers played a recording of Elton John’s Your Song before explaining that the singer is homosexual and what the term means.

    The children were then shown images of same-sex couples.

    Parents said the experience left some pupils afraid to cuddle each other in the playground in case other children thought they were gay.

    They have complained they were not consulted over the content of the assembly.

    ….When parents complained to the headmaster, they claim they were treated as ‘homophobic’ for even raising the issue.

    Kent education officer Lynne Miller said: ‘This was an assembly about bullying and parents have praised the school for its handling of such a sensitive matter. ….

    Note that liberals have taken the tact of teaching homosexual acceptance as lessons related to “bullying” rather than “sex education”, and that does not require the school to notify parents and it blocks parents from opting their children out of the classes.

    Thanks a lot, you liberal idiots. I hope you guys are happy, now that you can indoctrinate kids as young as five. NAMBLA can’t be far behind.

  • Any more of these “Back On Topic” attacks on Headmaster Nigel Hutton of Kent and you won’t be invited to tea.

  • Ok, Woody, you are going to make me guess what you meant.

    You are part of some right-wing organization (like the John Birch society) that sees itself as implementing changes to bring the Country “back on track” to Moral Majority values.

    This group has some “bible” that spells out the Bread and Circus allusion.

    “Our family” refers to this sick Cult, that sends its mercenaries (like you, Woody) out into to the World as Trolls, to spread the Word.

  • reg, political correctness and radical agendas carry across national borders. In fact, the school practice of teaching homosexuality to kids as young as five-years old as a bullying course rather than one on sex education requiring parental approval is authorized by California law and is occurring “right under your nose” – figuratively and maybe literally.

    – – –

    Virginia, yeah, you got me. You can always expect a liberals to “reason things out” if they can’t get facts.

    I notice that Frank Levine sounded just like you in the above post. Is he copying you or is there a left-wing attack bible that both of you use? Is it the Marx study guide?

    I don’t join right-wing organizations.

    There’s a lotta things about me you don’t know anything about, Virginia. Things you wouldn’t understand. Things you couldn’t understand. Things you shouldn’t understand. You don’t wanna get mixed up with a guy like me. I’m a loner, Virginia. A rebel.

  • “There’s a lotta things about me you don’t know anything about, Virginia. Things you wouldn’t understand. Things you couldn’t understand. Things you shouldn’t understand. You don’t wanna get mixed up with a guy like me. I’m a loner, Virginia. A rebel.”

    Oh please Woodrow! You sound like a complete fool. What you just uttered sounds like a script Bogart would say to a young Bacall. Give us a break Woody.

  • “teaching homosexuality to kids as young as five-years old”

    The insanity just sizzles…

  • “Insanity just sizzles?” If that isn’t a gay description, I don’t know what is.

    And, of course, you mean that the insantiy of the left sizzles at the thought of having sex with young boys.

    Let’s see who’s insane.

    5-Year-Olds Learn that Being Gay is OK in CA


    …while speaking with Planned Parenthood Barack Obama confirmed his support for “age appropriate” sex education for children as young 5-years-old. Obama described it as “the right thing to do”.

    The question is, “What does Obama consider to be age appropriate for 5 year-olds”.

    Obama supports the use of, “The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) guidelines for drafting legislation. The Guidelines were adopted in Illinois SB 0099, 2003. When MSNBC asked the Obama Campaign for information on the Campaign’s position on this issue, a copy of the Guidlines was sent to MSNBC.

    The Guidelines indicate that ”age appropriate” sex education for 5 to 8-year-olds is listed as Level 1 Education in the Guidelines.

    Well, teaching 5-year old boys that homosexuality is okay will just make it easier for those pedophiles. I bet that you can hardly wait.

  • Amazing. reg wants to teach five-year-old kids about homosexuality and has the nerve to say that I’m a “sick little man” and “that’s all that I’ve got.”

    ALL that I’ve got?! If that doesn’t shock you, then not much of anything will. I as a parent know better.

    reg, you really are gay, aren’t you — and very, very mentally sick. You’re a pervert, who thinks that he has a duty to sexually indoctrinate kids against their best interests and the instructions of their parents.

    “Judge for yourself who is twisted and who is promoting common decency in dealing with others…”

    Have you ever been arrested for child molestation, reg, or have they not caught up with you, yet?

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