2022 Race for LA County Sheriff

Info coming about the challenger candidates for LA County Sheriff, plus a look at all those would-be judges on the ballot…

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

Due to our nonprofit status, WitnessLA is forbidden to make political endorsements. However, while we can’t supply recommendations, we can provide information on political races.

With this in mind, next week we’ll have a lot of interesting info on two different categories of contests you’ll find on your June primary ballots.

Specifically, on Monday, we’ll have a rundown on the pros and cons of the various candidates who are challenging Los Angeles sheriff Alex Villanueva for his job.

Then, later in the week, we’ll give you some analyses on those hoping to fill one of the nine open seats at the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

So….watch this space.

PS: In the meantime, if any of you have any information or tips you think critical re: one or more of the array of men and women hoping to unseat Sheriff Alex Villanueva, you can find me at celeste@witnessla.com.

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  • I can not vote for illanueva nor Luna and was wondering if any of the other candidates supported Jim McConnell against Villanueva four years ago. I definitely thought he deserved another term. Thank you

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