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Indictments of Former Top LASD Officials Paul Tanaka & Tom Carey to be Announced Thursday Morning

The indictment of Paul Tanaka, the former undersheriff of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department,
and the man that many considered the shadow sheriff during the last years of Lee Baca’s time in office, will be announced at a 9 a.m. press conference Thursday at the federal building, according to sources. Former LASD Captain Tom Carey will also reportedly be indicted and is expected to self-surrender Thursday morning.

Although the FBI has reportedly been investigating Tanaka on a number of fronts over the last couple of years, Thursday’s unsealed indictment is expected to pertain to an elaborate scheme of hiding of FBI informant Anthony Brown from his federal handlers, and related actions—a scheme that has already resulted in convictions of seven former department members for charges of obstruction of justice.

Tanaka and Carey testified at both of the trials that resulted in the seven previous obstruction convictions (all of which are being appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, with hearings to take place next fall). Although, on the stand, Tanaka in particular disavowed specific knowledge and oversight of the hiding of Brown. Yet the testimony of others made it hard to see him as the distant supervisor who never asked his underlings about details, whom he attempted to portray himself to be. Carey too, as the head of ICIB, the department’s unit for investigating internal criminal matters, appeared to be assigning many of the components of what came to be unofficially called Operation Pandora’s Box.

Both men admitted on the stand at the earlier trials that they knew they were the “objects” of a federal criminal investigation.

More after the press conference.


  • Finally! This is the person that destroyed so many ethical employees for merely telling the truth. Who knew that would be such a heinous offense under Paul Tanaka. Best of luck to Sheriff McDonnell – there are many more PT loyalists who are hiding in plain sight…

  • God Bless the feds for putting their money where their mouth was, and snatching one of the shot callers. Let’s get the party started!

  • Paul call Green & Shinee to represent you. Hopefully they can assist you get the death penalty.

  • I hope the appeals court is somehow able to take this into account when considering the cases of the seven deputies, who were thrown to wolves and then under the bus, and address the out of line convictions and sentences. Especially since it was never proven that the deputies from the sergeant level down got the word that the FBI ‘ S cell phone losing fiasco was court approved.

  • ALADS is next on the chopping block. I’ll let you figure that one out. Can you say Maserati?

  • Sheriff McDonnell needs to pick up the pace and make some decisive management moves sooner rather than later. The honeymoon is over, Tanaka is getting his just due, however his entire command staff is virtually intact. That is more than three fourths of incumbent captains, commanders, chiefs, and assistant sheriffs. These individuals share the moral values, ambitions, and willingness to look the other way for personal gain. While temporarily holding office, Sheriff Scott played the same game, just with a different set of names.

    To this day they continue to use patronage to advance the unqualified, reward the undeserving, and cover the misdeeds of family and friend. Sheriff McDonnell, the honeymoon is over. You need to pick up the pace and make some decisive moves to clean house and reset the direction of the Department’s leadership ranks. Your failure to do so means Baca and Tanaka’s legacy becomes YOURS.

  • All of us entered this profession out of a desire to see justice served, wherever it is absent. That has happened!

  • Not to mention the civilian lives that were destroyed by the corruption in the department. Maybe these employees will now have the courage to come forward with information and expose more corruption within the department. #justiceformitricerichardson

  • @doe inc- Very true that there are many PT loyalist remaining, but what puzzles me and bothers me the most is the new Sheriff’s decision to bring some of the long removed Baca cancer cells back into the organization. Before the PT reign of terror, there was Baca’s “OG Team Temple” clan of clowns that were running the show, ruining lives and careers, etc., etc. It will soon be announced that a certain retired Baca loyalist who eve,naturally had a falling out with Moonbeam and retired many years ago, is being brought back into management by the new Sheriff, a frightening mistake that he will soon regret and cost him dearly. One thing Baca did right was push for higher education. Why is it that the new Sheriff can’t look within an organization of 9,000 sworn for bright, fresh minds to lead. The department is full of younger, brilliant, highly educated, ethical, progressive leaders yearning for an opportunity to bring LASD back to it’s feet, adapt to the challenges of modern law enforcement and change the corrupt management culture with fresh ideas and new energy. But McDonnell decides to bring back corrupt, old school dinosaurs as managers. How will anything change? Same old crap, different day.

  • After listening to the press conference, it seems apparent there are no plans to indict former Sheriff Lee Baca. So much for “core values”.

  • If Tanaka & Carey are guilty, I hope they get convicted and serve time in prison. If they are innocent, I hope they get exhonerated. Let the evidence point to the truth, and go from there.

  • A great day!! Karma! It is just a shame Tom Carey was taken down with that coward Paul Tanaka, Tom was an amazing street cop at Firestone Station and a class act individual. The most disgusting part, listen up PT followers, was in the taped interview when he said, “I know this is being taped but I don’t want to get fired!” and then giggled like the little B%#$H he has always been.

  • Baca isn’t going to get indicted and McDonnell isn’t going to clean house.

    Baca was with Jim at the last District Attorney fundraiser.

    There are still questionable incidents and items in the Jail going on, but McD doesn’t want to release to the public.

    Leah Marx forwarded behind her peers, and the DOJ wouldn’t acknowledge an appeal or Maggie Carter’s fumble in Real’s court.

    Nothing to see here but an “obstruction of justice” of an “ongoing investigation…”

  • @ drronda: My neighbor (a deputy) tells me thatthe sheriff’s union is just as corrupt. Worst than Chicago Mobsters & the Yakuza.

  • LATBG, you are absolutely correct. Sheriff PLEASE clean this “house”. So we can move forward.

  • Mystere- Of course there has to be a judicial process. But lets remember the days of Mr. T and how he rose from RII. The initial taking over of Personnel Bureau, the expansion to the other units, and finally IA and ICIB. Mr. T began to believe he was above reproach, he could do what ever he wanted, because the other leadership allowed him to prosper. Baca was looking elsewhere and did not believe the chatter about Mr T. But make no mistake, there was many a promotion made only with the approval of Mr T. He made a list before every board and those people were selected. He placed his chess pieces in position and manipulated people with promotions and good spots. He expected them to work,but work his way and how he said. What began as probably an earnest attempt to regain moral and promote proactive people became a power hunger man with no memory on ethics.

  • Paul little anka Tanaka soon be singing in prison. Put your head on Big Bubba’s shoulders, sweetheart.

  • Hey PPOA president Brian Moriguchi once Baca (former PPOA board president & disgrace Sheriff) is indicted,is PPOA going to use our dues to pay for his high price lawyers? Just like there are Baca and Tanaka loyalist in the sheriff department as well as in PPOA. When unit 621 wanted to leave PPOA few moons ago. Baca made it clear if 621 votes to leave PPOA he was going to dismantle the C/A program.

  • How about the ex captain of Aero Bureau ,Louie Duran ? He and his clown “management team” have been ROD for over a year, just sitting around collecting pay checks. Are they guilty of federal crimes or just incredibly stupid? I’m guessing both . Any news?

  • @ red Barron
    I heard the same story that about 15 yrs ago CAs were threatened by Sheriff Baca himself for trying to leave PPOA I think that is against the law if I’m not mistaken
    Rights infringement
    The good news is we have a NEW sheriff in town! A white hat wearing Sheriff.
    I believe Our new sheriff will turn the dept around and will change our department for the better for ALL of us and not just a few

  • Easy there octogenarians. It’s geritol time and I’m sure you need your Iv’s. I am the future of this organization. Inked up and educated. Great news, I did well on the B1 Investigator exam. I’m on band one, soon to be at a Station near you. Seeing that most of you admin types have little or no investigative experience, I’ll be ahead of the game when I decide to promote. And you know what, that’s right, I’ll do it with my sleeves rolled up, ink showin, chewing my favorite tobacco product. Don’t like it, come and git me!!!!!

  • Already the latest indictments is old news. What is now the most relevant topic is Contract Negotiations. Why is everyone involved worrying about a raise? Guess what folks?……. it won’t happen.
    POPA members are fighting inwardly and deputies are split between LASPA and ALADS. We are already conquered by division.
    Those of us who work LASD deserve what we don’t get. Newsflash people….we are the laughing stock of the County. I feel for the new deputies.

    Briani@POPA….Listen to your people.
    Steck@ALADS….be a man and stop bullshitting deputies.

  • Ppoa does not listen to their people! They ignore complaints and cross their leggs hoping you will either forget to callback or second guess yourself!!!!truth……

  • PPOA is the SHITTIEST Union around and there definitely needs to be some changes in their leadership because they can give a RATS-ASS about their members. This is the type of crap that happens when members are ignored and concerns are brushed under the carpet. What did you think was gonna happen PAUL and BRYAN? Did you really think people were that stupid to just sit back and get screwed year after year? Did you think people were gonna be happy having a BBQ once a year at Raging waters with donated hamburgers and sodas? I am glad this is happening to your corrupt UNION. PPOA a union thats steal its dues from its members but yet does nothing for them. 621 is revenue for you and you know that. You’re gonna piss your pants because once 621 is gone your corrupt organization is gonna lose a lot of $$$$$$. Agency FEE for what?, give us our money back you thieves!!!!

  • Hey Brian @PPOA are you going to sue the department again to promote to captain? Or are you going to be like the goat BACA is and make threats to kick out 621 members by voting them out for trying to get a better union?

  • @TT Bad Boy: You are a constant source of entertainment and I really look forward to your posts. Come and see me and I’ll teach you some investigative skills. Lets start with, if you act like you know everything, you’ll learn nothing. But Lol, look who I’m talking to the 5 year wonder who thought he would fit in because he’s sleeved and chews! You’re killing me. Hard to type while laughing so hard!

    Now go back to working in the “gray area,” you see how well that worked out for PT. And, a GED hardly makes you “educated!”

  • @Crappy Union…..are you sure you’re not talking about ALADS with dry donated burgers @ Raging Waters. LOL….. ain’t that the truth.

  • BOLO for the “Radio Car of Trust” driven by Dulce & Boomer the bookman.

    Last seen driving to nearest Federal Penitentiary before visiting hours are over.

  • Carey seems like a good guy caught up in a terrible situation. It looks like Baca will escape justice. As for the AFSCME thing. Be careful who you get into bed with. AFSCME is a financial backer of the National Action Network headed by the Reverand Al Sharpton. If you want to truly know if AFSCME supports Law Enforcement simply Google, AFSCME, Sharpton and NAN on the same Google line. f you join AFSCME your dollars with support the next no justice no peace rally against some peace officer somewhere.

    Ironically if a C/A or Security officer uses force that results in a persons death, their dues may actually be used by NAN via AFSCME to rally against them.

    It is my understanding that PPOA stepped up to support its members that have been indicted and convicted. They continue to support them by collecting individual donations for their families.

    AFSCME by giving to Sharpton have stated clearly where they stand….

  • Isn’t it true MR. Roller you are the executive director of ppoa and that you are a insurance salesman by trade? And if so why are you in charge of a police union if you are a insurance broker??? How can you relate to our line of work? We’re u a deputy? Where you C/a where you sgt lt etc etc I just want to know who runs ppoa it doesn’t seem right . Are you looking out for the 621 interests or your own???

  • @27 Re: Steck.

    Deputies are tired of hearing your war stories about the Navy, along with your meely mouth mumble jumble.

    Floyd Hayhurst has taught you well.

    This time next year LASPA will replace ALADS.

  • I wouldn’t hold on to the hopes of a Baca indictment. I believe the Feds were behind his abrupt departure from the department. I’m also curious why McDonnell has kept people like Duran relieved of duty for over a year now. People like TT bad boy are alive and well in the dept. nothing has changed.

  • Mr Gooey
    No it is not true that I am an insurance agent – never have been. For the last 30 years I have been the Executive director/General Manager of a union (15 years @ PPOA ). every day I work my ass off for people like you. Have some guts and post your real name or better yet come into the office and talk to me so you can finally be informed of the truth

  • All this going on and TT Bad Girl is telling us where he sits on a B-1 Investigator list? You can’t make this stuff up! IF that is IF you ever become an investigator, I’m sure the DB Sgt. has a stack of stolen bicycle reports for you to work on, try not to spill your chew cup when you become frustrated when you can’t solve any of them! @ Huh, I’m laughing too picturing TT sitting in the room addition his mom built for him, at his computer, 40 pounds overweight in 6 day old underwear.

  • Not a big fan of our LASD unions myself. Seems as though contract negotiations never go anywhere. We usually get the standard 2% every other County Dept. gets. Then again we are compensated pretty well, all facts considered. As for Mr. Gooey, not sure if you just realized that Mr. Roller just handed you your ASS!

  • Yes my name is Gooey my nickname since I was a lil kid. You don’t protect me Alads does you narcissistic fool!

  • Some good humorous reading today, that is for sure. However, while we sit reading, laughing and feeling vindicated, a new car is being built, and many of the old occupants are still occupying seats. The T people are still in high places continuing to take care of each other. The coin might be sitting deep down in a pocket but its still there. Once a coin holder, always a coin holder.

  • Huh/Stuff: Outstanding…almost spilled my coffee! Mr. Gooey…you were called out…..just going to stand there and bleed?

  • Mr. Roller, while I find your response to Gooey well stated, I wouldn’t get too wild calling out people to have the guts to confront you. If you’ve been the PPOA executive director for the last 15 years, you and PPOA were MIA the entire time the dynamic duo of Baca and Tanaka drove the car over the cliff. Where was the guts of PPOA and ALADS to use the bully pulpit and call out those two before they destroyed the department? Did you organize a vote of no confidence? You sat on your hands throughout the entire primaries, knowing full well what the results would be without a counterbalance to the media driven narrative.

    Both PPOA and ALADS exist today, spayed and neutered, because they are gutless wonders, going along to get along, as long as the union dues continue to roll in.

  • Haaaaaa Grampa Stuff and Huh, were you holding hands at the 3 par 9 hole when you decided on a bum rush. Haaaaaaaa. Seeing that fools like you were the foundation for the demise of this Organization, you’re quite jovial. Now it’s up to my generation to fix things, suffer through the transition, and build back the reputation of the department. Of course, with your narcissistic attitudes, you’ll never take blame. Guess what, while rebuildng, that’s right, I’ll be doing it with my sleeves rolled up, ink showin, chewing my favorite tobacco product.

  • I really have to question if TT is really a deputy ; and if so, what station commander would have him , knowing his immature outlook. For you, TT: if you are a deputy,tone it down, Lad. If you think you can matriculate into a station DB with your sleeves and chew, you might want tore-think . You are not only the future of LASD, it is you and your ilk who have damn near derailed the Department. There are far too many good deputies who will not follow you to free food at McD ‘. Grow up an just maybe you will be able to survive a career as a deputy sheriff. Incidentally, I don’t need Geritrol or afternoon naps so, save the sarcasm. It might be of interest for you to know that WLA is a public site, not an LASD “bad boy ” site .

    It’s a tad sad that you have to create validation of your skills. Do you really grasp how you are sounding ? Just saying……

  • Typo’s ; you are not only NOT the future of LASD, @HUH.. you are kinder than i, and brutally honest and absolutely on point. It is juveniles like TT who are so easily manipulated because the lack life experience and reasoning skills. What will he do since there is no longer a gang to join or a Car to get into. My advice to TT “get real or get out”

    John O’Brien

  • @TT…Paul Tanaka thought he was the future, too. How’d that work out for him?

  • @ LATBG
    Speaking of “Gutless Wonders”…. > Alads President Don Jeffrey Steck was Spineless & Gutless (still is) when in the company of Floyd Hayhurst, unilaterally spewing venom and hatred at Brian & Paul @PPOA and at LASPA membership
    After Floyd left, he then wanted to give a spiked olive branch to Brian & Paul.

    Steck is a back stabbing eunuch if I ever saw one.

  • Folks quit getting all worked up over TT”s comments. It’s obvious he just a poser. He’s trying to pull your chain. I highly doubt he is what he says he is. Don’t fall into his trap.

  • Huh! You do realize that a few of us have education credentials beyond a GED and a little life experience.

    Your agenda always seem to lay within the ALADS war cry, which make me think of you as an old guard member.

    TTCF Bad Boy is excercising a literary tactic known as satire. Very few folks in here are truly in the know… Take the elixir of your choosing for the high BP and continue to wonder why the World is constantly above your perspective.

    I am sure you are one of those two strippers telling me I didn’t know shit for my 5 years too. Too many jealous big brothers and not enough mentors in this department. #leadershipcrisis and you are one of problems. What did you do to publicly stop this? I am comfortable with my actions and lack of popularity.

    This whole thing is a pissing contest filled with liars on both side of the aisle.

    Facts folks: no deps in prison, no indictments for use of force pertaining to actual residents of LA.

    The visiting incident was with a friend of the federal government not a resident of SLA. That’s government protecting alliances not civil rights. Wake up people!!!

  • Thank you witness LA, and of course, Celeste, for providing a venue for us interested individuals to dialog and reveal details of the rampant corruption fostered by the Baca/Tanaka regime. WLA and reporting by Robert Faturechi of the LA Times, illuminated revelations to such an extent that more people became aware, with the subsequent ground swell of outrage about what was going on leading to the Feds getting involved. The momentum these sources provided drove the rats out into the light, resulting in Sheriff McDonnell’s election and yesterday’s indictments. Yes, PPOA President Brian listened to our complaints about the corruption and then delivered nothing, and lots of formerly “good guys” got caught up in the “club” and are now finding themselves defendants. Too many powerful people under Baca stayed silent and now many people have been harmed and more are facing jail time. Sad.

  • @LATBG
    The main reason why PPOA didn’t do a darn thing to back up their members was because Mr. Goat BACA was PPOA president of board of directors. The president of PPOA and it’s board of directors do not care about 621 members. 621 members have been working out of their classification and yet they sit on their ass or playing golf. Brian @PPOA stop hiding and lying to your members. They know you and PPOA have been lying to them.

  • @red barron Right on! Why don’t PPOA members call the IRS to do a complete audit? I bet PPOA has given scare goat BACA money. Or using its members money buying car, exclusive golf retreats, or maybe top notch restaurants. Hey ALADS didn’t a board of directors bought a very nice and expensive vehicle. Have Mr. Roller insure you. He’s PPOA top notch insurance sakes agent. Just saying.

  • @Crappy Union (AKA AFSCME): I think you have been given some misinformation. PPOA does not have an event at Raging Waters, ALADS does. In regards to dues, go to 621strong Facebook page and read about the 621 dues. We spend more money on 621 members than our other groups. 621 represents about 40% of the dues revenue and they use 52% of our resources and representation. We have no issue with that and will spend whatever is necessary to protect our members, but you clearly are misrepresenting the facts. Also, PPOA charges 1% for dues while most other unions are at 1.5%. We are able to keep the dues low by NOT having events like you described at Raging Waters. We believe our members are more interested in representation than parties. We also don’t charge a dues tax like AFSCME Council 36 does. On top of dues to run an AFSCME local, an ADDITIONAL $12 goes to AFSCME International and roughly $24 does to AFSCME Council 36. At PPOA, 100% of your dues are used for your union.

    I realize you are intentionally using inflamatory language and misinformation to try to get 621 members to support your cause, but if you would like to talk to me about any concerns you have with PPOA, simply provide your real name and I will contact you. I would be glad to help resolve your concerns, but at least have the courage to identify yourself and discuss thinigs in a mature and professional manner.

  • @Red Barron: When was Baca president of PPOA? That’s news to me. Please post where you got that information. As for representation for Lee Baca, he is a full dues paying member of PPOA and will receive the same support we give all our members. No special treatment either way. I am proud of the fact PPOA does not judge our members or let our likes or dislikes for a member determine the level of service we provide to them. All of them pay dues and all of them are entitled to our services.

    In regards to Baca’s statement to CA’s when some CA’s tried to leave PPOA before, I can’t comment as I wasn’t around back then and I would hate to share innuendoes and rumors like soooo many people like to do. I have never heard of Baca making any such statement nor has he ever said that to me in our many discussions about a career series for CAs. But you may be referring to Sherman Block who dismantled the CO position because they challenged him and demanded equal pay with deputies. The CO’s actually won the battle (court case) and lost the war (job classification terminated).

  • Love these comments. You old timers are so easy. @Proud ole burnout, worry about your depends ( might need changing). @Huh, I’m sure that was your response in briefing and in algebra 1, and finally @stuff, probably what you do to your face 24-7, I’m sure your in great shape gramps. Gents(and ladies), these are the buffoons that laid the groundwork for all the issues we’re having. It didn’t happen overnight. I know iit must be hard to retire and no longer be in command of anything other than your next bowl of prunes and weak flow. Don’t read into their BS.

  • Brian @PPOA No I am not mistaken regarding BACA trying to rid C/A’s classification. I was there when he made that threat. Many C/A’s were there. Has for PPOA helping C/A’s that’s a joke. I hear many C/A’s, SO’s, and LET’S complain about PPOA not helping and knowing that they are working out of their classification. And YOU and PPOA know this. So please don’t lie that you didn’t know about this

  • As someone who is a old timer whose career started 45 years ago, the level of disrespect shown by certain people is totally uncalled for.

  • Rofl ttboy!!!!! They can’t handle it when they retire they have to wait in line like rest of society!! But there is only room for one of us in here and that’s me HILLBILLY BOY!! So step aside. So MR ROLLER. Why would I Waste my gas on a blow heart like yourself???? Like Allstate insurance Your not in Good hands with Paul Roller!

  • PPOA sold OPS out and ALADS treated OPS like enemies. I’m not surprised that they’re (ALADS & PPOA) being called out and exposed.

    As membership and money dwindles at ALADS……so will the $830.00 monthly auto allowance to the President and the no-show vice-president.

    Word on the yard is that ALADS is in the cross hairs of a Federal Agency.
    Imagine that.

  • @Red Barron: I’ll ask you again. When was Baca president of PPOA? Are you unable to defend your statement?

  • @ 60. It’s good to know that PPOA does not differentiate when it comes to legal representation. ALADS does…. and it was/is unfortunate to many deputies.

    Ask Sexton and the many others who were passed over because “The Board” had an personal issue with that deputy.

    @ 64) Hey Roy, you’re correct. There should be more respect even with varied opinions. Roy, it was always a pleasure working with you. Not always in agreement with you, however I always had the utmost respect for you in the crime fighting business.

  • ok Brian, i just went on 621 strong and read about where you spend more money on 621 members than any other bargaining unit. Now my question to you is just is the same question that someone asked you on your page and you seemed to ignore it. How are C/A’s “picking up cases working behind booths?” I can answer that because they just don’t work behind booths they pretty much do the same job as deputies. How do i know this because i used to be a C/A a few years back and now my wife is a C/A. I see nothing has changed. You don’t do anything for C/A’s as far as salaries are concerned. 2% is nothing when you’re making C/A pay. Now 2% does help SGT’s and LT’s out because you guys are making a nice salary. Now you work your butts off for to and earn every penny and you deserve, but why do keep/prevent 621 members from trying to earn a better living. Some people here are posting comments about Baca 22 ing the C/A and you’re pretty much saying the same thing look what happened to “safety police or the old corrections officers” yeah look what happened to that idiot Baca. What type of leader threatens his employees? Brian just look out for your union members they are also your peers.

  • Did anyone notice Tom Carey is using Sexton’s attorney John O’Brien? That man has so much knowledge; I wonder how this trial will turn out supposedly scheduled for July 7th??

  • It so clear that TT is not a deputy. Based on his writing ability (6th grade level at best), his crystal clear desire to over state & likely embellish his power & authority, and his overally aggressive tendencies, I would guess he is either
    A. Unemployed/living with his mother
    B. Pizza delivery driver
    C. Mail sorter

    It’s sad really. Kids like that didn’t have a lot of friends and were subject to bullying. Their inner symbolic world can be full of stories that actually believe. Poor kid.

  • So I went to the no more PPOA web site and AFSCME was front and center. AFSCME 36 is the local. AFSCME is a huge union and a portion of each members due supports AFSCME international. AFSCME is a regular contributor to the National Action Network led by Al Sharpton. NAN pays Sharpton approx $250,000, each year. This is on top of his news commentary salary from MSNCB.

    NAN is decidedly anti-Law Enforcement. Their latest campaign is the Baltimore Police Dept and the indictment of six officers. Including officers of color who face the most serious charges.

    Back to AFSCME. On the local’s web site they have a strategic plan to grow their union for the benefit of their members. It outlines an incentive program for people who provide organizing leads, growth opportunities, develop organizing targets, and launching organizing campaigns.

    Incentives… Gift cars, leadership roles, pats on the back… The PPOA members being targeted by AFSCME you are simply money to them, an incentive, a target….

    Their strategic plan also call for raising the dues of its members to pay for this organizing, $3.00 per month. Instead of organizing, I don’t know Walmart… I guess their not govt workers but you get my point… They are attempting to strip away members from other Unions… Again see their strategic plan. They get incentives. $$$. Somehow I don’t get the impression they give a hoot about the issues of 621.

    So what is driving this need to grow. Well there has been an assault on Unions nation wide, particularly Govt Unions. Laws were passed in states that required membership to be voluntary where it was once manditory. This occurred in Red States and some Blue States. 10s of thousands of members dropped out. This cost millions to the AFSCME and clout in DC. Not enough money to keep paying Al Sharton. California is a very Blue State, so let’s strip away Union members from other Unions to help ourselves and keep paying Al.

    One article I read about Al Sharton is that he charges Unions, donations to NAN… For access to his media Broadcasts. So as part of AFSCME you would be paying so your Union Leadership can get on Al’s show. Crazy….

    The strategic plan also calls for the hiring of staff to grow the union, paid for by the $3.00 per month per member. So I have to ask some of the anti-PPOA posters on this blog, are you getting paid for this?

  • It’s comical how a union president keeps dodging questions over and over and over! Your zombies you have in custody posting propaganda flyers and harassing employees at their work stations only makes you look more and more desperate. How do I know this because my significant other was a victim one one of your wind up robots at a certain station! Sad so sad………

  • @Crappy Union: It’s hard to believe you were a CA since CA’s haven’t been confined to booths for nearly 30 years and their MOU was changed over 20 years ago to reflect inmate contact. That’s largely due to their exceptional work ethic in which their abilities showed they were capable of doing more. I agree with you that they deserve more money, but if you are asking that they have equal pay with deputies, that will never happen. If that were to happen (or the CA’s demand it so) they would likely be eliminated like the COs were 30+ years ago. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve more money, but unlike other unions, we do not lie to our members or proclaim unrealistic achievement goals just to appease them (e.g. AFSCME).

    621 has a negotiating team made up of all 621 members (not sworn as you and others imply the sworn at PPOA hold them down). I fully support what the 621 team is doing. I think more 621 members should get involved in the process instead of just complaining about how unfair life is. Get involved and you will become more educated about how thinkgs happen and what can and cannot be done. I have worked behind the scenes on a variety of issues such as a career series for CAs (bonus positions), increase pay for those working special assignments like station jails and court lock-up, a fast-tracking for 621 members who want to become deputies, and expansion of the CAs program with a clear separation of duties with deputies. I realize some of the frustration with CAs is the fact deputies now work side by side with them and can even promote and never go to patrol (Dual-track). It is unfair and the department needs to define each job more clearly and separate their duties. We have not advocated to put CAs back into booths and to have no inmate contact largely because most CAs do not want to be restricted in that manner and are proud of the fact management believes in them to handle more. But, yes, we need to fight for more pay for them.

  • @Crappy Union: BTW – I just saw your wife’s comments in 621 Strong. I will respond soon to her comments.

  • TT.Boy, Really ? John O’Brien posted his name. Do the same. If you are so OG,post your Stat’s. Let all of us know how Bad Ass you are. Where have you worked ? What have you done ? Let me tell you KID, John was OG,GREAT street cop and GREAT Supervisor. From your post’s and tone, dude, you could not get him a couple of coffee. So, slow your roll KID. And show some RESPECT to a guy that was truly a GREAT Cop. Just Saying.


  • Handicapper you are obviously one of thoes pipe smoking board members or paul Blart mall type characters ppoa seems to attract because of their lack of brain cells. Mr Moruguci I hate to say this but your arrogance towards certain 621 items is going to bite you on arse! People don’t complain unless people are tired of being tired! Your clapping seals with beach all on their snouts are only doing so because they are (a) spineless (b) weak (c) or getting something in return or maybe have some political aspirations like some of your board members. I can tell you this be very careful with bringing up people names in politics it may haunt you in the future. You see c/a’s have family too that are plumbers librarians sanitation workers police officers deputy’s retired and new and oh yes mayors of certain city’s in so cal! So yes we are not push overs like the clapping seals you surrounded yourself around on the board!!! Thank you another disgruntled ca

  • Mr-Gooey,
    You want to get into bed with Al Sharpton… Have at it. Every dollar you give AFSCME puts money into Al’s pocket. If someone dies as a result of force used by a CA or Sheriff’s Security Officer, their own dues my be used by Sharpton to demand they be prosecuted. Hey but don’t believe me, just google AFSCME and Sharpton on the same line and read for yourself. Same with AFSCME local 36. Staffers were hired to increase membership. Given that most public employees are unionized, increase membership means, raid other unions.

    Try this on for size. A CA uses force and an inmate dies. Al comes to town demanding justice! Now Al knows AFSCME controls the purse string and AFSCME International has some state regulation in some other Blue State they really need passed. They need Al to play the race card on his show to get it passed. So they negotiate, AL needs a win and ask the Union not to work so hard to help the CA! Al helps them by blasting some Gov, somewhere! We have just seen Lee Baca throw eight good people under the bus, Paul is not one of then. He deserves everything he gets. If you don’t think this can happen well than join AFSCME. PPOA stood by its members during this Tanaka-Baca mess… Do you really think AFSCME would?

    Maybe these Mayors in SoCal, who have nothing to do with the jails, want to get involved, to make their contract negotiations a little smoother. That is how this stuff works.

    I suspect Mr-Gooey, that you are a paid staffer or have been promised some incentive. That means you are not my audience. Oh and I don’t smoke!

  • Brian, can you please show me where i said EQUAL pay? WOW and you finally ADMIT that the C/A’s deserve more money. PLEASE stop already with the EQUAL pay stuff i never said that. Lessening the pay GAP between a Custody Deputy and a Custody Assistant doesn’t mean equal pay. AGAIN NO ONE IS SAYING EQUAL PAY BUT YOURSELF BRIAN!!! “exceptional work ethic” doesn’t pay the bills BRIAN!! How would you like it if someone did that to you? You’re doing a great job but you’re not gonna get paid for it!!! Not fair right?
    Look Brian C/A’s feel used and abused and it seems as if you are missing the point or just don’t want to deal with it.

    You said it twice already in the above paragraphs C/A’s deserve more pay. Another question i have Brian is how do C/A’s go about getting an MOU that defines their job duties? Where can they get this MOU so each and every C/A can read it? Brian you also say you worked behind the scenes on a few things but the C/A’s don’t know this or never hear about it. I actually applaud you for saying that “the department needs to define each job more clearly and separate their duties”. This shows that you are aware of these issue but choose to ignore them until now. I have a feeling the C/A delegates were not reporting accurately back to PPOA that the majority of C/A’s were unhappy with their union. P.S. waiting for the response to my wife’s comment. PLEASE DONT TALK ABOUT THE C.O. PROGRAM GETTING 10-22’ed and THE EQUAL PAY STUFF!!! LESSEN THE PAY GAP!!!!!! LESSEN THE PAY GAP!!!!!! LESSEN THE PAY GAP!!!!! LESSEN THE PAY GAP!!!!! just in case you forget and start with the EQUAL PAY STUFF!!!

  • @77. wow. Thanks 77. Very much. That is very high praise in my book.


  • Handicapper don’t get your thong bunched up! As far as sleeping with Al I don’t where that came from? Maybe your subconscious did the writing for you at that time. Lol but to reach its own I won’t judge you.

  • My cousin informed me that a police union was selling insurance out of their office. Is there anyone in here that can give me a contact for I too can have a piece of the pie. Business has not been good since the economic meltdown of 2008. Oh and for the ladies I also sell scencies room deodorizes. Just putting it out there. 🙂

  • @ 84. Bud Treece of ALADS fits that description handling ALL of insurance. ALADS President Steck will confirm.

  • Hey, where is TT-Boy ? Coming up from his mommies guest room to get his Mac and Cheese ? Trying to figure out why he is a security guard,wanting to be COP,but no department would even think of hiring him ? Just wondering.

  • @85. All is great, Thanks.. It think TT realizes you just handed him his ass, .

  • Well, seems like we have a new moldie oldie barking up a storm. @ctwarren, your attemps to smoke me out have failed. Now go hump proud ole octogenarian’s leg a bit more. I’m sure his ego is enjoying a lil stimulation. As for assignments and stats, that’s my business, you and your band of burnouts concentrate on your blood pressure and weak flow. Leave the crime fighting to the new generation. Oh, Mr OB, I have never heard of you, but you must have been ok, seeing that several of your brethren have their mouths full.

  • CT WARREN: TTBadBoy’s just popping off out of ignorance about O’B. The O’B I worked with treated everyone with due care and respect, even punks who didn’t have it coming. I know John would have brought this TT kid around to maturity and contentment had TT been fortunate enough to have worked with him. TT, John is a natural mentor and he would have been in your corner because he didn’t write off anyone, even someone as disrespectful as you. These really are sad times seeing our once respected and beloved LASD dragged through the mud. The O’B’s are the ones who kept a glimmer of integrity alive when things looked grim. Thank you John.

  • Thank you, Interested and yes, I probably would have tried to make a cop out of TT ( if he is really a deputy ) but he has a lot of maturing to do first. when he/she does, maybe the perception of what LE really is will sink in. Good luck, TT

  • I have grown tired of TT Bad Boy, like most of you. Not only for his disrespect for “old timers,” but for his lack of common sense and the fact he may very well be the future of this Department.

    @TT Bad Boy, while acting like a tough guy, you gave a little too much information, bragging about making the Investigator list. With your attitude, arrogance and “description” of yourself (albeit a little off) it wasn’t hard to figure out who you are, so you might want to chill. You’re treading on thin ice. “Come and get you?” Our department is trying to recover and rid ourselves of people like you. They may have to take you up on the offer. Keep talking, you don’t have nearly enough experience for anything you say to mean anything!

  • Proud Ole retiree chill before your buck toothed dentures fall out!!! Relax don’t let these people raise your BP. Enjoy your retirement to the fullest everyone knows cops don’t last that long after retiremnent. Travel fish read whatever u do that makes you happy!! U deserve it! TTBOY respect your elders you fool!

  • Well it’s been a couple of days and I’m still waiting for you to answer my wife’s post Brian. I knew you wouldn’t follow through. Typical PPOA all talk no action.

  • @Proud Ole Retiree: Sir, I too know you and your great reputation. Let me fill you in on a couple of things about these youngsters, in an effort to help calm you down. “We” are from a time where you told people stuff to their face and you respected those who were there before you, because they survived. A lot of the new guys are disrespectful and think they are someone, just because they got hired. Guys like Gooey and TT wouldn’t have survived back then, because there was nowhere to hide. You are use to confronting cowards head on, they have mastered being anonymous and sucking up to anyone who can help their career. A total different breed. They are the age of computer games where there is no fear of the computer knocking you on your ass!

    Go ahead Gooey, bomb on me! You guys are our entertainment! Think about that while suiting up. You can hide from us, but not from yourself!

  • I think there was a study done several years back that showed the cost benefits (pay, benefits, training, etc.) that could be actualized if the County hired more CA’s versus Deputys (this was prior to the dual track thing). The real savings is an attention getter. It always struck me as strange that a CA can be intrusted to run a station jail withought be under the direct supervison of a deputy but still be considered “less than” in the big picture.

    Obviously the County Supervisors smells blood, sees weakness of the Bargaining Unit. ALADS should sit under the feet of the Long Shoremans and Dock Workers Union.
    You give big bucks to woo & shoo the Board for favors and get smirks in return. Totally pathetic.
    What are we paying dues for other than….Selective Representation, Raging Waters, Tacos & Trinkets at job sites. Simply said….THAT IS NOT ENOUGH. STAND UP ALADS OR STAND DOWN.

  • @Crappy Union,
    Brian@PPOA is a typical lier and afraid to be a man and tell the truth! Don’t waste your time waiting for him to answer your questions and your wife. The only thing that comes our of EVERY and I mean EVERY ones mouth from PPOA is BULLSH!T!!!! Bunch of frauds just like ALADS. Hey Brian just step down!!!! Let a C/A, SO or LET become president of PPOA. I bet he/she will do a better job than you.

  • Why would he or any other of the Ppoa people answer? Why because they are weak!!!!!!!!!

  • @97, glad you are enjoying the posts. Kissing a little tail are ya. Don’t waste your time, proud ole whoever he is can’t help your career. Stop humping the leg and get to opening those gates boy!

  • Thanks for the high praise, Proud , but not retired. You are spot on re: Gooey and TT. They reek immaturity which is frightening, because that is the way many GOOD cops will be perceived. You, Proud, just keep figthing the good fight. Keep your head down and your powder dry.

  • @TT Bad Boy: So, acting on “Proud Not Retireds” info, I did a little checking myself. Maybe if you spent a little less time posturing on this blog and more time actually doing police work you would have done a little better on that Investigator list, you felt the need to brag about!

    Apparently the females on our department are more in tuned with police work, than yourself. Good for them! Meanwhile your busy rolling up your sleeves and loading that chew. Maybe you should ask them for some guidance! And don’t make any excuse because I know exactly how the testing process works and we are no longer under Bowman! When you said come and get you, I didn’t know it was call for someone to train you! Sorry!


    Moriguchi: The jig is up!

    Unit 621 members respond to PPOA’s disgraceful personal attack


    PPOA President, Lt. Brian Moriguchi’s latest attack is a new low for the PPOA Board.  Moriguchi and his minions have chosen to single out and attack a co-worker and PPOA member merely because she “dares” to ask tough questions about their record as negotiators. 


    THIS is the act of a coward who feels threatened. He’s deliberately picking on one mother of small children out of hundreds of us who are working to get something better for the bargaining unit as a whole.


    Worse, by singling out this member by name, the PPOA Board has deliberately exposed this member to retaliation. 


    THIS is how PPOA serves and protects its members and co-workers they are supposed to represent?!


    THIS is an act of desperation on the part of an organization that is very worried about losing our PPOA dues money and our PPOIA insurance premiums.


    It also betrays LASD’s core values to which Moriguchi is supposed to be committed: To honorably perform “with respect for the dignity of all people,” and “integrity to do right.”


    We have news for Lt. Moriguchi: This member is not alone!


    Literally, by the hundreds, Unit 621 members are signing AFSCME support cards because of exactly this kind of PPOA abuse of power. As CAs, LETs, SOs, SAs, and Dispatchers, we are fed up with second class treatment at the bargaining table by PPOA.


    It’s bad enough we are treated as “quasi-sworn” by the Sheriff’s Department and the County, but we shouldn’t also be treated as “quasi-members” in what is supposed to be our own Union.


    Picking on one of our colleagues and condescendingly mischaracterizing her as “a single-misguided custody assistant,” Moriguchi insults us all.

    This treatment just goes to show what we’ve been saying all along: We are treated as second class citizens in “our” Union!


    The reason we need different bargaining representation is clear: For far too long, PPOA has let us fall behind not only their sworn members but also of civilian law enforcement employees in surrounding jurisdictions (salary, allowances, longevity bonuses, education bonuses, certification bonuses, etc.). For sworn personnel in PPOA, it’s been a pretty sweet ride. But for civilian employees of Unit 621 – not at all.


    Many of us used to believe there was a benefit to being part of the same unit as sworn personnel, but we’ve changed our mind: Sworn officers and supervisors will make decisions in their own self-interests. But when those decisions affect the employment of their subordinates, there should be a clear-cut division between supervisors and non-supervisors at the bargaining table and in the handling of grievances.


    Things will not get better for us until we end this fundamental conflict of interest.

    With AFSCME, we would have our own voice and expert negotiators who serve our interests.


    The growing movement toward AFSCME will continue to gain momentum as the truth continues getting out…


    PPOA has been flooding our mailboxes with lies too numerous to address here, but over the coming days we will be setting the record straight and reminding PPOA that this campaign is not about AFSCME, but about PPOA’s dismal history (for more than 25 years!) of under-serving Unit 621 members.


    It’s time for a change for the better!



  • Thank you to the people that are standing up against the President of Ppoa! Its time for a change!! nomoreppoa.com

  • Hey proud I think I hear your cup of polident calling your name you old musty fart!!!!

  • AFSCME only wants the dues of the 621 members. They could care less about members of 621. Two pieces of information make this clear. First is their strategic plan which is on their web site under their 23 biannual convention. Their plan was to find targets of opportunity, 621, to get more dues. To gain clarity as to what this means, Google AFSMCE raid SEIU. You will read articles in which both these unions work to steal each other’s members. Over the years they also engage in on again off again truces to stop raiding each other. These action should clearly outline their true intent.

    Second is their blind monetary support of Al Sharpton. Any 612 member who has to use force on suspects or inmates, should get their head examined if they joins a union that supports the degrading of its members civil rights. If you are under investigation for a death following a use of force, Shartons wants you put on trial. Don’t believe me Google Sharpton and AFSCME on the same search and read.

    As long as AFSCME supports Sharpton, 621 members need to run for they hills away from these guys. Now as you noticed, I have not attack any 621 member, just laid out facts and interpreted them as I see them. Look Into the issues I address and make up your own mind.

    When you read their strategic plan, I hope you noticed they taxed their members $3.00 per month to pay for new staff to target you! I think they have 25,000, members. That is $900,000. Annually to go after you. The increase will stay in place after the Union raiding parties stop. A nice little slight of hand move to increase dues on its members to benefit themselves. If they get 621 and are successful in other raids great, if not they are $900,000… Richer! Also those who bring in 621 get incentives… $$$$.

  • TT-Boy, Wow. You stated on your post@89 that you have never heard of O’B,but ,as YOU put it,he must be O.K. I have to ask, how can you talk smack about a man that you don’t know ? Because he is a Retiree ? Really ? You have no I.D of what all us went through. You really don’t. A RETIREE has EARNED it. Served 25/30/35 years in the trench and came out ALIVE,and yet you think it is O.K to talk Smack about ‘OLD GRUMMY RETIREE” TT: Dude, think what you want,talk what you want. Bottom line, AS we did,Show RESPECT to the one’s before you. Century is not Firestone,same RD,but not the same. Get it ? Good luck buddy. Stay safe.

  • The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence.
    Be careful what you wish for.

  • When it comes to the PPOA & AFSCME, it’s just a matter of choice.AFSCME has more clout and numbers. You may hate Sharpton, but he won’t be there forever.

  • Lmao sounds like the party is over Mr M you got caught slipping! Too late for your propaganda and scare tatics baca is gone tanaka is gone and so are you!!! I believe too really clean house the unions should also be considered the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Alads is in hot water from their members also why wouldn’t Ppoa be any different??? Save the bs! I remember speaking to a family friend they told me they called for help when they were member They were told over the phone is this a concern or complaint? and the person on the other end saidi if this is a complaint there might be reprocussions! They was like wth is this a joke? Laspa got there membership very shortly after that.

  • TT: You are a fool, and I ,as well as a lot of other people don’t even think you are a DEP. If you are,the dept is in real trouble. Dude if you are a DEP, you missed the whole point of my last post. Trust me when I say, I never once thought you worked Century. Century , yes is a hard core station with hard core DEP’S,you,are SO not one. Century DEP’S wold not show the disrespect that you have shown. believe it or not,not every person on a 9000 + department was in the Tanaka car. A lot of hard working people worked the street’s and earned a lot,with good hard police work. That’s what I was Saying. You state it is the Retiree’ that got the dept into this spot. Really ??? It’s your generation of crime fighter’s that is going to get the Dept out of this trouble. Really ??? With your attitude, I think the Dept is even in more trouble. #7098281. If you wondering what that number is,,,,,,,It’s your future Federal Booking Number. As alway’s,no matter how much of a Nuckelhead I think you are,If you are a Dep,I will alway’s say Be Safe Buddy.

  • I had decent experience at first with ALADS and then it went down hill. Towards the end of my retirement; the only one who stepped up to the plate was Larry Ariaz. Thanks Larry, good luck with your boss and other staff members in that office.

  • @ Investigative Minds : I concur with you re: ALADS and Larry Ariaz. Alads has its own self serving agenda. Other than larry, the others were Clones and Yes Boys for Hayhurst.
    Those behind the scenes are entrenched in profits….Richard Shinee, Bud Treeece and the tongue wagging vendors who make money off the back of hard working deputies who pay almost $100.00 dollars per month in dues. Add that up and come to your own conclusion.

  • Brian@PPOA
    Mr M. Give it a rest with your fables! The smart 621 members who have been on the dept for many years know that there is a conflict of interest with members and the sworn brass on the board. How do we know this because we were told about these practices that go on. If you truly believe in democracy you will let the members decide on their own and not interfere with this right that we have . If you lose so be it but at least you will know the members have spoken…power of voting.

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