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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Videos Himself Deliberately Ignoring a “Gunshot Victim” Radio Call. ….But There Is Much More To The Story

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

“Somebody Got shot right now….I Gotta Go, But I’m Not Gonna Go”

In a troubling 51-second YouTube video that reportedly has gone viral among members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, an on duty LASD deputy appears to deliberately ignore a “gunshot victim” radio call.

As the video opens, the deputy—who has been identified as 26-year-old Jeremy Fennell—lounges in what appears to be the driver’s seat of his stationary patrol car talking on camera to a female friend when, all at once, his radio screeches to life, and the voice of an LASD dispatch operator puts out a call to Lakewood patrol cars about a 417, person with a gun.

Fennell, who works out of the department’s Lakewood station, then tells the camera, “She can go F— herself, Okay?

As the video proceeds it becomes clear that it is the voice of dispatch who can go F— herself.

“I want you, you, you, you,” the deputy continues, mugging as he addresses his personal video camera.

Fennell then appears to glance at his squad car’s video screen looking momentarily thoughtful. “…Somebody got shot right now,” he says. “What the f—?”

He listens silently for a few more seconds. “Look,” Fennell says finally. “I gotta go, but I’m not gonna go…because…you mad.

Next we hear a new male voice speaking on the patrol car’s radio. According to department sources whom we asked to watch the video, this second voice would most likely belong to the deputy at the scene of the shooting, who is attempting to tell those responding where the suspect is located.

“Somebody’s gettin’shot,” Fennell says, speaking in a sing-song voice. “Oh we-e-ll!” He stretches out the syllables, then says it again. “Oh, we-e-ll!” And then back to the personal video. “….I wanna make things right with me and you…” Fennell says, and pouts extravagantly.

The video goes on in the same vein for another 18 seconds or so before cutting off. Toward the end of the recording the deputy indicates that he will see the girlfriend at 11 p.m. that night, likely indicating, we are told, that the incident depicted occurred while Fennell was working a PM shift of 2 p.m. to 10 p.m., or 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.

According to those whom we asked to watch the video, it appears very likely that Deputy Fennell was required to respond to the call out for the shooting—although they cautioned it was difficult to know for certain without knowing what additional information might have appeared on the radio car’s computer screen. One source noted the sound of three fast beeps coming from the car’s computer at around the 37 second mark, which means, he said, that Fennell was being
sent on some kind of call.

Whatever the case, Fennell’s behavior must be sanctioned, said the working and retired sheriff’s department members with whom we spoke about the video.

According to former LASD commander Robert Olmsted, at the least, Fennell’s actions are a breach of law enforcement ethics. “You’ve just violated every tenet that made you raise your hand and swear to protect and serve,” he said. “You’re the antithesis of what every good law enforcement officer should be like.”

Another retired supervisor agreed. “What I just saw on this YouTube video is arrogant and shameful,” he said. But, he added, “if the incident occurred anywhere near his assigned area of responsibility and he truly delayed his response, it is a prima facia case of dereliction of duty.”

When we asked a sheriff’s department spokesperson Nicole Nishida about the video incident she told us that the department is aware of this video and is “thoroughly investigating” it. “Deputy Jeremy Fennell was relieved of duty on January 25, 2017 pending the outcome of an investigation,” the LASD spokesperson said.

Another Investigation

After inquiring about the video, we heard through other department sources that Fennell is also being investigated for what appears to be a domestic abuse incident that was serious enough to cause his pregnant girlfriend to apply for and receive a three year restraining order against him, which was granted on February 23 of this year, and does not expire until February 23, 2020.

(WitnessLA has obtained a photo of the restraining order, which you can see below.)

Although the department did not comment one way or the other on the domestic abuse allegation, for which WLA has obtained documentation (see below) showing that Fennell was arrested on January 25 of this year for an unspecified felony—which is also the day he was relieved of duty. He was subsequently booked on January 26, a Thursday, and was released that same day, presumably after his bail of $50,000 was paid.

Fennell’s ex girlfriend, Priscilla Anderson, was granted her initial temporary restraining order six days later on February 1. Among other things, she alleges that Fennell pulled his service weapon and essentially made her a prisoner.

UPDATE: Following our publication of this story, Anderson spoke with ABC7 Eyewitness News and said more about the incident. “When I tried to leave,” she said, “he would not allow me to leave. He did several things to me, like struck me on the neck, choking me out by the neck, destroying things in the house.”

The arresting entity is listed as the department’s Internal Criminal Investigative Bureau, or ICIB. Thus, it does appear the LASD is investigating Jeremy Fennell for something in addition to the video. Logic suggests that this additional investigation involves domestic violence.

UPDATE: The department has since admitted that they are indeed investigating the domestic violence allegations against Fennell.

Two Generations

Ordinarily we tend not to run stories about a single deputy’s bad behavior. Yet, following the recent federal conviction of former sheriff Lee Baca, we have concluded that it is important to keep an eye out for issues that may point beyond themselves to old toxic patterns in the LASD, left over from the period when favoritism, corruption, and a blind eye turned toward bad or brutal policing, too often ruled the day.

With this in mind, it may be relevant to note that Jeremy Fennell is the son of LASD Commander Joseph Fennell, who was known to be close to the notorious former undersheriff, Paul Tanaka. We have records of Fennell repeatedly donating money to Tanaka’s campaigns for the office of mayor of the city of Gardena. We also have credible reports describing how Fennell insisted that those working under him donate a healthy chunk of cash to Tanaka’s campaigns whether they supported the man or not.

We reported in the past about Joseph Fennell being sued for sexual harassment in 2013, by LASD lieutenant Angela Walton.

In Walton’s legal complaint, she alleged that, as a part of Fennell’s ongoing campaign to cajole/coerce/threaten her into having sex with him, the commander made references to power and influence he had acquired by running illegal errands during a two year period he served as Sheriff Lee Baca’s driver.

Being the sheriff’s driver sounds like an unimportant job. But as the LA Times’ Cindy Chang reported in story on the topic, during the Baca years, it was anything but.

The civil jury decided against Walton’s sexual harassment claims in a vote of 9 to 3. Yet, Fennell’s admissions on the stand, plus trial testimony by members of the department upper management like Paul Tanaka, along with remarks made by jurors following their decision, suggested that, despite the verdict, unsettling questions still remain. (For more on the allegations and the trial look here and here.)

None of this, of course, says anything about Jeremy Fennell.

Yet, the issue of family members with connections brings up a related issue that deserves some examination.

High-Level Hiring Help?

In reporting this story, we heard from several department sources that when Deputy Fennell applied for his job with the LASD, he did not pass all of his background exams and investigations. Specifically, according to one source who did not wish to be named, he failed his psych exam. On its face, this is not all that unusual. We are told that many worthy candidates who have gone on to be fine department members failed the psych exam the first time through. In fact, there is a process by which an applicant may challenge the results, and then take the psych exam again. But this is a lengthy business that involves, among other things, paying for one’s own new examiner, and the whole thing can take from six months to a year.

According to our source, however, Jeremy Fennell did not go through that official process. Instead, reportedly within two or three weeks of learning of the psych exam failure, through the help of certain powerful higher-ups, he was magically slotted into the next academy class.

If the reports about Jeremy Fennell’s hiring circumstances are true, sadly they are not unusual for the general time period in which he applied–at least not according to an extensive LA Times investigation into highly questionable LASD hires, along with allegations of unsavory hiring practices made in the recently settled lawsuit brought against the department by former deputy Ban Nguyen. We also have a trusted source of our own who worked as a personnel examiner and told us specifics about being given orders—that reportedly came down from the LASD’s top executives—requiring our ource to ignore any problematic issues in certain applicants’ backgrounds, even those issues that plainly should have precluded hiring.

Was similar pressure brought to bear in Jeremy Fennell’s case?

According to Robert Olmsted, the issue of Fennell’s hiring is a crucial one for the department to investigate thoroughly and deeply. Higher-ups, he said, need definitive answers to the questions of “who brought him in and who approved it?”

And if it turns out there is some kind of issue of wrongful hiring, Olmsted said, the department needs to find out if it has “been able to plug the holes” that allowed such hirings in the not very distant past.


Jeremy Fennell has been employed by the LASD since at least 2012, according to Transparent California, which also reported that, in the year of 2015, when he was 25-years old and had been on the job for only a few years, he made $136,386.31 in salary and benefits.


  • It is truly amazing how the former Sheriff’s bag men (drivers) have all promoted to Executive positions on the Department. I’m sure is is just a coincidence. I guess being able to navigate the Los Angeles freeway system is indicative of upper management potential.

  • Considering “Joey” was running personnel as the Captain back when all the hiring non-sense was going on, this does not surprise me. Not only was he in charge but he was planting all of his Tanaka players at Personnel. Many of them, in fact most of them, have promoted and continue to promote. Hey “Fresh Eyes” how much more embarrassment do you need before you pull your head out and realize you are continually being fooled. I have said it before there are others (people somehow connected to executives) that somehow made it through backgrounds after being denied.

  • The Baca-Stonich-Waldie-Tanaka “legacy” will infest the Department for years to come. “Fresh Eyes” is “No Eyes” when it comes to when it comes to knowing where to look and who to trust – if he really cares. So far, he reminds me of Mr Magoo – but without any bumbling success.

    But how ’bout them brass buckles!

  • I’m sure Pietrentoni and Burns will say Fennell is a stand up guy. Hey, Pietee, Heard Ralphie O got a Chief of Police job and you weren’t happy about it. Brother, you were handed four ranks higher than you were qualified to handle.

  • I don’t care what that kid’s name is or who is daddy is…. that idiot needs to be FIRED from the LASD. What a freaking enbarrassement to the badge and those who serve honorably.

  • Evidently, Commander Fennell admitted during the civil trial of sending a “raunchy text” to Lt. Angela Walton. Kinda sounds like a Policy of Equality violation to me. I wonder if he was ever disciplined for his “aberrant” behavior…..something tells me no.

  • “…we have concluded that it is important to keep an eye out for issues that may point beyond themselves to old toxic patterns in the LASD, left over from the period when favoritism, corruption, and a blind eye turned…”

    “…who was known to be close to the notorious former undersheriff, Paul Tanaka. We have records of (insert name here) repeatedly donating money to Tanaka’s campaigns for the office of mayor of the city of Gardena.”

    Hhhhmmmm….. how many names can we (insert here) above? Isn’t one of the recent captain promotions all over those lists?

    That’s some damn good rate of return on their ill-gotten corrupt behavior. At what point of this continuing criminal conspiracy of defrauding the tax payers of money does Mcdonald become a full fledged principal in this crime?

    Celeste, maybe you should send him a highlighted copy of the lists. Apparently he doesn’t have one (more likely doesn’t care, as actions speak volumes).

    Or better yet, start reporting on it.

  • Jeremy acted like royalty in custody and was a salty, Mister Cool Guy as a patrol trainee and boot. Didn’t handle his calls, didn’t make good arrests, but rolled around behind his shades like he did. This is no real surprise. Glad to see the department is handling it.

  • Sounds to me like a list of all campaign contributors to Banaka, a list of all those who cheated on promotional exams, and a list of all those who have been involved in serious misconduct, should make a good list to clean house with. Ain’t that right, fresh eyes?

    Oh snaps, that would decimate McDonnell’s management team! Gosh darn, can we settle for those who made all three lists? Oh dear, that’s still a boatload of brass. What is a voter to do?

    Tell you what Fresh Eyes, someone’s coming to do the job you refuse to do. And to quote Tombstone: hell is coming with him!

  • Eddie Slovic, a U.S. Army draftee, did something like that in WWII.

    His fate?

    The firing squad.

    History can be Googled.

  • That statement is not true, sheriff Pitches drivers were not elevated through the ranks, nor were Sherm Blocks !

  • I thought all the problems LASD experienced during the 2005 to 2007 hiring surge had been addressed? It’s no wonder why so many problems exist. With all the “Friends of Baca”, “legacies” on the department and pressure being exerted by their benefactors this is not surprising. What is surprising, is how immature and apathetic some of the folks who carry guns and enforce the laws are. Even with all the negative publicity and lack of public and departmental support, most LEO’s have a sense of duty, pride and basic sense of right and wrong that made them join the departments they serve in. Definitely a paradigm shift for the worst.

  • We all know we’ll be dealing with Banaka’s aftermath for a very long time. But, more importantly, we need fear the current even more.

    We have no money folks. We have a BOS that has no intention of loosening the purse strings because of our deplorable leadership . Our radio cars are falling apart and the incompetent idiots at fleet have hundreds of Ford Explorers that will be out of warranty long before they’re put 10-8. Our radios don’t Fucking work. Minimum of 6 mandatory OT spots a month that’s killing the line personnel while the Execs fuck around in their air conditioned offices and Dodge Chargers. The examples are endless at why LASD is doomed.

    But we have new shiny Fucking buckles and the “O” in of is grammatically Fucking correct

  • Same thing happened with AJ McCorkle. He was not only disqualified but when he was an SO he was told to quit or get fired. He left and came back but he never did a full application.

    His dad Marc McCorkle pushed his application which was declined through.

    I heard AJ quit rather than get fired and is now trying to get hired with San Fernando. Since pops has contacts there I am sure he won’t have any problems getting hired.

    Once he does get hired that’s when the truth will come out about his character.

  • All I want to hear about this incident is that the goof is fired. His partners should tear the badge off his chest and send him out the door. I don’t care if it was his call or not. To just sit there while your partners respond to potentially dangerous calls and don’t at least respond towards the call in case it goes bad is a complete joke. Of course we don’t know all the facts. On the surface looks like deraliction of duty.

    It would appear he learned his smooth want to get up in you talk from his dad. Too bad he couldn’t learn to be a cop from dad but again don’t know if pops was even worth a shit. I can tell you first hand the crap he pulled while at personnel working for Tanaka was rediculeous. Transfers right after sergeant and lieutenant breakups to protect Tanaka clowns.

    I really hope the devil makes some room down stairs. He is going to get a lot of Tanaka folks down there. Maybe Tanaka can be the Walmart greeter of hell.

    The madness is on going and we will continue to read stories like this for years to come.

  • So, you’ve had the opportunity to see only ONE of Deputy Fennell’s videos. With a little searching, I just found the following postings on YouTube:
    It certainly appears that this character is more enamored with dressing up as a cop and driving around in a shiny police car than actually doing the job. I think I’ll make a montage using clips from this fool’s videos just to showcase how bad he really is. From using the “N” word to cursing out someone who, apparently approached him and threatened to arrest that person. I don’t know about you, but I suspect either one of these incidents would be enough to have him terminated. Watch the videos and judge for yourself while I do some more digging.

  • You left out Opie, aka Paul Myron. Myron, Stonich, Waldheim & Tanaka worked diligently & clandestinely to give us our convicted felon Baca.

  • Besides the internal crap and cronyism of the hiring process, more reason (although not perfect) to hire more veterans and college graduates. By way of court documents and YouTube videos, (her documented name on both) is only obvious that his former girlfriend (and her sources) gave him the one-two punch. Not a good cop or a “real playa”…Oh well.

  • If in fact his background was not acceptable and you’re the background investigator, Sergeant, Lieutenant and or Captain who signed off on his hiring, you’re you’re a punk. You’ve hung your partners out, you hung out his partners and also those who sepervise him.

  • IDK, Celeste seems to be leading a cyber lynch mob on this guy, and for what? All he’s seen doing is talking into a cell phone. Sure he’s saying some things that seem outrageous to some people, but maybe it’s just a cultural thing. Perhaps he comes from a complex and vibrant community where this kind of thing is acceptable. Notice the expert used to slam Fennell is and old disgruntled white guy. Perhaps a person of color would have a different point of view. Maybe Celeste and these commenters should be checking their white privilege.

  • Since he is relieved of duty. I’m sure ALADS will no doubt fight a losing battle. I understand POBAR and the right to defend oneself, but it’s not fair to other deputies who pay dues and never get into trouble. ALADS….how about some type of ANNUAL PARTIAL REFUND for the majority of honorable deputies who perform well. No more “Raging Waters!”

  • I had wondered about the video and how it got out. I see the deputy, like many of the “social media” generation, took video selfies and either shared them or did self posting. Just as the stupid criminals slip up, get caught and go to jail so shall the “stupid cops”. I guess some folks still think the photos and videos they post on the Web will never be found no matter how many times they’re warned.

    There needs to be a “maturity test” or something similar to a credit report put in place to recognize and encourage folks with an established work history and life experiences versus assuming the younger you are, the less likely you’ve had a chance to develop bad habits or be “tainted” by life’s pitfalls. To much responsibility and power to young is a recipe for disaster.

  • @Not sure, your racist comment is disgusting and speaks volumes of you.

    When all else fails, throw down the race card, right? Is that what you were taught? Is that how you function with life problems? You should be ashamed.

  • So true. Social media, be it written, pictures or video will expose you or exonerate you. Many millilenials do stupid things as evident with this caper. Truly he caused his own demise

  • Nice try, Not Sure. Your agent provocateur is showing. Give it a rest and get a clue. Stop the masquerade. What, pray tell, gave you away? Answer: your condescending and disingenuous commentary. Buzz words aside, it reeks. Go back to, and get a life. Young Fennell was availed the privilege of crony nepotism which, my son, has always been reserved for the “connected.” Corruption is an equal opportunity affliction, more for some that others. Have a nice day.

  • And yet I’m the only guy not jumping to a bunch of conclusions of how guilty the black guy must be because of who his father is. Pretty sad,your hatred has made you blind, I don’t think you see very well at all.

  • Not Sure, that racist chip on your shoulder is making you a very, very unhappy person. Fennel’s race is completely irrelevant. His immature and unprofessional video that he chose to engage in, his irresponsible comments and actions regarding the 417 call, that is the issue. He embarrassed all of LASD and the profession and there is a price for that conduct. His arrest and subsequent ROD for the allegation of 273.5, that too will play out. Your race card is worn out and is of no vale, you burned it up son, now it’s time to grow up.

  • Thanks for posting the link Cognistator. I find it interesting there was no mention in the article or by the Sheriff of disciplining Brass and/or Executives when they lie. The blame for the Department’s problems always gets put on the Deputies.

  • Dick Shinee will protect his empire of ALADS at any cost…..which includes The Good, The Bad and The ugly

  • I understand that many of the Brass are Tanaka votaries, and I believe that these votaries are making the firing decisions.

    I understand, too, that many of these firings are being overturned by the Civil Service Commission, indicating that people are being fired for chickenshit reasons.

  • This loser should be fired plain and simple.. and fire the background investigators that let this guy slide through… Tanaka supporters are not only high up in sworn but also civilian positions too…Supervisors who campaigned for Tanaka mysteriously jumping to well paid over $120,000 a year jobs… just a tip of a masssive iceberg…

  • Background investigators have no say so on who gets hired. They are merely the fact finders. Once the case is completed, they submitted to the Sergeant who signs off on it, then the Lieutenant. He failed the psychological exam and was hired anyway. I am sure some strings were pulled to hire him. If he was wearing his brass buttons, maybe he will have a chance at keeping his job smh

  • I don’t know of any department member who wouldn’t look out for s family member. It’s definitely part of LASD’S culture. No different from any other agency. Even more so for firefighters.

  • I’m not buying it. Nepotism has no place in an ethical organization, and compromises the integrity of all involved.

  • Apple don’t fall from the tree. Daddy was also a do nothing, Tanaka boy, promoted way above his abilities. Idiots like this are hired based on who they know while other family members are not hired if they were not Tanaka loyalist, (Tanaka Boys).

  • Celeste: Sheriff McDonnell was voted in to end the curruption and clean up the mess. Yet, he has failed to relieve/fire those responsible and still in positions of authority. How bout doing a follow up story on what he,has/has not accomplished to date…I’m quite sure you know who the playets are……

  • You mean to say is Nepotism “should not” have a place in any ethical organization. Not saying it’s right, just saying it happens. From Pop Warner & Little League to major corporations including the White House. Look at the current administration. I know I’m preaching to the choir.

  • Bandwagon, I second that motion. The Sheriff’s conscious decision to retain and promote what has been described as members of the, Tanaka Crime Family, was a steel toed kick to the teeth of the men and women of LASD. The very people who destroyed the morale and reputation, the very people who are Coin Holders and cigar smokers on the patio were embraced on day one by McDonnell and promoted.

    If folks have specific information of executive misconduct, I would love to see it investigated and exposed on WLA as it appears, no one else will. Perhaps a starting point can be Pico Rivera Station. It’s time to expose McDonnell as Baca 2.0.

  • I read not only here but elsewhere about the unethical hiring practices of the Department under Baca. I can’t help but reflect on my experiences in that area as I was the Captain at the Academy for two years when the Academy command also included the background unit (I don’t know if it still does). That was when Block was the Sheriff. During that entire time, only one time did anyone in the organization try to influence or manipulate the hiring or training process. Yes, I got inquires when one candidate or another failed for some reason and asked if the reason was valid. I would review and verify the decision and tell the higher-ups the person could re-apply (or if it was a background matter, that they were disqualified for background reasons) and that was IT. Never ANY pressure, never any implied pressure. Everything was done very ethically and above board.

    And then the other day I was playing golf with a buddy who also commanded the Academy, a year or two after me – also under Block. I asked him about his experiences with hiring and any interference from above. He shared that he had the same experience as had I. Never a hint of pressure to hire anyone. If someone failed, they failed. Our standards were established (although THAT changed over time) but we did not deviate nor were we asked to for anyone.

    It is clear that things changed a lot after that. It is a shame and, no doubt lead to many of the problems that later developed on the Department.

    Oh, about the one time that someone tried to manipulate the hiring process? That one time turned out to be none other than our own Chief Leroy D. Baca. Mr Ethics himself who felt a candidate he met selling cosmetics at a local department store did not deserve to fail the psych. Although he was not remotely involved in the Administrative Division he took it upon himself to contact our shrink directly and arrange for the candidate have a second evaluation – all without the knowledge of we in the background unit – and a breach of our policy against second psych evals. – they can reapply in six months. To show you what an ethical breach it was (yes, ethics and integrity were actually a part of the organization then), I as a Captain was able to call Chief Baca and tell him that wasn’t going to happen. He wasn’t happy, but he knew he was on thin ice and I had an ice pick. He backed down and I knew I would need to avoid him for the rest of my career (didn’t work out too well!). But the integrity of the system was going to rule the day and he knew it.

    Post Script: Leroy got the lady hired as a PCO at WHD (no Psych needed) and she got fired 6 months later. 🙂

  • I worked recruitment for 2 1/2 years and backgrounds for 5 1/2 years. Trust me, during Baca and Tanaka’s tenure, interference from Department members was common practice. I’ve got plenty of stories. There was even a team who’s sole purpose was to handle “special cases.” It was called the FOS team and they worked out of the personnel building in Monterey Park. Any background investigator on our Department will tell you the most tore up applicants work Department members kids. And I also second motion what Bandwagon said. But hey, those brass buttons are a part of McDonnell’s plan to clean up the mess and root out the piss poor leadership. HA yeah right.

  • Hey long gone, I was probably hired back under your command. I have always wondered why they took away the “flags” on the test. The test we took back then seemed like it alone kept some of the knuckleheads from going any further. I have to wonder if we still had a written test like that, how many of these embarrassments would not be here today. If you know why they removed them, please tell. Although you will probably have to explain just what the flags were. LOL

  • With the many scenarios of LASD Recruitment Testing and it’s problems, maybe the Feds should take over. Cronyism & Nepotism rule the day at LASD. That goes for inter department testing also. With all things equal, a deputy from Century Station will (by name /rep) will vault over a Walnut Station to get to SEB. The beat goes on.

  • Early in Baca’s first term, I worked in a Lockup in Court Service where a station booking who happened to be Asian ( I think he was Korean) was brought in. Later in the morning I saw the person in the Attorney interview room talking to another very emotional older male. I asked another Deputy who he was since he didn’t look like a Attorney or a LEO. He told me that the older man was the father. I asked the deputy why did he allow it to occur since it was not allowed per policy. He said that he received a call from outside the division on orders from the very top (I think there was only one sheriff ) to allow this visit. A classic example of “Do as I say not as I do”.

  • It doesn’t matter what test you present to the applicants. If the executives and othere want someone in, they just fix the score and the background check. It is why the department is full of baffoons.

  • Look at Chief Parra and his connection to his father and Tanaka. That’s just one example.
    Another is Waldie’s son, now a lieutenant. You can’t tell me that families and connection have nothing to do with hiring and promotions. It’s nothing new or recent in LASD. It’s tradition.

  • Exactly. There is zero credibility on anything the department does since the era of Banaka. They will present alternative facts to suit whatever their needs are, and they will present them knowing full well the well-oiled retaliation machine will be fired up for whoever has the temerity to challenge their corrupt practices.

    This is not just Baca and Tanaka’s legacy, it is now McDonnell’s as well.

  • Rodeo Veteran, I recall a conversation I had with a department insider a few years back. This person described in intimate detail the career moves of a golden girl, before they happened, as matter-of-fact. I’ll be darned if the moves didn’t happen exactly as predicted! The saddest part was how this person spoke so cavalierly about it, as if it was somehow the preferred status quo.

    Yes, the department is littered with the evidence of rampant cronyism and nepotism. We have the Campbells, the Castros, and the Smiths from yesteryear, followed by the Cavanaughs, the Parras, and now the new “power” couples who are lieutenants and higher. These couples are the departments current sick joke, as if the line swine doesn’t know who they are or what their qualifications are.

    What McDonnell fails to realize is that the heart and soul of the department is not for sale. Ethical, competent leadership will not be found among these buffoons. It’s time for McDonnell to go, the question is will ALADS and PPOA get on all fours again or actually do their job?

  • He should be fired obviously once for ignoring the call and five times for being biggest clown and most lame man on the planet. Never in my life have i seen a man or even young kid act so corny and desperate. Did he actually think she’d fall for this idiotic little video? Hey cop, not all women are total morons which is what you must think.

  • @Not Again, the written tests were administered by Personnel Bureau but I know a little about the flags. That is a question best answered by my reference that our standards were established, but were (regularly) changed. The flags were simply, as you put it, eliminating too many…..people. At least it was done across the board, as were a number of other standards that have been changed over time. When I was hired, the minimum height requirement was 5’10”. So things change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not.

    Your question does bring to mind an interesting story regarding Personnel Bureau which, as I mentioned, administered the written tests. We got wind that they had allowed an applicant to have “unlimited” time to complete the test in a private room. I called the Director and asked WTF. He explained that this applicant had “special needs”, as he could not be put under time-related pressures and must be in a calm atmosphere. He also explained under Americans With Disabilities Act he had to be accommodated. Needless to say I went ballistic stating the obvious as it related to a career in law enforcement – he was a civilian so I couldn’t ask him if he had ever written an address on the palm of his hand while running to the car! He said it had been run up the legal ladder and I was out of luck as the applicant had passed the test and was cleared for backgrounds. In other words the ball was our court. Thanks a lot. Fortunately, at the pre-background screening he made some admissions and we were able to show him the door. Another bullet dodged! 🙂

    Yet this story demonstrates another example of the ethics involved in the process. Despite the fact that it was obvious (to me at least) that he was not a suitable candidate, he had the legal right to do what he did. No one called and said this guy is coming your way, you’ve got to dump him. The only reason it became an issue is because we “heard” about a candidate who was treated in a special manner and wanted to find out why. Personnel Bureau was not going to tell us that this guy had “special needs”, unless it was necessary. It was sink or swim on his own. I suppose if he ever got in to the Academy then we would have found out about his special requirements. And THAT would have been a real can of worms of which legends are made – I can just hear the stories at the class reunion. But we did nothing special at backgrounds to derail him. Again, ethics prevailed – and we got lucky.

  • Usually what happens is the executives will say they want 5-6 academy classes scheduled in a year with 80-100 recruits. That now puts pressure on personnel to fill those classes. The background investigator is tasked with turning in a certain amount of cases, at least 10. 2-3 of those 10 must be an applicant who is considered a good hire. Basically establishing a quota of background cases to be turned in. If these numbers are not met, personnel’s feet gets held to the fire by the executives. It all comes down to numbers. As long as the numbers are good, they are satisfied. Sheriff Mcdonnell says we will not compromise our hiring standards for the sake of numbers be we all know stuff happens under his nose that he does not know about. Last time I checked, which happens to be a couple of years ago, there were 60 questions on the written exam and an applicant only needed to get 36 questions right to pass. From about 2007 – 2012, an applicant only needed 33 questions right to pass. This was also the same time period where we were hiring 1,000 Deputies per year. My guess is that is when alot of the riff raff slipped through the cracks i.e 3,000 boys and many others

    I also remember the physical abilities test being scheduled for just one applicant as a favor. I also know of an applicant’s background investigation being done in 12 days. I saw the file with my own two eyes. This same applicant’s father just so happens to be a retire Chief with our Department. The applicant is now a Deputy. I could be here all day telling these kind of stories.

  • When this incident is over, he will realize that no one….man, woman or incident is worth losing a career. He was smiitten, sprung and hung by an obvious scorned ex. All the facts are not in. re the call, but the fact remains that he should have assisted the call, later for the ex.

  • Not to mention the testing process for promotions within the department. The department is rife with favoritism in addition to cronyism & nepotism. Most squared-away deputies who aren’t in “the car” don’t have a “snowballs chance in hell” to advance most times.

  • Sick and Tired:

    33 questions out of 60 computes to a score of 55%; 36 out of 60=60%.

    Does any other Law Enforcement agency in California, or any place else in the country, have such a low passing threshold?

    I always thought any thing below 70% was a test failure.

  • I nodded my head reading your post – good for you for demonstrating the integrity a badge represents. I’m retired now too (different agency) but always had a lot of respect for LASD. My former agency has declined considerably in terms of ethics and other areas over the years. It’s sad. There are a lot of terrific, dedicated Deputies/Officers on the job. I hope to see the day they get the support they truly deserve. In the meantime, this idiot needs to be fired asap. To not back your partners like that? I’ve got words for what I think of him but none of them printable.

  • Once upon a time the LASD was the Marine Corp. of Law Enforcement. Now it has been reduced to garbage. I fault the former Sheriff’s and department Executives. What was once so beautiful and sacred has been transformed into a modern day Mafia. May GOD bless all of those who took the oath to heart as well as those who serve our streets daily. May HE protect those that serve the community with integrity and honor. May HE also strike down the corrupt at all levels, especially Management. Their corruption and sins will be dealt with…if not in this world,in the next.

  • So we know what the problems are. The question remains what are the solutions? How do we fix these things?

  • You’ve mentally cleared the first hurdle, which is recognizing the problems. The second is a lot of work, but entirely doable. That is getting rid of “Fresh Eyes” McDonnell and support the challenger who’s coming. It will take a collaborative effort, but everyone can play a part in reclaiming our beloved department from the opportunists who have destroyed it and danced on its remains.

  • Coming into an organization (LASD) not knowing who’s who, was McDonnell’s first challenge. Personally my thoughts are that he should have brought in staff of his own choosing. Let’s face it, he’s would get criticism no matter what. Currently there is no frontrunner. Let it play out.

  • I like those ideas. The actions of the Department Leadership Jackals is disrespectful to those who honored the badge, what it stood for and paid the ultimate sacrifice by having their lives taken.

  • You also forgot to mention that out of 30 plus County Department, this is one of the easiest civil service exams!

  • Inside Looking Out…You don’t think he didn’t try? He tried his hardest to get any of his friends from LAPD and other agencies, but no one wanted to leave their jobs and come work for him or the LASD. That’s why he took so long to promote and fill the vacancies on LASD. He was hoping one of his cronies, someone he knew and trusted, would decide to come over. The only one he could get to come work for him was his former secretary at LAPD, which was Beck’s current secretary, and he screwed over the current LASD Executive Secretary to do it. He doesn’t care about the LASD employees. He only cares about appearances.

  • Deflect and obscure as you please, Not Sure. Celeste didn’t post these videos. Lynching? Really? More like stunning immaturity. You can’t float this fart, son. It’s definitely a turd. Jeremy owns it:

  • I can’t attest to that, but I have trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that 55% could be considered a passing score for a test that everybody agrees is easy to pass.


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