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DA Jackie Lacey Tells Press About Death Threats & Other Fears After Husband Pulls Gun on Black Lives Matter Protesters Gathered in Front of Her Home

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

At around 5:45 a.m. Monday, the day before California’s primary election day, the husband of Los Angeles County DA Jackie Lacey pulled a gun on Black Lives Matter activists, who had gathered in front of the couple’s house in the wee hours of the morning.

Later in the day,  Lacey would confide at a hastily called press conference how threats she had received, along with other ongoing forms of harassment she described, had made her and her husband of 40 years, fearful.

Yet in the early morning, the group, which reportedly gathered peacefully, said they came to her house after Lacey repeatedly failed to meet with the families of the men who died at the home of Ed Buck, a well-known democratic donor, whom the district attorney’s office has been accused of dragging its feet in charging, with deadly results.

The alleged gun-pulling incident reportedly occurred when three of the activists, including BLM organizer, Melina Abdullah, who is also a Professor of Pan-African Studies at Cal State LA, approached the front door and rang the bell. At first, the door didn’t open, but Abdullah reported that she then thought she heard a gun cock, but second-guessed herself, wondering if the noise might have been produced by her imagination.

It was then a man who appeared to be Lacey’s husband, opened the door pointed the weapon at the threesome, and threatened to shoot, his finger seemingly on the trigger.

Abdullah caught the gun-brandishing on video, as shown below.

Death threats 

At 10:30 a.m. Monday, the D.A.’s office notified news outlets that Lacey would be doing a press conference to explain the early morning incident.

At the press event, a very emotional Lacey confirmed that the man at the door of her Granada Hills resident was indeed her husband, David Lacey.

(David Lacey, now retired, was formerly an investigative auditor for the D.A.’s office.)

In the approximately quarter of an hour press briefing, she proceeded to describe getting ongoing threats, some of them death threats, Lacey said, then she talked about the feelings and fears that such threats and ongoing hostility had induced in them as a couple.

She also said that she had offered to sit down with the Black Lives Matters activists but felt such meetings should be one-on-one, in private, or in groupings of two or three, rather than public meetings, which she characterized as designed to humiliate her.

The D.A. said her husband’s response “was in fear,” and that he wanted to say “to the person that he showed the gun to” that he was “profoundly sorry.”

Just the two of them were home, Lacey told reporters. “And we expect that people will exercise their First Amendment right, but our home is our sanctuary.” She added that it was not the first time protestors had gathered outside her house.

“He meant no one any harm,” she said of her husband. “I just want to live in peace and do my job.”

Prior to the press conference, former public defender, Rachel Rossi, one of Lacey’s two challengers in the hotly contested L.A. County District Attorney’s race, released her own statement on the morning’s events.

“The collective grief and despair of our marginalized communities continue to grow as they are ignored,” Rossi wrote.

“As District Attorney, I will never run from the community. And I never thought I’d have to say it, but I will also never threaten to shoot–or have others threaten to shoot–community members protesting my actions.”

Lacey’s other challenger, George Gascón, has not put out a statement.

*The story above was updated on March 3, at 4:21 a.m.


  • Good.
    Maybe these “protestors” will start understanding there is a time and a place to do their nonsense.

    0545? At the home of someone who spent their life putting criminals behind bars.

    Appropriate response. Nothing to see here.

  • Regardless of the political brouhaha, a person’s home is not the place to convene with such a matter.
    No problem with him protecting his home by any means necessary.

  • Wrong in all directions. No one should be showing up like that at that hour of the morning but he’d have been a lot smarter to just call the local police. For the DA’s protection, they’d have arrived quickly.

  • When Trump terms out in 2024….it’s David Lacey for President!! What ever happened to Abdullah stealing Go Find Me cash?!

  • So Melina Abdullah and her faithful have launched a campaign of harassment and intimidation on D.A. Lacey and her family for months, culminating in a 5:45 am appearance with a large group on Lacey’s doorstep in a quiet neighborhood. Her husband overacts to this behavior and what a godsend for Gascon. The message however I clear. He or she who does not do as Professor Abdullah expects will endure the same treatment. D.A. Lacey swore an oath to uphold the constitution and no doubt believes she has acted accordingly in her decisions as the D.A. Professor Abdullah swore no oath and her behavior is not constrained by any social or moral compact.

  • Another Cop, good to know. I hope folks take your advice the next time portly uniformed men try to go into a home without a warrant. Maybe you’ll excuse the brother who points his 45mm at you and the rest of the Keystone contingency. We’ll see if you still feel the same. Stop being a hypocrite.

    And, I find these comments insulting. Just because they are black does not mean they are not up and about at 5:45 a.m. What is so sacred about 5:45 a.m.? Just because Mr. Lazy is feeding off the government trough with his nice pension does not mean he is not up well before 5:45 a.m., although given the photograph probably not to exercise. All the BLM folks did was knock on the door and ask to speak with an elected official, nothing more. I do not think that is against the law. I’m not an attorney, but last I heard its not against the law to go to an elected officials home to protest.

    Seeking the Truth, WTH do you mean by “her behavior is not constrained by any social or moral compact?” Regardless, Professor Abdullah is constrained by the law. If you think she broke it, arrest her. I wish some of you portly middle-aged uniformed men go out an arrest her. Please. I dare you to do it. Send Madame Kong. He seems to have a disdain for Black people. This sister would probably smack the fat off you.

    Finally, Ms. Abdullah actually holds a PhD from a nationally ranked university, if I remember correctly, so perhaps you should be addressing her as Doctor Abdullah. I know it stings that a black woman has accomplished more than you, but you must accept that the world has changed.

    • Boy gj sure doesn’t like anyone getting a paid government gig, instead of being so angry gj, why don’t you explore the reasons the department wouldn’t hire you full time (and for real pay). Judging by your comments and your Facebook page, I’d say your impulse control isn’t all that it could be.

    • @cf….you are such a DUMB A$$! “Maybe you’ll excuse the brother who points his 45mm…” The correct descriptive term would be 45 caliber. A 45mm? You are so fu**ing stupid! Do they have an Howitzer hooked up to the back of their vehicle as well?

  • News flash for the “professor”: black lives matter no more than any other. BLM behaves as a terrorist organization and needs to be designated as such.

  • 646.9.
    (a) Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or willfully and maliciously harasses another person and who makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety, or the safety of his or her immediate family is guilty of the crime of stalking, punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year, or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment, or by imprisonment in the state prison.

    Or this…..

  • @ Dose of Cool aid – Right, BLM behaves as a terrorist organization, says a someone who claims to be or have been a cop. Just tell me when was the last time a member of the KKK or any other white supremacist anywhere has shown up at someone’s home without a hood, a mask and without any weapons? Go ahead, please enlighten us mr. low enforcer without any moral compass. And the word low was not a mishap.

    I’ll concede that maybe doing that that early might not be the best of time to bring the heat to someone’s home, but it sure takes guts and lots of courage.

    Last I checked, anybody who dares bring the heat to someone’s home and in person, and without hiding who they are, are on my book more brave than the “ones” who always seem to hide behind shining metal objects, guns masks and or hoods. Oh and these real terrorist will never attempt to do any of this alone, without weapons which only shows what cowards they are.

    But go ahead and keep drinking your cool aid and believing that having worked as a leo for decades and decades makes you the perfect person to designate who is a terrorist!

    • Ruiz, I’m sure it takes some guts to rob a bank but does that make it ok? I’m also not sure judging mobs by the KKK standard is a good idea.

    • Ruiz Senor,

      My belief that BLM acts and should be designated a terrorist group is well founded. I’m not surprised a defender of them would characterize their bullying tactics as “courageous.” Very telling indeed. Were they at DA Lacey’s house for a debate? Did the Professor of Pan-African Studies think she was going to enlighten a career prosecutor in legal matters? LOL

      Your overly-emotional comparison of BLM and the KKK does not exonerate BLM’s tactics. It appears to be your version of Godwin’s law, intended to shut down opposition. Nice try.

      • In order to claim that something is “well founded” you would need more than your “beliefs”.
        You are entitled to your beliefs and opinions, just not on the facts.

        I’ll simply reiterate what I had originally stated, that whenever anybody speaks truth to power and doing this while not hiding their face and identity then these people have more courage and bravery than the ones who throughout history have hidden behind hoods, fake names, certain shiny objects, guns and big groups.

        But in case you don’t know, it is always very inconvenient and un-pleasurable to speak truth to power.

  • BLM has guts and courage. That’s laughable. Well that’s my joke do the day. Lmao. I can’t stop laughing.

    If these people are examples of bravery to you then, your bar is very sad!

    If you want talk about people who had courage and showed bravery. Let’s talk, I list a few.

    Cesar Chavez
    Martin Luther King
    Rosa Parks
    Juan Felipe Herrera
    Jaime Escalante

    I could go on.

    • Wow, do you really want to go there? You know what all these people have in common?
      I’ll tell you what, we know who they are and what they looked like because they were brave and courageous for speaking truth to power and for standing up for their rights and against a very unjust and oppressive system. Which in a way proves my original point that those who don’t hide their face and identity when speaking truth to power are on my book, very brave and courageous people.

      So thank you for providing a few names of some of our courageous and brace leaders that have will continue to prove the original premise of my point!

  • Madame Kong- Why not approach this GJ and tell him what you think of him?

    Fat Rolman – You got me. You know your weapons better than I. Thank you for pointing out that mistake. My mistake for assuming you ladies did not know much of anything. As another bright republican would say, I misunderestimated you and realize you know your weapons, and how to frame black kids, and a few other things. You are making me a better man, Fat Rolman. Thank you.

    Does of Reality, you are correct, all lives matter. These folks are not trying to tell you that only black lives matter, but rather reminding you that they, too, matter. Don’t be such a simpleton. White lives, even portly ones like the ones on this site, have always mattered. And, they behave like a terrorist organization? Really? Then you do not know a terrorist organization. They are the folks that sent you packing in Lebanon, that are escorting you out of Afghanistan and Iraq, the ones that flew planes and knocked down buildings like bowling pins, the ones that make you cry and ask, why do they hate us. Ringing a door bell does not a terrorist act make. But, alas, I suspect you are used to exaggerating as you do on police reports.

    Rumor Only – You are embarrassing yourself. Some on the list you can call them heroes because a few decades have gone by. Your ilk on this site would call MLK, Rosa Parks, and Chavez rabble-rousers, trouble makers or, even terrorists. Lest not forget the police arrested these three many a time. If they were around today, your ilk on this site would no doubt arrest them today. And, MLK was the one that shortly before he died called the US the biggest pruveyor of violence. Surely, all the portly men on this site would have taken issue with that, especially because that is when, I suspect, America was really great.

    • Don’t play coy gj. Why do you avoid the reserve question? Seeing how you ramble on about everything else.

    • cf,

      I wish you were right about BLM. I’ve dealt directly with them and other blacks who follow their platform. If you even dare to say what you said (all lives matter) it’s like lighting a fuse. They go friggin ballistic. Try saying, “white lives matter,” in their presence and see what happens.

      BLM’s actions in many cases satisfies the definition of domestic terrorism. Don’t try to muddy the waters by conflating their domestic activities with that of Middle East terror groups.

      I didn’t make any assertion about them ringing a doorbell being any type of terrorist act, but thanks for the uncalled for insult about false reports. That type of commenting continues to erode your credibility.

    • @cf – Your a clown, but still entitled to your opinion which I will respect. I will also disagree with it. Just like I don’t care what anyone else thinks or opinions are on any matter. They are all entitled to an opinion just like you and I. I personally don’t call all those people heroes, merely listing better examples of bravery and courage. BLM has an agenda, which to me sometimes does not make sense, but they can do what they want! If they show up at my house, harass, threaten, or follow me I wouldn’t necessarily call that courage or bravery.

      Courage would be doing the right thing when no one is watching. I don’t vouch for LEO/DA or any profession for that matter, but they have a job to do. Are they all good, well we know that to not be true, does that mean they are all bad, well an intelligent mind would no the answer to be no.

      I don’t see the crowds or movement of BLM getting bigger or stronger. Why is that? Why isn’t if SO many people want reform do they not have a stronger voice. I think courage for an organization like that would first be rallying the people of their communities Latino, black or whatever ethnicity! Unfortunately we know that’s impossible because I know that people honestly don’t care, until it involves them. Seeing that most people don’t encounter any kind of injustice regardless of race then they don’t care.

      I for one wouldn’t want to jump in the BLM bandwagon they are unorganized, irresponsible, and badly led. You have to get the people behind you and your message. Unite them all, not isolate. Then and only then will you be able to rally and get a message across.

      Showing up at ones door step at zero dark thirty to voice an opinion, probably not the best idea, which is why the have called for the founder to step back.

      Who knows you know more than me, that’s just my thoughts!

  • Oh my God!! Am I witnessing history here? BLM protesting AGAINST other black people? Why haven’t they been doing this in neighborhoods where blacks are killing other blacks?

  • This is a shame how the Law Enforcement Agency is that City is not arresting Mr. Lacey for assault with a Deadly weapon. He’s on Video pointing a Weapon with his finger on the trigger . He is Obviously too Stupid to own a Firearm.

    Call the Police you Idiot

    • We don’t know the whole story , they have had multiple death threats I don’t blame him for being armed and BLM is a wacko group of criminals

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