LA DA's Race 2020

Jackie Lacey Concedes to Challenger George Gascón for the Office of Los Angeles District Attorney

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

After an an intense and closely watched contest, Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey has conceded to challenger George Gascón who will now lead the largest prosecutor’s office in the nation.

“I congratulate George Gascon and his team on their expected victory,” said Lacey to reporters in an in-person press conference midmorning on Friday.  Although there was upward of 80,000 ballots still to count, she explained, her consultants told her that the numbers realistically no longer favored her.

(Gascón has 54 percent of the vote to Lacey’s 46 percent, with 2.8 million votes counted.)

Lacey thanked God, her colleagues, her team, her family and, most emotionally, her mother, “who constantly asked me, ‘Are you okay?‘ And who reminded me through this contentious fight,” no matter what, “I made history.”

As the first woman to lead the county’s district attorney’s office and the first Black LA District Attorney, Lacey’s history-making is indisputable.

Gascón has not yet responded to Lacey’s concession, but has scheduled a virtual press conference for 1 p.m. Friday where he will make “an announcement.”

The man who it now appears will be sworn in next  month as the county’s new DA, Gascón was endorsed by the LA Times, the LA Daily News, Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris, U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Governor Gavin Newsom, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Black Lives Matter cofounder Patrisse Cullors, labor leader and civil rights icon Dolores Huerta, and former Chief of the LAPD Charlie Beck, among others.

George Gascón grew up in Los Angeles after his family immigrated from Cuba. An army veteran, Gascón served as a Los Angeles Police Department Officer for nearly 30 years, rising to the rank of Assistant Chief of Operations. In 2006 he became Chief of Police in Mesa, Arizona, where he tangled famously with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In 2009, then-San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom appointed Gascón as SF’s Chief of Police. Newsom turned to Gascón again in 2011 to tap him to be San Francisco’s District Attorney, filling the seat vacated by an outgoing Kamala Harris who had been elected Attorney General.

“Former San Francisco DA @GeorgeGascon will be assuming office – and ushering in a wave of #21stCenturyProsecution thinking,” former federal prosecutor Miriam Krinsky, executive director of Fair & Just Prosecution, said in a Tweet after the news of Lacey’s concession broke.

New DA story coming up soon!.


  • I look forward to Los Angeles becoming a mirror image of that wonderfully ran city by the bay, San Francisco where all the “reimagining” and “criminal justice reforms” have made it a city no regular person can afford to live in or wants to live in. The voters and GS have spoken and got just what they wanted.

  • Silda, you have been bitching about the sky falling, crime going up and property values decreasing for a while. Have you seen where property values have headed in LA in the last few years? Stick to patroling and not economic forecasting.

    Dope of Reality, one step forward. Purchase? Have you accused the Koch brothers of purchasing anyone on the GOP side? About 70% of Lazy’s funding came from law enforcement unions. Where you trying to buy a DA? Stop being a hypocrite. Tonight you and your ilk will be drowning your sorrows with some moonshine, no doubt. First, BLM folks call you a pig and spit on you, then Lacey loses and soon Trump will be out. BTW, a reminder that you and your ilk said you would leave the state if Trump loses. I hope that was not in jest.

  • CF, first off, moonshine is amazing but u hang on to your Colt 45.

    Your repeated characterizations of anyone who disagrees with you as racist, fat, hillbillies, etc. is a tired road.

    Celeste will never moderate you.

    I’m sure you’re feeling good about yourself as your people are stealing the election.
    April 19, 1775, wasn’t too long ago. That was a great day.

  • CF….there will be a small amount of grumbling by LEO’s who are used to working hard, doing their job and keeping the communities safe from which they themselves and their families are members of. Those officers who are principled, have respect for law and order will soon learn to police just like their Bay Area, San Francisco colleagues. I think San Francisco Police Officers are some of the highest paid in the state, yet they aren’t expected to really enforce many laws since all criminals are the true victims……simply misunderstood, troubled and neglected members of society. Just find a place to park, have a donut and sip on your coffee for the shift. Having Gasket as the DA will mean less work. A win win all around. So CF, you’ll get what you and your fellow progressives wanted, demotivated, ambivalent police officers who will just come to work and collect their big fat taxpayer funded paychecks. The best way to stay out of trouble is to do nothing….right?

    Let’s see who the real losers will be after all.

  • Childish Fool,

    I stand behind what I said about Soros, who is a foreign-born Nazi collaborator (look it up – it’s true). He isn’t even welcome back in his home country. He meddles in the affairs of foreign countries, especially the US.

    I had nothing to say about how our police union dues were spent. A case decision arose from that very issue, and cops may now opt out of paying into political funds they don’t are with.

    And don’t worry about my “ilk,” while yours is on display for everyone to see. You are a sad and disturbed person.

  • Liberal black activist worked hard to oust a moderate female black DA and replaces her with a former cop who help implement the broken windows theory they now rail against. Why you ask… because she refused to violate her oath of office and prosecute innocent cops. But Gascon did not prosecute cops in SF either….

    We will see what Gascon does…. he traded on his Latino name and if you have not noticed most of these cops in shooting these days are…. people of color, specifically Latino…

    The Latino community will face a reckoning! Will they support their uniformed brothers and sisters keeping their communities safe or the gang member down the street.

  • Dope of Reality, what you really wanted to say, but did not, is that Soro is also a Jew. So, aside from being a racist, you are also an anti-Semite. As Madame Kong will tell you, I dislike both racists and anti-Semites.

    RealLOL, no, I was more partial to Old English. That was the preferred drink in the hood back in the day. I could not relate to Billy Dee, otherwise it may have been Colt 45. And, I do not call everyone that disagrees with me a racist or hillbilly, only those that are racists or hillbillies. They are not necessarily the same. It just so happens that they tend to correlate quite a bit. Embrace your racism. Don’t be coy.

    Conspiracy, we already get “demotivated, ambivalent police officers who will just come to work and collect their big fat taxpayer funded paychecks.” That will not be the effect, that is the status quo, the problem. As a matter of principle, does that not bother you? Do you really want to work in a job where you are not motivated, where you are ambivalent and going through the motions just to collect a paycheck. Do you really not have other career options that you would do a job you hate, where people think you are a brute and where people insult and spit on you. I feel sorry for you and your ilk.

    Seeking the truth, can you imagine how much people disliked Lazy that they voted for an ex-cop that claims he has seen the light, a cop that was once part of the problem. Can you imagine? And, I hate to tell you but it was not just Latinos that voted for Gascon, many a progressive white and even had the support of the some of the BLM folks. Can you imagine how much they disliked Lazy. And, folks are not stupid. Black officer kill people, Latino officers kill people. I am equal opportunity and I have problem with them being prosecuted. Its a structural problem, although it helps if your are white and racist.

    Finally Ladies, I remind you again, many of you promised to leave the state if Biden or Gascon won. Please do not tell me it was in jest. If you see Madame Kong, and Fat Rolman, and the rest of the peanut gallery, please remind them on my behalf. They have been awfully quiet lately. Kentucky awaits you. Alabami awaits you. Not even Arizona, as some of you had suggested, is welcoming to your ilk anymore. And, look at Georgia. Those brothers have spoken. As our gay brothers and sisters leave the closet, I hope you and your racist ilk walk into it.

  • cf, I am not a cop and don’t patrol anything except websites like these. Property values are only increasing because of a lack of supply. I am forecasting LA County will not keep pace with the national average. Maybe it will be crime or the businesses leaving for other states…either way not look forward to Senor Gascan. Just wait, he will run for Sheriff too, which is what he really wants.

  • Jackie Lacey served Los Angeles County residents for decades with honor and distinction. I am proud of her! If George Gascon’s lefty track record in San Francisco and Mesa, AZ are indicators of predicting his actions as the District Attorney in LACO, there may be massive voter remorse, or not. Selective prosecution based on dislike of laws on the books is the work of a tyranical ideologue.

  • What’s funny, possibly sad, is that your people have yelled, cried, and screamed at whites for 4 years. Called them racists, sexists, bigots, whatever.

    I suspect that your people have manufactured many, many racists in a short amount of time. I suppose that voting for peace, freedom, and small government makes us racist. So, yeah, I guess we are all racist. And now you get to deal with that for a generation.

  • Childish Fool,

    Nope, nice try – can’t call me an anti-semite for pointing out that Soros is a foreign-born, meddlesome rich guy, elected by nobody to interfere in anything. Being a Jew isn’t some sort of shield that renders one immune from criticism.

    Since you are a complete zero, I’ll clue you in on Soros’ Nazi collaboration activities: he was pretending to be a Christian, while snitching to Nazis about others doing the same thing to keep the heat off himself. No doubt he got his fellow Jews killed.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass who you want to feign hate for to virtue signal. You’re a silly cat lady, sitting alone at home, talking crap to people who actually do things with their lives.

  • I agree that Lacey did a fine job as DA. I wish her office had prosecuted more gang members under the STEP Act, which gets them more prison time. This, of course, rubs liberals the wrong way. They think criminals need more footsie rubs and understanding instead of holding them accountable for their actions.

    As far as Gascon, he’s a carpet-bagging, ladder-climbing, leftist opportunist. He’s truly hated by the rank and file from every agency he has worked for. This Soros-funded interloper will do no good for the citizens of LA County.

  • Didnt some female LAPD officers that worked under Gascon when he was still working for LAPD come out a week or 2 ago talking about how Gascon sexually harassed them and tried to force them to have sex with him? So their voices dont matter? That’s why no one will ever take such groups as MeToo, BLM and others seriously.

  • Those LASD tattooed cliques of deputies, sergeants, lieutenants, captains, commanders and chiefs… stand by. You have dismantled LASD’s credibility. BLM will now have a voice with new DA and BOS.

  • Nah, Gascon won’t do anything.
    Brothers and sisters in blue and green, kick back.
    Log on.
    Find some shade.
    Collect a check.
    Let the insanity prevail.
    You won’t solve any problems risking your life or freedom for people who voted to defund and delegitimize you.

    Slow roll to calls and windows up. Show the county what they got by voting against law and order.

  • Hey Greg (or childish fool, which definitely suits you to a t). Seeing how you’re going on about jews, brothers, and who’s one type of “ilk” or another, it reminds me, you never answered the Palestinian question. Where does a social justice warrior like you stand regarding the BDS movement against the apartheid state of israel? Silence on this issue reveals you as a phony.

  • They can have a “voice” all they want. The First Amendment still applies and has been what stopped all prior LASD sheriffs from taking action based solely on their tattoos/memberships in station groups. I may or may not know an investigator who had a conversation with a top level DA (just under the DA) about such tattooed cops. Their hands are tied by the Constitution and will act solely on criminal conduct.

  • Not so much tattoos as a whole, basically those who commit crimes, including terrorist threats to fellow deputies.
    No different from a gang injunctions.Bandito’s would be the first in line, sadly because they are not held accountable by upper command.

  • Deputy Sheriff,

    If you’re who you say you are, quit whining on a liberal blog and do something if you have actionable information.

  • @ D.O.R.
    Speaking the truth is not whining, noted actions have already been forwarded.

    It’s been enough of enablers and blind eyes at the top of LASD mirroring 1990’s LAPD, so don’t get pissy with my comments, let the truth reign.

    Personally I query your continuous comments on such a liberal blog.

  • You wear your racism like a medal, but a puss is a puss is a puss. Easy to spot. No game, nothing but mouth. Never anything to say, always the same nonsense. What a fucking bore you are.

  • Deputy Sheriff,

    If you’ve taken steps to correct the problems, good on you. Not trying to be pissy, just very used to the recurring themes here that serve no real purpose.

    My continuous comments are intended to provide…a dose of reality.

  • Rakkasan,

    I don’t do fakebook, so I have no idea what that is. If it’s just a group of anonymous whiners (there I go again) it’s no good. Anybody with valid information about serious misconduct know where to turn: IAB, ICIB, LA DA, Cal DOJ, FBI.

  • “I don’t do Facebook….”

    But you do know how to read.


    Read it.

    Just a couple of paragraphs.

    Do it.

  • If these allegations of the Deputy drinking and then getting behind the wheel are true, then there is a fundamental problem in the hiring process. This is Captain McBride’s problem. Unfortunately he has hired a number of these immature recruits who are going to cost LA County millions in lawsuits. However, currently he is busy leg humping Villanueva for his next promotion.

  • President Biden’s DOJ will investigate LASD. The cliques and cronyism is worse than ever before. The management who defends the department by saying they have a policy that prohibits cliques is laughable. When you promote these individuals and give them choice spots, what are you telling young impressionable deputies? It’s about setting the tone. LASD is in trouble and history will repeat itself. Quicker than we ever thought possible. Retirement is good.

  • Ol’ rak is an elderly gentleman who believes everything he reads on the internet, which is why he’s constantly supplying links to stories from questionable sources, like this one. He hasn’t figured that the internet is 90% b.s. , mostly scam artists like telemarketers, who also pick on the elderly.

  • Rakkasan,

    Thanks for the insult – I didn’t know one could read material on FAKEbook without being a member.

    And it was a waste of time reading that. Seen allegations like that before, not particularly impressed. If you’re really a retired old-timer, you saw a hell of lot more shit going on in the jails back in the day than occurs today. But I think you’re a poser.

  • “Seen allegations like that before, not particularly impressed.”

    Let’s look at some pf the places where you’ve seen some of these allegations.


    1. Downfall–L.A. Magazine.

    This is a four-part series; you’ve got to click on a box at the bottom of the story to go on to the next story. The allegations that you’ve seen will be in part three, related to the James Sexton episode.

    2. Art Gonzalez, LASD. This is an on-going Civil Trial, but lotsa stories can be Googled on said allegations that you’ve seen before.

    The snowball going downhill is getting bigger and bigger….

  • Hey RAK,

    The denial of reality within LASD is addictive as evident with responses from @ Dose of Reality.

  • City Dweller,

    I spent several years of my life with LASD – I have denied absolutely nothing. I don’t need a bunch of you interloping community activists (or whatever you call yourselves) telling me anything about it. Allegations on internet blogs don’t impress me – that’s not where internal issues are resolved.

    Again, your daily dose of reality is thus: Anybody with valid information about serious misconduct knows where to turn: IAB, ICIB, LA DA, Cal DOJ, FBI.

  • @Dose “Anybody with valid information about serious misconduct knows where to turn: IAB, ICIB, LA DA, Cal DOJ, FBI” how did that work out for Art at Compton ?

  • Breaking Cover,

    Art did the right thing, and it looks like the department let him down. I don’t know if he went to the FBI, but the minute he got a threatening text message, that was the best course of action.

    What are you suggesting, keep quiet and let these poo butt deputies run their game?

  • Does anyone also care to know about the psychological study carried out by LASD shrinks that identified high levels of dissatisfaction, stress, PTSD and anxiety during the Mcbuckles regime, the results of which were hidden out of view? Unlike what most would think, this stress was not attributed to interactions with criminals, high risk incidents or life or death making decisions, no…it was directly traced back to the management environment created, fostered and supported by Mcbuckles and his minions.

    Maybe the DOJ, FBI, OSHA and others could investigate that????

  • ….if he runs it will be reserected. If a US Supreme Justice can be grilled for something that happened over 20 years ago….You fill in the blanks genius.

  • The mire fact that McDonnell lost to Villanueva should preclude him from running again. Think about it. McDonnell was disconnected from the rank and file deputy sheriffs and the voters. It was his race to lose and he lost it! Hopefully he will stay retired.
    AV said he spent his career speaking truth to power… well it was his truth and not always the truth. Perhaps he will expand his circle of advisors and take counsel from the more experience and tenured members of his executive staff. I am not sure he can ever recover from his missteps but for the best interests of every deputy sheriff he should.

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