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As the Nation Reeled From Its Dark & Dangerous Day, Joe Biden Announced His Pick for Attorney General & the Need for Equal Justice Under the Law

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

At around 2 p.m. Eastern, on Thursday, January 7, President-elect Joe Biden announced that Merrick Garland is the person he wants to lead the nation’s Department of Justice as its Attorney General.

For more than 20 years, Garland has served on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, often considered the most important appellate court in the nation. He has worked in the past for the DOJ, first as Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, then as Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General, where he oversaw such high profile cases as the Oklahoma City bombing.

Outside the world of justice, he is likely best known at this point as Barack Obama’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court during the last year of his presidency, whom the Senate Republicans refused to even consider because they wanted to shove through their own pick after Obama was out of office, tradition and precedence be damned.

On Thursday, in addition to introducing Garland as his pick for AG, Biden introduced three more of his choices for top DOJ  posts: Lisa Monaco as the Justice Department’s second in command, the Deputy Attorney General, Vanita Gupta, as Associate Attorney General, and Kristen Clarke, as head the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, a division created 63 years ago, by the Civil Rights Act of 1957,  the function of which the  Trump administration has largely dismantled.

(More about the importance of the above three women in a minute.)

The news of the  choice of Garland — along with the selection of the three others joining Garland in the DOJ’s top ranks — actually leaked out on Wednesday.   But, what with domestic terrorists storming into the nation’s congressional chambers reportedly in the hope of  helping President Trump with an attempted coup, the unofficial news that Biden had chosen his attorney general, et al, understandably got somewhat lost.

Yet, when Biden began his speech on Thursday afternoon to announce his choice of Garland, he first expressed his upset and fury about the events at the nation’s capital the day before.

Rather than distracting from Thursday’s news , the events of the previous day seemed to inject the announcement of the president elect’s DOJ selections with, if anything,  even more urgency than they already carried.

“Yesterday, in my view, was one of the darkest days in the history of our nation,” Joe Biden began.

“But we, what we witnessed yesterday was not dissent, it was not disorder, it was not protest. It was chaos. They weren’t protesters — don’t dare call them protesters,” he said.  “They were a riotous mob of insurrectionists, domestic terrorists.”

The soon-to-be president also pointed to the two-track justice suggested by the stark contrast between the under-deployment of law enforcement in order to deal with the events of Wednesday, and the administration’s response to the largely peaceful marches and protests sparked by the killing by police of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others.

 “No one can tell me,” Biden said,  “that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol,” he said. “We all know that’s true….”

Biden braided these references into his introduction to his nominees, describing for example, an earlier discussion with Garland about the reason for the formation of the first justice department in 1870, the purpose of which was “to enforce the civil rights amendments that grew out of the Civil War — the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments,” and to “stand up to the Klan, to stand up to racism. To take on domestic terrorism.”

This original spirit, he said,  “must again guide and animate its work.”

Garland on stage

When it was Garland’s turn to speak,  he also invoked  justice department history, describing how post-Nixon era attorneys general worked to establish a firm set of rules, norms, and boundaries, as the DOJ struggled to move forward from the the nation-rocking scandal brought about by the 37th president.

Among those norms and boundaries, Garland said, “was that the work of the DOJ must remain immune from partisan influences,” and that theessence of the rule of law is that like cases” must be “treated alike, that there not be one rule for Democrats and another for Republicans, one rule for friends, another for foes, one rule for the powerful, and another for the powerless.”

These guiding principles , said Garland, appearing to struggle with tears, “ensuring the rule of law, and making the promise of equal justice under law — are the great principles upon which the Department of Justice was founded and for which it must always stand.”

He didn’t need to spell out how often in the past four years the nation’s president,  who saw the Department of Justice as his own personal law firm, had taken a sledgehammer to the aforementioned principles.

The new team

Garland is a little more middle of the road than a lot of justice advocates originally might have liked, especially after the election of two democratic senators from Georgia suddenly meant that the president elect will have a far easier time getting congressional approval for edgier cabinet picks, than he likely would have before the Democrats double victory.

Lisa Monaco, Biden pick for Deputy Attorney General

“I have sensed, that Garland’s record as a relative moderate on criminal justice issues while serving as a judge on the DC Circuit has led many criminal justice reform advocates to not be especially excited by the prospect he could become Attorney General,”  wrote Doug Berman, earlier this week.

(Berman is the founder of the respected blog, Sentencing, Law, and Policy, and the Executive Director of the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center, housed in Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law.)

But, Berman also noted that Biden’s other picks for top DOJ posts –namely Lisa Monaco as Deputy Attorney General,  Kristen Clarke, to head the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division — and, most especially, Vanita Gupta, as Associate Attorney General — should be “exciting CJ reformers.”

So it seems.

Miriam Krinsky, a former federal prosecutor who is now the founder/executive director of Fair and Just Prosecution, was optimistic as she listed some of the issues are at the top of her justice reform wish list, which is similar to that of other justice reformers, we spoke to.

“After a year that saw a groundswell of support for reform to our criminal legal system and pleas from millions to address racial injustice, the new administration has a mandate to implement sweeping and enduring change,” Krinsky said in statement, after the news broke.  “Judge Garland can lead the way towards this new vision of justice.”

Kristen Clarke, Biden pick for head of DOJ Civil rights Division

Krinsky also strongly commended the decision to bring Vanita Gupta back to the Department of Justice as Associate Attorney General.

Vanita Gupta, Biden pick for Associate Attorney General

And, in truth, all appear to be strong picks.

Monaco, a veteran prosecutor,  was the assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism under President Obama.

Clarke is president & executive director of the National Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and formerly served as the head of the Civil Rights Bureau for the New York State Attorney General’s Offic.,

Gupta served in the Obama administration as acting assistant attorney general and head of the civil rights division in the Department of Justice. Prior to that, she was deputy legal director and the director of the Center for Justice at the American Civil Liberties Union.

As each of the three spoke on Thursday, they described themselves ready for the formidable tasks ahead of them.

When it was her turn, Vinita Gupta encapsulated the goals and the challenges as this new team saw them.

“There are many agencies in the federal government, but actually only one that bears the name of a value,” Gupta said. “By virtue of that name, that value of justice, we know that the department carries a unique charge.”

“At its best,  the DOJ “is the keeper of a sacred promise. It’s the promise of equal justice for all.

“But when abandoned,” Gupta said, “we degrade our democracy and sow the division that we’ve come to know all too well.”


  • Celeste,

    Are you f**king for real?

    “But, what with domestic terrorists storming into the nation’s congressional chambers reportedly in the hope of helping President Trump with an attempted coup…”

    Domestic terrorists!? These were patriotic people of the republic who love their country and are fed up and have seen the BS the swamp in DC and other areas are perpetuating, against conservatives and the country.

    This was not an attempted coup. However, the “Russia Collusion,” Ukranian telephone call, Illegal surveillance, etc., etc. Those were all attempted coups against a duly elected POTUS. The attempted coups were transpiring on the side of the LibTurds.

    I do not seem to recall you calling BLM & AntiFa domestic terrorists in your previous articles when they were competing in the triathlon (Loot, Scoot & Shoot). While also destroying federal property and local businesses, as well as burning down cities and destroying people’s livelihoods.

    Further, if you did not know, one of your BFF’s, John Sullivan, who is a known BLM activist (as well as others), was in on the melee at DC. Furthermore, there were additional members of your LibTurd family (AntiFa) which had infiltrated the Trump supporters. These are the principal characters which were involved in the destruction and mayhem.

    All this was pre-planned by the [WLA edit] you admire and cherish. This was done to make the POTUS and the Trump supporters / protestors look evil and despicable. By doing this, the Lame Street Media, including yourself, have a “talking point” while also “projecting” the BS the Left has actually done.

    Out of curiosity. How much $$ did BLM donate to assist black communities and or social programs? Further, what percentage of the total $$ money donated to BLM went to Biden? To other LibTurd candidates? When donations are made to BLM, where is the $$ directed?

    Why has “Sleepy Joe” & “Come Along Harris” ignored BLM’s request for a meeting? Sounds like Sleepy, Come Along and the DNC used an emotional topic to bamboozle the black community, again.

    Keep drinking the Kool Aid Celeste. Maybe some day, you will wake up and realize the f**kery that has been transpiring at the expense of the people.

  • When several major cities were on fire, with the media, Hollywood, and Democrat party inciting violence on a daily basis it was “mostly peaceful protests”. When the other side decides to join in on the fun it becomes a country reeling from “domestic terrorism”.

    Witness la joins joe Biden in imagining what the response to black lives matter protesting would have been. But why imagine? We’ve had an entire year of cops kneeling, cities burning, shootings, and the like. If you’re going to gaslight people you should at least try to make it more believable.

  • You are peddling bullshit.

    The sole function of the United States Capitol Police, a Federal law enforcement agency whose members are required to successfully graduate from the Federal Law Enforcement Academy, is to protect the U.S. Congress; it has no other function.

    It failed to do that in this instance; hence, the allegation of a coup.

    Read and cognistate:

  • Peacefully protesting an act of government is a U.S. Constitutional guarantee, as it should be.

    Now BOTH sides thinks it’s perfectly O.K. for this to be accompanied by unlawful acts like property damage and other mayhem. Not a good precursor of things to come.

    Like the new COVID-19 edict: best thing to do is

    Stay home.

  • Remember when Alex Villanueva “harvested” the Office of the Sheriff with his “progressive” campaign of talking $#!T about Trump and falsely labeling his competitor as a Trump loyalist, and then subsequently using that very “Trump Playbook” on a daily basis after stealing The Office?

    Well, take note all Alejandro leg humpers, as the new presidential administration and the above noted USDOJ members are about to HAMMER the LASD into submission because of Allie’s mismanagement and more importantly, his stupid attempts to pick fights and embarrass various members of the Board of Supervisors, I.G. Max Huntsman, the Civilian Oversight Commissioners and the former CEO with threats.

    Hilda & Janice both used to work in D.C. with this crew, MRT has some of their numbers on speed dial, and Sheila is ironing her “Big Boy Pants” for the inauguration.

    Many of Allie’s and BiBi’s Command Skippers will be seeking cover in the coming weeks and months, or smartly calling LACERA for exit stage left instructions.

    I bet Alejandro will be acting like a nurtured little puppy in 2021. Anyone care to challenge my bet?

  • I don’t believe “both sides” think violence is OK. Of the tens of thousands of protesters who went to the Capitol, only 50 or so went inside. Of those, only a few were violent. There is video of the protesters stopping what appears to be gratuitous breaking of windows outside. Proof has already emerged that antifa was right there at the tip of the spear inside.

    Mobs are never monolithic in their intent, but if the intent of the group had been an actual insurrection, it would have been an absolute bloodbath. It was not. That isn’t to say that unnecessary violence didn’t occur – it sure did.

    I’m not happy that a security specialist from the Air Force though it would be a good idea to breach security into an area that was obviously high value (locked and barricaded doors) and climb through a broken window. And I’m not happy that deadly force was used to stop her – I’d have preferred a nice punch to the snout to send her back.

    Under the circumstance, the officer who fired at Babbitt may have believed he was he was doing the right thing to protect the people inside the barricaded area. It’s hard to know what was going on in his mind as the protesters were screaming, “Break it down,” while Babbitt was climbing through the window.

    Comparisons to the Burn Loot Murder crowd are way off. The video of the Capitol police opening the doors and welcoming the calm protesters inside is far removed from the malevolent scum who burned, looted, and murdered all across the country.

  • Fat Rolman- Jesus, how do you really feel. You ladies get all worked up when a black man takes a knee in a football game, but have no problem with a bunch of yokels taking over the Capitol. Let us be frank, if these were black folk you would have claimed they were terrorist and would want them all charged with Federal offenses. And, “the swamp in DC?” You are partially right. It looked like the swamp folk from Florida and Georgia went on a field trip. To be frank, I thought it was a day-long special of Duck Dynasty in D.C. I think I saw people with more Trump flags than teeth. It looked like they packed up the extras from the movie Deliverance and took them on a field trip. Scary stuff.

    Madame Kong – exactly. Now you understand. It looks like there is less refuge and tolerance for you and your racist ilk. Where you able to go on that field trip? Remember the good ole days when your grandfather was able to go to the Capitol 25,000 strong decked out in full Klan regalia, less than 100 years ago. Now, you get a couple thousand without the nice white outfits, dressed, most of them, as if they shop in Dollar General and missing most of their teeth. To add insult to injury, many are in the process of being outed, many will lose their jobs, and some will be charged, just to make examples of them.

    BTW ladies, I understand there was an officer killed. I guess you only care when its a black man that kills an officer. Times they are a changin’.

  • “The video of the Capitol Police opening the doors and welcoming the calm protestors inside is far removed….”

    The primary job of the Capitol Police is to protect the U.S. Congress, most especially when it is in session; opening the doors to protestors makes the door openers complicit in the mayhem that ensued.

    That never happened before, and it is as worrisome a development as Democratic politicians turning a blind eye to “the Burn Loot Murder crowd.”

    Neither event is a good precursor of things to come.

  • I have no idea why they let in some of the protesters. You may have had the same experience I had during my career: contacting the leaders of protests to see what they wanted to accomplish. Sometimes they cooperate and let you know what would satisfy them, like having a certain number of their crew get arrested. I always asked them to ensure their peeps had no criminal record and ID in their pockets. That worked out great for the media photo op and a quick cite and release out of the media’s view.

    Maybe there was communication, maybe not. You may have heard that the FBI is investigating whether the protesters making entry was an “inside job.” That may be in reference to the doors being flung open and protesters calmly walking in.

  • Rak, the chaos at the capitol was a military special forces operation to recover evidence of foreign interference in the election.

    Missing laptops?

  • AV certainly has made his mistakes but what has he done to invite the Feds in? The Departments most fertile area of concern, custody is already under several consent decrees. The cliques are being dealt with. They are more fodder for the media than a real problem on the Sheriff’s Department.

    When the Feds came a calling with Baca and Tanaka, they ignored problems than resisted the Feds. It was arrogance, which AV has plenty of but Baca and Tanaka did not listen to some good advice, “Don’t fuck with the feds”. I just don’t see AV making the same mistakes.

  • Unfortunate for the deaths of those who were killed in the attempted coup.

    No excuses for Babbitt who did not comply with orders to stop, typical of many lawbreaker who thinks that they are exempt for whatever reason.

    Deflection and denial is not a defense for those who can’t accept the reality of losing, from trump to his followers.

  • @Truth Seeker,

    Dude, you seriously need some new glasses.

    ~How about the Kobe Bryant crash scene “order to destroy evidence” of a federal investigation?
    ~How about several recent and highly controversial deadly UOF incidents and investigators invoking the 5th?
    ~How about Allie ordering his subordinates to utilize law enforcement resources and data bases to illegally search for dirt on his “so called enemies” who dare call out his failures?
    ~How about his interactions and favoritism with several foreign contacts in both the Chinese and Armenian communities who have questionable ties and backgrounds?

    I can keep going on and on but I think you might get the point by now. Time to order up some new bifocals from your optometrist.

  • I wonder if I made fun of any racial group the way cf comments on poor white people, if Celeste would allow it. I kinda doubt it.

  • “…Illegally search for dirt on his ‘so called enemies’ who dare call out his failures?”

    Never heard that one before, but it validates what “Unite 11” is saying about AV: he’s taking the LASD back to the old corrupt LASD way of doing things.

    Can you provide links, Google search words, or some other validation for your statement?


  • Clown car, you need professional help. Your unhealthy hatred and obsession with our sheriff and his wife is duly noted. It must chafe your hide that the elected official being recalled is not named Villanueva. It must suck to be you, throwing rocks in anonymity, lacking the courage to meet the boss and tell him what you think. Now to your false narrative:

    Kobe lawsuit going nowhere, sheriff was removed as defendant by court last year. What, you didn’t know? The famous “federal investigation” amounted to a thank you from the NTSB for the assistance provided by the LASD. Sorry that may disappoint you.

    Investigators invoking the fifth? That usually happens when people are being forced to testify under oath without benefit of counsel, something to do with corruption at county counsel, not the sheriff. It would be great if the coroner would conduct his own inquest, by the way. It may also disappoint you to know AV himself invited the DOJ and FBI to monitor those “highly controversial deadly UOF.”

    Not sure what you mean by utilizing department resources to investigate “so called enemies” but it’s well established that the sheriff and his family have been the subject of multiple threats and doxxing. Are you suggesting the department shouldn’t investigate these crimes? Your position is puzzling at best.

    Interactions and favoritism with Chinese and Armenian residents? I’m shocked, you mean there’s gambling going on in Vegas? You got a crime to go along with your xenophobic insinuations? You may also be disappointed to know these communities embrace our sheriff and will support his reelection bid.

    Bottom line the sheriff is going to keep doing his job, no matter how hard the BOS and all their flunkies try to make life difficult for him. That leaves this forum as the only safe place left for soulless haters, like you, who are the sons and daughters of privilege from prior administrations. #factsmatter #adelanteVillanueva #Villanueva2022

  • Oh boy….AV Clown just got schooled. Hopefully now he goes back to his motor and cutting tickets instead of spewing lies……

  • Well well welcome back lil Dreamer. I’m glad I was able to lure you back out from your shadow box. Nice try on absolving your fearless incompetent leader from any and all of his idiotic failures while the formerly retired lieutenant miserably tries to play sheriff.

    As I said before, and you chose to avoid, the new USDOJ Team will be serving Alejandro VILLANueva his lunch in the coming term.

    Too bad no one in the L.A. Dem Party will be willing to answer his “emergency assistance request” once their investigators come a knocking.

    In the end, we are going to like the way the 1 Term Failure looks on his way out the door…….. I Guarantee It!

  • The blog, be it known, is from a criminal defense law firm.

    The fifth, that blog says, is invoked only when a reasonable expectation of criminal liability is feared.

    Curious that two homicide investigators testifying at a Coroner’s Inquest would invoke the fifth on a homicide they were investigating.

    What, we must all wonder, were they afraid of?

    Yep, that’s the best I’ve got.

  • You missed the part when county counsel started asking questions that are POBAR protected and had zero to do with their investigation. The same county counsel who refused their right to counsel. #factsmatter.

  • A. What does POBAR mean?

    B. Criminal liability from something that “had zero to do with investigation.?”
    What, pray tell, does THAT mean?

    C. “The same county counsel who refused their right to counsel.”
    They were called on to testify in a homicide they, as LASD Homicide investigators,
    were investigating. Why in God’s name would they need a “right to counsel” for

    You are right: facts do matter.


    Answer those questions so we can ALL know.

  • “These were patriotic people of the republic who love their country”

    Hey Pat, maybe check out the video released by MSNBC that shows your heroes repeatedly attacking Capitol police, including beating an officer to death, while the crowd cheers. Your defense of the terrorists in this incident is ridiculous.

    Go ahead and buy into the completely unsubstantiated allegations that the election was fraudulent. Never mind that your boy, who bears the responsibility for inciting this attack, couldn’t produce a shred of evidence in multiple courts to support that lie. But to defend this attack, and call the people who were responsible for the violence, including the murder of an officer, “patriots” shows a depth of ignorance that is astonishing for a former LEO. You need to stop your reflexive defense of the indefensible.

  • You still don’t get it. Coroner inquests are to determine manner and mode of death, which in this case had already been determined. Questions about discipline history of investigators was wildly inappropriate and designed to illicit a defensive response, not anything to add to the manner and mode of death. This was an MRT theater of the absurd. Peace Officers Bill of Rights, POBAR. The coroner is just a puppet of the board.

  • A horrible and inexcusable shooting of a woman with nothing in her hands. Imagine if this were a Black woman entering a police station Antifa set on fire. The media and every Leftist politician would be calling for the cop’s head.

  • That is far from the truth dude. I did it to screw with lawyers a few times just to piss them off. I know nothing about why this took place but please, it’s not as Black and White as you make it out to be. In fact, I got called in the first time and asked why I did it, explained it and that was that.

  • @Rak
    Are you also curious why there was coroner’s inquest was done in the first place since the mode and manner of death had already been determined. Why an inquest to determine something that had already been determined.

    The inquest was simply the board and max huntsman wasting tax payers money. Maybe the investigators took the 5th cause they knew that, and also knew that the judge in the inquest could not determine if the shooting was lawful, that would be the DA.

  • @AV Clown
    Sucks covid shut down your christmas party this year and you could not invite mcdonnell over.

  • Oh look Allie’s favorite keyboard warrior is out of hibernation. JBM is strategizing his next leg humping mission.

  • “Why an inquest to determine something that had already been determined.”


    The purpose of a Coroner’s Inquest is laid out in California Government Code section #27491.

    If you don’t have a copy of the Government Code handy no matter–the section number can be Googled.

    The hearing officer was Judge Candace Cooper, who came over from the California Court of Appeal for the Coroner’s Inquest.

    At the conclusion of the Inquest some weeks ago she had two options

    1. Continue the Inquest.
    2. Ponder the evidence & submit the findings to the Medical Examiner.

    As of this time neither option has been publicly revealed–the inquest is still ongoing.

    If the “mode and manner of death has been determined’ it wasn’t by the Medical Examiner.

    It’ll probably be done by the incoming U.S. Attorney General.

  • Um, sorry to intrude on your fantasy with a little reality but the manner and mode of death has already been determined by none other than the coroner, and that was months before the circus inquest began. They even posted it on their website. Not sure how the incoming U.S. Attorney General would have anything to do with making findings in a coroner’s case in LA, but maybe you should explain.

    Now regarding the Clown, aka GH, it sounds like your pining for a “pattern and practice” investigation of the LASD by the US DOJ. AV is a welcome change from Banaka’s corruption and McBuckles incompetence. As transparent as he is, I doubt he’s nervous about any appointment from the Biden administration. Keep thinking that way if it makes you feel better, LOL.

  • At its best, the DOJ “is the keeper of a sacred promise. It’s the promise of equal justice for all.

    “But when abandoned,” Gupta said, “we degrade our democracy and sow the division that we’ve come to know all too well.”

  • Kristen Clarke

    “One of her first roles was leading Election Protection, a voter protection coalition”

  • Keep Dreaming

    “They even posted it on their website.”


    Then you should be able to post the link that says just that.

    As I posted the hearing officer for the Coroner’s Inquest was judge Candace Cooper, a retired judge from the California Court of Appeal.

    When she adjourned the Coroner’s Inquest some weeks ago she had the the two options referenced in my post up above.

    Neither option has yet been publicly revealed, indicating the information gleaned in the Inquest is still under cogitation.

    Probably to be forwarded to either the incoming D.A. or the U.S. Attorney-General.

  • not so smart!

    “I have no problem fucking with you and your family and if I can’t do it directly I can find someone
    can,” and “this is East LA, I grew up here!

    handle it yourself!!!

  • Question for Viv Lopez Villanueva aka “Bibi”

    Do u have any peeps working as your informants in VERY close proximity to somebody dealing with a very SLOPPY open case involving your “Bandidos?” I would say “You know better than that” as quoted by one of your “Bandidos” CROOK!!

    I’m asking for myself, thx

  • @Rak
    Hate to burst your bubble but here you go… again why the inquest to determine the same thing. Unless, it was a BS fishing expedition by Hunstsman and the county

    November 3, 2001 – June 18, 2020
    (18 years )
    Case Number
    Case Status
    Body Status
    Place of Death
    Deputy Medical Examiner
    Cause A
    Cause B
    Cause C
    Cause D
    Other Significant Conditions

  • Hey Really…

    MSNBC, really? I guess you never heard of the term infiltration? Could it be possible that maybe, just maybe, AntiFa & BLM were in on this so called insurrection, to make it appear that it was the evil & despicable Trump supporters? I know that may seem a little far fetched for your progressive mind to comprehend. Nonetheless, John Sullivan, a known BLM activist was involved in the melee as were other BLM’ers and AntiFa’ers. But, since you get your unbiased information from MSNBC you will never know that.

    Oh by the way, I presume that the data scientists who have stated that there were irregularities with the election are of no importance. Further, the IT specialist, from Italy, who has confessed to utilizing military grade software to manipulate the vote from Trump to Biden is irrelevant?

    How is it that “Sleepy” who lost two (1988 & 2008) previous bids for the presidency, all of a sudden gets more votes than the previous POS Obum? As well as more votes from areas that DID NOT support Obum? How can he not campaign and get over 80M votes?
    Further, if Sleepy was so popular and allegedly won the POTUS election, why is the MSM and social platforms censoring conservatives?

    Ignorance my friend, is on your end, not mine. Unlike you, I get my information from various sources, of which I process and then I MAKE UP MY OWN MIND. I don’t let the Lame Street Media brain wash me with their false narratives and make a “reflexive defense of the indefensible” which is what you are doing.

    You may want to change the flavor of the Kool Aid you have been slurping. You may want to try some Horchata and watch Univision.

  • Hey former ALADS vice president Robert Sass, you ever work East los Angeles Station overtime or on special assignment back in July of 2019?

    I’m askimg for myself

    former East los Angeles Sheriff’s station Captain Chavez in picture. The Captain who “steady hands” removed from the problematic station who’s deputies like playing bad guys. But “steady hands” promoted hom to commander.

  • here’s a little quiz!

    Deputies are involved in a use of force ( according to the deputy/training officer trying to get into the rat throwing club)

    what would be expected of the field supervisor?

    any takers?

  • The D.A.’s office declined to file charges for battery or criminal threats against the four deputies allegedly involved in the Kennedy Hall incident, citing insufficient evidence of a crime.

    “The LADA’s rationale for declining to file a case against the four suspects was as follows: alcohol was involved, the area in question was dark and thus the video did not sufficiently capture the incident, contradictory statements were made by witnesses and parties involved, and all of the suspects and victims were all potentially biased,” the report stated.

    something tells me this will or already has been revisited!!

    any takers?

  • And this crying little clown. Here we go…..
    wife works for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. She will be assigned as a Detective if needed to assist in any cover up etc….at times listed as Deputy. My experience was her as a hugging compassionate Detective. And as far as her being a LIEtenant (LT) this promotion would not surprise me, given “steady hands” tactic for loyalty/cover up is handing out promotions.

  • Like you care CF? Don’t make me laugh, just another dead cop, didn’t look fat though as you claim we all are. The Leftist pols who claim to be upset, BS. They don’t care at all. Just a chance to pretend. They didn’t care all year as cops were attacked and as they’re killed across the nation. As they are shot sitting in their unit. While in their stations as they’re burned. At least you’re honest, you’re fine with dead cops, especially White ones, right? Because back home, they all have those hoods in their closets that you speak of in your pathetic hateful world. You are a really sick little puppy dude.

  • “How is it that “Sleepy” who lost two (1988 & 2008) previous bids for the presidency, all of a sudden gets more votes than the previous POS Obum?”

    Simple. Your boy is a nightmare, that America wanted to wake up from. A one-term president, who will have the singular honor of being the only president twice impeached. The second time for inciting insurrection that cost lives. Nothing compared to the thousands of lives he cost us for downplaying a virus because he thought it would benefit him politically, while telling Bernstein how serious it really was. That’s who your boy is – a miserable human being who put political expediency ahead of caring for the people he was charged with protecting.

    Your “evidence” is laughable, Trump and his cronies couldn’t produce a shred of evidence to support the “fraud” that he was claiming would occur before the first vote was counted. He knew what the polls showed, and rather than take a loss like an adult, began whining the game was fixed before the opening whistle. Trump appointee judges have excoriated attorneys/plaintiffs for these ridiculous lawsuits.

    That he would try such a lame approach dovetails so nicely with your “BLM and Antifa infiltrators” theory. Give me a break.

    Your idea are simplistic, your name-calling juvenile, and attempts to justify the mob’s actions, including the taking of the life of a police officer, pathetic. We’re done here, don’t bother replying, go back to reading whatever conspiracy blog gives you the most bang for your Trump-is-the-savior sad perspective. What a joke. You two truly do deserve each other.

  • Since former ALADS V.P. is fielding questions, answer me this.
    What was the “REAL” reason for your abrupt departure from position of V.P. at ALADS?

    Clue! Very few know that it wasn’t your fault, maybe Ron Hernandez can “borrow a pair” and expound on the real reason.
    C’mon Ron, give up the truth before your March date departure, we’ll wait.

  • You are a troubled man Mr. Rohlman.

    Bad news for you – those were thugs not patriots. Patriots do not try and overthrow the government, kill cops and terrorize elected officials because they don’t like the results of a legitimate – let me way that again for you – a legitimate election. If you are a member of law enforcement (I’m retired) you should be ASHAMED for trying to legitimize the actions of these criminals. This has zero to do with party – it’s about being an American.

    There was no massive voter fraud. How many court reviews do you need to get that through your head? There was no conspiracy. There were elections. Trump lost and understandably so. If you can’t live with the results, get out.

  • cf – Your comments about those of us that do/have worked in law enforcement at times sting but I will say, they are well written. The Duck Dynasty comment had me laughing out loud – and you aren’t wrong. It’s a sad time when cops here defend thugs and appear to have little more sense than the average QAnon member.

    You’re right – if that crowd had been black this would have been handled much differently. It’s nice to see decent people on both sides of the aisle speaking up for what is right. Praying for better days.

  • I forgot to add it was July 29, 2019 former ALADS president. And “Mija” (C.R.P)as referred to by the the 33rd Sheriff of Los Angeles County and his wifey was also present on this date. The “Boot” who ran over the two brothers in E.L.A. There are Many others, but trying to limit my postings.

  • @ Really & And Another…..

    You guys are incredible! No voter fraud huh. I guess the Lame Street Media has the two of you slurping the Kool Aid. Research the following:

    Amount of fraudulent votes per state:

    255k 601k 447k 220k 992k 554k

    Biden alleged victory margin:

    10k 12k 154k 33k 81k 21k


    245k 589k 293k 187k 911k 533k

    I presume the two of you may have never seen these numbers mentioned on your favorite Lame Street News outlets. Why? Because they want you to follow their narrative.

    @Really, since you are totally convinced, “That he would try such a lame approach dovetails so nicely with your “BLM and Antifa infiltrators theory.” Didn’t a BLM supporter by the name of John Earle Sullivan just get charged? ( Maybe it is my imagination.

    @And Another….I presume the video of Georgia election volunteers / workers / media, being told to go home for the night and then black suit cases being wheeled out from underneath the desks of election officials with ballots inside of them does not indicate “voter fraud?” Further, ballots being disposed of by a U.S. Postal Worker is not considered fraud ( I know, the postal worker tripped and fell and the contents were blown away by the wind, which prevented the postal worker from retrieving them (ballots).

    Furthermore, as you stated as being a “retired” law enforcement officer, based on the aforementioned items, I wonder how keen your investigatory skills were? Hmmm.

    So now you want me to get out. Get out from where? This is typical [WLA edit] mentality. You cannot stand to be challenged and when you are, you get your chonis (that’s underwear, for those of you who don’t habla).

    By the way I am not troubled. I am a perfectly sound, sane, coherent, astute, physically fit with a mental acuity that is beyond reproach. However, I cannot say the same about you young man.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: None of the voter fraud allegations above have been validated. To the contrary, suggestions that the presidential election was stolen have repeatedly found to be false.

  • @EDITOR’S NOTE, aka Celeste………………..I presume when you do YOUR OWN in house alleged “fact checking,” by individuals who are biased to the core, is supposed to be alright and your biased opinions are to be accepted?

    I would presume that the C.C.P. did not “donate” a total of $600m to the company (Dominion) whose voting machines were/are implicated in disproportionate vote counts.

    Further, I would presume that the C.C.P. did not create nor release the COVID-19 virus, so as to place Americans in a lock down status.

    Furthermore, I would presume that the purpose of the COVID-19 was not to implement the “mail in ballots” to prevent “exposure” to the virus. Interestingly, people could go to liquor stores and weed shops, but couldn’t stand in line to vote.

    Moreover, I would presume that the C.C.P. is not trying to subvert our politicians. I guess when Fang Fang was doing Bang Bang with Swalwell it was because they truly loved each other and wanted to have children to name them Fang Bang / Bang Fang.

    In addition, I would presume that the use of Chinese made electronic parts in the Dominion voting machines would not make the voting machines more susceptible to being hacked.

    I would presume everything that I just posted has not been verified and or validated?

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