ACLU Sues Over Alleged Abuse of Immigrant Women During Transport

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

On Tuesday, the ACLU of Nothern California and the law firm Goodwin Procter LLP filed a series of complaints regarding the treatment of nine immigrant women transferred from a Northern California lockup to a facility in Southern California. While West County Detention Facility in Richmond and the Mesa Verde Detention Facility in Bakersfield are a little over 285 miles apart—which is normally an approximately five-hour drive—the women were subjected to a harrowing 24-hour ride.

The nine detainees were shackled for most of the trip, without access to adequate food and water or bathroom breaks. For several hours, the women were stuck in the back of a sweltering windowless van without air flow. The riders said they felt like they were suffocating. At least one woman vomited and fainted.

One of the women, Floricel Liborio Ramos, 38, whose immigration case was pending, and who had been in the U.S. for 20 years, wrote a detailed account of the transport.  Her “heart felt like it was shutting down,” she wrote, and she believed she would die in the hot van.

“I was surrounded by several other women and we were all worried and scared,” Liborio Ramos said. “We were riding in a vehicle with no windows and no air. We’d been put there by ICE agents, after our wrists and ankles were shackled. We had no food or water. I felt extremely sick, like death was near.”

Liborio Ramos says the women, scared for their lives, started screaming and banging on the walls of the old van, “but they couldn’t hear us [across the partition],” or the drivers chose not to listen.

“These women were treated like cargo, with no regard for their health, safety, or human rights,” said Vasudha Talla, an ACLU NorCal staff attorney. “The federal government must abide by the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees basic rights to everyone in this country.”

The ACLU and Goodwin Procter also filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking information regarding U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s contract with G4S Secure Solutions, and whether the private prison company was responsible for the dangerous 24-hour journey.

G4S has come under fire in the past for mistreatment of detainees abroad.

The ACLU requested information via an FOIA request in December 2017 and April 2018, regarding ICE’s relationships with private transport contractors, and the policies and procedures for detention and the transportation of detainees. ICE did not respond.

The FOIA lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

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  • Once again how about a complete story. Why did it take 24 hrs instead of 5?
    The stated description of the incident sound overly inflated. Sounds like a lot of drama was added especially without all the facts ince again!

  • After rereading the story I have to laugh. How many ILLEGAL immigrants have absolutely no problem subjecting themselves to those horrible conditions to ILLEGALLY enter this country. But now that they are here ILLEGALLY they should not be subjected to those conditions. Whatever.

  • All the more reason why prevention of people entering the country illegally is so important. Once these folks enter illegally, which is a clear act of disrespect for the countries laws, they subject every Federal, local agency and their employees to the pernicious whims of our subjective legal system. The ACLU and other leftist groups are quick to turn over rocks to find “perceived injustices” relating to the treatment of illegal immigrants.
    Yes…illegal immigrant is the accurate way to describe these scoff laws.

    I’ve never heard a peep from the ACLU, socialist democrats, or immigrant rights groups about the “unfair treatment” of legal immigrants who enter legally through recognized ports of entry. Oh…that’s because these folks are abiding by the law and respecting the process.

  • Full of it Conspiracy or Are you kidding me………so you two are basically saying that it’s fine the way these women were treated because they are here illegally? The same way that it’s fine when our law enforcers mistreat some of our migrants throughout out country simply because they are migrants, right? Rest assured that once any law enforcement officer goes rogue like that with some, more than likely they begin to treat others similarly. I am sure you think that all us citizens and stellar community members are never mistreated by some of these criminal rogue law enforcers. All is well as long as these bad apples only mistreat the others but treat the rest of us with the out most respect and courtesy, right? What a joke!

  • Ruiz, more people of color gun down officers than Whites these days, that’s probably ok with you right? Yet 5x as many male Whites as Blacks, amazing huh?

    • More white cops gun down people of color more than non-white cops. 9 out of 10 of those shootings are illegal or controversial. Many examples but the classic example was the murder of Walter Scott by Michael Slager. Another one is University Cincinnati Officer Raymond Tensing who killed Samuel Dubose. The bodycam relayed the truth.

    • Please tell us where you are getting your facts. But to answer your question, no, no killing it’s ok with me, regardless of who is doing it. But you did not really address the topic at hand, unless it was intentional and another one of your mis fires! So, you are ok with other human being being mistreated by our law enforcers as long as it’s not you nor any one you know, right? Got it.

      • Mr Ruiz, be advised a Zebra cannot remove their stripes. You’ll more than likely to be accused of being a regular using a different screen name. Helen Keller, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can simultaneously point the never ending agenda of “Surefire” the guy you call “misfire” so aptly named. Standby for his cronies to come to his aid.

        • You boys make this country sound just awful. Best get those Latinx women back together with those kids they crossed the border with and get them back to those diverse vibrant countries they originally came from. If they need asylum we can send them to one of ruiz’s socialist workers paradises like Cuba or North Korea.

          • Don’t worry about us “boys” since our humble opinions won’t change the misguided US foreign policy that seems intent on making things worse off in those third world countries. Because this influx of illegal migrants is nothing short of blow back, the unintended consequences of US secret and overt operations. You know what we now refer to as “banana republics”? Well, hence the results and they’ll keep on coming because we keep messing up with those third world countries. Heck, we’ve at it for a little over 100 years, so expect lots and lots of blow back. And I’m only talking about within this American continent, but we might experience worse things from our military excursions in the Middle East. Nothing happens in a vacuum, except for certain human mentalities that seem to get stuck there.
            But do worry about the “juvenile” who is so desperately trying to emulate that dude from North Korea and the one from the Philippines.

        • Thanks my Brother from Another….. for the heads up. I agree with you when it comes to trying to engage in decent conversation with someone that seems to be set in their view and narrow minded ways.

          • Prove me wrong. People can go ahead and try, I’ll wait. Use those officers gunned down in 2017 as I did. Talk is cheap girls.

        • No, I posted facts on Morales you didn’t debate, facts.
          I’ve been writing on O.I.S.’s for years, the suspects are easy enough to find, look them up.
          Facts always piss you emotional ladies on the left off, always will.

          • Posted facts on Morales? Wow, I did not know that you own opinions and view points are verifiable facts, but I am beginning to suspect that you get your leads from Fox & Friends. To that regard then you are absolutely factual in that if they claim it then it must be a fact. OK, got it. For someone who claims to be an investigator of some sort and a sworn officer of sorts, I am not at all surprised at your vitriol when it comes to opinions and self righteousness.

            BTW, when people ask for facts, it usually means like copying and pasting a link and/or document that anyone can then go to and read for themselves. But just be ware that links and documents can be scrutinized and analyzed for their content and their origin. Just in case you want to upload some random piece that you’ve come across that amplifies your MISS GUIDED/FIRED point of view… But do go ahead and humor us with your “posted facts”, but this time for real………………

  • Ruiz you sound like some jr. college kid who just finished his first first Chicano studies semester. To quote a great American whomp whomp (sung to the tune of a game show fail)

    • Wow, King Kong, you’ve surprised me with your assessment of my educational level. But I am sorry to disappoint you. And here is why; I came here when I was fifteen years old. I did not speak any English at all, so I went through the wonderful ESL program and managed to graduate with honors. So, I only have my three years from High School and some college. All and all, my six year education from my country of origin and about four more years here, I don’t think it amounts to much really. But I’ve managed to honorably served in the US Air Force for six years. Have had a real estate license since 2005 and now earn my living working for one of the largest law enforcement agencies in this country, with bilingual pay, so I know a thing or two about how the system works. So when I hear young people complain about how hard it is to get an education and or a job, it only saddens me to hear those words with such contempt.

      Now, I am sure you being King Kong and all, are a very successful too and have wayyyyy mooore years of education than me, but are you happy? I hope you truly are, but if you are not there yet, don’t despair since every new day brings us hope…….

      I’m sure you are going to have lots and lots of questions like, did I come here legally or Illegaly and so on and so forth. And I don’t mind answering all your questions so long as it helps you grow and heal in any way…………………

      Sincerly your new amigo, Ruiz.

      • Ruiz: I’m sure that your military and law enforcement background has shocked their socks off. Interesting

        • Hello my Brother from Another,

          Who knows, maybe they’ve realized that I could be one of the “bad hombres” being wrongfully smeared on national television, and especially on the “Fox & Friends” network.

          Your brother from south of the border, El Ruiz.

        • What law enforcement background? You saying he’s sworn, because he’s not, his very first post points that out. If he’s some civilian worker, so what? Gives him no more cred than anyone else walking the streets that slams cops, less since he might have some insight about the job if you actually believe him, I don’t.

          • Wow, at least we now know what kind of “sworn” investigator you are, and it’s very reassuring too. Making assumptions about someone you’ve never met seems a bit amateurish, if you ask me. But you seem to believe that you are such a benevolent, impartial, level headed and skillful investigator that as tax payers we owe you our respect. When it should be the other way around, especially since we work in the industry whose motto is, “to serve and protect”, right?
            I am beginning to suspect that you are a very frustrated and very resentful individual. And a very ungrateful one too considering the level of pay and the lavish retirement. And I am only basing my humble opinion of yourself simply based on your posts and whatever you’ve stated about yourself here and there.
            Try spending less time in front of “machines”, you know like at the casinos and when dishing out your frustrations at any one of us readers, and more time with real human beings. Unless your choice is on purpose………………………….

            Orale, ponte trucha, relax and enjoy the coffee. Preferably in the company of another human being…………………

          • How come when this phony Ruiz posts there’s no reply option Celeste? Explain that to me will you? Hey little fella, my unit doesn’t say anything about serving and protecting on them, guess again. Oh, and I play poker, got that, don’t put my money in machines. By the way, you didn’t refute anything I said about your thug, all of it true, because you couldn’t. Life’s tough when you run into someone smart. When you’re stupid it’s even tougher to begin with isn’t it boy? Adios Muchacho.

  • Let’s all just calm down. This whole story is just about the left ridiculous agenda to get rid of ICE and what they do. You folks got side-tracked from the bigger picture of open borders.

  • Ruiz; Would you agree that the vast majority of “Asylum Seekers” are wrongfully taking advantage of the system by crossing illegally?

    Would you also concede that those who legally enter ports of entry with their children are NOT separated?

    2 simple Yes or No answers. See if you have the guts to answer both questions honestly

    • Asylum Seekers are wrongfully taking advantage of the system as much as the “other” countries have been wrongfully taking advantage of the US when signing business and transnational deals. Well, according to the “juvenile in charge” this is what’s been going on, but his opinions and misstatements are simply bigly sad and wrong. : -( Look what all that NAFTA winning has done for the Mexican farmers, which went bankrupt when their much better and more nutritious corn simply could not compete with the subsidized and not worth a crap of cheap US corn. But don’t let the facts fool you, it’s best to keep drinking the cool aid that keeps being offered courtesy of “juvenile in charge and friends”.

      As for the second question; well, let’s just say that that it’s not an area I know much about. But please enlighten us by providing some actual proof, you know like where you got that statement from. You know you can copy and paste, right?

      Simple replies only apply to simply minded questions. Like is the “juvenile in charge” a dictator wannabe simply because he admires so much that guy from North Korea? And how he would like to run this country like that other guy Duterte. But don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll get his new instructions once he meets he’s real handler. You know who, right?

      Your bravado and narrow mindedness tells us how you really feel inside. Even when you write you want to belittle others and want to get in other’s faces. Relax, it’s bad for your health.

    • I am not at all surprised that someone as fortunate as yourself speaks about the dangerous and inhumane journey taken by most asylum seekers with such contempt. Ever heard the term “blow-back” ?
      I would think that you would be inclined to, at the very least, try to figure out the cause and effect of this topic since you seem to speak of it as though you know what you are talking about. I mean, you’ve told us about your involvement in so many I O.I.S.’s so as to give us the impression that you have so much experience being an impartial and level headed investigator. And yet your skill level based on your miss guided and miss fired points of views seems to contradict the basics what a “real” investigator is or ought to be.
      I’ve read in one of your posts that you seem to believe that you have the answer to solve all the criminality that’s afflicting us right here at home, but that no one listens to you. Which only makes me believe that you must feel misunderstood and undervalued by your current employer. At least I can understand where you are coming from since your responses seem to have so much vitriol and exasperation.
      All I can tell you is, relax, we are so much better with the influx of so many different cultures and languages as that can only make us more tolerant and accepting of one another, right? Our LEOs are so much more understanding and accepting of this since it this mixture of tax payers that pay your sometimes bloated salaries. So as a tax payer and maybe even “partner” I suggest to be a bit more relaxed in your ways since you still seem to be on “our” payroll. You are very welcome and sincerely hope that you reach your full retirement in great health.
      And try to find more productive and feel good hobbies when in retirement, I mean other than spending your time off at a casino in front of a machine and your full time vitriol writings.

      Your amigo, and very “Bad Hombre” Ruiz.

      • You’re no partner, you’re a made up piece of fiction. I’ve never mentioned my exact number of shootings, not once. I’ve been involved in more charity events than you could imagine to include poker events. I’ve written before what I believe would help limit O.I.S.’s, crime, homelessness and things that plague society and I don’t care what you feel about a thing, understand that? Answers are simple to me but people’s willingness to do what’s needed, and it’s easy enough, that’s another issue. You’re not very smart. Whoever made you up didn’t do a very good job of it, I know, I do this kind of stuff for real, way better than most. Give it a rest poser.

        • Wow, relax Miss Fire, why so touchy “partner”? But I get it, you want to feel superior to others and therefore are trying to make feel inferior by telling me “I’m not very smart”. But sadly I’ve know a “partner” or two who has looked down on me upon meeting me, but their attitude always changes once they know who I am and what I am capable of. It’s almost funny as I’ve become used to seeing their very perplexed facial expressions once they realized at least some of my accomplishments. I would tell you but you’ve proven to be a very intolerant, angry and resentful person. I don’t know why since you seem to have been a successful person; so why carry on with that big “chip” on your shoulder Amigo?

          Have a great and blessed life since this will be my last response to your demeaning and spiteful responses. Relax and enjoy your cafecito, life is muy short amigo. And remember that we become what we think and the way we write about others.

          Alrato “partner”!

  • Ruiz, be careful. Our hooded friends will think you are me. My Trumpian brethern on this site think it is OK to mistreat people here illegally because, well, they are here illegally. And, since they had it worse in their country, any treatment that is slightly better should be fine, even if against the law, because, well, they had it worse in their country.

    Let us look at the reliable Trumpian Ownership’s last comment, about the “vast majority” of Asylum Seekers are wrongfully taking advantage of the system by crossing illegally.” Says who, Ownership? His mere wording is so Trumpian – “Wrongfully taking advantage?” Says who? A judge will decide. And, “by crossing illegally?” It is not against the law to seek asylum. Or, let us look at Sure Fire’s comment, that 80% of asylum seeker lose their case. First, assuming that is true, so what? So you turn away 100%, including the 20% that would be granted asylum? Or, why not ask how many more would be granted if the immigration judiciary were truly independent and not getting paid by the same department prosecuting these cases?

    You see, Ruiz, its the same logic they use with black kids. They arrest some (more than white kids), so all blacks are bad. Yet, they never question why they arrest so many when the literature is clear, white kids get away for those things black kids get arrested for. They will stop black kids for things they will never touch a white kid for, then they over charge, then they over plead, then they over sentence.

    And, Maj. Kong always resorts to his Jr. College and Chicano Studies comments, as if it were insult. I’m sure he is pissed at the fact that our/his tax dollars pay for that Jr. College or those classes. Gone are his days when the brown and black folk knew their place. And, I bet you he never made those comments when he wore the uniform around brown or black officers. Its not like before. They will, as they say in the hood, put his ass in check. And, be careful what you say around Maj. Kong, dog whistling is fine according to him, but say something to hurt his feelings and he’ll run to Celeste and whine about his hurt feelings. Little does he know, I am Celeste. Or, Reg. Or, now, probably you.

    In any event, Ruiz, welcome to the site. White hoods are optional.

    • You were too kind describing the forked tongue of “Major Kong” who is one of several co-authors with disparaging remarks toward Celeste and Witnessla. In almost all cultures, his last tattletale antic would be label him as a “Bitch”.

      • See now this guy probably isn’t the cf troll. Sounds more like that “brother” guy, you know “brother from an unknown father” of something

    • I never said anything about if people should seek asylum, gave you a stat which you can look up and will find is correct donk. Same as the cop stat I put up. White cops, Blacks, Hispanics most worth a damn want to put assholes in jail and the worst of us are the ones who give someone a break due to race. Now I know plenty who have due to circumstances, cool, but race, fuck that, never a reason except to racist like Reg and socialist idiot types.

    • Thanks CF for the heads up and for a very well descriptive of what some of our friends on this site are about. Where not only white hoods are optional but willful ignorance as well.

      And here is a wonderful and badly needed advice in the form of a quote from Mark Twain, ““Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

      I was very surprised when I found out that a very low percentage of US citizens hold passports, which makes no sense to me since we(US government) meddles into the business of so many countries the world over. Now why is that? This makes sense only when we look at the narrow view that some friends seem to espouse when it comes to world affairs.

      Alrato y gracias amigo CF!

    • One last thing Reg. Your constant assumption that White cops let White’s get away with violations of law they routinely harass or fuck over POC for is the biggest bunch of horseshit I’ve ever heard. The only cops I’ve ever had to have sit downs with, from a supervisory level, to step it up against members of their own race like anyone else were Black cops and that was at the request of numerous cops of all races who got tired of their shit. So fuck you and your constant racist cop hate bullshit. Fucking throw some facts up just once instead of these constant fucking fairy tales, try once to bring it like you’re a man.

  • It’s not wrong to seek asylum but it is wrong to cross the border by illegally crossing at a non-secure entry point, when there are already identified, legally recognized, already established government ports of entry. What’s so hard about seeking asylum by entering the correct way.

    Nobody’s against immigration but the key operative term is…wait for it….“ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION”. It’s so transparent how politicians, activist groups, the left and the media like to lump immigrants together with illegal immigrants just to support a false narrative and “rile up the gullible masses”.

  • Laying it on a bit thick eh cf? Guess youre still smarting a little since the last time you got taken to the woodshed. “Ruiz” whatever, last in a long line of attempts, but always the same nonsense. Sure ,sometimes I repeat myself, but then again I’m dealing with the same old knucklehead.

  • Ruiz; I knew for a fact you wouldn’t answer 2 simple questions. Instead, you thank CF for having your back.


    • I could say without equivocation that you are a bully, and that you’ve been one in your personal and professional life. But it’s much easier to be one on screen, and sadly it shows. So relax and try to enjoy life

      Here it’s one of my favorite quotes, “don’t talk unless you can improve the silence” by Jorge Luis Borges. But it would be more aptly to say, don’t write unless you can help enhance and further any discussion while sticking to the topic at hand.


      • “Sticking to the topic at hand” that’s a bit rich coming from Ruiz/cf, queen of the scatter brained response. I’ll help by pointing it out in your next rambling diatribe.

        • Sure thing King Kong, I’m sure you’ve got nothing better to do than to look at others’ faults and mishaps.
          You know that there are better things to do that are much better to one’s own health than to focus and thrive in such vitriol, right? Unless this is your hobby and this makes you feel so much superior, even if only for a few short seconds. Go ahead and thump your chest and yell at the top of your lungs, “king kong, the Vitriol king”. There, feel better?

          Alrato, let me go and tend to my fruit and vegetable garden as I could really use some positive vibes. This is how I stay in the zone, the positive one that is.

          Oh man, I just proved your point, as I am all over the place. One minute I’m having some fun and the next I’m talking about doing something even more fun and re energizing. What can I say, It’s the farmer at heart in me!

          Your new amigo, the Bad Hombre, El Ruiz.

  • Surefire, relax. No need for the vulgar language and your “bring it like you’re a man” comments. I am beginning to think you have anger management issues. You’re not on duty patrolling the hood, and I am not some kid with saggy pants. As they say in the hood, I’m just keeping it real. You can tell yourself you are not racist, and you may believe it, but no one else buys it. Son, I’ll tell you as Polonius to his son, Above all, to thine own self be true.

    Conspiracy, there are laws that are almost universal, such as thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal, etc. These laws are embraced by almost all cultures. Others are laws because we say they are, acts that are illegal because we say they are. As you may recall, perhaps fondly, there was a time when it wasn’t illegal for your ancestors to own black people, to rape them and beat them. It was even illegal, once upon a time, for a black man to run away form his owner. Not to long ago, a few decades, perhaps within your lifetime, it was against the law, across the country, to sell a home to a black man in many a neighborhood. How about recently, not too long ago people went to prison for having the good herb. Yes, prison, for weed. How stupid is that? Then, guess what, we, as a society decreed such things were no longer illegal. Who we let into this country is, in many ways, similar. So, bitch all you want, things they are a changing, and you’ll be left behind. I’m telling you, your little girl is probably going to bring a black boyfriend home. Or, maybe a Mexican. Karma is a bitch.

    Ownership, as I mentioned to Surefire, you aren’t on duty and think you can just call people coward because they did not address your comment. No one can see your badge or gun. Please do not be so full of yourself, no one really cares. No one cares about what I say, and I am OK with that. At best, it pisses off a few portly, racist officers who are living in a bygone era. So, thank you for caring and let us move on, gentlemen.

    • No need for a philosophy lesson by the likes of you. And since when do socialists/leftist like you start referencing “universal laws” and the Ten Commandments for that matter. I’m laughing my you no what off. To now try and bring religion on board to justify a twisted and convoluted reasoning…..really.

      It basically sound like you hit a wall, could not come up with a better comeback and decided to try and use religion to make it all right. The hypocrisy! Have you no shame.

      Your statements past and present clearly show you have no respect for God or religion. Oh…now it suits you to use religion as a way to justify breaking the law and to satisfy a twisted wrong-way. agenda. I’m still laughing.

      Tell your loony left wing brethren to stop rioting, hey NH to overthrow our government and threatening people. Tell them to stop trying to incite violence. Tell them to stop with all the name calling. This includes you, Maxine Waters, the Crap News Network, the Democratic Caucus, Governor Brown and many, many others. It’s not very God like or in line with the teachings of the Bible or any religion except for….no I better not say.

      Truly laughable….

  • CF and Ruiz….. Pretty sad you won’t answer 2 questions because the true answers will show you’re views are based on emotions. Nothing you opine upon is realistic or sustainable.

    Then you post pointless quotes to try and deflect.

    Snowflakes. Cowardly Snowflakes

  • No, you don’t think I’m a racist but you don’t ever have an answer for what I throw out at you so it’s the only place you can go. That’s because you’re limited, not a cop just a common pos. For years you’ve taken a beat down hear and it will never change no matter the people on the block.

    • More facts for “Sufefire”. Blane Salamoni, Timothy Loehmann, Betty Shelby, Jason Van Dyke. Add these to the previous two names that I presented to you, DOJ stats verifies. Research all of the names to see the most obvious common denominator before you whitewash them with your myriad and typical deflections.

      • Hey no mas, pro tip: no one is keeping track of some comment you made in the past, if you want any one to know what the heck you’re talking about, you need to state it. Otherwise, it looks like you just listed a bunch of nobodies ( which is probably the case anyways)

          • Oh ya, well in your case you should probably remind us anyways. Are you sure you didn’t make up some of those names? Who has a name like salami? Van Dyke? You mean like Dick Van Dyke? Doesn’t sound real to me, you should probably try to explain these things better,

      • Out of the millions of contacts law enforcement has yearly with Blacks, you’ve come up with a handful of names, yet, like I said last year over 50% of cops that were gunned down were done so by people of color. Usually runs between high 30’s to low to mid 40’s, bet you’re proud of that 50% mark right? Sit down dude, you’re in my swing zone.

        • No excuse to play stupid. The six names are worldwide known cases of white cops who murdered people of color. To strengthen the truth, they are all captured on dash cams and bodycams. Your traits are predictable as you whitewash and deflect facts. Once again that fact is white cops kill more innocent people of color than other cops

          • “White cops who murdered people of color” . I don’t know, I beet there’s a lot more to the story that you’re leaving out, you sure those people of color weren’t engaging in some kind of criminal activity or something?

  • And less then 7% of the population is responsible for 50% of the violent crime in our nation, much more likely to shoot a cop than be shot by one and way more dangerous to the average person than any White cop, you’re an embarrassment.

    • No, the white (and others, mainly white) cops who lie and deny are an embarrassment to LEO’s everywhere,
      thus the uabashed hatred for dirty cops who are no better than the dangerous and bad people they pursue. Your tone and ignorance puts you in the age group of over age 65. The yesterday of policing
      work under Daryl Gates are no more.

  • Surefire, that should tell you that most black people, like most brown people, are not out there committing crimes. So, no need to suspect they are all criminals and no need to treat them as such.

    And, stop it with the Woe is me cry. You aren’t in a particularly dangerous job. You are more likely to get killed or injured in many other professions. Contrary to what you would like to portray, its not like on TV and you’re no hero. For the most part a police officer’s job is boring, punctuated by a few incidents. You drive around, harass a few black kids or the homeless, dissuade people from filing complaints because paperwork is a bitch, go to a bar and complaint about the coloreds, and repeat the next day. Not bad. Besides, we pay you well – good salary, great benefits, terrific pension and a DA that would never prosecute you.

    And, you have a gun. Who is going to mess with you. I know, with the BLM and such and these embolden kids, you may get a pig this or that every once in a while, but given your salary and pension, its tolerable. By definition, otherwise you’d be elsewhere. But then again, where would you go. That is why the more senior officers, especially those on motorcycles are overweight. Its a cushy job.

    Maj. Kong, that “Salami” and “Dick Van Dyke” comment seems like a Freudian slip. Not only do you know who those folks are, you no doubt have their pictures tacked like posters above your bed.

    Now, folks, let us move on, really. Let’s us move on to Celeste’s latest post on the DOJ report on police use of force and the Police Accountability and Community Protection Act. That one should be fun.

      • Hey Maj. Kong, you crack me up impersonating “Malibu’s Most Wanted” I see your type at briefings every day, dark glasses, buzz cut, and form fitting uniform trousers. More fearless on paper than in person. Your psuedo war stories must be impressive to family and friends who never leave the green zone. Your hilarious posts are comedy.

        • You’re welcome , I’m sorry to hear about all the trauma those bullies have inflicted upon you. Must be terrible to live with that kind of rage inside, maybe one day you can laugh again from joy rather than spite.

  • Hey Dos Mas, without doing any research on my part, were they breaking to law? Shooting would of never happened. Did they comply with the officers commands? Shooting would of never happened.
    and I’m not talking about whether the shooting was legal or not or whether the officers were right and wrong. This is about doing the right thing not breaking the law and none of these would have ever happened. No one is ever responsible for their own actions anymore it’s always someone else’s fault.

  • CF. I have been reading this web site for awhile now. You are probably the most racist person on this site. You can not make a post with the words, white cop, hillbilly, klansman, black, brown, hood, saggy pants. Many people seem to get their point across without having to use your racist words all the time.
    Just an observation.

  • CF and his leftist/socialist brethren can only use deflection, scream and yell when they are challenged and don’t have a leg to stand on. They can only resort to name calling and personal character attacks when they see themselves and their agenda going down in flames.

    Just like spoiled, impudent children who kick, scream and throw tantrums when their parents say no.

    He/she who simply screams the loudest does not win the argument. Debate Club 101.

    • Your cohorts named Surefire & Ownership are the champions in juvenilistic name calling. On-line, there is no limitation to the “Billy Bad Asses” who roar all day under a screen name Most real life conversations and on-line banter are totally different. I see it everyday, everywhere all the time. Unfortunately no one if faultless.

      • ….There’s one thing to have a “civil” debate, voicing differences of opinion, life experiences and the like. But when you start calling people names, “projecting” your racist/bigoted sterotypes on people you don’t even know as if you do, everything degenerates and goes down hill fast.

        If one is attacked physicall or verbally, whether it be through false accusations about ones character or fists, it still has an effect and usually will result in a like response.

  • Another White cop gunned down by a POC, should I make up some more stats you haters can challenge.

    Reg/CF, sorry I put this up before you or Ruiz or Dos or Citizen were going to post on it, knew you planned on it. Guy killed a lady as well.

    Chicago protests over the killing of an unarmed Black man by police but video shows he had a gun. So now “unarmed” means you have a gun but cops won the battle. SMH.

    • When all lives matter, no unnecessary death is warranted, be it sworn or civilian. For conversation sake, do you initially post the information on cops killed by white people and how often do you initally post or chime in on dirty cops. No need for a snarky answer as a simple yes or no would suffice without any personal leanings….if at all possible.

  • Brother, I saw where you made a comment on another thread regarding people calling on Blacks being in places they thought they shouldn’t be. This is ridiculous of course but this is where me and you have a real difference in what a real problem is compared to a bullshit stupidity problem.
    There are stupid racist people everywhere in all our races. It’s when they act out in violence that the problem should get the greater amount of attention in my book, but does it? The girl with the Puerto Rico shirt got interviewed on some morning show because some hillbilly racist acted like one, really? The White kid in the Maga hat the guy threw the coke on and then took the hat, cussed him out, the Hispanic guy, he been on a show? White victim, POC suspect, media doesn’t want to play that up do they? He’s in jail, cool, but still, no big deal to the left or media and some on twitter cheered that asshole. In the world of the left, of the pc driven racial equality types and the media it’s when feelings are hurt and most often when those feelings are those of a person of color. You want to argue that point with me, you know it’s a losing battle.
    As to your question, I’ve studied and written on O.I.S.’s since my first one which was a long time ago. It was probably only the last decade I started becoming “more disturbed” of the war, and it is, on not only cops, but White cops specifically. This is shown every time a Black suspect is killed by one, it’s pretty much a modern day inquisition now with what a cop goes through.
    Before any investigation is done he’s labeled a racist, the dead suspect’s jr high grad pictures are posted all over the news and social media, civil rights groups come calling for the cops firing, politicians get involved and in some cases cops addresses have been found out and their spouses and children have been subjected to threats and harassment. You ever write on any of this because I have.
    But back to your question, no I don’t post on cops killed by White people but I did post on cops killed by “all races.” Trust me plenty of people write on it, I don’t need to. My “all races” include White people. Since the overwhelming violent crime problem in this country, per their population percentage come from male Blacks, mostly young ones, and that includes the gunning down of police officers, and you’ll never read that here, I simply remind people of it from time to time. If you have an issue with that I don’t care.
    I’ve also written, at length about ways to fix it, of course everyone knows how to do it but it’s easier to fix blame elsewhere than to work hard at a solution, take responsibility, man up. Stats tell the truth but you won’t find Celeste and her crew posting my stats here. She stays away from my type of truth and certainly my reading choices.
    In the now you’ll keep getting upset about what these crazy White people are all about calling the cops on these Blacks not doing anything but trying to have a nice day and I’ll be sitting in some L.A. area casino, where I spend a lot of off time, with my gun on, listening to racial remarks, that I never hear, I swear to this, by White guys, that I’ve seen actually seen end up in some actual violence and wonder if anyone on the left would care about that. Would you?
    Have a good day.

  • Oh, just remembered your “dirty cop” part of the question. Been instrumental in firing a few. One in particular who should have been charged by the D.A. if they had any courage but they didn’t want to go with the word of a doper whore over this deviant cop, I would have. There was plenty of other evidence to be considered. Did you know right now, where one of my friend files cases you need ten victims to get a prosecution on an identity theft case? Our state sucks, bends over backwards to keep criminals employed.
    That “deviant” cop resigned in lieu of. He was picked up by a state agency, he was bi-lingual and they were in need. Fired within two weeks when he got his first sexual harassment claim, go figure.

  • Brother didn’t like my answers apparently and the little Ruiz character, because that’s what he is, I mean read his post he’s a ,”character”, nothing to say I guess.
    This is how you shut down people, with simple common sense. 36 gunned down this year, 46 all of last year, shameful Celeste how silent you are on this issue.

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