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WitnessLA on KCRW’s Press Play With Madeleine Brand Talking About the Ins & Outs of the LASD/DOJ Settlement

On Wednesday, I was on KCRW’s news talk show, Press Play,
with the always excellent Madeleine Brand. We discussed some of the details of the newly signed agreement between the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Justice regarding treatment of the mentally ill in the LA County Jail system.

You can listen to our conversation here.

(And, yes, I know that I cheerily stated near the end of the interview that Sheriff McDonnell was formerly the Assistant Sheriff of the LAPD under Bill Bratton. Perhaps more coffee would have prevented that bobbling of titles. Perhaps less coffee was the key. Hard to say.)

PS: Later on Wednesday, I was on another KCRW show with afternoon news anchor, Steve Chiotaki. During that show Merlin-the-cat, who was sitting nearby as I talked, suddenly made an unscheduled, but very audible, comment. It was that kind of day.

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