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Updates on the Lee Baca Trial Coming This Weekend – UPDATED

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

UPDATE: Dearest WitnessLA readers,

Please forgive the slow pace of my Baca trial updates. I have had a family emergency that has delayed me. Updates by day’s end, with any luck. There’s lots to tell you!



During the first two days of testimony in the trial of former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca, the prosecution began the process of calling witnesses they hope will provide the crucial elements needed if the government’s lawyers are to successfully paint a portrait of Baca as the “heartbeat of the conspiracy” to obstruct justice.

The defense, of course, painted a very different picture in their opening statement, where they also hinted at some of the witnesses they would be calling to fill in their competing portrait.

Day three promises additional dueling facts, counterclaims and drama.

We’ll have the details of these first days of Baca’s first trial over the weekend, and then more Monday morning.

Back shortly.

The photo of the former sheriff is from a court hearing earlier this year.


  • Was getting pretty disappointed seeing and reading repors thinking this guy was gonna skate. However, after reading about Rhambo’s testimony, i think Leroy may just get what he has coming to him.

  • I think justice is coming for a lot of people. As I told before, some of the Convicted 7 are behind the scenes cutting deals. You would be surprised who is talking now ! But its late in the game for them. Their information is becoming worthless.

    I would still like to know who broke into the Internal Affairs criminal Investigation Unit and stole files……

    Other than that, let Justice be served on all those that are GUILTY ! If Mr. Baca is innocent, let him go free.

  • I know there are alarms and cameras on the entrance and inside ICIB. If there was a break in, procedure would be for LASD units to be dispatched and video feeds reviewed. Can we get an official comment from LASD rea a 459 to officies inside a building that also houses a bank branch?

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