The Story of a Sniper Wounding An LA County Sheriff’s Deputy at the LASD’s Lancaster Station Turns Out To Be a Hoax

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

The story was alarming.

Late on Wednesday afternoon, August 21, the word went out that, just a few minutes before 3 p.m. that same day,  Los Angles County Sheriff’s Deputy Angel Reinosa, 21, had been walking to his car in the parking lot of the Lancaster sheriff’s station when, a sniper opened up on him, possibly from the upper floor of a nearby apartment building. The deputy was hit twice in the shoulder.

Fortunately, Deputy Reinosa was at the time wearing his bullet proof vest so only suffered what he described as a “graze wound.”

Yet, it wasn’t hard to imagine that, if the young deputy had taken off his vest—as one might tend to do if one is walking to one’s car to head home—the story could have had a tragic ending.

Even Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris talked about how the vest had saved the deputy’s life.

Captain Kent Wegener the head of the department’s Homicide Bureau, at Friday night press conference

It was an understandable conclusion.

At least it was if the story had been true.

But it seems it wasn’t.  The shooting, the wounded deputy, the sniper….all of it… now appears to have been a hoax.  A fake.  An entirely manufactured drama.

At a hastily scheduled press conference held a few minutes after  11 p.m. on Saturday night at the department’s downtown headquarters, Captain Kent Wegener the head of the department’s Homicide Bureau, said as much, his expression grim.

Deputy Reinosa poked the two holes in his own shirt with a knife, Captain Wegener told those who managed to attend to press conference in person, or at least watched it via live stream on the department’s Facebook page.

“We are incredibly disappointed to have to report that the sniper fire story was fabricated,” Assistant Sheriff Robin Limon added after Wegener spoke.

The deputy was in reportedly in training at Lancaster where he was transferred after a short stint working in the county jails in the department’s custody division. It is not yet clear what Reinosa’s motives were for the alleged falsification.

According to Wegener, doubts began to arise about the shooting after investigators found “no ballistic evidence in the parking lot. ” No cars struck by gunfire. And no one in the area seemed to hear the purported two shots.  In short, a lot of things “didn’t add up,” he said.

Odd timing

Actually that’s what WitnessLA thought on Thursday afternoon, a day after the supposed wounding of the deputy, which was when we began getting calls from several sources close to the department who told us unequivocally that the shooting was a hoax, that the deputy faked being wounded, that there was no sniper with a high powered rifle—or any kind of weapon, for that matter.

(When we heard news of the possible hoax on Thursday, we were convinced enough by our sources to remove a reference to the shooting from a story we’d just published, explaining to readers in an update to the story that the shooting might not have really occurred.)

Perplexingly, however, even after we heard early on Thursday afternoon that the shooting was very likely a hoax,  the  LA County Sheriff’s Department sent out a statement late on Thursday that still treated the fake shooting as if it was a real one.

“Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Investigators are continuing their investigation into the shooting of a Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy inside the Lancaster Sheriff Station’s parking lot, the department wrote on Thursday afternoon.

“The deputy sustained a non-penetrating wound to the top of his right shoulder that left a minor injury.  Damage consistent with a gunshot was noted to the top right shoulder area of the deputy’s uniform shirt.”

Then there were two days of radio silence.

Finally, the 11 p.m. Saturday press conference broke the silence, and the rumors were validated.

On Saturday, investigators were able to interview Reynosa about what they’d learned, at which time he reportedly confessed to having fabricated the story.

The investigation, said Wegener, “is ongoing,’ and is a criminal investigation.  When it is concluded it, will be presented to the Los Angeles D.A.’s “for filing,” he said.

Saturday night’s press conference triggered a string of reactions, including from the sheriff himself.

Social media was particularly active on the topic of the nonexistent sniper shooting of a Lancaster deputy.


  • Wow, what a complete disgrace. Feel bad for the real deputies out there working their arses off. Total embarrassment for all the good law enforcement officers out there.

    I remember the 70s and 80s quite well. Police officers/deputies weren’t overly friendly. They just did their jobs. Lower the hiring standards and things like this happen. Same reason for the Rampart scandal. Don’t believe me? Do some research.

    When will you people ever learn? I could give 2 chits if a peace officer says hello to me. All I want to see is black n whites patrolling my city and enforcing the law. I don’t break the law, so I have nothing to worry about….. unless they hire more guys like Reynosa. Or is it Reinosa? Spelled two different ways in article. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and not call that racism, Warning: if it happens again I want to give you advanced warning that I will be offended. Boo hoo

  • Sad day for all involved. That said, it doesn’t help that AV chose to have one of his assistant sheriffs break the bad news at a press conference rather than himself. It gives the appearance of an organization that has circled the wagons the last few days and been strategizing about how to “information manage” this fiasco.

  • The rumor mill kicked into orbit as usual – but public announcements re the conclusions of an investigation are not made behind rumors. Those in charge of the investigation apparently did not interview this soon to be former Deputy until Saturday and at that point, the suspicions were confirmed. The LASD made the announcement that night – right before the 11pm news broadcasts.

    The real shame here is what happened as a result of this young man’s dishonesty. The fear that went out into the community, the evacuations, the searches of multiple locations that had to be conducted as a result, the finger pointing on the part of the Mayor at a location housing mentally ill people, the removal of resources from other areas that responded to help and the overall utter waste of resources.

  • Take a Breath – all reasonable and valid points. Considering the magnitude of reverberations created by this young deputy, in my humble opinion, I think it would have been best that the leader of the department would have made the announcement. Someone on AV’s team thought it best to have an A/S be the bearer of bad news. In light of the many missteps by this Sheriff so far, I think he should have been behind the podium and made the announcement.

  • It has been reported that this Dep was on training? It would help to find out how bad he was doing? There has not been a motive put forth? I recall another Officer (Sernloss?) who had to repay the City Of LA 300k for related police response to his lies.

  • This guy was hired under McDonnell… How much longer are we going deal with the atrocities commited under the Mclapd and Teran regime. They should be held responsible as well. AV inherited all kinds shit he’s trying to fix. I blame the BOS and OIG as well. This is what happens when politicians run a law enforcement.

  • Um:

    Good points!!

    Back in the days of LAPD’s Federal Oversight this kind of action in the LAPD would’ve gotten an extensive forensic audit: where, exactly, did this Deputy get the notion that this act was a good idea?


    That kind of audit is needed here.

  • It’s the result of the mass hiring and lowering the standards. Remember 06-07 mass hiring. Mark my word it will be worse for the next few years as the new deputies are worse than the 06 hiring.

  • Not shocked at all! This is the result of the department hiring young kids off the street with NO life experience. Yet the LASD won’t hire its own department members who’ve been on for 5+ years. What a freakin disgrace!

  • Isn’t that the reason why he has people under him? Especially when this kid got hired under McDonnell..

  • CELESTE…This is who they hire! HIGH SCHOOL/LIFE loser’s! This is not a shocker, this is the pathetic reality of the lasd. The worse law enforcement organization in the US. This is what happen’s when you lower ur standards to avoid hiring freezes. Remember the deputy that was smuggling drugs to inmates using burritos. That idiot with a badge was on that ridiculous tv show. Or even better back in the 90’s there was an idiot with a badge that beat the crap out of someone on patrol. He put taco bell hot sauce on his uni and took a flick of it for his “use of force” report, to show that the beating was warranted bc the person was hostile. The ongoing joke was, he should have used mild sauce bc that looked more like blood than the hot hahahahaha…THIS IS WHAT THE lasd DOES. Buffoonery hahahaha The characters are the top are commenting like a joke. You lames stfu lmaooo.

  • AV will climb to the top of the mountain for Mandoyan, but cower in a hole to let the A/S make an embarrassing department revelation!!!

    Fucking DISGRACEFUL!!!

  • This has nothing to do with the topic. Stop trolling around and spewing your hate.

    Celeste, please delete the above post as this individual is defaming, spreading unsubstantiated lies and mentioning false information about the Sheriff’s wife.

    And mainly, has nothing to do with the topic of the discussion.

  • You Sheriff V haters crack me up, always good for a laugh. Did it ever occur to you geniuses that the sheriff may not have been available to break the news himself? Not Again, you think the Tam’s owner needs to circumnavigate campaign finance laws for miniscule donations when he could write a big fat check with many zeros to the independent campaign expenditure effort on behalf of AV? Kinda like all the fat cat political establishment figures who flooded the campaign coffers for McBuckles, and nary a raised eyebrow from haters, LOL. Oh snaps, I forgot they weren’t minimum wage Hispanic workers who didn’t know what they were doing!

  • Your point is well taken; the Sheriff missed a good opportunity to come out as a leader on this one.

  • I am sure someone will be looking into this kids hiring process and his custody training records.

    Bottom line he was t doing well on patrol training and pulled this stunt off to get sympathy. This is what happens when you raise a generation on participation awards. They buckle when the going gets tough and do stupid stuff.

  • Fed Up. You can keep making all the Fucking excuses you want.

    As the leader of the largest Sheriffs Department in the free world, you make yourself Fucking available!!

    Fucking Skype it if you have to!! Give me a Fucking break.

  • And for the record, Fed Up, if you research my past post, I was a huge AV supporter and tried to give him the benefit of the doubt every time.

    Sorry brother, you just can’t defend some shit. And it started with putting that idiot Mandoyan’s interests in front of the entire departments.

  • I do apologize if facts get in the way of an epic rant. You failed to deliver enough F bombs, you must be slipping.

  • So we sacrifice the innocent on the altar of political optics? One day it will be you or a loved one who will be demanding due process. Stop drinking what the political establishment is feeding you.

  • I have no idea if what you say is true, but I’m going to award extra credit for working Tam’s into the conversation.

  • CF….Pervert!

    When I try reading your crap and you start taking about molesting little kids, I can’t read any further. You have some serious issues…..transference I believe is the term.

    I’m always amazed how the editor lets you get away with spewing the crap you do when others (as have I) have been chastised by the school marm herself and censored. It does make you think, CF and Celeste Freeman are one in the same.

    Fair and balanced….heck no.

    It is shame this guy did what he did and the screening process let him slipn through. Regretfully, he won’t be the first or last since the law enforcement ranks are made up of everyday people. Why didn’t the guy just go back to the jails…he had other options available.

  • Editor’s Note:

    Thank you to all those who alerted me to the comment that took potshots at the sheriff’s wife.

    I’ve been unavailable all day today so am just now reading comments. It’s gone now, as are a couple of other related comments.

    “Not again” and “Interested Party,” we don’t allow attacks on spouses and families. For any reason. Period. Full stop.

    Also, CF, I deleted one of your comments because the broad stroke accusations are getting a bit much. Criticism is fine. Full on hatefulness helps nobody.

    Have a good Sunday night, everyone.


  • Minus the circus of lies, many are curious to know why the Trainee did what he did. Granted that there are some good Training Officers but some can be just total A-holes.
    How many deputies do you know who went on to promote in their careers after not getting off training at certain stations but went out again to patrol training and succeeded.

    Again it would be interesting to ask him why in his mind he felt it was necessary.

  • Fed Up: This is not a Watch Commander or Sergeant standing up to his/her captain to back a line deputy for some perceived injustice.

    AV is no longer a cop, he’s a CEO/Politician. We are the cops. His job is make tough decisions for the betterment of the ENTIRE department. By all means, fight for Mandoyan, but at the right time. This fight, at this current time is a political/department blunder.

    The fact you don’t see that is mind bending.

  • @Ownership, when is it a good time to fight for your partners? You sound just like a self serving, agenda filled mother fucker that’s had everything handed to him and has stayed under the radar without ever standing up for anything, as long as you got yours.

    GTFOH. If your problem is with Carl, find a way to connect with him and talk to him like a man. But the sad part is, you probably know him well and are someone who smiles at his face and stabs him in his back. Put yourself in his and his family’s shoes. How would you want AV to fight if it was you? I know what I’d want, and that’s exactly what AV is doing. Everyone I know feels the same as well and respects AV for his loyalty. That’s what’s driving you crazy, because you’re obviously a disloyal mother fucker who’s never done shit in his career or stod up for anyone and skated on other people’s coattails. You’re all about you and only you. So don’t play the what’s good for the department bullshit. You’re the type of dude that would sell his partners out in a heartbeat. You’re no different than the Lancaster trainee.

    It’s pussies like you that embarrass our department.

  • What is mind bending is the fact you can’t see the forest for the trees. The BOS has been plotting against AV even before he took office. Why else would their attack dog Hunstman download files of the sheriff himself? McBuckles gave away authority to the board that was reserved for the sheriff, and they didn’t care less when he brought back 14 bad discharge cases. Did the board ever bother asking questions before firing away? Of course not, no political advantage in that. This is about due process and who runs the LASD. Since you love optics, perhaps you are willing to have the BOS run the department?

  • Fed Up: You’re completely missing my point. And the funniest thing about it, is we are on the exact same page minus one paragraph.

  • Why hasn’t ALADS addressed Sheriff Villanueva’s absent during the big press conference which garnered national news?

    Funny how ALADS put out their feelings on the shenanigans about the deputy but nothing about
    the “Ghost of Villanueva” see where this is going?

  • Fuming: There are ways, as a politician, to manipulate your adversaries, gain the advantage and get what you want. Win win. There was a way to take care of Mandoyan and not have it go to where we are today.

    People like you are consumed by emotion and always trying to be the tough guy. Look where that got Tanaka. Your pure stupidity blinds you to the bigger picture. Tanaka was blinded by his emotions and wanting to be a tough guy and that got him right to the chow line.

    AV is responsible to manipulate our adversaries like the BOS for the betterment of the department. With the Mandoyan situation, he failed miserably. One could argue that he actually failed Mandoyan with his timing.

    But again, your stupidity and obvious urge to be a tough guy is blinding you to any common sense.

  • @Ownership
    Could a lot of things been done differently? Absolutely. But, once you sit back and understand everything that has transpired, it’s obvious that the BOS, OIG, former McDonnell administration and the fired execs all had planned and prepared for this way before AV took office. Mandoyan was doomed one way or another, now that the information is clear. I’m sure had AV known this little bit of information he would have gone about it differently but the outcome regarding Carl would have been the same. They blamed Carl for helping AV during his campaign. They blame Carl for their own demise. They blame Carl for costing them lucrative contracts and they blame Carl because there’s a lot of suck asses in high positions most likely have nothing coming to them since AV is picking his own people. Carl is their political pawn they’re using to attack AV. God bless AV for having his back. Knowing AV, he’d do the same for anyone as long it is the right thing to do. He’s always been a by the book, what’s right and fair kind of a guy. Carl got fired over some bullshit. And I mean bullshit. I was fired 12 years ago next month for something stupid that I did which made Carl’s case look like child’s play and right before I entered civil service, the county gave me my job back with 30 days off. Me and my attorney were stunned. I really thought I was done and had the department prevailed, I would have completed understood it. I have empathy with what Carl is going through and feel horribly bad for the guy because, one he should have never been fired and two he should have never been put through the meat grinder publicly like he has. It’s all because of politics. My frustration with you is you’re sitting in your comfortable office and Monday night quarterbacking this whole thing without having any consideration for your partner. Grow some nuts and back your partner and pray for him and thank God you’re not in his shoes. Because I still don’t know how he’s made it through all this. Really beaks my heart. My wife cried when I told her the truth about this case. This is bullshit and no one should be subjected to what he’s gone through.

  • I look back on how long all of us had to wait to get to a patrol station. Fast stations 24-30 months. How is this guy 21 years old and on training at Lancaster station. Some fast track system somewhere.

    I am sure things will be much better now that the academy lets you start without a suit and haircut. Flip flops at the beach next.

    It doesn’t matter which Sheriff hired him. That guy is gone and it is AV’s department now. He should make himself available for the news flash, it an embarrassment to the department. Everything that happens, positive and negative is on him. Its called being the boss.

  • You guys are funny. When AV is on TV doing interviews, press conferences, town halls, etc. Etc…. You jump all over the guy saying… “he’s star struck. He needs to run the department and stay out of the limelight..” Why is he always doing interviews? “… “What is he thinking, that’s what he has executive staff for, he needs to trust his people.”, etc, etc, etc….

    As sson as he misses a press conference because he was in the hospital checking on the welfare of his deputy and trusted his staff and the station’s captain to advise the public, you morons are now bitching and complaining. The reality is, the message got delivered right away, the department was transparent and informed the public immediately and also held a press conference at 2300 hrs on a Saturday evening to tell everyone the trainee lied. So who gives a fuck if he didn’t do this one himself. The guy can’t win for losing with you idiots.

  • Going to Lancaster Station is not a fast-track situation.
    The majority of deputies do not want to go there for several reasons, mainly being the distance for those who don’t live near there.

    And yes, Villanueva not making himself personally available for press conference is unheard of. Standby for more.

  • Retired LEO guy here. Thanks for your comments. I am out walking every day and frankly, that’s all I care about as well. Do your job, be proactive, and don’t be lazy. I wave as they go by. Some return the courtesy and some don’t. I do not butt hurt either way. Proactive cops have it much harder than I did.

  • What a disgrace for the entire Lancaster station and residents. Huge inconvenience for everyone involved and all those who had to respond to the AV during rush hour traffic for a hoax. I remember the fruit bat and his ghost 417’s but never anything like this. Geeez. Hope that kid doesn’t hurt himself or someone else as he is clearly unhinged.

  • I along with others would be interested in hearing the deputy’s side of the story, for whatever it’s worth.

  • There are reports that this deputy was being scheduled to be sent to an assignment in custody after not cutting it in patrol. He allegedly was also investigated for another incident of dishonesty during his short career prior to this hoax. In light of the internal affairs investigations that have been deactivated, I hope his wasn’t one of them.

  • @ Fed up
    You must be AV’s biggest fan. You imply this entire sh*t show is the media’s fault? The BOS is plotting against AV and you’re here to set the record straight?
    What a bunch of nonsense. AV created this mess when he brought Carl back, plain and simple. AV hides behind his rainbow patch of diversity, using progressive talking points as a shield, to divert attention away from the fact he is a clueless leader who hired back a narcissistic bully who stalked, terrorized, burglarized and choked his girlfriend when she wanted to break up with him.

    One more thing Fed Up, just curious, were you there during the Carl Mandoyan hot years? It seems you missed out on some crucial facts, like how long the victim put up with Carl’s crap before she ever involved the dept.

    Carl weaseled his way into AV’s campaign in 2017 bringing bags of cash and some really bad ideas. As far as “political optics” go, know what really looks bad? The Sheriff of LA County (tu marido) letting someone like Carl stick to him like glue, then you coming on here defending him!

  • You not only sound like another AV hater but seems obvious you were one of Carl’s crazy exes or someone he wouldn’t give the time of day or got used and kicked to the curb.

    You definitely sound like a female just by your use of the word ‘Narcissistic bully’ This by the way is the new feminist word of the Era when they get shafted by a guy they still want.

    Did Carl hurt your feelings sweetheart? Are you upset that Jimmy who promised you the world got beat? Are you now home trolling Witness LA and stalking Carl on Social media? We suggest you seek help. Your post sounds very intimidly personal against Carl.

    One last thing, whatever ‘bad ideas’ Carl must have brought to AV’s campaign seemed to have worked out in a historic fashion. Just sayin the obvious.

    Let’s just chalk you up as another woman scorned.

  • Angel Reinosa is no longer a county employee, per Sheriff Villanueva. He was still on probation, so all it took was a simple letter saying he was being released from employment. No fuss, no muss, no appeal.

    For those playing along, Reinosa would only be entitled to what’s called a Liberty Interest Hearing. This would afford him an opportunity to try to clear his name with the Sheriff’s Department, but it does not have any impact on his employment status. Being a probationary employee, he had no property interest in his employment yet. In other words, he’s done.

  • Twenty-one years old & doing his probationary time out in patrol instead of in the jails like everybody else?

    That dead fish don’t smell too good.

  • It definitely happens these days – no conspiracy involved. Just a couple years ago, female deputies were rushed (read that as faked) through custody training to get them out to patrol. Lancaster station is one of the least desirable places to go, so the waiting list is virtually non-existent.

  • The option to leave custody early to go to Lancaster has been going on for years. Many were headed to TSB after completing patrol training there.

    Nothing to see here, no conspiracy so move on.

  • A woman scorned?? Is that what criticizing creepy Carl sounds like to you? I can’t speak for the ladies, but I never had feelings for Carl. I try to remain sympathetic to the female perspective though, and I can honestly say that Carl never struck me as a ladies man. I didn’t see woman chasing after that guy. Carl was nice when he wanted something. But when things don’t go his way, look out. Carl plays dirty.
    If you and AV ever decide to kick Carl out of your garage, you will both witness first hand what Carl does when things don’t go his way.

    Do you realize that you and AV make up Carl’s entire fan base? When you two are done digging holes to bury the mess you’ve created, maybe you can use some of that Carl cash to buy tu esposo…AV a speech tutor. When AV gives his resignation speech, he can sound a little more polished.

    Maybe you can catch us up on the latest events, and answer some questions.
    Why did AV lie at the second press conference about his reason for not attending the first press conference?
    Is Carl still living in your garage, even after the judges temporary injunction? Who is going to pay the legal fees for the upcoming jury trial to keep innocent Carl?

    Check back in a few weeks Simply Fed Up, Let everyone know how this is all working our for you and AV.

    Regarding your childish comment about being a fan of McBuckles. 99% of the dept was glad to see that guy go. You know this. Sadly, what we have now is worse. Never thought I’d say that. The BOS and the FEDs are no one’s friend! You don’t seem to grasp that criticizing AV is not an automatic endorsement for McDonnell.
    Sometimes there are no good choices.

  • @ Circus Circus

    Yup, scorned and definitely an ex 924 of Carl’s. Haha!

    Based on Carl’s track record, he had a way to attract psychos. And here’s another one. Lol.. Let me guess, you’re blonde, right?

  • Since AV was able to terminate the employee because he was still on probation says he had less than one year on since being sworn in as a police officer.

    These little wonders need some time to understand what they signed up for. They need more than a few months in custody and we shouldn’t let them stay there forever. It seems nobody wants to go to patrol thats what allowed this guy to get out so soon. The north county should be full of folks needing to get to patrol.

  • @Sidelines
    Have you seen the patrol list these days? It’s evident that no one wants to go out to patrol. Even the slow stations barely have a year wait. Majority of the trainees out right now have close to 9 month to a year on. It’s insane brother. Stations like Lancaster and Palmdale will practically take you right out of the academy.

  • I hope the department has a plan when NOBODY wants to leave the courts, TSB, or custody.

    It’s great for the folks who want to go to patrol. Patrol was the most fun I had in 32 years. Had to wait 3 years to escape custody division to go out and do what I wanted.

    Keep safe brother.

  • I agree. I’m a little over a year and a half away for my 30th and I’m done. I concur, patrol was the best job I had. Spent over half my career and 3 different stations. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. I spent 4 years in custody just to get to the station I wanted. Part of me does sympathies with the current generation. Things are completely different. This day and age they can’t wait to crusify a cop for the most mynut violation.

  • Clearly the Dept has an issue with the Deps not wanting to go out to the streets (unbelievable IMHO), then they need to further incentify Patrol (again unbelievable) by giving a Patrol Bonus. There is already a financial bump for those going out to Patrol and passing Patrol Training, but obviously it needs to be looked at and, perhaps be extended to REMAINING on Patrol. In other words, give all those folks pushing the black and whites a bonus. Maybe these…individuals….who profess to want to be Deputy Sheriffs when they apply for the job, will actually leave the relative safety of the jail and hit the streets where they will actually learn what it is like to actually be a Deputy Sheriff. Life is tough in Patrol, they should go out and earn their pay for a couple of years and then make a decision what they want to do in this Department,

  • We all have forgotten how this all came about. Remember the incompetent Terri McDonald who got the her job by doing nothing? She was wired in and the other candidates had no chance in her sham selection. After the jail scandal the BOS, in their stupidity, determined that deputies can work their entire careers in custody. This was done decades ago called Corrections Officers. And the BOS put McDonald in charge and look what happened! McDonald couldn’t even make out a report. Why go out to patrol when(at heart) you lack the fortitude? I’m sorry to malign those who are afraid to go to patrol but this is the current status of things.

  • @Um, I don’t think you can blame the BOS for this thing called “Custody Track.” Nor was it the hapless Big Red. It goes back to the investigative committee that was looking in to jail “violence” (which included then-LBPD Chief McBuckles) making it one of their recommendations – although the stupid idea had been around for awhile and dismissed as ……………well, stupid. Then Sheriff Bozo Baca (who was the genius who hired Big Red in the first place) went for it as one of the “reforms” that was going to fix everything wrong in the jail.

    When you get a mix of these elites “fixing” things, it ain’t going to come out well. It hasn’t.

  • As far as this Deputy / Trainee being assigned to Lancaster station at a young age (21), here is the reason:

    Lancaster, Palmdale & TSB are /were in need of personnel. Custody Deps. were asked if they wanted to go out to a “patrol station”, the available choices were the aforementioned locations.

  • Lancaster, Palmdale & TSB are / were in need of personnel and there is no “waiting list.” Coupled with the fact that some of these “young, eager” Deps. are looking to get out of custody, this is a result of such.

  • The incident that transpired at Lancaster was created by someone who was immature, selfish & wreck less. Regardless of what administration hired him (Reinosa) or who guided him, the ones who have and will deal with the brunt of his actions will be the men & women who proudly serve the LASD. Further, this incident along with others (i.e., new Sheriff, Mandoyan, BOS etc.) is causing more division within the department. There may be other contributing factors (BLM, Academy standards, SOP’s etc.), which may be causing frustration, disappointment, disillusionment, anger or whatever else it may be. However, to start personal attacks on one another is not good. We ALL have to rise above this petty BS and portray who we really are, the biggest, baddest Sheriff’s department! We have a Sheriff, who will back his line personnel (unlike other administrations). Is he (AV) the best? Maybe, maybe not. However, remember this, he was elected the Sheriff of L.A. County and a lot of department personnel wanted him to be their Sheriff. If AV is not “your cup of tea” then vote for the other candidate in the next election. Further, if you believe he is not doing what he should be doing, then request a meeting with him and air your grievances. Bottom line we are quick to point the finger at AV and others when we think / believe he and others are not doing their jobs. Nonetheless, when you point the finger at someone else, three of those five fingers are pointing right back at you.

  • Blah Blah Blah……what in the hell does BLM have to do with Reinosa? Next it’s Trump’s fault then the Mexican Mafia.

    Fyi, division has always existed in LASD including the Labor Unions to the Patrol Station Regions.

  • Staying in custody did not solely apply to Correction Officers in LASD. Patrol was not required for sworn deputies prior to Academy Class 214.

  • Reapers, devils, banditos, regulators, taz guyz, Did any of this bull@@@t increase public safety? Are the streets any safer because a station click existed. Thanks a lot for this mess. None of u geniuses had the foresight to see what this would turn into.

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