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The Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Passes. A Gift for All of Us


The Dream Act had enough votes to pass, 70 percent of Americans wanted it, but Republicans kept it from coming to a vote in the US Senate. So, again it died again on Saturday, and many of our nation’s outstanding young residents are still relegated to the shadows.

DADT looked like it would meet the same fate.

But it didn’t.

A sincere thank you to those eight Republicans who crossed over to be on the right side of history and human decency.

Olympia Snow, Maine
Susan Collins, Maine
Scott Brown. Mass.
Richard Burr, N.C.
Lisa Murkowsky, AK
John Ensign, NV
John Voinovich, OH
Mark Steve Kirk, IL

We are genuinely grateful to each you for standing up and, quite literally, being counted.

Merry early Christmas. This is a gift to all of us.


  • The Dream Act was a terribly written bill Celeste, it never should pass without major tightening up. The DADT passing was fine with me but the goodies that went along with the Dream Act made it impossible for Republicans to get behind it.

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