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May Day Revealed…..??? – UPDATED


It’s been five months since the Monster May Day Mess
occurred in MacArthur Park, and the LAPD’s main report on the situation is due to come out today.

So far, not much has been leaked
about what’s inside the report—except that the officers involved won’t be named.

But stay tuned.


The broad strokes of the report attribute the May Day problems as being “primarily a result of command structure, planning and communication breakdown, as well as training insufficiencies.”

Union folks also liked the fact that the report talks about cops who did the right and wise thing, in addition to those who did not.

The police union is generally happy with the overall direction of the report in that it blames brass not officers. Former Deputy Chief Caylor “Lee” Carter is said to be taking a heavy hit.

But officers are by no means off the hook. , As it stands now, 26 officers are under investigation for excessive use of force during the events of the day.

Details and commentary to come late this afternoon after I meet with some folks. In the meantime, the LA Times has some interesting pre-report information.

By the way, to date there have been more than 100 lawsuits filed as a result of the May Day actions on the part of LAPD officer.


  • I guess this is another case where the people who were here illegally and who failed to obey police orders are totally innocent. If someone drives a car without a license and is involved in an accident with you, that person is at fault because he shouldn’t even have been on the road–unless, maybe, he’s Mexican and gets a free pass? Oh, yes, that makes me a racist. It must be great to be a liberal and blame the establishment and law abiding people for all the problems.

  • Gee. The preliminary report sort of reads like our experience in Iraq. They all working from the same book of [bogus] plays?

    The report … highlighted numerous missteps by commanders and officers before and during the confrontation:

    * Deputy Chief … “underestimated the size and significance” [of the insurgents]

    * Commanders did not take advantage of the more than 450 officers available … relying instead on a smaller group of elite officers who easily became overwhelmed.

    * Officers appeared to use more force on [civilians then the UCMJ] allow…

    * There was confusion … about who was in charge, with some … saying there was tension between [our military] and [Blackwater mercs].

  • Attorney Carol Sobel has been quoted in the Daily News that she’s still recruiting people who were there for her class action lawsuit and is hoping to get “thousands.” How can she find so many, unless it’s literally everyone who was there, including the agitators who threw everything off (yes, there is video evidence of them jumping a fence, looking like they are having fun and grinning, then throwing stuff at the cops who were too poorly trained to handle this). My concern is all the financial liability to the city, on top of the huge payouts to the litigants against the LAFD. At a time when we are being asked to vote for a phone tax to replace the cell phone tax, or else we’re going to lose services — including police protection. We need to spend money to hire and better train cops and firefighters, and these lawsuits without regard to the good of the city as a whole are counterproductive.

  • Fixed: We need to spend money to hire and better train cops and firefighters, and these lawsuits without regard to the good of the city as a whole are counterproductive an incentive to do so.

  • Woody,
    The topic is about LAPD’s report on the mess in McArthur Park not about Did you get this confused back in your high school civics classes?

    You better hurry back to Marc Cooper’s blog Reg and his friends are trashing your beloved Ronald Reagan, something about Iran-Contra, Cocaine for Cash, and arms sales to your two mortal enemies the “axis of evil”, Iran and Iraq.

    I wonder who knows more about the LAPD, Celeste who lives in the Los Angeles area and has interviewed top brass at LAPD or Woody who gets his news from Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly.

  • Listener,

    While I agree that LAPD would not make changes if not for scandals such as the Rampart Scandal and now this. I still hate to see ambulance chasing attorneys profit from these events.

    I was in Hollywood a while back where LAPD was beating an obviously mentally retarded man who was not moving fast enough and the man’s sister was there telling the cops, he was mentally retarded and can’t react like they expected him to. It was a very pathetic site to see, the cops were like a group of thugs beating anybody within swinging distance.

  • LA Res, as long as Listener can bring in Iraq into the discussion (liberals just can’t help themselves), then there’s nothing wrong with me giving a little something back to her. I made an A in civics, and I passed the literacy test when I originally registered to vote.

    I don’t care what anyone says over at Marc Cooper’s, the only other place where I comment besides here–which leaves you 2,943,867 other blogs to enjoy without me. reg is a psycho and Randy is terribly insecure. If Reagan had not been President, the cold war would still be in progress and the Democrats would still be trying to appease the Soviet Union.

    Who knows more about LAPD isn’t the question. The question is who is willing to admit that the illegal aliens shouldn’t be here at all. I say they shouldn’t, and I didn’t get that from Limbaugh or anyone else.

    I think that the police were trying to save that cake out in the rain.

  • Listener: Can you post a link to your personal bank accounts, so we can seize your assets, since you’re all for people getting fleeced by ambulance chasing attorneys pushing them to play the race/gender/undocumented, you name it card? Of course, you won’t have enough to make a dent, since leftists never do, they’re all for taking other people’s money. (What a surprise that you would react this way!) Maybe you can run to replace Laura Chick for City Controller? You could have us bankrupt in record time, and in all-out chaos from lack of services. Probably wouldn’t take you more than a few days to turn us into “Blade Runner.” You’re absolutely right: we shouldn’t waste money training cops and firefighters, we should give it all away to frivolous litigants and then vote to tax ourselves to pay for it.

    Where did you say your accounts were, again?

  • That’s right only conservatives have money, pay taxes and work and received and “A” in civics class. All liberals are poor, uneducated and inarticulate and want to spend our money. President Bush I am so glad you did not spend our money as did Bill Clinton, and now you have reduced our national deficit.

  • Richie Rich: If you’re like your name, pls. post your bank account info, too, since the city is too broke to pay for all those ambulance chasers and you believe in them as a cause.

    Or, if you’d like to keep it secret, just post your email or a phone and we’ll go from there.

  • Under section 802 of the Patriot Act the demonstrators at McArthur Park should have been classified as terrorists, this would allow for the police to legally beat anyone in site including news reporters and their cameras if deemed necessary. We know terrorists use video cameras for nefarious reasons such as recording LAPD tactical procedures.

    Under section 412 of the Patriot Act, the terrorists may be detained indefinitely. And just for good measure no court shall have jurisdiction to review, by habeas corpus petition or otherwise, any such action or decision made by me.

  • Under our desires for interpretations of the U.S. Constitution, that were never intended but which we can force by threats of extended and costly litigation, and for our desire to undermine the legal authority of the United States government to protect its citizens, we think that protestors and activities which attack the rule of law and proper decorum are to be considered legal, proper, and desired.

  • Woody,
    I have very bad news for you, I will be the first female president of the United States. And many intelligent, well educated, and financially success women will vote for me. I now understand why you are such a bitter man, with that chauvinistic attitude it’s obvious you never have sex with a women.

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