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As Youth Arrests Dwindle, Racial Disparities Widen

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By Kylie Storm, Crosstown

The Los Angeles Police Department has made major strides in reducing the number of juveniles it arrests. But even as the numbers have fallen, dropping 87% over the last decade, racial disparities have widened.

In 2010, the LAPD arrested 19,774 kids; 18% were Black.

Last year, they arrested 2,619, but the percentage of Black kids nearly doubled, to 33%. Black people make up 9% of the population in the City of Los Angeles.

By comparison, white kids accounted for less than 5% of total juvenile arrests in 2019; 29% of the city’s population is white. Hispanic kids represented 60% of total arrests; 49% of city residents are Hispanic.

As the LAPD makes fewer juvenile arrests, a larger percentage of them are Black

A trend amplified in kids

The shift is an illustration of how even an apparent success –– such as cutting back on the number of juveniles arrested –– still fails to address the racism embedded within the justice system, especially when it comes to kids.

Yearly LAPD youth arrests by race

The racial disparities in juvenile arrests, which includes kids aged 13 to 17, are even greater than they are for adults. Black adults made up 28.4% of all LAPD arrests in 2019.

“These disparities persist throughout the various stages of justice system contact,” said Dominique Nong, the director of youth justice policy at the Children’s Defense Fund-California.

She noted that the skewed arrest data is amplified even more as Black kids move through the system. Black youth are five times more likely to be detained than white youth, and are more likely to be tried as adults for the same offenses.

Across the nation, the number of youth arrests spiked in the ’80s and ’90s, when it was considered a major strategy for crime suppression. Many states, including California, passed a series of measures that increased punishment for youth offenders. By catching young criminals and even sentencing them to long periods of detention, the logic went, authorities would be reducing the potential for crime in the future.

But the opposite happened. Arresting someone at an early age only increased their chances of being arrested again. Once they were in the criminal justice system, it was hard to exit.

“When juveniles are arrested, it significantly decreases the positive outcomes of their life across a variety of different measures,” said Charlene Taylor, a senior researcher at the National Council on Crime and Delinquency. “Whether we’re looking at educational attainment, employment, average income as an adult, future of substance abuse … there are so many things.”

Rolling back a punitive approach

More recently, California began to move away from the punitive approach. In 2010, then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana. In the following year, possession-related arrests for juveniles in California fell by 61%, according to a report by the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice.

In 2014, the Los Angeles United School District reformed its policies to focus on counseling and other school resources instead of issuing citations to students for fights and disciplinary infractions. Copious research has shown how approaches such as suspending students from school for behavior is more likely to push them into the criminal justice system.

As the data indicates, the LAPD stopped focusing on arresting juveniles to curb crime a decade ago.

“What we found in juvenile justice is that law enforcement oftentimes only made matters worse, not through any fault of law enforcement, but the criminal justice system, the harshness of it, the bracing nature of it, did not encourage necessarily recovery or redemption,” LAPD Chief Michel Moore said at a press conference in January.

Yet even a dramatic cutback in the number of arrests was not enough, as the improvements ended up magnifying the racial inequalities further.

“If [the decision to arrest] is made even in part based on that child’s race, I think it has more of a collective or accumulative effect when we start to look at the impact on Black communities,” said Taylor, who consults with juvenile corrections agencies as part of her work with the National Council on Crime and Delinquency.

On June 3, the City Council introduced a motion to reinvest the $100-150 million in cuts from the LAPD into disadvantaged communities and communities of color.

This story by Kylie Storm was originally published by Crosstown, a non-profit news organization that uses data on crime, traffic and air quality to tell stories about Los Angeles.

Image courtesy of Crosstown illustrator Kiera Smith.

How Crosstown did it: They examined publicly available LAPD arrest data from 2010 to 2019. Learn more about their data here.


  • To the guest writer of this article. Look at the video footage of the looters during the “protests” across the nation. Tell me how many black youth vs. white youth were in the mix?

    The video footage of the Walmart in Florida shows a pretty vivid , colorful display of looters.

  • Their answer to why black youth commit a disproportionally high amount of crime (in relation to the population) is because of racism and police harassment. It’s one of those things everyone repeats but relatively few really believe. The powerful have adopted it (for their own political reasons) forcing everyone to literally “bend the knee”. Of course witness la takes this dogma on faith and would consider any other explanation as heresy.

  • Oh Fat Rolman, your racism is sneaking out. You offer a data set of one, one video. Maybe if you get off the couch, stop watching Fox, and take a look for yourself, you will that there are a hell of a lot of white kids. What I saw at the Grove a couple weeks ago was mostly white kids. And, they seemed to be doing most of the graffiti or vandalism. Do not get me wrong, I don’t particular care for the Grove and could care less if they cover it with graffiti or burn it the ground. Caruso will be fine. He will get more tax breaks to rebuild it, as he he did to build it. And, I am glad these white kids are not as racist as their parents. But, don’t let Fox cover your world view. Get off your ass and go see for yourself. And, take Madame Kong with you.

  • There are so many reasons for the disparity besides race but WLA has chosen to ignore the rest. Perhaps we should suggest they go to school. Yes even if your school is not the best, get everything you can out of what is offered. Do not have children out of wedlock. Get a job, than get married and have children. If the job is not the greatest don’t sweat it… work your way to a better job. If you do have children in or out of wedlock, they are now your priority. Give them the chance you did not have. Don’t let race, gender, religion or anything be a barrier.

  • In a perfect world I understand you but we do live in a real world.
    Take a survey and see how many cops that have kids out of wedlock and you’ll need another blog to cover it.
    Additionally how many cops were born out wedlock or without both parents growing up, you’ll be surprised.

  • Well CF it’s official. Blacks are now allowed to commit criminal acts without fear of arrest or retribution. The rest of us will continue to obey a police officer when we are stopped. We will also try not to commit crimes to reduce our contact with law enforcement officers. I don’t think we will need to fear contact with the police anymore though. The ones who have not yet retired will certainly not get involved in any situations where force might be used. Looks like we are on our own from now on. But I’m not really concerned. I’m very proficient with firearms and have a extensive supply of ammunition to protect myself, my family, and my property.

  • Just heard a former police chief for Milwaukee speak. He said the economically disadvantaged in the inner city want the police presence in their neighborhoods. It’s their children being killed on the way to school (not by the police) They however will not speak against the social activists claiming to represent their interests. Why? Because they have to live there and fear retribution by those so called activists, gang members etc. What a great country we have where as a black person you fear speaking ur mind if it disagrees with the “approved” views of ur culture.

  • I guess Malcom X has been given a bad wrap by white culture. He was very intelligent and intuitive. He was a danger to the left and liberal black activists which is probably why he was assassinated.

  • @cf….once again, your ignorant, illiterate writings continue to leave the reader wondering WTF you are talking about. There is a cure for this, it’s called English 101 and if you are up to the challenge, they also offer a Critical Thinking course as well.

    Obviously, you did not comprehend my post. I stated, “Look at the video footage of the looters during the “protests” across the nation.” Which any intelligent individual with half a cerebrum would have ascertained that it was pertaining to multiple incidents across the nation. Thus, being depicted by multiple video footage. Nonetheless, I understand your deficiency, Cerebrum Fallacy, hence your moniker “cf.”

    Further, in a past post, I stated that you ASSume I am fat and retired. This is typical behavior of an individual who lacks the mental acuity. Furthermore, my reference to video footage was not from Fox news, as you so ignorantly displayed your bias. The video footage was from your very own biased, fake journalists (i.e., CNN, ABC etc.), which is poured out, of which you continually seem to swallow, thus altering your fragmented, minuscule cerebrum. You know, that lump of shit three feet above your cornholio.

    As far as, “getting off my ass…” why don’t you come and get me off my ass? Anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

  • @Bandwagon…great link to the Malcolm X article. Malcolm X & Dr. MLK knew what was going on. Unfortunately, today’s generation either does not understand and or care what Malcolm X & Dr. MLK were all about.

  • Fat Rolman, I did not mean to upset you. Relax, overweight folk probably have high blood pressure and should not be getting to upset. Btw, when I am referring to you as fat, I imagine the average cop on the force after about 10 years. But, you are right, even though the average is fat there will be some that fall below the mean, not so fat, and some above the mean, damn fat. Perhaps you are one that falls below.

    And, if you read your post you may recall you said, “the video footage of the Walmart in Florida shows a pretty vivid, colorful display of looters.” They were black, and that is why you pointed to that video and not the many others in which white kids are looting and vandalizing. Admit it, you are racist. Out of many, why point to this one. You should work at Fox news.

    Finally, Fat Rolman, are you threatening me? Are you threatening violence? Madame Kong is going to go tell the teacher and get both of us in trouble. Is that how you treat the black kids when they talk back to you? My god, if you can’t take a nice exchange on-line, I can imagine how you treat the black kid that calls you a pig or talks back. Perhaps you should not be wearing a badge.

    Bandwagon/Fat Rolman – Yes, finally you are correct about something, that Malcolm was an intelligent man and that others should listen. Both of you racists, however, would want to lynch both Malcolm and Martin if they were with us today. You would speak of them in a derogatory manner, to say the least. You can cherry pick their words, but you take them out of context and, just as important, you leave much out. Mark you this, Fat Rolman, “the devil can cite scripture for his purpose. An evil soul producing holy witness is like a villain with a smiling cheek.” Bandwagon, Fat Rolman will tell you where that is from since he may have read a book or two in high school.

    You should read what Malcolm said about racism, white and institutional racism, and the police. Do you also agree with him when he said that black people have been exploited and oppressed, denied civil and human rights. Or, that black people, and people of color, have a common enemy and that they should come together. Or, that he believed in an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and that if someone lays a hand on you, including a cop (sometimes he used a euphemism) you should make sure he does not do it again. Oh, the man was intelligent.

    Finally, you may want to share your thoughts on Malcolm to LASD Asspostle since he was stuck on the little token Candace Owens and graduated to Sheldon Steele. Malcolm had a few thoughts LASD Asspotle may want to read on the difference between an field negro and the house negro. Malcolm was the former, and LASD Asspostle’s black heroes are the latter.

    P.S. Since some of you like Chappell, you may want to listen to some of his thought on the police in his latest show for Netflix show. He throws in his thoughts on Dorner. Its good. Enjoy.

  • Although he believed in separatism….he was certainly right about the political left…

  • Hey greg (cf) you should read what Malcom had to say about the Palestinians and the apartheid state of Israel. (He won’t, cf is a phony he uses blacks as a means to get back at the people he felt bullied him, nothing more)

  • CF/Can’t Function, nobody really cares what Chappell thoughts are on Dorner or any other cop killer. Much like the majority of people here know they are sick cowards the thoughts of a comedian who speaks on them is news for a short time and forgotten. You should be squatting up in Seattle with the other jobless rabble not wasting your time here worrying about the physical conditioning of officers. Now their demanding new trials for all convicted Black felons by all Black juries, you should like that idea.
    After all, cops probably used tainted evidence in every single case because the suspects were Black, you know that. I’m so happy at what brainless jackals of BLM , Antifa and people whose life is consumed with hating cops, old weak geriatrics like you are doing to ensure Trump victory in November. Thanks for all your hard work, it helps..
    Keep talking, it’s the only thing your old, tired weak ass has in life. Well that, a computer and Door Dash.

  • Hey CF: Just curious why blacks make up approx 40% of arrests nation wide each year, yet make up on 13% of the population. Also why do blacks blame the cops when an unarmed black man disobeys a police officer, resists and winds up dead. You see in the white culture we would say the asshole had it coming for breaking the law and resisting the police. Could it be that because of the above indicated statics blacks assume someone they know will ultimately have contact with the police. CF why don’t blacks teach their kids to respect law enforcement and not resist or be an asshole when stopped. CF why do black politicians and activists blame the police instead of telling their people not to break the law. U see CF in the white culture we are taught to respect authority and not to resist cops doing their job. Hey CF how come black politicians are using the word deescalate to mean when a black persons breaks the law and resists, to let them go. Hey CF why was black lives matter started on an incident that never happened. Hey CF why doesn’t the black culture take responsibility for their social ills instead of blaming them on the white devil. Just curious CF why is everything so fucked up in the inner city. Hey CF why can’t a black person disagree with the “approved” views of their culture without being labeled an Uncle Tom or threatened by their own people. Just curious CF!

  • On another topic. The fools that are homesteading in Seattle all seem to have one thing in common. They don’t work for a living. They don’t pay taxes and are not invested in the community like normal folks. Yet they seem to have some sort of beef with the rest of society. Must be kids who had time outs instead of discipline. We reap what we sow.

  • Hey CF sorry for the rant. Systemic racism is obviously the culprit in the inner city. What else could it be. Same old white man trying to keep the black man down. Just tell us what u need and I will see it gets done. Reparations? A big hug and an apology for slavery? A get out of jail card when ur stopped for breaking the law. Just let us know CF. We can’t read minds and I really hate it when I’m late for an appointment because some fools are on the freeway blocking traffic.

  • I’ve done some research on this issue.

    I don’t want consequences for any actions unless you’re white or a cop then I want no due process either.

    I don’t want to go to school until I do, and then I’d like imaginary points added to my GPA and standardized tests because 2+2 does not equal 4 due to years of oppression.

    I don’t want to work, until I want to work, then I’d like to be the owner of a professional sports team.

    I don’t want to victimize everyone without intervention until I’m victimized then I want everyone arrested.

    Simple demands but that’s what I want. That will make me feel better, until it won’t and then I’ll send you a new list.

  • LOL -“I’ve done some research on this issue” Was your research conducted at the esteemed Fox News University, or Breitbart, or info wars where your KKK professors Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and the kooks at Breitbart infuse you with Kool-Aid.

  • Hey CF. Crickets. As a race blacks are blowing it right now. I grew up in a mixed area. Hate to say it. But yes my best friends were black. Don’t consider myself to be prejudice although I am white. I also gave CPR to a black man in south central who’s heart had stopped. After he threw cup bile I had to wipe his mouth and continue No medical mask at the time. Yet right now I’m sick and tired of what’s going on in the black communities. I starting to not give a shit anymore and I’m very liberal as far as race. If I fill this way then I would imagine millions of other white Americans feel the same way. It started with Obama and hasnt stopped. The black culture better get their shit together soon or we may get to a point where race relations are not repairable. Just one white mans opinion. But then again I was born white so I’m obviously a bigot and in the privileged class.

  • Yeah exactly.
    I’ve found personal experience to be much more reliable. I mean, it’s no Rachel Maddow or Jim Acosta but it’ll have to suffice. Take your BLM crybaby propaganda and go home. You lose your seat at the table when you burn down neighborhoods and block freeways. Yeah, blocking freeways gets you kicked out because there are people in this country that actually work and give a shit. People are giving less f@cks about your dilemma as the days carry on.
    Business as usual relatively soon. Way to waste goodwill, bro.

  • Fife, you should care about Dorner. I’m surprised you dont. He served in the military. Does that not make him a hero? He was a police officer. Does that not make him a hero? And, from what I hear he was a pretty good shot. He had you and Fat Rolman scared shitless. Fat Rolman is very tough on this site. The bother can’t take a joke and wants to resort to violence, but when Dorner was out, he, like a few thousand other cops, were scared shitless. It almost sounds like a joke, How many cops does it take to catch a black man with gun? I think the answer was 400. And, I mentioned Chappell because I’ve read that some of you liked him. I thought you might enjoy his new show. And, whether Trump wins or loses will not make a difference to me. I will be fine, my bank account will be fine. And as I mentioned to Madame Kong, I’m in it for the long run. I did well under Obama and have done well under Trump (until he f-ed up this pandemic, of course) and, god willing, I’ll do well under Biden or Trump. So, do not worry about me. BTW, the “god-willing” is just a figure of speech.

    Bandwagon, no need to apologize for your racist rant. We are, after all, cyber friends. What are friends for if not to listen to racist rants. And, of course, you are not racist. Celeste will tell, if she dared hurt your feelings, how much of a racist you are. And, I would be more than happy to answer your questions if I thought you were sincere, or even had the intellectual capacity to understand. But, as to your first one, have you ever thought that some of those arrests are because you go fishing for black folk, all things equal. For example, we KNOW, the literature is clear, that whites and blacks use drugs in the same numbers, but for some reason, which you and your ilk have yet to discover, they get arrested more often than white folk. Not too long ago the CHP was busted stopping Latino drivers more than whites? Why? No reason other than they were Latino. They were looking for Latino drivers. You stop more, you’ll arrest more. You know that.

    If history had played out the other way, blacks had owned whites, White folk would be in the same situation as black folks are right now. Don’t fool yourself. I am amazed at how far they have come given than less than 200 years ago they were slaves, about 50 years ago they still had to use a, no pun intended, shittier toilet than whites, could not go to your schools, and if they did, they needed the national guard to protect them against white folks, couldn’t live in your neighborhoods because if they did your people would riot and burn their home. And now, your sorry asses are working for the police department and a Harvard educated black man is embarrassing a white girl who tried to bully and threatened him. Fifty years ago, in some parts of this nation, that white girl could have had the brother hung from a tree. Now, he goes to Harvard. Yes, they have come a long way. What I find amazing is that your parents and grandparents had opportunities his parents and grandparents did not, yet he went to Harvard and you and your ilk have government jobs. Surely, you could have accomplished more. How sad.

    And, sure, Ive heard it before, you had black friends. OK you gave a black person CPR. Was it on the job? If so, shut up. Impress me by telling me you are a super hero and you go to black neighborhoods on your time off and help black people and perform CPR, without a government paycheck. Its like that Chris Rock joke about the brother being all proud about taking care of his kids. Chris says, Motha-Fer, that is what you are supposed to do. Similarly, do not tell me about what you do while being paid by the government, that is what you are supposed to do.

    LOL, the personal experiences of a racist does not good research make. Pick up a book. It will serve you well. That Fox News is dumbing you down. And, you need not go to Maddow or whomever is on MSNBC. Just pick up a book, but not one those half-ass Killing someone books that O’Riley writes. A real book with footnotes, a lot of words, not just pictures.

  • Cf loves to mention Dorner as if he’s a mysterious arch terrorist, in the classical sense , like black September or whatever. But dorner was nothing but a narcissistic looney, much more Dylan Roof than Black September. Which may be why cf identifies with him so much.

  • Sorry. CF. Sorry but I don’t buy the victimization excuse anymore. You know a funny thing. When I work a black area I dont find many white people. So I arrest the black folks committing crimes. But alas they excused from their unlawful behavior because generations ago their forefathers were brought here against their will. How are things in the African Continent these days. Do u think an African American here has better opportunities than his relatives still living on the continent. I’m quite sure that I will be label a racist for dare making that comparison. But do tell if I’m wrong. Plenty of other folks at the low end of the social class have made it here. Reason. They are not victims. They don’t blame their plight on other races or cultures. They get off their asses and make something of themselves. I said it before blacks in this country are blowing it. From the criminals rioting to the upper and middle class blacks keeping their moths shut. Be care what u wish for U just might get it. U want to accuse white peoples of being racists. Well your actions just might do that. You as a culture are going to reap what u sow unless you drop the victimization and start accepting responsibility for your own place in society.

  • CF: You know we unlawfully put Japanese Americans in internment camps during WWII and took away their property. Recent history. Not generations ago. Do you here them still bitching and rioting in the streets. No. They went on with their lives and became productive members of society. You know CF the problem isn’t what white people thinks of blacks. It’s what blacks think of themselves. Chew on that for awhile

  • CF: a couple years ago LAPD shot and killed a suspect who took away one of the officer’s taser and tried to use it against them. Hmm. Don’t remember that one do you. No rioting in the streets and anti police rhetoric. Why. Because he was white and not part of the protected class. But let’s go ahead and indict this officer in Atlanta to appease a certain culture in this country so they won’t burn their neighborhoods down. I live in a conservative enclave in AZ A lot of retired cops. Try that bullshit here and I guarantee a response you won’t find in Los Angeles or Portland.

  • Hey CF. The 14 year old that handed the knife to the killer of Tessa Majors is only getting six months in custody. Three male blacks brutally stab a young white college student while trying to rob her. Hey CF if the victim was black and the suspects white that would be a hate crime right? But I heard she resisted their efforts to rob her so SHE escalated the situation. I’m sure the young men are just a product of systemic racism that has been plaguing the black culture for generations. So we can excuse their criminal behavior. After all the young college girl was a member of the ruling elite (white) class.

  • @bandwagon “start accepting responsibility for your own place in society” and where exactly it that place in society. I’m just curious where that is.

  • @cf (Cerebrum Fallacy)……No, I am not resorting to violence. I just made a statement and called you out on your BS rhetoric. You can interpret that as you like. Just as a reminder, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

    You come onto this blog and do not have anything constructive to say. Yet you are quick to judge and insult others (i.e., LEO’s) by making ignorant comments. So, if someone calls you out on your comments, don’t act like a little BEE YATCH.

    Once again, I have to reiterate myself to your feeble cerebrum on what I stated. Pay attention. This is what I posted: “Look at the video footage of the looters during the “protests” across the nation. Tell me how many black youth vs. white youth were in the mix?

    The video footage of the Walmart in Florida shows a pretty vivid , colorful display of looters.

    Again, I was making reference to looters during the “protests” and I also made reference to the Walmart video of the looters. So, contrary to your cherry picking of what I posted, I had made reference to ALL the looters, not just the looters at Walmart. Comprende? That’s do you understand for those of you who don’t habla.

    Further, I treat the public by the way I was taught growing up. By the Golden Rule. Nonetheless, if I am reciprocated in another manner, then the response will be equally matched.

    Furthermore, you accuse me of being a racist. You have no clue as to what I am, who I am, where I’ve been and much less how I am. Sometimes people such as yourself, like to project their deficiencies onto others. Moreover, you stated that I would have loved to lunch Malcolm X & Dr. MLK. I presume you have crystal ball that allows you to conjure up ignorant, racist manifestations. Quite frankly, I respect both of them. They stood up for something. Unlike you.

    I addition, you stated that, “I was scared shitless….” when Dorner was out and about. Actually, I was thinking tactically of what I would do in certain situations. Also, if God had allowed me to take this disgruntled man out, I would have placed a .223 round between his eyes. Whatever the amount of LEO’s it took to “catch a black man,” the bottom line is he was caught.

    As you further stated, “I am tough on this site…and the brother can’t take a joke and resort to violence.” Just to clarify I can take a joke and as far as being tough, I call them I as see them. If that causes consternation on your part, then deal with it as best you can.

    You once posted that you are not an LEO or have ever been an LEO. Yet, I believe Maj. Kong called you out as being a Reserve? Can you confirm?

  • Madame Kong, Black September? I see you have been Googling (doing research as some of your colleagues call it) or watching the History Channel. I would have more impressed with the Baader Meinhof. But, alas, you had to pick an organization made of people of color and not a white one. Maybe you aren’t racist and they haven’t covered them on the History Channel. And, I am not so sure he was in the Dylan Roof category. Dorner was LAPD, complained against their use of force, veteran of the military, and could shoot from a distance. Poor little Dylan had nothing going for him. He even had a bad haircut.

    Bandwagon, you really need to relax. Next time cover all of your thoughts in one sitting. To answer your questions, I think the Africans in Africa are better off than the decedents (or, nonexistent decedents) of the millions of Africans who are sitting in the bottom of the ocean because they never made it to the shores on the cargo ship. They never left decedents. And, yes, Africa has some serious issues. The British, the Portuguese, the Belgians, the French, the Italians, the Germans, among other European nations raped, murdered and plundered the nation. They left it a mess. Again, I am amazed at how far they have come given what the Europeans did to them.

    And, to follow your logic, about 15 years ago one of your own, a female LAPD officer, was shot in Watts by what the media called a robbery suspect. She ended up paralyzed. Young woman, in her 30s, and had a little girl under two. She ended up paralyzed from the chest down. A shame. Would you say that she has nothing to complain about and maybe we should let the guy off (actually he was killed) because it could have been worse. She could have been one of the five officers in Dallas that died in the shooting by that veteran that was pissed off at how police treat black people. Paralyzed versus dead? According to your logic, she has nothing to complain about since it could have been worse. BTW, that young man would be a hero according to your logic since he was a veteran of afghan conflict.

    And, do not cherry pick examples and show me this white guy or that white girl. Let us look at the universe of data, some serious statistical analysis. You and your ilk keep bringing up data sets of 1. You would have be blind, ignorant or a racist not to see how we treat black people. Now, get some sleep.

  • And 1. It starts with stop using the race card and victimization. As I stated before many different races and cultures have come here at the bottom of the social ladder and advanced We all get out of life what we put into it. Time to stop blaming slavery/systematic racism as an excuse for not advancing. Why don’t I hear black activists or politicians talking about the crime rate of blacks in the inner city or addressing at when stopped by the police to not resist and cooperate. We live in a so called civilized society. Part of our responsibility as a society is to cooperate with the police when we are stopped It prevents chaos within our society We all have that responsibility regardless of race Lastly blacks in this country have more to fear from other blacks than the police. But you won’t hear any activists or politicians talking about that. We have had discussion on a few occasions and I respect your views.

  • And 1. It starts with stop using the race card and victimization. As I stated before many different races and cultures have come here at the bottom of the social ladder and advanced We all get out of life what we put into it. Time to stop blaming slavery/systematic racism as an excuse for not advancing. Why don’t I hear black activists or politicians talking about the crime rate of blacks in the inner city or addressing at when stopped by the police to not resist and cooperate. We live in a so called civilized society. Part of our responsibility as a society is to cooperate with the police when we are stopped It prevents chaos within our society We all have that responsibility regardless of race Lastly blacks in this country have more to fear from other blacks than the police. But you won’t hear any activists or politicians talking about that. We have had discussion on a few occasions and I respect your views. All I want are fair and open discussions on race. Not just to fill someone’s political agenda.

  • And 1. Sorry I didn’t answer your question. But judging by statements of black activists and politicians the black culture is near or at the bottom of the social spectrum/class. Not my words…I also believe the real question is not what white people think of blacks….it’s what blacks think of themselves…using the race card and victimization gives insight into that question.

  • He didn’t scare me or any of my partners shitless. Didn’t scare us at all. Was no hero. just another cowardly psychotic. That’s all you got? I’ve never been one to claim service alone made you a hero, but unlike you, especially today, I believe it takes some balls just to show up at work.

  • CF: now who is on a rant. What does a police officer being shot and left paralyzed how to do with my comments. Ur out in left field on this one. Plz explain ur analogy for those of us on the dark side.

  • Yes. We are aware of what the European did trying to colonize the African Continent. It’s shameful. A direct result of that colonialism in recent history was the genocide in Rwanda. U remember 800,000 people killed in 10 months while the world watched and did nothing. Especially the US under the leadership of Bill Clinton. I remember Susan Rice who said there were acts of genocide occurring trying to walk the line because if we admitted genocide was occurring we would be obligated to stop it. Yes Bill Clinton the first black president let 800,000 people get hacked to death with machetes. It’s shameful what we and other countries failed to do and stop it.

  • Bandwagon – Instead of hiding behind the term of “a certain culture” buy yourself a pair of “man balls” and just say what you mean.

    Don’t be lulled into a false security thinking that your enclave can’t be reached or breached, ask the Native Americans…

  • The crime rates aren’t talked about because they do not represent what you claim they do. Let’s take the stat thrown around that is usually stated as african americans commit 50-60% of the murders in the US. First off the clear rate in the US for murders has been hovering around 60% for a while now. So first off, the stat actually says african americans commit 50-60% of the SOLVED murders. With clear rate being around 60% that means at most we “know” they commit 25-30%. But… wait, the stats I’ve been able to find that are actually published are for arrests not convictions. The BJS does not publish stats for convictions, just arrests. Once again that stat does not mean how it has been stated.
    Since I actually do statistics and can generate the models, if EVERYTHING else is equal, if you police a specific population more they will have a higher crime rate. If you use that crime rate data to choose where to police, you will get an even higher crime rate. This is a positive feedback cycle, ie, a small bias initially, used to make future decisions will cause that bias to amplify. This can be true even if the supposed higher crime committing population commits less crime.

    But in your world you refuse to understand the actual numbers and what they mean. The evidence you point to – higher crime rates among african americans can just as easily be explained by higher levels of policing. Even LEO’s argue they police those areas because their is more crime – the exact scenario that increases bias in policing if there was ever any bias to begin with. If you really expect me to believe there has never been historic bias in policing, then yeah maybe you have a bridge to sell me too.

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