LAPD Officer Attacked and Injured at Harbor Division Station on Saturday Night

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

An officer of the Los Angeles Police Department was wounded on Saturday night, at around 10 p.m. by a suspect who walked into the Harbor Division station and assaulted the desk officer who attempted to find out what he needed.  Evidently the suspect managed to get the officer’s gun then pistol whipped him in the head with it,  at which point the watch commander saw the attack and shot at the suspect, who ran out of the station.

The suspect reportedly also fired shots.  Neither the police or the suspect’s shots injured anyone.

The officer was rushed to the hospital and, according to LAPD Chief Michel Moore, who first tweeted about the incident at 11:22 p.m., the officer, who is as yet unnamed, was in stable condition.

The chief and Los Angeles City Council member Joe Buscaino, who served as an officer with the LAPD for 15 years, each also tweeted that they were headed over to the hospital on Saturday night.

The Harbor Community Station, located at 2175 John S. Gibson Blvd. in San Pedro, has reduced hours due to COVID-19 conditions, meaning the lobby was likely closed when the attacker came into the station.

The suspect was taken into custody after a brief vehicle chase, and the injured officer’s gun was reportedly recovered in the suspect’s car.

The officer, who is a long time department veteran, is expected to recover.

Just before midnight, Chief Moore tweeted that he has spoken with the injured officer. “He is resting and will be ok.  Bumps and bruises.  He was not shot.”

No word as yet about the suspect’s motive.

The shooting incident comes two weeks after a suspect ran up and ambushed two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies, shooting and wounding both deputies through the passenger side window of their patrol vehicle, as the male and female department members were sitting in the vehicle outside the metro station in Compton.

The sheriff’s deputies, who are members of the departments’ Transit Services Bureau, are now recovering and are no longer hospitalized. Yet their injuries were serious, putting both of the deputies in critical condition during the first long hours after the shooting.

More as we know it.


  • Hope there’s video because CF swears the “he’s going for my gun” scenario doesn’t happen.

    On that note, embarrassing. It’s one thing for a suspect to try for an officer’s gun, another to actually control it. Maybe look for work elsewhere…

  • Lame.
    Cops are not perfect and not everyone should be a cop.
    Retain your weapon or get on.
    Sorry Circle. I stand behind law enforcement but we all should admit, not everyone is physically or mentally able to perform the work.

  • And if the officer had taken care of business and shot the “unarmed” fine citizen, it would be riots, BLM, and the DA filing charges. Better just to get his ass kicked and not lose his career.

  • That is the horrible truth. An African American criminal is untouchable regardless of the level of violence toward law enforcement.

  • Any of us could lose our weapons, given the right circs. Until you know the facts, you are farting in the wind.

    BTW, there was just a fatal shooting by OC Sheriff wherein one Deputy shot a suspect who was “trying” to get his partner’s gun. So are you saying that is a bad shooting because an officer should never lose his weapon, thus making the shooting unnecessary? Can’t have it both ways.

  • Well, I’m a supporter of law enforcement just to clarify. However, I do find fault in their tactics or general fitness especially if it leads to an incident that would’ve been avoidable had they stayed proficient in either.

    I did not say suspects do not try and disarm officers so that’s a dead issue.

    Review the incident. If the officer was a tactical disaster or more of a round shape than most, then deal with it accordingly. I’ve never understood why more officers do not value tactics training (yes I’ve seen them try to weasel out of it) or at least try to stay in a reasonable condition to be involved in a fight. How many times have you seen an officer bitch out of control/arrest training? Or anything requiring physical contact which is a large part of the job.

    So you’re correct I don’t have the facts. After reviewing loads of similar incidents I can probably make a prediction the two factors I indicated were contributing to the outcome.

  • RealLOL – Funny how when the suspect actually “goes for the gun,” he gets it and pistol whips the officer. And, when the suspect actually has a gun and fires, he is still alive. I must agree with you, this is embarrassing. When someone actually goes after you, you aren’t so tough and aren’t such a great shot. No doubt the officer was scared shitless. And, I, too, hope there is video. Do share if you come across it.

  • Well, the suspect wasn’t able to manipulate the pistol and had the safety on so he did indeed try to shoot first. Let’s don’t pretend his intent was not to kill the cop.

  • LAPD in the past tended to staff their desk with light duty officers. Additionally, officers/deputies have their guard down when in their station houses. The suspect also seemed to have a plan. All of these issues put any officer at a disadvantage. I would not be to hard on him. Perhaps as we reimagine Criminal Justice we will staff the desk with Social Workers. They will, no doubt, deescalate these types of incidents for the safety of all of us!

  • RealLOL-
    No need to post the video. I was able to view it. OMG! Is it really that simple to take a cop’s gun away and pistol whip them with it. And, are they so incompetent and three cops can’t take the person down. One on one you are so tough. Those cops should be fired. This is what we pay top dollar and nice pensions for? Embarrassing.

  • CF….you idiot. I’m sure the officer, who you can clearly see backing away, was trying to descalate, preserved life and not get into a fight or struggle with this “citizen”. Thanks to you, others like you, our enlightened state legislature and clueless governor that enacted a state law that adds another layer to the use of deadly force, I’m sure this officer was second guessing, hesitating and quickly thinking if his options. “Do I get into a fist fight, grappling match or go straight to my gun?” If I shoot him, in the wake of the media, public and political climate, will I be tried, convicted and executed in the court of public opinion and be the catalyst for more protesrs and the story of the week? Will my Department and mayor hang me out to dry? Maybe it’s just better to take my lumps and hope for the best?

    Sad that it has come to these but just a sign of the times and representative of the box our law state makers have been on a mission to box law enforcement into.

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