Sheriff Baca Continues to Shake Up Command Staff, Names New Assistant Sheriff

According to a statement that went out to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department personnel late Thursday afternoon, Commander James Hellmold will be promoted to the rank of Assistant Sheriff, overseeing three LASD field operations regions, plus both the Detective and Homeland Security divisions. Hellmold, a commander, was leapfrogged over a list of higher ranked department chiefs to land in the A/S spot. His promotion becomes effective on Sunday, December 30.

There was a need for speed since Hellmold will replace Assistant Sheriff Marvin Cavanaugh who announced his January 1 retirement earlier this month.

Cavanaugh was one of those on the LASD command staff who was criticized in testimony before the Citizens Commission on Jail Violence for failing to take action when confronted with the growing crisis of deputy on inmate abuse in the LA County jails. As a consequence, it has been rumored that his retirement was less than voluntary, and that the sheriff was holding him responsible for much of the jails mess.

Of course, the main LASD command staff member singled out by the Jails Commission for sanction is Undersheriff Paul Tanaka. Yet, so far, the undersheriff appears to have escaped any sort of blame by the sheriff for his reported part in the scandal.

Commander Hellmold, who will be replacing Cavanaugh, is a member of the Sheriff’s specially selected Commander Management Task Force, which was sent into the jails to help precipitate reform after the scandal began to heat up.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I realize that all this may seem like so much inside baseball to those who are not obsessive LASD watchers, however Hellmold’s promotion has triggered lots of speculation in and around the department as to what the move may signify in terms of power shifts at the LASD’s highest levels. Thus it is worth noting.


  • “Of course, the main LASD command staff member singled out by the Jails Commission for sanction is Undersheriff Paul Tanaka. Yet, so far, the undersheriff appears to have escaped any sort of blame by the sheriff for his reported part in the scandal.”

    – Because he is guilty of NOTHING and the Federal Investigation will prove that! Go LASD!!

  • Well, isn’t this the same guy that covered up all the violence and IAB’s at Century station? And isn’t this the same guy that covered up for Baca and Tanaka at the jail hearings? And doesn’t he have a gang tattoo on his leg? YUP! For those of you that thought that Tanaka was not involved; you were wrong! This was Tanaka’s pick.
    C: Just in case you may not totally understand the seriousness of this promotion Hemmold skipped over the rank of Chief! Nothing has changed!!!

  • I think this is great. All the tenured management and look who gets the ace card. This will once again cause dissention in LASD. Good job guys

  • Leave it to Sheriff Moonbeam to appoint pretty boy Jimmy “pursuit, what pursuit?” Hellmold over all the tenured chiefs. With one stroke of the pen, Baca demonstrates utter disregard for merit, experience, credibility, and just about any category you can think of. Not everyone chauferred around Baca’s dad on the taxpayer dime, most were too busy trying to do legitimate jobs.

    The old saying is that promotions reflect values, which begs the question what values does this one reflect? More importantly, are they values the public wants in their law enforcement leadership? Are they values worth instilling in new recruits?

    My guess is HELL NO! But this sure makes 2014 look funner by the minute…

  • Typical union hacks complaining the senior man didn’t get promoted, or why this guy passed over people that were ahead of him. Seniority and rank are the worst possible traits to use to promote someone. That is what is wrong with the teachers union also. Here is a novel idea, how about letting the head of the organization select who he thinks is best for the position? If you don’t like his selections, don’t re-elect him.

    Celeste – Don’t you tire of people complaining they didn’t get promoted, or their buddy didn’t get promoted. How about a couple of non Sheriff’s Department stories on occasion? Is there nothing else going on in the world that is more important than the Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles? Kick in a little journalism on occasion and little less cutting and pasting.

  • Jim will be a breath of fresh air. Congrats. As for you grumpy ass retirees or brown noses who thought you were in line, get a life. This is a good day.

  • What a great day for all the ass wipes!!!Too funny! Baca could not find fault not finding his own butt! However, I got to hand it to Tall Paul and flipping off every good deputy that ever wore this uniform!

  • Need change, I’m far from being a grumpy retiree. For starters, I set my own agenda as I’m now self employed with 5 on the payroll. I collect commanders retiree benefits (for those who don’t know about 14,000 mo). I own two homes, industrial property that brings in rentals of 8800.00 month, so the only grumpiness I guess you could imagine is how do I spend the money?

    My only concern is whether the dems will screw me since I am over 250k a year (actually 2011 was 292k after gross adjustments). So I marvel at the trolls and the whoopla over an assistant sheriff appointment. You know what? I don’t care. He will shave his life short for this silly position. Smart people work the system get out while their healthy and live to be 100

  • What did you expect from Baca, of course he is going to put a yes man with very questionable ethics and who he has dirt on in that position. I guess none of the current Chiefs fit the bill and Baca had to go down to the Commander level. I wonder if any of the honest Chiefs, if there are any left, will retire or will lose what integrity they have left and allow themselves to be subjugated.

  • This was a great pick! Now the department can move forward and do what the good people of Los Angeles County deserve: Great policing. For those who are bitter ( J.London,LATBIG& FTF), no worries. We still love and accept you. It’s time to lace up and make the LASD better.

    P.S. – I’m not a boot licker or coin holder.. Just a deputy who respects the Sheriff, Paul Tanaka Hellmold and the entire LASD.

  • This is an interesting development. While I am aware that Hellmold must have a significant connection to Tanaka (because he was a region II captain and let’s be honest, Tanaka has ruled region II for quite some time), that doesn’t mean that we can immediately paint Hellmold with the same brush those of us who can actually accept reality use to justifiably paint Tanaka.

    I’m interested to see what Hellmold will do as a new top tier executive. Is he a true Tanaka boot licker, or, was he paying lip service to the machine in order to get to the top and run his own program? We’ll see.

    To the Tanaka cheerleaders on this board, you guys are a joke. And everyone else is quite literally laughing at your posts. Get real.

  • # 12 Goodoverevil

    I think it’s interesting you called out some of the smartest and most articulate contributors to this board, and called them bitter. Which is the cute, mongoloid response to anyone that stands up and questions the morally and legally dubious actions of the department, or its executives.

    See, it’s a great way to try and demean someone’s argument, by just calling them bitter and disgruntled, when you can’t actually articulate a counter argument? It’s a pretty common thing on this board, it goes unchallenged, but it actually shows that you have no educated way to argue anything.

    See here’s the thing about what you said: “Time to lace up and make the LASD better”. People that are questioning the actions of people like Greg Thompson, Paul Tanaka, Bernice Abram… are trying to make the department better. They’ve had enough of “gray area” police work, they’ve had enough of double standards when it comes to brass avoiding discipline and prosecution. So they are speaking out.

    What YOU mean when you say “make the LASD better” is: close ranks, continue to lie, cover up and obfuscate, hope that the feds will get bored, the press will move on, and maybe one day you’ll get a cool coin and an undeserved promotion for your loyalty.

    …I know, I’m bitter. I’m disgruntled. That’s what you can say instead of actually considering that this department might be deeply flawed, and we need to question the status quo to fix that.

  • I still find it hard to believe that anyone who read the CCJV report or listened to Tanaka’s own testimony can  support him. To those of you how think this site is a bunch of bitter LASD members, you’re right. They have good cause to be bitter. They are people who are tired of this Department being in the spotlight  for serious problems. We currently have Gamez in jail being held on four million dollars bail accused of murder. Alexander, Fitzpatrick,McClain,Marin,Karawia, and others were convicted of some serious crimes during 2012.How  many more deputies have been arrested and are awaiting trial? How many problem  D. S. T. ‘s  do we now have that are being rubber stamped through hiring, the academy and probation? The hiring process is still  not subjective. The other day a b.i.  was told by a Lt.  to push certain candidates through. Despite the fact they had  problems with multiply poly failures, credit history,  medical,   and other issues.  These are real problems the dept. is facing not made up by bitter members.  For thoses of you who have the courage to testify before the  C.C.J.V.  and the grand jury, and post on this website thank you. To the rest of you get your head out of the clouds.

  • #12, You are a deputy for obvious reasons. You seem to forget that LASD along with other law enforcement organizations are run on court orders, (Title 15,etc.) public image, and any other group that can make enough noise.

    Hellmold, like the U.S. President is a figurehead. He means nothing. I know why the move was made and who the other contenders were.

    Unfortunately, I have to take the 5th on that topic.

  • 10-29Henry-

    Sure, whatever you say. We’re leaving the fact gathering up to the Feds or other internal investigations. You say I called out the “smartest and most articulate contributors” to this board. That may be true. It’s unfortunate they choose NOT to use their talents at work or in a retirement job. Stop being disgruntled and grow up. If you want to make the LASD better, than do it and contribute.

    If you want to cry and make your case on this board, go ahead. The fact is the Sheriff, Tanaka, and Hellmold are not going anywhere. Federal or State Prison will not accept them. You know why? Because they are NOT criminals. Wait and see.

  • Let’s cut to the chase. What does Hellmold “really” have to bring to the table as an A/S? Nothing, absolutely nothing. He never paid his dues at any assignment, because of his Mom’s connection to Baca/Waldie, Jim was shuffled from cushy job to cushy job within the administrative arena. His infamous “non leadership” role in the Compton 125 rounds fired at a 1 mph pursuit (that by the way, posed NO danger to anyone) is a perfect example of what Jim knows, not much and way out of his element. He was completely protected from the IA investigation at the direction of Waldie. His role as Captain of Century was really a non-event. He took his daily orders from Tanaka, would not make a decision without the concurrence of Tanaka and discipline was virtually nonexistent because of Tanaka. A nice guy, but so is my neighbor.

    The bottom line is Jim just does not have any “real command” experience, will continue to be a Tanaka puppet and will not bring anything to the table. He is not and will not be respected by his Chief’s, Commander’s and Captain’s because they will all look at Jim as a hollow suit, a pretty boy who has no experience, I have NO ax to grind against Jim, but I speak the truth.

    Oh by the way, Jim’s promotion was one huge F-U to every sitting Chief and Commander. Abner is absolutely worthless, has NO integrity and is self-servings as they come (only made assignments because of her “personal” relationship with a retired major executive,” McWeenie is ready to retire, Lang is too confused. Yim is way over his head and always has been but that is irrelevant when your Father-in-law was the Undersheriff and the rest are washout and burnouts who just collect a paycheck and wait for Tanaka to tell them what to do each day. So not picking from the current pool of Chief’s is quite understandable and I actually support Leroy on that point. BUT, there are several very qualified leaders within the Commander pool who have real command experience, real executive experience and would have made an excellent Assistant Sheriff selection. So the question is, why Jim? There is much more than what meets the eye. Yet another dysfunctional decision.

  • Cut to Chase – Great locker room talk, but no substance behind it. What have you ever commanded? Does gossiping about who Abner is sleeping with and giving other Chiefs silly names make you an authority on anything?

    FTF – Same thing. You worked the desk to avoid the field. You eventually got run out of Aero and into retirement. Your command qualifications are zero.

    Hellmold is great choice. Many others could have done well also. The grumpy old mens club would have complained no matter who was chosen. Relax and get your prostates checked regularly.

  • Cut to the chase- “there are several very qualified leaders within the Commander pool who have real command experience”

    Like who?

  • Well Mr Retired and making money (post 10), I’m 5 years away from being in a similar position without having to boast about “what I got”. The difference is, I wasn’t an office pogue and have spent my entire career working the line, not staring at it from an office space or tower somewhere. I enjoy reading comments by disgruntled ex Command Staff goofs who bad mouth every move made by the Sheriff or his “current” Command staff. What’s funny is, when you goofs were active, most were scared to have eye to eye contact with a superior and telling him/her what time it is fearing it may keep you from advancing. If that’s not being a coward, what is. I’m positive I’ve had contact with a few of you during Hearings where you try and tell me how to do Police work, what a joke. Now your nobody and all you have is this blog to vent. A few of you are easy to identify. Leave the Department to those that now run it and enjoy your retirement. And to Mr. Retired and making money, it’s my experience as a Cop, not some office pogue, that those who boast about what they have, usually don’t have a pot to piss in. Being an older guy, I still keep up with the youngsters and have enjoyed this era of the Department which has allowed me and others to conduct solid investigations and send criminals where they belong, in prison. In conclusion, to all of you whiners and complainers, continue, it’s fun reading.

  • Amazing, I think this promotion is just amazing. I can’t believe that this was allowed by the “left wing” deputies and command, but I for one love that Hellmold was selected. I’m glad to see where are department is headed with a move like this.

    So much for this so-called change LOL. Thanks commenters and witness la for keeping entertained.

  • I find it just as entertaining reading the spin provided by those who drink the department koolaid. I’m not sure what “left wing” deputies and command means, but by virtue of the fact “veritas” (far from it) is amazed is telling.

    Funny thing is I won’t try to second guess what motivates people to post on this site. I’ll stick to the facts and statements. If someone thinks Hellmold is the best thing since sliced bread, then state the reasons why. His razor thin resume is built on cronyism, just admit it. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, and in normal organizations there is room for a little cronyism that doesn’t impact the entire organization. We are far from normal.

    The problem with LASD is rampant corruption AND incompetence at many levels throught the organization, and placing someone who has little to offer other than being well-connected is a step backwards for reform and righting the ship. Hellmold will continue to be the good little yesman and cheerleader he has been throughout his brief tenure.

    Those of us who do the real police work and have spent our entire career working the line will wait for 2014 and a chance at a fresh start for the entire department. For those of you who think changing name plates changes the game need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask yourself a simple question: does this promotion improve your self-interest or the Department’s?

  • Now, that we continue to be the laughing stock of US Law Enforcement I cant imagine what the future will look like. I sense from Baca that if he continues to slide in the polls he will retire rather than face a humiliating loss to his ego. I was told many years ago to never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel. And the press and majority of the public can tolerate Baca anymore! We all swore(except good and evil) to protect and serve.

  • Is anyone really surprised at Jim Hellmold’s promotion! I predict
    Funnell and Guyovich will be next as soon as the Chief’s that were
    passed over decide to retire. The only way to totally change the management of the Sheriff’s Department is to not re-elect Baca as Sheriff or any of his cronies.

    Jim Hellmold was one of Baca’s Sheriff’s drivers, Joey Funnell was one of Baca’s drivers, Baca will only trust subordinates that he can personally trust, (In The Car). Since Tanaka has been trashed could Jim Hellmold be the new heir to the thrown ? #18 you hit the nail right on the head. Locker room talk or not it means nothing until the deputies, the pubic and the unions decide to oppose the Sheriff of this Department and demand change.

    Maybe I should be careful I could have my CCW pulled for disloyalty!

  • #15: “I still find it hard to believe that anyone who read the CCJV Report or listened to Tanaka’s testimony….”

    On top of that just Google something like “LASD scandals” or “LASD police misconduct” and you’ll come up with something like this

    I find it hard to believe that LASD commentators see this as a way forward for the LASD.

  • Link didn’t work; the article stated that an LAPD gang officer opined that the LASD jail Deputy cliques deliberately emulated the ethos of street gangs.

  • Keep up the good work Sheriff Baca. Just keep on doing what you are doing. Don’t change a thing. Nobody could make the LAPD look half as good as you do.

  • Clearly, anyone on this board who does not agree that Tanaka is a worldly saint with much to teach us, and has done nothing wrong… anyone who criticizes this department, and does anything other than shout “GO LASD”…

    Is bitter, a crybaby, a bitter crybaby, didn’t get promoted when he wanted it, or is some combo of the three.

    It’s true… just ask Goodoverevil.

    (oh, by the way, since sarcasm doesn’t show well in type… it’s there, I promise)

  • Getting close appreciate your grunt work being only 5 years away. We as command staff adore those of you who continue to make our lives safer and the community respects that as well.

    Unfortunately, some of us move on to make twice the pension and give our families a spectacular paycheck every month that is well deserved for making critical decisions on deficient personnel who tarnish the tarnished badge of LASD.

    Cheers everyone.

  • Jesus Retired, is bragging about how much money you make going to be a part of every one of your posts? A lot of scumbag crooks brag about how much money they make, or made, before they got busted. Do you really want to sound like one of those idiots? Give letting everybody know how well off you are a rest. It doesn’t flatter you in the least. It also doesn’t impress anybody.

  • I think hellmold will make a great assistant whatever. It’s better then cavanaugh and better then some wanna be mr chow being a replacement. But I’ve said it before the sheriffs department will always always ALWAYS operate with that hint of lawlessness! That’s why everyone’s on this blog Hooray for another year of officer involved shootings of innocent and not so innocent people, another year to see how many an which ghetto deputy’s get arrested themselves for being worse then the people they arrest. Idk I like the sheriffs mainly because I know if I get pulled over they’ll just gimme my weed back an I know if some dude try’s to break into my unincorporated Altadena home I can call them an I know they won’t be slow on the trigger. Go Lasd!


    There was one comment in the last bunch of comments approved, in which I edited out the racist language and the entirely unnecessary ad hominem attack. (In most cases I simply delete such comments, but today I had an extra minute…)

    Please, dial back the vitriol. And a large thank you to those many commenters here who discuss such issues as whether a particular promotion is or isn’t a good idea, or whether an audit or investigation is righteous or woefully lacking (et al), without resorting to character assassination.

    May you all have a happy and safe new year.



    First of all, since it has been several months since my last posting, I think it will be worth reviewing two of my prior postings from January and February of 2012, with specific attention to what I indicated regarding Mr. Hellmold.

    “Celeste and Matt, I hope that you post the names from the Executive Staff Meeting email group that was mysteriously taken out of Outlook when this investigation began. Ironically, you will find those names match the campaign donors, cigar club and coin members, and the huge majority of recent and repetitive promotional recipients and coveted job assignment recipients. It should also be noted how many in that email group of 75-80 people were not executives, but were soon to be. Following the names of Kevin Hebert, Diane Walker, James Ritenour (another major right hand for Tanaka like Cecil Rhambo), Robert Tubbs, James Hellmold, Robert Wheat, Patrick Bearse, Troy Ewing, Matt Dendo, and so many more, will give you a good matrix of the nepotism, favoritism, cronyism that has been going on.“

    “Many of Undersheriff Tanaka’s promotional recipients have mysteriously avoided discipline for their past misdeeds and poor performance. For example, a few years ago there was a shooting at Compton Station where 11 deputy personnel fired 121 rounds at a SUV during a slow moving pursuit. This May of 2005 incident was all over the news for quite some time. The Watch Commander for that incident was then probationary Lt. James Hellmold. He was initially a prime subject for an administrative investigation for his poor leadership and tactical flaws during this incident. He was ordered by an executive to be removed from the subject list and was ordered not to be interviewed as a subject by Internal Affairs Bureau investigators. He should have been subject to receiving major discipline, but was able to avoid the investigative process as one of the subjects. He has since been promoted to Captain and just recently was promoted to Commander, all incredibly in an extremely short period of time.”

    Now I ask you about the current promotion of Hellmold. What is the reasoning and justification to promote a fairly new, incompetent, and inexperienced Commander and skip over being promoted first to the position of Chief like everyone else? Is there some emergency here? Does he have some training or experience that 9 Chiefs and 28 other Commanders do not possess? Is it because he was on the Commander’s Task Force reviewing the jail and force crisis and was promoted to fill the proposed new Assistant Sheriff position that is to deal with Custody Division? Oh, that’s right, he will oversee the three Field Operations Regions in patrol, Detective Division, and Homeland Security. Nothing to do with Custody lol. Incredible reasoning here. If he can’t hang as a probationary field Lt., let’s make him an Assistant Sheriff. So you tell me, is it that Tanaka still controls much of the Department or is it that Baca is failing to see straight and be a competent leader? I say both.

    In the Departmental press release (biography) regarding Hellmold’s promotion to Commander, dated December 6, 2011, it indicated that he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in February of 2005. It only took him a short 3 months to screw up royally as indicated above regarding the May of 2005 incident. It only took him 2 years and 5 months to promote to Captain according the press release. In summary, he has promoted from Lieutenant to Assistant Sheriff (that’s 5 positions) in less than 8 years. He only possesses a BA degree (major was not disclosed) according to the press release, so the Sheriff’s past comments about higher education and leadership skills as being key components to promotion and the future of the Department is an absolute joke and smoke screen. Many of us have been supervisors longer than Hellmold has been on the Department (24 years) and hold degrees (not LASD University degrees) that he does not possess, and have real life and diverse experience in patrol as incident commanders and administrative assignments that he has never had. I’m sorry, but time at SHB, and as a canine handler, and Education Based Incarceration for inmates does not cut it. Heck, he has barely been a Commander for a year. In my more than 30 years of law enforcement experience I have never seen or met anyone who is so good, intelligent, experienced, sharp, and superior where he or she is ready for 5 promotions in less than 8 years. Totally incredible!!! Even the great Stevie Wonder can see there is a problem here.

    Rumor has it that a Captain abruptly resigned on Friday (12/28/12) due to totally being disgusted with this Department and this recent promotional blunder. It will be interesting to see how many others will do the same. I wonder how those executives who were passed over really feel and what they may do?

    Why was Hellmold constantly protected and quickly promoted throughout his career despite evidence showing that he was not ready or marginal at best. A check with Personnel Administrationrecords will prove some of this right away. Why wasn’t he allowed to be interviewed as a subject and investigated by IAB for screwing up the above mentioned May of 2005 incident, where he lacked asserting command and control? A check of IAB records will reveal this too. I guarantee you that most of us would have received major discipline and or demotion (especially since he was on probation) for handling that incident as poorly. His lack of command and leadership endangered all of the deputies, the unarmed suspect and the many residents whose homes were riddled with deputies’ bullets. It was an embarrassment to the Department and extremely costly to the County. Just think, that was just 7 short years ago.

    Take a look at Tanaka’s Departmental press release dated July 5, 2011, announcing his promotion to Undersheriff, and you will see the same quick promotions and transfers without any accountability throughout the last 13 plus years. Between August of 1999 and January of 2005, according to his biography, he received 4 promotions in 5 ½ years. Well, we have seen how well that has worked out, haven’t we? It is literally amazing how an individual with nothing more than an accounting degree and a lateral transfer from El Segundo P.D. can control and screw up the Department.

    Hellmold has displayed, quite publicly I may add, that he was and is not ready for the big leagues, by any standards. But he gets promoted again and again. Just like Tanaka. Talk about a major risk management issue here. The famous Vince Lombardi, would have said, “What the hell is going on out there”.

    Once again, there is a double standard and two sets of rules and ethics that exist in this Department. I believe the only chance this Department has to ever regain its stability, ethics, pride, morals, and direction, is for the members of the Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence to use their heart, power, influence, recent findings, and Federal contacts to make sure a very thorough and complete Federal Criminal Grand Jury investigation is conducted.

  • Who would have ever thought that Dan Cruz and Bernice Abrams would retired today…. Shocking!!!! I hope they enjoy the retirement they do not deserve!!!!

    Oh, Tony Ward too.

  • The fact that a federal grand jury is hearing evidence at this time and has  a high rate of indictment and conviction, Cruz and Abram must be feeling a bit uncomfortable at this time.  Any enjoyment of their retirement maybe short lived. At least for the rest of those who  now allegedly  commit on the job crime will lose  their pensions. 

    Effective January 1, 2013, PEPRA broadens California Government Code §7522.70 by establishing pension forfeiture, without exception, for all public employees convicted of a job-related felony.

    PEPRA §7522.56 establishes pension forfeiture for any public employee first employed, elected, or appointed to an office before January 1, 2013. Section 7522.74 of PEPRA establishes pension forfeiture for any public employee first employed, elected, or appointed to an office after January 1, 2013.

    Both PEPRA sections require the forfeiture of “all accrued rights and benefits in any public retirement system” by any public employee convicted of any felony, as of the earliest date of the crime, “for conduct arising out of or in the performance of his or her official duties, in pursuit of the office or appointment, or in connection with obtaining salary, disability retirement, service retirement, or other benefits.”

    No exceptions apply.

  • These are the reports on the Compton shooting from  the O.I.R. and Merrick Bobb. It ‘s interesting that these reports  are almost 8 years old and the  same topics  contained in them are still concerns for the Department.   That would tell anyone with common sense that leadership has failed.  There was also an  interesting article from Los Angeles Magazine titled  “Playing Cops” from the  Sept. of 1999.  The comment from Mr Hellmold in the last paragraph is typical of the people both Mr. Baca and Mr. Tanaka surround themselves with and are support by. No matter how ridiculous  an idea is, agree with it. The only hope for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to turn the page is to install a Sheriff that will truly lead and not be arrogant to tell the people of Los Angeles County not to elect me when problems are exposed.

  • So, Happy New Year everyone. Seeing people’s posts at 1245 am tells me they didn’t have the night off and are doing shift work.

    Lot of speculation out there, but who has the real validated info on what executives pulled the retirement pin in the last few day?

  • Congratulations to the department for making this decision. Hellmold is a good guy. One of the best and those who put him down are either ignorant, missinformed, or totally without a clue. Hellmold is a man with integrity, brains, and savy. And to the idiot who said “he’s got a gang tattoo on his leg” is a total jerk. Lots and lots of law enforecment have tattoos … on their legs and other places and they are not gangsters! Some people just like to stir the pot and all without merit. Congratulations to Jim. He will do a great job!

  • You need to ask: why do you need a tattoo to validate yourself? Is your allegiance to your Oath of Office or to the gang? The tattoo clearly shows where your heart is. So, please convey FACTS as to why Hemmold was the most qualified to skip all chiefs to get promoted? His resume is short of experience, education and sound decision making. But, I am willing to hear you out! Use facts!!

  • #37, You Can’t Handle the Truth is spot on. Although there has been much speculation above about the Chief’s and tenured Commanders that were “passed over,” the most fascinating aspect of that is that ALL were promoted by Leroy. So, to pass them over indicts his own past decisions.

    Paul went from lieutenant to Undersheriff without ever leaving the headquarters building and Witness L.A. would have likely never started drilling into LASD issues if Paul had not brought attention on those issues.

    It is interesting to ponder that all the Paul drama, related to skipping steps and not sitting in the appropriate chairs, for a suitable time to learn the jobs has been the major cause of all this conversation; going back what, almost two years?

    And then another promotion wherein the person skips steps. Even if this is a deliberate strategy to make the seasoned chiefs retire, what does that say about Leroy’s decision process when he promoted them?

    What is the message? It made perfect sense to promote them “then,” but now they are of less value than a less experienced underling? Odd to say the least.

    Drink the beer, crush the can and throw it away?

  • I see nothing wrong with promoting over ranks. Have none of you ever played hop scotch when you were kids?

    If you have, it makes perfect sense. When i was managaing overtime and witholding resources, we would go outside, draw up our boxes and play. The highest number with the least number of boxes jumped on got the most overtime.

    You think I’m crazy? It got past an audit and admin investigitation. Hell, I might be chief soon.

  • Further to Follow:

    “Seeing people’s posts at 1245 am tells me they didn’t have the night off and are doing shift work.”

    Unlikely that people are posting while at work in the LASD. The reason I’m so sure of that, is that witnessla is blocked on LASD computers. I think it just means you have a lot of night owls on your hands, which with cops, isn’t that weird. Don’t read too much into it.

    Retied and Lovin’ It:

    I agree with J London. Don’t come on this board and cheerlead. Use facts, or shhhhhhhh! Be quiet.

  • Hey Celeste, by looking at most of the posts I doubt this will make it thru. These posts are obviously from older promotion hungry managers who got skipped by Hellmold. One of the haters said he lacked experience, yet I can tell you I personally worked with Jimmy for 10+ years on early mornings in the field. He was also my patrol sergeant for several years when i went to compton, and we threw a small gathering when he left to go work seb k9. So why defame Jimmy? Because he skipped you for promotion? Because he doesn’t have your “vast management experience?” One hater said Jimmy only has 25 years and “just a Bachelors degree.” So you’re more qualified with 30 years and a Masters? Really? That’s what makes most of us sick about alot of upper management. All they think about is their next promotion. They will bring down any person and even our Department’s reputation for their next bump. No thanks, I’ll just stay where I am!

  • Who would you rather have as Sheriff? Moonbeam, Tanaka, Rhambo or Hellmold? Anybody who answers Hellmold has no business complaining about this decision.
    As far as whether or not it is or is not ridiculous to bypass the rank of Chief when choosing an Assistant Sheriff—-Moonbeam held the rank of Chief. How is that working out for the LASD?

  • Eric, why in the world wouldn’t your comment make it through?

    There are plenty of comments from both sides of this question.

    You present your perspective from a position of personal experience, and you didn’t defame anyone else.

    Thank you for weighing in.

  • C: Not to mention that he didn´t answer (or could´t)the question as to Hemmold´s qualifications that seem to lack qualifications. However, there have been a few men who have skipped ranks such as; Myron, Stonich and the ever popular Waldie. Now, how did these guys work out? We all understand the role of politics but we are disappointed to see corrupt politics in our policing agencies. Do you believe that perhaps these promotions could be best described as; Political Affirmative Action?? Also, why is it that minorities don skip ranks?

  • @Eric, you hit the nail on the head. Most of these posters are active (yes active who hate our Department) or retired Command Staff that for years scrutinized anything pro-active we engage in. Also remember that many of these Command Staff goofs who claim “Firestone” were there for a hot second before leaving for less hot areas to work before moving on to their glorious Admin careers. Hey suits, leave us grunts be, we’re the backbone of the Department. Swallow Jim’s Promotion with a smile or just go away.

  • I think the Sheriff has a new vision for the Department and he thinks A/S Hemmold is the right man for the job. If A/S Hemmold has “only” 25 years on the job, then he has plenty of years left to work in his position. Most of the Chiefs have 30+ years and can go at any time. I think the Sheriff is looking for a long term investment.

    I don’t even know the man. Why don’t we sit back and let the man do his job before he is thrown under the bus. Let’s support him and think positive and help him succeed.

    A/S Hemmold….. Take the bull by the horns…. I support you….

  • Who would we want-need as Sheriff? My vote would be for Sid Heal, but he’s to smart to get involved now. Baca’s choice for Assistant Sheriff is now over and done with we now have to live with it. My concern is will his voice be heard at EPC, Will he have the guts to stand up to OIR, Will he ask for a different legal opinion from the minions in County Counsel when there is
    obvious evidence to question their position, Will he support Chief’s who want to alter discipline because it is the right
    avenue to take or will he just cave into the U/S demands.
    Will he ask the WHY questions and say NO to the empire builders.

    All these issues and many more he will have to deal with and with
    the dog eat dog mentality, entitlement driven attitude on the Department. I think it will be impossible for him to be effective in this environment, my opinion…..

  • I like to stick to the facts. According to Eric, he spent 10+ years in the field with Hellmold on earlies. That would be difficult to reconcile with Hellmold’s actual assignment history according to the department. He worked SHB as a deputy, so maybe Eric can share with all where Jimmy squeezed in those 10 years in the field on earlies while everyone else saw him changing jobs like he changed underwear.

    Better yet, if the position was opened up to a nation wide search (as it should have been) Hellmold probably wouldn’t qualify to submit an application. Baca has the right to appoint Donald Duck to a non-civil service position if he so chooses, however the voting public has veto power which will be used extensively in 2014.

  • He does look rather young compared to the other guys that have the position. This would also lead me to believe that he hasn’t spent 10 years at any one assignment. Movers and shakers usually aren’t at any job for more than two years.

  • Lets all give Hellmold a break. He is a worker and respected by his people. He likes deputies who work.
    But the Department is a para military organization. Like the military we have a rank structure. The purpose is several fold, but includes a career path.
    Most people would be confused if a Colonel was appointed to a three star general position.
    First it says the General(or Sheriff) has no faith in his immediate executive staff, second it says the appointed is better suited than their other like peers, who have to return to the career path.
    I would not expect the Sheriff to explain to me, or any other deputy, why he jumped the chain and brought up a short tenured Captain to Commander and then almost immediately to A/S.
    But he has to understand that it is confusing to his troops. If he has no faith in them, then why would the rank and file?
    One would only hope he explained it to his executive staff.
    Mr. Hellmold comes from Century Station the prize of Region II and Mr. Tanaka. So unless I am mistaken The U/S, and both A/S are Region II loyalist, the wagons look like the are circling.
    Stay tuned to see how many openings are coming up in March. I am not a retired deputy, I am not trying to promote, I am not angry at the department. Lastly I am not Region II.
    I doubt Mr. Baca would lose the election, absent law enforcement most people don’t care who the Sheriff is and always vote the incumbent back into office. I realize Baca beat Block (RIP), but he was dead at the time.

  • It’s shocking how little communication goes out to department members regarding what organizational changes are occuring and why. Obviously we aren’t a private sector organization…but such explanations are the rule in the private sector. Why? Because it matters. It matters that people know who’s in charge and what/why changes were made. Of course, many deputies are just kicking on and kicking off, so a lot of this is inside baseball. But for those who do care, and those who feel passionately about the organization, hearing important news about your employer from third parties is highly dispiriting. It’s telling that the Undersheriff’s first department-wide message was his Grey Area essay–after how many years? While we are all loyal to our Sheriff and proudly wear the badge, I wonder what the results of a no-confidence vote would be. It would be interesting if someone organized one.

  • 10-33, you make an outstanding point regarding the “no confidence” issue. Normally, it would be a union’s responsibility, or better yet given the chain of events over the last couple of years, it would be a union’s OBLIGATION, on behalf of their membership to do so. Sadly, PPOA and ALADS are so in the tank with and for Tanaka and Baca, an opportunity for the “paying” membership to voice their opinion with an up or down vote, will never happen. The unions are great at taking our membership money each month, but to do something proactive as what you suggest, now that’s a laugh.

    Whose back does “our” union leadership have? Their own. But, nice suggestion.

  • Plain View: I totally agree, which is why I didn’t suggest ALADS or PPOA do it. Every Dispatcher I get in the mail is just another screed against the Office of Independent Review, or photos of tubby guys and their manicured wives and 2-4s at the river, or “Dear Diary” political musings from the officers, or something else that 99 percent of dues paying members don’t care about. A vote of no confidence, in the face of all of this ridiculousness, is something the unions SHOULD but won’t do. Because they’re in the pocket, or because they’re cowards, or because they’re sycophants, or because… But, someone else could do it. WLA could set up a poll. Or someone could set up a website and it could go viral. Just ideas. To an earlier poster’s point…the average voter will vote for the incumbent. But I’d posit that they’re a materially less likely to if the incumbent’s troops say it’s time for a change (and the media reports on it). Anyhow, just a thought.

  • @58

    Rt on re: ALADS. Horrible representation and the union loves taking our money. What a joke!!!!

  • yeh i agree there will be many promotions in march. louie from aero will go to commander cuz thy don’t discipline captains JB will become ops lieutenant, PD may leave narco and try for CJ again as a captain, but he ain’t loved right now.

    Ritenour will get the nod, but doesn’t deserve it and fpk stoney 10-33 help piety will hang on the vine. Trust my predictions, they will be broadcast in several short weeks

  • A vote of NO CONFIDENCE on Baca from the Police Unions would be a GREAT idea. How do we make it happen?

  • Makesense, it’s easy. Have everyone move their representation over to Laspa. Trust me, it will get their attention. And Popa? Well that’s another peace of work in itself

  • With Hellmold we have have next Sheriff….good or bad..that’s how’s it’s gonna play out. Deserving of the promotion? When has that ever been the case with LASD? Take a look at the current roster of Chief’s, can’t really blame the Sheriff for moving Hellmold up. Sure Hellmold is a “tough” guy, just ask him, but he is young and not necessarily stuck in the midset of the 30 years plus crowd. You could have replaced Cavanaugh with a Senior Typist Clerk and not missed a beat. Let’s just hope that the house cleaning will continue and commonsense can find it’s place in LASD.

  • #64- I’m sorry,but Los Angeles County will choose the next Sheriff, not Lee Baca. Besides, don’t you have to be a Los Angeles County resident to become Sheriff? Times are changing. People will make the polls for this one.

    Now, how do we get a no confidence vote on Baca?

  • I can honestly say that Hellmold is a very likable guy. He is friendly (only when he wants to be), and that ‘s about it. Anyone who knows Hellmold’s history with the Department, has to realize that he’s been treated with kid gloves from the very get go. There were times that he was in covert operations as the Sheriff’s driver and received all of his orders from Tanaka. Could it be that Hellmold is also tainted and was promoted so that when he retires in few months or year, he can go out on the highest rate possible. Tanaka and Hellmold may have fooled the Sheriff again but shame on the Sheriff for not following his sixth sense. As much as I respect the Sheriff, I STRONGLY feel and believe he needs to step down so that the LASD can have a rebirth in order to provide a fair opportunity to show off real talent, tenure, experience, and education for those of us who have our careers ahead of us.

  • OMG,
    The Sheriff has no sixth sense. That’s the problem. If he had that inate feeling he would have put a stop to all of this before it took place. Or maybe he was just too bust traveling the world and developing relationships in foreign countries to really give a shit what was happening in LASD.
    Pick one OMG. Either he doesn’t have that sixth sense, or he was too busy with other things he considered more important. There is no third explanation . Has to be one of the two.

  • Has anyone noticed that in the JDIC, it said Hellmold isn’t taking Cavanaugh’s responsibilities? He’s taking Rhambos. Am I wrong on this?


    I’m not sure, but that doesn’t look like Marv’s list of divisions he commanded.


  • Well it’s very obvious that Tanaka continues to be the puppeteer and is using the Sheriff and Hellmold as his puppets. Tanaka always demanded control of the Field Operations Regions and he will continue to do so even when he’s long gone. He is a little man with a BIG power trip.

  • Post #57, 10-33_Go’s point on the lack of communication is well-taken. Prior to Baca’s election, it was quite clear how one would attain promotion through the rank of lieutenant: obtain the requisite diverse and tenured experience, perform in a sterling manner and establish exceptional performance evaluations topped with completion of higher education degrees from reputable universities, then study hard for the written exam, oral interview and seek and ensure a high AP score from one’s unit commander. Assuming one applied themselves and landed in Band I or II and had at least two multi-year assignments in different divisions but better yet, a third to round-out their experience, one could reasonably expect they would be selected for promotion from the promulgated sergeant or lieutenant list before its 2 – 2 ½ year life ended. The unit commanders forwarded their recommendations of their best and brightest who placed in Band I or II from each of their units, to their division’s personnel commanders. The personnel commanders provided their chiefs with these names which were then taken to EPC for each division to haggle out between the other chiefs how many picks they would get. If you were an exceptional and productive employee, your brass would advocate for you at EPC and you would ultimately be promoted to the rank you sought. Input for recommendations on who should be promoted flowed from the bottom up, from the supervisors and unit managers who well-knew who the solid employees were. That system was ingrained and communicated among the troops and served the department well for decades. Those were the fundamental standards and process and all who wanted to promote knew how they could achieve their goals. There was nothing under-handed or secretive about it.

    Fast-forward to the Baca years: yes, some solid employees climbed the latter — some doing well at their higher ranks. Unfortunately, those are the exception. Too many employees with sordid reputations or those known as being non-conforming rebels, mavericks and marching to their own beat (like Baca and Tanaka), employees who had made the performance review heavy-hitter top 100 from PPI entries, those with multiple shootings, multiple traffic collisions, multiple civil claims and lawsuits, multiple founded unit level, IAB and Equity investigations resulting in significant discipline, multiple SCR complaints, some who had difficulty getting along with their peers and supervisors on a regular basis, many known to be supervisor’s nightmares, and who had stayed at one unit for many, many years who were one-trick ponies, were selected and promoted, sometimes, repeatedly! Many had only been at their rank for 2 years! The captains, commanders, chiefs and even assistant sheriffs (Dahlman, Cavanaugh), were eliminated from the process of evaluating and influencing selections from the promulgated list. Now one or two individuals (Baca and Tanaka), arrogantly believed they had the complete knowledge of each person in the vast employee pool and knew best, from hundreds of candidates, who to choose for promotion. What all these promotees had in common was they had done favors for the sheriff, or for Tanaka, such as spending days off working on the LASD 2000 Rose Parade Float, walking precincts in Gardena for the Tanaka for City Council Campaign, driving then Region II Chief Baca to 1998 campaign appearances during off-duty time, attending invitation-only Tanaka campaign gatherings and providing monetary contributions, or writing a draft for the Baca-backed ½ cent state sales tax increase initiative in the early 2000’s to benefit law enforcement funding or by ghost-writing a book about the Sheriff’s Department for Baca.

    Did the sheriff ever send out an announcement or memorandum advising personnel of the new requirements for promotion? Were unit commanders advised of the changes by the sheriff or their chiefs and instructed to disseminate information of the new promotions policy so all had the opportunity to compete for promotion? Was the MP&P ever revised to reflect the new expectations for those seeking promotion? Were the two unions representing deputies and supervisors informed of the change? Or was it kept close to the vest, even secret, from the masses of hard-working employees who had career goals? In those first several years of Baca’s reign, none of the captains, commanders or chiefs could explain it when asked. Jim Hellmold is a product and beneficiary of this behind-the-scenes, corrupt patronage system of conducting public entity business. It is not unreasonable that people are extremely skeptical of him and wonder how, and why, he has sky-rocketed so quickly from deputy to assistant sheriff.

    Re: #47 Eric’s post — you label the folks who merely want an open and fair chance to compete in pursuing attaining their career goals and who find a brick wall of secrecy and politics, as “haters?” Really?

  • #71 Interested Party Says:

    Thank you for solidifying what this mess is all about. The “I didn’t get mine” syndrome. We’re sorry the promotion process didn’t benefit you or your friends. Now, please go serve the community, log on and take some bad guys to jail.


  • Hello,

    In regards to comment #15 about a BI being told by an LT to “push” certain applicants forward despite their lack of qualifications, all I can say, or feel rather, is a slight sense of defeat.

    I am a DST applicant, and I also have followed WLA for the better part of a year, catching up on all the scandalous reporting regarding LASD from Tanaka, to Aero. This is also my first comment ever to WLA. I generally never felt the inclination to put forth the effort to comment till I read #15.

    I applied because I thought I had reached a time in life where I wanted a legacy to leave behind, one of something good, something profound, and something I would think I would gain pleasure in. Catching bad guys. Helping. Serving as a positive example to others, young and old. Simple. Yet the more I read, the more depressing it is becoming to think of getting into ANY large organization, LE or otherwise, because of politics and nepotism. I expect heavy nepotism in some, if not all fields, eyes wide open about that, but I thought LE would be the one to stick to their guns, and go by the book when hiring. Nope. What you just witnessed was my young 29 year old brain losing it’s last bit of naivete it was stubbornly hanging onto. I have heard of people getting pushed ahead of others for various reasons, whether it be because of Gender, Race, or connections in the Dept., for quite some time, but there is only so much I can turn the other cheek before I think, “I’m screwed”.

    Hello real world.

    For those of you Sworn or Retired members fighting the good fight on the street, against your crooked co-workers, and vocally on this board about what may or may not be true, you are an inspiration to those of us who dream of getting “the call”…that is unless the person with connections gets it first. It kills me to think that everything I have done, from countless pushups, running, research, keeping finances in check, passing my required tests, ride alongs, listening to the scanner, and even currently volunteering at a LASD station, generally “preparing myself”, could mean the slightest bit, with or without good background history, or general level of smarts, aptitude, or physical health.

    All that matters I guess is that I should cozy up to the Capt. at my station. Cozying never hurt, of course, but it’s pretty hard, considering I’ve met them twice, most recently at the Station’s Holiday Party. I did think being at a Station might help my chances, but that wasn’t the main reason I chose to Volunteer. It was to learn, because you know, knowledge is supposed to be power. Being at a station, I thought. How neat! I thought if I knew a thing or two that would make me a more serious looking candidate, not to mention give me a head start on my classmates, should I get hired, not to mention be REALLY FUN (to me anyways). I am looking now at my little gold Statistical and Radio Code book. Only a person in my position would think this little booklet was “great reading”, but hey I thirst for knowledge and even a small advantage, but let’s face it, this “advantage” get’s trumped by people and their friends in “high places.”

    I suppose I’m crazy (we’ll see, if I get to Psych Oral!), or just an idealist, because despite all this muck I read about, I want to join even more. You know, to be one of “the good ones”. Many people call me “officer” or “deputy”, because us Volunteers wear uniforms. They always miss the “Volunteer” emblazoned on the shoulder patch. After their incorrectly addressing me, they thank me, tell me I was “nicer” than most other cops they have met, ask my name, so on and so forth. A lot of the time I didn’t really help them, I just tell them the bad news with respect and even some humor, if possible. I tell them I’m a volunteer, but I am in the process (sometimes they ask too), and they always say “Oh you’ll make it!, How could you not?” My great attitude and treating others using “the Golden Rule” (while not being a push over either!), has covered up for a lot of previous grumpiness by various Deputies (most recently a Jailer who doesn’t know how to speak to other human beings apparently, and also amusingly, many others in the station absolutely abhor), and hopefully has them leave the station with a better attitude, and not “F the Po-leece” mindset.

    If only they knew about “the process” and how it’s not as easy as it seems, but still I’d like to firmly believe, definitely doable for myself and people like me.

    I’m in it for the right reasons. I read this blog as a reminder of what NOT to do, of how not to act, when it comes to potentially being a Deputy. Then, I read the comments to discover those that keep their moral compass, helping guide me towards an ideal we all, as citizens of this planet, can be proud of, whether I get the job or not.

    For those in the Department, fighting the good fight, Thank You, and in the immortal words of Leslie Neilsen, “I just want to say, good luck, we’re all counting you.”

    Oh by the way, I have my background interview with a BI next week, after a 7 month wait.

    Wish me luck.

  • Interested Party – Sure thing, let’s go back to that great promotion system that we had prior to Baca. The system where only old, white, men were promoted. The system where people of color were excluded. The system where women were considered feeble and unable to perform field duties. The system that oozed racism and sexism. The system that brought us a federal law suit and court oversight for years because of blatant discrimination. Yes, those were great times. Your good old days were bad for the rest of us. We have a new president and new country. The old, white, men days are over. Sorry you didn’t get promoted back then.

    DST hopeful – Stay hopeful and do your own research. Do not blindly believe the internet. Read through these web pages. You basically have about 18 guys that couldn’t promote or are retired that sit at the computer all day and complain. There are 10,000 sworn deputies and 8000 professional staff on the department. There would be thousands of posts daily if what the complainers said was even half true. Research the amount of deputies arrested and the scandals of the Block era. It far exceeds the current level. Look at the force used during the Block era and compare it to the Baca era. The current department, while far from perfect, is far better than its racist and sexist past. I hope to see you as a Deputy in the future. You will see that things are far different than portrayed on the internet.

  • #73: I do wish you good luck. If things don’t work out go over to It is accepting on-line applications until midnite tonight via facebook (Google ABC-7 for more details). The CHP is probably the better organization re: organizational office politics, etc.
    Either way, good luck!!!

  •  Number 40 The article from Los Angeles magazine published in   Dec. 1999  also has another interesting name in it. Gary Nalbandian. This guy got into hot water in 2006 issuing I.d. cards  to civilians that resembled  sworn personnels I.d. cards. That article also shows Baca   has been lost from day one in office.  I had forgotten about the Asian Crime Task Force matter. 

     Fast forward today this guy is  now the Chief of the Sheriff’s reserve unit, and according to another article from last month, we just had one of our now former reserve deputies convicted of fraud.

    I’m all in for giving people a chance in new positions.  However, for those who have seen the decisions Leroy has made  made over the years it’s hard not to question their leeriness. It’s would seems clear in some cases money  and personal agendas have played a big role with Baca and Tanaka in running the Dept. 

  • To DST hopeful, keep doing the right thing, help is on the way. The good guys have always outnumbered the bad guys, even in bad times like today. I know someone who is considering throwing his hat into the ring, and with a little encouragement it just may happen.

    This is someone you will respect as sheriff, for what he has done throughout his career, and for what he will do as a transformational leader. Stay tuned.

    To Interested Party, you provide a very interesting description of the system under Block. I agree with many of the points you make, but I think you are forgetting that is the same system that allowed Barbara Persten to promote to captain. Block ran a political spoils system like Baca, and anyone with aspirations was hip-checked into submission immediately. The main difference was best described by a retired executive, who pointed out that what was the exception under Block became the norm under Baca.

    To all the naysayers who think this is about whining, you are (1) only pointing out your indebtness to a political spoils system and (2) your profound ignorance regarding the correlation between merit and performance, both from an individual and organizational level. I would encourage you to educate yourself about Boss Tweed, Tamanny Hall, and the rise of the civil service system in the United States.

  • #73- Good luck with your process. Your tenacity will be rewarded. Also, don’t give up on the LASD. It is a great department with the majority of cops/managers trying to do whats ethical and positive for the department. All of them are not perfect and in time, the weak, corrupt and lazy will be purged out. Contrary to what 18 unhappy people express on this blog, Undersheriff Paul Tanaka and James Hellmold are good men. We can’t wait until they sit down with C and speak out.

    Politics is everywhere, even the CHP. According to my brother,uncle and 3 cousins (they are all CHP officers), CHP has more problems and political drama that is not public knowledge. Do your research and stay positive.

    #74- Right on point.

  • #74 Balance
    You’re a funny dude. You speak about the old department being racist and sexist. You speak about old white men like they are the problem. Then you say Tanaka and Hellmold are good men. Hellmold was promoted to assistant sheriff because Baca hopes to appoint him to sheriff. In 10 years Hellmold will be one of the old white men you speak so negatively about. Hasn’t he rocketed up the chain of command because of his family hook ups and cronyism? When’s the last time a guy so young was appointed to assistant sheriff?
    Didn’t Tanaka belong to the Vikings? Weren’t they called a racist group by a federal judge?
    Like I said your a funny dude.

  • Well Then – You confused me with someone else. I never mentioned Tanaka or Hellmold at all. I said LASD as a whole, under Baca, has moved on from the racism and sexism of the Block administration and his discriminatory promotion process (As determined and monitored by a Federal Court).

    DST Hopeful – If you really want to increase your chances to be Deputy Sheriff, work towards a college degree and stay off of the internet for your education. The following are current stories on the internet that have the same credibility as the 18 men that write into this blog to complain on a regular basis:

    Big foot located –

    Unicorn found –

    UFO lands on White House lawn –

    US moon landing was a hoax –

    President Obama was born in Kenya –

    Michael Jackson is still alive –

    Proof that Elvis Presley is still alive –

    Amazing monkey speaks fluent English –

    Young male elephant speaks Korean –

    Richard Nixon is still alive –'s+Still+Alive

    President Obama is a cross dresser –

    Okay, maybe the last story is true about Obama and Further to Follow, but the majority of it is as phony as the week complaints from the anonymous men on this page.

  • D.S.T. hopeful  as someone who has worked as a B.I. the  best advice I can give you is to continue doing what your doing. Don’t worry about who is getting hired, because you have no power over  that. That’s  wasted energy  you can be using to focus  on yourself.  If you are a valuable candidate, we will hire you. Yes, we have some not so worthy  candidates that may get through , but eventually  they fail.  Yes, we do have some serious issues, but  change will come with people like you and current members who are exposing issues. It is an honor and privilege to be a member of this Department not an entitlement.  Best of luck. 

  • Re: Comment #74 & #79- I understand this is the internet, and it wouldn’t be wise to read a few comments and then think the sky is falling, based solely on what to me could be largely hearsay and conjecture (and maybe some first person accounts too, I really don’t know). I suppose I should have been clear that it has been everything in my experience in it’s totality, added up, that makes me feel jaded, but really, the history and “truth” is so vast and involves so many twists and turns and years I could research and still miss out on details here or there. I’m sure there are valid points on both sides. I have a boss at my job who I’ve heard from other employees can be rude and nasty, bothersome, micromanage a little, and yet in the five years with her, including last year where I was reporting directly to her, I haven’t seen this side of her everyone swears by. Maybe I have a thicker skin and don’t realize when she’s doing it, but I doubt it. So it is not a complete stretch for P1 to say “Tanaka is a great man!” and P2 to say “Tanaka is the worst!”.

    I do have to say that while I encounter Deputies who are lacking in conversation skills with citizens (and some who are GREAT at it), I judge them all to still be professionals. I especially love to hear one of the Sergeant’s talk about when others need to be corrected or when they didn’t do something properly, which is not his micromanaging, but about Deputies who were straight up being lazy. I know if I was a co-worker of theirs, I wouldn’t like it either. “Handle calls to completion!” was a recent topic.

    #77- I think I missed the boat with CHP, if the deadline was midnight. Whoops!

    #80- Thank you Sir for your feedback, and yes I have to be careful not to feel entitled, like just because I applied I’m a lock, give me give me, give me! It must be earned, and while I would like all things to be equal and just, there’s no way that can happen either. More importantly, someone at the station recommended I wear a white shirt to my BI meeting. Better than blue they said. Because white is more “important”, as in CEO-esque. I always wore blue with a black tie in previous appointments. Any truth to this?…lol. Just got my hair cut, now just have to settle on this all important shirt decision…

    I hope change DOES come with myself, if I am so lucky, and others who are like minded, because Deputies who get arrested (very recently) then threaten their Capt., aren’t gonna lead the charge…yikes, the stories I hear while at the station. Ok, sorry, but how did THAT GUY get hired??!! Gee wiz.

    Sorry to commandeer this thread about my own personal business; going back to Tanaka, and Hellmold and everything else is pretty interesting (total understatement), including the comments, which in some ways are the “Main Event” for me to read, whereas the article was the Undercard. I will continue to read with interest, which I’m sure is music to Celeste’s ears.

    And lastly, Big Foot is real dude, you ever seen how harry Robin Williams is? He’s got a Mini-Bigfoot on each arm!

  • D.S. T. hopeful the only items that  were important to me  was a candidates appearance not be  sloppy, they were on time, had any documents I may have requested, and be honest with me during our interview no matter how bad the truth was. Shirt color was not a concern to me.  

  • It is interesting that the same individuals calling for facts to back up their arguments are the same ones calling Hellmold inexperienced. There are several references to the Compton shooting, which is interesting as well (hard to see how there is a connection with a deputies deciding to use deadly force in the field with the guy on the hotline with SCC, but I know you guys need to try to assassinate his character somehow).

    Whoever is claiming he has a “gang tattoo” should probably do some research too as I have not seen anything to substantiate that and he runs with the station deputies, and had also personally participated in almost each and every other event with the station for his entire tenure.

    All of you failed to mention he spent over 5 years working as the Captain and Commanding Officer of Century Station (except J London who made some seriously flagrant and unfounded claims regarding his tenure, would love to see some data to back any of that up), one of the most difficult positions a Captain could have. At the time he assumed command crime rates were very high and deputy morale was very low.

    Go pull crime data from 2007 – 2011 for Century Station and surrounding areas. Murders in Lynwood were as low as 1 when past rates had been been in excess of 20. The county areas had a similar decline. All violent assaults were reduced dramatically from the time Hellmold took over. Weapons recovered and felony arrests were up.

    I saw Hellmold log on as 210C and go 10-8 several times, holidays included. There were no coverups, there were no scandals. Just deputies working hard because they had a supervisor who actually, obviously cared for them and the station and told them hard work was expected and rewarded. He knew all of us by first name and never had the “I only talk to you because I don’t want a crappy ALADS captain rating” demeaning undertone.

    Hellmold was a confident leader who admitted he had never worked this station but expected he tradition of hard work and integrity to continue. He also motivated people to be proud of their assignment and give 100%.

    While I was a young custody deputy I was told by a Sergeant that was told negative things about the facility in super school, “sometimes you have to let it go in one ear, out the other, open your eyes and find out for yourself.” Some of you tired angry disgruntled executives could use the advice.

  • I for one LOVED my career, was never an executive, and didn’t have a single bone to pick with the department when I left. What are you going to say about my opinions? How will everyone in the T-car invalidate them?

    Although, to be fair, I’m not sold on Hellmold either way. I say wait and see how he uses his new stars.

  • CENXXI, your math seems a little fuzzy. I think you need to clarify how Hellmold was captain at CEN for 5+ years when he promoted to captain no earlier than 2008, and by 2011 he was already commander.

    Is that the same math that had him on EMS in patrol for 10+ years?

    Maybe a time warp can explain all those special assignments at SHQ and still pulling in all this time in the field…

  • Once again, all the retired Command Staff goofs are coming outa the woodwork. Hey, “boss” (we know you love hearing that), leave the Department to those running it. Your juice cards are expired. Jim will do a fine job.

  • Clancy, your revisionist history is quite entertaining. You must be part of the new batch of coattail riders out to defend your new race horse.

    Hellmold is what is wrong with the department on steroids, and it will take a clean slate to fix it. Just look at the mess still in custody, how decisive was he?

  • I said intelligent reply. Where did I revise history? I was there, I know him. Where have you worked with him, and for how long? And saying I ride anyone’s coat tails is pathetic, untrue, and an attempt to discredit me because you have a bias against Hellmold. I guess you never pissed off anyone in your career, everyone loves you, ect.. try to stay on topic (Hellmold) if you reply.

  • A “fine man with good intentions and intellect” should find ways to show it, like NOT throwing his supervisors under the bus to save his own ass Compton-pursuit style. Speaking of intellect, have you ever heard of a modern-day executive without an advanced degree? Even Waldie bothered to get a Masters…not that education proves intellect, but it does improve both perspective and demonstrates a desire to improve one’s worth to the commmunity and the agency.

    Clancy, you may be in awe of the golden boy’s aura, others see him in an entirely different light. And we know him well…

  • You are right.. he should have covered for his supervisors and protected them, at his own expense(Sarcasm). I guess you think accountability should only go downhill… I dont know what you are referring to specifically, but at Century he did a good job (ALADS ratings) and I hope he continues. Your use of the term “Golden boy” and other comments clearly reveal your bias against him; therefore, your comments are not relevant.

  • Clancy, why don’t you educate yourself and read the OIR report on the Compton pursuit from hell? How does the sergeant and all the deputies get disciplined and the watch commander walks away without a scratch? Remember, the one who is “ultimately responsible for the outcome of a pursuit”?

    Neither the public nor the honest, hard-working people from the department deserve that kind of “leadership.”

  • Someone else asked how the W/C on the hotline is supposed to stop deputies who decided to fire their weapons… Please tell us how you would have stopped it… and you have the benefit of 20-20 hindsight. As you know the Field Sgt is required to respond to a pursuit terminus and oversee discipline, did that happen? Is that the W/C’s fault?

    Is the OIR report all you got? Is that why Hellmold is so unacceptable to you?

    Given your propensity to attack me (post 89,91), without knowing me, I must question your motives or your critical thinking skills. So in your next reply please refrain from personal attacks and answer my question about how you would have stopped the deps from firing their guns…

  • Clancy, I’m sure you are an honest person, hard-working, an have devoted your career to the department. Your perspective on what makes someone worthwhile to be a leader is different than mine, that’s all.

    I’m a firm believer in merit, not cronyism. Hellmold represents cronyism, plain and simple. He’s undereducated, inexperienced, and definitely “in the car” so to speak. The fact Baca appointed him because he does not trust others is just an illustration of how precarious his grasp is of his elected office.

    You have implied, as have other Hellmold supporters, that he represents a new generation of leadership. Wrong! He has the same disease of the current crop, and we need to wipe the slate clean. Ask yourself a simple question, would you want to encourage a new recruit to follow Hellmold’s career path? Are we to see legions of deputies camped out an SHB looking for opennings? Oh wait, we already have that…

    Don’t be discouraged if a new sheriff politely tells Hellmold his services are no longer needed…

  • Clancy — re: the Compton fiasco — the LT was 10-8 and making periodic commentary on the patch, not in the station on the SRC hotline gathering info to see if the “pursuit” should be allowed to proceed or 10-22’d. With the LT in the field and on the patch speculating about the suspect’s history, it raises the stress level for the field personnel and kind of blurs who is supervising and who is in command of that ill-fated circuitous “pursuit.” The subject field SGT (who by the way, was covering for the other MIA field SGT assigned to that RD and who was not 10-8) was tossed under the bus along with the deps but the LT was never named a subject. Teflon?

  • All I ever said was he did a good job at Century and I hope he continues to do the same as the A/S. I like the people he brought in and the ones who needed to go, needed to go… some left on their own, some were told to find a home, some were rolled up. He was firm but fair at Century and earned the respect of the Century deps.

    As far as cronyism, any sheriff or police chief promotes those he likes and trusts,obviously..Pitchess had his, so did Block; and when Baca is gone there will be another purge of the brass. Wont affect me at all.

    Still working on the pursuit question?

  • Thank you Interested Party, I had heard of that a while back but couldn’t remember the details. I believe Hellmold was actually the one who initiated the whole fiasco when he put out some info about a vehicle and a 245.

    Clancy, just admit your boy was protected and move on. Any other probationary lieutenant would have suffered a fate worse than the sergeant did, which I believe was 20 days on the bricks. The wording on the letter of intent would have read “failed to supervise the pursuit in a safe manner,” “failed to adequately ensure via Aero unit that field units had discontinued the pursuit,” or how about “failed to monitor the course of the pursuit and the potential for cross fires in the event it ended…”

    It comes down to character. Hellmold threw his subordinates under the bus to save his own ass. Care to ask how popular your boy is in Compton?

  • Still cant answer the question and you have had DAYS to think about it… I hope you don’t have to make quick decisions. You should also ease up on your armchair quarterbacking when you couldn’t do any better.

  • Clancy, most people have a life beyond blogging. I had to go back and read your posts to figure out your “question.” You asked how someone can stop deputies from shooting, or how could Hellmold have done differently? We already know how your golden boy could have done things differently, and we know how a probationary lieutenant without the juice would have been treated. The shooting itself is apples and oranges. We are talking pursuit here.

    Maybe you can tell me how everyone involved in the pursuit with the exception of Hellmold gets major discipline, all while the pursuit policy specifically states that the watch commander is ultimately responsible for the outcome of the pursuit? Any idea?

  • Ive known Hellmold for over 15 years, such an honorable man, never bad mouths his peers and is always encouraging others. Got my vote.

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