Seven 2023 investigations, stories & series your (TRIPLED) $$ will support if you donate to WitnessLA before midnight, 12/31

Reimagine Child Safety Coalition members outside the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, May 17, 2022
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

Dear WitnessLA readers,

Happy (nearly) New Year!

You have until midnight, December 31, 2022 — New Year’s Eve — to triple any (tax-deductible) donation you make to help WitnessLA, so we’ve got our fingers crossed that you will do so!

[Note: All donations go through our fiscal sponsor, Community Partners. So, when donating, be sure to select WitnessLA as your intended recipient from the drop-down menu you’ll see when you hit the link above.]

To help inspire you, below you’ll find seven examples of the investigations, soon-to-launch series, and other essential community-based reporting that you’ll be supporting if you donate before we all ring in the new year Saturday night.

1. Reimagining LA County Child Welfare: Last year, Taylor Walker won an LA Press Club award (and was a finalist for another important award) for her five-part series Pregnant Behind Bars, which looked at how LA County’s unique Maternal Health Diversion Program disrupts the incarceration cycle by moving pregnant people out of jail cells and into permanent supportive housing.

Starting in January, WLA will begin publishing Walker’s 2023 series, which will shine a light into the dark corners of Los Angeles County’s Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), in order to illuminate the necessity of reimagining the nation’s largest regional child welfare system, a topic that LA’s mainstream media is simply not covering.

2. Conditions of Confinement: Also in January, WitnessLA will launch a brand new column on the state of affairs inside LA County’s Jail System, written by a talented reporter/expert whose insider’s perspective you won’t want to miss. 

3. #NoSafePlace: Last year, WitnessLA won another first place LA Press Club Award for our investigation into how, when LA County Probation officials got reports that a staff member sexually assaulted a teenager, they repeatedly failed to protect her.

From January 2023, onward, we’ll bring you related stories that no one else is telling, in which parents, juvenile attorneys, youth advocates, and LA County Probation insiders describe the ways in which the county’s youth jails are not safe for anyone, not staff members, and certainly not the kids in the county’s care.

4. Ambition v. Justice: While Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón is deeply committed to justice reform, there remains a toxic culture inside the LA County DA’s Office where winning big — whatever the facts of a case — is valued over seeking justice. We’ll open this coverage with a multi-part, deeply investigated narrative that shows how one man and his family paid the price for a prosecutor’s ambition.

5. Homicide in Men’s Central Jail: In addition to the work of our new jail-expert columnist, in 2023, we’ll bring you an investigative narrative that tells the inside story of a brutal death of a talented young man in Men’s Central Jail, the loss of whom continues to devastate members of multiple Los Angeles communities. This necessary story delves into the circumstances that led to the young man’s death, the people he affected during his lifetime, plus the troubling issues his story points beyond itself to illuminate.

6. CA Justice: WitnessLA, as its name suggests, primarily covers issues of justice and injustice in LA County. But in 2023, we will broaden our reporting to include investigations into policing, community safety, and related issues in Central and Northern California’s rural communities, whose crucial stories too often remain ignored by large regional news outlets. Even better, this reporting will often be in partnership with some excellent hyper-local news sites, as we mutually support each other’s work.

LA County Sheriff Robert Luna is sworn in.

7. Yes, we’ve got a new sheriff: As WLA’s readers know, at noon on Monday, December 5, 2022, former Long Beach Chief of Police Robert Luna officially became the sheriff of Los Angeles County, which right now is arguably the most challenging job in all of American law enforcement.

Certainly, coverage of the new sheriff won’t be in short supply from other LA news outlets.

Yet, WitnessLA’s reporting of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in 2023 will continue to be indispensable due our deep well of courageous insider sources, our unique history of covering the LASD, plus our commitment to probing the deeper side of certain stories — as we did with this story published late last month about why the death of K-9 Spike matters.

But we can only do this kind of absolutely necessary reporting with you as our partners.

AND here’s some GREAT news on that topic! From this minute until midnight on New Year’s Eve, December 31, everything you give, up to $1,000 will be TRIPLED!

In other words, every $20 you give us to support WitnessLA’s award-winning, independent investigative journalism turns into $60.

Like magic.

This bonus was made possible by NewsMatch, with support from Knight Foundation and the Heising-Simons Foundation, which selected WLA for this help due to our commitment to serving communities of color in Los Angeles County.  

So, please, TRIPLE YOUR IMPACT with a tax-deductible donation to WitnessLA.

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And thanks, as always, for reading WitnessLA. 

We are honored to be in your company as we all head into 2023!


Celeste Fremon
Founder / Editor

Taylor Walker
Assistant Editor


  • O.K.
    I just now sent in $200.00 via credit card; looking forward to coverage on the “new” (Robert Luna) LASD.

  • Editor’s Note:

    Dear Rakkasan,

    Thank you so, so much! And thanks, particularly, because your wonderfully generous donation will instantly turn into $600 with the tripling that WitnessLA receives until midnight tonight.

    And, yes, we are very much looking forward to covering the LASD under LA County’s new sheriff! We look forward to wise insights from the comments page to help us.

    Happy nearly New Year, everyone! See you in 2023!


  • Celeste,

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas & that 2023 will be a Happy New Year for you.

    In reading this article, you stated that investigations and articles will be written about LASD (jails), DCFS, Probation & the DA’s office. Have you ever considered writing an article about the Board of Supervisors? Would the waste of taxpayers money be worthwhile? How about the pay to play schemes? The nepotism? Cronyism? Asking for a friend.

  • Editor’s note:

    Hi, L.A. County Voter,

    Happy New Year back to you! And I hope your Christmas was a good one. Mine was happy since it meant spending extra time with my son and 6-year-old grandson.

    As for a specific story on the Board of Supervisors, when we do stories that are critical of the board they have to do with specific justice-related issues, when those issues arise. A generalized probe into the board wouldn’t be something we’d do.

    Yet if your…um….friend…has any tips about a potential story that would fit into our justice reporting basket—related to the board or not—we welcome any and all tips.

    Thanks for the question, however. It’s a worthwhile one.


  • All this reimagining has already taken place and our streets are just as unsafe, our juvenile halls are falling apart and will continue to get worse thanks to your propaganda and elected officials that are buying into it. Historically, white saviors such as yourself have done more harm to people of color when you think you have all the answers to help us and begin meddling with our communities. Our communities are suffering because of it.

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