RESCUE ME: LASD Deputies Make Multiple Hillside Rescues on Weekend

Normally, it’s our business to investigate more than it is to praise.

However, this story is just to remind everyone that we do also notice the everyday heroism performed week after week, year in, year out, by the men and women of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (and the Los Angeles Police Department too, of course, although the LAPD is not the topic of the story today).

In any case, both multi-person rescues shown in these cool helmet cam videos took place this past Sunday.

A 14-year old boy trapped with three of his friends on an Azuza Canyon cliff managed to get cell phone reception and called 911.. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Air-5 Rescue pilots were alerted and flew in with deputy paramedics to rescue all four of the boys, lifting them off the cliff, one at a time.

In order to rescue a 19-year-old woman trapped on a ledge, a deputy paramedic was lowered from an LASD Air-5 helicopter via a hoist as the craft hovered hundreds of feet above Millard Canyon. The deputy then hooked the hoist to the woman and got her safely into the helicopter

Meanwhile, two more teens, a 17-year-old boy, and an 18-year-old girl, trapped 40 feet above the canyon bottom, were also rescued by the Sheriff’s Altadena Search and Rescue Team, using rope lines. (For more details of the rescue go here.)

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