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HOUSE OF CARDS: Undersheriff Paul Tanaka Slams Sheriff Lee Baca, Round 2

LASD Undersheriff Paul Tanaka was featured in a special KABC 7 News segment Monday night
in which the once-powerful second-in-command to Sheriff Lee Baca painted his former boss as a disengaged, incompetent leader who frequently gave orders that ranged from impractical to illegal, including an instance of possible obstruction of justice when he allegedly ordered staffers to hide and secretly debrief a federal informant.

It is the second such slash-and-burn interview from Tanaka who, for years, was rarely seen on camera, despite his influential position.

Then, last month, he unexpectedly sat down with the LA Times’ Robert Faturechi and blasted the sheriff to a degree that shocked most LASD watchers.

Tanaka launched a similar attack through the medium of KABC’s David Ono in a lengthy and reportedly quote-rich video interview taped earlier, that had producers working until the last moment choosing the best clips for the not-quite-five minute segment that aired Monday night.

While there were no game-changing revelations among the snippets featured, there were things that could conceivably cause Baca trouble when he faces reelection in 2014.

(Tanaka told both the LA Times and KABC’s Ono that he is considering running for sheriff against Baca, and has reportedly opened an “exploratory committee” for purposes of fundraising.)


In much of Monday’s interview, Tanaka painted the sheriff as someone who constantly had to be managed by his underlings.

“We used to have this saying amongst the top executives that our greatest job is to manage the sheriff and make sure that he doesn’t do anything that we can’t clean up,” Tanaka said.

Tanaka also described a sheriff who was unhealthily concerned with politics and “desperate to be reelected.”

“That’s all he talks about.”

When not hyper-focused on reelection, according to Tanaka, Baca is “obsessed” by whimsical fixations like “living to be 100,” and subjects the department’s upper management to lengthy discourses on this and similar topics.

“We sit in command staff meetings, you have very high-paid people, 15-20 of us, and these are the lectures we get for two or three hours….”

Tanaka also admitted that when, in early March of this year, he unexpectedly announced his retirement, in fact, he was forced out when the sheriff became fearful of growing department scandals and “…served my head on a platter to detractors because he thought that would save him.”


While Baca declined to answer Tanaka’s accusations in person, he sent a message via LASD spokesman Steve Whitmore, who told KABC that “the sheriff is just not going to get into a bickering discussion, if you will, with a soon-to-be, seems-to-be-angry, ex-employee making allegations that seem to be fueled by rumor and innuendo, trying to exact some form of revenge for imagined slights.”


One interview tidbit that did not make it into Monday’s broadcast had to do with Tanaka’s past in the deputy clique known as a Vikings. KABC’s Ono asked him about the Viking tattoo that comes along with membership and the undersheriff said he regretted getting the thing.

One wonders, then, why the soon-to-be ex-undersheriff doesn’t simply have the controversial Vikings ink lasered off. (We’re just sayin’)


  • Mr. Tanaka is still a Sheriff’s employee and the Sheriff came out with his electronic media saying bad things about the department policy, so how (or when) will the Sheriff start? It would appear there is still an “Us vs Them” mentality when it comes to executives.
    As for the Sheriff being an absent person, haven’t we for years said the department is a great big ship at sail with no Captain?
    Constantly changing course with what ever wind blows from the 4th floor.

  • Those of us who work, on a regular basis, with Baca know the man is INSANE! For those who have not heard the “I’m going to live to be 100” lecture you missed a front row seat into the ultimate narcissistic ego of Lee Baca! Bizarre just doesn’t adequately describe the level of mental instability. However, Tanaka how does it feel to have your head served up on a platter? Baca has already blamed Tanaka for the scandals to the Feds. And now Tanaka blames Baca! Only one can be the truth and lying to investigators is a crime; ask Martha Stewart!
    Ono did a poor job and didn’t ask probing questions like; What was on the cell phone? Who erased the video that was on the cell phone? When are you (Tanaka) going to talk to the Feds? And a whole lot more than what was contained in the interview. But, here we go folks. For now I’m voting for Pat Gomez!

  • Where is the Sheriff? Did he not see the movie the “American President”. He has got to come out of his office and stop sending ditmore to speak for him. That man is sounding and looking very unprofessional these days. Perhaps a clean suit and haircut would be in order.

    Baca can speak for himself, He” is the Sheriff” and it is his job to help the citizens of the county feel safe during this difficult time. More so for the department employees who are the back bone of this administration. If he keeps hiding out and letting his hand selected group run the department he will fall as they are not acting in the best interest of him or the department.

    Maybe he needs to get a computer in his office? Not sure if that is true but if so he needs to get into the grove of what is going on and why people are upset.

  • In my opinion, Tanaka’s interview was an absolute disaster. Yes, Baca is in the stratosphere, I’ve sat in too many meetings where the man just lectures and babbles into 5150 Land, so what is new? And Baca want’s to be reelected as Sheriff, scary thought, but so what? But what caught my eye was Tanaka’s admission regarding the FBI cell phone caper. Ok, Baca calls Tanaka and he is pissed about the phone, and Baca wants to know what is going on. But who is the one who had countless meetings with Thompson and the OSJ crew? Who was aware and approved this inmate had been shuttled around and around, booking numbers changed and rebooked as an alias? Who approved the 24-7 baby sitting of this inmate, pumping him for information, knowing all along he (the I/M) was working for the Feds? Who was aware the FBI was repeatedly denied access to this inmate, even when they produced a court order? All roads lead to Paul Tanaka, not Sheriff Baca. So in the end, Tanaka came off in this interview as someone who was up to his eyeballs with Obstruction of Justice, and is now trying to deflect the blame onto Baca. Too late, Baca already met with the FBI and AUSA regarding this incident. Again, this interview was a disaster and may provide fodder for the FBI. And expect they will subpoena the raw footage of the interview.

  • Hey Finesse,
    It’s a disaster for both of them. For Tanaka, exactly for the reasons you stated.
    For Baca, because now it’s out there. it’s his Undersheriff saying it……he’s nuts. THAT’S what is new.
    IF the media had any clue about what LASD execs. think of their boss’ mental stability, it would be front page news for a week. In the past, simply because everybody wants to keep their job/position nobody from the LASD even hinted about it to the media. Why do you think there hasn’t been stories about it? If this starts the snowball turning into an avalanche of people coming forward on camera and saying that Baca lives in “5150 Land” as you put it, THAT will be devastating to him.

  • I was shocked that Paul talked on camera about the hide the inmate from the FBI game. You knew about it, go on camera and talk about how wrong it was ,yet you did nothing to stop it!
    Paul Tanaka for Sheriff 2014……. I think not!

  • The only thing more terrifying than Baca 2014 is Tanaka 2014.

    There’s an entire culture of nepotism on the department that won’t end so long as insiders run the show. Just because Tanaka is out doesn’t mean suddenly the department is getting cleaned up. 60% of people captain rank or above are team Tanaka and firmly entrenched in the good old boy mentality.

    There are genuine integrity issues throughout the command staff that are known about, and punished with a slap on the wrist at worst. Meanwhile regular deputies are getting FIRED for posting their frustration about the department on their personal social media pages. It’s insane.

    If you’re command staff, you get a pass. If you’re a worker bee, you get the shaft.

    Nothing will change unless we get an outsider to clean house… or God forbid, a consent decree. When did we become LAPD? It is disheartening.

  • Until the Command Staff are held responsible for their actions this BS will continue. When someone is disciplined or fired it goes through the CS and they are the ones that gives out the discipline. ( I would think that they would be checking with legal council to make sure their discipline being handed out was legal. ) If Legal says it will not fly in court and they do it anyway than they are violating someones rights and they need to be disciplined.

    Let them defend their actions in front of an independent board and they themselves get disciplined. Oh but then the poor IA investigator who did the investigation will become the blame and he/she will be held responsible for not doing a complete and unbiassed report. Wow where does it end.

  • Carson 83, the double standard that exists is beyond comprehension. OIR’s primary responsibility is to, now get this, “Independently Review” all IAB cases for 1. Thoroughness of the investigation package 2. Appropriate finding (Unfounded, Unresolved, Exonerated and Founded) and 3. Appropriate Discipline. EVERY IAB number that is pulled, either Unit Level or IAB assignment, generates a tickler message to OIR. That is then forwarded to the appropriate OIR attorney that is assigned to the concerned unit (kinda like an RD map). Then that attorney meets with the Unit Commander on a regular basis to discuss the cases and when it comes time for a finding, discussed again with the Unit Commander. They don’t normally arm wrestle too much for Unit Level cases as these are often light weight cases, although some can go up to a 15 day suspension or more and in those cases, a little more scrutiny is done. But on the IAB cases, OIR takes a much more closer look at each case. OIR cannot make me up/down the discipline I decide to impose, but there is an honest dialog as to “what the case is worth.” I refuse to impose anything more than what it is worth unless it is a “progressive discipline” situation with an employee that just isn’t getting the message. I have found the OIR attorneys to be pretty reasonable.

    But to my point, all of these cases are discussed with the Unit Commander and all the way up through the Division before discipline is imposed, to include demotion or discharge cases (particularly those cases). What OIR is looking for is fairness and completeness. They often will argue for discharge or significant suspension time, but the Division has the final say and at times, are at odds. If there is a double standard, OIR should be absolutely on top of it and making a point of it, big time. And if that means they take it to the Sheriff, they take it to the Sheriff. What OIR has failed to do, and I believe it is simply for the sake of politics, “Go along to get along,” is EXPOSE the misconduct of yes, dare I say, Captains and above. Believe me, there has been plenty of that, yet not a word has been spoken by OIR in any forum that matters. They have a bully pulpit with the BOS and the public via the media, have they ever used it? Nope. Go along to get along. Are they aware of EVERYTHING that has been going on over the years at IAB, ICIB, the Fourth Floor et. al? Absolutely, they know it all and yet, nothing.

    I for one, support the concept of OIR. But our OIR has been politically compromised long, long ago. The leadership of OIR is to blame, not so much the line attorneys per se’. I would recommend an in-depth series of journalistic investigative reports on OIR, the good and the bad, expose it for all it is and is not. Then, I would replace OIR with the BOS concept of an Inspector General. The double standards regarding executive misconduct must end, the Internal Affairs Division has been compromised with their inaction of executive misconduct is well known. In fact, the intervention of some cases is unbelievable and it is an open secret. Just ask the IAB detectives of past and present regarding the “direction” they receive from time to time. And then, there are the incidents that never even draw an IAB number or ICIB URN. The only hope is for a new Sheriff who will turn the tables and clean house.

  • #10 Thank you for your comment. It seems that they have forgotten that we to have civil rights and when we are subject to blatant disregard for our rights then the wall tend to come tumbling down around them.

    It is disappointing that they are disrespecting the office they took an oath to protect. That they can not put their own feelings aside and take a fair and honest approach. Kind of like 101-Patrol. Some, not all of the Command Staff have turned into rouge officers and are “in it to win it” and the “winner takes all”.

    What scares me if Baca is relieved of duty who would take the empty seat? He has a lot of new friends hanging around him and not being of help to him. Maybe this is the beginning of their mission?????? Keep him in his office, they make all the bone head decisions and blame it all on him as they are working under his watchful eye. ZZZZZZZZZZZ

    What a sad state to be in. Wondering what is coming as they are beginning to be running out of juice and you can feel it in the air.

  • Tables: I agree that OIR is a joke and I am aware of the new procedures. What I can´t find out (no one seems to know) is why the changes? Other than being politically correct? OIR owes their very existence to Baca so I seriously doubt any real change is coming.

  • #8, I find it interesting that OIR hasn’t published  a report in over a year. After all the reports about the hijinks and lawsuitsc  of high ranking officials not one probably shows up on the  2013 report, if they even bother to make it public.  Michael’s way of  continuing to  protect Leroy ? 


  • So, what left wing outfit is responsible for this anti-law enforcement rag??? You guys that continue to post on this hack web site just don’t see the big picture do you? You are playing right into their agenda. And you will be the first one running for the hills when the whole country goes up in flames because of the radical left. Good luck to all of you!

  • Carson, if you are asking what happens if Baca is indicted (I’m not sure if I am reading your question correctly, if not help me out, you asked if he is ROD) and cannot fulfill the office, then the replacement becomes the responsibility of the Board of Supervisors. The reason is, Baca is an elected official, no can ROD him per se’ but if it is deemed he cannot fulfill the obligations of his elected office, (death, medically incapacitated or mentally unfit, indicted for a Felony) then the BOS will have to appoint an interim Sheriff, just as Orange County did when Corona was indicted. Then they decide if a special election is in store or do they allow the interim Sheriff to hold the position until the next General Election (the interim Sheriff might tell the BOS he/she is not interested in running as a candidate and will agree to hold down the fort until an election). So contrary to popular belief, Baca could not just “appoint” someone to fill his term and then run out the back door. Pitchess got a buy-in from the BOS to bug out and appoint Sherman Block to fill in as Sheriff for a couple of years and then he ran as an incumbent.

    London, what changes are you speaking of? I will try to answer.

  • Hopefully they both will be room mates at a federal hotel where three meals a day is served for free. I think its called federal prison.

  • I predict Baca will be re-elected. The reason is that the general public is not concerned about all of this internal strife, but is generally very pleased with the service deputies provide. Ask anyone who has lived in LA City vs County area about how much better LASD is. Don’t get me wrong, this has nothing to do with upper management. Most deputies take pride in their work and will excell no matter who is charge, but the public’s perception is that the Sheriff himself must be doing something right, so why change anything. This site and the LAT are airing LASD’s laundry and it seems that the biggest issue here is jail violence. Well, I hate to remind the do-gooders and bleeding hearts that Joe Schmoe voter who goes to work every day to support his family, dog, SUV, etc. could give a rat’s ass if a criminal gets slapped around by a deputy, especially if that citizen has ever been a crime victim. This “scandal” won’t be what changes the voting public’s minds about the Sheriff. But, I could be wrong. We shall see.

  • CB, in my opinion there are two things that will make the public flip on Baca or any elected official. 1. Unethical conduct. 2. Gross mismagement/gross incompetence. Joe Shit the Ragman will pay very close attention to that. Well, we know there is a massive abundance within our beloved LASD. A viable candidate who has the political infrastructure just needs to hammer Baca on EVERYTHING that has been going on, all of it. That, coupled with Federal indictments of any sort will equate to a political kill shot to Baca. He will be on the ropes from jump street and will never be able to recover dispite his Scientology rambles of living to be 200, blue skies and birds that talk. Baca can campaign in a toga all he wants but this time around, the tables are going to be turned on him.

    The best commercial a candidate can make is 20 seconds exposing Baca’s scandals and 10 seconds of Baca’s Benghazi Moment (Clinton’s “What difference does it make?”) where he arrogantly stated before the Jail Commission, “If they don’t like what I’m doing, quit re-electing me.” Those words and many more are gonna haunt him. Perhaps with the right candidate Leroy will be finessed.

  • #20: leave Clinton out of this and she did not mean the statement as you imply it.

    So, Tanaka is still driving a county vehicle and gassing up at the tax payer’s expense. How wonderful, I guess Baca is afraid to take the care from him. Actually, if Tanaka had any ethics, he would have returned the vehicle when he left, but we all know the answer to that one.

  • @#20: I totally agree. Let’s hope that a viable candidate can gather the resources and has the stamina to get your message out to the public. It’s gonna be a nasty dogfight! I also wonder if there is indictments after the election, do we end up with another Noguez situation?

  • Crystal Balls, I predict there will be no dog fight and here is my reason. If the right candidate steps forward, he/she just simply “educates” the public about all of the mismanagement and corruption that has gone on for the last 14 years within LASD. Just beat Baca like a drum. No fire and brimstone, no personal attacks, just feed the public the facts, all of the facts, over and over and over and over. Everything, ALL of Tanaka’s misconduct, the jails, the Pay for Play, the Viking culture that has been resurrected throughout LASD by the minority who have been allowed to flourish, on and on and on. All of it, every single bit of it. Just pound it over and over and over to the public at every appearance, every debate, every single media interview. The absolute corruption and gross mismanagement has to be laid at Baca’s feet every single day and the blame has to be placed on his shoulders by the candidate. Tanaka was allowed to roam unchecked because of Baca. Tanaka was promoted all the way to Undersheriff, by Baca. And the Feds ARE going to indict individuals for some horrific crimes that occurred right under Baca’s nose. Olmsted did everything humanly possible to stop this and Baca in true and predictable form, ignored it all while traveling to the Middle East time and time again. Rome was burning and Baca was playing “Orange Blossom Special” on his fiddle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjkpI6jfR6g

    All the right candidate has to do is just educate the public about Baca’s utter failure as the Sheriff and explain whey they are not better off. Public safety has been cast aside to fulfill Baca’s obsession with politics and progressive programs for the sake of politics. I could write 50 campaign speeches by lunch time about Baca’s failures and my words would resinate with the public and the media would support those words because, they would all be based on facts, irrefutable facts. And the great thing is, all Baca can do is admit his failures, tout some of the good things he has done over the years and tell the public he just needs four more years to fix the problem. And that my friend, ain’t gonna happen as long as the right candidate comes along. So far that has not happened. But I am hoping it will and soon. When the Feds drop their payload, it will rock Baca’s world. And he will have no one to blame but himself.

  • You can all discredit the Sheriff for some of his downfalls but he has done some great things for LASD and he truly loves and cares for his Deputies. I know first had. It sickens me to see Mr. T on his public media campaign bringing down the man who trusted him and allowed him to promote to the highest levels of the executive team. It’s called backstabbing Mr. T. You preach to all your people to be loyal no matter what. How do you think they feel now. Do as I say not as I do. That is not leadership it’s called dictatorship. God Bles you Sheriff Baca stay strong!

  • time to clean house.

    Thanks for sharing this website,http://www.laoir.com/Reports2.html……

    Maybe the reason 2012 info has not been posted is because the site has been taken down??????????? Maybe it takes a year and a half to compile the info. So who is the boss of the OIR, or who is the boss of the boss of the OIR or who is the boss of the boss of the boss of the OIR. Lets get our paper work down or just close done the site completely so know one knows it is suppose to be there.

    Better yet just do your job as we are required to do each day.

  • #24: That sounds like a lot of work. A better tactic for “the Right candidate” would be, at “every debate,” to elicit Baca’s real personality, for all to see on T.V. & in the media.

    That should do the trick.

  • Why has Baca been reelected in spite of the scandals, incompetence, absenteeism, etc.? Easy. The voters in LA County don’t pay much attention to this stuff. They basically let the LA Media tell them who to vote for. The media has had a love/hate relationship with Baca. They have never aggressively endorsed any challenger to Baca. They’ve never aggressively (in concert) informed the public of Baca’s misdeeds and incompetence.
    He hoodwinks them and kisses their ass enough to make them “like him” in spite of his utter failures. He tells them what they want to hear and they fall for it.
    They haven’t gone after him because he wears the label of Progressive. The LA Media loves that. All Baca has to do is show them how progressive he is. Combined with his “humanitarianism” that is all Baca needs to keep the LA Media from going after him aggressively and enthusiastically.
    Plain and simply, even though they are fully aware of Baca’s disastrous job performance, they don’t aggressively go after him because they think “He’s a nice guy”.
    Collectively, the LA Media will determine who the next Sheriff is, just like they have in the past.
    None of these blogs, newspaper articles or anything else will make a bit of difference if come election time, the collective LA Media doesn’t decide they’ve had enough of Lee Baca’s incompetence.
    They love to bash him when these scandals are happening, but they won’t go all in to get somebody else elected.
    Absent Baca being under indictment or in custody, if the LA Media doesn’t go all in to get a challenger elected, Leroy D. Baca will be reelected again.
    It’s that simple.

  • What’s funny is how the LA Media Progressives give him a pass at election time. They fall for his words instead of his actions. I submit this to all the Progressives in the LA Media.
    If Leroy Baca cared, really cared, one tenth as much as he purports to care about inmates welfare, he wouldn’t have been running around the globe while there was a scandal in his own department over the abuse of inmates.
    He also would have not blown off Olmsted when Olmstead tried, time and again, to tell him there was a crisis brewing. If inmate welfare was one of his bell weather concerns, he would have made time to listen to Olmsted’s concerns. Even then, when it was recognized by the media that there was in fact a problem, he continued his global travels. These are not the actions of a man who places a high priority on what happens to inmates in his jail.
    Leroy Baca talks a great game. His performance doesn’t come close to backing up his talk. But the LA Media continues to listen to the talk and ignore his performance (actions).
    I’ve always believed actions speak louder than words. This obviously is not the case in regard to the LA Media where Lee Baca is concerned.
    They fall for his words and ignore his actions.

  • @Answer…….. My friend, you hit all of the nails. The Progressives are having the same love affair here in LA as they are with Obama. They can’t bring themselves to criticize or report on the obvious. The Times Editorial Board has given Baca more passes than Circus Vargas does on opening day. That is because the Progressives are in it for their ideology, and Baca is an alike thinker, so, they protect him. Same with Obama, they cannot stand the thought of his failure. WLA has shattered that mold with honest reporting, no agenda, just balanced reporting. And Fetteruchi from the Times has been on LASD like white on rice. They recognize the problems within LASD were catastrophic, despite Baca telling everyone everything is under control. This just goes to show everyone the important role that the media has in government. None of this would have come to light if they did not start to report what Olmsted was saying. Once the media finally looked into it, well, the rest is history. And Olmsted said it loud and clear, “None of this had to happen.”

    Baca doen’t care, don’t buy his line of bullshit. He cares about himself and his so called “legacy.” Well, that “legacy” is one of corruption and failure, and that my friends, has been etched in stone. I find his “leadership” class that he is now holding with the Captains to be quite pathetic. Let Olmsted come into the class and tell us all how this mess started, how Tanaka played cut-throat politics and the depth of his corrupt form of management has lead us into a massive FBI criminal investigation and how Baca’s gross mismanagement and refusal to engage and listen to us, has lead us to where we are now. I tell you my friends, now that would be a great leadership class.

  • Finesse,
    It’s ok. The LASD deputies know. The LASD management knows. Everybody knows. The secret has been out for a long time. The reason Paul Tanaka was able to develop such a following on the LASD is because Leroy Baca couldn’t lead a five year old to a Toys R Us. While Baca was totally engrossed with spreading his message throughout the world, he left a vacuum to be filled in the LASD. Paul Tanaka stepped in and filled that void. Good or bad, like it or not, the only reason Tanaka was able to run the show was because Baca couldn’t and wouldn’t run it. Baca doesn’t relate to cops. Baca couldn’t lead cops to a free buffet. All of his drivel about leadership is beyond hilarious. The man can’t inspire or motivate those under him. It is their pay checks and retirements that now motivate the members of the LASD. It is simply a job to them now, not a higher calling.
    The members of the organization know it. They have for a long time.

  • BTW Finesse,
    Yeah, WLA and the Times (Faturechi) have been all over Baca like white on rice over these scandals. But wait and see, come election time, and campaign time, how it all shakes out. My prediction is they once again, as they have in the past, remain either in Baca’s corner or conspicuously on the fence about an endorsement for Sheriff.
    You see my friend, Baca has his Core Values to trumpet. It doesn’t matter if he violates them on a regular basis, just the fact that he trumpets them in front of the Progrssive LA Media makes them love him. He has his Education Based Incarceration (his new gimmick) to trumpet. They absolutely LOVE it.
    Sorry my friend. If Baca isn’t under indictment or in custody, it will be same old same old in the next election. The LA Media isn’t about to admit they’ were wrong about Baca being the man for the job all these years. That would make them look foolish in retrospect, and they aren’t about to admit that.

  • oh now it’s the progressive media’s fault ‘cuz they gave moonbeam a pass. Switch reels; the knuckle draggers were doing the moonwalk ‘cuz all his touchy feely b.s. actually distracted everyone from their bizness as usual thuggery. Gimme a break. If the beastie boys hadn’t tapped that ass right in front of the ACLU, u clowns would still be doing the electric slide. Now u wanna clock OIR, Merrick Bobb, and the guy on the grassy knoll, too ‘cuz they didn’t try hard enuff! Betcha if and when you get ur precious department back, it’ll be more of the same. Fascinating.

  • Brilliant, Muffins, circle the wagons. Make this about who’s pro and con. U betcha. Between the thugs, the shaman, his gross incompetence, and the unsung deputies who do the real work without politicizing it, there’s not a lotta joy in Mudville, but do continue with ur critical insight.

  • Knuckle draggers, Beastie Boys, clowns, thugs, electric slide, moonwalk. tapped that ass, Mudville, grassy knoll,

    If the Comedy Channel fires Jon Stewart, you’ve got a job waiting for you.
    That shit is hilarious.

  • No thanks–there’re already way too many fat assed blog Buddhas spreading enlightenment. I’ll keep my day job.

  • “blog Buddhas spreading enlightenment”
    ROFLMAO…..please stop..you’re killing me. I can’t hardly catch my breath I’m laughing so hard. Whatever your day job is, you should quit it and take your act on the road. You’ll be a millionaire in no time.
    You’ve got a razor sharp wit, coupled with just the right amount of sarcasm. Your commentary using pop culture verbiage is da bomb!

  • I mean it’s all there in your ingenious commentary. Well, it’s almost all there. The only thing that’s missing is a counterpoint to my assertion that the LA Media has never fully throw their support behind a candidate other than Baca. Other than that, you’re definitely knocking it out of the park. So by all means, please carry on with your bitching about my bitching. I’m quite confident the other readers find your spot on analysis as entertaining as I do.

  • Dude, who else has run? Pat “I will surround myself with experts” Gomez, Gil “I caught the nightstalker” Carrillo, Ray “I’m a member of Mensa” Leyva, Ken “The Christian Captain” Masse, and Sherman “Week-end at Bernie’s” Block — right? Which one of those would u support? Now that you’ve just answered ur own question, lemme ask u which one of those fellas (other than the dead guy) had a resume, name recognition, and enuff pretty little green ones to make it? BTW, Lee’s the incumbent now. What does it take to compete? Three to four million bucks — TV ads, mailers, bribes, political favors, etc. Don’t forget, the incumbent is running with a 2.5 billion dollar budget. Look at the no bid contracts and consultant gigs he hands out. County cars and jobs….and the progressive media spozed to knock that down? Worse than you’ll never work in this town again, you’ll go to jail. Stop playing turtle under the covers. U can’t support whatcha don’t have. Meanwhile, if u build it they will come. Keep telling the truth, stop playing national politics with local issues, sue him, and indict his ass. Stop overthinking this. The insiders aren’t gonna elect him, they don’t even live in the county, and the head of the KGB’s in exile. He couldn’t run for dog catcher. Sex, corruption, baby mama drama, it’s better ‘n the zombie apocalypse. They’re eating their own.

  • Don’t assume for a minute that I wouldn’t have supported any of those other people you mentioned over, as you yourself labeled him, “Moonbeam” and “the shaman” (that’s good. I would support any of them over Baca. Could they be worse? Doubt it. Could they be more disengaged? Doubt it. Would they be absent more frequently? Doubt it.
    Gomez? So which is worse. The guy who admits he isn’t an expert and knows it, or the guy who isn’t an expert but thinks he is, and then surrounds himself with yes men who tell him how he is an expert?
    Leyva? Since when is being a MENSA member a bad thing? Masse? Oh, I get it. We should discount him because of his religion. My oh my, how enlightened.
    There isn’t one of those cats who you so summarily dismiss that the deputies would look at and say: “That dude’s nuts”. That’s the current state of affairs with “Moonbeam, the shaman”. lol, God I love that. That hits the nail on the head.
    In short, any one of those cats would be a better leader than the current sheriff.
    That’s ALL I’m saying.
    We are on the same page, different paragraphs.

  • I have posted before, for now, I´m voting for Pat Gomez. Except for the brainless, Baca has to go! We can´t endure any more hits to our Department credibility. AS for Gomez, I don´t know of anyone else who fought for as many years seeking justice and got it! WAldie had Pat´s family followed and recorded their every move. Investigators tried to get neighbors to make up criminal behavior about Gomez but, it didn´t work! Department History will never know how untruthful executives were during the trial and Waldie´s shameful behavior! Like I wrote before it was once my job to review high profile cases.

    Ray Leyva I would promote to U/S and he would do a stellar job! Ken Masse, regardless of his religion, I would also promote to A/S as an honest man would be required. All these people know how to fight back and aren´t afraid to risk it all!

    Every chance I get I urge people to get involved and understand how awful of a Sheriff Baca truly is! If what Tanaka says is true Baca is a buffet of mental instability.

    Baca has a 52% negative rating and only 37% approval according to a pol done by Allan Jackson (DA Candidate.) I bet this negative rating is much higher today!

    Our battle cry ¨Don´t elect me¨ Ok, let´s give Baca what he wants! But, NEVER TANAKA!!!

  • Uh…excuse me, Beauregard and Bubba, the assertion was the progressive media didn’t support anyone but Baca. I said if u build it they will come. Of course, any of those are better than the Devil we now know, but when they ran, that was who they were. Sorry u didn’t like the snapshot. So please, by all means, make ur own movie. But the deputies are not going to elect the sheriff, the people are. And I am sure no one wants Lee, so put someone else is in the magazine? Do what u will, but nobody wants any reloads. Dismiss ’em? They or he has to make the case, not the media or a couple of mooks on a blog. Sorry, Gomez never impressed me. Getting boned by Waldie isn’t a qualification. Poll the massage parlors. Ray is a brilliant unknown, Masse is a stand up guy. So what. U have to take down the Kremlin first. Otherwise ur just another jackass at the petting zoo. Next time u need a foil, just say so. And if u want folks to back ur boy(s), put the resume up there for the voters.

  • Sorry Stewart, you had your chance to tell us where I was wrong about my assertion that the LA Media hasn’t backed anybody but Baca and you chose not to address it. You simply want to argue strategies about how to unseat Moonbean the Shaman. Now you want to hit reverse and go back to that assertion after I addressed your specific contentions about those candidates you mentioned. That’s ALL I was addressing in THAT post. But by all means, keep picking and choosing what you choose to address several other posts down the line. It’s your show and the rest of us are mere minions in the presence of your Zen like strategy of how/why the Shaman is still in office. You da man.
    Maybe a little less attention to your trying to impress us with your oh so hip and witty commentary and a little more attention to making a simple, coherent, counterpoint to my points would be more appropriate for an adult conversation.
    Naw, nevermind. Just keep entertaining us with your amazing ability to put it all in so much better of a perspective than all us other simple minded idiots.
    You da man. Go on wiff ur bad self. Tap that ass.

  • Your statement: “Of course, any of those were better than the devil we know”.

    Uh huh. Exactly. Agreed. And I’m pretty sure that’s what I said in post 42. A direct response your post.

    My statement: “The LA Media has never thrown their full support behind another candidate”.

    You blather on about how/why that doesn’t matter. You keep talking strategy.
    Gee, if Media endorsements don’t matter, it’s ludicrous the lengths which every politician goes to in order to secure their endorsements.
    See, that’s why you’ da man.
    You’re the only one wino knows the right way to “take down the Kremlin”.

    Hey Stewart, YOU should run for sheriff!!!!!!!!!

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